Idol Room (2018) s01e23 Episode Script

NCT 127

JTBC Idol Room Episode 23 - NCT 127 [Outdoor filming which is rare for "IDOL ROOM".]
[2nd outdoor filming.]
[Donhee and Conhee on the street.]
[Do you feel awkward?.]
[Warming up by singing the show's signal song.]
Here it goes! [The biggest challenge.]
[Embarrassing dance on the street.]
On the street.
[Moving arms and legs.]
Before others see us! [Embarrassed.]
Hurry up! Before people gather up! [Excited since they're in Gangnam.]
Cheongdam-dong! [Eye candy.]
[Guys dancing on the street.]
Even in the morning IDOL ROOM! Hello, everyone.
Idol band specialized show, with no.
1 credibility! IDOL ROOM! [Reason for the 2nd location.]
- This is Cheongdam-dong.
- Yes.
Why are we here? [2 months ago.]
We had the first episode to visit [They had a visit to JYP.]
- JYP! - To see an idol band at JYP.
After the episode was aired, producer JYP was satisfied with it.
[Visit to the idol band's agency no.
Summer vacation special episode! [JYP.]
- We're going to visit a management firm.
- Good.
[JYP's new HQ.]
What's this? - It's - This is real? [They met producer JYP.]
JYP! [Bragging about organic food.]
We have an organic food cafeteria.
[Bragging about oxygen.]
Oxygen is provided here.
[Everything of new HQ.]
This building was my dream.
[Meaningful time to figure it out.]
After that, many management firms ask us to visit their firms.
[YG CEO Yang Hyeonseok.]
First, YG made a reservation 2 years later.
[Planning to disclose a new HQ.]
CEO Yang also watched it and asked us to visit the YG HQ 2 years later.
[2nd visit to an idol band's management firm.]
This is the 2nd episode.
- This company is the cradle of K-pop.
- Right, the origin.
Leaders of K-pop culture wave are here.
It's SM Entertainment! [Big dream.]
Can we meet Lee Sooman? [Will he?.]
CEO Lee has not appeared on - any variety show.
- But this is worth appearing.
I guess it's time for him to make an appearance.
We will meet someone, right? - Today.
- Sure.
Inside the SM HQ, members of idol band that is called the future of SM are hiding.
SM's future? [Donhee & Conhee's mission.]
Please find them.
Do we need to find them? This building is huge.
- Let's get inside.
- Okay, let's go inside.
[Let's go!.]
- The future of SM.
- Let's see them.
[How does my Idol's workplace look like.]
[Don't miss a single detail.]
[It's already well known.]
[Everything about S.]
[The future of S that can be seen all over this place.]
[Can't hide handsomeness.]
[It will entertain your eyes.]
[They are waiting for DoniKoni.]
[We will be there soon.]
[Visit Idols.]
[Second episode GOGOGO.]
[The master of producing Idol bands.]
SM It's a cafe on the first floor.
Everyone can come.
It's little different from JYP's headquarters.
A new music video of Girls Generation.
- Unit - unit Let's grab some coffee first.
- Hi nice to meet you.
- It's the SM cafe.
[Pretending like a customer.]
[You can tell he's a celebrity right away.]
[Pretending like a worker.]
[We can tell.]
- There's an ice cream.
- Really? - It's KRW 4000 - Yeah We have 20% discount for artists who don't belong to SM.
How much is it for SM artists? They use points.
- Is it free for them? - There's SM points? - Yeah they do have.
- Then We need to find the future of SM.
- True - Let's bring them and have things for free.
- Premium organic milk ice cream.
- We will go for this one.
- Which cone do you want? - The biggest one please.
- Okay.
- We will look for them.
[Just turning away from the counter.]
- It's too explicit.
- Look at his hair.
That hair.
- It's not fun.
- It's should be fun like Where's Wally? - It's too easy.
- Right.
- I think he's already done with his coffee.
- I can tell he's NCT right away.
And that person who works there, look at him.
He' seems awkward here too.
It's not natural.
How many points do you have? - Look at the other worker.
- Just give us the ice cream.
We will use his points.
He will pay for us.
- We will use your points.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Thank you Johnny.
- Always [JOHNNY.]
- Ho many point do you have? - 100,000 I have full 100,000.
Use your points.
- You are busy to come here so use it today.
- Okay.
- You should try this one too.
- Try this.
- It's delicious.
- Yes, premium - The same one? - Yes.
Johnny, you think he's awkward too right? Do you agree? - Whom? - That person.
You know him.
Is he Jaehyun? - Where? - Ah It's too unnatural.
[Waiting for them to come.]
Let's just leave him here.
He will be like this forever.
Where is this? [Moving to the next spot?.]
There are albums.
- The history of SM.
- Yeah - Who is he? - He's filming? [Like a movie scene.]
[Like a celebrity.]
- Who is he? - You guys have prepared in advance! It's too easy.
Isn't he Taeyong? I think I'm correct.
You are found.
Will you be in Idol Room or just stay here? Hello [TAEYONG.]
You look too unnatural.
You should have done DJ-ing.
It seem like you can here for the first time.
[He's still here.]
They will come back.
[Abandoned for a long time.]
[He's coming.]
[Getting closer.]
Hello [Please find me.]
[There's no one like him.]
- How many points do you have? - Uhm I haven't used it before.
- Okay let's go - Let's go Are we going to use points? - Yeah - Okay Why is he here? Why are you here? How many points do you have? - I haven't used it before.
- Let's go [Collecting points.]
There's a market down there.
You can buy goods.
- We are going there right? - Yeah [Finding 3 more artists.]
- You can you points here too.
- Really? Okay.
- We can use points here.
- Hyungdon! Let's buy something related to NCT.
Here's NCT ZONE.
- Over here.
- Yes.
- NCT ZONE - Oh really? [The whole wall is the NCT ZONE.]
SM is good.
Artists are waiting here too.
[Moving fast.]
[Hide and Seek.]
Is there anything to eat? - Something to eat? - Over here.
- NCT food, no.
- Is there anything like NCT chocolate? - We have peanuts here.
- NCT Peanuts? [Hide and Seek.]
Peanuts sounds good.
Let's buy one of this.
- Doyoung come here.
- I can see you.
Doyoung! [DOYOUNG.]
- Come here - We have to use your points.
It's tiring.
- He has a lot of points.
- Lots and lots - Wait - Is there Doyoung pen? - My pen.
- It's here.
I'll take one.
It's not sold out.
Do you need tranportation cards? - You don't.
- It's all NCT items.
Mark! Mark! come.
300,000 points Come here.
Where are you.
We don't have time.
I did my best.
Mark and NCT Dream.
[NCT dream.]
- There are paper toys.
- It's all us.
Mark - Taeyong - Winwin Let's go.
[Handsomeness in full.]
It's our manager's office.
[Manager's office.]
- Hi - Everyone is here.
There should be around two of NCTs here.
[One here.]
[And one over here.]
- You yellow hair, come here.
- Yellow hair.
- Yellow hair - Blonde - Isn't he Haechan? - Blonde - Come here.
- Why are you pretending like you are cleaning.
You are not doing it.
He's not a manger.
He's hair is too celebrity like.
- You shouldn't do that.
- Huh? You shouldn't act like that.
- You shouldn't act like that.
- Yeah.
You should have been boring.
- We are too late.
Sorry - It's okay, hello! Who is he? [HAECHAN.]
- What is this? - There something on here.
- I was just boring.
- Let's go - Yuta is here too.
- Scribbles.
- You are caught by me.
- It was unnatural.
You should have wore hats.
Let's go.
Nice to meet you.
NCT 129, Hyungdon and Daejoon.
Let's eat something.
- Hello.
- Just feel at home.
[Like we've made a promise.]
There's only three people here.
- Only three.
- It's a restaurant here.
- It seems so delicious.
- You guys are unnatural.
It's SM restaurant.
We have all NCT members in Idol Room.
Say hi, NCT 129, Hyungdon and Daejoon.
129? [WINWIN.]
NCT129 Let's have delicious meal.
And this member is new.
- True.
- I joined for this album.
- He's 17.
- 17.
[Delicious food coming.]
- Cream pasta - Try some [Delicious menu.]
- Doyoung come here.
- Yes [Nom nom.]
Thank you.
[Let's eat this.]
[Delicious meal.]
[Let's have fun.]
Second time visiting idol's office.
It's SM today.
Here's NCT 127! [Welcome.]
Let's say hello.
To the World It's NCT! Hello we are NCT127! NCT127 The future of NC You are back we a full album.
- It's your first full album right? - Yeah And we have new member.
He's handsome.
He's has a feel of young Taemin.
I thought you would be an entertainer.
How did you join NCT127? - I I just.
company decided Not that, your position.
Oh got it.
It's Jungwoo's first show? You are nervous? I think it's his first time in the show as NCT 127.
You should be nervous.
He might cry.
- He cries often.
- I think - He can.
- It seems Jungwoo is nervous.
Because we are here.
- From the television.
- Yeah You are like a celebrity.
- You didn't expect us to come here? - Yeah [Satisfied and shame.]
Oh I can't blame him.
It's a repertory.
Jungwoo is nervous.
You have many music show emcees here.
From NCT127 So introduce yourselves.
- Like an emcee.
- Then let's start from "Inkigayo" emcee.
- From there.
From there Let's start from Johnny.
- Johnny - He's a radio DJ.
Wow Hi this is Johnny.
Sexy Johnny? Johnny, confidence! Can I try once more? - But there's no second chance during live.
- Right But it's not live.
It's not live.
True So I'm asking you.
- Do it like alive.
- From now on.
Ready action! Hi you think I'm just sexy? I am cute too.
It's Johnny.
Oh my god The youngest and trendiest and cute Haechan.
- Well done.
- Mark's turn.
He an emcee.
- Looking forward to it.
- Okay It's nervous.
Then you will do it last.
Last turn.
- I'll just do now.
- You are an emcee now.
- now - last - You are now doing it.
- Let's start from amateurs.
And show what professionalism is.
Winwin Hi everyone, I'm NCT127 cute and charismatic Winwin.
Winwin, you might go on a Chinese show.
In Chinese please.
Hello everyone, you are watching Idol Room and I'm Winwin.
Thakn you.
Well done.
He's good at Chinese.
When did he learn? When i was young.
Yeah true.
- He's good.
- Ever since he was born.
He's good at it.
Hi I'm lovely cute Taeyong.
Hi I'm the one you want to be with, Jaehyun.
Let's enjoy NCT 127's idol room.
Hi I'm healing smile Yuta.
Short Is that all? Yuta in Japanese too.
Can you do it in Japanese? Hi I'm Yuta.
I'm very happy to be on Idol Room.
I'll do my best.
Where did you learn Japanese? When I was a child.
Early education is important.
- Taeil.
- I'll do this Hi friends Start over again.
- No talking down.
- Okay It's not children's show.
- Okay.
- You can do it.
Ready action! Hello, it's cute Taeil.
Gogogo! Well done.
[Helping him out with camera direction.]
Hi it's Jungwoo who joined Jungwoo.
You can hear bone cracking.
He missed the beat.
It's Jungwoo.
You missed a little.
- I can tell why Jungwoo joined the group.
- Cute Once again please.
Hello It's new cute Jungwoo.
- Cute - He's like a cartoon character.
Doyoung Confidence - Former "Inkigayo" MC [Looking forward to it" Hi everyone.
My name is not Doyoung.
My full name is Doyoung prince.
Just call me that.
[Looking at Doni's reaction.]
Let's see how current emcee does.
Let's see Mark.
Why I am of a music show.
- Oh my god.
- MC.
MC If Mark says something, you should do it.
- If Mark says, things happen.
- That never happened.
Looking forward to it.
He's going to do well.
3,2,1! Hi it's Mark from NCT127, topping the music chart.
Don't miss NCT127's stage.
[Well done.]
He practiced a lot.
I didn't imagine this.
If you don' t call their name, artists can't perform.
[Done with self introduction.]
I'll try my best.
[The youngest in NCT 127.]
Jungwoo joined the team lastly but the youngest member is Haechan, right? Yes, that's right.
Jungwoo, how old are you? [3rd youngest.]
I'm the 3rd.
- 3rd.
- From the bottom.
- Who's older? than Jungwoo? Taeil.
[Everyone is older than Jungwoo except two.]
Everyone except Mark and Haechan.
Except Mark and Haechan.
[Intentional question.]
Are members nice to you? [Nice answer.]
Yes, they are always nice.
I learn a lot of things from them.
- You got training altogether, right? - Yes.
[Start teasing.]
[Hyenas seeking for a prey.]
Has anything changed? - Change? - When you were a trainee and after debut.
[Took the bait.]
Totally different.
[He took it.]
Close your eyes, everyone.
Close your eyes.
Jungwoo, keep open your eyes.
[Big bait.]
Jungwoo, who's the most changed one? [Be prudent, Jungwoo.]
- Am I allowed to say that? - Of course.
[Shout without sound.]
[Jungwoo, don't fall for it.]
Don't say it.
Just point one with your finger.
But that's not what I wanted to talk about.
[Pick one.]
- A bit.
- We're not asking you bad things.
Something different.
Artist? [Innocent.]
Where are you? [Members are nervous.]
Why are you so nervous? I'm nervous with no reason.
- You can pick several.
- Several? - Yes.
[Victim 1.]
[Victim 2.]
[Victim 3.]
[Dont', Jungwoo!.]
[He's really picking several.]
[We love it.]
There are many.
The majority.
Ones who are not picked will get a good impression.
I'm done.
What's going on? I didn't see.
[Not picked.]
[Mark is not a victim.]
You have not been picked.
- Not me? - No.
All of the rest? No.
[Johnny, escaped.]
- Not you.
-Really? - Yes.
[Another one who escaped.]
What? I'm not.
Let's stop here.
[He's innocent.]
You're so bad.
- Great, great.
- Bad.
[There's one more who's not picked.]
Not all of you.
But not the one.
It will be me.
[Three members were picked by Jungwoo.]
There are three.
- Taeil.
- Bad.
Why did you pick them? [Not a bad intention.]
I didn't have other meanings.
[He didn't catch it.]
I wanted to say that they became nicer.
- That's what I.
- Right.
[They can tease him anyway.]
Then you mean other members are not cool? What? [Jungwoo.
how about me?.]
- Became less nice.
- No, no.
[Tell me I'm nice.]
[Sad eyes.]
Everyone is nice.
You fell for it! No.
Why is Jaehyun so confident? Me? Jungwoo feels comfortable being with me.
Jungwoo feels comfortable being with me.
Oh my god.
[None of my business.]
- You fell for it.
- No, all of them are so nice to me.
Yuta, come here.
- Me? - Yes.
- What, what? - Taeil? Friends here and unfriendly people there.
No, they're the ones that I like the most.
[Great with them.]
Then how about them? [We?.]
How about these ones? Ah no.
[Oh my god.]
I'm screwed up.
[Early education (packaging).]
This is what entertaining show is about.
- I didn't mean it.
- You should talk to members after the show.
I heart that this is the first full-length album of NCT 127.
[Good news.]
[Global NCT 127.]
And I also heard that your comeback is global.
[Comeback scheduled made headlines.]
I was surprised to hear that you come back overseas? For promotion in the United States.
You went to the AMA.
- American Music Award? - Yes.
- Where pop stars gather? - Yes.
- Good for you.
You were selected as Apple Music UP NEXT artist.
- That Apple Music? - Yes.
[Not done yet.]
Popular American talk show.
It's like Idol Room.
[in Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.]
Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.
- The one where BTS showed up? - Yes.
[Compliments please.]
You're going to show up in that show? - NCT? - They are going to.
[Global Idol.]
This global team.
is now here at Idol Room.
[Recording earlier.]
[They are here.]
- We go first? - Yes.
We took them first.
- That's.
- What's the reason? [Did you pick us?.]
You feel more comfortable being with us? [Good person.]
Because of you.
Tell me three reasons why you prefer us to Jimmy Kimmel.
We use the same language.
- That's the most important thing.
- The same language.
- Yes.
- Then? - We ate together.
[Piggies that buy foods.]
Get it! - Chicken get it! - I really don't know well.
How great is the Jimmy Kimmel show? Johnny, you should know as you came from the U.
[From Chicago.]
In the evening.
[Certified by American.]
[Jimmy Kimmel show.]
A lot of people watch that show.
[Talk show that a lot of people love.]
- The popular one.
- Yes, so popular.
[So meaningful to Johnny.]
It should be.
[Showing up in the show.]
so meaningful to you.
Yes, to be honest.
[He feels like being in a dream.]
You said that.
- We do this and this and this.
- Yes.
[Dreams come true.]
I have goose bumps.
You're popular abroad.
That's how you can show up in that show.
[We should watch that.]
We're nervous.
[Idol room is looking forward to NC advancing into the global stage.]
Congratulations! First close-up camera during live broadcast.
Today's PICK Idol, Close-up camera! Do you know what it is? Doyoung You turn camera and you shoot that person in the direction of where the camera stops.
Correct I'm nervous.
[Close up shots will be open after the show.]
You should do flower cup hands.
Surround it.
You've seen it.
We did [NCT can't avoid making sounds.]
Say hello to camera up here.
Hi From Jungwoo.
[Pickdol NCT127.]
[Amazing visual.]
- Are you ready? - Yes Here we go! Here we go! It's moving.
Pickdol Camera [Plase me.]
We don't know it yet.
We don't know it.
Still don't know Mark? Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! This is it.
Yeah Yeah! Johnny, tell the viewers what you'll do today.
I'll show you my charms to the fullest.
Come here.
Johnny is the one.
[I'm the one.]
I'm still in the camera.
Johnny cam.
Johnny cam! Johnnycam Johnny cam! Everyone.
This is your first full-length album.
[NCT 127 has come back with their first full-length album.]
Right? [About the song "Regular".]
Can you introduce the song? "Regular" is.
[Communicate through dream.]
NCT's worldview is about dream.
[That is reflected in this song.]
In this song "Regular".
We imagine how would it be if we become super-rich.
That's what this song's about.
[Show me the money.]
If we become rich guys, right? [If become rich.]
- How would it be.
- Millionaire.
[Hip hop dove detected swag.]
Doyoung! [Reflection of a real dream.]
What would you do if you become super rich.
Imagine that you won the lottery.
I would buy a building.
Oh, you want to be the owner of a building.
Earning money from rents.
That's a great dream.
[The eldest among NCT 127.]
How about Taeil? Taeil is the eldest.
- Let's go.
- Let's get it.
- Maybe.
car? [Seduction.]
You should buy SM entertainment.
[Imagination rich.]
[majority shareholder of the future.]
You should buy that.
- You should.
- You should.
[Saying anything.]
You should also buy YG and merger them.
[Not realistic.]
[Entertainment shopping.]
You should first put them in your basket.
How about Yuta? Me? [From Osaka.]
You should buy Osaka.
[Purchasing Osaka.]
Buy Osaka.
[Buzzword "You should buy that".]
- You should buy that.
- You should.
Yuta, tell me.
You're not going to buy Osaka, right? [Wine mania.]
I will drink a lot of wine.
Wine? You should buy the land.
[Starting from the primary industry.]
[Recommend the purchase of vineyard in Chile.]
You should buy land in Chile.
You like wine.
[Then Mark.]
- How about Mark? - I.
[King of saving.]
I will save the money.
Use them! [Saving even in his imagination.]
It's an imagination.
You save them even in your imagination? [Recommend anything.]
[Pushy piggies.]
You should buy a yacht as you like to rap.
[Ha ha ha.]
- You should buy a yacht.
- You should buy that.
How about Haechan? [Perfect match.]
You should buy red pepper sauce.
[Brand of red pepper sauce.]
You should buy red pepper sauce.
You should buy that.
You should eat it with rice.
[Ambitious dream.]
I want to establish a broadcasting channel.
that only features NCT 127 24/7.
[Just accept my joke.]
- NO, you should buy red pepper sauce.
- You should buy that.
You should buy that.
You should buy that.
You should buy red pepper sauce to do that.
Hey guys.
[Let's start.]
We'll introduce your song that has been just release in our own way.
[Let's listen to "Regular".]
NCT 127's new song "Regular".
Nano dance! Nano dance.
[Nano dance.]
[They should dance withe the killing part in realy.]
[and we analyze the dance.]
[This is the killing part of "Regular".]
We'll tell you the order.
Mark, Taeyong, Jungwoo, Doyoung, Yuta, Jaehyun.
Winwin, Johnny, Haechan and Taeil.
[Let's start.]
[Nano dance for "Regular".]
- Play "Regular" please.
- Let's get it.
[Begin with a nice rhythm.]
[Let's go capture the heart of Seasony.]
[Main vocal.]
[Dance after singing the main part.]
[Nano part, right here.]
[Baby cheetah Mark.]
[He's like Oppa right now.]
[Boss rose Taeyong.]
[Maximum sexiness.]
[Zeus Jungwoo.]
[Unexpected charm.]
[Purity found in powerful dance.]
[Rabbit prince Doyoung.]
[Cutie, fairy of water, a loving one.]
[Killing smile Yuta.]
[Too much of handsomeness.]
[Chocolate boy Jaehyun.]
[Human vitamin who refreshes us with his dance.]
[Digestion Winwin.]
[Dance full of freedom, love and peace.]
[Johnny curl, Johnny.]
[Sexiness felt from his fit body.]
[Dong Ah! Haechan.]
[The youngest one's rebellion.]
[Moon Taeil.]
[Solo part.]
[Main vocal who transformed into a dancing machine.]
[That's what we want.]
[Perfect combination of NCT 127.]
[Let's see more.]
[Dancing hard, so nice.]
[Immersed in dance and rhythm.]
[Wow moment.]
[Whom do we have to put our eyes on.]
[It's a shame to have only two eyes.]
[Perfect till the end.]
[You can see live-streamed Idol Room.]
[via V LIVE.]
[Donhee and Conhee's Fact Check.]
[Fact, bang!.]
[Facts about NCT 127.]
Let's look at some facts about NCT.
[Check their unintentional words and behaviors.]
Let's see how you have bahaved and said.
have behaved and talked.
[Little bit scared.]
We'll check it.
First Fact.
Who's the real partner or Mark? [My partner?.]
There are two members.
[Who art they?.]
[Two members.]
who claim that they are Mark's partner.
[Mark is also curious.]
I'm curious that.
[Only one member comes to his mind.]
I think there's one.
[Mark official: His partner.]
- Who's that one? - Who? - Jaehyun.
- Jaehyun.
- He has long told me that.
- Your man.
[Pure bloodline.]
Am I your man? [Who's the new one?.]
And the new one? Wait a second! [One person pops up all of a sudden.]
Wait! - Isn't it Doyoung? - Who's the one? [Never heard of it.]
Guess who.
[Clue: Name saved in his phone.]
[Culprit: Jungwoo.]
[Evidence: He changed his name to "my partner".]
Changed his name to "my partner Zeus" in my phone.
- Zeus? - So maybe it's him.
[Who are two members?.]
We heard that.
- Who are they? - Mark's man is.
[Partner candidates.]
[Jaehyun and Jungwoo.]
- Jaehyun and Jungwoo.
- Right.
[Mark got it correct.]
Jungwoo, since when you felt that emotion? [Since our first encounter.]
Since the first encounter with Mark.
[(What is he talking about).]
Our first encounter.
[The charm of Mark.]
What makes Mark so attractive? He's younger than you, right? [Heart attack.]
[That is.]
I like his dimples.
[He has no sense.]
How about me? [Soulless.]
like them.
[Jaehyun, what makes Mark so cute?.]
The same question for Jaehyun.
As Mark's former partner.
[Born-to-be partner.]
[They hit it off.]
We have same interest.
Mark has told me that I'm his partner.
[Here comes Mark.]
We first talked about "partner".
For example.
We started singing the same song at the same moment.
You mean, telepathy? [Telepathy between Mark and Jaehyun.]
Yes, that's right.
- We hit it off with each other.
- Right.
[Here comes the newbie Jungwoo.]
And suddenly Jungwoo came in.
Hey, Jaehyun.
How about Haechan? [What does Haechan mean to Jaehyun.]
Haechan is my roomie.
[Just roomie.]
They are in the same age.
There's a difference between a roomie and a soulmate? [Curious of Haechan's position.]
What does Haechan mean to you? [Summary by the youngest.]
Mark and Jaehyun are partners, or soulmates.
[What are they?.]
Jaehyun and I are the one.
[Complicated relationships.]
- What are you? Amoebas? - Right.
[I'm me and you're you.]
How's Mark stored in your phone, Jungwoo? Just Mark.
What? Then how about Jaehyun? Ma plus a Korean alphabet with the sound "K".
How about Mark? How's Jaehyun stored in your phone? Jaehyun.
You are all business partners.
Then Jungwoo? Jungwoo, at first.
but one day I found it was changed to "Zeus".
[His nickname is Zeus.]
Then Mark you should change your name in his phone, too.
[He don't know Jungwoo's nickname.]
For instance, my love Medusa.
[Not a Zeus from mythology.]
That's not that Zeus.
[Plus, Zeus has nothing to do with Medusa.]
Not that Zeus.
[How did he become Zeus.]
Jungwoo, Jungwooth, Zeus! Are there anyone who.
[Raise your hand.]
stored the name of members with special names? [Leader Taeyong.]
- Anyone? - Taeyong.
[Affection toward members.]
Each of them is stored with different names.
- What's the name for Johnny? - Princess John.
- Princess? [Sweet John.]
- Princess John.
- Princess? - Princess John? - He's my roomie and.
- Prince Taeyong.
[Sleeping Princess John with a lot of dolls.]
He has so many dolls on his bed.
[His taste.]
He doesn't look like he would do that.
So I store his number with the name "Princess John".
Doyoung's number is stored with the name of "Doyoung glass".
- Doyoung glass? Why? - Why? [Precious Doyoung.]
[He could be easily broken.]
He should be carefully treated like glass.
He easily gets upset.
We looked at the relationships between the members of NCT127.
[Who's Mark's real soulmate?.]
Then who's the real soulmate of Jungwoo and Mark? [Leader official.]
[One more member involved.]
There's one more member who is involved in this relationship.
- One more? - Yes, someone who loves Mark.
- Sincerely.
- Who's that? [Third one.]
- Mr.
- Doyoung? To the extent that.
[Real love.]
He put Mark's picture on the ceiling of his room.
Oh my god! [Explanation.]
I bought our album and [Destiny.]
I got the poster of Mark.
So I put it.
[No special reason.]
Imagine that.
[Not a good example.]
Defconn is staring at me.
That's terrible.
[Don't ever imagine that.]
You'll get a nightmare.
- Understand? - Yes, a nightmare.
[But now they're sharing a room.]
Now we're roomies.
and there's nothing uncomfortable.
Maybe I'm your soulmate.
is great.
What makes Mark attractive? [Charming Mark.]
Tell me.
What's the charm of Mark? Mark's charm? - Energy.
- Energy? Tell me one, Jungwoo.
Mark's charm.
I like Mark.
[Real love.]
I like Mark.
[What is he talking about.]
He really loves Mark.
- He means it.
- Really.
- We found his soulmate.
- He's the one.
[Honored soulmate of Mark.]
- Really inevitable.
- He means it.
[(Interesting drama).]
How can we say anything.
[Homme fatal.]
[Clear conclusion for Mark.]
We'll get to a conclusion.
[1st contest for Mark's soulmate.]
[Host: Idol Room.]
Contest to find Mark's soulmate.
You hold hands with Mark and peel the skin of mandarin with the other hand.
For example, hold hands like this.
[Like this.]
Then peel the mandarin skin.
[So popular.]
Then feed him.
[Test to find a soulmate of Mark.]
The one who feed him in the shortest time will be the winner.
- Wow, they should peel that.
- Yes.
That would be difficult.
[Jaehyun goes first.]
- Jaehyun.
- Difficult.
You should peel the skin together.
[Get ready.]
Go! - You should peel the skin.
- All the skin.
They're in so much hurry.
[Shocking words.]
It will make me full.
- This will make Mark full.
- Are you worry about Mark? [Shocked.]
Just with three mandarins? [They hit it off with each other.]
Wow they're good partners.
[Done in two seconds.]
Can I do that? [I'll be his soulmate to eat mandarins.]
You just want to eat mandarins.
- It looks delicious.
- Yes, sweet.
- Their record: 18sec and 59.
- Okay.
[So sweet.]
[Arranges his bang.]
Come here.
[Doyoung's turn.]
Then now it's Doyoung's turn.
They were good partners.
You should be committed.
[Full of desire for victory.]
- You should work hard.
- Business partners? Right? You should not surpass 18 sec 59.
You know what? [???.]
While doing this.
Jungwoo has been staring at Mark's back with sweet eyes.
[Oh my god.]
Oh my god his eyes.
[Cant' you see me?.]
[Always calm.]
[Unique character.]
[Let's start.]
- Okay.
- Ready.
- As you want.
- Go! [Different attitude.]
He peels it on his own.
[For victory.]
He doesn't help.
[They are good at it.]
- Great, we won.
- Stop.
[Shorter record.]
13 sec and 78.
Wow they were good.
[Fought for victory.]
- They fought for victory.
- Yes! - Game hard.
[He doesn't even look back.]
[I'm done.]
Game hard.
[Jungwoo's turn.]
- Wanna-be Mark's soulmate.
- Jungwoo.
[Cheeks full of mandarins.]
Should I peel all? One.
[For Mark.]
This looks the best.
He chose the best one.
[Oh my god.]
No one did that.
- Should I peel it? - Together.
Ready, go! [Interested.]
Oh my god.
[(I should be the winner).]
[Like feeding a baby bird.]
Stop! [Sweet John CAM.]
[(Wow, fast).]
Wow, really fast.
[Congratulations Jungwoo.]
8 sec and 22! [Happy.]
8 sec 22! A few words, please.
[Another one.]
- You want to see our own way of shaking hands? - Yes.
[Are you ready?.]
[I'm ready.]
[Soulmate friends.]
You are the soulmates.
There's the second step to this contest.
- I'll win.
- Good, good.
- You're not lost yet, Jaehyun and Doyoung.
[Before was just an appetizer.]
[Test to find Mark's soulmate.]
We will find out who gets along with mark better through a game of telepathy.
[An interested viewer.]
- Sounds fun.
- It's difficult.
- Sounds fun.
[Makes you get strangely curious about the ending of this drama.]
[Mark's soulmate test, level 2.]
It's called Mark quiz.
[Mark quiz.]
[A segment to prove telepathy with Mark.]
We'll see how much - telepathy is possible with Mark.
- Oh my god.
[Resolute contenders.]
Please give us the first question.
- Mark's secret about his body? - Uh, wait.
[Yuta also knows.]
This is easy.
[The colleagues who are not his other half have different opinions.]
- Isn't it this? - It's this.
Jungwoo is feeling anxious about it.
[Stamping his feet.]
[One person worried that Mark's secret will be revealed.]
This can't be revealed.
- It's a secret I only know.
- Which one, which one.
[Of course.]
One that can be aired? Yes, for broadcasting [Choose fun or Mark.]
[Doyoung is standing at a crossroad.]
Doyoung, I ask for something that can be aired.
[(Then I'll go with this).]
[Without hesitation.]
[the had keeps writing.]
[Everyone finished writing their answers.]
Jaehyun has written his.
- Doyoung, did you write? - Yes.
- Okay.
[But the concerned person is contemplating.]
[What situation is this?.]
[Telling Mark about Mark's secret.]
[Expect no one to get it right.]
I think the front row will get it all wrong.
- What is Mark's secret about his body? - Ah, wait [Who will be the one to guess correctly first?.]
I'll recognize him as Mark's half if he gets this one right.
[1st question.]
[Show Doyoung's answer.]
- Starting with Doyoung.
- Doyoung first, what's your answer? - Oh my god.
- What is it? - Please tell us.
- Flat feet.
[Mark's reaction is hard to interpret.]
Flat feet.
[1st question.]
[Show Jaehyun's answer.]
- Jaehyun? - He doesn't have cartilage in his ear.
- Ah, no cartilage in his ear? - He has a big butt.
- A big butt? [Only one laughing.]
- You can win.
- Jungwoo? [1st question.]
[Show Jungwoo's answer.]
[Truly tearful.]
[He could not reveal Mark's secret.]
- What? - I'm sorry, guys.
- I'm sorry, guys.
I'm sorry, guys.
I'm sorry, guys.
[Suddenly it's like the "Golden Bell Challenge".]
Mark Golden Bell.
- Sorry, guys.
- What is your answer, Mark? [Showing his answer.]
- I also wrote flat feet.
- Flat feet.
[An unexpected win.]
[Doyoung gains 1 point.]
- He's awesome.
- Doyoung seonbae.
- That's amazing.
[Very proud.]
Good job.
[Jaehyun's answer.]
[No cartilage in his ear?.]
I want to know, you don't have the cartilage? - I actually thought of that first.
- You don't have cartilage in your ear? [Person with firsthand experience.]
His ear can be folded quite nicely.
[Tester walking in.]
[Looks quite soft too.]
You must be really healthy.
[(Let me try).]
[His face shows no pain.]
- Mark, show that thing.
- This doesn't hurt you at all, right? [This is the opportunity to brag.]
Mark, show that thing.
[Totally surprised.]
- This doesn't hurt you, right? [A new world.]
[The ear is folded in.]
I love this! What am I going to do? [So soft.]
[Hyeongdon is in love with Mark's ear.]
I like Mark.
[1 more member added to the group who loves Mark.]
- Hyung you should do this test too.
- I want this.
[Mark love.]
[Want to join the Mark test.]
- Give me 1 question.
- The soulmate test.
[1 ear is enough.]
[Homme fatal of this era.]
Oh gosh, I really like this.
[Missing the grip and feel.]
Ah, what should I do? I want to continue [Got over it and got his composure back.]
Next question, please.
For the position of Mark's soulmate, [The previous questions don't matter.]
- I'll give you a question worth 3 points.
- Wow, 3 points.
[Laughing out loud after reading the question.]
When does Mark think he looks the coolest? When does Mark think he looks the coolest? - Oh my god.
- In the opinions of other members, when does he look the coolest - Wait, wait.
This question will decide Mark's soulmate.
[This question will decide his other half.]
[No one can yield this soulmate position.]
[I can't back down since I came all this way.]
[I won't lose this soulmate position.]
[How did we end here?.]
[How will this drama end?.]
This time [Shocking.]
- starting with Mark.
- Yes.
- Let's reveal your answer.
What did you write? [The 3-point answer.]
- When I'm still, doing nothing.
- When you're still, doing nothing.
[Who got it right?.]
[3 different expressions.]
- It's too hard.
- The 3 people's expressions - I think they all wrote different things.
How about we go with the closest? - The closest one.
- Okay.
- Then Mark can choose.
- Mark, please pick one.
[Last question.]
[Show Doyoung's answer.]
What's Doyoung's answer? - When he sings live.
- When he sings live.
[Last question.]
[Show Jaehyun's answer.]
How about Jaehyun? [Right now.]
- Now.
- Now.
- This moment.
[Last question.]
[Show Jungwoo's answer.]
- What did you write, Jungwoo? - What is Jungwoo's choice? When looking at himself in the mirror after taking a shower.
[(All men have thought about it, at least once ).]
[the person in question feels more embarrassed.]
The reflection in the mirror after a shower [Final choice.]
Mark, you decide.
Who is your soulmate? [Traditionally, his original soulmate, Jaehyun.]
[A rookie coming up fast.]
[who is devoted to Mark, Jungwoo.]
[ just Doyoung.]
Tell us.
[Done choosing?.]
Jaehyun hyung.
[Jaehyun hyung, pick.]
Jaehyun is the soulmate.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- The last question was hard.
Jaehyun, you're appointed as Mark's official soulmate for the next 1 year.
[Announcement of the 2nd Mark soulmate test next year.]
We'll continue the Mark soulmate contest next year.
Will you participate next year as well? [Endless love.]
- I will.
- Next year, you'll continue [See you again, Mark's soulmate test.]
Give us the next fact.
Taeyong, veins in his arms that show he's a manly man.
This is a headline of the photo article of Taeyong departing from the airport recently.
[Our hyung's forearm status that the rapper dongsaengs didn't even know about.]
Really? ["NCT127 Taeyong, Veins in His Arms that Show He's a Manly Man".]
The reporter did a good job taking the photo.
[Suddenly admiring.]
It's amazing.
[Found the real thing.]
[Ha! Are they talking about this?.]
Taeyong, you slapped it many times during break? [Born with handsome veins.]
The veins are really popping out.
[At the same time, everyone is trying to find their hidden veins.]
[Looking at the veins in person.]
[Defconn came out to see.]
His veins look here.
[Please close your eyes, my forearms.]
Look here, do this.
[NCT treasure #950701, wish come true.]
Flex your arm.
[Requesting it to be designated as a treasure after this hour.]
[My veins look good .]
Here [It's been several decades since I've seen my veins.]
Please lend me just one vein.
His veins are impressive.
[There are lots of members with great bodies.]
Also, there are many more members who could be called manly men in NCT127.
According to Haechan, the calf monster.
It came out.
What is JM Doyoung? [Doyoung (23) / Jongahri Monster / Calf prince (?).]
Short for Jongahri Monster.
What does this mean? Is this real? Like Hodong hyung, is it like that His could be similar.
[JM discloses about his calves.]
The muscles are just thick, not strong.
[Everybody pays attention.]
[JM will soon reveal his actual legs.]
- Can you show us? - Come here.
For men, this represents strength.
[Haechan, you .]
It's all because of you.
- Doesn't it roll up? - It goes up.
It does up.
[Finally, Jongahri Monster comes out into the world.]
It's strong.
[JM feels shy.]
- It's fat, not muscles.
- Try flexing it.
[Review of seeing JM directly.]
Doesn't it look like turkey legs? [Turkey is not suitable for Prince Doyoung.]
No! My legs! My legs can't be treat like this.
[Calf muscles made with track and field.]
- He was did track and field in elementary school.
- Really? [Also, our precious JM.]
Right, that kind of muscles don't [Requesting it to be NCT treasure #960201.]
just form without any reason.
[Continues with giving information.]
Yuta used to be a soccer player? - Yes.
- Your thighs? [Now going to see Yuta's thighs (made of only fat, he says).]
I only have fat on my thighs.
Try flexing.
[Wow, surprising.]
[How can I describe this grip?.]
[Everyone wants to see Yuta's thighs.]
[What fat? Yuta is Thigh Monster.]
You can feel the definitions of the muscles.
[Setting up for thigh wrestling right away.]
They're like horse muscles.
Oh my god.
I'm really bad at this.
[A fight of real pig thighs VS horse thighs.]
I can win over him.
[An unsure HM in front of the pig.]
I don't think this will work.
[Poor Yuta hyung.]
Oh my god.
[Pig attacks.]
His thighs [HM defends.]
Did you stretch? You need to be careful here.
[All set.]
It's okay.
Ready? [Who is going to be the true Thigh Monster?.]
[Jaehyun VS Taeil.]
[Kids having fun, pretending to do an extra round on the side.]
Ready, start! [Start round.]
He's strong.
[Very close.]
[(Look at him).]
He's strong.
He's strong.
[Johnny's CAM.]
[(Yuta is that strong?).]
He's strong.
Hold on.
- He's strong.
- Wait.
I'm just getting started? I'm getting started now.
[Um .]
I'm going to start, okay? Stay put.
[Pretending to be a nip and tuck match.]
Yuta, I'm going to use my thighs now.
[Wide open.]
Yuta, you can't spread them.
[Who says he's Thigh Master?.]
[No! Our Thigh Master.]
[Ends up confessing his own weakness.]
I'm weak here.
[Verified an unexpected fact.]
[Soccer and thigh wrestling are irrelevant.]
How does that matter? [Yuta's perfect match.]
[Recommend my twin daughters.]
How about Yuta goes against my daughter? [Um.]
[Fact check for this time.]
Today, we'll pick NCT127's best manly man.
- Shoot.
- Oh.
[A confident Too Much Energizer.]
[NCT127's official title match.]
If you get chosen, NCT127's manly man is always going to be him.
1st is the basic muscle strength test.
[Let's start with a light push-up.]
- Push-up.
We'll do it until there are only 3 of you left.
[NCT127 ranking for physical strength - push-up.]
[All NCT127 members will do push-ups until the final 3 members are left.]
[It's the first time they're ranking themselves in physical strength so publicly.]
[Their desire to win is rising high.]
[Who's #1 in physical fitness in both muscle strength and endurance?.]
We'll find out #1-#3 in push-ups.
[Start push-up until there's 3 remaining.]
- 1.
- 1.
[Johnny's CAM.]
[Completely relaxed.]
[Very stable.]
[Oh wow.]
- I think they're okay till now.
- 4.
[Caution, this is not "Real Men".]
- It's like "Real Men".
- You should be able to do at least 20.
[In no time, they're in the double digits.]
Taeil is feeling it.
[They are slowly getting the feeling.]
[(Oh, it's here, it's here.
[The epitome of elegance.]
[I, Kim Jungwoo, don't give up easily.
- Johnny is still doing good.
- 15.
Yuta is fine too.
Taeil is feeling it.
I can't drop out because my pride will be hurt.
[Comfort exchanged with pride.]
Taeil, fail.
[Yup, it's easier if you give up.
Taeil, fail.
Taeil, fail.
[A cool exit.]
Taeil, it's okay.
[Warm words of comfort.]
It's okay, this is not for you.
[This is not my failure.
You're just a bit stronger than I am.
Now, this is about pride.
[Hyeongdon hyung now makes this about pride.]
[Lost his chance to drop out.]
Before 20 is just about fun, [Lost his chance to drop out, too.]
- but now - Now they'll do up to 40.
[Correcting form time to time.]
[Did over 20 push-ups in no time.]
Jungwoo, you need to lower your bottom.
[Guys staring to moan here and there.]
- 21.
- Maintaining form is harder.
[But we are .]
[the hubae of U-Know Yunho, passion itself.]
[The ache in the arm muscles can't stop us.]
[We'll overcome this push-up very easily.]
[We're the hubae of U-Know Yunho who never gets tired.]
[Momentum cut off.]
[Who's making sounds with their joints?.]
Someone's feeling it, I can hear their joints [Probably the owner of the sound of joints.]
I think I'm about done.
[Don't forget, Taeil did 16.]
[Help Haechan.]
- I think Haechan is feeling it too.
- 26.
[Now is time for Haechan to go next to Taeil's side.]
- 2 more! - 28.
Are you bowing? [I'll take the 2 and raise you 10 more.]
Haechan, you should be able to do 40 at your age.
[Haechan, are you crying?.]
Okay, please count faster.
[Finally 30.]
- 30.
- Focus.
Great job, everyone.
[Wow, 30.
Great job, everyone.
[The maknaes give up together.]
You guys did up to 30.
[Self-celebration of 30 push-ups.]
Good job.
[People would think they did 300 push-ups just by looking at their ceremony .]
[Push-ups, it's not that we couldn't do it, we chose not to.
- Good job.
- 33.
- Jungwoo, fail.
- Fail.
[What a bummer.]
[This comfortable world.]
[(Yes, someone else's story).]
[6 members remaining.]
Hang in there until 1 more goes down.
[Awesome physical fitness, NCT127.]
[Hard to tell who will be the winner.]
This is the real competition.
Lift one arm.
[This is it.]
Lift one arm.
[Error in Korean listening skills.]
- Lift one arm.
- One foot? [Fun to pretend to be a military instructor.]
Stay focused! [Finding stability right away.]
Spread your legs.
Keep the form.
[But it's Nakamoto Yuta's first time doing this form.]
[Totally into pretending to be a military-instructor.]
Go! [Falling down.]
Doyoung, fail! [JM ends here.
Jaehyun, one hand! [Hyung, good job.]
[Trying hard.]
[Everyone is barely hanging in there.]
[Bye to Yuta now.]
We have 4 members left.
[4 members left! Who are the top 3?.]
There are 4 remaining.
The way I see it, [Best physical fitness, Johnny VS Best forearm muscles, Taeyong.]
it's between Johnny and Taeyong.
- Now you can't change hands! - Let's go.
Make some noise! [Sliding down automatically.]
Why are you going down when shouting out? [The previous comrades are watching and laughing now.]
You have to go back down now.
[Those who turned on the TV now, don't be surprised.]
[Letting you know again, it's just a game.
[Never seen this fit side of NCT127.]
[As expected, awesome NCT127.]
[No Chicago style.]
I don't think this is it.
[We have our top 3 push-up masters.]
Win Win, Jaehyun, Taeyong! [Amazing.]
Please get up, the 3 of you.
[In awe of himself.]
Win Win was unexpected.
He was unexpected.
[(I think I pretty cool).]
Win Win was great.
[The 3 from street casting.]
[Next round, Tyong-Jae-Win.]
Jaehyun, Win Win, Taeyong will move to next round.
[Deciding NCT127 rank for physical fitness.]
The finals is the so-called "Pull out the radish" game.
[Self-proclaimed master of pulling out radish.]
[Such a bummer.]
I should be the one doing this.
[The 7 members, #10 to #4, will lie down and play defense.]
The 7 who failed will lie down.
[the 3 who made it to the finals will attack taking turns.]
[The ranks will be decided with the time it takes to pull 1 radish.]
You need to lie down at the very end.
[The member with the shortest time will be ranked 1st.]
Who pulls out the fastest.
[The 7 radishes lying down side by side.]
The position has to be the same.
You need to endure the attack, [Huddled together.]
and the fastest one to pull out the radish will be the manly man.
Let's do it.
[The 1st to attack the radish is Taeyong.]
Let's start with Taeyong.
[Can I go about it any way I want?.]
- Can I do it however I want? - You're the man.
Start! [Going for the target radish.]
- You just have to pull one out.
- Time is ticking.
[I'm going for Yuta, one of the 1995ers.]
It's Yuta.
[Yuta gets to show of his flexibility through this.]
[A helping fairy.]
Doyoung is holding on.
[Yuta is the only one getting a stretching massage.]
You need to follow him to the side.
[Doing his best.]
Haechan has to follow to the side.
[Muta, not Yuta (word play).]
[I can't be pulled out like this.]
Haechan has to follow to the side.
[Taeil and Johnny, the radishes in the safe zone started to move.]
Follow him.
[The next attackers are forming their strategies.]
[Changed his target radish to Doyoung.]
[Unexpected degradation of Doyoung.]
[Same radish patch, different situation.]
[It's peaceful here.]
[All worn.]
[Everybody's happy except Doyoung.]
[This the site of pull-out radish filled with laughter.]
[Haechan is in crisis too.]
Haechan is about to be pulled out.
[Taeyong, full power.]
Still not completely pulled out! [Finally Doyoung got pulled out by Taeyong.]
Stop! [Extremely proud.]
[Incredible incident.]
It was incredible.
[Everyone except for Doyoung is this happy.]
[Proud of oneself.]
[I think I did well.]
- I really lasted a long time.
- Doyoung held on well.
[The 1st radish pull out attacker.]
Taeyong's record is 51.
32 seconds.
[Taeyong is in at least 3rd place for physical fitness.]
- It was really fast.
- It was fast.
[2nd attacker for radish pull out, Jaehyun.]
- Now, Jaehyun.
- I think it's better not to do it.
[The 7 radishes discuss a plan (out loud).]
Let's not and move.
They are very busy by themselves.
[The radish teacher, Johnny.]
This is stronger, hold like this.
[The recent victim.]
Hyung, have you tried holding on? [Holding his tongue.]
- Have you endured it? - I learned it in the past.
- Okay.
- Start! Let's protect our image.
[Yuta again?.]
Follow him.
[Jaehyun's super strength that folds the line into half in an instant.]
[The radish ensemble.]
Follow him.
[Jaehyun's target is Radish Haechan.]
It's Haechan! [Mister, remember your manners.]
Let's leave the pants alone, please.
[A well-mannered tickle attack.]
[Very bored.]
[Please attack me too.]
[War and peace.]
Cross your legs.
[Again, Doyoung?.]
[Being dragged.]
[Jaehyun's power explodes.]
[Jaehyun, it's your hyung.
You're using too much strength.
[The pattern of attack starts with Yuta and ends with Doyoung.]
[The next one up has lots to think about.
He's attacking Yuta.
Stop! [The 2nd attacker of radish pull out.]
84 seconds! [Thoroughly wounded.]
[Doyoung feels sad for some reasons.
Why do we have to be sacrificed [Hug.]
in picking the manly man? [It's not done yet.]
Please lie down again.
In my opinion, this episode [Doyoung takes up the most air time, starting today.]
will be filled with Doyoung.
[Taeil somehow envies Doyoung.
I also want to be pulled out.
[Johnny's CAM.]
Please pull from this side as well.
You're the last one, Win Win.
[The last attacker of radish pull out.]
Start! Start! [Going to Doyoung, like a formula.]
The members - It's this side again? - love Doyoung.
- Follow him.
[So envious.]
Follow him.
[The attackers' favorite radish (is Yuta).]
Follow him.
[Again, changed target to Doyoung, like a formula.]
[Meaningless struggle.]
[NCT is peaceful today, yet again.
Stop! [The game ends in a flash as they continued to attack one radish.]
Stop! [Really?.]
What! [The last attacker of radish pull out.]
48 seconds! [Win Win is ranked in 1st place.]
NCT127's manly man, Win Win! [Automatically ranked in 2nd place for physical fitness.]
[Automatically ranked in 3rd place for physical fitness.]
[This is science.]
Win Win represents power.
[Everyone, quiet please.]
Please say a few words.
[A bit dazed.]
Thank you.
[Clean & simple.]
- The winner doesn't have to say anything.
- Just 2 words.
Brief but meaningful.
[#10 who we had forgotten about.]
Then let's also hear from Taeil who was the first to fail.
I'll prove myself later.
Later Your fans really wanted to know.
And wanted to see this.
NCT 127 members dancing NCT U or NCT Dream's choreography.
Mark is all across the group.
NCT is one.
Is it possible? I really wanted to try "Chewing Gum" by NCT Dream.
I love that song.
[Chewing Gum.]
[NCT U's Boss.]
[How will these turn out by NCT 127?.]
Let's go Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! [First time officially doing the dance moves, except Mark and Haechan.]
[So pure.]
[Have you seen NCT 127 this cute?.]
[Taeil is excited.]
[They should have tried it way before.]
[Chewing Gum.]
[Taeyong is good.]
[Powerful version of Chewing Gum.]
You guys are NCT Dream.
[Doing their best.]
Taeil let's og [Great.]
[First time doing this for Johnny.]
[What's Taeil doing?.]
[Taeil is gone.]
[Doing so good.]
[Download complete.]
[Center Taeil.]
It's really cool.
But I can see.
Why are you keep hiding? I'm the last part.
It's part of your performance.
How was it Mark? I think we've done it in our style.
You guys have different styles.
[We want to see quarterly cover of the dance.]
Today we were with NCT 127.
It was fun.
- Johnny cam today.
- yeah Any worries? I don't have worries but little unsatisfied.
I forgot about it in the middle of it.
Pickdol camera.
I think I've done some natural things.
- Too much.
- It's good.
Then you should definitely check out how you are like by watching Idol Room.
- Taeyong - Yes Can you conclude the show? We will perform our new album soon.
I know many of you have been waiting for this.
We will try our best for the best song and performance.
Please look forward to it.
And we will say goodbye.
To the world, here's NC Thank you! Idol broadcast no.
1 Idol Room! [You can watch many videos of Idol Room including Johnny Cam on V LIVE.]