Idol Room (2018) s01e28 Episode Script

Fromis 9, Loona

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 28 - Fromis 9, Loona [With 2 MCs.]
[The biggest number of guests!.]
[This is unprecedented!.]
[Including two MCs, we have 23 people in the studio.]
[Pretty, cute, lovely.]
[Show with beautiful girl band members.]
Idol band-specialized show with no.
1 credibility! "IDOL ROOM!" Today, we have the biggest number of girl band members in our history [9 of fromis9, 12 of LOONA.]
We have 21 guests! [Gasp.]
[Rookie bands who debuted in 2018.]
As rising star rookie bands in 2018, they are going to rock 2018.
[Super rookies will go more successful in 2019.]
We're with such girl bands.
Let me introduce the band with 9 charming girls.
fromis9! Let's say hi.
2, 3! Let's promise.
Let's keep it preciously.
We will grow to be your idol! Hello, we're fromis9.
[Debuted in January, 2018.]
[9 members were selected through an audition show titled "Idol School".]
[Note: All members have blood type A and B.]
[Songs: Glass Shows, To Heart, DKDK, LOVE BOMB.]
[The entire group debuted.]
By disclosing all members over 17 months, 12 girls debuted as the entire group.
LOONA! Let's say hi first.
2, 3.
[Simple and clean.]
Hello, we're LOONA.
[Debuted in August, 2018.]
[12 members have been disclosed over 17 months.]
[Note: They have a unique universe named LOONAverse.]
[Songs: Hi High, favOriTe.]
Let me ask.
What LOONA means? LOONA means we are going to perform in various forms including solo, unit and the group every day.
All bands do that.
In that concept, you will see a new girl every month.
That's why we're called LOONA, meaning "the girl in this month".
[12 members have been disclosed.]
We've met all of them.
[Continuous attack with questions.]
Since we've met all [No correct answer.]
[Let's get it over with passion of a rookie band!.]
How do you divide your group? [First unit.]
1/3, please raise your hand.
This is our first unit.
- What's the name? - What's your unit name? [HyunJin, HeeJin, ViVi, HaSeul.]
[Unit 1/2: Girlish.]
We're the unit with girlish concepts and we debuted first.
[2nd Unit.]
Odd Eye Circle.
- We're Odd Eye Circle.
- Our concept is girl crush.
[JinSoul, Kim Lip, Choerry.]
- Three of you? - Yes.
- Girl crush? [Unit Odd Eye Circle: Girl crush concept.]
And others? [3rd unit.]
[For the camera.]
We're yyxy.
[Sorry? yyxy.
yyxy? [yyxy's song.]
[They know their choreography, too.]
[Kind eye-to-eye education.]
- y? - y.
[Teaching LOONAverse to the old one.]
- xy.
- What's the meaning? [yyxy is the new DNA.]
New DNA.
It doesn't make sense.
y means the male gene.
[Passion of the rookie band.]
We're going to do what doesn't make sense.
[CEO loves this member.]
It shows you're a rookie band [Way to go.]
even if your agency asked for a difficult concept [Carrying the burden well.]
- they won't be surprised.
- Right.
This is newsflash.
[New DNA yyxy appeared on "IDOL ROOM".]
New human beings appeared.
[I love it.]
Let me announce that.
What does fromis9 mean? [As it's the girl band formed through an audition.]
It means the promise with our fans [We want to be the best girl band for fans.]
to be the best girl band.
[Having the promise of 9 members.]
[So easy, got it.]
Does it mean the promise with 9 members? - Yes.
- Promising with 9 member? [Correct.]
[Saerom seems to be a leader.]
I guess the leader is Saerom.
Who's the youngest? [The youngest cutie (a.
a Jiheon.]
- The youngest.
- Jiheon? - She has various looks.
- How old is the leader? - I'm 22.
- 22? - And the youngest? [Baek Jiheon (16) / Elementary school graduate.]
- I'm 16.
- The 9th grader? - Yes.
- Now? - Born in 2003.
Who is the youngest member of LOONA? - Yeojin.
- How old is she? [Lim Yeojin (17) / 1 year after graduating from middle school.]
I'm 17.
- The 10th grader? - She's older than her.
- Jiheon? - The 9th grader.
- Born in 2003.
[Small but big gap.]
A middle school student and a high school student.
I'm a high school student.
- Yeojin is like the youngest.
- Right.
- Thanks.
- Cute.
fromis9 is easy to understand.
I mean, the name itself.
[Using real names.]
Lee Chaeyoung, Baek Jiheon, Lee Seoyeon.
[Easy nicknames.]
You're using your real names.
[Easy to understand, Song Ha-bbang.]
- Right.
- Right? [Easy to understand their names.]
- And they have Chuu.
[CEO gave the name Chuu.]
Chuu, what's your real name? [Parents-given name - Kim Jiwoo.]
It's Kim Jiwoo.
- Have you lived overseas? - No.
[From Cheongju in Korea.]
- I'm a Korean.
- All right.
What does Chuu mean? [No special meaning.]
Just Chuu [Dull of hearing.]
Ugly? [Surprised.]
No, no.
[Sad conclusion.]
- She's ugly and Chuu.
- Ugly! (Pun in Korean) [Kyuri, don't lower your guard.]
[It's fun when you're one of the audience.]
- No way.
- I see.
[Agreed somehow.]
And what does it mean, Kim Lip? Kim Lip is the name from our agency.
- My real name is unique.
- What's that? - Kim Jeongeun.
- Kim Jeongeun.
[Oh I see.]
That's not unique.
Why is that unique? [Insight of CEO.]
Our CEO gave this new name.
[For fans to search her name more easily.]
[Whopping 21 members.]
You've prepared self-introduction.
Please introduce yourselves [Close-up shot for one during introduction.]
in relay.
[fromis9 X LOONA.]
Starting with Seoyeon of fromis9, please introduce yourself.
[So sweet voice.]
[Members are dancing to the song.]
I'm Lee Seoyeon who has charming voice.
[Like a local ice cream color.]
Hello, the half and half hair of fromis9, I'm Nakyeong who is good at acting cute! Hello, I'm fromis9's Roh Jiseon.
Please keep the stop line and Roh Jiseon! (Pun in Korean) [Fairy in Busan, Mariah Carey in Haeundae.]
[Megan Jiwon.]
I'm Park Jiwon, the fairy from Busan and Mariah Carey in Haeundae.
[Trying hard to act cute.]
Oppa, Kyuri wants to have a cheese burger.
With 3 slices of cheese.
Oppa, Kyuri wants to have a cheese burger.
[Honest reactions.]
Three slices of cheese.
[MC Jeong found a victim.]
Let's do that again.
[I warned you.]
[She was picked.]
Let's do that again.
- Please do it right.
- When Kyuri said oppa, Chaeyoung [Co-workers couldn't stand that.]
Go! [Trying too hard.]
Oppa, Kyuri wants to have a cheese burger.
With 3 slices of cheese.
[Jang-tangerine Kyuri.]
I'm Kyuri, who acts so cute that you want to hit! Cute.
[Reaction masters who are embarrassed.]
Hello, I'm captain Saerom who's good at emotional dances.
[So cute.]
I'm the Mochi rice cake of fromis9.
I'm Hayoung.
[The god-given youngest member.]
Hello, I'm refreshing cute lovely youngest member Baek Jiheon.
[Rookie entertainer.]
I'm responsible for personal talents in formis9.
I'm Chaeyoung.
[With 21 members.]
And LOONA? [It's been for 10 minutes to introduce them.]
Starting with Go Won, please.
I'm the 11th girl who debuted in January 2018.
I'm princess Go Won.
[Claiming the ownership.]
That's mine.
[Her nickname: Princess Kyuri.]
I'm the 12th girl who debuted in March 2018.
Assarabia Columbia, Olivia Hye.
[From Hong Kong.]
The 5th girl, robot ViVi who debuted in March.
[The 6th girl - Odd Eye Circle leader.]
I debuted in May 2017.
I'm the 6th girl who has attractive lips, Kim Lip.
I debuted in January 2017.
So cute and charming! The 4th girl, YeoJin.
I'm the first girl who debuted in October 2016.
Human rice cake, HeeJin.
I'm the 10th girl who debuted in December 2017.
Chuu heart's maker Chuu! I'm the 2nd girl who debuted in November 2016.
I'm responsible for being pretty.
I'm the 9th girl who debuted in November 2017.
[Too cute.]
22 years old! [Other members are embarrassed.]
[yyxy leader.]
I'm Yves, who is like Christmas eve.
I'm the 7th girl who debuted in June 2017.
With cute eyebrows, JinSoul.
Hello, I debuted in July 2017.
[Coming forward.]
Eyes are sparkling, [Turning a blind eye.]
my face is glowing! I'm Choerry.
[The last girl.]
[1/3 leader.]
I'm the 3rd girl who debuted in December 2016.
I'm the wise one from the sky, HaSeul.
[Great job! Clap!.]
[What's the Chuu heart?.]
- You're the maker of Chuu heart? - Chuu heart.
At the fan sign event.
- Very ugly? - No.
- I mean, you did Chuu.
- Oh.
[So, Chuu heart?.]
I tried to make a heart, but I made a circle and I did this someh What does it mean? [This is the heart they know.]
We used to make a heart like this.
No, it's a circle.
[She bit it to make a heart = Chuu heart.]
If you bite it, it becomes a heart.
That's the Chuu heart.
- Did you develop that? - I just did it - and fans gave the name of Chuu heart.
- They gave the name.
It became popular on social media.
[Idol band members try that too.]
Many idol singers do that, too.
[I'm the creator of Chuu heart.]
I wanted to tell that.
That's nice.
[A girl who is not concentrating.]
- Chuu heart? - Good.
[Jiseon, are you okay?.]
Jieseon, are you sick? [Me?.]
- No way.
- Are you okay? [You look so tired.]
Why do you look so sick? [Roh Jiseon / Best condition.]
She looks weak.
She hears that a lot.
[Merciless member.]
She hears that a lot.
[Wide-open eyes.]
Did you open your eyes fully? - That's her charm.
- She looks like that.
[Cheering her up.]
- Open your eyes, 1, 2, 3.
- Open.
[He found the rank in the band.]
Sorry, but Jiheon, are you the MC? - The youngest member.
- The youngest.
[Rookie entertainer Chaeyoung.]
Chaeyoung of fromis9, - I heard you have so many personal talents - Personal talents.
She's good at impersonating.
She even copies Donhee and Conhee.
[Likes to observe and copy people.]
I wrote that I'm good at copying members.
[Two entertainers got excited to see.]
Please give us a preview.
[Idol band fans would know.]
Each agency has [Agency has unique way of singing.]
- Different.
- unique way of singing.
[YG's way of singing.]
- YG.
- YG.
To promote our song, I'll do shortly.
[Giving too much pressure.]
It's Chaeyoung, who sings in the YG's official way.
[Feeling pressure.]
[The rule of this show.]
All of YG singers sing like this.
[If you can't go over Donhee and Conhee, you can't be a real entertainer.]
No way! - Chaeyoung's official YG way of singing.
- It's the official way of singing at YG.
That's not I will sing shortly.
[Everyone concentrates.]
5, 6, 7, 8.
[It's not that different but it sounds like YG singers.]
[Deep insight.]
Right! I know what the difference is.
I know why she said so.
[Passing the 1st gate of Donhee & Conhee.]
- With only A, E, I, O, U.
- Right.
I know how it feels.
That's for sure.
Anything else? [Of course.]
- You - Can you copy us? Defconn? [Got that right now.]
I want to copy your look through the sunglasses.
You just scanned it now! - She did it now.
- She did it.
[Standing in his unique pose.]
- 5, 6, 7.
- You kept moving back and forth.
[Laughing out loud.]
You kept making this look.
[I know what she does.]
[Defconn's doll version.]
- Right.
- She's good at observing.
Because it's too dark and I want to see your faces.
[His eyes that look like Dacota Fanning.]
[I will catch.]
Who screamed? I can copy Jiseon.
[Spacing out.]
[Exaggerated version of Jiseon.]
[Rolling on the floor.]
[Laughing so hard.]
My eyes are sparkling.
[Roh Jiseon / Once again, in best condition.]
[LOONA's entertainer.]
- LOONA, show us what you got.
- Personal talent.
Anyone who has personal talents to show? - I will do that.
- The youngest one.
[Passionate youngest member.]
- I will copy animals.
- Animals.
- Others did that so many times.
- It's a success or a failure.
- I will make you laugh.
- Okay.
- Which one? - I prepared two.
[Members want to stop her.]
We haven't seen it, right? [Confident alone.]
I will do that.
- Way to go! - Way to go! - 5, 6, 7, 8.
- Way to go! [Oh, no.]
- 5, 6, 7, 8.
- Way to go! [Oh.]
[That's not worth being on a show.]
That was a failure.
Do you have one more? [Don't get discouraged.]
- A frilled lizard.
- A frilled lizard.
[Should I stop her?.]
[Members are nervous.]
I know what it is.
[So passionately.]
[I will give you a praise.]
- Come back.
- We're so cool-headed.
[We appreciate your efforts.]
- I've seen that before.
- Did it.
[Elementary graduate cheers for her.]
We're so cold-blooded.
- Thanks.
- Sad.
The production team asked if you had any questions to Donhee & Conhee.
Jiseon of fromis9 said, they're the celebrity of celebrities, who I saw on TV when I was young.
Celebrity of celebrities.
She said it's her honor to see us You read that all! [Their fan Jiseon.]
You may not be able to believe, I became a fan of you when you had short permed hair.
Her eyes are sparkling.
You knew us when we were not popular! She complimented us.
[Wanting to hear again.]
Do you think we're the celeb of celebs? [Loyal fan.]
Yes, I don't laugh easily.
I don't show much reactions.
Yes, I saw that.
My mother and brother said, I showed the biggest laugh when Donhee and Conhee rode the rowing machine.
[From a long time ago.]
Do you remember that? Was it in 2010? 2011? I laughed loudest ever in my life.
[Feeling like a celeb.]
I feel pressure.
What should I do? [Smiling.]
Conhee, please ask that question.
- That thing? - Try.
[Making an excuse of the script.]
I will, because it's in the script.
It's written in the script.
We usually don't refer to that but.
Jiseon, I have a question.
What do Donhee and Conhee mean to you? [Rookie entertainers set the mood.]
My celebs whom I met earlier than I expected.
My celebs whom I met earlier than I expected.
[I love it.]
My celebs whom I met earlier than I expected.
[Fans' love is so strong like this.]
[What we want to say.]
I finally had this day.
[Happy to see her favorite celebrities.]
[Happy to be treated as celebrities.]
[Let's move on, I'm embarrassed.]
That was the best compliment ever.
I'm so embarrassed.
I don't know why.
Let's pick today's pick-dol who will enjoy her own personal cam.
Pick-dol's personal camera for today! [Bang to the camera.]
We're going to pick one and the one will enjoy her solo cam.
After the show, we will upload all her personal video clips on the web.
[(I want to be the one).]
We will upload them all.
[While communicating with fans.]
This will be on air live.
[The process will be on air live.]
It's on.
Nice to see you all.
[21 guests.]
[So many girls saying hi.]
- Hello.
- Hi, we're fromis9.
- Hello.
- Jeong Hyungdon! [Donhee is here!.]
- We're LOONA.
- Hello.
- Nice to see you all.
We're on the show.
Since it's on air on V LIVE, fans are posting many requests.
One of them asked fromis9 to sing LOONA's song and vice versa.
[Knowing LOONA well.]
They had the point choreography.
[Hi High point choreography.]
We will show that.
- So touching.
- Thanks.
[Automatically in the formation.]
LOONA, [Holding their hand cams.]
[Fan cams.]
fromis9 dedicates this to you.
[Downloading it in the hard drive.]
Here we go.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Designated by fromis9.]
[The best favorite part.]
[This is like LOONA-romis.]
[Fromis9 knows the point.]
[Clapping like a seal.]
[Fan 1, 2 of fromis9.]
LOONA, your turn.
[(We prepared it, too).]
fromis9 had the unique point dance.
[Point dances in return.]
We will show the dance, too.
[Touched in advance.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[fromise12's LOVE BOMB.]
[Cheekbones are up so high.]
We didn't know this but Saerom is good at making acrostic poems.
[Thanks for the report.]
Will you please make an acrostic poem with "IDOL ROOM?" [Always ready.]
Okay, I will do that.
- Acrostic poem.
- 1, 2, 3.
- "Ah".
- You can't wake up in the morning.
- "Ee".
- Now, Saerom will wake you up.
[Same situation and different reactions.]
- Dol.
- By turning around.
[Captain Rom's business.]
[(What am I looking at?).]
- Room.
- Don't lie down.
[Hit [Thank you.]
[That's awesome, it's a god-given talent.]
[She put another line in her acrostic poem resume.]
Saerom has a lot of charms.
"Please hit Kyulate".
What does it mean? [Jang Kyul is invited to the center.]
- Kyulate? - Here.
- Slate.
- We do this to Kyuri.
- We do it like clapperboard.
- Slate.
- Kyulate.
Let's clap the Kyulate.
1, 2, 3.
[To pick a pick-dol today.]
Let's pick today's pick-dol.
We have the biggest number of guests ever in our history.
[Like a home party.]
[LOONA + fromis9.]
We have 21 guests.
[12+9 = 21.]
Today, we will play rock paper scissors.
[Beat Donhee & Conhee to be the pick-dol.]
The winner [Competitive.]
After playing rock paper scissors, the winner will be today's pick-dol.
If you lose once, you'll be out.
[The biggest number of guests.]
[Who will be today's pick-dol?.]
Defconn will go first.
[(I will win 111).]
- Please show yours.
- Let's beat him! [(I will win 222).]
Raise your hand up in the air.
[Destiny's pick.]
[Result is?.]
Rock paper scissors with Defconn! Rock paper scissors with Defconn! [Conhee gave rock.]
Rock paper scissors! [2 scissors, 4 rocks, 3 paper.]
Hold it, please.
Rock paper scissors! [4 scissors, 6 rocks, 2 paper.]
Please hold it now.
Lower your hand, if you had scissors.
[Hayoung and Seyeon.]
Please lower your hand, if you gave scissors.
[Lowering down.]
Olivia, don't.
[(He saw me).]
Olivia, lower your hand.
[Yves, ViVi, Olivia Hye, YeoJin were out.]
Yves, down.
Let's do it again.
[Rule Change.]
If you give the same thing as his, you'll survive.
Only when you give the same thing.
See that? [To.
[( Let's give the same thing as Defconn's! 1, 2, 3! [1 scissors, 2 rocks, 3 paper.]
Stay still.
Don't move.
1, 2, 3! [Conhee gave scissors.]
Stay still.
Stay still.
[4 scissors, 3 rocks, 1 paper.]
Lower down rocks.
Lower down rock and paper.
[Oh, I survived!.]
[Getting rid of rock and paper.]
Lower your hands.
Rock and paper.
[Kim Lip, Chuu, JinSoul and Go Won.]
[Four survived in LOONA.]
We have 5.
1 from fromis9.
[Jang Kyul alone.]
Kyuri is left alone.
[For today's pick-dol.]
You can do it! I am not good at this, rock paper scissors.
You need to give the same one as his to survive.
[Fromis9's last leaf.]
The one who gave the same thing will survive.
[Kim Lip?.]
[Go Won?.]
[Jin Soul?.]
Let's see.
1, 2, 3! [This time, paper.]
1, 2, 3! [Kul-disappointed.]
[Yes, you're out.]
[Through the competition rate of 21:1.]
1, 2, 3! Today's pick-dol, Go Won! [Disappointed.]
[Still discouraged.]
Go Won, please tell us how you feel.
[Saying softly.]
I will do my best.
We will win in games.
We will have a great time here.
Act cute, 1, 2, 3! [Like that.]
[Playing hide and seek with the camera.]
[Cute dance.]
[So busy.]
[Continuous eye-contact (with baby wolf).]
[You can see other members on Go Won's CAM! Coming soon.]
[With 2019's rising rookie bands.]
Today's guests are fromis9 and LOONA.
Rookie girl band prize for 2018.
[So excited.]
The year-end is coming.
[Season of awards.]
The yearend is the season of awards.
[Go Won's cam.]
[With LOONA.]
That's the result of a year's promotion.
They are the hottest [Let's designate 2018 Nov 20 as a holiday.]
girl bands for this year, fromis9 [To celebrate their appearance on the show.]
and LOONA.
[2018 Rookie Girl Band Prize.]
Let's have an award ceremony.
[IDOL ROOM will select a winner of each area through its unique process.]
IDOL ROOM's 2018 Rookie Girl Band Prize.
The first area is face genius.
- If it's a boy band, Cha Eunwoo will win.
- Right.
[Pretty face is what you need.]
[They're all qualified.]
[This is like a flowerbed.]
fromis9 and LOONA [Pretty members of Fromi and LOONA.]
are famous for great looks.
HeeJin of LOONA.
I saw this article.
[What's that?.]
The title goes like this.
LOONA HeeJin, so beautiful that sheds light on darkness.
Have you read this article? [Embarrassed.]
- No, first time.
- What? [No way.]
[Boo sound.]
What? [He's been there, done that.]
HeeJin, you always search for articles.
You drink water in the morning and search.
- You read comments.
- She does.
- She counts how many likes she has.
- Sure.
[Wow, I thought it was me.]
You do that.
Let me ask again.
Have you read the article? Yes, I did.
[I got ya.]
Yes, I did.
[Feeling relieved.]
- I knew that! - Right.
Hang on.
HeeJin [Before the entire group debut.]
filmed a commercial before your debut.
She drew popularity.
Right? [Concentrating.]
- Let's watch it.
- The commercial.
[This is the one.]
Is it you? [Gasp.]
[The same one.]
[She still remembers.]
[Cha Cha tries that.]
[Shooting back and forth.]
- Is it you? - Yes, it's me.
Let's aim at another commercial.
- Can I make a request? - Which one? [Intelligent TMI.]
Hyungdon and Daejun's new song will come out.
[Evil request.]
Please make an appearance on our teaser.
[Asking for free appearance.]
Because we may use that.
[Asking specific comments.]
Please look forward to it, and I love you.
Please say that.
Look forward to that, I ask you, I love you.
- Concentrate.
- Let's use this.
[514% serious.]
So pretty.
Chaeyoung, let's do that.
[Here we go! Chaeyoung.]
[So beautiful.]
- A cosmetic commercial.
- Beauty? [Thought about it.]
[Always ready.]
- Lip product.
- Okay.
[Voice tone for a commercial.]
- You changed your tone.
- Yes, a bit.
[The 2nd personality.]
- Here we go.
- 1, 2.
[Responses from other members who saw Chaeng-lizabeth.
[This is the beauty of Chaeng-lizabeth.]
[You can't resist this lipstick.]
[Perfect face for a beauty commercial.]
[Pose vending machine.]
Such a member makes a fun show! She does well whenever we ask.
- She's better at this one.
- Which one? - Facial foam cleanser.
[Foreign sentiment.]
- Foreign brand foam cleanser.
- Okay.
With a friend [#1.
Laughing cheerfully like foreign girls.]
Scene of hanging out with friends.
(Turning around).]
I can't give this up when I am tired.
[You know what it is.]
Neutrogena Cleanser.
[I know what it is.]
Chatting with friends? [Great potential for a gag woman.]
You would have been a successful comedian.
Old people say that, you now, you won't starve anywhere.
[Lee Chaeyoung (19) / A lot of roles.]
[Main dancer, sub-vocalist, lead rapper and entertainer.]
[Article title about Nakyung.]
- fromis9's Nakyung.
- Right.
This title is amazing, too.
[fromis9 Lee Nakyung.]
Nakyung, beautiful like a heavenly goddess.
HeeJin is on the globe.
- Heaven.
- She's the beauty from the heaven.
[Pretty girls who rock the heaven and the earth.]
The earth and the heaven.
[Nakyung, did you.]
Have you searched the article? [Embarrassed.]
[I read it.]
In fact, I was surprised to read it.
My acquaintance showed it to me.
- Thank you.
- Nobody showed it! [Bangbangs diss 1.]
- Thank you.
- Nobody showed it to you.
[Bangbangs diss 2.]
You searched it yourself.
[I got you.]
You found to read it.
- You made a screenshot.
- It doesn't work.
You found it and showed it to me.
[I told you so.]
You bragged about it to your family.
[Teasing the face geniuses on both teams.]
That's how you felt.
Nakyung, you have such a small face.
- Right.
- Very small.
Her face is covered with a sheet of toilet paper.
[Is it possible?.]
Please give me that.
If it's not [Let's check it out.]
- Below her eyebrows.
- If it doesn't [Let's see.]
[Eye contact.]
[Detecting the danger instinctively.]
[So cute.]
[Donhee interprets it in his way.]
I said nothing but she volunteered.
She wants to do that.
[Oh, my.
Chaeyoung wanted to try.]
She asked for it.
Below her eyebrows.
[Strong refusal.]
It's okay.
My face is much bigger than that.
- That's normal.
- I did it.
[Oh, right Chaeyoung tried it herself.]
[Everyone laughs out loud.]
[Explaining in a hurry.]
She did it and her face fit the sheet.
[Why did you do that there?.]
I secretly did it in the toilet but my face didn't fit.
Your face is small enough.
[This is normal.]
[Covering only nose area.]
For me, it just covers my nose.
This is normal.
It will cover the nose area for normal people.
[This is normal 222.]
[Plenty of other areas.]
- This is normal.
- That's normal.
This is normal.
[Don't hide.]
[Don't lose your confidence.]
All of you have small faces.
[Fact Check.]
[Nakyung's face is covered by a sheet of toilet paper!.]
Including her chin! [Proved.]
With the toilet paper! It's hard to decide who is most beautiful.
Because all of you are pretty.
Right, just like idol band members.
[2018 Rookie Girl Band Face Genius Award.]
To fans, [The one who interprets the given look.]
please show your various looks [in her own way will win the award.]
and charms.
We will give the prize to the one.
[4 members good at making facial expression.]
Four of each team.
- If you're good at making facial expressions.
- Rich in facial expressions.
[LOONA's emergency meeting.]
You will represent your team.
Choose them carefully.
[Fromis9 is discussing.]
Facial expressions Facial expressions [Chaeng-squirrel was picked.]
[Teasing her.]
I bet Chaeng volunteered.
[No way!.]
We asked her to join.
[Choerry, Chuu, ViVi and HyunJin.]
[Chaeyoung, Kyuri, Jiwon and Jiheon.]
[Preliminaries for 2018 Rookie Girl Band Face Genius Prize.]
We will give a picture [Donhee is the judge.]
If your face doesn't look like the picture, you will be out.
[I will do my best.]
Clear? ViVi, let's go.
[First runner, nervous X 1209.]
Way to go! [Easy.]
[Happy puppy.
[Bow wow.]
[Her nickname is puppy.]
I should've done that.
1, 2, 3! [The same.]
[Ding dong.]
Okay! [She's the best!.]
- She's good.
- Identical.
I felt happy.
- It was the same.
- Great.
[So happy.]
1, 2, 3.
- Chuu, is the most promising contender.
- 1, 2, 3.
[So happy Chuu.]
So cute.
[She's so cute to us.]
1, 2, 3.
[The first one got out.]
[Doesn't look so happy.]
Other girls looked so happy.
You needed to be happier.
Jiheon, 1, 2, 3.
[Smile ange [Pass without hesitation.]
[Way to go, our youngest baby!.]
Dear youngest one.
[Cute whatever she does.]
The youngest is always cute.
[The natural-born puppy-like face.]
Kyuri, 1, 2, 3.
[Donhee got amazed.]
- That's the same.
Just like the puppy! - It's her nickname.
[Her nickname.]
[Copying herself.]
Kyuri's nickname is puppy.
She looked just like the puppy.
1, 2, 3.
[After making others laugh.]
Go back to your seat.
- Come here.
- Why [Sad.]
[Stage 1.]
Jiwon, Chaeyoung, Choerry were out.
Good job.
Let's move on.
[Medium level.]
[Who do you think you are.
[Opening their eyes.]
Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? [Challenging again.]
Someone said it's her major.
We need a consolation match.
She didn't get the hang of it.
[Let's see.]
- It wasn't her best area.
- Let's see again.
[LOONA is talking too.]
- Who do you think you are? - If you're good at [Sample expression.]
- Jiwon is - If you're good at [So real 320%.]
[Who do you think you are?.]
[Great job, Park Jiwon.]
[This is it.]
[Venue of education.]
You've seen the textbook.
[Now, it's the real match.]
You can do like that.
ViVi, 1, 2, 3.
[She looked pitiful.]
[So serious.]
Go! [Putting on a look.]
[Pass, even when looked from a far.]
[(Way to go!).]
- Chuu.
- You've never done this before.
[First time ever.]
- Yes.
- Try it here.
[Stood up to see her.]
Hope you can impress others.
[Looking at her.]
Go! [Oh she's just cute.]
- What did you do that? - Who do you think you are? [Asking members to check.]
[Giving advice.]
[Comment without reservation.]
Isn't it a flatfish? Jiheon, 1, 2, 3.
[I'm the best one in this area.]
[She just raised her head.]
[Free pass for Jiheon!.]
[Older sisters are so proud of her.]
Way to go! - She's great.
- Way to go! I'm so scared.
I saw her look and it was like a flat fish.
- Flatfish.
- Fish.
1, 2, 3.
[Wasting her cute face.]
[Hello, Jang flatfish.]
What's this? [She's out oh, no.]
- No? - No.
[Jiheon and HyunJin made it.]
[Out from the 2nd round.]
Jiheon vs HyunJin.
Kim Hyunjin, way to go! [fromis9 Jiheon vs LOONA HyunJin.]
[Face genius final match!.]
[Difficulty level high.]
[Bring it on.
[Amazed by the level.]
[(Glad I'm out).]
[Standing up to see others.]
- Open your mouth, you know.
- She will do well.
[Checking up her look.]
- Your mouth is big.
- Try.
[We trust you.]
- Just do, as you do usually.
- Right.
- Show yourself.
- Do what you did to me.
[HyunJin goes first.]
- HyunJin, please start.
- HyunJin.
1, 2, 3.
[Anger from the stomach.]
[Way to go!.]
[Expecting a victory.]
- She has [(I believe in you, dear Heon).]
- You will win.
- Jiheon, put on an angry face.
[Enthusiastic sisters.]
Sorry to say this but please don't give directions.
[Captain's instinct.]
She will do on her own.
[But continuous cheering messages.]
[So excited to see that.]
- She's good.
- Here we go.
- Show your teeth.
- Go! [It's 2D but feels like 3D.]
[Enthusiastic sisters love that!.]
Great job.
[Smiling angel Heon is back.]
- Wilder.
- There's the last one.
[Master recognizes another master.]
It's neck and neck.
[Final match.]
[Two face geniuses, Hyun & Heon.]
- Here we go.
- What's this? [Highest difficulty level.]
[Worst puppy face.
That's a bit dorky.
[Both will try at the same time.]
- Dorky.
- Do that at the same time.
[Oh, I want to take a closer look.]
Let's do this together.
[Our youngest.]
- Youngest.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Laughing out loud.]
[Using her pupils more actively.]
[World of masters.]
[Felt her defeat instinctively.]
[Real face genius is here.]
Encore! [Amazed by her professionalism.]
Encore! [For.
[The one who missed it.]
Jiheone, please come and see that.
Come here and look how she does.
[So curious.]
Do the same thing, please.
[Coming up.]
Ready [Concentrating.]
1, 2, 3.
[Perfectly copying the soul of this puppy.]
HyunJin won the prize! [Agreed.]
[Two thumbs up.]
2018 Rookie Girl Band Prize, in the area of face genius.
LOONA's HyunJin! [Delivering a trophy and a flower bouquet.]
[Cold-blooded competition.]
[The 9th grader who tasted a bitter defeat.]
Let's ask her about how she feels.
[Serious comment.]
It's my honor to receive this prize.
I will work on my facial expressions.
[Great job, so professional!.]
Please put on the most beautiful look.
[Ready, go!.]
1, 2, 3 [Woo.]
That's nice.
[Taking it back.]
Give me again.
You know that.
[As expected.]
It's your first time and how do you know about this? [We're going to re-use the trophy and flower bouquet all day.]
We will use again.
Another area.
2018 Rookie Girl Band Prize, in the area of "I'm the physical god".
[What's that?.]
Production staff got this information that there are many members [fromis9 and LOONA.]
who can do something physically eccentric.
They're the masters of that.
I heard so.
[She's the one.]
Amazingly, All of fromis9 members can make "ㄱ" with their fingers.
- What's that? - Go.
[My own ㄱ.]
[Everyone can do that.]
[Right angle.]
- Like this.
- You can't bend the top one.
[(This is the easiest one).]
- This part should be straight.
- Like this.
Did you get a surgery together? [Normal person.]
- No.
- I can't do that.
[I just found it.]
[(My another talent).]
How did you find this? One of us did and [Everyone tried and succeeded.]
- One tried and the rest did, too.
- Everyone did.
[Kyuri learned.]
- We taught how to do to Kyuri.
- We did.
[Jang Kyuri / Learned it.]
In a hurry.
[What's the use of this?.]
What's the benefit of this? [You can learn Korean alphabet.]
[Please do this.]
[Learning Korean alphabet.]
They're having fun.
And Nakyung.
[Candidate 2.]
I can't believe it.
She can do that? - Your tongue reaches your chin? - Tongue? [Can't believe it.]
To the chin? [Let's try.]
Nakyung, will you do that? 1, 2, 3.
[Tongue is touching her chin.]
[Additional report.]
It reaches her nose.
Is it because she has a small face? [Cute.]
[Tongue touched her nose.]
You can pick your nose with that.
[That's amazing.]
If you try harder, it may reach your ears.
[Nakyung, don't do that.]
If you try harder [Amazing physical talents.]
- Try.
- You can remove sleep with that.
[HeeJin tries.]
Anyone of LOONA who can do that? [Go Won tries.]
- Chin? - Go Won? Go.
[Sticking out.]
[(Oh my precious personal talent).]
Hers is longer than mine.
[I developed my physical talent!.]
It looked like a camel.
Her tongue is long.
[Candidate 3.]
JinSoul, you can stretch your neck? [Long neck.]
I have a long neck.
[Good points of having a long neck My school has the rule of hair length.
[Free pass.]
I stretched my neck, not to violate the rule.
[Like this.]
You know, the Amazon [Please give me that.]
Give me the ruler.
[Even to another contender.]
That's so amazing.
[The one is calm.]
It's awesome.
That's awesome.
I guess idol band members need to have such talents to debut.
[The normal length: 6cm.]
- Stay still.
- That's the normal length.
[Role play.]
Hey, teachers are around to check hair length.
I will cut your hair if it reaches your shoulder.
[Mysterious human body.]
[JinSoul's long neck.]
JinSoul, come here.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[Rubber rubber neck.]
1, 2, 3.
[Grew up by 2cm.]
[Neck keeps growing up.]
[Can't take their eyes off.]
- Oh, my.
- Stay still.
- How can she do that? - This is the length we measured.
[Like a giraffe.]
It went up by 3cm.
[(I want to have it).]
[fromis9 will challenge.]
- Anyone else? - Who can do that? [Recommending Captain Rom.]
- Saerom.
- Try it, Saerom.
- She has a long neck.
- I will pull your neck out.
[Faking a turtle's neck.]
It looks short usually.
[Failed attempt to shorten her neck.]
Hurry up.
[Her normal length.]
- It's Not long.
- Usually.
[JinSoul is curious of that.]
Stretch out! 1, 2, 3.
[Raising her head.]
[That's just stretching.]
More, more.
[Saerom, go back.]
[We're not easy.]
She just raised her chin.
You tried to fool us? [Disappointed.]
[It's hard to stretch it up.]
[Another candidate.]
ViVi, you can hold your hands behind your back and bring it back to the front? [Kind explanation.]
I will hold hands behind my back first, - and bring them to the front.
- Really? [Us who are watching IDOL ROOM now.
- Like skipping rope.
- How? How can she do that? Holding it behind her back.
[Let me show.]
[(What did we just see?.]
Doesn't it hurt? No, it doesn't.
[I can feel the pain.]
When did you start doing that? Everyone, what are you doing now? [Developing their own personal talents.]
What are you doing? [(Oh, she can do that).]
She can do it.
[To help her.]
Song Hayoung can do that.
[Rookie contender with big potential.]
If I help you, I think you can do it.
[May I?.]
- Let's challenge.
- Can you endure this? [She learned so quickly.]
Good, take off your head.
[So hilarious.]
[Hayoung, I will help you.]
- Wait.
- Endure.
[It's not easy to be a physical goddess.]
Hayoung, hang in there.
[Her head is out?.]
[Half success.]
And move the hands forward.
Move it to the front.
To the front.
[Growth of Hayoung.]
She made it! [So proud of her.]
This She needs assistance to push her head.
- Amazing.
- It's so funny to see that someone does something and the other team members try that together.
[One more time.]
- ViVi, will you please show that again? - To the front.
[So comfortable.]
[Like a normal exercise.]
It's amazing to hold hands.
Will you put your leg too? [Advanced level.]
- I think she can do it.
- Again? [Free passing.]
That leg, too.
And put them behind your back.
[Continuous moves.]
I haven't realized I can do this.
[Surprised so many times today.]
How can you release it? Move them to the front again? [Ta-da.]
[Human skipping rope ViVi.]
It's like human skipping rope.
[She can do like 961209 times.]
[Don't forget.]
I found this talent.
I helped you.
Let's add.
[Temptation by Hyungdon.]
- Hayoung, let's try.
- Skipping rope.
- Hayoung, you can do that.
[Say whatever.]
I will help you.
- She has long legs - Right.
[She learns so quickly.]
[She took out her legs.]
Wait, wait.
[LOL party.]
[Donhee is like a masseur.]
[I'm glad that you're back.]
[Hayoung, great job.]
Great job.
It's a fierce competition.
This is not even the real match.
[All members are promising contenders.]
Each team is - so competitive.
- Very detailed.
[So far, we've enjoyed a preview.]
To win this "Physical Goddess" award, you should use the entire body.
The one who can control the entire body parts deserve to win this award.
You will kneeling on the exercise ball.
Please remove your feet from ground.
[Without touching the floor.]
We will see who will be on the ball for the longest time.
We will measure the time and give the award.
- For the longest time.
- Yes.
[Each team's representative.]
If you think you're good at sports, [Competitive members.]
if you're good at striking a balance, [Enthusiastically.]
[Captain Saerom represents fromis9.]
Who will represent your team? Saerom.
[Ambitious HeeJin from LOONA.]
HeeJin and Saerom.
I think I can do it, on my stomach.
[Let's start practicing.]
On your stomach? Try.
[Like this?.]
What if you get injured? Sorry.
[Amazing posture.]
- Saerom, you're doing too much.
- You may get injured.
- Try.
- Let's strike a pose.
[Various ways.]
[I will do this on my own way.]
"IDOL ROOM" likes balls.
[Oh, that's nice.]
[Nice comedy show.]
It hurts.
[Giving up her posture.]
Do your own way.
[Both will try the normal way.]
- They sit on the ball.
- Finally.
- Here we go! - Ready.
- Ready, go! [HeeJin is out.]
[Saerom showed another comedy show.]
[The best scene of this game.]
[She fell down not in a normal way.]
What are you doing? [Side effect.]
[Feeling dizzy.]
[So much fun.]
The time staying on the ball [Saerom made others laugh.]
Thanks for your comedy show.
Thanks for that.
[Like this.]
Who will try? [Nakyung from fromis9.]
- Nakyung.
- And who else? [Kim Lip from LOONA.]
Kim Lip.
- Can't you hug it on your stomach? - Try.
[LOONA's member hears that too.]
- Can't you hug it? - Lie down.
[No effect.]
[Lip failed too.]
Whatever pose you like to do, try to stay long on it.
[Trying all kinds of postures.]
I think that won't work.
What's wrong with her? [Laughing out loud.]
What's wrong? Is it so happy? Are you here to have fun? [Challengers.]
[Nakyung from fromis9 vs Kim Lip from LOONA.]
Too hard.
[Both are trying the usual posture.]
- Can I put my hands on it? - Hold it.
Here we go.
Ready, go! Stay still.
- Oh! - Why are you so trembling? [So many funny scenes.]
[Laughing out loud.]
[Kim Lip tries to stay.]
[What happened to Kim Lip?.]
8 seconds and 66! - Cute! - Nako! - Great job.
- Great job, Nako.
[Going back to hear seat.]
The last challenge.
Please try your posture.
[fromis9 vs LOONA.]
[Hayoung vs Yves.]
[Laughing out so loud.]
I should've tried that! [Strong candidate for the prize.]
Did you find yours? [Amazed.]
So funny! I saw it from behind and it looked like a circus.
Here we go.
[Already in competition.]
Here we go.
[You can do it!.]
If you go up there, we will start.
- Way to go.
- Ready, go! Way to go! [Yves got out.]
[Strong candidate Hayoung.]
[Great job.]
Go forward.
[Everyone, be quiet.]
[Laughing out loud.]
Go forward.
[She doesn't fall down easily.]
[Everyone concentrates.]
That's hilarious.
[Eyes are fixed to the cam.]
[Body is struggling.]
[She can't believe that she's good at this.]
[Hayoung's record.]
26 seconds and 52! [Awesome.]
Song Hayoung is the physical goddess.
[Power of Yoga practice.]
26 seconds and 52.
2018 Rookie Girl Band Award.
[Award ceremony.]
In the area of "Physical Goddess".
The winner is Song Hayoung.
[It was so much fun.]
I laughed out loud so hard.
It was funnier if you look from the behind.
Hayoung showed the best sense of balance.
[I'm the physical goddess.]
Please tell us how you feel.
I think I got a good sense of balance.
I think I got the talent.
It was so funny.
Hayoung, congrats.
[Here you are.]
She gave it to me.
[Perfectly got adjusted to IDOL ROOM.]
They give it to us.
Next area, please.
This is for 2018 Rookie Girl Band prize, in the area of cover dance! This is a must for rookie girl bands.
I heard two teams are so good at cover dance.
[Talented in cover dance.]
I got the report from the production team.
And you've prepared something special for "IDOL ROOM".
- Really? - Each team? [Please look forward to that.]
[LOONA is ready.]
Let's enjoy LOONA's performance first.
Way to go! Music, please! [Thank you #SEVENTEEN.]
[When the music starts, girls who giggled.]
[start dancing so seriously.]
[Even difficult moves.]
[So good at cover dance.]
[Thank you for showing this performance.]
[Automatically clapping.]
[Powerful dance of girls.]
[Perfect motion.]
They prepared a lot.
[If you're cool, you're Unni.]
[All girls are like our Unnies.]
(Meaning older sisters) [With more than 12 charms.]
[Heart attack to our fans.]
[fromis9 starts dancing.]
[BTS choreography is harder than usual.]
[fromis9 did it so amazingly.]
[I NEED U's highlight dance.]
[fromis9's wave dance is added.]
[BOMB of charms.]
[Dance break time.]
[Perfectly synchronized.]
[The 9th grader is the girl-crush member.]
[Powerful dance parade.]
[Even the stomping sound was synchronized.]
- Thanks.
- Thank you all.
[Cover dance prize.]
The most promising suspect No, it's not a suspect.
Who will be the most promising candidate? The one who you think is the best.
[The youngest one of fromis9.]
- It's the youngest one.
- The youngest.
[It's me.]
The youngest ones.
And this team? [The youngest YeoJin from LOONA.]
- The youngest.
- It's a match of the youngest members.
Part 2.
[Cover dance prize.]
Who will win the award? [Warming up.]
If you know the song, please come forward.
Three of each team.
Music, please! [What Is Love? #TWICE.]
[Most promising candidate is coming up.]
[LOONA members are coming up.]
[At the center.]
[Peaceful but fierce match.]
The youngest members! [Strong candidate 1.
Lovely Jiheon.]
[Strong candidate 2.
Cute YeoJin.]
[Unexpected candidate Go Won?.]
[Way to go!.]
[Cheering for each other.]
[Returning to the stage.]
Match of the youngest members! [Competition between the youngest ones from each team.]
[Two youngest ones dancing so well.]
[Don't forget Saerom.]
[It looks so peaceful.]
[But this is the dance battleground.]
It's neck and neck.
[My solo cam, KNOCK KNOCK.]
[I will do that, KNOCK KNOCK.]
[Bboom Bboom #MOMOLAND.]
[Main dancers, two youngest members.]
[Nakyung and Hayoung came up too.]
Hayoung, go back to your seat.
[So charming.]
[So capable.]
[Everyone starts dancing.]
[The one who is so excited.]
[Passionate outside dancer Jiwon.]
Excited! [Roller Coaster #Chung Ha.]
[If you're hesitant to go forward, .]
[Just do it.]
She knows every dance moves.
[Kim Lip starts dancing.]
[Youth born in 2003 vs adult born in 1999.]
[The best song for her.]
[The one who looks mature in the team.]
[Feeling pressure about sexy dance.]
[Minor needs to go back to the seat.]
[I just began dancing.]
[Unexpected mature charms.]
Kim Lip! [She's the best.]
[Another excited dancer.]
[Passionate solo performance.]
Kim Lip, amazing! [Siren #Sunmi.]
[Biggest number of members started dancing.]
[Jiheon is back.]
[LOONA members are more mature.]
[HeeJin, Yves and Kim Lip.]
[We can't let them win.]
[Chaeyoung and Jiseon joined.]
They know every moves.
That's awesome.
[Internally dancing.]
[The one who doesn't know the dance.]
[This song!.]
[MOVE #Taemin.]
[Boy band dance with higher difficulty level.]
[Jiheon dances to "Move".]
They've watched so many dance videos.
[LOONA unit dances at the center.]
[The 9th grader is not good at sexy dance.]
[Seoyeon comes up.]
They know all kinds of dances! [YeoJin is back.]
[Seoyeon starts dancing.]
[Lee Seoyeon (a.
a Yangpyeong swagger) /specialized in powerful dance.]
[Laughing out loud.]
[Outside dancer got excited again.]
[Bomb Bomb.]
[Jiwon comes to the stage.]
[Going back.]
[This is the only part I know.]
[I enjoyed it well.]
[Tempo #EXO.]
[Jiheon is here again.]
[Perfect attendance for cover dance.]
[Cheering squad is joining.]
[Powerful dance master.]
[Fromis9 took the stage!.]
[Me, too.]
[So excited.]
Dancing machine.
[La Vi en Rose #IZONE.]
[When did you practice?.]
[Knowing all trendy songs.]
[I know too.]
[Jiheon is at the center again.]
[LOONA members joined.]
This is IZONE's song.
It's released this month.
[End of cover dance match.]
you know so many dances.
Isn't it the best ever? [The biggest number of songs.]
We've played the biggest number of songs, [They danced to all songs.]
- and you knew everything.
- All of you.
Jiheon is amazing.
[The one who has not attended once.]
How can she know that? [The youngest ones.]
[Jiheon vs YeoJin.]
The youngest members are leading.
[2018 Rookie Girl Band Prize.]
In the cover dance area, [Excited.]
the winner is the one who danced to most of songs, [Youngest member.]
- Jiheon.
- Congrats.
- We got one, at least.
- She deserves to win.
She danced to so many songs.
- Congrats.
- Congrats.
[Applause from all.]
Please tell us how you feel.
I'm so happy.
[Not Miss Korea's comment.]
I want to give this credit to my parents, and members.
I will continue to monitor trendy dances [Renewed her commitment to watch TV more.]
and win the cover dance prize again.
Thank you.
[Here you are.]
She gives it back to us.
[Fast delivery.]
Nobody tries to keep it.
They just give it to us, without hesitation.
[Smart youth who learns and applies quickly.]
They are not hesitant to give them back.
We're doing a competition.
[2018 Girl Group Rookie Award.]
Something called Best Teamwork Award [Teamwork?.]
- We're trying that - That's a team match.
We're having a team match.
This is simple.
[Team jump rope, the climax of teamwork match.]
Team jump rope.
[Oh well.]
And Loona said, HyunJin - I heard that you said you can make 50 jumps.
- Right - Have the other members agreed - No [We don't know anything about it.]
- No - Yes [So confident.]
You're saying that you want to make 50 jumps to show your teamwork, aren't you? - I think you can do it.
- We can do it.
We all can do it.
[On the other hand.]
- We've tried it - How many jumps? - 7 at maximum.
- 7 was the best record.
[Jump rope failure source.]
She cannot jump in.
You jump in one after another And the jump count begins from the point when all of you are jumping together.
Let's begin with fromis9.
I think it will be successful if all can jump in.
- Let's go - Let's go fromis9 [fromis9 START.]
Start! [Jisun has entered.]
[Watching the timing.]
[1st kid 2nd kid.]
- Let's go - Way to go [3rd kid.]
That's good [4th kid.]
Good [5th kid.]
[Frightened now.]
Yes good.
This is too fast, too fast [7th kid out of 9 has entered successfully.]
- Too fast - Haven't entered yet.
[Seoyeon has entered.]
Too fast One more should enter.
[The last kid should enter now.]
Jiheon has to enter now.
Jiheon, you should go fast.
[Pushing, faster faster.]
- You should enter now! - Put up with it! [While hesitating.]
[Weakened girls caught by the rope.]
[The one was the problem as expected.]
Jiheon [Sorry.]
The timing She missed the timing.
[Good good.]
[Soothing disappointed baby.]
That's okay I think Jiheon should enter first.
- Yes, Jiheon shouldn't be the last one to enter.
- That's right.
[Loona's turn.]
Here goes Loona.
- Fighting! - Fighting! Start! Start! [Chuu kid enters.]
She is just unhindered.
[From Chuu kid to Hye kid.]
- They're unhindered.
- She almost fell.
Up to Olivia Hye [Entering so fast.]
These 5 are the ace.
These 5 are the ace.
[Look so comfortable.]
[Turned back to watch how it goes.]
You should get closer.
Get closer to the person in front of you.
[Choerry is caught.]
Choerry! - That's okay - That's okay Everyone is saying that's okay but, That's okay, where's Choerry? [Competitive girls cannot be hindered.]
Where's Choerry? [2nd shot by fromis9.]
- Start - Let's enter first.
[Communications error.]
[Jisun starts out.]
- No - I didn't hear that.
[Turn for Jiheon kid as planned.]
Now! Now! Now! [Pushed by the others to enter.]
[Failed right away.]
[Go the youngest.]
She just can't do this.
[2nd shot by Loona.]
Start [Rush to enter in a row.]
They're good.
[4 kids have entered immediately.]
Well, up to 4 Ain't I good? [Olivia Hye has safely entered.]
[Rope caught by HeeJin's legs.]
- HeeJin! - The rope was caught by HeeJin.
Doing it this way, [It doesn't work.]
[My precious arm.]
My arm will like disappear.
[Rule changed.]
Let's begin jumping while you're all in.
[12 Loona girls have entered.]
Are you ready? [It takes time to arrange 12 girls' position.]
- Fighting! - Does that length okay? You should move forward a little.
[She must be an anger.]
[Nagyung helps the other team.]
You can move a little bit forward.
Thank you.
[3rd shot by Loona.]
- How many jumps do we have to do? - Fighting - Let's go -Ready - Start - Concentrate, start! [Going well with all of them starting together.]
1,2,3,4 [Comfortable faces in early stage.]
1,2,3,4 5,6,7 [Wow they're good.]
8,9 [10 successful jumps.]
[Entered double-digit number for the first time.]
10,11,12 [Going for 50?.]
[YeoJin is not here?.]
13 [Yves fell down.]
[Help Yves.]
- The rope was too high - I know.
[This shows how position arrangement is important.]
The last one was the highest.
Why is the shortest one put in behind? [Total 13 jumps by Loona.]
You've done total 13 jumps.
[Target is 14 jumps.]
Let's do 14 jumps.
[Taking the first position.]
She took the first place.
[She finds out the way for survival.]
You take the first place.
We thought we would lose.
[Fiercer competition than expected.]
I though we would lose, but the competition here is quite fierce.
[We never expected overtime.]
I'm confident about this.
[Listen fromis.]
The two at both ends [Nagyung giving directions.]
You should jump slower.
[I got it.]
- Ready? - Fighting Get ready [3rd shot by fromis9.]
- Start - Start [Jump jump.]
1,2,3,4 1,2 [Created tight beard.]
4 [Number increasing straight.]
5,6,7,8,9 [10 already.]
[Dangerous? Jumping out of the rhythm.]
10,11,12,13 11,12 [As many as 13.]
[About to break the record of the month.]
13 [Will fromis win?.]
[The result?.]
11,12 [As many as 13.]
[About to break the record of the month.]
13 [Will fromis win?.]
[What will be the result?.]
12,13 [Congratulations for 14 jumps by fromis.]
14,15 [Maybe this is all thanks to the beard.]
[Already won.]
[Going to break the record.]
16,17,18 [Cheer up, fromis.]
19,20, that's the way to go.
18,19,20 [This is it.]
[Total 20 successful jumps by fromis9.]
[Winner decided after 3 round of match.]
fromis9 won! [Won with the beard.]
[So happy.]
2018 girl group best teamwork award goes to fromis9! [This is not a copy and taste.]
[The captain of fromis is receiving the trophy.]
Thank you.
Please say a word.
[All together.]
[Word of gratitude together.]
This trophy is for all the people [All the people here are the winner.]
This is an award for the teamwork of all the people.
[Eh? Why?.]
- Right.
- For the future, too Fighting for everyone's teamwork Fighting! [Such touching words.]
Thank you.
Today, we've been with rookie girl bands who will rock 2019! With fromis9 and LOONA.
How did you feel about this show? [LOONA's leader.]
It was our first variety show.
I wonder if we would be nervous.
Members did well, without feeling nervous.
[Thanks to fromis9.]
- Right.
- It was our hono to be on the show with fromis9.
[Our celeb.]
And with you guys, our celebrities.
[You're the best.]
Thank you very much! Please give a lot of support to "Hi High" of LOONA.
Thank you.
[Rom-captain's comment.]
fromis9, too.
We were so happy to be on a show with good MCs [fromis9 had a great time.]
and LOONA members.
fromis9 will do our best.
Please look forward to that! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
fromis9 and LOONA.
[We will keep supporting fromis9 & LOONA.]
In 2018, [Let's go high.]
I hope they shine in the sky.
IDOL ROOM will support you.
This is "IDOL ROOM," idol band show with the no.
1 credibility! [Clips including pick-dol's cam.]
Thank you! [Are available on V LIVE.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.