Idol Room (2018) s01e29 Episode Script

Mino (Winner)

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 29 - Mino (Winner) [Let's go] Why is it so quiet around here? [So quiet] [We have only one customer today] [Copying the dance moves] [Dance moves created by a comedian and a pseudo-comedian.
] [And an idol copying the moves] [Unexpected Fact Check!] [MINO's moves are not very different from Donhee & Conhee's] [IDOL ROOM] The most trusted idol show, IDOL ROOM! [Yes!] - An adventure? - Yes, it is.
- Today in IDOL ROOM - We are going to have a big adventure It's going to be the first adventure in IDOL ROOM history.
If he's not doing good, the show's going to be a disaster.
[Under so much pressure] He needs to be in good conditions.
[Why are you here alone?] You should have said no.
The entertainment cheat key! Too amazing to be true! We can describe her with many words.
However, in his main field, singing nothing describes his career, yet.
- The group's well known.
- That's right.
[Oh my] His looks have changed.
He has Eundan on his chin.
Let me introduce him.
Huge boy, MINO! Yes! Yes! [(So awkward)] Hello, I am MINO of WINNER.
This is the 3rd time for us to have a solo musician here.
Following Seungri and Sun Mi Isn't this too much pressure? You are here alone.
You need to fill the whole time alone.
I'm under so much pressure.
We don't have the whole team.
Actually, we expected WINNER to come.
- Me, too.
- I see I thought WINNER will be here today.
Your lower lip's swollen.
- My lower lip? - Yes - I just had it pierced.
- Poison from Eundan.
- This is - Poison from the meta - Due to the piercing - It means it doesn't fit you Why don't you just remove it? I had it the day before yesterday.
It looks good on you.
You are fashionable.
Let me get to the point.
What brought you here alone? I came back as a solo this time.
You are here alone.
Thank you for having me.
All of sudden? - Thank you for having me.
- Suddenly We've known it.
On many different entertainment shows, younger viewers know people like you - Sure - You have your own character.
- With the finger, you did an amazing job.
- I know! Are you thinking about a new character? Did you find something in the New Journey to the West? I don't know.
I didn't do a good job there.
You are stressed out.
The shows - I thought I don't care about that.
- But no.
- P.
from Black B - P.
is great! - He's a close friend of mine.
- Yes, you guys are close.
He came and stole my character.
[He has the same experience] He said his character was stolen.
It means P.
is very naive.
He's more naive than I expected.
Then, you are under threat.
[To P.
] -You shouldn't have touched the position of your friend's.
- He did.
Some say you pretend not to know anything.
- Me? - Yes I am doing my best.
All the time.
He know nothing.
I'm picking up more knowledge now.
He had his character stolen.
Now we need to fill the entire 60 mins with MINO.
How long do you think it's been? - Not enough to make a sneak peek.
- Right Right.
We haven't made a sneak peek yet.
Let us give you a few good tips to secure the camera.
Things about your members Girl group dance moves I can do that.
OK, get ready, reporters.
Things about your members.
[He doesn't think twice] Actually members would think "I can do the solo" Why MINO has to do it first? The team has SEUNGYOON, a singer song writer.
That's right.
- SEUNGYOON has talent.
So does JINWOO.
- That's right - Then, why It could piss them off.
- That's right.
- The company - Other members Don't they say anything? They are nice people.
They support me.
Among the support and cheers SEUNGYOON brought 300 coffees yesterday to visit me at the set.
It's too warm to have in our show.
SEUNGHOON does no such thing.
SEONGHOON is a bit He's Manager Lee.
- He is a businessman.
- He is by his own rules.
We live together.
Once the work is done, he says "Thank you for your hard work" to us.
Once you finish work, he says "Thank you for your hard work" as if you are just co-workers at work.
He went to his room.
SEUNGHOON also eats his own food.
- He eats alone.
- Oh, he eats alone.
- We usually have our food delivered.
- Yes We have different dishes.
When we unpack each dish, he already eats.
While you guys unpack dishes of food, he already eats one.
While we unpack and get prepared to eat together - Yes - He starts eating.
- Yes Then, does he say "thank you for your hard work?" Yes He leaves after saying "Thank you for the food" Who do you think is more slow than you? - Slow for everything - Oh I think I'm better than anyone in that matter.
Best? Better than SEUNGYOON or SEUNGHOON? - Way better.
- Really? Who do you think is hard to talk with about news or current issues? JINWOO Lack of common sense Common sense How about you? I can talk about almost anything.
I check news I'm sensitive to new information.
Then, about the relationship between President Trump of the U.
and Chairman Kim of North Korea about the denuclearization, what do you think? I feel bad.
[They feel bad about MINO] Give us more detail.
I feel bad.
- Hurry - As if he's a spokesperson.
- Turkey's currency has been depreciated - Yes - There has been commotion.
- Turkey's currency - Turkey - Lira [Never heard of the name before] Turkey - Lira - Lira? - Turkish currency - Turkish currency - Of course I know - What caused the depreciation? [Thinking so hard] How could the currency be Turkey had the depreciation I feel so bad about that.
Nothing can beat it.
- It's like spears and shields.
- What more shall we say? He's feeling bad.
And for IDOL ROOM, MINNO will do the girl group dance moves.
Not YG's.
Not from the same company.
That's the rule.
Not from your company.
I got ready for BLACKPINK's.
[Begging] - Just once.
- Let's watch what he got.
And can we ask you more later? - Let's watch this.
- OK, he's prepared.
[MINO'S DDU-DO DDU-DO] [He got it ready] [Injecting a bag of IV to the song] He dances like JENNIE [He's filled with feelings] [(He's not taking a break)] [He dances like a jelly fish] I thought you were picked by YG for your dance No, it's rap.
- Rap, dance and hiphop - Hiphop, only hiphop.
Please give us a big favor.
We know someone who can copy dance moves right a way - LISA - LISA? Right away - Yes - She absorbs it.
- That's right.
- That's easy - Easy.
You can catch it right away, too.
Sure, I can.
- He's like a human camera.
- As soon as he sees one.
Let us show it.
Shall I copy at the same time? - No, see it first.
- OK Good If you can do it at the same time, you should be a choreographer.
- Actually, that is possible.
- Are you sure? I have a good eyesight.
- Are you serious? - Let's see then.
We've never done it before.
- I'm sure I can focus today.
But I can try.
- Yes, you have a good eyesight.
MINO can even do it.
Once he sees it, he can copy it.
I'm ready.
[Siren video is on] [Immediately reacting] [Video provided by youtube SUNMI] [Similar?] A little slow, right? He's adding new moves.
[Totally different] - She didn't spin - No [His showy moves] [Original] [Freestyle] [One warning to MINO!] [Let's stop him] You are shameless.
Why don't you have your glasses checked? Since when do you dance like this? Since I was born with dance DNA Sideways Like this I think he's a true human copier.
The close-up camera for idol for the first time in an entertainment show Today's Pick Dol Close-up Camera! Close-up Camera Let's spread out the time.
Usually we have multiple members.
We pick one and release the no-cut version until the recording's over.
But you are alone.
- It's meaningless.
- Yes At the Seungri episode YG people came for the show.
Show us.
- JENNIE - Hey, it's not very long since we met last time.
MINO - MINO and - TAEYANG BOBBY, BYUNG JAE If you are pick, you'll be in the close-up cam.
If another one's picked, we'll use the person's reaction for the show.
- Who would be picked? - No This way TAEYANG? TAEYANG CAM! Good for you, TAEYANG! Come in.
[No way] SEUNGYOON - JINWOO - Hi, JINWOO - Hi, SEUNGYOON - JINWOO - Hi JIWOO is not this tall.
He's talked a lot about you.
- SEUNGHOON - Hi We have WINNER members here.
The whole team is here.
Say hi to them.
SEUNGYOON SEUNG ate too much last night.
I'll say his for him.
Guess who's back? We are WINNER! Hello, we are WINNER! One looks like a real celeb.
He's very [The aura is piercing through the mask] Why are you wearing a mic? Can I speak? He speak! He sounds familiar.
Wait, we have another mask.
[He feel relieved] Take that off too.
We have another one.
How many masks do you wear? How many? We have SEUNGHOON to help MINO.
- To help him.
- This is good.
He feels relieved.
He is the one who says "Thank you for your hard work" [Not knowing what's happened] - Have you heard? - What? He said you are businessman-like.
[He doesn't care] After the performance you say - thank you for the hard work.
- To tell you the truth, I don't mind being sold as long as the show is fun.
He should sell us at shows like this.
- Sure - Criticizing me.
- He's not sold a lot.
You should sell us if you can.
That's how you can stand out in a show.
You don't mind, right? We don't mind at all.
He didn't sell SEUNGYOON and JINWOO.
He said when food is delivered you are so bad and start eating before others.
- Who? - You - Me? - While other people still unpack the food You start eating already.
He said you are so bad.
He's right.
[He know it's bad] It's a fact.
I do the order.
I pick the menu.
I order and pay for food.
Younger members can unpack the dishes.
You pay for the food? - He's lying.
- I did - I got the food - What? - I delivered the food to the table.
- Our manager did.
I delivered the food to the table If I unpack the dishes there Sit down, SEUNGYOON.
Put the chopsticks here.
It doesn't look good.
So we should do our own thing.
- I order.
- Well, everyone is unpacking.
SEUNGHOON has a point.
- Yes - Right He has something to say.
Why don't you ask him feed you? That's right Well, no - We would have misunderstood if you were not here.
- Right This is how you should come.
If SEUNGHOON is seen this way, people would think he's the worst member.
We almost have the headline.
We should hear from both sides.
That's right.
Now, lie down on your stomach.
You should.
[We need to pick a person for the close-up cam] Lying down on my stomach? Facing the camera.
It's the spinning table in a Chinese restaurant.
If you look up - Inner Circle - Hello - Inner Circle! - We have WINNER here.
Looking handsome and adorable - Cute - Sexy - Sexy You can do anything you want.
Cute pose Why is your mask floating? [SEUNGYOON of WINNER] [Winner gets ready] Let's go! Who will get picked? Who will get the close-up cam [It's spinning] Don't tell me it's [It's real] - SEUNGHOON - What? SEUNGHOON! - What? - You are picked.
- Is this some kind of plot? - No JINWOO and SEUNGYOON can leave now.
- SEUNGHOON'S camera - What shall we do? - MINO - Then it's not MINO special.
It could be SEUNGHOON special.
It should be MINO special.
Raise your hand, director! One shot for me? - The camera - for SEUNGHOON only.
It's all shown from now on.
I can be right next to him.
- You can be seen in the background.
- I can do this then.
[He's determined] The picture's getting weird.
I'm not sure whether SEUNGHOON will be available the whole time.
Just in case, let's shoot his reactions.
Various reactions, please.
[Laughing so hard] 1, 2, 3! [Stomachache] 1, 2, 3! [I'm being great] 1, 2, 3! Please say something to IDOL ROOM viewers.
I'm so honored to be here today in IDOL ROOM.
- Be here? - I hope the show will continue to give lots of laughter and sources to its viewers and all fandoms.
I wish you all the best.
- Way to go! - He's very good.
- Excuse me? Wait - Over, right? - To MINO Have you seen it? He says thank you and leaves just like that.
- Say something to MINO - Today MINO is well prepared.
Be good to him.
- We'll try our best.
- Way to go! - Thank you - He's really business-like.
- Seen him? - He left.
- It's business.
- OK Now let's talk about why he's here.
Right? It's your first solo album.
- Yes - How many songs do you have? - 11 songs - 11? - Yes - Full album, huh? - Full? - Yes - Did you write the songs and lyrics? - Sure - All? - Yes It must have been hard to pick a title.
- The title is FIANCÉ - FIANCÉ? Long time ago same FIANCÉ? Same word It's the song about? I miss the lady.
The song's about my feelings.
Sound is very unique.
Does it have a little bit of Korean traditional music? - A bit - A bit of trot! Swag of "Soyang River Lady" I'm curious.
Why don't you sing the song.
[FIANCÉ # MINO] [R U READY?] [WE ARE READY] [Forget the comic character for now] [Amazing Song] [Swag we've never seen before] [Sounds traditional and refined] [He's going to make it big] [It's what happens when you give a mic to MINO] [Attractive MINO] [The spring time of life] [Good Good Very Good] [How Inner Circle would feel] [my FIANCÉ] [We don't have to worry about MINO!] A bit of trot I like it.
[You can enjoy more IDOL ROOM videos on V LIVE] Donhee & Conhee's Fact Check! Check! Did you know about this corner? You check the facts! Yes, he did thorough research - to be prepared I monitored the show.
When did you debut? I - 4 years - 4 years? - Yes You don't remember what you have said over the 4 years.
I can't even remember what I ate yesterday.
- That's serious.
- Go see a doctor.
I don't remember the menu.
We'll check whether what you have said - is true.
- OK First fact! "MINO beat KANG HO DONG in Ssireum, the Korean wrestling" It's impossible to beat him in Ssireum.
It's true.
It sounds impossible to beat the champion.
Actually, I beat him in another one.
Put another word in front of Ssireum.
- Arguing? - Pig Wrestling! Pig Wrestling! - We have evidence.
- Do we? I beat him at once.
It hurt so much.
- All at once.
- I know how it felt.
[ He really beat HO DONG] Because round people like me, - Round people - have weak point.
The pig wrestling's very tough for round people.
He's the champion.
Well, his body figure.
is not optimized for the pig wrestling.
He has his center of gravity backwards.
I learned it from my uncle when I was very young.
I was a baby.
So I can beat almost everyone.
You learned when you were young.
Yes, I got the training.
What does your uncle do? He just enjoyed it.
So today we have the champion of the pig wrestling he lives like a pig - He's here - Pig's life? - Yes Let's see if you can beat him.
[ Getting ready for the fierce match] You can put your shoes on.
It's important to control toes.
Did your uncle take off his shoes? - On barefoot - You can go by the rule.
- I'll try.
- Socks would be ok.
- OK Shoes only.
- You too - Who's the man? - You! - Me? - Yes - Am I the one? - Yes I thought you have someone else.
- The champion of the pig wrestling.
- Really? - Yes [You are watching how an Idol can take off his shoes] - He's weak.
- Yes My center of gravity is also backward.
- It takes long - He's wearing walkers.
This is so Why didn't you just wear sneakers? Why did you dress up like this? I wanted to look good.
What are you doing? What are you doing? You can put a zipper on it.
It costs only 20,000 won.
[He can't give up on his looks] You are doing it on purpose.
- Right? - Looks like it.
- Yes - That's right.
We've done this a lot before.
- You - This one.
These shoes are not for you.
- Right.
[You are a true entertainer] [The pig wrestling match] We can start with our toes - meeting each other - Oh, this one is He sounds like we are on Asian Games or something.
Get set go! [1 Round Start] What! Oh, he has a thing.
Oh? Oh, he has a thing.
He's good.
- What are you? - Wait Wait! You took off! I haven't.
- What is it? You fell.
You lost.
If you hold it like this It means you are still alive.
- Really? - Then how can you get up? Try! Get up! Try! Ok, ok.
One more time.
Is this the rule for the pig wrestling? - I lied.
- That's ok.
You can do it.
It's a show.
- He's a bit taken aback.
- Yes - I got complacent.
- You did.
I have something to confess.
When I was a fetus in my mom's womb, I did this for a year to be prepared for the pig wrestling.
- That's how I'm prepared.
- When you were a fetus.
- Yes - Early childhood learning is so important.
- Couldn't agree more.
Learning as a fetus vs learning as a baby He's so strong.
I got taken aback.
- Strong? - He's thinking hard.
Now, I need to be serious.
He's serious.
What excuse he would say this time? I'm really looking forward to it.
Is mic important now? - This gets in my way.
- Why don't you hold it next to him.
- Shall I? - Hold it Shut all the possible excuses Let's go! Go! - What are you going to do? - Sorry? [Uncle!] [Mommy!] [Fierce competition between a fetus and a baby] Hold it [Conhee is taking the chance] [Bye!] [MINO fell down] [Feel bad for him] Hey, what are you doing? Excuse me, let me try too.
- You can try.
- You are great What's great? It's my first time to lose.
[Laughing out loud] You are too strong.
Go! Now I know how.
[Conhee vs MINO] [Approaching] [Hit him with the tip of his foot] [Fell down] [What the] Go back to your childhood.
Learn from your uncle again.
He's nothing! [So much for the importance of early childhood learning] [Uncle, I miss you] It takes another 10 mins to put on the shoes.
The game takes 2 to 3 mins.
I lost twice so far.
[(Con man)] Now it's true he beat KANG HO DONG.
But MINO's not the champion of the pig wrestling.
We checked the fact! You should call your uncle.
[Learn from him again and come back] [He's still putting on his shoes] The next fact, please.
"Golden Hands artist Song's painting lesson" [Well-known for outstanding skills] - Well! MINO, you're a good painter - Right - You're talented in art.
- Yeah, I like art.
[Early education for this too?] Have you learned painting? When you were a kid, like art academy or from your uncle My uncle didn't teach me art [Learned some simple skills sometimes] I learnt some simple skills sometimes, but [Never learned it officially] - But you didn't learn painting officially.
- YEs [Goods with paintings directly drawn by MINO] You sold your own goods in Japan? The ones you designed by yourself? [by artist SONG MINHO] [Pouch] - Really? - This one? - That is good.
- That was for the first season.
[by artist SONG MINO] [Scarf] - A blue rose - Did you draw that? I drew the painting and designed the item with my drawing.
[Many other artworks including T-shirt reform and clay objects] I've created many things with my paintings.
My fans know that.
I think, when you have like a fan sign event, [What about drawing Inner Circle at fan sign event] I think drawing fans at a fan sign event will be good, too.
[Of course] So that is why at fan meeting events [Already many times] I did that many times at fan sign events.
- People asked me to draw them.
- Of course But the time is limited.
Physical time is sufficient.
[5-second sketch] Then, I have to sketch in 5 seconds.
- Can you sketch in 5 seconds? - Yes Aren't you a genius, really? [Right] Something similar.
Good at everything, except for the pig wrestling [Natural-born idol singer good at everything except for pig wrestling] I'm good at pretty much everything.
Then, let's check.
[With artist SONG] So we now have [Check on his painting skills] artist SONG MINHO today.
[Check 1-minute sketch] Let's try 1-minute sketch.
[Theme is random!] Can we select the theme? [Accept] Yes! - Defconn, you pick one.
- Just simply [Draw us] The two of us, Donnie and Connie [Donnie and Connie] The theme is Donnie and Connie for the 1-minute sketch.
[Artist SONG's quality drawing event] - Look at us, comfortably - Can I draw the chair forward? It doesn't matter.
[Artist SONG picked up a pen] = Artist - Has the time record begun? It's begun.
[Concentrating on painting] I really envy people who draw well.
- I think that's really amazing.
- Me, too.
[Looks like an art student[ The eyes here are too big The eyes are too far away.
[Evaluating my own face] That is almost a flatfish.
- That makes sense - Sense [Unhesistant art student] Artist SONG! [What was that?] [Models like it] It's already [1 minute flew like an arrow] - That is - Stop! [About to disclose] [Donnie and Connie born from the hands of artist SONG] This is our drawing completed by SONG MINO is 1 minute [Amazing] We're now disclosing the drawing of Donnie and Connie to you.
[Unsatisfied] I could have done better [The title is not flat fish, but Donnie & Connie - by artist SONG] That makes sense.
Now [Donnie & Connie here] I'm easy to draw, but this one has some details [The flat fish forehead is the key point] What's the space here? [Donnie & Connie completed in 1 minute] [Connie loves it] I like this kind of detail.
[One more please] Can we ask one more drawing? - We would like to ask one more.
- That's really amazing.
[So cool] SONG MINO [This time, GD] You can try GD, GD Jiyong? [I actually] - Or can you draw a woman this time? - But I I cannot draw good-looking people well.
- Then, what are we? - What are we then? [I LOVE Donnie & Connie] [Easy-to-draw faces] [Don't misunderstand] - Let's try Mr.
Yang this time.
- Shall we? - Draw him.
- Let's try President Yang.
[Don't ask why] [30 minutes will be enough] I think 30 minutes will be enough.
Start! [Concentrate right away] In such short time, such drawing [Being amazed] That's the hat Mr.
Yang always wears - Right - You know that cap [Concentrating eyes, nose, mouth] [This is that SONG MINO that we know] The figure of the shape is being drawn now The figure of the face has been completed in 15 seconds.
[Good sense of fashion, outstanding rapping] MINO has a good sense of fashion, he's a good rapper [Good painting skills] He's a good painter too He's a genius entertainer.
[What will the genius's drawing be like?] - Really - I think I can hear the voice from there - Stop! [President Yang is here with some pen lines] There's Mr.
Yang, what should we do? [Oh This undeniable genius] Guys, he's in here.
- Let's disclose - He just drew some line and we have Mr.
[Ta=da] [The same] This is Mr.
Yang, isn't it? His signature cap, MINO [#recognized#welovethepresident#hereheis] [The key point is his ears put inside the cap] The most important thing here is his ears put inside the cap] This detail [Applause] That's amazing MINO You're really good [Brag fully charged again] Fact check! Give us the next fact.
MINO who wants to become a Kim Byungman wants to be on "Law of the Jungle".
[He wants to become like Byungman] Really? You haven't been on the show? [in Mexico][Seunghoon is the only one who has been on the show with Byungman] Yes, Seunghoon was on the show.
But I haven't.
[The toughest variety show] But it's very famous for its toughness.
Right, it's a tough program.
[Want to experience] I am a kind of person [He likes to experience] who wants to explore and experience a lot.
- But I'm scared of insects.
- There must be so many insects.
- A lot of insects! - Right, that's the only problem.
Where do you want to go most? I Maldives! [Popular honeymoon place] [Maldives known as the heaven on Earth?] Maldives is not a jungle.
[Well there must be a jungle] - "Guided Adventure".
- Vacation spot.
[A jungle MINO wants to go] The view must be great.
And you want resorts in a jungle? [Electricity] Well, it would be great.
But I want to charge my devices.
What about breakfast? [Of course] Of course, I want breakfast.
[He wants breakfast] What are you talking about? Of course, I want breakfast.
So you want to charge your phone Well, as long as I can charge my phone, I can stay anywhere.
[I want to bring my cameras too] - Also I'll bring my camera so I need to charge the battery.
- Oh camera too? [Luxurious jungle tour] It's more like a travel.
[Picky][The requirements he made] If all these are met, he can appear on "Law of the Jungle".
- "He's scared of insects but he is willing to appear on the show".
Then, let's see whether the show meets all the requirements, And let's see whether the staff of the show are willing to meet the requirements, [For MINO] by inviting a person who has been on the show.
People who have been on the show! [Can imagine who is invited] Let's talk with him.
Come out.
No way.
[Congratulations][Jungle expert is here] Hello, the expert of "Law of the Jungle".
[Survival of the Jungle] I'm the survival expert, Lee Seunghoon.
Hello, hello.
[So natural] - I have a lot to ask you, Defconn.
[Just invited him] - You should come to the jungle.
[(I knew it)] He has a lot of different experiences.
Okay, can you please introduce yourself? Hello.
[Lee Seunghoon(27) Bear Grylls in Winners/ Mexican hunter] Hello, I'm a survival expert, Lee Seunghoon.
[That doesn't make any sense] He's called Seunghoon Grylls.
[Tell him that MINO wants to be on the show] Your friend, MINO wants to appear on "Law of the Jungle".
- "Law of the Jungle?" - When did you appear on the show? [This March][About 8 months ago] I think it was like 6 months ago.
- Where did you go? - I went to Mexico.
[Exaggerating][Went to a dangerous place] It was a dangerous place where a lot of gangsters live.
- Was it a forest? - Yes.
[The first requirement of MINO] Could you charge your phone? [Making it clear] You can't use your phone.
[Shocked][MINO's first requirement] Then what about breakfast? What do you mean? You can't have breakfast there.
But isn't it depending on the situation? If you catch something, you can have it for breakfast.
[The survivor says] No, if you find something, you need to eat it right away.
[No way][No breakfast] Because you can store it.
[Trying to make MINO feel frightened] What about insects while you were sleeping? [Reality is] While you are sleeping, your sleeping bag is of no use.
[3 attacks][Shocked] So many strong mosquitoes.
[Insects are your roommates] [Everything is beyond your expectation] [Scared][So calm] - Even in the heat? - Yeah.
Mosquitoes can still bite you.
[MINO seems to have a lot to thinkg about] - MINO, just join the show.
- Yeah.
[Scared][Avoid eye contact] - Do you recommend? - Of course.
Why do you recommend? [Calm] I think MINO needs some hardship.
[Seunghoon say MINO is a young gentleman who doesn't know any hardship] His life has been so smooth? - Yeah.
Well, I mean "New Journey to the West" provides cozy accommodation.
- Right.
Producer Na would provide him so much.
- He will eat a lot.
- Right, they give him food.
[(That's right)] - He can sleep.
- It's such a comfortable show, I would say.
[Moreover] He's with one of the best comedians in Korea.
I mean they laugh at MINO throwing a booger.
[Feel shy] - I didn't throw.
- While you were bitten - by mosquitoes in a jungle.
- Yes.
But I had to be bald in the show! [Like a flower cultivated in the green house] What do you think you're comparing with? [Admit] - And you're with the best Korean comedians.
This guy is so proud of him having gone to a jungle.
[So proud] - Yes, he is.
- I deserve it.
We will check out whether MINO who wants to go to a jungle, [Can MINO go to a jungle?] can go to a jungle with this kind of mindset.
We will check out whether he can go to a jungle.
[Jungle Orientation] - It's important to check out.
- We will have an orientation time.
[Jungle survivor] This section is called "Beat Seunghoon!" [Since the name of the section has his name, he got excited] "Beat Seunghoon!" [He survived in a jungle][Beat Seunghoon] If you win Seunghoon who has been to a jungle, we ourselves will recommend you for "Law of the Jungle".
[Ah][Seems like he expected more] - We will recommend you for the show.
- Recommend! We will recommend you for the show where you want to be on.
[Trying to make it look like a big favor] We will make your dream come true.
[Make MINO's dream come true] Right, if you want to be on the show, What's the first game? - Okay.
- Should I make a fire? [Make a fire within a limited time] [A person who makes a fire faster wins] I really wanted to do this.
[Always][He's confident] I think I'll be good at it.
That's why we prepared.
[Oh yeah?] Then do it.
Well, we're kind enough - to give you a fire stick.
- Yes, here it is.
[Saw it for the first time] - Oh, is it? - Yes, it is a fire stick.
[Just by looking at it][He realized how to use it] I think I know how to make a fire with it.
- Just by looking at it, I just realized.
- Gloves.
- Okay, ready? [The first game of "Beat Seunghoon"] - MINO! - Ready! [First challenge][MINO's challenge] Start! Once you went to a jungle with a person, you can develop a strong bond with him.
[Laughing] [Playing] can develop a strong bond.
What are you doing? You should do it in the opposite direction.
[Staff give a hint][Did it in the opposite way] Use the knife [Wasting time][Okay, just testing the tools] I just wanted to know whether I can make a fire this way.
Well, I told you before though.
[What? Just made a little fire] Oh, you can make it.
[Concentration 330][Confidence 330] [Showing off 330] You should keep doing it.
Right, just like that.
[He looks like Byungman] Oh, look at the little fire he just made.
[He can make a fire][Everyone is hoping he will make a fire] - Just keep doing it.
- You can do it.
Oh, you can do it, MINO.
[Trying so hard] [It's weird it looks so easy on the show] Is it that difficult? [He's making a fire using his face] Imagine it is snowing a lot right now.
It's raining! And you need to make a fire in a cave.
[Making noisy sounds] [He might die] MINO, what should you do [Gave up] I'll just give up.
[Okay, giving up makes you feel easy] [I knew it][(This is so imaginable)] - It's so difficult.
- Really? [As if it's not his fault] I've never failed anything that I tried for the first time.
[He sounds a con artist][(you keep saying )] Well, the Korean wrestling [He's shameless] - I've never lost.
- It was the first time you lost? [Survivor appears] I'll show you how to do it.
[Second][Seunghoon who has a license of Byungman now challenges] - A person with experience! MINO failed.
[Stable posture] As a person who has experience, [Spark] Right, right.
- I can smell something burning.
- Smell something burning.
[About to make a fire] [His desire to make a fire is on fire] Failed! [Broke it] Failed! [Found a fire] Oh, he made it.
[We can see the smoke] Oh, there's a fire.
[Everyone's making a fuss] Did you see it? [The expert tries so hard make it bigger] Oh, I did it! - He really made a fire! - Right.
[He's trying to say he's the one who made a fire] I made it, everyone.
[Who's going to make a real fire?] Now all we care about is who is going to make a real fire! [Winners trying so hard] This one [They both want to win] Seunghoon could make a little fire, breaking the stick.
[what is MINO doing?][It's apparently Seunghoon who would make a real fire] - We can see the smoke.
- Yeah.
[Hoping so hard] Oh, there's a fire.
[Finally] [Let's call it a fire] [Don't try this at home] [They did it with safe equipment] [Seunghoon made a real fire] Lee Seunghoon! We knew it! [(No)] - Wait.
- He's like a jungle boy.
[Everyone shouts][Seunghoon made it!] A son of the jungle! We knew it that he's a son of the jungle! Awesome! [Anyone can call and ask][IDOL ROOM] If you go to a jungle alone, you will die.
[IDOL ROOM Jungle Tour 1992-0111] But if we go together, we can survive.
I think I can survive with you.
[MINO naturally joins] - Let's go, everyone.
- The survival expert, Lee Seunghoon.
[Go away, a city boy!] Can you just go away? [Feel sad] He's from a city.
[Beat Seunghoon!][Seunghoon won the first one] Jungle! [But the Orientation hasn't done yet] We still have the second game.
This is the most important thing for survival.
[Beat Seunghoon][The second game] Since you can't have many tools in a jungle, [Catch a fish if you want to go to a jungle] So catch a fish with your bare hands.
[Hate it] - This is important.
- Seunghoon, it's important, right? - Yes.
[Byungman will love a person who has this skill] I've watched the show, and I think it's a very important skill.
- If you want to be loved by Byungman, you have to be able to catch a fish.
- Right.
[So scared, thinking about fish] Oh, I don't think I can do it.
[Fish is the staple food in a jungle] - You can't eat meat in a jungle.
- Right.
You will eat fish.
[What did you see?][No way] What? What's wrong? - Why? - So many! [Tada] Why did you bring so many? [Catch a fish with bare hands] He doesn't like mudfish! [A person who catches more fish will win] [Being so shy] He hates it.
They are big.
[Closing his eyes] Why? What's wrong? - MINO, come here.
- He's really scared of this kind of stuff.
[MINO's weakness: Fish] He doesn't eat fish.
Let's see whether MINO can go to a jungle.
[Actually didn't waste his time] It's not a fact.
No, it's too late.
[He says he doesn't want to go to a jungle] I don't want to go to a jungle.
[Miniature jungle] Well, you can't find this many in a jungle.
[Look so small] I really can't catch a fish, but this [Saying anything] Think of them as your friends.
[(Hello, MINO)] [(We're not friends)] - Let's do this.
- And he - I don't think I can catch even one fish.
- Catch them out.
- Ready.
[The second game of "Beat Seunghoon"] Start! [Experience is important] [Their attitude is so different] Just do it.
Just once.
It's okay.
Look at Seunghoon.
[It seems like they don't get along well] - MINO, just put your hands in.
- Even Seunghoon [Shaking his body] - Just put your hands in.
- Even Seunghoon He's not used to it either.
[This is a jungle][(Imagine himself in a jungle)] This must be so scary because it's a jungle.
[Trying to catch it so boldly] He's showing how to do it.
- Jungle! - Right! [Shaking his body] - Seunghoon! - Because he needs to catch it to survive.
[Full of mudfishes in his hand] - It's a matter of survival! - Right! [Smoothly put them into a bowl] - He's smart.
- Seunghoon! - Just like that, MINO you can do it too.
- Just smoothly.
[Going crazy][Getting upset at his hand] Hey, you! My hand! - If you go to a jungle, you go with like 7 or 8 people.
- Just put your hand in.
[Shaking] You can survive with others only when you can catch at least 12 of them.
[His facial expressions though] Right, you must find food at least for yourself.
[Put his finger in] Right, just catch at least 2.
[He became so upset] Wait - You can do it.
- Imagine that you haven't eaten anything for the past 24 hours.
[We'll play a song for a coward MINO] - Right, you must be starving.
- Look at him! [When I didn't want to see any mudfish] [I widely opened my eyes because you're so scared of mudfishes] Yes, just like that, MINO! [You just got scared] - Let's survive with others.
- MINO, just put your hands in.
[When I didn't want to say anything] He has hair.
[Mudfishes][I raised my voice] - I can see them so well.
- Let's do this.
[I'm just afraid afraid Yeah] I'm going crazy.
Show us your manliness.
[Can't keep doing like this] - I look so weak right now.
- Take a deep breath.
[Open the third eye][Now you love mudfishes] - You already made the show funny enough.
- Right.
- You can do it.
- You've been doing well.
[Confirmed that he's a survivor] - Now it's time to show us your manliness.
- Right.
[Goodbye a coward MINO] [Show us a cool MINO] - Now, a new - Right, cool MINO.
- You were funny enough.
- Right, so now it's time to show your manliness.
[Now, it's a documentary, not a variety show] - Right, do it so boldly! - Okay, I will.
I didn't do so well in the beginning.
[Having been wasting time?] You know I was acting like that on purpose.
[Looking at the front] - Put your hands in.
- You should look the fishes.
[Get doused with water] [Fuss] [Is this that difficult?] - Stop! - I am sorry.
[No, you can do it] Just do it.
It's okay, It's okay.
My shirt smells like a mudfish now.
[It's just a mudfish] - You did piercing.
- Right, how did you do it? [(Right, I am a man who did piercing)] Right, we can't do it because we're scared.
[Looking like a hero][It's just mudfish] You look good right now.
- Good, you're getting better.
- He looks like a drunken master.
[Shouting!] [Getting upset at mudfishes] - Hey, you! What! - Okay, there you go.
[Just getting angry at them, but still can't catch any of it] YOU! - Scold them! - YOU! - Right, scold them! [That's my boy] - Right! - There you go! - That's right! - Just one fish! - Right, you're getting better.
- MINO, there are so many and if you can't catch even one [Just put a finger in it repeatedly] Did I see it right? You just caught it! - Right! - Are you not catching it on purpose? [Finally touched a mudfish] [The mudfish that is blessed by MINO's choice] - You, it's you! - Catch it.
[(Hello, we can be good friends)] Oh, is that you? Right, just catch it with both of your hands.
[Seunghoon feels proud of MINO] Right, catch it with your hands.
[Finally put it in a bowl] - Right! - What a man! [So proud of his success][I am so manly] - the man of men, MINO! - MAN! [Celebrate it together] [Feel proud] You did well.
[We support MINO's dream of going to a jungle] MINO can go to a jungle! [What does the expert think?] - Seunghoon, what do you think? Do you think he can go to a jungle? Yes, he can! [He's so qualified][His visual will fit in so well] And some tribes do piercing as well.
- There are some tribes that like piercing.
- Yeah, a tribe in Amazon.
Then he can go and meet the tribe.
[He is destined to go to a jungle] - And if he can fit in with them so well - It would be great.
Thank you, the jungle expert, for joining us here today [Now it's time to say goodbye] despite your busy schedule.
[(What? You're going?)] - Survival/ - Professional jungle boy.
- Thank you for joining us here today with MINO.
- Oh, I should go? [Being needy] - I've got a lot of time today.
- Thank you.
[No, thank you][Thank you, rofessional jungle boy] No thank you, you can go now.
[He says the second goodbye] Thank you for inviting me.
I hope IDOL ROOM will thrive further! - Thank you! - Thank you! [Bye, Seunghoon] Thank you so much.
[A man looks beautiful when he knows when to leave] If you two go to a jungle together, [He takes his chair out with him] it'd be great.
Next fact please.
The one who has the best chemistry with MINO is Hoonhoon not Kang Hodong.
Winner members as well as YG colleagues MINO featured in the game show with Eun Jiwon, Lee Soogeun, Kang Hodong and ZICO.
MINO has a good chemistry with all of them.
What's your thoughts on this? I like each and everyone of them.
Then, who do you think is Hoonhoon? Can you make a guess? Hoonhoon The best chemistry with MINO named Hoonhoon.
- Lee Seung Hoonhoon? - Correct.
We are joined by - Lee Seunghoon.
- MINO's best partner.
- You are very busy.
- I have the best chemistry with MINO.
- It's Lee Seunghoon of Winner.
- Oh, it's uncle Bob! You wore uncle Bob's costume.
We have one more hoon.
Lee Seunghoon! And who else do you think it is? Pyo Jihoon? Correct! Please join us.
Huh? [Hello] [I'm MINO's second Hoon, P.
O] You have other schedule today.
Why do you keep appearing? They called me.
Okay, so we have all the Hoons.
Seunghoon, please say hello.
Hello, I'm MINO's colleague and the member of Winner, Lee Seunghoon.
You are here since you have the best chemistry with MINO.
We've lived together for over 5 years and been on so many stages together.
We sort of share friendship.
He is the representative of MINO's colleagues.
And we have P.
O here.
Hello everyone.
I'm MINO's high school friend P.
O of Block B.
So, you two were best friend in high school? - Yeah.
- You two were best friends? Yeah, we became friends in high school.
- Since then - Oh we have some photos here.
[From their teenage years] [They are friends in their 20s] MINO gained some weight back then.
How did you two become friends? I reached out to MINO.
So you wanted to become his friend? MINO had blond hair on the day of entrance ceremony.
[MINO was unique when he was 17] So, other friends were reluctant to become a friend with MINO.
- I just told MINO to join us.
- Have meals together? - Yeah, that's how we became friends.
- Yeah.
So during high school years, P.
O helped MINO to become a celebrity.
Not necessarily.
To Hongdae.
From Yongin to Hongdae.
- So you let him to come to Seoul.
- Right to be in Seoul.
Earlier in the show, MINO said that he helped P.
O to star in a game show.
- He said he raised you.
- He did.
MINO said that he sacrificed himself for P.
O by giving him his image on the game show.
- It's a fact.
- That's nonsense.
It's nonsense.
On "New Journey to the West", P.
O joined - and took MINO's place.
- Little by little.
You don't take your friend's place.
You did.
He's supposed to protect his place.
He's supposed to protect his place.
Okay, we have two Hoonhoon here.
So, let's see how MINO save these two on his phone.
We need to look at both Hoon's phone too.
- From Seunghoon.
- I don't make a change.
Seunghoon is saved as Did you save me as strange brother? No, I saved you as Family Seunghoon.
Oh, you are very moved by it.
[Unintentionally pressed the button] [Calling him] - How about P.
O? - My phone is not ringing.
do you have the correct number? - Do you have the correct number? - I have no records.
- Make a phone call again.
- Wait! I had my phone with me.
But no call was recieved.
Wait! It didn't come.
No one called me.
- Why is it not working? - Because you have the wrong number.
You saved different person like that.
I'll try it again.
Wow, it's a new fact.
- He told him as family.
- He used me saying that - I'm his family.
- The truth is Seunghoon changes his number - once a week.
- He's like this.
- I'm using the same number for 7 years.
- You said he is your family member.
It's coming! Look at this! Oh, I'll try it again.
You are little mean.
Business relationship.
[Became silent] MINO told us that Seunghoon is his family.
Song Minho (MINO's real name).
With MINO's last name.
But I kind of guessed it.
It's been five years.
- I told him several times because I was disappointed.
- It's not even Minho.
It's with his last name.
Then, how did you save P.
O on your contact? - P.
O s like this.
I saved him as Brother Pyoji.
Brother Pyoji.
How about P.
O? I know it for certain.
- What is it? - Song Minho.
- No it's not.
- Then, what is it? It's been Song Minho for years.
- I - You changed it? - Is it true? - Can we check your contact? It's a lie.
I lied.
- You should be honest.
- Yeah.
How many years does it go back? These two are similar.
- They say business-like comments to me.
- Make a call to P.
- I don't want to confuse MINO with other person.
- Make a call.
Call him.
I'm curious.
Song Minho.
- Huh? - Song Minho.
Brother! We are the brothers! Hoonhoon.
- So the new best friends.
- We are actually the brothers.
There's a question on a website.
Who's more handsome? P.
O or MINO? But both of us are not like handsome, handsome.
- Right.
- A little different.
Jinwoo is a typical handsome person.
- How do you two say to each other? - Yeah.
You can decide who is more handsome.
You've been friends for years.
- As a witness - Yeah.
- MINO once said that - What? - MINO once said that - What? back in high school P.
O was more popular.
After I debuted, things have changed a lot.
[10 years of friendship trembles today] - He definitely said like this.
- When did I say that? And as he lost some weight, he believes that things have changed.
O, I'm not MINO that you used to know.
Like the movie "Friend".
As a closest friend, I think he got the celebrity disorder.
Celebrity disorder.
[Hoonhoon] - Recently.
- He forgot his past.
He is not his old self.
You can easily search about his past.
- I know how I was in the past.
- I think he keeps forgetting his old self.
I was planning to tell him when he recovers from the celebrity disorder.
There's such period.
I'm just telling MINO that he's handsome.
I think you two are real friends.
MINO and P.
O made a song together.
"Dear My Wife".
Huh? - What is this song? - To your wife? "Dear My Wife".
[How did you find this?] You officially released the song? No, it's not like releasing a song.
- When we are in high school - In the past? we both loved Hiphop music.
Before we even dreamed of becoming a singer we just made songs and wrote lyrics.
We used to make songs at P.
O's home at night.
And the song was recorded back then.
- Is it a practice song? - I was so surprised.
- Do you remember the song? - The staff found it.
They did it.
- I can't listen to it.
- I was so surprised.
Do you remember the song? I do.
What's the song about? I think my scalp is sweating.
What's the lyric about? To our future wife.
Why? - I'm sweating on my scalp.
- Just briefly explain it to us.
To our future wife.
It's a song for our future wives.
- So you say how many kids you want to have and - Yeah.
It was his idea.
He would have said that it's a good idea.
- He might have bragged about it.
- Dear my wife.
Acting cool.
He agreed to the idea and enjoyed making the song.
Do you remember the lines of the song? We have the song.
Shall we listen to it? How did you find that out? How did the staff find this song? Let's listen to the song.
[Dear My Wife] [Real friends MINO X P.
O] What's this melody.
[Save us] What's this melody.
- It's romantic.
- Please turn the volume up.
[Dear my wife] [Automatically being humble] [He likes the song] [It's cute] [Just laughing] [So embarrassed to hear the song] - It's you first.
- No it's you.
[High school rapper MINO's part] [Look at MINO's face] [SWAG] My voice tone.
[So disappointed to my past self] [Are you crying MINO?] [We are so happy] Isn't it your style? I think we can use the chorus part.
Dear My Wife.
What's your impression? About your practice song.
I think they've had a girl friend back then.
- Yeah.
- That's how they could write - such lyrics.
- It's very realistic.
O, just tell us the name of your past girlfriend only initials.
- Oh the girlfriend when I made this song? - I know who it was.
[Should I say this or not?] - It's been almost 10 years.
- Right.
- Let's just hear initials.
- Okay.
- H.
- H? H Eugene? H.
Huh? Who was it? It wasn't her? - Was it a different one? - H? - I think you should not say it.
- You don't know which H you are talking about, right? There are too many.
Me? - You! - I'm talking about your ex-girlfriend.
- You made the song.
- Yeah.
He said L.
- There are too many L.
- There are not many H.
You are not supposed to laugh at the name.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
How about MINO.
- It's been 10 years.
- Only initials.
HJ? Hyungjung? Hyejin? Hyojung? Hyojin? Okay.
[Oh my P.
O] It's a memory.
It's just a past.
Past memories.
- Yeah.
- Your innocent mind in high school.
Your passionate mind.
[Love raps] We welcome you to the stage with an applause [(Song about: Unknown person) "Dear My Wife (2018 ver.
)] Here we go.
" [A live version of "Dear My Wife" is not easy to see] DY.
[Heehee] ["Dear My Wife"] [Listen up, my future wife, where ever you are right now] [A new version of the song by a more grown up version of Mino] [Our awesome car, our villa] [Or an apartment and America] [We'll have at least 3 kids] [Including family plans in the lyrics?] [He's actually having fun] [He's gotten a grasp of the reality] [He's really enjoying this performance, like a true idol member] [That's enough] [Discovers P.
O's part] - What's that? - There it is.
[No way] - This is the climax.
- P.
- You should do this too.
[Argh] [P.
O tries to run away] - You have to do your part.
- You have to.
[The two pigs stop him] - You must.
- For DY.
[But he tries hard when the music gets going] [The angel that makes me smile equals hope] [Thank god it's not me] [Haute says, "good luck Daddy".
[Please save me] [He gives up] Everybody, put your hands up.
[Everyone~ all together] Singing one more time.
[Time to sing all together] Once more, louder this time.
[So into the music] OK.
[No other lady has been chosen] [It's your opportunity, to my future wife] [A nice ending] [Let's get it] 3 kids! Lots of kids! [He's got it back together and thinks, "where did it start to go wrong"?] Swag! ["Dear My Wife" is a catchy song] "Dear My Wife" by P.
O as a high school student was apparently a huge sensation.
[They want the music source online] Lots of people are requesting for the source.
- You should release the new version.
- Then that makes his current colleague [His current team member Seunghoon can't take this] Seunghoon jealous.
[He needs something stronger than "Dear My Wife"] They're family.
Something stronger than that.
[Seunghoon's whispering beat] According to our sources, when Seunghoon [Mino can do freestyle rapping] whispers a beat, Mino can add his own beat on top of that.
- There must have been a video clip.
- I think I remember.
[Hesitates] To be honest, I'm not that confident about doing a freestyle rap.
[I'm all prepared] Make it interesting.
[Because "Dear My Wife" was such a hit?] - Since "Dear My Wife" was a hit.
- It was shocking.
[Come on, help me out here] Aren't you going to help me out? [Then changing the rules] I can do it the other way around.
If I provide [Seunghoon's freestyle dancing] the beat, he can do a freestyle dance.
[Huh? This wasn't the plan] We do this a lot.
[He passes it over to Seunghoon] - At concerts - The ball has been passed.
[It was natural] - I'm being honest though.
- You're the star today.
But this is the fact.
[Agrees] - Yes but - Let's do some fact checking.
- And we even - Seunghoon's dancing is so famous.
[Just been used at their most recent concert] He just did it at our concert a couple days ago.
[So curious] - He always does it.
- Like on "Gag Concert".
[Starts without even realizing it] You know what I'm talking about, right? [When Mino starts the beat, Seunghoon starts to dance] [A classic bit] [Moves around] [Time for the WINNER family to show off their special skills] [Sophisticate beat and dance move] [It's not difficult to call a bird] [This is the teamwork of a real team] - He's good.
- That can only be done by a team.
[Business tiki-taka] From what I can tell, [P.
O and Mino are friends] "Dear My Wife" felt like friends singing.
[And these two feel like real partners] - And these two are like people at work.
- Good job.
[They're teammates who are like family] They say "good job" to each other.
[The last test remaining] And we have the last tests ahead of us.
You two came out as the two people who have the best chemistry with Mino, right? [Chemistry fairy 1, Chemistry fairy 2] But we have to see if [Only one can been Mino's true "Hoonie"] you really have the best chemistry with him.
We'll give you random words, [A game to see who has better chemistry] and see which person acts the word [The person who acts more like Mino] out as the same way Mino does.
[Will be named the chemistry fairy] [Wow] - Telepathy.
- Let's try it.
[Is it the colleague] Is it the colleague [Or the friend] or the high school friend? [Let's find the chemistry fairy, "Hoon-Hoon battle"] - Neck and neck.
- It's hard.
[We have to be picked by Mino?] - Who will be more - Wait, we have to want to be picked? - Me and P.
O? - I can say for sure [Not good chemistry for the past 10 years] that I won't have that many same moves.
- When we have to do certain moves.
- Yes.
- But you never know.
["Think alike" test] Please stand here.
It's the last test.
[First word] BLACKPINK.
1, 2, 3.
[He's in the same agency.
1, 2] [He's just a fan of BLACKPINK] [Huh?] [Bang bang] 1, 2, 3.
[What's this?] What is this? Who is that supposed to be? [What? No way] - "PLAYING WITH FIRE".
[Seunghoon gets 1 point, this is what business tiki-taka is about] The colleague is in the lead.
[Close] Since they see each other every day.
[The pride of the friend] - He tells him it's OK.
- I want to win this now.
Here's the next word.
Here we go.
[The 2nd word is WINNER] 1, 2, 3.
[They do the same pose, easy as if they're breathing.
We are WINNER] [Me too] 2, 3.
[Like a WINNER member] [Surprised.
Pretty good] P.
O! [WINNER fan club] - INNER CIRCLE fans, are you getting this? - Amazing.
Let's do the next word.
[3rd word] Here we go.
Block B.
[What about this time?] 1, 2, 3.
[He makes an adjustment] [Wow, Song Mino] - Friends! - The friend.
[BBC, please look at me.
I'm the Block B fan on this block] Do you wanna B? Block B.
- OK! - He's going here and there.
[He's the cheat key of entertainment shows] - He's sly.
- Mino must be tired.
[4th word] Here's the next word, heart.
There are many different types of hearts.
[If I were Mino They're trying to think like Mino] Think simple.
1, 2, 3.
[Finger heart] [Same thought] 1, 2, 3.
[Oh no] [It was only these two] P.
This is the difference between colleague and friend.
[People don't use that heart anymore] That was used way back when.
Like in high school.
[Oh no] - This heart is used at work.
For fans.
- These days, at work.
Saying thank you to fans.
But P.
O did something different.
[The colleague is in the lead with 2 to 1] There's a big difference.
[5th word] Let [The pose that made Mino who is today] - Get ready.
- 1, 2, 3.
[There] - This is an easy one.
- 2, 3.
[The pose that made Mino who is today] - Get ready.
- 1, 2, 3.
[There] - This is an easy one.
- 2, 3.
[Mino and Seunghoon do the same pose] - This one is easy.
- The arms and the hand.
Colleague! [So close.
O has the other arm in] - He has a different arm in.
- The other arm.
[#Colleagueinthelead, CEO Yang's teammate] It's overwhelming.
[3 to 1.
Lee Seunghoon, congratulations] The colleague had an overwhelming victory.
[Feels sorry for some reason] - Too bad for the friend.
- I'm sorry.
[Trying to come between them.
You were robbed!] Doesn't it feel like you lost Mino to him? [Forcing the tears] - Cry a little.
- What? - Cry.
[What?] - Now? - Just start crying.
- Prick your eyes.
- Cry.
[Forcing him to be sad, P.
O is so confused] You're sad right now.
[Song sweet (My friend is so cute)] You guys joined our show today.
[Don't forget today's PICK-DOL] How was it, Seung-hoon? - You were today's PICK-DOL.
How was it? - You did lots of things today.
[Generous self-evaluation] I did a great job making the show fun for Mino.
[Cheers to me, who did a great job today] I feel really good.
How was it, P.
O? [Promise!] We'll come back with BLOCK B's new album soon.
[We'll come back soon] We miss you.
[Please support Mino's solo album] I watched Mino working on his solo album.
The album is really good.
I hope you enjoy his solo album.
[First visit to IDOL ROOM, Did his best for 60 min.
] Mino, you introduced your solo album, which you've worked hard for a long time, here on IDOL ROOM.
How do you feel? I really worked hard on my solo album.
The title is called, "FIANCÉ".
[Please look forward to it] Please enjoy the song and show your support.
[Song Mino, a man who can do everything] Song Mino's first regular album, I hope it becomes a mega hit.
The most reliable idol show! It's IDOL ROOM! Thank you.
[You can watch various videos of IDOL ROOM including Seri's CAM on V LIVE]