Idol Room (2018) s01e30 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 30 - NU'EST W [Many viewers asked] [Today's signal song was made by Soyeon of (G)I-DLE] [Good looking members] [Sugar-coated visual] [So handsome] [Intelligent] [Sexy] [Handsome looks on the LED screen] [Pleasing eyes from the opening] [Choreography inspired by "Bathroom"] [Just copying that without knowing what it means] [Bad example of synchronized dance] [IDOL ROOM] IDOL ROOM! Idol band specialized show with no.
1 credibility, IDOL ROOM! [Signature pose] IDOL ROOM! [Just clapping] We [Trying to tease] They don't follow this.
They've never seen this.
[Making things up] Because they think they're so popular.
They think they're so popular.
[Harsh criticism for not following the gesture] They were on the 1st episode of "IDOL ROOM".
[MCs start teasing] Now they're back as popular stars.
[Feeling anxious] We had relationship [Welcome, NU'EST W!] - Today's guest is NU'EST W! - Welcome! 1, 2, 3.
Hello, we're NU'EST W! [JR] [ARON] [BACKHO] [REN] [NU'EST W] When guests appear on "IDOL ROOM," everyone do our signature pose together.
"IDOL ROOM!" - You haven't watched this? - I have, for sure! [Teasing] Because you're so busy.
- Because you're the star.
- I saw the first episode.
- We missed the timing.
- Right.
- Please do that again.
[We will tease only one] - Jonghyun is the son of JTBC.
- Right.
- He's the son of JTBC.
- Sure.
[Kim Jonghyun (a.
a JR)] [Cast of JTBC's variety show] [Defconn's comment] Jonghyun is always on JTBC shows.
[He's the main pillar of JTBC shows] - It doesn't work without him.
- Right.
- Let's do this.
[Wise decision] "IDOL ROOM!" [JR news] I heard Jonghyun gave pine mushrooms to Seongkwang and other cast of "Night Goblin".
Have you received? [He received it from Jonghyun] - Yes.
But I was surprised.
- Really? Did your parent dig to get them? My parents imported them.
They didn't dig.
Really? You said in the group chat room [My parents dug the ground] your parents worked hard to get them.
[Great sense of humor] I wanted to make them look better.
That means Jonghyun is now so popular.
[Teasing JR] He can give pine mushrooms as a gift.
[Member who knows the perfect timing] Oh, I enjoyed pork cutlet.
- Right? - Yes.
- Did you send it? [A nice MC] - Hyungdon did.
- To our dorm.
[Donhee sent pork cutlet to NU'EST W] - He sent it.
- After that - Really.
[JR returned his favor with mushroom] And you sent the gift, right? Yes, after receiving yours first.
After receiving a gift, he gave it to be polite.
[(You're too funny)] Thankfully, his mother returned the favor.
When Jonghyun made the first appearance on a variety show with Hyungdon, [Challenge for Jonghyun] I want to ask who his teachers are [Variety show teacher top 1, 2, 3] about the variety show? [Hard to answer] - Can you rank some? - I'd like to ask.
- Let's ask.
[Nobody is curious] In my case, my teachers are - 1, 2, 3? - Yoo Jaeseok, Kang Hodong and Lee Kyungkyu.
[No impact] [Because] I expected that already.
[ARON starts moving away from JR] That's what I expected.
[Challenge for JR] - Jonghyun.
- Me? In fact [Correct answer] I learned a lot from the cast of "Night Goblin".
[So, who are the top 3?] Let's rank them.
[Sweating] Jonghyun worked with Jaeseok on "Happy Together".
[3 members stay away from him] You've been on hot TV shows.
To you, Jonghyun [Tell me] Who do you want to make your teacher? [Top 3] Let's name best 1, 2, 3.
The 3rd place is The 3rd place is [Expecting a lot] [Candidate no.
1] [No.
3 Park Seongkwang] - Seongkwang.
- Seongkwang.
I learned from him about [The reason why] how to tease other guests.
[Gap between the show and real life] - But he treats others well in reality.
- Right.
[Distortion] He has two faces? He treats others differently, when the cam is off? [Coughing] [Jonghyun, whatever you will say, we will keep teasing you] He treats others badly, but says sorry behind the scene.
[(Glad it's not me)] - I mean - He has two faces.
- That's not what I meant.
- Seongkwang came in the 3rd place.
[Jonghyun's variety show teacher no.
2] And the 2nd place is [Thinking hard] - Pressuring presence.
- Oh, I have to think.
[Making him feel pressured] This will be reported in articles.
- It's okay.
- It will be reported.
[So interesting] Variety shows? [No.
2 Lee Sookeun] - Top 2.
- I'd say Lee Sookeun.
- Lee Sookeun.
- I recognize that.
- He's another one on "Night Goblin".
[Reason] He always takes care of me.
He helped me learn a lot and taught me well.
[Can't hear] [(Interested in the 1st place)] I think he deserves that.
[Time to say no.
1] Jonghyun's variety show teachers.
[Jonghyun! It's me!] [Pressure] - Now he will announce the 1st place.
- 1st place.
- Let's see.
- Say carefully.
[Having a distance from him] NU'EST W Jonghyun.
[I'm watching you] He's the hottest guest on variety shows.
[Other nominees] - You're working with Lee Youngja on "LAN Life".
- Yes.
[Lee Youngja, Kim Sook] - And what else? - With Sookeun.
- Okay.
[Pick me] [I don't want to lose the 1st place] [It's me] [Worried if he won't say his name] - The best teacher in Jonghyun's heart.
- This must - be reported in articles.
- Let's see who is [Atmosphere will be decided by his comment] the first place.
[This is the YES or YES situation] Who is the best teacher of variety shows? [Will he say what he wants to say?] My best teacher is [Preparing for the ceremony] [This is still the opening] [(Jonghyun! Please hold the truth)] [Honesty: Not comfortable during the show] [Compromise: Happy during the show] [What's his choice?] [Nervous alone] Let me take a break.
I'm so nervous.
Here we go! - I will say - I will say [This is nothing but] [Everyone feels so excited to hear that] [Compromise with the reality] I'd say it's Hyungdon.
[Ceremony that he prepared] He's in the first place in my heart.
[7 years in the entertainment industry] You're in the first place.
[(Reporters! Please release articles)] I don't want to read articles about this.
NU'EST W's variety show teacher? [Zero objectivity] [Donhee] Jeong Hyungdon! Congratulations.
Congratulations! From today, Jonghyun is an official member of his clan.
[Love it] - Officially.
- Don't do that.
[I won't ask why = I'm so curious] I won't ask why.
[Reading what he wants] I will ask why.
You don't need to ask but I will ask why.
Why? [Naming everyone] In fact, including Hyungdon, Hongki, Seongkwang and Sookeun on "Night Goblin" are all in the 1st place.
[Good brothers he met on "Night Goblin"] It was my first variety show - and I met good brothers.
- That's true.
[Nice comments only] Thanks to them, I was able to [Giving credit to them] be on other shows on JTBC.
I always think they're in the first place of my heart.
[NU'EST W members are on many shows] - NU'EST W.
- Yes.
You're on many shows.
[I saw it] REN is on a travel show.
[Cast of "Looking For Trouble"] Yes, "Looking For Trouble".
I saw ARON on TV.
I just appeared on "Problematic Men".
It's a show for smart guys only.
[Youngmin] He's so smart.
Did you study at MIT? [Humbly, NYU] No, NYU.
- New York? - Yes.
- Okay.
NYU? Really? [Passed the entrance exam] I passed but I couldn't study.
[University?] - New York Universal? - Sorry? - Universal? [Additional information] The production team gave this information.
Your SAT score was at 0.
I didn't know what SAT was.
- That's - 0.
[Joke] - Is it a test taken on Saturday? - In the United states [SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test] - It's a nation-wide test, like KSAT.
- Right.
[It's the standardized test for the 12th graders] - Do they take this exam like us? - Yes.
5% in the nation The U.
S is a huge country.
[Yes, yes] - Yes.
- Your score was at 0.
5%? - Yes.
[Found it after 7 years] - So, you applied NYU? - Yes.
- Really? Members, you didn't know about that? [Real colleagues] - It was not confirmed.
- Right.
[Bragging about myself] I was good at mathematics.
[Everyone was thought as a prodigy once in life time] I did well in physics and science.
I excelled in music and ethics.
[A real prodigy] I studied well in home economics.
You studied well - and I guess your parents didn't want you to be a singer.
- Right.
My parents didn't like it.
[English] - As time passed by.
- Not agree.
[What?] - Sorry? - Not agree.
[Ugly? Agree?] - Ugly.
- Agree.
- Oh, agree.
[Now he understood] Okay.
[Became emotional[ - As time passed - Now you understood? [Ran away to save his life] I understood.
[Teasing him for his English proficiency] - Are you ignoring me? - No way.
[Be careful, everybody can be a target] So my parents I kept talking with them.
[ARON's strong will moved their hearts] They gave up and allowed me to do.
- Do they like your job? - Yes, they do.
Let me ask one thing.
[Question for NU'EST W] You're an experienced band for variety shows.
To NU'EST W, "IDOL ROOM" has [IDOL ROOM, is it okay now?] established as a show now? [Pros and cons?] Is there anything to be improved? [Nervous] Pros and cons of our show.
1 debater] [Rice grain BAEKHO] - To be honest, - Sure.
- We won't get hurt.
- Personally, I haven't seen it while surfing the channels.
I haven't.
[Conclusion] The time window is an issue? [Oh, my bad] I mean, it's 6 PM on Wednesday [Trying to sugar coat] It's not about time.
Some programs draw my attention [Conclusion which is far from the truth] So, the program is not hot? [Starting to have a distance] It's not funny, so you change the channel.
[He's smiling but sweating on his back] So, BAEKHO, [Today, BAEKHO will create] will you make something [A good scene to draw attention?] to stop viewers from changing channels? - Or here - No.
[Don't say to me] I'm not the regular cast.
[The answer is already decided] What? - Will you not be on this show anymore? - I will.
- So, you have to do this.
[BAEKHO, I'm looking forward to that] Please make an impressive scene.
You said you would draw attention from viewers.
2 debater] [REN, aka Mango] What do you think, REN? [Great social skills] I think two of you are the history of the idol band industry.
[That's what I wanted to hear] I think you're the history of idol band industry.
[Belated insight] [(Something goes wrong)] [Compliments] You know idol band members so well.
[Hurried] Please give me another chance.
I wanted to say pros.
[No, we won't] - That's okay.
- No need.
- We heard your answers.
Is there anything to be improved? [Trying to save himself] I can't find anything to be improved.
Whenever I watch this show, it always makes me smile.
You always stop the channel on "IDOL ROOM" when surfing channels.
[Last comment] Of course.
[Rolling eyes] - It's so much fun.
- I guess everyone does.
[Some change channels] But some are surfing channels.
[This one] - He's the idol band member.
- He just surfs the channels.
[The answer is already determined] - Top scorer in the SAT.
- Genius.
3 debater] [ARON] If it's ARON, - I guess he knows pros and cons of our show.
- Sure.
[Complaining to REN] [Right answer] I always enjoy this show.
[(Even you)] Right? - But there must be some things to be improved.
- Anything? [Please help me] - To make this show better.
- Sure.
[2018 ARON's choice] If there's nothing, tell us nothing.
You can say there's nothing to pinpoint.
I personally enjoy this show a lot.
[I don't care if it's not me] I don't think there's any cons.
I don't think there's anything to improve.
[I miss my mom] All right, just as we do now, [SAT 0.
5% guarantees this show] - Look.
- We will do our best.
A smart guy says there's nothing to fix.
Then, that's true.
[SAT 0.
5% who catches things quickly] But people have different views.
[Idol band member who was too honest] - Right.
- Let's do our best.
- Let's do our best, just as we do now.
- Sure.
- Let's move on.
- Jonghyun? [No.
4 debater] [JR] I think you know charms of each and individual idol band members.
[Agreeing] - Sure, they do.
- And you encourage them [Changing his attitude] - to show their unique charms.
- Right.
- Individuals' charms.
- Anything to fix? [Good sense] You invited NU'EST W too late.
You invited NU'EST W too late.
[The one who can't say anything] - That's our fault.
- We can't add any comment.
[(Mom, I guess I screwed today's show up)] We need to have self-reflection on this.
[Thank you for coming] - Thanks for inviting us.
- Thank you.
Of course.
I think [Still teasing] our show is not attractive, to draw attention.
- Our show is not.
- No way.
[BAEKHO, we will do better] We should have self-reflection on the show.
We will do our best.
Today's live pick-dol, close-up camera! [Let's pick one member for a close-up camera] We'll continue to broadcast on live.
- It's a live.
- Is it on right now? [IDOL ROOM with NU'EST W has started] Hello everyone! [I expect today's show will be the legend] We have NU'EST W today! [IDOL ROOM has NU'EST W, every dream achieved] NU'EST W! [Hello, L.
E] Hello, we're NU'EST W.
A lot of comments are coming up.
"I want to see JR wear a rabbit hat".
- Do we have a rabbit hat? - Oh, that one.
[Popular item, I know that] - Oh, this one.
- Have you seen this? - Yes.
Of course.
- I'm wearing it.
- Fans are looking forward.
Did you want me to act cute? [Oh my god.
] [Other members are feeling desperate] [They lost their words] You've become shameless.
[He's acting cute] - Okay, JR.
- JR.
[Let's go, BAEKHO rabbit] And a lot of people want to see BAEKHO wear this hat.
[Thank you Donhee for fulfilling our dream] I'm sure L.
E wants you to act cute.
[Warming up] [Already cute] [He's doing his best] Did you want me to act cute? [ARON (26 years old)] [A guy who realized his future] Fans want every one of you to try this on.
[Rabbit king] - REN is a rabbit king.
- Right.
[Cute and lovely] Do what you want to do.
[Let's call this REN] Good job.
Fans are screaming.
[ARON is putting on the hat] ARON, the genius.
[He's the top 0.
5% cutest guy] Hello, I'm ARON.
[(WOW)] Wow.
[Awe] - Wow.
- Amazing.
"Make an acrostic poem with 'HELP ME'".
Hel! Hello~ P! [Phuhu] [(He's at risk of failing)] Oh, it's difficult.
[ARON's help] Friend.
[Overcame] - Hello friend.
- Okay.
Me! [Great] [What will he say?] Sorry.
[Sorry in English] Sorry.
He failed to come up with a brilliant idea.
[JR has difficulty making an acrostic poem in English] It's much more difficult in English.
Let's pick a pick-dol.
[Perfect comprehension] We should keep who is picked secret, right? - Yes.
- Oh, you've already understood.
[They are handsome even from a higher position] - We can split the angle into four.
- We have a camera up there.
[Pick-dol NU'EST W] [JR] Take a nice pose for fans.
[Pick-dol NU'EST W] [ARON] [Pick-dol NU'EST W] [REN] [Pick-dol NU'EST W] [BAEKHO] [Smiling] [NU'EST W flowers are blooming] Let's spin this wheel! [Don't you have NU'EST W at your home?] The wheel is now spinning! [IDOL ROOM has REN, BAEKHO] NU'EST W, [Who will be the luckiest one?] - Who will be today's pick-dol? - I can expect.
- Oh.
[Are you curious?] - Who's the one? - Who? [Who will be picked by the wheel] - Who will be today's pick-dol? - Oh, I can see.
[JR's face and body except for one shoulder] On December 4.
[ARON's shoulder] at IDOL ROOM, [(Okay!!)] Please check it out! [Today's pick-dol is JR] - Congratulations! - Congratulations, you're picked.
[We're done with NU'EST W IN IDOL ROOM] Today's pick-dol is JR.
[JR CAM] Hello, I'm today's pick-dol, [You are the pick-dol of the day] JR of NU'EST W.
I'll do my best today.
[Made by JR, we can expect a lot of gifs] And I hope a lot of gifs will be made.
I'll do my best for more people to watch IDOL ROOM! [Let's get it!] [Everyone has one JR in their heart] [Pure] Is it filming? [Innocent] [Clear] [Please look forward to JR's close-up cam] [Revealing the new NU'WST W song] There must be a reason why NU'EST W came to IDOL ROOM.
[Right] [Who will introduce the song?] - Right.
-Who will introduce the new song? [The song owner] - BAEKHO will.
- I will.
- The song writer will.
[NU'EST W's hot new song, "HELP ME"] The title of the new song is "HELP ME" and ["HELP ME"] [A fusion pop R&B with the message,] literally, the song relays the message ["I request for your help"] of wanting help.
[A song with lyrical words and sharp melody] The lyrics are a bit lyrical and the melody is heavy and sharp.
That's how it's made, so I hope you all enjoy it very much.
The NU'EST W's new song, "HELP ME" - should be introduced in IDOL ROOM style, right? - Right.
We'll look into in the Nano Dance segment, where we totally conquer the killing part.
[Nano Dance] [Do the choreography for the killing part in relay format] [and analyze the dance in nano unit] [This is the killing part for "HELP ME"] [Nano Dance order] The order is JAE, MING, RON and BAEK.
- Go in this order.
- Start coming out from the beginning [Confident, Understood the Nano Dance rule] - in the order of JAE, MING, RON and BAEK.
- Yes.
["HELP ME" Nano Dance] Play the music, please.
[First, standing by in their handsomeness] [And sudden change] [Performance mode NU'EST W logged in] [Amazing] [Ruthlessly attacking the heart with controlled sexiness] [Why consume caffeine the hear beats listening to this song] [Finally entering the nano part we waited for] [NU'EST W nano dance, 3, 2, 1] [Seul-bbu-bi JR] [Kim Jonghyun's dance destroys the world] [Got it wrong] [Here is a destroyer of beat] [Oh no] [What do I do?] [ARON] [The witness can only laugh] There aren't many groups that got this wrong [Puzzled Dongho] [The song owner is grasping the situation] NU'EST W accomplished this task.
[Shrinking] - I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
[It's okay, you'll pay for it] If you get it wrong, you'll have to repeat.
Other members will get tired.
[It can happen] [Restart under the command of kind Kang] [1:1 lesson by someone who experienced it] When you this and turn, you need to go straight in.
[Okay for now] [Input complete amidst chaos] - Straight? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Go straight in at that beat.
[2nd try of nano dance] Play the music! [Totally serious] [We're thankful and sorry that we get to see it twice unwillingly] [Doing their best] [Power and sexiness doubled] [Hands, feet and body still working hard] [Also passing the part where there's no break in the choreography] [Entering the nano part for the 2nd time] [Still perfect till here] [Um? Yes?] [His will precedes] [Dancing ahead of his order] [Again, Minki?] REN REN is experiencing a system error.
[Seems like REN is suffering from system failure] REN is experiencing a system error.
[MING-stone] - It's okay.
- It's okay.
[Controlling his emotion with a smiling face] Everybody did their best dancing.
right? [Kindly controlling his emotions] Why are you getting this wrong? [Sinner, Choi Minki, keep your head up] It's okay.
[Kwak Personality, who?] - It can happen, Minki.
- It's okay, it's okay.
[The first 3rd try of nano dance] Play the music! [Let's keep it straight in my head] [Well you all know that they're awesome and sexy, right?] [It's possible] Is it just me or are they moving slower than before? [Like it's the first time, doing their best is the same] [The same eyes and expressions on their faces] [Not a déjà vu] [Already the 3rd nano part] [Will they this time?] [The song owner] [I'm watching] [Please] [Serious] [Can't make anymore mistake] [The conclusion of NU'EST W's nano dance?] [Seul-bbu-bi, JR] [Kim Jonghyun's dance destroys the world, again] [Mingkael, REN] [The most handsome REN] [Wow, it's a beautiful dance] [Arongjji, ARON] [I can feel a barrier.
Perfect, yes!] [Hodduki, BAEKHO] [Sexiness you want to praise unconditionally] [Lowered his guard] [Error reoccurred] [Covering with his smile] [Trying to pass by furtively] [But there are many witnesses] [Crying] I saw it.
I saw it from the back.
[Anger explodes] [Youngmin hyung comes, unable to hold back] [Chaotic NU'EST W family] [It can't be true] - Did he get it wrong? - He didn't get it wrong.
[The witnesses are reenacting] - The didn't move at the end.
- Why? [How come?] [Sorry, rabbit mode in front of the tiger] - It's - Why? - Dongho, are you mad? - Minki - Dongho, you okay? - Yes, of course I'm okay.
[Semiconscious after extreme dancing, 3 times] Dongho, you're sweating a lot.
[Glaring] - It's okay, it can happen.
- It's okay, it's okay.
[Suddenly, Donhee and Connhee are running away] We'll go and take a break.
[No, it's over] [Please, one more chance] I think I can do it this time.
[NU'EST W's nano dance, "Nest time"] Our breaks are fixed You dance and come later.
[IDOL ROOM's many videos are available at V LIVE] I have a stomachache.
- Do it perfectly and record it.
- Record it.
Today's guest is NU'EST W.
Donhee and Conhee's Fact Check! [Check!] It's a fact check segment.
There have been many rumors about you.
So, we'll take this opportunity to discern true facts.
Here comes the first fact.
A true leader, JR.
I know habits of our member that he himself does not know.
- It's very important.
- Have you talked about this before? JR knows everything about NU'EST W members.
I can't say I know every habit of our members.
But I might know something that they themselves don't know.
Any example? For example, when ARON does laugh out loud he covers his mouth with his left hand without knowing it.
And also ARON touches his face with his left hand very often.
How about REN? He has a some sort of a cycle of eating ice cream.
He eats ice cream - especially when it gets colder.
- In early winter.
Starting from early autumn he eats a lot of ice cream.
- That's unique.
- How did you know that? It's true.
REN drinks different beverages depending on the season.
[Agree] - Now, he's drinking a lot of grapefruit beverages.
- True.
- Right.
- Any particular reason behind that? - True.
- Oh I get bored of food very often.
- I tend to eat one thing if I'm into it.
- He does.
So that changes every season.
During summer, what was it avocado juice? - He had a lot of avocado juice.
- Yeah.
During spring, it's like cappuccino.
That has loads of chocolate on it.
So, you can tell which season it is - just looking at which beverages REN buys.
- Yeah.
So, when he eats avocado drink, it means it's summer.
[Simple] [Only drinks 4 beverages during a year] How about BAEKHO? When BAEKHO goes abroad and return to the hotel after schedule he lies face-down on the bed.
Holding his phone like this.
I know what that is.
Why do you do that? This makes my wrist soar.
- But if I use it like this - So JR is the leader so you take care of each member.
That's how you found these habits from them.
It's a basic thing.
- Do you know the blood type of the members? - What's ARON's? Type A.
Type O and AB.
What's your blood type? - Me? - Yeah.
Same as ARON's.
Type A.
- You have type A? - You have type O right? - How did you know that? You look like type O.
[Makes sense] And you look like type A too.
A! Well, you wouldn't know their zodiac sign right? - I know their zodiac sign.
- You do? - I know your birthday but not zodiac sign.
- I know their birthday.
ARON has the same one like me, Gemini.
- Cancer.
- Correct.
- Wow, it's amazing.
- It is What's your zodiac sign? Capricorn.
You are Aquarius right? I think so.
- I think I'm Aquarius.
- Aquarius.
So, the fact that JR knows very well about NU'EST members.
It was to check whether it's true.
We'll take a moment to let JR predict what members will do in certain situations.
We'll give you the situation.
Then, JR will predict their possible reaction.
The exact order of their action.
ARON can't hear us? Let's see whether ARON can't really listen to us.
He might pretend that he can't hear us.
Hey! Can you hear us? - Okay.
I can.
- Of course you do.
[It's working well] [Interesting Donhee] ARON! He can't hear us for sure.
- Oh it works well.
- He can't hear us.
Let's see how well JR knows about the members.
First question please.
[Curious] It seems delicious.
So, you need to predict in what order members will eat these dishes.
[Predict the order in which members will eat these dishes] - Order - Yeah.
Beansprout soup, eggs, stir-fried pork, - egg rolls, kimchi.
- There are loads.
First, second and third.
JR can't get it wrong.
- He knows all too well about members.
- What they'll have.
I think I got it.
He eats soup first.
- That's true.
- Yeah.
- Soup first.
- He starts with soup.
REN says ARON eats soup first.
Just write your own opinion.
- Don't discuss.
- What is this? - Cucumber? - It's just a side dish.
ARON won't eat these two.
- He won't.
- Okay.
Just write the first, second and third one.
- Okay, I'm done.
- Okay.
Let's look at BAEKHO's answer.
In an order of eggs, meat and soup.
- Not rice.
- Why? Because it's not a proper meal.
- He will have a different pattern.
- Okay.
In an order of soup, meat and rice.
He always eats soup first and do some gesture like this.
- Soup first.
- Right.
- Soup, meat and rice.
- And know-it-all JR.
In an order of soup, rice and meat.
Only one is different from REN's answer.
He'll taste soup first.
- He'll have rice and then side dishes.
- Like our fathers.
Turn off the music please.
Just eat this in your own way.
You can have this meal.
- Really? - As you want.
- Be comfortable.
- Bon appetite.
- It seems delicious.
- Just as you do in daily lives.
Why is it nervous? It seems delicious.
Just as you do.
[Huh?] [Huh?] Just as you do.
[ARON's choice] [Roasted seaweed first] - Really? - Yeah.
[Rice and roasted seaweed] [What's going on?] [You all got the wrong answer from the start] - Can I really have this? - Yeah.
Nothing's bad for ARON.
- You didn't spoil this right? - Never.
It's very delicious.
- Stir-fry pork seems good.
- He has similar taste to mine.
[He's eating in an order far from the answers] [The third one is egg rolls] Why is everyone laughing? - It seems delicious.
- It's not because of you.
- I envy you.
- They are laughing at themselves.
[No worries] [Members said ARON will never eat this dish] [Oh my goodness] - JR - Do you like it? - ARON, do you like it? - You eat that? They all got it wrong.
- You didn't eat that.
- Which one? You don't eat cucumber.
- This one? - Yeah.
I like side dishes.
No you don't.
- You don't eat kimchi.
- Are you betraying us? You don't eat kimchi.
Recently, I've started to eat more Korean foods.
- You didn't have update from him.
- Yeah.
[We don't know ARON] You got wrong answers.
Soup, rice and meat.
I should have changed it to roasted seaweed.
[Second question for REN] Give him the item.
[Smiling] [So confident] [Wow, so envious of REN] What? I want chicken! [NU'EST W prediction question] [(Leg, Breast, Wing) what order will Ren eat?] Okay, so there's breast, wing, and leg.
[Everyone is so confident, saying they know REN so well] - Oh this one - This is so easy.
[A bunny seems to be enjoying this moment] You can't talk to other people.
[Compared to previous questions] [They write an answer without hesitation] [As if they were REN] [(What order will I eat if I were him?)] [Why?] [Busy and chaotic] [Wing, breast, and leg] - Okay, we wrote our answers.
- Yes.
- Okay, show your answer, Baekho.
- My answer is - In a breast-wing-leg order.
First of all, REN likes chicken breast.
[Shocking news by Baekho] And he might not want to eat chicken leg.
- Oh yeah? - Yes.
[We will find it out shortly] Chicken leg is the best part though! My answer is that he will eat the leg one first, and then the wing part [This explains why he seemed very confused a bit ago] - and lastly breast! - Wang? - Is it wing or wang? [Aron's answer is the opposite of Baekho's] - Okay.
- Their answers are all different.
[What about JR?] Well, JR will tell us.
- What about you, JR? - Here we go.
- My answer is leg, breast, and wing.
- Oh, so you think he will eat from the left.
- REN [The reason is ] always eats chicken breast when someone orders chicken for him.
[So detailed answer] But when he's the one who bought chicken, he eats the leg part first.
[Didn't know at all] - Oh really? - This is so logical.
[His answer is so convincing] [Here's an update!] Recently [JR's chicken leg incident note] [When? Before shooting a MV] I had chicken before shooting a music video.
I asked him to have it together.
[What happened? REN didn't eat the leg part] But he didn't eat the leg part.
[(Why?)] - Oh really? - So, I asked him why.
[He was waiting for JR to give him the leg part] And it turned out that he was waiting for me to give him.
- Oh really? No way.
- Trust me.
- Really? [So logical, because JR bought chicken] That's probably because you paid.
[Don't forget] Well, JR sounds so trustworthy but let's not forget that he got the previous one wrong.
[JR's score : 1 fail out of 1 game] Let's see whether he gets this one right.
If what JR told us is true, [If that's true REN is such a considerate person] - He's so considerate.
- Yes, so [JR confidently predicts ] He's eating alone, so I think he will eat chicken in a leg-breast-wing order.
He doesn't usually eat the wing part.
[The answer will come out shortly] Okay, REN.
[Wow, it's chicken] Please turn off music.
[Nervous] You eat it however you like to eat.
[What's the first part Ren chooses?] - Just show your stlye to eat chicken.
- Don't think about members.
Just the way you usually eat chicken.
[Smiling confidently] [Smiling confidently2] [Copy and paste] [We've see this face before] [Tada] [Leg first!] [Smiling] Oh, it must be good.
[And now they are envious of REN for eating chicken] - It looks so good.
- So good.
[Don't care what the answer is He just wants chicken] You like the leg part, huh? [So envious.
Everyone is more interested in chicken now] - REN, is it good? - Yes.
[All of a sudden, being wary] What, what? [Don't know why but something bothers him] - What? - Just eat it.
- Yes, just enjoy it.
[Attractive] [Eating chicken.
Nom nom nom] [Their mouth is watering] - Looks so delicious.
- Yeah.
[Finished eating the leg part] [What's next?] You can eat more if you want.
[I'll just stop here] I'm good.
[Perplexed] What? Really? [They go in for the leftover][Really?] - Really? - Yes.
Okay, what if you would want to have another piece, which one would it be? - Next one? - Yes.
[JR and Aron got the leg part right] This one.
[Aron gets disappointed while JR gets happy] This one.
[He picked chicken breast] [REN's choice: 1.
Leg 2.
Breast 3.
Wing] Okay, you'd have breast and then wing.
[Absolutely failed] [He got the first one right] - What about JR? - My answer is [Perfect answer] Leg, breast, and wing.
His answer is so logical.
[Got surprised] Oh wow.
[Deny the reality] You said you don't like chicken leg.
- Me? - Yes.
- Who wouldn't like chicken leg? [That's not true] - I like chicken leg.
- Yeah? - Of course.
Well, JR said [JR's logic] - We're curious about - Right.
When you're the one who pays, you eat chicken leg first.
But when others pay, you don't eat chicken leg first.
[Laughing so hard] - Is it true? - That was his logic.
[So correct] Wow, so impressive.
How did he find it out? I can't believe it.
[Goosebumps, JR's prediction was perfect] I told you! - I knew it.
- He knows a lot.
- Why though? - Because [It's all about being considerate] I just want to give chicken leg to others.
[Whoa, he's so considerate] So I always say, "You should eat chicken leg".
[Realized it today][(Oh that was why, REN)] - Because everyone loves chicken leg.
- But when you buy it, [Whoa, JR's prediction was correct] - since you pay it, you eat - Yes, that's true.
[And his logic was perfect too] - Oh, JR! - Wow, he has sharp eyes.
[JR CAM][Such a relief that he got it right] Congratulations! [Seems like all the questions are related to food] I guess Baekho is so excited because we had food again.
[So excited] Yes, I am indeed.
Next, It's Baekho's turn.
[The last prediction question about Baekho] Give us the item.
What is it? - What is it? - Oh this one must be about the direction.
- Head, chest, and stomach? [So cute] Head, chest, or maybe tail? - Head, body, and tail.
- Oh right.
Head, body, and [Can't understand] What is it? You don't eat it at once? [Burst into a laughter] I mean what do you mean? [Hyeongdon convinced members] I think he'll just eat it at once.
[Okay rules are changed Head, body, tail and all at once] Okay, then let's just include it as well.
- Okay.
- All at once? [Sneaking at the best performer's answer] Don't cheat! You just write down your answer.
[Don't cheat] - Just write down your own answer.
- I wrote.
- Okay, don't show it yet.
[Tiny fish-shaped buns] He will eat from the head, or from the body, or from the tail, or [Smelling] - He will eat it at once.
- REN? - I think he will eat it at once.
- At once.
And then, the head, and [If your answer is "eat it at once", that's it] - You can write only one answer.
- What do you mean? - Because it's "eat it at once".
- Right.
My answer is, from the head to the body, and the tail.
What's JR's answer?] And let's see JR's answer.
- JR who knows most about the members.
- I think he'll eat the head part first, and then the rest of it all at once.
[Oh, so persuasive] - Oh, he'll just have the head part? - Why? [The reason is] He doesn't like snacks much.
[So logical] So I think he'll have the head part a little bit.
[Here][(Only thinking about food)] And then he'll eat the rest after finding out it is good.
Baekho! You know what you should do.
[What is it? So disappointed] Hey, this is the famous fish-shaped buns! [What are you talking about?] Please, these are not fish-shaped buns.
You can eat however you want to eat.
[Because they're fish-shaped] [They don't taste like fish-shaped buns but still] Just enjoy it, thinking that they're fish-shaped buns.
[Disappointed] Just imagine they are fish-shaped buns.
[Just enjoy it as usual(=eat it at once)] Just eat it in a way you usually eat it.
[(Once again, he might be right)] It looks good! [Put it in his mouth] [What's the order though?] [Seems like he got it wrong] [We can tell from his facial expression] [That's right] [(Yes! From the head!)] [Yay] [(He had the head part first)] [Had it from the head] [Incorrect] [What a good start] [He had the head first] [What's next?] [Why is everyone so nervous?] [Tada] [Oh, he still has the tail part] [Everyone knows that he got it wrong] [(Yes, he only had the body part)] [Eat more! Talking to him because he's nervous] - Is it good? Looks good! - Yes.
[All of a sudden, Baekho trying to predict what the question was] Oh, is it about what I say? [No, it is not] - No.
- Just enjoy it.
[Do you want it?] - This is good.
- It's not a game you think.
[Quickly put the tail part in his mouth] Baekho, you just enjoy it and we [And then] [Pick the second one] [Now can predict how Baekho would eat] [One person closed his eyes, Two people are smiling] [Again, he ate the head part first] Okay, okay.
[Found a pattern] Well, there's not much difference.
[The quiet atmosphere makes him nervous] [Keep predicting what's going on] - Should I say something? - No.
[(Just eat)] No, you just enjoy the snacks.
We're just observing you.
[This time] [He had the rest of it at once] [Can you hear it?] [The sound of JR's accuracy going up!] - We need to see him eating one more.
- Right.
[Who knows better about Baekho] [REN: 0, Aron: 1, JR: 1] Right, we need to make sure.
[Baekho's rule: eating the head first] [And how he will eat the rest will decide who's the winner] This is where everything will be determined.
[What's this reaction?] [Oh no] Oh, just right now.
[(Yes, eat it all)] Baekho usually [Almost eat it all] [Just have the body part only] [JR's accuracy is dropping] [JR doesn't like this at all] Oh, just right now [What a plot twist][He just had the body part] This one was so thrilling.
[JR's so disappointed] Oh, my heart is beating so fast.
[Baekho eating so well, knowing nothing] This one was the best moment in this episode.
[Everyone was fooled] - It was thrilling.
- He fooled everyone.
[So disappointed] - You should become an actor.
- It came out.
- This one [Explaining what the question was] was about what order you would eat a fish-shaped bun.
[Ah ha! Now he realized everything] Head, body, and tail.
Okay, then shall we see the answers? - REN.
- REN said [Absolutely incorrect] - Eat it at once.
- Right, at once.
- Incorrect.
- And my answer is 1.
Head, 2.
Body, 3.
[Perfect] - He got it right.
- Now, JR's answer is I predicted that he would taste the head, and then [So close] - he would eat the rest at once.
- He ate like this with the second one.
[JR predicted so well with the second one] - Right, he ate it like this with the second one.
- So - It was like 1:1 between Aron and JR.
- Right.
[So the last one determined who the winner is] - So with the last one, - Right, we were curious about You put the rest of it to your mouth but then [You left the tail part] you put the tail part out of your mouth.
[(Oh, that was why)] I thought it was your finger at first.
[So disappointed] It was the tail part! [Didn't know eating a fish-shaped bun is this thrilling] It was so thrilling.
It was! Well, JR knows almost everything [JR's ability to observe is top 1%] - about the members.
- He's looking closely at all of you.
[So surprised] Right, he knows us so well.
[Admit that he knows so well of NU'EST] We confirm JR's observation ability.
The next fact check, please.
"Baekho boasts his muscular body perfect for photo shots" What does this mean? Oh, that is only for muscular guys.
- I did the photo shot.
- Really? - Yes.
And it's all sold out.
[Admiring] Look at the muscles.
[Shy] What made you start working out? I used to easily gain weight.
Whenever I needed to lose some, I had to starve.
- That's hard.
- So I thought I would rather work out and eat.
That's how I started.
Then, I found out my body changed.
I started having fun from then on.
That's why I don't start exercising.
I don't want the fun.
I don't want to feel my body change.
- When you start feeling it - That's why I don't start.
What about you, guys? - JR works out too.
- Yes.
What about you, Aron? He breathes in and out.
- Ren? - I used to work out a lot and am having a break at the moment.
Really? Why don't we measure the arms of Baekho? - Arms? - Yes We measured the arms.
Wonho from Monsta X.
[Curious] Wonho's arm measures 16 inches.
I'm curious, too.
- Looks like over 40.
- Pull your muscles.
Over 40.
Oh! 4040cm.
- 40.
- 40? - Wait, 40 Pull your muscle a little bit more.
More! 38cm! Less bulky.
- 40cm - 40 - Great.
- Won's working really hard.
- We used to work out together.
- Really?- Yes They have similar size of arms.
- Wonho's is 40.
64 cm.
- Yes Yours is 40.
Let us give you one minute to bulk up.
An opportunity to beat him.
Because Got7's Jackson did the 76 push-ups for one minute.
- More than once per second? - Yes - He was great.
- So fast.
We will give you two missions.
How many push-ups can you do for a minute? And how thick can your arm get? I can do it.
76 is too many.
How can you do it 76 times a minute? [Like this] - Way to go! - One minute! - Look at the posture.
- Looks strong.
Good posture.
Go! [Focus] [Quiet] If he keeps the pace, it will be over 60.
He's very fast.
Cheer up! Over 40.
[I can do it!] Way to go! 58, 59, 60.
Over 40 seconds now.
[I'll beat him.
] No, no.
[This is like a drama.
] [Very funny] [I can't give up.
I'm Kang Baekho.
] - Stop! - Stop! Hurry, hurry.
Hurry up.
I'm curious, too.
[I hope my arms are beefed up.
] [Before 40cm - After ??] - 42! 42! - 42? - 42.
- After pumping, it's 42.
- 42.
And he did 82 push-ups a minute.
Wow! He made records in both.
Jackson! You should come out again soon.
- JR - Yes? - You can try.
You are the only one here after Baekho did it.
I think Aron would do more.
- Aron? - Someone with a light body can do it better.
- Aron? - Listen.
I - I already had tired muscles.
- Then, you should relax your muscles.
[Solomon Baekho] All 3 can do it altogether.
Maybe not.
I don't think I can.
- Baekho did 80.
- Since you guys came here together.
- Get, set - Ready - I don't think I can.
- Ready - I don't think I can.
Go! [Fully powered push-up] [Stable] Wait.
Sorry, Ren.
Ren's out.
- Aron! - Wait, I strained my muscle.
What are you doing, Ren? [JR vs Aron] - Oh - Look at JR! Fierce competition.
This is competition over man's pride.
[I can't hear anything.
] - Look at JR's back muscles.
- Great.
JR must be good at things like this.
[Push-up bot!] [Keeping his pace to break the record] [Working hard] How many so far? My heart is beating too hard.
[Help me now] Look how he went back.
Look at him.
I don't think I can do it any more.
Look at JR.
He doesn't make any sound at all.
- 2 secs.
- 2 secs! - Time's up.
JR did more than me? Right? JR's very good at things like this.
I strained my muscles.
How many did JR do a minute? Ren did 9.
What about Aron? - 65 - Wow, Aron did 65.
JR did 90.
[That's out JR.
] JR did 90.
[JR broke a record.
] - JR did a good job.
- Wow! Yeoksam boy! If you look at the appearance, Baekho looks the strongest in this team.
But fans say others are equally strong.
Especially with the toy hammer, members are suddenly changed.
- Really? - The toy hammer.
- Whose hammer is most powerful? Whose hit hurts most? Renno, Baekho's, I guess.
- Baekho? - Well, we never did the full swing among ourselves.
No, no, no.
- Ren - Ren did the full swing.
- Ren is serious.
- Ren does the full swing.
I can't control when I get excited.
He's a man.
Then, why don't we determine who's strongest now.
Let's pick the winner here.
You know how? Rock, scissors, paper.
The winner hits the other with the toy hammer.
The other one should wear the pot.
- Got it? - This is hardest.
2 vs.
2, OK? - 2 vs 2 - Make a team.
Make a team.
- What is it? - No, it should be Jandi.
- Jandi.
- You must be from Busan.
- Yes Right! Nobody believed me before I did another show.
Palm up or down! Sky and earth.
- From Jeju? - Yes - What about you? - Black & white - Black & white - Let's sing your own song.
- OK 1, 2, 3, 4! [Equal opportunity, fair process, right result] [What's the result?] JR and Baekho.
- Ren, Aron - The first round is the final round.
["Toy hammer of death" for Group A] [LA Santa Monica vs.
Busan Yeongdo Bridge] - I'm so nervous.
- You do it once.
I don't want to get hit by Ren.
You should react quickly.
Rock scissors paper! [Flinch] Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! - He blocked it.
- Rock scissors paper! He blocked it.
- You guys are so - So quick.
- Strong.
- He took off his shirt.
- OK OK, ok.
- Why am I so nervous? - Ren's so quick.
Rock scissors paper! [Even] Rock scissors paper! - Even - He blocked it.
He blocked it.
Rock scissors paper.
Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! Why are you so poor at this? You should beat him.
Rock scissors paper! Why do you hold the hammer? Rock scissors paper.
Why do you take the pot? It's even.
I think Aron likes a pot and Ren like a hammer.
He like to defend.
He likes to attack.
Ren takes the hammer no matter what.
Rock scissors paper! - Why took it? - Sorry.
Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! [while he hesitates] [Thuck] It would be more painful.
More painful.
Look at the pot.
The pot has dent.
- Let's go.
- Change it this way.
- Why? It's confusing.
- Right.
Because both are using the right hand.
- Why don't you change it? - You had it on the right side so far.
Look at him.
He got so excited.
As he's saying, let's change it.
Rock scissors paper.
Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! [Commotion] [Chaos] - He blocked it.
- He blocked it.
[It's so funny.
] He has the fighting spirit.
- Both have strong fighting spirit.
It's close.
Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! Made it! Aron beat Ren! It was very fierce.
Aron, you should do this again.
[Group 4] [Kangneung vs Jeju] Let's play fair.
Don't hit me with this.
No, no.
JR's really good at things like this.
- JR's good.
- He's very good.
Let's go.
Rock scissors paper! Quick! - Quick.
- Very quick.
Rock scissors paper! Quick.
Look at his power.
I blocked it.
- I did it first - I didn't know.
- OK, let's go, anyway.
- Let's go, anyway.
Rock scissors paper! - Sorry.
- Quick.
- I was going to take this, sorry.
Rock scissors paper! - Even - Even - Even Even.
Both had scissors.
Both had scissors.
I think - They are a lion and a tiger.
- Yes.
- Rock scissors paper! [At last!] [Game over] [He got so excited] [(-HP 950721)] JR win! He's strong.
- But he is not as quick.
- Yes, slow.
- OK - Aron vs JR The eldest brother vs the leader Can't wait to see.
[Final match] [Kangneung vs LA] [Who will be the final winner?] Rock scissors paper! - Why did you take this? You won.
- Sorry.
Why did I take it? [Let's try again.
] Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! Why do you want to take the pot? You got so good at rock scissors paper! Why am I so bad at this? Why? Why am I so poor? Rock scissors paper! - So quick.
- How come is he so quick? - JR's so quick.
- Rock scissors paper! Why not beat him? Why not beat him? - So quick? - Rock scissors paper! [Look at the speed] Why so quick? Rock scissors paper! [Again] I didn't do it on purpose.
- The winner's not picked yet.
- Isn't this the punishment? This one looks like the punishment.
Getting the hit would less hurt.
Rock scissors paper! Rock scissors paper! [Aron hit JR so hard.
] Aron win! [Aron is the final winner!] No one can beat Aron.
Not possible.
- I'm so bad at rock scissors paper.
- Right.
'PLEDIS' chef from hell is Ren!' What is this? Is Ren a bad cook? - Yes - Very much so.
He's a bad cook.
And he is good at other things.
- Like what? Decoration? - Yes For decoration, his preference is a bit different.
- His way of thinking is different from others.
- Really? Let's look at some photos.
Halloween in the forest, maybe? - What is it? - Is that pizza? It looks like pizza.
- Chocolate pizza - I made chocolate pizza.
- Chocolate pizza? - Chocolate pizza? - It's filled with jelly and chocolate.
- Junk food, you know.
- It looks so sweet.
It pulled apart like cheese.
- It was experimental.
- Yes - What is it? - Well, that is - What is it? - That is It's called "Diffuser in Forest".
I made past first.
And on top of it, Then, I thought about the decoration.
- Isn't that CG? - No - I used a bell pepper.
- Not CG? - Did you really put it on top? - Really? Isn't that CG? Are you serious? I put uncooked pasta noodles on the bell pepper.
- That way - I can see what it is.
Halloween in the forest.
- What is it? - That's Halloween in the forest.
Aren't they uncooked broccolis? - Right.
- Is that bread in the bottom? - With an uncooked bell pepper.
The bottom is chicken and cheese.
I mixed rice and everything.
Did everyone taste his food? Ren doesn't eat.
- He doesn't eat his own food.
- I like just seeing it.
A cook doesn't eat his own food.
- I'm happy to see it.
- He gives his food to us.
- How do you guys like it? - It's ok as long as he's happy.
[He's like a father raising his baby] [Like a father seeing his own son growing up] It's very important.
We don't mind if he's happy.
- Thank you.
- If he enjoy cooking for us Is Ren a real chef from hell? Let's check it now.
Now? Let's do the 15-minute cooking contest.
Four of you should make a lunch box for 15 minutes.
Cook us a lunch box! It reminds me of my old times.
Do you guys know the trendy and pretty lunch boxes? Let us show you some samples.
[Cute] Look at the octopus-looking sausages.
Too cute to eat.
This one is I can't eat that.
- So cute.
It's sleeping under a sheet.
Yes! - What is this? - Too pretty to eat.
- Snails? We prepared something for this contest.
You see ingredients.
We have rice, eggs, - Salad and are these quail eggs? - Yes You can make your own pretty lunch box for 15 mins.
Ready, set, go! We'll taste it.
And we will pick the winner.
[Squeeze some ketchup] [He is real.
] [He's filling the blank with mayo.
] [He's such a skilled cook!] Look at Aron Ramsay! It looks like toast that you can eat for breakfast in the U.
We're not allowed to use stove here.
JR is the master of eggs.
With an egg [Ham for gimbap] [Matching colors] [He know how to cook!] - I'm in big trouble.
- What shall I make? [Rice is the answer for Koreans.
] [He also knows how to cook.
] Baekho is making rice balls.
It looks tough but delicious.
[And now is time to check this guy!] [A chef from hell] What is he doing? Uncooked carrot [Looking innocent] How many slices is he using? Let's take a look.
[He's cutting uncooked carrot.
] [What is he planning?] We can't expect anything.
- Are you going to bore the bread with it? - Yes - Bore the slices? - Correct [That's how the hell gate starts to open.
] [Healing scene] It's broken.
[It's peaceful.
] Now the rice ball is wearing a yellow head band.
Good score.
He has sense of cooking.
Look at Aron.
Like he's cooking for a picnic.
So neat.
neat gimbap.
JR's food looks good, too.
Look at his art of work.
It's beautiful.
[Look at Ren] Ren is now on top of broccoli, he's putting meted cheese.
I've never combined cheese and broccoli.
[Both good cooks] [And a strange cook are serious.
] [You can even eat while cooking.
] [Yum yum] Time to wrap up! I'm done.
Raise your hand if you are done.
Time's almost up.
30 secs to go.
- 30 secs - Done? - Dingdong - Stop! - Dingdong - Stop! [Look at the pretty lunch boxes by NU'EST] - Time's up.
- Yes Please explain what you made.
Baekho, you go first.
The name is "round round".
I made rice balls.
It has tuna and ham as well.
[Creator: Aron Ramsay] Springtime Picnic 3 pieces of sandwich and gimbap They look so neat.
It's sailing boat.
This is the sun, the sea, and the boat is leaving.
Tomato ketchup is waves.
[Art of work] Yes.
- Ren - Yes What's the name? An emperor penguin visits autumn festival.
[Gingko tree] An emperor penguin visits autumn festival.
[Very creative] An emperor visits autumn festival.
The bread has no filling.
It wouldn't be great if it has filling.
[Speechless] [Time to taste to pick the best chef] Let us taste your food.
Give me the chopsticks.
The first one is made by Baekho.
- It looks delicious.
- Rice ball.
[Yum] [Nervous] Well, it tastes like it should be in "Baek Jongwon's Alley Restaurant".
[It means it has room for improvement] Color's good.
Rice is not salty enough.
And it's too dry.
[The 2nd food] - Let us see you eat it first.
- Sure.
Take it this way.
- You can eat it this way.
- How? Why don't you take a bite? [Dumbfounded] Say something about your food.
- Are your teeth ok? - You didn't break your teeth, did you? [I never knew I had to eat it myself] - Sounds like something's broken.
- We heard something.
As we are the judges, we have to taste it.
We are in hot water.
This drives me crazy.
Let me taste it.
Smells grass! You taste it on behalf of both of us.
I'm curious.
[Don't tell me.
] - Don't tell me.
- Not bad, huh? - Don't tell me.
- Not bad, right? - It's not bad.
- Don't tell me.
- Not bad - Not bad, right? - Don't do that.
- I'm serious.
Take a bite.
- The part I ate was - better than Baekho's.
- Really? - Yes - Not bad? - I'm serious.
- This one? - It's good.
- Are you serious? - Yes - Let me take a bite.
- Not bad.
- I can't eat uncooked broccoli.
- Me neither.
[Sounds like he's eating grass] As if he lives in the nature.
The cheese - Cheese makes the broccoli salty.
- Ah! - I can't fell it.
- Good, huh? - Unexpectedly - Surprisingly, it's good.
- Due to the cheese - Right, the cheese.
- I can't feel the uncooked broccoli.
- But - Make sure you eat a lot of cheese.
- That's right.
- Better than expected.
- Seriously - It's surprising.
I don't think so.
- No, I'm good.
- I'm serious.
Personally, I think it's good.
Do you agree? - Good.
- Isn't it? - Why is it good? If it's cooked, it'd be even better.
It's not inedible.
- I think.
- Right.
- It's better than expected.
- I'm so relieved.
[It's not over yet] Now is time to eat the penguin.
- This one is - Special taste How can I taste it? - This one - Is this sesame? This is the only edible part.
Let me try.
Cut in half.
I'll eat one eye and you eat the other eye.
What is this? Ren, don't they need to eat the carrot, too? [Again?] It falls like sand.
[Chef is most surprised.
] Hey, you did a good job with black peppers.
[100% coincidence] - Really? - You sprinkled black pepper! I did.
Not bad! - Edible! Not bad! - Delicious.
Black pepper gives the savory.
- What is happening? - It's delicious.
Come here.
Take a bite.
It's good.
Take a small bite.
[Yum] Black pepper gives the savory.
Let me try.
The black pepper saved the food.
- Good.
- Guys, this food features The taste is like room service food from a hotel.
- The bread of room service food.
- That's it.
The bread you get on flight.
The emperor penguin visits autumn festival.
OK? - Springtime picnic.
- Yes Broccoli is [Yum yum] You eat a lot today.
It looks good and tastes good.
I can't say it's not good.
This is perfect.
This one isGimbap has to have the yellow radish.
Aron's a great cook.
It is really good.
But you know what? I'd like to eat this again.
I understand.
I know why but I like to eat it again.
I miss the taste.
This holds our ankles.
This holds our ankles.
Now is time for the sailing boat.
Which part shall I try? The sail? Or - I recommend the sail.
- The sail? OK.
- Me, too.
- It has filling in it.
It looks good.
- Looks like JR will win the contest.
- OK These two are like the lunch boxes from drama.
- That's the taste.
- Yes.
But you know what? I still miss it.
I keep missing it.
I really miss it.
It's not easy to have the taste and the art.
All were great.
[Will Aron be the winner?] [Or Baekho?] [What about JR with beautiful food?] [Ren's food from hell?] [Will Aron be the winner?] [Or Baekho?] [What about JR with beautiful food?] [Ren's food from hell?] Aron! Me too.
Aron is the winner today.
[It's good as long as Ren's happy] We had NU'EST W for the first time in this show.
JR, how was it? I was chosen as "pick-dol" today.
So I think I was so lucky.
We had so much fun.
And we got to know even more about each other.
It was useful.
Also, Ren's food is different from what it looks.
- You never know until you - Experience it first hand.
- Right.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
It was so fun.
- Baekho - Yes - What do you think? Would the viewers stay tuned or not? It was quite okay, I think.
I had so much fund today.
Please give a lot of support to our album "WAKE,N".
We'll try our best.
Please watch us.
Bye [NU'EST W 3701] It was the most credible idol show "IDOL ROOM"! Thank you for watching.
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