Idol Room (2018) s01e31 Episode Script

Hyungdon and Daejun, The Boyz

JTBC Idol Room Episode 31 - Hyungdon and Daejun, The Boyz [Strange creatures in a familiar studio] [Pretty Ilhoon] [Prettier Yujin] [Cheerful music] [Getting excited] [All cameras are happy.
] [Cheerful] [Hyungdon & Daejune X Ilhoon & Yujin] [Festive mood] [IDOL ROOM] The most reliable idol show.
IDOL ROOM! [Awkward] Hello, we are here to make IDOL ROOM fresh.
Special MC Ilhoon and Ahn Yujin.
[These familiar backs] Hello, it's not your usual opening.
Some of you would have been surprised.
We are today's special MC.
This is the first time for Yujin to do the MC role.
[Nervous] Yes, today It's my first time.
I'm so nervous.
I'll try my best today and take roots here.
It's over.
I've been here before.
Go for it! [She looks innocent] Let us introduce today's guests to visit IDOL ROOM.
The two groups have something in common.
They are all boys.
The difference is the average age.
It's 20.
8 vs 41.
[No impact on their mental] Let's have them up here.
First of all, the winner of the rookie of the year twice.
The Boyz who came back in 2 months.
- Come out.
- The Boyz, come on out.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- We have a lot.
- Let us say hello.
2, 3 Best We THE BOYZ! Hello, we are The Boyz.
[The Boyz debut: Dec 2017] [Juhaknyeon, Younghoon] [Songs: Boy, Giddy Up, KeePer, Right Here] [Juyeon, Hyunjae] [Sangyeon, Sunwoo] [Selected as Rookie of the Year four times] [Hwall, Q] [All 12 look like centers] [Q, Kevin, Jacob] [All of them are good looking] [Eric, New] [THE BOYZ] Next, they are called the father of idols.
But today, they are promising idols.
- Hyungdon & Daejune, come on out.
- Come out.
[Burst into laughter] Hello, nice to meet you.
Are you guys ok? You looked nervous.
We did it on purpose.
Don't use the cane.
You look like a sick person.
[The pink sausage group] - Show us your fighting spirit.
- We tried to copy Solid.
[What are you doing?] [You are upsetting IZONE fans.
] [They are watching these funny guys.
] - Hyungdon & Daejune, greeting please.
- Hello - Hello - From Hyungdon & Daejune, I am the honey sexy combo, Hyungdon.
Sweet sugar poppin - Sweet sugar poppin? - Sweet sugar poppin! - Sweet Sugar Poppin? - Puppy! - Puppy! - I am Daejune, the sweet sugar puppy.
Nice to see you.
[Hyungdon & Daejune debuted in 2012] [They are the hip hop duo in their 7th year.
] [Their only hit song 6 years ago: The Gloomy Song] [Others: Get Out, Sexy Side, Rap Impossible] [The King of Math] [Skip the rest of songs with a long title] Honey sauce - Honey sexy - Not honey mustard - Honey sexy! - Honey sexy combo - What is it? Sweet and fatally sexy Each idol has his own nickname.
So I wanted to have one.
I am Honey Sexy Combo.
It shows your strong commitment.
- Sweet sugar puppy - OK, I'll ask about it a little later.
- Sweet boyfriend.
- You don't have to explain.
Sweet boyfriend.
It's the first time for both to come to IDOL ROOM.
I need to ask you how you feel.
The Boyz, have you guys seen IDOL ROOM? - Yes - Very much.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
What is your favorite episode? - Q - Sunmi's.
- I see.
- OK.
- Good.
[His name is Q.
] Do not hold them in check.
- Can I ask a question? - Sure.
Go ahead.
We are rivals.
The names are unusual.
Q, Hwall and Hyunjae.
- Knew - Yes.
- New, Past and Future.
Juyeon, the main actor.
Names are unusual.
- Yes.
- We'd like to know about it.
Stop playing the MC role.
I'm slowly into you.
- It's a habit.
- New - Why New? - I want to show new music and new looks to our fan.
- That's why.
- We've never seen such a name - so far.
- I know.
Kevin, is that your real name? Yes, I'm from Canada.
- Canada.
- He's Vin from Canada.
[You can ignore it.
] What about you, Hwall? - Real name is - Are you Lim Hwall, or something? It's from "Arrow the ultimate weapon".
The real name.
Arrow the ultimate weapon! Guys, don't say what you have thought beforehand.
Instead, listen to us and answer us.
Stop saying what you've thought, you two.
- We haven't read the script.
- Stop being the MC.
- Stop reading the script.
- Sorry.
- She said stop.
- OK.
If these two guys are carried away, - please make them calm down.
- OK.
You should name us.
Honey sexy combo, be quiet.
Sweet sugar puppy, be quiet.
Sweet sugar puppy, be quiet.
[Lips are sealed.
] [As if they are watching TV] Hwall looks good on you.
Your nose looks sharp.
- Not the real name.
- What's your real name? - It's Hyunjun.
- Hyunjun? Why did you name you Hwall? - You can choose Chong or others.
- It has a meaning.
If you want to shoot this sharp hwall(arrow), Hwall has swag.
You don't have to come out.
If you want to shoot a sharp arrow you need someone like me, Hwall the ultimate weapon.
So what made you name yourself Hwall? [Time to intervene, Yujin] Cutie sexy poppin? No such person here.
No such person.
- Honey sugar puppy - Honey sugar puppy - Honey sweet puppy - I am honey sexy combo.
You should know our names, at least.
- What are you doing? - Honey sexy combo.
- Honey sexy combo Sweet sugar puppy Memorizing your names is more difficult than memorizing the names of 12 guys here.
- Why the name tag - Why not give us? - Sweet sugar puppy Why didn't you have easier names? - So, why Hwall? - Why? This sharpwhy am I Hwall? You need a bow to shoot an arrow.
I'm a necessary person.
I want to be someone that is needed by others.
- Q! - Yes.
- Why Q? I wanted to make a cheerful start for The Boyz.
Eric? I'm from the U.
- From L.
? - Los Angeles? - Los Angeles.
- Really? - Yes.
Do you know Melrose? - Yes? - Melrose Avenue.
- No You are lying.
You are not from L.
You don't know Melrose Avenue.
- Melrose Avenue.
- Would you guys please stop talking.
HOney sexy combo! We are from Busan and Jeonju.
- Busan, Jeonju! - Some of us are from Busan and Jeonju.
- Where in Jeonju? - I live in Songcheon-dong.
Songcheon dong? Nice neighborhood.
you are also from Jeonju.
I'm from Daejeon.
Why were you surprised? Why? Such an automatic reaction.
She's like A.
I heard The Boyz did a lot of preparation for today.
We prepared some raps.
- Rap? - We'll introduce members in cypher.
Show me THE BOYZ.
Wanna see it? We wanted to show you like this.
But we only had two members.
We can't do it in cypher.
The Boyz's freestyle cypher! Let's hear it.
Music, please! - Let's get it.
- Drop the beat! [Rhythm on] [Get the excitement] [New introducing Kevin] From Canada - Canada - Golden hands with honey-like voice - Gold hands - Let me introduce Kevin from The Boyz! [New introducing Kevin] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! [Canadian speaking fluent English] [Kevin introducing Sangyeon] Sangyeon's beyond your imagination.
What can't he do? He can do everything.
He can copy voices.
From low to high note, He be ballin'.
[Copying an actor's voice] Do I look like a future king? [Sangyeon introducing Juhaknyeon] His name is Juttomeok.
Food in his mouth.
He's eating again.
He's eating, eating and eating.
Turn around and eat again.
Soup is good.
It's alive.
[Juhaknyeon introducing Sunwoo] The Boyz' main rapper, Sunwoo Kim, show us something! [Sunwoo introducing Younghoon] This handsome guy's name is Younghoon.
He looks scary but he's actually cute.
Not very good when he's being too cute.
Just joking.
I love you.
[Younghoon introducing Hyunjae] Of past, present, and future, what do you like? [Look so happy] I like Hyujae(present), I like Hyunjae.
Please love him a lot.
Year 1998.
Let's stand at the end.
[Slowly moving] [Join the line] [They are thinking about their own rap.
] [Hyunjae introducing Juyeon] He was born on Jan 15 1998.
He has long arms and legs.
So he looks so sexy.
He's good looking.
It's so unfair.
The main character of The Boyz.
Yes, I'm the supporting character.
But he's such a poor rapper.
He has to learn a lot from me.
If you rap like that, you'll lose your job.
[Informal rapper LJ shock] [Active reaction] [Waiting for their turn] [Juyeon introducing Hwall] From great fashion style to modern dance.
His name is Hwall.
Fly and stink like a bee.
[LJ's good] [Hwall introducing Jacob] His name is Jacob.
His nickname is belly button.
His smile is the best.
He's an official angel.
Let's run together.
Let's go.
[Jacob introducing Q] - He's shining brightly on stage.
- Main dancer.
Show us, show us.
[Wow] [I'm showing] [Q introducing Eric] Do I need to say anything? - Energetic Eric, Let's get it.
- Let's get it.
[Eric introducing New] Who is the main vocal of The Boyz? Who is it? His name is Choi Chan Hee.
[It's almost the turn of Hyungdon & Daejune.
] He's a great singer.
Sometimes I get jealous.
[I'm ready] [The ambitious introduction for The Boyz is over.
] [Intruders] [Angels welcoming them] [Music stopped] Hyungdon & Daejune [AI music ran out of beat] Hyungdon & Daejune.
[Bitter] I was going to start when music stopped.
Freestyle rap.
You guys are well prepared.
We heard the introduction of 12 guys.
Feels like it's time to say goodbye.
- Good.
- Hyungdon & Daejune Let me give you chance later.
They are 12 and we are only 2.
It took 15 minutes to hear their cypher.
I'll give you enough chance.
Let me tell you this.
We are going to the 7th year crisis.
- If this doesn't work - It's our 7th year.
[An idol on his 7th year (from BTOB)] You can overcome.
- Let's shake hands.
- Way to go! No more hand shaking.
[Who would stop these two sausages?] No more handshaking.
No selfie is allowed.
Well, about The Boyz, - we did a little research.
- Yes Many of you can do strange things with your body.
- Sure.
- Doing strange things with a body.
I heard Q can stretch your neck.
- It stretches.
- What does that mean? You can't be an idol unless you have this kind of skill.
- Everyone has something like this.
- Yes.
- BTOB has no such thing.
- Me neither.
[Show us, Q] Q has a long neck.
- Yes.
- And then, I will try.
[Amazing] [It stretches!] [The neck is longer than the face.
] [Even the members are surprised.
] [He's good looking at the same time.
] It is getting longer.
Is this why you are called an alpaca? Yes, an alpaca and a giraffe.
So! - It was awesome.
- Hyungdon & Daejune.
I'm sure you can do this.
You are trying already.
- Hyungdon, it's your turn.
- Please measure my neck first.
Where's the Adam's apple? Let me help you.
Pull it.
- Let me pull it for you.
- Because - Let's measure it.
- We need to measure it, first.
The neck is Wait.
I'm not going to do it.
[She didn't say anything.
] - MC is - The neck is - You should say he has a neck even if he doesn't.
Let me find it for you.
The neck is probably It must be somewhere.
Usually, it starts from here.
That's the jaw.
It's here.
- It's a jaw, too.
- The neck is here.
- Here - This is the neck.
- 2 cm.
- 2 cm.
2 cm? If it's 2 cm, where is the Adam's apple? Somewhere.
It's 2 cm.
Stretch it as much as you can.
- Let me stretch it.
- Pull it.
- Pull it.
- The future of our team lies on this.
- I don't want to be beaten.
- Let's go.
- I don't want to be beaten by Q.
- 1, 2, 3 Wow, it's stretched.
[A little] [Strong commitment to win] How long? - 3cm! - 3cm It hurts.
Hey, it hurts.
- Why are your ears red? - I was gone to see the sights.
I was going to help If it's still not longer, it would be weird.
Juyeon has something to show us.
I can stretch my legs.
Stretch legs.
- Can you roll too? - Roll? Let me try.
- Not easy for a man to stretch legs.
- Right.
- The musclesThe muscles are in the way.
[Neat] [Stretched] [Can he roll?] Sideways - Can you roll sideways? - Like this? - Yes - Sideways.
[He's rolling] One more time Can you do it the other side? [He's rolling again.
] He's flexible.
That's not easy for men.
- You can't be beaten.
- Sure.
- Our Hyungdon & Daejune.
- I can't be beaten! Round of applause! Sweet Sugar Puppy can't do it.
Sweet Sugar Puppy can't do it.
[This is their best.
] Please stretch your legs, now.
- Ready, 1, 2 -Somebody should help.
- Let me push.
- Don't push.
Strike the legs.
Yujin can do this.
- Hit the legs.
- Sweet Sugar Puppy [Angelic MCs are helpers.
] Hit it like this.
Here - No - Here the cane.
Let me pull it away.
A cane.
[No, I don't think so.
] No? - The cane won't work.
- OK.
[This is the 7-year team work.
] [So funny] Stop fighting, you two.
- Calm down.
- We are doing our best.
- Sorry.
- You two.
- Sweet Sugar Puppy.
- We are doing our best.
Younghoon can do something, too.
Again? He has a long tongue.
- It looks so long.
- Let's see.
[Sticking out his tongue] What was that? Hey, Younghoon, can your tongue touch your elbow? - I'm not very flexible.
- I can touch it.
Q! Why does it touch? [Unbelievable] He stretched his neck.
Hang on.
Ilhoon, pull my neck please.
Try it.
You are so ambitious today.
- It can't hurt you.
- I don't want anyone to beat me.
Yujin, come and break the arm.
- Let me push the neck.
- You pull it.
- Break it like this.
- Break it.
- You can pull it.
- 1, 2, 3 [Oh my eyes!] 1, 2, 3 [Close your eyes.
It's over in a second.
] - A little - A little more You can do it! You can do it! It hurts.
You said you want to try.
- I didn't want to be beaten.
- Right.
There's no ordinary skill.
- But his one is - It's ok.
At least you showed us your passion.
We had a peek at these two groups.
Now, let's talk about the reason that they visited IDOL ROOM.
- The new song.
- At last.
Please explain the new song THE BOYZ delivers after 2 months.
The title "No Air" has unique melody and boomba sound along with explosive beat in harmony.
The song is about our feelings for our loved one saying if you are not here, I feel like I have no air.
- Good - Very good.
- You learned it by heart.
- Good.
- You did a good job.
- How could you memorize all this - You did a good job.
- By the way, who is the leader? - We have a leader.
- Sangyeon? As Sunwoo did most of the talking, I thought Sunwoo is the leader.
- I'm the youngest.
- The youngest? I thought Sunwoo is the leader as he did all the talking.
I thought you are the MC as you did all the talking.
That's only how you feel.
I'm gradually into you.
- That's just how you feel.
- I'm deeply into you.
Thank you for the explanation.
Hyungdon & Daejune - Title is "Secret Love Song".
- "Secret Love Song" This song makes you confess your feelings on occasions.
Let's check right away.
Let's appreciate the stage of THE BOYZ.
[Let's go to the stage] [Natural and chic] [Twinkling eyes] [My eyes are bright] [Both stage and faces are fun to watch.
] [Good looking guys are doing great performance!] [We need your heart!] ['Secret Love Song' by Hyungdon & Daejune.
] [Lip sync which is very natural] [Not in sync at all] [We haven't seen him in a while.
] - Tonight - Sweet I don't wanna go home.
I don't wanna go home.
I know, Sweet Sugar Puppy.
I know what you mean.
[Embarrassment of pink color] What I wanna hear from Cony.
You blood type isa doll.
Time to stop.
Time to stop.
Time to stop.
Stop, stop! Hang on, why? Why did you guys scream? Well - Stop laughing.
You wrote the words.
- It's OK.
- So, Sweet Sugar Puppy, - Yes - Sweet Sugar Puppy - Honey Sexy Combo - I don't wanna go home.
- Once I heard it, I understand.
- That's why I am Honey Sexy Combo.
- Can I listen to the chorus part? - I haven't heard enough.
- And THE BOYZ is The very 1st close-up camera only for idol.
- Today's live pick dol - Close-up camera - Close-up camera - Close-up camera - Camera - Camera IDOL ROOM's signature corner 'Pick Dol'.
- You guys have seen the show, right? - Yes Can anyone explain this? - Hyungdon & Daejun - Honey sexy combo! That name is not for the corner.
- What was your name? -Sweet sugar puppy - Sweet sugar puppy - Sweet sugar puppy Sweet sugar puppy explains it.
One person here should spin the roulette.
And one is picked and that person has his own close-up cam.
- That's what.
- OK.
I'll be so happy if I can be picked.
I don't want to be picked.
Me neither.
This corner is we select a pick dol live with fans.
It's live.
[THE BOYZ & Hyungdon & Daejune's IN idol room live show has started.
] - Hello - Hi - Hello - Hi - Hi, Yujin.
- Hello ["You look so cute.
Have me.
"] This is IDOL ROOM.
- I'm Ilhoon.
- I'm Yujin.
We are special MC today.
- That's why we are here.
- Ta da! - Hi, we are with the members of THE BOYZ.
[Next to them, you'll find the hot pink pig.
] Next to them, Hyungdon & Daejune.
The first comment is "Each member should show the biting heart in relay.
" - You mean the chew heart? It's how you can make the biting heart.
- Bite - Like this.
Let's show you in relay.
Show us.
- Cute Cute [Amazing] [Bite] [Charisma] [Biting] [Serious cutie] [Biting] [Fresh] [Biting] [Perfect] [Refreshing] [Witty] [Like a senior] [Like a brother] [Ang] [Aaaaagggh!!] [Your eyes are valuable.
Let's stop and go back.
] [She's walking backwards without thinking.
] [You are so cute] Let Yujin do the biting heart.
Right, let's see hers.
1, 2, 3 [Cute and lovely = Ahn Yujin] 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 [(Me too, me too)] [Nothing to say = Hyungdon] You like it most.
Next comment.
Would the big hand of Juyeon's cover Daejune's face? - Try.
- Really? It covers almost everyone.
What a big hand! - Let him try.
- It covers almost everyone.
[He tries to shrink his face.
] Oh, a little - It covers.
- I think it covers it.
- Covered? - Well, mine's not covered.
- Let's try it with Ilhoon's face.
- Mine? - Well - Let's cover his face.
The hand is a lot bigger.
- Such big hands.
- Good.
- Juyeon.
- Yes, very good.
any comment about Hyungdon & Daejune? If there's anything, - I'll read you right away.
- OK.
- Please - Don't worry.
- Time to choose a pick-dol - Pick-dol Now is the time.
Please bring in the spinning wheel.
The spinning wheel.
The spinning wheel.
- Let's lie down in our stomach.
- Let's go.
Once you lie down, we will fill the blank.
We will fill it up.
[2 pink weeds in flower bed] Get the flower cup hand ready.
[Sunwoo from THE BOYZ] [Younghoon from THE BOYZ] [Defconn] [Hyunjae, THE BOYZ] [Juyeon, THE BOYZ] [Hwall, THE BOYZ] [Jacob, THE BOYZ] [Q, THE BOYZ] [Eric, THE BOYZ] [Hyungdon] [New, THE BOYZ] [Kevin, THE BOYZ] [Juhaknyeon, THE BOYZ] [Sangyeon, THE BOYZ] Who will be today's pick-dol? Who? Today's pick-dol is.
Who! Spin! Spin! [Worried they'd be picked] No way.
No way.
[Defconn?] - Not me.
- Not me.
[Who is the pick-dol?] [Yujin will prevent the spoiler.
] Sangyeon! [Surprising] Not me.
Sangyeon! - Don't say - Don't you say that.
- You should not.
say it.
I said.
You shouldn't say it.
This is our What's your guess? [THE BOYZ & Hyungdon & Daejune IN IDOL ROOM live is over.
] Today's pick-dol is Sangyeon.
What do you think? I'll show my charm until the end of this show.
[He's sweet to his juniors.
] Come nearer to be shown.
[Honey dripping eyes] [Appeal his charm to the cam] [Warm guy meting away the coldness] [Please, watch Sangyeon's CAM] THE BOYZ, Hyungdon & Daejoon are with us.
- The 1st IDOL ROOM idol mock test! - The 1st IDOL ROOM idol mock test! [Perfect team work] - IDOL ROOM idol mock test! - IDOL ROOM idol mock test! What's the test? [Diction for the elderly] - Idol mock test.
- Idol mock test.
- Let me explain.
The rookie idol band THE BOYZ who debuted 2 years ago, and the old-boy band Hyungdon & Daejoon who debuted 7 years ago.
[That's correct] - Old boy band.
- They will have this mock test.
It's the test to see how much capable you are as an idol band.
What are we going to do for this mock test? [Fierce competition between the two bands] Two teams will have a fierce competition to prove their capabilities as an idol band.
The winner will have a special benefit that will surprise you.
[Excited] - Really? - What's that? - Good.
[Tempted] - Benefits.
- What's going to be? - The first mock test.
[Objective and fair] We chose topics that they can show their abilities.
Let's see what they are.
- Good.
- Good.
The first topic, please.
[Come on, come on] - Please.
- Please.
[1st topic: Visual] - The first topic is visual ability.
- Visual? - What's that? [The band of which everyone looks good] - It's the visual ability.
- Visual.
- What's that? What does it mean? [The band that does not know the meaning] The visual ability means [Guessing] - Good looking? - Yes, the look and appearance.
[Ding dong] - Right.
- We are strong.
[Good example: IZONE Ahn Yu Jin] For example, IZONE's Ahn Yu Jin, [This is what I wanted to say] and BTOB's Jeong Ilhoon.
[Understood] There are three members who are called "Visual Bermuda" in THE BOYZ.
[No point] They're all good looking.
Only three of them? [The triangle, visual Bermuda] - Right.
- Hyunjae, Younghoon and Jooyeon are called the visual Bermuda triangle.
[Three different versions of handsomeness] They are all good looking in different styles.
That's what fans say.
Please introduce what kind of handsomeness you have? [Proud] They have good proportions.
[Tall and lean] - Proportions.
- They're tall.
- Let's see Younghoon.
- as I see him, [Not true] he reminds me of Cha Eunwoo, whom I raised.
[Both of them are so handsome] I can see Cha Eunwoo's face in his.
[Doubtful] You raised him? [Sweet sugar papi's own opinion] He's in my line.
- Eunwoo, surprised? - One thing is sure [Leader's opinion] Hyungdon, what do you think? [Trying to find his own way] I won't add at all.
I won't add at all.
[Feeling betrayed] I see.
Hyunjae, Younghoon and Juyeon.
What's the part in your face that you're so confident? [Corners of mouth] My corners of mouth are up.
- Corners of his mouth.
- Smiling face.
- Younghoon? - My eyebrow bones are higher.
- Eyebrow bones? - T-zone.
[Good looking T-zone] - T-zone and this part are higher.
- Oh.
- It makes your face look three-dimensional.
- From the side, [Even a facial bone is handsome] my eyes are deep set and brow bones are high.
Hyunjae, on the Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championships, [Good looking face was on the screen] your face was shown on the screen.
- And you're called as "That handsome one on the screen".
- Right.
[Popular for handsome look] Where is that? [Close-up shot made him popular] - Idol Star Athletics Championships.
- Oh, it is.
Hyunjae, which part are you confident? [Lake-like eyes] - My eyes.
- Sparkling.
- Personally.
- Sparkling eyes.
[Testimony about his eyelashes] - Eyelashes.
- Long eyelashes.
[Leaving eyelashes, leaving beauty] - His eyes are pretty.
- My eyelashes are falling.
[Sudden question] Hyungdon, how's it going with your eyelashes? Many people wants me to plant some, [I know myself] it won't solve the issue.
[I'm not curious but I'll ask] Who's the visual member out of you two? [So confident] - Both of us.
- Both? - We have different charms.
- Then.
[So curious] Which part of your face are you confident? Many dentist think it's attractive.
My front tooth.
It's turned around.
Dentists say they can't fix this.
[The most special front tooth in the world] This is the most unique and special.
[Unexpectedly showing off charms] I think that's the point of charm.
[Oh my gosh] I should not tease.
Defconn? [Fatal charms from fat] Rump and flank.
[Here and there] - Rump.
- Rump and flank.
[When she has nothing to say] [Robot-like reaction] [Leader's interpretation] - Good looking from behind.
- Okay.
[Yu Jin's pick] - Yu Jin, between us - Who's handsome? [Hardest question in her entire life] - Out of two.
- Who's better? [They spotted something] [Making a fuss] - Well - That's [Trying to win] [He's showing his front tooth] [Even Ilhoon gives up] - I - This is so hard to answer.
[Visual member of Hyungdon & Daejoon?] Who is Yu Jin's pick? [Visual member chosen by Yu Jin] I personally [Special front tooth] [Candidate no.
1: Honey sexy combo] [Critical rump and flank] [Candidate no.
2: Sweet sugar papa] [2019 Korean SAT] [This feels like the most difficult question] [And she has only two options] [I will say] Honey sexy combo.
[Sad] [Happy] I think he's the visual member.
[That's neck and neck] He's more like your style.
[Against Defconn] This is nothing but it relieves me.
[Secretly smiling] [Specialty: Holding grudges] Bring Jang Won Young.
- No - I will ask her.
[Don't test Jang Won Young] Jang Won Young! Please bring her.
She will be different.
Sweet sugar papi, sorry.
Fans asked for this.
[I want to see three visual members] They want to see the Bermuda triangle.
[With three members] Adding to them, [let's make the pentagon area of Bermuda] - Hyungdon and Daejoon will stand together.
- If we join [A whole new world] - Sure.
- That's nice.
- Let's stand up.
[THE BOYZ visual members] Let me show the three first.
[Faces that makes us behave nice] - 1, 2, 3.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Faces that benefits the entire society] [THE BOYZ Bermuda triangle] - 1, 2, 3.
- Good.
- Nice.
[His face gives me energy] [Look at them three times a day] [Now they're coming] Let's add Hyungdon and Daejoon.
[Faces that make us behave badly] Will you come between us? Or will we stand between you? [Stepping back] - We will stand between you.
- You [So confident] - Be our wing mans.
- Sure.
[Way to go] Hyungdon and Daejoon, be nice.
Nobody can tell who is THE BOYZ.
1, 2, 3.
[It's so obvious to tell] [Gap between their looks] [0.
1 ton] - Oh, heavy.
- It looks like [(Great job, boys)] the cover of Queen album.
- Good.
- Great job, guys.
[Finally getting to the real business] If you're a real "visual member", you have to look handsome no matter what situation you're in.
[He has an official license] - Of course.
- So we prepared a game.
[To test the members] A jelly eating game.
- Let's get started.
- Yummy.
Before the two teams play, [She is the demonstrator of today] - she'll show you how it's done.
- Great.
[Surprised] - Wow, that's so long.
- Really long.
[The jelly is as long as her height] [He doesn't care about the games] I'm hungry.
[He knows Defconn well so he takes it away] I'll get rid of that for you.
Please show us how it's done.
[She begins] [She's both pretty and cute] [Not a scene from a pictorial shoot] [You have to look cute no matter what] Great.
You have to eat it without using your hands.
[Hyeongdon and Daejun VS THE BOYZ] It's 12 to 2.
So to be fair, [To keep it fair] we'll give you 12 rolls per team.
[Mad about this] Each of us gets 12? Not 6? Each team will get a total of 12.
[6 per person for this team] I'm sorry but that can affect diabetes.
[Tearful story about diabetes] [Don't worry] [You can spit it out when you ask for player change] Those are the rules.
Because they can't share just 2.
[She steps up to clear the issue] But you're a team as Hyeongdon and Daejun.
[Clear conclusion, so 12 per team] - Yes.
- And THE BOYZ members are 1 team too.
[Class 1, eating jelly as fast as they can] Now let's go ahead and start this jelly eating contest.
[Cute action before the game] [Peek-a-boo] [He's wearing an outfit with the same colors] YOUNGHOON has it around his neck.
[Player 1, honey sexy combo Donhee] - Shall we? - I'll go first.
- OK.
- Please go ahead.
[ - Q.
- OK.
[Already cute] Eating jelly as fast as you can, [Already not cute] ready, get set, go! [They lean forward to see them compete] - Hurry.
- Honey sexy combo fighting.
- Good.
[A contest between big bites and fast chewing] - Hurry, hurry.
- Honey sexy combo fighting.
[Like a hamster] [Saving it in his cheeks] - What? - Aren't you taking in too much? [Not effective at all] [Moving his body more than his mouth] - What? - Yeah, aren't you eating too much? [Fascinating] The jelly isn't moving though.
[Chaotic and calm] [Such different skills] He's fast but calm.
[All over the place] [Calm and steady] - He's hurrying all of a sudden.
- He's fast.
[His chin is tired] [His cheeks are full] - He's suddenly - You can do it.
[They're all anxious] [All of them are standing close with their jelly] - Bouncy - You can do it.
He started to bounce and [THE BOYZ are taking the lead] Let's move on to the next member.
[Player #2, SANGYEON] My jaw.
[Player #2, Sweet sugar poppy Conhee] - No.
- My jaw.
[He's like a heavy duty vacuum cleaner] [So surprised] - Whoa, he's the master.
- He's like a cow.
Exclude your tongue.
[His jelly is gone in no time] Sweet sugar poppy.
Please hold your chins up.
[Player #3 Honey sexy combo Donhee is back] Good.
- We're loosing.
- Hyeongdon and Daejun are on their 3rd one.
[Nervous, THE BOYZ members are waiting] - Next - We're losing, hurry up.
[Player #3, Cutie pie ERIC] - It's ERIC.
- THE BOYZ are on their 3rd one.
- We have to hurry.
[Ace member] [He's using his skills from eating ramen noodles] - He's good.
- Honey sexy combo! [ERIC is better both visually and in speed] - You're good.
- You're doing well.
ERIC, you can do it.
[But the length is too much for a 19 year old] - You can do it.
- He's so fast.
[Honey sexy combo takes the lead again] - Honey sexy combo.
- Are you OK? [Player #4 Sweet sugar poppy Conhee] - Good.
- ERIC, you can do it.
- ERIC, no.
[Just barely] He's done.
[There there, he tearfully leaves the stage] He's done, he's done.
[Player #4] [HYUNJAE] [It's like the difference between a motor boat and a duckie boat] Defconn is way too fast.
[Sweet sugar poppy is too fast (= tone it down)] Defconn is way too fast.
[Surprised] - Daejun is way too fast.
- He rolls it inside his mouth.
[Next player] - I have to go again - The 5th one.
[Player #5, on his 3rd pack] - Hyeongdon wants to take it slow but - You can catch up with him.
Daejun is way too fast.
[Eating a lot] [That's what he's best at] Honey sexy combo, come on.
[HYUNJAE just barely ate 1] - Hyeongdon and Daejun is in the lead.
- Hurry, hurry.
Honey sexy combo, come on.
[Player #5, Serious and cute JUYEON] Both teams are on their 5th roll.
- JUYEON is fast.
- Hyeongdon and Daejun are in the lead by a tiny margin.
[He's eating it so seriously] JUYEON, faster.
[Eating with his face] [Kind] Hyeongdon, are you all right? [The jelly almost fell out of his mouth] [It's so good] It's yummy.
[On his 3rd jelly, you guys can't beat me] He's so relaxed.
THE BOYZ team should pick up their pace.
[No can do] Take your time so I can rest.
[Next players step in around the same time] Let me rest! [Player #6 KEVIN] 7 versus 6.
[Player 7 is on his 4th roll of jelly] Yummy.
[He shouldn't laugh.
but he can't help it] - KEVIN! - How many do we have left? [No] Don't look to your side.
[Attacking with his face] - Never ending.
- Don't look to your side.
[He tried to attack back but it's not funny enough] [THE BOYZ don't care too much about winning now] - So cute.
- He's so serious.
[Now that we take a closer look] He's quite cute.
[What? This face?] Hyeongdon is doing pretty well.
[Player #8 Sweet sugar poppy Conhee] Now it's Daejun's turn again.
[Player #7 JACOB] 8 versus 7.
They're up by 1 more.
[Sneaks a peek] It tastes so sweet in my mouth.
[He wants to see the game] [Amazed at their speed] Wow, they're really unbelievable [Cleared again] - I'm done.
- Already? [What is wrong with him?] Already? [Hyeongdon and Daejun are winning by 2] Daejun makes the gap wider by2 rolls.
- Let me rest.
- He's packing his 7 years of broad casting career into this.
- HAKNYEON come on.
[He's not that fast] HAKNYEON isn't as fast as we thought he'd be.
You have to use your tongue.
[Ilhoon, a fan of THE BOYZ steps in] - Can we interview while the game is going on? - Yes.
[He has no questions, he just wants to bother Daejun] How are you able to Since when have you ate so much jelly? Because I'm the Sweet sugar poppy.
[Hold on, I have to clear another one] All right.
[He's on his 6th roll] Why are there so many? - Are you OK? - Every time you speak, I can smell the jelly [He's smelling so sweet] [This game was supposed to be easier for THE BOYZ.
What went wrong?] It smells good.
- Sweet.
- Hurry up and go.
[It looks like Hyeongdon and Daejun will win] [The problem solver enters the scene] [An unfair trade, he take SUNWOO's jelly] [He's on our side, they get what Ilhoon is trying to do] [Puts a piece of jelly on the other team's tray] [It was natural, he just barely made it] [He doesn't know anything happened and just picks up a piece] He's going back.
[The problem solver, ID Gangnam Raccoon has completed his mission] [Player #10 YOUNGHOON] You don't roll, you just eat it.
[Player #11, Conhee] Now we have 3 rolls left.
[After his cheating] THE BOYZ are catching up, there's 1 left.
[Hurriedly chews] Hyeongdon and Daejun has 1 left.
[Something seems wrong] Why is it my turn again! [The never ending jelly] If I was the one that started, it should end with Defconn.
[That's mine] Then that means we had a odd number.
[He has to enter the game despite his complaining] No that's not it.
[He leaves the game after he's done] I said like 2 words this whole time! [Player #11 HWALL] - The last one.
- You can do it! [They're cheering him on] - You can do it.
- You just need to eat faster.
[Relaxed, having a hard time] THE BOYZ can win if they beat Hyeongdon.
[He's siding with THE BOYZ] HWALL, come on, you can do it.
[The last player (actually the 11th) NEW] HWALL is done now.
NEW, can you do this? [He's so relaxed with this pace] Hyeongdon, are you trying your best? [= I'm going to win anyways] Fighting.
[He doesn't even realize that he ate one more] - You can do it, you can.
- Try it, you can do it.
[NEW thinks he can win] - Try.
- A bit more.
[After he's done teasing] - Go.
- You can do it.
[Takes the last bite] - You can do it.
- You can.
[Such a brutal win, a merciless pig] [No] [Hyeongdon and Daejun win the game that was meant for THE BOYZ to win] [Oh no] We won, OK.
[They lost the game when they're this handsome] They're so fast.
The winner of this game is [Hyeongdon and Daejun win] Honey sexy combo and Sweet sugar poppy! - Sweet sugar poppy, - Isn't it a surreal character? [You can't beat one who enjoys the game] - ? - I'm the Sweet sugar poppy.
You beat them by 4 at one point.
[He confesses about the unfair trade] To be honest, I took a roll from THE BOYZ [The truth is out] - and put it on your tray.
- Really? [Finally the truth] - You had one more roll.
- No wonder it was an odd number.
[But they still lost] - You had one more roll.
- Really? No wonder it was an odd number.
- But whose did you take? - I [SUNWOO's jelly was taken] I took SUNWOO's.
- SUNWOO could have done so well.
- I took his.
- It's sad that we didn't get to see SUNWOO play.
- That's right.
[So he'll eat all by himself - SUNWOO - ] Let's all watch how he does.
[Giving him tips] - Roll it in your mouth.
- Start.
[A separate game] [SUNWOO] - Hurry, hurry.
- He's fast.
- He's fast.
- Picture yourself rapping.
[Rapping and chewing at once] [This is all we had wanted to see] [Cute moments] [These faces make us hope for love for humanity] [So thankful for them for trying hard] [If you were happy, that's all we need] [Cute scenes] [I got everything I need] Another topic, please.
[Idol Mock Test: Cover dance] - This is cover dance.
- We're not good at that.
- Cover dance.
- We're not good at dancing.
We don't know how to do.
[(I don't think you will ask us to do that)] - I guess that's not the cover dance.
- Sure.
[That's the cover dance, right] But this is the basic subjects of Idol's abilities.
[That's true] - Right.
- Let's see your cover dance performances.
[Before the competition] Before you have competition, [THE BOYZ's cover dance time] THE BOYZ prepared group dance for the show.
You prepared a lot.
["CHEER UP" cover dance by THE BOYZ] Music, please.
So cute] [So fresh] [So bubbly] [Let's watch something good twice in bigger sizes] [When you don't know whom to point at] [Just show anyone, because all of them are handsome] [Visual attack that makes it hard to choose] [So many eye candies] [Oh, I will watch this over and over again] [My type] [Surprised] [What's this powerful dance moves for girl band dance/] [Powerful group dance] [No more toughness] [Being cute again] [Showing off charms, being cool and cute] [Peekaboo] [THE BOYZ flowers] Thank you! [To eyes of girl band dance judge] That's the same as TWICE dance.
[Thank you] Very similar.
Some members of THE BOYZ are confident in cover dance.
Main dancer Q can do cover dance of any songs.
Can you really do that? [So passionate] I can dance to any song.
[So satisfied] [Member who monitors Q's dance] Q watches a lot of dance videos.
[Q is like a copy machine] If he watches once, he memorizes all the moves.
[Asking to be polite] Among Hyungdon and Daejoon, - is there any confident member? - I don't know what song will be played.
[Trend that stopped in 80s] I know MC Hammer, Bobby Brown.
- Nami and Boong Boong.
- Nami and Boong Boong.
Do you know any trendy idol bands? ["La Vie en Rose"] I know this one, "La Vie en Rose".
[Oh, you know that] "La Vie en Rose".
- Right.
- "La Vie en Rose".
- I think you have accumulated knowledge.
- "La Vie en Rose".
[Stop it now] [Yu Jin, keep going] Let's compare two teams' cover dance.
Let me introduce the rule first.
[Fair rule, two of each team must compete] Two or more persons should [All members need to compete] participate in this match.
[Oh, my] And dance to the song.
[IDOL ROOM wants to be fair] - It must be fair when playing games.
- Sure.
It must be fair.
[Among Hyungdon & Daejoon, and THE BOYZ] We will pick the best cover dancer.
[Baseless confidence] - Can we go and dance if a song is played? - Yes.
[Starting the dance engine] - Two or more needs to come forward from each team.
- Okay.
[THE BOYZ dance master competition] - Music, please.
- That's why we're asked to wear track suits.
[TEMPO] [#EXO] [Eric came to the stage within 0.
1 second] [Five members gathered up] [This is what we want to see] [Saw something] [Hyunjae started laughing] [Amazed] [Free-style dance, more than what you imagined] [I'm so excited] [It makes us feel excited] Hang on.
[This is not right] - Hang on.
- Hang on.
[Politely, what are you doing?] - What's this? - "TEMPO".
- Is this "TEMPO?" [He must have seen something] This "TEMPO," this [("TEMPO" is like this)] [MC tries to calm down] This is the cover dance.
[I don't care] I'm just excited.
[THE BOYZ, don't learn that boldness] - Just excited? - Yes.
Please pay more attention to synchronization of the original dance.
- Music, please.
- Please.
[BOSS] [#NCT U] [When others are hesitant] "BOSS".
[Q will dance to it] "BOSS".
[THE BOYZ's dance copy machine Q] [Hyungdon and Jacob are trying to copy that] [Amazed] How does he know all the dance moves? [Teacher Q who is leading the group] [Student 1] [Student 2] [Q's dance class] Did you dance to this song? [Fake Love] [#BTS] [Perfect] [Q X Hwal] [Dancers with one letter name are good!] [When Hyunjae smiles like this] [It means they started dancing] [To protect eyes of viewers] [This is the time for screen adjustment] [Viewers, I hope you enjoy only good things] [Hard Carry] [#GOT7] [I know this song!] [To protect eyes of viewers] [Time for screen adjustment] [Please think they're not here] [Uncontrollable] Do they have to compete? [Don't worry, Ilhoon] [We can solve the problem] [The editor dozed off] [Oh, this scene was added by mistake!] [Too kind] They do something.
[Special song for MC] [MOVIE #BTOB] What's this? [Ilhoon, come forward] What's this? [THE BOYZ came out ahead of Ilhoon] [Because Ilhoon is a rapper] [Ilhoon is hesitating] [Younghoon and Jooyeon are dancing more actively than Ilhoon] [Bragging about] It's our song.
[So excited] - Come out.
- It's our song.
[So refreshing] [They became one for BTOB song] [Ilhoon is full of charms as a senior artist] [Genre changed] [What Is Love? #TWICE] [Q dances to every song, without an exception] [He dances to all TWICE songs] You, come out.
[What did they do? They're exhausted] You, come out.
[So energetic] [Yu Jin is excited too] [Siren] [#Sunmi] [Serious look on his face] [Powerful, cute, sexy] [Q can dance to all kinds of songs] [Best compliment] Who is this guy? [Ji Changmin (a.
a Q)] [Dance vending machine] He can dance to all songs! [Team members are watching too] Don't get angry.
[He's excited too] [Amazing dance skills] [Special song for MC 222] [La Vie en Rose #IZONE] [Came out confidently] "La Vie en Rose".
[Amazed] [Not because of them] "La Vie en Rose".
[Perfectly synchronized dance] [IZONE is coming] [Original dance] [The same look] [Efforts to show only good things to viewers] [I'm so proud of them] Way to go! [It was so nice] "La Vie en Rose".
[Q is amazing] He danced to every song.
[I'm so proud] - He didn't miss anything.
- Amazing.
THE BOYZ [Passed out] THE BOYZ - Are you okay? - Are you okay? [Polite to the elderly] - Are you okay? - Are you okay? [I gave up] I give up.
[The result is already decided] As they gave up, the winner is For the first Idol band mock test, cover dance field.
The winner is.
- Q! - Q! [Winner of cover dance field] [Ta-da] [Cute and cool] - Q.
- Yes? [Please show your ceremony] As a ceremony, please dance to the song that you're most confident.
[TWICE dancer master] - I can dance to "YES or YES".
- "YES or YES".
[This this] [Confused] How did it go first? [Expectation] If song comes out, you will dance [Excited dancers standing outside] Q, please get ready for the ceremony.
Music, please.
Their dance is so hard.
[YES or YES] [#TWICE] [When music comes out, he automatically dances] [Perfectly cleared even detailed moves] [12 members' power] [Group singing] "YES or YES".
[The latest dance] When did you memorize this? How do you know that? [Excited] "YES or YES".
[Q proved his amazing dance skills] [So proud of him] He's amazing.
[All people at the studio are amazed] I've never seen an idol band member who knows every dances of latest songs.
How can he memorize all of them? Even when he's promoting his own song.
[Dance genius] I don't memorize every moves but I can see how it would go.
[3rd class began already] There's another talent idol singers should have.
[Idol exam 3rd class] You should be good at sports.
First of all, I heard that THE BOYZ proved your outstanding physical abilities at Idol Star Athletics Championship.
[Idol medalists] I want to know from what sports you won medals.
First of all, silver medial for aerobic.
Archery, foot volleyball.
- We got gold medals for the two events.
- Who were the archers? [Gold medalist BOYZ 1,2,3 here] Oh, you're the archer Hwall Hwall got 10, 10, 10 [Recorded 10, 10, 10] [Hwall lives up to his nickname] Then, I heard that one of THE BOYZ was a real athlete.
[Stealing a glance at the script] Sunwoo was a a real soccer player.
[Soccer player Sunwoo] Really? Until when? [Began soccer as a hobby] I began to play soccer from when I was a kid [1 year as a real soccer player] I joined the middle school soccer team for a year [Then gave up] - And I gave up after a year.
- Than, can you do ball trapping? I can do ball trapping with my knees until today's shooting finishes.
[Then, soccer ball in] [So ambitious] Don't be that sure.
[Knows everything about idol singers] You may have to do it really until the end of the shooting.
[Idol Room motto/Idols should always keep their promise] Try trapping now.
I can really do it until the shooting ends.
Then, while Sunwoo is doing ball trapping, let us do other things.
[You it, you will get a hit if the ball falls in the middle] - You'll get a hit if the ball falls.
- Okay, I'll move to there.
[Sunwoo is on channel 2] There's another one who was a real athlete.
[Youngest of the youngest] The youngest member Eric was a baseball player.
What was your position? Position was outfielder, center fielder, and closing pitcher.
[The youngest one is talking] [But another youngest is catching the eyes] [Okay, that's for a hit] Hit! [No hit] Hit! [U-turn right before the hell gate to finger flicker] Hit! Hit! [dangerous] - The ball didn't fall? - Not at all [Look at this advanced skill (is handling)] - Oh, you can't use your hands.
- That's handling [Right!] Okay! You get a finger flicker! [The ball finally fell down] Okay! Finger flicker! [Safely escort before dying from a finger flicker] Here's the finger flicker for you - Here it is - I did my best.
- You shouldn't be so sure.
- Sunwoo So that's it for THE BOYZ.
[Hyungdon and Daejun should show something, too] Now it's Hyungdon and Daejun's turn.
- So, sexy cutie combo - That's honey sexy combo.
[Hey MC] That's honey sexy combo.
[Ahn Jaeseok's naming sense] [Just tried to say every good thing] Who's that? Who's cutie sexy combo? [For me] [(sexy cutie combo is good, too)] Who on earth is cutie sexy combo? [The name is as hard as NCT system] - We don't have any new member in our team.
- We don't have a cutie.
[Calm down] Honey sexy combo is [Honey sexy combo has began jiu jitsu?] I heard that you bean jiu jitsu.
[1st day of practicing jiu jitsu] Yes, we've done it for a day.
[(fun already)] - You enrolled yesterday? - Yes, it's been a day.
- Show us a technique.
- Can't you show us some skills? - Jiu jitsu? Come here.
[Something's wrong but it's too late to get back] Come here.
I've learnt only one skill so far.
Lie down here.
[Knows Hyungdon very well/Lie down before something bigger comes] I can show one skill.
There's nothing more.
[Big smile of anticipation] [Only 1 day of practicing jiu jitsu] [()] It's been only a day [It already looks hurting] [????] [????] Try to remember.
[lol] Try to remember.
[Remember] [grope grope] - It's been only a day - I feel sore there.
[Oh!!] Like this [The skill works] [Ah!!!!] [One day skill finished] Is this okay to be aired? [Lie down again] Or I can do something like this [Again?] What? [Hoonie crumpled] [Extreme job for Jeong Ilhoon] [Not easy to be an MC] I'm pushing the carotid like this.
[flipped over] Like this [(oh my god)] This will make the other pass out [So exciting course for passing out] This make the other pass out.
[Silenced] [(Oh my god222)] [This is what Idol Room MCs do] I [Roughly this?] I learned it for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.
[Almost passed out] Jiu jitsu skills - are surprising.
- Thank you.
- Let's move to the next.
- I feel like lying down on that mat.
[Idol exam sports] [The real game begins now] The game to examine the sports abilities is comprehensive sports competition that require agility, endurance, competitiveness, and other abilities.
That is team competitions.
[Dying already] Team competition.
[We're the one] Because you're the one.
[Of course] This competition is quite simple.
Bursting balloons tied on your ankle! [!] [?] The two of us compete with those 12? [You know Idol Room is fair] So we made fair rules.
[What's that] We prepared a fair game.
[Balloons] What's that? What's that? [Fair number of balloons for each] We're giving 12 balloons to each team.
12 for each team.
[(I know it)] Isn't that fair? [Olympics-level fairness] - Each of you get 12 don't you? - Right [Oh okay] - Don't you Hyungdon? - One by one, 12 of them.
[Always announcing retirement] I'll never release an album.
[lol lol lol] The world's fairest TV show [These guys aged average 41.
5 are already dying] [Undeniably looking like a winner] [Average age 20.
8] [Both teams get 12 balloons] [Setting complete] Before we begin [To intimidate the other team] [Cheer performance for each team] The two teams say a word about your will to win.
[Much more player, But] - We'll have to survive.
- We'll never die.
[The right attitude for Idol singers to compete against Donnie & Connie] 1,2,3 Fighting! Good [Then] 1,2,3 Let's kill! [!!!] Let's kill! Kill who? Don't kill anyone.
If you kill anyone, that's a foul.
[Startled boy] I'm scared.
[The youngest member hides behind] You go for it, you first.
You rush first, rush.
Let's begin.
1,2,3 game start! [START] - Game start! - 3 balloons for each.
[Let's go only with mouth] Let's go! Go! Go! Be careful.
[Boys, go!] [(I'm going to hide)] [Eric is going forward] [(attack is the best defense)] 3 balloons for each.
[Come on, come on] Come here [Human-wave strategy] [Rumbling all together] [Hyunjae failed immediately] [Quick fat boys attack] [THE BOYZ can't do anything] [THE BOYZ are all attacking] [Hand skills learnt from TV shows] [Mr.
MC] He pushed me! [Don't know anything] [Appealing] He pushed me! [MC Hoonie/generous/mostly taking one side] Don't push! [Bursting all the balloons] [As fast as light] [Sangyeon failed] [Eric failed] [One quiet guy in this mess] [Pretending to be a standing signboard] [(cheering only with the mouth)] Be careful.
[After all the quiet pretending] [Sunwoo failed] [THE BOYZ currently out] [Hyunjae, Sunwoo, Jacob, Eric, Sangyeon] [Where's the athlete idol?] [Failing so quickly] [Connie VS.
Kevin] [While tossing and turning] [Kicking into the air] [Failure 111] Step on it.
[Failure 222] [Doing the game with the mouth] Step on it, get here in the back fast.
[You go HyunJun] [Pushed on the back] [Power kick into the air] [That's a legal kick] Don't push [Cute] [While resting for a second] [Hwall failed] [Desperate move to win] [Already tired out] [My body doesn't move as I want] [Only with the mouth again] Rush, rush, rush [Resting for a while here] Rush, rush, rush [Currently in game] [Hyungdon & Daejun VS.
Haknyeon, New, Q, Kevin] [So] [Interesting] [THE BOYZ rushing forward] [Defense alone with all his body] Out, out! [huff] [puff] [Maintaining safety distance between the two for a while] [Look at that] Why is it that small? [After fierce physical fight] [Barely alive] This doesn't burst.
[(Does it?)] [Secretly] [Ambush hand skill] [Burst] [Burst] [Long long life] [The balloon never bursts] [So tired] [The one who controls THE BOYZ] Now is the time, you should attack now.
[Both teams attack again] [Nimble man] [Jump jump with that heavy body] [Trying to win] [As light as a feather for now] [Turned into wrestling] [In terms of the number of players and athletic abilities] [Everyone thought THE BOYZ will win] [Both teams trying to win desperately] [What's so good about winning this game] [You don't know what the winning present is] [Why is everyone trying so hard] [Anyway Is THE BOYZ bad or Donnie & Connie good] [Can't know whether THE BOYZ are bad at it or Donnie & Connie is good at it] [What???] [Lol 111] [Lol 222] [No way] [I'm ending this match] [I'm not doing it anymore] [Still fierce fight over here] [Oh my god] [Almost dead] [Fight] [Fight] [This match is so fun] [Connie out due to rapid exhaustion] [THE BOYZ won anyway] [Good fight, but lost] Please announce the final result.
The winner of the first Idol Ability Test [The winner is (fortunately) THE BOYZ] is THE BOYZ! Congratulations! [WOW] THE BOYZ! Congratulations! [Mom, I won!] Are you okay? We told you at the beginning that [Unveiling the special present for the winner!] we have a special present for the winner.
[Unveiling the special present for the winner!] we have a special present for the winner.
You'll be given a chance to do a nano dance, which is IDOL ROOM's signature.
[Happy ending for Donnie Connie as well] Congratulations, THE BOYZ! I'm so glad.
-Congratulations! -Thank you.
[Time to wrap up] Would you come forward? [It was a fair and beautiful match] [feat.
moaning] You two did a great job, too.
[First appearance for Donnie and Connie as well] -It was your first appearance on the show.
And it will be our last appearance.
Last appearance.
-The first and the last -How do you feel? [Think hard before appearing on the show] I'll never make a comeback on IDOL ROOM.
[Self-promotion] I won't promote my album anymore.
Okay, I hope to see you a lot on TV.
What was it like to be on the show for the first time? I'm so glad that all of us had fun today.
Not all had fun.
-I'm so glad that all of us had fun today.
-Not all had fun.
I'm so thankful no one got hurt today.
I'm a huge fan of Donnie Connie.
[Hyungdon & Daejoon's Secret Love Song] I'll definitely listen their new song when it's released.
Thank you.
Sangyeon, you were today's Pickdol.
How was it to be on the show? I was so happy to be on the show.
Please show your support for THE BOYZ and our song "No Air".
[Good luck] I wish you all the best.
Let's go! And our special MC for the day, Ilhoon and Yujin! It was your first time emceeing for the show.
I know it must have been hard for you to accept the offer.
-You were more than willing -It was hard indeed.
[Yeah it was not easy] It was now easy to accept the offer.
[Special MC] What was it like to be an MC for IDOL ROOM? I was so nervous.
But Ilhoon was so helpful.
[Shy] -I could do it thanks to his help.
-Not at all.
I also want to thank THE BOYZ and Donnie Connie.
Thank you so much.
[She's Ahn Jae-seok for sure] Lets' go! IDOL ROOM! [Stay tuned for the nano dance by THE BOYZ] Up next, THE BOYZ will do a nano dance.
Good bye, everyone.
The most reliable idol show, IDOL ROOM! [We hope THE BOYZ play a central role in the K-pop scene] -Thank you.
-Thank you.
[Nano dance for NO Air] [Charismatic start] [Never stop moving] [Nice choreography] [After constant dance moves] [Time for the Nano A part] [Amazing dancer] [Cute Q] [Perfect body proportion] [Juyeon] [Chic and charismatic] [Secret weapon Hwall] [Strong eyes] [Sunwoo] [Great physical and visual] [Hyunjae] [Perfect combination] [Time for the Nano B part] [Amazing movement and charisma] [Sangyeon] [Energizer] [Cute Eric] [Dance sensation] [Kevin] [Powerful choreography] [Human tangerine Haknyeon] [Soft groove] [New] [A mix of strength and sweetness] [Jacob] [Perfect from head to toe] [Younghoon] [Standing ovation from The B] [You can watch more videos including Lee cam] [on V LIVE]