Idol Room (2018) s01e32 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 32 - Winner [WINNER is on IDOL ROOM] [Shining] [Big welcome on the LED] [Beautiful check] [Next leader check] [Leader check] [Boy check] [Long awaited guest] IDOL ROOM! The most trusted idol show! Idol Room! It's been 8 months.
- WINNER! - Let's say hello.
Guess who's back? We are WINNER! Hello, we are winner.
[YOON] [JINU] [HOONY] [MINO] MINO, you are currently on the promotions.
You are doing great with your single "Fiance".
And you are back as WINNER? How should we interpret this? We just wanted to do show you that MINO is WINNER.
That's our intention.
MINO might be inconvenient.
- It was long awaited solo album.
- You are topping music charts.
You were on top yesterday.
It's a fight with me.
[Huh?] Me winning me.
MINO was on the show three weeks ago.
You talked a lot about WINNER.
- When we were not present.
- A lot.
- Undermining.
- To make yourself look good.
MINO said many things.
HOONY is like a business relationship.
- He is.
- After many shootings he had many businesslike attitude.
No way.
It's just being polite.
It's not businesslike attitude.
It's your members and after music shows you don't say thank you well done to YOON.
And leave.
It's polite.
- We are like this.
- Well done.
See you.
This is what we do.
I'd like to ask you two.
Does HOONY have businesslike attitude? I live with HOONY.
In the house, that's what he does.
Like this.
Thank you well done.
- Greetings.
- And going into each room.
- Greetings.
- At home too? What's on your thought JINU? Typical business man.
How come? He take care of things as if they are related to his work.
Like what? - Can I tell them all? - Yeah.
Go for it.
It's okay if it's funny using me.
I don't mind about my image.
I just want the show to be interesting.
Like this.
Typical businessmen's attitude.
- Sell me.
- Like this.
Just make it interesting.
Say whatever you know.
And MINO talked about YOON and JINU.
He said you are not as witty as people in your age.
It's especially the case with JINU.
There are some people that you can't have a decent dialogue.
- Common sense.
- There.
[Trying to stay calm] You are putting it in a positive way.
It's just down there.
You have to dig it.
If it's on here, you can pick it up.
How come you are not that witty? Let's ask MINO and JINU.
Who's smarter? I think Just the same.
I get it.
I get compared a lot with JINU.
Every time it happens, other two members are excluded in the conversation.
And they seem relatively smarter.
But we are all at the same level.
- All four of you? - We are.
In particular, when we talk about this matter, YOON has that face that makes him look smarter.
[Like this] He's also very similar.
- Your face.
- He doesn't admit.
MINO was only one the show, you might have been put at a disadvantage.
It was only one-sided idea.
Not witty.
JINU, is there anything you want to say? Not really.
About MINO.
- You just don't want to talk about him? - Yeah.
You should say something.
- Okay.
- Please.
He already said something about you.
Ignorance is the answer.
It's okay for today.
- I like that reaction.
- He's the winner.
He's so relaxed.
MINO is not provoking other members.
- I'm scared.
- He's afraid to provoke them first.
Why are you so freaked out? It's very different compared to three weeks ago.
It's much comfortable then when I was on the show alone.
On the one side, it's not.
Why are you guys looking at me like that? Why are you guys looking at me like that? Be nice.
- Be nice.
- We should look forward to it.
You are coming back with new songs after 8 months.
There are many updates to share.
First, MINO.
This information was hard to acquire.
MINO has streamlined Seungri of Big Bang.
[Have no idea] - Can we talk about this? - There's that story.
- Never heard of it.
- Streamlining? You've erased Seungri - from your memory.
- Huh? Exclusion.
- Can we talk about this? - We want to.
Why don't I know about this? Seungri called MINO around October.
But your number was changed or something.
Some middle aged women got the called and said it's not MINO's number.
He thought it's MINO's mom.
but it wasn't.
So he felt you excluded him.
What happened? When you change your number.
[One more person on our side] - You send the number to sunbae in the company right? - Of course.
You tell people you changed your phone number.
- How come.
- Don't you? It's Seungri from Big Bang.
- VIP.
- He helped you a lot.
He don't deserve this.
I didn't do that deliberately.
I think he has my new number but confused with the old one.
- Then, you have Seungri's number? - Of course.
Can we make a call? [Calling him right away] I don't exclude him in my life.
How did you save him? Seungri bro.
Can we call him like this? Of course.
It's a real variety.
- Bird sound.
- Great.
They may not know each other's phone number.
He's so busy.
[Nervous] He's not getting your call.
And it's in the morning.
It's past 2pm.
For us it's early in the day.
It can be.
He's very busy.
He is.
We can't assure that it's his number.
[Make no mistake] [Seungri called back and said he was on shooting] [Phone call succeed] Okay, how did you save your members on the phone? Can we see the phone book? I saved as WINNER.
How about YG? Boss.
Literally BOSS.
- Same as me.
- Can't you call him Hyunsuk bro? No, only MINO is allowed to call him bro.
- Really? - It's not that long ago.
MINO won on the music show.
And he did a rap for his speech.
He said YG, the father.
Our boss was so happy about that and mentioned it on his social media.
He allowed MINO to call him Yang bro.
What's this.
- So, officially he can call him bro.
- Only MINO can.
Why only MINO? - If we win the music chart.
- Really? After seeing the post, I can't immediately call the boss a bro.
- Then, take show as an opportunity to call him bro.
- Do it.
Yang bro.
He's so boss.
He wants you to call him bro.
That's what he wants.
Yang bro! [So fun to watch because it's not my business] Yang bro.
[Before he called him Yang bro, he was just the boss] Brother! Brother! Thank you brother! What's the name of SEUNG YOON in your phone? [Doubtful] Leader, my love [No one believes] That's not I saw.
[Pandora's box] - Business.
- He's marketing.
[He's acting] Why is it not working? [He pretends to be an idiot] - What are you doing? - It really does not work.
[Look at him] It doesn't work.
- I'll keep it.
- Why doesn't it work? [Escaping] [He's stubborn] You unlocked it.
[Pandora's box has opened] Let's see.
- Wait.
- Wait a second.
My last name is Kang, right? [KANG SEUNG YOON / Mr.
Kang] - My name is always on the top of a contact list.
- Right.
[Where's "leader, my love"?] It's just KANG SEUNG YOON.
[I'm caught] JINU and SEUNG YOON have "YG" at the back, but MINO does not even have that.
- You don't have YG.
[He accepted MINO's opinion] MINO, in his rap, said that he wants to hide the name of YG.
[Genius!] [MINO's wish accepted] [JUST MINO without YG] So I took off that name.
[Wow] - I should do that.
- Wow, he's doing really well.
[His love towards his company] [HOONY, a future official of YG] I could not accept MINO's rap as a member of YG.
- So I just put his name SONG MINO.
- Okay.
Let's talk about SEUNG YOON.
[SEUNG YOON, an emergency rapper of WINNER?] You are called an emergency rapper? [Never heard of it] - You have that nickname.
- Emergency rapper? [SEUNG YOON is rapping on a stage] [According to fans, he was somewhat good] [I did that instead of MINO] MINO was absent due to travel.
[Embarrassed] How's his rap, MINO and HOONY? [Refusal] Don't even need to evaluate.
[What] [Hey MINO] - Tell him good things.
- Oh, positively? [Packaging] Not bad.
[Don't be upset, leader] I mean, he could do better He's a vocal.
[Rapper MINO's evaluation] I thought it would be embarrassing, but not.
Not bad.
It was instead of you.
[That's why he was called an emergency rapper] Yes, MINO [Main vocal SEUNG YOON made up with the emptiness of MINO] - He did better than me.
- I was traveling then.
SEUNG YOON knows every member's part.
[God SEUNG YOON / WINNER composer, all lyrics memorized] So SEUNG YOON can do any part.
So, who can fill the emptiness of SEUNG YOON? [Impossible] No one, there's nothing we can do.
- You need SEUNG YOON.
- That's right.
- What if JINU is gone? - Then we just do it.
[He would fill his emptiness] - Then I'll sing his part.
- Emergency vocal.
- Oh, you are an emergency vocal.
- Yes, right away.
[OK] What if HOONY is away? [Then YOON becomes a rapper] Then SEUNG YOON does my part.
- But you can't do anything without YOON.
- Nothing.
[God YOON] [Order of Hip hop dove] We should feel that.
[Show us! Your swag!] Pardon? Let's get evaluation.
[Director KANG will have to get evaluation from members] Have you ever get your rap evaluated by other members? [Oh my] You always told them to do this or do not do this while directing.
[Today, I'm a judge] [Exciting rapper Lee] Give me a necklace.
Wow, that cap will [He got a swag cap instead of a necklace] make you a great rapper.
[Swag on] For 8 months, - While preparing this album, - I've been waiting for this.
[539 539] Your feelings and thoughts during that time.
[Leader! Show your ability!] Difficulties - Freestyle? - Of course.
[Winner's emergency rapper MC YOON is here] Drop the beat! [Started] Hip hop! [Let's go] [Let's get started MC YOON] IDOL ROOM! [Like this beat] A dream that I dreamt last night.
[He needs help] [Refusal] [BUT they don't have any intention to help] [What he feel now] What should I do now? [Hip hop dove's help] Let's write a letter to director Yang.
[Rap restarted] Hey, director Yang, [TO.
director Yang] I want to call you "brother", [He seems sad] why am I not allowed to do that? Why is MINO allowed to do that? Because "Fiance" made a big hit? Can I call you brother if I make a hit with my solo? Director Yang, [5 years in the company] Brother Yang, I love you.
That was nice.
[Wait for the response from Mr.
Yang] Good job.
[Satisfied] - Good job! - Thank you.
- That was my message.
- I understood.
I'm curious.
Yang's brother MINO] How do it feel to call him brother? [He doesn't know] - It was my first time.
- How was it? You will do that.
[His real feeling] - I feel uncomfortable.
- You do? - Why? He's the same age with my mom.
It's much more comfortable to call him the CEO or the director.
JINU, you want to call him brother? [He's been envious] I'm shy.
Just give it a try.
Say something to brother Yang.
[Should I, or not?] Freestyle rap? [Thank you MINO] JINU is good at freestyle rap.
[He is about to be an emergency rapper] It seems that he wants it.
- I should not be the only victim.
- Right.
- I should not be.
- You should not be the only one who get shamed.
[YOON / Winner's leader.
Motto: I shouldn't be the only victim] - I shouldn't be.
- You know what? [Cuteness +910925] There's a color.
Drop the beat.
[Congratulations on his debut] Brother Hyunseok! [Brother] Daddy Yang! - Director Yang.
- Wow, great.
I'll call you brother Yang.
Brother Yang! I can't do this.
I'm shy.
- You should be.
- Good job.
- Great job.
- Not so easy.
- Great pitch.
- Wow.
- Was it okay? [Subtitle full of love] - Your low pitch - Nice.
[JINU's face does everything] - Great.
- Not easy.
First close-up cam for idol members.
Today's Live Pick-dol.
Close-up cam! - MINO you know what this is right? - Of course.
HOONY knows about this.
On MINO's episode HOONY was a pick-dol.
On MINO's episode.
[Past pick-dol] Who's going to be a pick-dol today? Who's going to be a pick-dol today? It's rolled.
[Not MINO but HOONY] HOONY! Huh? HOONY! How was it like to be a pick-dol? I was really happy to receive all the focus.
You have a full version there.
Is there anyone that you want him to be a pick-dol? JINU.
He has a funny face.
[Enough capability] JINU was on the top 100 list of handsome men in Korea.
- Top 100? - Really? Do you think you are handsome? I think so.
I think so.
So what's your rank in WINNER? - Of course.
- On the top.
- They have different charms.
- Of course.
- Then, recently who do you think is becoming handsome? - Recently.
- Who is? [Trying to make eye contact] [JINU, look at me] HOONY changes often.
I think he looks good now.
Good skin.
[MINO] MINO was making poses.
He doesn't even look at me.
Never give an eye contact.
- I saw him.
- Sorry that I'm not witty.
Sorry I'm not witty.
[Big hit] [Who said this man is not witty] [Everyone is happy except one person] You harvest as you sowed.
It was the most witty one today.
You hit "Fiance".
Let's start V LIVE.
- Great.
- It's live.
It's on.
Nice to meet you all.
We have WINNER joining us today.
Guess who's back? We are WINNER! Hello, we are WINNER.
Many people are writing comments now.
JINU, wear that rabbit hat.
[Rabbit hat that's on fad] - Do we have it here? - Ears moving.
It's a very trendy item.
When you press hands, ears go up.
Please support WINNER! [Making fans more loyal] [You are born-to-be idol] You are the oldest.
- You are so cute.
This is new.
It has a tension.
WINNER can you write your name with your shoulder? What is this? Like this.
Like you write your name with your bottom.
You use your shoulders to write your name.
How? Oh, the opposite way.
[Sexy] Seung.
With that face? - Sexy.
- What's that face? Sexy.
- You might not seem sexy only with shoulders.
- JINU can you do it too? [No hesitation] Are you going to wear it? Are you going to wear it? Open your ears.
- Cute.
- Jin.
[Many thoughts in his mind] HOONY.
[Biting his finger] Finger.
We can see the letters.
Is it Jenny's "Solo"? Quickly.
- What should I do? - MINO.
[Eyes on shoulder] MINO.
- From now on.
- We will spin the will.
Let's do the close-up cam.
You should do a flower cup hands.
In 4 divisions.
JINU wants this.
[Baby leader YOON] [Song Vitamin MINO] [JUJU JINU] [Cute HOONY] [Cute and lovely four members are ready] Who will be today's live pick-dol? Who will be today's live pick-dol? Who will be? - It's me? - Who is it? Who will get the close-up camera? - It's me? - The outcome is.
[Today's pick-dol is] Please watch it on the actual show.
[New pick-dol?] [For the first time in Idol Room's history, HOONY gets the cam two times in a row] It's HOONY.
Oh wow.
[WINNER in Idol Room Live is over] Wow! HOONY.
- He's a pick-dol again.
- Two time in a row.
- Didn't you make this up? - I didn't want to do it.
I didn't want to do it.
- Why? - Huh? If you become a pick-dol.
Your everything is recorded.
- Full version.
- True.
You have to keep thinking of you facial expressions.
Then, - give me that.
- Maybe.
- Give me that.
- No way.
No way.
MINO, you came here to do something.
It was a bad timing.
MINO is bit nervous after JINU's witty remarks.
He tried to do something but missed the timing.
So, pick-dol goes to selected ones.
Experienced ones know how to do it.
I'm a pick-dol.
I want to pick your mind.
Please watch my cuteness.
[He's so conscious about cameras] Are you okay? Didn't you get hurt? You are a pick-dol.
[This is the second time close-up cam] [Please look forward to his second close-up cam] Finally, it's time for WINNER to explain why [The purpose of Kang-Kim-Song-Lee visiting IDOL ROOM] they've come to IDOL ROOM.
[Congrats! So happy WINNER released new song!] Please introduce your new song.
The new song that will come out [New song, "MILLIONS", came out after 8 months] - is "MILLIONS".
It's about how there are millions of reasons for me liking you.
That's why it's "MILLIONS".
[Stay tuned] Everybody has [Soon, "MILLIONS" will be reveal for the first time] millions of reasons to be loved.
It will improve your self-esteem.
[Master Connhee] You must have written the song seeing you're talking a lot.
- You wrote the song.
- Yes.
[I'm the creator of "MILLIONS"] - Don't you also write songs, Seunghoon? - Yes.
[Playing on against the other so naturally] Isn't it a shame yours wasn't the title song? [So cool] It's because I wrote 3 songs while Seungyoon wrote 100 songs.
[The difference between mass production and small-quantity production] - The amount of work he does is unbelievable.
- The load is unbelievable.
- How about Jinwoo? - What? You can't do nothing, Jinwoo.
[Focus, INNER CIRCLE] [Gracious spoiler time by the maknae and leader] I'm not sure if I should say this but he's preparing his solo album.
[Breaking news, WINNER's JINU will soon release solo album] [The album is in process] There are a few songs already selected, [The songs are already on standby] and the songs are good.
[Today's target] Seunghoon, do you have something going on? - Seunghoon should have a solo as well.
- It'll come out.
[2nd breaking news, WINNER's HOONY will soon release solo album] He's working on it.
[#WINNERsoloready #Offguard] After WINNER, units will be coming So, Minho did a good job with getting things started.
[Sudden compliment] [Good start by MINO, ranked #1] He got things off to a good start.
- So, Minho did a good job with getting things started.
- He got things off to a good start.
[Of course] The start was very What is that pose? [What is that pose and expression?] - Arrogance.
- Follow me.
[Follow me] Follow me.
- Follow me.
- Follow me.
[Kang-Kim-Lee, let's walk the flowery path] I made the road, just follow the flowery path.
[Buffing up Minho] [Reserving Minho for featuring] I should use Minho for featuring.
[Uh, huh?] - There's Minho's effect.
- You're going to use me? [My friend] You need to ask first.
[Bowing] [Treating him like a #1 singer] Got it, I ask you sincerely.
Ranking 1st place as solo does that to you.
Now, the new WINNER song, "MILLIONS".
We'll introduce it to you in IDOL ROOM style.
Let's meet the song in Nano Dance, where you totally conquer the killing part.
[Nano Dance] [Dance the choreography of the killing part in relay] [A segment where the dance is analyzed in nano unit] [The nano part for "MILLIONS" is this] [Totally into myself] Look at that dance line.
[Nano Dance order] Kim, Lee, Kang, and Song.
That order? Got it.
[Revealing for the first time, "MILLIONS" nano dance] Please play "MILLIONS".
[Immediate refreshing feeling as soon as they hear the song] It feels very different.
[And the nano part starts right away] [Heart fluttering 4444%] [The melody is already addictive] [Kang-Kim-Song-Lee start nano dance] [Soseum Jinwoo] [Inner peace] [Face and movement calming the mind] [Lee Aru, Seunghoon] [Balance of strength! The class of #1 dancer in this area] [Nice] [Unexpected mirror-mode choreography] [Singyooni, Seungyoon] [Golden division of sweetness and freshness] [Mo-tae-saen-mi, Minho] [Idol power level 10,000] [Successfully called out Song-meot-ji-ri] Now get ready and together.
[888888] [MILLIONS reasons why we like WINNER] The song is cute.
[Fairies of self-esteem] [Feeling better the more you listen to it] [Fandom, Park INNER CIRCLE, already made the IN-CIR-stellar] [You can watch various IDOL ROOM clips on V LIVE] Donhee Conhee's Fact Check! - Top artists are different.
- Why? He prepared another outfit.
- He's different.
- Did you tell other members about it? - Nope.
- Unilaterally.
Is there any specific reason for changing the outfit? I just wanted to stand out.
I care a lot about my fashion.
How long has it been since your debut? In 2019, we enter our 6th year.
- The 6th year.
- Already.
You've done so many interviews for the past 5 years.
You talked about many topics.
- Right.
- Is there any interview that you thought you weren't cautious? [All of them seems to have something in mind] I think I thought I've been constant.
- I think so.
- It means it's you.
- You are suddenly very talkative.
- Right.
Can you tell us what has changed the most from YOON? He's much more relaxed as he accumulated fortune.
Fortune accumulation.
I think we are seated according to our income today.
You see more accessories from them.
- Seated according to income? - There's nothing on my hand.
- Yeah.
- Our stylist didn't give me one.
Don't make rumors.
- Oh really - Gradually.
YOON has four of them.
MINO has two.
- And this one.
- Toy.
He has silver ones.
Silver accessories.
Next, HOONY.
It's his hands.
Help me.
- This wealth gap.
- No it's okay.
Help me.
Among your interviews or remarks let's look at which are true or false from now on.
The first fact please! WINNER's unique way of identifying individual members.
JINU can tell exactly who the member is by listening to the sound of inhaling through the nose.
- It's a fact.
- This means that you guys know each other really well.
- Is it true? - Yes.
This sound? - This sound.
- Blocked and dry nose.
You can tell only by that? So for example, when members were in each of the restroom stalls, - you can't tell who's in which stall.
- It's 100%.
If someone makes this sound, he asks whether it's me.
Like a sound detector.
It's not only JINU who said this.
MINO, you said you can tell what they are thinking by just looking into their eyes.
- It's nonsense.
- Did you actually say this? - Where did you say this? - I don't know.
I think I can do it.
- Really? - I think I can do it.
I'll try.
One more from HOONY.
He said that he can read other members' mind even if they say nothing.
It's similar to looking into the eyes.
I think they just made this up.
Evidence please.
You said this in Japan.
Maybe it's mistakenly translated.
As we said things in Korean, the translator would have missed the nuance.
It might be conveyed a little differently from my intention.
There's one more.
YOON can distinguish members by their whistles and footsteps.
by their whistles and footsteps.
I've tried this before.
On a game show.
We don't just stop here.
- You want to check them.
- Of course.
Whether your interviews were - Will it work? all true.
We'll do the fact check.
First off, JINU.
- Come forward.
- Can I listen to them first? Of course not.
- It should be fair.
- Change your seats randomly.
[Serious] Change you seats.
[Tricks] Intuition.
- Ready? - The first one.
The second one.
The third one.
Who's the first one? [You are so precious] [that I can tell by your inhaling sound] HOONY, MINO and YOON.
[0% correct] - Do you want to find out? - Or do you want to listen to it once more? I'll try once more.
I'm telling you in advance that you didn't get even one person right.
- Embarrassed.
- Really? - Yeah.
You got them all wrong.
It wasn't that one person made the sound three times right? No.
- One by one.
- Think.
- Carefully.
- The first one.
- The second one.
- Okay.
- The third one.
- I think I'm right.
- Who's number one.
- The second one? - HOONY.
- The third one? - YOON.
- How can you be that certain? - I'm quite certain.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Take off your eye mask and look at them.
[19910925 JINU] [Nervous moment] [You got them all correct] - I was right in the first place.
- No you weren't.
- You got them all wrong.
Really? - You made it in the second round.
- Success! So relieved.
And who's the next one? - YOON.
- I don't exactly know their whistles.
Did I say that in the interview? Slowly.
The first one.
[Stereophonic whistles] The second one.
[Beautiful as his looks] The third one.
[Whistling] [Confused] I have no clue.
You said this in your interview with a Japanese magazine.
I'll try it.
The first is MINO.
The second is JINU and the third is HOONY.
Wrong! Okay, we'll give you the second chance.
- Two times.
- From the first one.
Here it goes.
- I don't have a clue.
- The first one.
[So close] - I think I can tell who it is.
- The second one.
[Beautiful sound again] The third one.
[Hope you get it right] What was it? It's what you've said.
The first is JINU.
The second is MINO and the third is HOONY.
I really can't tell who the each one is.
YOON, you've got it all wrong.
You succeeded in the past.
If they have different abilities in whistling It's be okay.
But they are doing it so well.
They were all good at whistling.
Originally, MINO is really good at whistling.
Clear sounds.
JINU has air in whistling.
HOONY wasn't good at it.
But today, all of them were good.
- They were.
- They got better.
Lastly, MINO.
Eye contact.
We'll give you the word.
And you should get the word right.
MINO can convey his thought through his eyes.
- I can't do it.
- He doesn't know that.
- You can.
- We are a team.
Here goes the first question.
- To YOON.
- I think I know what the word is.
[Huh?] [Curious] Got it.
- You did it well.
- He's felt it.
[Knock knock] Other members - didn't say this.
- Right.
We can do this.
[It's sentimental as it involves no talking] [What he always does] Answer! [Really?] [I didn't do anything] [You know the answer right?] - Answer! - I like you.
[So surprised] [Everyone is surprised] - Is it correct? - Correct.
How did you know? How did you know? Through eyes? HOONY made it.
- Your ability is already proved.
- I like you.
Your ability is proven.
- You have a new ability now.
- 1, 2, 3.
Let's love! [So competent] I was so thrilled.
Next question.
Can we just leave it here? One more time.
You can really say with your eyes.
HOONY proved his ability.
WINNER is one.
- Of course.
- Let's go.
[Passion] [Full of passion] [Glaring eyes] [Look at my passion] [His eyes are full of passion] [Have no idea] How did he get the previous one? He got the most difficult one.
That was the only sentence.
[Eyes are wide] [Why is he doing this?] [It's like silent talk with your body game] Wow.
[Just being beautiful] [Screwed] [I'm done, you do it] MINO, do it directly to HOONY.
Once again.
[Passion] - The answer is okay, right? - No it's a word.
Supernatural powers.
I can talk with my eyes.
Don't need a word.
It's has two syllables.
Challenge and determination.
Challenge and determination.
[ventriloquism] [Donhee Conhee don't have a clue] [Conveyed] [Passion] [Received] Passion! Correct! [He didn't see it] [Fake!] - Did you use your lips? - How did you know? - Have you used your lips? - Never.
- Cameras were filming it.
- How did you know? - The camera was working.
- How did you know? I could see the passion.
Wait, you two seat here.
- I could fell it.
- Last one.
Only between you two.
I think it was a fraud.
No, I was so surprised.
- You really got this right? - Through our eyes.
It's a two syllable word.
[Sad] It's not through your eyes.
It's through your face expressions.
He's cute.
You are doing it because I'm here right? Sadness.
[Trying to find out answer secretly] Why? It was a fraud? Sad.
- It was a fraud? - Being emotional suddenly.
- One more time.
- Being emotional suddenly.
- Being emotional suddenly.
- How did you know? I was being emotional suddenly.
We were connected! You frauds! I've heard everything.
MINO, fail! I was so surprised.
How did you get the first question? - How did you? - HOONY got it right.
- How? - I just knew it.
- Wow.
- You have some ability.
It's so interesting.
Next fact please! YOON refuted the argument that says WINNER is not athletic.
[His eyes, nose, mouth feel sad] Who said WINNER is not athletic? - Have you said that before? - Yes, we have.
[Official statement about the argument] I've said this on my social media account.
[WINNER-is-not-athletic is all over the Internet] When you search WINNER on the internet, you find that we're not good at sports.
[WINNER is on the top of the list] It says that we should not be on "Idol Star Athletics Championships".
[Didn't know] - Really? - Oh, WINNER - Have you [People say they're weak] - Have you lost some sports games? - No, people just say we're not athletic.
- Really? You look fit though.
- But there must be [Where is this rumor from?] something that backs up the argument though.
[Maybe this one? That makes WINNER look un-athletic?] I think there's a video of us doing volleyball.
[Reference: TvN] [You're right] [Did so bad on a TV show] [But they were so confident] I will show the best abdominal breathing in Korea.
[Well, they seemed to be relatively good at it] - Nice! - Yes! After a minute [It's okay, it's all in the past] This one was so tough.
Professional athletes do that while training.
[So frustrated] The TV show edited it and showed the part that we did really bad.
[Reference: JTBC4] This is not a sport, it's just physical strength.
[They are two different things] This is not a sport game, come on.
We're good at sports but we don't have much physical strength, that's all.
Well, you did table tennis and volleyball.
[They didn't do well at small sports games] - Well - It has nothing to do with you being un-athletic.
[You may not believe this but ] Well, we actually play some games.
[Everyone avoids YOON] When we form a group of 2 people, everyone doesn't want to be with YOON.
- That's actually true, everyone avoids him.
- He's not athletic.
[But the truth is ] - Because he's not athletic.
- But the fact is [Two vocalists YOON & Jinwoo] Jinwoo and I often make a team.
Somehow we always happen to make a team together.
[They're not athletic but always win] Jinwoo doesn't like it but we always win these two.
[Can't understand that WINNER is not athletic] - I mean you look sharp when you dance.
- Right.
[The leader talks about the truth] The part on the TV show was just us doing so bad at some sports.
[This is just Leader's thought] But I think everyone is good at sports.
- We can't show it, unfortunately.
- Oh, there's some evidence that backs your argument.
[Athletic HOONY did 10 push-ups] HOONY did 10 push-ups on V LIVE.
[NU'EST W JR did 90 push-ups in a minute] A few days ago, JR from NU'EST did 90 push-ups in a minute.
[Not me though] - Well, it's possible.
- 90 push-ups? - HOONY can do it.
[A bolt from the blue] - He can do it.
- He can do 90 push-ups.
[Intuitively feel] I think he was just born with it.
[Too late] HOONY has the strongest arms, right? [It's HOONY, after all] Yes, he's most athletic.
Everyone should try it altogether.
[No, there's no exit for you, HOONY] - You're the representative of WINNER.
- Oh, I am? [Changed attitude all of a sudden] Well, we don't like sports, actually.
If you say it, [My well-being is more important] Well, if it's not true then we should admit it.
[Withdraw the argument, I'm sorry] - MINO is right.
- Sorry.
[Changed their argument] - I'm not good at sports.
- We just don't like sports.
Don't like it is different from not being athletic.
[Too late though] But you can do it if you want to do it, right? [That's right] - Then, let's just do it.
- Of course! We don't like push-ups, especially.
[Keep saying that he's good at it] - Because I've seen them doing so good at sports.
- Right.
[Show us (=so that we can finish this fight)] - He's the representative of WINNER.
- Show us.
- Way to go! [Okay] - Just on the floor? - No way! So we've prepared a mat for you.
[Oh, you did? You didn't have to though] We thought you may not - Because my wrist is so weak.
- So we've prepared a mat for you.
[Holding his hand so tight] [Oh, okay.
Thank you] When did you prepare it for me? [We care about your health and well-being] Because you shouldn't hurt your wrists.
[Laughing] [Mumbling] It's too narrow though.
So we've prepared another one for you.
[No] Maybe one is not enough for you.
- You know, I'm a big man.
- That's why we've prepared another one.
[So touched] - No way to avoid it.
- Just do it.
- You just should do it.
- Do it.
[2 mats have made a perfect condition] - Now, it's enough right? - You've got to do it.
- Really.
- Everything is alright? Yes, I'll try it.
[By the way] Don't try to make fun of yourself, [Imagine it's a sports channel] thinking that it's a variety show.
You shouldn't try to make us laugh.
[I am the pride of YG] Okay, this is now about the pride of YG.
When the CEO watches this, [Get so close to him and become brothers?] - Call the CEO bro? - You will get a message from him.
[Ambitious] If he succeeds, he can be a younger brother of the CEO.
Because no one from YG did such a challenge.
[CEO Yang, Daddy Yang And Brother] No one has shown us like this.
[Show us he's athletic as a YG representative for the first time] - Let's do this.
- Way to go.
[Let's go] - You can do it.
- Ready.
[So fast from the beginning] - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
- Good.
- Good.
- 7, 8, 9, 10.
[Faster than we thought] - If he keeps his pace, he can do it.
- 19, 20.
[You're watching JTBC Sports Channel now] - Without laughing.
- 21, 22, 23, 24.
- Way to go.
- 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.
[The best performance +1, 91 push-ups in 1 min] - Only 20 seconds have passed.
- 30, 31, 32, 33, 34.
[Looks like he's a newbie] - I think he will make it.
- Right.
He can make it.
- 35, 36, 37, 38.
[Calling the CEO brother depends on his push-up] 39, 40 43, 44.
- Oh, wow YG! - 46, 47.
[Well, he can make it] Awesome.
You're doing well.
[This is what the leader wants to see] - Amazing.
- 57, 58, 59, 60, 61.
- Cool!` [To anyone who has lost to HOONY, please lay down] 62, 63, 64, 65, 66.
- 67.
- Wow, you can do this.
[So touched] - A few more! - 80, 81, 82, 83.
[The height of his push-ups is getting short] 84, 85, 86, 87, 88.
[Being so desperate] - He's not doing it properly! - The height is getting short.
- 89, 90.
[Swedish old lady is helping a bit] - 91, 92, 93.
- You can do this.
[Desperate] 94, 95, 96.
96! [Recorded 95] - Stop! - 95! [being so proud] - How many? - 95! [Really] - He did 95 push-ups? - Wow, you kept the pride of YG.
[Ceremony ready?] - He's the pride of YG.
- It's within a minute! [Are you watching me?] - It's so tiring.
- Hey, Yang.
My brother.
[Wink] I can release my solo album next year, right? [YG's pride!] - Made it! - He did it.
[Let's go back to the fact check] So YOON refuted officially on Twitter.
[Kang YOON's social media] Who said WINNER is not athletic? Who said WINNER doesn't like sports! [Trying to keep his cool] Baseball, foot volleyball, badminton, tennis, basketball, soccer I did all of them today.
[Really?] - You said it on Twitter? - Yes.
[A statement that didn't reach agreement among members] You should've asked us.
So we've prepared this too! [Sigh again] We check everything, you know.
So, we will do a sports competition that will determines who's most un-athletic.
[Judging so fast] - It's definitely not me, then.
- We will do some tests.
[WINNER's athletic competition] One person who gets the lowest score [Through some sports games, ] will be the winner of [we will identify who's un-athletic most] being un-athletic.
[Who comforts who?] - Okay.
- If someone says this person is so bad at sports, you can't say anything to that.
[What's up with your face? You said you're good at sports] [This is not just a program that makes you work out] To give you some motivation, we have prepared [Prepared rewards to motivate WINNER] some rewards for the winner on each game.
[Get motivated right away] So we've prepared rewards.
Please show us the first reward.
[So satisfied] Oh wait, it looks amazing.
[Mouth-watering] - What is it? - Small walnut-flavored cake! - Why is it so big? - Cheese ball! [Prepared cheese balls for you] - They are cheese balls.
- They are really tasty.
[Mouth-watering] It's the first reward.
[Competition] In the first game, [1st round: Muscular strength & agility test] we will check your muscular strength and agility.
[Related search word: Table tennis] We will have table tennis.
The one who gets 5 points first will win.
[Where's the table though?] Where is the table? [You've prepared the table for us?] Can you bring it here? I guess they just prepared a small one.
[No way, really?] - Oh, it's a real one.
- Wow.
- IDOL ROOM! [IDOL ROOM has prepared the actual table] [Professionally preparing for the game] [Being so serious] [They all look so athletic for now] [But this person complains about the racket] - Do you have the shake racket? - The one that has defence side? - Ah, it's not a shake one.
- But I want a shake one.
[Let's see how good he is at] - Oh, you need a shake one? - Yeah.
[Looking for the shake racket for MINO] We don't have it? - We have this person who complains about the racket.
- The shake one.
- You know, the shake one.
- We don't have it.
[Understanding] Well, okay, then.
Well, it's alright.
[This is his strategy] And if he loses, he can complain about the racket.
Oh, we couldn't have thought about the racket.
[Smiling] Ah, that was the only thing we couldn't have thought about.
Okay, to play 1:1 games, [Divide players into two teams for 1:1 matches] we will decide a team.
[Pick his contestant] I want to play a game with YOON.
- Okay, YOON - What? - Why? [YOON is mine!] - What? - I'll play a game with YOON - I'll do a 1:1 match with him.
- Sine I live with him right now, [So popular] So I should be the one who plays a 1:1 match with him.
Because I live with him.
[Everyone is fighting for YOON] Well, since I don't have a shake racket.
I just have to play with YOON.
[Popular YOON can decide] Okay, then let him decide.
Just call him out.
[Underestimate me?] - Lee HOONY, bring it on! - Okay.
[Already acting like he won] It's an easy game.
Okay, please defeat me! [Team A, 1:1 match to decide who's a worst table tennis player] [Representative1 from Busan, Haeundae fire smashing VS.
Representative2 from Busan, dragon service machine] - Let's go.
- You ready? [So tense] Okay, the one who gets 5 point first will win.
[Throw it and throw it back] Start! [And laughing] [That tension didn't last for a second] [The popular guy showing off how good he is at table tennis] It's now 1:0.
[Why is everyone so surprised? It's just 2 exchanges] [Only after 1 second, the game is finished] [1:1] I could've done better! [That's right] I think he's not in a position where he can look down on someone.
[Get started again and finished in a second] [2:1] The winner throws a ball first.
[Every game lasts less than 10 second.
We didn't have to edit at all] I could've done better.
[This is a real game without any editing] I could've done better, argh! [Is this even a game?] There's no tense at all.
[This guy making fun of them] Didn't know they're playing a game.
[A table tennis game without any rally] Oh he received it well.
[Why are you acting like it was so close?] [Audience is speechless and baffled] I should play it in a cool way.
- You are just a muscular idiot.
- Why are you so bad at it? - He's just so muscular, that's it.
[4:1] Even if I lose, I should look cool, YOON! [5:1 even before we put some comments on] Okay, he did a good job.
[YOON won! The match is finished but don't know whether it was really a match] - I won! - You won! [The person who said that he can win YOON] - Now, MINO.
- It's your turn.
[Getting excited for the B team match] - This one is better.
- Yes, this one.
But the racket is [Team B 1:1 match] [Gyeongi representative receiver VS Jeonnam representative rally prince] - I go first? - Okay.
[So stable start] [Looks like he's national team player] He looks quite relaxed.
[Hopeful, ball tossed more than twice] [It's over again in the speed of light] But the racket is [Making a fuss] - You don't have the luxury.
- Sorry.
[In 10 seconds] [0:1] [0:2] [Current score 0 - WINNER's table tennis king] Please say challenge.
That was lame.
It wasn't good.
[Prince from Imjado Island] - Challenge.
- This is a game for fun.
[0:3] MINO! [He turned out to be a black hole] MINO! [Fact bombing] This is so boring.
[But they are so serious] - I will do my best.
- Please do it in a speedy way.
[Worrying about the show] Will it be entirely edited? [What's this?] [Home run] Hang on.
I don't like this racket.
[I knew he would do it] - He always blame the tool.
- The last point.
[Nobody keeps the score] - The current score is - 4:0.
[0:4] [Can we expect a legendary match?] These two are now [Miracle: A real smashing] JINU! [Perfect game with 5 points] JINU! [Sad] - He's good.
- 5:0.
[MINO, who are you?] - The final match.
- He lost.
- What? [Blaming the tool] - What? - He lost.
- I told you, the racket - This racket - We're having the final match.
- Right.
[WINNER's table tennis match] [Who is the real winner?] [Haeundae fire smashing vs Imjado rally prince] This wasn't expected, like matches in World Cup.
[This is the final match] Strong teams are losing.
[Still, it's not that fast] [More than twice, but always over after three times] [It's another match but that looks similar] JINU! [No! You haven't been good at this!] It feels that I'm doing worse.
Sorry, is this the final match? [You may not believe but] Yes, it is.
[Manager Lee's concern: Can we keep this part?] It's interesting, huh? [Angry] [The final match is over in 1 minute] [Haeundae Fire smashing, please behave well] You're not even well-mannered.
[Strong criticism] - Manner! - Be a gentleman! - I wanted to [Summary] give up and move on to another one.
[He lost and Imjado rally prince won] JINU won! - Let's find the worst player.
- Right.
1 will be watching the match] JINU will be eating cheese balls.
Yes, the winner will be enjoying cheese balls.
- JINU, go and enjoy.
- Thank you.
[Finally eating a cheese ball] Enjoy it freely.
[So handsome, eating a cookie looks like a commercial] [Match to decide WINNER's worst player] Let's pick the worst player.
[Match to decide the worst table tennis player from WINNER] [Yongin genius receiver vs Dongraegu dragon service machine] [It's to decide the worst player] I will play without feeling pressure.
- This is the match for a bad player.
- You've scored 0.
- Good.
- Here we go.
[The ball was tossed] [Big laughter[ [Another home run] [Song MINO, home-run king of table tennis] You saw the Olympics, huh? [Table tennis king who laughs at] The sports genius is laughing out loud.
[Still serious] Okay.
[0:2] [MINO's lame excuses] This is not the racket I used.
[Whatever you will use, you can't do well] - Which one? - Use this.
- I guess this is it.
- Okay, pass the ball.
Those are all similar, brand-new.
[Audience can't feel that] I'm nervous.
[0:3] His service was like art.
[Changed the racket but still losing] I got confused with this racket.
[Which part?] The service was like art.
[Asking for computer graphics] Please add some graphic effect.
Do you know how expensive it is? [Detailed request for computer graphic] Make it look with a dragon, the ball is flying with a dragon.
[Here it is] Okay.
[Still, it's not good] [MINO's trick failed again] Last, match point.
[0:4] Trying to make it fun He never reacted.
[Probably, the last set] [More than three times] Quite a long rally.
[What happened?] A long rally [Table tennis home run king got 1 point] [Showing off as if it's 100 points] I will do it right now.
To make it more exciting, because of the show.
[I tried it for the show] - You know, right? - Oh, my.
[Match to decide the worst player] Truly, it looks like a final match oh, no.
- It's not a final match.
- It's to decide the worst player.
[I don't care, yum yum] - It's more fun, though.
- 4:1.
[The real game just started now!] HOONY needs to score only one point.
[No! It's over] 4:1.
HOONY needs only one point Worst player, MINO! [So obviously] [Consistent character] He's Mojiri (fool or dumb) at every field.
Song Mojiri is still Mojiri in sports.
- That's not easy to get the title.
- Sure.
[Song Mojiri, in every field] You know, you are named as the worst player.
But this is the first sports field.
[Still, there's hope for MINO] Sure.
Let's move on to the 2nd match.
[Enter prize for the 2nd round] There's the 2nd prize.
[WOW] [Is it?] Is it chicken? [Prize for the 2nd round, Popcorn chicken that's always good] Popcorn chicken! [Volunteers to be a food-tasting court lady.
Check for poison?] Let me try to check if there's poison.
[2nd round of not being athletic] The 2nd non athletic test is simple.
[Testing sense of balance.
Stay on the gym ball longer] On the gym ball, let's see who can maintain balance and stay longer.
[Class of coach Lee, confident about his sense of balance] I'm good at this.
Seunghoon has an advantage.
[Stay longer on the gym ball.
The person who stays on the gym ball] You just need to lift your feet.
[the longest wins] The moment you lift your feet, [The timer starts the instance the feet are off the ground] we start the timer.
- We can be cross-legged, or in lotus position - It doesn't matter.
[Free to do any pose on the gym balls] Nothing matters [He shows off his confident again] I was born with an amazing sense of balance.
Do you want to go in order? From the previous #1? [#1 Jinwoo from the 1st round will go first] - Sure, let's start with #1.
- Okay, start with #1.
I think the pose has to be out of the 2 [Last-place discrimination.
Suddenly questions the order] Isn't better to start with the last place? [Enters idle time.
Yup, the shooting will take too long] But the filming will take too long if I go first.
[Meanwhile, Jinwoo is trying to get on the ball] - You decide a pose? - Try to get the pose right.
[1st contestant.
Kim Muscle, JINU] - Okay.
- Okay, are you ready? Ready, get started.
Start, please.
I'll start now.
[Holding position] - Start.
- You're already doing it.
- Start.
- Start.
[Peaceful] - Good posture.
- Looks good.
[Look at Jinwoo] [On a level of a stunt.
Maintains posture by rolling the ball] [This is like Soseum is doing circus] - That's amazing! - You have a great sense of balance.
[Soseum is good] He's even rolling it! [His composure breaks down, his mind is unsettled by the talks of chicken] JINU could eat the chicken.
[He tried to stay on the ball longer, but landed on the ground] He could eat the chicken.
[JINU's record?] How many seconds? [JINU's record who could be #1] 29 seconds 66.
[Good job, me] - Well done.
- He's currently in 1st place.
It's almost 30 seconds.
[I don't think I can do it.
Enters a pessimistic contestant] Is this possible? I don't think so.
[Tries different poses] Seungyoon, you have long limbs I don't know what pose I need to be in.
[Yes, I can't do it.
Gives up even before he starts] I don't think I can do it.
[Enters the one who prioritizes fun] Make it fun.
I'm already dizzy.
[Do a handstand.
Saying whatever for fun] Just do a handstand.
[2nd contestant.
Jae-mak-geun-ri, YOON] - I don't think I can do it.
- Please say start.
- Start.
- Okay.
Fails the moment he starts] [I think it's 3 seconds.
Correct] - 3 seconds? - 3 seconds! [Still the only one in 2nd place.
YOON's record is 3 seconds] He's is 2nd place.
[Going for it faster than anyone] You've said Song Minho will be #1 no matter what.
[3rd contestant.
Sil-sae-ye, HOONY] - Start! - Start.
This is easy to balance.
Or not.
[Small gesture.
Requesting SOS in the air] Or not.
- Jinwoo hyung did really well.
- How many seconds? [Still, it's 2nd place.
HOONY's record is 6 seconds 19] - Was is 5 seconds? - 6 seconds 19.
[Can't believe himself.
#1 by a landslide by accident] - Jinwoo is way ahead.
- I was good.
[According to himself.
The winner will be Song Minho] But 1st place will be Song Minho, - according to himself.
- Eo-u-Song.
Let's see what strategy Song Minho has.
[Idling time? Can't get on the ball quickly] [We root for you on the gym ball] He can't get on it.
[We waited for you to get on the gym ball] The timer starts when he gets on it.
[Huh?] Wait, I need to connect with it.
[Nice even to the ball.
Opening his 3rd eye to communicate with the ball] - You're connecting even with the gym ball! - The color matches.
[Whoa, whoa] Stay calm.
[The one who is in last place laughs at him] He's comforting the gym ball.
Comforting it.
[4th contestant.
Song-meot-ji-ri, MINO] Start.
[Nervous and unstable] - Good, good job.
- He's good.
[I can hear the sound of going down to 3rd place] He's got the pose.
[He's connecting with the ball] - You just need to grab it once.
- He's comforting it, and as he comforts it [Eo-u-Song, oh you] - He's got it.
- Song Minho.
- Song Minho.
Song Minho! [Good, nice] - Stay still.
- He's comforting it.
[Relaying the gym ball's emotional state] - It's angry, it's really angry right now.
- He's soothing it.
[Officially training it with a calm voice] No, don't get mad.
[Petting] - You're doing well.
- It's amazing.
[Oh my god] - He could win.
- Song Minho! - Is he making up for table tennis? - Good boy.
[Successful connection.
Gym ball opened its heart completely to MINO] Could he surpass JINU's 29 seconds 66? It looks like he'll surpass it.
[Leaving a great performance behind.
Disappears outside of the frame] Showmanship! [Cheat key.
Ends connection with entertainment] - It looks like he'll surpass it.
- Showmanship! [Calculated ending pose] [Communicator Song.
What is MINO's record?] [Takes back the 1st place.
MINO's record] Record! 38 seconds! [Proves he's "Eo-u-Song".
What is idling time?] Good, now eat! [2nd round.
Sense of balance test.
1st place is MINO] Popcorn chicken goes to Song Minho.
[Current non-athletic ones who want to eat chicken at this moment] - I want chicken.
- Song Minho did it.
[Record is 6 seconds.
Thinks it's such a shame but is currently in 3rd place] Can't I try it again? [Ends up requesting for another try] Can't I try it again? [Proud of himself] Song Minho did it.
[I finally] [Dips it in the sauce.
Takes a bite.
Yum] [Can't stop eating] It's so good.
[Kang Hanjeon.
Trying again] - Go ahead.
- Kang Seungyoon, you stayed in the studio for too long.
[Habitual fabrication] Since we all 185 cm tall [What?] 185? We're all really tall, JINU hyung is 183 cm.
[Meanwhile he's struggling] [Everyone equally taller] - He's about 185 or 187.
- I can't hold still.
[The #1 in sense of balance will say a few words] Everyone, what's most important is not how tall you are.
[King of communication.
Connection comes first.
- Communicator Song -] Connection is the most important.
Suddenly has trusts blindly in connecting] I'm really going to try to connect today.
I'm going to try before I do it.
[Connection basics.
Don't pressure, but be soothing and comforting] - Soothe and comfort the gym ball.
- Talk to it.
[Applying immediately] - Gym ball, Let's get along.
It's so delicious.
[Couldn't watch anymore so we'll get rid of the gym ball] - We'll put it away now.
- We'll get rid of it.
[Connection ended with talking to himself] - It wouldn't work.
- The 2nd round's [The non-athletic one in the 2nd round is YOON with 3 seconds] non-athletic one is Kang Seungyoon.
According to the current flow of events, it's Kang Seungyoon [Non-athletic member staying in the low ranks] - Kang Seungyoon - Right.
[Meanwhile, current "Eo-u-Song" rose in rank] - Song Minho is totally - He changed the game.
Whatever it is, you just need to rank in 1st place.
[3rd round prize.
Chicken of truth] - Please bring in the 3rd prize.
- It's chicken now.
It's chicken now.
[Now, it's test of endurance & power] 3rd round is a test for endurance and power.
[Showing signs of weakness] - I don't have much endurance.
- The rule for measuring is simple.
[What is the item?] What is it? [Again] - Pig wrestling.
- What is this? - Is it this, pig? - Actually, this is [Another class] unfair for the other members for them to go against me.
[It won't go away.
Another "idle time" moment] Are we doing the thigh wrestling thing? - Let's - This! - It's the foot thing.
[Pig wrestling.
Grab your ankles with your hands.
] Do this, like this with your feet and [Make the opponent fall using feet only.
You lose if you fall or lose your grip] make the other fall over.
[Everyone, did you know?] - I'm the first in the world to - First in the world? [He won the Cheonhajangsa for the first time in the world] I won the Cheonhajangsa in ssireum.
[Everyone, did you know?] - Really? - Also, the first loss [He lost for the first time in the world] was also due to someone who's here.
[Just in case you forgot, we show you Song-mo-ji-ri from 3 weeks ago] Pig wrestling I received early training since I was a baby from my uncle [Received early education on pig wrestling] - Early education? - Yes, I received early education separately.
[Song Minho said this] [A clean fall] [Group A.
Meeting again after ping pong] Then the first match is between HOONY and MINO.
[Yellow hair VS Hot-pink hair] It's really the final.
Ready, go! [Attack mode from the start] Song Minho says he's the champion.
[Legal kicking] He says he won Hodong hyung! But Seunghoon is not an easy opponent.
Hold on.
[Dead] - Hold on.
- Failed! [We saw MINO from 3 weeks ago in HOONY] Song Minho goes to the final! [Finally showing the result of early education by his uncle] To get it over with [Lost without getting one kick in] There's nothing like "hold on".
[Wait, if JINU makes it to the finals] If Jinwoo here goes up to the final match [He'll become the non-athletic one] - Seungyoon will - I don't think I can do this [Downward standardization.
Both are newbies to pig wrestling] Can I grab here too? - You need to hold your shins.
- Here? - Right.
[Get ready] - How can to hold there like that? - Here.
[Group B.
First time pig wrestling for the both of them] The judge will be [White socks VS Black socks] Song Minho.
[Having fun playing judge after 1 win] [+ got invisible safety gear] Okay.
[+ I also got invisible safety gear] He's checking their conditions, seeing if there's anything illegal.
- He's checking everything.
- Ready.
- Ready.
[Go, Jinwoo hyung] - Go.
- Go! [A close match, on their own level] Go! Attack.
Push your legs more in.
[An offensive pig wrestler, Black socks] - Push it in.
- Will Seungyoon lose? [A defensive pig wrestler, White socks] He needs to make up for it here.
Will Seungyoon lose? [A person really into playing the judge] - Push in! - He needs to make up for it here.
- Right.
[Although he lost immediately, super busy coaching] Jinwoo hyung, turn.
[Attacking fiercely with this pretty face] Seungyoon can't handle it! [Now defending with his face] Inner leg! [The situation changes] [White socks' counterattack] Seungyoon, you need to show something.
[Coaching with his mouth.
Dig in through the bottom] Through the bottom! [Their 1st day of pig wrestling.
What is this excitement?] Seungyoon, you need to show something.
Don't look to the side.
[At this moment, super Black socks kick] [Goodbye, non-athletic fool] Don't look to the side.
[Traces of the fight.
White socks has frozen in place] Is once a fool, always a fool? [POWER, triumphant] - You did good, but shouldn't look to the side.
- Yup, you shouldn't look to the side.
[And now the title of non-athletic fool is very near] There's still a match left for 3rd and 4th place.
- Wait, please.
It's not decided yet.
- We do the final round first.
So the 1st place can eat.
[Final round.
Yellow hair with 20 years of pig wrestling VS Black socks with 1-day experience] Jinwoo maintains 2nd place in this round as well.
[Early-education experience or self-taught talent?] It's quite amazing.
Is it going to be the uncle's early - education or innate genius? - Right.
Ready, go.
Ready, go.
[20 toes that show no signs of yielding] [War of toes with no sound] [Looks like they're having fun, but it's a bloody fight for advantage] Right, go in first.
- Through the bottom! - Go in.
[In charge of JINU.
The coach appear again] - It's intense.
Jinwoo hyung, turn there.
[At this moment] Untangle the feet.
Song Minho is trying to untangle his feet.
[Falling over] Turn.
[Black socks is defeated in front of Yellow hair] Song Minho wins! [Pig wrestling Cheonhajangsa, hooray.
Song Minho wins] The winner of pig wrestling, Song Minho! [Finally, the honor goes to his uncle] Please enjoy your seasoned chicken.
[The lower rank fight that's more fun than the final match] Now is time to pick the fool's fool.
[Will it be the mouth fighter, Hot-pink hair or] - Is it going to be HOONY? - Even though I'm bad, I'm not on Seungyoon's level.
[the pessimistic fighter, White socks?] Kang Seungyoon, you've seen it, right? Pretending to attack [Rooting for White socks] Make it happen.
You can change the game with 1 move! You're the man, from Busan! It's a pride thing.
It's a match for the man's pride.
[Come on, White socks.
You need to be more confident] But Seungyoon has no confidence.
[And here] [Doesn't care about the match.
He turned to the mukbang channel] [Chicken, yum yum] [The standby pose is kissing toes] Your toes The front needs to be accurately [Starting the match deciding the non-athletic fool] Ready, go.
[Takes a step forward with the start signal] He's pressing down.
[Pressing down] He's pressing down.
[White socks' weapon.
Attacking after making a threatening face] Right on.
[Good, good job.
Enjoying the match] Right! [What is?] Good! [White socks pushing in like a bulldozer] [Good, good job.
Enjoying the match] Right! [What is?] Good! [White socks pushing in like a bulldozer] [Very flustered] [Yes, that's it for you] Just push him! [Storming in with a two-feet kick and dominating him in a second] Just push him! [White socks did it!] [Shout out, god-Seungyoon] [And the talkative Hot-pink hair had nothing to say] [It's only 3rd place.
Looks like Seungyoon's the champion] - Seungyoon, you did it! It's confidence! - Nice! Nice! [Looking down on him with a finger] Seunghoon is nothing now! [Last pride] Didn't it show that I lost on purpose? - No, it was really intense.
- You were trying really hard.
[Madnae proud of maknae] So, as of now [Final result.
Once in last place] Seungyoon was in last place once.
[He was also in last place once] HOONY was in last place once.
[He was also in last place once] - MINO was in last place once.
- MINO was in last place once.
[The results are similar] Everyone is not athletic, and only It looks like you are all not athletic [Once known as Song Minhol is a 2-time winner] Equally [Who cares if they're not athletic?] I want to try it properly.
[Who cares if they're athletic geniuses?] [Everyday, let's promise to exercise with just us, WINNER!] Today, in IDOL ROOM, [WINNER's 1st visit to IDOL ROOM as one group] WINNER, the whole team, came for the first time.
HOONY, how was it? [IDOL ROOM's 1st Pick-dol to be picked twice] I was the first to be picked as Pick-dol twice.
The first time, I was very conscious of the fact that I was Pick-dol [HOONY enjoyed the 2nd time as Pick-dol] but the second time, I wasn't that conscious of the fact - and really enjoyed it.
- This will be recorded in our history.
[It will be recorded in IDOL ROOM history] [A winner will always be a winner despite the slim odds] No one was Pick-dol twice.
- Really.
- It's an honor.
- How was it for Seungyoon? WINNER made a comeback in 8 months.
["MILLIONS" will warm the end of the year with excitement and hope] This winter, the end of the year, we came back with a song that we can really have fun with all of you.
Please give WINNER your love and support, [Kang Kind] and I'd be grateful if you could enjoy WINNER's episode of IDOL ROOM.
We are the most reliable idol program, [WINNER, good, good, very good today] IDOL ROOM.
[Various IDOL ROOM clips including SERI CAM] Thank you.
[can be found on V LIVE] Thank you!