Idol Room (2018) s01e33 Episode Script

Seungri (Big Bang), Wanna One, (G)I-DLE

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 33 - Seungri (Big Bang), Wanna One, (G)I-DLE [Glory be in heaven] [Peace on earth] [Happy Christmas] [Idol Room shoot outdoors for Christmas Special] [Ta-da] [A mini tree for the Christmas festivities] My hands are freezing.
[Sneeze] [Dance anywhere] [Outdoor shoot begins with dance on streets] So cold.
[Passionate dance for survival] We need to dance hard, so we get warmer.
[Working up a sweat] [Who are you talking to?] You can pass by.
[Easygoing broadcast] Oh, she's a YG employee.
[Idol Room is commited to guarantee the convenience of citizens] Idol Room! The most trusted idol show, Idol room! [Thank You Awards] It is Thank You Idol Room special for the holidays.
We are holding a Christmas tree.
[Educated pigs] Merry Christmas.
[Christmas greetings] I'm your Rudolph.
[Idol Room started on May 12, 2018] Idol Room has launched in 2018.
Many celebrities have made a guest appearance.
We are going to pay a visit to the idols we are most thankful for to show our gratitude.
First off, we got [Showing off] a Christmas gift.
1, 2, 3! [Ta-da] [Thank you, MONSTA X] MONSTA X! [Why are they wearing MONSTA X jacket?] As they promised, they gave us [The truth behind it was already revealed before the shoot] this cool padded jacket with our name on it.
[The best present ever][Limited edition] Donhee, Conhee.
They got us this jaket with our name inscribed on it.
- Thank you, MONSTA X.
- Thank you so much, MONSTA X.
This jacket? It fits perfectly.
MONSTA X][Can't believe you got our size] [Moved] I mean, I know it'd be hard to figure out our size.
[Satisfied] - It's hard to find our size.
It fits so well.
- I know.
This is the merit of customization.
- How thoughtful MONSTA X is.
- Yes.
The car can pass by.
[Easygoing broadcast] How thoughtful MONSTA X is.
[Idol Room ensures the comfort of citizens] - The car can pass by us.
- Sure.
First off, we are outside today for Christmas special, right? [Back to business] That's right.
I'm thankful to our guests and their fans for letting us hold this Thank You Awards.
- We'd like to thank you.
- Thank you.
- A bicycle.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
[A broadcast filled with swag] - A bicycle.
- Thank you, sir.
There have been 35 groups who visited Idol Room.
- 35 teams.
- There were 35 teams.
We're really thankful to them.
[Lifesaver] Among them, we are going to pay a visit to those who gave us tremendous support.
[A big hint about the first guest] One of them is in this building.
We are at the YG headquarter.
That's right.
When it comes to YG, [Sorry, Seungri, iKON and Winner] - BLACKPINK is the iconic stars.
- Right.
[They have already set their mind on the guest] [Full of hope] We will go meet BLACKPINK.
[Smiling already] Right, let's go for [Is BLACKPINK going to be waiting for us?] the first Idol Room Thank You Awards.
Let's figure out who's in the building.
[Let's go] - Let's go inside.
- Let's go meet YG Family.
[The idol we're going to meet is in the studio] [Not BLACKPINK] [Passionate fingers] [The monitor is off] [Too much setup] [Seems like a true entertainer] - Who will get Idol Room Thank You Awards? - BLACKPINK.
[Still mistaken] Let's go into Room 301.
This is the main studio, right? Pull.
We have to pull the door.
[BLACKPINK, we are here] Jennie.
[So disappointed] [The first winner of Thank You Awards is Seungri] [Entertainer] [No one asked, but he's acting] [They're here to thank him, but they said] Seungri, aren't you busy? - You're not busy? - You don't have work at the end of the year? Are you not busy? [The first solo guest in Idol Room] Seungri! Hello, nice to meet you.
I'm Seungri of BIGBANG.
[There are so many reasons to thank him] [He filled his share of 60 minutes alone so well] [Praise Seungri] The first awardee of the first Idol Room Thank You Awards - is Seungri.
- Congratulations.
It's Christmas after all.
[Random Christmas carol] [What am I supposed to do?] [Pro entertainer] [Voluntary beatbox] [We appreciate your business] [You're born to get our thanks] Shall we sit down? You know, Seungri [The reason why Seungri got an award] is the major contributor to Idol Room.
He is No.
1 in viewer ratings.
So amazing.
- I'm No.
1 in viewer ratings throughout this year? - Yes, throughout this year.
[Humble] - Did you expect this? - No, not at all.
- Did you have a hunch we will visit you? - Nope.
[Model acceptance speech] I just did my best.
I'm so happy for this award.
[Talking him up] He was a solo guest, not a group.
Still, he was No.
1 in viewer ratings.
[Showering him with praise] - Seungri's brand power is amazing.
- It really is.
[He's about to say something] I mean [Compliment bomb] He moves the world.
He's one and only.
- I mean - Anything works.
[No stopping] - I mean - He's as good as G-Dragon.
[Let me please talk] - He beat G-Dragon.
- Free from worry.
Seungri himself is a brand.
[He's being teased, in disguise of compliment] He's our Seungri.
He is no.
1 in viewer ratings.
[Not out of goodness of their heart] [Rogues disguised as Santa Claus] - May I talk now? - Yes.
- Please go ahead.
I made a guest appearance on Idol Room without pressure.
I feel sorry to the other guests, but [Without members] it's [I appear alone] with a bunch of people.
[Bragging about himself] I'd rather appear by myself leaving a great impact, just like that.
But quite a lot of people tagged along with you.
- You came with other DJ friends.
- With DJ friends.
How are they doing? [How are they doing?] Is he still in the agency? After they appeared on the show, [He turned into a CEO] Our DJ friends are on a roll.
They have been getting so many cast offers from overseas.
Have you watched other episodes? Song Mino was recently on Idol Room.
- You monitored.
- Mino with "Fiance".
[He even checked out the details] I saw he got a piercing here.
Looks like he had a hard time moving his lips.
You noticed that.
[Experienced labelmate's advice] He had this piercing under his lower lip.
[Heavy piercing around lips can bother you] How would he keep talking? - When it's so heavy here.
- That's right.
It's hard.
Did you watch the BLACKPINK episode? - BLACKPINK.
- A lot of people said that episode was legendary.
But they couldn't beat Seungri, when it comes to viewer ratings.
- What do you make of it? - What do you think was the problem? [Sparing his breath, as it's about BLACKPINK] Well I guess - BLACKPINK.
- You're cautious about mentioning them, right? [Speaking his mind] Yes.
BLACKPINK What do you think was the problem with BLACKPINK? [Listen carefully, BLACKPINK] As for their problem [They are perfect] There is none.
I wonder why that happened.
[I love you] Why did I win No.
1 in viewer ratings? BLACKPINK should have.
[BLACKPINK] They are shining by themselves.
Now that we talked about you, [Trying to free ride out of nowhere] - We released a new album.
- Our album is out.
[Why are you telling me that?] The song is called "Secret Love Song".
[We've seen this situation before] Do you have your phone with you? [When Seungri was on Idol Room last time] Let's take a selfie together.
[Seungri was forced to take a selfie] - You have 7.
7 million followers.
- All right.
[Pretending to be close] Shall we post it now? - Shall we post it right now? - Where? - On your social media.
- On my Instagram? Who else's Instagram would we post it? [The photo was uploaded forcefully] - Nice pic.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you.
- All right.
[The same situation REPLAY] - On a music site - Let's take a selfie.
- Selfie? - Yes.
[He naively fell for it again] Sweet sugar poppy.
[Due course] You're on social media, right? You're on social media, right? [Look at these guys again] [#Begging forpublicity] Just say you're filming for Idol Room.
And please tag "Secret Love Song".
[So nice and easy guy] I'm going to take care of it today.
- Don't ever touch my phone.
- I see.
- You don't mess with a businessman's phone.
- I know.
[Hard not to keep quiet] Can we get to pick some keywords? Tell me, and I will type that.
[Typing without touching] Hyungdon and Daejune.
[Donhee and Conhee's Avatar] [Writing it down] - Hyungdon - Daejune.
[Handler of Seungri] Secret love for Seungri.
- #Secret Love for Seungri.
- Secret Love for [Working so hard - Seungri.
- Your typing is so fast.
[Caught a big fish again] Upload.
- Amazing, Seungri.
- That's the Seungri we know.
[Feels like they got him] He's the prince on social media.
[Another evidence for forceful upload] As you're holding your phone, [Let's add one more thing] I'm sorry to bring this up again.
- It's not like we're holding grudges.
- This could be a little embarrassing.
When you appeared on our show, you followed Idol Room on social media.
[How can love change?] Why did you unfollow us? - What? - Why did you unfollow us? [This is news to him] - What? - Follow.
I didn't unfollow you guys.
Did I unfollow you? [Yes, you did] - Yes, you did.
- You unfollowed us right after the shoot.
Oh no.
[So clingy] You tapped unfollow.
[Super persistent and clingy] - For real? - We really cared for you.
[Yes we didn't expect you to do that to us] That'd be so mean.
I can't believe it.
At the moment when you said, "Thank you", you unfollowed us.
I heard you unfollowed us when you said "Let's go".
[Urgent] Let me fix this.
That couldn't have happened.
Hold on.
Seungri is so inexplicable.
Oh, I really did.
[Cold truth] - That was a mistake, right? - It was a mistake.
[Quickly follow again] - You accidentally unfollowed us, I guess.
- Yeah.
[Let's hear his excuse] As you well know, - With the touch technology.
- Sure.
- We understand.
[Lame excuse] - Even a slight touch could lead up to this.
- Right.
[#We trust Seungri] - Seungri would never do that.
- We know you.
[#Let's follow each other forever] - Sure, it's an honest mistake.
- Don't get me wrong.
I love Idol Room.
[Back to business] In fact, Seungri is a bit shy about this stuff.
[Seungri's feat] - But it's a fact.
- It's a fact.
It is what Seungri has achieved.
The viewer ratings weren't the highest for the entire one hour.
There were some parts with the hightest ratings.
Which parts do you think - Make a guess.
- got the highest ratings? It suddenly soared in some part.
[Lee Seunghyun/ Joined YG with his dance] I guess when I danced, - I got the highest - Nope.
- No? [Lee Seunghyun/ Can speak 4 languages] I spoke 4 languages.
Let us check.
We prepared this chart.
[Satisfied with the data] You prepared this big data.
[Revealing the ratings graph] - Big data.
- Right.
These are the peaks.
It's exceptionally high.
[Curious] The peaks were The peaks were when Taeyang was chosen as pickdol.
[What the] When Taeyang was chosen - as pickdol.
- That happened to get the highest ratings.
[The most watched part in Seungri's episode] Please come on out.
[Special 2D guests for Seungri] Youngbae, you made it on your 3-4 day pass.
Bobby, Byungjae.
- He's on his vacation.
- Youngbae.
Let's spin it.
Let us see who's going to be picked.
I can't find it.
Youngbae?! [Unexpected result] Youngbae! Taeyang! [This is the part with the highest viewer rating] Youngbae! Taeyang! I'm happy for you, Youngbae.
[Mixed feelings] This is the highest ratings throughout this year.
[Congratulations, Taeyang] When Taeyang appeared.
It was by accident, I guess.
[Private Dong Youngbae is serving in the army] Isn't he serving in the army now? He is.
Any updates on him? Did he adjust well? [Seungri's new on BIGBANG] He texted me a few days ago during vacation.
He said it was colder than Russia.
- He's in the front.
- I know that.
He said he's never been to Russia, but he's sure it was colder than Russia.
[Showing off his friendship with G-Dragon] GD called me the other day.
He was begging me to talk more on the phone.
[This is unconfirmed information] He was clingy.
And we talked for about a half an hour.
Do you talk to GD often on the phone? - When he was on a vacation, - He said he did recently.
[Seungri's news on BIGBANG] we met up in the salon.
[Private Kwon met with Seungri in the salon during vacation] Why would a soldier need to go to the salon? He said his hair has grown a lot.
- For a haircut? - He needed to get a haircut.
- Before he gets back.
By the way, - You have something you feel sorry to him.
- I'm so sorry.
- Why? He waited for me for an hour in the salon.
In the past, he would have said, "Why would I wait for you"? - He must have said that.
- He would have told me that.
But he wanted to meet me - and waited for an hour in the salon.
- Now the tables are turned.
- The tables are turned now.
- You have to accept that now.
- You should.
[Fell for it] Looks like he realized who has the real power while serving in the army.
- Sure.
- He must have realized the tables are turned.
[Behind-the-scenes story] - So you met him? - Yes.
- So? We met up.
What he told me after we met up was, "Hey, Seungri".
"I'm a soldier, and you're an artist".
[He waited an hour to say this] "But I look cooler".
[Still having fun teasing Seungri] It's because he's insecure.
He's insecure.
[Anxious] [What's with them?] - A sense of inferiority.
- Inferiority.
- He was kind enough to let him wait for an hour.
- I know.
You're so generous.
I know Idol Room and these two MCs.
After I start serving in the army, and the other members appear on the show, they will say, "Hey, Seungri is useless now and he's in the army now".
[Who do you think we are] No way.
- That's - You'll say, "He's done".
[Dodging] - Let's talk then.
- Sure.
- It's too soon.
- I know.
Do you think we're that low? We would go lower.
[I knew it] Anyways.
Why don't you thank Taeyang here? Thanks to you, Taeyang appears on the camera.
- All right.
- He's being mentioned.
- It's all thanks to Seungri.
- I know.
Thanks to you, Taeyang, I got the highest viewer ratings throughout this year on Idol Room.
[Among 35 teams] [Seungri beat them all] Top idols have appeared on the show.
Neverthelss, under the name of BIGBANG, [BIGBANG is my everything] I won first place.
[Proud] I'd like to thank you.
I hope you stay healthy and hang in there in the army.
I will see you soon.
[Way to go, Gangwondo's] Hang in there.
The second highest rating was [It should be about me] Greetings in 4 languages.
[Let's not forget] [He can speak 4 languages] Like you said, - You spoke 4 languages.
- When you greeted in 4 different languages.
This TV show is really incredible.
[Chinese - Japanese] Idol.
Seungri, Idol.
[Changing into Chinese] Hello, everyone.
I'm so happy.
Enjoy happy the TV show.
[Language genius Seungri] A lot of viewers were fascinated by your linguistic talent and thought, "he's not just fooling around".
[Mumble] [Seems like they'll make us do it again] I didn't know he was that intellegent.
- It's Christmas.
- Right.
[Just as expected] - For Christmas.
- Since it's Christmas special.
- Let me sing a carol in 4 languages.
- OK.
[Seung-phago] [He can do anything] He's AI.
It's called Articial intellegent.
My motto for 2019 is to become a celebrity fit for the fourth industry.
[Reactions, though they have no idea] The fourth industry, how nice.
[It probably means he will become a celebrity] Tapping into the new cool stuff.
[in information, health, education and service] I want to become a fourth industry celebrity.
[Starting off with English] First off, English.
[Melting the ears] [But the very next day you gave it away] [Melting away] [Beautiful carol song] So special.
[So moved] - So special.
- Now which language? - Japanese.
- Okay, Japanese.
[Starting with English] [Japanese ver.
carol] [Let's go to Japan] [Feels like Harajuku] [I don't care about the presents] [Don't understand a thing] Mariah Carey's song.
[Let's go to Beijing] [Chinese ver.
carol] - Present.
- Present.
- Chinese.
[Christmas] [Christmas is here] [Don't know Chinese, but it's easy to understand] I just understood.
- Christmas, you're sure about this, right? - Yes.
It means Christmas.
- It goes something like this.
- This could get the highest rating again.
[Looks like he's break his own record] We need to invite you again next year.
[Catchy hook] The Christmas part That was so catchy.
[One more time] We keep getting comments.
Did you call Mino in October? [Suddenly disheartened] Yes, I did.
[Seungri didn't get Mino's new number] We heard some stranger picked up the phone.
Some lady picked up the phone.
[Doing a voice impression] "I don't know.
People keep calling me these days" "Looking for Song Minho".
"But this is not his number".
"I think he changed his number".
"So check his number again".
[Feels like they have to use this] Isn't he supposed to let you know? And it's Seungri we're talking about.
So I asked Mino.
I asked, "Mino, looks like your changed your number, why didn't you tell me"? [Unexpected answer from Mino] And his answer was ridiculous.
"These days have been mentally difficult for me".
- What does it have to do with a new number? - Totally unrelated.
[Check out the last episode] Did anyone else make you puzzled [Mino has proven that he's innocent] when you called him or her? [Name those who didn't pick up your phone] For example, someone who ignores your call.
I barely call other artists.
[YG labelmate] B.
I of iKON.
- B.
- He has to pick up the phone.
[Donhee talks with him often on the phone] I talk to him on the phone often.
[Let's find out the truth] I'm really curious.
Every time I call him, he sounds groggy.
[Really?] - Even in the afternoon.
- Any time of the day? Any time.
Even if I call him at 4 PM.
I say, "Hello? B.
This is me".
And he's like, "Hello"? "Yeah Seungri".
And I ask, "Why do you sound like that"? [Sync with B.
I] "I'm just tired".
That's very different from the reaction I got.
- He sounds very energetic.
- I talk to him on the phone often.
I that Donhee knows] He's like, "Can't wait to meet up and play games" [Cheerful Hanbin on the phone] - "What are you up to"? - Let's have a drink.
He's always like that.
Any time I call him.
I heard he's almost too cheerful.
So I don't call him often, as he's too cheerful.
- But he always sounds groggy when Seungri calls him.
- Is it just me? [Another YG family] What kind of grudges YG artists have against me? Why are they doing this to me? [Talking fast as he's upset] I work really hard for a lot of them.
In case you're mistaken, - let's call him.
- Call B.
All right.
- Let's get rid of misunderstanding.
- Yeah.
[Excited] Let's not tell him we're on "Idol Room".
[Finishing each other's sentences] - Just talk to him.
- I'll bring up Hyungdon.
I'm calling B.
I of iKON.
[It's Seungri, Hanbin.
Please pick up the phone] It's 11 AM.
[11 AM] [He might be still asleep] [He picked up] Hello? [Sounds so sleepy] Hello? [Just as expected] [Sounds so sleepy] Hanbin.
Did I wake you up? Yes.
[Hanbin] [Silently cracking up] It's me.
I'm sorry, but who is this? [Hurting Seungri's heart] But who is this? I didn't have your number.
Who is this? I didn't have your number.
[Lee Seunghyun/ Someone random for B.
I] [Poor Seungri] [No can do] You're lose with Hyungdon, right? [I love Donhee] Yes.
[You still don't know?] I'm close with him.
[Thinking hard] It's still hard.
[No chance to clear misunderstanding] It's still hard.
[Introducing himself] - This is Seungri.
- This is really happening.
- What? - This is Seungri.
Seungri? [Trying to calm down] How come you don't have my number? [Being harsh to Seungri] Why are you guys like that to me? [Now I know] You sound different.
He's embarrassed.
My voice hasn't even broken yet.
I always sound like this.
[Half asleep] I'm sorry.
I'm half-asleep.
I guess that why I forgot your number.
Hanbin, guess who I am.
[That's correct] Defconn.
[So funny] [B.
I, you're a bundle of fun] Hanbin, you really cracked us up! [Scapegoat of today] You are on the air.
Sorry to interrupt your sleep.
- We're sorry.
- It's all right.
[Let's ask B.
I] - B.
- Yes.
Seungri called your number so you must have seen the name.
You didn't save his number? It was anonymous? when he [Sorry, Seungri] Yes.
I's explanation] We usually text each other on KakaoTalk.
Seungri has this complaint.
How come you always sound tired and sleepy when he calls you.
I'm really sorry.
[Mixed feelings] But it was so funny.
I's big picture] I guess that was for this moment.
He has the big picture.
I was looking to the future] - He's a composer.
- Big piture.
We were in love, B.
Hanbin, I'm sorry to wake you up.
Though you don't save my number, you made us laugh.
[So generous] Go back to sleep now.
I will call you later.
[YG family puts top priority on the fun] Save it, please.
I think I can remember your number now.
How many numbers do you have? I've been using the same number for 3 years.
Why would you know the number now? - In 3 years.
- Save it! I can memorize it now.
Okay, go back to sleep.
No need to memorize it.
Seungri wasn't just trying to be fun.
- B.
I was - He really sounded tired.
As soon as he picked up the phone, he already sounded tired.
[Unexpected development] I don't think I can just let this slide.
Let me call Mino.
[Time to restore dignity] - Let's call Mino.
- Yeah.
[This is real] B.
I was trying to be funny.
[Taking too long to pick up] That was real fun.
"Who is this" was so hilarious.
[Seungri's dignity depends on Mino] He has to pick up the phone.
[Please pick it up, Mino.
It's me] [Mendelssohn's "Spring Song"] We could listen to the entire music.
Why is this music so saddening? [Stammer] I know he's looking for his fiance these days.
- Why are you stammering? - I'm flustered.
Seungri is [Huh?] Hang on.
I just texted me a photo.
My contact number he saved was ["Don't ever forget Seungri, love and happiness]" [You're so cute, so I'll let it slide] [Idol Room with Seungri] Seungri with the highest viewer ratings in 2018.
Your fans deserve some gift, right? Yes, sure.
[Live broadcast with the fans] Let's use V LIVE.
[Seungri's live broadcast has started] Hello, everyone.
- Hello.
- Nice to see you.
[Piggy Santa's opening] We are here at the YG building for Christmas special today.
[Seungdolph is on standby] We're with this cool guy.
[All of a sudden? Who is it?] [YG? Awesome] That cool guys is - Hello.
- Seungri! Hello, I'm Seungri.
[Here comes Seungri] [So happy to see him] Let's have a seat and talk.
[Seungri never gets old] We're with Seungri, our Christmas present.
[Flooding with comments] Let's read the comments for Seungri now.
You can sit in the middle.
Let me hold it for you.
[Moving to the center] [Between pigs] - So that - I'm curious.
So you can get a better angle.
[Seungri's 3 Christmas wishes] - The comments.
- We're getting a lot.
[I will make a wish] What would be your 3 Christmas wishes? [Romantic] First one is to have White Christmas, - For everyone? - Yes, for everyone.
[Seungri, you're my Christmas] [Seung-Santa, come to me] So noble.
For a good memory.
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
Second off, for our members who started their military duty, I hope this Christmas wouldn't be too cold.
[So thoughtful] I hope it will be a [So warm like heattech underclothes] unprecendently warm Christmas.
[A white Christmas] [But warm?] In that case, you have to choose between the two.
[For everyone] Either a white Christmas [Or for the members] - Or a warm day.
- It has to be cold for a white Christmas.
[It can't snow if it's warm] You have to make a choice.
[Thinking for awhile] Then, let's leave our members have a hard time.
For the sake of a lot of people.
[Sacrifice for the happiness of the majority] - For 50 million Korean people.
- Sure thing.
It can't be too warm for them.
What's your personal wish? [Thinking hard] For my personal wish, I actually appeared a lot on variety shows this year.
You really did.
[Dreaming of fame] I hope at the Entertainment Awards this year - I hope I can - You want an award? [Dreaming of Rookie Entertainer Award after 13 years of debut] I could use some validation.
It's his personal wish.
[Entertainment Award on Idol Room] Seungri is with us and he's on a roll, everyone.
[Don't go, Seungri] [Looking forward to the Rookie Award in entertainment] Check this out [Happy Christmas] - and support Seungri.
- Please support him! - Thank you.
- Go, Seungri.
[Seungri's Idol Room live broadcast has ended] There is a reason why we came to visit you.
We are holding this Thank You Awards to give thanks.
[The 1st Thank You Awards] We couldn't come empty-handed.
We wouldn't come empty-handed, right? Christmas is all about presents, right? [Excited] - A present for Seungri.
- Our present.
[Come on in] - You prepared a gift.
- Sure.
[Lucky box 1, 2, 3] But we have to give it to you on some condition.
[A tiny mission] There's a tiny mission.
[As expected] - Yes.
- If you carry out that tiny mission, we will give you a chance to choose between these 3 boxes.
- What kind mission? - It's simple.
[A mission to get a lucky box! Seungdolph] It's Christmas.
You become Rudolph and get the rings we throw.
You just need to get them.
How many? Only 2 of them.
- 2.
- Who wouldn't get 2 in 100 seconds? [Not falling for it] We are just giving it away.
[Not happy] We don't know how you'll throw rings.
[You can't believe us?] We will do our best.
[Can't wait to give him a present] It's Christmas! You brought the highest viewer ratings.
We wouldn't be mess with you.
[Doubtful] We wouldn't throw it in the air, to mess with you.
- Which box would you like? - Which one would you like? [The smaller, the safer] I love No.
- No.
3? - He knows what's going on.
- Nice.
I guess in No.
3 box, there should be some digital device.
You know what I mean? Apple or Galaxy.
Either apple or galaxy.
[High expectations] - New models have been launched.
- Right.
- Yes, like a watch.
- It's perfectly small for that.
[I know how it feels] - A perfect box for that.
- Yes.
Kind of.
- You're correct.
It's digital device.
- It's either apple or galaxy.
- It should be either apple or galaxy.
- Electronic.
[Time to transform into Seungdolph] - Let's get ready.
- Here we go.
It's simple.
2 rings in 100 seconds.
[Looks great with antlers] [Here comes Seungdolph] Here we go.
2 rings in 100 seconds.
100 seconds! [Still doubtful] - You'll be nice, right? - You bet! [The rings have to be hung here] - You bet.
- I have antlers spread like this.
Ready, set, go! [Seungdolph is ready] [You pigs just throw rings] - You go ahead.
- Me? - You can go ahead.
- You can go first.
[Excuse me, time is running out] - Me? You go first.
- No thanks.
- I don't know how.
- Here we go.
2, 3! [No goal] Looks like it's not easy.
[Why isn't this working?] Looks like it's not easy.
[Can't get the rings] We're throwing really softly.
It's hard.
- You just need to get 2.
- I have no idea how the antler looks like.
[So close] You should have gotten that one.
[So close] - You stay still, Seungri.
- Stay still.
[Nimbly avoiding the rings] - Stay still.
- You have to stay still.
We'll get it.
[Being a good boy] [Petrified Seungdolph] Don't move around.
[The pigs are worried] - Oh no.
- We have to get one.
[So close] [Terrible chemistry] [Frustrating] [Almost got it, but it bounced off] You should come a little forward.
[Like this?] We got one! We got one, Hyungdon! [Finally] We got one, Hyungdon! [1 ring in my antler] We got one, Hyungdon! We got one, we got one.
[Wow] [2 in a row] [We threw it] [We hung it] [He won] How many seconds? [Tee hee] [Happy Seungdolph with fancy earrings] [Mission complete] 53 seconds! We made it! [Those who threw] I got one left, and we made it.
[and Seungdolph are all proud] - Nice, Seungri.
- We've got a nice vibe.
You've got a nice vibe, Seungri.
As we promised, you get to get a Christmas gift.
[Smiling with anticipation] It's No.
Why don't you open it? [About to open Box No.
3] I was curious about Box No.
We really have no idea, but I heard from the production crew that they spent a fortune.
[Nice] That is true.
Why don't you bring it here and open? [Excited] Let's see how generous our staff are.
[Excited hand] What Seungri wanted for Christmas was - apple or galaxy.
- Electronic device.
Christmas present.
[Trying to trick him] You deserve it.
- Of course, he brought the highest viewer rating.
- He got the hightest ratings ever.
[White? Black?] [24G? 256G?] - A brand new one with 256G.
- Let's see.
Which one is it? Apple, apple.
[Come on out, apple] - It's in there.
- It's inside.
[Is this packing material?] I have a bad feeling about this.
It's inside.
[So disappointed] - Looks like Idol Room hoodie.
- No, there's more inside.
It was pretty heavy.
We wouldn't put a rock in it.
[Right on] This is the limited edition.
[Can't help but be disappointed] We embroidered it for you.
It's not written with a marker.
[Showing off the embroidery] - Wow, this is - Seungri, Idol Room.
- Only a popular brand can do a collaboration.
- That's right.
It's a collaboration, right? [So happy that he's disappointed] You look a little disappointed.
[Teary-eyed] It's a limited edition.
[No energy] [Noticed his disappointment] But you don't look really happy, Seungri.
[What did I do it for?] I got here really early in the morning.
[Why did I wake up early?] [Idol Room's present only for Seungri] Even we don't have this hoodie version.
We don't have one.
- Okay, thank you.
- We felt like we should bring something.
[It's not over yet] - We felt like we should bring something.
- Yeah.
For Seungri and your DJ friends who recorded the highest viewer ratings, [Matching T-shirt] we prepared more for you guys.
- Even my DJ friends.
- Yes.
For DJs in my label.
- Thank you.
They're going to love it.
- Yeah.
[By the authority of CEO] I'll make sure they wear this while working.
while working as a DJ.
But you sound very disappointed.
[Not cheerful anymore] Seems like you want to wrap it up.
- You said you spent a fortune.
- Yeah.
[To make 4 copies] We made it for the DJs.
It's fleece-lined.
[Curious about the other boxes] Hang on.
Hang on.
- No can do.
- We can't open it.
Let go of me! Hold on.
Where is my apple! Where is my galaxy! [There was no apple in the first place] Where is my apple! My galaxy! [Calm down, Seungri] There's nothing in those boxes.
You can't open it.
You're allowed to check the box you chose.
Seungri's limited Idol Room collaboration T-shirt.
- You hold a conert in February 2019, right? - Yes.
- In February.
- Please wear this.
[What?] You want me to wear it in my concert? For one song, at least.
When you perform "1, 2, 3"! That's a good idea.
It'd be perfect for that song.
We have a tradition.
[Newly made tradition] The awardee should be a presenter next year.
That's our tradition.
- You'll be serving in the army, right? - Yes.
Then please go on leave at the end of next year.
You want me to take days off from the army to present this Thank You Awards? - Yes, please.
- Please do us this favor.
[Please join us as Private Lee Seunghyun] It's our tradition.
- Please wear this hoodie next year.
- Why don't you consult this matter with the Department of Defense? You can adjust your days off as you want.
Please say bye.
The winner of the highest viewer ratings.
Dear Idol Room viewers.
And K-pop fans around the world.
I'm so honored to record the highest viewer ratings.
[Lengthy] This year was very special in that [All kinds of description] there were so many unique and charming - mesages.
- Could you keep it short please? You can fast foward this later.
[The 2nd attempt] I hope the best idol variety show Idol Room [Never ending] will be successful forever.
I, Seungri, who got the highest ratings ever - Please keep it short.
- All right.
It's time to wrap it up.
I won't be able to see you next year, but Idol Room goes on! [Thanks to Seungri, Merry Christmas already here] Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! [Check out various videos of Idol Room on V LIVE] [The 2nd awardee for the Thank You Awards of "IDOL ROOM"?] [Let's go to where the 2nd awardee is] The 1st Thank You Awards of "IDOL ROOM".
[Came far to find thankful people] We are visiting people who helped "IDOL ROOM" who we're are grateful for this year.
[The idol we'll meet now is?] The ones we need to give special thanks to is here today, [Welcome Santa] [Christmas fairies are waiting] so we're wearing Santa costumes to express our thanks.
We'll go in now to see who is there.
[Let's go meet them now] Let's go.
[Welcoming with pretty looks] The 2nd awardee of the 1st Thank You Awards is (G)I-DLE! 1, 2.
I! Hello, we're (G)I-DLE.
1, 2.
[(G)I-DLE started their variety show with "IDOL ROOM"] I! Hello, we're (G)I-DLE.
[Unlike newcomers, explosive level of idol skills] [(G)I-DLE who had a great time] [An amazing newcomer in 2018] (G)I-DLE appeared like a shooting star in 2018.
They are becoming one of the representative idol groups among idols.
- "LATATA" was a huge hit.
- Even "HANN" after "LATATA".
[Self-diagnosis] What is your secret to success, (G)I-DLE? [A humble fairy in this area] I don't think we're at a stage where we can talk about success How humble.
- You must have your (G)I-DLE merits.
- Merits? We [The merit is the 6 individual charms] Charms? I think it's the 6 individual charms.
Then what is Soojin's charms? [In charge of sexy here] - It's being sexy.
- Sexy.
How about Miyeon? What is it? [Oh my, leader.
Are you going to be like that?] - What is it? - What is it? [Passing on the answer] Maturity.
[In charge of maturity and purity] Maturity? She was in a hurry and said maturity.
How about Yuqi? [Showing right off] [Everyone can see she's a cutie] - I think it's cuteness.
- Cuteness.
[Chic Snow White] - Shuhua.
- Chic.
[End of 6 charms report] - Dreamlike.
- Dreamlike.
And you, Soyeon? [I'm the charismatic leader, god Soyeon] - I'm charisma.
- Charisma.
Can you explain dreamlike? [This is dreamlike] She can express it.
[Why is that dreamlike?] Can you do it again [Needs preheating] [Actual dreamlike-ness will be shown on stage] You know When I'm performing, it show a bit When you perform? It's because you're shy, right? You look perfectly dreamlike on stage, right? [Let's get it, dreamlike] The expression.
[Dreamlike] [Finally the reason for visiting (G)I-DLE] And the reason why we have you on the 1st "IDOL ROOM" Thank [The very empty opening of "IDOL ROOM"] You Awards is to thank you for (G)I-DLE Soyeon [made by Jeon Soyeon] [Gave high-quality signal song] making the signal song.
[Thanks to you the 2-shot opening of Donhee & Connhee is bearable] From the start, the show became - lively and fresh - It's awesome.
[Applause and cheers] So we wanted to thank you.
[We are absolutely more grateful] - The heroines of the logo song.
- Thank you.
The signal songs by PENTAGON's Hui and (G)I-DLE's Soyeon in rotation.
Did you know? [Thanks for this too] [She watched the signal song dance] I saw other idols dance to the signal song.
["Unanswered Questions"] Did you apply for the copyright of the signal song? - I think it's registered - You didn't do it yourself? [Trying to remember] [She applied for copyright herself] I think I did it.
[Fact attack] [Can't check by income?] I guess it doesn't earn you much? [Earning will probably be 0 with "IDOL ROOM" signal song] I don't think I've seen it The copyright fee should be recorded in your bankbook.
[We'll play it more for Soyeon's bankbook] I don't think I've seen it in there.
Maybe I did? I don't know.
Actually, the dance of [Getting to the point] the signal song is incomplete.
So since you're here we have Soyeon's version of "IDOL ROOM" signal song.
[Habitually has no sense of shame] [Asking for a dance to the copyright owner] Can we ask for the dance [Pointing her out exactly] Can we ask you to do it, Soyeon? [Totally burdened] Me? [Passing on naturally] I want to get the dance from Soojin.
[Yup, don't worry] [Soojin has to do it too] I'm going to ask each and every one of you.
[Fun to watch all] [Open, signal song dance buffet] - We'll use some moves that we like.
- That's right.
[Expectation 826%, Soyeon's signal song dance] [Song writer, Jeon Soyeon's version] Play the music, please! [Naturally moving to the rhythm] [Shooting the bullets of love in a refreshing manner] [Creating moves that match the words] [Cut, cut, cut] Wait.
[Can't be aired] [Too literal] [Harsh] This won't do? Then like this [Comply with review] ["IDOL ROOM" is for PG-15] You can't do that either.
You can't do this and this.
[As the song writer, she was just faithful to the lyrics] You can't do this.
- Actually, dancing - It's Soojin.
[Reserved as ending fairy] [Can't leave her out when talking about idol dancers] Before Soojin - Before we go to god's level - Right.
[We will stop in the human world for a while] We need to look at the human dance machine.
[Come out, Miyeon] - Miyeon.
- Miyeon [Donhee's target, again] - Miyeon.
- Miyeon - Really? Fighting.
- To this song.
- Of course.
[Main vocalist to main dancer] [Heart beat surges] - My heart beats fast.
- Your heart? It can beat fast.
[Soyeon's signal song dance, Cho Miyeon's version] Let's go.
Play the music.
[Soojin is watching] [Difficulty level is for general public] [The dance moves are like routine movements] [Like narrating a children's book] [A different kind of too literal] - Like narrating a children's book.
- Good.
[Again, like chicken (?)] [The review squad is on the move again] - This won't do.
- This won't do.
[Resetting inside the head] [It wasn't intentional] You can't press the uvula.
- She really is the dancing king of the human world.
- Right.
[Finally, we'll have the god of dance] Now, let's move on to the divine world.
Why she's called the dancing god and king.
[The dancing humans 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 who are already proud] She already knows it's her, right? [We haven't called but she knows] - She's embarrassed.
- Soojin is good at this.
Please show us something from the divine world.
[Soojin, fighting] - Fighting! - The human world is watching.
[Watch, humans] [Soojin's signal song dance, Cherry version] - Fighting.
- Play the music.
[Along with (dance) god] Starting off lightly [Moving softly] [Becoming one with the rhythm] We like this.
[Outputting maximum classiness with minimal movement] [My style] It's at the level we want.
[Approaching crucial moment] [God-wall till now] [Passing review] [Appropriate reading comprehension skills of a god] [Humans 1, 2 enlightened] The dance lines are different.
[Disappearing from the screen?] [What is this?] [Mouth wide open] [Yup, really lying down since it's BEDROOM] [About form a union] [The review squad is working overtime today] [Shoo, go in] What are you doing? [Oh my] [Maknae surprised] - Lying down on Christmas - There.
[Not processed] [God's expression skills unedited] Naturally, the humans cannot [Clap, humans] - reach the gods' level.
- Great.
[Finally time to show appreciation] We need to express our appreciation to you, ["IDOL ROOM" Thank You Awards gift presentation ceremony] so we prepared a present, especially for you.
[We like presents] Present.
[MAX excitement] [Shout out] You've made time for us, [Familiar lucky boxes gathered together] so we used all the remaining budget for "IDOL ROOM" [Eyes full of expectation] and invested in the presents.
There's number 1, 2, and 3.
[Rules are the same] [Choose 1 from the 3 boxes] You just have to choose the box number you want.
[Shuhua enters] - Each one of us? - No.
[So excited she stammers] - Each one of us? - No.
[Foreigner] [Opinions divided between small and big boxes] It's not for each individual.
[Puppy-lover group] - There could be a puppy in the big one.
- I like the big one.
A puppy? [Coordinating to the mid-sized #2] I think #2 is the best since it's safe.
- #2? - #2? [(G)I-DLE PICK, #2] #2 is the neither big or small.
[Totally curious] It's in the middle of big and small.
- What will #2 be? - What is it? [Life is about real experience] [Can get the item if successful in the game] Through the mission, SEUNGRI, who went before you, got the present through the mission as well.
[Come on, mission] - Let's go.
- It's a very small mission.
- What is it? - Tangerine? Isn't it an orange? Tangerine? [Ta-da] [What is red gloves + tangerine?] It's simple.
Because it's a Christmas gift, [Mission challenge to get the lucky box! Peel the tangerine] you will peel the tangerine with the gloves on and eat it within 100 seconds.
Isn't it easy? [It sounds easy] It's easy.
[No, "IDOL ROOM" won't make things easy] - Is it easy? - It's really simple.
[First, wear the mission equipment] It's 100 seconds.
100 seconds.
[Half nervous and half excited] Will (G)I-DLE be able to obtain the great gift the great gift "IDOL ROOM" prepared? [Live is not easy] Everyone has to succeed? [All 6 have to succeed] - Everyone has to succeed.
- Oh no! Let's go.
- Ready.
- How do I do this? - Start.
[Excuse me] It's 100 seconds.
You have to use your hands.
[I'm going to peel it all] [Hurriedly, used teeth] It's 100 seconds.
You have to use your hands.
Soyeon, you have to peel with your hands.
[Race to peel the tangerine] - Minnie is good.
- Minnie is doing well.
Shuhua is doing well.
- Minnie is good.
- Minnie is doing well.
[Burdened] [Type that doesn't do well when complimented?] You shouldn't compliment me.
[But she's good] [People are doing well here and there] - Soojin.
- Soojin is suddenly fast.
- Do we need to peel everything? - Yes, everything.
[Smoothly peeling the tangerines] [But, an empty table right here] [Fumbling] Soojin! [Sad] - Why can't I peel it? - Soojin is suddenly fast.
[Minnie finished peeling the tangerine] - I'm done! - She's done.
- You need to eat it.
- Eat it.
- Eat it.
- I have to eat it? - You need to eat it.
[Yum, yum, yum in a hurry] You need to eat it in 100 seconds.
[Storing tangerine in their mouths] - You need to eat it.
- You need to eat it.
- I have to eat it? - You need to eat it.
- You need to eat it.
- You need to eat it in 100 seconds.
[1 tangerine is too much to eat for Miyeon] - I need to eat all this? - Yes.
- It's not a lot, is it? - You don't have time to talk.
It's not a lot, is it? [A mouthful] You don't have time to talk.
[Time to fully recharge on vitamins disguised as a mission] How many seconds? [60 seconds passed] - How many seconds? - 60 seconds? You don't have much time.
You're pressed for time.
Yuqi is almost done eating.
[Clean] Yuqi succeeded.
- Soojin is a bit slow.
- You can help.
- Yuqi succeeded.
- Soojin also [Pressed for time] [Hard to peel tangerines] - Soojin is a bit slow.
- You can help.
You can help.
Everyone, it's okay to help Soojin.
[Failed to pass on the tangerine] Why do you eat so slow? It's vexing.
!0 seconds left.
[SOS] [Again, sharing the tangerine] 10, 9, 8.
[Leader enters] [Into Soyeon's mouth with 10 seconds left] 7.
[Chewing] 6, 5.
4, 3.
[Finished eating tangerines?] 2, 1.
Stop! [TIME OVER] Stop! [Closing her mouth] Stop! [Finished eating tangerines] [Voluntarily revealing the inside] [Perfect from Minnie to Soyeon] Minnie, Shuhua, Yuqi, Soyeon, [Miyeon looks suspicious] - Miyeon? - Miyeon? [Acting innocent] - Miyeon? - Miyeon? [Moving mouth] Miyeon, you suddenly stopped talking.
[What is that last rumination?] - What was that last thing? - Please answer.
[Finished eating] [Opening with confidence] Say ah.
- Soojin? - Soojin? [Last target] [What are you doing, Soojin?] - Soojin? -Soojin? [Using the right of silence with her pretty face] - The girls are not answering suddenly.
-Soojin? - She's very shy.
- She's shy.
- Since she's a newbie.
- Soojin? -Soojin? [Tangerine still in my mouth] [Still shy] She's still shy [Not shy anymore] [All done including Soojin] - Soojin.
- Yes.
[(G)I-DLE cleared the mission] Did you finish? Pass! Now, you can open [The long-awaited lucky box opening] - the luck box - You wanted #2? - Show is the present.
- Show us.
[Creating their own BGM] Drum rolls.
[What is it? Curious] [It's open] What's in it? - IDOL - A clothing? [WOW] [Various meanings] [The identity of the present that makes her smile] [Hi, I'm "IDOL ROOM" hoodie] - It's a hoodie! - Wow.
[Presenting the limited edition to all 6 members] It's the limited edition of "IDOL ROOM".
[We are thankful] [Great people who are thankful for this] [Only thing to boast about it] It's a limited edition.
[Reaction fairies] - You can't get it even if you want to.
- How cute.
Despite your busy schedule, (G)I-DLE came to the 1st Thank You Awards of "IDOL ROOM".
[Thanks infinitely for the signal song too] [We'll make good use of it] We listen to the signal song every week.
Thank you to Soyeon for making it.
Shall we make closing comments for "IDOL ROOM" viewers? [Closing comment by leader So] When we were on "IDOL ROOM", [Visiting "IDOL ROOM"] it was a great experience.
Thank you so much for coming to thank us.
Making the signal song was also a great experience for me, [A proud original creator of the signal song] and I feel proud whenever it comes out.
[Moved] [High-quality heart like her skills] I'm more grateful, and it was so fun and exciting.
Merry Christmas.
[(G)I-DLE, thank you very much & merry Christmas] Merry Christmas.
[Higher expectations] [Who is the next awardee of Thank You Awards?] The 1st Thank You Awards of "IDOL ROOM".
[The last awardee] We are here to meet the last visitor for the night.
Because of them, we are able have a good footing.
They are the ones who were with us at the start of "IDOL ROOM".
[WANNA ONE, the last Thank You Awards awardee] - Let's have them with us, WANNA ONE! - WANNA ONE! [Christmas presents are walking in] WANNA ONE is coming in.
[Ah their existence is a present] Nice to see you.
[Starting with hugs to show off how close they are] - DANIEL.
I sincerely welcome you to the Thank You Awards of "IDOL ROOM".
Please say hi to the viewers, please.
Let us say our greeting.
2, 3.
All I wanna do, WANNA ONE! Hello, we're WANNA ONE! All I wanna do, WANNA ONE! [On the 1st episode] [WANNA ONE, good starter of "IDOL ROOM"] Hello, we're WANNA ONE! Thank you for coming here! [Thank you] [visited with gifts] We grew this.
[WANNA ONE who showed off all the variety -show skills] - We grew this for today.
- You really grew this? You are the last heroes of the 1st Thank You Awards.
Thank you.
Whys is JI HOON the only one wearing a black shirt? [Black wing standing out among all white] It was hot, so I changed [Just finished performing] [Got hot and changed to short sleeves] - I changed because I had time.
- You - stand out.
- There's no special reason.
[Accusing, like breathing] Is SEUNG WU the only one wearing the top backwards? [Don't-know-fashion pig] [Looking for faults since he looks good] - Why is the neck so tight? - It's - originally like - The back looks much stuffier.
[A kind fashionista] The clothes these days are like this.
Everyone has their own styles.
MINHYUN as well.
[Picky] SUNG WOON, can you do the top button? [Why? It looks good You don't have to listen to everything the pig says] [Now going over WANNA ONE's contribution to "IDOL ROOM"] WANNA ONE helped us, right? [Acknowledge merit?] What do you think? We think you've contributed.
[Total acknowledgement] [Checking donated pose] I heard you're still using this [Did the main title] [Did the main segment, Fact Check] [Proud pose makers 1 and 2] [7 months ago] Everyone, shall we do it together? [The signature pose creation process of "IDOL ROOM"] "IDOL ROOM"! - You already know it all.
- I suddenly had a great idea.
- What? [Gifting a pose to a new show] Not this, but I thought a bit earlier while waiting [With the comfort of my own house] - Like you're in the house.
- Do it for us.
[It looks like a small room when you do it alone] "IDOL ROOM".
[but together, it's a penthouse] [11 times the coziness] "IDOL ROOM".
[Like this] "IDOL ROOM".
I like it.
[DANIEL gave this signature pose to "IDOL ROOM"] - Kang Daniel made this, right? - Yes, that's right.
[JYP suggested plagiarism] But recently, Park Jinyoung said, "The House You Live In" [He said it's the same as "The House You Live In" dance move] "The House You Live In" A plagiarism controversy [Oh my, I can't believe it] [The other members are also surprised] [JYP personally made this comment to them] He asked if Kang Daniel copied JYP's "The House You Live In" [Refuting the controversy directly] I don't raise my leg.
I spread them like this.
[Colleagues agreeing] [Right, right] It's originally this.
[Proving fact] [Legs are opened along with the arms] "IDOL ROOM".
[Definitely different] [We caught you, pig] [These guys plagiarized] - We raised it.
- And push out your head.
[Another difference] [Stress the face while pushing it out] It means I'm in the house.
[The cause of this case] [The 2 pigs who created the confusion] It's possible for JYP to misunderstand since we always raised it, like this.
[Like this, like this] - We shouldn't have raised it.
- It was this.
[Pose controversy] [Ended with no charges] - Right.
- Right, I remember.
[The purpose of the pigs' visit] There's a reason we wanted you at this Thank You Awards.
While doing "IDOL ROOM", the clip that got the most view was the one with [Congrats, clip of Kang Daniel diagnosed with no jelly] Kang Daniel eating jelly [He is very shocked] - The one where I can't eat it? - Right, with the dentist.
[TOP1 swag] - The highest view.
- 4.
7 million views.
[Open mouth] [Viewing again the day Kang Daniel was disheartened] We brought a dentist to ask [The day Kang Daniel was banned from eating jelly] - if you can eat jelly or not.
- Really? [A real dentist appears?] He really is there.
[Why is the dentist here?] Hello.
- Please come over here, Mr.
- What is going on? [Ah] [Opening mouth with anxiety] [Nervous for him] [Soon the jelly diagnosis will be announced] Is it okay for Kang Daniel to eat jelly again? He can't! [DANIEL who lost his jelly that day] [4.
7 million views mean] 4.
7 million views in numbers is colossal.
The half of Seoulites have seen Kang Daniel eat jelly.
[Wow] That's how the number can be translated.
[An honor exchanged with jelly] - I'm very grateful.
- I'm curious [At the time, the prescription was 12 jellies a day] The dentist said to refrain from them.
[Are you sticking to it?] 5 per day.
How is it going? [No longer a fan of jelly] I'm nearly done quitting jelly.
[Instead, became fan of soda] I'm drinking lots of soda.
[Do we need to revisit the dentist?] Soda instead of jelly? That's the substitute? [Needlessly worried] - I drink too much Sprite.
- You do? [Future spoiler (?)] This is the body that started with Sprite.
[Yup, go back] [Then I'll eat jelly again] I'll eat jelly again.
[Need to revisit the dentist] We need to have the dentist back here, [Since DANIEL's teeth are valuable] and do another exam, I think.
[Accomplished a small purpose] Also, we called you for the Thank You Awards [Doing fact check with thankful guests] and we're in the process of checking the facts.
[What else?] During the 1st episode, [You're next, JI HOON] - Park Jihoon came to "IDOL ROOM" - We had the retirement ceremony.
[Detecting accusation] - We had a Save retirement ceremony.
- We had the retirement ceremony.
[The wink & save retirement ceremony that was a big issue at the time] I'll graduate from them.
We allow the graduation of wink and save.
[Crying everywhere] Don't go.
[And we thought we would never see the wink and save by Wing-vely again] - Goodbye.
- Thank you.
[Reversing graduation] [We are watching you] But I seen it numerous times afterward.
[Umm I got caught] [What is storage capacity?] I thought you could possible not store it all [Very into the accusation] During the show was it mythomania? [Were you lying to us was that it?] - It's not mythomania.
- Were you lying to "IDOL ROOM"? [Look at that pretty face, mythomania?] That's not it [The answer in these situations is a quick apology] I'm sorry.
[Members, help] How many times did he do it? After the retirement ceremony.
He tries to refrain from it as much as he can.
[+1 assistance] - But he doesn't hesitate when asked.
- He continues to do it? [Huh?] [Appealing with his pretty face] When asked only.
[Stressing] [The person who asked is bad, JI HOON did nothing wrong] If there's something [Persistent pig] - When ordered - You clearly said you wouldn't do it even when asked.
[Focus on sparrow] That is what I said [Sparrow deep in thought] - It wasn't easy.
- I'm sorry, - It wasn't easy.
- I'm sorry, [Is our sparrow angry?] WOO JIN, are you angry? [Surprised] - Are you angry? - No.
[Always pay attention] JI HOON is talking and you [Target suddenly changed from JI HOON to WOO JIN] [The accusations are fun when it's not me] - I was paying attention - Why are you so angry? [Fortifying the thin sparrow bulwark in a hurry] I'm feeling really good I'm flustered because of the sudden question.
[Nope, that won't work] - Don't you like JI HOON talking? - No, that's not it.
[2 birds with 1 stone, very fun] - You're close with JI HOON? - Of course.
[A really bad distortion of looks] You were suddenly like this when JI HOON was talking [Strong denial, chirp chirp] - Looking angry - No, never.
[WOO JIN, join us] JI HOON didn't keep his promise and that's why you're mad, right? [+2 assistance] Right.
[+3 assistance] - Promises should be kept.
- JI HOON, apologize to the people [+4 assistance] - Apologize.
- politely.
A national apology.
[Park Jihoon's forced national apology] Even if I didn't want to do it, I couldn't not do it.
[Excuses] One more time, [Just say sorry in these situations.
That will end it] - Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
[I love crazy drama] - Cry.
- I'm sorry.
[A calm explanation of one's position] I said I would give a signed headset.
[Everyone remembers the headset donation promise] Right, when you don't keep your promise, you said you would give a signed headset.
[Right] - Do you have it with you? - No.
- You don't have it? - The viewers are currently [Back to accusing] You don't have it? [Are you playing us? Is that it?] - But you came to meet us.
- Are you playing around? [Amazing hyungs] [Um] [What's wrong with these Santas?] Aren't you too scary with Santa costumes on? [Stressing again] [Jerk and Ugly dressed as Santa] Guess we'll get it next year.
[Shaking] - It's like they are here to steal presents.
- They're scary.
[Calm down, and I'll give it to you next time] I'll give it to you later.
[Give me a date] - When later? - When is later? I'll give it to you within this year.
- Within this year, okay.
- There's another one we can't forget.
- Yes.
[Want to know how she's doing] How is your dongsaeng? - My sister? - Seulgi.
[From a semi-celebrity to a celebrity] She's looking to take over my position.
[What is impact?] [A fierce first appearance of hers] [An epic scene even when re-watching it] You know Defconn and Jeong Hyeongdon.
- The Donhee & Connhee uncles? - Yeah.
What do you think of them? [Keeping try variety show stars on edge] Do I need to think about them in my daily life? [Personal capturing after the show] After the show airs, the clips are uploaded.
[Seulgi who became #1 at the time for views] She captured it and showed me she was #1.
[What is humbleness?] She wanted me to thank you for her, and said she's not an important person [What is a twist?] [Shall I be on "IDOL ROOM"?] - It's okay.
- She said she should be on "IDOL ROOM".
[Wishing for Yoon siblings' duet album] - Do you have plans for a duet? - No.
I can't work with someone who threatens my position.
[A superstar if she debuts] She can come straight to "IDOL ROOM" if she releases a song.
[Recommend "IDOL ROOM" after album release] Are there any plans for that? There are no plans for now [A real sibling relationship] but she said to watch out.
She'll take my place right away if I try hard.
How is Seulgi doing? [According to oppa] She is thinking about starring on "Produce 101" Season 4.
She has to star in it.
It'll be a male season.
[We really want to meet you.
- Big fan of Yoon siblings] - It'll be males.
- She'll go out in the male one.
Then it will have to be Season 5.
It was fun because of Seulgi.
[Pointing out WOO JIN] We have a signal song now.
["IDOL ROOM" signal song created after WANNA ONE's visit] It was created.
We have been asking numerous [SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND etc.
] idol groups to complete this for us, [Signal song dance is still incomplete despite bugging many idols about it] but it's still not finished.
[Proud of the sparrow] WOO JIN can do it in a day.
[The reason why you have to make the dance] Because he's a dance genius, [Park Woojin, Donhee & Connhee's pick for dance genius] and you did everything spontaneously.
[Park Woojin, fighting] [Dance cheer squad] If you could just do one each Let's start with WOO JIN.
[Hyung, you do it, too] [This guy ask SUNG WOON to do it] SUNG WOON hyung, do it.
I think you'll do good.
I think you'll be good at it.
- Let's start with WOO JIN.
- The dance genius [A true celebrity who doesn't say NO] [Already knows Don-Conn] I think I shouldn't make it too difficult from what I hear.
[Exactly right] - Of course, you've seen our dance? - You know us too well.
Play the music, please.
[Controlling WOO JIN] - Rest.
- You can't move in the front.
[WOO JIN listens well] [Resting during the intro, like hyung said] Simple.
[The angles are gone] [The human protractor's dance is not very angular anymore] [Love it since it's easy] [Adding complex steps] [Customized for Donhee & Connhee] [Creating maximum effect with minimal movement] [Like this, like this] [moving to the beat] [JAE HWAN, even you?] It's too hard.
[Didn't make JAE HWAN's cut] You need to tone it down a bit more.
[Naturally, didn't make Donhee &Connhee's cut] - Down? - A bit more, it was too much.
- It was high.
- Got it.
- It's difficult.
- How do you get started? [What is?] - This is too hard.
- Shall I give you a dance move? [Who got an order from MINHYUN earlier] Shall I give you a dance move? There's this move our members like [Fickle Donhee & Connhee] [Moving from WOO JIN to SUNG WOON] Let's see yours, SUNG WOON.
It's hard.
- It's too hard.
- We can't do it.
- It's really difficult.
- It was hard.
[Mumbling alone] [This person is doing his own show since earlier] Kang Daniel, who do you keep talking to? - I'm talking to the tree.
- DANIEL talks to himself more than before.
[Continuously mumbling next to Donhee] My left ear feels muffled.
I remember now, good.
Full of energy.
Full of energy.
[The man who got orders from the emperor] We'll see the dancing skills of Ha Sungwoon now.
[SUNG WOON's dance about to be revealed] Play the music! [Cloud's talent show] [Follow me, like this] [I'm satisfied] [Not satisfied] [Currently a popular dance within WANNA ONE] [Automatic dance sync] [Automatic dance sync 222] Nice.
[What a talented guy] [Using all sorts of donation poses] [Trying to find faults] [The other announcer is also satisfied] [SUNG WOON's dance satisfies everyone except for Donhee] [Standard pose] [La-la-la-la] - The closing is this.
- Nice.
The point is this.
[There's nothing at fault so picking on anything he wants] It's too pretentious.
This is actually a dance I like.
[The result is fixed, whatever you dance it won't pass] And you divided the beats too much, this and this.
[Already knew, but they are so picky] I would have considered if it was this much - We can't copy it.
- This, this is too - You can do it like that.
- It's too pretentious.
- We can't do it.
[An advice from a righteous idol] But you shouldn't try to make it too easy for you.
[Feeling guilty] You shouldn't try to make it too easy for you.
[Good job, DAE HWI] For the program, [Changing status from human vitamin to human cider] you should practice dancing.
[Special compliment] I think he's going to be a star.
We will try very hard [DAE HWI magic] [Don-Santa & Conn-Santa's bad temper was calmed down by the righteous idol] Like this or - like this, we'll replay the clip and work on it.
- Thank you.
[Dance donation after pose donation] [Thank you very much] Thank you for the great idea.
[Meanwhile, Bae-bae and Minyeon going dance-crazy] - And JAE HWAN.
- Yes.
[Really? The talkative JAE HWAN] - You haven't said a word today.
- Yes.
Please say something.
[Don-Santa's present] This will air on Christmas day.
[One shot of JAE HWAN who didn't speak] - Really? - Yes.
Thank you for giving be this chance.
[Well, thanks for receiving it like that] Thank you for thinking that way JAE HWAN, please say a few words.
[Truly a few words] Merry Christmas! That was truly a few words.
Now, we prepared a [There not even time for games] present for WANNA ONE to thank you.
[Presents for WANNA ONE for coming despite their busy schedule] [Only the viewers know the truth] We prepared presents number 1, 2 and 3.
[3 random present boxes] You have to pick one of them.
[Amazing gut feeling] - Isn't it all the same? - The size is different.
[The opinion of the extra announcer] No, we shouldn't pick a big one in these situations.
[3rd comment to exaggerate] What I can tell for sure is that we use all the remaining "IDOL ROOM" budget.
[Caught] - Really? - In number 1, 2 and 3 [Opinions divided] - Number 3.
- Number 3? - Isn't number 2 better? [Number 1 for WANNA ONE, great choice] - Let's do number 1 since we're WANNA ONE.
- Sure.
Number 1 for WANNA ONE, great.
The production staff could have thought of it like that [WANNA ONE = 1 = appeared on EP1] Didn't we come on the first episode? [This is destiny's destiny] - You appeared on the 1st episode.
- It's 1 then.
- It's 1.
[Expectations raised high] WANNA ONE appeared on the 1st episode of "IDOL ROOM".
- Who will open it? - In the middle - Sure.
[Leader's job to open] - JI SUNG hyung will.
- Please open the [Looking forward to it] present "IDOL ROOM" prepared for WANNA ONE.
[Blabbing on due to anxiety] But as a fan of "IDOL ROOM", I saw Just open it quickly.
- Regardless of its size - Hurry up and open it.
- 1, 2, 3! [Running toward it] - What is it? - It's pretty.
It's pretty.
[That present appears from the random box, like always] - It's pretty.
- There's only one.
[Really?] Is it just one? [Of course not] We have it prepared.
Why wouldn't we give you all? [Eyes wide open] It's really amazing.
[Each get a IDOL "ROOM" hoodie] [Fortunately, the customers like it] - Is it XL? - Thank you.
- XL.
Thank you.
It's pretty.
You are the only boy group [A true limited edition] that possess this "IDOL ROOM" hoodie.
[Good job, good job] [Quickly changing into it] You can't get this anywhere, even if you wanted to.
Also, it really looks great [I'm feeling happy] since WANNA ONE is wearing it.
[Good looks look better 20170807 times with "IDOL ROOM" hoodies] - Do you like it? - I love it.
Thank you.
[Bad curiosity] But I'm curious about box #1 and #2.
[I can tell it the same thing] - It's the same thing.
- No.
- The size is different - I'm right, right? [DAE HWI's great instinct] DAE HWI, you really have great instincts.
2 and 3 are more folded [Don't care since he's already happy] You were the last guest for "IDOL ROOM" 's Thank You Awards.
The first and last Right, it's the last episode of this year too.
[Naturally, it's destiny] Who will say the closing comment from the group? - If you got lots of happiness through "IDOL ROOM" this year - Is he a nun? [Nun Hwang who came to give the closing comment] [The extra announcer active till the very end] [Holy closing comment] It's a great honor WANNA ONE is part of the first and last episodes of "IDOL ROOM".
[Bae-dolph continuing after nun Hwang's closing comment] Please give your love and support to "IDOL ROOM" and hope you have a happy Christmas.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Also, this is the last episode for this year, viewers.
I hope you all end 2018 on a good note, and [Have a fun 2019, like this] in 2019, the approaching new year, [The same as above] I wish you all happiness and peace.
We are "IDOL ROOM", the most reliable idol broadcasting program.
[THANK YOU, WANNA ONE] Play the music! [WANNA ONE's last present, carol ensemble] [Even got to see WANNA ONE on Christmas] [Got all my wishes] [Thank you, idol groups, for making 2018 special for "IDOL ROOM"] The most reliable idol broadcasting program.
[Thank you, viewers, for watching "IDOL ROOM" in 2018] "IDOL ROOM".
We are "IDOL ROOM".
[Everything was because of you] "IDOL ROOM".
[We will repay you with more fun shows on 2019] [Various "IDOL ROOM" clips are available on V LIVE]