Idol Room (2018) s01e34 Episode Script

Sowon (GFriend), YooA (Oh My Girl), Bona (Cosmic Girls), Ahn Ji-young (Bolbbalgan4), Chungha

JTBC Idol Room Episode 34 Sowon (GFriend), YooA (Oh My Girl), Bona (Cosmic Girls), Ahn Ji-young (Bolbbalgan4), Chungha [The very first episode in 2019.]
[Let me introduce today's guests.]
[So many pretty guests.]
[Glad to see you all.]
But the dance are not synchronized.
[Mysterious combination.]
[Are you curious why they're here?.]
[Let me tell you why later.]
[IDOL ROOM's motto for 2019.]
Idol band specialized show with no.
1 credibility! IDOL ROOM! This year, 2019, is [Grandiose new year's greeting.]
the year that comes back in 60 years.
- It's the year of the golden pig.
- Our year.
We, the real pigs, will say hi first.
[Polite pigs.]
- Happy new year! - Stay healthy.
Thank you always, everyone.
[To celebrate the first episode of IDOL ROOM.]
This is the first episode of this year.
So, we prepared a special episode about 2019, the year of the golden pig.
[Singers who were born in the year of the pig.]
They're the world's prettiest pigs.
[First day since their debut.]
[95 Pigs.]
Hello, I'm Sowon, [172cm tall, Sowon of GFRIEND.]
the tallest member of 95 Pigs.
- The tallest.
- Hello.
[Awkward self-introduction.]
From 95 Pigs, [Human cherry, OH MY GIRL YooA.]
- I'm YooA, the human cheery.
- Right.
Hello, I'm Bona - Proudly.
- who is the princess of 95 Pigs.
- Responsible for cess.
- Sorry? What? [Asking again because she looks shy.]
- Princess.
- Sorry? [Sad.]
- Princess.
- Please pronounce it clearly.
- I couldn't hear "Prin".
- What cess? - Princess.
- Sorry? [Why is she so shy?.]
Which cess? - Princess.
- Sorry? - Princess? Sorry? - It's okay when they're with their own band members.
[Almost strangers.]
[Met just 30 minutes ago.]
They're like strangers.
[Big spoiler.]
- I guess some of you met for the first time.
- Right.
Next? [Still awkward.]
From 95 Pigs, [Born in early months of 1996.]
[Chung Ha.]
- I'm Chung Ha, - Hamster.
who is like a hamster.
I see.
Next? [So nervous.]
[First time to say hi like girl band members.]
[Cheering fairy.]
Way to go! [BOL4 Ahn Jiyoung.]
I'm the vocalist of 95 Pigs, Jiyoung.
[Let's say hi together.]
Please say your slogan, too.
You should shout your slogan.
[Idol band members.]
[So awkward.]
We're 95 Pigs.
[One who has never done this before.]
95 Pigs.
That's so awkward.
- So awkward.
- I can't breathe.
- Me, too.
[Close to Donhee.]
[Relying on him.]
Out of breath.
I'm out of breath.
- This - Oh, my.
- They're only singers born in 1995? - I guess there are more.
- Some are close to each other.
- Why didn't you invite celebs - Too shy.
who've been known to each other before appearing on the show.
[December 7, 1995, born in a Pig year.]
[GFRIEND Sowon.]
[September 17, 1995, born in a Pig year.]
[August 19, 1995, born in a Pig year.]
[WJSN Bona.]
[September 14, 1995, born in a Pig year.]
[BOL4 Ahn Jiyoung.]
[February 9, 1995, born in a Pig year.]
[Chung Ha.]
That's a new combination.
[Checking up their friendship.]
Sowon, are you close to anyone? [Sowon and Chung Ha are close.]
- I know Chung Ha.
- Chung Ha.
- How did you get to know? - While promoting songs? [Friendship started from I.
- When I was a member of I.
I - Right.
- We had a group chat room.
- Right.
A group chat room between GFRIEND and I.
- You haven't met but chatted? - We did.
[TMI: They're close enough to have their nails done together.]
- We've met before.
- Personally? - Yes.
[Asking about their friendship.]
What about others? [Warning for awkwardness.]
[Look at how she addresses Bona.]
With my friend Bona [LOL.]
- At an award ceremony - She said "My friend Bona".
- Only on shows.
[She relies on Donhee when feeling awkward.]
That's the friend for shows.
- We just met now.
- Why do you come to here and hit him? It's a step for her.
[While talking about Bona.]
We met at an award ceremony, [but she can't look at her.]
and talked together.
Can you say like, "Hey, Chung Ha.
Hey, Bona".
- No.
- Then? - I've never call her like that.
[They have to look into eyes first.]
- Ms.
Chung Ha? - No.
There's no occasion to address each other.
What about you, YooA? [Strangers.]
- I don't know.
- How will you address? - When you need to say hi.
- When girl bands meet together.
[What's wrong with you?.]
You can become friends today.
[Awkwardness that Donhee can't stand.]
I don't like this.
It's too awkward.
Even worse, we're too shy.
[Awkwardness queen, Ahn Jiyoung.]
Let's ask her, Jiyoung.
Let's ask her.
Do you know anyone of them? Are they total strangers? [The very first time to see them.]
I don't know any of them.
- Jiyoung, it's your first appearance on IDOL ROOM.
- Yes.
- You've never done this before with girl band members.
- No.
How do you feel? [Amazed.]
[Everyone looks at her.]
It's so amazing and nice.
[What's in her heart.]
- But it's so hard.
- Why? - It's like I want to show my reactions but [Too shy.]
since I'm shy, I don't know what to do.
[Reason is four of you.]
I believe four of you are the reason why.
[What's wrong with us?.]
You girls are the reason.
When Jiyoung says something, four of you [When she's too shy.]
look at her at the same time.
- It gives pressure.
- Right.
[Feeling sorry.]
Four of you are looking at her.
[Kind word.]
- Shall we exchange our spots? - It's okay.
Shall we exchange the spots? [Four of them look at Jiyoung.]
- It's okay.
- Now you're looking at her.
[Of the same age.]
She's so cute.
- When Jiyoung says something, everyone looks at her.
- She looks like a younger one.
It feels like, "Baby sister, go ahead'.
" Have you ever met Jiyoung personally? Or have you said hi to her on your way to TV stations? - Right.
- Yes, we've said hi to her.
[Raised her hand.]
In the past, - I met her at a beauty shop.
- The same shop.
[Chung Ha's impersonation.]
We used the same beauty shop temporarily.
- You may have become friends.
- Hello.
- Yes, then - "Hi, I'm Chung Ha".
- I remember I said hi without makeup.
[No makeup.]
That's why you didn't recognize each other.
[No way.]
- No.
I knew who she was.
- Because you didn't put on makeup.
[Please say you knew.]
Didn't you know me? [They saw their no-makeup faces.]
- I knew.
- Of course.
Met at a beauty shop That looks so awkward.
[It's been an hour since they met.]
- You're of the same age.
- Sure.
- Be friends to each other.
[Trying to be friends.]
- Sure.
- You can be friends.
Way to go! [So awkward.]
Among five of us, I know this person's phone number.
YooA? Why? [Disappointed.]
- Yes? - Yes? YooA, why? - Do you know Chung Ha's number? - But it was changed.
- Chung Ha changed it? - Me? [Nodding.]
I've never changed my phone number.
I've never changed.
[Action to resolve misunderstanding.]
Hang on.
I hope there's no misunderstanding.
[Chung Ha's way of talking.]
I hope there's no misunderstanding.
- Let's sort this out.
- Well, [Chung Ha's action talk.]
I changed the mobile phone - Why did you - device.
[That's a misunderstanding.]
Even if you do so, your number won't change.
- Yes, I am still using my phone number.
- Please prove.
- Why do you believe she changed her number? - Well [Messenger profile pictures were changed.]
Her profile picture was not the one I knew.
[Couldn't ask if you changed your number.]
I thought she changed her number.
- Misunderstanding.
- No.
I haven't changed my number.
[Misunderstanding cleared up.]
- YooA knows her number.
Anyone else? - Bona knows hers.
[Bona knows Chung Ha's number.]
- Me, too.
- Chung Ha is.
- She's the insider.
- The core member of this group.
- Insider.
[Kim Chung Ha.]
- She's in the inner circle.
- No way.
I thought I have few friends.
[Chung Ha is at the center of 95 Pigs.]
But those I know are on this show.
Chung Ha, do you have phone number of Jiyoung? [Even Chung Ha couldn't get her number.]
I don't have her number.
I want, though.
Jiyoung is [95 Pigs' relationship.]
[Having phone numbers of each other.]
[Having phone numbers of each other.]
[Having their nails done together.]
[Met at a beauty shop.]
[First time to see each other.]
[The show is in jeopardy.]
We can't produce a show with these members.
- It's hard to show something funny.
- Right.
[Let's have time to make friends!.]
All of you will have time - to make friends to each other.
- Good.
[Ahn Jiyoung, stranger to everyone.]
- Jiyoung, please come here.
- You need to stand here.
Jiyoung is the shiest one here.
[Time to talk 1:1.]
Please come and look into her eyes Look into her eyes and say like this.
[Making a fuss.]
You know what I mean? If you do this When you stand in front of her, [Pigs, I hope you become closer.]
- Daejoon.
- Yes, Hyungdon.
[Pigs! Be close to each other.]
[Holding hands together and looking into eyes.]
Nice to see you.
- Let's be close together.
- Like this.
Let's keep in touch.
[Worried about it.]
Let's do that.
Sowon, come here.
[Feeling nervous even before opening her mouth.]
[Making a fuss in her heart.]
That's really challenging.
[Holding her hands with courage.]
Shall we? [Rolling eyes.]
May I go? [Why are you nervous?.]
- Jiyoung.
- Oh, my.
[So nervous when hearing it.]
- Jiyoung.
- Oh, my.
What's wrong? [What's wrong? [Making a fuss.]
- Jiyoung.
- Oh, my.
What's wrong? - Between friends.
- You're friends.
[Shy confession.]
I thought you were cute.
[Let's be close together.]
I hope we can be friends.
[Worrying about my turn.]
- Jiyoung, you have to say something.
- Say.
[Oh, my.]
- Sweating.
- You need to overcome.
[Very awkward.]
Sowon, nice to see you.
[Cringe-worthy mood in the studio.]
Nice to see you.
[What's this?.]
Previously [Holding hands together.]
When you meet your friend, you say that.
Oh, my.
[Final comment.]
Let's be good friends.
[Jiyoung and Sowon successfully finished.]
- Way to go! - Go! YooA, come here.
[Second guest to Jiyoung.]
Jiyoung is the shiest one here.
Please look into her eyes.
[Can't do that.]
You need to look into each other's eyes.
[Avoiding to look.]
[1st mission.]
[Look into each other's eyes.]
[Others are watching it.]
Holding hands is the most awkward part.
[Saying a friend's name with eyes closed.]
- Look into eyes.
- You have to.
[Look at her.]
Her face turns red.
[So embarrassed, becoming a real cherry.]
It's really read.
Hold hands and be comfortable.
[Nervous again.]
[What's this mood?.]
It looks like a game.
[Even though I can't look into your eyes.]
I like your songs.
[Giving directions.]
- Thanks.
- You have to sing.
- Sing for her.
[Too embarrassed to sing.]
[Human cherry's confession.]
Let's be friends.
- YooA, let's be friends.
- Okay! Way to go! [So awkward.]
Let's stop saying "Let's be friends".
[The phrase is banned.]
- Not any more.
- No.
- Why? [Asking for more details.]
Please talk about your plans.
Plans? Like, let's have burgers in Itaewon on which day.
[Trying to hide.]
Please talk about details.
[I saw you, Bona.
It's your turn.]
- I see.
- Bona.
- Bona, where are you looking at? - Where are you looking? [The one who can't stand awkward mood.]
Please come here.
[Third time, Jiyoung is calm.]
Will you not com over? [Feeling so awkward after holding hands.]
What's wrong? [You can do this.]
You're friends of the same age.
Oh, my.
How can we deal with this mood? [Jiyoung and Bona.]
- I think she's afraid of me.
- No.
Please talk about your future plans.
Bona! [Holding laughter.]
[Inviting her to Hongdae.]
Come to Hongdae.
Let's drink together.
[It is so much fun.]
Come to Hongdae.
Come to Hongdae.
[Announcing detailed plans.]
Come to Hongdae.
I will treat you with delicious food.
[Oh, my! they're going to hang out.]
- Jiyoung.
- Yes.
[More detailed plan.]
- Soju? - Yes.
[What's wrong with you?.]
[Everyone feels awkward after that.]
What's wrong? Too hot? [Too embarrassed and too hot.]
- What's wrong? Too hot? - Already? [95 Pigs members are all turning red.]
Why? [The last guest.]
- Chung Ha.
- Me? [Why are they so tired?.]
- I want to go home.
- Bona, come to Hongdae.
[Her palms are sweaty.]
I am afraid of sweaty palms.
A bit worried.
- May I go first? - As you please.
[Much more comfortable since they met before.]
Jiyoung, we shared a waiting room.
[Still, it feels so awkward.]
Next time, I will bring [Future promise.]
your sandwich, too.
Let's eat sandwiches together.
[Giving her a hug.]
- Let's eat sandwiches.
- Good.
They hugged.
Let's eat sandwiches.
[Finally! The greeting session is over.]
It's over! - It's over! - This segment was successful.
[Pigs members' friendship went up by 0.
Great job, everyone.
[Donhee's feeling.]
It's very hot.
It was suffocating even for us.
[It required a lot of physical strength.]
We just finished saying hi but the atmosphere is heated up.
[News about individuals.]
Let's see the latest news about them.
Chung Ha has good news in 2019.
I heard she released a new song.
[During a promotion.]
- It's "Gotta Go".
- "Gotta Go".
[Great English pronunciation.]
- Already 12! - Will you introduce? [Body language to introduce "Gotta Go".]
It's already midnight and the singer needs [Pose to send someone off.]
- Cinderella.
- to say bye to her love.
[Pose to express disappointment.]
But she doesn't want to do.
- I don't want to go.
- There's the curfew.
["Gotta Go".]
[Singer doesn't want to let her love who has the curfew go home.]
Yes, it feels like that.
Sad, it's already midnight.
Chung Ha, do you have any curfew? Like midnight? [Chung Ha loves to stay home.]
Anyone who has a curfew? [YooA?.]
- YooA, do you have? - What time? [Sia-della whose curfew is 11:30.]
- 11:30.
- 11:30? [Surprised.]
Isn't it the morning? 11:30? - 11:30.
- Sowon Sowon.
[Sowon, other members are watching you now.]
- Sowon.
- Sowon, don't forget that you're representing GFRIEND.
Umji is watching you now.
- Surprised.
- 11:30.
[Chung Ha's "Gotta Go" preview.]
Chung Ha, may we hear your new song? [Excited.]
- In front of your friends.
- Music, please.
[I don't like a curfew.]
["Gotta Go" #Chung Ha.]
[Facial expression changed quickly.]
[Groovy dance at another level.]
[Amazed by Chung Ha's dance.]
[Girl crush power from the body.]
[That's why she's called "God-Chung Ha".]
[Way to go!.]
[Best, our Chung Ha.]
[This is how I watch TV now.
[Is this real?.]
[Amazing movement.]
[Between performer Chung Ha and shy Chung Ha.]
[Reading the room.]
[Way to go!.]
I love this song.
[Powerful dance as an idol singer.]
[Perfect God Chung Ha.]
[Way to go!.]
Chung Ha, your dance is [Best compliment.]
Super sexy.
[Bowing down.]
[So polite.]
[Episode full of funny moments.]
Super sexy.
Thank you.
No way.
- I do this a lot usually.
- You are not comfortable with YooA.
- I am! [Perplexed.]
I usually say thank you like this.
[Endless excuse.]
Thank you.
We just - We've seen many idol singers.
- Yes.
[Their amazing capability.]
- They're good at memorizing dance moves.
- Right.
[Four dance-specialized singers.]
Sowon, Bona and YooA I guess Jiyoung is a bit different from others.
[Singer-song writer, but not a good dancer.]
It may be difficult, [Rare opportunity.]
will you learn how to dance from Chung Ha? Shall we? [Group cover dance to "Gotta Go".]
I am curious of what their group dance would be like.
[Oh, my.]
Jiyoung, let's learn together.
[Sudden dance class by Chung Ha.]
Please teach one by one.
[Chung Ha's one point lesson.]
In this part, "I like it but it's too late".]
Put a hand on the head, put another on the waist.]
Hold it.
Move the hip.]
- Then, "Too bad".
- Too bad.
[Studying so hard.]
- Too bad.
- Too bad.
Move the hand to 12 o'clock direction.]
- Move your hand like this.
- Okay.
[Key point.]
- Du.
- Du.
- Si bam.
- Si bam? [Walking on the same spot.]
You have to go but walk on the same spot.
- So, just walk on the same spot.
- Same spot.
[Easy, huh?.]
And roll your chest.
[It's not easy.]
[What's chest rolling?.]
Please add chest rolling.
[Jiyoung's look shows what will happen.]
The end.
Let's see this part.
- Five of you.
- Collaboration.
[So-Chung-Bo-Sia-Jyeong's "Gotta Go".]
Please do that part, "It's already 12".
Music, please! [Let's see their teamwork.]
[The original dance.]
[Cover dance by talented dancers after 1-minute-long training.]
[Perfectly synchronized like a band.]
[Perfect facial expression.]
[BUT there's one who stands out.]
[Being a vocalist.]
[Wish to be a member of girl band.]
[Not giving up.]
[Still trying her best.]
[It's not your fault, Jiyoung.]
[It's fault of your legs and arms.]
We learned.
We learned.
[Like this.]
Following Chung Ha's new song, [Bona's big news.]
WJSN Bona [Today.]
released a new song [Congratulations.]
today, on January 8.
- What's the title? - "La La Love".
- "La La Love".
[Extension of "Save Me, Save You".]
Our latest song was "Save Me, Save You".
Now, the loved one stands in front of us.
["La La Love".]
[Song to confess their feelings to the loved one.]
The one is standing in front of us and we will talk about our love.
- In front of you? - Yes.
[First time to play "La La Love".]
May we see the preview of "La La Love?" Representing WJSN, Bona [Bona's version of "La La Love".]
[Light steps.]
[Already learning the dance.]
[Dance made of soft lines different from Chung Ha's.]
[Girlish movements.]
[Point choreography part.]
[WJSN's dance is famous for detailed hand movement.]
[Why is he doing this?.]
[Dance instinct.]
[Dance that woke up everyone's dance DNA.]
WJSN's song has their unique vibe.
[2nd class: WJSN Bona's dance class.]
Again, let's learn the WJSN dance from Bona.
[Donhee Conhee's pick.]
Bona, I loved this part.
[Members, please listen up.]
- This is an eye.
- Eye.
[Say without honorifics, you're friends!.]
Don't say with honorifics.
- It's an eye.
- Eye.
- Okay.
- Girls, this is an eye.
- Eye.
And I'm Bona.
Good, Bona.
[Bona's one point lesson.]
Make the eye shape with fingers.
Raise hands according to the beat.]
Move up.
Move the body up and down.]
And down.
[Student who does her best.]
[Tries her best.]
[She's such a nice student.]
[Sneezed by being amazed.]
[The most challenging part.]
Touch your arm, and move it away.
[Idol band members are following well.]
Stroke and move away.
[Too hard for the beginner.]
Stroke, and move away [Dance class is over.]
- Stroke on the chest and stop.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- Difficult.
- Girl band dance is not easy.
- No way.
- Not easy.
[Did you see that?.]
[Not easy at all.]
- It's not easy.
- Right.
[So-Chung-Bo-Sia-Jyeong version of "La La Love".]
Here we go! Music, please.
[Everyone is ready.]
[How can they dance so well?.]
[Perfect dance after a short lesson.]
[Except for one.]
[Eyes are moving faster than hands.]
[Way to go! Jiyoung is already a girl band in our hearts.]
We laugh for a reason.
It's the girl band dance, so Jiyoung has [Vocalist Jiyoung is tired.]
some difficulties.
I saw she had a hard time.
[Cheering fairy.]
- You did a great job.
- She may feel weird.
[Let's invite her to sing.]
- Her voice is so unique.
- Right.
[BOL4 Jiyoung's special performance.]
She will sing a special song for us.
She prepared something special.
What's that? Chung Ha's "Roller Coaster".
I arranged it into an acoustic version.
[So excited.]
Can't wait to hear.
When Jiyoung sings, why don't you dance to it? [Great idea for collaboration.]
Dance to the acoustic version.
[Including YooA who knows the dance.]
YooA knows "Roller Coaster" dance.
- Do you know that? - Please dance together.
- The original singer is here.
- Come here.
YooA, you're good at this.
- If you go to karaoke with friends, you will sing and dance together.
- Sure.
- Think you're at a karaoke bar.
- You're at a karaoke room.
[Collaboration of Chung-Jyeong-Sia.]
Okay, let's go! - Everyone, break it down! - Tear it up! - Way to go! [Chung-Jyeong-Sia's "Roller Coaster".]
Please hit the music! [Jiyoung recorded the acoustic version.]
It's a bit slower than the original version.
[Dance engine starts.]
[Awakened dance DNA.]
[Arms and legs are moving.]
[Vocal members are participating in the dance.]
[Too much dance.]
[Trouble in singing.]
- Sorry.
- Hang on.
- Jiyoung, don't dance.
Sing only.
- Please just sing.
- Sing songs only.
- Don't dance.
[I want to dance.]
- Why not? - Don't try to dance.
[Advice for you.]
[We know your passion.]
Please just sing.
- I beg you, please.
- I see.
- Dance practice - Don't follow their moves.
[Warning again.]
- I see.
- Okay.
- I will just sing.
Music, please.
["Roller Coaster" by Chung-Jyeong-Sia.]
[Trying not to wake up dance DNA.]
[Temptation from the dancers on her both sides.]
[Beautiful dance.]
[Beautiful voice.]
[High quality performance.]
It looks like a trio.
[Very lucky.]
[Rare collaboration that's hard to see at year-end ceremonies.]
[Highlight part.]
[Dance that looks so natural with the acoustic melody.]
[Fans want to download this clip.]
[They've never practiced before.]
[Viewers, you're so lucky today.]
[Pleasure to eyes.]
[Pleasure to ears.]
[We compliment us who invited them.]
- Where can we see this collaboration? - Right.
- Everyone.
- That's amazing.
- Thank you so much.
[They're getting close to each other.]
[2 hugs +3 friendliness.]
Thank you! First ever camera for one person.
Today's live pickdol, close-up camera! [Camera!.]
[Today's live pickdol close-up camera.]
One person, [The camera will shoot only one person.]
will get the camera only for her.
[Close-up cam will be released after the show.]
Then, during the shooting, that camera will shoot only that person.
And that video will be released on the Internet.
No editing.
I'm not sure it's good or bad.
[Of course, good one.]
- Maybe good one? - Of course.
Who will be today's pickdol.
[95 pigs in IDOL ROOM, live has started.]
Hello! [Live pickdol.]
It's IDOL ROOM! [So cute, group of girls born in the Year of Pig.]
Here comes the girls born in 1995, [Nice combination.]
the Year of Pig! We are 95 pigs! A lot of comments are coming up.
[I've been flooded with blessings.]
There's a request that you show biting hearts in relay.
[aka Chu heart, 95 pigs cuteness will increase by 1995%.]
This one! [Your own version! You are the best.]
With your own version.
Your own version.
Jiyoung, what version is yours? [Okay.]
- Yummy.
- Okay.
[I'm cherry.]
- How about YOOA? - Sweet.
- Okay.
- Sowon? - Simple.
[Cuteness is the simplest one.]
[Sowon is tall but cute.]
- You can bite it really simple.
- Fast food.
[Princess BONA.]
- How about BONA? - I'll pick sexy.
Okay, CHUNG HA? [Unfamiliar.]
- Okay version.
- Okay? [They are already excited.]
Okay, Jiyoung, you go first.
1, 2, 3! [Sweet.]
- Simple.
- Nom.
[Too simple.]
[Hamster heart.]
[Let's do it!.]
CHUNG HA, please dance for "Wow Thing".
- Oh - What's "Wow Thing"? [Wow Thing, Red Velvet SEULGI X GFriend Shinbi.]
It's a song by, [(G)I-DLE Soyeon X CHUNG HA.]
SEULGi, Shinbi, [A popular song.]
Soyeon and I.
Collaboration of us four.
[She's not confident.]
I've practiced it for a short period of time, and I didn't perform it after shooting.
SM Entertainment.]
[Best combination, best performance by dancing queens.]
[You can watch this performance here at IDOL ROOM.]
[Wow Thing #CHUNG HA solo version.]
Music cue! [Her body remembers the choreography.]
[Legendary CHUNG HA moment.]
[CHUNG HA's charisma.]
[Danging along, they're proud of her.]
[Oh my god, she's dancing for "Wow Thing".]
[CHUNG HA is the queen.]
[She's goddess, she's light.]
Okay, [Time to choose a pickdol.]
It's time for today's pickdol to be picked.
Okay, lie down with a flower pose.
- Like this? - Yes.
[She's already done this.]
Like this.
[Moaning sound.]
[Pickdol candidate CHUNG HA.]
[Pickdol candidate Sowon from GFriend.]
[Pickdol candidate Ahn Jiyoung from Bolbbalgan4.]
[Pickdol candidate YOOA from OH! MY GIRL.]
[Pickdol candidate BONA from WJSN.]
[The prettiest 95 pigs are ready.]
Okay! 1, 2, 3! [Spinning wheel.]
Who will be today's pickdol.
[Spinning to pick one.]
- 2, 3! - Okay, who will be the one! [Curious.]
- Pigs.
- Among five pigs.
[Who will be the first pickdol of 2019.]
Who will be! Who will be the first pickdol of 2019 the year! [It's about to stop.]
- Who will be the one! - The one! [Conhee appears.]
Who will be the one! Today's pickdol has been decided! - Who will be the one! - Who! [Replay, todays' pickdol is Princess BONA.]
It's a secret.
[Congratulations, BONA.]
Pickdol! [Princess's greeting.]
Please check it later.
[Live, the end.]
- Yes.
- You are picked.
- Congratulations! [Congratulations, how do you feel BONA?.]
BONA, how do you feel? [I'm the pickdol.]
2019 is the Year of Golden Pig.
[Mentioning her new song.]
- I became a pickdol.
- And your new song was released today.
Oh, that's right.
[Good start.]
Good start! [Pretty BONA.]
[BONA cam.]
[Please look forward to BONA cam.]
Face pig, variety show pig.
Everything is possible, pigs' pig war! [Clapping first.]
- It's about picking the best pig.
- Right.
- It means everything goes.
- Pig.
[Pigs' pig war.]
[A customized pig match to take the title.]
No one has an advantage.
[of what they're good at.]
We picked what you're good at.
So SOWON could be good at it, [Once they get the title for each category.]
- but YOOA is better, then - It's YOOA's.
[Look at this.]
Korean pork [I want it.]
Korean pork [BBONA CAM.]
- Korean pork - Oh my god.
We'll give the Korean pork to her.
[One person can take all.
A town's port feast will be possible.]
One person could take everything.
1st round of pig war, the category please.
[Start with YOOA (Cherry)'s category.]
[Pig war, round 1.]
- Pig war, Pig YOOA! Dance pig! - Oh god.
[She can dance, the best pig in this category.]
YOOA has lots to say.
Dance is YOOA [Source: 1MILLION Dance Studio YOUTUBE.]
[With her brother, choreographer.
Dance DNA in her family.]
[Energizer of dance.]
[Can dance any genre.]
Who's your strongest rival? [Pig CHUNG HA.
[No words needed.
Dancing queen.]
CHUNG HA is a strong rival.
Whenever she did a cover dance, it became an issue.
I haven't done any.
[Foresees issues.]
- That's why it becomes an issue.
- Yes, I haven't done any.
That's why we're asking you to.
- We talked to her this time - I'm not good at copying [Soon, the performance that will become an issue.]
EXO's "Love Shot".
[Trying to lower expectation, this is not needed.]
It's super short.
I could get it wrong.
[My friend's the best.]
- No, you'll do great.
- CHUNG HA dancing itself is [I believe in CHUNG HA god, she's his religion.]
The name CHUNG HA is a brand.
[Very burdened.]
We'll see.
You're prepared.
[YOOA's excited.]
- No - She's YOOA's rival.
CHUNG HA's cover dance.
[Still worried for no reason.]
Please clap when I get it wrong.
[Yay, CHUNG HA.]
We want to see till the end.
[This will be a hit.]
[Let's go pig CHUNG HA.]
Music cue.
[CHUNG HA goes.]
["Love Shot" #EXO.]
[What is this gap?.]
[Does a 180 when the music starts.]
[Awesomeness is covering her whole body.]
[She's a god, look at her dance.]
[SOWON's expression = Viewers' expressions.]
[Say it with your expression, "amazed".]
[Just moving to the rhythm, but it's different.]
[You're a master performer born to perform.]
[Unni if you're cool.]
[CHUNG HA unni! Take me.]
[Falling for her.]
[She poured the love shot on my heart.]
[She's drunk on CHUNG HA.]
CHUNG HA [CHUNG HA, you said you couldn't do it.]
You were whining, saying you couldn't do it - And you change once the music starts.
- Don't whine.
- I got it wrong.
[Perfect performance.
Donhee predicted right.]
I got it wrong Thank you.
Don't whine.
[Official match start with the dancing pig title.]
Now, with the title of dancing pig the war among the 1995 pigs [A unique ceremony that'll have the world go wild early in the year.]
- It's the first in the world? - Yes.
In the dance ceremonies [A dance ceremony with a long history.]
- It's time-honored.
- Public trust [Ah I got a feeling.]
- It has public confidence and power.
IDOL ROOM's [Not ashamed.
Self-made prestige.]
prestigious ceremony.
[2019 Havana Korea Contest.]
- Havana Queen Contest - It's back.
[So tenacious, the ceremony is back.]
- Havana Queen Contest - It's back.
[Havana Queen?.]
It's back.
The 3rd Havana goddess is with us.
[She's the 3rd Havana Korea Queen.]
- I'm the 3rd Queen.
- You're the 3rd Queen.
[Time to look back at the history of Havana.]
[1st Havana Korea Queen, JOY.]
[2nd Havana Korea Queen, SUNMI.]
[Produced outstanding queens.]
[Honorable faces that took us to Havana.]
[3rd Havana Queen, what happened after?.]
- After, the Havana music - Right.
Only one to enjoy Havana.]
Only I enjoyed it.
- Really? The members stayed still - YOOA.
You can't let someone steal the Havana Queen title.
[OH my Havana Queen.]
- Naturally.
- Though she's talking now, [Queen doesn't know what to say.]
- things are going to change once the music starts.
- No.
[Face turns red with burden.]
- Show your swag in front of your friends.
- Right.
[Teasing Cherry.]
[Havana participants.]
Why didn't you dance? - Like this.
- No, we're friends now.
We're friends now.
[Suddenly Havana friendship award.]
[I heard.]
I heard you talk in honorifics during break.
[What? It's the 1st day of friendship.]
- We don't anymore.
- We're friends now.
- Yes, we don't.
- You got rid of honorifics quite suddenly.
- No.
- No, we didn't.
[Sudden high five of friendship.]
Earlier, during break, I think it was JIYOUNG from behind [Teasing JIYOUNG this time.
Caught her sighing.]
I shouldn't have come here.
I shouldn't have come here.
[claiming innocence.]
It wasn't me.
JIYOUNG, you okay? [JIYOUNG, can you dance?.]
- It's dance time now.
- Yes, it's so fun.
Donhee & Connhee are the judges.]
We are the judges so we could give the title to you.
There's nothing to the standard.
[Confidence rising.]
[Maybe me?.]
- Who moves our hearts? - Right.
[Gradual increase, thus, the ace goes last.]
We need to take this gradually.
[Then, SOWON come out.]
- SOWON will be the baseline.
- Sure.
[Kim Sojung, the dance baseline starting today.]
- SOWON will be the baseline.
- Sure.
[Mister MC.]
Any order, but not the first please.
- You're first.
- Then you can go first.
- Okay.
- Okay, first is SOWON.
[Advice from the girl who experienced Havana.]
- Sovana.
- It's really embarrassing.
- Sovana.
[Injecting desire to win.]
BUDDY is watching.
BUDDY, close your eyes.
[To protect BUDDY (?).]
[SOWON feels the future.]
- BUDDY, turn off for a while.
- BUDDY, close your eyes.
Step away for a while.
[2019 Havana Korea.]
Music cue! [She begins moving her long legs.]
[I feel like Cuba.]
Good start.
- Good start.
- Good.
- Great start.
[Getting ready while showing her neck and back.]
- Good Sovana.
- Great.
- You're doing great.
- Yes.
[They don't know where to look at.]
Don't feel uncomfortable.
[Looking around others.]
[She's coming back from South America.]
- Stop caring us.
- Don't do that.
She's so cute.
[Sowon's wish.]
Buddy, close your eyes.
[Don't watch it, Buddy.]
[She finished and is coming back.]
[She vents out her anger to Donhee.]
It's the average.
[He's hit by her.]
I can feel that punch.
I told you that it hurts me.
[She's so embarrassed.]
You should do your root.
[She already made a reservation.]
- Your hair has different colors.
- Oh, I'll go do it the day after tomorrow.
You should do your root.
Okay, it's BONA's turn.
[Oh my.]
BONA! [Look at episode 21, BONA already danced with Havana.]
It's your second time.
- She's a princess of 95 pigs.
- A princess.
[Here comes Bovana.]
[Let's leave to Havana, Cuba.]
- Oh my god.
- Let's do it, Bovana.
Music cue! [Spirit of South America.]
Bovana is warming up.
[A princess is dancing with the music.]
Be confident! [She's my type.]
Cute! [She's showing her talent.]
- Cute.
- Look at the camera.
[Boan does not what to do.]
Don't forget the camera.
[She looked at her friends instead of camera.]
- You should not turn your back on camera! - I didn't help doing it because I had to warm up.
[Totally satisfied.]
She was so cute.
You should have seen her face, she was so cute.
[Bovana didn't even get closer to Havana.]
She failed to remove herself.
She was so shy.
[Hongdae mood.]
- Okay, it's Hongvana's turn.
- Hongvana.
It's time for Hongvana.
[She put her spirit behind at her hometown.]
Please show us the Hongdae style.
- Can I dance in a way I learned lately? - Of course.
We didn't know much about Hongdae.
[She learned how to dance in a minute.]
What was that? - 12 o'clock.
- Okay, I got it.
[What did Jiyoung get?.]
[CHUNG HA is also curious.]
Let's see how she will make use of CHUNG HA's dance she just learned.
[2019 Havana Korea.]
- Music cue! - Hongvana.
[Havana local time 12 o'clock.]
[She's asking for help.]
[Princess is clapping.]
[Green belt, her Havana is intact.]
- I don't remember.
- Wave.
[So impressed.]
[Have you ever seen such a cute sexy dance?.]
[Interpretation: I'm done.]
Can I quit? [Oh yes.]
- Good job.
- Well done.
- You were so cute.
[Her face blushed.]
- Why is your face so red? - I'm embarrassed.
We too.
I've never seen this kind of Havana.
[Thank what?.]
- We didn't cut in.
- Thank you.
[What? Credit to teacher CHUNG HA.]
Thank you.
Okay, a final match.
[Today's main match YOOA pig vs.
CHUNG HA pig.]
- Noooooo - CHUNG HA, you go first.
[YOOA, third champion, will be the last.]
- Chungvana.
- Chungvana.
[Weird sound.]
[Habitual exaggeration.]
She's pretending to be shy.
But she turned into a totally different person as soon as music comes out.
[2019 Havana Korea.]
- Okay.
- She must be turned into a different one.
- Music cue! - I'm so pressured.
[Music is started.]
[She caught the rhythm.]
[Every move becomes dance.]
Chungvana! [She's at risk of being pushed away.]
[Let's go travel to Havana with CHUNG HA.]
She's warmed up! [Cuba mood.]
She doesn't even move a lot.
[Let's go to Havana.]
[It's like an expensive dance.]
Chungvana! [She's shocked.]
[Havana is seen in her every move.]
[It's Caribbean wave.]
[Dance of quality.]
Chungvana! Oh my god! [She's getting back to her seat.]
[Deeply impressed.]
- Can I just give my meat to her? - No.
[We should give her a butcher's shop.]
It's breathtaking.
[Lost her confidence.]
- Chungvana.
- I want to give my meat to her.
- You can do it! - We think that [New Year's lie.]
All of you are strong candidates.
[Not believing, shocked, funny, relaxed, really?.]
- Liar.
- First place [Five girls already realized what the world is like.]
- Liar.
- No.
[Is that words of blessing?.]
It's difficult to choose one.
[Cherrymaru wants to come down on her own.]
I'd better [Refused.]
- come down when my reputation is high.
- No, I don't think so.
- You should go through some ups and downs.
- Let's go Yoovana.
[Can't avoid.]
Of course.
OMG is looking forward.
[OMG is watching.]
- OMG.
- OMG is watching it.
[She's determined.]
OMG, I'll get meat! [She's getting protein for OH! MY GIRL.]
You should think of younger sisters! [To.
- Think of ARIN.
- I will get meat for you, ARIN.
[2019 Havana Korea.]
Okay, music cue! [Wow.]
[She doesn't even need a time for warming up.]
Yoovana! [She's getting meat.]
[It's today's dinner.]
[Let's eat pork!.]
[She's expressing her love for pork.]
[We didn't imagine this.]
[She wants to get this for her team.]
[Princess BONA's wish.]
Just give that meat to her.
[She gave up meat.]
Just give it to her.
[Havana will not be finished until she gets that.]
Yoovana! [Give me pork.]
Let's give it to her.
She will be on ad.
Just take it.
[She gets the present.]
You've wanted it so bad.
You tried hard not to be defeated.
BONA is so funny.
[BONA said.]
Just give it to her.
- Give that! - I'll go to a restaurant.
[Quick give-up.]
Her voice tone was really funny.
Okay, following Bovana's opinion, [First place: YOOA pig.]
Queen of Havana goes to Yoovana! [You can get port if you want hard.]
- What you really wanted.
- Meat! [It's time to award meat.]
Stand up please.
Yoovana will show her performance once again.
- With this meat? - ARIN, I got the meat! [She knows well about IDOL ROOM.]
- Open it, there can be no meat in it.
- Really? [She learned so much about the world.]
[We do not make joke using meat.]
We don't do that.
What are you doing? - It's cold.
- Cold.
- Sowon, let's check it.
- We don't lie.
It would be so funny if there is no meat.
[Third champion of Havana.]
- Proof shot.
- Proof shot.
1, 2, 3! [YOOA pig won the dance competition.]
Congratulations! [Return.]
- 95 pigs.
- Give it to me.
You don't give it to me? [We are not that kind of people.]
- After the show.
- Of course! [She could think that it was an item for the show.]
We'll give it to you.
Next please.
War of Pigs: Sowon pig, a model.
[Everyone agrees.]
Sowon pig, a model! Is Sowon a model? [Not a full info.]
Did you do modeling, didn't you? - Model? - Yes.
- Did you? [Did I?.]
- I haven't heard of that.
- Really? [Model department of Hanlim Arts School.]
I graduated from a model department.
- Oh - at Hanlim Arts School.
- I knew it.
[2019 S/S Seoul Fashion Week runway.]
At this year's fashion week [Wait.]
- DDP? - Yes wait! [She knows well about IDOL ROOM.]
[Footage will be shown.]
Wait, please! [She doesn't know anything because its her first visit to IDOL ROOM.]
What's happening? [Please.]
Please don't.
[Calm down.]
Sit down please.
Wait! [I'm not watching that.]
[Model Sowon.]
[Big hand.]
So cool.
[PO proud WER.]
Sowon's runway debut.
[She really looks like a model.]
You are really like a model.
You're so good.
- Looks like a real model.
- You have beautiful legs.
[She's shy.]
- Wow, like a real model.
- You're like a model.
How tall are you? 172.
- Only 172.
8? - The same as me.
[She's still growing.]
You're still growing then.
Maybe you're becoming shorter.
My height has been the same.
[Oh no.]
- Oh, that's true.
- We're really becoming shorter.
- Yes, I feel the same.
[Height 172.
8cm, length of leg 105cm.]
- Oh, height is 172 - Your legs are long.
The length of your legs is 105 cm? [And organs?.]
Then where are you organs? [Maybe they are gathering.]
Maybe this part [It does not make any sense (Give me a ruler).]
- Here - Wait, that does not make sense.
105 cannot be possible.
Stand up.
[Fact check.]
[Checking the length of her legs.]
- Are you gonna measure the length of my legs? - Yes.
- YOOA, help us.
- Wow, really long.
Her legs are really long.
[Oh my.]
- Longer than 10cm.
- Yes.
Without heel.
- Without 2cm of heel.
- It was 113cm.
About 3cm of heel? [Though.]
Still 110cm.
[He's measuring the length of her head.]
[Brain working.]
- Are you calculating her body proportion? - Yes.
- She said 172cm, right? - Yes.
Your body proportion is wonderful.
Thank you.
[Sowon is like a model.]
Nice proportion.
Like a model.
Wow [Yao Ming among girl groups members.]
[Kim giraffe with a golden proportion.]
I should at least have one merit.
[Another girl with a nice proportion.]
There's another one who's well-known for her body proportion.
[CHUNG HA, "perfect proportion despite short stature".]
- Perfect proportion.
[Habitual denial.]
I believe that [She expects some malicious comments.]
there are malicious comments under this article.
No, it's not.
YOOA from OH! MY GIRL, shocking proportion.
It's too much, shocking! [Let's check YOOA's proportion.]
Okay, let's measure it.
How tall are you? [160cm.]
- 60.
- 60? Come here.
- You must be taller than that.
- Good proportion.
- Her face is so small.
[Small face.]
- Yes.
- Really small.
[The same as Donhee's fist.]
- See, the size of her face is similar to that of my fist.
- And [Proud of my friend.]
- YOOA has long legs.
- Right.
[My proportion is 5.]
She's 8.
- Nice proportion.
- Nice.
[Cut please.]
- Please cut here.
- Let's stop here.
Come out here.
[They want to measure.]
- No.
- There's even an article about your proportion.
- Why did you do that to me, journalist.
- Why did you to that to me.
- Perfect proportion despite a short stature.
[She's refusing.]
Let's see if it's really perfect or not.
- Perfect or not.
- I'll have 3.
[Proportion of insects.]
I'll get 3 please.
[She's smiling.]
There's an article! We'll manipulate a little for you.
[Please get rid of that ruler.]
We'll do that for you.
[Sorry CHUNG HA.]
[To protect her.]
Perfect proportion despite a short stature.
Okay, let's done here.
[Help BONA.]
- These two are well-known.
- Yes.
- Among idols.
- We should be protected.
[Donhee Conhee should guarantee basic rights of girl group members.]
We should be protected.
We should be protected.
You seem to have a perfect proportion.
That's why we tried to measure it [Cute.]
- My proportion is 3.
- We'll protect you.
[Model pig election.]
It's time to pick a model pig.
A model's prerequisite.
Game using S-line.
[Strong reaction.]
Game using S-line.
[Hip pushing.]
It's called, hip pushing game! [What's the link between S-line and this game?.]
How can we check S-line through this game? [Doubting pigs.]
You seem to be having some doubts.
We'll show.
[Bragging his hip.]
What's the rule? [My eyes.]
- Turn back.
- His pants.
[Good hip.]
My hip is so pretty.
- Like this.
- S-line? [Ta-da.]
1, 2, 3! It's S-line.
It's S-line.
[You should take a close look.]
- Isn't is a wave? - No.
Like this.
[You should look longer.]
1, 2, 3! [Donhee Conhee's hip.]
[What's this.]
[Weird S-line.]
What's that? [They're enjoying bragging their S-line.]
Bend your body like this.
Like this.
[She's trying hard to understand.]
Strength of your wrist is really important here.
It's like balloons [Including CHUNG HA.]
[They have disadvantages.]
Sowon's hip is at a higher position than ours.
Yes, her hip is at the same level with our wrist.
Then, hit it upward.
[Nothing's impossible.]
Hit it upward.
[Big hand.]
Hit it upward.
[If you wish hard, your dream would come true.]
It will not be enough.
[Rule of hip pushing game.]
You are five.
[Rock scissors paper.]
Let's do rock scissors paper and the loser [Tournament.]
points to one person.
It's a tournament.
[Model pig will get pork.]
The winner will get pork as a present.
- Okay? - Rock scissors paper.
[Paper, paper, rock, rock, paper.]
[Round 1.]
Round 1, CHUNG HA and BONA.
[BONA vs.
- Here? - Yes.
- Turn back? - Perfect proportion despite a short stature.
You should not take your legs off the ground or collapse.
- I'm not good at balancing.
- You two are a bit far away from each other.
Ready, go! [What's happening?.]
[There's no tense at all.]
[They're not trying to get closer.]
[CHUNG HA flies away.]
BONA is powerful.
- BONA win! - What! - Oh my god.
- What happened? [Teasing.]
[We saw you try to look pretty.]
They tried to look pretty.
BONA, point to one person.
[+1 victory.]
[BONA is picking someone.]
You? [You?.]
You? [Okay!.]
You? [Please call her name.]
You should call her Jiyoung.
- You should do that.
- Jiyoung, let's compete with me.
Why do you make us comfortable! Hold the hands of each other.
[No way.]
[Two are holding each other's hands.]
- Why are you doing that to us.
- Sorry for not calling your name, Jiyoung.
Go! [Not calling a name.]
I'm sorry.
[Please make an eye-contact.]
Look into each other's eye! No, it's okay.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
[BONA vs.
Ready, go! [Similar start.]
[One after another.]
[She's laughing out.]
[He can't stand it.]
She's trying to look cute.
[He pretends it was a mistake.]
[Born to be cute.]
My feeling came out.
[What happened.]
Oh my god.
[BONA flew away.]
[She's defeated.]
Hondae's protest! [Jiyoung won.]
Jiyoung won! S-line.
[Found her talent.]
[Strong candidate.]
She's a strong candidate now.
Jiyoung, who do you want to compete with? [Frustrated.]
2 and 8.
5 are left.]
Both of them have a nice proportion.
It has nothing to do with proportion.
- Sowon.
- Tell her, "come here Sowon"! [Okay.]
Come here, Sowon! - Perhaps it's a disadvantageous game for me as I'm taller.
- That's right.
[Height gap.]
- Oh - It's the fight between David and Goliath.
[Point that deserves attention.]
[Is it possible to hit upward.]
Will it be possible to hit upward? - Upward! - Wow, really tall.
[Sowon vs.
Ready, go! [Sound.]
[Did you hear her bone ASMR?.]
Are you okay? [I heard the sound.]
- I heard some sound.
- Are you okay? We heard the sound from your bone.
[Lost? I'm gone.]
I think I lost.
No, no.
- I moved - From when you were that conscientious? [This is not working.]
It's difficult.
Ready, go! [One, two.]
You will get pork.
[She didn't collapse.]
Oh, you survived.
[Advanced skill.]
[Hitting upward.]
[She's collapsed.]
- Once more.
- Stop acting pretty! [I'm not losing.]
[Strong candidate.]
[2 victories.]
Why are you doing that.
Last, YOOA.
[Last round.]
[This round's winner will get meat.]
The winner of this round will get pork.
- YOOA will get two.
- Yes.
[More important than match.]
- Did you say hello to each other? - Ai! Ai! [Ai! Ai! (= Oh, I forgot).]
Ai! Ai! - Ai! Ai! - Good luck! [Cute.]
Good luck! [Funny relationship.]
We will make you become closer by any means.
[YOOA vs.
ready, go! [Give and take.]
What are you doing? [Timing miss.]
There's nothing.
[What's happening?.]
Nothing's there.
[They are moving back and forth.]
It can be! [Oh my.]
- No - Watch the show later.
[They flew away together.]
YOOA's foot touches the ground first.
[Took over the title.]
[Jiyoung pig won.]
Jiyoung, you won! [She lost her title.]
- Time - Long.
It was long.
Model pig, Ahn Jiyoung! [Awarded pork.]
please take a pose.
95 pigs.
[War of Pigs, model pig, Jiyoung.]
Next please.
[Round 3.]
Rap of CHUNG HA! - I think I saw CHUNG HA rap.
- Oh [She's so modest.]
I think that they had difficulty finding my talent.
[What are you talking about?.]
No, - Seol Ina, an actress told us - that CHUNG HA is good at rapping.
- Ina! [CHUNG HA's friend Seol Ina.]
Where are you! She told us that you were well known for a good rapper.
[Excuse standby.]
- Your childhood dream was a rapper? - No.
It's [She's getting it.]
She said that because [When she was a trainee.]
I had to prepare for auditions.
[Singing and dancing are defaults at audition.]
After I sing and dance, they often asked for anything else.
[To show her willpower.]
I didn't want to say that's all.
[Let's do it.]
That's why I practiced rapping.
It was kind of the last resort.
[Rap for auditions.]
I used to do that during auditions.
What's that rap? [Rap queen.]
- Nicki Minaj's - Oh, Nicki Minaj! - "Super Bass" [Witness.]
I've already seen it.
[Almost crying.]
But we haven't.
And our viewers.
When we were trainees.
We've known each other since we were both trainees.
[He's acting cute.]
- At that time - Please.
- Let's do it.
- I did it many years ago.
[She's really frustrated.]
- Maybe four? - She's ready.
[IDOL ROOM mic and snap back.]
- It's - I remember things [She's putting it on.]
- that I did 17 years ago.
- I don't remember exactly.
[Here comes the 2nd witness.]
I saw this too.
[Oh, right.]
CHUNG HA, you did it at school.
[Getting mad.]
- That's right! - Everyone has seen it except for us! - Except for us! - We are the only one who haven't seen it! - Why? - It was at school.
- Yes.
She defeated everyone.
[She's modest.]
- She did it when she was a trainee.
- I've done it [She's done it so many times.]
- so many times.
- Please do it for us.
You're prepared.
[Oh my! Her body moves.]
Oh - Look, she's already prepared.
- I hope that [Please.]
this will be the last time that I rap in an entertainment show.
I'll do my best.
[You will do it again.]
[+SWAG 960209.]
Music cue! She's really good.
I forgot some lyrics because the song is too fast.
- You're at an audition.
- Volume up please.
I don't remember the lyrics.
[We should keep this video.]
[Super Bass #Nicki Minaj.]
No lyrics? [Official.]
[She turned into a different person.]
[Hip-hop warrior.]
[CHUNG HA's new god moment.]
[Show me the money.]
[V sign.]
[Hyungdon and Daejun recognize her.]
- You memorized all the lyrics.
- That's right.
Yes, I memorized it about five years ago, [Hip CHUNG HA.]
but I still remember it.
I really tried hard to memorize the lyrics.
Another report.
YOOA, [She rapped on radio.]
you did a rap of "Artist" by ZICO? [She's nervous.]
- What's that? - Artist baby! [Excuse.]
[MIMI is a rapper.]
You know, MIMI is a rapper in our team.
MIMI asked me to do it together.
- So I rapped with the accompaniment.
- Okay, let's see.
- Rap in "Artist".
- "Artist".
[She forgot the lyrics.]
- "Artist".
- I forgot the lyrics.
- That's why we put them on the screen.
[You can't escape.]
We prepared.
[Original version.]
[Composer: ZICO, POP TIME.]
Oh, it's like a singing room.
[Lyrics: ZICO, Singer: ZICO.]
Oh my god! Let's go! [Let's get it.]
Stand up please.
[Artist mood.]
[She doesn't do it absentmindedly.]
[Luck for New Year.]
"Everyone knows me.
" [Hot.]
[She's also dancing.]
"I'll defeat everyone, yes!" [Cute hip-hopper.]
Oh my! [Swag that was learned.]
[Good job.]
You said that you were not good at it.
[Good job.]
This cap has some power.
Okay, Jiyoung? [According to the procedures.]
[Ahn Jiyoung?.]
Jiyoung, have you ever rapped? [Let's stay calm.]
- You want to do it? - No.
- Okay.
I don't want to put burden on her.
[Favorite rap music.]
What's your favorite rap music? [Bolbbalgan4 rapper.]
- Rap? - Yes.
- Jiyoon's rap.
- You always listen to your song? - Yes.
[She learned the pattern.]
[Let's see the one who entered the company as a rapper.]
- This is well-known.
- There's the one, [Sigh.]
who entered her company as a rapper.
Why are you doing it to me? Sowon, is it you? [I have no idea.]
I've never heard of that.
- It's real.
- You rapped here.
- Which talent helped you get into the company? - Luck.
[She's saying anything to avoid rapping.]
[Taking out the memories of rap.]
Didn't you learn how to rap? When I was a trainee, [Assist.]
- As a hobby.
- Just a bit.
Like this.
[Long legs.]
[It's like all-in.]
But Sowon's legs You learned a lot.
I heard that BONA learner how to rap.
No, when I was a trainee, [Excuse.]
We were evaluated with singing, rapping, dancing So I just tried it for fun.
We are trying our best to make all of you a rapper.
[We're done with preparation.]
[Who'll be the best hip pig.]
Let's see, who will be the best rapper among five pigs.
[There's no range for this exam.]
Free-style rap.
- Free-style? - Oh my god.
- Oh my! [You rap and get the present.]
The winner will be awarded Korea pork.
[No experience.]
[First pig, Jiyoung.]
Jiyoung, you go first this time.
- From that end.
- You should start.
What should I do? Put this on.
[First day of rapping.]
[I want swag.]
I want to successfully do it.
- No, everyone is different.
- That's right.
[Serious topic.]
- What topic should I pick? - You should say whatever you want.
[For example, shout out to company and manager.]
Disrespect your manager.
- Say something to your manager.
- Say something.
[She's coming up with ideas.]
Hey, CEO! Listen.
Drop the beat! [Jiyoung's first ever free-style rap.]
Drop the beat! [Hongdae people.]
Hongdae! Hongdae! [She hesitates.]
I'm scared.
[Don't worry.]
[That makes you a rapper.]
Don't worry, we'll protect you.
Jiyoung has something to say.
[Maybe manager.]
Hey! Yoonseul's father! Listen! [Proud.]
[Hip hop pigs.]
Are you watching this? I didn't know that I was going to appear on this show! [Laughing.]
I didn't know it! - I heard it yesterday! - Okay! [Disrespect.]
I had no time to practice dance! [Somewhere between rap and letter.]
You told me that I'm not good at making people laugh, but I'll make it today, yo! [Good job.]
- Really? You heard that you were gonna be on IDOL ROOM yesterday? - Yesterday? [She came back from travel yesterday.]
I was traveling.
I still have a jet lag.
- You came back yesterday and you heard it then.
- As soon as you landed? [As soon as she landed on Korea.]
Jiyoung, you will be on IDOL ROOM tomorrow.
That's right.
[Manager forces artist to make people laugh?.]
And your manager forces you to make people laugh? - To an artist? - Over there, [Yoonseul's dad says.]
Jiyoung! Say something! Today [Jiyoung's first ever free-style rap.]
Jiyoung made a good start.
Good job! [Next, BONA.]
[Hip-hop princess.]
- It's BONA's turn.
BONA, [From words of blessing to disrespecting.]
Say everything you want.
I believe that you have lots of thing to say, [Topic picked.]
- to your company.
- Okay.
There must be something you want for your company in 2019.
Where do you belong? [Tell the name of her company.]
- Starship.
- Starship.
Okay, drop the beat.
[Listen, Starship.]
[BONA pig.]
[Rap name: MC LOOK.]
[Listen Starship.]
Starship! I didn't travel, why did I hear that I would be on this show yesterday? [Strong punch.]
Why? [Laughing.]
Oh, great! [My schedule.]
I heard it from CHUNG HA.
[Open to the public.]
- Okay, please continue.
- Wait.
It was too strong.
[PMI, let's listen to what happened.]
Okay, let's first have an interview.
Okay, interview.
- Come here.
- Sit down.
Come here, let's have an interview.
[Fact check 1.]
Why did I hear my schedule even though I didn't travel? [Fact check 2.]
[I heard it from CHUNG HA.]
I heard it not from the company, but from CHUNG HA.
CHUNG HA, is it right? CHUNG HA sent me a message.
"BONA, we're gonna on the same show.
" "Which show"? "IDOL ROOM!" "Pardon"? "I'm gonna film our music video.
" I asked my manager.
[He wasn't get perplexed.]
[That's right.]
And he told me, "that's right".
It wasn't even put on the schedule chart.
- So I wrote it.
- That would be frustrating.
[Who's that?.]
- Who's from Starship? - Who? [Manager is absent.]
- Is he absent? - Absent? - Even absent? - No? [Oh my.]
He's at hospital.
[Oh, manager.]
He's at hospital.
Oh, it's heartbreaking.
It was a strong punch.
[Next, YOOA.]
It's YOOA's turn.
2019, [Interesting, what's the topic?.]
What's your topic, YOOA? What do you want? [To.
Listen, WM! [Pigs' complaints.]
[We can't stop them.]
Okay, companies! [Go!.]
- Let's go! - Let's do it! [Labor-management talks.]
WM, listen! WM! [Start.]
- Yo! - Drop the beat! [It's like a petition.]
Okay, companies.
[Rap for increased welfare.]
[Number 3.
WM! [Mad.]
I told you! [Exploded.]
I can't return home til 11:30! [What's that curfew.]
I'm 24 years old.
[She turned 25.]
I'm 24 years old! I'm not a baby! [Sprite shower.]
- WM! - WM! [Holic.]
- I'm not a baby.
- I'm 24 years old.
[Meaningless competition.]
[Rally of pigs.]
- 24 years old.
- 24.
[Okay, Source Music?.]
It's time to talk about Source Music.
Maybe Sowon will pick a different topic.
[Me too.]
- No, Source Music.
- Source Music [2019 GFriend's leader Sowon.]
What Sowon wants [She seems to have a lot to say.]
for Source Music for 2019.
- Okay.
- Her wish.
Drop the beat.
[She entered the company as a rapper.]
[Number 4.
Sowon pig.]
She raps after a while.
[This is why I entered the company as a rapper.]
- Right? - She stopped rapping.
[Looking forward.]
Sorry, Source Music.
[She entered the company as a rapper.]
[Number 4.
Sowon pig.]
She starts rapping after a while.
[This is why I entered the company as a rapper.]
- Right? - She stopped rapping.
[Looking forward.]
Sorry, Source Music.
[Unlike other pigs.]
I did know that I would be on the show.
[She's contributing to the show.]
But I failed to prepare hard.
I failed.
[Leader's reflection.]
I'll do my best.
[Her New Year's resolution.]
Oh, you knew it! [Rap with a twist.]
But You failed.
Oh [Wait.]
Let's have an interview.
Did you get a script? Yes.
You did? [Unbelievable.]
From "Havana" All screwed up! [So funny.]
[Her sincerity.]
We thought that you were going to say what you want for the company.
[Thank you and sorry Source Music.]
- But you told that you're sorry.
- Sorry [Last, CHUNG HA.]
It's finally CHUNG HA's turn.
I'm looking forward to her rap.
[Warm ending.]
Warm [Good.]
- Great.
- Finish.
- Yes.
[Hip hop warrior.]
[Number 5.
CHUNG HA pig.]
I'm not good at it Drop the beat.
Yo, 2019! It's been started, yeah! [Run!.]
We're back! [WJSN.]
BONA's song is out! [Promotion.]
[GFriend's comeback will be on Jan.
- Out! - Out! [Good info.]
Please keep loving my song, "Gotta Go".
Thank you.
[Good job.]
[Good wrap-up.]
[Those hip pigs.]
Free-style [She regrets.]
Am I gonna okay? [Don't forget.]
[Pigs 1, 2.]
Many bombs were exploded.
They will be remembered.
[Lasting memories.]
[Strong punch.]
I cannot forget one phrase.
Phrase of the year.
[Phrase of the year at the beginning of the year.]
- Really.
- That kind of comment.
- I'll prepare it.
[Who's the winner?.]
The winner, BONA! [Did we call her hip-hop princess?.]
[She's in fact a fact bomber.]
She heard that she was gonna on our show yesterday, but she got an award! [95 pigs BONA rapper.]
[How do you feel?.]
Tell us how you feel.
I was nervous to be here alone, that feeling came to the reality.
[She got a lesson.]
[Realized the importance of members and company.]
I miss our members.
And I want to say sorry to Source Music.
Thank you.
[I love pigs.]
I'm happy because I've got four friends.
[Let's exchange phone numbers.]
Let's exchange phone numbers, [Already so excited.]
and let's drink.
[Feeling of today's pickdol.]
How do you feel, BONA, today's pickdol? [Oh, pickdol!.]
- Oh right! - Oh my god! [Is there any problem?.]
- Why? - Is there any problem? - A lot.
- Really? [Princess BONA gives up many things.]
It's okay.
I enjoyed a lot.
[WJSN's comeback.]
We came back today, please keep supporting us.
[Special episode in the New Year.]
We had girls born in the Year of Pig, on the occasion of the New Year.
I hope you enjoyed.
You enjoyed a lot.
1 idol program in 2019.]
IDOL ROOM, will keep doing out best in 2019.
Idol show with no.
1 credibility, [Every video of IDOL ROOM including BONA cam.]
IDOL ROOM! [will be available on V LIVE.]
Thank you.