Idol Room (2018) s01e35 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 35 - GFriend [Ye~ Customers, come on.]
[We're here again.]
I think I can memorize the song now.
[More glad to meet them frequently.]
[Meeting these guys frequently.
I feel.
(I'll say no more).]
[Get your energy seeing their faces.]
[Idol Room, an energy charging station.]
[Idol Room.]
The most trusted idol show! Idol Room! [Wriggle wriggle.]
[First meeting since 2018.]
After 2 years, you're visiting Idol Room.
[GFRIEND with lots of nicknames.]
They have so many nicknames.
[Nice to meet you again.]
Let me introduce GFRIEND! - Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
I feel so thankful because whenever they come back, they visit Idol Room first.
Thank you.
Is there any special reason? [Team leader with 5 year experience.]
First of all, because of you.
[Satisfied to get the answer they wanted.]
[Good words keep coming out of her mouth, like she memorized it.]
We can work comfortably.
That's is so honest.
That's why we can make this fun.
[Ran out of compliments.]
[I want more compliments.]
- Is that all? - Make this fun and.
[Quickly continue after her.]
- We can appear on the show.
- Yes, we appear.
Eunha, please continue.
[She's forced to carry out the mission to compliment Donhee, Conhee.]
Please continue.
[Squeeze out compliments.]
We can appear on TV and our BUDDY can watch.
They watch and like it.
[Did it?.]
Your voice changed, right? - Because I didn't speak much.
- Your voice was so clear but it's husky now.
- Because I'm thirsty.
- Is that turtleneck too tight around your neck? Drink water first.
[You'll get treated like this even when you're dressed up.
Tight around my neck.
- Drink water.
- I was shocked.
Thank you.
[Water to Yerin's dry vocal cords.]
- Yerin.
- She's relaxed now.
- Yes.
- It worked.
She's back.
- Your buddy watches and.
? - Like it.
Love it.
Why are you speaking in a lower tone? You drink water, too.
[It's 10:00 AM now.]
- Drink first.
- Is it too early to film a show? [Wake up the sleeping vocal cords.]
She just said like this.
[High sol.]
Love it.
[Forced compliments.]
And I feel so comfortable when I see pink background.
[The temperature of the studio keeps going up.]
If we go to the waiting room before we go onto the stage, we should visit Idol Room before we come back.
It was just like a commercial.
[GFRIEND passed the first mission.]
Umji, do you know that? [Donhee News.]
They talk a lot about you on the internet.
[Her beauty is constantly praised on the internet.]
[Doesn't know what to do.]
Online queen, who's heated up the online communities.
She's a.
Um God.
- Um God.
- It's crazy.
I don't know.
It's just you made a big deal about it.
[Speaking only the truth.]
- Now.
- Now both of us.
It's just him.
[I got it.]
[Donhee Conhee's Pick.]
[An online hot issue, GFRIEND.]
They go crazy whenever you make a comeback.
You already know about that, right? When you look good on a photo.
[Unexpected confession.]
- Such things.
- I leave comments a lot.
You leave a comment? I saw a comment.
It said, "I heard that I look like Yuju.
Is it a good thing?" [ID: I'm not Yuju.]
So I left a comment, "What's wrong with Yuju?" [Pretending that she's not Yuju [(But got caught).]
What's wrong with Yuju? A celebrity leaves a comment! [First time to see a celeb who actually leaves a comment.]
Even I only read the comments.
- I leave a comment often.
- Amazing, Yuju.
[Famous people we can't miss.]
There are so many people - who became famous after appearing on our show? - That's right.
[Start of her ugly history.]
Personally, I'll pick Eunha's poppin dance.
[An eternal laughing stock.]
- Wearing hanbok so beautifully.
- I know.
Hanbok poppin.
[This is poppin Eunha.]
[We found the old video of Eunha dancing poppin in hanbok.]
To the center! [She reenact the situation during the show.]
She's good.
[Kim Sojung/Leader of GFRIEND/Gets happy when she tease Eunha.]
- Hanbok poppin.
- This.
It became an issue among your fans, right? They say you were cute.
Yes, I think they liked it but.
[She can't get away from the humiliation.]
I can't hide every time.
But I want to hide every time they mention it.
[Poppin Eunha, everybody loves her except her.]
Why! Eunha as a kid and Eunha of now.
We really loved it.
[Many an expression of her will to fight away the feeling of humiliation.]
- Thank you.
- If you have to pick one, what will you choose? Sexy Eunha or Poppin Eunha? - This is hard.
- It's hard.
[It's not my business.]
I would choose sexy.
[I like both.]
Can you do sexy poppin? [OMG.]
- No, I can't do such thing.
- We prepared a song for you.
[Sexy & poppin machine in eternal torment.]
- Sexy poppin.
- Sexy poppin? [Because of this guy.]
Combining sexy Eunha and Poppin Eunha.
- Really.
- Sexy poppin Eunha.
[As quiet as possible.]
[Frozen like they are called by their teacher.]
You can dance "Havana".
[Last appeal.]
I've never watched poppin dance since then.
[Don't work with them.]
- If you don't dance continuously, you'll get stiff.
- Of course.
Are you really preparing for the dance now? [Not my business.]
[God bless Eunha.]
Are you ready? [Nobody knows what sexy poppin is.]
Poppin, she can dance.
[Sorry, Eunha.]
[She'll take it from here.]
[Show sexy.]
- You should dance sexy.
- You should dance sexy.
- You should dance sexy! - Sexy.
- You should dance sexy.
Be sexy.
- Sexy.
- How do I do this sexy? - You're doing it now.
Please warm up.
- What am I doing? - Ready! [No sympathy.]
Ready! Sexy, 1, 2, 3, go! [OMG.]
Look at her eyes.
Look at her eyes.
[Take my sexy beam.]
Look at her eyes.
[Please help me out.]
[Hide to find peace.]
Yes, you'd better hide.
- That's not a place for hiding.
- I think she's better hide.
[She has to hide whenever she's on our show.]
That's just too big.
- We want to hide too but we have to present this show.
- What a bummer.
[Her cheeks turn red whenever she's on our show.]
We couldn't leave our spots.
I could feel that she grew up right.
[Last teasing.]
Because after she danced, she got embarrassed.
[I'm so proud of you, feeling embarrassed.]
That shows that she grew up right.
[What do you mean?.]
- Some people are just brazen about it.
- Right.
[A comfort for myself.]
[Good job, myself.]
She grew up right.
[Last episode.]
[Another famous person.]
There's another girl who became so famous.
[Looks like she knows it's her.]
She must have been worried all along.
She'll be preparing now.
- Freestyle.
- She's been working on the routine.
Like "How shall I rap today?" She conquered freestyle rap.
MC Pork Neck, Yerin.
They went crazy.
[Have you ever heard of it?.]
[A rap dedicated to kimchi stew with pork neck.]
MC Pork Neck! An extremely picky eater.
[Legendary rapper was born like this.]
Pork neck, meat.
Pork belly, pork shoulder.
You conquered the pork industry last time.
- I think I need to change the name.
- Why? [She's into curry now.]
I need to change it to MC.
Are you into curry now? [Her rap name changes depending on her favorite food.]
- I'm into curry.
- Turmeric is good.
[This time, let's listen to her curry rap!.]
Then we should listen to your curry rap.
- Turmeric is good for our health.
- It is.
[Official rap set of Idol Room.]
Mic check first.
Cool! - When did you.
- It's been a long time since we last saw this.
[Magical swag hat + Mic.]
- Do you remember this, right? - Yes.
If MC Turmeric raps alone, she'll get shy.
How about Sexy Poppin Eunha dancing next to her? [Why are you doing this to me?.]
- Helping her.
- No, don't say that.
[Every Tuesday Night! MC Turmeric Raps.]
[Amazing special guests!.]
[Sexy Poppin Eunha's Dance.]
[OMG! I must see it!.]
[Once again, what a relief.]
[Special collaboration of Yerin & Eunha.]
Here they go.
Cue the beat! [Trying to hold back her laughter.]
[Asking for help urgently.]
[SinB choreographs for her.]
Would that be okay? You have to break it into bits.
[I'm ready.]
- Do I have to start first? - No, wait a moment.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Rap dedicated to curry.]
[The hotness.]
It has 5 levels of hotness.
- Oh my God! - It has 5 levels of hotness.
If you eat level 3, your stomach will be on fire.
[Enter Sexy Poppin Eunha.]
[Dance dance.]
[Yerin's dance outplays sexy poppin.]
[Oh my gosh.
[In a trance.]
5 levels! Level 3, your stomach will get on fire.
What happens when you eat level 4? [A guidebook for level 4 curry.]
My mouth will be watering.
Drooling, drooling.
[MC Curry's taste.]
Oh, for me, level 2 is enough.
Yo, I'm okay.
[Everybody put your hands up.]
[Addicted to her dance.]
[Talented red cap.]
I think she'll go on "Show Me the Money 8".
[Her rap moved Hiphop Pigeon.]
The levels of curry's hotness.
- It's really difficult to express it.
- She divides them into levels.
So, you don't eat curry higher than level 3, right? Level 1 is perfect for me.
[Hiphop soul never lets go of her mic.]
Level 1 is perfect for me.
[Her bone-deep swag.]
- Level 2 is perfect for me.
- Just level 2? - Yes.
[Sowon's big news.]
Sowon has some cozy news.
Cozy news.
Just updated.
She was awarded the grand prize at the Korea First Brand Awards.
[The field she was awarded in was.]
[Beauty icon.]
The beauty icon of 2019! As the beauty icon.
[Embarrassed for some reason.]
Why is everyone laughing? [Can't understand.]
- Beauty icon? - Beauty icon? That's fun.
[They begin to tease her.]
- Why were you selected as a beauty icon? - What does it mean? [Sowon is an MC on a beauty show.]
I'm an MC for a beauty program right now and that may [She calls herself this nickname.]
be why people see me as the "rising star" in the beauty industry.
- It's tough in the beauty sector.
- Yes, I know.
- So many programs.
- So maybe just a rising star.
[They want to keep teasing her.]
But why do you think Sowon was picked? As the beauty icon.
- There must be a reason.
- Beauty.
I can think of a reason.
[Thankful fans.]
[BUDDY fans voted a lot.]
- To be honest - There was a vote.
And our fans voted for me a lot.
And I voted for me once.
I voted for me.
[Now they get it.]
- You voted for yourself? - Yes I voted as well.
[She got past the difficult screening process.]
It took a while.
[A hard way to get to the actual voting.]
You had to enter your name and everything.
[So she voted.]
[Great piece of information.]
Sowon, close your eyes.
[What is he up to now?.]
The other members, [Those of you who voted for her, raise your hand!.]
raise your hand if you voted for her.
1, 2, 3! [Just 1 vote.]
[She starts to ramble because she's so nervous.]
I'm sure they wouldn't have voted [Such a nice younger sister.]
I see.
[Just smiles.]
The results are This is [She doesn't know what happened but her laughter just annoys her.]
The results are This is Don't do that to Yerin.
[Miss Beauty Icon, please refrain.]
- The Beauty Icon.
- You shouldn't do that.
[Please keep your dignity.]
- This - It's so hot.
[Do the others agree that she's a beauty icon?.]
Do you all agree that she's a beauty icon? Sowon's original stage name wasn't Sowon.
[Sowon's name isn't Sowon?.]
It wasn't Sowon.
[She was going to go by Kim PB.]
- She was going to go by PB.
- PB.
- Power Beauty? - Nope.
- Perfect Beauty.
- Nope.
- Perfect Beauty.
[Now we know.]
Oh so that's why you are the beauty icon.
[Perfect Beauty.]
[This was all part of the big picture of their agency's CEO.]
- For real.
- Really.
Hey guys, I'm PB.
- At the agency.
- The CEO's opinion.
- The agency came up with it.
- At the agency.
[Sowon's name could have been PB.]
- So she was PB and not Sowon.
- PB.
[Perfect information to tease her about.]
- PB.
- Hello, I'm PB.
Perfect Beauty! Variety show's first cam designated for an idol band member! Today's live pick-dol cam! [They already know the pose.]
You don't need introduction.
Who became the pick-dol last time? [Last time, it was SinB.]
- Me.
- It was SinB.
[Have you seen your cam?.]
SinB, did you see the clips? [Sure.]
- About how you looked? - Yes.
- How did you feel? - I won't say.
[Teasing SinB.]
It makes us want to find it.
[Shocking cam?.]
I was a bit shocked by that.
Because you didn't recognize what you usually do? [Diss about herself.]
I did many strange things.
[For example.]
I raised my pants up too high.
[This is the evidence cam.]
My pants are falling down.
[SinB's scream.]
My pants are coming down! [How to raise your pants up without touching it.
[Hwang Eun-beagle CAM, which is so funny!.]
[Trying not to do that.]
So I'm working to fix the habit.
- That's why you lower your pants? - Yes.
- You wear baggy pants now.
- Yes, I wear them a lot.
[Baggy pants or track pants are my favorite.]
[Today's live pick-dol camera.]
Who will be the pick-dol today? [While communicating with fans live.]
Let's start the live streaming.
[Process to select a pick-dol, who will enjoy a close-up cam.]
[GFRIEND in IDOL ROOM live streaming just begun.]
[We waited for you, God-FRIEND!.]
Welcome, all of you to IDOL ROOM! [Let's cheer them up!.]
GFRIEND is back after a long hiatus.
[Our fandom Buddy, hello!.]
This is GFRIEND.
[Starting with pretty smiles.]
As soon as I started streaming, [At the same time.]
A lot of fans are leaving [Buddy around the world is coming.]
comments now.
We will pick some of them.
[SinB, did you get a driver's license?.]
SinB, did you take an exam [Did you achieved the goal on your bucket list?.]
- for the driver's license test? - Did you? [Nope.]
I've never tried.
[SinB has never applied for the test.]
It's wrong news.
[That's no-no.]
SinB has not taken any class to prepare.
[Put your hand down.]
I wanted to ride an electronic kick-board, so I want to get a license.
- I haven't applied.
- Sowon, do you have a license? Yes, I have one.
[Kim Sojung, who has a driver's license.]
The only one who can drive a car is Sowon? - And Yerin.
- Yerin, too.
[Me, too.]
[SinB, please show Wow Thing dance.]
What's that, SinB? [Another legend following Chung Ha.]
What's this, "Wow Thing?" - Good.
- That's [The popular dance that they know.]
On the SM station, [Wow Thing, by Red Velvet Seulgi X Chung Ha.]
Red Velvet's Seulgi, Chung Ha, [X (G)-IDLE Soyeon X SinB.]
and (G)-IDLE Soyeon had a collaboration project.
[From SM.
[Wow Thing, performance dance song by representative dancers of girl bands.]
[First time to show SinB's Wow Thing dance.]
[Can't remember.]
I can't remember.
We will help you.
- They got the music.
- Lie.
[Trust you.]
If you hear the song, you will dance well.
[Our SinB.]
- She's so great.
- I can't remember.
[Fans for SinB.]
Don't worry.
Yuju will dance with you.
- She will do.
- Here we go.
Music, start! [Wow Thing #SinB's solo version.]
[Dancing to the rhythm.]
[Let's go with Wow Thing.]
[Automatic dance unique groove by SinB.]
[Everybody tries to dance to the song.]
[The one who said she couldn't remember the dance.]
[Group dance.]
[Please enjoy GFRIEND's Wow Thing.]
[So addictive.]
[I'm amazed by Queen Bee's dance again.]
[SinB, I love you so much!.]
She's the best dancer.
[You have to check out this performance.]
[God SinB, she's amazing.]
SinB is for dance, Sowon is for a beauty show.
[See that? She's my younger sister.]
[Wheel is entered.]
Please bring the wheel.
Everyone, let's see who will be the one.
[Previous pick-dol noticed.]
It's upgraded.
[Upgraded by +1.]
[Thanks for noticing me.]
We invested a lot.
[Preparing for the pose.]
Hang on.
Too hard.
They started groaning.
[Current time: 11 AM.]
I turned it on a few minutes ago [15,000 Buddy.]
and now we have 15,000 viewers.
- Now? - Yes.
- Hello.
- Buddy! [My love Buddy.]
[Pick-dol Hwang Eun-beagle SinB.]
[Pick-dol baby GFRIEND Umji.]
[Pick-dol puppy GFRIEND Yuju.]
[Pick-dol cutie GFRIEND Sowon.]
[Pick-dol cute cat GFRIEND Eunha.]
[Pick-dol doll-like GFRIEND Yerin.]
[I love you!.]
- Let's spin the wheel.
- Please.
[Manual sound effect.]
Who will be the pick-dol? 1, 2, 3.
Who will be the pick-dol? [I want to give 1 cam to 1 member.]
Who's going to be today's pick-dol? [Is it me?.]
[Previous pick-dol is expecting.]
It's still spinning.
[Almost coming to a stop.]
Today's [Oh, is it me?.]
Who's the pick-dol of today? [Right before the announcement, a fairy appeared to stop the spoiler.]
What's the result? [Choice of the wheel.]
Result is [Eunha Cam.]
- You can watch it in the main show.
- Awesome.
[GFRIEND in IDOL ROOM live streaming is over.]
Well, today's pick-dol is Eunha.
[Congratulations! Today's pick-dol Eunha.]
[Already sexy.]
Sexy Eunha.
[2nd pick-dol of GFRIEND.]
You're today's pick-dol.
What's your commitment? Please tell us.
[Pick-dol ceremony.]
Today What's that? [First.]
It's my honor.
[Like somebody.]
I won't do strange things throughout the entire time of filming the show.
[Eunha, way to go!.]
- Go! - Go! Please say hi to the camera.
[I'm good at being cute and sexy.]
[Of course, I'm girlish and dollish, both.]
[Yes, I am too.]
[Everything looks cuter by 970530 times, if it's with Eunha.]
[GFRIEND is coming to the cam.]
Let's enjoy the cam together! [All the members are coming to Eunha.]
- We have to be next to you.
- Right.
[Magical cam that draws GFRIEND members.]
Thank you! - Thank you.
- Bye.
[Introduction of their new song.]
Please introduce your new song.
[Let me introduce.]
There were a lot of ups and downs.
[The song finally came out.]
It was changed many times.
[In the 2nd day after learning the choreography.]
- We learned the dance 2 days ago.
- Really? [It was not complete.]
- It's not done yet.
- No dance for the latter part.
What is the song like? The song is "Sunrise".
You know, the sun.
[Too old fashioned.]
[Oh, old guys.]
- It sounds similar.
- A bit similar.
- Similar.
- Similar to it.
[In "Sunrise," the singer's crush is likened to the sun.]
We call the sun to come out.
Let's introduce the song.
We're going to introduce it in our unique way.
Nano dance, to the best part of a song! [Nana dance: Memebers will dance to a new song in relay to analyze the dance.]
[Nano dance order.]
Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, Umji, Yerin and SinB.
[God-FRIEND stands by.]
If you succeed at the first try, you're God-FRIEND.
["Sunrise" nano dance.]
Here we go! Music, please.
[Starting with the sunrise.]
It looks like the rising sun.
[It looks like the sun.]
It looks like the rising sun.
[Opening like the performance art.]
They look like another planet.
[So proud of this, best example of camera work.]
We're like the earth.
[Can't wait to see this.]
[GFRIEND sun is up!.]
[Starting with lyrical melody.]
It starts like this.
[Busy moving arms and legs even in the introduction part.]
[This is the part for a cute member.]
[GFRIEND's perfectly synchronized group dance.]
[That's right.]
[Whatever you do, if you do, it's all right.]
They learned it 2 days ago.
[Just like the Buddha sculpture with 1000 hands.]
[Dance gets faster as the song goes on.]
[You have to trust God-FRIEND.]
[The nano-dance part.]
[It's possible because they're GFRIEND.]
[Learned the dance 2 days ago [Perfect beauty, perfect dance.]
[So-venus, Sowon.]
[Cute and clean movement.]
[Girlish look with light steps.]
[Choi sweet, Yuju.]
[Dance of another class.]
[So refreshing like vitamin.]
[Main dancer's performance.]
[Queen bee, SinB.]
[Look at the class.]
[Result after learning the dance 2 days ago.]
[Perfectly synchronized.]
[Their fandom Buddy will cheer them on so loudly.]
[GFRIEND dances so well, just as usual.]
Great job! [Copying the dance.]
Great job! Good job! More than anything else, [Time to prove God-FRIEND.]
the biggest issue is [Perfectly synchronized dance.]
your group dance in a line.
- Your group dance in a line drew a lot of attention.
- It's hard.
It was so popular.
[The group dance in a line that drew a lot of attention.]
[6 members looked like one.]
[The same angle of legs.]
[We're amazed by us.]
Have you seen fans' reactions to that? I've seen that video clip on the web many times.
[So proud.]
I didn't know when we danced, but it was so cool.
[GFRIEND's diligence was proved.]
It shows how much efforts you put into group dance.
Thank you.
[Let's watch this again.]
- So, this time again.
- You must have prepared.
Will this be better than the previous one? I hope this would be another legend.
[Cheering them up.]
Who are you? [Different answers.]
- Not the same.
- Who are you? - God-FRIEND! - Who are you? - God-FRIEND! [Full of enthusiasm.]
Shout out loud! [It's been only 2 days since they learned.]
This? [Final checkup.]
You have some time to practice.
Let's have some space.
[We believe you.]
Please make another legendary clip.
[Another legend, GFRIEND's "Sunrise" dance.]
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Music, please.
[Perfectly synchronized dance from the beginning.]
[Just like one member.]
[6 members look like one person.]
[Amazing! Look at the angle of legs.]
[Needless to say they're good at dancing.]
[While moving, they looked just like one person.]
[Amazed by that.]
[Nobody gets out of the line.]
[They succeed without any difficulty.]
That looks like one.
[One more time after changing parts.]
- One more time.
- Right.
[Conhee's thought = our thoughts.]
You just learned it 2 days a go! [We're professional.]
Pretend you're relaxed.
Let's go! Music, please.
[2nd dance to another part of the song.]
[Heated response on the web.]
[Have you seen GFRIEND's dance?.]
[Viewers have goosebumps.]
[They're so great!.]
[That's why we call them God-FRIEND.]
[They look so relaxed.]
How can we stretch your arms in the same angle? [Perfect success!.]
[IDOL ROOM's various clips are available on Naver V LIVE.]
Donhee, Conhee's fact check! [In-depth Check.]
How long has it been since your debut? [Going into the 5th year, today marks the 4th year since the debut.]
Going into the 5th year.
- It's your 5th year now.
- It's already been 5 years.
In this section, we're going to go over the things you've said in the past and check if it's all true or not.
[You can bet her good looks are true.]
We're going to go over the facts now.
Let's check the first fact.
Give us the first one please! There is a 2nd Zzangjeolmi at GFRIEND's house.
[Provided: Zzangjeolmi SNS.]
zzang jeol mi? [I am the one.]
- In jeol mi, jeol me.
- In jeol mi's friend? [Meet Jeol mi.]
[Super star among puppies.]
[Provided: Zzangjeolmi SNS.]
[Trait: Humans can't take their eyes off from it.]
[Huge fan of zzang jeol mi.]
zzang jeol mi.
- Cute.
- Our pet.
[They recently adopted a pet.]
Do you love puppies? Did you start raising ones? - Sowon and Sinb are raising one? - Right.
[Tom and Jerry joined the rank of keeping puppies.]
What are their names? [My baby, Monji.]
Mine is Monji.
How did you get it? He was saying, "Please adopt me".
[Mom, it is me.]
[My baby.]
"It is me" - "It is me" - So you took that one.
Next, SinB's.
[My baby, Angcco.]
[[Provided: Gfriend SNS.]
It means the color of red bean? [Easily.]
It is not that color.
[You know.]
[Just get the feeling.]
The sound just sticks with you.
[Provided: Gfriend SNS.]
- Angcco? - Right, just like that.
Why only you two are keeping ones? - Well, the thing is - My mom- What's up with her? [Met with parent's opposition.]
She told me not even to think about them.
[Hard earned money to be spent for human.]
Asked me to give her the money.
- It costs a lot to keep pets.
- Realistically, [Wise advice.]
Rather save the money.
- They are saying you need to be responsible.
- Right.
In case you lose your responsibility, [Got to know her family.]
Right unexpectedly, we got know your family.
[Second to none to loving puppies.]
- Yuju? - I love them since I was a kid.
I wanted to keep one.
[I am the puppy for my parent.]
I am the puppy of my family.
So, a puppy is not needed.
[Sure thing.]
Not necessary.
[So sweet.]
[Yuju and her parents are so sweet.]
Yuju is the puppy for mom and dad.
Why do they need a real one Got you! [Come on.]
Monji and Angcco, - Cuties.
- We will invite them to the studio.
[Two are so stoked.]
[This one is also happy.]
- Super cute when it is running to us.
- He is not shy.
He is Monji? [Monji and Angcco are coming.]
- Monji.
- Angcco.
- Angcco.
- Monji here.
[Monji is coming.]
Come here.
[Monji come here.]
- Come here.
- Go to your mom.
[Ran to the aunt?.]
Come to mom.
[Sad mom.]
- Go to your mom.
- Come on.
- Angcco.
- This is Monji.
[Monji's mom.]
[Angcco's mom.]
[Angcco is looking around the studio.]
- Angcco.
- Monji.
It is still a baby.
- Angcco.
- Monji.
[Need a help.]
[Chaotic studio.]
Monji can't find his mom.
[Mom is sad.]
Angcco has no interest here.
[Doing it well.]
[Found the mom and ran to the mom.]
Angcco finally running to mom.
Come here.
- This is - It is Bichon.
[Angcco(1 year/female/Bishon.]
[Monji (1 year old/male/Toy poodle.]
This is a toy poodle? Moms love talking about their babies' talents.
Show off Monji.
[Showing off Monji.]
He is 3 months old.
[Monji lover.]
[He is genius.]
He learned everything in a day.
- Wait, sit and stuff like that.
- Really? I thought he didn't even know his name.
[The second day.]
[He was pretending.]
He was just pretending.
Wow, looks like a monkey.
[Fatally cute.]
Taking the mic.
[His aunt sometimes his favorite.]
He now knows his mom.
[Super happy when he does.]
He cries when the mom is not there.
It is so adorable.
[My baby.]
Right? Let's do this.
[Show you the talent of Monji.]
He loves eating.
It is no joke.
[Trying with the must-item.]
Monji, sit.
Monji, sit.
[Monji lovers.]
[Oh wow.]
[My monji.]
[Aunts are going crazy.]
- Shall I try? - Amazing.
[The tail is moving frantically.]
- Monji.
- Check out the tail.
We never met before? [He is not shy as mentioned before.]
- He loves humans.
- Stands with two feet.
Monji, sit.
[Ardent fan of Monji, the mom.]
Turning his back against.
[The food right there.]
[I know I need to wait.]
[Amazing debut of Monji.]
- Pretty.
- Smart.
- Looks like a baby bear.
- Smarty.
[Don't forget.]
[I am the source of proud for Sowon.]
Black bear.
[Bbang! Is this possible?.]
You do that a lot.
"Bbang" These days, I turn [ Working on Turn X Turn O.]
- Turning - Turning [Turning things around .]
- Turn - Let me do it.
Still can't do it.
[Mom wants to show only how perfect he is.]
- Still working.
- Try it.
Try it.
[Make Monji turn.]
- If I turn the food around- Monji.
Know this smell? Turn.
Use a pretty voice.
[Got it.]
[Hey buddy, turn.]
Turn, turn.
[Monji makes Coni turn.]
Am I the one who is turning around? Turning? Me turning? - Let me do it.
- Try.
[Mom steps forward.]
- Cute.
- Come here.
[Let's show it.]
Monji, here.
Monji, you know this? [You know right?.]
[Calling me?.]
You know right? [Found the food bag.]
- Monji.
Check the food.
- Monji, you know right? [Ardent fans of Monji.]
[Super smart.]
Smart! - You got it? - Too much food? Monji, check this out.
Good! [Done.]
[Following the food around.]
Great! [Monji +capacity 1.]
- Mom! - Made a turn.
[Then all the way to Bbang!.]
- This is how I work him.
- Try Bbang.
Bbang! [Bbang but it is a joke.]
[Amid this, Angcco is in peace.]
[This is the best.]
[Bbang completed thanks to the mom.]
- Pretty.
Please tell us about Angkko.
[Time to boast about Angkko.]
First of all, Angkko can't do anything including sit, wait, hand, or bang.
I thought you were saying he can do them all.
[Can't be trained.]
Because she's not interested in food.
- She doesn't crave food? -Really? - What she loves is to play.
She's like Pororo.
She plays by herself.
- She can hold heavy objects with her mouth.
- Angkko, come here.
Please put her down on the floor.
[Angkko met Connie for the first time.]
[The same as Meonji.]
- Good girl, Angkko.
- They're wearing the same white clothes.
[Trying everything he can.]
Wait! Sit! Down! Quick.
- They're wearing the same white clothes.
- Good.
[What are you saying?.]
[Angkko's mom adores her baby.]
You don't like food? Eat some.
She doesn't like food at all.
No, no.
[All she has is cuteness.]
[That's enough.]
I want to train her but I couldn't.
How old is she? - She's three months old.
- Why does she look so [Is it just him?.]
[Why does she look lethargic?.]
lethargic? She's sleepy now.
- She was sleeping just now.
- I woke her up.
- Angkko looks so sleepy.
- She's sleepy.
She keeps closing her eyes.
I've never seen a dog with no appetite.
Meonji swallowed food without chewing.
- But she chewed her food really well.
- Right, she chews food really well.
Jeolmi is a hot super insider puppy.
[Super star dog.]
[Catching up with Jeolmi.]
Let's find the second Jeolmi today.
Okay? [Let's find the second Jeolmi.]
Let's see who's more energetic! Team Meonji and Team Angkko will sing a song and we'll see who gets more excited listening to the music.
[Team Meonji vs.
Team Angkko.]
- Team Meonji, are you ready? -Yeah! [Introducing the team Meonji.]
[Yerin, Meonji, Sowon, Eungha.]
[Meonji is ready too.]
-Hit the music please.
- Play the music.
Come here, Meonji.
[The song they want to sing for Meonji.]
[Happiness by Red Velvet.]
[Bow wow?.]
[Making his debut?.]
[Passing the mic to Meonji.]
[Team Meonji starts to get excited.]
[Tail propeller.]
[Great job.
I'm excited.]
[Singing the song powerfully.]
[I got the mic.]
[Yerin is playing with Meonji.]
[Dividing the roles.]
[Meonji's mom is busy singing.]
[I'm so happy that Meonji is so cute.]
[The song suits Meonji.]
[It's happiness all the way with Meonji.]
[Angkko is sleeping on her mom's laps.]
[Put your hands up, Meonji!.]
[Getting excited.]
[Team Meonji.]
[We got more excited than Meonji.]
The music is so exciting [Even though it was so loud.]
- but Angkko fell asleep.
-She's sleeping.
-She's sleeping.
-Oh, she just woke up.
[Did you call me?.]
[Woke up by someone calling her name.]
[Can't lose to team Meonji.]
- We can do it! -She's going to play well.
[Introducing team Angkko.]
[Umju, Angkko, SinB, and Yuju.]
[For sleepy Angkko.]
[HARUHARU by Big Bang.]
She wouldn't be a dog if she didn't get excited to this song.
- Wouldn't be a dog? - She better get super excited.
[Trying to make her energetic with a toy.]
[Umji is trying to brighten up the mood.]
She's playing with the toy.
Let's go, Angkko! [Angkko is surrounded by energetic ladies.]
[What are you doing?.]
[Starts to show interest.]
Fetch, Angkko! [It's how I feel now.]
[I let out a deep sigh.]
[She's so excited even though she doesn't look like she is.]
[Got excited.]
[Team Meonji is dancing behind them.]
[Into it.]
[The most excited one of all.]
[Listen, Angkko.]
[I'm so worried!.]
She lay herself down.
[You should get excited by now.]
[The highlight of the song.]
[Team Angkko is trying hard.]
[I'm going my way.]
[Be happy, mom and aunts.]
[Meonji is here.]
[Not interested in the song.]
[They fell for the same toy.]
Where are you going? [Lay down on the floor.]
[Singing alone at a karaoke.]
She lay down on the floor.
She seems so tired.
[So different.]
What should we do? Angkko doesn't want to move.
[This is my favorite toy.]
She started off with a great energy.
[Angkko's mom is sad.]
- Mochi.
-She's usually not like this.
She fell for the toy.
They're usually both energetic.
[It's okay if they're happy.]
[You're the best.]
[You're the best.]
[With mom and aunts.]
[Meonji & Angkko.]
[Stay healthy and happy.]
Next topic to check! In the 4th year of GFRIEND, interim evaluation of the leader.
Sowon's leadership, is it okay? [Surprised 1 leader and 5 members.]
[Question to Sowon.]
Did you become a leader because you're the oldest? I guess so.
[2 MCs are teasing her.]
- Because you're too old.
- I guess so.
- Or taller than others.
Because of strong fists.
- I guess so.
[Choose a reason why Sowon became their leader.]
Were you the leader when this band was formed? [1.
Since when the band was formed.]
Or did you become a leader along the way? [3.
by election.]
Or did they elect you as the leader? - All of them.
- Really? [We want to know, we're waiting for.]
Has she ever scolded you? [report of brave members.]
That doesn't make sense! Please tell us.
When were we scolded? [Taking a detailed example.]
When she scolds you, does she scold when everyone is together? Like, "Eunha, you can't dance like that!" Does she scold like this? [Exaggeration.]
- Come out.
- Follow me.
Let's go outside.
- I think two of us talked.
- Nope.
[She's presumed guilty.]
I won't listen to her.
Stay quiet.
[I guess they're teasing me.]
Leader, stay quiet there.
[Only members can say.]
Members, please say.
[Suddenly talking about a herd of sheep.]
Let's say, you let a heard of sheep go free.
[Sheep no.
- And one jumped out of the fence - No, don't say figuratively.
[Figurative story is not allowed.]
Please tell us [I love details.]
about what happened.
Then, she comes in.
It means someone got strayed.
[Let's hear from leader.]
Sowon, please talk about that.
[Hoping anyone would eat this bite.]
- Who's the most rebellious one? - Right, this is better.
[Body language which is faster than words.]
That's [Oh, my what's wrong with this hand?.]
Who is the most disobedient? [Leader So's answer is sheep no.
What's this? [Sheep no.
You want to touch my double chin? [The youngest member's candid comment.]
Eunha is the only one who gets scolded.
[Answer: Eunha.]
What? Why is it me? - Am I the only one to be scolded? - I mean - This is so much fun.
- It's not that serious.
[Affectionate leader's true guidance.]
Jeong Eunbi, come here.
She says like, "you need a butt slap," half-jokingly.
- There must be the reason.
- She doesn't read the room.
[This is me.]
- Once she's excited, she is too excited.
- The happiest one.
While we're saying, SinB and Yuju [Never talks.]
- shut their mouths up.
- Yuju never said.
[Safety first smile.]
I heard the rumor that Yuju and SinB [Starting to produce fake news.]
got the fist mark on their backs.
[Responding to it.]
It's not a rumor.
[Yuju has a good sense of humor!.]
And you, SinB? [Another member SinB's opinion.]
I don't have one.
- Sometimes, you want to rebel.
- No way.
[If I have to pick.]
She chats with us and tells us to be quiet.
How dare does she say that? [LOL.]
She chatted with us together.
[Started blaming leader Sowon.]
She talks and laughs a lot.
- Suddenly, she changes her attitude and says, "Be quiet".
- Right.
She always does that.
- After having so much fun.
- She likes to be playful with others.
[A lot of reports.]
- Right.
- But [Her control unit is out of order.]
she can't control her power.
- Too strong.
- Too strong.
- Really.
- She's strong.
[ I will do that.]
- Because of physique.
- Control.
- It hurts! While we're hanging out, [Full of episodes.]
she grabs my hands like this.
[Remaining marks on SinB's wrists.]
Then, I have some marks on my wrists.
[Excited to show that.]
She holds my two hands together and slaps me.
[Jeong Eunbi tries to reproduce the scene.]
- Kids - Like this.
[Sowon admits.]
Yes, I hold their two hands and slap them.
[Aggressive expression of affection.]
She just hits us without a reason.
Eunbi, I guess it's fun to slap you.
[So excited.]
It could be my back or other parts.
She slaps all the time.
She thinks she's doing it for fun.
[Bragging about Sowon's hands.]
She has pretty hands.
- But it hurts! - Slap me.
How do you do that? [Let's go to taste it.]
[Welcome, enjoy!.]
- It hurts.
- When I say it hurts, "What? This is for fun!" [One extra slap.]
She hits me again.
[Truth behind her affectionate touch.]
To be honest, [You have to obey! In fact, this is.]
this is from how to teach your dog to obey.
[Sowon's training for Meonji.]
- Hold his arms.
- Obedience training! SinB is not a puppy.
She's not Meonji.
[But treated like Meonji.]
It hurts my feelings, sometimes.
[Finally, getting to the point.]
Now you're in the 5th year since your debut.
- Everybody - You have to change.
[Everyone wants to be a leader.]
dreams of leading an organization.
- Yes.
- Our team - Defconn [Our story.]
tries to become the leader of "Hyungdon & Daejoon".
[Cutting the bud of his desire.]
I always stop him, by saying I would find another composer.
I sometimes try to rebel.
Now you should follow me.
I say, I will work with Don Spike.
- Don Spike.
- Let's think about what if Eunha becomes the leader? If I become a leader? [Candidate no.
1 Eunha.]
If I become a leader - What will you do for GFIREND? - Anything you want to do? [Tell me about it, I'm fine.]
- Any pledge.
- Pledge? [Standing up.]
If I become a leader, [Ambitious Eunha's pledge.]
I will buy burgers to members.
[The youngest one loves it.]
This is not a class president election.
[GFRIEND's leader can't be decided by burgers.]
- This is for GFRIEND - They cheered - for a burger.
- I have a question.
[Smart voter.]
- Coke and sprite, too? - Right! [Coke, Sprite and French fries, too!.]
I will give you French fries, too.
[Eunha won their hearts with burgers.]
Burgers? [Enjoy it! Life with burgers.]
[Burger-is-the-best Party Candidate no.
1 Eunha.]
What about Yerin? If you become [Candidate no.
2 Yerin.]
a leader of GFRIEND Just in case - You can say you will scrap a rule.
- Just in case.
[Let's think about GFRIEND that I've dreamed of.]
I can't be the leader, anyways.
I want to get rid of some bad culture.
[Idealist Yerin's pledge.]
If I become GFRIEND's leader, [I will provide monthly pay.]
I will pay you every month.
[I love that! This is welfare.]
- Standing ovation! - Are you talking about our payment? - I agree.
I want it, too! [Election is over.]
Let's make Yerin our leader! [Populism welfare.]
Are you talking about payment? You will get paid after several months, so [Paid every month, great welfare.]
- We get paid every month.
- Monthly.
[Feeling like already having the payment.]
- You have that system now.
- I guess she will pay us with her money.
Sorry? Will she give money? [During a hiatus.]
If you're not paid, [Out of my pocket.]
- I will pay you.
- Yerin! Let's change the leader.
[Minimum monthly wage is guaranteed.]
[Monthly-pay-comes-first party Candidate no.
2 Yerin.]
[Candidate no.
3 SinB.]
- SinB? - If I become a leader [Of course.]
the team will fail, definitely.
[Don't be too pessimistic.]
For your team! Don't be too negative.
[What pledge will you make for GFRIEND?.]
You may have some plans.
[1 room per 1 member.]
Good! I will let each member has a room.
[Who will pay for the rent?.]
Will you pay for the rent? [Adding some more to her pledge.]
- 100%.
- I heard she'll sleep on the couch.
[It's just a pledge, we won't change our leader.]
- Okay.
- That's just a word.
It's a ledge.
[Let's go to a better neighborhood.]
- Let's go to the expensive town.
- Using a room by yourself.
[For members, by members One room for one person.]
[No-worries-about-the-rent party Candidate no.
2 SinB.]
[Candidate no.
4 Umji.]
- Umji.
- And you? [Leader Um So cute.]
If I become a leader, [Realistic pledge.]
I will change our greeting after 5 years since our debut.
[Heated response.]
- Hello, we're GFRIEND.
- Show us.
Please do that.
- Will we have a slogan? - We don't have a slogan.
[Let's change it right after you're elected.]
Please show the new greeting.
- Did you prepare? - No.
- Nothing? - Then, please work on it.
[Umji joins a series of empty pledges.]
They're saying whatever, I guess.
[Proud greetings, proud GFRIEND.]
[Let's-say-hi party Candidate no.
4 Umji.]
[Candidate no.
5 Yuju.]
If I become a leader, I will let them be a main vocalist, too.
[Letting them sing as the main vocalist.]
I will let them use.
No thank you.
[That's no-no.]
[If I'm elected.]
It's like I'm asking for a favor.
[I will lend my position as a main vocalist.]
[Try, if you can.]
[You-will-be-the-main-vocalist party Candidate no.
5 Yuju.]
[Current leader Sowon's pledge.]
This is my pledge.
If I become a leader, [Listen up, GFRIEND members.]
I will make a curfew.
[What? Curfew? Boo.]
What are you doing now? [A pledge that's not in the trend.]
For us, for our own safety.
[Strong criticism.]
You should've worn a jean jacket.
Your knitwear will be torn off by others.
Everyone criticizes your pledge.
[What's the ideal time for you?.]
Do you know when the curfew time is? [Yes, midnight.]
- What time is it? - Midnight.
- Midnight? [Oh, my.]
- Sorry.
- She's from Source Music! [She's from our agency.]
- I thought she was the staff! - Source Music.
- We're not Cinderella.
- Are you a staff member? - She may be.
- Source Music! [Curfew of midnight is in a fairy tale.]
Hundreds years ago, - Cinderella had a curfew at midnight.
Now it's 3 AM.
- Everyone, when it hits 12 o'clock, the door will be closed! [Curfew must be like a curfew.]
[Now-you're-screwed party Candidate 6 Sowon.]
[Re-election to have a new leader of GFRIEND.]
You may enter the polling place.
You may enter the polling place.
- We will vote - This would be a legend.
[It was a joke, though.]
- We will change your leader.
- Really? - Yes.
[It becomes so serious.]
- Many of you - How do you feel? [What's all this?.]
You have suffered [Starting to set the mood.]
- from oppression.
- Curfew? [Leader So is at crisis.]
- In 2019.
- Curfew? - So hilarious.
- You may have friends from other bands.
You can't have a lunch with them? [The polling place is in the studio.]
You will have a secret ballot.
[How to vote.]
[Write the name of a member who you want.]
Say the name [and the reason why.]
of who will be the leader and reason why.
- See? - Yes.
[This is revolution.]
[Voting, starts!.]
Starting from Yuju, let's start voting.
Today, you may change your leader.
- Yuju, do it seriously.
- Please.
[Current leader Kim feels complicated.]
Impeachment of the leader was suggested.
[Can they keep the current leader system?.]
Will they kick out the current leader? [Serious no.
1 voter.]
[Using her left hand not to reveal her identity.]
Curfew doesn't make sense.
1 voter Choi Yuna finished voting.]
Let's change the leader today.
Yuju finished voting.
[Long and lean.]
[(I trust you, Yuju).]
- She finished the voting.
- Um-god.
2 voter Kim Yewon.]
- Umji.
- Now she knows she's called god.
She comes out when I said "Um-god".
[The first vote after turning 20.]
[Tip: Kim Giraffe's how to use her height.]
Sowon, you can do this while standing.
- Putting your hand here.
- Without entering it.
[Focusing on the polling place.]
While looking at here [No.
3 voter Hwang Eunbi.]
4 voter Jeong Yerin.]
Don't make so many pledges.
Don't make too many.
5 voter Jeong Eunbi.]
[Most of members wrote down names using the left hand, not to reveal their identities.]
[Current leader Kim's turn to vote.]
- She aims to be re-elected.
- Let's see what will happen to her.
[Entering the polling station.]
The dictatorial leader of GFRIEND.
6 voter, Kim Sojung.]
Having a curfew? It doesn't make sense! [Result will be announced soon.]
Having a curfew at midnight [Opening the ballot box.]
- It's over.
- From now on, [Time to count the votes.]
- let's see the result.
- Curious.
- Let me announce that.
- Too neck and neck.
[The most nervous one.]
[Eunha's cam.]
[Eunha did it so.]
[The one who is too excited.]
[The voter's name was not revealed.]
Voter's name is not written.
It's secret ballot.
[Staring to open the ballot box.]
- Oh.
- The first one.
Hard to recognize, right? [Pit-a-pat.]
To hide their identities.
Oh, hang on.
The reason is she's pretty.
[So sure.]
Sowon wrote it.
[Eunha's cam.]
Please write down something.
[Changed the letters?.]
- "Being prety?" - Hard to recognize.
- Isn't it "being prety?" - Well [Suspicious Sowon.]
- I heard so.
- Anything you want to eat? - Being pretty.
- So obvious.
I know who wrote it.
[Another vote.]
The 2nd one.
It's SinB.
SinB got one vote.
[It's you!.]
Isn't it you? [Candidate Hwang Eunbi is surprised.]
[(Pledge: Providing rent).]
Isn't it you? [6-2=4.]
[Current leader is calculating.]
- No.
- It's you.
- Not me.
- It's not SinB.
[Reason that sounds so serious.]
"Current rent is too expensive".
The voter looked serious.
- The current rent is too high.
- That reason sounds like Yerin.
Right, the reason itself is like Yerin.
- Yes, it is.
I wrote it! - Practically.
It's very practical.
[Unexpectedly(?), the result is very interesting.]
Sowon got one.
[Trying to find the culprit.]
- That's Yerin.
- I guess so.
- Didn't you write it down? - It's Yerin.
[Hard to read.]
- What did she write? - You wrote that, using your left hand.
- Diligently What did you write? [Kim Yewon?.]
What did you write? [Reading it right away.]
- Collect hard for happy later days.
- Is it you? [I got you.]
It's you! The reason is what Umji said.
The interim result is, Sowon, SinB and Yerin got 1 vote.
[They feel complicated.]
- Too close.
- No difference.
- Now - To be honest, - If Eunha got one vote, that's.
Sowon would feel nervous.
[Smiling but nervous.]
- Nervous.
- We have 3 votes.
- Nervous.
Is there an unexpected result? [4th ballot.]
The next one is [(Sowon!).]
Good? - Eunha.
- It's Yerin.
- Yerin.
- It's Yerin.
- Yerin.
[Oh, my.]
Overwhelming support.
The reason is [Touched by the generous pledge.]
Monthly payment? [Voters love the capitalism.]
[Trying to find the culprit.]
- Is it you? - That's the reason.
- Stability, that's nice.
- Sure.
[Pretending as if she's okay.]
- We started this as a joke, but the result is - I'm fine.
[Touched by the one vote.]
Because someone voted for me.
[I'm so sure you wrote that.]
- I'm fine.
- You wrote that.
- I didn't! - You voted for yourself.
- It's not me.
- Depending on the result, [What if you couldn't get any more votes?.]
- If - if the leader is changed, will you agree? [I will follow their decision.]
Yes, I will agree.
[BUT there are more ballots in the box now.]
- Nobody knows.
- Not yet.
Sure, we have ballots.
[I trust you, two.]
- Two ballots are left.
- They are important.
The 5th ballot is Sowon.
[(Poker face).]
- Umji wrote it.
Who else? - Why? [Me?.]
Because Meonji is so cute.
- Yuju? Yerin? - Meonji got one vote.
[Meonji! I got a vote thanks to you.]
- Say thank you to Meonji.
- Meonji! - Say thank you to Meonji.
- It's neck and neck.
[It is becoming more interesting.]
- Sowon and Yerin.
- Being pretty? - Oh, really.
- The last one.
- Hey.
[Sowon got 2, Yerin got 2, SinB got 1.]
- If SinB got this vote, let's have 3 leaders.
- Really.
[Future of GFRIEND is in my hand.]
- In my hand - Can SinB get this vote? [Last one ballot.]
A new leader of GFRIEND will be decided.
Will they have a new leader? We started it as a joke but Sowon, are you nervous? [Trying to be relaxed.]
I trust them.
[The last ballot is opened!.]
The last one.
[So excited.]
I'm so curious.
- He covered it up thoroughly.
- Let me tell you the reason first.
[Perfectly hiding the letters.]
Let me read the reason.
No matter what happens, GFRIEND's god leader is Kim Sojung [Beautiful result.]
[Leader Sowon's smile is back.]
- Three leaders.
- What's this? [Compliments for leader Sowon.]
No matter what happens, our leader is the leader.
- That's - Did you write it down? [Whenever she hears a compliments.]
- It's Umji.
- I thought so.
[Smile of truth?.]
- The handwritten writing - That's like Umji.
[Eunha's cam.]
[Goosebumps due to the timing.]
How can they pick this one at this timing? [Result of election to have a new leader.]
Finally, Sowon [Congratulations.]
was reappointed as the leader.
- So, now - Congratulations.
All members will have a curfew by midnight.
- Congratulations.
- Oh, sad.
- Congratulations.
- Midnight.
- Let's ask her about how she feels.
Members who trusted me I'm so deeply moved and I may cry.
On the contrary, [Three voted for her, half of 6 members.]
- Only the half supported you.
- Right.
[Started to make fun of her.]
You lost 3 votes.
Who are they? [Donhee and Conhee aimed at this.]
- Will you try to figure out? - Sure.
- This is Sowon.
- I can find.
- This is Umji.
- It's Umji.
[I don't know.]
- She's safe.
- What if it's not me? [Part II of opening the ballot box.]
Sowon starts to decide whom to kill.
[Her first task after being reappointed.]
- "I like Meonji".
- It's Yuju.
[What's up with the look on her face?.]
Yuju survived.
- Eunha.
- Eunha.
[Sure that Eunha voted for Yerin.]
- Let's figure it out separately - Eunha.
[No unexpected result.]
- Sowon.
- It's you, right? [Innocent.]
- You wrote it.
- Really? [Yerin voted for SinB due to the rent?.]
- Yerin.
- Yerin.
[SinB voted for Yerin for a monthly payment?.]
[Leader Sowon's death note.]
Eunha, Yerin and SinB.
Sowon will get a revenge on them.
We're planning [Jumping into conclusion.]
I can tell.
I can recognize their letters.
- Way of talking.
- Something was wrong.
- Really? - Hey.
- Is it you who wrote about Meonji? - Yes.
[Eunha is off the list.]
[I hate you.]
I voted for you, despite others' pledges.
[So proud of you.]
- I wrote you.
- Yuju voted for me.
- Meonji.
- Thank you.
- Meonji! [Harmony of tears.]
[Shaking hands with the one who voted for her.]
- I see.
- Good.
[Leader So was too nervous.]
My heart raced too fast.
[Best leader ever Sowon, forever!.]
- Next topic to check, please.
- Please.
Power Yerin vs Power Eunha.
Who is stronger between the two? [This is power Yerin.]
Officially, the strongest member is Yerin.
[Her famous history.]
She carried Eunha and SinB [Picture of carrying two members.]
on her back at the same time.
- Yerin? - Really? - I didn't know I could do it.
[Calmly, boasting her power.]
- I did.
- Really? - Oh, this.
[From YouTube.]
At the Idol Athletics Championships! [Eunha and SinB.]
Is she walking? Sowon was angry.
[I'm amazed by myself.]
- Yerin.
- I didn't know if I could do that.
- So strong.
- The video clip [Suspicious one.]
may be photoshopped.
[No way.]
Let's check it out here.
- Let's find it.
- Can I? [Witness 1 and 2.]
[Two members.]
Who were they? - SinB and Eunha.
- Okay, then exclude them.
[Recruiting new guests on her back.]
Let's exclude the tallest one - and let's try with Yuju and Umji.
- Okay.
[Worrying about her back.]
- Sorry in advance.
- Don't be.
[Power Yerin is calculating the angle.]
Even we add up their weights, it's going to be less than 60kg.
- Go up higher.
Hang on my back safely.
- Higher? [Wow, on her back.]
And you, come on.
[Hot place, this place is so comfortable.]
Hurry up.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Done.
Do you hold me? [Ready.]
Oh, my.
[Changing the posture.]
Yuju, stretch your legs.
[3 members' union.]
You have to stretch your legs.
[I can carry them.]
[The guests are amazed by how comfortable it is.]
[So calm.]
That will be okay.
[Around 3m.]
[They walked half of the studio.]
[Did you see that? She's my elder sister.]
- Best.
- Amazing.
[What? Why?.]
- You're the best.
- I envy her.
- Who? [0.
1 ton who wants to try.]
- I think she can do it.
- Defconn? - No.
- I think I can do that.
- Right.
[Trust Yerin.]
- I think I can do that.
- So far, - you carried your members only.
- Yerin wants to do that.
[Challenging 0.
1 ton.]
Please stand up here.
Will it be broken? Here? You can't carry him on the back.
[She can do that.]
She can.
She carried two of us.
[I believe you, Yerin.]
- Sure.
- Of course.
- It's like a half of his weight.
- You can come up here.
- Like this? [Oh my.]
Go! [Defconn is not so heavy for Yerin.]
- You're lighter than I thought.
- Right.
[Can't believe.]
[Way to go, my girl.]
What? [Walking around carrying him on the back.]
He's like the slave.
- Run.
- Stop, sister.
[Stopped carrying him on the back.]
Feeling dizzy.
Amazing, sister.
I did it.
Who is the next member? [Who's another strong member?.]
Yuju and Eunha will challenge.
- Eunha! - Eunha! [Jeong Miyak (23).]
I'm too weak.
I heard you lifted Sowon while dancing.
8cm, a big feather Kim Giraffe.]
Sowon is like a feather.
Can I just carry her? [Fly, a feather.]
[Are you showing off your power?.]
What are you doing now? [Goosebumps.]
- It feels like - Topic to make a meme? [Our feather sister is so light.]
They are like acting in a sitcom.
You can carry her but [Adjustment in difficulty levels.]
can you sit down and stand up, while carrying her? While giving her a bridal carry? [Jeong Lower-body (23).]
- Like this.
- I have strong legs.
- Let's try.
- Okay.
[Trying to show off her power.]
But my arms are weak ! But my arms are weak ! Legs are strong [Again, Jeong Miyak (23), with thin arms.]
- My arms are weak.
- Arms! - Arms are not strong.
- You should've told us that before! [Laughing out so loud.]
- You should've said it before.
- Legs are fine but [Self-protection.]
Do you have issues with your elbows? - I can't carry you with legs only.
- Yerin, can you do this? [Powerful Yerin.]
She can do this.
[Humble comment.]
I have strong arms but never worked out.
- Arms are too thin.
- How can she do this? [Yerin can do this again?.]
No way.
[She lifted up the princess.]
1, 2, 3.
[Falling down.]
[Laughing out so loud.]
Sacrificing her? [Pretending as if it's a photoshoot.]
Oh, my.
[Sorry, sister.]
Now, [Defconn became small and precious.]
Based on comparison, Defconn lighter than Sowon.
But this posture is difficult.
[Jeong Miyak (23) fully understands.]
- It's hard to do the bridal carry.
- It's like a soldier who carries another soldier from the war.
Like a movie scene.
[Suggest changing the weight division.]
- Try Eunha.
- Eunha.
[Jeong Lower-body, changed her position to Princess Eunha.]
Her lower body is strong but her arms are weak.
[Raising up.]
I can sit like this, but when I go down [Collapsing fast.]
[Re-run of the show.]
2nd sacrifice.
Yerin saved Sowon.
[Proving that she was not too heavy.]
Just in case [Failed but Yerin is the strongest one.]
I think Yerin is so strong.
- Strongest member is Yerin.
- I think that's all.
[Hang on.
I want to try.]
May I try it, just once? - Who? If you don't mind [Dear baby, you wanted to show off your power?.]
- Try.
- Try.
[Power, comes up!.]
But Umji likes exercise.
- She can do that - She feels so comfortable.
- How can I sit down and stand up? - Just sit down.
[Like this.]
- Sit down and up.
- Like riding a horse.
Good at squat! [Found the possibility of the youngest.]
- Sit down, please.
- Sit down.
[I will sit again.]
Should I be another sacrifice? [Sorry?.]
[Falling down and sleeping.]
[Instead of sitting down and standing up.]
[Suddenly, Umji feels like a prince.]
Nobody does like that, sit down and stand up.
It's like sacrificing her.
[Umji doesn't now how to sit down.]
Eunha, come here.
- Sit down and get up? - You have to put your feet apart [Failed and fell down on the floor.]
Eunha is not a toy.
Everyone does that to Eunha only.
[You did a great job, myself.]
Its hot.
I was just carried on the back.
[Fact check continues.]
Have you beaten Kang Hodong in tug-of-war? [Fact check.]
-Really? -Hodong must have been easy on you.
[Eunha, Sowon, Umji, Yerin VS.
[Human wave strategy.]
[GFRIEND pulling the champion of ssireum.]
[Time to write a new history.]
Let us unveil a mission [What would it be this time?.]
that will require you to overtake old GFRIEND.
[Current GFRIEND.]
It's called, "Beat the old GFRIEND!".
[I will beat you all!.]
[2019 tug-of-war.]
It's Donnie Connie vs.
- It will be a close match.
- Close? - It'll be a close match.
- Let's do it.
[The opponent is pigs 1,2.]
[A master can recognizes another master.]
I think they'll be - so strong.
- No.
If the six of us work together, there is nothing we can do! [Donnie Connie vs.
[War clouds hang heavy here already.]
Relax, guys.
Should we come closer? [Babies, lean back.]
Lean back.
[Shame on you.]
-We're not going to be easy on you.
-They're strong.
We're going to be easy on you then.
Wow [It's a new year but they haven't changed.]
- We can win! -No, no.
[A small but clear cheating.]
The ribbon has crossed the line.
[You are more.]
You're so strict.
It's only [feat.
Donnie Connie.]
[Beat the old GFRIEND.]
Start! It can't be! This isn't real.
This isn't happening.
It's so [Being dragged right from the beginning.]
This is so.
oh my god! Sorry.
[Hey you really don't take a hint.]
[Donnie Connie exerting their full strength.]
It can't be! I can't believe this.
[Donnie Connie, the terrible 40s.]
[Oh my god.]
I can' believe this! [The staff is disappointed.]
I can't believe this! [Long time no see you terrible 40s.]
[What's up with him?.]
[GFRIEND holding an emergency meeting.]
What is this? How can we beat these guys? Grant our wishes! [Changed the rule.]
Let's go 2 out of 3.
[Still dumbfounded.]
- Okay! -Okay! [The magical spell of victory.]
Everyone, do it like this.
Okay! Let's pull the rope while they pause for a second.
You should hold the rope like this.
Put your hand between the hands of the person in front of you.
[Who will be the winner this time?.]
Ready, go! [The terrible 40s exerting their full strength again.]
No! [Nice job, Connie.]
[It's time, girls!.]
This is it! Pull! [Justice has been achieved.]
[Everyone wanted to see them win.]
[We did it!.]
[Got upset.]
Why did you have to fall down? [Running away.]
Yeah, this is the way it's supposed to be.
[This is GFRIEND!.]
Yeah, this is the way it's supposed to be.
[Pig 2 became speechless after scolded by Pig 1.]
Why did you have to fall down? [Regained her confidence.]
This is the way it's supposed to be.
[Current score: 1:1.]
Come here.
Grab the rope! [Long time no see the terrible 40s.]
Grab the rope! Fix your makeup later.
[Too much.]
Hey, your leg! [Training his brother.]
[One last round.]
Yo-ho! [A last resort: Tying his body with a rope.]
- How do I do this? -Okay.
- Is this it? - Yeah.
This side should go around your body.
[Easily gets angry when losing a game.]
[Gets angry every second.]
[Regained confidence.]
[Looking awkward.]
Did I do this right? Is this the right way to do it? [Feeling sorry.]
Wait for a second.
[Tying the rope around his body to beat the girls.]
Is this the right way to do it? It should be tied tightly.
That looks dangerous.
[Stay out of it!.]
It's okay.
It's Connie who's going to hurt.
[Oh my god.]
[Oh my god.]
[Last round start!.]
Ready, go! [GFRIEND moving up and down.]
[Two pigs doing their best as expected.]
[GFRIEND is being dragged slowly.]
[Doing their best.]
No! [Oh no.]
[We've met again.
The terrible 40s.]
[Don't know when to stop.]
What is this? [Bummer.]
I'm the Honey Sexy Combo! I'm the Sweet Sugar Poppy.
They're so strong.
[Great conclusion.]
- We were weaker than we had thought.
-Oh my god.
[After the game.]
It feels like the earth is dragging me.
[A testimony of a survival.]
It feels like the gravity is pulling me.
[Can't believe we got lost.]
I can't get over it.
I can't get over it.
Unfortunately, [Beat the old GFRIEND.]
[Donnie Connie wins the 2:6 Tug-of-war!.]
[So proud.]
How do I say this? I feel so proud of myself.
[Right before bringing the show to a close.]
GFRIEND is back [60 minutes flied so fast.]
after 6 months.
[Today's pick-dol Eungha.]
Eunha was the pick-dol today.
Anything you worry about? [Don't worry, your presence makes us smile.]
I am worried if I bored Buddy.
- No way.
- They won't be bored.
[After their 2nd appearance on the show.]
Let's ask leader about how she felt.
I'm so glad that we had a great time before our comeback.
Although you always tease us, [We know you keep supporting us.]
we know you're caring about us.
[Never heard of it, who? Me?.]
Because you became an MC of a beauty show, - MC - your voice tone was nice.
We will cheer up and promote well.
Go! - Go, "Sunrise!" - Go! - Why don't you ask fans to support your new song? Let's do that together.
[Sun, sun, we want to see you.]
[Please support GFRIEND's "Sunrise".]
Please give a lot of support! Idol band-specialized show with no.
1 credibility! [Video clips including the pick-dol cam are available on Naver V LIVE.]
IDOL ROOM! - Thank you! - Thank you.