Idol Room (2018) s01e36 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 36 - Seventeen [These two who we always see.]
[And plus thirteen new faces.]
[Cameras are overwhelmed by their attractiveness.]
Oh, we haven't seen that photo.
[The comeback picture that even SEVENTEEN first sees.]
[Good vibes.]
[It's like a paradise with all these good looking guys.]
IDOL ROOM! [These two faces we want to see.]
[Bless your eyes with these two handsome faces.]
The most trustworthy program of your Idols.
We finally invited them.
The studio looks small every time they visit us.
[The studio is overwhelmed by their attractiveness.]
Our hearts beat fast whenever they visit.
[So happy that our hearts beat fast.]
We're just so happy to [Welcome you all.]
see SEVENTEEN! Say the name, SEVENTEEN! Hello, we're SEVENTEEN! [S.
Last time when they were back with an album, [Always visit us whenever making a comeback.]
They made their come back with the appearance on IDOL ROOM.
Are you making your comeback with us again? [Finished the showcase yesterday.]
Yes, this is our first appearance after releasing the new album.
Okay, let us ask the leader of the team.
Why do you always make a comeback with the appearance on our show? [Whispering to tell him what to say.]
What do we mean to you? [Whispering.]
Coffee truck.
[As he said.]
Because you sent us a coffee truck.
[The reward in the last show.]
[IDOL ROOM sent a coffee truck.]
How did you like it? [So cool.]
Well, everyone loved it.
[That's it?.]
COUPS doesn't seem to talk well today.]
It's been a while so he's not excited enough on TV.
Why are you so calm? [Feeling small.]
Because I haven't been on TV for a long time.
But everyone hasn't been on TV for a long time as well, but why is it only you are so calm? [So innocent.]
Because I seriously haven't had no work at all.
[What has he been up to?.]
I've been at home all day every day.
[He has been at the dorm all day.]
I've stayed at the dorm all day.
[So sad.]
What a sad story.
- But when you're with other members, - Right.
[Trying to continue the conversation.]
But you get excited, right? [But doesn't last long.]
- Yes, I do.
- Yeah? [Gave up.]
Why don't we have another person as a leader today? [He's just happy that he's on TV.]
[His smile though!.]
[So cold.]
Well, I think it's a good idea.
[The MCs selected SEUNGKWAN as today's leader.]
I think SEUNGKWAN can take the job over.
That's just our opinion.
[So ready.]
[Entertainers recognize each other.]
I think you've become better.
I mean as an entertainer.
Where did you learn? [80% goes to LEE SOO GEUN.]
Well, SOO GUEN has taught me a lot.
Because you know that's all from SOO GEUN.
You've become better as an entertainer.
[NEWS of SEUNGKWAN we cannot miss.]
Well, we should mention that - last year, - He is a new star in entertainment.
[A 2018 New Entertainment Star of Broadcaster M.]
He's awarded.
- It's just once in your life.
- Right, only once.
- Right.
So, how has your life changed since then? [So happy.]
- I got many congratulatory messages.
- It's not a joke.
So, I can't believe it.
[Now let's move on to.]
When were you happier? Was it when you were awarded as SEVENTEEN? [Now, game is on.]
- Or, when you alone were awarded.
- Yeah, answer the question as an entertainer.
[The first hardship he faces in 2019.]
[An award as SEVENTEEN VS.
An award as an entertainer.]
[SEUNGKWAN! We're looking at you.]
That's the award you won by yourself.
I think I felt the exact same feeling that I had when we, SEVENTEEN, were awarded.
[So predictable award speech.]
that I had when we, SEVENTEEN, got a new star award.
Don't be vague.
[Ah, I thought it should be enough.]
[Give us the answer we want.]
You know what kind of answer we want.
You need to choose one of them.
[Yes, that's the answer.]
I loved the new entertainment star award because I won it by myself.
[Such an entertainer.]
He said, he loved it more because he won it by himself.
By himself.
Meaning that I can do well by myself.
He's relaxed now.
[Speaking of SEUNGKWAN.]
I met him at the bathroom.
- I met him.
- Well, it's just us you can tell us.
[He was brushing teeth.]
Well, he was brushing teeth.
I said hello to him first.
I said hello to him first.
[So frustrated.]
No, I said it first.
[This man got excited because it's not him.]
No, I said it first.
[And this man is just happy because he's on TV.]
It sounds real.
[Scheming against SEUNGKWAN is like a ritual.]
So I waited until he finished brushing teeth.
[And now he's on it too.]
- Well, he's now popular.
- Let's enjoy shooting today.
And, again, it's about SEUNGKWAN.
[Hot guy, SEUNGKWAN.]
What a genius entertinaer.
[He's the one who's made "Booi-Fi".]
- What's Booi-Fi? - Well, okay, There is a song called "Wi-Fi" by YOON JONG SHIN.
[A song about bad connection of Wi-fi.]
The chorus part reminds you of bad connection.
[Do it again.]
- So I mimic it.
- 5, 6, 7, 8! [This is the "Booi-Fi" you've heard.]
[So funny.]
[Making machine sounds without any machine.]
[So proud of him.]
[High quality though.]
[What a harmony.]
[Other members join it as well.]
[And this time with a gesture.]
[What a talent.
He's so talented.]
Well, I can do better.
You're doing so many gestures now.
Anything else? [Anything that you can show off?.]
Any talent that you want to show off on IDOL ROOM? [Of course, we're not sparing our talent.]
Well, members have a lot of things to show off.
Give us a tip who's a unique talent.
[MC SEUNGKWAN's pick.]
DK is so good at mimicking animal.
Not a typical animal you can imagine like dogs.
[Mimicking a seal is so unique.]
He can mimic seals.
- Seals? - This one? [What?.]
He looks like a seal, by the way.
- He has a seal face? - Yeah, a baby seal.
[So excited.]
He can do vocal mimicry as well.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[What did he do?.]
Oh, posture? 5, 6, 7, 8.
[So ready.]
Oh, his posture.
Oh wow.
We see a seal in him.
[Laughing, getting excited.]
Hold on.
Wait, he has a seal face.
[Mute Seal Show.]
[Tried too hard to make a sound of seals.]
I lied down but then I couldn't make the sound.
[So perplexed.]
I just couldn't make the sound.
[We didn't say anything.]
Why did you get so nervous, looking at us? Because I wanted to make the sound but then I couldn't.
[So funny.]
So he got perplexed.
[Being honest.]
Yes, I was so surprised and perplexed.
[Other members laughing so hard.]
I thought it was like a skit.
So I'll just stand and try it again.
[Give him another chance.]
- Want to give another shot? - Yes, I'll make the sound.
[Checking his voice.]
You don't have to see us.
Just do yourself.
[Giving him an instruction.]
- It's funnier when you lie down.
- But he can't make sound.
[Keep giving instructions.]
- He can't make sound.
- Then just sit.
[So polite.]
- Okay, I'll just sit.
- Yeah.
[So satisfied and embarrassed at the same time.]
[Yes! We see a seal in his face!.]
He looks like a seagull though.
[He's talented but doesn't look attractive.]
[Other members don't want to look at him.]
[Appealing people with his desperate eyes.]
[Please give me a compliment.]
And next, pigeon! [Now, pigeon!.]
[MC BOO trying to make momentum.]
Next, pigeon! [He's a machine of unique talents.]
Next, pigeon! [Too much.]
Why are you coming to us? DK, you're doing well.
It's okay.
[A machine of unique talents wants some compliments.]
- I tried so hard.
- You did well! [Reviews to his talent show.]
[SEUNGKWAN: Thumbs up.]
[Producer: Couldn't have been better.]
[Camera director: Laughing so hard that I almost dropped the camera.]
- Why are you coming to us? - You did well.
You're doing so well.
[Don't do this to DK.]
SEUNGKWAN, don't force him to do so much stuff.
[I got it.]
Give him some time to prepare.
You can do something while he's preparing.
[And this person is just smiling all the time.]
[And next ritual is about teasing WOOZI.]
- Yes.
- You didn't say a word.
- I don't talk much usually.
That makes no sense.
[Keep smiling.]
[Now, we know him so well.]
- Right.
[Out of nowhere?.]
Talk a bit! Tell us some funny story.
- Out of nowhere? - Like how you've been up to.
[Some changes maybe you can tell?.]
- Is there some changes you want to tell? - Changes? [That's it.]
Well, we've been doing well.
We've been doing well.
[He doesn't allow MCs to attack him .]
Is it a fairy tale? You can make something up, please.
[Fairy Tale.]
[SEVENTEEN has been doing well.]
Well, SEVENTEEN has been doing well.
[Ask him a question.]
But then what about the past? Well, I guess I lived well.
And now I'm working hard.
[No talk anymore.]
And I think I will do well in the future too.
[Deja vu?.]
Are you close to S.
COUPS? [Close friends.]
- Well, everyone has different energy, you know.
- Yeah, he got the calm energy from him.
[Many entertainers in SEVENTEEN.]
- SEUNG KWAN is not the only entertainer.
- That's true.
[Promising entertainer duo.]
With JOSHUA, [JOSHUA & DK are into diss rap.]
DK does freestyle rap.
WOOZI said [WOOZI is the witness.]
they both diss each other.
[They explode their swag anytime anywhere.]
At a waiting room and our home, we play hiphop beats and do some diss rap.
And they both are really good.
[VERNON says.]
But their rapping styles are different.
What kind of rapping style DK has? I'm just a kind of person who enjoys myself being on the stage.
[Being so proud.]
I enjoy myself being on the stage.
He's always excited.
- He gets excited easily.
- He's too upbeat.
I dominate the stage.
[Cool rapper JOSHUA.]
But my style is calmer.
- Restrained vibes.
- Yeah, restrained.
So, WOOZI, how do you like it when they diss each other? [Asking the witness.]
Well, the funny thing was [Started a funny story.]
I woke up and it was so noisy in the living room.
[Everyone is listening.]
They say something and [But his funny story is too long.]
diss each other.
[That's it.
Without any funny stuff.]
Well, it was funny.
[A man who doesn't want to talk.]
Yeah, it was funny.
That's it? [So funny that he hit WOOZI.]
Wow, what a short story.
[So peaceful.]
It was so short.
Wow, you're such a shutter for talk.
- He closed his shutter so fast.
- Talk shutter.
- It was so short.
[Can't predict when he would stop talking.]
I mean, we can't predict when he would [Promising entertainers want to have some characters like WOOZI's.]
Ah, I want I wish I had such a character.
It's unpredictable.
He's a talk genius.
[Diss rapping gets started.]
- Now, can you show us? - Yes! Are you ready? Wow, you give us microphones.
[What is that hat?.]
Oh, they do? NAYEON from TWICE wore that hat.
[A magical hat that makes you so cool.]
YERIN from GFRIEND also wore it.
And now we're wearing this hat.
[Now, let's make your nicknames as a rapper.]
Do you have any nicknames? - Yes, they do.
- What is it? - DOUL.
- DOUL? What does that mean? Soul, and DK, DOUL.
[So phony.]
What? [Whenever they become less confident, they go to HYEONGDON.]
What? [Make him feel confident.]
[DK, you're doing well.]
What? Don't come to me! Don't come.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- MC DOUL? Then, I am MC CLOUD.
[The witness gets excited.]
MC Cloud, okay.
[A Big Match.]
[Beat is dropped.]
[A baby step to becoming a rapper.]
Check! Check! Check! [Let's go MC DOUL.]
Microphone check.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
[Already hilarious.]
[He's checking his microphone so hard.]
I'm playing with the beat.
[Saying anything.]
So I just say anything on the beat.
[Out of nowhere?.]
And I think you're so bad at rapping.
[Not damaged at all.]
[Just keep saying.]
You, just go home and sleep.
Please just go home and sleep.
[Still not damaged at all.]
Please just go home and sleep.
[A rap that encourages to sleep.]
Just sleep.
[and to go home.]
Go home quickly, go, go, go! [These 2 are so embarrassed that they got frozen.]
JOSHUA, you're so bad at rapping.
I'm better than you even though I'm a vocalist.
[Rapping in tongues.]
[Everyone is laughing so hard.]
[So embarrassed.]
JOSHUA! [MC CLOUD will revenge.]
- Okay, let me start.
[SHU-minem is now rapping.]
You're done here.
I woke up and saw your face in the morning.
Without makeup, you're just GG.
[Attacking a no-makeup face.]
You are so ugly without makeup that I thought your face might kill me.
[Oh, wow he's strong.]
[So what?.]
You have curly hair, curly hair! [Last attacking verse.]
It's smelly please take a shower.
[Knock down.]
[So shocked and avoid him.]
[What has just happened.]
[Definitely MC CLOUD's win.]
[This person is still in shock and fear.]
[WOOZI, keep calm and come here.]
- WOOZI, what's wrong? - No.
Come here, we still need to shoot.
It's so shocking.
When I listened to DK's rapping, [Comment to his rapping.]
[His rapping is beyond everything.]
I truly thought he's crazy.
[Can't breathe properly.]
[So funny, anyone else?.]
Anyone want to do rapping? There are many who are good at rapping.
[We can't miss MC SEUNGKWAN.]
- SEUNGKWAN - He's good too.
SEUNGKWAN, again? [The swag hat is automatically on his head.]
[Full swag.]
You choose who you want to fight, SEUNGKWAN.
DK is so funny.
[THE8 just said.]
Oh, wait, we've got some tip from THE8.
DK is so funny.
[DK again.]
It's THE8's tip.
- DK VS.
- We're main vocalists.
[I won't lose this time.]
Be kind to me.
[THE8 who gave the tip is so satisfied.]
- Okay.
- Fair play? - Fair play! - Main vocalists.
Well, actually It was my idea that he might be able to mimic a seal.
Because he can't do anything.
[Oh what.]
Because he can't do anything.
[Audience is going crazy.]
He has nothing that he can do by himself.
Yo! Yo! The reason I got an new entertainer star award? Because I'm not a coward.
[Eyes widely opening.]
But what about you? What are you doing? How long will you clap like a seal? [Well, but i made a big hit with clapping.]
What are you still waiting for? Older brothers try to guide you, but you still can't do anything.
[What a rhyme.]
Well, your pathetic and boring talent show is over.
It's just over.
[MC SEUNGKWAN's rap lesson.]
[MC DOUL will rap now.]
Let's do this, DK! Can you please turn up the volume? [MC DOUL's so angry.]
Please turn in up.
[MC DOUL Let's go.]
[MC DOUL starts with "Check" as always.]
- Check.
- Oh, it's started.
Ok, a new entertainer star awardee, SEUNGKWAN.
[So envious?.]
Yeah, you must be so happy.
Actually, I was so happy for you.
You look so cool and awesome.
You're such a cool brother.
[Is it a rap?.]
Congraturations on your award.
It's true that you're better than me.
Congratulations! To be honest, you're better than me.
I'm so envious.
You're so good.
[All of a sudden, keep complementing.]
I'm so envious.
He's so good.
[Two people who hug each other whenever they feel embarrassed.]
He's better than me.
[What an honest man.]
It's true though.
[Let us remind you that it's a diss rap competition.]
But it's about dissing.
[Has lost his confidence.]
- He just proposed.
- Hold on.
[We need to make him feel confident.]
Well, it's obviously DK's lose.
[DK made a killing part of the competition.]
- He's better than me.
- He's just better.
[Meanwhile, THE8 got busy.]
SEUNGKWAN is also funny.
[THE8's another tip has arrived.]
THE8 just gave us another tip.
Another tip? [MC DINO VS.
Yeah, it's DINO VS.
[SEVENTEEN's diss rap.]
This is not a joke.
DINO! [Drop the beat.]
Okay, let's go.
Drop the beat.
[So chilled.]
Bring it on.
[MC SEUNGKWAN brings it on.]
[A rap that sounds like a promotion.]
Welcome you all.
What's the hook.
Okay, let me beat this untalented rapper.
You've practiced rapping since we were trainees.
But, you are still bad at it.
[Not damaged.
It's okay.]
But, you are still bad at it.
[Audience is going crazy.]
How long are you going to say "I can't do this" You such a coward.
[Want to attack him as soon as possible.]
[That's what you diss me about?.]
That's why you're still suck.
We became the trainees at the same time but I'm way better than you.
[No, you can't beat him.]
[He's my member, everyone.]
I'm so proud of him.
Ye! Ye! [Is he frozen?.]
[He keeps saying Yeah.]
[Trying to be funny.]
He agrees what SEUNGKWAN said by saying yeah.
[MC DINO is about to attack.]
[Complement again?.]
Okay, you're a better entertainer.
And you're a better singer, yo! And what else you're better at? Dancing? [Don't forget.]
Don't forget I would teach you how to dance.
[Damaged a bit.]
What else can you do better aside from being funny on some variety shows? Just wait there.
Life is long and you'll always stay here.
[Damaged a lot.]
[Whoa, this is so fun.]
You just stay here.
Stay here.
[Power transition just happened.]
[His swag is on fire.]
You'll just stay here.
[DINO being so provocative.]
- Okay.
- You're over.
Just over.
You're just over.
[And finished a diss rap competition with a funny skit.]
It's just over.
You'll always stay here.
[Please, stop.
It's over.]
[What an entertainment group, SEVENTEEN.]
The diss competition is over.
[How many times?.]
[Audience 1,2 can't even stand.]
It's over.
[So much stuff of their competition to air on TV.]
Thank you for watching.
[THE8, the organizer of the diss competition seems to be very satisfied.]
We loved it.
[SEUNGKWAN is such an entertainer.]
SEUNGKWAN, you just pretended that you grabbed him.
Actually, I hoped that anyone stopped me from grabbing him but no one did.
[The killing part was .]
And what I remember after all this competition, [He's better than me.]
"They both are so good at it" Everyone is good at it.
[And now let's talk to the shutter for talk.]
- WOOZI! - Yes.
So how was it? Did you like their diss songs? [Cut right away.]
I liked it.
[That's it?.]
[HYEONG DON, you're so kind to him.]
You're so kind, you should scold him.
Well, I want to but [Before he makes some mistakes, he stops talking.
- I need something to scold.
- But no, nothing to scold.
But he just stops talking before I find something to scold.
So, I can't.
The first ever idol focused camera! Today's live pic-dol, close-up camera! [Pose.]
Pick-dol of last time, [Coups Cam.]
it was S.
- Did you see the show? - Yes.
[That you didn't know.]
Did you find any habits? [No.]
No, I just thought that I was handsome.
[It's indisputable that S.
COUPS is handsome.]
[They don't know the feeling of being handsome.]
Just handsome? [Uncomfortable.]
He should have been the one who participated in a competition.
[Proved that he's handsome.]
[Through pic-cam.]
[Coups Cam was full of his bright smile.]
It's 13:1 today.
[Who wants this title?.]
Who wants to be picked? [Me! MINGYU!.]
- Oh, MINGYU, ambitious boy.
- He's really ambitious.
Yes, I'm.
[Today's live pick-dol, close-up camera.]
We'll start live from now on.
[Pick-dol will be picked and the process will be live streamed.]
It's a live.
[Live has been started.]
Hello, everyone! [SEVENTEEN is lovely and pretty as always.]
SEVENTEEN is back in 6 months! [They're back!.]
Say the name, SEVENTEEN! [13 members' beauty.]
Hello, we're SEVENTEEN! Nice to meet you! One by one.
[HOSHI, inventor of biting heart?.]
Did you invent a biting heart, HOSHI? [He did it in 2015.]
I'm not the inventor, but I just did it once just after we debuted.
- But another singer changed it a little.
- How did you do it? [HOSHI's biting heart.]
Like this.
[He's really cute.]
There's one more.
[Please be cuter.]
- What? - Cuter! - Like [Sweet eyes.]
SEVENTEEN and Carat meet each other [Cute.]
SEVENTEEN and Carat meet each other [Like this.]
I did it at our concert.
Oh my god.
[I want to see SEVENTEEN's girl group dance.]
They ask you to dance for songs by girl groups.
[Cute WOOZI.]
- Especially WOOZI.
[Oh my.]
- Yes.
Can you show one? [Thinking.]
I have no idea.
What should I do? [JUN assists.]
- It's a live.
- He's good at "Dumb Dumb" dance.
JUN reported, that WOOZI is good at "Dumb Dumb" dance by Red Velvet.
- Dumb Dumb! - Let's do it.
[Thank you JUN.]
[Music cue.]
Oh, it's being played now.
[Dumb Dumb #WOOZI Ver.
[His body just moves.]
[Small human who's really cute.]
Oh, you're good.
[He must be a fairy.]
[WOOZI's dance has countless killing parts.]
[Happy to see his dance.]
[Who knows his weakness? (I'm sure no one).]
- Wow, he's good at everything.
- Good job.
[Another member.]
- Anyone else? - DINO.
[DINO, let's do it.]
Yes, DINO! [DINO's sexy dance.]
DINO is good at sexy dance.
How about "Gashina"? [Let's do it.]
- "Gashina".
- "Gashina".
[Gashina #DINO Ver.
[Heart attack.]
[I learned that we should see beautiful things from a near distance.]
[I can't believe that DINO has not founded his own nation.]
Good job.
[He stroke my heart.]
[Time to choose a pick-dol.]
It's time to choose a pick-dol.
[I want it.]
Come on in.
- Please make a flower pose.
- Okay.
[They're getting ready.]
[Please give them compliments.]
Who will be today's pick-dol? [13 masterpieces.]
One by one.
[Donhee! I want WONWOO's voice.]
Someone asks for WONWOO's voice.
Please say hello.
Happy new year! [Pick-dol MINGYU.]
"You're so cute".
[Pick-dol WOOZI.]
[Pick-dol S.
[Pick-dol JUN.]
[Pick-dol The 8.]
[Pick-dol DINO.]
[Pick-dol HOSHI.]
[Pick-dol WONWOO.]
[Pick-dol JEONGHAN.]
[Pick-dol DK.]
[Pick-dol JOSHUA.]
[Pick-dol VERNON.]
[Pick-dol SEUNGKWAN.]
[Let's be together forever.]
- Are you ready? - Yes! - Let's go! [Spinning.]
Let's go! [I want everyone to be pick-dols.]
[I want it.]
Who will be today's pick-dol? [1/13, who will be the pick-dol?.]
It's coming! [Oh, it was good.]
Today's pick-dol! [Donhee is working hard not to make a spoiler.]
Who will be! It's coming.
- Who will be the one! - Who's it? - It's decided! - Yes.
[They're trying their best to keep secret.]
- Don't say anything.
- Stand up please.
[Live, the end.]
Who's today's pick-dol? Today's pick-dol is MINGYU, an ambitious boy.
[MINGYU, dreams come true.]
You got it.
As today's pick-dol, [Eye-catching.]
I'll captivate the camera, [Pick-dol's sense of duty.]
with great reactions.
Oh, you'll only focus on reactions? - No, I'll participate actively.
- Okay.
[Versatile MINGYU.]
I'll do my best.
[Great reactions.]
[It's like being in a heaven to make an eye-contact with MINGYU.]
[Together with MINGYU.]
Hi! [Finally SEVENTEEN is here.]
Please tell us, why you're here today, SEVENTEEN.
[We've waited for you.]
- It's been six months, right? - Yes.
Okay, who's responsible for introducing your newly released song? [Time for introduction.]
[Give pic cam and make his time.]
- WOOZI, you wrote this song? - Yes.
This song has a warm mood, so I recommend you listen to this song in winter.
You can listen to it at home, [Seamless.]
[Perfect introduction.]
or outside home.
Please listen to this song and I hope you feel warm while listening to it, thank you.
Okay, press release.
- Press release.
- It's time for, [Wanna hear.]
introduction just for IDOL ROOM.
It's difficult to talk about the genre of this song, because it's a combination of many genres.
It can be said "urban future R&B".
It's a really good song.
[Talk about the song.]
Tell us the story.
[No mortgage.]
I want to be your home.
I'm your home to which you can turn.
Anything else? [WOOZI is difficult for me.]
It's difficult for me to ask questions to WOOZI.
[WOOZI on top.]
It's difficult.
[He's strict.]
He stops us from asking more questions.
He's a shutter man.
What efforts have you made for this song? [Good answer.]
I just wrote a good song.
[Not easy.]
Why isn't this interview so easy? [Good luck!.]
[It's so funny.]
- Why isn't this so easy? - Now - They're becoming upset.
- Yes.
[Foolish question.]
Aren't you going to write songs that are not good? [Wise answer.]
No, I don't think so.
- Let's see.
- Yes.
Okay, let's introduce your song in our own way.
Nano dance! [Nano dance.]
[They should dance for a killing part.]
[And we look at every part of the dance.]
[First nano part of "Home".]
[Second nano part of "Home".]
[SEVENTEEN tailored.]
Today, there are two nano parts.
You should start dancing altogether, [Order for first nano dance.]
It, Chan, Won, JOSHUA, and JEONGHAN.
[Order for second nano dance.]
- Then JUN, Bbu.
- Ggyu.
- Kyeom, which means DK, Chu, Bbyo.
- Good.
- Coup, Hot, or HOSHI.
- Oh, that's HOSHI.
- You got it? - Yes.
["Home" nano dance.]
You've already experienced it.
Music cue! [Fresh melody.]
[Add their voice.]
[Up 17 degrees.]
[They perfectly dance with their feet.]
[He contributes to increasing temperature.]
[Genre changed.]
[Turn 3 times in a row.]
[Nice looks.]
[I'm afraid of your looks.]
[Another name of masterpiece.]
[Absolute masterpiece Vol.
[They're bright.]
[Nano part is just around the corner.]
[First nano part.]
[Infinite potential.]
[The 8.]
[Dance of a small giant.]
[Perfect control.]
[Nice dance by a nice guy.]
[Powerful but sweet dance.]
[Moves of a smart boy.]
[This is easy.]
[They're seamless.]
[Second nano part.]
[Little prince aboard.]
[Lovely boy.]
[Countless charming points.]
[Heart attack.]
[Visual and dance that lead to peace.]
[Dancer moment of a genius composer.]
[Hitting our heart with his dance.]
[Killing part completed with his dance.]
Altogether! [Let's go home.]
Wow, good job.
[I want to visit that home.]
I love this song.
[Carat must be so proud.]
- I love this song.
- Thank you.
[We've long waited for SEVENTEEN.]
With SEVENTEEN, let's see their synchronized dance.
Have you heard of this section? [They've heard of it.]
- Yes, we stand in a line - We've seen it.
All of you should dance, standing in a line, as if you're one person.
[Already heard of it.]
- Okay.
- It sounds difficult.
[They're told that this is really difficult.]
[All members should stand in a line and dance for the same part.]
[In other words, they should be synchronized.]
- Difficult.
- Only those who have practiced really hard, [Diligence and team work.]
can be successful in this section.
[Time to boast them.]
It's time to show your abilities.
[SEVENTEEN = perfect dance.]
- Are you confident? - Yes.
Who is the worst dancer, if you should just pick one? [Strict.]
No one.
I'll keep an eye on you.
Let's go, SEVENTEEN.
[They're ready.]
[Performance leader's preparation.]
[Performance leader says.]
Let's be sensible.
Don't move back and forth.
"Very Nice" music cue! [First try.]
[Very Nice #SEVENTEEN.]
[They're serious.]
[Nice start.]
[Perfectly synchronized.]
[Advanced technique.]
[They are like one person.]
[In a perfect line.]
[They're perfectly synchronized.]
[They're writing a history of perfect dance.]
[They're really good.]
Wow, perfect.
[Wanna see once again.]
You've done really well, [Once more with "Home".]
- Let's give it a try with your newly released song.
- "Home".
It seems to be more difficult.
- You should look at a person in front of you.
- Okay, okay.
[Second try.]
[12 more.]
[But only WOOZI is seen from the front.]
["Home" has many subtle movements.]
[That can't stop them from dancing perfectly.]
[Perfectly synchronized.]
[It's surreal.]
[They're like dancing machines.]
[I'm sure they are machines.]
[No error at all.]
[Degree perfectly synchronized.]
[SEVENTEEN's perfect dance, it's science.]
[All synchronized.]
You're really good.
[Perfect success.]
[SEVENTEEN seventeened today.]
I knew it.
- You just satisfied us.
- Nice.
[Fully satisfied.]
We're 100% satisfied.
Thank you.
The first ever success by a boy band.
[IDOL ROOM videos are available on V LIVE.]
Donhee and Conhee's fact check! [Impressed.]
It's been five years since SEVENTEEN's debut.
[Second fact check.]
We've talked about a lot of things.
Let's look at, - whether what you've said are facts.
- Fact check.
First fact, please.
SEVENTEEN's teamwork, DINO! We quickly agree on the lunch and dinner menu.
I can't believe it.
You said it in a live broadcasting.
[Everyone who sits here forgets things.]
- I did? - Yes.
Yes, you did.
[Mythomania that cannot be treated.]
[They diss the youngest.]
Maybe he's mythomaniac.
[He isn't got hurt.]
Of course, SEVENTEEN is well known for team work, [Whether DINO was too much or not.]
but your remark was too much.
I agree.
I prioritize my team.
I said that because I wanted to boast our teamwork.
[Conclusion: That's a fact.]
Sometimes we really do that [That depends on the size of ambition.]
Of course, if we have to order foods, we would choose different menus, but I believe that we can choose one after thinking about it.
- Don't you agree with me? - I agree.
Okay, let's check it.
[Let's show our teamwork.]
[Teamwork competition.]
You'll be given a menu, [Choose one menu.]
If 13 members write down the same menu, [Then the fact will be verified.]
- Then you'll order that food? - Really? [For 13 members.]
[They can eat that food.]
Right away.
producing team.]
Oh my god.
[Let's throw a party!.]
You are not allowed to speak to one another.
swindler unit.]
You should be honest.
The restaurant has 72 menus.
It's a real.
[Menu distributed.]
- It's easy.
- You know what to choose.
[Our meal depends on our teamwork.]
You're not allowed to speak to one another.
- Is it "heaven?" - Yes.
[They're reading menus.]
Wow, Soy Sauce Marinated Crab.
- It sounds really good.
- I want it.
[I love noodles.]
- Noodles.
- Stop talking.
[No cheating.]
[They should be separated.]
- Don't talk to one another.
- Okay.
- Pen please.
- Please get this pen.
[Blind spot.]
- Go away.
- Go.
We'll verify this.
[No on can see it.]
- Don't get close to one another.
- I don't have a pen.
[Why is he like an artist?.]
- Be serious.
[This is the most serious time.]
Don't look at it.
Write down your name on the top.
I believe in our team! [They're serious.]
[Don't try to make others laugh.]
- Be serious.
- WONWOO, be serious.
[Saying anything.]
- You're left-handed when you're pick-dol? - Yes.
What's the link between the two? [Upset.]
Both born to be.
You want to fight with me? - Just curious.
- Born to be.
[Don't be too harsh on me.]
I just wanted to talk to you.
But I don't have anything to tell you.
- Why are you angry? - Ha ha.
Don't be together.
[Sit down when you've done writing down.]
- We're done.
- Really? [Yay.]
We often order from this restaurant.
- You know? - It's too easy.
[The cause of fact check.]
[Let's start from DINO.]
- DINO goes first.
- If DINO and JEONGHAN wrote down different answers, - Different answers.
Other members do not have to disclose what they wrote down.
DINO! [Nervous and excited at the same time.]
Show it to us! Here it is.
Kimchi fried rice.
[What does that smile mean?.]
Kimchi fired rice.
[We don't know why he smiles.]
Kimchi fried rice.
JEONGHAN, 1, 2, 3! - Kimchi fried rice! - Kimchi fried rice.
[So far so good.]
- Kimchi fried rice.
- Good.
- Good! - Good.
[Cannot be the same.]
HOSHI, 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! [Three kimchi fried rice, please.]
Kimchi fried rice! [Making a spoiler with his nostrils.]
Kimchi fried rice! JOSHUA.
Kimchi fried rice! [What a teamwork.]
Kimchi fried rice! Oh my god.
[13 kimchi fried rice please.]
Please order 13 kimchi fried rice.
- DK, 1, 2, 3! - Different one? [5 in a row.]
[Kimchi fried rice.]
- Wait.
- Wow.
[Hate good relationship.]
You've already seen the script, no? [No fabrication.]
[100% real.]
Manager must have showed you the script.
Really? [Distrust.]
You really like kimchi fried rice? [I love it.]
Yes, I ate it this morning.
[Trust me.]
Then you want to eat it again? [Want to eat kimchi fried rice every time.]
- Okay, good.
[Kimchi fried rice again.]
JUN! [Half of members picked the same menu.]
[Flavor that captivated the heart of little prince.]
I can't believe that foreigner members also love kimchi fried rice.
- Plus fried egg.
- Egg.
COUPS? [Again.]
Kimchi fried rice.
[Taking a glance.]
Kimchi fried rice.
MINGYU is anxious.
- Kimchi fried rice.
- Right.
[What are you talking about?.]
[Even the heart.]
- We put the same heart here.
- Heart.
Beef fried rice all of a sudden.
[Put his personal preference aside.]
- The 8.
- Rice with octopus toppings.
Wait, kkimchi fried rice? [What's kkimchi?.]
Kkimchi? [Please.]
[It's just cute thing.]
He's just acting cute.
[Okay because you're cute.]
[It depends on VERNON.]
- Okay, the last one.
[Entertainment or documentary?.]
- VERNON, you should spoil this.
- He seems nervous.
[Let's eat it.]
[Members want him to be serious.]
- Nervous.
- Rice topped with octopus.
[Person from the hell.]
[Whispering of devil.]
It will be so boring if you choose the same menu.
Let's go.
- Stir-fried rice with noodles? - Really? - Really? [Pit a pat.]
- 1, 2! - Really? [What will happen?.]
I can't make a prediction.
- 2, 3! - Really? - I can't make a prediction.
- 2, 3! - Really? - I can't make a prediction.
[Kimchi fried rice.]
[Ta da.]
[We are the one.]
- Kimchi fried rice! - Wow, you're really good.
What a teamwork.
It might be fabricated.
[They gave up personal preference for teamwork.]
- Who wanted to eat pork cutlet? - Me.
Why did you pick kimchi fried rice? We often eat it for breakfast.
[Steady seller.]
We see the menu every morning.
[They often order kimchi fried rice.]
We often eat that one.
[God supports their teamwork.]
If that was a menu of other restaurants, we would choose different menus.
[Early success.]
[Foods that are more expensive were waiting for them.]
Better foods were waiting for you! [Genius.]
Then how about saying that kkimchi fried rice is a different one? [Second chance please.]
Next fact check please Game master SEVENTEEN's worst player.
Lee Seokmin, dummy of the toy hammer game.
- Who's Lee Seokmin? - I'm Lee Seokmin.
[I'm Lee Seokmin and a game dummy.]
- DK.
- DK is a game dummy? [The worst player legend stared with the toy hammer game.]
- I think there's a clip.
- The toy hammer game.
There was a game of hitting when you win, and blocking when you lose.
[I won but didn't hit and blocked.]
I won but blocked.
[Are you a dummy?.]
- Are you a dummy? [Yes!.]
- Right.
That's how it started.
[The moment of game dummy being born captured in video.]
[Source: MBC.]
[Singularity in the toy hammer game.]
You guys must play lots of games regularly.
[Pro gamers.]
You played 20 games during 2 days and 1 night.
[We're amazing.]
I think we really play a lot.
[A popular SEVENTEEN game these days.]
- There's a game we play.
- What is it? It's the word chain game with songs.
[Rules of word chain with songs.]
- What is that? - You sing.
A person sings any song.]
And then [2.
Stops in the middle.]
when that person stops, the next person [The next person continues.]
must continue singing.
[Bad example.]
- No.
- That's not it.
That song [Toss.]
Cheer up a bit more [Toss.]
My girl easily [Suddenly?.]
I don't know the song.
[Can drop out just like that.]
- If you can't sing - You need to know the song.
Shall we see what games SEVENTEEN enjoys? What games you play? [Onsite training.
Recommend a game Donhee & Connhee can also play.]
- Shall we? - Is there any we can do? - With SEVENTEEN.
- We have the dummy game.
Dummy game, perfect for Donhee & Connhee.]
- Dummy game.
- What's the dummy game? [Dummy game rule.]
It's played often.
You hands and words [You lose the game if the fingers and the number you say match.]
must not match.
[Fingers and number must be different.]
Dummy game, dummy game.
[3, 1.]
[2, 3.]
- 4.
- 3.
- 2.
[5, 3.]
- 5.
- 5.
- This is quite hard.
- 8.
- 4.
- Is this hard? [Got it wrong.
Pretending he didn't go.]
But there's the number 5.
[Quite hard.
Limited from number 1 to 5.]
You can only say from 1 to 5.
- Is this hard? - You must do it like this [Already a dummy.]
You can say 10,000, and 35,000.
[Yes, that's not easy to do.]
You two do it.
It'll be difficult.
[Let's try.]
- Only from 1 to 5 - Dummy game, dummy game - 2.
- 3.
- 4.
- 5.
[Yup, 3 seconds.
The end.]
[LOL, stupid.]
Dummy! [A expression that goes with the game.]
Dummy game, dummy game.
[You have to have one dummy in a game.]
Limited to 5? It's harder than you think.
[You know? Attendance?.]
- It's like attendance.
- Right.
[Attendance? What?.]
[Let's have fun, attendance.]
[We want to play.
Customers already hooked.]
- What is this? - Come on out.
Looks fun.
[Donhee & Connhee are pushing this as a national game.]
You don't know the national game? It's our first time.
[First the song.]
- The song is the same.
- Attendance.
[Attendance game rule.
The person you call and point to must be different.]
Finger points to another person.
[The person called answers.]
But the person called must answer.
[The one who replies calls and points.]
And next, the one called must point to the next person.
- If you're called verbally, must you answer? - Right.
Points to WOOZI.]
- Yes.
- And JEONGHAN goes next.
- I go WOOZI? [Continues roll call.]
Right, WOOZI must answer.
[Hand points to Defconn.]
- Jung Hyungdon.
- Yes.
- Jung Hyungdon.
- Yes.
[Wait? Mr.
Jung feels hurt.]
Jung Hyungdon? [Quick learner.
Jihoon is not at fault.]
No, I didn't mean it [Totally his style.]
[It was just roll call, but the full name created distance.]
Didn't that create distance? [Giggling.
Sorry but it's already funny.]
Jun Hyungdon! He called me seriously.
[Now the real game.]
- That's how you do it.
Got it? - How fun.
[Temper without warning.]
I saw your temper.
- It's a game.
- Let's go.
[Attendance game with SEVENTEEN.]
[Like this.]
- THE8.
[Points to MINGYU.]
- Yes.
- Yes.
Let's go right away.
[Preparing for the next game.]
- We have to go right away.
[The trap of this game.]
Attendance list is check from the front.
[Don't forget the game while enjoying it.]
Next, it's just a relay.
[THE8 is out without even getting a proper taste.]
- I'm done? - Yes, Defconn will start now.
[Again, attendance.]
Not yet.
[Attendance master, didn't call a name yet.]
I haven't said anything, I'm disappointed.
[Until when will you make my shoulders dance?.]
I didn't know it'd more than 4 bars.
[Who cares? Very excited.]
You need to pay attention.
I'll be the one starting.
[Hey, MINGYU.]
You can't do that.
[Please do the proper movement.]
This is the fixed movement.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Again, attendance.]
[Calls WONWOO, points to SEUNGKWAN.]
- Attendance.
- Yes.
- Connhee.
[SEUNGKWAN gets pointed again.]
- Yes.
[Oh no.]
Fail! [It's not me so it's great.]
Dummy, game dummy.
[Game dummy get congratulated by everyone.]
Dummy game, dummy game.
[SEUNGKWAN fails with a scratch to his pride.]
Let's start with the youngest, DINO.
[Maknae, DINO, starts attendance.]
- Yes.
- Start.
[The first is a fake, you guys.]
[Points to JEONGHAN.]
- Yes.
Silly MINGYU here.]
MINGYU, yes.
Dummy game [Kim Mingyu, you play game with that face?.]
How can you call yourself? [Why not? I check my existence myself.]
MINGYU, yes.
MINGYU, yes.
- It's dummy game.
- Why? - That really is a dummy.
- Why? [Like that.]
Are you going to continue on your own? [I can do this for an hour.]
MINGYU! Yes! [Yup, MINGYU do it alone (at home).]
He'll do it alone at home.
- He'll do it alone.
- Looking at the mirror.
[If there's a mirror, infinite attendance is possible.]
Yes! Like this.
[MINGYU fails, bummer.]
He really is an ambitious boy.
He takes a shot with this.
MINGYU! Yes! [Because he persisted, they make fun of him for 17 years.]
- MINGYU! Yes! - MINGYU! Yes! [Game dummy, MINGYU failed but got his shot.]
Now S.
COUPS, the leader.
The ones who didn't get called yet should be nervous.
[Starting with S.
COUPS, enjoying school.]
- Attendance.
- Go right away.
[I'm the kind Mr.
- Mr.
- Yes.
- Mr.
- Yes.
- Wait.
[What is that?.]
Wait, it sounds like we don't know each other.
[Don't be upset, Mr.
We're not playing this game anymore.
[He feels really hurt so will stop the game.]
We're not playing this game anymore.
[Ex laughing stock excited about the new laughing stock.]
How can you say Mr.
Hyungdon? [Attendance game only resulted in dummies and heartaches.]
- I'm so - Mr.
Hyungdon was not right.
- He said Mr.
- It was like we didn't know each other.
[Now it's Toy Hammer Dummy Fact Check Time.]
Rumor has it that DK is a "toy-hammer dummy" since 3 years ago.
Right? [Chance to get rid of that title.]
We'll give you a chance to get rid of the title.
[Very interested.]
A chance to abandon that title.
- You all know this game? - Of course.
- Yes.
[Toy Hammer Game Rule.]
The winner hits with the toy hammer, and the loser blocks with the pot.
Today, we will see who the winner of [All tense because of a game.]
the toy hammer game will be.
[Since there are 13.]
One will go up by default.
[The start of this fact, DK wins by default.]
Shall we let DK win by default? DK is the dummy anyway.
[Giving special treatment to the game dummy.]
- Since DK is the dummy.
- Yes.
I'm the dummy, huh? [He doesn't really deny or refuse.]
DK will go up to the next round by default.
[SEVENTEEN's Not a Toy Hammer Dummy contest.]
[Going up by default: DK.]
[Round 1 Group 1.]
- Speedily.
- Let's go.
Ready [He's talking to himself loudly.]
I want to eat ramen because of that pot.
You can just continue.
Start! [Win, lose.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [The strong feeling of a game dummy from the first round.]
[What is this?.]
[It's like seeing myself.]
What is this? [All mine.]
[Ended up with everything.]
- Why did you take both - Why did you take both? - You're a bully.
- He tried to take this.
[How can you take it all?.]
You're a bully when you take both.
Why? [Hyungdon, what did you just say?.]
[Caution, it's not Don VS S.
- Hyungdon? - S.
COUPS, why are you like this? [Sense of kinship?.]
[Not lonely because of Seung-cheol.]
You can't take both.
You can't take both.
[Rematch of the toy hammer.]
Ready, go! Rock-paper-scissors! [Hit, in a blink of an eye.]
Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! [Again.]
[So fun.]
- The end! - S.
COUPS wins.
- Win.
COUPS +1 win, going to Round 2.]
- S.
COUPS wins.
- Win.
[Oh, it's the end.]
- It's ends when you get hit.
- It's the end.
- There's no time.
- It's ends when you get hit.
He got hit and still like [Innocent rule dummy.]
[Round 1 Group 2, HAN VS THE8.]
Chick VS cheetah.
Rock-paper-scissors! [Huh?.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [The loser.]
[The winner.]
[So very confusing.]
THE8 won and [Why is it that we can see DK in other SEVENTEEN members?.]
THE8 needs to grab this.
You lost, so you grab this.
[Customized training.]
[About teach how to walk.]
This is for hitting.
It's not for blocking.
Got it? [Okay, got it.]
[Me too.]
The hammer is for hitting and pot for blocking.
Rock-paper-scissors! [Lost, pot.]
[Won, toy hammer.]
[Yup, don't care.
Just grabs the pot.]
[He takes the toy hammer again.]
[It's a festival.]
[Toy-hammer-dummy syndrome spreading like a plague.]
No, grab this.
I think he's doing it on purpose.
[Round 3, but why one might wonder.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [No more mistakes.]
[THE8 +1 win, goes to Round 2.]
- THE8 wins! - He was real fast.
[Different from its purpose, discovering more dummies.]
[Strong belief.]
[WOOZI will be different.]
WOOZI is nimble.
[Round 1 Group 3, Ggyu VS Bbyo.]
- Let's go.
- I'm really bad at this.
Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! [Hit.]
[This is it.]
[Perfect defense.]
- Real fast.
- Rock-paper-scissors! [This is the cool side we wanted to see.]
Why so unmanly? [Finally there's some tension.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Nip and tuck.]
Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! [Inside guy.]
[Aiming the toy hammer to the inside.]
[One more time since it's a rare footage.]
[A hit swift and accurate.]
[This is me.]
MINGYU wins.
[MINGYU +1 win, goes to Round 2.]
[Round 1 Group 4, WONWOO VS HOSHI.]
[Let's continue and show our awesomeness.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Wait.]
[It's not an action replay.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [This is not the speed of this world.]
The game is too slow.
Wait, did you see? [Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.]
He won, but was choosing [SEVENTEEN is one.]
[All resemble DK.]
Why choose when you won? [Everyone, listen.]
The beauty of this game is the quick liveliness.
[Quick liveliness, okay.]
Got it? quick liveliness [Watch our quick liveliness.]
[Stuffy as a sweet potato.]
Rock-paper-scissors! - Turtle VS sloth.
- Rock-paper-scissors! [Finally hits.]
[WONWOO +1 win, goes to Round 2.]
[Now Round 1 Group 5, Bbu VS SHU.]
[I'm the variety show god.]
I'll show how I got the variety show rookie award.
Okay, okay.
Rock-paper-scissors! [Calculated (?) move.]
[JOSHUA, oh you.]
[Hello, people.]
Wasn't rock-paper-scissors not over yet? I didn't even see the result.
[REPLAY, reviewing the video.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Scissors.]
[He actually lost.]
[Blessed by the variety show god.
I'm happy I made everyone laugh.]
Rock-paper-scissors wasn't over.
I didn't even see the result.
JOSHUA did win [JOSHUA even fooled Donhee, the scam unit member.]
Amazing motor nerves.
[JOSHUA +1 win, goes to Round 2.]
JOSHUA goes to the next round.
[Round 1 Group 6, VS Chan VS Chwe.]
[Giving up on a nice picture.]
This is going to be fun.
Rock-paper-scissors! [Lost.]
[Like a rerun of an earlier match.]
[They exchange coolness with laughter again.]
Don't mix it but grab it.
[Again without any humor.]
Rock-paper-scissors! The end! [Failed to block.]
The end! [VERNON +1 win, goes to Round 2.]
VERNON wins.
[SEVENTEEN's Not a Toy Hammer Dummy contest.]
[Going up by default: DK.]
[Round 2 Group 1, Ggyu VS COUPS.]
- S.
- S.
[Attack simulation.]
[Taking off his top, can't allow another 1g of gravity.]
[Yeah, I'm going to faster than light.]
- The face! - He's like Tarzan.
Rock-paper-scissors! [A rare footage of awesomeness.]
[He surprised himself.
Wow, I'm me.]
[Aww I got hit.]
[Round 2 Group 2, Chwe VS THE8.]
THE8 and VERNON! THE8 is fast.
- Myungho is fast.
- VERNON's fast too.
- They are not yielding their positions.
- Fighting for position.
[Fighting for a better game position.]
[Omniscient ambitious boy's view.]
There are more cameras there.
Rock-paper-scissors! [Game, instantly deleted.]
[Round 2 Group 2, WON VS SHU.]
[One to watch out for as of today.]
- Watch out for JOSHUA.
He's really fast.
[Victim's testimony.
Sensed JOSHUA was a scammer.]
JOSHUA is bit like a scammer.
[Eye for an eye, scam for a scam.]
Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! [Right, he's a fast learner.]
[WONWOO, don't learn that stuff.]
You lost.
You can't grab this and do that as you're doing rock-paper-scissors.
[Suddenly in dialect.]
I was sure I was going to win.
He was sure.
[SEVENTEEN started to make dummies again.]
[Scissors (won), paper (lost).]
[Om my tummy.]
[We will check for scams.]
- Shameful, shameful.
- JOSHUA, what did you do? [Not a scam.
Stating facts calmly.]
I was paper.
I grabbed the wrong one - It was too fast.
- We didn't see it.
Now both of you made mistakes.
Let's be cool.
[Lost, won.]
[Successful defense.
A feat for the slow guy.]
- He blocked.
- - He blocked.
- Rock-paper-scissors.
[Prior sloth, suddenly succeeds in blocking 3 consecutive times.]
[Lost 4 times, won 4 times.]
[Lost 5 times, won 5 times.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [It won't end.
What is going on?.]
He lost all games but blocked all of them.]
How can you lose 5 times? And WONWOO, you must know you're going to lose.
[Secret to defense.
Focused only on the pot.]
- Good defense.
- Like martial arts.
WONWOO wins! [2019.
22 designated as the day we saw WONWOO's fastest speed in his 24 years.]
WONWOO wins.
[SEVENTEEN's Not a toy hammer dummy contest.]
[Now they remember DK, the original dummy.]
- When will DK join? - I think now.
[Semifinals Group 1 WON VS Ggyu.]
- DK goes last? - Yes.
[The hero appears last.
DK, we value you.]
We need to save him because he's a dummy.
[Just happy.]
We need to help him get rid of the title.
[Fighting for position, a noisy (?) start like always.]
[So childish.]
[This was a semifinal game.]
- WONWOO wins.
- WONWOO wins.
He's good.
[And now the long-awaited big match.]
- THE8 and DK.
- I feel dejected.
[Today's first match, DK.]
DK is finally here.
[THE8 close to 3 wins.]
Let's have a good game.
[My Way Bukebox ON.]
The dummy also plays games.
[Sulks due to the fact-attack BGM.]
- BGM.
- It's not good.
[It was to root for you.]
[Can't believe it.
Perfect blocking.
[Oh my.
[Self BGM.]
The dummy also plays games.
[Suddenly the runner-up for 1st place.]
He's good.
[What is this?.]
[1-second cool guy.]
[Falls down.]
[LOL party.]
[Even the variety show rookie awardee acknowledges him.]
I thought it was "The Matrix".
I saw but was late.
[So moved.]
Who said DK is a game dummy? [Toy-hammer genius starting today.]
- He must be a game genius.
- He's a game genius.
[Not done yet.]
He's a game genius.
[Lost, won.]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Flinch.
Give me my hammer.]
[What? Why?.]
[Crazy guy changing the game.]
They grabbed each others'.
[Slow clap.]
[Ex game dummy, Lee Seokmin, goes to the final round with the help of win by default.]
[Thumb up.
Lost, but was a good game.]
- DK wins! - DK.
- Final.
- The anticipated final.
[SEVETEEN's Not a toy hammer dummy contest, WONWOO VS DK.]
[The awaited final match after cutthroat rounds.]
- I won.
- Everyone, this is the final.
[Game of manner.]
- Yes.
- DK did well despite his nickname.
[About to get rid of the title.]
- I'm not a dummy.
- Well-played.
[Toy hammer game final.]
Will DK be able to get rid of his title of [Ex game dummy, Gyeom VS Ex sloth Won.]
being a game dummy? being a game dummy? [The awaited final match after cutthroat rounds.]
Everyone, this is the final.
[Game of manner.]
- Yes.
- DK did well despite his nickname.
[About to get rid of the title.]
- I'm not a dummy.
- Well-played.
[Toy hammer game final.]
Will DK be able to get rid of his title of [Ex game dummy, Gyeom VS Ex sloth Won.]
being a game dummy? Rock-paper-scissors.
[Argh, you're no longer a genius.]
What are you doing? Boxing? [I succeeded in blocking.]
You're fast.
[Again, this is the final.]
- Scared.
- He won but still dodges.
[Like this.]
He's just trying to intimidate you.
[Won, lost.]
[This is a win for Lee Seokmin.]
DK wins! [Everybody singing.]
The dummy also plays games.
How do you feel after winning? [His speech.
I'm not a dummy.]
I think I'm no longer a dummy.
[SEVENTEEN's official gamer as of today.]
I'll take care of the games now.
[No way.]
What are you saying? [It's time to go now.]
We had a fun time with SEVENTEEN today.
[Today's Pickdol speech.]
- MINGYU, you were today's Pickdol.
- Right.
- How was it? - I really wanted to be the Pickdol, so [2019 wish list.
Become Pickdol.]
I was super happy.
[I'll Pickdol again next time.]
I will be Pickdol again next time we're on the show.
Such an ambitious boy.
- S.
- Yes.
- The leader.
Please wrap things up.
[Just yesterday, comeback on January 21st.]
SEVENTEEN is making a comeback on January 21st.
[Please send your love for title track, "Home".]
I really hope you enjoy "Home" and wish that you keep warm [Have a warm winter with SEVENTEEN.]
during the cold winter listening to the song.
SEVENTEEN, I hope "Home" is a hit.
[Let's walk the road of success this year too.]
The most reliable idol show, IDOL ROOM! [Including MINGYU CAM, .]
Thank you.
[diverse clips of IDOL ROOM are available at V LIVE.]