Idol Room (2018) s01e38 Episode Script

Taemin (Shinee)

JTBC Idol Room Episode 38 - Taemin (SHINee) [The guys who we see every week ready to work] [Everybody worship Taemin] [The savior of the viewers' eyes] [Startled] [???] [He looks like sick but] [Amazingly, he's dancing now] [Shocking opening in many ways] [Idol Room] The most trusted idol show! Idol Room! [The first guest of 2019] He's our first and in 2019.
And he's solo.
Last year, Sunmi and Minho visited us.
visited us.
He's almost like their grandfather.
[He's a baby to our eyes][But almost an ancestor to idols] - Right.
- Almost an ancestor.
[Amazingly] He's a singer with 12 years of experience.
He's back as a solo singer.
Taemin! [Best solo singer, Taemin] Hello, I'm Taemin.
Nice to meet you.
[Pressured] I'm not that great senior.
- But considering the years of your experience.
- Sunmi has been working longer than I have.
- Right, except Sunmi.
- Yes, but.
[Greatly concise singer family tree] The order is Uhm Jung-hwa, Sunmi, Taemin, right? The order is Uhm Jung-hwa, Sunmi, Taemin, right? [(It's not totally wrong but.
)] You skipped too much.
- Kim Wan-sun.
- Lee Sunhee, Lee Hyori, Taemin.
- Isn't it the right order? [Donhee Conhee's pedigree of solo singers] Well.
[Accepted it][I think you're right] I think you're right.
[Like Taemin's his own child][Donhee brags about him] It'll be shy for him to say this.
So I'll tell you this.
In SM, Among those who got picked up on the street, he's the only one to debut.
[Wrong] I didn't get picked up on the street.
[(You didn't?)][Free information] Through audition.
Through an open audition.
[An editing point of an experienced singer] - Start.
- So, eventually I.
[Training Donhee Conhee] - Start.
- So, eventually I.
[Correct information] He's the only one who made it to debut among those who got picked through an open audition.
[Wrong again] - That's not true.
- There are other singers? - Yes.
[Seulgi, Yeri also got picked up through an open audition] Yes, Seulgi from Red Velvet.
[Desperate] - Among male singers.
- Then I'm the last one.
[That's not true][NCT's Jungwoo and Haechan] He's the first and the last.
[Heechul is before him] - You forgot Heechul.
- Yes, Heechul, too.
[Don't be fooled][Fake news producer] - Yes, Heechul, too.
- He got picked up on the street.
[Arranging information] I'll tell you again.
Among many SM trainees, [What he wants to say is][Taemin is this amazing] - The only one.
- Through an open audition, who debuted through [Correct information] He's the last.
[Heechul, Yoona, Taemin, Seulgi, Yeri, Haechan, Jungwoo debuted through open auditions] singer.
When did you debut? In what year? [Only I got older][He was 14 in 2008] In 2008.
- Wow, time flies.
- In 2008.
In 2008.
Then you.
- You've had a long break, right? - Yes.
[Taemin has changed a lot] You look so different.
[Maybe it's just me?] I think it's because I'm so shy now.
Is it because of his lenses? [Because of his styling?] - Your eyes.
- I'm wearing this outfit for dance.
- It's a stage outfit.
- You've got much more handsome.
- How can I say this.
[Staring] You don't feel childlike anymore.
[I'm still young] No, I didn't.
The first time I saw Taemin.
I remember the time exactly.
[So old][In 2009] When I was on "We Got Married" as a couple with Taeyeon "We Got Married" with Taeyeon, as a couple.
[Aha!] Oh, I see.
Back then, I gave him 1,000 won.
[Taemin, an idol like his own child] - Saying, "Buy some snack".
- Yes.
[Donhee's memory time] He called me brother in law and asked me for allowance.
Here is your allowance! [His own calculation] - I gave him 1,000 won.
It'll be worth about 1,000 million won now.
- Right.
[From the perspective of Donhee] - It'll worth about 1,000 million won now.
- Must get it back.
But I still remember the time.
When you said you gave me 1,000 won at first, I didn't remember it.
[The memory of 1,000 won was already gone] I didn't remember it.
Yeah, you're right.
Because it's more than 10 years ago.
[I understand][1,000 won 10 years ago] Anyway.
[Do you know "Three Taemin"?] I heard that SHINee fans have "Three Taemin" ritual.
[What's "Three Taemin"?] Ahead of an important thing, if you make a wish, and say Lee Taemin three times, your wish will come true.
[Human talisman] My fans.
To overcome their jinx.
- They came up with that, I think.
- Because they like you so much.
[Any successful cases?] Did you heard of any successful cases? [Pouring testimonies] Yes, one of them said she entered college after saying my name 3 times.
When they take a test or.
[He's well aware of the effectiveness of the ritual] Some of they failed to get our concert ticket.
- Desperately.
- They do it for such occasions.
[I believe you, Taemin] If we say your name 3 times, can we get 1.
5% for viewer rating? [Positive] Wouldn't it be better if you try at least? - You have nothing to lose.
- Okay, then.
[Let's scream][Three Taemin!] How can we do it? Sam Taemin, Sam Taemin.
[My name is Lee Taemin.
] No, Lee Taemin.
[Lee Taemin (27-year-old)/ His family name is not Sam] - Oh, three times like that.
- Right.
- Do you have any moves? - Should we walk like this? Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
[Distracting believers] Like this, Sam Taemin, Sam Taemin.
[Flustered Taemin][(Believers, calm down please)] Lee Taemin, like this? How can we do it? [Again!!] Holding my belly, Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
[Taemin, don't play along with him] You can just say my name 3 times.
But as we do this at this show, [Solomon Taemin] Let's just make up some moves.
Shall we do this then? [Collabo of Idol Room movements and Three Taemin] Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
[Plays along with them] Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
This is the official pose of Idol Room.
- Let's scream.
- Got it.
[Wishing for success of today's episode & higher viewer rating] Please make today's episode a hit.
[I believe you] Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
I feel like there'll be a miracle and our viewer rating will skyrocket.
Thank you.
[Taemin's latest news] 12 years have passed since your debut.
- Are you living alone now? - Yes.
[I am living alone] Yes, I'm living alone.
- Since last year? - Yes.
[Moving out of the dorm] For the first time? - Yes.
- In the middle of your 20s? But it's not like the first time.
Because I was living at a dorm after I debuted.
[Already used to living alone since he was a kid] I was already living away from my family.
I was already used to it.
And KEY gave you advice.
[KEY is a senior when it comes to living alone] Yes.
After shooting, - take the tissues lest on the studio.
- Right.
[Like a mom] His advice has been a great help.
It was great.
Because after eating, [After he moved out][He cares more about sanitation] it bothers me if it's messy.
I didn't care about that before.
[Wet tissues, a necessity for people who live alone] To keep things clean, - wet tissues are the best.
- Yes.
- They are the best.
- On the internet, they sell things at a cheaper price on certain days.
But I really don't have to buy them.
[Thanks to KEY's advice][Acquired enough wet tissues] When I have a shoot, - There are lots of them.
- I can collect them.
[Behaving condescendingly with props] Do you want to take a look around now? Do you want to take a look around now? [Selected an item in an instant] - Can I take this home? - Not that one.
- Why? - You can't bring things here.
[Restricted items] [Except for the props in the studio] - I can't bring things in here? - Everything in the studio is embedded.
You want that stand, right? [Want it] Yes, that seems fine.
You can take anything behind the camera.
[It's not mine but.
] You can have everything if you want.
- We'll give you.
- Everything.
- That's good.
- For Taemin.
- It's a really generous show.
[Is he making a newly coined term?] Of course it is.
[Say anything] How about the zimizib? [Playing along] I want it so bad.
[Where will you use it?[ - I want that.
- If you bring it yourself without dissembling, we'll give it to you.
You know how much it is, right? - Extremely expensive.
- Yeah, it is extremely expensive.
[I'm serious now] I can drag it home, if you give me that.
Come this way.
[Props shopping time] - There are lots of props here.
- Take this.
[Got a bundle of bottled water] Take this and.
[Holding tightly] [Donhee Conhee give out things that are not theirs] - Color pencils.
- Do you like snacks? I don't eat snacks.
[Rap] - Wet tissues.
- Oh, this one, this one, this one.
[Expensive camera] This one, this one, this one.
[Not the expensive camera] Things behind the camera.
Things behind the camera only.
- Not the camera? - No, you can't take the camera.
[Take everything he gets] - Thank you.
- Wet tissues, wet tissues.
[Quick scanning] - When you live alone, you should take everything you can get.
- Computer, computer.
[Item-radar that finds expensive things] Computer.
- Except for electronic devices.
- Why? - You can't take electronic devices.
- Really? - Yes, Vegemeal.
[Put a drink in his shirt] It's cold.
I just want to give you things.
[Busy eyes of Taemin] [A thrifty market opens] A frying pan? What else do we have? [I don't know whose coat it is.
] - Driver.
- How about this coat? [Shining eyes] I like that one.
[Take everything][Lee Taemin, an icon of accepting] Thank you.
Is this fit for you? It is.
[Gained] - Let's wrap this up.
- Take those things.
- Thank you.
- You can take anything, even during the shooting.
[Love it][Expensive down coat] I love this one personally.
Whose coat is it? [What he likes the most about the coat] This coat comes even with a wallet inside.
[A one plus one product] - Really good sense.
- Wait.
- A wallet.
- Is there a wallet? [How much is there inside the wallet?] Whose wallet is it? Isn't this the lighting director's wallet? [Just 3,000 won] - There's 3,000 won.
- An allowance from you after a long time.
- [Here you are] I gave him an allowance after 12 years.
How can you have only 3,000 won? [Satisfied] Your wallet is on an extreme diet.
[Take it back?] Now.
Your outfit.
[People might think that Donhee takes away Taemin's coat] As SM prepared the outfit.
- You can take it later.
- You can take it later.
I'll put it here.
[I adore you, Taemin] [Remember to give him 3,000 won] Take 3,000 won.
[Satisfied] Buy a hamburger set or something.
We don't have the fact-checking session.
Well, to check out how he's doing, [Mini session] let's have a brief time for fact-checking.
He is claiming the title of SHINee's official dance copy machine.
[2nd dance copy machine] I can copy dance.
[Source] Minho said in last year's fan meeting that SHINee can't copy dance right away.
- Taemin, "I can do it".
- Egoistic.
[That's what genius tells] Some made it.
Only three.
[Dance copy machine] BoA, Key, Lisa.
We were surprised.
They copy everything.
Three of them deserve the title.
You said you can do it.
- Let's prove it.
- Yeah.
I am worried about the money.
I will take away your money.
[Ha ha] [Taemin's challenge] [Dance super copy machine] Here we go.
[Gotta Go #Chung Ha] [Relieved] [Watching it in smile] [Copying bits of dancing] [Memorizing each move] [There is hope] [Outstanding moves] - Can you? - Can you? - Let me try.
- Okay.
[Being humble] Too hard.
Music, on! [Why?] What? Alone? [We told you] What? [Fine okay] - With the video on? - With it.
- With it.
- Okay.
You were surprised.
Nothing on the screen.
[Taking back his words in 10 seconds] I am not good at copying.
[You said you could do it] You said yes.
- I am different.
- I can do it.
[The youngest of SHINee] I just make fun of others.
- We have to prove.
- Okay.
[Bouncing] - Here we go.
- On the mirror mode? [His arms and legs moving naturally] [BUT a bit slower] [He deserves the title] [Look at his move] [Almost succeeding?] [No way] [Out of order] [Taemin, come here] Get 1,000 won back.
[Give it back to me] - 1,000 won.
- Okay.
[Lack of confidence] - No way.
- You said you can.
[Yes o Yes #TWICE] [Back again with confidence?] [Shiny eyes] [Flustering] [Point dancing of the song] TWICE.
[Not aggressive] [His dancing pace is as slow as the 486 computer] - Okay.
- Give it back.
[Naive] I am ready to give it to you anytime.
Quite different.
[Men's dancing] - Next.
- Next, please.
[IDOL #BTS] [Similarly] [Becoming more passionate about harder dancing] [Like this] [You are YES MAN] - Can you? - Yeah.
- Can you? - Yeah.
[Saying yes] - You can choose another.
- Okay! [Taemin always says yes] Another one.
We have some samplings.
You can choose one among them.
[Say yes to what you can do] Don't feel hurried.
[Love Shot#EXO] [Watching] [Dancing DNA] [Likely to make it] [Would you dance?] It is over.
[Saying no!] Next.
Can I look around more? [Not for watching others dancing] It is not YouTube.
- Last.
- The last one.
[One of Those Nights #Key] [Oh, this song] [Dance copy machine selecting dances] Not this one, but 'Forever Yours'.
Hey, just say that you've prepared something.
You said you can copy dancing.
[Just wanting to dance what he knows] You request something you've already learned.
- You are giving them orders? - Like this [Do whatever you want] It is a customized service.
[Key's 'Forever Yours'] [Dancing familiar to him] [Flawlessly dancing] Oh, what? Not this part.
[Purely brazen] This move for another part.
[We are not at a karaoke] What are you requesting? [It is time to prove your copying capabilities] You should just copy.
Copy what you are watching.
[Angry] You gave me something really hard.
[Frustrated] You find one.
[Pure] [I will give up] I just quit.
[Only Key is the dance copy machine] Then, Minho was right.
- His remarks? - Yeah.
[Fact-checking] [Taemin is not good at copying dancing] [Proved] Your answer to his question aimed at making fun of Minho.
- An ad-lib.
- An ad-lib.
Next! [Taemin, "I am too stiff for a dancing singer]" [Yes] It is true.
- Your dancing implies that.
- Yeah.
[I am stiff] I am not flexible.
Let me test you.
[Flexibility test] [Legs higher than the head: Those in their 10s and 20s] [Parallel: Those in their 30s and 40s] If legs go up higher than the head [Legs lower than the head: Those in their 50s] - 10-somethings or 20-somethings.
- Of your age.
Let's go.
[Excessive confidence] - I can do it.
- Stretching the arms.
[Flat] Stretch your arms and rise up if I count.
1, 2, 3.
[Flexible] - Raise your head.
- Your head.
I have cramps.
[Somebody, help me] I've got cramps.
[Real] - Oh, my.
- You should hold it so that we can measure it.
Well, it happens often.
[With a limp] [Poor] Why do you make us feel sorry? [Sorry] Hey, we are sorry.
[This test turns out to be dangerous] - Where? - Don't do it.
- The wrist.
- The wrist.
[Pure] - On the wrist.
- Don't do it.
[The first-ever occasion] - He got cramps.
- Sorry.
- Oh, my.
- I am sorry.
[Fact-checking] [He turns out to be weak] [Unexpected results] You are the first one to get the cramps.
Close Cam for idols.
Today's live close camera! [Ta-da] When we have idols on our show, we pick one of them as PickDol, and until the show is over, we film them and release the video without editing.
But as Taemin is alone today, for Taemin, [Special guests are here for him] we brought some guests.
[Who is it?] Really? - Please come out.
- Come out here.
Come out here.
[Smile as soon he sees them] [Enter the guest] [My friends][2D faces with 3D bodies] They are three-dimensional [SHINee KEY, Ha Sungwun, EXO's Kai, BTS Jimin] Sungwun, Kai, Jimin.
[Star-studded casts] It feels so weird.
Really weird.
[Strange Key][Familiar face] In fact, Key.
I did a show together.
Wujung Paddings][First time to be on a show together] But they are.
- It's really weird to see them here.
- Why? They are your friends.
Nothing to feel weird about it.
Say hello.
[Automatically use honorifics] Hello.
[(Awkward)][(Strange)] Hello.
You usually talk that formally with your friends? [Work before private life] I should talk formally when I'm working.
Jimin, Kai, Sungwun.
What's Wujung Paddings? When I was with them, like a crew, [The origin of Wujung Paddings][Taemin's idea] I wanted to do something.
I just wanted us to wear the same outfit.
So, we drew our hands and [Made customized padded coats] made a mark, [This is the padded coat][The birth of Wujung Paddings] and put it on the coat.
So, we wear it together.
So the group consists of Key, Sungwun.
- No, no.
[Key is here as a family member] No, Key is not one of them.
[Taemin, Sungwun, Kai, Jimin][Members of Wujung Paddings] These friends.
There are more members besides them.
[Breaking news] Sungwun, you're about to release a solo album? As a senior singer, do you have any piece of advice for him? [Modest Sungwun] Sungwun, listen to him.
[(I'll keep it in mind)] First of all.
[Sincerity of 718%] You must take care of your staff.
Now that you have to work alone, not with other members, you'll feel a lot of pressure.
But once you overcome the pressure, you'll produce good results.
[Extra cheering] With your advice, - please hand this to him, to cheer him up.
- Oh, I see.
[This is my secret to success] I also received it from Hyeongdon a long time ago.
[I've grown up like this] Take this 1,000 won first.
12 years later, [In 2031] Tell me 12 years later.
I'll give you 3,000 won.
[He'll join the army on March 4][A word to Key] To Key, - who will join the army on March 4.
- Say a word to Key.
I'm so happy.
[Making fun of him][(You know I'm joking, right?)] I'm so happy.
Finally, you're joining the army.
To fulfill military duty.
[It's my show time] Finally, it's my show time.
I'm so happy.
I'm joking.
[Key is planning a 11-day solo concert] Now you have to join the army.
[For his fans][Key's been busy working] He's really busy these days.
I think he'll join the army without having a break.
[Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin!] I hope he'll come back safely.
When he joins the army, he'll needs money to spend.
Buy some snacks.
- Keep it.
- Keep it.
Younger brother takes care of you.
Let's start close camera now.
[One of them will be selected as PickDol.
He'll appear on the screen frequently] Nice to meet you, everyone.
Idol Room! Today, we have Taemin here.
[Fan Club][SHINee World, hi] Hello.
Nice to meet you.
This is Taemin.
[You missed me, right?] Taemin is here as a solo singer.
And his friends are here to cheer him up.
Key, Sungwun, Kai and Jimin.
They are here today.
Fans asked this.
Don't say anything for 10 seconds, just staring at the camera.
[I wish the time stops.
So that I can keep looking at Taemin] [I saw a guy like this before.
In a comic book] [I want to know until when he's going to be this cute] - You're counting too slowly.
- 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Thank you.
They ask for a group photo of Wujung Paddings.
[A rare opportunity][Position setting for a group photo] Will you go in the middle? Next to Sungwun and Kai.
[Taemin looks smaller] They ask you to dance "Move" with your friends.
[(OMG)] "Move".
Can you dance to the song? [Listen, my friends][One point lesson] At first, you can move your left foot, right foot, like this.
Why are you using honorifics to your friends? - Excuse me? - Because he's working now.
Their profiles look like they are different people.
Let's go.
Play the music.
[First time for Key & Wujung Paddings to dance to "Move" with Taemin] Right, left.
[The movements of the friends look somewhat strange] Right, left.
Right, left.
[We are idols] [But I can't move my body] [Awkward movements] Kai, where are you looking at? [I want to dance but.
(I mean it)] - Sungwun.
- Jimin.
Your fans ask you to stop.
They must be really tired.
[It was so fun][Now is the time to pick PickDol] Let's select PickDol now.
[Wow][6o6] Wow, this is my first time to see this.
[Taemin and his friends] Please lie downward with flower cup hands.
[Looking so handsome] All of you make a circle.
[FYI, Sungwun is the first PickDol] Taemin, make a pretty face for 3 seconds.
[PickDol SHINee Taemin][Baby cheese~] 1, 2, 3, click.
[PickDol SHINee Key][Leader freak] Key.
[PickDol Sungwun] Sungwun, 1, 2, 3.
[PickDol, EXO Kai][Jo Nini] Kai, 1, 2, 3, click.
[PickDol, BTS Jimin][Mr.
Fairy] Jimin.
[Taemin and friends are ready] [I keep smiling] Who will be today's PickDol? [It'll be fun no matter who gets picked] If Taemin doesn't get picked, [Laughing][He also finds this situation hilarious] it'll be really fun.
1, 2, 3! [Spinning board, go!] 1, 2, 3.
Today's PickDol.
[(I think it'll pick me)] Will it be Taemin? Or his friends? Who will it be? [Interesting] I can't wait to find out.
Who will be today's PickDol? It's me! [Will he be today's PickDol as he said?] [Oh.
][Spoiler protector Conhee appears again] The result is! [Who will be the lucky guy?] The result is! [Gosh][It's me?] You can find out the result on the live show.
PickDol has been selected.
[God Taemin said] It's perfect.
What should we do? [Congratulations][Key became PickDol!] Key has been selected as today's PickDol.
[Way to go!][Are you watching me, cuties?] Anyone can tell it's Key.
Do you have anything to say to Key? [Before you join the army][I'll be a good memory] I think it'll be a great memory for him.
[Is this your first time to meet?] Why are you talking like you're talking to a stranger? [Sweet Taemin] Save the video.
[Taemin's Idol Room!] [Makes Key laugh hard] [You must watch it, right?] [Please look forward to PickCam as well] [P.
Kim Kibeom, you're watching our show, right?] Please tell us about your new album.
The title song is "WANT".
["WANT" expresses Taemin, ] I can say that the song [An up-tempo song based on space disco] expresses myself.
You are going to want me.
- You will be fascinated by me eventually.
- Those are the lyrics.
- Like putting a spell.
- Yes.
- It feels like, "You can't resist me", right? [Listen to my song, you'll want me more] - You'll want me more.
- Oh, such feeling.
- You'll want me more.
Oh, such feeling.
- We have our own way to introduce a new song.
Right? - That's right.
That's right.
Let's move on to the Nano Dance.
[Nano Dance][A singer dances the killing part and analyzes the dance in nano units] [This is the nano part of "WANT"] [Customized service] You'll have to dance alone, right? So, let's make 4 different versions for the same part.
Basic, fatal, baby, powerful, lovely versions.
5 versions in total.
[I got it] After you finish one version, just move on to the next version.
[I got it] - Got it? - And now.
[First singer to dance with dancers] And he has brought his dancers.
To show a great performance.
["WANT" NANO DANCE] Play the song.
[Getting ready with a unique vibe] [All set.
With eyes for performance] [Anticipation at the maximum level] [Dance starts] [Every joint expresses his ego] [It seems easy but no one can imitate his moves] [His face is descriptive his movements are lyrical] [Dancers join him] [High-class dance in a shabby place] [Already attracted] [Lee Taemin made a Korean cultural renaissance] [Another group of dancers join] [Already the nano part] [Fatal "WANT"] [Baby "WANT"] Now the powerful version.
[Powerful WANT] Lovely Taemin.
[Lovely "WANT"] [Amazed by his dance] [Dance master] [Continue to dance right after he found his spot] [A singer born in 1993, a song born in 2019, a performance of 4012 years in total] [Positive] [A fever for "WANT" is expected] [Thank you.
for living in the same era with me] [Great job, Taemin!] I knew he would nail it.
The first "Taemin, the Role Model Contest"! [The start] - Do you know what it means? - Taem as in Taemin.
[Increased skills to interpret newly-coined terms] Yes.
it means Taemin, the role model.
Taemin, the role model.
Taemin, the role model? [What's up with his eyes?] I have been a singer for a long time and this is new to me.
Why are you looking at me like that? [Donhee's mind = Our mind] I didn't think you would get it.
[Just proud of Taemin] Of course I get it.
[A role model of many idols] I heard that some idols think of me as their role model.
How do you feel when they tell you that? I'm so happy and.
I get to realize that so many years have passed.
[Taemin, the Role Model Contest] So, we'll gather idols [To find out how much junior idols] who officially announced that [know about Taemin] you're their role model.
- Please come out.
- Please come out.
Please come out.
[Big fans of Taemin from the start] [2 cuties with a SHINee light stick] Jisung, again! - We meet so often.
- I can see you've already been here.
[NCT Jeno] [NCT Jisung] Please say hello to the viewers.
[Nervous] [It's not a mike] [Full spirit] Hello.
I'm Jisung, the next legendary dancer of SM, who wants to become like Taemin.
[It's your turn!] [Lost] Where should I look? [Laughing hard] [They look so cute to Taemin] I can't breathe.
[Embarrassed on behalf of them][Turned red] I feel so stuffy like I ate a sweet potato.
[Another red man] - Get me some soda.
- Jeno, take it easy.
[Why are you hiding?] I'm a self-claimed hidden fan of Taemin.
I'm Jeno from NCT.
[Pleased] Did you really apply to SM because Taemin was your role model? [Jeno explains why he's a huge fan of Taemin] When I was asked to dance, [Moved] - I danced to "Beautiful" and I got in.
- Really? I see.
- What about you Jisung? Since I was a kid, I have loved SHINee.
[Throwing the bait] Jisung, do you like Taemin the most? [Grabbed] Yes, he's been my favorite.
[So proud of you] - You don't think Onew is cool? - What about Minho? [Unexpected time of trial and suffering] What is Onew lacking compared to Taemin? What is Onew lacking compared to Taemin? [Flustered][Another groundless bait comment] Onew used to say Jisung is his favorite [Got tricked] - Really? - Yes.
[Cute] [On the jig] [Trying to calm down] I really think Taemin's dance is so graceful.
[Don't care about what he said] Well, you are saying Onew's dance is not so modern.
[Quivering] Taemin is graceful but Onew is just average.
[About to cry] [Enjoying the pain of his member] Jeno you can laugh now.
[He doesn't know what will happen to him] - It is time to attack you.
- Really? [Jeno's suffering begins] What about you? You like Taemin more than Minho? [Taemin is watching you] You like Taemin more than Minho? Yes.
What does 'Yes' mean? - Why do you like Taemin more than Minho? Among them? [Brain in full operation] - Why does Taemin shine more? - Because he.
[Came out with an answer with difficulty] He shines a lot on the stage.
- Only Taemin shines on the stage.
- Thank you so much.
I am going to say that to Minho.
[A betrayal of Minho] I am going to say that to Minho.
I shine more than you on the stage.
[True education for variety show][Cuties] Well, he told you that.
[This is the variety show of an experienced singer] Jeno said it.
It is a testimony.
A fact.
[Acquired a great concern and enlightenment] Minho won't say anything to Jeno.
[Minho! He's the bad guy] - It is a fact.
- Right, you won't see him for 5 years.
[Jeno's not guilty at all] That works.
It's a fact.
[Still proud of them] They got so much better than before.
Now they can answer.
[Improving cuties] - They couldn't answer before.
- NCT.
- They know how to answer now.
[Beginners of a talk show] [OMG] It was worse than now? We were going to use kakaotalk.
Because they just couldn't answer.
[I can talk about it now] Well, SHINee.
[Diss with a childlike face] I think you ruined us all.
[Mastered even variety shows] Everyone can say what they want now.
[An exemplary idol] They'll make it fun later.
There are more than these two.
- One more fan.
- We will invite him.
Come out here.
[Welcome] [Another fan with a SHINee light stick] Donghan.
[Kim Donghan] Hello.
I'm Kim Donghan.
I could debut thanks to Taemin.
[Taemin heard about this for the first time] - His whole life revolves around Taemin.
- Really? [Power of SM] Jisung and Jeno are here because they belong to SM.
[The sincerity of Jisung and Jeno is suddenly suspected] Donghan is a huge fan of Taemin.
He does feel like one.
- I'm a huge fan of Taemin.
- Tell us about it.
I was in JBJ.
- I did the cover of 'Move' on my own stage.
- I saw it.
[Moved] - I saw it.
- Really? - The head of our company who saw it, [Source: OUI Ent.
] Thought I could debut as a solo.
[Staring][Can't look at Taemin] So that's how I debuted.
- Got two albums out already.
- This is the first time to see Taemin? Nope, we did a show together once.
- Did you know? - Yes.
[Really moved] Did you know? When I was working as SHINee.
[Look at him] He knew it.
Look, he's surprised.
He's grateful that Taemin knows him.
[Detailed memory] Didn't we see twice? [A flood of moved feelings] Right.
Taemin searches everything.
[Taemin knows everything] Searching for groups that are promoting.
[Keep looking at MCs] It was around the same time for 'Move'.
[Looking at Donghan all along] I saw your all of your rehearsal.
- You were so cool.
- It is so weird.
Jisung and Jeno were looking at you.
But Donghan can't look at you.
[Casting a doubt on Jisung & Jeno again] - So we know.
- We know.
[Reading minds] Donghan is the real deal.
Donghan is the real deal.
[What about us?] We are not saying that Jeno and Jisung are not real.
They work for the same company.
So, we can't trust you.
[We are really huge fans of Taemin] [They think it's unfair but dare not to talk back] We mean well.
Look at Donghan.
"Really?" The game is over already.
[He still can't look at Taemin] He can't even have eye contact with you.
[A quiz time, Jisung and Jeno can prove their sincerity] Jisung and Jeno.
You two talk at the same time.
What is Taemin's blood type? 1, 2, 3! Type A.
[Stammering] [Riddling smile] Hold on.
Jisung, what did you say? - Jisung said O and Jeno? [Not confident] I think it was O.
Donghan, what is it? 1, 2, 3! I think it is O.
He's being modest.
[The answer is?] What's your blood type? It's B.
[You're all wrong] [Laughing hard] [Trying to clean this up] - Mine is type O.
- You were hoping we share the same blood type.
[Mixed feelings] It is not easy to know the blood type.
[Another huge fan is waiting] There is another one.
- Another fan.
- We'll have him here.
As that one is working at the moment.
He is on the way here.
Let's start the contest now.
Taemin, you got something for us, right? [His favorite item] This is his favorite item.
[Curious] What will it be? [Attention] [Ta-da] This t-shirt means a lot.
["Good Evening"] It was our stage outfit.
When I was promoting as SHINee.
[I want it] We'll give this T-shirt to the winner.
- Of course.
- We'll give it to him and.
[Another prize] - One more? - Exchange phone numbers.
Exchange phone number.
Donghan, just imagine this.
[Simulating the phone call] With Taemin, [Talking on the phone with my role model] I won't be able to do it.
That's what they say and they do it at the end.
Why, why can't you do it? When guys become friend, [Manly Taemin][Big brother moment] they become super casual.
Since you said his fan, do you know what Three Taemin is? [Of course I know] Yes, like a mantra.
- Lee Taemin.
Lee Taemin.
Lee Taemin.
- Like a ritual.
[Nodding] [What are you trying to do now?] - He knows it.
- Come out here.
- Me? - Taemin, stand here.
Three of you stand looking at Taemin.
[The boy born in 2002, feeling ominous] [Let's have "Three Taemin" ritual] Say Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin, Lee Taemin.
Scream Lee Taemin three times.
Then your wishes will come true.
Then you'll get this T-shirt and his number.
Here we go.
[Smile like a fairy] Lee Taemin! Lee Taemin! Lee Taemin! [In front of god Taemin][A bit shy to do "Three Taemin"] Lee Taemin! Lee Taemin! Lee Taemin! - No, I don't feel any energy.
- We shouted in the beginning.
Let us show you.
Start! [Almost like a religious ritual] [Reborn as a believer of Taemin today] [I pray to Taemin] We did it like this.
[Try again] - Wishing that our show make a hit.
- You must be desperate.
Ready, start! [This time, Taemin got also shy] [Taemin felt their desperateness] - That's enough.
- We can see you really want it.
The first "Taemin, the Role Model Contest"! Please give us the first game! The first "Taemin, the Role Model Contest", big eater section.
I didn't know this until today, - but I heard that you eat a lot.
- We heard that you're a big eater.
- Have you really eaten food that was enough to feed 9 people? - Alone? About for 9 people? - What kind of menu? - It was close to 9, I think.
- Meat.
- Pork? - Yes, pork belly bbq.
Pork enough to feed 9 people is a lot of meat.
But what's really funny was that I got sick soon after that.
[Story about how he had to go to the hospital.
txt] So I went to the hospital.
The doctor told our manager that I should eat more meat.
[The doctor said] That I should eat more meat.
[Completely surprised] - Because you're so thin? - Apparently, I have like zero cholesterol.
- Zero cholesterol? - Yes.
So the doctor said that I lack nutrients.
[Of course, TAEMIN should eat more] The doctor said I should eat more meat.
- After eating 9 helpings.
- The manager said he was shocked.
How much did you eat in one sitting, JI SUNG? [He's in a growth spurt] About 6 or 5 servings of meat.
- 6 servings? - How is that possible? [These guys are speechless] If you eat 6 servings, that makes it 1.
2kg of pork.
2kg? 6 servings? [Bright] I recently ate 2kg.
[Simply put] That means you basically ate my left foot.
[Great metaphor] Anyways, the reason we brought that up is because we prepared [The staff is well prepared] some foods that are TAEMIN's favorite.
And TAEMIN will eat them.
[TAEMIN, their role model] Then he'll express the food with his body.
You have to guess what food it is.
[That sounds easy] Got it? [The 5 foods that TAEMIN likes best] [Jajangmyeon(black bean noodles), strawberry milk, chicken, chips, jokbal (pig feet)] [Two separated areas] - Wow.
- We haven't eaten yet.
[Oops] I'm going to start with the jajangmyeon.
[They heard a huge hint] But the order is up to TAEMIN.
[Tries to fix this] - The order might be different.
- Yes.
This kind of mistake is OK.
[Determined] Let's get at least Jajangmyeon right.
- Please start with the first menu.
- The one that you want to eat the most.
[Role model contest] This looks so good.
[First menu is jokbal] Not a bad choice.
[Exasperated] I want to poke a hole in that thing.
[Yummy] [Happy time for the jokbal-lover] You can take time to enjoy your food.
[They can almost taste the food by its sounds] He needs time to think.
[He can't help the fact that his mouth is watering] Just by seeing TAEMIN eat, his fans will be happy.
Now you have to express this taste with dancing.
[He's inspired] [A jokbal dance] I think I can do it.
[Determined] [Ready to get it right] You can do whatever you want to do.
Whatever you want to do.
[The first feeling he got when he ate the jokbal] It's not a hint.
It's more like how you feel.
[Role model contest] [First food and dance quiz] [Amazed by his dancing] [I don't know what that menu is but his dancing is amazing] - He's loving it.
- He loves the menu.
[This is the jokbal dance] He's in love with it.
[It's like the jokbal is dancing in his mouth] He liked it a lot.
[His whole body is moving with happiness] He loves it.
[There you go] [A huge hint by moving on all fours] [Bewildered by the surprise move] - They'll get it.
- That's OK.
[Complimenting] [Almost like the Michelin guide] - All right.
- Guess please.
- That was good.
Good expression.
[What he heard earlier] Jajangmyeon.
[He's determined to get at least jajangmyeon right] Jajangmyeon.
[Thinks it's hilarious] He said jajangmyeon at the first question [Further explanation] I was trying to express how this food melted in my mouth.
That was a huge hint.
[Beef?] - Beef? - Wrong.
- Nope.
[These poor contestants are lost because they were focused on the dance] The genre is [Meaningful] Beef fat doesn't melt well.
[Not beef] [Something that has easily melting fat] It melts.
[Something that melts] [And walks on fours] Beef fat doesn't melt well.
[Then jokbal?] Jokbal.
Why did you think so? [JENO's explanation] Walking on fours.
And he mentioned fat.
Collagen? [+1 point] Correct! [He stands up because he's so happy] He got the correct answer.
[Wait] You can't peek.
[They are not allowed to jump out to see] You can't see what's behind that.
[Current score] [JISUNG: 0 points, JENO: 1 point, DONG HAN: 0 points] Please keep seated.
[Amazed] - I can't believe he got that.
- Great expressing.
Next menu please.
[Role model contest] [2nd menu is strawberry milk] That's a personal favorite of mine.
[Ears open wide] - When I was little - You might make a mistake and say it.
[Who asked him?] When I was young, I lied to [Useless TMI] - my older sister once, because I wanted it to myself.
- When you were little? [All senses are focused on TAEMIN] He's eating it right now.
[Being inspired by the strawberry milk] This is hard.
[Donhee's opinion] I think everyone in this world would like this.
It's hard not to like.
Everyone likes this.
[Role model contest] [2nd question] Please show us your dance for this food.
[I'll get it again!] [I will!] How you felt when you ate it.
[He looks like a kid all of a sudden] [Expressing a cow] [It's easy once you know the answer] [TAEMIN is satisfied] [The 2nd question is out] That's enough.
[Key's CAM] How can they get that? Think of when you were younger.
- Jajangmyeon.
We're going to remove the jajangmyeon.
[He's all about the jajangmyeon] You should hurry up and eat the jajangmyeon.
- Deer antlers.
Does TAEMIN like deer antlers? [For real] Of course, that's possible.
[They want him to eat healthy] - That's hilarious.
- It's a bit too far.
[What?] - I haven't tried it before but I like it.
- Wrong.
- Goblin? - Wow, he's quick.
[Quick witted] [Good try] JENO must be really quick-witted.
How is this a school? [JEN-Sherlock] It can't be going to work though.
Personally, it reminds me of [TMI again] old fashioned saunas.
[A sauna all of a sudden?] [Getting more mysterious] That's all I will tell you.
[What I would ask my dad after a sauna] - Dad! - Yes! [These 3 are already at the sauna] [Confused] Hold still, let me do your back.
- Good job.
- You have to stay still for me to do this.
Pikachu donkatsu.
[Oh no] [A Pikachu donkatsu after a sauna?] Pikachu donkatsu.
[Failed in thinking on their level] - Sauna.
- Nope.
- The generation gap - We're not the same generation.
- A completely different generation.
[TAEMIN feels sorry for them] No.
[Confident] JISUNG, mixed coffee stick.
[Why is everyone laughing?] Nope.
[Please more information] - If you have this, you become the hero at school.
- Yes.
[TAEMIN's experience] Everyone wants a sip.
[A hero at school] [Sauna with dad] You can become a hero at school with this.
[Not antler horns] [Nor jajangmyeon] Yes.
[JEN-sherlock] The flavored powder you can add to your milk.
[Sorry but wrong answer] - No! - Close.
It's not it! [Milk is milk] JENO got it correct.
[Correct] - Isn't it the answer? - Nope.
[Bewildered] [It isn't] Something else.
[A wrong answer mentioned earlier] [Hands urgent] Something you put in your milk.
- Correct.
- Is this it? - Chocolate milk? [Almost there] It's not chocolate milk! [Gets the answer from someone else's mistake] DONG HAN, strawberry milk.
[+1] [DONG HAN got it right] [Wow] - Strawberry milk! - It's strawberry milk.
[Current score] [JI SUNG 0 points, JENO 1 point, DONG HAN 1 point] Strawberry milk.
- What's this? - Cow.
That was a cow.
[Such a huge score] The last question has 1.
7 billion on the line.
[Whoa] 1.
7 billion points.
[Role model contest] [3rd menu is chicken] [Such a big reaction] [Curious to see what it is because of Donhee and Conhee] [He got the chicken] Wow, you're amazing.
[It's amazing Donhee and Conhee can contain themselves] Can't believe you waited this long.
[JENO] Jajangmyeon.
[He devours the food to play the game] - He waited for so long.
- All of these menus [Using their hearing abilities to the max] [Focusing on the sound] are loved by everyone.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
- Let's make it intense.
- Intensely.
- Short and intense.
- Short and intense.
[This one is pretty easy] I think someone will get this quickly.
[Role model contest] [Last question] [Doing what the chicken is telling him to do] [Chicken TAEMIN] [There] [He expresses the part that he ate] [Is it over already?] [Done with the last question] He expressed the answer.
[All you have to do is guess correctly] - That was so easy.
- So easy.
[Eyes blinking] [Doesn't get it yet] [Chicken] [I can't believe this] - This one is easy.
- It's so easy.
[Catches the highlight] That.
- JENO is so - He's smart.
[I saw it] Smoked duck.
[That's a good one too] [That sounds good too] I like duck too but - No.
- Whole chicken soup? - Whole chicken soup? [Sniffs] [He can't smell the chicken soup] - I can't smell it.
- No.
[He discovered that it wasn't the answer because of the smell] The smell isn't here.
JENO, give it a try.
[Confidently says chicken] - JISUNG, chicken.
- Chicken? [I saw a pigeon] It's like a pigeon.
[Persistent] What kind of chicken? [Worried] - There's a lot of different kinds.
- Fried chicken.
Correct! [Current score] [JISUNG: 1.
7 billion, JENO: 1, DONG HAN: 1] Fried chicken's the best.
[He knows "IDOL ROOM" so well] All you have to do is get the last one right.
[Useless point keeping] It's no use to get one right.
[Special reward] The contestants who got it right will get to eat with TAEMIN.
[Recommends the jokbal] The jokbal is really good.
- Thank you.
- Can we eat it all? [Who made JISUNG this timid] - You can eat it all.
- Eat up.
[Takes a huge bite] [So smart] [2 pieces with one bite] One meal is OK.
[They all show their backs to their camera and start eating like crazy] [Just then] Everyone.
The last contestant arrived.
We'll run the show while you eat.
Hwang Woojoo! - Hello.
- Woojoo! [Whoa!] - Hello.
- When did you come? - I just came.
- Really? [Enthusiastic viewer of "SKY Castle" welcomes Woojoo] - Your mom and dad were worried.
- Really? - You watched "SKY Castle", right? - Hello.
- I dreamed of becoming a singer since elementary school by watching TAEMIN.
- I see.
[Cha Ni was made because of TAEMIN] [Wolverine is the evidence] I'm SF9's Cha Ni.
[Woojoo of "SKY Castle" is the perfect son] 2nd in our year.
I feel like I'm being punished for being mean to Mom.
[Woojoo is the youngest member of SF9, Cha Ni] - You were in the middle of shooting the MV of SF9, right? - Yes.
[All surprised] He came running as soon as he heard that we - were doing a TAEMIN special.
- Really? [Moved] [Embarrassed] - Really? - Yes.
- That's amazing.
[A music video isn't a big deal] - I wanted to see TAEMIN.
- You must be tired.
[He stood up to show how much he cares] - I flew here.
- You flew? - Yes.
[Evidence that Cha Ni is a big fan of TAEMIN] He appeared on TV as a TAEMIN lookalike in the past.
- Really? - Let's take a look.
[Bewildered] - Do you have any video clips? - Of course.
Can you please not show this? [So surprised] [Embarrassed] [TAEMIN is surprised too] Hello.
I'm known as the Daejeon TAEMIN, [Truly embarrassed] who looks so much like TAEMIN.
[Amazed] He looks so alike.
He's so cute.
[He is so bewildered by the footage] Cha Ni looks so handsome now too.
[Coming back to his senses] I liked TAEMIN since I was in the 4th grade.
[He's emphasizing how long he's like TAEMIN] I was amazed at his dancing as a little boy.
[Moved again] [Look of admiration] The reason I started dancing was because of TAEMIN.
Really? - He looks sincere.
That look.
- It's true.
[A quick quiz] Do you know TAEMIN's blood type? [After some hesitation] Yes.
[Will he get the correct answer?] - Yes.
- What is it? [Wrong answer 1] [He said type O] [Wrong answer 2] [He said type A] [Wrong answer 3] [He said type O] [He got it correct] He's type B.
[Finally] He's type B.
[A true fan] - He got that right too? - He's a true fan.
[Someone finally gets correct answer] Type O, A, B.
[Proud] - It's real.
- Of course I knew.
[I know his birthday too] [He even knows his birthday] July 18th is his birthday.
[Shocked and moved] - July 18th.
- You know his birthday too? [The rest are speechless] - That doesn't seem like he knows from searching.
- It's true.
- You know the Three TAEMIN? - Yes.
[Three TAEMIN master] [Perfect student] TAEMIN, TAEMIN, TAEMIN.
- He knows everything.
- There's no need to ask any further.
[TY] Wow, I'm so moved.
I feel so grateful.
Let's move on to the next event.
Please show us the next event! Role model contest.
Moomin role model.
[Here is another question] Do you know what Moomin is? - Do you know what this means TAEMIN? - Yes, of course.
I think it's short for "MOVE" -TAEMIN.
[He knows well] - Is that right? - TAEMIN dancing to "MOVE".
["MOVE" illness spread wide] It was a huge sensation in 2017.
So many people did cover dances.
[Moderated sexy] [TAEMIN was the start of it all?] I heard that you suffered from "MOVE" illness too.
[Ding-dong-dang correct] - I was the beginning.
- Without you knowing? I was the one that started it all.
[Patients of "MOVE" illness] [Patient 1] [Patient 2] [A quick lesson] Since we're on that topic, [The "MOVE" virus from the one that started it all] let's see if we can do the dance too.
The most important thing is that you lower your head then pull it back up.
And when you pull your head back up, [One point lesson] [A deep sexy look] - you should have that look in your eyes.
- The look.
[Like this] - Show them your look.
- Then, focus on one point.
[A seducing look] A look that can seduce the viewers.
[Yes, we know] Yes, I'm undeniable.
Then move.
Bring your hips to the right.
[Hip moving dance] - Move your hips.
- Then your left.
Right, left.
[They start to dance without even realizing it] Right, left.
[Role model speaks] It's better if I show you the dance.
[1 dance is better than talking about it 100 times] Shall we see it then? - It feels embarrassing.
- Please give us some music.
[Time to watch the legend in action] ["MOVE" #TAEMIN] [Graceful moves] [He looks so touched] [He's watching his role model in action within 1 meter] [Moderated dance moves] [My role model is awesome] [The "MOVE" dance has spread again] OK.
[Manias can succeed after all] We'll let you 4 dance to "MOVE" ["MOVE" time with their role model] with TAEMIN.
[Gulp] 5 TAEMINs will dance to "MOVE".
[Early stage of the "MOVE" illness] - Can I dance too? - Sure.
I want to have fun too.
Let's stand in a A position.
[But he can't be in the center.
He has to be at the end] You can stand right behind me.
[He still has a sense of shame] I'll be at the back.
[It's just the start] - It might not look very nice.
- That's better.
- Let them stand in the front.
- OK.
[Beware of the ends] I never thought that I'd be [If you squint, it looks like a 7 member idol group] doing this.
[7 Moomin "MOVE" group dance] Music please.
[Covered for your own good] [These 5 are nice to look at] [Group "MOVE" dance, start] [The highlight is a relaxed stance] [He's trying as best as he can to follow TAEMIN] [SHINee's youngest member is the leader here] [Except for the two on the end] [It's their 1st time dancing together, but they look like a team.
[They are mesmerized] [This is why "MOVE" is so famous] One more time please.
[It's a great time to dance to "MOVE"] [Pig Moomin is out of control] Once more.
It's great.
It's so fun.
The real competition starts now.
[The 1st role model competition] Now time for the TAEMIN cover dance contest.
[Finally] TAEMIN's solo songs.
[My song is great] Or a song by SHINee.
[The rules for this game] We'll play the songs randomly.
If you know the dance, then please come out.
[Oh no] I think I might jump out.
If you know the dance, then please come on out.
[We don't know the reason] The winner will get 2.
7 billion points.
[TAEMIN, you can do everything you want] TAEMIN, you can dance as well.
[He can participate too] - All right.
- Here we go.
[The TAEMIN cover dance contest] Music please.
[Come on out if you're a true fan!] [Press Your Number #TAEMIN] [I know] [He can't hide his happiness] [They're both so good] [So passionate] [In synchronization] [A kind smile] [Waiting for the new song] [He's a bit hesitant because his leg hurts] [They prove how much they respect TAEMIN through their dancing] [TAEMIN's role models 1 and 2 have an amazing start] [The fans were blown away by this song] ["Danger" #TAEMIN] [So many contestants] [3 out of 4 participate] [He can't participate because this requires a lot of moving] [It's your show time!] So much fun.
[They look like a single group] [I'm with you guys] [Hidden member] [You're watching us, right? We dedicate this song to you, TAEMIN] JENO and DONG HAN are great.
[Party time] ["Goodbye" TAEMIN] This is a good one.
[Starts dancing by himself] - This is so - Is DONG HAN going to dance too? [His first time participating] Cha Ni is going to dance too.
DONG HAN, again? [Participates in all of the songs] [Proving to TAEMIN that he's a true fan] Cha Ni is out too.
[Wants to dance too] [They are such good dancers] [TAEMIN starts to dance too] [#Hiseyesmeetwithhisrolemodel] [Runs away because he's amazed by his role model's dancing skills] The original.
[Wow] I can't hold it in.
[When TAEMIN was a baby] ["RingDingDong" #TAEMIN] [Their hips are hard at work] [All come out to dance] DONG HAN knows a lot of songs.
[So proud] Same dance, different dance.
[The 2nd verse] [The 1st verse] Cha Ni knows a lot too.
[Fire-like performance] ["Sherlock" (Clue + Note) #SHINee] [Look at that speed] [What just went by?] ["Sherlock" disease?] [Enters the stage] [My favorite song] [I have to dance] [He keeps dancing in this mess] [Team work like a true team] [So happy] JENO is so good.
[Everybody dance now] [Everybody #SHINee] [The dance that is known to wear people out] [5 stars for passion, 5 stars of strength, 5 stars for love for SHINee] DONG HAN knows so much.
[So much fun] - Wow.
- TAEMIN is watching behind you.
[Power up] [Dancing] [The ones in the back are also dancing in perfect synchronization] [Such a refreshing song] "Good Evening" SHINee] [Jumps on the chair] [So quick on his feet +980703 points] [The dance includes the chair as a prop] That's right.
[Good job] That's right.
[They sit back down] [He's so upset that he's not in his best condition] [So into it] [Can't meat TAEMIN's eye] The last song.
[Reaction speed +780207] [If you want to dance to this song, get in line] ["MOVE" #TAEMIN] [Me too] [These two are sore on the eyes] ["MOVE" in a single file] [He looks relaxed] [Great zoom in by the camera director] [We had a great time] "MOVE" is amazing.
[He really is a fairy] [He smiles even for Donhee] TAEMIN was watching from the back.
[The cover dance contest] JENO is a strong contestant.
[It's time to find out who is the winner] And JISUNG was great too.
DONG HAN practiced a lot.
[Key's CAM] [He agrees] Everyone did so well.
[What is that score?] The winner will be given 2.
7 billion points and an opportunity for to dance with TAEMIN.
[The dance collaboration sounds more tempting than the 2.
7 billion points] - TAEMIN.
- Yes.
[TAEMIN's pick] Who was the best? - Just one? - Just one.
[Everybody wants to be chosen] Then honestly [JISUNG, so meticulous] [Passionate JENO] [Cha Ni, the shy fan] [DONG HAN, who knew every song] [Who will be the winner] I have many opportunities to see JISUNG or JENO.
[The winner is DONG HAN] - I'll choose DONG HAN.
- Great.
7 billion points.
[Crazy score system] DONG HAN is now in the lead.
[Such a lucky day] - It's his lucky day.
- 2.
7 billion.
DONG HAN, what song do you want to dance with TAEMIN? [He's carefully starting to talk] Until yesterday, I hadn't tried dancing [He suggest "Goodbye" because he doesn't know it well] - "Goodbye".
- Then "Goodbye" it is.
I made so many mistakes earlier.
- The chorus part.
- Great "Goodbye".
[Dance collaboration time] DONG HAN and TAEMIN's "Goodbye".
[So jealous] Here we go.
[What will their dance chemistry be like?] [They're different, yet in harmony.
[Like a scene from a drama] [They're deeply immersed] [I'm falling for this] [The staff is the same] [Great dancing] Whoa, that wore me out.
[The audience is so moved] That wore me out.
[It's sad they can only see this once] You two were awesome.
I should have practiced some more.
But it was still a great memory for me [Good job] ["Goodbye"] - That was great.
- Good job.
Please give us the next event.
The 1st ever TAEM-casso Contest.
TAEM-casso role model.
TAEMIN's fans call TAEMIN [He agrees himself] TAEM-casso, TAEM-chelangelo.
You must like to draw.
[TAEM-casso's outlook on the world] I think I express myself differently.
- He has his own way of art.
- Shall we take a look? [A style of painting that is truly amazing] [By TAEM-casso] The fans said that [What animals are they?] this looks like a dog.
[What animals are they?] What do you 4 think they are? - Rabbit or mouse? - Bear? - I think it's a squirrel.
- Squirrel.
- Donkey.
- Donkey? [He doesn't remember himself] I don't remember when I drew this.
[Guesses] - It looks like a mouse and rabbit.
- Mouse and rabbit? No, not a mouse.
I think it's a squirrel.
- There's no such thing as Year of the Squirrel.
- Mouse.
- Year of the Mouse? [Very special] [He doesn't know what he drew] - He doesn't know.
- It was a long time ago.
[Embarrassed] Because he drew so many pieces.
What's this? This must be a quiz.
Artwork from a long time ago] [Asking himself from the present] What's this? [Maybe] - Chocolate chip.
- Chocolate chip? [In English, "moon"] I think it's the moon.
[Key CAM] [What?] [It's different from the moon that I know] [Why?] The moon? [Too detailed] Are those holes called craters? [No one can see what it is] That's what that is.
The holes in the moon? That's a moon? TAEMIN has a unique outlook on the world.
Let's be honest.
What do you think about TAEMIN's art? Um [Beating around the bush] [JENO worries about his social life] It has many different meanings.
- There can be many different stories.
- All that we can tell from JENO's face is that [He sees through JENO] [Stings] all he wants to learn how to dance.
[Bad ending] [Fails at making a clean finish] All he wants to do is learn how to dance.
[That means] [Oops] He's trying to find a roundabout way to say he doesn't understand.
[They can't help but push him] He just wants to learn how to dance from TAEMIN.
He's thinking, "Just teach me how to dance and move already".
[They're having so much fun teasing him] - Just dance.
- Business-like.
[He's dizzy from all the teasing] - JENO can't hide his feelings.
- What about you, DONG HAN? [I won't be teased!] I think that the better the artist, the stronger and more unique style he has.
[He's having fun teasing too] He wants to tell that that I should wake up.
[Perfect teamwork] You understand everything, right TAEMIN? He's been an idol member for 12 years.
He can read between the lines.
The TAEMIN role model contest.
[This pig is so generous with scores] More than 18,000 trillion points.
[What's up with that crazy point system?] It's the last one.
Picture speed quiz with TAEM-casso.
[TAEM-casso picture quiz rules] TAEM-casso is going to draw.
And the person that guesses the most number of drawings correctly [He will become the winner] [I have a chance too!] The winner will get 18,000 trillion points.
[TAEM-casso picture speed quiz START] - Let's go.
- Ready, get set, go.
[There's no prize but you should play too] [Evidence that he's focused] [His mouth is sticking out.
He's drawing.
[What's that?] [TAEM-casso starts with the mouth] He has a unique style.
[Laughs] [Curious] [Bewildered] [Surprised] [Inner peace] [Like a Fauvist artist] [They look like they don't understand a thing] You should do caricatures when you go abroad for performances.
As a side job.
[=You have to guess from this drawing] - Next to the Thames.
- The drawing is 99% done.
[That has to be a lie.
No way] It's already finished.
[If you look at him from this angle, he looks like a serious art student] He's so quick.
[Finished?] - Finished.
- Look at this drawing.
[Fierce] [Who is this?] - Finished.
- Finished.
I can tell immediately.
[Falls] - I can tell who that is too.
- What's going on? - I can tell.
- I can tell too.
[His magic hands break something today as well] What's going on? [Such a destroyer] [He breaks everything that he touches] You're a mess.
[He is so cute] [Look at my artwork] [The hardest question of the century] [We We have to guess correctly] [Good try] [Someone near them] Hyeongdon.
[Huh? What?] - Nope.
- Hyeongdon? - Hyeongdon? - Nope.
- Hyeongdon? [Says anything that comes to his mind] [Since that person has short hair] - Park Narae.
- No.
[Please guess] The lips are the highlight.
[What? But his answer was right] - Me.
- Correct answer! [Cha Ni] - TAEMIN.
- Correct answer! - TAEMIN.
- Correct answer! - OK, correct.
[So surprised as his art] Yes.
[The lips are the key point] [It's a self portrait] He guessed TAEMIN from this drawing.
[Still in shock] All right, next one, TAEMIN.
Let's do another one.
[1 beat late] [Surprised that he got it right] He got it.
[I'm sure it's difficult but you should guess] What should we do about this? [He draws without hesitation] Look at him go.
He's pretty good.
[Bursts out laughing] [Draws the skirt then the face] TAEMIN must have played a lot with dolls when he was young.
[He loves his drawing] Like paper dolls.
You know what I'm saying, right? [Time to decipher his drawing] [Ta-da] [Can't believe his eyes] [Such a kind face, but an unkind drawing] [Unable to speak] [No one can speak easily] [So innocent] Is it too far? [Nope] I don't think it has anything to do with distance.
[Teacher, me!] - Cha Ni.
- Cha Ni.
[He knows what it is?] - Cha Ni.
- Cha Ni.
- Cinderella.
- Correct! [He got +930718 points from TAEMIN] Cha Ni is amazing.
He doesn't have glass slippers.
[Breaking his childhood innocence vs.
Cinderella] [Lost slipper] It's a Cinderella.
[It's like he had some personal training] [SF9 Cha Ni is in the lead] JISUNG, JENO, DONG HAN.
He seems like he's a bit angry.
[Oh no] - Anyone can see it's Cinderella.
- Anyone can see it's Cinderella.
[That's my masterpiece] - That was pretty good.
- It's really difficult.
[We're sorry, but please try to guess] It's hard.
[His magic hands are dancing on the paper] This one is hard.
[Serious] [Bursts out laughing] [Curious 1] [Curious 2] Wait, I'm curious.
[Winning is not the issue] [They wonder what masterpiece will be born] I'm so curious.
What else? I'm sure everyone has seen this at least once.
[What is it] If you know the answer and watch [They can't wait to see] It's unbelievable.
[Such a detailed drawing] - The last part is decisive.
- There's a decisive touch.
[Proud] [From the point of TAEMIN] I know.
[Will he get the correct answer?] [Proud] [In the point of TAEMIN's view] I know.
[No way Will he get the answer?] - Answer.
- Answer.
[Confident] - AQUAMAN.
- No.
[Huh? The Statue of Liberty?] - Statue of Liberty.
- Correct! [It looks just like AQUAMAN] It is AQUAMAN.
- You must have seen it recently.
- Jason Momoa.
[Unsolved mystery] [What are those things on the bottom?] What's that on the bottom? - People watching.
- People.
[Doesn't want to give up] I thought they were fish.
We'll wrap up the model contest.
[Overturned] Today's winner is Cha Ni! [SF9 Cha Ni is the final winner] Congratulations.
[Jealous] A ceremony of cherished items.
[Ceremony of passing down his cherished items] You might have missed it [TAEMIN's stage outfit] - but it was what I wore for "Good Evening".
- Really? - Thank you.
- Please cherish it.
Thank you.
[Lucky day] Please enter your cellphone number.
[Time to become friends] - Is it OK? - Of course.
- Yes.
[That cellphone should be mine] - It was all decided before hand.
- Really? [TAEMIN - Cha Ni hotline] Got it.
They exchanged phone numbers.
[Nice and cozy] [We hope you become great friends] - That is the end.
- Congratulations.
JISUNG, how was spending time with TAEMIN? [Let's meet up more often] I hope we have the chance to see each other [JISUNG's wish] more often.
[I'll follow in your footsteps] I'll try to follow in TAEMIN's footsteps and try to dance just as well.
What about you JENO? It was such an honor to be here.
[They adore TAEMIN] And I hope we can become friends.
All right.
DONG HAN, you too.
[He is so grateful for TAEMIN] I was able to make my debut thanks to TAEMIN.
And I was able to go on "IDOL ROOM" thanks to TAEMIN.
[Once a fan of TAEMIN, is always a fan] I'll always be a fan of TAEMIN.
Thank you.
- Cha Ni took time out of his schedule while he was shooting his MV.
- He came.
[He's like a fan] I want to congratulate you for your debut in February.
- I'm really looking forward to "WANT".
- He knows the title too.
[From a fan to a close friend] I hope I can grab a bite with you sometime.
TAEMIN, please say thank you to these four.
Thank you so much for being here for me.
They told me so many nice stories [Sense of duty] and that makes me feel like I should try harder.
I thought that I should work harder.
- Thank you so much for coming here.
- Thank you.
["IDOL ROOM"s "WANT] [See you again] Thank you.
TAEMIN who is back as a solo singer.
He came to "IDOL ROOM" for the first time today.
[In addition] Please say something to Key who is going to the military soon.
I hope you come back safely, and I'll be holding down the fort for you.
And I can't wait for to come back to us so we can be whole again.
I said that because I'm on camera.
But in real life, I would say, "Are you finally going"? [Blood pressure rising] [1 nice message] I'll be there to say goodbye on the day you go, so don't be too lonely.
How about one last message to your fans? "WANT" is a new song after 1 year and 6 months.
I thought a lot about this new song so I can show you the very best performance possible.
So I hope you look forward to it.
[I "WANT"] And I hope we can make great memories together.
The number 1 idol program, "IDOL ROOM"! [You can watch all of the clips of "IDOL ROOM" on V LIVE] Thank you!