Idol Room (2018) s01e39 Episode Script

Monsta X

JTBC Idol Room Episode 39 - Monsta X [They will open up your eyes with their handsomeness] [Stretching] [Handsome X 7] [Looking handsome] [No that good at dancing] [They just lose themselves] [The best-looking dancing] [Where are you going] [IDOL ROOM] The most trusted idol show, IDOL ROOM! [Hi] In four month! [Monsta X is back] They've come back! They are sensational across the world.
Monsta X! Hoot! Monsta X! Hello, we are Monsta X.
[Shownu] [Wonho] [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Hyungwon] [Joohoney] [I.
M] [Monsta X] [World-class group] You are making success.
[Rising popularity in Japan] You are getting super popular in Japan.
[What?] Wagata wata - Waka waka.
- Oh, yeah.
Waka waka senbai.
What is that? [4 months ago] 'Shoot Out' has 'Walker Walker Walker' in its lyrics.
In Japanese pronunciation, it is Waka waka.
['Shoot Out' hitting Japan] [This lyrics part in question] [Waka waka senbai] [The nickname given by Japanese fans to Monsta X] Wakai means that you are young.
[We are proud of you] Minhyuk, you speak Japanese.
Yes, sure.
[Fascinated by his manliness and sexiness] So that means young seniors - Like that.
- It is a good meaning.
Among all of you, Who is No.
1? Shownu! Oh, me? Me? Okay.
- Hey, you knew it.
- Yeah.
How popular is he? We share a room in Japan.
He avoids going out in Japan.
[Complimenting too much] - Once he goes out - A traffic jam occurs.
Yeah, that much.
[Exaggerating it too far] Once he visits a store, it does not function.
Cars crash into those before them when the drivers watch him.
Oh, no.
You can't use modes of public transport, right? [Nope, I do] Well, it is better.
- I take the subway.
- It is unexpected.
They would not believe it.
[Exaggeration going on] Oh, no way.
[Okay fine] Really? They do like this.
Well, yeah okay.
[Key point of Waka waka senbai] [Manner mode dancing] What is that dancing? At the intro part, we buzz like this.
On a vibrant mode? [This dance is popular in Japan] It is a sensation in Japan.
Yes, they love it.
To Japanese fans who love Monsta X, [for Japanese Monbebe] please show manner mode dancing.
[Special order] [Manner mode dancing+Saying hello in Japanese] Then, Minhyuk, could you? You speak foreign languages.
We all do it.
- Oh, shall we? - Okay.
[Collaboration of manner mode dancing and greeting in Japanese] Then, Kihyun? Say hello while dancing.
[(How?)] [Automatically responding to music] Hey.
[Interesting] [Interpretation] We always love you.
[Oh, my.
that is weird] [Don't worry] [Let's share this burden] Let's do this.
[Shaky] [Shaky] [Paper human shaking only with one move] Mobe Wait, wait.
What? Mobe? - Monbebe - Monbebe! [Hyungwon] - Are you fine? - I lost weight.
- Losing some.
- Here we go.
[Determined] Monbebe.
[Oh, sorry for him] I [Shaky voice] [I love you] This is weird.
[Burdened] [Japanese Monbebe] [Your prince] Prince! Prince! [???] [Free soul around him] Wait, wait.
Don't interrupt.
[Don't do it] - He is in the frame.
- Let him get spotlight.
[Special dance by Prince] Monbe Monbebe [So funny] We are [Look who we are] Waka waka senbai.
[Powerful] [I love you] Aishiteru.
Waka waka senbai.
I understand it.
[Painful moments have passed half] Monbebe.
[Interpretation] Yesterday, Today, [Oh, I can't see it any more] Even tomorrow, I love you.
[Cheesy line] Aishiteru! It is an abrupt ending.
- He will be awesome if he goes to Shinsaibashi.
- Yeah.
[Belated regrets] - Once he goes to Akihabara - Minhyuk.
[Japanese expert] Everyone.
[Oh, no] Hey.
[Interpretation] We will be back soon.
Wait for us.
[Nervous] [Giving up] [The gap between those who have not done yet and those who did] [They are relieved after doing it] Are you feeling more nervous? Oh, I don't know why I am nervous.
I feel burdened.
What a relief.
I did it first.
Don't say anything like loving you yesterday or tomorrow.
Something different! [Oh, no] Music, on! [Interpretation] I am healthy.
Everyone, take care.
[Being attentive] Last.
[The last one who will experience the pain] - Last.
- We are looking forward to you.
[Making fun of him after finishing it] - He will be awesome.
- It will be super fun.
Why have we let you be the last? [The last one who will be prey] [Determined to survive] God-given talker! Monsta X speaker! [Watching him in trouble] - So funny.
- Music, on.
Monbebe! [Shouting] [Interpretation] Are you ready? [Where?] Let's go.
[Where?] 1, 2, 3! Let's make it fun! [Proud] Oh - I only understand Ikimashio.
- Yeah.
That is the opening remarks at the concert? His remarks.
Don't reuse them.
- Something creative.
- Oh, no! [Dumbfounded] Things you've said at the concert [Let's share the burden] We all do this.
[You are prey] Well, no idea.
Oh, I know you can do.
- Speak some daily Japanese.
- Yeah.
The future cell of Monsta X.
I am Monsta X! [The second round of him being made fun of] I am Monsta X.
Here we go.
[Sorry] [Changing his voice tone] Monbebe.
[Banned] - Aishiteru! - No, wait! Don't say it.
[Mental breakdown] We've heard it too many times.
- Aishiteru, Sukiyaki, no! - Sukiyaki, no.
- Sukiyaki.
- Then Sukiyaki.
- Sukiyaki? - No.
- Yakisoba.
- No.
Something we cannot understand.
Only for your Japanese fans.
Take it easy.
I feel uneasy.
Only you should relax.
- Donhee & Connhee] Relax.
You can do it.
- Sure.
- Okay.
[Sorry] Monbebe! Where do you live? Where do you live? [He understands it] [Where?] Shall we go? Aishiteru! It must be fine.
We understand most parts.
[To protect him, let's wrap up] - We want to protect you.
- He could cry.
- He could cry.
- I only know some vocabulary such as sake.
- Good job.
The very first Idol only cam.
This is the camera for Live Pick dol.
- You know this? - Yes.
- Who was it before? [Son Hyun Ut Cam, The pickdol last week was Shawnu] - Shawnu - It was me.
- Shawnu.
- Yes.
[One and only] [Can you be this cute?] So cute! [Every one minute and one second counts] [Good looking is the best] [Shawnu cam made us all laugh] - This is good? [1st generation pickdol and leader] [Shawnu's recommended pickdol?] Who do you wish for today? It was someone quiet last week, [Soul searching][This week, we go for someone active] - Someone pops, [Like Jukkul and Minmung] Jooheon and Minhyuk, [No matter who it is, it is good] Fans would love it.
[Today's favorite] What about Kihyun? If he becomes the one, [Going with the leader] He would like it.
[Very peaceful Monsta X] [Live pickdol cam] [Talking with fans live] V live, [The process of picking 1 pickdol] Let's do it.
[Monsta X IN Idol Room Live show has began] [Monsta X comeback is real] Welcome.
[Great looking Monsta X] - Monsta X.
- Monsta X.
[Love Monbebe] We are with Monsta X whom came back in 4 months.
[Show Shawnu's dance] "Shawnu, dance to 'Phychic' by Richard Parkers.
[Watching his dance feels like being in the heaven] What is " Dance one more time" With the new year, [Monsoojong X] Like Monbebe is my Psychic.
[Shawnu's dance] I showed you the dance I come up with, [Psychic dance debut] For those who didn't see it, Hit the music, [By Richard Parkers] [Psychic#Shawnu#Shawnu VER] [Visual#physical#perfect groove] [Monbebes get overjoyed in this 1 second] [Forgot to breathe as I was watching his dance] [Falling for him] [Watching Shawnu is the highlight of my life] Quick! [He took my heart but it is not on the news] [We all love Hyunwoo] It is crazy.
Fans, [Show your great expression!] The best, One by one, show us your best expression.
From Jooheon, [Bring it on] [Didn't get it?] Show us the best expression.
One more time.
[Cool standby] - Sorry Jooheon.
Show us cool ones.
- Got it.
[Bring it on] 2, 3~ Ah.
[Who is it!] When other members are doing it, don't say 'Ah'.
[It was Kihyun] - Kihyun! - Don't do that.
[Business ended] - Don't do that.
- Thanks.
[Know right?] I look better close up.
[Close up works for me] I will go close.
[Huh??] [Minhyuk is pretty and cute] [Lee Minhyuk/Requested for closeup/staring the les] Scary? [Good][Thanks for being better looking today] Looks good.
[I look better in distance] I look better in distance.
[Lovely] [That's me] [Why is he so cool?] - Cool.
- What? It looks like an art.
[Lim Chang Kyun, as of Jan 30, 2019] Great.
Getting more pressure? [One shot] I will make it quick.
[Shawnu keep it coming] Make it short and impressive.
I will make it short.
[Leader followers][Don't know what's going on] - Short and impressive.
- Good.
[Pickdol choice time] Let's choose the pickdol.
Bring the disc.
- Lay down? - Yes.
[Master of Idols who appeared in the show second time] Lay down.
[Ready] [Pickdol Monsta X][Shawnu] - It is Shawnu.
- Shawnu.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Pickdol Monsta X] [Kihyun] [Pickdol Monsta X] [Minhyuk] [Pickdol Monsta X] [Honey Jooheon][Soft Wonho] [Pickdol Monsta X] [Hyungwon][I.
M] [Thanks for being Monsta X] [The second pickdol after Shawnu] Let me turn it.
1,2, 3! [Go go] Let's get it.
[Shawnu again?] It is, [Birth of a new pickdo;?] It was Shawnu before, Who could that be? [It is not bad][It is me] Who will it be? [Nervous] [The camera is going slow] [With the sigh of Monsta X][Spoiler guy, Conny] It is done.
[It is Jooheon] It is chosen.
Can't tell you who.
[Let's go with Jooheon] - Let's go! - Don't say it now.
- Don't.
[Monsta X IN Live show is over] Stand up.
It is Jooheon.
[The second Monsta X Pickdol is the good looking Jooheon] Let's go.
[The first pickdol is more excited] It will be fun if Jooheon does it.
Shawnu said that.
I am today's pickdol.
[Oath] I will show you the way I am.
I am taking the cute part.
[Today#honey#acasia honey#flower honey] [Royal jelly and propolis for us] [Be excited for Honey Cam who will steal your heart] Well done.
[Introduction of a new song 'Alligator'] How good is the new song, [Looking for MonX who will introduce the song] Why you had to come back in 4 months, [So natural] - Someone tell me.
- Well, [Not you] No.
Shawnu can't.
He did these so many times.
- Minhyuk.
- He can't.
[Pick one to do the job] - I.
- Will you tell us? What is 'Alligator'? [Unexpected] [Do you know Alligator?] [I.
M quiz show.
New way to introduce the song] - It is an alligator? - Right.
Where do they live? [Pouring out the answer] - Florida.
- Swamp.
- Swamp.
- It brings you to the swamp.
[The key] I will make you fall for me.
- Then? - Right.
Once you bite it, never let it loose.
Okay then.
Introduce the song? In Idol Room's way.
Nano dance for the killing part.
[Nano dance] [Killing part relay nano dance] [Analyze the dance in nano second] [This is the nano part of the Alligator] You know the order? Do it together in the beginning, [Nano dance order] Mung, Kkul, Won, Shawn, Kyun, Chae, Kkung.
[Alligator nano dance] Hit the music.
[Siren that knocks your heart] [Amazing beginning] Alligator, [7 alligators' dance] [Ta da][Won alligator] [Amazing] [I am sure even his tiny blood vessel is sexy] [Alligator standby] [Their dance is the welfare and our future] [Falling to Monsta X's swamp] [Balance] [Amazing dance moves] [Romance] [Dramatic faces] [My hearts are jumping] [Now onto the killing part] [Nano part3] [2] [1] [Phenomenal visual an dance] [Minhyuk] [Knocknok! Excuse me, charisma Jooheon is here] [Honey Jooheon] [Killing part sexy dance] [Wonho] [This is too much seriously] [Shawnu] [Main vocal's dancing gauge] [Kihyun] [He is out from a comic book] [He is just so good looking] [Hyungwon] [Can't get out from his dance] [I.
N] [Back to the next dance move] [Monbebe will always be there for them] [Group dance.
As if I was hit with 514 million voltage power] [My house is turned into a swamp] [You killed it] [Check out more video at V Live] "Alligator" Donhee and Conhee's Fact Check! Check! We won't explain about the segment.
First fact please.
Sexy versus cute.
SHOWNU is confused.
There are sexy members and cute members in MONSTA X.
[Look at their reaction] According to the staff sexy members are KIHYUN, SHOWNU, WONHO and MINHYUK.
Cute members are JOOHEON, HYUNGWON and I.
It's what you said in K-concert.
Really? Did we? You know things that we don't know.
But how can you determine that you are sexy or cute? I think it's all mixed.
There are some who don't fit to the group.
I'm different when I'm on the stage.
- Who's not? - I.
- You can be the same.
- Yeah.
- MINHYUK is in the sexy group.
- Yeah.
- I think you are cute.
- HYUNGWON should be in the sexy group.
[He was in the cute group] - SHOWNU.
- SHOWNU belongs to all.
I understand.
I think so too.
SHOWNU, for fans they think you belong to the cute group.
- There's a picture.
- Someone reported it.
What's that.
It's like muscle bunny.
- Leader bunny.
- Look at his jaw.
According to many fans there are two bunny like artists in Starship entertainment.
One is SHOWNU and the other is WONYOUNG from IZONE.
That picture is What's that? [Baby bunny WONYOUNG] [King bunny SHOWNU] Similar.
Top 2 in Starship entertainment.
SHOWNU, don't you agree? Fans said that.
I agree.
So today.
We'll replicate that look.
Everyone? - Nope.
- Only you.
We'll decide it today.
Whether he's sexy or cute.
- Cute face.
- It's good.
- Yeah.
- He looks cuter.
[King bunny] - Look at that camera.
- 1, 2, 3! [Cute face] [Cute face] [Laughing] The second face.
- Cute face.
- 1, 2, 3! [Exciting] [Handsome is the best] I'm really cute.
Am I not? Cute.
- I did a poor job.
- Nope.
You are sexy.
But you are confused as well.
Many controversies.
We'll give you an opportunity to discern what group you belong to.
Do the best cute faces and moves along with a children song.
Also to the song "Havana" do your best in making sexy face and sexy dance.
We'll decide.
- JOOHEON first.
- From JOOHEON? [Being rhythmic] [Can't afford to not laugh] [It's not cute] [Not impressed] Fail.
You are not cute.
It puts too much pressure on me.
[Dancing] [Being sexy] [Not worth it] [Sympathetic] Fail.
I think you should have done something more.
You are neither cute and sexy.
- Nothing.
- Group nothing.
Let's go.
Your chest muscle is pumped up.
It's very pumped up.
[Cute bunny] [He fits well to the cute moves] [Smile] [Sexy mode] [So sexy with his moves] WONHO! Cute! You are cute.
You are cute.
During that part.
Lyrics went well with his body.
Music please.
I'm so curious.
[He starts] It's like a club dance.
Club dance.
Club dance.
Who does this for children's song.
[So shame] [Like seaweed] Isn't it club dance? Now it's time for sexy.
[Sexy music for HYUNGWON] Club dance.
[He likes this] [So into it] It's all the more same.
[Little different] He's in club.
It's all the more same.
[So funny] Club again.
Little faster.
He didn't want to listen to a children's song from the start.
[HYUNGWON] [can't belong in both groups] HYUNGWON belongs to a club group.
You belong to a club group.
[Min Hyuk's first pick is the sexy team] I want to be in the sexy team.
[It's me who decides] We'll see whether your wish comes true.
[Applicant no.
4 Min Hyuk] Okay, ready? [Want to join the sexy team] [Trying not be cute] [But still cute] [There is a reason why he's called a fairy] [Overwhelmed by his cuteness] [Looks exactly like a puppy going for a walk] [Can't see him with bare eyes] [Finally he's dancing a sexy song] I can tell he never went to a club.
[Looks like he learned sexy with a textbook] [Get excited] [(You should have learned what sexy means from me)] [This guy is so desperate to look sexy] [It's like a terror to eyes] [Sexy dance that's not sexy at all] [He is not sexy at all] [Sexy dance didn't help at all] [Min Hyuk joined no team!] You have no team! [He's happy] You're not cute and [So difficult to join either the cute or the sexy teams] It is so difficult to join one of the teams.
[Applicant no.
5 I.
M] Okay, play the music.
[What's this dance?] [His facial expressions are the killing part] [He's not trying so hard to look cute] - He won't join the cute team.
- No.
[Now, let's see his sexy dance] [Looking indifferent but trying to look sexy] [What?] Oh, wow, for the first time! [He finished earlier than the music] For the first time! [One more team] [I.
M joined the indifference team] The indifference team! He was so indifferent.
[He doesn't know my style] [(Being indifferent is the killing part)] - He was too indifferent.
- Indiffernt! [Current team members] [Won Ho in the cute team] [Hyung Won in the club team] Now, let's see [I.
M in the indifference team] [Joohoney and Min Hyuk in no team] who's going to join the sexy team.
[Applicant no.
6 Ki Hyun] Le'ts go, Ki Hyun.
- I want to join the sexy team.
- Let's go.
[Exploding his cuteness] [Acting like a child] [Dancing in accordance with the lyrics] [Lukewarm reaction though] [(Is it cute?)] [He's having fun, not caring about the reaction] [What about his sexy dance?] [This conservative guy's sexy dance] [What's that] [Hey!] [Knock knock in the air with the melody] [Members feeling embarrassed of Ki Hyun] [What's wrong with him?][He just did like this] Why did he knock? [Ki Hyun is having so fun] [But the reaction is so cold] [What should we do?] [Ki Hyun joined the cold team] - Ki Hyun.
- You joined the cold team.
The cold team.
[Feeling sad] The cold team.
Ki Hyun.
[No one joined the sexy team] We still have a spot for the sexy team.
Oh, okay, let's go.
Play the music, please.
[Finally, he's on the stage] [His sexy dance with this cute song] [Why this is the sexy dance I wanted to do] [No children allowed to watch] [This dance should be allowed for people over 15] [Hey, the leader!] Tomato! Tomato! [Tomato? Okay!] Tomato! Tomato! [Here you go, tomato!] [This is real! He's in the sexy team!!] He's like a legend in the sexy team.
[Joohoney CAM][(Can't deny it)] Okay, you join the sexy team.
[Showing his sexiness] [This is the sexy we've been looking for] [He's sexy from the head to the toe] [Admit] - Everyone! - It's clear-cut that he joins the sexy team.
So, we divided into different teams.
[Joohoney and Min Hyuk in no team] In no team, we have Joohoney and Min Hyuk.
[The cute team has Won Ho] Won Ho joined the cute team.
[Shownu joined the sexy team] Shownu is the only one who joined the sexy team.
[Hyung Won joined the club team] - And Hyung Won is in the club team.
- The club team.
[The indifference team is joined by I.
M] I.
M joined the indifference team.
[Ki Hyun joined the cold team] He joined the cold team.
[Was supposed to be 2 teams but then now we have 6 teams] So now, we want to ask you to [Give a mission task to each team] dance "Alligator" in your team's manner.
Those in no team go first.
[Have no idea how to dance the song] - What should we do? - Just do you! [No team meaning they have no specific charm] Because you two have no specific charm.
Play the music, please.
["Alligator" #noteamver] [This is the original dance] [Show the facial expressions they do on stage] [These two in no team dancing so hard] No, the cute team, let's go.
["Alligator" #thecuteteamver] What? [The way he talks is so cute] - I forgot the dance.
- So cute.
- You're cute.
[Smiling] He's so cute.
[This cute guy with a lot of muscles] So cute [Muscular cuteness] - So cute.
- Cute.
Such a cutie.
["Alligator" #thesexyver] - The sexy team! - Sexy! [This is what being sexy means] [His perfect sexy dance] [Ohh-and-ah] Wow.
[His birth tale] [He was born to be sexy] Awesome.
[Too sexy] - Now, the club team, let's go.
- The club team! ["Alligator" #theclubver] The club team! [Laughing] [His sensational club dance] - Wow, that's the club team! - Yes, that's the club team! [Seaweed dance is requested] This one! - Here it comes! - Let's go! [Here it comes] Let's go! [Do you want this?] Let's go! [This seaweed is sweeping IDOL ROOM] Oh, wow, the club team! [So addicted] This is IDOL ROOM club, everyone! ["Alligator" #indifferencever] Next, the indifference team! [So indifferent facial expressions] - Indifferent! Like he doesn't want to do.
- In different! - He doesn't want to do this.
- Indifferent! [Minimize all the dance moves] - Not trying hard.
- Just do a little.
[And finish earlier]["Alligator" #thecoldver] Oh, next is the cold team! [He's the only one enjoying the dance] He's the only one who's enjoying all this.
[Joohoney CAM] [So cold] [The more he gets excited ] He's so excited.
[The colder the audience become] [Nice finish though] - He finished it well.
- Yeah.
[Awesome] Wow, you divided teams well! [Divided teams so well] - You all fit your own team.
- We enjoyed your performance.
Thank you.
Next fact please.
MONSTA X, a five-year-old group, evaluation.
Is everything good under leader SHOWNU? GFRIEND did the same segment as well.
They are also a five-year-old group.
It was a mess.
They talked about changing the leader.
JOOHEON, - how is SHOWNU as a leader? - Does he control over things? - How is he? - Does he control over things? - Do I stay here? - Yes.
It doesn't matter whether you feel uncomfortable about it.
- We only have one studio.
- How is he as a leader? To be honest, - How is he? - To be honest, I'm so satisfied with his work.
I'm so satisfied with his work.
- If you have to pick one downside.
- One? Any control or something that you don't like.
Not a one.
Maybe nagging? - Not really.
He just lets us do whatever we want to do.
It means he's being ignorant.
Not really.
Let's turn to WONHO.
Maybe one or two complaints? He wakes up late.
No downside? I think compared to other leaders, he is the best.
No complaints from KIHYUN and I.
M? Any suggestion? [Let's get one] SHOWNU once filmed a cosmetics commercial.
So personally he told us he was on the ad thanks to the team.
So he divided his pay and gave us equally.
- Divided by seven? - Yeah.
- Including his own.
- He worked on it alone.
It's so moving.
So there's not one complaint to SHOWNU? Suggestions? - Maybe, anything you want to suggest him? - Okay, your wishes.
When he is taking time off [When I take my time off?] When he take his time off I hope he brings me with him.
I hope he brings me with him.
- Me too.
- Why? Why don't you bring other members? - It's something you can do.
- It's not about my preference.
Do you use the word vibe? Oh, I kill the vibe right? Kill the vibe.
Same code.
- When we talk about something.
- Vibe.
He kills the vibe.
[Siberian air mass meets Okhotsk air mass] We are talking about leader SHOWNU.
It's been five years.
Let's see how much he loves the members and as a leader how much he cares about the member.
- I think he knows a lot.
- Yeah.
Let's do a simple test.
You think SHOWNU will get all the answers right.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
To tell you the truth, NU'EST W JR knows his members' blood type, horoscope, parents' name.
- We were so surprised.
- He knows about that all.
[Is that possible?] I'm just giving you an example.
Simple questions.
- SHOWNU, What is the blood type of KIHYUN? - KIHYUN? - Correct.
- How about I.
M? - I.
M is - AB.
- Is it correct? It's Type O, Rh+ - Chic.
- He's chic.
He's neither disappointed nor sad.
- How about MINHYUK? - B.
It's type A.
- Huh? - A.
Why were you surprised? - I so surprised.
- How come does he not know my blood type? It's his reaction.
I think they are O, B and O.
- O, B and O? - Is it correct? Correct.
SHOWNU - He doesn't know about these three well.
- Different vibe.
Different vibe.
Particularly with KIHYUN and MINHYUK.
I don't really care about those things.
How come do you know well about these three? I know [Bitter] I think you are okay with these three.
I think you need to work on it.
- Have some meal together after this.
- Okay.
He might buy us.
[He talks about nothing] A simple test.
SHOWNU's eye mask please.
[Bear SHOWNU] It's an easy one.
Just listening to your members' sniffing sound.
And guess who it is.
We'll only do three.
Okay? Discuss who will go and raise your hands.
First up.
[Being careful] [It's me MINHYUK] Number 1.
Number 2.
[It's WONHO] Number 2 Number 3.
[It's me Type O, Rh+] Decide who they are.
Who do you think it was? Choose three first.
I think it's I.
[Angry] - You got two right.
- Really? Can the first one do it again? Okay.
The first one.
- He's the problem.
- Okay, once more.
He has angry face now.
Just to let you know.
[It's me] [Who is it?] Are you answering to him? - Can you? - You don't talk with your sniffing sound.
It's like asking whether you ate something.
Who do you think it is? [He must know who I am] Then, it's JOOHEON.
I think those three are always in your mind.
Never leave his mind.
- We'll change the players.
- Okay.
- Here it goes.
- Number one.
Make the sound for few more times.
[Sniffing] Number two.
[Angry sniffing] Number three.
[I'm back again] Choose three first.
I think the last one is WONHO.
Last one is WONHO.
WONHO was the last one.
And The first one [It's me] MINHYUK.
The second one must be JOOHEON.
He loves JOOHEON.
You love JOOHEON.
[JOOHoney CAM] [I'm so happy] Just to let you know JOOHEON never left his seat.
[Well] Three members will shout ah all at the same time.
Shout ah.
- I'll try my best.
- Okay.
Three members come to the front.
There's no order.
Ready? [So sad] [Most active participant] 1, 2, 3! [Ah] [Ah ah ah] WONHO, KIHYUN, HYUNGWON.
- Why don't you know that I played the game? - You should watch this live.
Some members are very angry at the back.
Take care of MINHYUK.
I was confused.
MINHYUK likes you so much.
I went to the all rounds to help him get me.
[He was always there] [Sniff and shout] He was in the every round.
How could you not call him once.
- Let's do this one more time.
- One more time.
Take care of MINHYUK.
I'm just making him feel jealous.
Three members.
Ready? Here it goes.
1, 2, 3! [Ah] - It's difficult.
- Who was in the game? MINHYUK.
[Why me?] No, he wasn't in the game.
MINHYUK wasn't in for this round.
- He wasn't in.
- He wasn't there.
Cheer up MINHYUK.
We didn't mean it.
It was SHOWNU's test.
That's my seat.
Oh no Okay, give us the next one.
"MONSTA X eats so much.
We're always hungry".
[MONSTA X is so famous for eating so much] People say you all eat so well.
[Admit] - Yes, we do.
- Eating well is good.
How much did you pay when you had food most? [20 to 30 million won per month on food] I think we spend 20 to 30 million on food.
[So much than expected] We spend about 20 million won on food.
[They all eat so well] Per month? [Fundamental question] Then why do you not get fat? Because they burn the calories they consumed.
- Dancing is so tiring.
- They dance and practice so hard, right? [They eat well and burn fat well] Shownu [Rumor has it that Shownu wakes up when he smells sausages] wakes up when he smells sausages.
[True] He must be a dog! - But of course he wakes up.
- A dog! [So upset when they are starving just like 2 MCs] You get upset when you're hungry.
- Yes, we do.
- We do.
- How much do you get hangry? - When we're working if we can't have a meal [They keep talking about a meal when they're famished] we keep saying a meal.
[They don't get angry at busy work schedules] If we're busy working, we don't get angry.
But even when we're not busy, but if we're hungry [They get angry when they're famished] we become so sensitive.
[Shownu is like this when he's starving] So when can we eat? [So relatable] [That frowned face when they're hangry] We're so frowned.
[Don't need to be delicious, give me food] If we get any food, that's fine.
[Anything that is eatable] Right, if we eat something, we're okay.
Just give us food.
- So if you put something in your mouth, you're okay.
- Yes.
[Peace comes when they eat something] Anything that is eatable! Snacks.
[The No.
1 eater is Won Ho] Won Ho is the No.
1 eater that MONSTA X chose.
[Eat his meal and others' meal too] - Yes.
- He eats everyone's meal.
[Don't get full] While eating, he doesn't feel full.
- Oh wow - Is this all true? - You don't feel full? - Of course, I'm full but [I'm always hungry.
How does it feel like to be full?] Being full? Feeling full? So I mean [What?] What are you saying? [Laughing][Won Ho ate 5 servings of pork] So for example, you ate pork for 5 people.
[Does Won Ho feel full? (930301 points)] You wouldn't think you can't eat anymore? - You would think like this.
- No, I wouldn't.
- No? [How much can you eat? Not how much can you drink] Then you never checked how much you can eat? Ox bone soup [Imagine Won Ho has Ox bone soup] For example, when I have ox bone soup, [How many bowls of rice do you think Won Ho would eat? (930301 points)] I eat 8 bowls of rice.
But the soup won't be enough.
You get a refill? [Get a refill again and again] - In the past, - He gets a refill again and again.
[Won Ho's meal] I would have 5 black noodles and 5 spicy noodles.
And then I also would eat a bowl of rice.
[Knowing the delicious taste is dangerous] - He's such a glutton.
- Wow.
But then Hyung Won feels full even when he just smells food.
[This guy feels full even when he just smells food] He's on a diet.
- No, that's exaggeration.
- No, it's true though! He just said he's hungry.
[He looks like he can eat everything] And he would say he can eat 2 or 3 bowls of rice.
[Only a half bowl] But then he just has a half bowl of rice.
[MONSTA X research paper] Hyung Won has some levels of being full.
[The theme: The research on levels of Hyun Won being full by Min Hyuk] When he orders food, ([1) As soon as he orders food, he's 20% full] he gets 20% full.
([2) when the food arrives, he's 50% full] When he gets the food, he's 50% full.
([3) when he smells the food, he gets 20% full] When he smells food, he's now 70% full.
[The rest is only 30%] And then when he eats, he gets the rest 30% full.
- So that's how his stomach works.
- It's like he's being a mom cooking.
[Moms get full while cooking] Many moms say they become full while cooking.
[How to have a meal with Hyung Won] So when I eat a meal with Hyung Won, I know he won't eat the whole dish.
[Hyung Won's meal is like an appetizer] So I eat his meal as well.
[The ideal friend to have a meal together] - That's the perfect amount of food you need.
- Because he doesn't eat much.
So you eat yours and his.
And then you can finish all the dishes at the same time.
[The reason Shownu loves Hyung Won] That's why Shownu often goes out with Hyung Won.
[High efficiency] Low cost but a lot of food.
And you both are satisfied.
[A rare member of MONSTA X] Hyung Won, you look you're full right now.
[He's so hungry right now] - I'm starving right now, really.
- You hungry? - Yeah? - No, you look you're full.
- This is so rare.
[He's not used to himself being starving] - I'm so famished.
- Really? [So hungry111] - Shownu, are you hungry? - Yes.
[Hungry222] - Won Ho, are you hungry? - I am really hungry.
- Who's hungry? - Hyung Won is hungry too.
[Everyone raised their hand] - Everyone is hungry.
- Everyone.
- So for MONSTA X, - What is it? [Awww] What is it? Please give us! [Wow] This is awesome.
[Smiling] - Oh pizza! - And dumplings? - There's a pizza? - Dumplings! - This is crazy.
[They all stood up as soon as food came in] - Look at Shownu! - Don't forget you are MONSTA X.
- Please get a close-up shot of Shownu! - Don't forget you're MONSTA X.
[So sensitive] - Dumplings! - Where are you going? [Don't forget you are all global idols] - Calm down.
- This is crazy.
[Prepare all this for MONSTA X] [Chicken, dumplings, fried food, stir-fried rice cake, pizza] [Attracted to the food] - Dumplings.
- Fried food.
- And stir-fried rice cake and pizza.
[Please stay seated] - I need to try hard to get this food.
- Please stay seated.
- It's the perfect time to eat.
- Wow.
- Dumplings.
[That frown face when he's hungry] - Let's do the mission task quickly.
- Dumplings are still hot.
[He's such a dumpling lover] - What's the mission task? - They are all our favorite food.
[We asked and got their favorite food] We prepared your favorite food.
[This is how much we love you] Oh you all know what food we love.
[So touched] So that you would become competitive.
As you might have expected, this is not free.
[Don't want to hear] Look at his face.
There's a mission task for the banquet.
[MONSTA X's banquet] Biting the toast! [Biting] It's a simple task.
[The rule of the game: The bread that comes out of the toaster ] When it's cooked the bread comes out of the toaster, [and you should bite the bread] And then you bite it.
[I'll eat them all] - I need to succeed.
- Just catch it with your mouth.
- Okay.
- It's easy.
Only 3 members can eat the banquet.
[7 members being starving] We will continue this game [Only 3 tickets for the banquet] until 3 members succeed.
[Mouthwatering] My mouth is watering now.
[In which order do they try the challenge task?] The order to try the mission task is important.
Do the rock-paper-scissors.
[So serious rock-paper-scissors] Rock-paper-scissors.
[Won] These two won.
[They're just deciding the order] - Rock-paper-scissors.
- Okay.
[Won, won] Rock-paper-scissors.
[The last one being so anxious] - Decide the order.
- Stand in the order.
- This makes me go crazy.
- You're the last.
[As soon as you succeed, you can enjoy the banquet] As soon as you succeed, you can eat them.
[Anyone who's hungry, come and eat us] [So serious] - Are you ready? - Hold on.
[Hyung Won who's not usually hungry tries] [He won't succeed.
He must not succeed] [The toast popping] [The bread just touched his nose] [Go away, competitor!] - Go away! - Go away! [It's not easy as expected] [A prince in the stir-fried rice cake nation] [Won Ho, the glutton of MONSTA X, tries!] [No way] [Everyone is so happy for his failure] [+Got the bread that just fell on the floor] - Don't eat.
- You can't eat it.
[We just saw you eating it] - Don't eat.
- You shouldn't eat.
[Won Ho, that's dirty] Don't eat.
[He's running away with the bread in his mouth] You're MONSTA X, not MONSTA beggar.
[It was on the floor only for a second] Oh, we shouldn't have allowed him to eat it.
[Shownu is the next] - Ready? - We'll keep going.
[It wasn't even close] [Your failure is my happiness] Shownu [No] [The food gets cold, everyone.
No one has succeeded] Okay, let's go.
- Joohoney! - Let's go! - Ready? - Yes! - Let's go! [Tease-ya! The bread is faster than your tongue] [It wasn't even close] Oh [4 out of 7 members failed.
A strategy needed] - Do you have any strategy? - Yes.
[He's focusing on the toast] Oh like that, vertically.
I like his posture.
Let's go.
[It wasn't even close to his mouth] [His anger is exploding] [His voice though] Are you a vocalist in the team? [MC I.
M / Occupation: Rapper] [Oh look at him] - What's this posture? - I'll just catch it.
[He's hunting the bread with this bald posture] I'll just get it right up the toaster.
This is a unique strategy.
[He can't even stand] - Good.
- I want it so bad.
[Being starving is dangerous, everyone] Do you want me to put this here? [He doesn't show his face at all] - No, just put it right there.
- Okay, let's go.
Ready? [Opened his mouth] [Nice catch] [Oh?] [Right into his mouth? OUT!] [The bread went in and out] It touched my tongue! [He's lost but he fought well] [He's trying to get the bread in a chaos] [No, you can't eat this] [Beware of Won Ho, Bewared of the bread on the floor] - No, you can't.
- Hey.
You can't eat it.
You can't eat the bread on the floor.
[They become more and more desperate] - We have more bread.
- Okay, here.
[He has a differentiated strategy from other 6 members who failed] I'll put it like this.
- Oh, the heavy part goes down like this? - But it doesn't look a good strategy though.
- Good.
- Okay, it's a new strategy.
[If Ki Hyun succeeds, he'll become the first ever one that succeeds in just one chance] Let's go.
[Will he succeed?] [No way] [The ticket for the banquet's gone far away just like the toast flew so far] It goes so far.
[Why am I not a solo singer?] - It's not even close.
- I can't wait until my turn comes.
[Everyone failed.
And it's Hyung Won's turn again] Just put it into the toaster and I'll press the bar.
This is difficult that I thought.
[Trying] [What are you doing?][Shaking] You can't press it down? [Defconn will help you, our precious Hyung Won] Defconn will help you, Hyung Won.
Because he's sick.
He doesn't have any energy.
[So focused] Okay, ready? [The second time to try it] Hyung Won, speedy catch is important.
[Failed] [Missed the perfect timing] Oh, it was close [So frustrated, the bread will be thrown away] You should have tried to catch it quicker.
Why did you get so surprised? [Laughing] [Overcome the fear of the bread coming up] Don't get afraid of it! This is not easy than we expected.
[Too close? It is okay?] Can I try to get it from here? [No way, you know that's too close] - No way.
- You know a good guy doesn't do it.
[Come on, toast!] - Ready? - Okay, go! [He being so greedy caused an nose accident] [Everyone except Won Ho is happy] [They're becoming like monsters] - That toaster is quicker than we think.
- It's so quick.
[So funny] It's so frustrating.
It hit his nose like this.
[The toast was right in front of your eyes] It will stop at the peak.
[Why can't you eat?] You should catch it right at the peak! [Don't want to have a nose accident.
Shownu tries again] - You will try to get it from the side? - Ready? - Yes.
I don't think that will work.
[Just like this, LieV? Hello, MONBEBE] Oh, it was close though.
[Shownu is in other members' way now] - Hey, go away.
- Don't lie down here.
They say you should go away.
[Won Ho trying to eat the bread on the floor] Won Ho, don't! [We must keep an eye on Won Ho] Won Ho, don't eat the bread on the floor.
Don't eat the bread on the floor.
You will get sick.
[He's calculating everything and trying to eat everything] There must be the right angle.
- I think why he's trying so hard.
- It looks like he's doing the arm wrestling.
[READY] - I think he'd succeed.
- Let's go.
[GO] Go! [Attacked his face] [There are a lot of things you can't do even when you're so determined to do it] It was so close though! - He almost succeeded it.
- This is so difficult! [Just in case] There are only two of this.
[The head or the tail of bread] - Limited.
- It's a limited version.
[I LOVE limited items] - I'll choose this one.
- This one.
[He's already on the table] There are two, oh wow he's already on the table.
- Here we go.
- I think I should hold this.
- Oh that's good.
[Simulating] Oh, that's good, Min Hyuk.
[Min Hyuk is being weirder than yesterday] Oh, that's quick.
So quick.
Ready? Go! Go! [I'll just drop by for 0.
1 second] [And this guy is saving the limited bread] [dusting] That was good.
[Recycling the limited bread, wanting a success so bad] Oh, reuse the limited bread? - Okay, I'll do it.
- The limited one.
[So satisfied with the limited bread] It was alright.
[This little boy is so fit on the table] Open your mouth.
Isn't it too close? Ready? Go! It touched my tongue! [Go in the mouth and come out] [That bread is so mean] It touched my tongue.
Is this even possible? [Come up on the table so naturally] This limited bread is so popular.
[Standing right behind to hold him just in case] - Hyung Won.
- Hold on.
[Trying to bite it so hard] Here we go.
[Making such a huge sound] [Coming down safely] Okay, come down.
[What a relief!] It's a relief that no one hasn't succeeded yet.
[So hard to get a ticket for a banquet] [Please eat me! We're right here!] - Do you want to continue with this limited one? - Yeah, definitely with the limited one.
Give me the limited bread] Ready? [BUT so difficult to succeed] It really touched my tongue! I felt it! [Image training] No.
[Just keep shouting while doing some vocal training] [Oh no] I'm nervous.
[This bread! Want to hit him!] No violence.
I think he'll succeed.
[No way] [Eve Shownu is angry at the bread] [Cannot control their anger] They're so upset now.
[So desperate] - Won Ho! - Oh, please! [I'll be a good boy] Please let me eat it.
- Okay, good.
- That's difficult.
[So determined to eat it] -He wants to eat it when it falls on the floor.
- Oh, eat the falling bread.
[A strategy to wait the falling bread] Oh this bread will fly like this and fall like this.
[Like an arc] - Oh, if he succeeded, that'd be so cool.
- Let's go.
[But in reality, epic fail] [Memories of the bread] [Can't stop challenging] [The banquet is getting cold] [Trust me] The staff succeeded this.
[It's not really difficult] How did they succeed this? How? [Just like this] [I pressed it, bit it, and ate it] - Really? - Success! Go eat them! [Min Hyuk is so proud of himself] Go and eat it.
[Going to the banquet] - What a success.
- That was it! - Just around here.
- Everyone! Hold on! [2 tickets are left.
Going for some advice to get the ticket] Hey, teach me how you did it.
[So loud] - Just give some advice to you? - Yes, only to me.
[Many students want advice from him] - Here we go.
- Awesome.
[Min Hyuk is now a popular teacher] You press it quickly and then [Everyone! Ki Hyun is ready] Ki Hyun will challenge soon, everyone.
Everyone, please pay attention to Ki Hyun.
[When others trying to get private education, he's trying to do it on his own] Ki Hyun's challenging! [Falling] [He's ready to eat while these guys are still challenging] - Succeeded? - Min Hyuk will eat it now.
Just press a bit? [This stir-fried rice cake is so good] Oh, wow where did you buy this stir-fried rice cake? [Since it seems so hard to succeed, one person gets 3 chances to try] That was the 2nd try.
[Some people just succeed easily while others don't even when they try so hard] Failed.
[From Min Hyuk, Hyung Won got private education] - Hyung Won.
- Just enjoy your meal.
Enjoy your meal.
[Go away] Don't bother me.
[Private education is 0% helpful] [Why can't you just learn?] [Oh wow, why is this so delicious?] Try to eat it, please! [A lonely battle with the bread] [This movie's so funny, they've been reacting to their challenge for 30 minutes] He does it and he reacts.
[The bread is also tired] - Please.
- Try so hard to eat it.
- Quick! - So stressful.
[One bread, three mouths] [Why is this so difficult] - Go away.
- Go away.
- You failed.
[They don't need the MCs to play the game] - Go away.
- Hold on.
You shouldn't press it all the way down.
[This zombie is so starving] Don't press it all the way down.
[He's coaching] Yeah, that's it.
That's right.
[Failed twice] [Bit it] [Got a bit of the bread] [Nom nom nom nom nom] - I ate it.
- No, that doesn't count.
[No way] - No.
- You should bite it.
[So strict] You should bite the whole bread.
[So funny] - Okay.
- Shownu, let's go.
[So different atmosphere] - Shownu, let's go.
- Min Hyuk is eating so well.
[I got it] - Okay.
- He just said "Okay".
[He's surprised most] - Shownu succeeded! - No, the bread didn't come out.
[The height was just too low, can't judge] - It's a bit - The bread didn't come out.
- Please check the footage.
- It can't be said a success.
[Checked the footage.
He bit it after it came out of the toaster] - Shownu succeeded! - Okay! [This silver wolf complaining] I bit it too! I had a bit of it in my mouth! [Eating well] - Shownu! - Now, we only have one ticket for the banquet, everyone.
[Let's go.
It must be me who get the last ticket] Okay, let's go! [Toaster! Let's go!] - Let's go! - Let's go! - Let's do this.
[Hey, he's so weird] Let's go.
[Failed once] Let's go! - One ticket is left.
- Slowly, Joohoney! [Failed twice][OK, he's failing] Joohoney, press it a bit harder.
[Listen to me] Hey! Press it a bit harder! [Failed three times] [So angry that he can't even get angry] Okay, only one ticket is left.
[Now we're so used to them failing and shouting] [Praying for his fail] One ticket is left.
[We're not showing the same scene again and again] Just one ticket.
[+His clothes make him look like an angry honey bee] One ticket.
[He's ready to challenge] [So desperate for his fail] [God didn't help him] [They're all desperate for the ticket to the heaven] The ticket to the heaven! [Go to pray for his success] Who's going to get it? Ki Hyun will challenge now.
[Everyone, it's Ki Hyun's turn now] Hello? It's Ki Hyun's turn, everyone.
- Whenever Ki Hyun tries, you guys are all distracted.
- Ki Hyun's turn.
[It may look like he's practicing but he's not.
No one is expecting his success] I think Ki Hyun will succeed so quietly.
[Failed twice] Last chance.
[Failed three times] Failed.
Okay, Ki Hyun just tried so hard.
[These two are being so sweet to each other since there is a plenty of food] Hyung Won, you must succeed! [The red honey bee is so upset] This makes me so angry! [So sweet] Hey, eat slowly! [Shouting so hard as usual] You're always so close to a success.
But you fail every time.
[Wake up, myself!] Wake up! [Shownu is just watching because it's not his business at all] [Angry at the bread now] Hey! [What made them so desperate?] - No way! - Be quiet! Go! [Failed, try next time] [Congratulations, please succeed this time] - Okay.
- I'll join you two soon.
[Throw him away] Go away! - Just one ticket is left.
- Stir-fried rice cake is so good.
- Only one more person can eat the banquet.
- This makes me go crazy.
[This bread is making me go crazy] [Biting] [Got the whole bread] [No way, this can't be real] [Won Ho got the last ticket for the heaven] So, these three! [Still can't get over it.
Sorry, no ticket is left] Now, it's finished! Why is it so difficult to get these chopsticks? [Getting chopsticks means getting a ticket] - So good.
- Hold on.
[This is what MONBEBE does when trying to get a concert ticket] - Hey, practice hard! - Hold on! You can play this game next time.
Before the food is all gone if you eat it all, we'll give you an opportunity.
Have as much as you want.
Don't wait.
But it's too funny.
These guys are so funny.
- It didn't pop up.
- Twice.
Twice! Twice.
You guys are so funny.
Go away.
It's so delicious.
Please make it work.
Why can't I do it? If HYUNGWON succeeds, who knows for I.
M? [So angry] HYUNGWON, it's too powerful.
Like this? - It's too powerful.
- Like this? - Like this? - Little more than that.
Be quick.
Be quick.
- 60% of that.
- It's taking too long.
- Be quick.
That's it.
- Who made HYUNGWON like this.
- Shut it! Shut it right away.
1, 2, 3! Shut it right away.
- You should do so.
- Again.
[New method][Self-learning going on] [So surprised] New method.
- I.
M now - When I.
M did it I'll do a one-point lesson.
- One-point lesson.
- Look at me.
If it's 100 here.
- Just press a little more than 50, which means 60.
Then right away.
Then right away like this.
[What did we just see?] One-point lesson.
- He's going back.
- 1, 2, 3 and shut it! He's credible.
He taught them and went back to his seat right away.
He has talent.
He taught them and went back to his seat right away.
He has talent.
He has talent.
He has talent.
[Look at him] [Congratulations] [We are so proud of you] Did you see? [Celebrating with his instructor] - It was just that.
- Let's do this.
Crying as he's so happy.
M eat them! [Eat them all] When you finish eating and go back to your seats, the game will end.
Open your mouth.
My jaw soars.
No pain no gain.
I know.
But it hurts.
Little more.
1, 2, 3! Shut it.
Shut it.
- He's an entertainment instructor.
- When you release it My jaw hurts.
You need to trust the instructor.
1, 2, 3! Shut it.
I think you can't make it.
You can't make it.
- He can't make it.
- Should I try that one too? [The game is over] [Perfect fail until the end] The game is over.
[It's finished but I'm can't finish the game] [Already time to go home] We've been with MONXTA X.
I laughed a lot today.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
[We can't skip this part, right?] I want to hear from this guy.
[A true teacher] Teacher Minhyuk.
- You had some pitiful students, right? - Yes, I did.
[A word to them] Please say a word to them.
First of all, I felt really sorry for Jooheon.
[Reasons for his failure] His small mouth.
- You mean he's not gifted? - Talents.
[Clear] He doesn't have the hardware.
- You mean his body is not good for the game? - Yes.
[How can I overcome my weakness?] How can I make it better? - You can't help it unless you rip your mouth wider.
- I see.
- You are today's PickDol, Jooheon.
- Yes.
[Joo-Honey] How was it? [He doesn't know but he's being cute at the moment] I don't know what I did as PickDol.
What I can remember about today is.
[Bread trauma] Bread.
I tried to work hard as PickDol.
But I'm afraid all viewers will see is me trying to catch the bread.
You did your best.
You were awesome.
Lastly, Shownu.
[Second appearance on Idol Room] How was it today? First of all, it was our first schedule after we released "Alligator".
[First variety show since their comeback] I had so much fun.
And gained positive energy.
[Hot new song] And we worked really hard on "Alligator".
[Send lots of love for "Alligator"] I hope you love the song.
[Hard-working MONSTA X, you're the love] Thank you for coming back to our show after 4 months.
- We wish you all the success.
- Thank you.
The most trusted idol show! Idol Room! [A variety of videos including Joohoen's CAM] Thank you.
[are available in V Live]