Idol Room (2018) s01e40 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 40 - SF9 [Let us introduce today's idol] [Shout out loud, SF9] [Dancing with the IDOL ROOM them song] [Having fun] [Enjoying it] [He's having so much fun although he might not look like he is] [IDOL ROOM] The most trustworthy idol TV show, IDOL ROOM! [SF9 is here at IDOL ROOM] [They appear on the show for the first time] They came here for the first time.
Sensational Feeling 9.
They will surprise the world.
[Welcome, SF9] SF9! To be sensation.
Hello, we're SF9.
[Unfamiliar] - This is your first time.
- Right.
[Worked together once] I don't know whether it's because DA WON chanced his hair color.
[MCs have met him before] - But he seems so quiet today.
- I'm being cool today.
- IN SEONG is so handsome.
- He is.
[He took compliments without hesitation] - Handsome.
- Are you older than HWI YOUNG? [The youngest in SF9] [The oldest in SF9] He's older than everyone.
He's 6 years younger than me.
[6 year difference?] Is it only me? - HWI YOUNG! - Yes.
Do you mind if I ask your age? [Kim Youngkyun (A.
A HWI YOUNG) / 21 years old, the youngest] I turned 21 this year.
Is it because of your hair style? You look so holy.
[Looks like unapproachable] [The youngest who looks so holy] You make me feel like I need to repent.
Was it your choice to have that hair style? [Their company is FNC] I just let my hair grow but then the CEO loves it.
[His company is also FNC] I've said this several times.
I'm telling you again he has a bad taste.
[So brave][The CEO = the chairman] I'm telling you this again.
He has such a bad taste.
[We didn't say anything, CEO!] Don't listen to him all the time.
[It's been 4 years since their debut] [They're wise enough not to comment anything] I'm always telling him.
[The hottest member of SF9, WOO JOO] WOO JOO! CHA NI! I've met you recently.
[Yes, he featured SKY Castle] [The youngest member in SF9, CHA NI] Right, you are a big fan of Tae Min.
[3 weeks ago, he appeared as a huge fan of Tae Min] - I flew to here to see him.
- Must be tired.
- Do you know his blood type then? - B.
He proved how much he loves Tae Min by telling us his blood type and birthday.
His birthday is July 18th.
Wow, he's a real fan.
[The rewards] - I think you haven't heard this but - Oh really? [Tae Min's treasures + phone numbers] - Thank you.
- Please cherish them.
Thank you so much.
[The 38th episode with Tae Min] Did you moitor the episode, CHA NI? - Yes, I did.
- How was it? [The day when he met Tae Min] I couldn't believe I was with him that day.
[It's like a public holiday for CHA NI] You couldn't believe you were on IDOL ROOM? [Just to make sure] Or you were with Tae Min.
I couldn't believe that I was with Tae min.
- Yeah, right.
He wouldn't have appeared if it wasn't Tae Min.
- That's right.
He wouldn't have appeared.
[He doesn't do lip-service] [Always tells the truth] If it wasn't Tae Min, he wouldn't have.
[The desirable answer][Tell us that you missed us] Tae Min is not here today, why did you come today then? [CHA NI?] [Lying +1, Networking +1] I'm here to see MC Hyeong Don.
What about me? Okay.
[Sorry, CHA NI] [Didn't know that the two MCs piss off so easily] [So innocent because it's their first time] Okay.
- So you got his T-shirt as well.
- Right, his T-shirt.
[Whenever his name comes up, he smiles] So today I'm wearing it! [Are you watching me, Tae Min?] [Showing his precious treasure] [Such a precious item from Tae Min] I don't actually want to put this T-shirt in my pants.
- Because it will have wrinkles? - Yeah.
[So envious] Did you get his numbers too? - Yes, I texted him.
- Oh, you did? [Their text history] I wished him a happy new year.
And he said he wants to have a meal with me.
[Right time to boast] I got a text from Sung Woon.
[He knows Sung Woon from Wanna One] And He asked me to go for drinks with Tae Min and him.
[React to the name, Tae Min] You want to join? Yes, please! [This is a real fan][Acting so cute] Please let me join.
[So surprised by him acting cute] Let him join.
[The hottest news] Right, and he told us Tae Min's birthday and blood type too.
[He's such a big fan of Tae Min] He knew everything about Tae Min.
[If you know so well about him] Then, CHA NI must know so well about the members.
[His eyes are shaking] [So excited] - Of course.
- We think he won't let us down.
We are so excited.
[SF9 test] When's HWI YOUNG's birthday? [So confident] He was born in June.
He knows what month it is.
[His face says CHA NI was wrong] Is it correct? [June? No way] It's May.
[Oh no] It was close.
- Who's the leader? - I am the leader.
You must know his birthday.
He's the leader of the team.
Of course, he knows well about the leader.
[With no confidence] - August.
- August.
[Incorrect] - November.
- It wasn't even close.
Who do you know most among the members? [Attacking him] I think he only cares about himself.
[Oops] [Resentment, Happy, Just enjoying the situation] HWI YOUNG saying that [Saying hurtful things] CHA NI only cares about himself means that he must [They're good friends] have been angry at him for a long time.
[The hottest boy in SKY Castle, WOO JOO] You finished shooting SKY Castle.
How do you feel about finishing the drama? I feel sad.
Because I really enjoyed shooting the drama and made many good memories.
[Giving a question to get them] Do you guys think CHA NI has changed after he became successful? No, he's the same.
[People recognize super star CHA NI] He's the same.
But more people recognize him.
[So proud] Wherever we go, be it a cafe or a BBQ restaurant, people recognize him.
[A celebrity who thinks it's cool people recognize a celebrity] - Recognize him as WOO JOO.
- Awesome.
So you think it's cool that people recognize a celebrity.
[So happy] - You're a celebrity too.
- It was for the first time.
DA WON, what do you think? I think he's become arrogant.
[Trying to make the show funny] Because well he always doesn't wake up well in the morning.
[Reporting CHA NI] But these days, he seems that he doesn't want to wake up.
[Attacking back] DA WON has changed more.
- I have nothing to lose.
- We're using bunk beds.
[Reporting DA WON] He hides the ladder because he doesn't want me to climb up to my bed.
[Big reaction] [No this is not what I expected] When CHA NI came home in the early morning after shooting the drama [His gestures trying to explain] "Don't go up to your bed" is [OK, this is going as my plan] There's reason.
There's good reason.
He turned 20 this year.
[Explaining] I just wanted him to reduce sleep a bit.
[Give up, DA WON.
You're the victim here] But to promote the group's name CHA NI decided to feature the drama.
He's like leading the way of SF9 s career as a group.
[That's right] Because he wants to promote the group.
[Realized it a bit later] Oh okay this is what I have to go through.
[Complimenting CHA NI] Well, I have a second thought.
He's working so hard for us.
[DA WON please] [What is it?] I'm flattered to say this but - Do you want me to say this for you? - Yes.
[A surprising information found] While the staff were doing some research on CHA NI The staff found that you picked Jung Hyeong Don as your role model? [Metting his role model] [Everyone is happy for him] He's like me in a shy version.
[But CHA NI is zoning out] But it seems like he doesn't remember it.
Every show he is on is so funny.
[CHA NI forgot he wrote this 2 years ago] And I want to learn a sense of humor from him.
Do you remember it? [He's so clear cut] No.
[Embarrassed] Pass! [The intention of the question] Who's your role model right now? [He would say it's me] Right.
[Of course, Tae Min is his role model(=again)] - I really look up to Tae Min.
- Tae Min.
[Please say Jung Hyeong Don] And I look up to Defconn too.
[You're so unpredictable, CHA NI] He's playing with us.
[He's such a big fan of Tae Min] - It's Tae Min.
- He only thinks about Tae Min.
Before CHA NI became so popular, this good looking guy [The most handsome boy in SF9] [Even before his name is called, he reacts] [It was too early to show how humble he is] [RO WOON, Boo!] I haven't said the name yet.
[Feeling embrassed] - Other members are looking good too.
- What do you mean you thank us? Here [This good looking boy trying to avoid a crisis] I thank you so much for having us here today.
- The timing is perfect.
- Right.
[Keep calm next to his favorite member] Hong Gi said "You must be the most popular one" as soon as he saw RO WOON.
[Catching the fish] Even before Hong Gi finished his sentence, RO WOON said, "Absolutely".
[Oh really] You know that you're handsome.
[Now he's going far to be funny] I think I am compared to these guys.
Compared to these guys.
[BUT everyone agrees with him so it's not funny] I think I have a lot of aspects fans would love.
[He has everything] - RO WOON is tall as well.
- Yes.
How tall are you? - For the first time, - Disclose for the first time? [Shocking disclosure from the most handsome guy, RO WOON from SF9] [The officially disclosed height is 189 cm] I always say I'm 189 cm tall.
[Revealed for the first time] [It's 190.
5 cm] Actually, it's 190.
5 cm.
- 190? - Yeah, 190.
5 cm.
- You're over 190 cm? - Yes.
[Is he even a human?] Some people think I'm 192 cm tall.
But it's 190.
5 cm.
And his handsomeness is [Men recognize his handsomeness looking like Davide di Michelangelo] especially recognized by male fans.
[Have you even heard of it?] Men who love RO WOON.
MLR! Have you heard of it? [He knows] Yes, I have.
- Fans who always give me energy on my way to work - Really? [On SF9's way to work for a music show] [Sound so desperate] RO WOON! [If he's handsome, he's like older brother who I want to look up to] - Brother! RO WOON! - RO WOON! 1, 2, 3.
We love you, RO WOON! [What?] [RO WOON's real name] Seok Woo looks so pretty today.
[Feeling so shy] Marry me, Seok Woo! [Shouting altogether] Kim RO WOON! We love you! 1, 2, 3.
[When everyone jumps] [Only RO WOON] So cute! RO WOON, I've been thinking of you for almost 3 years! I finally got to see you in person! RO WOON, I love you.
I'm so grateful that I got to see you like this, RO WOON! [RO WOON knows their huge presence] It's not just one or two.
[Became like a MLR member] I'm so grateful to get to see you! They must love you so much.
- Is it one person? - No, a few.
[RO WOON knows MLR] They've even come to the signing event.
[So passionate fans who come to the signing event] So I remember who they are.
[Their love is so big for RO WOON] It must be so early in the morning.
Right, it's 10 am.
I'm so grateful.
Then what about female fans? I think I do have some.
I think I do have some.
[Going too far to be funny] [I got it] He's like [So sad] He wants to make it funny but always the timing is bad.
[Opening up] So, I've done variety shows a lot.
There haven't been much reaction.
[His favorite member is on his side] [They stick together] - He's funny.
- Yeah? [Want to be funny] I want to do more to be funny.
But he doesn't fit in variety shows.
[It's okay, your face does all the work] So MLR members always shout for you.
[Time to respond to them] Say something to them, RO WOON.
[Dear MLR members] Hello! Everyone! [He likes it] If you stop shouting for me this time with the new album, I'll be pissed off! I love you! [So much love] I love you! In terms of handsomeness, RO WOON is at the top.
[Smart boy in SF9] What about in terms of smartness? [They cannot wait] [Even before his name was called] Who is it? [Look at these guys] You know who I'm talking about before I call the name.
IN SEONG! [He's the pride of SF9] He studied liberal arts and had always made it to the top 10.
[He's the brain][The top 10] - Your TOEIC score is over 800? - Wow.
[He graduated from a prestigious university] I graduated from Kyung Hee University last year.
I had no time to write my thesis so I had to take TOEIC test.
[Smart students always say that] I couldn't study much but then I got scores more than 800.
You couldn't study much but then you got as high as 800? [Looking up to him] He studied in London for a year as well.
[Feeling shy] Yes, it was a short period of time when I was in elementary school.
So can you speak English? [No problem] Of course.
[Look at this guy] Of course? Do you all think that he's smart as well? [I've witnessed] - When we order some room service.
- What do you mean? We are roommates.
[So proud of him][He orders in English] Can I order room service? [What about other members?] Other members can't do it like him? No doubt, absolutely no.
[All of a sudden, he speaks in English] No doubt, absolutely no.
[Because you're good at English?] [What a good guy who orders for him and treats him] I often buy meals.
Why does IN SEONG make more money though? [TMI] Because he's from a rich family.
[Why are you revealing that?] No, our family doesn't own a house.
[Revealing information] There are some.
Who? Who? YOUNG BIN? [Deny] No, I'm absolutely not.
[We didn't ask] We're not trying to collect your taxes.
[We didn't investigate anything] We're not investigating.
[Shortly after, SF9 will address their stance at a press conference] Why are you hiding? [Trust me] First of all, I don't own any house.
What? Why is this like a press conference? [Thank you, parents] I had everything I need, growing up.
[Cannot be the only victim here] My family is not as rich as IN SEONG's [Such an unexpected development] [The one who revealed all this is in peace] Your family is not as rich as IN SEONG's.
[Cannot be the victim] The real rich is him.
This is real.
[We didn't ask][Revealing how wealthy they are] - Right.
- His watch is [Revealing] He's wearing this expensive watch.
[Shortly after, the real rich, DA WON will explain everything] No, well - It's like he's playing a game.
- Like the claw game.
I knew it.
He's so rich [How should I deal with this] [Using his brain power] that's why he's so relaxed and funny.
[Responding to the rumor] Well, you're saying I'm the real rich here.
[What a great response] I will buy all the land if there's good one.
[What's that] [DA WON started all this] DA WON told us how rich IN SEONG and YOUNG BIN are.
[3 rich people in SF9 that was revealed for the first time] [Rich(but doesn't have his own house)] DA WON is the real rich here.
[Rich with an expensive watch] [Rich but doesn't have his own house] That's the conclusion.
We have the first-ever dedicated idol's personal close-up camera! We'll select today's pick-dol! [Acting cute] Let's start the segment, "Close-up personal camera".
[Do you know this segment?] Do you know this segment? - Yes.
- Like this.
[Of course, we really love watching IDOL ROOM] We will select one member [The benefits of being a pick-dol] [Always shooting the pick-dol] and we upload a full video of him.
[Upload the video online after the show] The video won't be edited.
[Let's meet FANTASY] You will communicate with your fans.
[SF9 IN IDOL ROOM livestream has just started] Hello, everyone.
- Today's idol is SF9.
- Hello.
[LIVE CAM][Hello, FANTASY] Let us say hello.
2, 3.
Te Be Sensation! Hello, we're SF9.
[Every one of them is good looking] People are commenting so actively.
JAE YOON said that he wants to do his alone-live show of doing Zumba dance.
[His dream finally comes true] - It's nothing special? - Was it like this? [Show your Zumba dance] - Music! - Oh, they have.
[LIVE CAM][Warming up] - First, you need to warm your body up.
- Okay.
[A Zumba dance instructor] [Wants to learn Zumba? Go to JAE YOON school] - Warming up.
- Okay.
[Wow] He's so good.
[Disclaimer: We're not at a commuity cultural center] [LIVE CAM] [His facial expressions are the killing part] - So good.
- With more power! [Enjoying.
Shaking] Shake your body like this.
[He's done all the moves he knows] - Oh this is what's called Zumba dance.
- Yes, Zumba dance.
It also helps you lose weight.
[One comment that caught Don's attention] [TAE YANG can mimic CHA NI so well] Can TAE YANG mimic CHA NI well? [You will see CHA NI in me] Yes, I can do a bit.
- True.
- Exactly the same.
- Show us.
[CHA NI is here now] TAE YANG, mimic CHA NI.
[LIVE CAM][His way to talk is the killing part] Hello, I'm CHA NI from SF9.
[Does it sound like me?] I'm CHA NI.
[Did a good job][(Can see him)] - But this - CHA NI, you do it.
[Can mimic TAE YANG] - Say what he's just said.
- I can mimic TAE YANG well too.
- Oh yeah? - Listen carefully.
- Sing a song.
[LIVE CAM][So cute] Hello, I'm TAE YANG from SF9.
[His housemate confirmed] - It was similar.
- Hello.
[Thought it was dubbed] Hello.
[Told you I'm good at mimicking others as well] - We see you in CHA NI.
- So similar.
[Time to select today's pick-dol] Now, let us bring the roulette.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Who wants the personal camera? - Me, me! - Everyone wants it! [From the leader to the youngest member, everyone wants to be a pick-dol] Me! Me! [Setting up flower] Do the flower pose.
[Ta da] [Pick-dol CHA NI] [SF9 CHA NI] [Pick-dol HWI YOUNG] [SF9 HWI YOUNG] [Pick-dol IN SEONG] [SF9 IN SEONG] [Pick-dol SF9 RO WOON, such a cutie] [Pick-dol YOUNG BIN, such a cutie pie] [Pick-dol, SF9 DA WON, the funny guy] [Pick-dol, SF9 TAE YANG] [Pick-dol, SF9 JAE YOON] [SF9 who will surprise the world is now ready] [Let's spin the roulette to select today's pick-dol] Let me spin it! Please tell us who's the pick-dol today.
[Who will be chosen?] Let's go.
[So unpredictable] - Who's going to be selected? - I don't think I'll be selected.
[All we can see is how handsome they are] - Who! Who! Who! - I don't think I'll be selected.
[(Please come to me)] It will tell us shortly.
Today's pick-dol is! [LIVE CAM] It is ! [Now we kind of got used to it] [No spoiler] Okay! [Wow, IN SEONG is selected] Okay! [I'm such a lucky guy!] Today's pick-dol [SF9 IN V LIVE finished] has been chosen.
- Congratulations! - Congratulations, IN SEONG! [IN SEONG CAM] [Such a lucky guy, IN SEONG] It's your day, IN SEONG.
[So envious] He has everything.
[Tell us your determination on today's show] You're been selected as a pick-dol.
Tell us your determination.
[I'll show you how humbly I work hard] I'll do my best to show you how awesome I am.
[IN SEONG's CAM] I'll also enjoy shooting the show! Thank you.
[So cute] [That good looking senior in your school who makes your heart beat fast] [FANTASY's love IN SEONG.
zip] [Please look forward to him as a pick-dol!] [SF9's new song "Enough"] "Enough", our new song, ["Enough" was inspired by Narcissus who fell in love with himself] was inspired by, - Narcissus in Greek and Roman Mythology.
- I know that.
- Narcissism.
- That's right.
We, SF9 saw our reflection in a well, [Like this inner maturity] fell in love with ourselves, have made a comeback, [RO WOON has sexiness in his blood] becoming more matured.
[Without a tutor] We heard that you did nano dance at your showcase.
[Self-taught nano dance] - Is this right? - Yes.
- Why? [Our taste] We really like nano dance.
["Now or Never" showcase] [The know well about IDOL ROOM] [Their nano dance] JAE YOON! [They realized FANTASY, their fans' wish] Our fans really wanted, us to try nano dance.
But it's better to show it with a bit of editing.
[Reality] [Nano dance will improve with editing] I think it did not seem really nice.
[Determined] - So today - You'll try here? Yes, we want to.
Is it true that you've dreamt of appearing on our show? [He must me good at writing a resume] Yes, I really wanted to.
[His social skills] Good.
Let's introduce SF9 in our own way.
[Nano dance] [Killing parts] Let's see them doing nano dance.
[They dance in relay and analyze their dance] [This is nano part of "Enough"] This is the order.
["Enough" nano dance] Music, cue! [Shoulder bounce] [Small moves, big beauty] [Their sexiness started] [Increasingly showing their charm] [Inner sexiness] [Nano part] [CHA NI] [#Hwang Woojunot guilty] [#Kang Chaniguilty #being so handsome] [Dancing maching TAE YANG] [His brilliant performance] [Cool urban guy, HWI YOUNG] [Sexiness plus charisma] [IN SEONG] [He's a great dancer] [David statue RO WOON] [Perfect collaboration of height and face] [JAE YOON] [Sweet and powerful dance] [DA WON] [Human energizer] [YOUNG BIN] [Full sexiness] Everyone! [Prior learning] [Experienced nano dancers] [Rebirth of Narcissus] [Are we at Louvre] [Perfect dancers] [Catharsis comes from their synchronized dance] [Fans are falling in love with them once again] - Okay! - Good job.
[Various video clips of IDOL ROOM are available on V LIVE] Donhee-Connhee Fact Check! [Ron-ssong CAM] [So happy] [Time to check if SP9-related stuff and what] We'll do a fact check [they said and did is actually true] regarding SF9.
The first fact.
The maknae on top is true.
What is SF9's CHA NI-centrism? [Today is the day] It'll finally be revealed.
[Hehe] According to staff research, CHA NI is a crucial member [CHA NI at the center of SF9 relationship] - in the SF9 relationship.
- Right.
- Even before we got popular.
- Really? [Highest rank] [Innately at the top] - From the beginning? - He's at the top.
He has eunuchs.
[Rumored to have servants] [Real maknae on top] Ones that serve him.
How? [Action Commander Lee, Food Commander Kim] - The action commander.
- The food commander.
And CHA NI's number 1 fan in the group is RO WOON? [RO WOON is already known as a fanatic] The fans call me that.
You took care of him a lot.
You said without hesitation that you'd stand surety for CHA NI.
[Really?] [Uncomfortable] [The fanatic changed his mind?] I said that when I didn't know what surety was.
How can you not know what surety is? [Look at him] Surety means you'll be responsible for him.
[For example, surety = can pay back instead of him] So if CHA NI got a certain amount of debt - You repay it.
- You are willing to pay for him.
[Then no] [Retracting surety statement] - I can't.
- That's not it? [Reality] He won't lend me 10,000 won.
I've lent it to you.
I wouldn't go that far.
- No money transaction? - Yes, no money.
[Business related to money must be transparent] [All good expect money] Money must be a sure thing.
Do you only have a soft spot for CHA NI? [Interested only in CHA NI] [What about HWI YOUNG, another maknae?] There's HWI YOUNG too.
[Recently, I care more for HWI YOUNG] I recently started to like HWI YOUNG.
[Gruff CHA NI made him change his mind] Before, CHA NI used to be more accommodating.
[3-second CHA NI] Pretend to be CHA NI.
CHA NI! [What? That's me?] CHA NI! [Is that CHA NI?] What are you doing? What is that? [Arguing] [#Commonscenebetween-7-year difference] - You do this a lot.
- When? He doesn't like physical touch, but I do.
[Huggable] [To Kyun] These days, HWI YOUNG is cute.
[Bleh] HWI YOUNG doesn't like it either.
- HWI YOUNG doesn't like RO WOON? - Yes.
- Why? [Annoying hyung] Only his opinion seems to matter.
[Mean maknaes] It's too one-sided? Even if CHA NI doesn't like it if he likes it If he likes it [Ah! His true sentiment got revealed] - If he likes it - It's one-way.
- RO WOON, name one of CHA NI's charms.
- CHA NI's charm? [Kind of looking forward to it] - CHA NI's charm? He not easy.
For example, if I buy him food [Again, 3-second CHA NI] - I'm CHA NI.
- You're CHA NI.
IN SEONG plays CHA NI a lot.
[Kim Inseong (27) / main vocalist & CHA NI actor] - I do acting on the side.
- You do? [2nd situational reenactment] I say, "CHA NI, let's enjoy the food today.
" [#Buyingmealfor CHA NI] You ate.
[Frustrated] Talk.
[Actual CHA NI gets upset] [This time, ROWOON is 3-second CHA NI] - I'll do CHA NI.
- Okay.
CHA NI, let's eat something good together.
[So cool] Uh, thanks.
He plays games with the hyungs? [The truth of Hwang Wooju we didn't know] If I do that 10 times, then later CHA NI would go, "I bought this.
Eat it.
" [Gives a carrot instead of cutlet] Acting cold but has a kind heart? DA WON, what is the charm of the maknae? [Likes physical touch] I really like physical touch.
[Doesn't like physical touch] CHA NI hates physical touch.
- It's fun to see him hate it.
- Seeing the reaction? [Sincerely] - That's mean.
- He really is mean.
- Isn't that bullying? - He really hates it.
What if you do it to HWI YOUNG? [A full grin] It goes straight up.
[Happy just thinking about it?] [Like this] - Full smile.
- They're really different.
What about JAE YOON and CHA NI? CHA NI is - CHA NI is - I'm envious.
[Maknae on top is true] I approach him more.
I felt this recently.
[However] IN SEONG and I approach similarly, [Exposing] but he accept what IN SEONG does [I trusted you] [Flustered due to unexpected turn] he accept what IN SEONG does He doesn't accept what you do? [Booing when they got the chance] That's upsetting.
[Refuting] [CHA NI's side] It's a bunk bed.
[Reenacting] When I turn around while lying on the bunk bed, he's standing there.
[This is how he approaches him?] [JAE YOON was watching CHA NI] [Genre - horror] How do I accept that? I was shocked.
[Yup, we're on CHA NI's side] - That's a bit - It's weird.
[The public opinion is overturned] That's scary.
[It's all out of love] I wish he would accept it.
Since I don't care for what he does [The real highest rank] [I know] he plays those pranks on me.
[Now, TAE YANG] TAE YANG also picked CHA NI as the most handsome.
I believe this is from a while ago.
We click, personality-wise.
[The maknae that gets loved by all the hyungs] CHA NI is the youngest, but his personality is well-rounded.
To use what they say these days, I'm the "insider" of SF9.
[Nodding] [Accepted] - A maknae who's loved.
- Insider.
So, we'll hold a contest to pick the best fan of CHA NI.
We prepared questions of CHA NI, by CHA NI, for CHA NI.
[Pledge] I'll buy a meal for the winner.
[Interested] The hyungs always bought for me.
[The price is important] What is the limit? [For now] [Excited] [The loudest voice today] - More that beef.
- More than beef? CHA NI will buy beef.
[I'm Hwang Wooju] - It could be more than that.
- Really? I'll post a pic.
[Smiling] Okay.
HWI YOUNG is loving it.
[I want to win] I'll win.
[I'm also confident] 1st CHA NI quiz.
1st quiz.
The ones who are really interested in CHA NI will know this one.
What was CHA NI's conception dream? [Standing up] RO WOON.
[Will the answer come out the first time?] [Huh?] His mother dreamed it.
[Say what the dream was about] Tell us the answer.
A cart was full of treasure.
- A cart full of treasure.
- Wrong.
A twisting dragon went out the front gate.
[Looking at his face, this one wrong] - Went out the front gate? - I heard it recently.
- It's similar.
- I heard it recently.
[Very willing] [HWI YOUNG raises his hand] - His grandmother dreamed of it.
- No.
- It's not his grandma.
- We'll tell you right away.
- A dragon came out the belly [Refrain from exaggerated imagination] It's not that cruel.
[What is the genre of this dream?] Is it aliens? [A hint] Dragon and his mother are correct.
Did your mother ride the dragon? [Suddenly asking?] Did your mother ride the dragon? [Can act with one line of description] Are you asking? [Rule added] You can't ask.
Just say the answer.
[Another hint] It's not that specific.
This is right.
The dragon gave your mother a marble? A dragon marble? Dragon ball? [Wrong] [RO WOON, sit down] - No.
- No.
[Using his imagination to the fullest] The dragon married his mother.
[What] [SF fantasy novel-like answer that are wrong] - His mother and dragon came out together - Wrong.
[Frustrated] The dragon went inside his mother's mouth [Sure it's the answer] HWI YOUNG! The dragon flew to the sky.
[Is it just me?] Seems like you're not using honorifics the more you say the answer.
[Oops! Sorry I was in a hurry] The dragon flew to the sky.
[161005 novels came out] [An action hint] It's not that specific.
[Running?] [The fastest to raise his hand] - IN SEONG.
Your mother followed the dragon.
[It's slightly different] - We practically said it.
- Correct.
[This is it!] - HWI YOUNG.
- The dragon followed behind your mother.
Followed but! [Not the end] How many dragons was it? [Jump of confidence] - How many dragons? - RO WOON! - RO WOON! - 2 dragons! - Correct! [+ 1 point] [Succeeded in grabbing the answer] Correct! 2 dragons.
[Lost 1 point that was in front of him] [This is not a real smile] - Look at his face.
- Followed? The important part was 2 dragons.
[Right away] 2nd CHA NI quiz.
- This you have to get correct if you know CHA NI.
- Seriously.
[I'll get it this time] - CHA NI started as a child actor.
Name 5 shows he starred in within 5 seconds.
- HWI YOUNG! [Even before the questioning is done, his hand goes up] - HWI YOUNG! - IN SEONG.
[Won't make it] [So confident] "The Innocent Man", MV of "Starlight is Falling", [Me] - Failed.
"Splendid Politics", "Listen to My Heart", "Sky Castle".
[Unfortunately failed] [Got 4] - Failed.
- MV.
- IN SEONG! "The Innocent Man", "Listen to My Heart", "Signal", "Splendid Politics", "Sky Castle".
[Picky pig] [Won't just let them have it] Give me the full title of "The Innocent Man".
[So many volunteers] - DA WON.
- IN SEONG! - HWI YOUNG! - 5, 4, 3.
- "Sky Castle", "Signal", "The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere in the World", "Listen to My Heart", "Splendid Politics".
[Failed due to bad pronunciation] Failed.
What was that? IN SEONG.
[Cleat enunciation] "Signal", The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere in the World", "Sky Castle", "Splendid Politics", "Listen to My Heart".
Correct! [+ 1 point] [IN SEONG, perfect answer] Correct! [Sad] [Upset] I said it too.
[CHA NI, can you see my heart?] You saw many of them.
- You've seen them.
- Seen them all.
[A viewer appears] - You were in "Signal"? - Yes.
- When? - Which episode? The older brother of Lee Jae-hoon who died with a false charge.
- That was you? - Yes.
[Kang Chanhee (20) / acts falsely accused characters] - Goes to prison there.
- You do? Wrongly accused.
Next question.
CHA NI's underwear color today.
[Embarrassed] - RO WOON.
[Confidently, scarlet] - Scarlet.
- Scarlet.
[Not his preferred color] [Scarlet is such a foreign color for me] - Sky blue.
- Sky blue.
- Gray.
- Gray.
- Black.
- Black.
- That's right.
- Blue.
[HWI YOUNG, looks like you guessed] You guessed.
- He's not interested.
- He's not.
- No.
[Same as the hair color] - Blue and - Red.
- Red.
- White.
- White.
[We'll check the answer] - Is one of them right? - Let us see first.
[Flustered] We'll see first.
We'll see first.
I think I know.
[Then it's leopard pattern] IN SEONG, leopard pattern.
[Nope] - Leopard? - Guess the color.
- Color.
[Cautiously, pink?] - Pink? - No.
[No] - Pink? - Navy? [Then navy?] Navy? [+ 1 point] [Finally TAE YANG got it] Correct! TAE YANG, correct.
[Can't agree] He didn't shout his name first.
YOUNG BIN, navy.
[YOUNG BIN, I didn't think you were like that.
A warning] Sneaky.
[Failed to get the answer] TAE YANG didn't know it.
[He guessed it right] - He guessed it.
- How unfortunate.
Round 2, guessing CHA NI language.
[Millennium baby CHA NI does not know much about newly coined words] You don't know many newly coined words? - Really? - Yes, I've been studying.
[He didn't know Bidam] Didn't you Bidam? [2 out of 3 members aren't so familiar with newly coined words] - Bidam? - Visual? - Doesn't it mean visual responsible? I learned it.
[CHA NI's dictionary] Did you say it means "you could catch cold if you get wet.
" - Yes.
- You're not familiar with newly coined words.
- Newly coined words [CHA NI's language] We'll show him some newly coined words.
[Guess how CHA NI guess given newly coined words] Guess what CHA NI say about this newly coined word.
We should read what he's thinking.
- First quiz, "sabasa".
- "Sabasa".
[They seem not to know the original meaning] - "Sabasa".
- "Sabasa".
[He doesn't know it, either] - What does "Sabasa" mean? - I think we can get it.
[He's writing down an answer] It makes sense.
[He's testing him] Too long.
[(He's not listening)] Yes.
Let's guess what CHA NI wrote down.
HWI YOUNG, You're in fact foolish, I love you.
[Close] - I love you.
- Partly correct.
- "Foolish" correct.
- "Foolish".
[Wrong] - Picture - Nope.
[Wrong] - I love you.
- No.
- No "I love you".
- No "I love you".
- Don't buy.
- Don't buy? [Getting closer to the answer] - Close.
- Close.
It was close.
[Then] [Wrong] - Don't buy.
- Don't buy.
- Nope.
[Jumping] - RO WOON! - I thought that too.
[No] Buy? Foolish? [Clue] Three letters each.
- DA WON! - Not suggestion.
[4 letters, nope] - Are you a human? - Yes.
[Thinking hard] Don't buy it, a fraudster.
- It's not "don't buy.
" - Nope.
[JA YOON is given another chance] - JA YOON, do you want another chance.
- I want to buy one, foolish.
I'll buy it foolish.
[(+1) Correct] - Right answer! - Right.
- I'll buy for you, foolish.
- Correct! [Good job] Yes.
You want to see this? [1st update] I'll buy it for you, foolish.
The original meaning is, [Original meaning] - Person by person.
- Did you know that? For me, starting from today, this means "I'll buy it for you, foolish".
[RON CAM] [Heart attack] - Heart attack.
- It's okay.
- To girlfriend.
Next quiz.
[Second quiz] - "Papami" - It's easy.
- What's this? [He's not familiar with the expression] - "Papami".
- That's a nice guess.
- What does this mean? [Everyone doesn't know the meaning] "Papami".
Guess what it means? [He's got something] I think I got it.
Dig and dig [Smiling] Really? What? [Steal] - I try hard but fail to hate him.
- Now.
[Getting close, but incorrect] I got goose bumps.
- RO WOON, he's really handsome.
- Wrong.
- RO WOON, sense of taste.
- Nope.
- RO WOON, really sorry.
[ID ttaegu is stopped from saying for a minute] RO WOON, stop talking.
[Depressed] Don't talk too much.
Are we going to the right direction? - JAE YOON, going crazy? - Crazy? [Wrong answers] Craziness! RO WOON, [ID ttaegu is banned from chatting] RO WOON, stop talking for a minute.
[45 seconds left] Stop talking.
Fa do fa do mi sol? [+1] [DA WON got an answer] Correct! [He's surprised] - Right! - Pa do pa do mi sol.
How did you know that? [Simple] [He thought simple] Piano.
- Good.
- Wow.
[Second update] DA WON is really sensible.
[Proud] It's fun.
- Next quiz.
- Bobae.
- Bobae.
- This [This one] One who gets the right answer will receive 1.
7 billion points.
- 1.
7 billion points.
- 1.
7 billion.
[Why is it so important] [Betting his life] - I bet my life on this.
- Let's go.
[Without hesitation] I think this is the answer.
[All time favorite] Isn't this the answer? - Wow, he's good.
- Don't look at me, I'm hungry.
Are you hungry now? [Answer according to his instinct] - Yes, I am.
- Incorrect.
DA WON, don't look at me, stupod.
What's "stupod"? [Nope] [He created a new word] - Stupod.
- Stupid? No, too much.
[Clue please] Is it humor stuff? [Here's a clue] This can be coercive.
[Donhee's estimation] YOUNG BIN might have said this.
[Me?] [No idea] - What's that? - YOUNG BIN said it to CHA NI.
- YOUNG BIN - You should learn from YOUNG BIN? Learn from him? No way.
I told this to YOUNG BIN.
[That may be correct] [No way] - And TAE YANG What? - Learn from him.
Why? [I just said that] He can say that someone should learn from him.
[Learn from him] Correct! You should learn the right answers.
[Third update] - Is this what YOUNG BIN said? - No.
[This is just CHA NI's expression that has nothing to do with YOUNG BIN] [Just a feeling] I just felt it.
[Final score] [TAE YANG: 1.
7 billion and 1 points] - 1.
7 billion and one.
7 billion and one.
- You know really well about CHA NI.
[Sweeping victory] I thought you guys are not so close.
[Bonus quiz] What do you think is the original meaning of bobae? [No idea] - I miss you.
- Learn from someone.
- Learn from someone.
- This is an abbreviation of power bank.
- Oh, I couldn't think of that.
- Power bank? TAE YANG won! [Winner] [We'll wait for your photo] You should treat him, okay? Okay, I'll send you a picture.
[Tough] - Just two.
- You pick what to eat.
I'm touched.
Next fact please! Dance or performance art? SF9's unique new choreography.
There's rumor that the new choreography is rather interesting.
Do you know about it? - There are loads.
- I can tell.
[Let's see how it's like] Cool.
[Source: YouTubeFNCent] Flying on the stage.
[Transformer dance #Jungie Game] [Source: YouTubeHoney Double Up] [Every member does this move] [It's not the end] [United] [They do this while singing] [Waterwheel dance #K.
] [They also sing while doing this] [So peculiar] Cool.
It's like a hand fan.
Like a waterwheel.
Waterwheel dance.
Who's the main dancer? TAEYANG, CHANI, YOUNGBIN.
Main dancers often participate in making choreography.
I and CHANI is like a supporter.
- TAEYANG does a lot.
- He's the creative one.
I really want to see the waterwheel dance.
Can we see it? Okay.
- DAWON is the coach right? - Yeah.
- Cheering.
- Cheer them up.
1, 2, 3, 4! [Wow] Oh, that's how it works.
[They work together] That's how you do it.
[The truth about this move] This is how you do it.
[Hard work by other members] This quick? It was too quick.
I got it.
[He wants to try] [Let's do it one more time] - Strongest ones.
- How about YOUNGBIN, JAEYOON back here? [Strongest two] Ready set go.
Ready set go.
[He withstood only a second] [Weak] I'm here.
You should go.
[It's not my busi You should go so that I can lie down.
- I'll do it again.
- You should go.
2, 3, 4! [Escaping quickly] [Huh? Yeah, you should pull me like that.
It ends if you miss the timing.
[Predicted] - You should hold it right away.
- It's too quick.
It's difficult.
It's spinning like a waterwheel.
It keeps on.
To "We All Lie", Sky Castle's OST CHANI did the dance move.
The song is no good for dancing.
[He did it] Freestyle dance.
[Like CHANI] [He's the main dancer of SF9] His dance moves are pretty.
I uploaded a video where I danced to "Now or Never" wearing school uniform.
I was thinking of a new content.
So I danced to "We All Lie".
I think you are the only one danced to this song.
It's difficult than dancing to children songs.
It's time for SF9's "We All Lie" dance battle.
"We All Lie".
Why only CHANI? It's not his song.
You can say that.
TAEYANG is also a good dancer.
Don't you think so? YOUNGBIN.
You have your own vibe.
Let's watch the original.
[Original version] Cheer up! [Nervous] [First dancer CHANI] Different mood.
We've seen this move in the video.
[Lovely dance moves] [Look at the detail] It's different.
[Dancing machine] [This is it] [He can control the dynamics] [Look here.
He's not guilty] Wow.
How hard it must have been to make this moves to this song.
[So worried] - He has his own feel.
- He has one.
- He has his own feel.
- Yeah.
He's wearing TAEMIN's clothes.
Good vibes.
- Well done.
- You've seen his performance right? I think I should have done it first.
- Don't be humble.
- He's a good dancer.
- Way to go.
- Music right away.
[Light moves] [Waves] He has pretty dance moves.
He does have one.
Do poppin dance.
- Poppin.
- Later on.
He'll show us soon.
[He's doing his best] [YOUNGBIN is a healer and makes us happy] [WOW] [Energetic] Great leader.
He's good.
[Wow, he's like the master of dance] He has his vibes.
[Well done to me] [He's our leader] TAEYANG.
He's the real one.
[Nervous] He's really good.
[Wow from the start] [Look at his hand signs] Wow.
It goes well.
- How can you bit him? - TAEYANG is also a good dancer.
[He's sweeping the stage] [New drama] CHANI is nervous.
He didn't know that they'll do their best.
[He expresses his feeling with his moves] Wow.
What's this? It was a good one.
[He's sexy and beautiful.
] Oh no.
The next one will be under pressure.
[No mercy] He know how to dance.
[Best ending] Perfect.
It was really cool.
[You rocked the stage] I'm going to start in a new way.
I'm little nervous that he'll exaggerate things.
Just make it cool.
- Cool? - Yeah please.
I'll do so.
Here it goes.
Music on.
[He's tall] He almost missed the timing to get up.
His height is 190cm.
[This minimal move] Not really a good dance.
He stopped.
He is allowed to do this.
With his face.
Only with his face.
He's just staring at the camera.
[Makes a smile] - Just watch it.
- Just watch the camera.
It's that one.
- Just look at it.
- Don't dance.
Just look at the camera.
- Just look at the camera.
- Don't dance.
- Just look at the camera.
- You are really handsome.
Don't dance.
- You can just watch the camera.
- No dance.
- Don't try to be funny.
- I found my talent.
It's your face.
Just watch the camera.
It's all okay with your face.
- I guess it's DAWON's turn.
- Yeah.
He has many thoughts.
He didn't know that he's turn will come this soon.
He's not really a good dancer.
He's not a good entertainer.
He's giving us hint.
- I wanted to look cool.
- Nope.
- He already did it.
It was too powerful.
I'll do my best.
DAWON's version.
[5th dancer DAWON] [Not sure] [Drop the glasses] [Two teachers are pushing him hard] The glasses are sponsored.
What's up with you hip? Wait.
It's rated under 15.
No way.
Let's try again.
I know that pressure.
- Oh no.
- DAWON, it's rated under 15.
- You can do it.
- He's trying to stay cool.
"We All Lie", DAWON's version.
We all lie.
We've seen this in the rehearsal.
It's the same one.
[He's pretending he's not embarrassed] What's up with your hips? - Why is it so pretty? - I can only see your hips.
- Microphone.
- Chrus.
[DAWON is not a dance master] He's waiting for the chorus.
DAWON? [Oh my eyes] DAWON? [I hope it's not real] [Sympathizing] [Under 15] I know how you feel.
I was about to cry.
Well done.
It was like a blooming flower under pressure.
Well done.
Don't feel pressure.
- I've planned one.
- Really? Music start.
[Laughing] [Indifferent and chic] [Why is it funny?] He's acting here.
"We All Lie".
He's just pointing everywhere.
It makes DAWON what? It's a lie.
[He's conveying philosophical message] Chrous.
[I can't believe this] [Powerful jump] I'm going to get you.
Don't lie.
[Only good people can see this drum] Well done JAEYOON.
Good job.
It can be your signature move.
[Good dancers are here] It's uncontentious.
We All Lie dance king is TAEYANG! Thank you.
Give us the next fact.
[FACT CHECK] CHA NI's confession.
I feel a generation gap because older members get tired easily.
[What do you mean?] - Weak older members - Did you say it? [Deny it first] I didn't say they are weak.
[Reference][When seeing older members get tired of practicing] "When I practice with older members, "[So I feel a generation gap in a variety show] they get tired really quickly" is allegedly what you said.
[He admits because there's evidence] That's right.
[The oldest member can't believe it] - What happened? - Not that different.
[Attacking IN SEONG first] For example, IN SEONG used to eat a lot after lessons.
[Evidence of poor stamina] But these days he goes to bed right away.
[Refuse food and go to bed] He doesn't have energy to eat.
[Everyone admits right away] I think I've been accumulating fatigue.
[Attacking another oldest member] YOUNG BIN also gets tired easily.
How's YOUNG BIN? [Older members go to bed] - Me? - He goes to bed right away as well.
[Confession] I still feel like I am 18.
[Opening up?] But then actually I'm 27 years old.
[When they add their ages, it's more or less than 100] So what? So you're saying that you feel old in front of us? [His 27-year-old body cannot follow up his 18-year-old heart] I mean I want to do more.
But then I feel tired because I'm 27.
So I just decide to go to bed early.
[A 20-year-old cannot believe this] [Tell us who draws the generation gap line, CHA NI] Who do you think are older and weak, CHA NI? Who do you think are weak? I think DA WON will draw the line.
[What does it have to do with this?] Sometimes I eat stones.
You eat stones? [He's going too far to appeal his strong stamina] They say those at my age chew stones.
Like a spring chicken! When I feel like I'm not doing my best, [Please don't] [Even an 18-year-old shouldn't eat stones] I eat stones.
[But then they're all in their 20s] But you all are in your 20s.
You might not like this kind of perception on you.
[Older members can totally agree] - Yeah.
- So, SF9 [Beat the wrong percpetion] will have an opportunity to show your strength! [Fire!!!] [I'll show you how strong I am!!!] [Rumors of older members] IN SEONG can do push-ups with only 3 fingers? Really? [Being proud] Yeah, I used to.
- Then can you do 30? - 30! [Can he beat the wrong perception?] - Okay.
- Ready? Go! [What? No] You don't have to do this.
You really don't.
Go! [Slipped] [Quick judge][No, this won't happen] Please stop.
I heard some sound of your bones breaking.
[Don't want to give up] I can do this! [No, you can't] - IDOL ROOM doesn't allow you to do something that puts you in danger.
[The IDOL health and welfare committee] I heard the sound of his bones breaking.
[Please don't allow him to do it at the dorm] We won't allow you to do something that can harm you.
[TT] [This hardship doesn't end here] [Next target is RO WOON] Rumor has that RO WOON can sit and stand up 30 times just in a minute while holding CHA NI in his arms.
Yeah, of course.
That's nothing difficult.
Then shall we see? [Prove it right away] So envious of you for feeling his affection.
[CHA NI lovers will definitely enjoy this] But CHA NI doesn't like touching him.
[Trying to hold him][Refuse] - This is not easy at all.
- Right.
[Holding Princess CHA NI] - Ready.
- Hold your legs a bit.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Ready? Go! [Sitting and standing up so easily] 1, 2.
[Unexpectedly, It's CHA NI who gets tired] 4, 5.
[So dizzy][Princess CHA NI feeling sick] 7, 8.
[Can't hold his head] You can do this.
[His love for CHA NI doesn't help him] Hey, can you please stop doing it? [CHA NI is almost lying on his arms] [Help me, CHA NI] [Please stop] [Please enjoy this in real time] [CHA NI is giving a training to an older member] Stop, please.
[The youngest being mean] - I can tell what kind of person CHA NI is.
- Please stop.
[Begging] Stop it.
Sometimes he is shy.
[The ranking in SF9 is verified] [CHA NI RO WOON] RO WOON is begging him.
- Please stop.
- How many did I do? It feels like I've done 70.
[Don't care the record anymore] [Throwing him away] 23 times.
[I enjoyed it so much] Good.
[23 times in a minute is not easy] This must not be easy.
- Right.
- Really.
- It's super difficult.
[The youngest one provoking him] I think I can do 23 times.
[Don't lose] Oh yeah? Then CHA NI does 23 times, while holding RO WOON.
[So confident] I think he can't even hold RO WOON.
RO WOON is 190cm.
[Successfully holding him] [Princess RO WOON who loves CHA NI is so happy] Ready? Go! [Look at him] Hey, RO WOON.
You seem really happy.
[Doesn't care about making a record] [Princess RO WOON has everything he needs] [Oh, CHA NI is goo no] [CHA NI couldn't even do it for 10 seconds] - Told you it's not easy.
- It's difficult.
It was just a warming up.
[The warming up is finished] [Time to check SF9's strength and teamwork] Now, we'll see your teamwork [So confident] and your strength by doing some tests.
The first one is Do sit-up with your arms crossed.
[The rule of crossed arms sit-up] You know? You crossed your arms and - stand up together.
- Oh, all of us? The time limit is 60 seconds.
[Weak] [IDOL ROOM Staff's record 40 times/ 60 secs] The staff did 40 times per 1 min.
Wow, 40 times? [Asking the leader][What's the goal?] How many times do you think you ca do, YOUNG BIN? [Not prediction, but the goal] [Staff's record 2 = 80] We want to set our goal at 80.
- 80 times? - Because we're 8 people.
[No!][8 people must do 80 times] - 10 times each.
- Each person does 10 times [So quick to learn][Learn from me!] Learn from me! Learn from me! [So ambitious] - 80 times! Learn from me! - Okay, I will! 80 times, learn from me! Let's do this! Ready? Go! [Crossed arms sit-up START] [Their heavy breathing though] [Too slow] [Did you underestimate the staff?] [Wait, how many times per 1 min?] We need to do it at the same pace.
We need to do it at the same pace.
- Learn from me! - 1, 2, 3.
- Look at each other.
- 1.
[So relaxed] CHA NI! You're not doing it at the same speed.
[This young guy is tired] What are you doing, CHA NI? [00&99 born millennium babies are not doing well] HWI YOUNG and CHA NI are so slow.
[Who was it who complained about older members' stamina?] CHA NI, sit up! The younger members are so bad.
[Dead?][Yes, it's me] You are too fast.
[YOUNG BIN leading by example] Hey, use the bounce.
- The bounce! - So that you won't get tired.
- 6.
[They've done only 7 times][So exhausted] Why are we doing this too fast? - Now, it looks like a wave.
- They're not doing it at the same speed.
[A big hole of this team] [Feels like they're doing it at the 5G speed when it's actually at the 2G speed] I think we're doing too fast.
[The 3 learn-from-me members] [No] DA WON draws the line.
Yeah, DA WON.
I can tell you're tired.
[Barely holding on] - These people are - DA WON is so tired.
Yeah, we can tell you're tired, DA WON.
[Cannot hold on] - They're lying down so harsh.
- Way to go.
[This is sitting him up] DA WON is - He's going through a hard time.
- CHA NI! DA WON is going through a hard time.
[The learn-from-me members start to get tired as well] - Too heavy.
- DA WON! - Hey, just kick! - What are you doing? - HWI YOUNG, take care of CHA NI.
- He's too heavy.
[What are you doing, TAE YANG] - Kick! - What are you doing? [60 seconds that felt like forever have passed!] Stop! [At a loss for words] Stop! [GG] - No, we can do this.
- Please give us [The staff didn't do anything wrong] [It may look like they did it for 6 hours but it was only for 60 secs] - Crossed-arms sit-up, SF9's record is 25! - 25 times! [So shameless] Wow, we did a lot.
[For real?][Weak IDOL ROOM SF9] People now would think you are so weak.
But we cannot say that they're weak just based on their sit-up record.
[We're good people][Give you another chance] based only on their sit-up record.
- Right.
- True! So let's move onto the next one! [This one is also a group game] This game is also where you can show [being mischievous even before the game] your perfect teamwork and strong stamina.
[So motivated] We can do this.
[The rule of Relay chair pulling game] You can pick one person who will pull the chairs.
Every time you turn a complete circle, additional member will be sit on a chair.
[Again, the staff don't have strong stamina] The staff's record was 4 minutes.
- This one sounds easy.
- Turning the complete circle 7 times.
[Oh yeah?] Then, DA WON you pull the chairs! Me? - Stop touching it! - Stop! [Making the circle smaller] [Stop it, DA WON] - What are you doing? - I'm sorry.
[To lead the game smoothly, take off their jacket] Take off your jacket.
Anything that can bother anyone.
CHA NI, what are you doing? [No No][TAEMIN gave this T-shirt] I can't make this T-shirt dirty.
- Can't make it dirty? Okay.
- Oh, he can't make it dirty.
- Ready? - Hold on.
[What?] The first one What was that? [Looks like he did it on purpose] Hey.
It looks like you two did it on purpose.
[Already can tell they will fail] - I don't think we'll do well.
- RO WOON didn't know it.
[So confused because they play this game for the first time] Don't hold both of them? [Like a rickshaw-puller] Like this? [This 2-meter tall passenger is so sad] The next passenger must hold the first one's waist.
[Smelling] And stick to each other.
Relay chair pulling game! Ready? Go! [Safety is most important] - His pants would pull down.
- Let's go.
- You're doing well.
- Fast.
So fast.
[Holding the safety belt] - Doing so well.
- What if he falls? - He's doing alright.
- So good.
- Easy, right? - Next, IN SEONG! - Let's go.
- Keep calm! [The second passenger is on the chair] Keep calm.
[He got his hat] [RO WOON enjoying it as if he's at an amusement park] [Please stop][Your presence makes us happy] RO WOON, that's not funny.
Just don't do anything.
[He turned the complete circle twice in no time] [Speeding up] [Great cornering] Oh, this is getting harder.
[The third passenger failed to join] [The tail has some problems] - He's lost his chair.
- Quick! Quick! [Rushing] You need to wait.
You need to keep your pace, DA WON.
[This 20-year-old boy is just enjoying his own time] Wait.
You need to keep your pace, DA WON.
Cross your legs! [This is a world for adults] [Working so hard] - Right, cross your legs.
- My bones hurt so much.
- This is getting - Be careful.
[Is it only me who sees my dad's face in DA WON?] [#3 passengers][#1 passengers] [Compare his speed!] It takes longer as he gets more passengers.
Quick! Quick! [The fourth passenger got on too] - Help me.
- Hold my shoulders.
[Attacking with his feet smell] [Shouting][Hurt his tailbone] Got it? [So chaotic] - Here, here! - Quick, quick! [Such a chaotic train] Hold on.
- Let me cross my legs again.
- Hold on.
Let me do it again.
[CHA NI?] You got it? [This 20-year-old enjoying the moving chair] [I love it] No, no.
[His feet are on somewhere that doesn't look okay] Don't push it.
- Don't push it.
- But I need to stick to you.
[He's moving so much but the speed is the same] Go, go! [The train is about to derail!] Go, go! [Yeah?] You need to make a bigger circle.
You need to turn a bigger circle.
[Destroy the rail] - Wait, I have that - Don't cheat! [I'm going my way] You need to turn a bigger circle! [Looks fun][Finally CHA NI gets interested in it] Stop cheating! You need to turn a bigger circle.
He had that red thing in his butt.
[Collecting all of them] Hey, stop collecting them.
What are you doing? This hinders you from moving forward.
[Suffering] - Hey, this hinders - I have it in my butt! [The 5th passenger got on] They're playing a dirty game.
[It looks fun to CHA NI] - I have it in my butt! - Hey, help him by pushing the floor with your hands! [Is this a weigh of the burden on the breadwinner?] - Push, push! - This hurts! - Where am I now? - No, I need to hold him.
[I'm running as always] Time is ticking.
[Dad, way to go! You have us!] Slow down.
[This is chaotic] [The 6th passenger, HWI YOUNG got on] One more.
- DA WON, you can do it.
- DA WON, way to go! - Just one more.
You can do it, DA WON.
- DA WON, way to go! [A big family of 6 people] Let's go, DA WON! [The breadwinner is looking only forwards] [Only the head of the train runs so fast] Wait! [The passenger at the tail of the train is so desperate] Let's go, DA WON.
Oh, wait.
[DA WON, calm down] [You need to carry other babies] Hold on.
[Working so hard] - Come on! - Come on! [This tall guy is still suffering] Don't push it! Don't push it.
[Now he's trying to do a triple axel] [Don't worry about a record.
Just finish the game] This is so chaotic.
[CHA NI] [He's enjoying his own happy world] - Ready? - Yeah.
[Sweating so much] Feels like more than 4 minutes have passed.
[This time, they're eating all of them again] [Finally, the last passenger CHA NI is on] - Let's go.
- This is the last one.
[Just get rid of all of them] [Finishing it means everything now] Just turn a circle.
We don't need them.
[Sorry, DA WON][It's not a group game anymore] - Just turn a circle.
- Turn a circle.
Ready? This is the last turn.
Let's do this.
[A big accident] [He's lost his chair] I've lost my chair.
[Happy CHA NI] RO WOON doesn't even have a chair.
[Flying in the air] [An invisible chair] I've lost my chair! [This is an epic failure] [RO WOON, just think that you're at a standing seat] [Happy CHA NI] [DA WON, let's go!] Let's go! [I, DA WON, am the energy drink of SF9] [For beloved members] [And for honorable teachers] [I'll surpass my limits] [What's the record of SF9?] [I, DA WON, am the energy drink of SF9] [For beloved members] [For honorable teachers] [I'll surpass my limits] [GAME OVER] Stop.
[What's their record?][DA WON did all the work] What's the record? [DA WON worked out most in his life] [I did alright, right?] What's the record? [IDOL ROOM: 4 minutes SF9: 4.
5 minutes] 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
[You lost but did a good job] The staff's record was 7 circles in 4 minutes.
[Such a record that he carried all the 7 people] I don't think I could've done better than that.
It was so close though! [Time to go home] Well, today we are with the weakest idol group in Korea, SF9.
[How was it as a pick-dol?] IN SEONG was a pick-dol today.
Any memorable things today? [Self admit][Selected as the weakest idol] Well, we're now the weakest idol group.
But I hope you can give us another chance to prove that we are not.
[Good decision][Appeal handsome face instead of strong stamina] Let me show you some pretty face of me.
1, 2, 3.
[He's like the textbook of looking good] [Comments from the leader] We've always wanted to be on IDOL ROOM.
And today we had so much fun.
We've made our come back with NARCISSUS of sexy concept.
But then we've earned the title of "the weakest idol group".
[Being at the top is always good] [Raise your chin, SF9] I am so honored.
Please listen to our new song, "Enough".
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