Idol Room (2018) s01e41 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 41 - (G)I-DLE [This benevolent IDOL ROOM signal song] They'll get royalty.
[The singer of the song are here] They'll get royalty again.
Someone's having fun.
[Everyone! I made it] She's having lots of fun.
[The creator is having super fun] [Sexy] [Mature] [Charisma] [Cutie] [Chic] [Dreamy] [Multiplayer idol group that can do anything] [Where are they?] [IDOL ROOM] The number 1 idol group show.
IDOL ROOM! [Yoo-hoo] It hasn't been a full year since their debut.
But they are hot.
[Welcome, I-DLE] Our I-DLE! 1, 2! I! Hello, we're I-DLE.
[MIYEON] [MINNIE] [SOOJIN] [SOYEON] [YUQI] [SHUHUA] [One was super excited since the opening] One was having too much fun in the opening.
[The creator of IDOL ROOM logo song] Yes, she'll get the royalty.
Was there a show that started with a song you made? [Only IDOL ROOM] No, there wasn't.
How is it? We started with your song.
[Her voice is like a baby] I didn't know you'd use it for this long.
Firstly, it's such an honor.
Also, I was really curious so I looked it up a few times.
[Adult of capitalism] The royalty? No, not the royalty.
[A girl who's skeptical] If you were really using it.
[Monitoring to check if IDOL ROOM was really using my song] If the song was played.
[Disappointed] I looked it up, but you didn't play it many times.
[Suspicious girl, your song plays biweekly] It plays every other week.
[Informing HUI too, just in case] - Once HUI's, once SOYEON's.
- A week of PENTAGON HUI's.
[Since HUI's and SOYEON's signal songs are played every other week] So I found it.
[Find it biweekly] [Happy ending] I was happy to see it.
[IDOL ROOM X I-DLE formed a special bond in a short time] It's your 3rd time on IDOL ROOM.
- Already.
- Right.
[But first time flying solo for 60 minutes] Right? It's your first time alone though.
IDOL ROOM is your first variety show.
[What is he trying to say staring with a question?] When you make your debut in a show [Connhee, again] that's has a huge influence, [exaggerating with variety show newbies] I want to know if it helps you a lot.
[What he wants to say (Praise us)] How was it? [Hesitant] [Shy] Were we helpful? [YUQI was on "Knowing Bros"] - YUQI went on "Knowing Bros".
- Yes.
- YUQI, you did well on "Knowing Bros"? - Yes, I did well.
[Shameless Donhee-Connhee talks] - That's because you met us first.
- That's right.
[She doesn't have to, but she's a kind soul who replies] Right.
Tell us about "Knowing Bros".
[Some advice] [The two will attend Knowing School soon] - We're going on the show soon.
- Really? What should we do? [YUQI, how should we act?] In my case, I'm a foreigner.
[Special tip] If they became too much I pretended not to know.
[Best to play dumb when the situation gets out of hand] I pretended not to understand.
[A huge enlightenment] - Pretend not to know.
- Pretend not to know.
If they become too much Just go like, "Huh? What?" [2 professional Koreans who can't do that] But we understand too much to pull that off.
[Good luck] [Then do what you want] Then you just have to go with it.
"Knowing Bros" staff] We'll listen to what YUQI said and [Please take care of our ugly Donhee and Connhee] and do our best in "Knowing Bros".
[They may not seem like it, but they're nice] [She's nodding because she understands?] [She understood less than 50% when they first met] SHUHUA seems to know more Korean now.
[She really understood] Really? Last time, you couldn't answer with "really".
[Kidding] I was going to learn Chinese since you weren't quick enough.
[Now she can even push back] Please learn.
[So proud of SHUHUA like a baby he raised] [Innocent] Promise.
But SOOJIN and MIYEON [Koreans' audio is more silent than the foreigner zone] the Korean members look more nervous.
[That's correct] Yes.
The foreign members are all freely talking.
[Library mode] [Super perky mode] Koreans, SOOJIN and MIYEON.
The two seem too nervous compared to last time.
[The 2 souls have no voice because they're so tense] Is it because we might ask difficult questions? No.
[Extremely nervous] [Even their vocal cords are trembling] - Why are you so nervous? - Why so nervous? [ I-DLE worried about their first time on the show solo] Actually, we were really worried.
[According to SOYEON] I went to the hair salon yesterday, and MIYEON and the nail artist [SOYEON's exclusive] were talking about how stressed she was.
[MIYEON, counseled nail artist about the stress of IDOL ROOM] - She was stressed.
- That's [Denying strongly] No.
It's not stress.
- Burden.
- So what did you prepare? First, it's been a long time since I played the guitar.
[I know too] [Guitar, like this] The dust-gathering guitar [Inspected her guitar for IDOL ROOM] was taken our for IDOL ROOM.
[Great material to prey on her] [No guitar] We don't have time for guitar today.
[Her mentality is shaken by light teasing] I cut my nails too.
[She knew this would happen and prepared a dance too] I also prepared a dance.
[MIYEON, haha] [No to dance as well due to time constraint] We don't have time for dancing.
[Dizzy] We'll take lots of time exploring each individual's charms.
[Since we've teased you enough] Now let us go over the growth [Go over I-DLE's development] - I-DLE showed over the year.
- Let's see.
Actually, it hasn't even been a year.
[Super-fast growth in just 11 months] 11 months.
But they got number 1 ultra-fast, when only 21 days passed after debut.
The debut song, "LATATA", got 100 million views.
[We compliment ourselves] - Applause.
- 100 million views.
And 7 rookie awards.
They've been called the I-DLE of rookie awards.
From all the girl groups, you ranked number 1 for girl group brand reputation.
- Last September.
- Brand reputation? [A new word] [Interpreting right away into Chinese] You're recording milestones.
Which one was the most memorable? One.
[Her vocal cord is still trembling] One? Let's try to raise your tone.
It might be the top you're wearing, but [A collaboration of voice and clothes] I'm getting sleepy.
[A sweater that induces sleep] - Is it lamb wool? - It's angora.
It's getting sleepy.
[Voice decibel slightly increased] When we got the rookie award for the first time, I was really happy.
[Still not satisfied] The very first one we got [A girl with small voice next to a girl with smaller voice] Me too, the rookie award.
[Special measure] Both of you go, shout and come back.
Go and do it.
Why are you so nervous? - Why are you so nervous? - Let me tell both of you again.
[Telling the MIYEON+SOOJIN combo] Just enjoy and have fun.
[Listen up] We don't have high expectations.
[You don't have to be funny] [Please stop being nervous, MIYEON+SOOJIN] Just relax.
[Continuing with about I-DLE has achieved] We really had no idea we'd get the award.
[Determined to do better after the award] We've become more ambitious after getting the rookie award.
- For the next award.
- We need to prepare better for the next one.
[Understood?] SHUHUA, what title do you want to get? - Title? - Yes.
[Title using her full brain power] [404 not found, stopped due to serious error] Wait.
What does that mean? [So funny] What you want to do.
[A colleague and SHUHUA's private interpreter] Award, award.
[MINNIE, SHUHUA's hidden 2nd interpreter] Award, award.
[A discovery] [SHUHUA gets stuck, YUQI and MINNIE collide] When I question to SHUHUA, YUQI and MINNIE go to her side.
[YUQI and MINNIE in charge of babysitting the maknae, SHUHUA] It comes out right away.
It's great fun.
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Yeah it was me.
[(G)-IDLE's appeared first on the game show] Wow.
[She was best back then after only a month of her debut] Someone's going to be a pickdol today.
- Who wants to do it? - Me.
Oh, experience matters.
She knows that it's good.
Personally I hope Soojin or Shuhua do the pickdol.
Soojin? - Why? - What would she do? ASMR.
I want to find out whether Soojin says something.
Or what would she do when she's not talking.
Whether Shuhua do not comprehend Korean.
[How good is her Korean?] Whether she selectively listens to Korean words.
I'm curious.
Okay, we'll be on live from now on.
Nice to meet you everyone.
Today we are joined by (G)-IDLE.
Can you say hi! Hello I'm Soojin.
Hello it's Soyeon.
- Shuhua and Minnie.
- Where should I look? Comments are comming up.
"Minnie and Soyeon show us popstar".
What's this? Oh we performed the ost of games.
[Popular game L's theme song] [Virtual group realized in reality] [American singers Madison beer and Jaira Burns] [(G)-IDLE Minnie and Soyeon] Can you perfom the song? Let's get it.
[Pop/starts #Minnie and Soyeon version] [We can see how good they are] [Wow] [Hidden dancer here] [Exciting] [They are performing here as a global star] [Living game characters on the live] [They are so cool] [Wow, they are the best] [Their eye contact and dance moves are all perfect] What's that? "Queen of the rap Shuhua".
[Surprised] Shuhua is the rapper? Not really.
- Just for fun.
- Just for fun.
Then will you do the freestyle rap here? I have lines here.
You did? Wow.
Let's do this.
[It's without melody] [Rhythmic] The weather was really nice when coming here.
[Okay, we didn't tell you she's good] [You do something for fun] [Daddy smile] Wait.
[6 members, 2 emcees, it's great!] [She's so lovely] Well done.
It's great.
I'm not that good.
- I'm so nervous.
- You were flying on the beat.
[Best!] Let's do the pickdol.
You've done this before.
Okay, we need a spinning board.
It's been a while.
I think I know what to do.
You should lie face down.
[They know what to do] [She's asking the camera to film her] Yuqi is good at copying actors on Sky Castle? - Oh no? You mean this one? - Which one? Oh no! I'm going to rip it off.
Oh no! Rip it off.
[(G)-IDLE Soojin] [(G)-IDLE Soyeon] [(G)-IDLE Miyeon] [(G)-IDLE Yuqi] [(G)-IDLE Shuhua] [(G)-IDLE Minnie] [Cuties are here] Who's going to be the today's pickdol? The board spins! Here it goes.
- Shuhua.
- Minnie.
Here it goes.
[Is it me once again?] [It's me!] We've got one.
Please give huge support to (G)-IDLE.
Also to IDOL ROOM! We have today's pickdol! Don't tell them.
[(G)-IDLE in live has ended] Today's pickdol is Miyeon.
[Seongsu beauty queen] Let's listen to your resolution as a pickdol.
I'll do my best.
- Hey, you should look there.
- We are so looking forward to it.
Way to go! [Eye contact] [We'll show her charms] [Miyeon cam is a healer] [(G)I-DLE's new song "Senorita"] Their title song is "Senorita".
[Seongsu-dong Bach] - Did you make this song too? - Yes I did.
Can you introduce the song? ["Senorita"] [A song for love at first sight] This is a song with brass [Expresses expressions in tango style] in a tango style.
[Key point] There was percussion in "LATATA".
And you used flute sounds for "Alone".
And for this song, there's brass? Yes, we paid a lot of attention to the brass, [There's more!] - but actually, there's something that we paid even more attention to.
- What? There's a male voice in the song.
["Senorita"] Oh yeah.
[They looked high and low for the perfect tone!] We had a hard time finding the perfect tone.
Which tone did you need? Kind of a sexy tone and [Like this?] Senorita.
[Please don't react to them] - That's great.
- You should have called us.
[Don, Con block] [A native speaker] We found a native speaker.
Someone who speaks Spanish as their 1st language.
Where do you get your inspirations for your songs? Hui said that he gets inspiration from his photo album.
I was walking along Yangjaecheon and suddenly the melody for this song and the word "Senorita" popped into my head.
[Wow] [Seongsu-dong Bach] [Records instantly] I recorded it on my cellphone and made the song.
[All things can be her inspiration] You can work on your song no matter where you are.
She gets lots of inspirations.
Now we should listen to "Senorita", right? In "IDOL ROOM's special way.
" Learning the killing part, "nano dance".
[Nano Dance] [Analyzing the killing part's choreography section by section in relay] [This is the nano part of "Senorita"] [It already sounds awesome] [The order of the Nano dance] [Miyeon, Soyeon, Soojin, Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua] As a group, and individually.
And then as a group again.
Understand? Let's listen to "Senorita", (G)I-DLE's new song.
Music please! [Catchy melody] [We can't tell is we're in Ilsan or Madrid, Spain] [All so pretty] [Nano part begins] [Mature + dreamy + sexy + charismatic + cutie + chic nano dance time] [Miyeon] [Mature and relaxed] [Leader Soyeon] [High quality dance moves] [Soojin] [Perfect dancing and sexiness] [Minnie] [Powerful and dreamy at the same time] [Yuqi] [Perfect choreography with cuteness] [Shuhua] [Premium chic and pure] [All perfectly done] [The killing part continues] [World champions in tango] [Perfect match with the music and choreography] [Master of concepts] [How can they be this good?] [Once you become a fan, you can't leave] - "Senorita".
- I want to try that.
[Calm down there] "Senorita".
Donhee Conhee's Fact Check! We gave this as an end-of-year gift to (G)I-DLE.
You chose hoodies.
What's in there? [After successfully completing their mission] Wow! Hoodies.
It's your first time wearing it right? - Nope.
- Shuhua wears it.
- At home.
- When I practice or go to bed.
- Pajamas? - Thank you.
- Minnie changed the design.
- I did.
I took care of it a lot.
That shows your love to the hoodie.
Let's do Fact Check with (G)I-DLE.
You've accomplished a lot for the past year after your debut.
So, there are some rumors around.
Let's check whether they are true or not.
First fact please! The copyright rich, Soyeon.
When I get the money from copyright, I can buy meal to our members hundreds of times.
Did you say that? Did I? Did I say hundreds of time? You said it on the radio program.
- On the radio? - Really? Did you really say so? How did you find this out? Okay, you get the money every 23rd.
You get excited since 22nd every month right? I check e-mail from the morning.
Let's talk about it in earnest.
In earnest? - Wow.
- How many time did you buy meal to the members? I do buy some.
I do.
- Yeah.
- Not bad.
- I pay often.
- Yeah.
She's not frugal.
- It's almost always on her.
- She buys them.
Soyeon did this for us.
Good clothes.
She takes care of birthday presents.
- Takes care? - Give us an example.
She bought me a watch.
That expensive one? Me too.
- Yuqi as well? - Nope.
I didn't get one.
You've got the shoes.
- I mean no watch.
- Okay.
She got angry.
Did you see her face? Watches were for older ones.
If Soyeon buys meal with her money from copyright what do you want her to buy you? Chicken! Oh, with gold powder? Just chicken.
Delicious chicken.
Chicken is Chicken is delicious all the time.
Chicken is the best.
Roasted pork belly for me.
Beef! Oh, the first one counts.
[Relieved] - How about Yuqi? - Bubble tea.
You guys are very frugal.
Pizza! - How about Minnie? - Beef.
Soyeon seems to keep losing her temper.
I saw you briefly.
Roasted pork belly.
Bubble tea.
- Sorry.
- I can buy you guys that.
Or braised pork feet.
Sounds good.
There are many ideas.
I think we'll do something with it.
Let's do this.
If you win over Soyeon in a game we'll order you that menu.
Soyeon will buy this.
It's on me? If you win over all other members You don't have to buy them.
It depends on your ability.
[I got it] Wow it's real.
Where did you get this? Is that your card? - Is your surname Jeon? - Yeah.
Jeon Soyeon.
- When did you bring this? - Wow with mine? Wow.
Win SOYEON! [Interested] Win SOYEON.
We prepared a game related to SOYEON's nickname for the contest.
- Jelly? - Correct.
- Jelly? - It's a game related to jelly.
[IDOL ROOM signature game, eat jelly] This is jelly? [Bringing the jelly] - Those are for eating? - You know this? [The colors are beautiful] - I thought it was kimchi.
- Kimchi? Why is your nickname jelly? [Before I-DLE's debut] I released a solo song called "Jelly" before.
[A song released in 2017 as a solo artist] That's why you're jelly.
- And you like jelly? - It's not bad.
It's not bad.
SOYEON's way of talking is to say it's not bad.
[Win SOYEON] Don't use your hands.
Just with your mouth, we'll see who eats the fastest.
[So confident] It's easy.
You just have to eat it first.
[On the other hand, full of worries] - If I lose to everyone, I need to buy them all? - Yes, to all.
[Then it's a party] Nice.
- It's nice.
- When you play this game, you find the know-how.
So the first one can be at a disadvantage.
Then MINNIE will go first.
[Chosen first as a punishment for ordering pig feet] - Why me? - The pig feet The pig feet was fierce.
Now, choose your weapon.
[1 person pick 1 jelly] I want to eat jelly.
[With exaggeration, the jelly is as long as SOYEON] - It's two? - Yes, two.
What do I do? - Why is it so long? - It's long.
[Bad omen] [The jelly got cut off] [I decided] I chose this one.
[Warning, MINNIE] No.
Be careful with this.
Slowly, slowly.
I think mine's longer.
[A factory made the jellies] [It's just how you feel] Right? - How do I do this? - Don't use your hands.
[Why is the jelly already tattered?] Hold the jelly slightly with your mouth.
[Yum-yum] Stick it lightly to your mouth.
It's the contest to eat the jelly more quickly.
[Ready] - Looks fun.
How now? - Ready? [Want pig feet] [Worried SOYEON will win] SOYEON should lose.
SOYEON is good at these things.
[Round 1 for pig feet] [SOYEON vs MINNIE] Ready, start! [Neck and neck] [Extremely angry the possibility of not eating pig feet] - MINNIE! - MINNIE! [The jelly is not moving] MINNIE, what are you doing? [Quite stable here] When you figure it out [Doubting ones' eyes] When you figure it out [Drop] [Bye, pig feet (good start)] Bye, pig feet.
[Ah jelly, R.
P Ah pig feet, goodbye] How unfortunate.
[Futile] - This is it? - Yes.
[Round 1, SOYEON wins] - We're objective.
- It's yummy.
[+ One large plate of pig feet, saved] MINNIE lost.
[Upset] [Suffocating] You stupid.
This doesn't move.
- That's why you need to choose well.
- It's about choices.
[Dizzy because she lost pig feet] Look closely.
Let me tell you.
[An expert pig in this area shows how it's done] Look, this is the one that was ripped.
[Focused] - I bit it.
- He's a pro.
[His suction power is out of this world] [Watching an amazing show from the front row] [That's possible?] Do it just like this.
[Confiscating the jelly] You can stop eating now.
[A mukbang pretending it's a demo] It's yummy.
- Wow.
- Who's next? [Let's see] Next is [Avoiding eye contact pretending not to hear] [Round 2, SOOJIN (chicken)] - SOOJIN? - SOOJIN.
- What's SOOJIN? - Chicken.
- Chicken must win.
- You can choose this.
[Suddenly the bubble tea feels so small] Bubble tea was too weak.
[SOOJIN, work] [YUQI wants chicken] I want to eat chicken.
I want chicken.
- Ready? - You can do it.
Start! [2nd round for chicken] [SOYEON vs SOOJIN] [Having trouble as soon as she starts] Told you it's difficult.
[Yum-yum-yum] [Jelly stuck to her lips] - This is not easy.
- You don't know.
[A common coach from China] You need to forget about yourself.
[One who let go of herself] [One who can't let go of herself] [And one who will soon let go of herself] It's neck and neck.
[No] [Personally tries to get in the way] - SOYEON, the chicken - SOYEON.
[Steadfast] [Gap widening] - SOYEON is getting ahead.
- No, no.
[Chicken is this scary] [Interrupting by saying anything] Unni.
[Big difference] - Fighting.
- You can win.
- The chicken is almost in front of the house.
[Ha] [Has time to wait for her] The delivery, the delivery.
[Try to catch up with me] - No, no.
- Look at her waiting.
[Don't give up] [YUQI, more anxious] - It's not over yet.
- Chicken, wrong order.
[Surrenders, end of jelly] Bye chicken.
[Looks likes she'll give up before she starts] I can't, I don't have a chance.
[Ah my love, chicken is gone] - This is hard.
- Let me tell you.
I can tell from SOYEON's mouth shape, she already found the know-how.
[Jelly boss as of today] When you pull it in, don't use your lips.
You have to use your tongue.
[Simulation] Wind it with your tongue.
Right, right.
[Found out too late] [ Yup, too late] Can I practice? [Confiscating jelly] You can't keep on eating.
Now, bubble tea.
[Strict rules] [Jelly take away in front of her eyes] You can't do that while filming [YUQI who ordered bubble tea enters] - Now bubble tea.
- Me? Let's go with bubble tea.
[Sighing instead] [Why can't you use SOYEON's credit card when you have it?] We didn't get any food.
YUQI, you need to win.
[Work, YUQI] - I'll win.
- I want to drink bubble tea as well.
- Can I change to chicken? - No, bubble tea.
- I want bubble tea now.
- Let's win bubble tea.
[A tattered jelly again] Bubble tea.
Change it, YUQI.
Change it.
[Gone is his conscience] [Does an exchange] Change it, YUQI.
Change it.
Why? - Is this shorter? - You chose it.
[What will the jelly exchange result in?] If YUQI wins, 8 cups of bubble tea.
[Current jelly boss] [Feeling pressure unlike before] I think YUQI will be good.
[All rooting] [All on YUQI's side] - YUQI, do well.
- YUQI, fighting.
YUQI, fighting.
[A lonely island] [The card owner is alone in this moment] - YUQI, do well.
- YUQI, fighting.
[Hah! I'll win] [Round 3 for bubble tea] [SOYEON vs YUQI] Ready, go! - YUQI, nice.
[Working mouth (I'm going to drink bubble tea)] Bubble tea is possible.
[Slowed down significantly due to anxiety] Bubble tea is possible.
[YUQI, go] Bubble tea! [Clear difference] Drop.
SOYEON's need to fall.
[Bubble tea wish] [What they're doing] - Get cut off.
- You don't know.
- Cut off! [Get cut off] [Shooting laser beams with her eyes] Get cut off! [This jelly won't make it] - This won't work.
- Get cut off.
[The prior loser gives a jelly briefing] The green one is hard.
[The bubble tea is in front of the door] YUQI, nice! YUQI, till the end! [Desperate] [Cheers] [Never said they get one too] [Why are these two so happy?] Bubble tea! YUQI, till the end! [Won with the last spurt] [Nice, bubble tea] [ - the cost of 6 cups of bubble tea] [Round 3, YUQI wins] [Ceremony to celebrate the bubble tea] [YUQI, nice] Good job.
[YUQI obtained a new talent] YUQI did is accurately.
I know what it is.
[Textbook style] [First pull in using the tongue] [Next with the lips] Once with the tongue and then with the lips.
[Putting filming behind] [Telling know-how in native language when urgent] They want to win.
[Look at them] The want to win.
[Wrong re-enactment] Let's go.
[Jelly complaint] - SOYEON.
- No, not this.
Can you give me the orange one? This goes with your clothes.
[Returned] - This is ripped.
- Then it sticks.
[Exchanged with a relatively sturdy orange one] Thank you.
[Initiator: YUQI] [Manipulating the length?] - Can I cut it here? - No.
[Donhee squad comes in] Right, it's too long.
[Yup, they're a team] - Cut it.
- This? [Caught red-handed] You can't cut it.
[I heard everything] - You can't cut it.
- Of course not.
[Changing position] [Pretending to be just] - If cut - SHUHUA, this.
[Chose a strong jelly after meticulous inspection] The game should be just and fair.
[Already the 4th round] SOYEON like fair play.
Ready, go! [Round 4 for pizza] [SOYEON vs SHUHUA] SHUHUA, right on.
[Desperate] [One who protects the card vs one who wants to use it] Right, SHUHUA.
Right on.
SHUHUA, you can do it.
[I can't lose pizza] [Cheering captain and coach, YUQI enters again] - SHUHUA, you can do it.
- A bit more.
- SHUHUA is fast.
- Right.
[The most focused in her life] SHUHUA, you can do it! [Unnis as a loss of words due to nervousness] They're close.
[A close game] - SOYEON is catching up.
- SHUHUA, fighting.
[Will you eat pizza like that?] SHUHUA, get it together! [Pigs ruining the game when it's almost over] [Reverse effect] Wind it with your tongue and pull.
[Starts laughing] [SHUHUA lost her pace] What are you doing? [Getting ahead thanks to Donhee and Connhee] [Pizza moving further away] You can do it.
No! [Happy] [Sad] You're almost there.
[Sticking out her tongue] She totally playing with her.
How nice, she does it till the end.
[Bye] [See you next time, pizza] Bye, pizza.
[Round 4, SOYEON wins] [+ 1 large pizza, saved] [Interim check] You won bubble tea, and you have pork belly left.
[Totally burdened] - MIYEON, fighting.
You can do it.
- I can't.
[Sudden suggestion] If MIYEON loses, she buys.
- If I lose I'll buy.
- I don't have money.
[Sudden documentary] I don't have money.
I'm not earning money.
So weak.
[Never mind] [Win SOYEON's last round] This is for pork belly.
[Shout, pork belly] Pork belly! Pork belly! Ready, go! [Last round for pork belly] [SOYEON vs MIYEON] [An unexpected close match] MIYEON, you can do it! Pull it with your tongue.
[Only winner] [Real-time mouth-coaching] You need to stick out your tongue.
- Stick your tongue out.
- You can do it.
[Got the know-how during the game (This is it!)] Wow, hurry.
- Right, right.
- You got it.
[Very interesting] - Right, right.
- You got it.
- Right.
Right, right.
[Oh wow, we could eat pork belly] [The grill is fired up] [Will they be able to cook the pork belly] [So agonizing] [Tom and Jerry] [Cheering while holding hands] Hurry, hurry.
[I'm going to win!] MIYEON! [Getting the power through abdominal breathing] [She's got time doing it the 5th time] Right.
[Cheering] [Yay, woohoo] [Let's eat pork belly with vegetable] Pork belly! [Round 5, MIYEON wins] [- the cost of pork belly for N people by lowering her guard] [Simple] [Bubble tea during filming] You could get thirsty while filming so drink bubble tea in between.
Drink bubble tea now.
Eat pork belly after the recording and please take a pic to prove it.
[#Proof needed, #Wait, SOYEON leader] Okay.
- Thank you, SOYEON.
- Thank you.
[Photo 1 as proof] [Happy pork belly #SOYEON is the best] [Photo 2 as proof] [#paid with personal credit card #lump sum pay] [Photo 3 as proof] [#SOYEON, a true leader of this era] Next fact please! Minnie speaks five languages! "My Korean is better than Yuqi and Shuhua".
[She's ready to become a global star] [Good at language] Do you speak five languages? [Self-evaluation] [Fluent Korean and Thai] I'm actually fluent in Korean, English, and Thai.
[Beginner at Japanese and Chinese] But I'm not that fluent in Japanese and Chinese.
[That's great] Let's verify your language skills.
Korean, Thai, English, Chinese, [See if she's really good at language] [Say hello in five different languages] and Japanese.
Please say hello to everyone in each of the languages.
[Minnie's language skills] [1.
Korean] Hello, I'm Minnie from (G)I-DLE, who has an attractive voice.
[Recognized by Koreans] [Good job] Okay.
[Minnie's language skills] [2.
English] [Interpretation] This is (G)I-DLE, this is our third time here in IDOL ROOM, and we're so happy to be back.
[Minnie's language skills] [3.
Japanese] [Wow] [Interpretation] [Please keep loving our new song, "Senorita"] Okay, Thai please.
[Minnie's language skills] [4.
Thai] [Interpretation] [We're here at IDOL ROOM, please keep supporting us!] [Last, Chinese] And Chinese? [Hesitation] [She's nervous because members from China are just beside her] You must be bothered.
[Concerned] [Don't be nervous] [Rooting for Minnie] [Interpretation] [I'm really happy now.
Please keep supporting me, thank you!] [Minnie's language skills verified] I have a question.
What do you think about, [Question to natives] [Minnie's Chinese] her Chinese pronunciation, Yuqi and Shuhua? [Compliment] - She was really like a Chinese person.
- Good.
- Was it okay? [Thank you] Her pronunciation was really good.
[Minnie argues she's better than other foreign members in Korean] Is she better than you in Korean? What do you think about that? [I'm better] [She doesn't recognize this] I have no idea.
[Similar] Well.
- You two are similar.
- How about Shuhua? [Admit] Right? [Admit] I believe you've already got this question many times.
[Common question] Do you have any embarrassing story, you experienced as a foreigner? [Me too! = (I have one!)] - Something related to Korean.
- Me too! [Roading] Wait a moment please.
- Shuhua learned - Okay! [Output] - It's none of your business.
- It's none of your business? - How did you learn it? - I hadn't know that expression, [Members] But members told that to me several times.
I couldn't understand what they meant.
[Story] I asked something to her, but she didn't focus and asked that again later.
That's when I told her that.
[Some days later] And several days later, I saw her talking with another in an elevator.
I asked "What are you doing?" and she said "It's none of your business".
[She's a fast-learner] "None of your business".
- She used what she had learned.
- Right.
[Proud] - Right.
- That's how you learn languages.
[Tom and Jerry] [Another story] - I have another one.
- What's that? [Shuhua studies Korean with visual materials] Shuhua often watches K-dramas or movies.
[She focuses on lines with bad meanings] She often gets gripped by lines with negative meanings.
[Common lines in K-dramas] For example, there's a line "What do you think you know?", then she asked me the meaning of that sentence.
[Maybe she already knows?] [That's not the case] - Does she know what that mean? - No.
[She uses what she learned] I tell her what that mean, and she would use that expression to me.
[Diligent student] "What do you think you know"? [Doubtful] Maybe she already knows what those expressions mean.
[Truth is beyond the horizon] - I believe so.
- None of your business.
[Shuhua has no idea] Cute.
[Breaking news] [Beverages are here] Bubble teas are here! [Welcome] [Hurrah God Soyeon] Oh [One bubble tea per person] - Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Why? Everyone is feeling uncomfortable] - Thank you.
- Why are there only six? How about us? - Why six? [Evidence that the leader bought all of them] [Bill and card] Wow, they really used my card.
[I want one] - Really? - Why six? [We're not kidding] Stop kidding me.
[He's checking a bill] - Six.
- Oh my god.
- They really bought six.
[Notice to Donhee and Konhee] Soyeon's card.
[The game rule was that Soyeon would treat other members if she loses] Gosh.
[I'll protect your card] [Soyeon's card is precious] Nothing for us.
[I love it] Please bring one for us.
[Nom nom] [Pleasant working environment] [Twice sweet] [Emphasis again] [I payed for all of these] We'll find out about Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua's [Check out their command of Korean [Foreign members] command of Korean.
[(Unofficial) Korean language proficiency test] Let's take a Korean language proficiency test, held by Idol room.
[Read the sentence and fill the blank] We'll show you a sentence.
Guess the word that is supposed to be in the blank.
to be in the blank.
[Masters' class][Beginners' class] Korean members, don't tell them the answer.
[(It sounds fun)] Only foreign members.
First question, please.
"Give [blank] to the person you hate".
[Understanding the question is difficult] The person you hate.
- Hate.
- Hate? - Yes, hate.
[Reading faces] Yuqi is wring the answer now.
[(Never heard of it before)] - The person you hate.
- What will you give him? [Give? What?] Write down what you want to give that person.
[Watching them from distance] [Speaking with her eyes (Tell me the answer)] [No, I won't] [Sorry] [Come to think of it (The answer is inside her drink)] [Oh!!] [Huh?] [Confusing] Let's see the answer of Minnie first, who is told to have a good command of Korean.
[She speaks 5 languages] - Minnie.
- Minnie, 1, 2, 3.
You give smile to the person you hate? - Why? [She must hate us] Just.
[Sound reasonable] If you smile at the person you hate, it feels like I'm a better person.
At first you wrote money.
[Shh] You wrote money as an answer.
You give a smile? [How would she treat the person she hates?] Shuhua.
Give a fist to the person you hate.
[Scary][Mom, she's so scary] Give a punch to the person you hate.
[Punish] Yeah, we want to punch that face.
[Real strong youngest] - I wish the proverb changes.
- Right.
- What about Yuqi? - Give bread to the person you hate.
Why? It sounds similar, right? Like this.
Because it has another meaning.
[3 years of Korean] Like hitting.
- It's a bit.
- She even knows a homonym.
[Bread sounds plausible] It's almost there.
[(Korean) Members' hint chance] Will you give them a hint? [Chewy] It's right here, the texture is similar.
I like it.
[Soojin's additional hint] Minnie doesn't like it.
[(Me??)] I don't like it? What don't I like? [It's a member quiz now] - You don't like it.
- You don't.
- Oh! - Minnie doesn't like it? [Minnie doesn't like aloe] - Aloe! - It's not aloe.
[She also hates red beans] - Red beans! - No, it's not red beans.
[She also hates tomatoes] - Tomatoes! - No, it's not.
- Perilla leaf! [Not listening to the hints] - No, no.
- Tomatoes! [Nope] - This.
- This? [Direct hint] - It's a one-letter word.
- I didn't know Minnie doesn't eat it.
- One-word? - Minnie doesn't like it.
- Rick cake! [Answered at the same time][Who was faster?] - Rice cake! - Rice cake! [Minnie was 0.
00001 second faster] Minnie! [Why rice cake?] Why rice cake? Did it do something wrong? [Sorry for rice cake belatedly] I know, why rice cake? [Shuhua, listen][Uncle Conhee explains easily] Shuhua, you can't give a punch to the person you hate.
You give him a piece of rice cake, like, "just eat this and go away".
[1 point for Minnie] Minnie got the first answer right.
"Put out [blank] after eating a chicken".
[Understanding the question itself is the question] What does naeminda (put out) mean? [Like this] It means put out.
[Quick understanding] Eat and put out something.
- Put out this.
- After eating a chicken.
[Minnie is writing down without hesitation] Okay, done? Hold on! Please.
[Subtle honorifics] She's using honorifics so ambiguous.
Hold on, please! [(Don't get me wrong!)][(Please)] But she still uses honorifics.
It's hard to get mad.
[(Satisfied)] Subtle timing.
- Let's see Shuhua's answer first.
- I think her answer is correct.
[Confident] - 1, 2, 3.
- Bones! [Bones] [Burst out laughter] Bones.
[I don't need bones] - Bones.
- Oops.
[Oh my (Her answer must be correct!)] Oops.
[Cheating] Right.
Shuhua is a total realist.
[So true] You should put out bones after eating a chicken.
What about Yuqi? - After eating a chicken? - I wrote the same answer.
Legs? Feather? [Wrong answers but][Very plausible] - Put out feather.
- But.
Yuqi's answer is so close.
Right foot! - Right foot! - After eating a chicken, [So Close][She got 2 letters right out of 3 letters] - Thank you for the food.
- Chicken foot! - Right foot is wrong.
- Chicken foot! - Chicken foot? - Chicken foot! [Almost there!][Super close to the answer] Wrong! [Wrong][Guess] Foreleg, hind leg.
[Here's a hint] - It's a foot of an animal.
- Yes.
[He said it's a foot of an animal] - Really? - A foot of an animal.
I'm not saying that I actually did it.
It's the proverb.
[What do they put out after eating a chicken?] Chickens have to do with what? What would you put out after eating a chicken? [A friend of chickens][Duck?] Duck? It's a duck.
Duck! Duck foot! - Duck foot! - Why duck foot? [I don't know.
Because they're the best friends?] I don't know.
Because they're always together.
Correct! [1 point for Yuqi] Wow, amazing! - True.
- Really? [Soojin will explain] She will explain the meaning.
Soojin? [!!!] She will explain the meaning.
Soojin? I mean.
[Her voice got husky after a long time of silence] Her voice got husky as she didn't talk for so long.
Whenever you say, you start with "I mean".
[Soojin's explanation] It means, after you did something, pretend not to know about it.
[Very easy explanation] - Pretending.
- It means this person pretends.
So brazen.
"Hit a rock with [blank]".
Soojin, prepare interpretation.
[Just because she was born in Korea] She's our interpreter.
[Fun to watch them] - Hit a rock with this.
- With what? [A scientific approach of a foreigner] This should have the final consonant, right? - Right.
- Hit a rock with something.
We always see it.
[A foreigner asks another foreigner] What's that? [This time, interpretation first] We'll explain it first this time.
- Yes, good.
- Soojin.
[We have Soojin!] - What does it mean? - I mean.
[Clear interpretation] It means you try to do something that is obvious to be failed.
[Still confused] - Oh! - What does it mean? It means reckless.
[Look at her][Figured out the meaning right away] Impossible.
- Impossible.
- Right.
It means you try to do something impossible.
- Okay, okay.
- There you go.
[So cool] - What did she say? Okay? - She's cool.
[0 point for her][I think I'm amazing] - A realist.
- Amazing.
- Let's see Shuhua's answer first.
- Shuhua.
[(Already laughing)] - 1, 2, 3.
- You win if you have the right answer.
- Hit a rock with a head.
- Right? [(That must be really hurt)] Hit a rock with a head.
[Shuhua never lets us down] Hit a rock with a head.
[Shuhua's proverbs][Give a punch to the person you hate][Put out bones after eating a chicken] - I want to change all the proverbs to her version.
- I know.
[Is it possible?] - It's possible, isn't it? - Right? Shall we see Yuqi's? - I don't know.
- Hair.
[Like this] With hair.
Well, Minnie? [Not confident] - Hand! - With hand.
- No.
- We'll give you another hint.
- Okay.
- You eat this.
[Amazing hint][Something edible] - Edible? - You hit it with something edible.
[!!!] Bird.
[Well, not totally wrong] Birds.
Well, we do eat it.
[But he can't have enough of chicken] It's a bit scary.
Will you give them more hints? [Give me hints] [Speechless] [She's frying an egg] Not a direct hint.
- Don't be direct.
- An egg.
[Correct] An egg.
An egg! [!!] An egg.
[1 point for Yuqi with good sense] Correct! Yuqi won! I think I heard it somewhere.
[(G)I-DLE Korean Proficiency Test] The winner of the Korean proficiency test is [Song Yuqi is the winner] - Yuqi! - Congrats.
[All she did was okay] She defeated Minnie, who said that she spoke Korean the best among them.
[3 years of Korean language experience VS.
Quintilingual] Yuqi won.
- How do you feel now? - I did my best and won [It's all because I did a good job] this award.
[(I won't look)] But I found [A comment of the winner] the proverbs really fun.
So, I'll learn more proverbs and use them later.
Thank you.
But I really want to use Shuhua's proverbs.
[Regardless of the result, her proverbs still linger] Right? [Can I say it was philosophical?] Put out bones after eating a chicken.
- Right.
- Hit a rock with a head.
- It's all impossible.
- So catchy.
Next fact, please! Dance genius Soojin.
How long does she need to attract people with her dance and face? I heard that there's a video of her dance that bewitches people regardless of their nationality.
Did you know about this? [Admit shyly] I know that it holds the highest hits among my close-up video clips.
[He falls for her every time] Even those who were not fans of her got bewitched by this video.
[Warning] Let's watch.
[Cover performance of "Hot Issue" by 4 Minute] [Source: YouTube] [Shy] [Bewitched pig] Look at her face.
[Bewitched colleague] It's time! [Magical break time dance] [Yes, it's her] She's the dance master.
The lines are different.
[The group which owns Soojin] [Filled with pride] [Time to compliment the dance genius] Yuqi, how do you think about Soojin's dance? Before our debut, we danced together, in Singapore.
[Forced comparison] As we danced the same dance.
[It's not a compliment, it's a praise] I couldn't follow her.
[She's another level] She's different from her dance line.
[Mysterious] How can she speak Korean that well? [Yuqi speaks Korean better than Hyeongdon] [Even her hand gesture is Korean] Even that gesture.
Miyeon, how do you think about Soojin's dance? She can make difference just with her hand.
[Self-called dance king] How different her dance is from your dance? - It's a lot different.
- In what way? [Sensed that he's going to tease her] [Pretending not to know] I don't know.
[+1 Help] - You're cute.
- My dance is cute.
[Sexy and cute][Different styles] She's sexy.
[Let's have the dance genius on the stage] Let's give her some time to dance solo.
[Break it down!] Fighting! Play the music! [Legend dance replay] [Hot Issue by 4 Minute] [She changes into a different person when she dances] [Every move deserves to be called dance genius] [OMG] [Mike dropped] [Pretending that it's a part of dance] Mike, naturally.
[Crush][My love, Soojin] I didn't even noticed that her mike fell out.
[From now on, you'll know why she's the dance genius] [Unrivaled dance line] [Definitely different] She's different.
[A human trying to mimic god] She's born with it.
[The lyrics tells about her] [He existence itself is a hot issue] [Her dance never lets us down] The line is different.
Soojin, you're gifted.
[Dance genius moment] Viewers, you can't tell how good she is now, right? We'll show you a comparison.
[The order has been already set] Soojin and Miyeon, please come out.
[Dancers with different styles] She's the only one who can challenge Soojin with dance.
[You'll see the different soon] Miyeon, who thinks she's the rival of Soojin.
[Already][Her cheeks turned red] Let's go.
Play the music! [Legendary 2-shot is expected] ["Hot Issue" by 4 Minute] [Burst into laughter right away] [How can I put it?] [It's the bi-polarization of dance] [The rich get richer] [The poor get poorer] [Totally separated from the music] [They are just too different] [Even the leader looked away] [Crying] I don't remember the dance.
[He made them dance, but gave up] Thank you for dancing.
[It's was enough.
] [Being polite] - Miyeon has improved a lot.
- Thank you.
You don't have to do this.
Thank you.
[Giving him a high-five] [Even 1g of compliment is precious] [She's so cute] - I mean, why.
I thought she was going to hit me.
- You said.
- I thought she was going to hit me.
- You said I've improved.
- Yes, you have.
[This is the danger of an empty talk.
avi] Don't dance here.
She's become so feisty.
[Improved a lot (in an entertainment wise)] You've improved a lot, compared to the last time.
[Believe us] In fact, this group is well-known to have lots of great dancers.
[Attendance check of great dancers] Soyeon.
Yuqi, Shuhua, Minnie and so on.
[And so on.
] Minnie and so on.
[Joking] And Miyeon.
I forgot.
I heard that you've prepared a cover dance.
"Fake Love" by BTS and [Fantastic song selection] "Wow Thing", that Soyeon performed.
["Fake Love" is famous for its powerful dance] [Seulgi, SinB, Chungha, Soyeon] ["Wow Thing" is a girl group medley dance] "Fake Love" by BTS, and "Wow Thing".
[We must see this] Let's watch it.
[(G)I-DLE Version] [FAKE LOVE by BTS] [Coolness of the 6 starts to fill the stage] [Making the mood by just posing] [Charismatic Solo dance of Soyeon] How can she have such energy? She's just so tiny.
[Crying] [Please let everyone watch her dance] [Amazing powerful dance] [They are about to break down the universe with their coolness] [I'm so satisfied with my job today] [I think I've worked to see them today] [Changing the mood, "Wow Thing" by Seulgi, SinB, Chungha, Soyeon] [Change from their face] [Powerful freshness] [Controlling the power] [You must watch this] [Watch it twice, 20 times] [Nothing can hide their coolness] [Real WOW] - Thank you for your dance.
- You're amazing.
[Smiling right after finishing the dance] Did you see her eyes change? And Miyeon.
[You're also a dance queen starting from today] [We've witnessed it] "Fake Love".
[Laughing] Miyeon can dance! [We can't let you go like this] We can't let them go just yet.
So we prepared the last section.
[What is it?] We didn't have enough time for dancing earlier.
So we're going to have a dance competition.
We're going to play songs randomly.
[Random music] If you think it is your song, [Like this] then please elbow the other members and come on out to dance.
[Owning the stage is key] You can come out to dance.
[MUSIC PLAY] [Come on (G)I-DLE! "She Don't" #YolandaBezet, Ty Dollar Sign] Music cue.
[Looking around] It's a slow song.
[Dancing robot, analyzing the vibe] It's a slow song.
[Well then] It's a slow song.
[She owns the stage] [Sense of rivalry] [They're distorting the situation again] Soyeon is going like "OK, OK".
[She can reinterpret any song into her own style] [Her energy and look] Look at her energy.
[No one can beat her because she's a hard working genius] It's like she was born to do this.
[Soyeon's solo dance] [Just cl [Ends with a perfect wave] [Who's next?] ["Don't Let Me Down" #The Chainsmokers] [Next up is me!!!] [The best dancers in the group own the stage] Soyeon and Soojin is going to scare everyone.
[(Oh no)] [(Discussing their strategies)] Is she going to change the game? [So awesome] [And that was just freestyle dancing too] [Who is she?] [She's got dance moves that makes you wonder about her name] [Even simple dance moves like this has power] [Like this] [Different mood] ["Stay With Me" #CHANYEOL, PUNCH] [Glides] [Shoulders go up and down] [The saddest shoulders ever] It's different.
There's some fun points here and there, huh? [Tearing up] There's some fun points here and there.
[Come on] [(This is not for fun)] [Confused] [It isn't? Is it supposed to be serious?] She's so serious.
Shuhua is the only one that's not laughing.
[She was serious!!!] [She's so beautiful] She knows this song.
[Is this for fun or art?] [We'll decide after we watch 10 more seconds] No one can jump in.
[So absorbed in herself] [She's king of her world] I'm tearing up.
[We're being persuaded] I'm tearing up.
[Please] She's amazing.
[Dance = lyrics] [This has to be for fun] Her dance moves are the same as the lyrics.
[Finds out the true genre] [Narrated story] If there wasn't any melody, it's like a story.
[Doesn't care what they say, she ends with a sad look] She's not sure where to point.
[Looking forward to this] ["Taste" #Tyga (Feat.
Offset)] The best.
[(This is for me)] It's Yuqi! [It suddenly feels like Harlem in New York] One of the 3 main idol leaders.
[She is full of swag] [Hip-hop style] [Endless techniques] Yuqi has so much energy.
[She's cute and cool at once] [What is up with this dance?] [The members can't take their eyes off of her] [After the genius dancers are done] Everyone danced once [Who is next???] except for Minnie and Miyeon.
[Next member come on out] ["BANG BANG BANG" #BigBang] [Minnie enters in a cute way] [(Let's all have fun!)] Minnie.
Let's all dance.
[A common dance during a get-together with friends] [Satisfied] [Forget about being embarrassed] [She's got this in control] [Perfect for everyone] [Bang bang bang] [A bit hip and a bit over board] This is fun.
[Bang bang bang] [She knows how to shoot right on the beat] Perfectly on beat.
[Don't you move] [Minnie is so full of energy] [Completely into it] [1st place as number one entertainer] This is great.
[Minnie's unique color] Minnie has her own style.
[Bang bang bang] [She succeeded in satisfying everyone] Hold on, hold on.
[The last member!] Miyeon is the only one left now.
Now it's Miyeon's turn.
[???] Of course.
[Yes, it's me] Of course.
[They're not expecting much] I'm really not looking forward to this that much.
[Watch me go] What is she doing? [Did you see that Soojin?] You should learn from her.
[Plays along] I will.
[The dance goddess] The dance goddess of (G)I-DLE.
[The real goddess laughs] [Reaction 111] She's starting with her back to the camera? [Reaction fit for a goddess 222] A whole different opening.
Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 Advertising, Jump to 57:59 [The dance goddess] The dance goddess of (G)I-DLE.
[The real goddess laughs] [Reaction 111] She's starting with her back to the camera? [Reaction fit for a goddess 222] A whole different opening.
[A masterpiece] ["What You Want To Hear" #Hyeongdon and Daejun] [A performance by a goddess for human beings] [Perfect beat] [4 beat soul is giving everyone goosebumps] [Wow] [(I should learn how to do that)] ([They're all laughing so much)] [Inner peace] [How the goddess says hello] [The original singers are bewildered] - You can dance to this? - I'm so embarrassed.
[Let's see how long she can keep this up] I'm embarrassed.
Does this song have a choreography? [Yes, that's about it] [Hidden stage] ["Light My Body Up" #David Guetta] [They're all busy all of a sudden] Miyeon, Soojin and Yuqi.
[The members in front start to dance first] [Sudden play] [They prepared this beforehand] All together.
[Such good dancers even for a spontaneous dance] [Can't breath] [Going back and forth between moves] [What is up with this dance passion?] [The main dancer moves out of formation] [Mesmerizing so many today] [They're the best when they're a team] [We did so well] Great job.
[So touched, thank you for that] Thank you so much (G)I-DLE.
- So much.
- You prepared so much for our show.
It was great to be joined by (G)-IDLE today.
- Miyeon was today's pickdol right? - Oh yeah.
I have been quite shy today.
That's why I couldn't respond well.
And it was an honor for me to be a pickdol.
Thank you! We were very worried before coming to the show.
But as this episode is just for us, it was a huge fun.
I didn't have chance to buy something to our members.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so.
We've worked really hard for this album.
From "I AM" to "Senorita" please enjoy listening to the songs.
Hope for the best with your album.
IDOL number one broadcast! IDOL ROOM! Thank you!