Imposters (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

That's Enough. Off You Go.

1 Previously on "Imposters" Hi, Maddie.
[soft dramatic music] Some things still come for you.
Julia Langmore? Jesus Christ.
You a big famous artist, yet? You should be ashamed of who you are! What you did in the grand scheme is nothing.
Besides, no one will ever find out, because it's fixed.
That's what power and influence does.
It fixes things.
This is the actual Alice.
Maddie was with you before she was with me.
She was, like, doing a version of her.
Okay, Sophia gets here in an hour and a half.
Okay, guys, we gotta go.
We gotta go now.
Come on! Come on.
- What do you think about Lazlo? - He is your husband.
Don't know if that's true anymore.
Your beloved Cy Roberts dropped the ball again.
You know, we all have an expiration date, even Cy Roberts.
First, I have to rescue my family from Max.
We meet up someplace discreet.
Hey, what's going on at the cabin these days? Nothing.
Why don't you guys use it as a hideout? It's way upstate New York, like, in the woods woods.
Then we have a plan.
What's up, Doc? You need to find those three imposters.
It means I'm sitting next to Arthur Bloom.
- [grunts] - [screaming] [grunting and screaming] Look, we had a problem here.
Wasn't supposed to go down this way.
What did you do to him? [elegant orchestral music] This traces our family all the way back to Charles Langmore I.
He was named Baron of Essex in 1780.
And that is my great-grandfather, Governor Charles Langmore VI, famous conservationist and a patron of the Yale School of Forestry.
Forests are important.
Yes, they are.
Do you know what else the two of you have in common? Huh? A concern for the welfare of your state.
- Say that again.
- What? That last bit.
A concern for The welfare of your state? And what do you suggest I do to improve it? Well, you're going to need someone with a lot of experience to fund your super PAC.
What else? Gather supporters, people who will endorse you.
Do you have someone specific in mind? Well, any candidate I endorse is sure to rise.
[rousing music builds] [glass tinkling rhythmically] - [moaning] - [grunting] [moaning and grunting intensify] [moaning and grunting] [cell phone buzzes] - Ezra? - Jules, hey.
Why haven't you answered our texts? It's been, like, two days.
Yeah, sorry.
Something terrible happened.
What happened? My dad died.
And they're off.
Foley's Folly breaks smartly from the inside gate.
[crowd chatter] Dazzie moves quickly up the center.
And Candy's Gold moves along his outside.
They come to the clubhouse turn and it is Foley's Folly - by a nose to Dazzie.
- Candy's Gold, again, tracks them in third.
Foley's Folly a opening quarter in 22.
4 seconds.
And they're on the back stretch now, and it is still Foley's Folly to Dazzie, Candy's Gold, all hard along the rail, at the top of the stretch.
[cheering] And it's Dazzie by a nose! [groans] That sack of glue, Dazzie.
Talk about a dark horse.
Well, they're all dark when you got no instinct.
- That'll be a grand.
- Excuse me.
today's seventh race.
Am I speaking with Dick Jankowski, Pamela Greiner, and Jack Swenson? Are you a cop, a lawyer, or both? A lawyer.
- How'd you know that? - Lucky guess.
I represent the estate of the late Theodore Roberts.
I'm looking for his cousin, Cyril 'Cy' Roberts.
What for? I'm afraid that's attorney-client privilege.
Do you know where I can find him? Well, I uh I know a lot of things.
I know that that briefcase is brand-new and cheap.
I also know that your wig is a little weak.
What do you know, Dick? I know you're not a lawyer, unless it's on "Law and Order: Stripper Pole.
" I don't know what you're talking about.
- [gun cocks] - Jesus! Okay okay! Okay, fine.
I [exhales] I'm not a real lawyer.
Good, 'cause that's not a real gun.
- [gun clicks] - [gasps] [laughs] [laughter] Okay, that was fun.
Why are you looking for Cy Roberts? [soft dramatic music] Cy Roberts is my father.
I don't know if you've met Cy yet, but, uh, he's not exactly the fathering kind.
What do you mean? Uh, so, you see, Cy has a little mint on his breath, a little hello in his Dolly.
- Huh? - Jesus H.
- What's my first name again? - Dick.
As in, "Cy Roberts likes" Oh! - Kay.
- [chuckles] Well, number one, you should have seen my mom.
And number two, Cy lost a bet to my mom, and, well, she wanted what she wanted.
Cy Roberts always pays his debts.
Truth is, I've been looking for this man for a very, very long time, and I heard that he's kind of a fixture here.
If you know where I can find him, wouldn't you want to help a girl finally meet her old man? Okay, kid.
We can point you in the right direction, but we're not exactly sure what state he's going to be in when you find him.
I'm seeing who of my Princeton classmates do business in Arizona.
They'll know the power brokers in the state.
You know, I once sold a car to the dean of Arizona State.
Yeah, I'm looking for a little more power in power brokering.
Right, of course.
So how long do you think it will realistically take until I'm in the actual Senate senate? Oh, I don't know.
Uh, Richard, can I talk to you? - Mm-hmm.
- Richard? - What? - It's important, okay.
Despite my sister's years of therapy, she still has a tendency to make mountains out of molehills.
My sister's nose is so high in the air, that Mount Everest looks like a molehill.
Whoa, hey, ladies, come on.
I'm sorry, Jules, are you jealous? Richard, please, I need you right now.
Wait, are you? - Are you kidding? Richard! - See? Mountains, molehills.
Is this about the ring again? Hey, Jules, look, I think it's fine that we lost the ring.
- Okay, if we get - Jesus Christ! Have either of you thought for one second why we haven't heard from Ezra, who's been trying to rescue his family who have been held hostage? - Is Ezra okay? - No, he is not okay.
Okay? His father died.
- Poor Ezra.
- [sighs] Oh shit.
Ezra said it was a heart attack, but I don't really believe him, and I tried to find out more information, and he hung up.
Okay, that's really sad, but it's not like you even knew his dad, so.
See, this is exactly my point.
If it has nothing to do with her, nothing matters.
It's not so much the point as it is a point, which is not to say it's without a point.
[lively music] [soft rock music playing] [man chuckles] It's at least, uh at least about four square miles.
- Yeah? - Yeah, I like it.
What can I get you? Beer, your choice.
I wouldn't advise that.
[soft dramatic music] Why not? So many things in life are out of our hands.
If you can make a choice, then make one.
Actually, I'd like a Moody Ale, please.
Got it.
Felt better, didn't it? I suppose it did.
- Thanks.
- Saluti.
I was the runt of the family.
Only girl, six kids.
I had to claim respect.
You're awfully tall for a runt.
Claim respect? What does that mean? One example of many.
In the park, there was one of those mimes that stands as a statue and collect money in a hat.
My brothers used to get up in his face, trying to make him flinch.
But he was good, stiff as a cliff.
So I bet them each a year's allowance that I could do it, but without touching him.
- Did you? - Mm.
- How? - [soft laugh] - I took the hat.
- You took the hat.
[laughs] I'm the youngest, too.
I have yet to claim any respect.
It's never too late.
Any mimes in your neighborhood? Definitely not.
Well, swift, brutal violence can be effective, sometimes.
[laughs] - Who's going to pick me up? - I know, right? I don't think we need the chicken and the If that's what you're thinking, then why don't we just grab the one.
I'm gonna run in.
Just put 'em in car is fine.
- Okay, I appreciate that.
- Uh-huh.
[suspenseful music] You know they got 'em on special.
You want to get a large? Yeah, that sounds good.
You go ahead and park.
I'll be right back.
[truck engine revving] - Did you text her? - Yeah.
Yeah, she said she's gonna meet us.
- Okay.
- Babe, let's launch it today.
- Okay, what now? - Just wait.
[distant dog yapping] - [gate creaks] - [dog yapping continues] Come on.
Come on.
[kisses] Here you go.
She's kidnapping a dog? Alright, she's not leading us to the Doctor.
She's lost her goddamn mind.
I'm just going to arrest her.
[car doors lock] - [door unlock] - [doors lock] [sighs] Seriously? I understand your concerns, but we want the Doctor, so focus up.
[truck engine revving] Okay, you're not like the vacationers.
And you're definitely not a townie.
Why are you here? That's funny.
I'm usually the one who asks that question.
I show up when people aren't doing their jobs.
Sort of like a consultant.
The word of a thousand meanings.
What do you do? I correct people who are in breach of contract.
Why are you here? I'm on the run.
Oh, interesting.
So, you're a runner, and I'm a chaser.
Fundamental differences, yet here we sit.
I believe in open dialogue and mutual understanding.
Little mouse isn't afraid of the big, bad, cat? Jerry always gets away, and leaves Tom with a mouthful of dynamite.
[soft electronic music playing] Well said.
[voice message beeps] [beep] Hey, um, I don't know if you've been getting my messages or if you're just pissed off and ignoring them, but, um, my father died, and, um, and I called my friends, but I keep thinking of you, how you're the one I want to talk to, need to talk to.
Is that weird? I don't know.
Many things are weird, right now.
Anyway, just put ah, can you just let me know if you get this.
I'd really like to hear your voice.
That's all.
It's Ezra, by the way.
- Okay, bye.
- [phone beeps] [soft string music] I'm so sorry, Ez.
Sorry he didn't get to see you become the man you are becoming.
Didn't get to see you marry again, have children.
They would have adored him.
None of that will happen now, because of you.
No, Ez.
This one's all on you.
Drop dead.
Ezra? What the fuck happened? Tell me what happened, man.
I can't, um, I can't really talk about it.
Are you serious? Dad's dead, and all you do is leave us a voicemail telling us not to call the cops? No, you have to tell me what happened.
Mm, well, I'm kind of tired of being told what I have to do.
Did I overstep? Because I want to know why my family was held hostage and why my father came to a sudden early death.
But I am so sorry, I don't want to invade your privacy.
Don't bully me.
You're not Dad! Neither are you.
[sobbing] [sobbing continues] I know I failed you guys.
I failed Dad, and I can't ever make that right.
But I'm gonna try.
And, uh, this is for you, to read at the funeral.
[breathes deeply] Where's Mom? [soft electronic music playing] Other than being on the road, what brings you here? Let me guess.
Local-born, world traveling forward thinker returning home to humble roots? Rebel scion of old money doing a Thoreau thing? Neither, but closer to the second one, unfortunately.
Why unfortunately? Being the scion of an old money family is a pretty good gig, unless you suffer from the heartbreak of inherited wealth.
Seeing as that I've never accomplished anything on my own my entire life.
Kind of pathetic.
- Arousing pity.
- I'm sorry? Arousing pity.
Pathetic means arousing pity.
You're not pitiful, I don't pity you, anyway.
I know, I know, I'm sorry.
I'm privileged and I sound whiny.
- I I - Shh.
Now you sound whiny.
- Cut it out.
- Okay.
There are well-off people I pity.
You're just not one of them.
Do you care to elaborate on that? Must I? Well, if I must.
Granted, I've only known you for a short time lovely time, though it's been.
You're bright and relatively interesting for a younger person, and may well blossom into a fully fledged human if you can avoid tumbling into the abyss of your own self regard.
Now, I pity the duds.
You're not a dud.
You're so weird.
- I like it.
- I don't care.
- Advice? - Please.
Whatever's torturing you, whatever secret you've got stuffed down there in your bottom drawer, lay your burden down.
It's not that bad.
How do you know it's not that bad? Try me.
- [moaning] - [grunting] [grunting intensifies] [intense grunt] - [panting] - [intense exhalations] Hey, why do you and Jules fight so much? I think it's really because I'm always there to save her.
- Save her from what? - Herself.
Getting her out of Mexico illegally? That was like two days ago.
She didn't resent you before that? Come on.
She cannot know I am telling you this terrible story, yes? Uh-huh.
[gentle music] When Jules was at RISD, she had this psycho Goth-type roommate.
We were super tight, and then we'd fight, and then we'd be friends again, and it went around and around.
Intense and unhealthy, I guess.
She was diagnosed bipolar right before our senior year, and they seemed to have it under control for awhile, but She was a genius.
Her work was always so surprising.
I could tell Jules was jealous, which I told her not to be, because clearly her roommate was troubled.
And as the troubled are wont to do, one day she just jumped off the roof.
Or out a window.
Something horrible.
For weeks, I was in a kind of dream-state, a nightmare.
And I was behind in my schoolwork.
Graduation was looming, I completely dropped the ball on my senior thesis project.
So Jules took her dead roommate's project, and presented it as her own.
I stole part of her project, and I told myself that it was inspired by our conversations and our friendship, so in a way, I had a right to it.
Obviously, a shitty thing to do, but doesn't really matter considering the aforementioned jumping out the window thing, except she got caught.
I was humiliated, terrified, and my family swooped in to fix it.
Jules desperately needed my help getting her life back together.
I was willing to take the punishment, all of it.
And then my my sister, she just worked on me.
And she just wore me down.
Which is what she does, she wears you down.
She was selfish and stubborn, but I persisted.
And I [clears throat] know I shouldn't blame my family for how they helped, but I do.
And I can't forgive myself for allowing it.
[soft scoff] It's not so bad.
You were young and stupid and killed your roommate, took her art.
- Okay.
- What? No I didn't kill her.
You didn't kill her? You didn't push her off the roof literally or metaphorically? Umm, no.
Then, what is your problem? I have to live my life knowing that I owe my career if you can even call it that to my family getting me off the fucking hook.
If you insist on looking through a moral point of view, what you did wrong was you stole, right? Whether you got help or not [scoffs] is neither here nor there.
But I should have been punished by the school, by my peers.
You seem to be doing a very good job of that on your own.
I know a lot about punishment.
The punisher, the punished, the one who says, "That's enough.
Off you go.
" You're the punisher, and the punished.
Are you the one who says, "That's enough?" I don't know.
Jules Langmore.
Yes? That's enough.
Off you go.
So that's what's in Jules' envelope? What envelope? God, it must have been awful for her.
Yeah, well, Jules got to play the martyr.
But the truth is I basically rode in on a white fucking horse.
I took off three weeks of work for that.
It sounds like she just wanted to take responsibility.
- Mm.
- I mean, she made a mistake.
And, you know You're not listening.
Wait, you took your sex selfie of us? It's hot.
Wait, you sent it to some Who's HBY? Hlby? Hbyla? "Hubby.
" - As in "husband.
" - Oh Jesus, dude.
You said you guys were strange, but Estranged.
I said "estranged.
" So, this whole time, you were just thinking about him or what? Don't.
Just, uh don't do the whole jealousy thing.
It's boring.
- Oh, it's boring? - Exhausting.
You were using me to get back at him? [scoffs] "Using.
" It's such a crass word.
I wasn't using you.
I was enjoying you.
We were enjoying each other, until now.
Look, I'm not above some revenge sex, okay? It's just, Alice and I, we had a a chance at something, and I thought No, no.
Don't overthink it.
- You're just like Jules.
- What? That is, like, the weirdest thing I've ever heard.
Well, you're both just so thinky.
Look, Lazlo's sad and in Paris.
It's just sort of a resistible combination.
Well, maybe I was using you.
Yeah, happy to be used.
I will remember our time together with enormous fondness.
[kisses] Okay.
[upbeat rock music] Well.
Thanks for the ride and talking and everything.
Don't you get scared in that big old spooky house? Eh, my pals are with me.
Oh, it's nice to meet my new friend's friends.
Let's have dinner.
- Okay.
- I'm a dynamite cook.
See you soon, macaroon! [upbeat rock music playing over car speakers] Sister, I must andiamo.
I hope you don't mind if I take the car? Texts and pics, please, okay? Kisses.
Poor Richie.
Poppy Langmore got you down? No, I'm all right.
- I think - Yeah, I know she's not Alice.
And Alice is fake anyway.
But I saw her and we clicked and she was all you know, whatever she is.
Maybe I got a little ahead of myself, so what? - I'm not saying - I know.
I don't need a, like, wife/cheerleader to accomplish what I want in life, or have to be the great-grandson of a baron or whatever.
I'ma get it done, believe it.
I believe it, Richard.
I do.
Governor Langmore wasn't really a baron.
He was a Scottish immigrant, and he made up the baron part, and only later became governor.
[gentle music] She said you and I are alike.
That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.
There's not, like, another sister? Nope, that's it.
Thank God.
[soft laugh] [indistinct chatter] [upbeat rock music] We're here.
We're here! Oh gosh, that traffic, I tell you.
You know that they had me turning around on McGregor? Oh, gosh.
Do you mind holding him? - Oh my god, of course.
- Sorry to trouble you.
I just need two hands for one quick text.
- Aww.
- Yeah, okay.
- Aww, he likes you.
- Oh.
Okay, come on buddy.
There we go, 'cause we can't believe we're late for our very first session, can we? - Oh is it dog therapy? - Yes.
Jenny Anne Brown and Freddy from Bark Who Goes There, 2:00 p.
- Hold on.
- I tell you, we never come this far from Springfield, but Mr.
Roberts saw a picture of this little cutie-patootie online, and he just had to What's wrong? - I don't see you listed.
- Oh.
Well just try under Freddy, maybe? I'm sorry, you're not on the list.
I can't let you in.
Oh, no.
I, uh I bet Mr.
Roberts forgot to confirm.
It's all right, okay.
Here we go.
Back in the truck we go.
I know, they would have loved you, Freddy.
They really would have loved you.
Which resident were you booked to see? Roberts.
Cy Roberts.
[vintage music playing] [door shuts] Hello, Cy.
Hmm, well, isn't this a shit state of affairs? I was really looking forward to meeting you.
I mean, you are, after all, the reason I am what I am.
You know, Max Grochev brought me into the game.
The way he used to talk about you, this would break his little heart.
But it's alright, it's okay.
I'm not leaving empty-handed.
I am, after all, a con artist, like you.
Darling, there's never been a con artist like me.
I know.
May I have my wallet back? Outside pocket.
It wasn't sloppy.
It was bait.
You mind putting my stuff back, too? You want a gin and tonic? I make my own tonic.
Don't ask how.
So, how are old Max and Sally? They ever tie the knot and become official? - Sally's dead.
- [drink pours] Natural causes? What do you think? What is it you want, darling? Freedom, from the Doctor - [soft chuckle] - Like you have.
Oh, well, who do you think pays the bills? I'm a bird in a gilded cage, such as it is.
[mutters] Here.
Why would he keep you here? Because he can't let anything go.
When I, uh, began to see the direction that he was taking the game, the sadism and the brutality and the distinct lack of elegance, I offered a handshake and a buy-out, and he said, "No.
" He has things on me, like he probably does on you.
He wants to keep me here.
At least I'm above ground.
Then help me find a way to end this for both of us.
What, and give up all of this? [soft chuckle] For all I know, you could have been sent by the sadist himself.
Hmm? A little test.
And for all I know, as soon as I leave, you pick up the phone and sell me out.
What can you tell me about him? All right, darling.
Well, he's, uh, prideful and arrogant.
That usually makes for a good mark.
Yes, I know all that, but I need to find him.
The truth is, after all these years, I've never even learned his name.
Now I do know that he is a real doctor, and he practices in Buffalo, but that is it, that's all I got.
He's that good.
[dog whining] Here you go, puppy.
I got a a word of advice for you.
You seem like the, uh, independent type, but if you're going to try and do what I think you're gonna do, don't do it alone.
You're gonna need help.
- [dog whines] - Yeah.
Now, you have your your hands full.
Why don't you just leave the puppy? I'll return him for you.
Nice try.
Don't be a stranger.
[soft dramatic music] Hey, they want us back inside.
Stay on her.
I'll go see what's what.
Can you guys help me out? Yeah hold on.
Let me get the gate down.
- One second.
- All right.
Here we go, one, two, three.
Ah, thank you.
Cy Roberts? Daphne.
Did you fire the gardener? He's a menace.
Come with me, dear.
Let's help you find your room.
So who was that guy? If he was a relative, she wouldn't need to steal a dog to get to him.
Well, maybe she's working him.
Must be.
For what? His collection of slippers? [soft laugh] [yawns] You know, I think she's probably in for the night.
Why don't you go ahead and get a room, sack out? I'll cover.
- You sure? - Yeah.
[soft dramatic music] - [phone beeps] - Hey, Mina.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you - Yeah, Simons.
Yeah, yeah, enjoying some much needed time off.
Well, that's good.
[indistinct] So, listen, I need you to key up a device for me.
- [indistinct] - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I guess we're always working, right? Yeah.
[indistinct] Hey, could you do me a favor? Could you keep this one off the books? - Yeah, that's all right.
- Okay great.
I'll send you my coordinates.
[indistinct] Come here.
[kisses] [man speaking on TV] [cell phone chimes] [cell phone buzzes] Hello? - Ezra? - Interesting.
So you guys been in touch this whole time? Patrick? You know, I was wondering, when you kissed him at our sham wedding, was that real or just for the con? Does it really matter? And when you asked me to run away with you, was that real? 'Cause I've analyzed it, and I just I can't see the angle.
How about we do a rundown of every time you kissed me and told me you love me, 'cause that felt pretty freaking real to me.
I was doing my job, Maddie.
Why ask if it was real, then? Just making sure you're safe.
I wanted to hear your voice.
I'm great.
Where are you calling from? I may be getting closer and closer.
- What the hell are you doing? - Uh I'm just making a quick call.
There was no service inside, so, you know, - I had to - [clears throat] All right, look, don't misunderstand this.
Exactly what have I not understood? That you're leading this mission with your dick? Or that you just blew our cover? - No, that is all calculated.
- Bullshit.
She will never lead us to the Doctor.
Listen, Agent Cook, I understand your perspective, I really do, but maybe your methods are just a little outdated? I'm working something here.
I'm flushing her out.
I'd closed 50 cases while your mother was still wiping your ass, and I outrank you.
Now, all due respect, you don't outrank anybody.
All right? You're retired, remember? That's right.
I am.
And I prefer piña coladas, bingo, and my Jerry over this bullshit any day.
I'm going home tomorrow.
Good night, agent.
[dramatic music] [sighs] [truck engine revving] [signal chiming] [somber string music] [very soft chatter] Thank you all for being here.
It means a great deal to us, and to our family.
Unlike my dad, I'm not great with words.
But, uh, other people in the family have inherited that trait, luckily, so.
[paper crinkles] I knew this day would come.
But life has a way of surprising you even with the things you've always known would happen.
And here we are, surprised and shocked by this deep, unfair loss.
This dreaded day.
As I write this, I expect to hear his booming voice.
He argued big.
He laughed big.
He loved big.
He told big stories.
He told us, as kids, that the reason we dip hard-boiled eggs in salt water at Passover is that when the Red Sea parted, the water was just high enough to graze the balls of the slaves as they escaped.
Ask the Rabbi about that one.
And we did.
And then Dad got a call.
[very soft laughter] He taught us so much, about being a father, a husband, a man, about making mistakes, and learning, and continuing to move forward.
[somber piano music] Even on this day, this impossible day, he wouldn't want us to dwell, but to push on.
Let the past be the past.
Let it not be a headwind that holds us back, but a tailwind that pushes us forward.
Look at that, Dad.
You get to be pushy to the end.
Poor Arthur.
Why'd he have to go and do something stupid like that? Ah! He was protecting the people he loved.
Most people do that, Maxie.
You know, we always thought people like that were chumps? But when you betrayed me and left me at the Doctor's mercy, I realized the joke's on us.
I was dead to the world.
Nobody cared, except maybe Maddie.
- We gotta move her - Shh, shh, shh.
[line trilling] [suspenseful music] [line trilling continues] Hello, Ezra.
This is the Doctor.
Ezra, I want to express my condolences on the loss of your father.
Max and Sally described to me how he violently attacked them.
Ill advised.
And such an awful unintended consequence.
If he'd only done as he was told.
Well, not his strong suit I guess.
Now, you and Julia and Richard, until further notice, you work for me.
Max and Sally will drop you at Langmore Cabin, and I will send a welcome package soon after.
Follow the instructions, do not deviate, and these unintended consequences can hopefully be avoided.
Talk to you soon.
- Or not.
- [line clicks] [ominous music] We thought the worst.
Thank God for people like you.
You you really don't have to say that But I have to.
Thank the wonderful lady, Culley.
[exhales] Boop.
[soft dramatic music] [cell phone chimes] [Ane Brun's "To Let Myself Go"] To let myself go To let myself flow [engine turns over] Is the only way of being There's no use telling me There's no use taking a step back A step back for me [vocalizing] [potato chips crunching] Hey.
- Ezra.
- You made it.
[stifled sob] [sobbing] To let myself go To let myself flow Is the only way of being There's no use telling me There's no use taking a step back A step back for me