Imposters (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Maid Marian on Her Tip-Toed Feet

1 Previously on "Imposters" Is it difficult to fall in love with someone just a little? There was one person that if things, if life was different [dramatic music] Where did you hide the ring? Um you're not gonna like it.
Hello, Cy.
I am a con artist, like you.
There's never been a con artist like me.
I do know that he is a real doctor and he practices in Buffalo, but that is it.
Hey, what's going on at the cabin these days? Nothing.
Why don't you guys use it as a hideout? It's in way upstate New York, like in the woods woods.
Thanks for the ride and talking and everything.
Don't you get scared in that big old spooky house? My pals are with me.
It's nice to meet my new friend's friends.
- Let's have dinner.
- Okay.
See you soon, macaroon.
This office is for agents who didn't screw the pooch.
Yeah, well, it doesn't look like you're having any luck finding the Doctor.
So listen, I need you to key up a device for me.
Yeah, yeah, I guess we're always working, right? [screams] [yells] What did you do to him? Hello, Ezra.
This is the Doctor.
You and Julia and Richard, you work for me.
Max and Sally will drop you at Langmore Cabin, and I will send a welcome package soon after.
[sobbing] Pauline More than a memory Girl, got to tell you What was a cold blue sofa - And an Oriental rug - - When your man got down - And your man told me, "Let's go" - - Pauline More than a memory Girl, got to tell you what Smells like a magazine Tastes like a watermelon Looks like, looks like, looks like You got a problem - - It felt like love when he pulled me near I was bored in spring I went looking for a thrill In your pale summer dress See you guys later on! I wore black, I wore heels I wore an oxblood T-shirt Pauline More than a memory Girl, got to tell you what The lamp looked down Don't forget my scratcher! Sweet and pretty Like a Chinese glamor girl You'll see it a couple miles down! - Oh, that's right.
- Yeah.
They're having a good time up there.
[various conversations] So you said north.
How far north? I'm going all the way up 87 to Montreal, Quebec, the Hudson.
I'll just jump out at, um, Lake George, if that's cool.
I'm visiting a few friends in their cabin.
Look, I'm gonna give you a little advice, all right? I'm one of the good ones.
But you can't just hop into a truck with Tom, Dick, or whoever.
People in this world aren't always what they appear, you know.
I know.
I'll try to be careful.
I killed my father.
- Hey.
- No way.
You had nothing to do with that.
He had a heart attack.
Should never have gone after Maddie, should never have run off to Mexico.
- I left my family alone.
- That's enough.
Listen, I know you want to punish yourself right now, but there is the punished, the punisher And there's you guys.
[sighs] When's the Doctor supposed to reach out? I don't know.
He said he'd send an information package.
[scoffs] Some information.
Like "here's some information on how to die.
" I mean, if I was gonna get rid of us, this is exactly where I would do it.
What? Isolated, out in the middle of nowhere.
We're like ducks in a barrel.
- You mean monkeys.
- Fish.
- It's fish in a barrel.
- I mean ducks.
Ducks are highly intelligent and migratory, like us.
And they're prey, like us.
I hate being prey.
We need to arm ourselves.
Oh, boy, last I said that I actually like that idea.
Come with me.
I'm thinking a shotgun.
I'm sure there are light hunting rifles There are no guns allowed in this house.
The Langmores were prone to what my mother would call "melancholia.
" Skin cancer? - No, she means suicidal depression.
- Mm-hmm.
But Grandpa Langmore did love antiquing.
- [gasps] - Whoa.
[laughs] I'm about to get all medieval up in this bitch! All right.
Take it easy, buddy.
You seen this girl? Sorry, bro.
Never seen her.
She was just in here an hour ago bro.
We've been kind of busy.
Oh, yes, sir, she came in and asked if someone could give her a ride north.
Does anyone want to give me a ride? Like, everyone's hand shot up, even the guys that weren't even going out that way.
Charlie, put your hand down.
But Great Kate wasn't having it.
They left through the back door.
All right, you know the name of her transport company? [thunder rumbles] What time is it? Lunchtime.
Your choice of turkey sandwich or turkey sandwich.
Oh, no, I'm good.
I must be coming down with something.
Christ, I'm freezing.
I could run out again and get you some cold and flu.
No, no.
Did you talk to the Doctor? I did.
What was his angle with the kids? - You'll find out.
- [sighs] You can't keep me in the dark, Sal.
That doesn't do anybody Whoa! Max.
Oh, Jesus.
I told you not to scratch it.
It itched.
Wow! Maid Marion on her tiptoed feet! I was aiming for the other target.
Stand back.
That's gonna hurt.
Wah! Sha! Freedooooom! Damn it! Need someone's hand To lead me through the night I need someone's arms To hold and squeeze me tight Now, when the night begins I'm at an end Because I need Your love so bad Tell me that you love me And stop driving me mad Oh, because I [grunting] - Ez - I'm fine.
It's fine.
Is he a head case now? We're on a war footing here.
Don't be a dick, okay? His dad died.
I'm sure you were a mess when your mom passed.
Yeah, of course I was, but I wasn't in mortal danger at the time.
We got to be able to count on him.
We always count on him; he's Ezra.
Hey, come with me to the basement.
More security precautions.
Yes, ma'am.
I don't usually pick up hitchhikers, but I couldn't let her get into a truck with one of those other weirdos.
Charlie Roo was in there, for God sakes.
- Jesus.
- I understand, Kate.
Hey, what name was she going by? Didn't ask.
Is she in trouble? 'Cause there's always three sides to every story, I always say, and it's often the woman's side that gets lost in all the noise.
Oh, no.
I'm on her side.
Believe me.
Uh, where'd you drop her? Do you know? She asked to be let out at Lake George.
Yeah, I had a great-aunt with a little cabin up there.
Live alone after her husband died - Kate? - Yeah? Is Lake George one of those rich folks' places? - Lot of old-timey - Oh, yeah, yeah, I heard once that a Rockefeller and a Rothschild bought a place Okay, Kate.
Thank you very much.
I'll be in touch with anything else.
Okay, cameras and motion detectors are on.
Whoa, what's in here? [door creaking] Is this the Langmore dungeon? It's a secret tunnel.
I used to scare the shit out of Poppy down here.
Convinced her it was haunted.
Well, ghosts are make-believe.
Anyone who believes in them is - Panther! - God! - [laughing] - It's not funny.
Seriously, I almost cut your head off.
Oh, my God, you're worse than Poppy.
No, this is just the tunnel to the old bomb shelter.
[sighs] Ghosts are real.
You know, I think Poppy was the ghost of Alice for you.
Except they're both alive, Jules.
And I made love to both of them.
Sorry I brought it up.
And even though Alice wasn't real, Maddie is, so - Holy shit.
- What? Car, car, car, car, car.
Oh, that's a terminator car.
You call a hot chick to take my mind off of things? No, shut up.
She's a friend I think.
Come on.
- Well, hi, there.
- Howdy.
Did I forget that we made plans or something? I don't know.
Did you? I'm Lenny.
How you doing? Awesome.
Onward to the kitchen.
Nice digs.
Up to the left.
How many are we for dinner? Oh, it's just us.
My sister left.
I was dying to get to know you better, en famille.
Richard, Ezra, I've heard so much about you.
Nothing bad, I hope.
Who am I to judge? So, Lenny, you're a local? No.
She's a high-end, like, compliance consultant.
- Oh, are you with a firm or - No, no, no.
I work alone, always.
Finding people you work well with is, uh, very rare, though I like what you guys have going.
A certain vibe, huh? It works.
Oh, no, we don't work together.
We're just friends.
I got that part wrong? Yeah, no, I didn't say that.
I used to work with someone for a time.
We were besties, compatriots, lovers.
I even married him, the whole deal.
Yeah, I do not recommend that you marry one another.
- No, no.
- Don't worry about it.
- Not gonna happen.
- In, like, a million years.
Good, because mixing business and pleasure, it seems like pleasure always loses in the end, doesn't it? Luckily, he and I parted ways before someone ended up dead or grievously injured.
No, as much as these two annoy me, I can't imagine myself killing them.
Lenny and Jules: Yet.
[laughs] So, Lenny, who exactly needs your kind of expertee-ing department? Apparently, bars are a good place to You three are [gasps] What was that? Ghost of Langmore's past.
Yeah, except ghosts don't exist.
Says you, bub.
I believe in ghosts.
Are you serious? Memory, regret, lost loved ones, lost things that follow us, haunt us.
My, my, a poet.
I don't believe in any kind of ghosts, not "make noise outside the house" ghosts or thought ghosts.
[laughs] "Thought ghosts.
" That's awesome.
Yeah, I have a few of those.
Yeah, who's the poet now, Mr.
Shakespeare? Richard Picasso.
- [chuckles] - He was right, you know? You three do belong together, maybe because you share the same ghost.
What do you mean? Who's "he"? - [bell dings] - Ooh.
Main course time, kiddies.
Take a seat.
[whispering] Jules, what the what have you told her? - I didn't tell her anything.
- Clearly, you have.
No whispering! Evans, Bloom, Langmore.
Take a seat.
Okay, who the hell are you? I'm surprised you have to ask.
Hey, I thought you were expecting me.
The Doctor sent you with our assignment.
- Bingo.
- Oh, my God.
I don't believe it.
I had no idea.
Jules, I am not a vampire.
I would have come in anyway, whether you invited me or not.
So why all the secret squirrel shit, then? Why not just come in and cut to the chase? I wanted to meet the new kids in the family without all this thought ghost stuff getting in the way.
Don't talk to us about family.
- You have no right, after - Stick to poetry.
This self-righteous stuff, it's not cute.
Maybe I should tell the Doctor that you want out, no deal, hmm? [sighs] Good choice.
One little job for your freedom.
Make your families safe.
So here you are, from down-and-out heartbreak in Indianapolis to Scottsdale, New York City, to this moment.
Hmm? Friendship.
Yes, a sort of family.
The Doctor places value in family.
I mean, look, Max, Maddie, Sally now, there was a family that ran clickety-clockety-clockwork until yes, we all know what role you played in that sordid tale.
But the Doctor has high hopes for this new little family, regardless of how temporary it may be.
So Who's this? This is Charlotte Grosvenor.
Miss Grosvenor lives in Burlington, Vermont, and is one of the foremost collectors of now, this is the good part Toby jugs.
It seems that Miss Grosvenor swooped up a certain Toby jug in Scottsdale, Arizona, and, within it, all the treasures it holds.
Holy shit.
Indeed, so now you know where she is, where it is, and you can go get it.
How? Take a look.
This says I'm supposed to be Kasumi Lafayette? Isn't that Japanese? Clive Rhumagai? [laughs] That is the douchiest name I have ever Robert Sipe? Ugh, that's lame.
The Doctor wants the ring.
- That's it? - That's it.
Just get the saffron diamond ring, deliver it to the Doctor, and then you can go your bumbling little way.
Now, Max and Sally will be waiting for you in Burlington to give you necessary support and keep you on task.
Unfortunately, I cannot stay with you to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but do dig in.
You can't plan a caper on an empty stomach.
I do hope you never have to see me again.
Do you want open another bottle of wine? I can't believe I got drunk with her and told her my life story and let her into my house.
Hey, she's hot.
I totally would have.
Hey, I just got emotionally conned again.
- I feel gross.
- Well, shrug it off.
Focus on what's in front of us right now.
You want to be done with all this or no? I want to go back to Mexico.
Okay, so let's scam this Charlotte lady for my mom's Toby jug.
We get the ring, we give it to the Doctor, and we're done.
Or am I missing something? Yeah, I don't buy any of it.
It's not gonna be just this one job.
The Doctor will never let us be done.
This is just the start.
You don't know that.
Have you literally never seen a single movie? Yes, I have literally seen a single movie! Condescending Ezra has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.
Both of you, stop being so negative.
We're good at our shit.
Let's just think for a minute.
I'm thinking.
Okay, thank you.
- Maybe - Shh.
Just think.
[gasps] What if we sent Ha! Still thinking.
I have something big coming.
Richard, I'm really not in the mood for Dude, I was so close.
I'm going somewhere I can actually think.
So what was this big thing you were thinking? No, I had nothing.
Just trying to inspire you guys to quit bickering and get your best stuff.
[slurping] Ellen, we have a price check at register five.
Can we get a price check on five, please? Check authorization at the manager's desk.
Check authorization at the manager's desk, please.
[explosion] Oh, my God! I think someone was hurt! [jazz music] I heard it.
I didn't see it.
Excuse me, can you come help us over here? [grunts] What are you shoving into my ass? Don't get frisky.
It's strictly medicinal.
Can you save the arm, Doc? Oh, it's not looking good, Stumpy.
Do you remember Karl the Claw? I dated Karl the Claw.
Really? Before Key West.
I heard the girls liked him because he was able to place his hooks in kind of a pneumatic Oh.
Yeah? Well, I'll never tell.
Well? [chuckles] Thank you, Sal.
I don't deserve any of this, not even you.
Well, I could let you die.
Nothing would be easier.
Yeah, maybe you should let me.
Maybe you should beg.
I begged the Doctor to let me die, but he wouldn't even give me that.
He hurt you that bad? Oh, he would ask me questions, and he would hurt me, but it wasn't the pain.
Kept me in total darkness, just me and this clock, which I couldn't see, just hear.
I tried keeping track of the time by the ticking, thinking it would help get me strong.
I felt so smart coming up with a plan.
He turned the lights out, and I started counting, and I frickin' lost count.
And then, well, I just couldn't seem to stop crying, Maxie.
I was just this thing in the dark, waiting for the pain.
And that's when I started begging to die.
But he wouldn't even give me that.
I'm sorry, Sal.
I'm so sorry.
I'll do anything.
Just say it.
Here it is.
Don't die on me, Max.
Not just yet.
[twig snaps] Hello? Holy hell.
What is this? You look like you got some sun, Jules.
You been traveling? Seeing some sights on the Doctor's dime? Um, no, we've been dealing with the flaming crap bag you left us holding in Seattle while you went off to live your best life with all that cash or whatever.
Who says I left Seattle with any cash? You didn't take the money? Maybe I didn't take the money.
Or the ring.
[sighs] What's that about? No, nothing.
The ring.
Love that ring.
You might think you are really good at this, Jules, but breaking bread with Lenny Cohen? You should be very, very careful.
Now, you tell me the truth.
Did you just bring me here to hand me over to the Doctor and Lenny? Bring you? What? How would we even do that? - Text message.
- What? I haven't even thought about you in a very long time, okay? That in there had nothing to do with you.
Let me go! How did Lenny Cohen end up in your goddamn kitchen? That is a very long and rather goddamn involved story.
Got nowhere better to be.
I would love to hear all about your adventures.
And I'm just dying to hear about yours.
[with Southern drawl] Hello.
I'm Mr.
Robert Sipe.
Nice to meet ya.
[clears throat] [in deep voice] Hi, Sipe.
Bobby Sipe.
How you doin'? [with Cockney accent] Hey, brov, I'm Robby.
You seen Jules? - Huh? - Have you seen Jules? - Not in the last hour, no.
- What are you doing? Drills.
Yeah, if we're gonna do this job, we got to do it right.
I don't want that Amazon coming after us.
Man, she is tall.
Dude, we should find Jules.
I had an epiphany.
All right.
Jules! Jules! So now you're wanted felons in both the U.
and Mexico? Great.
At least I didn't knife someone to death in the middle of Main Street.
Half to death.
Why should I believe a thing you say? I know.
Ditto, right? Bit of a stalemate here.
Look, I drank a lot of wine, and I got to pee, okay? So decide what you want to do with me, but please decide before I leggo my bladder-o.
In a minute.
First, tell me more about Sophia.
FBI Albany.
This is Special Agent Patrick Simons out of the Virginia field office.
What can I do for you? Who's your special agent in charge? - Jules! - Jules! Jules! - Jules! - This place is so huge.
I bet she just got frickin' lost.
Hey, Richard, listen.
Something my dad used to say about chess.
If both players play a perfect game of chess, there's no winner, right? It's just a draw.
So to win, you got to get inside your opponent's head.
Find a point of weakness, and exploit it.
Don't play the game.
Play the man.
Oh, I get that.
It's good advice.
Your dad sounds like he was a really smart man.
Yeah, yeah, thanks.
[sighs] Jules! Jules! Ezra's making some really good points! Come on out! Hi, Ez.
Long time, no see.
Jules? It's not funny.
Ezra, seriously.
Just you and me, Evans.
Us against the darkness.
[footsteps] Show yourself! Damn it, Jules! Were you expecting the Spanish Armada? Dude, I almost killed you again.
Where were you? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but I told you so.
Ghosts are real.
Huh? What are you doing here? That's a warm welcome.
You thought I'd be happy to see you? I thought maybe Because of the texts, I If you got any texts, they weren't from me.
That's embarrassing.
I'm sorry about your father.
Did you really come here 'cause you thought I sent you some texts? Doesn't matter.
You have bigger problems.
We both do.
The Doctor? Yup.
He said one job, and we're out.
It's not gonna be just one job.
It never is.
That's what I said.
But we have to figure something out fast.
Max and Sally are expecting us in Vermont.
You mean Max.
Just Max, right? No, both of them.
They drove me here.
[laughing] What? Sorry, what just happened? I I think I know who's been sending me those texts.
[sighs] Huh? All right, Maxie.
It's time.
I'm dying.
Time to make our move.
The Doctor.
What about the Doctor? We're gonna stab him in the back, Maxie, and then in the front and then maybe on both sides.
And trust me; it'll hurt a shit-ton more than a dinner fork.
You mean you're not working for the Doctor? That's right, Maxie.
I'm not.
So what, are we supposed to be friends now or something? Or something.
Enemy of my enemy.
Unless she's playing us again.
I met the real Alice, you know.
I heard.
I like your version of her better.
Doesn't mean I like you better.
[phone chimes] Well, now it's a party.
I think you guys might want to come outside for a minute.
Now it's a party.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I thought you were dead.
I know.
Richard, help Max inside.
Hello, man.
Jesus, you look like recycled shit.
It's good to see you too, kid.
Come on.
Let's go.
This'll be interesting.
Right back at you, Maxie.
So how does this work now, Sal? You, Max, and the Doctor? We have a lot to talk about.
Drink this.
You need the electrolytes.
- Yeah, thanks, kid.
- Yeah.
So how much of all of this did you orchestrate, Sal? Getting us all here? A suggestion or two in the Doctor's ear.
A few texts.
But why? Freedom.
Ezra's right; the Doctor doesn't even want the ring.
The ring might already be gone, for all we know.
The Doctor wants you.
What for? Max and I are damaged goods.
As far as he knows, Maddie's in the wind.
He needs a new crew, and you are it.
I thought he had crews all over.
Yeah, but we were his A-team.
- So what do we do? - We help each other.
We all want out from under his thumb.
But if we cross him, he'll come for us and our families.
And anyone we ever loved.
If we want freedom real, lasting freedom there's only one thing we can do.
Kill him.
[laughs] What? We're not doing murder.
She means hand him to the feds, but for real this time.
Right? Ho, ho, ho.
We can't kill the Doctor.
He's the only bargaining chip we have.
So here's what we do.
We work together for one goal: trade the Doctor to the FBI and wipe our slates clean.
Jesus, Sal.
I thought you were talking flat-out revenge.
I mean, this is what you saved me for? I'm with Sally.
We work together.
We find a way to get to the Doctor.
Do you realize the impossibility of what you're suggesting? He's already paranoid that the feds have gotten too close, and if we spook him in any way at all You said anything, Maxie.
- You'd do anything.
- And I will.
You want a suicide mission, I'm in.
But make no mistake, all right.
That's what this is.
Agent Simons, there's someone on his way to you.
Who? Who's here to see me? [men talking quietly] [whispers] Go, go.
Go right.
Mangrove, get down.
What the hell, man? I hopped in the chopper as soon as I heard you call this in.
Gang's all here, huh? It's nothing personal, but it's kind of very personal.
We don't trust you.
Aside from being thieving, lying sociopaths in the first place, you kidnapped Ezra's family.
His dad is dead.
We sure as shit don't trust her.
I don't trust her either.
And I don't trust you three backstabbers.
But I do trust Sally.
More importantly, the Doctor trusts Sal.
We can use that.
- How? - Play the man.
Play the man.
Get inside his head.
Force him to make a mistake.
And when he does, we don't just deliver him to the FBI.
We make him pay.
Probably planning the next job.
Yeah, maybe.
Nice work.
I should probably take it from here.
Excuse me? Simons, you told everyone you're on vacation.
I mean, really.
Look, I appreciate your concern, but you gotta let me work this.
This is a delicate situation.
I know.
What does that mean, "make him pay"? Well, look at us.
I mean, the Doctor doesn't even realize the team he's created.
We're gonna put together everything we've ever learned.
We're gonna hunt him down, turn his life inside out, like he's done to us.
We're gonna find out who he is and what makes him tick.
And before we deliver him to the FBI, we'll take him for everything he's got.
This is Special Agent Mangrove.
Everyone stand by.
We're going in.
No, no, no, no.
We need to exercise patience.
We haven't scouted the perimeter.
On my signal.
So where do we even start? We don't know anything about this guy other than he's a world-class dick.
We know he's a real doctor.
Lives in Buffalo.
How do you know that? Cy Roberts.
Well, this is working out better than I thought.
Um, guys.
Guys? - Watch your six.
- Copy that.
[radio chatter] [suspenseful music] - FBI! - Hit all the exits.
- Get the hallway.
- They're here.
- All clear.
- We got one.
Don't move! Show me your hands! Get your hands up, asshole! Get your hands up! - Get out of the chair! - Do it now, now! - [sighs] - Well done.
She's the charm I'm holding fast Okay, come on.
Here's betting Which one? Which one? - Where we going? - In here.
Fortunes come and go Just like the blues But with Lady Luck at my side I'll never lose Trust me; this'll help.
They're friggin' ghosts.
[soft music] [buzzing] [sighs] Hello, Patrick.
You must be feeling really confused.
"How do these guys keep slipping through my fingers?" Bet you want to find us, punish us.
Don't put yourself through that.
Just let us do our thing, and I'll make you this promise.
We will give you everything the ring, the Doctor on a silver platter, redemption.
We'll be in touch.
Stay tuned.
[sighs] We all, we all We all, we all know this is You gonna be okay? I'm not sitting this one out, kid.
See you in the game.
In the game.
We all know this is nothing We all So there is no way we trust them, right? - Hell, no.
- You crazy? From now on, we do this on our terms.
But we are doing this? Sure beats selling shoes.
It moves like a virus And enters our skin