In Plain Sight s01e01 Episode Script

In Plain Sight

since 1970, the federalwitness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses --- some criminal,some not.
to neighborhoodsall across the country-- Every one of these individualsshares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is:Somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ ֥ʿµ°¸â Season01 Episode01 you put on sun block? Staten Island,New York I'll put it onwhen we get to the beach.
No, no, you gottaput it on a half hour before.
- Babe.
- All right.
I'll putthe sunscreen on.
You two aremaking me carsick.
Oh, yeah? I can't wait tillyou have kids and they think you're a ridiculous old fool.
Sorry to run your fun, but I'm not having kids.
Bite your tongue, you.
You're giving me grandbabies.
Or else why are we stopping? Well, petey's sick, and I promised dominicI'd, uh, I'd drop offsome stuff for him.
All ri-- try and hurry,because if not, we don't geta good spot, frank.
Don't worry,I'll just be a minute.
Not even.
Tell peteyI hope he feels better.
Will do.
And you,don't screw with me.
You're gonnagive me grandchildren.
You hear me? - Yes, mom.
- That's right.
Oh, my god.
How does that fat bastardget up and down those stairs every day? - Who is it? - It's captain kangaroo.
Frankie, is that you? Yeah, yeah, it's frankie.
Come on, come on.
I'm in a hurry, petey.
Yo, frankie.
Hey, petey.
I got a delivery for youfrom dominic.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Petey? Where are you? Are you dead? Oh, no.
I have no ideahow that happened.
all right, get back.
Let's go.
Albuquerque,New Mexico 3 Months Later god, it's sobeyond retarded.
First of all, we don't say "retarded"anymore.
Don't even thinkabout parking there.
Cars better be herewhen we get back.
and second, it's not retarded--it's marketing.
Then it'sretarded marketing.
- Look, imagery and metaphorhave been used- - oh, thank god.
Hey, what's up? It seems your sisterwould prefer someone elseto pick her up.
What? Put her on.
Mary would like a word.
Don't "hey" me.
What the helldo you think you're doing? Nothing, but there'sno way in hell I'm taking a ride from some rico suave wannabe I've never even seen before.
Why can't you pick me up? Because I'm working all the wayon the other side of town.
But I'm your sister.
Hey, you know what-- you can either accept my friend's generousoffer or start walking.
Fine, I'll take the ride.
You do that.
Problems? Brandi got inthis morning.
For my surprise party,no doubt.
My condolences.
Now, as I was saying-- imagery and metaphorhave been used to sell products forever.
Please, jesus,take me now.
Take the ford mustang,for instance.
Named for a powerfuland agile animal, qualities we also seekin an automobile.
It's called"transference.
" Yeah, okay.
What about my probe? Exactly what imageis that supposed to transfer? 'Cause all I'm gettingis paper dress, metal stirrups,and legs akimbo.
Exactly what wasthe thought process behind thatmarketing coup? "Say, bob, "what's a metaphorfor an invasive, "somewhat humiliatingprocedure?" 'Cause we reallyneed something to compete withthe chevy speculum.
" Ugh, why am ieating this crap? You gonna be like thisall day? - What? - Like--You know.
Guess it depends how longit's gonna be my birthday.
- All day.
- There you go.
Here we go.
It's a common misconception the membership in the fraternityof goodfellas is a prerequisitefor admission into the federalwitness protection program.
God, if only that were true.
WITSEC ID:TASHA ZURIS Many witnessesare everyday folk who, through no criminal enterpriseof their own, have come to possessdamning info about some very dangerouspeople.
These unlucky losersare trouble magnets and should be avoidedwhenever possible.
Which, in my line of work, is almost never.
A ticket? Are you kidding me? Car's still there,ain't it? Ass-wipe.
It's all right.
We'll take care of you.
You're safe.
So this is how we'retransporting witnesses now? It's a metaphor.
Oh, yeah? For what, crap? Let's go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So welcome to albuquerque.
Is this your first time? Da.
Uh, yes.
How long you beenin the states? Three yearsin new york.
Well, this is a far cryfrom manhattan.
And a universe from moscow.
I am from kiev.
Ah,the beautiful,beautiful Ukraine.
You speak russian.
A little.
I learned it in the '80s when you guyswere still commies.
In ukraine,we speak ukrainian.
chill out.
- hi, stan.
- Hi, mary.
It's stan.
I know it's you, stan.
That's why I said,"hi, stan.
" Oh, right.
So did you pick up the witness? Yeah, we're on the wayto the apartment now.
Listen, I just got a call from albuquerque P.
And, uh-- oh, boy.
And "oh, boy" what,stan? I know that tone.
Something happened.
Yeah,frankie santoro's kid might have been shotlast night.
What? Where? Is he dead? I said "might.
" All right, might.
They found a body on one of those development sitesout the pan am freeway.
I'm on my way.
That's one choice,but bringing a witness to the murder site of another witness-- - that violates at least six witsec codes of conduct.
- I know what you're doing.
- Stan? You're holding the phoneout the window.
What's that? I can't hear you.
You're breaking up.
- She's holding the phoneout the window.
Mary, you listen- - stan? - I absolutely for- - change of plans.
Frankie santoro's kidmay have been hit last night.
- Gotta see for myself.
- What about - she's coming with.
- Fun.
- Hi, stan.
- Marshall.
What? I'm sorry, stan.
You're breaking up.
frankie santoro,A.
Frankie nuts-- a nickname not bestowedfor his love of filberts-- earned his ticketinto witness protection by agreeing to testifyagainst his former boss, dominic mastro,last of the big-time dons.
Frankie had the misfortuneof whacking petey lorusso while he was underfbi surveillance, which, coincidentally,was also petey's misfortune.
Wow, just likethe motion pictures.
Can I get you something? A bromo? Tasha, just stayin the car.
This'll just takea few minutes.
Please don't let thisbe frankie's kid.
Should I call jinx now and tell herto cancel your party? If you wereany kind of friend, you would have done ita long time ago.
You the lead on this? Yeah, unfortunately.
Detective dershowitz.
Really? - Yeah, a long story.
- I'll bet.
Everyonecalls me "bobby.
" Or "bobby D.
" Mary shannon.
So why'd you callthe marshals, detective? Well, we gottwo dead kids.
We have a girl namedsienna burke over there.
And a boy with thisin his wallet.
And this.
It was tucked behindthe other one.
Kid with two identities, occurred to me he mightbe in witness protection.
You got all thatfrom a fake I.
? Yeah, I'm intuitivethat way.
- All right, thanks.
- Uh, that's evidence.
Any thoughtsabout what happened? You're asking me, what, out ofprofessional curiosity? Sure, let's go with that.
Well, the girl's fatheris cale burke.
He's the developerof this land, a projectthat's been contested in and out of courtfor about a decade.
And you think somebodyunhappy about the project might have done this? Hell if I know,but it's a place to start.
Right? Unless of course you thinkI should be looking someplace else.
Nope, sounds to me like you're headingin the right direction.
- That's what I thought.
- Thanks for the call.
Hey, what's withthe silent sentinels? Guys on the bikes.
Oh, they've beenwatching all morning.
You're not questioning them 'cause because chasingindians on dirt bikes through the desert seems likea poor use of my talent.
Makes sense.
Hey, how 'bout it? He one of yours? Oh, afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Thanks againfor the call.
That's right, you'rethe branch of law enforcement that puts criminalsback on the street, right? Oh, god.
What a waste.
Don't touch that.
Can't you shut his eyes? Only if you gota needle and thread.
Any thoughts on why he gets itin the back of the head and she gets hers in the face? She was running.
Took two in the spine, taking out her legs.
Then they turned her over.
And finished her offin the face? Not quite.
Good god.
Somebody was pissed off.
This goes way beyondpissed off.
She was alive for most of this.
So you thinkthis was a message to frankie senior? I don't know--that kinda violence, you gotta believeshe was the target.
Plus, they find junior,they found senior.
So why not justtake frankie out? Why not justtake frankie out? Unless they don'twant him dead.
Maybe they just want himto queer his testimony.
That could hurt a case worsethan him not showing up.
That could hurt a case worsethan him not showing up.
Please stop that.
Then again,anyone who knows frankie knows killing his kid'snot the way to motivate him.
So you think he's notgonna be happy about this? - Have you noticedI'm not in a joking mood? - Sorry.
I gotta go find frankie.
I told you to wait in the car.
It's okay.
Come on.
Let's get you home.
Aww, that makes me sad.
Why are we stopping here? Just stay in the carand don't touch anything.
No--hey, wait! No.
- Hey, amigo.
Que pasa? - Yo, G.
Todo bien.
Hey, what's up? Just keep an eyeon the ride for me.
Make sure nothing bad happensto the car or to her.
- Mostly to the car.
- All right.
Hey, mami.
What's crackin'? You wanna eff off? Here you go, padre.
- 20 ticketsfor wednesday night.
- Gracias.
De nada.
"Bleachers"? So did you take herto my house? Not exactly.
Raph, what did you do? I left her sittingin my car in front of the youth center, with a couple of junior cholosscoping her out.
She's totally freaking out.
- You did that? - Yeah.
Pretty funny, huh? Oh, yeah.
But not the way you think.
What's that mean? It means my sisterhas a penchant for boosting cars.
A penchant? More like a compulsion.
Son of a bitch.
I thought I told youto watch the car.
We did, ese.
Yeah, G.
There it go.
Mary, you bettercome pick me up.
Ahh, I'm sorry,I can't hear you.
You're breaking up.
Just a second.
Phone works.
Phones work.
No, no, no,I can'T.
I wish to go home.
This is your home now.
No, please! It's not possible.
Tasha, listen to me.
You can't go back.
You can never go back.
You know whatthey'll do to you.
I am just bookkeeper.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Let it out.
Shh, it's okay.
Let it out.
How this can happen? My life.
My family.
Everything gone.
They don't even let mebring pictures.
I know,it isn't fair.
But listen to me-- you did a great,courageous thing, testifying.
Okay, and now it's timeto focus on the future.
Think of itas a chance to builda whole new life.
Even better than the oneyou had before.
But you cannotunder any circumstances, not matter how homesickor lonely you get, go back home or contact anyonefrom your past.
In the history ofthe witness protection program, no one who's followed the ruleshas ever been harmed.
You can do this.
Okay? I know you can.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
Stand up.
Come on.
How 'bout you restfor a little while, watch some tv-- cable's not hooked up yet.
Yeah, all right.
Um, I'll get the cableturned on.
And a little later, I'll come bywith some groceries.
Is there anything specialyou need? They promised menew breasts.
When I can get them? no, between 1:00 and 5:00 isn't good enough, federico.
Our friendneeds her cable on now.
So get it done or we'reswitching to satellite.
That's funny? How about we switchto satellite, then I punch you in the face? She's home now.
I'll tell her you're on your way.
So anyway, if you couldstart processing info-- little frankie, the girl, her father, friends and familyof everyone frankie'stestifying against.
Whatever elseyou can think of.
You know, I'm not your assistant.
I havea couple dozen witnesses of my ownto deal with.
Oh, yeah? Any of their kidsget murdered last night? I'll have to check.
- Oh, fine.
- Thank you.
Pissy little girl.
I heard that.
I don't give a rat's assabout your protocol.
I've got two parentson their way down here to see their son,and trust me on this one, this is not whereyou want them to find him.
Then you betterkeep them outta here.
Because a vanfull of illegals plowed into a bridge abutmentthis morning.
And I'm under-staffed.
I won't knowwhich one of these is yours until I startprocessing them.
Well, how longis that gonna take? As long as it takes.
Well, work quickly.
Frankie, felicia.
Look, come on.
- Where is he? - Come back inside.
Is my boyin one of these bags? - Excuse me, sir,you cannot-- hey, you can't- -okay, okay.
Where's my boy? Where's my boy? Okay, frankie, please.
Please stop this.
- Frankie, stop it! Stop it! - Get off me.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Frankie, wait.
Frankie! Frankie frankie! - Frankie, wait! - What, what do you want? Don't "what" me.
I know you.
I know what you're thinking.
Oh, congratulations.
You're the amazingfreakin' kreskin.
No idea who that is,but listen to me.
If you go off gunningfor whoever did this, you're gonna blowyour whole plea agreement.
Did you just seemy boy in there? I know, frankie.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
But felicianeeds you now.
Okay, please.
Please, go take careof her.
I swear to you, you'll getyour justice.
You got 24 hours.
After that, I take mattersinto my own hands.
- And to hellwith this plea.
- Frankie-- as far as justice, you've got your version,I've got mine.
What are you doing here? I work here, stan.
Why aren't you helping marymove frankie nuts? She wanted me heredoing this.
And you thought it was okay to let her handle thatsick bastard by herself? Her witness, her call.
It how we do, G.
- If anything happensto her- - relax.
Mary knowswhat she's doing.
So'd you get her a birthday present? I'm working her case.
You don't thinkthat's enough? You're not that dumb.
I'm smart enough to know you can't shop for mary.
What about you? Oh, well,I just got her A bottle of reallyexpensive perfume.
Mary doesn't wear perfume.
Yes, she does.
You sure? I mean,she always smells so good.
That's just her.
the care and feedingof career criminals, like frankie nuts,is a dicey proposition at best.
On any given day,I get to play mother, father, best friend, priest,rabbi, marriage counselor, and yes, unfortunately, occasionallyhomicide detective.
Which is whyI find myself driving my misogynist metaphoracross the desert with a bustedair conditioner to hunt downthe murderer of the son of my murderer witness.
No backup.
No plan to speak of.
No alternative.
Also, frankie juniorgot killed on my watch.
That just pisses me off.
Nice chaps.
Write downyour customers' names.
I've never seenthese people before.
Here's the deal-- two kids were killedabout a mile from here, and at leasta few of these guys were at the murder site.
So please, save us botha lot of trouble and just writethe damn names before great white fatherback in washington goes all little bighornon your ass.
You're kidding me,right? Was that over the top? Look, first of all,it was you guys that got your asses kicked at little bighorn.
Really? And second of all, today's my first dayof work here.
And I have really never seenthese people before.
Thought you werebeing difficult.
Excuse me.
Good lord.
What is itwith men's restrooms? Do you all like the smellof stale urine? Is that what it is? Okay, enough chit-chat.
What's your name? And did you killthose two kids? I'm sorry.
Are you talking to me? What's so funny? Well, it's so cute.
It's like one of thosemini-taquitos they serve at happy hour.
Oh, yeah? You want some? Manly, yes,but I like it too.
Now, what do you sayyou answer my questions before I drag you outta here by yoursurprisingly small wee-wee.
My name is george parker.
And no, I didn't kill those two kids.
So what were you doing therethis morning, george? Pulling upsurveyor's stakes, hassling workers.
What's your beefwith the project? Same old story.
Indians gettingtheir land ripped off for commercial development.
So killingthe developer's daughter sounds likepretty good payback.
Except the developerisn't the one that screwed usout of the land.
Talk to a dudenamed edwin talltrees.
He's the guy that ripped us off.
An indian? That's right.
Why would he kill two kidson his own land? Because it isn'this land anymore.
After he screwed us, the dead girl's fatherscrewed him.
Sounds like a lotof screwing going on.
All right, then, george, you can zip it up.
Sorry aboutthe small wee-wee crack.
It's beena bitch of a day.
That is one special guy.
God, I hope he calls.
Apparently,ripping off your own people has its upside.
Wish I had peopleto rip off.
Can I help you? Mary shannonwith the U.
You edwin talltrees? - I am.
- All right.
Must be a bitch getting pizzadelivered up here.
- Have a seat.
- Thanks.
I suppose you're hereabout sienna burke and that boy.
Why would yousuppose that? It's no secretcale burke and i had a dispute about thatspecific piece of land.
You'd be remissnot to question me.
God knowsI hate being remiss.
What can you tell meabout the murders? I'm curious.
Why isthe U.
Marshal service interestedin a local murder? Here's an idea.
Since I'm the onewearing the badge and you'rethe murder suspect, how 'bout we stick to measking the questions? All right.
Cale burke and iattended stanford together.
I stood up for himat his wedding.
I was at the hospitalthe day sienna was born.
She and my son kyle played together every day until they went off to different private schools.
I would give anything, everything, to bring her back.
What else? Where were youlast night? Here.
With kyle.
Watchingthe karate championships on pay-per-view.
We're both studentsof tae kwan do.
Get much call for thatin real estate? Is there anything else,marshal? Is kyle available? I'd rather you didn'tspeak to kyle.
He's very upsetabout sienna.
Would you ratherI take him in for questioning? - Kyle, come down here, please.
- Okay.
This is marshal shannon.
She wants to ask youabout sienna.
- I understandyou were good friends.
- Were.
Since dad and uncle cale had their disagreement, we weren't allowedto see each other anymore.
Did you knowthe boy she was with? I just heardhe went to her school.
Can you think of anyonewho would want to do this to sienna? Everybody loved her.
She was like well, you justcouldn't help it, you know? Is that enough? Sure.
Just one more thing.
Where were youlast night? I was here with my dad watchingthe karate championship.
That's what I thought.
By the way, who won? - Edgar sanchez.
- Edgar sanchez.
I'm really sorryabout your friend.
- Yeah, it sucks.
- Thanks.
I really wantedto turn around and pop off one of thosecolumbo questions.
You know,the innocuous afterthought that lets the killer knowthat I know he did it.
Excuse me, do you always wear white shoesafter labor day? Unfortunately,I had no idea if talltrees had anythingto do with the murders.
And, more importantly,he wasn't wearing shoes.
As good as I amat sorting out other people's lives-- you'll just haveto take my word for it, I'm really good-- that talent palescompared to my genius for keeping my own life in a constant stateof turmoil.
I should have just let you walk from the airport, you psycho whack-job.
Just give me--just give me the keys.
A couple of years from now,you're just gonna be another hairnet-wearin'cholo.
Just pleasegive me my keys.
Are you gonna hit me? - No, but give me the keys.
- Come on, hit me.
- Just give me my keys.
- Enough.
I've got enough going onwithout having to deal with this B.
Mary, thank god you're here.
- They've been like thisfor half an hour.
- She stole my car.
You left me sittingin the middle of the ghetto.
Mary, please,would you do something before the neighbors think we're poor white trash? Oh, obviously not you,raphael.
God, my headis just splitting.
She's lucky I don't call the cops.
Raphael, she was scared.
Go ahead, you know what,call the cops.
I'll just tell themabout that dime bag I found in the center console.
It's not mine.
- Dime bag of what? - You don't get high? - Is that whatyou're telling me? - I don't get high.
Okay, all right.
Both of you,stop it, stop it.
I don't know whose dope it is, and I don't care.
I want it out of here now.
I'm a U.
Marshal,for christ's sake.
Ma, go insideand take some aspirin.
Brandi, give him his keys.
You better don't thinkthat stuff is mine.
- What kind of stuff? - "You better don't"? Oh, god.
It doesn't matter, raphael.
No, the hell it doesn'T.
You're taking her wordover mine.
I'm not takinganybody's word.
What part of"I don't care whose it is" is difficult for you? Is this how you thank me for taking timeout of my day off to pick upyour psychotic sister? You were supposedto drive her to my house, not intentionallyscare the crap outta her.
I had to stopat the youth center.
The scaring the crapout of her part was just a bonus.
It's a juvenile prankthat blew up in your face.
Then aftershe steals my car, you don't even comeand pick me up.
I was busy.
Why can't anyoneget it through their heads? I have a job.
Oh, that's right-- everybody's gotta make timein their day, but not mary.
Cry me a river.
What did I pull you away from,an extra set of crunches? Is that allyou think I do? No, sometimes I thinkyou work on your lats.
- Have a happy birthday.
I'm outta here.
- See ya.
You happy? What, I alreadygot rid of the stuff.
What's the big drama? Oh, my god, brandi,when are you gonna grow up and stop making life miserable for everyone around you? Oh, come on.
You couldn'ttake an hour off from serving warrants? Or drinking coffeeat the courthouse? Or whatever the hellit is you do to pick up your sister? Okay, ma, I know you thinkbrandi's your precious baby.
She's not.
- She's a virus,infecting everyone around her.
- All right, that's enough.
As long as you keep proppingher up and making excuses, that's all she's ever gonna be.
God, would you stop it? This is your baby sister-- now she's gonna cry, and you're gonna tell hereverything's okay.
And somehow, this is allgonna wind up my fault.
So if you don't mind, I'm gonna skipthe next part of the program.
I have to get back towhatever the hell it is I do.
Excuse me.
Just give methe damn keys.
- You want 'em? - Yeah.
Go get 'em.
No! Don't touch me! Get your hands off of me! Put me down! - You get outwhen I get the keys.
- Up yours! Oh, classy.
Hey, how's it coming? Drips and drabs.
I tracked downthe girl's best friend.
She's at work at elsa ross.
So she doesn't know? Either that or she's gota great work ethic.
All right,I'm on my way.
Tread lightly.
Hey, give mea little credit.
I can't believeshe's dead.
I'm so sorry.
And I can't believeyou tried on clothes before telling me.
Yeah, again, I'm really sorry.
Thought it would helpease into it.
I can see nowthat was a mistake.
I don't know anyone who would do anythinglike this.
All my friendsare really nice.
What about frankie? Did he haveany enemies? I don't know.
He was new.
How long had he and siennabeen going out? They weren't going out.
Sienna was justbeing nice to him.
He was a virgin.
So she was gonna you know.
That is nice.
Sienna was like that.
Is there anyonewe should talk to? Anyone you'd want to talk toif you were me? She had a boyfriend.
I'd want to talk to him.
Okay, good.
He was this big secret.
And I mean, really big.
She wouldn't even tell mewhat he looked like, and she told meeverything.
Did she tell youanything about him? Anything at all? Just that he made her getthis stupid tattoo.
You mean the oneon her chest? Over her heart.
So how comeshe was with frankie? I mean, if she had this secret boyfriendand all? 'Cause they broke up,like, a month ago.
Did I forgetto mention that? Yeah.
You kinda did.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
Before you hear itfrom somebody else, I smacked an indian's johnsonwith a bar of soap today.
Just thoughtyou should know.
Haven't we done enoughto those people? I'm not proudof myself.
Did you come upwith anything? Not really.
Oh, exceptthat two days ago a three-second callcame into santoro's house from a cellregistered to richie mastro.
Richie mastro,son of dominic mastro.
Don of dons,head of the five families, called my frankie? Yes, fredo.
You sure? You know,it hurts when you doubt me.
- All right, let's go.
- Now where? Frankie nuts has gotsome 'splainin to do.
Do I get to play bad cop? Like you could.
Oh, damn.
What's the matter? Hi, tasha.
It's me, mary.
Is your cableon yet? Good.
No, we can only payfor the basic package.
Hbo and showtimeare extra.
Listen,about your groceries, something's come up.
So what's the bookon young richie? Well, for starters,you'd have to say he's of questionablecharacter.
Tossed out of choate,was he? Nypd has himunder investigation for a handfulof murders.
And of particular interest, a former girlfriend gota restraining order against him after he brokefour of her ribs.
Then, guess what,two days later she turns uphacked to bits.
- No.
- Afraid so.
Apparently,our boy's got girl issues.
And likes knives.
- So he does junior, then has his jollieswith the girl? - Could be.
- Somehow he gotfrankie's number.
- So it would seem.
Son of a bitch.
A week before he testifiesagainst dominic.
I bet you anything frankiewas trying to broker a deal.
- You know what I think? - What? I think frankie might havebeen trying to broker a deal.
You're an idiot.
Where are the peoplewho were staying here? La gente, a donde estan? Damn it,what language do you speak? Oh, perfect,she's deaf.
You have a pen? They're gone.
She doesn't know where.
- What? - Come on.
You calling ina phone trace? That'll take hours.
Get a warrant,blah,blah,blah.
I need to find mastrobefore he finds frankie,or vice versa.
Since when do youknow sign language? Apparently I don'T.
- Hello? - Hello,is this richie? - You gotta be kidding.
- Yeah,who's this? This is nomi.
I don't know if you remember,me and my girlfriend piamet you at cosmo'sa few weeks ago.
Maybe,I meet a lot of chicks.
What's up? Well,pia and iwere just talking about how much fun it wasto hang out with you, and how much we wantedto party with you that night.
And pia saidwe should just call you and see what you was doing.
No way in hell this works.
Yeah,maybe some other time.
What are you doing? Please don't talk dirty.
- Oh,richie,I wish you could see this.
- Me too.
What exactly is,uh,pia doing to you? Well,first of all,I'm lying on my tummy,and I'm wearing this real short skirt.
And pia'staking her tongue and running itall the way up my-- oy.
Sweet mother.
She's talkingto her mother.
I want to do youlike pia just did me.
Tell me where you are.
We'll come over in a cab.
That is,if you thinkyou can handle both of us.
- Listen,uh,romy- - nomi.
Okay,listen,nomi,as much as I'd love to party with you and pia-- and trust me,I got more than enough for both of you-- that's gonna be an awfully pricey cab ride.
Why's that? 'Cause I'm in albuquerque,cupcake.
- Albuquerque? - Unbelievable.
How funny.
Some guyjust invited me out there to some balloon festival,whatever the hell that is.
No kidding? Some coincidence,right? Hey,are thereany decent places to stay out there? Yeah,they got one really nice resort just outta town.
Golf,spa,the whole deal.
That sounds-- uh-oh,I think my husbandjust got home.
Honey,I'm home.
Mother mary and joseph,what's going on here? Where are your panties? You bad,bad girl.
I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
- That's just - nomi? - From showgirls.
- Sweet.
Who is it? Room service,mr.
I have a fruit basket compliments of the hotel.
Leave it by the door.
And a bottleof dom perignon.
I'm not allowedto leave it outside.
All right,hold on.
Pain in the ass.
Freeze! Don't even fart.
My wallet's on the bar.
Take whatever you want.
We're not here to rob you,you stupid hump.
We're U.
I didn't do nothing.
Oh,yeah? Isn't that cute? That ain't mine.
Where's frankie? Frankie who? Santoro,where is he? Frankie nuts,how the hell should I know? Ahh,what are you,a nun? Quit screwing with me.
I know your fathersent you to kill him.
Now tell me where he is,or so help me I will feed this earto my mother's poodles.
I thoughtthey were shih tzus.
Where the hell are you? I thought I told youto stay put.
No,it isn't all right.
Stay there.
I'm coming over.
Something's come up.
Be a dearand take him in.
Shall I pick upyour dry cleaning while I'm at it? Take me in? What for? For ending an interrogatory with a preposition.
Hey,that's a $6.
00 candy bar.
Put these on,and shut up.
Let me explainsomething to you.
When I tell youto stay someplace,you stay there.
You can't justchange locations without telling me.
I don't have timeto go chasing all over hell and high waterlooking for you.
This goes for you too,felicia.
I neededto light a candle.
Listen,I knowyou two are hurting,but this-- this is nothow the program works.
We checked intothe marriott.
The other placewas too depressing.
The bedspreads had stains.
How does richie mastrohave your phone number? - What? - You heard me.
He called your housetwo days ago and hung up like he waschecking the number.
I know I didn'tgive it to him.
So who did? Well,it certainly wasn't me.
I haven't contacted anybody.
- Oh,god.
- What? Oh,god,did I get frankie killed? What? Tell us what you did,felicia.
You stupid-- What happened? Have you been talking to someone? No,no.
No,I swear.
Not on the phone.
On the internet.
Me and cathy,we been emailing each other.
But I never told herwhere we were.
And I didn't giveour number.
I swear on my life.
- Who's cathy? - It's mastro's wife.
They've been friendssince grade school.
He must have found out,and he tapped our isp.
Listen,felicia,we don't know that mastro had anythingto do with this.
I killed my son.
Hey,don't do thisto yourself.
You tell me where that son of a bitch mastrois right now.
do we have anything to hold him on? Tamperingwith a witness.
Maybe hamperinga prosecution.
What about the murder? Unless something turns up,he walks in 48 hours.
Yeah,yeah,that's what I figured.
So,I,uh returned the perfume.
Smart move.
And I got her these.
- I'll betthese set you back.
- Oh,sure.
Very pretty.
So you thinkshe'll like 'em? Have you ever met mary? What? What? They're shoes.
All women love shoes.
Mary's a woman.
Ipso facto,mary loves shoes.
So sad.
No,no,okay,this time you're wrong.
Mary's gonna lo-- hey,guys.
Oh,my god.
That's just evidence--evidence from a case--another case.
Can you believe womenactually wear these? "Oh,my god,look at me.
I'm a cosmo-drinkingmanhattan whore.
" Imagine that.
Not a word.
Anyone talk to him yet yeah,the fbi's sending somebody down.
I need to talkto him first.
Just hang on a second,mary.
All right,your witness is safe.
You did your job.
Now how 'bout we just letthe fbi do theirs? How 'boutwe screw the fbi? I need to know if mastrokilled frankie junior.
And you knowas soon as the feds get here we're out of the loop.
- Am I right,stan? - All right,do what you gotta do.
The feds show up,I'll deal with 'em.
All right then.
What are you gonna do,beat them offwith your strappy little pumps? Wake up,douchebag.
Wish I had a nickel for every timeI heard that.
Why are you in albuquerque? Why are youbusting my balls? 'Cause I can.
Now answer my question.
I bet you'rea tight little ride.
Ooh,that was a mistake.
You little bitch.
Did you killfrankie junior? I assume that'sa rhetorical question.
" That's a pretty big wordfor a moron.
Interestinginterrogation technique.
Does the name calling thing usually get guys to confess? 'Cause frankly,I find ita little off-putting.
Oh,come on.
Just tell me.
No one elsehas to know.
Are those real? Go ahead,take a good long look.
'Cause it's the last pairyou're ever gonna see.
And why's that,pussycat? 'Cause,richie baby,me and my friend piawould double-team dick cheney, if that's what it takesto put you away.
- Did he do it? - Don't know.
So who's pia? And what does dick cheneyhave to do with this? And why is it I never knowwhat's going on? You're a big picture guy,stan.
So this is wherethe real police work,huh? Hey,marshal.
And may I add,happy birthday.
So far it's beena real pisser.
So you come upwith anything interesting? Oh,it's all interesting.
Spoke with the girl'sparents,friends.
Checkedthe cell phone records.
According tosienna's best friend she had a secret boyfriend.
Nobody's ever seen him.
Doesn't even get a mentionin her diary.
So if there wasa boyfriend,the guy's a ghost.
Maybe it's someone older.
Needed protection? Like a teacher,or maybe an ex-business associateof her father.
Hey,you thinkjust like a cop.
Go figure.
What about forensics? Anything come in yet? No,won't see anythinguntil tomorrow.
I was just aboutto pack it in for the day.
That's probably a good idea.
Did you check out talltreesand his son? Yeah,guy's a real piece of work.
Unfortunately,there's nothing to connect him or his sonto any of this.
Kinda what I got too.
So,uh,how 'bout you? What can you tell meabout the boy with two names? I was supposedto interview his parents,but guess what--they're suddenly nowhere to be found.
Huh,maybe they'reon vacation.
Look,marshal,I get it.
You operate underthe cloak of darkness.
Only boy wonderknows your true identity.
But guess what,I take thismurder-solving business pretty seriously.
So either sharewhat you've got or quit wasting my time.
Oh,and by the way,took me all of two minutesto get on the phone with an nypd captain, get the whole 411on frankie nuts.
So what's it gonna be? Sorry.
I got nothing.
That's what I figured.
It's mary's world.
The rest of us are just herefor housekeeping.
- Hey,you don't know me.
- Really? Let's see.
Typical relationshiphas a shelf life of,oh,I'd say about a month tops.
No real friends.
Can't quite figure outwhy you're always on the outsidelooking in.
No one "gets you.
" But hey,that's their problem.
How am I doing? That's real mature.
And she stolemy damn pen.
Okay,it's been saidI don't always play well with others.
Maybe even at times I projecta prickly exterior.
But in response to that,and in my defense I have something to say.
Come in.
No,I stillhave work to do.
And we both knowwhat'll happen if I come in.
Well,but it's,like,112 out there.
This'll justtake a minute.
Earlier at my house,I may have given the impressionthat I didn't believe you, or that I wasn't appreciativeof you picking up brandi.
Is this an apology? Please don't put wordsin my mouth.
I just want to clarify.
That is,um,explain-- my god,it's hot out here.
Would you pleasecome inside? You're lettingall the cool air out.
- Okay,but justso I can explain.
- Yeah.
Your explanations have-- have a certain je ne sais quoi.
- Is that what I just did? - Yeah.
I mean,I knew it was french.
I just didn't knowthey had a name for it.
Oh,they have a namefor everything.
I'm sorry about before.
I know.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Hey,would you be upset if I skipyour surprise party? Uh,I don't know.
I guess not.
Why? Well,truth,I kinda had my fill of your family for one day.
And besides,you and me kinda already did our thing.
You know? Okay.
You want me to come? No,I don'T.
You should do what you want.
You don't care,huh? No,I don'T.
Like you said,we already did our thing.
When it comes right down to it,I don't havea reasonable right to care.
Well,you're gonna haveto explain that one.
This is what we do.
Raphael,this is our thing.
We have sex,then we say good-bye,which is fine.
We're both smart enoughto know we're never-- I don't havea reasonable right to care what you do beyond this, because this is as far as we go.
How can someonethat burns so hot be so cold? I don't know,it's a great question.
Give me a callif you figure it out.
we all live in hiding.
In one way or another,each of usconceals pieces of ourselves from the rest of the world.
Some people hide because their livesdepend on it.
Others because theydon't like being seen.
And then thereare those special cases-- the ones who hide because because because they just wantsomeone to care enough to look for them.
did you tellthat homicide detective today's my birthday? What homicide--who? Forgt.
Maybe I shouldtalk t again.
I don'kn.
You think the fbi will let metake another crack at him? If I can't I.
The killer, I need to at least starteliminating suspects.
You're gonna have a tough timeeliminating mastro.
What's that mean? showed upwith dna on his dead girlfriend.
He agreed to flipon his family.
And they cut him a deal.
He's in the program.
Please tell me thisis one oyour unfunny jokes.
That's notthe worst of it.
What? Half hour ago,mastro walked out the back doorof the fed's safe house.
He's in the wind.
I told frankiethey could spend one last night at home.
come on,frankie.
Answer your damn phone.
Frankie? Open up.
It's me,mary.
- What are you doing? - Calling mastro.
- Frankie,open up! - All right.
All right.
What? Felicia,what are you doing? Is this whatyou were expecting? Because I,for one,am flabbergasted.
What's going on,felicia? Richie found outI was emailing cathy,and he came hereto kill us all.
But I shot him.
I can see that.
Why are youpointing the gun at frankie? Because this bastard ruined my whole life.
And now I'm gonnashoot him too.
Well,you could do that.
But let's justthink this through.
If you kill frankie,I'm gonna have to kill you.
I don't care.
I have nothingto live for anymore.
Here's the thing-- men lie,they cheat,they start wars.
They're slobsunless they're gay, and there's precious fewof them walking the planet worth putting onlipstick for, let alonethrowing your life away.
Which is whatyou'll be doing if you shoot your festeringcrap-bag of a husband.
- Is that really necessary? - Shut up or I'll shoot you.
I can't livewith him anymore.
Then don'T.
You don't have to.
Felicia,as hardas it is to imagine, you have daysahead of you where you willsmile and laugh and look forwardto things.
And maybe evenfall in love again.
If you don'tthrow it all away.
I promise.
It's okay.
I'll catch upwith you later.
So what'sgonna happen to her? Well,since she shot mastroin self-defense, she'll probablyget a new identity and be moved someplaceyou can't find her.
You know,it's a hell of a thing-- losing your wifeand your son all in the same day.
Do you ever think aboutall the people,the families,had days like this'cause of you? The clock's still ticking.
Either you get me a nameby this time tom-- actually,frankie,name or no name,this time tomorrow you're on your wayto a new city,and out of my hair.
I'm sorry for your loss,but screw youand your clock.
I just wanna washthe stench of this day off and go to bed.
I know,but there areabout 60 people in there hiding behind furniture just waiting for you to open the door so they can jump upand yell "surprise.
" Yuck.
Come on,it's your birthday.
This isn't about you.
Now get readyto act surprised.
All right,all right.
Let's get it over with.
That's my girl.
Oh,happy birthday,sweet pea.
- Thanks,mom.
- Aww,you're welcome.
How'd you keep thisa secret? You knew that I knew.
I knew that you knew.
At leastthat was a surprise.
I knewit would be.
Hey,mary,a little somethingfor you.
- Oh,stan.
- I know,I got it.
- Open it.
Open it.
- Okay.
It'S a 50.
You gave her money? It's just whatI always wanted.
Thank you.
See? See that? Is,um-- is raph here? - No,I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
I told him not to.
What about brandi? - She thinks you don'twant her at your party.
- I see.
You're gonna keep looking at mewith those sad eyes until I go talk to her,aren't you? I know you mean well.
But you're nota very good mother.
I can't believeyou gave her cash.
this is a good party,huh? Hey,squish,what's going on? Nothing.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Okay,come here.
It's okay.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm so sorry I make your lifeso miserable.
Listen to me.
You don't makemy life miserable,okay? I get frustratedsometimes.
You know,I want youto be happy.
And I want you to stop doing stuffthat hurts yourself and makes you miserable.
That's all.
Come on.
Come on.
There'smy pretty baby sister.
I got you somethingfor your birthday.
- Really? - Yeah.
You didn't have to.
I know,I know.
I just wanted to.
It's an indian talisman.
Or totem? Maybe?I forget which,but,um, I got itfrom this indian stand after I took offwith chico's car.
- Raphael.
- Right.
It's fromthe los lobos tribe.
Sweetie,los lobos is a band.
A band of indians? No,just a band.
Oh,well,anyway,it means: May you always sleepunder the tall trees,so that's nice,right? That's really nice.
So you like it? I like it.
I like it a lot.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Listen,I haveto go do something,but when I come back I want to talk,okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Okay,here's howI think we should proceed.
Open up,talltrees! I think I'll just stand herewith my thumb up my ass while you start shoutinglike a crazy person.
After awhileit becomes charming.
- What is all this? - What happened? Sienna get tired of sleepingunder the tall trees? You think I was havingan affair with sienna? Not onlyis that disgusting,it's slander.
And you had better be very careful with your-- - excuse me.
Do you mind? - Go ahead.
Edwin talltrees,I have a warrantto search this property for any and all evidencerelating to the murder of francis amato juniorand sienna burke.
Please step outside.
What? - Look.
- At what? Stop right there.
Don't come any closer.
- I swear I'll- - what? Kick the stool out? Please.
Let me.
Hey,what are you doing? so after spending almost their entire livestogether, sienna burkebroke up with kyle because she couldn'ttell her friends she was with an indian.
She broke his heart.
So he cut out hers.
It almost seems fair.
Thanks for the call.
It's your case.
Marshalshave a long history of cooperatingwith local law enforcement.
After all I've done to get us off the reservation, to give my son the sameopportunities as the whites,they still treat himlike a redskin.
- But he won'tbe tried like one.
- Whatever.
I've got white man's money,a white man's lawyer,and I promise you-- my son won't spenda day in prisoN.
Your son's a monster.
He gutted sienna burke while she wasstill alive,and he needsto be put down.
But guess what,he's not the only monsteron the block.
Not by a long shot.
Prison or no prison,tomorrow morning the veryworst of those monsters is coming for him.
So good luckwith your white man's defense.
Let me knowhow that works out for you.
Oh,and you might wantto think about adding a little securityfor yourself.
She seeing anyone? I don't .
- You're awake.
- Da.
I didn't wantto miss my groceries.
I got hung up.
Is this what you meanwhen you say,"I be backa little later"? I wish to knowfor future.
No,I'm usuallyvery prompt.
I--I-- something happened.
Anyway,it's late.
And here's your groceries.
You bring me porno.
To help you pick outyour new breasts.
See,all differentshapes and sizes.
my name is mary.
Today's my birthday.
And if I ever run into the son of a bitchthat promised me a life of excitement and unlimited opportunity as a U.
Marshal,I'll shoot offboth his kneecaps.
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