In Plain Sight s01e02 Episode Script

Hoosier Daddy

Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is : Somebody wants them dead.
sync:frm@dwight season01 episode02 Oh, no, captain ! We're stuck in an ice floe.
what do we do ? Get a hold of yourself, Jenkins ! There's women and children on board.
But sir, we're children ! So we are, Jenkins, so we are.
Vernon, you promised.
- You promised not in this house.
- Honey, come on.
- Let's just¡­ - No, this is our home.
Our son is right outside.
Vernon, no ! Control your bitch, maricon, or i will.
I'm calling the cops.
No, you're not calling the cops ! Leave my mom alone ! Honey, no ! Mom ! Mom! Witness ID : Leo Billups Location : Pending Cases pending : US V.
McRoy US v.
Jaime et Luis Cruz.
This sweetheart is Vernon "Vice" McRoy, one of the largest drug traffickers in the Midwest.
And he, along with Jaime and Luis Cruz, murdered McRoy's wife, Elizabeth McRoy, while their 8-year-old son Lonny McRoy, looked on.
Wow, talk about your textbook bad parenting.
According to the little boy, mommy objected to dad and company conducting the drug business in the house.
Things were said, umbrage was taken, and boom-shaka-laka-laka, here we are.
So who's coming into the program ? The boy.
By himself ? Can we do that ? The attorney general thinks so.
And this kid's willing to testify against his father ? Doesn't have to.
Dad copped to involuntary manslaughter.
He's doing two to five at Indiana state.
But apparently, little Lonny has a disturbing knowledge of his dad's drug business, That's what the feds want him to testify about.
So what do you think, Mary ? Again, spectacularly bad parenting.
I meant about taking on an eight-year-old witness.
And you're asking me because ? No.
No, no.
What do you want me to do, adopt him ? Maybe I should just treat him like any other witness, get him an apartment, set him up with a bus pass, check in on him every couple months.
Obviously, no one's gonna rent to an eight-year-old.
Come on, doesn't he have some family that can take him in ? A distant relative somewhere ? Too dangerous.
These Cruz people have a long history of taking out witnesses.
Stan, I suck with kids.
So ? You suck with grownups too.
Ow ! I can't believe you'd hit a girl ! You're no girl.
Stan, I'm so sorry.
I have to go change now.
This kid needs an advocate, and you are it.
Unfortunately, the only option for him is another WitSec family, people who understand the risks and restrictions.
Poor little guy.
What's he like ? He's sweet.
I mean, he's been through a lot.
He grew up in this world, and he's End what ? Our kids have been through a lot too.
I know.
You all have.
It isn't fair, dumping this on us.
Nothing about this is fair.
Can we have a moment, please ? Sure, of course, please, take all the time you need.
You told them I was sweet ? You could be sweet, if your life depended on it.
If the future of the free world depended on it, and there was some sort of cash payout involved, you could be sweet.
Oh, crap.
Are they praying ? Maybe not.
Good God, what kind of potato-head yokels have you hooked me up with ? okay, look, for your information, Mr.
potato-head yokel in there helped bilk the U.
government out of nearly $3 billion.
$3 billion ? For real ? You're damn right.
This is why I could never have a dog.
So ? Ever since Carter's fall from grace, we've prayed for guidance, asked God to give us direction, show us our purpose.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Are we still talking about Leo ? We'd like to give this a try.
That is great.
When can we meet Leo ? Hey, how's it going ? I was pretty sure you'd say yes.
look, I ain't going to church, and I don't have a bedtime.
Okay, guys, new rules.
Mom, no more sleepovers.
you want to spend the night with your gentlemen friends, you do it at their house, or apartment, or double-wide.
Sweetie, why ? Because I have a job, because I need my sleep, because a daughter should never have to hear her mother doing the things I heard last night.
Yeah, mama.
Brandi, what's the deal ? I thought you had a home and a boyfriend in New Jersey.
Okay, I love you, but three weeks of contributing nothing enough already.
Seriously, start paying rent, or I need to know when you're going back to Jersey.
A hard date, on the calendar, circled in red.
End of discussion.
Oh, and mom, you need to get off your ass and find gainful employment.
Oh, dear God.
Mornin', ladies.
Say, who's a fella gotta sleep with to get a cup of coffee around here ? That's Dan.
Please don't shoot him.
One-eyed Dan ? Really ? Could I make that up ? Since when do you buy gifts for witnesses ? Or anyone, for that matter ? What are you talking about ? I'm a great gift-giver.
Not re-gifts.
Actual go out and purchase brand new presents.
That's my girl.
Mary ! - Mary ! - Hey ! Congratulations, kiddo, you're officially a yokel.
Yeah, how about that ? Listen, I really wanted to bring you a present, but unfortunately, WitSec rules don't allow it.
Here you go, sport.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, whatever that is, that's from both of us.
Talk to you later.
- Hey, Mary.
- You made it ! - I'm so glad you made it.
- Of course I made it.
I always show up for the happy occasions.
- Hey, Carter, congratulations.
- Hey.
This is one of the happiest.
So it's official, huh ? Everything signed, sealed, delivered ? He's officially part of the clan.
It seems impossible he was ever not a part of the family.
You guys have done a phenomenal job.
He seems great.
Oh, Mary, he's doing so well.
I mean, there are still the nightmares, and you know what he's been through, and still he's so protective of her.
When she wakes up in the night, Leo's the one that gets her bottle and changes her.
She won't go back to sleep without her Leo.
Are you okay ? What's the deal with babies ? I don't get 'em.
Look at this.
What's that I smell ? Did you make tuna casserole ? Not me.
With velveeta and potato chip crust ? Like there's some other way ? Thanks.
Thanks for cleaning up.
Now, you sit.
We're gonna take care of you for a change.
Did something bad happen ? Yep, the worst possible thing.
What ? I got a job.
Shut up.
Seriously ? I did.
Dana Dean cosmetics.
Can you imagine mom going door to door in a little pink suit, marketing high-line health and beauty aids to america's women on the go.
You know what, mom ? Hey, be serious.
I think this is great.
I do.
I'm gonna help you any way I can.
Oh, thank you, sweet pea.
I'm so glad you feel that way, because I need $2,500 to get started.
Leo's testimony I'm just saying you should tread lightly.
There's a right way and a wrong way to work with Mary, especially with this witness.
You know, in fact, why don't you just let me do the talking.
In other words, you're afraid of your own inspector.
On second thought, handle it however you think best.
Oh, good morning, Mary.
You remember Arlo Meyers from the D.
- Sure, how's it going ? - Fine, I wanted to talk to you about So here's the deal.
Leo's got all this testimony pending.
The drug charges against his father, plus the charges against the Cruz brothers, all out of state, and I just think it's too much to make him relive the whole traumatic mess when he's finally put it all behind him.
It's too much.
Isn't there some way you can just put his testimony on tape ? Actually, there's a new wrinkle to Leo's situation, Mary.
Define wrinkle.
Vernon McRoy got early release from prison.
He's suing for custody of Leo.
So just tell him no.
Sorry, you murdered your son's mother, and that's pretty much a deal-breaker on the custody issue.
I mean, God.
What the hell's wrong with you people ? Can't you just strap on a set and do the right thing for once ? You're doing great.
McRoy filed a habeas petition in Indiana state court, challenging the federal government's authority to take his son, and state judges tend to take a dim view of the feds interfering in matters historically under their purview.
So tough, it's a federal court order.
- That trumps state, right ? - Not necessarily.
code title 18 gives states specific remedy in cases of child custody, and just between us, it's quite likely the federal judge overstepped his authority.
Come on.
You know what this mope's doing.
This piece of sewage only wants custody of Leo to keep him from testifying against himself and the cruz brothers.
And if that happens, we lose a critical component in our case against the Cruz organization.
Hey, pea brain, if McRoy gets custody, Leo's as good as dead.
There's no way those guys will let him live, and by the way, he's not some damn component.
He's a ten-year-old kid.
He's also a protected witness obligated to testify under the terms of his agreement.
How many times a week people tell you you suck ? Are you gonna let her speak to me like this ? It seems like a valid question.
So what happens next ? Now you go explain to an Indiana judge why returning Leo to his father is a very bad idea.
- Here's your traveling papers.
- Thanks a lot.
"Sarah White, Department of Justice.
family relations.
" I'm not sure I can pull off a Sarah.
Sarah White ? Well, for security reasons, she testifies under an alias.
It's all kosher, there's no perjury issue.
This should be fun.
How the hell does this happen ? - Mary.
- Carter.
Mary, why are you letting them do this ? No, I know, I know, I know.
Listen, no one thinks this stinks more than me, okay ? But the truth is, it's highly unlikely that any judge is gonna award custody to some drug-dealing murderer like Vernon McRoy.
Unlikely, but not impossible.
And what happens if we assert our parental rights and don't let you take Leo ? And maybe we don't even let him testify in the future ? Well, in that case, Leo would be in breach of his WitSec contract.
The US government, having no further legal standing in the matter, would then notify the indiana court of Leo's excuse me, Lonny McRoy's whereabouts.
You soulless son of a bitch.
Arlo, good God, quit hiding behind the US government, okay ? It's you.
It's just you.
At least own up to it.
I'm not the bad guy here.
I'm trying to put murderers behind bars.
Okay, good.
Just get him on the damn plane ! Mary, promise me you'll bring Leo home.
I'll do my best.
No, promise.
I promise I'll do my best.
Indianapolis Gentlemen, we have company.
Sorry, guys.
Sit down.
I'm Mary.
This is Marshall and Leo.
Deal me in.
How about you ? Sure, I like the occasional game of chance.
Faro, whist.
Come on.
Don't bother.
It's busted.
What do we have for entertainment around here, guys ? Books, video games, anything ? Pretty much what you see Is what you get.
Guys, I've got a ten-year-old witness.
What's he supposed to do to keep from going nuts ? Hey, we're marshals, not babysitters.
No, it's okay, Mary.
Maybe the gentlemen Can teach me how to play one of their card games.
All right, but just for a little while.
Thanks, guys.
So what's that game called again ? Texas something ? Hold' em.
Oh, yeah.
That sounds like it.
Have fun, boys.
Wow, there's a lot to learn here, mom.
Do you really think you can do this ? Sweetie, it's like your daddy, who was a pretty fair salesman, used to say.
All sales are the same.
You sell yourself, and the products will take care of themselves.
That was that before or after he became a criminal and ran out on the family ? Sorry.
Help me practice my pitch.
Avon calling.
That's not funny.
It's not funny.
Cut it out.
This is serious to me.
Okay, I know.
Come on, Come on.
Okay, go.
Avon calling.
You know, I have got to learn this.
This is--come on, stop.
Now come on.
I know.
Not bad for a night's work.
You know, you may want to keep in mind those men you fleeced are supposed to protect you.
Why do you think I let them win back half their money ? We're locked down.
The outer perimeter is secure.
I'll be in the other bedroom if you need me.
Good night.
Nice jammies.
That guy is supposed to protect me ? Yeah, well, don't let the pjs fool you.
That's one bad-ass lawman.
Leo ? Leo, hey.
What is it ? What is it ? Tell me, come on.
Hey, sweetie, come on, come here.
What is it ? Come on, tell me what it is.
Tell me why you're crying.
Am I gonna see my dad ? I don't know.
I think it'll depend on, um, you know, on how the judge wants to do things.
Do you want to see him ? What if what if he thinks what if he thinks I don't love him anymore ? oh, Leo.
I know he did a lot of bad stuff, but know he did a lot of bad stuff, but but he's still my dad.
oh, sweetie, come on.
I'm sure he doesn't think that.
How do you know ? Because he's your dad.
He knows you love him.
No matter what they did or where they are, dads always know.
They have to.
They just have to.
Come on.
Dad ? - All over it.
- Let's go.
Hey, Vern, How's it going ? - Get out of my way.
- Not today, friend.
Let go of my client.
Who the hell are you ? I'm the person telling you to stay away from that boy.
Step back.
Oh, I'm an officer of the court.
And I'm a United States Marshal.
Now step back.
Now listen carefully.
Any further attempt at contacting that boy you called Lonny will be considered a threat to his well-being, and I will personally take measures to neutralize any such threat.
Is there anything about what I just said you don't understand ? You think you can intimidate me ? Yeah.
Good afternoon, I'm Jinx Shannon, your local Dana Dean cosmetics representative.
Did you know that today's Dana Dean cosmetics are perfectly designed for the contemporary american woman on the go ? Wish me luck.
Remember, whatever you do, don't say "avon.
" Family court is now in session.
The honorable judge Arlene Holiday presiding.
All rise.
Thank you, everyone.
Good morning.
You may be seated.
All right.
We are hearing the matter of McRoy versus the US.
Is that right ? State your appearances.
Vincent Serrato for Vernon McRoy.
Arlo Meyers for the United States.
Thank you, gentlemen.
As I understand your petitions, Mr.
McRoy has filed a habeas petition declaring that the US government has taken and is holding his son without authority.
Is that correct ? It is, Your Honor.
And the United States contends that it interceded on behalf of a minor citizen, protecting him from some foreign drug dealers whose intent it was to kill the boy.
Does that about sum it up ? Yes, Your Honor.
All right, Mr.
Serrato, let's hear it.
Thank you.
Your Honor, the United States government dissembles when they claim concern for my client's son's well-being.
Clearly they're only interested in Lonny's testimony to build a case against Mr.
McRoy and these so-called drug dealers.
Meyers, do you care to respond ? Yes, Your Honor.
Vernon McRoy is a notorious drug dealer who associates with known killers.
The FBI, DEA, and even your own Indiana state police have collected overwhelming evidence against-- Has he been convicted of any of these charges ? No.
Indicted ? Not yet, Your Honor, but Lonny McRoy suffered severe emotional harm witnessing his mother's murder at the hands of his father, and by any measure, he was removed from a dangerous, harmful environment, and placed with a loving, decent family.
How am I to discern the current state of the boy's home life ? It's my understanding that the family's not available for testifying.
If I may, Your Honor ? And you are ? Sarah White.
I've been assigned by the Department of Justice to speak on behalf of Lonny's family.
The reason they're not here today is the U.
marshal service has determined that exposing them to violent criminals, like Vernon McRoy and his associates, places them in mortal jeopardy.
Which is fed speak for they're in witness protection, and neither you, nor I, or the president of the United States knows where they are, who they are, or what kind of criminals they are.
Is that true ? Is the boy's new family in the Federal Witness Protection Program ? Your Honor, government employees are prohibited from divulging information regarding protected witnesses.
No, no, no, miss White.
- Your Honor-- - Miss White.
You can't have it both ways.
You either tell us everything, or I'll disallow any testimony regarding the family.
I'm sorry, but you don't get to decide what we can and cannot hear.
Thank you, Your Honor.
But I don't want to wait anymore, Chuck.
I'm lonely.
I want to come home.
I know, and I want you to.
it's just that it's taking me a little longer than I thought to put this together.
Well, why can't you come here and do it ? Sweetie, my parole.
I can't leave the state.
Look, as soon as we get this done, then you can come home.
I can finish the studio, - and we can have our life together.
- I made a sale ! That's great.
I gotta go, sweetheart.
I love you.
Look ! Ten bucks ? - What did you sell ? - Eyebrow pencil.
It was actually 7.
95, but I made a sale ! Now go sell some more.
Well, you know, I could do that.
But, um, maybe that's enough for today.
Now that we know i can do this, don't you think I should celebrate ? - Really, mom ? - Yeah.
It's 10:30.
Oh, don't be such a killjoy.
Come on, drive.
Pick my bag up.
I must say, counselor, that I find the government's claim of protecting one of its citizens as justification for denying this man custody of his son a little convenient.
But, your honor, the man went to jail for murdering the boy's mother.
No, he confessed and served time for the lesser charge of criminal manslaughter.
Big difference.
But I wonder, counselor, how many of the other thousands of children in this country who are living in dangerous situations has the federal government stepped in and usurped parental custody ? That's an interesting question.
Miss White, maybe you'd like to answer that.
I'd, um, have to look those numbers up.
That's what I thought.
Jesus, what was that ? Stay calm.
Everybody to the southwest stairs.
Marshall, wait ! Lonny ! Southwest exit.
approximately 20 seconds.
Move, move ! We've got one floor to go.
Marshall, wait ! Move ! Marshall, stop ! Where are you guys ? What are you doing ? Are you following the evacuation protocol for this building ? Yeah, why ? They're published as part of the homeland security act.
Every room, every floor has a designated exit.
- Public information.
- So what ? Anybody interested knows what door we're coming out.
Come on, stay close.
- What's happening ? - Keep moving ! Change of plans.
What happened ? Do we know what happened ? Hang on, we're getting that ! Okay, hold on ! You, get in the car.
Get in the car ! On the floor ! Clear ! Where's the damn intel ? What the hell happened ? Hang on, there are, like, a thousand voices on here.
Never mind.
ATF says the bomb was a relatively small, homemade device, the same type used in the murder of a Cruz family informant last year.
That's it.
Marshall, we're putting Leo on a plane and getting him the hell out of here.
Hang on.
You can't leave.
I can do whatever I deem necessary to protect my witness.
- Come on.
- Well, wait a minute.
If it was them, then why try to kill some random clerk ? They weren't trying to kill the random clerk.
They were trying to flush Leo out into the open, and Serrato knew it, I saw it in his face.
Come on, Marshall, let's go.
The court house is secured.
She wants to see Leo first thing tomorrow.
Hey, Leo.
All this, um, all this commotion, it's just a precaution, okay ? Just preventative measures, that's all.
Listen to me, you gotta trust me.
We're not gonna let anything happen to you.
Oh, yeah ? My dad used to say, if someone really wants to kill you, there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Yeah, well your dad never met me.
Come on.
Wish me luck again.
How do I look ? Flawless.
I'm serious, this is serious.
Good afternoon, sir.
I'm your local Dana Dean representative.
You see ? You live a clean, righteous life, and good things will find their way to your door.
Would you like to see some of my samples ? Boy, howdy.
Don't wait up.
It's been a crazy couple days, huh ? I've seen crazier.
Oh, yeah ? When ? Have you forgotten who my father is ? Oh, yeah.
So what kind of gun is that ? That is a glock 23.
It's a standard marshal's issue.
This is a glock 27.
It's a little smaller, so I can get my pants over it, but it'll do the job.
You ever shoot a gun ? No, but my dad had one like that.
Yeah, well, he better not have it anymore.
He's a felon now.
Do you think my dad wants to kill me ? No.
But I think the people he works for do.
I don't think he knows.
You need to tell him.
Hey, Mare ? Yeah ? I lied.
I did shoot a gun once.
Oh, yeah ? When ? The day my mom died.
What are you talking about ? That day I heard my dad, Jaime, and Luis threatening her, so I ran inside to get my dad's gun to protect her, and when I opened the door, I saw them pointing guns at my mom, so I shot at them.
Guess I missed, 'cause my mom got shot anyway.
Well I think it's probably best if we don't tell anyone else about this.
Okay ? Okay.
What the hell do you want ? I want to talk about the day Lonny's mother was killed.
Chrome and glass.
Kind of cliche for a drug dealer, no ? Look, if you just came by to make fun of my house-- So, Vernon, imagine my surprise, learning Lonny shot his mom and you covered up for him.
Did Lonny say that ? No, he's totally blocked it out.
That's why you took your plea, isn't it ? So he wouldn't have to testify, possibly learn the truth ? Even if that was true, I'd never admit it.
You know, he doesn't need to go through life thinking he killed his mother.
So aside from poisoning america's youth with drugs, you're not quite the monster I thought you were.
It doesn't change anything.
No, it doesn't.
I'm still his father.
Obviously you care about him.
He's got a good life now, a really good life.
Don't you want that for him ? Oh, I can give him a good life.
Yeah, right up until the people you work for kill him.
All right, look, I have no illusions about the Cruz family, or, you know, even my lawyer.
But once I have Lonny, he's no longer a threat to them.
So for argument's sake, let's say you're right.
What happens next ? You do the single dad thing, little league, PTA, play dates by day, moving large quantities of heroin by night ? He's such a good kid.
Lonny's my son.
I'm his father.
He's named after my father.
He's the only thing in this life I ever cared about more than myself.
He's blood.
My blood, now, that doesn't mean anything to you ? Talk about a loaded question.
Look, I could give a rat's ass about all that lawyer crap in court, really.
The only thing I care about getting is what's best for Lonny.
The only thing I care about is that Lonny knows his father did everything to keep him.
All right ? We belong together.
And nobody, not you, not the Cruz family, or anybody else is gonna take him away from me.
I ain't gonna let that happen.
I won't.
I'm gonna take him from you.
You should make your peace with that.
Oh, here.
What's that ? Fan mail from some flounder.
Oh, and by the way, that car bomb today, that was your friends trying to flush Lonny out.
And Serrato knew about it.
I don't believe you.
Actually, I think you do.
Do you have any idea what time it is, young lady ? I might have a problem.
You think this is new information ? I don't think I can turn him over.
Okay, but you're gonna have to feed him and take him for walks.
I'm serious, Marshall.
They'll kill him.
I know.
Just tell me what you need.
Okay, listen to me.
Forget about everything else and just tell the truth.
It's all gonna work out the way it's supposed to, okay ? Yeah.
And what if the way it's supposed to work out sucks ? Listen to me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You trust me ? Like I have a choice.
Finally I meet a guy that gets me, and he's ten.
You're a magician.
I feel like a million bucks.
Make that ten million.
We aim to please.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no ! No, no, no ! What's the matter ? Your stupid mutt destroyed my samples.
Oh, no, poor baby.
Look at you, all made up.
And not in a very tasteful way.
Poor baby ?! I borrowed $2,500 from my daughter for these supplies ! You are gonna have to pay for them ! Baby, I love you, really, I do, but not 2500€ worth.
Come on, Lola, let's get you cleaned up.
I can't believe you're going through with this.
Going through with what ? What is she talking about ? Court is in session.
All rise for judge Holiday.
All right, folks, let's settle.
McRoy, I have no doubt that you are exactly what the government says you are, and I'm appalled that you are walking around a free man amongst civilized people.
And while I personally believe that the boy would be better off where he is, Mr.
Meyers, you have presented no compelling argument, not one shred of legal cause to support the government's case.
This man served 18 months for criminal negligence in the accidental shooting of his wife.
If he is guilty of other crimes, please convict him, then come see me.
But Your Honor, we can't convict him without his son's testimony.
Exactly, which is why I have no choice but to find for Mr.
I hereby order that Lonny McRoy be returned to his biological father immediately.
Your Honor, the government requests a 60-day stay.
Your honor.
I've changed my mind.
I'd like to renounce any claim to my son.
McRoy, you have to consider what you're saying.
I have.
A moment, please, Your Honor.
I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, but don't.
Screw you, Vincent.
Your Honor, my decision's final.
I want Lonny returned to his adoptive family.
So be it.
I'll have the papers drawn up.
Gee, that's a tough break.
Oh, well.
I'm sure your clients south of the border will understand.
I'd say you'd live to regret this, but that's not likely.
Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't suppose I could see him before he goes, just for a minute ? Sorry.
He's already gone.
So you would have gone to jail for him ? You did.
Oh, look at you ! Hi ! Oh, you ! It's so good to see you ! Good job, Mary.
Great job.
We'll see.
Family can present itself in all manner of bizarre and exotic permutations.
A few months earlier, the Billups family didn't even know Leo existed.
And now here they are, bonded like some essential molecule.
Come on.
I'll make introductions.
How in the world did you convince McRoy to give up custody after he won ? It's possible she led him to believe it was the only way he'd ever see Leo again.
Is this something I want to know more about ? No ? So it's all good.
Leo gets to keep his new family.
And as long as Vernon keeps his WitSec agreement and testifies against the Cruzes, he gets to watch his little son grow up.
So it seems.
Hey, did you know the gatling gun was invented in Indianapolis ? No, I did not.
The particulars of Vernon McRoy's future involvement in Leo's life, visitation rights, et cetera, remain to be worked out.
But the Billups are forgiving people, and like Vernon, they understand the irresistible pull of family.