In Plain Sight s01e04 Episode Script

Trojan Horst

since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population, and that is, somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season01 Episode04 As you know, my "friend" has been quite ill.
One day, he's the picture of health.
The next, he's contracted a terminal case of pain in my ass.
So I only pray he doesn't linger.
Yeah, you know, I'm not a doctor, but it sounds to me like your friend, he could be gone by the end of the week.
Would you mind holding this for me, please? Thanks.
So, uh, anyway, your boss--lola, right? Uh, lola's not--yeah-- not my boss.
She's my client, all right? I negotiate all of her-- all of her deals for her.
Could I meet her? Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
But it'll be the Last person you ever meet.
Okay, so, uh, I will meet you here on tuesday, after your friend passes, for the rest.
Same time.
Hey, don't you want to count it? Why? If it's short, your friend lives, and you don'T.
Fbi, smart ass.
Half-caf-triple-cap- heavy-foam.
- Who died? - What? Can't one co-worker treat another co-worker to a complicated coffee beverage? Not when that person is you.
You're not a treater.
Not a criticism, just an observation.
Fair enough.
Give me 3.
50 You didn't tip? They pour coffee.
They're not waiters.
inspectors, let's go.
- Coming, darling.
- Be there in a minute.
It's a triple macchiato for stan.
Get four bucks.
"dear mr.
Mann: "In light of your impressive law enforcement background, "we'd be honored to have you join the peterson team, "as we mentioned in your interview.
" So the guy you're transporting is horst vanderhoff.
Works for a high-priced contract killer named lola.
As what, her pool boy, butler, bullet holder? Apparently he negotiates her contracts, collects fees, etcetera, etcetera.
So anyway, this lola has a couple dozen bodies to her credit, including two judges, and up till now she's been a ghost.
Now this guy vanderhoff may be the only person alive that can id her, so needless to say, the feds are pretty anxious to find out what he knows.
It says he's from new york.
How'd he wind up in perryville? Well, the fbi popped him negotiating a hit on a ruidoso businessman.
The deal went down five miles from the prison, so it just made sense.
So he id's this lola in exchange for witness protection? That seems to be the plan.
Sounds pretty straightforward.
When do they need him here? Agents are coming down from santa fe sometime after 6:00, so say 7:00.
But give yourselves plenty of time.
A guy got killed at the prison yesterday.
Totally unrelated but still, security is tight.
- What's with the mood? - I have no idea.
Oh, wait, she wanted me to get four bucks for the coffee.
Oh, well I'll tell you what, give her five.
She likes it when she comes out ahead.
Okay, obviously you want me to go on a fishing expedition to figure out what the hell's bothering you, but I'm not gonna play that, so when you decide to tell me what's wrong, you just tell me, fair enough? Fair enough? Don't worry about it.
In a couple months, we won't even be working together.
You read my letter.
Easy there, meat and potatoes.
Ah, I'm a valuable federal resource.
- Horst vanderhoff for transport.
- Thanks.
Oh, great.
Two more minimum-wage geniuses.
Are the feds trying to get me killed? Do you people have any idea who lola is? Hey, watch it there, pervoid.
I don't swing that way.
I can't believe you read my mail.
What? You don't know? I always read your mail.
He's diabetic? Type I.
Last page of the medical.
Yeah, that's my personal stuff.
- Get a number.
- I did, 20 minutes ago.
Test again.
I need to know you're fit to travel.
She needs to know everything about everybody.
I could tell.
She's been undressing me with her eyes ever since I walked out here.
Yeah, 'cause pasty accountant types really get me crazy.
Oh, now that's just unkind.
So were you ever going to tell me? Or was the plan just to let me figure it out when you stopped showing up for work? Actually, I was going to write a letter and then mail it to myself.
That way, I'd be sure you got the news.
Stayin' alive at 105.
You know, please don't act like you're the injured party here, okay? At least show me that much respect.
Respect? When have you ever shown me respect? Or anyone else for that matter? This is fun.
Maybe you'd get respect if you ever actually did something to earn it.
And you wonder why I didn't share my future plans with you? No, what I wonder is why I put up with your insipid running commentary for the past three years.
Come on, let's go.
Three to one, I'm dead before we get to the car.
Yeah, brains blown out all over the parking lot, and then the two most annoying people on the planet bickering over my lifeless corpse.
Relax, horst, no one knows who you are, where you are, or where you're going.
Give me the keys.
I'm driving.
Try not to drive like you stole it.
Yeah? Bye, sweetie,I'm off to work.
Love you.
Do you want meto drive you around? And leave you in a hot carwhile I hock concealers? What kind of a motherwould I be? The same kindyou've always been.
heard that.
Don't stay in bed all day.
We have a scheduled stopin about 45 minutes.
Well, I need to go wee-weeright now.
Hey, hold it inor hang it out the window, 'cause we're not stopping.
You know,your job transfer is really starting to make sense to me.
Water, juice,anything else? I'll get my own, thanks.
I wasn't talking to you.
Hey, organic.
Can you seeif they have organic? It's a gas station,numb-nuts.
- Hey, how aboutthese cuffs? - No can do.
How am isupposed to wipe? You said you had to pee.
Yeah, well, I like tokeep my options open.
Either way, no can do.
- It's all yours, chief.
- You're too kind.
Oh, come on,you're kidding me.
It's how we roll.
Yet another indignity suffered at the handsof the man.
Boy, that boss of yours she's a piece of work,isn't she? She's not my boss.
We're equals.
Yeah, right.
I mean, it's none ofmy business, but how do youput up with that, huh? You're right.
It's none of your business.
I mean, admit it, she is one of the angriest, most controlling, most toxic women I've ever encountered.
And I work for a female assassin.
No worries,I got it.
- Here you go, honey.
- Thanks.
- Have a great day.
- You too.
trust me, my friend.
Men pay good money to get rid of a woman like that.
Hey, you know, I hate to have to ask, but these cuffs are making it kind of difficult.
Do you think you could help me out with my zipper? Oh, isn't this awkward? - I was going to tell you.
- Really, when? - I just wanted to- - I should probablycheck in with stan.
Don't bother.
Those mountainsare full of iron.
Wreaks havocwith the radio signals.
God damn it.
No big deal.
We're right on schedule.
No, look at the dash.
oh, boy.
Better pull overbefore the engine seizes.
oh, fabulous.
I get to spendeven more time with my new favorite couple.
Hi, precious.
Hey, whatcha doin', bruin? Oh, you know.
Just schlepping my waresin this god-awful heat.
Oh, poor baby,you must be miserable.
You know,work is work.
And I made a commitmentto this thing.
Oh, and I'm so proud of youfor keeping that commitment.
Aw, thank you, sweetie.
I'm talkingto my daughter.
Could I get yousomething, miss? Sure, I'll havewhat she's having.
- Hello, mommy.
- Brandi.
What are you doing here? Don't you think that'sa better question for you? - Pop the hood.
I'll take a look.
- Oh, man.
You see anything? Hang on.
It's complicatedunder here.
We've got company.
Get on the floor, horst.
What'd you say? marshall! Marshall, take cover! Whoa, that was marshall.
marshall, marshall,oh, my god.
Can you hear me? I must have bumped my head.
Yeah, that's what happened.
Then you fell on a bullet.
Doofus, you got shot.
Oh, crap.
- Nothing.
- It's the hills.
No, don't anybodyworry about me, the guy you're supposedto be protecting.
I'm gonna kill him.
Shut upand get back in the car.
Here, hold thison your wound.
Press it tightly.
He's right.
It's my fault.
Back at the rest stop.
She dropped a bottleunder the car.
I watched himtake it out, but he must have smearedsome kind of acid on the radiator hose.
I looked, but ididn't see anything.
Okay, come one,we've gotta try to get you up.
We've got to get youto the hospital.
You're mad, aren't you? Not as mad as I'd be ifI was the one who got shot.
I respect your honesty.
Where the hellis that gas station? Damn it.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay,it's okay.
In about four hours, every cop in the universewill be looking for us.
Yeah, but can youhang on that long? I'm breathingand I haven't bled out, which meansno vital organs have been hit.
So yeah, maybe.
But this car's about toturn into a pizza oven.
- We should find some shade.
- Yes you know what? Speaking of pizza,I am so hungry.
Do you guys have anything? Chips? Anything, really.
What am I,your pack mule? Listen,we'll take it slowly.
Get the tube that connectsto the windshield wiper fluid.
Okay why? We're gonna need it.
It shouldn't take this long to come up with the truth.
Fine, fine, fine.
You remember dan? Dan, the one-eyed freak,reeked of cigars and old spice? Tough to forget.
his dog ate my samples.
- A dog? - Yes.
Ate your samples? Oh, jesus,I actually believe you.
Mary doesn't know yet.
I still owe her $2,500.
What am I gonna do? Oh, my god.
Oh, she's gonnafry your ass.
Maybe I should just tell her.
Are you nuts? No.
All right, that's the lastthing that you should do.
First, she'll kill you,and then she'll kick you out, and you'll probably wind upliving with me and chuck.
No, no, no.
No, no, no,we must never tell mary.
That was lola, wasn't it? What do you think, genius? Can you stand by yourself? - I think so.
- Good.
Thank you.
We are way past the pointof cracking wise, little man.
I'm trying to saveyour miserable life.
So answermy goddamn questions before I get angry, you festering pustule.
All right, look.
All right.
I don't knowif that was lola.
I've neveractually met her.
I thought you told the fedsyou could I.
No, I saidI could deliver her.
We always conductedour business on the phone.
Now would you pleaseget off of me? You're not exactly petite,you know.
God! What do you think? I think if that was lola, she knows this is her onlyshot at mr.
Personality before he talksto the feds.
In other words,she's coming back.
that's pretty funny for a guy witha sucking chest wound.
I know.
Oh, sweet.
Come on, mom.
Quit crying and think.
I am thinking.
I'm thinking abouthow screwed I am.
All right, well,what about a cash advance on a credit card? Maxed out.
All of 'em.
All right,just let me think.
Sir, how much would you payto sleep with my mother? Brandi.
What? Mom, you've got to be willingto think outside the box.
That's it.
Your box.
You mean-- you mean my boxof memories? Desperate timescall for desperate people to do something desperateor something.
Absolutely not.
You have to.
I would rather die.
Oh, this-- yeah, this placeis gonna do wonders for my allergies.
- You, over here.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh, there are gonna belawsuits aplenty, trust me.
- Shut up.
How are we doing? Tension, pneumothorax.
That's funny,I was just going to say that.
Tube thoracostomy.
Marshall,if I'm gonna help you, you need to speak english.
- Get the tube from car.
- Right, right.
Okay, okay, now what? Marshall, marshall.
Marshall, wake upand tell me what to do.
Marshall! Marshall, marshall.
Okay, marshall, tell me.
Insert tubethrough bullet wound.
- Second intercostal.
- What? Put the tube in the hole.
Okay, okay.
I hope you knowwhat you're doing.
Oh, I'll be damned.
Hand mea half-empty water bottle.
It's a water seal.
Gravity andhydraulic pressure allow air in thepleural space to escape, but not to go back in.
What? Relationships end,brandi.
Jewelry is forever.
Does chuck buy youjewelry? - Yeah, right.
- Well, he should.
Jewelry reminds a woman that she's beautiful and cherished and loved.
Sometimes we forgetthese things.
Come on.
I can give you 200.
- $200,000? - That's very funny.
No, $200 for the lot,including the box.
What? Is this a joke? No, it's actuallyquite generous.
oh, my.
You don't know.
Know what? These jewels are all paste.
They're fakes.
You're wrong.
That's impossible.
I'm so sorry.
I-- I don't understand.
You should go.
You should shut up.
I'm not leaving youand a witness like sitting ducks.
Take him with you.
It's only a couple milesto the highway.
- It's not gonna happen.
Forget it.
- Come on.
You know it's the right call.
I could go a lot fasterwithout him.
you, no secrets.
You can't leave him with me.
I can't protect him.
Why are you looking at melike that? You better not die.
I will try to not die for you.
Okay, look.
This isfor emergencies only.
If anyone comes back, you play dead,understand? Do I looklike a hero to you? I'll be back.
Let's go.
I need my medical bag.
Are you surethis is a good idea? No, actuallyit's a terrible idea, but what do you expect? It came from him.
- Change of plans.
- Wh-wh-what? Sit.
Sit! Our friends are back.
All three of them.
There are three of them now? check that.
All four of them.
And they know we're here.
Hey, can you stand? I think so,with a little help.
Okay, come on.
You setting upan ambush? If you can shoot.
I can shoot.
Easy, easy.
Come on, come on,come on, come on.
Behind the bar.
What--what are you doing? You've gotta get meout of here.
- Sorry.
That ship has sailed.
- What? Oh, come on, come on.
You can't chain me up.
What if you twoget killed? Well, that'll bea sad day for everyone.
Sit down and be quiet.
Here's the layout.
It's a four-wallcinderblock box.
I'll take the oblique angles on the front and backentrances, draw fire.
Anyone in through the frontsees me first.
Wait till they're allthe way in, then take your shot.
- I know the drill.
- I know you do.
What about me? Do I get a gun? - No.
- No? they're just sitting there.
Probably waitingfor nightfall, improve their cover.
So now we wait.
you know, I saw something like this once in an old glenn ford movie, you know.
It did not end well.
Hey, how are you doing? You hangin' in? Aces.
Listen, they usedsome kind of gps to find us.
I saw her use it.
How is that possible? I don't know, but it's kindof academic at this point.
It'll be dark soon.
You should tryto get out then.
Yeah, we'll see.
It's gonna get ugly.
Look,it's a defendable position.
So how comeyou didn't tell me? Because I neededto make up my own mind.
And that's not alwaysan option with you.
You know how you are.
I thought you loved this job.
I did.
I do.
Well, what then? Tell me.
Am I the reasonyou want to go? Because of how I am? No.
It has more to dowith how I am.
Oh, my god.
I can't believe I'm getting the "it's not you, it's me"speech from you.
Am I really the reason you want to leavethe marshal service? No.
Not exactly.
I wish they'd come already.
Look, it's nothinglike what you think.
Yeah? Then you shouldprobably explain, because I'm pretty confused.
I know you love the job, and I thought you I thought we were friends.
We are.
You're my best friend.
Jesus, marshall.
You're like my only friend.
I know.
And you're like my only friend.
So, sounds likea pretty good arrangement.
What's the problem? The problemwith us is please just tell me.
I feel like I'm the keeper of this exotic animal, and I spend my time either protecting youfrom the world or the world from you, and it's just it's just a lotof responsibility.
I'm sorry but that's your job.
And you cannot quit.
It's just a little blood.
Nothing to worry about.
These are for, you know,in case I don'T you know.
What's going on? What are you doing? Just stay heretill I get back.
Be careful.
What's she doing? Where's she going? She's going to kill them before they kill us.
Son of a bitch.
it all started outso well, and then so many disappointments.
Seems impossible.
I mean, look at us.
No jobs.
No money.
Not a scintillaof common sense between us.
If it weren't for mary, we'd be livingin my mercury.
To mary.
To mary.
I think she's very unhappy.
I can't do this anymore.
I won'T.
Me neither.
I have to let goof my disloyal past.
I have to kick out the ghosts.
Can I have a job here? Yeah, sure.
Oh, thanks.
Good evening, ladies.
Welcome to jinx shannon'sfabulous fake jewel giveaway.
Behold the box of false hope and phony memories.
How about this for you? That looks good on you.
Oh, come on, dig in.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I didn't hear any gunplay.
Did you chicken out? Here's something interesting.
The suv we came in, the front passenger side doorwas full of bullet holes.
Wow, you know,it's almost like there were people shooting at us.
Not us, me.
There were no bullet holes inthe back door where you were, not a single one.
So? So explain to mewhy two shooters who obviouslywent to a lot of trouble to find and kill you didn't takea single shot at you.
I haven't the faintest idea.
- I think you do.
- No, you-- and I think I do too.
Christ, what the hellis wrong with you? - Where is it? - What are you doing? Would you please stopfeeling me up? Where is it, horst? She had a tracking devicethat led straight to us.
Hey, those are my personalmedical supplies, all right? You have no rightgoing in there.
- Is this it? - What? Is this how they found us? be careful with that,would--be careful! Oh, what do you know? A gps transmitter.
Oh, you'rean electronics expert? No, but I can read.
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-- I have no ideahow that got in there.
Yeah, well,just for grins, let's pretendyou do know, huh? Then we can bothplay this game.
Do you think this is really the best use of your time? Humor me.
See how this flows.
Obviously you brought itinto the prison with you, and obviously your friends used it to bust you out,as it were, which seems to implyyou had the foresight to plan your escapebefore you got arrested.
and how on god's green earth could I do that? Yeah, right? It doesn't make sense.
No, it doesn't make sense.
Unless are you a kinks' fan? Okay, the heat'sgetting to you.
Maybe you should justget a drink of water.
You know I met her in a clubdown in old soho where she drank champagne and it tastes just likecherry cola come again? I-I-I-I stopped listeningafter you went crazy.
It was a hit, wasn't it? That guy who got killedin perryville yesterday, it was a hit.
A brilliantly conceived andexecuted contract killing.
Oh, man.
I bet you got paida boatload for that one, huh? Please explain to mewhat you're talking about.
At least then when I die,I'll know why.
You set yourself up to get arrestedfive miles from perryville because you hadto get locked up there so you couldwhack that guy from ruidoso.
Oh, man, I gotta admit, I really underestimated you,horst.
Or should I say lola.
All right, so you'vegone stark raving crazy, and you're gonna get us all killed.
Well, we're gonna find out pretty quick, 'cause here comeyour buddies.
What are you--what are you--what are you doing? There's no waywe're letting you take him.
I don't want him.
What, are you crazy? Here's the deal.
I give you horst--I mean, lola-- for the car.
Not a chance.
Fine, we'll shoot it out,but I guarantee you, mr.
Personality heregets my first shot.
- Just do as she says.
- Good boy.
Now! My partner's inside.
You two in the chorus, go in and get him.
Carefully put himin the back seat of the car.
Hurry up! You two,get down in the dirt.
Face down in the dirt.
Come on, be careful.
Be careful with him.
Be careful with him! Come on.
You shouldn't have shotmy friend.
I've only got one friend.
Down on the ground! Stay there.
Hey, let me go.
Great work, people.
Top-notch stuff.
Now we need to goto the road, steal another car.
Really,couldn't be happier.
And I'd really liketo get these chains off! Come on, come on,hang in there, marshall.
Hang in there,come on.
- yeah, mary, what's up? - Stan.
Stan,marshall's been shot.
Where are you? About two miles fromroute 66 and I-25.
- I'll have a roadblock and ambulance waiting.
- Yep, yep, yep.
Over here, guys, over here! He's in the back! Marshall, we made it.
Just hang in there,buddy, okay? Hang in there.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine, stan,it's marshall.
It's bad.
It's really bad.
Okay, well,you got him here alive, and they can doamazing things, huh? So what do youwant to do? Do you want to stay with himor do you want to go? - Let's go.
- All right.
Oh, no.
Really? Hello.
hey, horst, turn around.
Really, jason? Do you think you canout-run the highway patrol in a mini van, hmm? Pull over, you idiot,pull over! I told you you shouldn'thave shot my friend.
Oh, by the way, your fly'sbeen down the whole time.
Hey, that witnessprotection deal, is that stillon the table? nietzsche was right.
"We come into this world aloneand we go out of it alone.
" Perhaps that explains why we spend our timehere on earth so infuriatingly dependent on others.
He'll be okay.
Marshall--he's tough.
You have no idea.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ