In Plain Sight s01e05 Episode Script

Who Shot Jay Arnstein?

since 1970, the federal witness protectionprogram has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal,some not, to neighborhoodsall across the country.
Every one of those individualsshares a unique attribute, distinguishing themfrom the rest of the general population.
And that is,somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season01 Episode05 West Village Museum of Contemporary Art Six Months Earlier I can't do this anymore, jay.
Can we do this later,please? I'm a little under the gun right now.
No, I need to know that you're going to stop.
I need to know that you have stopped.
Stopped what,marci? What is it that you want me to do now? Stop seeing her! My god, when did you turn into this? When did you become so needy? Fine, okay.
I'll stop.
I mean, I have stopped.
But she is the publicity director for the museum.
Our paths are going to cross from time to time.
You get that, right? You just need to grow up.
You're right.
You are right.
So what are you doing? I thought you didn't wanna know about this.
I changed my mind.
Okay, I'm getting these ready to deliver to someoverseas investors.
Do they belongto the museum? No.
I acquired them from a local private collection.
By "acquire"you mean stole? Oh, good god, look, just focus on this,okay? I mean these are worthtwo and a half million, of which our take is 10%.
Now, if I do not get these ready, and off to the harbor in the next half hour, some very bad peopleare gonna do some very bad thingsto me.
Any more questions,marci? Uh, no.
That should do it.
Fbi! Jay allen, you're under arrest! WITSEC ID: so is there anythingabout what we just covered you don't understand? No, I thinkwe've got it.
What about you? Pay attention! Hey, what? Is there anything aboutwhat we just covered you don't understand? - No.
- good.
Well, then, congratulations,you're the first people in the history of witsec without questions.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
For saving our lives.
This is gonna be great.
I know it.
Excuse me, I have to goto the restroom.
So when does kayget here? who's kay, stan? Probably bestif marci doesn't know.
Gotta be kidding me.
This schmuck getsto bring his mistress into the program? Apparently, the schmuck's got juice.
Part of his deal with doj.
What about marci's deal? She orchestrates this whole thing.
She brings himinto the program, and this is howthey repay her? Yeah, that's rough,even by doj standards.
Actually, this is how i repay her.
Shut your hole.
Come on.
Stan, she thinks she's getting a fresh startwith this asshole.
I can't help that.
What am I supposed to do? Smile to her face, while I help him get laid? Not exactlyhow I would phrase it, but, uh yes.
Yeah, well, I won'T.
I swear I'll quit my job, before I'm partof any of this.
So is there anythingabout what we just covered that you don't understand? No? Good, sign here.
it's funny how things like mortgage payments, and a desire to not eat cat food can get between a person and their principles.
Damn, I hate principles.
WITSEC ID: If there's one thing working in witness protection has taught me, it's that people hate change.
Present Day Oh, we all say we wanna change.
Get thinner, quit smoking, learn to speak portuguese but we don'T.
For better or worse, our habits define us.
We turn the pages of the same tattered script over and over, clinging to our well-rehearsed routines like barnacles.
Let's see, we'll have youon your feet in no time.
- Good as new.
- Right.
and nothing rankles us more than having to learn new lines.
Listen to me, this is justa minor setback.
Lots of people tear acl'S.
I know.
Listen I know this isa huge imposition, and I reallyappreciate you you know.
It's not an imposition.
Why would you evensay that? Anyway it will just befor a couple of days until the swellinggoes down.
Then I'll go backto my place.
- Ralph- - it's okay.
It's like you said, this is as faras we go.
Please, don't throw thatin my face, okay? What's going onbetween you and me and what's going onwith your knee, they're twoseparate issues, and I can only deal with one at a time.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to argue.
We're not arguing.
Jeez I'm sorry, raph.
I do wanna take careof you, really.
- And the rest, I just-- - what? Can we please justdeal with this for now? - Sure.
- Good.
I gotta getto this work thing.
- What the hellare you doing here? - Oh, crap.
I was invited.
Which is morethan you can say.
Oh, where am isupposed to watch tv? This was a mistake.
I should go.
Lie down.
You're not going anywhere.
Brandy,raph's welcome to stay as long as he wants.
So why can't he stayin your room? Because.
Because I don't haveto explain myself to you in my own house.
Oh, good answer.
So, what-- now we're a nursing home for washed up mexican pitchers? I'm a dominican shortstop.
- Yeah, there'sa distinction.
- Put them down.
Oh, at least they gave youthe good stuff.
Brandi, I said put them down.
Okay, I was just gonna put them in a safe place.
Okay, then.
You two kids have fun.
he better not need any help going potty or whatever, cause I'm not doing jack! How is that differentfrom the way you always act? Well, well.
Look at you.
All upright and not dead.
And a matching sling,even.
Bet the ladies dig that.
It's not without effect.
This is fascinating.
All these works were painted on scraps of wood by a woman who worked at the local motor repair facility.
Right here in albuquerque in the late 19th century.
That's great.
How about we sayour hellos, stay just long enoughnot to be rude, and then get the hellout of dodge, deal? What exactly is your beef with humanity? I have no beef with humanity.
It's peopleI can't stand.
how much cash did you bring? I'm kidding.
Hot stuff! Can I buy you a drink? Hey, marci.
Wow, look at you.
All pretty and glowy.
This is oneof the best nights I've had in years.
I just feel likemy old jay back.
He's fun, and affectionate,and the art.
He's excitedabout art again.
That's great.
I'm really happyfor you.
We wouldn't have made itwithout you.
You know that,those first few months you were like the gluethat kept us together.
Just call me elmer.
Hey, girls.
How 'bout a smile? Ah, more beautifulthan munch's madonna.
And you're not exactlyfoie gras.
Okay, I'm notkissing you anymore.
Gross, gross.
Who knows wherethat mouth has been.
- I do.
- Hm, do you? All better.
On that note, I'd better gocheck our guests.
Make sure they'rewell lubricated.
Don't wander off.
Don't you justwant to eat her up? Today I consider myselfthe luckiest man alive.
What are you on? I'm stone cold sober.
I'm healthier, happier, and wiser thanI've ever been before.
- Which is whyI need your help.
- Here we go.
- Knew there had to be an angle.
- No, there's no angle.
This is strictlystraight up.
Mary,I stand before you a changed man.
At least, I want to bea better man for marci.
She's so good,and giving.
She just deservesso much better than what she's gotten back from me.
Okay go pee in this glass.
I wanna make thingsright with her, mar.
But I cannot do that with you-know-whoaround.
Kay? - You wanna break up with kay.
- Yes.
Well, actually I'd like youto break up with kay for me.
And however you chooseto handle it, is fine with me.
Just so long as you get herthe hell out of albuquerque.
And don't thinkI don't appreciate it.
Casper, bill! Come here.
Would youexcuse us, please? Listen to me,you crazy bastard.
As much as I would loveto stop deceiving marci, sticking kay on the next planeout of here isn't that simple.
Why not? You brought her here.
Now make her go away.
Hey, I didn't bring her here,numbnuts.
I was forced, againstevery fiber of my being, to comply withyour immoral request.
And now I'm requesting that you complywith my moral request and make her disappear.
I don't understandwhy you're making this so difficult.
There she is! The woman of the hour.
Again with the interruptions.
How are you, sweetie? Mary this is my patron saint margaret chapman.
Margaret, this is my good friend mary shepherd.
- Nice to meet you.
- And you.
You think you'rethe only one here? Take that outside.
Jay, jay, jay.
Tell me how youknow margaret.
Margaret is--margaret is responsible for all of this.
Uh, these paintings are in her collection.
They've been in her family for over 100 years.
It must be very difficultfor you to part with them.
Not really.
The proceeds go to charity, and besides, I've always thoughtof them as rather pedestrian early american crap.
Oh, thank god.
- Thought I was the only one.
- Not hardly.
- Lovely to meet you, mary.
- And you.
Should get some waterfor that.
Hey, as longas you're going, could youbring me back a beer? Oh, good god! Clumsy and a wuss, no wonder you couldn't hack it in the pros.
Have you everconsidered a career in the nursing profession? I tried, but I couldn'thack the science.
Or the drug screen.
But thank you so muchfor making me feel bad about myself.
Tell you one thing, though.
I can sure as hell do a better job than whatever retard wrapped that.
Let me see.
Maybe another time.
Relax, I used to date a guy who got stabbed.
A lot.
Enjoying the show? Oh, yeah.
Hey, tell jay what happensif he dumps kay and we move herout of town? If you break up with kay, she isn't the only onewho gets moved.
You and marcihave to be relocated too.
Well, that doesn'tseem fair.
it's a reasonable alternative to having the woman scorned give your address to the folkswho want you dead.
so, by the way, your program says that the artist painted her works on planks of poplar taken fromthe rail yards.
Yeah, so? So it should be planks of cottonwood, since that is, in fact,on what they're painted.
I'm quite certainthey're painted on poplar.
And I'm absolutely positive they're paintedon cottonwood.
Thanksfor the input, but I thinkI know my art.
Apparently not as wellas I know my wood.
oh, well, well.
This is some party.
- Oh, isn't that - Kay.
Oh, god.
We have to get her out of here.
Oh, jay! Guess my invite got lost in the mail, huh? - Is that what happened,jay? - Kay? What are you doing here? Jay, why is she here? Oh, honey, honey.
Did he forgetto tell you? See, he moved me here, so we could betogether.
No, marci! No! Marci, marci,come on.
Marci liar.
It's okay, baby.
I'm here.
Get out of here.
What's wrong with you? - Baby-- - get out! Okay, folks.
Show's over.
Nothing to see here.
Go back to your champagne and mid-19th centuryfolk art.
I'll just check on her.
Hey, stan, it's mary.
Imagine my surprisewhen kay swensen showed up drunkat jay arnstein's gallery and got into a fist fightwith marci arnstein.
I mean, who could havepossibly predicted that deceiving a witness by helping her husbandcommit adultery with his tramp mistress would end badly? You'd have to be a genius to see that one coming, right? Anyway, stan, I'll need immediaterelocation authorizations.
Call me.
Gotta lovethe ironic phone message.
Did kay get homeall right? All right being a relative condition,but yes.
Pie? This whole damn messis my fault.
I should have justsaid, "sorry, stan I won't be party to this," and acceptedthe consequences.
It's not like I hada gun to my head.
Actually,a gun to your head wouldn't have made youany less culpable.
An immoral decisionmade under the duress of mortal peril,is still an immoral decision.
Understandable, yes.
Forgivable, perhaps.
But still,definitely immoral.
I'm just saying.
Anyway, they just would havegotten someone else to do it.
Eat your pie.
Pie makes everything better.
It does help.
House of pie.
Yeah, it is.
When? Where? Is he dead? We're on our way.
Somebody shot jay arnstein.
And I need you to track down a special agent frawley out of manhattan.
Oh, god.
Jay jay.
Jay, can you hear me? Jay, it's mary.
Can you hear me? just tell himour boy was shot.
I know what time it is.
Just get him on the phone.
Who did this, jay? Who did this to you? Jay! Hey, end of the roadfor you.
You keep him isolated,under guard 24/7.
Full security detail.
And get the names of all attending mds and nurses.
No one elsegets near him.
I gotta move marci.
- And - And kay.
Come on.
- They're bothin police custody.
- Arrested? Not so far,but definitely detained.
At least they'reoff the street.
Anything on the art-smugglersside of this? Waiting to hear backfrom frawley.
Interpol ratesthe european connection highly unlikely.
What's left ofthe smuggling ring is in prison,or under surveillance.
Just leaves the american sideto worry about.
Or kay or marci.
Marci didn't do this.
You don't haveto convince me.
But ifthe albuquerque P.
Doesn't shareyour conviction, you got a planto get them out? If neither are arrested,I don't need a plan.
They're coming with me.
And if they are arrested? Then we cooperate with all locallaw enforcement agencies, as is our obligation.
I do lovewhen you talk protocol.
Watch me work.
What are you, the only cop in albuquerque? Marshals, love the new uniforms.
Yeah, it's the new wave in fashion-forwardlaw enforcement.
mary, they're keeping me here against my will.
Will you tell this moron I have diplomaticimmunity? kay, sweetie, I'm sure detective dershowitzhas a very good reason for keeping you here.
Detective,is my friend kay under arrest? No, not so far.
Though shooting herhas crossed my mind.
Either of youwant coffee? - I'm good.
- I'd absolutelylove a cup.
For future reference, diplomats have diplomatic immunity, you're inwitness protection, and have no immunity from anythingwhatsoever.
Can you seethe difference there? Why don't youcome on back here with me.
Mm, thanks.
That's great.
Yeah, the sunny disposition act is about to put me in a diabetic coma.
Where's marci? I assume one or bothof these people belong to you.
Belong to me? Are these peopleprotected witnesses? I can't tell you that.
- We're done.
- Bobby, wait.
I'll share everythingI know about the events of this evening with you, but you know I can't talkabout you-know-what, so please, don't ask.
All right, fine.
What do you know about tonight? Almost nothing.
How about you? Good night, inspector.
I'm serious,I was a guest at the opening,like everybody else.
I saw what they saw.
So then, you're not herein any official capacity.
- Did I say that? - You know what? I don't have time for this.
You go talk to your friend, then you come backand see me.
The other one's in there.
You really made mework for it this time.
I respect that.
What happened? Is jay dead? No.
He's in surgery.
Listen what happened? Did you shoot jay? No, of course not.
When can I see him? Not for a while,until we know who shot him.
The police thinkI did it.
They took my dressfor evidence.
You were supposedto be my friend.
You knew about herall along.
You brought her here.
Marci, whatever you thinkabout me, I absolutely deserve.
But listen to me, if the police like youfor this shooting, I'm the best friendyou've got right now.
So please,tell me what happened, so I can help you.
I was, um at the frontof the gallery.
And then I-- I heard a shot comefrom the back office, and I screamed,and I ran back, and jay was on the floor, and he was coveredin blood.
Was jay having any problemswith anyone? Maybe, someoneat the party? There wassome guy there who was smoking, and I thoughtunder the circumstances, jay seemedunusually hostile.
I don't know.
I don't knowwho that would be, or I'm not involvedin the gallery business.
Try to hold on,okay? I'm gonna get youout of here.
Oh, god.
I'm telling you, bobby.
She's incapable.
Really? 'Cause she just found outabout his mistress, she was coveredin his blood, and she's got no alibi.
In this business,that's the trifecta.
Okay, then,why haven't you arrested her? Because we haven't founda murder weapon and my D.
Doesn't like circumstantial cases.
Then I'm putting her and kayinto protective custody.
You know, technicallyI don't need the D.
'S approvalto arrest her.
And technicallyif they're here, I'm here.
Every waking minute.
Sticking my federallyauthorized nose into every aspectof your investigation.
Is that what you want? I need to know wherethey're being kept at all times.
You know I can't do that.
Ah, jesus, you gottagive me something.
How 'bout this? You issue the arrest warrant,I'll turn her over to you.
And you makeboth of them available for further questioning.
Deal? It's a good thingyou're hot.
You think I'm hot? Damn, girl.
You didn't know? Thank you.
There'll be a security team posted in the parking lotat all times.
No, no, no.
See, I have life-threateningallergies.
Dust, pollen, smoke, dander, all of which seemto be coating every inch of this room.
God, I can already feelmy throat swelling shut.
Here,these are items I will need from my home, if I'm expectedto survive these conditions.
Hypoallergenic sheets, humidifier, gin cigarettes? I thought you wereallergic to smoke.
Good point.
Smokeless ashtray.
Oh, boy.
Okay, thanks.
He's in icu.
The doctor said the next24 hours will tell.
Please, you've gotto take me to him.
I will,as soon as it's safe.
But I need the keys to your houseand the gallery.
Marci I want you to know how bad I feelabout this.
How bad I feltthe whole time.
Oh, jeez,I am so sorry.
It never occurred to me that helping my husbandcheat on me would make you feel bad.
Well, I must bea really selfish bitch.
You got my attention.
They're sliding pants.
I'll bet they are.
Chico what's this? - That's nothing.
Put it back.
- You, sly dog.
Oh, my god.
This is beautiful! - Who knew you actually had taste? - Brandi-- don't worry, your secret'stotally safe with me.
Unless, of course,I get my drunk on, then all bets are off.
Can you pleaseput it away? I will,as soon as you tell me when and how you plan onproposing to my sister.
And just a word to the wise, okay, no skywriting,no scoreboards, all right? And whatever you do,don't put it in her food cause mary hatesthat kind of crap.
- I already asked her.
- You did? Oh, no.
Poor chico.
when something bad happens to a witness, the first thing every witsec inspector does is look how he or she might have screwed up.
Was I somehow responsible? Could I have prevented it? If it turned out marci arnstein shot her husband, I was pretty sure the answer was staring me in the face.
Your work thing run late? Hey, good morning.
Yes, someone got shot, so I spent the night at the hospital.
Listen, I gotta changeand head back out, do you need anything? No, your sister's takinggood care of me.
I'm so sorry.
I'll talk to her.
No, I'm serious.
She's been great.
Actually she's very nurturing.
Yeah, look at the job she did wrapping my knee.
Really? Good.
I'm glad.
Go back to sleep.
It's about time.
I was up all nightitching and wheezing.
I hope this fillsthe void.
What is thatsupposed to mean? Hey, don't you get all enigmatic with me.
All right? You are just a civil servant! A mail man with a gun! What void? the first rule of police work is "when in doubt, review the crime scene.
" Okay, truth is I have no idea what the first rule of police work is, but if memory serves, it has something to do with keeping your shoes polished to a glossy sheen.
Jesus, marci.
What are you,moonlighting as a janitor? U.
Marshall, freeze! You know you contaminatedmy crime scene, right? Let me tell yousomething.
I know how to processa crime scene.
Oh, yeah? Then where are your booties? Yeah, that'swhat I thought.
You don't even knowabout booties.
I know about booties.
Put these on.
You carry extra booties? So does your reexaminingthe crime scene about marci's guilt? I never made up my mindin the first place.
If I did, she'd be in jail.
I'm glad to hear you're at least consideringother options.
Doesn't meanI won't be stunned if it turned outshe didn't do it.
Found something? yeah, right? think that's drawn to proportion? Maybe it's one of thoseperspective things, where the objects in front appear largerthan the ones in the back.
Yeah, that's probably it.
I've seen this guy before.
Who, mr.
Anaconda? No, him.
He was at the party.
Marci said she didn'tknow him or anyone else there.
No! please tell me that you know what key opens that door.
okay, what is taking you so long? Can't you go any faster? I could,but then I'd miss the fun of watching you lapse into hysteria.
Okay, I--I'm nothysterical, okay? I--I'm baking.
There's a difference.
Dammit! I lost my place.
Okay, I'm gonna shootthe lock.
Look out.
No, no, no! Don't do that.
That only worksin the movies.
You're more likely to jam the dead bolt in place.
Dammit! Please tell me you didn'tlose your place again! Six thousand friggin' keys, and not one of themopens the back door? Good god, woman! What are you doing? Look out out there! Huh, I guess that does work.
Just thoughtI'd let you know.
These are definitely molotov cocktails.
You're very lucky.
Thanks forthe update, captain.
No problem.
Anyway, I thinkwe could assume that the shootingand arson are connected.
That eliminates marci.
She's under24-hour protection.
Unless she hadan accomplice.
Someone who she lied abouteven knowing.
Oh, marci.
What did you do? What are you doing to this poor guy? He's been heretwo days, and you haven't spenttwo minutes with him.
I've been working.
He understands,and by the way, none of your business.
really, mary? Does he understand? where did you get that? I robbed his house.
It was in his suitcase.
Where do you thinkI got it? You robbedhis suitcase? No, you nitwit.
I was puttinghis stuff away.
Yeah, well don't read too muchinto it.
And how come you'reso concerned with raphaelall of a sudden? Because whileyou've been running around with god knows who doing who knows what, I've gotten to know hima little better, and and what? And I've come to see that he's nottotally terrible.
I'm happy to hear that.
Thanks for helping out, but well I don't know what I want.
Except that I don't wantto discuss it with you.
I don't know,you'd better figure it out soon, because someonethat great or whatever isn't gonnawait around.
Lunch! Wait.
What is this? Chicken salad in a baguettewith garlic aioli.
You're welcome.
Explain the "void"remark.
I think you know.
Come in.
Don't just draw body parts, people.
Find the subject's essence.
Find it? Almost tripped over it.
This is a private class.
We'd like a word.
What's he make an hour? Or does he charge by the foot? Stay focused, class.
What can I do for you? Maybe you don'tremember.
We met at the openinglast night.
You're right.
I don't remember you.
Where were youtwo hours ago? Right here,working on a project.
Are you sureyou don't remember me? I was wearing this killerlittle black number I looked hot.
Can anyonecorroborate that? Yeah, plentyof people.
I meant his alibi.
Why would theyneed to? well, because that is when someone torched arnstein's gallery.
Why would I set fireto an art gallery? I don't know, how do you knowjay arnstein? I didn'tbefore last night.
He seemed to have a strong dislike for you.
Any explanationfor that? None whatsoever.
What about marci arnstein? I wouldn't know herif she fell on me.
Funny, 'causeshe drew this.
Ah, yes marci.
Not much of an artist.
Better at other things.
Why did you just sayyou didn't know her? A gentleman likes to keepthose things to himself.
Especially when a married woman's reputation is at stake.
What are these? These doric, byzantine,something like that? Actually they representthe synthesis of classical greek and native american.
They're reallyquite beautiful.
Powerful alive.
It's almost human.
Yes, that's exactlythe point.
Yeah, I can almostfeel its pulse.
What kind of wood is this? Cottonwood.
Would you excuse me? I'm just gonnastep outside, and get some air.
What a magical placethis is.
But can't you can't you at least allow for the possibility that I'm the onethat's supposed to be with jay, not her.
That ours is the true,pure love.
Not possible.
Our universe seeks order, and I'm afraid in this situation, you represent entropy.
I don't wantto represent entropy.
Excuse me.
Hey, what's up? I'm kind ofin the middle of something.
hey, how sure are you these paintingswere done in cottonwood? I grew up playing in a stand of cottonwoods.
It's a deciduous wood.
Quite strong, but at the same time much lighter than, say, oak.
So if the artist actuallydid paint on poplar, you would conclude the gallery paintingsare fakes.
- Anything else? - No.
That's it for now.
Thanks, pointdexter.
Rock steady.
That's it.
Let it out.
This is tough stuff we're doing.
You're right, you know? You're right.
I should have never stepped in the middle ofsomeone else's marriage.
And with the onset of wisdom, comes transformation.
I should have insistedhe get a divorce.
Well, I don't think that'S quite the direction that we wanna look into.
I see, we've still got somework to do.
what happened, marci? The thingwith vidonne was a huge mistake.
It was a weak moment at the lowest pointin my life.
I find myself in albuquerque, with no friends, a husband that will barely speak to me I just wantedsome human contact, some tenderness.
Instead, I gotvidonne guzzone.
And why shouldI believe you now? I know you only know the lying, cheating jay, but when I met him he was the nicest, most interesting,most intelligent man I'd ever met.
And that's the manI thought I was getting back.
Shoot jay? I'd rather cut offmy own legs.
Marci arnstein,you're under arrest.
You have the rightto remain silent.
Anything you saycan and will be used against youin a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.
Let's go.
so this ishow we see it.
You and marci were going to rip jay off, then splitwith the money.
But then jay found out, marci shot him, and you came back later to burn the evidence.
Interesting theory.
Should I sign it? It could be worthsomething some day.
You thinkit's a joke, huh? Excuse me.
Look, that's it,vidonne, marci just confessedand sold you out.
Is this the partwhere I'm supposed to break downand tell you everything? That'd be helpful.
- You've been watchingtoo much law & order.
- Yeah, he has a point.
What's this? A written confession? Look, we knowyou forged those paintings, the originals were done on poplar.
The ones in the gallery were on cottonwood,your favorite medium.
Please,I wouldn't dirty my brushes forging that pedestrianearly american crap.
What did you just say? You called the paintings "pedestrian earlyamerican crap.
" Sorry.
Didn't know you were a fan.
Can I have a word,please? How dare youjack my interrogation? Get over yourself.
Marci didn't do it.
I'm sure of it.
Oh, my god.
Listen to me, bobby.
In order for vidonneor anyone else to make credible fakes, they would have needed accessto the originals, right? - I guess.
- So who gave him access? - Marci.
- When? The paintings onlygot to the gallery days before the opening.
Okay, so maybe jaywas in on it too and got greedyat the last minute.
Or maybe he found outabout the affair and things got ugly.
I don't think so.
Jay was turninghis life around.
He's not in a frame of mind to pull off a scam like this.
But there is another person who could havecommissioned vidonne to forge those paintings.
Hi, this is mary shepherd,jay's friend.
We met at the gallery.
Right, hi.
Well, I'm sorry to call so late, but I have some amazing newsI knew you'd want to hear.
Well they've arrested jay's wife,marci, for the shooting.
I know.
I know.
Yeah, but wait,here's the best part.
Jay woke up briefly,and asked for you.
Well, no, he's sleeping now,but I have to go.
You should come by.
The doctors sayit'd be good for him.
It's no problem at all.
Right, then.
Lying comes easily to you,doesn't it? Jay? Jay, can you hear me? Jay.
Oh, jay.
I--I I just want you to know that I feel terrible about this whole mess.
It's just that um I can't go to jail.
And, um I'm very sorry.
I really hope that this doesn't hurt.
Okay, okay.
Uh, help, please! Somebody something's wrong with jay.
hi, there.
What are you doing? Um, I'm-- uh, something'swrong with jay.
I--it-- he, um he started shaking.
And--and-- and I'm so glad you're here, 'cause you can yeah,I think it was the poison you injectedinto my I.
Very photogenic.
I'm really gladyou could come.
newton's first law of motion states: "Objects in motion tend to remain in motion.
" Now drive home safely.
we are all objects in motion, unwavering from our course, until acted upon by external forces.
so how does an upstanding citizen like margaret chapmansuddenly become a forger, murderer, arsonist? Easy.
Her husband diedand all his creditors came calling, so she commissioned vidonne guzzone to copy her art.
The idea beingto burn the gallery, collect on the insuranceand sell the real paintings to a private overseas collector.
Would have worked too, if johnny cottonwood, here, hadn't tipped jay offto the forgeries.
Good night, stan.
You know, you reallydon't have to do this.
When we speak of "cleansing,"it's figurative; more metaphoricalthan an actual "soap and water" deal.
Yeah, well.
I tend to take things literally.
and it was that same marshal, an agent of universal order with uncommon insight into human frailty, that blasted kate swanson off her lifelong self-involved path, and out of the witness protection program.
What's that? All those picturesjay took.
As for jay arnstein, he was an amoral user of people, a heartless cad, a chiseler, a skinflint.
And then, a remarkable thing happened.
Jay arnstein was hit with the stark, graphic realization that he caused the one true, pure constant in his life, his north star, the thing that allowed him to see the good in himself, to stray from her path.
It was marci's infidelity that made jay so determined to change, to be a better man.
And in the strange, twisty way of cause and effect, it was the shared secret jay and marci kept from each other of her infidelity, that opened marci's heart to forgiveness, and allowed them to move on together, to another city, and another second chance.
And for others, it'll take more than a bullet, or infidelity, or financial ruin to affect change.
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