In Plain Sight s01e07 Episode Script

Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season01 Episode07 South Central Los Angeles,California Come on, Lawrence, hurry up.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Oh, you're not supposed to be here ? Well, now that I understand this is a "not supposed to" situation, God help us ! Help us ! We in a "not 'upposed to" sitch-ee-ay-shun ! You think this is funny.
Yeah, I do.
And you know it.
Yeah, well, we'll see how funny my father thinks you are when he finds out you dragged me down here.
Hey, you dragged me.
And I'll be sure to tell him that too.
Aw, girl, you'd play me like that ? A'ight, a'ight, I see how you be.
Oh, yeah ? What do you see, Lawrence Parker ? Dang, shorty, how'd you get all the cake in them jeans ? Don't trip, Lawrence.
Let's just go.
Come on, chica, at least turn around so I can see the rest.
She won't turn.
She too good for us.
And he's too chicken.
You in the wrong hood, homes.
At least I'm in the right country ! Lawrence, leave it alone, please ! Yeah, Lawrence please.
No ! Lawrence ! Please help me, someone ! WITSEC ID:.
I think my least-favorite phrase in the human language is "I'm sorry.
" Los Angeles, California Nine times out of ten when a person says they're sorry, they're really only sorry they got caught and now want me to forgive 'em for something I'm still pissed off about.
Which puts me in the unhappy position of either saying "up yours" and looking like a total bitch, or saying "I forgive you," and feeling like a total schmuck.
And that's why I hate the phrase I'm sorry, but that stewardess had a bad attitude, plain and simple.
I don't know how you can defend that behavior.
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps our flight attendant didn't appreciate being called "stewardess" ? Yeah, well, I didn't particularly appreciate our stewardess hitting on my travel companion.
Just assuming we weren't a couple.
Crap ! Damn it ! Raph physical therapy 3:30 You must be the best girlfriend.
What are you doing right now ? Uh, cleaning the kitchen.
I'm about to wash the floor.
You know, for a congenital liar, you really suck at it.
Was washing the floor too much ? You lost me at "cleaning.
" Listen, I need you to take Raph to his physical therapy.
I don't know, mare.
It's such a hassle.
I mean, I have to pick him up all the way on one side of town.
I know, but I-- and I have to bring him all the way over to the other side of town.
Okay, I know, but I really need you to-- and then I have to Brandi ! All right, I'll take him.
But you owe me.
Thank you.
She didn't want to take him ? She didn't want me to knowthat she wanted to take him.
God, what are you doing ? Call chuck.
Hello ? Hello, who's this ? - Who's this ? - Don't answer that.
Why ? I told my friend to call me here.
And for the record, there was no "hitting on" taking place.
Just a little bit of old-fashioned common courtesy.
Really ? So you think an invitation to join the mile-high club is old-fashioned ? All right, maybe that's what passes for courtesy these days.
Just not what I'd call kickin' the friendly skies old school.
And by the way if the stewardess finds the job title so objectionable, maybe he should have chosen another line of work.
Greetings, inspectors.
How was your flight ? - Awful.
- Fabulous.
- What's up, Lou ? - How are ya ? - How far along are we in the process ? - Not far.
We've only just now been able to round up all the family members.
Jeez, the shooting happened, like, five hours ago.
What took so long ? It took us more than three hours just to track everyone down.
The daughter, Iris, told us the mother and father were in Ojai for the day.
But mom was at the spa, dad was playing golf.
It's one of those places that doesn't allow cell phones.
And the younger daughter was just plain M.
Said she'd gone to the mall.
All right, all right, we get it.
Anyway, we literally got them all together about 15 minutes ago.
Everyone ? Except for the witness.
After L.
and the federal gang task force made their determination, we stashed her in West Covina.
What about the rest ? You get into any of it ? Clear them for Albuquerque ? It's funny,we were just about to give them the happy news when you two arrived.
So, seeing that you're already here, you might as well tell 'em.
What a sport.
Just give the word when you're ready for transport.
I got a word for you.
and Mrs.
McBride, I'm inspector Sheppard.
This is inspector Mann of the U.
It's Dr.
I'm Denise.
This is Lily.
Hi, Lily.
That was beautiful.
Bach, suite number three ? Not something I've heard on piano before.
Oh, I was my sister's cello piece.
I was just fooling around.
Inspector, we'd like to see Iris.
How soon before she comes home ? Actually, we're gonna take you all to see her.
But right now I need you to pack two suitcases.
For each member of the family.
- Suitcases ? - Why do we need suitcases ? Where have you taken Iris ? Iris is here.
She's in Los Angeles with federal marshals.
We have her secure.
But here's the situation.
The kid who shot your daughter's boyfriend is a member of one of the most violent gangs in the country.
And because Iris can I.
him, neither she nor the rest of you are safe in this house.
You have to leave.
- Right now ? - For how long ? I just can't take time off from my medical practice how long will we be gone ? Time out.
Folks, listen to me.
Like it or not, your lives as you know them ended five hours ago.
You have to leave Los Angeles.
Because of this gang's violent history, the department of justice is offering you immediate entry into the Federal Witness Protection Program.
This is beyond insane.
I know it seems that way now.
It doesn't seem that way.
This isn't the illusion of insanity.
This is actual mind-boggling, bang-your-head-with-a-hammer nuts ! You expect us to just walk away from our lives, give up everything, including who we are, just because my willful little girl went for a walkin the wrong neighborhood? just because my willful little girl went for a walkin the wrong neighborhood ? Something like that.
Well, forget it.
I've worked too hard.
Sacrificed too much building this life for us.
And--and a successful medical practice.
And I'm not gonna let some punk with a gun take it away.
Look, there's no lawthat says you have to come into the program.
But this gang has almost certainly put a green light on Iris.
Which means the only way to keep her safe, dr.
McBride, is witness protection.
It's possible Iris could go into the program alone.
But understand this.
Once you say good-bye, you will be completely cut off from all further contact with her forever.
No, that's unacceptable.
Now, I've heard enough.
Our child needs to be safe, and our family needs to be together.
We can figure out the rest later.
What should we pack ? Mostly clothes.
Come on, I'll help you figure it out.
You too, Lily.
Wow, you're really into the latin thing, huh ? Oh, yeah, anything spanish, I'm there.
Crazy, right ? I don't know.
My boyfriend's dominican.
He's smokin'.
Yeah ? Can I meet him ? What, do you think I'm stupid ? Let you steal him away ? Yeah, you know I would too.
All right.
That's a lot of shoes.
It's not even half of them.
Okay, well, pick five pair.
Two casual, one athletic, one dressy, and one businessy.
I have to run these patient files over to my practice.
We'll take care of it.
What about the rest of this stuff ? I just can't leave.
I'm afraid you have to leave the things that identify you with your past.
The rest will all get shipped after you get settled.
Speaking of getting settled, let me ask you something.
Do you by any chance have any friends or relatives or any connections at all anywhere in the country that might, you know, help ease the transition ? Well, we love San Francisco.
I still have some contacts there who could help me get re-established.
Or Boston.
I went to Wellesley.
New York, Chicago.
There's a dr.
Chesney in Atlanta.
Definitely not Atlanta.
Way too hot.
What about New Mexico ? Say, Albuquerque.
- Albuquerque ? - Albuquerque ? No, I don't think so.
I mean, does anyone actually live in Albuquerque ? We're cleared for Albuquerque.
I want to get everyone out of the danger area asap.
Send the girl from Ontario, as planned.
We'll have the rest of the family wheels up from Van Nuys inside of two hours.
Roger that.
Much appreciated.
They're just about packed up.
We all set ? Yeah.
It's always the innocuous tidbits that get to me.
Like archaeological artifacts.
We were here.
Now we're not.
It's just stuff.
It can be replaced.
Made yourselves like home.
There's bathrooms around to the left.
There's a kitchenette over there.
You're welcome to anything you can find, which isn't likely to be much.
Daddy, mom ! Daddy ! I got you.
I'm here.
Mom ! Okay.
It's okay.
It was so terrible.
They shot Lawrence.
I know, I know, baby.
I know.
Baby what were you doing in that neighborhood ? Warren, shush.
Does anybody know how Lawrence is ? Last word, he was still in surgery.
I don't know what that boy was doing in that neighborhood.
It's his fault that we're in this mess ! His fault ? Daddy, Lawrence got shot protecting me ! He stood in front of me and took all those bullets.
- Don't say it's his fault ! - It's okay.
If it wasn't for Lawrence, I wouldn't be here, daddy.
None of us would.
Quit crying you big baby ! I'm the baby ? How would you like it if I did this to you ? That is so you.
Always with your mind in the-- how do you say basura ? And that is so you, always with your mouth screwing up the english language.
How do you two know each other ? - Well, she's my - shrink.
I'm helping him deal with low self-esteem due to chronic sexual dysfunction.
Shouldn't that information be confidential ? Truth is, mostly I just follow him around telling him he's pretty.
This is the Witsec memorandum of understanding.
It lays out all the rules and regulations of life in the Witness Protection Program.
Item number one:"All contact with friends, family, business associates, or any other persons from the witness' past will cease.
" What does that mean, "all contact" ? It means you may not talk, write, visit, email, or I.
with anyone.
Nothing, unless approved and arranged through us first.
But our family.
We're a very close-knit family.
I know this seems harsh, but understand if your friends and family can find you, so can the people who want you dead.
Sexual dysfunction ? Obviously you're doing something wrong.
Mary does not have the demeanor of a satisfied woman.
Well, if her demeanor is sour, it's probably becausewe haven't you know since before I proposed.
But before that, I can assure you that I demeaned her very well.
Again ? Just talk to him.
So a girl answered his phone.
That could be totally innocent, like you and I.
We hang out all the time, but I can assure you that we'll never have sex.
That's because you're the gayest man on the planet.
Help me up, butt head ! Item 28: "Witnesses may not practice or work in any specialized profession or trade that connects them to their former life.
" What, exactly, does that mean ? You're a well-known ob-gyn.
Being african-american puts you in an even more select group.
Are you saying that my husband can't practice medicine ? It's possible you could still use your medical background, maybe teaching or doing research.
One doctor became a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company.
Oh, daddy, I'm so sorry - I got him.
- Warren Warren This isn't gonna work.
We have to figure out something else.
We're not like the other people with whom you're accustomed to dealing.
We are not criminals ! My children are intelligent, hard-working, accomplished.
My wife is.
We're all accomplished.
And resigning ourselvesto small, mediocre, anonymous livesis not an option.
There's nothing about this Program that mandates mediocrity.
Only anonymity.
Look, I've seen gangbangers from El Salvador completely reinvent themselves and go on to great success.
And I've seen folks come inwith every advantage, and completely bomb out.
The ones who make it find a way to reconcile themselves with their new set of circumstances.
I have lost everything for which I have spent my entire life working.
I can never again practice the only thing I know how to do, all because my headstrongoldest daughter, who never listensto a thing I say, decided to go some place she knows she wasn't supposed to be.
And now I have this rage ! Listen, I have this rage inside of me against her-- I--I am so angry at her ! At iris My beautiful, brilliant, precious baby girl.
I can't even lookat her anymore.
So you tell me, how do I reconcile myself with that set of circumstances ? So you're going with the "just give me six months"routine ? Yeah.
I was considering going with the "Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, backs against the wall at the Alamo" bit, but this seemed more apropos.
Yeah, especially since it was Jim Bowie, not Daniel Boone.
And they both got slaughtered at the Alamo.
- You sure about that ? - Pretty sure.
I'm not gonna stand here and tell you everything's gonna be fine, because I don't know that it is.
What I do know is that what happens from here forward is entirely up to you.
All of you.
How you approach each day, and what you make of the coming months.
Hence a calendar.
I want you all to doone thing for me.
And that is keep an open mind.
Keep a positive attitude.
And just keep it together for the next six months.
That's all I ask, okay ? Just give me six months,and on this day, october 15th, we'll all get together and we'll take stock of Unbelievable.
What ? What ? What just happened ? That's warren's father's 75th birthday.
We were planning a huge party for him.
- Should've gone with the alamo.
- Yeah, I guess.
Daddy, wait.
Have a good day, daddy.
I love you.
Me too.
Come on, honey, hurry up.
Give it time.
He'll come around.
No one stays mad forever.
You don't know my daddy.
- I love you girls.
- Love you too, mom.
Come on.
Are you sure I shouldn't go to school ? I am their mother.
Trust me, it's better if I do it.
I know the principal.
And she knows that the girls are you know ? She knows and she doesn't know.
Put it this way--she knows enough to know not to ask too many questions.
Which saves me the trouble of having to invent some cockamamie story.
- All right.
- I'll call you later.
This is where I'm supposed to practice medicine ? This place isn't fit for shearing sheep.
You have no idea how many strings I had to pull to get clearance for you to work here.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an outpouring of gratitude.
This isn't gonna work.
Are you Marshall Mann ? That's me.
And you're Dr.
You can call me Ferdinand or Ferd.
You must be Dr.
Welcome to our clinic.
Let's go this way.
We opened in '79, and I'm proud to say we've been operating in the red since day one.
With doctors like yourself donating their time, we've managed to keep our doors open.
Did he say "donate" ? Picked up on that, did you ? Iris and Lily Morris.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That's us.
Hi, I'm vice-principal Fair.
Is your mother or father here ? Actually, they're with me.
And you are ? Mary Sheppard.
Is principal Timmons here ? She had a family emergency.
Oh, well, I spoke to her yesterday about enrolling them.
And what, exactly, is your relationship to these two young ladies ? I'm their aunt on their father's side.
I was married to their father's brother Phillip.
They're laughing because it didn't work out--ha ha ! Very funny.
Joke's on aunt Mary.
Uncle Phillip was on the "down low.
" All right.
Never mind.
Let's get these girls enrolled so they won't be late for homeroom.
Come on in.
Phillip Morris ? Well, doctor, we'd love to have you join our rotation.
Obviously, we have limited resources, but we still manage to do good work.
Don't you want to know about my background ? You have a license to practice medicine ? Last time I checked.
That's good enough for me.
Please give it some thought, won't you ? I will.
I hope I hear from you soon.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Sure.
So what do you think ? I spent 20 years building a successful practice.
I graduated from Johns Hopkins with honors.
And now I'm supposed to be happy picking up shifts at some third-world clinic for some caribbean med-school hack ? Is that what you thought was gonna happen here ? 'Cause you need to get this through your head right now.
I will not demean myself ! Actually, Espinosa graduated top of his class at Harvard med.
And he spent the last 30 years working 100-hour weeks helping people with nowhere else to turn get competent medical care.
But yeah, I can see why you think you're above all this.
There's Lily.
she's really got a thing for the latin boys, huh ? Like "West Side Story".
Where's Iris ? I think she's around the side of the school using the phone.
Stay here.
Look, I know he's there.
I was the girl that was with him when he got shot.
Look, can't you just put me through to his room ? What's your problem ? My problem is you don't know who's on the other end of that call, and whether they have caller I.
that puts you in a 505 area code.
Don't you get it ? Your testimony straps that gang banger to a table with a needle in his arm.
His people are very,very motivated to find you.
And when they do, they'll kill you.
They'll kill your mother,your father, your sister, and anyone else that happens to be hanging around.
Come on.
a few days ago in Baltimore, a 12-year-old boy witnessed a gang shooting.
When the police interviewed him, he said he didn't want to testify.
He wasn't a snitch.
'Cause, you know, that's the culture these days.
Yesterday that kid was shot 16 times.
Apparently the gang didn't wantto take any chances on him changing his mind.
I know what you're going through is hard.
But while you sit here eating chinese food, right now there's a family in Baltimore planning a funeral.
Thank you for putting it in perspective for us.
- Warren - No, I mean how else are we supposed to come to appreciate the difference between eating fried rice and being dead ? Also, the LAPD arrested the shooter today.
We have to take Iris to I.
him in the morning.
Do you want to go, Denise, or should I ? - Neither of you are going.
- Why ? Because Marshall and I can do a better job protecting Iris if we don't have to worry about protecting you too.
Don't worry.
You'll be back in time for dinner.
Los Angeles,California Okay, please step forward when I call your number, and say these words: "Hola, mamacita ¿ Que pasa ?" Number one.
I don't need to hear anybody say anything.
It's definitely number three.
I think we're done here.
All right, everybody but number three can step out.
You're dead, you stupid bitch ! No.
You are, bitch ! You are ! You hear me ? You're dead ! Iris, come on.
Come on, come on.
I'm just curious why did you and Lawrence go to that neighborhood ? We just went down to see someone.
Is that a crime ? It depends on who you went to see and why.
Can we not talk about this ? Sure.
No problem.
I've got a surprise for you.
Really ? What ? I must be dead.
'Cause it sure feels like heaven.
Oh, Lawrence.
Baby, I am so, so, so, so sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry for.
Everything's all right.
They moved us.
My whole family.
We're not in L.
Careful what you say.
Yeah, us too.
It is so hard, Lawrence.
And I don't know if I can do it.
Everybody is so mad at me.
Hey, baby, if you can't do it, then no one can.
You are the strongest, bravest person I've ever met.
Girl, you're my hero.
I don't want to go back.
Not without you.
You're never without me.
We're connected cosmically, through time and space.
Only a 17-year-old can pull off that kind of crap.
Hey, guys for what it's worth, once you turn 18, if you both still want to get together, we can arrange it.
- For real ? - For real.
You see what I'm saying ? The universe wants us to be together.
In case I forgot to mention it, you impressed the hell out of me today.
And she doesn't impress easily.
Thank you.
You know, I actually feel like maybe we can put this behind us and get on with our lives.
I know you can.
Like my dad always says, as long as the family sticks together, we can get through anything.
He says that, does he ? Makes you wonder what family he's talking about.
Lily's sleeping.
- Hey, baby.
- Hi, mom ! Is daddy here ? Not yet.
He went out job hunting this morning.
That's good.
Have you heard from him ? Uh-uh, but he had a listof about eight clinics he wanted to check out.
And once he starts talking medicine with other doctors--what's wrong ? Are you upset 'cause he didn't like your clinic ? Could we speak to you for a sec ? What's wrong ? What's wrong is I told Warren he has one opportunity to practice medicine-- at the clinic, period.
I know, but you need to understand that Warren is not inclined to let people tell him what he can and cannot do.
And Warren needs to understand I could give a rat's ass about his inclinations.
- Marshall - no, don't.
We have bent over six ways to sunday accommodating Warren's delicate sensibilities.
And if I've - That's probably - I'll get it.
Don't touch that.
Hello ? That's right.
Where are you ? Stay there.
I'll be back.
And he can't take advantage of those free-throws.
Lakers up by three.
I'm supposed to beat that game.
Season tickets.
Just one more part of my life down the drain.
- Sweetie - My friend here is cut off.
The hell I am.
Make that a double.
He doesn't speak for me.
Pour me my damn drink ! Yeah.
That seems about right.
You always hide behind that badge.
Now you've got the badge.
Do not serve this man any more alcohol.
Now pay up and get your ass outside.
You know what your problem is ? You're one of those guys my father used to say demands respect but doesn't command respect.
Who the hell do you think you are talking to me that way ? There's nothing to you.
Just a lot of hot air and puffery.
You shut your mouth or I'm gonna shut it for you.
No wonder Iris doesn't listen to you.
I swear to God That girl's got more sack than you ever thought about having.
I'm warning you.
What are you gonna do ? Count to three,spank my bottom ? What's it gonna be, Warren ? I will not let you bait me.
All that righteous rage gone in a fit of conscience and common sense.
You're gonna hate yourself in the morning.
Get in the car.
- What are you doing here ? - I brought food.
- Really ? - Yeah.
Is that okay ? Well I don't see the four horsemen.
So how's the knee feeling ? Good.
I mean, not "ready to steal second" good, but Okay.
What are you doing ? We may not ever figure out the other stuff, but this I know we're good at.
Who the hell is that ? I don't know.
Uhh, ay dios mio.
Hi ! Brandi, hi.
I brought you some groceries, 'cause, you know, I seem to be the only one around here-- Mary, hi ! What are you doing here ? Uh, spending an evening with my boyfriend.
Was I supposed to check with you first ? What ? No.
What do I care what you and Chico do ? I'm just bringingthe poor slob some food.
So here you go.
You've got to talk to him sometime.
Come on, give him a chance, at least to explain.
Fine, I'll answer.
See you later.
Thank god you answered.
I was so worried.
Where have you been ? Sorry, I misplaced my phone.
You know how I'm always losing things.
Brandi, you didn't misplace the suitcase, did you ? 'Cause that's everything.
That's our whole world.
So what was that all about ? She called chuck, and a girl answered.
So now she's not taking his calls.
You seem to know a lot about Brandi's personal life.
And you seem to know almost nothing.
You know, she's been going through some very difficult time.
You-- Brandi's always going through difficult times.
That's what she does.
You know what else she does ? She sucks innocent bystanders in.
And then her difficult times become your difficult times.
Kind of like right now.
Well, maybe things would be different if she had someone that was encouraging and helpful, rather than always critical.
You know what ? I think I'm gonna pack it in for the night.
Good idea.
You know, you should leave before you actually have to deal with something personal.
'Cause that's what you do.
I'm just being honest.
I don't think I can do this.
Sweetheart, you just have to step back.
You're not thinking clearly.
No, that's not right.
For the first time since this happened, I am thinking clearly.
In eight months, Iris turns 18.
Her college account is fully funded.
And that's more than what most kids can say.
Now, we can leave this insanity, go back to our lives.
Oh, baby.
Oh, I can't believe that you would even consider walking out on your daughter, never seeing her again.
Believe me, I hate doing this, but it's the consequence of her actions, and it's what's best for this family.
Oh, my poor, poor baby bear.
So many wonderful qualities.
But your mother raised you to believe that the sun and the moon and planets all revolve around this sweet, sweet face.
And I have let you go on believing that, because I so adore gazing at it.
And because that's how I was raised.
And you know that I would walk through hell and back just to be here by your side.
But don't my sweet love, don't make the mistake of having me choose between you and my children.
And she said nothing to you about going anywhere ? No, nothing.
No sign of a break-in.
Looks like she just bolted.
Stan's got homeland security pulling passenger manifests from all Albuquerque bus, train, and plane departures.
Was she okay when she went to bed ? Yes.
This is just another one of her stupid, self-centered screw-up's, just one more way for her to cause grieffor this family.
Daddy, stop it ! You need to stop blaming Iris for everything just stop ! You don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know anything ! Lily.
Come back here ! Now she's even being disrespectful to me.
What is wrong with you ? Your daughter is missing ! You know, from what I've seen, there's only one self-centered screw-up in this family.
Everyone walks around on egg shells.
We have to accommodate Warren.
Careful, we don't want to upset Warren.
That's doctor to you.
- Dr.
Warren McBride.
- Fine.
You wanna be Dr.
Warren McBride, I've got an opt out card in my car.
You can put your doctor's scrawl on that, be out of the Program and on your way to L.
by noon.
Without your family.
But I think we've all learned what's important to you.
Sweetie, why did you tell your father he doesn't know what he's talking about ? Does this have something to do with what happened that day ? She made me promise I wouldn't tell.
Tell what ? What are you protecting her from now ? Lily, if you know something, you have to tell us about it now.
Daddy, I am so sorry.
This is all my fault.
I was visiting this boy from my school, and she told me not to go.
She knew it wasn't safe for us, but but she came anywayto get me.
Daddy, she was there protecting me.
Why didn't she tell us ? Why didn't you tell us ? lily, were you there ? Did you see it happen ? She didn't want the gang to target me too.
Daddy, I swear, I was gonna tell you, but Iris made me promise not to tell.
Why ? Why would she do that ? Because, daddy.
Because she said it was better if you only hated one of your daughters.
Roger that.
Got her.
She boarded a bus to L.
at 6:10 A.
It's supposed to reach Kingland by noon.
We've got a chopper standing by.
I'm going with, this time.
What's he doing here ? He came to take you home.
Why are you doing this ? He told my mom that when I turn 18 the family should quit the Program and leave me on my own.
They thought I was asleep, but I heard him.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
That sucks.
But if you go back to L.
, you'll be out of the program.
Which means you won't see Lawrence ever.
You'll be out on your own, so there's really no point to this.
The point is that my family can get on with their lives.
I don't wanna talk to you.
I know you don't, and I don't blame you.
Can you please tell him to get off ? I just need one minute.
Can I ? No! Stay.
I don't wanna be alone with him.
It's all right.
You can hear this too.
I won't leave.
I'll be right up there.
I have no excuse.
There's nothing I can say to justify my behavior these past few days.
It's a terrible thing to work your whole life for something only to have it taken away.
You're not the only one who lost.
I know I'm not.
I know.
So listen to me.
Listen to me, puddin'.
As bad as losing everything is, there is nothing that compares to finding out that the moment when the people who you love need you most, you are small and petty and a coward.
But daddy, you didn't lose everything.
You told us that family family is the only thing that matters.
That as long as we had each other and it was all just a lie.
You didn't mean any of it.
I did mean it.
I swear I did.
I'm so, so sorry.
I just caught up in self-pity, and I forgot.
I forgot that I am your father, that I'm supposed to stand up for you.
I'm the one who's supposed to be there for you.
I'm the one who's supposed to protect you.
And I'm the one who's supposed to even take a bullet for you.
And how could I forget that ? I--I'm so ashamed and embarrassed.
Oh, daddy.
You are my precious baby girl.
What you must think of me, I can't stand disappointing you like that.
Daddy, don't say that.
Don't ever say that, okay ? - I'm sorry.
- Okay.
People generally think of forgiveness as the flip side of contrition, the obligatory response to an apology.
It is not.
To forgive is to answer the call of our better angels and bear our wounds as the cost of doing business.
It is that rarest of things, simple and pure transcendent without strings.
Sight Season01 Episode07