In Plain Sight s01e08 Episode Script

Don of the Dead

Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is : somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents Don of the dead Boston We've tried, father.
But no matter what we do, we just Sixteen Months Ago don't feel about each other the way we used to.
We kind of can't stand each other.
I see this a lot these days.
I think you'll find that looking beyond yourselves Really can't stand each other.
He's got it, Don.
Spending time helping others is the best way I know to open your hearts.
You're familiar with the Immaculate Heart Soup Kitchen on third.
- Yes, I've heard great things.
- We run it.
What about prayer ? We attend mass every day.
- We have for years.
- Can I finish a sentence ? I don't know.
Can you ? Maybe there's a more carnal solution.
You could go away for a romantic weekend, recreate your first night of passion.
I-I was thinking more along the lines of annulment.
Well, unless you're first cousins or one of you was previously married, - I don't know what grounds-- - - The Kennedys do it all the time.
For the millionth time, you're not a Kennedy.
It just--it doesn't seem fair.
Feel free to take it up with his eminence in Rome.
So that's your advice ? Sex or prayer ? Look Don, Ruth you're obviously good people and devout catholics.
You need to trust that God has brought you together for a reason, and holds a divine purpose for you as a married couple.
In other words, we're screwed.
Like monks before the Tudors.
- We could, you know - Don't say it.
How can you even suggest such a thing ? Especially in his house.
Yeah, I don't know about you, but I'd rather be miserable with you in this life than face eternal damnation in the next.
I suppose you're right.
I mean, this is how we show our devotion to God.
By accepting that we'll always be unhappy together and nothing will ever change.
interfering with my business, father.
You want to save souls ? You go convert some protestants.
- But you leave my whores the hell alone ! - no, I can't do that ! Please, Joseph, think about your immortal soul-- No ! - He's with - Jesus Christ ! - It's Joseph Connor.
- Who's that ? Only the biggest racketeer in Boston.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Albuquerque - Present Day Just a little bit of love.
Amen, Harold.
Good job.
Phil, you know the rules.
No pill, no breakfast.
Take the pill, Phil, Phil, pill.
Good boy.
Okay, okay.
Now go get breakfast.
Hey, Mary.
What'd you bring ? Oh, just, you know, more unclaimed lost and found stuff from the federal building.
Oh, you went out and bought these yourself.
Well that is so unlike you.
Hey, Mary, good to see you.
Yeah, you too.
How are things, Don ? Couldn't be better.
Uh, Ruth, did you remember to schedule the hospice delivery ? You mean the same delivery I've scheduled every week for over a year ? - Yes, that one.
- Miss Ruthie, William stole my egg ! Sorry, I have to referee.
- So you guys still - Can't stand each other ? Hey, she even finishes your sentences.
That's fun, right ? Please explain in God's name why you two don't get divorced.
You make each other miserable.
And please, don't say it's because you're catholic.
Lots of catholicsget divorced these days.
Hell, I'm catholic.
I plan on getting divorced one day.
- Be a lucky man who divorces you.
- Damn straight.
Look, Mary.
It doesn't matter how many people get divorced.
It's not a democracy.
We don't vote on God's will.
Our vows made us one in his eyes.
And who are we to question that ? Although I must admit, I don't understand why He won't let Ruth be with someone that makes her happy.
Okay then, too weird for me.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Will do.
Thanks for the drop-off.
Okay, so Don's a little anal, and maybe Ruth's a bit of a ball buster.
Who isn't ? Still, you gotta wonder, if such good people with so much in common can't find happiness together, what hope is there for the rest of us ? Why do they have to come here to eat ? Ever since I told Mary about the family discount, I cannot get rid of her.
Two weeks ago she didn't want anything to do with Chico.
And then we start hanging out, and all of a sudden she wants to make it work.
- Leave it alone.
- You know what I think? I think she secretly wants us to get together, that way she's off the hook and it's not her fault.
That's why she keeps asking me to do stuff with him.
I strongly advise you to not put that theory to the test.
So this is nice, right ? It's like our first date all over again.
I hope not.
It took weeks for those bruises to heal.
Technically, that was our third date.
Only if you count being introduced and running into each other at the grocery store as dates.
I have to.
So are limes limes first and then they turn into lemons ? Or is it the other way around ? Oh, sweetie.
Do you really think limes and lemons are the same fruit ? Isn't a lemon just a really ripe lime ? Honey.
What about cauliflowerand broccoli ? What ? So I'm not good at produce ! It's not like I ever had any growing up.
Why don't we forget about the whole thing ? I was-- No, no, no, please, I want to clear the air.
Here you make this sweet, heartfelt gesture and I completely well, okay, in fairness to me, your proposal was spectacularly ill-conceived.
I mean, ridiculous, but still-- Hey, what's up ? There's been an accident.
Don Ferguson's been killed.
I was just talking to him down at the shelter.
Seemed like he never left that place.
He was one of the few truly good, selfless people I've ever met.
You know, Ayn Rand's central thesis posited selflessness as antithetical to good.
a lonely old man.
Oh, what's he doing here ? What are you doing here ? - Jogging.
- In your car.
I don't like to overdo.
What about you ? Well, with a fire and a burned body, there's always a question of arson or homicide.
Car was registered to a Donald Ferguson.
I take it you knew him.
Yeah, he and his wife run a homeless shelter.
I help out from time to time.
- What ? - Nothing.
I guess I just don't see you as a life in service to others kind of person.
But hey, good for you.
So you know of any reason why I should suspect foul play ? Your friend, he piss anybody off lately ? I can't imagine.
The guy really was a saint.
Hmm, if memory serves, a whole bunch of saints were murdered because they got on the wrong side of the wrong people.
Mind if I break the news to his widow ? We go back.
Knock yourself out.
She's not gonna disappear, is she ? All right, get back to me.
It looks like an accident, but we should move Ruth just in case.
Sounds good.
The FBIi confirmed that Joseph Connor is still in prison awaiting trial.
But his two sons have apparently kept up the family's good name.
I'm waiting for an update on their whereabouts from the bureau office in Boston.
All right, thanks for checking.
Oh, if you can, start running backgrounds on the people at the shelter.
On their meds, they're colorful.
Off 'em, who knows ? All over it.
I have to see him.
ruth, ruth, it's nota great idea.
He was burned pretty badly.
That doesn't matter.
I have to say a prayer over him at least.
He deserves at least that.
All right.
All right, I'll-- I'll try to make arrangements tomorrow.
He was a good man.
I wish What ? That we'd never met.
He could've been happy with someone else.
I made him so miserable.
No, that's not true.
You two accomplished so much together.
I know he was happy with that.
Look, I know it's the last thing you want to deal with right now, but we have to get you to a safe house.
No, I can't.
The people here will be distraught when they hear the news.
I need to be here for them.
Besides, I thought it was just an accident.
Yeah, it probably--it probably was.
But until we rule out other possibilities you think Joseph Connor had something to do with this ? No, I don't.
But we don't take those kind of chances.
Sorry, it's not subject to discussion.
It's Witsec policy.
Ruth, we have to leave now.
- No, I won't abandon these people.
- Ruth-- I'll leave the program before I leave the shelter.
And that's not subject to discussion.
Besides, these people here, they would never let anyone hurt me.
Unless it was one of them who killed Don.
I just don't understand how you can chase a ball around in circles with a bat and glove all day every day and call that a career.
What's the point ? Well, first of all, we don't chase in circles.
We run around a diamond.
But the point is, I guess, that it's graceful, and athletic, and pure.
And it doesn't pretend or need to be anything other than what it is.
It's just baseball.
And I'm really good at it.
What ? Oh, nothing.
It must be really nice to be good at something.
You're good at things.
- No, I'm really not.
- No.
I wonder what happened.
Can I help you ? Yeah, I was just wondering if I could hang up a flyer.
We don't normally allow people to It's for a play that we're doing downtown.
A musical.
I love this show ! When I was a young girl, I always dreamt of playing Charity.
Oh, well, then you should audition.
Audition for what ? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, right.
What ? I'm too old ? Not pretty enough ? No, no, I just think you're too classy to play a prostitute.
Oh, please.
You are so trying to get yourself out of trouble.
I am not.
Hey, you are absolutely hot enough to play a hooker.
Hell, I'd pay good money to have sex with you.
Mom was like this prodigy dancer at age 15 until a bunch of stuff happened.
And my dad was this super gambler.
And Mary, she's always been great at everything.
Wait, your dad was the gambler ? No, that's Kenny Rogers.
My dad was a gambler.
- "A.
" - Yeah.
And he pretty much did it professionally.
He won this car in a poker game.
This car ? Your dad won this car ? Well, yeah, he supposedly won $17,000, but he was afraid to face Jinx because he'd been gone for three days.
So he stopped at the dealership on his way back, and he came home with this little beauty.
Actually, I'll show you.
My mom kept the original registration.
This car is about the only thing in her life she's ever taken care of.
Here we go.
You see ? So what do you know about lemons ? Limones ? It's--it's my mother.
What the hell is taking so long ? You better not be doingwhat I think you're doing.
Who do you think I am ? You ? Just get your ass back here.
Now ! Uh, I gotta go.
My mom's flipping out about the car.
I'll be back tomorrow to take you to physical therapy.
Well, actually, Mary offered to take me.
Ha, right ! Good luck.
All right, call me when she doesn't show.
Anyway, I was thinking afterwards we could maybe grab lunch or a movie ? Your treat, of course.
Well, I already told Mary I'd go out with her.
And maybe lunch and a movie isn't such a good idea for us.
I don't want to cross the line.
All right, well, I guess I'll see you around then.
Yeah, well I guess Good night, then.
Ferguson, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
May I see Donald now ? You should know the burns are extensive.
I just wanted to say good-bye.
And, uh I miss you.
Didn't see that one coming, did you ? Neither did I.
I'm sorry we couldn't be happy together.
I don't yet know the purpose of our time together.
But I'm sure from where you are the answers are clear.
I hope you know that even though I couldn't stand you, I did I do love you.
Thank you.
When can I lay him to rest ? I should be able to release the body this afternoon.
I don't know if this'll be of any comfort, but he wouldn't have lived much longer anyway.
- I don't understand.
- Why ? His liver.
It's completely cirrhotic.
He would've been dead within a couple of months.
Why was Don's liver cirrhotic ? You are aware, Mrs.
Ferguson, that your husband was an alcoholic.
No, that's not right.
I'm afraid there's no question.
His blood alcohol was .
28 at the time of his death.
No, Don never drank.
Except for the sacrament.
He helped so many people get sober.
- He couldn't stand alcohol.
- Alcoholics can be very secretive.
Sometimes the people they're closest to don't even know-- My husband got up at 5:00 every morning to minister to the needy.
He didn't get home until usually well past midnight.
So if you're telling methat that person on that table was an alcoholic, then I'm telling you that's not my husband.
Then you need to get me a DNA sample, because the body on this table has been a fall-down drunk every day of his adult life.
We got a big problem.
So I don't get it.
Someone killed Don and then left a different body in the car to throw us off ? I don't know.
Could be a kidnapping.
Any word from the FBI ? Yeah, Connor's two sons left Boston three days ago on a fishing trip to Mexico.
Why didn't the FBI give us a heads up ? Well, they're very busy, important people.
Oh, that's unbelievable.
Anyway, they still can't locate the Connor brothers.
They flew into San Diego, where they were supposed to meet up with a friend.
But no one in the family can or will confirm or deny anything after that.
Seems the brothers are big on witness intimidation, but not so much on itineraries.
But if they killed or took Don to keep him from testifying, why cover it up ? It's more likely to get the trial delayed than thrown out.
Who can know the inner workings of the criminal mind ? Isn't that kind of our job ? Okay, how about this ? Maybe the body's one of the brothers.
Or another accomplice who got killed accidentally.
Or outlived his usefulness.
- A lot of maybes in what you just said.
- You're right.
Why don't we let the FBI worry about tracking the brothers ? We'll concentrate on protecting Ruth and finding Don.
Preferably alive.
Sounds like a plan.
- I'll head back to the office.
- Okay.
Oh, you made it.
Of course I made it.
Why wouldn't I ? Uh, no reason.
Oh, sexy.
So something came up at work.
I'm gonna have to just drop you off.
You can get a ride home, right ? Sure.
In case you didn't notice, I've been trying to be more honest.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe "open" is a better word.
Open with people and myself about how I relate.
Which is to say most of the time I don't.
Uh, I'll call her back.
Oh, don't not talk to her on my account.
Step outside if you need some privacy.
Of course not.
I really want to hear what you're saying.
As I'm discovering, it has a lot do with how I handle or, um, don't handle commitment.
You know your sister.
She can talk.
Is there something you want to tell me ? I think it's great that you're finally opening up.
I mean about you and Brandi.
Get it.
For god's sake, talk to her ! Yeah, I'll be quick.
It's not fair.
I schlep you back and forth from therapy.
I do your grocery shopping.
And I wash your gross laundry.
And as soon as I want to do something fun, it's crossing a goddamn line ? Look, Brandi, it's just that last night-- why don't the three of us go and see a movie together sometime ? Oh, please, if we wait for Mary to be available, we'll never go.
And what about last night ? Hang on, I'm getting another call.
This is ridiculous.
What the hell is going on with you and Raphael ? - Nothing.
- Really ? Okay, well, he just took the phone into the next room to talk to you, so something's going on.
Nothing, it's just a disagreement.
If you're sleeping with him, I hope you have the decency to tell me.
I'm not sleeping with him ! I can't believe everybody thinks that I would do that.
First mom, and now you.
I would never sleep with him.
Unless of course you two were definitely broken up.
You know what ?I don't have timefor this high school B.
Tell chico to call me when you two figure this out.
What did you do ? What ? Nothing ! Why is everything always my fault ? God, go to hell.
Hello? Hello? Now who's gonna drive me ? Do you remember anyone walking out this way this morning ? No, not that I can recall.
Well, someone walked away from the crime scene.
I can't figure out where he went next.
Don't worry.
I know just who to call.
Tracks definitely belong to a male.
Approximately six foot,180 pounds.
This guy's totally jerking our chain.
From the trail of blood, he's seriously injured.
You can see by his gait he's getting weaker.
Yeah, go on, smart ass.
Say something else.
Oh, hell no.
Car pulled up here.
Four-door sedan.
Rear right tire's bald.
Looks like a guy got out.
There was a struggle.
Our guy was pulled into the car.
Where'd they go next ? I-40.
With a 15-hour head start, whoever grabbed your guy could be anywhere from California to Arkansas.
Don's last cell phone call was to the shelter last night at 9:16.
Three and a half minutes.
Strange no one mentioned talking to him.
Looks like backstage at a fashion show.
Only these people look healthier.
Hey, what's going on ? Oh, we're going to the church to pray for the soul of that poor man who died in Don's car.
And for Don's safe return.
I know you're lapsed, but we'd love it if you came.
I'll try to make it.
I'm just a little tied up at the moment, what with trying to find your missing husband and all.
Listen, Don called the shelter last night around the same time he disappeared, and he spoke to someone for three minutes.
Do you have any idea who that might be ? No, but Phil's been missing since last night.
And he wasn't at breakfast this morning.
He never misses breakfast.
He really shouldn't go a day without taking his medication.
- You don't think he had - What kind of medication is he on ? Clozapine.
It's an antipsychotic.
I'll get the police on it.
I have to clean up for church.
Sorry, I have to take care of this.
Hey, where were you last night ? I was here like always.
Did you get any calls ? Say around 9:00 ? Nope.
I'm sending a few marshals along for extra security just in case.
- Have they found those Connor boys ? - Not yet.
You'll be back right after the service, right ? We're having a picnic after the service.
Ruth, you need to take this seriously.
Okay, I know what you're doing is important.
But if I can't protect you I really don't want to kick you out of the Program.
Excuse me.
I have to get everyone on the bus.
Of course you do.
It's tough, huh ? What is ? Watching the light go out on those childhood dreams.
So what dream did your little light go out on ? Oh, I wanted to play for the Yankees.
Why is that stupid ? Because every boy in the world thinks he's gonna grow up and play for the Yankees.
Just like every little girl thinks she's going to, uh, I don't know, star on Broadway or some such nonsense.
It's not nonsense.
But you know what the hardest part is ? The dagger to the heart ? No, but I'm sureyou'll tell me.
It's when the dream has passed you by, and you've made all these excuses.
You know, why it didn't happen.
And then one day, you have that epiphany.
We just weren't good enough.
We didn't have the goods.
I mean, if we did, well we wouldn't be here, would we ? I was good enough.
You gonna write "wash me" on the windshield ? Hey, Ruth ! Do you know whose car this is ? Yeah, it's cook's.
- Maybe he forgot the ketchup.
- Yeah, I'm sure that's it.
Real name : Peter Odell.
Multiple drunk and disorderlies, assault, burglary.
Yeah, and that's all in my past.
Don and Ruth saved me.
I owe them everything.
I could never hurt Don.
Come on, Pete.
The dust and the bald tire put your car at the crash sight.
And I know you had a thing for ruth.
Hell, Don knew you had a thing for Ruth.
To tell you the truth, I think she's got a little thing for you too.
Come on, it doesn't take a genius to figure your life gets a whole lot better with Don gone.
I swear I didn't do anything wrong.
We've got blood, skin, burnt clothes.
That car is a veritable cornucopia of damning evidence.
Things are not looking good for you, my friend.
I didn't hurt Don.
But someone else did ? Come on, Peter.
New Mexico is a death penalty state.
That other body turns out to be Phil, you're on the hook for two murders.
Help yourself out.
I can't.
I promised not to tell.
Tell what ? That you killed two innocent people ? Okay.
Don's car was stolen when he was delivering food to one of the outreach facilities.
He saw the guy steal his car, drive away, then veer off the road.
He ran after him to help, but by the time he got there, the car was totally engulfed.
He got burned and he cut up his leg pretty bad trying to pull the guy out.
Calls me at the shelter, tells me to bring the first aid kit, but not to tell anyone.
I drove out there.
I picked him up.
He bandaged himself up as best he could, and then he had me, drop him off at the free clinic.
He was he was bleeding a lot.
But I swearhe was alive.
Don said that he had to disappear.
That everyone had to think that he died in the crash.
He wouldn't tell me why, but he made me promise not to tell a soul.
Especially Ruth.
He said if she ever found out, that she would be in great jeopardy.
Oh, you expect us to believe that load of crap.
Any chance he's connected to the Connors ? With that rap sheet, it wouldn't be a total shock.
Especially since the FBI still can't find them.
Is there any reason why I shouldn't arrest this mope right now ? None that I can think of.
Peter Odell, you're under arrest for the murder of Donald Ferguson.
Get up.
You have the right to remain silent.
Be used against you in a court of law.
Hey, Ruth.
I can't take this anymore ! It's too much.
He's dead, he's not dead, he's dead.
- I don't know, it's just - Hey, hey, calm down, calm down.
What's--what's going on ? Phil came to the service.
He's alive.
But he's half out of his mind off his meds.
He said Don's dead.
He said he saw Don die.
I'm on my way.
Phil's alive, but Don's dead.
And you're as good as dead.
Oh, my God.
It wasn't me.
You have to believe me.
No, I really don't.
Yes, I'd like to audition for your show.
Okay, I gave him his pill.
But it hasn't taken effect yet.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, Phil.
Listen, I'll let you get back to your praying in a minute, now I need your help.
Now, I need you to tell me what happened to Don.
Don came to the church.
And--and we prayed.
He was hurt really bad.
Did he say who hurt him ? So Don is praying.
Then what happened ? Then Don died.
I know it's hard.
But I need to know where his body is so we can catch whoever hurt him, okay ? - Don's in heaven.
- No, not his spirit.
His body.
Where's his body ? Don's in heaven.
Phil, okay, when we die the body gets buried, and the soul goes to heaven.
- The soul inside of Phil.
- Right, the soul.
- But I want to concentrate - Phil has five souls.
They talk all the time.
It's really loud.
Now they're talking about you.
Where is Sister Constance when you need her ? Okay, Phil where's heaven ? In the sky.
Okay, good.
Souls go to the sky.
Bodies stay here.
So where is Don's frickin' body, Phil ? - Heaven.
- Okay.
In the sky with God and Mary and the angels.
James and st.
And st.
And st.
So Don died.
Then he went to heaven.
Up there ? Is that what you mean ? Phil did you help Don die ? I put Don in heaven.
Am I in trouble ? Why don't you go pray with miss Ruth, okay? Phil prays every day.
Cook's locked up.
That's swell.
I think Phil might've killed don.
Keep an eye on himfor me.
What else have I got to do ? Oh, God.
What ? What--what ? I just spent two days running all over creation thinking you were kidnapped or dead.
Half the hobos in Albuquerque are in mourning.
Cook's facing murder charges.
And you have the balls to shush me ? - Cook killed someone ? - Yeah.
Apparently you.
Now start explaining.
What is going on ? - Again with the shushing.
- Listen.
Come here, come here.
Let us pray.
Look at her.
She says it's bad manners to look at your feet when talking to God.
Six years ago, I was in a deep crisis.
Not what people like to call a crisis of faith.
I never doubted God's existence.
I just couldn't find him.
It was like he was avoiding me.
It's a terrible thing to be snubbed by the creator.
So I began attending mass at a different church every day.
Seven churches, seven masses,seven days.
Sometimes even more.
And on the 17th day, in a small cathedral south of Boston during the liturgy of the eucharist, I looked over and that's what I saw.
I'd never seen anyone with God before.
But you know, that's not enough to sustain a man and a woman.
We've always had god, but never each other.
You faked your death to get away from Ruth ? No.
No, it's God's will, Mary.
He spoke to me through the burning jeep.
He called that poor soul who died in my truck home to end his suffering, and mine, and Ruth's.
How much blood did you lose ? I'm not delusional.
God did speak to me.
He said I should hide myself here in his house and pray.
And when my injuries healed, I should leave this place.
Ruth will find happiness.
And I'll continue doing his work in another city.
This is God's will, Mary.
It's what he wants.
You don't believe.
I believe you believe.
And I can't think of anyone who deserves to be happy in this life more than you and Ruth.
it's ridiculous.
Everybody has these suspicious minds.
They automatically assume the worst.
Like can't two attractive heterosexual people just be friends ? Not in my experience.
Oh, it's Raph.
Probably wants me to come over and do his taxes or snake his toilet.
What? I just have to say a few things, okay ? Look, I think that for the good of everybody it's probably best if we stop hanging out.
What ? That's crazy ? Just because we had some stupid moment, we can't be friends anymore ? Okay, that's ridiculous.
Nothing happened.
And nothing will happen.
What are you, three ? I'm sorry, I can't.
Chico, cut it out.
Chico ? According to the gospel of Don, God told Don to free himself and Ruth from the surly bonds of their loveless marriage.
He said that their union had fulfilled his purpose.
And now Don was to leave Ruth with the belief he had perished so that they might both go out and find happiness on earth.
Don, being the lord's faithful servant, was loathe to disobey.
"And jesus came upon two brothers "who were fishing in the sea of Galilee.
And said unto them, 'follow me, and I will turn you into fishers of people.
' What's that got to do with it ? The FBI just picked up the Connor brothers on a fishing boat in the gulf of California with 400 pounds of mexican heroin in the hold.
Before Don limped off into the desert night, he asked God, "Lord, you have commanded me to be happy, but you haven't told me how.
"Please, Lord, what does it take for two people to be happy?" But the Lord had said all that he would say.