In Plain Sight s01e11 Episode Script

Stan By Me

Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population, And that is : Somebody wants them dead.
La Witness Protection Team présente : Stan by me Hey, where the hell are you ?! I've been leaving messages all night.
Six months we've been working on this thing.
You better not have screwed it up.
Call me ! FBI ! Turn around, put your hands behind your neck, fingers laced together.
Charles Andrew Johnson, you're under arrest for interstate drug trafficking.
You have the right to remain silent.
- You don't want me.
- You have the right to an attorney.
- Should you refuse that right - Seriously, I'm small potatoes.
I can give you names.
Buyers, dealers.
All major players.
Home phones, cell phones, e-mails, addresses.
Show me.
It's all up here.
it's all up here.
Every name, every deal, every dollar.
What do you want ? I want a deal.
Immunity from prosecution and witness protection.
You gotta be kidding me.
Check with your boss.
I'm gonna make a call.
Move and you're dead.
I understand.
yes, sir.
He says it's a go.
All right, Mr.
Johnson, here's the deal.
If the information you provide us checks out, And you agree to testify in all criminal proceedings resulting from this information, you get your immunity.
In the meantime, you're authorized for immediate placement In the Federal Witness Protection Program.
You won't be disappointed, I promise.
No, please, don't kill me ! Please ! I've got money, I've got drugs.
you can have 'em all.
Please, take 'em.
Please ! Hey, charlie.
What are you doing here, man ? What's happened ? You screwed the pooch big time.
No, no, no No, please ! .
After dropping Brandi off at the airport to fly home to her skeevy boyfriend Chuck with a ticket I paid for, no less, only to discover her hours later at Raph's with her head in his lap, no less, an idea has formed, a realization if you will.
I don't know.
Anyway, here it is.
My family will be the death of me, and I don't mean in that "You kids will rue the day" kind of way.
No, I'm talking about knocking on heaven's door, charge the beach at Normandy, shuffle off that mortal coil, deceased.
But the real epiphany is, I have absolutely no say in the matter.
I wonder why I'm not more upset.
That was excellent.
Thank you all.
We'll be making our decisions this evening.
Singing auditions in ten minutes.
I think we have a ringer in the room.
Where are you from ? Uh, New Jersey.
Thank you.
I'm just gonna go catch my breath.
I'll be right back.
Hey, you on your way in ? I think my mom's a prostitute.
Did you hear what I said ? So, what, you gonna be late ? Marshall, I'm down on ninth.
I just saw dear old mom walk down an alley dressed like a hooker.
Doesn't she always kinda dress like a Good-bye.
* I know a place * * where dreams are born * * and time is never planned * * it's not on any chart * * you must find it with your heart * * never never land * * you'll have a treasure if you stay there * * more precious than gold * * for once you have found your way there * * you will never never grow old * * so come with me * * where dreams are born * * and time is never planned * * just think of lovely things * * and your heart will fly on-- * What are you doing here ?! I was wondering the same thing about you.
God damn it ! Why do you have to ruin everything ?! Mom mom, wait.
What ? You couldn't let me have one thing ! Just one thing.
What are you talking about? You knew how much this meant to me.
You came here to humiliate me.
To sabotage my happiness.
Mom, not only did I not know how much this meant to you, I didn't know about this period.
You know what, mom, I've seen all kinds of crazy from you over the years, but this is hands down My God, why would I want to ruin this for you ? Why ? - What possible reason would I have ? - Because that's what you do.
You ruin everything ! The only time you are ever happy is when Brandi or I are miserable.
You root for our failures, like some buzzard waiting to swoop in.
It's the only thing that gives your life any meaning.
Well, this should keep you going for quite a while.
Hello ? Is this inspector Shannon ? Yeah, Mary.
Who's this ? Special agent Robert O'Connor.
I'm calling from New Jersey.
Okay, what can I do for you, agent O'Connor ? Do you have a sister named Brandi in Northvale, New Jersey ? Why are you asking ? Please just answer the question.
Are you the sister of Brandi Katherine Shannon ? I'll answer the damn question when you tell me what this is all about.
Hello ? Inspector, are you there ? Inspector Shannon ? Inspector Shannon, are you there ? Hello ? Inspector Shannon, are you there ? Inspector Shannon ? Mary are you there ? Mary ? Hello ? Mary ? Bye-bye, Mary.
I'm sorry I laid all that stuff on you last night.
You don't need that in your life.
Well, nobody needs that in their life.
You hate me now, don't you ? No, I don't hate you.
But I think You think I'm trouble.
I think you're in trouble.
And you should talk to your sister about this.
No offense, Chico, but I've had a lot more experience with Mary than you.
And I need to wait for her to cool down.
Which in this particular situation could be never.
Well, i'll talk to her and explain.
She thinks what she saw last night was something else.
And I think you underestimate your sister.
When push comes to pull, she'll do anything for you.
- What ? - Never mind.
You need to get going, or you're gonna be late for practice.
But when I get back, we need to talk.
Don't worry, I'll help you with this.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You'll see.
I think this one's a little out of your league.
But thanks for offering.
You're a good person.
Yes, I am.
You're beeping.
How come you have two phones ? 'cause I thought I lost mine.
And then, of course, as soon as I bought the disposable, the first one showed up.
It's chuck.
I think he's caused you enough trouble.
if I were you, I'd throw away that phone and forget I ever knew him.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Need a hand with that, Sally ? Okay.
I think I got it.
I just don't quite have my legs all the way under me yet.
Have fun at practice.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
Call your sister.
here comes the beep.
You know what to do.
Hey, chuck, it's me.
I'm sure you're probably really pissed at me, And i'm sorry.
But there were extenuating circumstances.
Is this Brandi Shannon ? Who is this ? Special agent Robert O'Connor of the FBI.
I need to know your exact location.
I'm gonna need an immediate trace on that call, Then I'm gonna need a plane ticket to wherever it came from.
I just want to be clear.
You saw a woman by the name of Mary get tossed into the backseat of a car by two men.
Yep, And they got in the car and they drove off toward the highway.
I see.
All righty then, um Is there anything else you want to share with us today ? No.
Canvass the area.
See if anyone else saw anything, But don't put in any overtime, if you catch my meaning.
And that must be for Mary.
Hello ? Who is this? This is detective Dershowitz, Albuquerque P.
Who is this, and why are you calling this number ? Oh, God.
Marshall What do you think of this tie, huh ? Oh, no.
What, you didn't even look at it.
Two FBI agents were killed in New Jersey this morning.
Oh, no.
"Agents Michener and Kern.
Ambushedtwo assailants.
" Northvale, New Jersey.
North--wait a minute, Northvale.
Why do I know Northvale ? Mary's sister lives there.
"Called in arrest of drug dealer, Charles Andrew Johnson WC-6144a.
" Two dead agents and a missing witness.
I'll bet the New Jersey office is hopping.
You got that right.
You got stan.
Is this Stan McQueen of U.
Marshals ? Yeah, who's this ? This is detective Dershowitz.
Good morning, detective, what can I do for you ? It's that Bobby D.
When was the last time you saw inspector Shannon ? Oh, Mary ? uh, I don't know.
Why ? Marshall here.
This is FBI special agent O'Connor.
I'm trying to contact an inspector Shannon with the u.
She's not here right now, agent O'Connor.
Would you like to leave a message, or could I give you her Cell ? hello? It's me.
I need help.
What's wrong now ? I need you to come pick me up.
Oh, right, like i'm gonna drive all the way to New Jersey to pick you up.
I'm not in New Jersey.
I'm at Raph's.
Mary's Raph ? Yes.
Well, what are you-- what are you talking about? You are supposed to be back in New Jersey.
What did you do ? Just come and get me.
something's going on.
Please, i need you to come get me.
Yes, sir, inspector Mary Shannon.
It appears she was abducted this morning at approximately 0900.
No, sir.
No word yet on any ransom demand.
Marshall We found these in her car.
This gun was under the seat.
But what about this ? Does it mean anything to you ? It means she had a lot on her mind.
You mind if I take this top sheet, see if I can match any of it with her notes at work ? - No, it's all yours.
- thank you.
So what'd they say inside ? They said her mom auditioned for a play this morning.
Mary was here, but she left.
That must be when they Look, um, Mary and I, we had our run-ins but we're gonna work this as hard as we can.
We'll find her.
Here's the plan.
We're gonna coordinate with the FBI, right ? You and I will set up a joint command post with them.
We'll start with her witnesses, right ? Checking on any possible witsec connection.
You know the drill.
And the FBI is looking into any Jersey connection ? They're already into it.
- Any word on Brandi ? - Haven't found her yet.
Come on, let's go.
I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on.
Which part ? The part where I called Chuck and the FBI answered ? Or the part where I called Mary and the cops answered ? Chuck's always in trouble.
And Mary's always hanging out with cops.
She probably left her cell phone in some doughnut shop.
- Mom - I want to know why you were at Mary's boyfriend's apartment And not in New Jersey where you are supposed to be.
Something happened yesterday, and I didn't go back to New Jersey.
Uh--no, really ? Last night Mary caught Chico and me together.
What ?! No, not together together.
But she thinks that we were.
And anyway, I'm worried.
Look, I know everybody thinks that she's so stable, but I swear she's not.
What if she saw me with chico and, you know Did something to herself ? Oh, sweetie, Mary is way too self-involved to ever take her own life.
And then there's this other thing.
I'm in a lot of trouble, mom.
I need to get out of town now.
No, no.
You were supposed to leave town yesterday.
Come on.
If you're really in trouble, I'm gonna take you home.
You'll see Everything will be fine.
Tempest in a teapot.
It'd be a big help if you could answer a few questions for us.
Think you're up for that ? Yeah.
Any strange calls, hang-ups ? No.
Brandi, we have a few questions about Chuck.
What ? Why ? Two FBIi agents were killed this morning in New Jersey.
I'm sorry.
What does that have to do with It happened at Chuck's house.
Oh, my God, Chuck's house ? My house ?! Is Chuck okay ? We don't know.
He's missing.
We don't know if whoever killed the agents may have grabbed Chuck or Or what ? You think Chuck killed them ? No.
I--i mean Okay, so maybe he's not the most upstanding citizen, but Chuck wouldn't kill anyone.
When's the last time you heard from him ? Um, I don't know.
Maybe about a week ago.
We broke up.
Mary told me that she dropped you off at the airport yesterday.
She said you were going back to New Jersey.
I was, but chuck and I had a fight.
You said you hadn't spoken to him since last week.
Well, yeah, that's right, but i, um-- For God's sake.
Just when you thought it was impossible, the Shannon women have sunk to an all-time low.
Excuse me ? Brandi wanted to be with Mary's boyfriend, Raphael.
So after Mary dropped her off at the airport, she snuck back to his apartment.
Oh, mom You did that ? It's not what you think.
Oh, it's exactly what you think ! Please Find Mary.
Just Find my baby.
I promise you we have a lot of people working on this.
I promise.
Are you insane ? We've got a house full of FBI agents, and U.
Marshals, and the police, And God knows who else.
And you're sitting here with a suitcase full of drugs ?! What is wrong with you ?! I didn't know all those people were gonna be here.
You are missing the point.
You brought your boyfriend's drugs into your sister's house.
I was trying to do the right thing.
I never wanted to do this, okay ? But Chuck just told me that I had to, or else Or else what ? Or else he wouldn't love me anymore.
Oh, my God.
Okay Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, jesus.
Get this missing persons release out to the media right away.
Yes, sir.
I'm looking for Stan McQueen.
Yeah, over here.
Robert O'Connor, FBI.
How you doing ? This is marshal Marshall Mann.
A pleasure.
I wish there were better circumstances.
What was that missing persons release? A missing persons bulletin for Charles Anderson and inspector Shannon.
Inspector Shannon's identity is classified And cannot be released to the media.
I'll take that under advisement.
Where can I find her sister Brandi Shannon ? You realize releasing her identity Could cost her her life, end would certainly end her career.
I said I'd take it under advisement.
Now, where can I find her sister, Brandi Shannon ? She's here.
But she doesn't know anything about your murders.
Thanks for the preview, but if it's all the same to you, I prefer to do my own interviews.
Of course, but just so you know, we're very close with the family.
I see.
Are you talking about this family ? Brandi Shannon, in trouble since she was 13.
First juvenile arrest for stealing barbiturates from the local pharmacy.
Since then, petty theft, grand theft auto, public intoxication, Possession So she was a troubled kid.
There's nothing on there from this century.
Oh, if you're looking for current events-- Jinx Shannon.
Arrested two years ago on a D.
Her third in five years.
She attended 19 of a court-ordered before leaving the state and moving to New Mexico to live with Wait.
whoa, whoa, whoa.
You pulled the file on a United States marshal ? It's called a criminal investigation.
It's called a goddamned witch hunt ! Now, you get that garbage out of this house before I throw you the hell out with it ! Easy.
This would be a good time for you to leave.
Actually, the attorney general's put me in charge of all aspects of this investigation.
And I think it's time for you both to leave.
Oh, before you both go James Wiley Shannon.
Husband of Jinx, father of Mary and Brandi.
Spent 30 years on the FBI's most wanted list for multiple armed bank robberies.
Bet you didn't know about that one.
Honestly, with this family tree, how she got into the marshal service at all is a mystery to me.
Uh-oh, you dropped something.
Come on.
What do you want from me ? What do you think I want, Brandi ? What ? Come on, now, one of you better tell me where my drugs are.
Or this is gonna turn into a real unpleasant evening.
That's not Brandi.
That's her sister, Mary.
Thanks, chuckles.
How could you take the wrong girl ? I had an address.
You know, I was told she was a hot blonde, so We grabbed the first hot blonde that came out of the house.
This makes getting kidnapped worth it.
Where the hell's Brandi ? I don't know.
Ask her.
Oh, God, you really are a worthless bag of crap.
She's at my house.
Genius over there grabbed the wrong hot sister.
How stupid do you think I am ? I mean, you've been gone, what, 14 hours ? Your place is crawling with feds by now.
You two better start making yourselves useful.
Or I'm gonna have a hard time justifying your upkeep.
The throwaways.
We had a disposable cell phone for the deal.
She might still have it.
It's, uh Oh, crap ! Chuck.
Guess again, sweetie.
Who is this ? The guy you narc'd on the other day.
Russell ? Close.
just to show you how fair-minded i am, I'm gonna let you decide who has to pay the price ror ripping me off.
Your boyfriend or your sister.
Well, hang on.
I have the drugs.
I'll just get them to you.
Wrong answer.
Wait-- Oh, my God, what did you do ? That's one down and one to go.
so you meet me at 27 rio bravo at 11:00, Or your sister's next.
And if you don't show, or you bring the cops, they'll never find the pieces of your sister's body.
We need to talk.
My guys canvassed the area three times, but no new witnesses have come forward.
Yeah, I might have something.
You found her ? I've tracked her through four turns.
Now watch.
A green sedan keeps showing up a few cars back.
There it is again.
That's five turns.
Is there a clear shot of that license number ? The guy was sloppy.
Mary would have spotted him.
Hang on.
Hey, Tommy, it's Bobby D.
Run this plate for me.
Yeah, i'll hang on.
Come on, give us a break.
I gotta go.
You're not going anywhere until we talk.
Sit down.
We have Chuck's phone records.
You two are pretty chatty for people who are broken up.
Well, he was having a hard time letting go, and I was trying to get him to send my things.
I see.
All right, thanks.
The car was reported stolen early this morning.
There's no report of it yet.
Damn it ! So why did your sister buy you a ticket to New Jersey two days ago ? I thought if we talked face to face, that he'd get that it was over.
Yeah Nothing says it's over like flying 2,000 miles.
I hoped that he'd see that I was happier without him.
And I just wanted to get my things back.
And are you happy ? Not at this particular moment.
But in general, yeah.
Really ? Yeah.
'cause if my life had been a series of screw-ups and disappointments like yours, I think I'd be pretty miserable.
Things could be worse.
Oh, yeah ? How ? I could be a civil servant with a bad haircut and ugly shoes.
Or you could be on death row.
Well, that's it for now.
Don't go anywhere.
Dershowitz, go ahead.
Hey, they found the car.
I understand.
Good work.
Thanks a lot.
The car was abandoned near a railroad yard.
They found blood on the driver's seat and the steering wheel.
They picked the wrong girl to abduct.
I bet you anything she broke his nose.
They're running the blood.
that'll take a while.
But they did manage to lift a partial print Off the lid of a paper coffee cup that was under one of the seats.
Now, that print belongs to a Jack Butler.
Multiple robberies, two assault charges.
And best of all, an Albuquerque address.
Let's go.
A nationwide manhunt is underway for this man, Charles Andrew Johnson, and an unidentified female federal marshal, in connection with yesterday's murders of two FBI agents in Northvale, New Jersey.
- Damn it.
- it's only a partial i.
Hopefully, no one will make the connection.
The guy's an imbecile.
Let me guess, she didn't show.
I think your sister needs a little persuading.
You think sending her my thumb is gonna get your drugs back ? She doesn't give a rat's ass about me or anyone else.
You want your drugs, I want my 500 grand back.
We've all got dreams.
She took 500 gs from you ? I gave it to her to make a buy.
A month later she's still "working out the details.
" Sure, I'll just hold my breath.
You got that kinda money ? Not anymore I don't.
Not unless you want to help me get it back from my sister.
I'll even kick in 10%.
- 50 ? - yeah.
What's in it for me ? How 'bout your thumbs ? Deal.
But you can't hurt her.
she's still my sister.
Well, in that case, it'll be 75.
You know what ? You have balls.
- Spanky, man.
- What ? - We got a huge problem.
- What ? It's all over the news.
Fbi's looking for a u.
Marshal kidnapped in Albuquerque this morning in connection with the Jersey killings.
So not only is she the wrong sister, but she's a marshal ! You know, this is your mess.
And you're gonna clean it up ! And make sure that nobody ever finds her ! I'm outta here.
Where's Jack Butler ? He's gone.
I kicked him out three weeks ago.
It's all right, we're with the u.
And Albuquerque P.
we've got a warrant to search the house.
Yeah, well, when you find him, do me and the rest of the world a favor and put a bullet in his head.
Any idea where he went ? I don't know.
Sometimes he crashes with this meth head named Jason.
Painter, I think.
Yeah, I need an address on a Jason Painter.
Don't worry.
I'm not a monster.
We'll have some, uh fun first.
I want you to die happy.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
So How do you want to do this ? If you undo my hands it'll be better for both of us.
I'm not stupid.
Turn around and face the wall.
Are you sure ? 'cause-- Just do it ! Okay.
Now, don't be thinking you're too good for me.
- 'cause you're not.
- no.
But you know what ? I would really like to look at you while we do this.
Is that okay ? Can I just turn around and look into your eyes ? Please ? You bitch ! Oh, now you're gonna suffer ! No ! Hey.
You better not kill her before I get my turn ! How are you ? come on.
All right.
- Let's go.
- okay.
Thanks for looking out for me.
It's the least I could do.
You know, after everything you've done for me.
Can I go home ? Of course.
But you're gonna have to talk to I.
in the morning, And the traumatic incident team before you come back to work.
I know, but right now i need to go home.
But we're putting a security detail on your house Till we catch that Spanky character.
Okay, thanks.
What about Brandi ? What about her ? - Nothing, but - But what ? We've got three dead suspects.
Two dead fbi agents, one fugitive.
This isn't going away.
Can it go away just for tonight ? Sure.
Come on.
I'm gonna make sure she gets home okay, then I'll be back.
All right.
I'll be here.
Hey, Mary You did us all proud tonight.
Inspector Shannon.
I was so relieved to hear you're okay.
Thanks, me too.
What did he want ? Spanky.
Sorry, pal, i told 'em everything i know.
I'm done for tonight.
Did he mention your sister at all ? You heard her.
not tonight.
You don't want to get between me and this investigation.
Absolutely, you're right.
Could I just have a word with you in confidence for a sec ? thanks.
Off the record, on the d-l.
McQueen ! Open this door, McQueen ! This is a criminal investigation open up ! McQueen, I'm FBI ! Open up ! I killed someone In her darkest hour You turn in your own sister.
The two side of Mary's life are about to collide.
Please, tell me what to do.
She had twenty pounds of pure crystal.
This is the one time.
I cannot help you.
The entire season has been building to this moment.
I've a warrant to search the house for drugs.