In Plain Sight s01e12 Episode Script

A Fine Meth

Previously, on In Plain Sight Special agent Robert O'Conner, I'm calling from New Jersey.
Are you the sister of Brandi Catherine Shannon ? Why are you asking ? Please just answer the question.
You'regonna meet with a guy named Russel.
He's Spanky's brother.
Give him the suitcase, he gives you the dough, and we're all set.
I'm gonna let you decide who has to pay the price for ripping me off : your boyfriend or your sister ? Well, hang on, I have the drugs.
I'll just get them to you.
Wrong answer.
Oh my God, what did you do ? You don't want to get between me and this investigation.
Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population, And that is : Somebody wants them dead.
* TO BELIEVE IN THIS LIVING * I'm faxing you a mug shot.
* IS A HARD WAY TO GO * I don't care if you have to call out the Minute Men.
Under no circumstances is he to cross the border.
Do you understand me ? Thank you.
Spanky's resume.
Maybe there's something in there that will clue us where he went.
Yeah, well, let's have a look.
I'd rather be the one out there looking for him.
Than in here looking through his case file.
Yeah, me too.
We're too tied-in.
If we found him and had to use force, it could look like revenge.
Which it might in fact be.
Do you believe Mary's story ? That he only wanted Brandi as leverage to get his drugs back from Chuck ? You think Mary's protecting Brandi ? I think she might.
Check this out.
Spanky was arrested the day before yesterday, right here in Albuquerque.
For what ? Parole violation.
Put him in a motel room with a couple of tweakers and an ounce of meth.
He was out on bail in a couple of hours.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What ? The tweakers couple they arrested claims the drugs they were holding came from a girl named Brandi.
Why was Spanky at that motel ? I don't know.
You should ask him.
I'm asking you.
I'm not gonna tell you anything about Spanky.
Then get ready to spend You don't know Spanky, do you ? Afraid I haven't had the pleasure.
Why don't you tell me about him ? Spanky's kinda like the Grand Canyon.
You kind of have to see it for yourself.
Can you get me some speed ? Maybe.
If you tell me what I want to know.
If I tell you anything about Spanky, he'll kill me Slowly.
Listen, the United States government wants this guy, Spanky, really bad.
And we can protect you.
I promise.
If you testify against him, you'll get a new identity and a whole new life.
Somewhere nice.
Your baby will get a new name too.
You'll both be safe.
Okay, fine.
Now can you hool me up with some crank ? I'll see what I can do.
All right.
Come in.
Half-assed sandwich and a mug of Lipton's.
Half-assed sandwiches.
I forgot all about 'em.
What goes into a half-assed sandwich again ? Bread and whatever the hell else you happen to have on hand.
Is it my imagination, or did you once make one out of white bread, mustard, and saltine crackers ? That was the original half-assed sandwich.
But it was jelly, not mustard.
Oh, you say that now, but back then We had the weirdest family.
No wonder I didn't have any friends.
Pickles ? Come a long way.
Can I get you anything ? No, thank you.
Oh, okay.
Come in.
Sit down.
So are you furious with me ? I don't know what I am with you.
'Cause, honestly, I don't know what you are.
I'm just-- Shhh.
Just listen.
Mom, you listen too.
Brandi, you are presently under investigation for your part in the murder of two FBI agents.
What ? I wasn't anywhere near If you are connected to this crime in any way, the FBI will find out about it.
If there is any physical evidence connecting you to this crime, the FBI will find it and you'll be prosecuted.
This is a federal murder case.
It's a safe bet the U.
attorney-general will seek the death penality for anyone involved.
Mary, you're scaring her.
It's a scary situation.
Now listen very carefully to what I'm about to say.
This is the one time I cannot help you.
Should you feel the need to share the details of your involvement in this with me, I'll report anything I learn to the FBI.
Do you understand what I'm saying ? Answer me.
Do you understand ? Yes.
Are you really not gonna help her ? I'm really not.
You'd really turn in your own sister ? I really would.
Please don't stare at me while I eat.
Spanky sent us to buy a bunch of crank from this chick.
Um, she said she had For all I know it was all her deal.
Can you identify these people ? I have no idea who this dude is.
That's the chick.
That's Brandi.
They're issuing warrants as we speak.
Guys, guys, come on.
Listen to me, you know Brandi.
She can't ligth a match without reading the instructions.
There's no way my sister puts together a deal like this.
Uh, I gotta be honest.
We're more worried about you than her right now.
We're talking about how Brandi's mess lands on you.
Sorry, not following.
A bit dim right now.
If even a small part of what that woman said is true, or is believed to be true, the percetion will be that Brandi was living in the house of a federal marshall orchestrating a major drug deal that resulted in the murder of two FBI agents.
At best, it's the end of your carrer.
More than likely, it's a felony indictment.
And juries just love to hang cops.
She's my baby sister.
We know.
Oh, God.
What do you think I should do ? you turn her in.
You find out what she knows, what she did, and you turn her in.
It's the only way to get the on us off you, Mary.
Stan here.
Really, when ? Right, thanks.
Our guys got Spanky.
They're bringing him in.
That's great.
You can let the security detail go.
There's nothing else to worry about here.
- Get some rest, please.
- Yeah.
Thank you for coming up.
Good night.
So can we get you a drink ? Maybe a diet cola ? Something like that ? What and poison my body with artificial sweeteners ? Is it me, or have you noticed more and more low-life scumbags making healthy beverage choices ? I have, and I think it's great.
Good for you.
So, Spanky, where to begin ? How about with "up yours"? I'm not talking to any cops.
Yeah, well, we're not cops, we're marshalls.
And, frankly, I was hoping for something just a little bit more original from you, but, hey, that's life.
You make do, right ? Was the sister involved ? Did you contact her prior to the kidnapping ? We'll find out soon enough, anyway, you might as well help yourself out, cooperate.
Help myself out ? You offering a deal ? Maybe, depends on what you tell us.
Oh, so let's see, uh, I'm on the hook for two dead FBI agents, kidnapping a U.
marshall, shooting her sister's boyfriend, in front of her no less, so exactly what kind of deal are you offering me ? I get to pick out which arm the needle goes in ? Face it.
There's nothing you got that I want.
In fact, there's nothing anyone's got that I want.
So exactly what is it that you want ? What is it you think I'm gonna tell you ? Just tying up loose ends.
You don't offer deals for loose ends.
This is it's all about her, isn't it ? That marshall and her sister ? Yeah, why don't you tell us about the sister ? You're lookin' to get her off the hook, aren't you ? Huh ? And make sure your fellow marshall is in the clear.
We just want to know the truth.
Okay, so let's talk truth.
If you're not offering a walk, there's nothing you got that I want.
And I'm not gonna take nothing from you.
No deals, not now, not ever.
In fact, if somebody asks, I'm gonna tell 'em that bitch, Brandi, and your marshall, Mary, was in on it together.
Anything else you'd like to discuss ? What's wrong ? A woman named Rachel Millen just I.
'd you as a major meth dealer connected to Spanky.
A federal judge is issuing warrants.
I gotta go.
I gotta get out of here.
Run now, not only will they grab you before you reach the end of the block, but you'll be instantly marked as guilty.
Please, tell me what to do.
Call him.
Why won't you help your sister ? I gave her the name of a very good attorney.
It's the best help she can get right now.
Her boyfriend was murdered tonight.
And you haven't even said you're sorry.
Really ? Really ? You're telling me about it.
First of all, if he'd had his way it would have been me that got shot in the head.
Second of all, I was chained to a post inches from him when it happened.
I'm sorry.
I know you had a difficult night.
A difficult night ? A difficult night ? Is that what you think I had ? I'm sorry.
Bad choice.
That's what you call getting drugged, getting kidnapped, coming this close to getting raped ? A difficult night ? Jesus.
Remind me never to go clubbing with you.
Mary, Oh, sweetheart, I didn't know.
But, to be fair, you make it impossible for people to know.
You you come home and say You're you're fine.
You're just a little tired.
Which is pretty much how you come home every night.
How are people supposed to know what you're going through ? People aren't.
Why does everyone have to know what everyone else is going through ? It seems intrusive.
Sharing the details of our lives is how we connect to the world.
A world full of assholes.
Why would I want to connect with that ? Oh, honey, You don't have to open up to the whole world.
You just have to open up with someone.
Can you just tell me about what happened ? Did you did you know that vaporized blood has a sweet smell ? After Chuck got shot, There was this pink cloud.
A fine mist of blood that hung in the air for several minutes.
It coated the inside of my nose.
And now I can't get rid of it, this sickening, sweet smell.
I don't think it's ever going away.
I killed someone tonight, mom.
Oh, Jesus.
Our friend Spanky sports quite a resume.
It looks like he was a pretty good kid Right up until he killed his father when he was 15 for allegedly abusing Spanky's little brother.
He got off.
Where's the little brother now ? Maybe he could help us.
Dead at 15.
He and Spanky's mom od'd the same night.
On a batch of unusually pure heroin.
Well, the family that plays together.
I suppose.
Anyway, after his little brother died, things went south in a hurry.
He joined the demon lords motorcycle gang at 16, took over the gang at 18, after beating the gang leader to death with a sock full of nickels in front of on about 200 witnesses.
Not one of them was ever willing to testify.
Nickels, huh ? Rolled or loose ? His file doesn't specify.
Anyway, he walked away from the gang about eight years ago.
Opened up a motorcycle dealership, which ultimately failed.
Since then, he's allegedly made a comfortable living distributing narcotics throughout the southwest.
He even has pilot's license.
Twin-engine, instrument-rated.
So he lands in New Jersey, right ? Kills a couple of agents, Grabs Chuck, flies back.
Sounds about right.
What's that ? That girl Rachel's arrest report.
What are you looking at for ? I don't know.
Spanky was there.
I'll take anything I could find that might move thing away from Mary.
Maybe I should just turn myself in.
Just give them the suitcase and - Tell them everything.
- You will do no such thing.
You cannot trust those people.
None of them.
They forget everything they ever promised.
In that way, they are less trustworthy than the criminals.
Is that what happened with my dad ? They promised if I would help them, they would help him.
I did, and they didn't.
I wanna say something to you both.
Mom, the whole time I was chained up in that basement, I couldn't stop thinking about what you said to me at the theater yesterday.
What theater ? You guys went to a movie without me ? Could we just keep this on me just half a second ? I didn't mean it.
Yeah, you did.
And I totally understand.
I'm the hall monitor in this family, and nobody likes the hall monitor.
Except, of course, when you need help, then all of a sudden, we're family.
Oh, that's not true.
Mom, you told me I should share my feelings, so now I'm sharing.
I've been playing parent to you both since I was ten.
And despite what you think, I don't particularly enjoy it.
I mean, the notion that I like cleaning up your messes, literally and figuratively, that that somehow give my life purpose, that is the lamest pile of self-serving crap I've ever heard.
I mean, seriously.
Is that how you two justify screwing up so consistently ? You tell yourselves it makes me happy ? Well, I don't know about happy.
But it definitely makes you think you're better than us.
Yeah, you know, she's right, okay.
Aanytime one of us falls on our ass, you get to parade around with that stern look on your face, telling us what we did wrong and how you would have done it right.
So you might as well just admit it.
That our screw-ups make you feel superior.
Let me tell you something.
Nothing either one of you does makes me feel superior.
I am superior.
Of all the arrogance.
What ? What in your life is so great that it gives you the right All right, really, mom ? You want the list ? Okay, I've never been arrested, let alone convicted of anything.
I don't have a substance abuse problem.
I've actually held the same job for more than a month.
Not a single eviction, repossession, or restraining order to my name.
Nor have I ever had gas, electric, water, or phone service turned off for non-payment.
Oh, and as far as I know, I've never slept with someone else's husband.
Can anyone else in this room make any of those claims ? How about a show of hands ? Nobody ? What a surprise.
Oh, my God.
All your screw-ups have given me such a swelled head.
Thank you for making me feel so superior.
But you've given enough, so from now on, I'm gonna return the favor and let you clean up your own messes.
That's my gift to you.
Maybe you'd like me better if I helped you less.
You are such a colossal bitch.
It is no wonder you have no friends.
Yes, yes, and right on cue, the hateful retort.
Not really your "A" game though.
Want me to open the Sauvignon blanc ? - Help you get warmed up ? - This is all my fault.
This over-inflated sense of self.
This ego trip you are on.
I shouldn't have filled your head with all that stupid, crazy lies about your father.
Oh, excellent ! Oh, goodie, yes ! Going straight for the daddy material.
Go ahead, tell me how all the lies about my father made me the monster I am today.
But go slow, you don't want to pull a hammy.
That first week after he left, you were so distraught.
You thought it was your fault.
That you had done something to make him go away.
So I just wanted to make you feel better.
I made up thisthis story about how you were daddy's favorite, how he loved you the most.
And you had this special bond that couldn't be broken no matter how far away he was.
Te truth is, he loved you like he loved the rest of us.
No more, no less.
I'm soory for lying to you then ; And I'm sorry for having to tell you the truth now.
But I just thought I'dI thought you'd eventually realize what a fairy tale this all was.
Oh, mom.
That must have been so hard for you.
It was.
I want to share something with you.
Stay there.
I hated doing that.
I just thought It was necessary.
Yeah, I think it's good she heard this.
Sorry, you don't get to rewrite history.
What's that ? Open it.
Oh, what are these ? Letters I've received from daddy over the last 20 yaers or so.
How many has he sent you guys ? This can't be real.
He wouldn't He's been sending you letters ? Oh, my God.
These are real.
How 'bout that ? This one's my favorite.
Is that my stationery ? Lying under this one.
Would you like me to read it ? February 5, 1978.
The day he left.
"Mary, sweetheart, I must leave quickly, " "so this has to be short.
" "If you haven't already been told," "I've done some bad things and have to go away.
" "You will no doubt hear from many people" "in the coming months taht I'm a very bad man.
"I'm sorry you have to go through this.
" "For what it's worth, I don't think of myself as bad," "just very, very foolish.
" "Please take care of your mother" "and you precious baby sister.
"They'll need your strenght to make it through the difficult times ahead.
" "Keep this letter hidden in your special hidding place.
" "Yes, I know about it.
It's okay.
" "And whenever you feel down," "or full of self-doubt, read this letter," "and remember that you are so special.
"And know that I love you more tahn anything in this world.
" "And will hold you close in my heart" "forever and always.
" "Stay sweet, and warm, and kind, and funny," and do great things.
"A million kisses, the sun and the moon, daddy.
" So, uh, anyway.
Have you ever heard of hemolytic anemia ? Yeah, it happens when a newborn is rh-positive, and the mother is rh-negative.
When she's pregnant, her body has, for lack of a better term, an allergic reaction to the baby and starts attacking it, why ? Well, the baby they pulled out of the motel room had it.
Let me see that.
That's weird.
She said that Russel is the baby's father, But, look.
What am I looking at ? Russel is rh-negative too.
MM, right.
What does that mean ? It means someone else is that baby's father.
Whose-- who-- who ? I don't know.
We have to find out.
I'm sorry.
It was a really stupid idea.
Oh, no ! Oh, no, no.
You don't get to drop this bomb, and then just sweep it away as if it never happened.
How could you keep this from me ? What kind of a person does that ? It was personal.
Between between him and me.
Oh, God, I'm losing my mind.
I was trying to protect you.
And him.
January 29, 1988.
It's the first one I got after he left.
Almost, almost ten years later.
"My darling girl "I was so sad to learn that you moved out and married that Mark.
" You married him ? What ? I got it annuled a month later.
"He's way too old, "and you're way too young.
"I know taking care of your mother "Can be a trial "but she means well.
"And wanting to get out of the house is a piss-poor reason to get married.
" He didn't mean, he didn't Do not presume to tell me what my husband meant.
How did you find him ? What did you do ? I didn't do anything.
He just started writing.
Ah, he just started writing you.
He just happened to start writing as soon as you ran off with that gorilla-armed freak.
As soon as you were away from me.
I don'' believe you.
How did he know ? Hmm ? You must know where he is.
I don't.
I have no idea.
Look, somehow he keeps tabs.
The last letter came the day after I bought the house, The day you moved in.
Does he ever ask about me ? He doesn't ask about anything.
There's no way of replying.
He's mentioned you a few times.
About five years ago, he wrote how beautiful you'd grown up to be.
And that he was worried about you.
It's this one.
Brandi, Brandi, don't, don't, don't.
- No.
- Don't.
What ? What do you even care ? He was a bastard who abandoned us right after I was born.
I mean, who cares how many letters he wrote ? He wasn't there when we got evicted from the duplex.
He didn't help us carry our furniture out to the curb while the neighbors watched.
He doesn't get to care about me, okay.
He doesn't have the right.
And how come you haven't turned this evidence into the FBI, miss self-righteous ? He was a worse criminal than me.
The guy robbed banks for christ's sake, and all I was try to Oh, that's right, I almost forgot, I'm not allowed to tell you.
I hate you both.
You guys love him and this stupid letters more than me.
No, Brandi.
No ! Okay, it's fine.
Let them arrest me, okay, because I have a bargaining chip now.
If they want me, I'm gonna tell them all about your father.
'Cause he sure as hell isn't mine.
Don't worry.
She'll never tell them.
Of course she would.
And I don't blame her.
Do you mind If I read some of these ? No.
Go ahead.
Oh, my God.
Whoa, Whoa, Raph ? What are you doing here ? It's the middle of the night.
Well, I came to see if you were okay because I left about 20 messages on your phone and you don't call me back.
Oh, my God, were you driving like this ? No, no, no.
I rode my bike.
Raph, you don't have a bike.
Then whose bike did I ride ? Look So why don't you call me back ? Huh ? Raph, did no one call you yesterday ? About where I was, what I was doing ? All I know is that I left like And yet you don't call me back.
Um, yeah, sorry, I lost my phone yesterday.
Oh, good, good.
Because I thought you were maybe angry about the other night with Brandi, and I really want to explain about the other night.
Raphael, I don't care anymore.
One minute.
Well, it will only be one minute.
Come on, come on.
Okay, come on.
Sit, sit down.
Look Okay.
Mary, what you think you saw that night, you didn't see.
Brandi came to me that night, upset, really upset.
Good, she should be upset.
You know about it ? Not completely.
Do you ? Well, it's not my place to tell you what she did or didn't told me.
She kept going on about this bear and a biscuit.
The bear's name is Biscuit.
Oh, so the bear, um, She said it was yours and you gave it to her because of the monkeys.
Huh ? The Flying Monkeys.
From the "Wizard of Oz".
My father gave Biscuit to me when I was four.
I was afraid of the dark.
He told me it would stay awake and watch over me while I slept.
And Brandi was four.
She saw the Wizard of Oz and couldn't sleep for days, so I gave her Biscuit to keep her safe.
Told her he would stay awake and watch over her while she slept.
That's sweet.
Yeah, well, after she fell asleep, I'd sneak in her room and take Biscuit back, so he could watch over me.
I did that right up until I moved out when I was 16, and then I let her keep him.
I guess I knew she was gonna need someone to watch over her.
Now I understand why she kept crying and crying about giving away the Biscuit.
She gace away Biscuit ? To who ? I'll kill her.
See, that's what she's afraid of.
She said that through everything bad, no matter what else happened, you two always had that connection between you.
And now that Biscuit is gone, she's afraid that there's nothing left between you.
And I told her that's crazy.
But she wouldn't believe me.
She's terrified that you won't be in her life anymore.
To watch over her.
Could you just please tell her that you are still her sister ? That didn't all go away with the Biscuit ? Is that why you rode a bike all the way over here drunk? To tell me that ? I don't have a bike.
Now what ? Well, after careful consideration, we've come to the conclusion that you're right.
There's nothing we have to offer you.
Oh, you had me all dragged all the way up here for that ? There is, however, something, we have to offer your baby.
What the hell are you talking about ? Has he been smoking something ? I'm going out of a limb and saying he doesn't know.
Yeah, know what ? Oh, well, about 18 months ago, did you and Rachel have What's the word I'm looking for ? Sex.
That's it.
How 'bout it ? And you expect me to believe that her kid is my kid.
We ran a quick paternity test on Rachel's baby.
It can't possibly be Russel's.
Don't make it mine.
Actually, it does.
How do I know you're not lying ? Check it out with your attorney.
I think we now have something he wants.
So what do you say ? Don't you want your son to have a better deal than you did ? MM? Maybe not wind up OD'ing with his mother like your kid brother.
Oh, all right.
All right.
You listen, What you say checks out, you get my kid a decent home, and you make sure that crazy bitch Rachel never gets her hands on him again.
I get that in writing, I'll tell you what you want.
Deal ? Yeah.
I'll call the lawyer first thing in the morning.
I promise I'll get this all sorted out, and you'll never have to hear anything about it.
I want you to tell me everything.
From the beginning.
Chuck was the mastermind.
He put the whole deal together, And Brandi was just some dumb chick who let her boyfriend use her.
She probably had no idea what she was doing.
Signed confession, doesn't get any better than that.
You think I'm taking the word of a drug-dealing, FBI agent-killing scumbag ? Brandi Shannon didn't check into that motel by accident.
And she sure as hell wasn't there to save any babies.
She was making a deal.
And that deal got two agents killed.
Well, unless you can tie her directly to the drugs, we can't prove any of that.
What are you planning on doing with that ? What the hell is this ? I have a warrant to search the house, the grounds and all vehicukes used by you and your immediate family for drugs.
I want her house taken apart piece by piece.
Please, ma'am.
can't go in here.
* If dreams were thunder * and lightning was desire * this old house would have burnt down * * a long time ago * make me an angel that flies from montgomery Hey, hey, hey, O'Connor, you're done here, all right ? Time to go home to New Jersey.
Got your man.
It's over.
Now let these people put their lives together.
You tihnk this is over ? I'm just getting started.
All right, uh, you want me to get you all a hotel room ? No, no, thanks.
We're not going anywhere.
Then I guess we should start with the living room.
No, you guys have kept me awake long enough.
We got it from here.
We're good.
What did you do with the stuff in the suitcase ? Me ? Yes.
I didn't do anything.
I thought you did something.
No ! I haven't been near it.
I haven't touched a thing.
Well, Mary wouldn't.
She couldn't have.
I've been with her the whole time.
Well, I don't know much about chemistry, but I'm pretty sure I didn't just magically turn into towels.