In Plain Sight s02e01 Episode Script

Gilted Lily

Previously on in plain sight.
Brandi, when are you gonna grow up and stop making life miserable for everyone around you? James wiley shannon.
Husband of jinx's father of mary and brandi.
Spent 30 years on the fbi's most wanted list.
What are these? Letters I've received from daddy over the last 20 years or so.
You didn't misplace the suitcase, did you? 'Cause that's our whole world.
I'm gonna let you decide who has to pay the price.
Your boyfriend or your sister.
I have the drugs.
I'll just get them to you.
When was the last time you saw inspector shannon? I love you, you're too good for me.
They picked the wrong girl to abduct.
I'll bet you anything she broke his nose.
What happened? I killed someone tonight, mom.
We'll talk about how brandi's mess lands on you.
More than likely it's a felony indictment.
And juries just love to hang cops.
- What the hell is this? - We have a warrant to search the house.
The drugs.
We're done here.
All right? It's over.
You think this is over? I'm just getting started.
Since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all ross the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Sight Season02 Episode01 ******* Girls, go back inside and get your stuff.
All right, climb out of there.
You can help me pack.
, Those girls are supposed to be helping out.
And please, you promised you would get rid of this hunk of junk.
I'll throw it out.
It's just a place, O.
We're all together.
- And that's all that matters.
- We're all together.
And poor.
Hold on.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
We need two adjoining rooms.
One if that's all you got.
I'm sorry.
We're closed.
Look, mister, we're not here to cause any trouble.
No, I mean we're closed as in out of business.
I see.
Look, we just came 2,000 miles in two days.
We just need a place to sleep.
Spend the night.
Rest up.
Come on.
Keep the change.
Come on.
Move up and cover my flank.
I don't even know what that means.
Just stay with me.
Well, I don't know what to tell you, brother.
Both of you shut up for a minute.
Spider, I don't like it, man.
We can take it.
Dealing weed the rest of your lives.
This is our golden ticket.
This is your ranch, man.
Hopefully they don't tear this place down or burn it down or mow it down.
Damn idiots.
Is this their idea of resting up? Just call 911, damn it.
- O.
, Let it go.
- Like hell I'm gonna let it go.
This is the only money we got is what the salvage company pays us for the doors and the fixtures.
Just call 911.
Hey, you guys really gotta keep it down-- lily? Lily! Stay awake, baby.
Stay awake.
It's okay, lily.
It's okay, stay awake.
It's gonna be okay.
Oh, my god.
********** ***** This is interesting.
Paper is a natural host, absorbing myriad spores and other environmental elements throughout its life.
Using modern forensic technology, the criminalist can employ these foreign artifacts to trace the origin and subsequent journey of a specific sheet or envelope! Mom, the fbi has been trying to find dad for 30 years.
You really think a greasy piece of paper is gonna lead you to his door? I'm on to something.
Oh, yes.
My name is brandi shannon.
Please, I have been on hold for, like, 1/2 hour.
My boyfriend charles johnson was killed the day before yesterday.
And I was wondering when I might be able to come down and, you knowsee the body.
What? No, we're not related.
I--I just said he's my boyfriend.
Do you date your relatives, jethro? Hello? Hello? You need to work on your people skills.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Sweetie, you're up.
Are you okay? How are you feeling? I'M surprisingly okay.
All things considered, amazing what Honey, you're not working today, are you? No.
I'm on administrative leave till I have a psych debriefing.
Just so you know, I'm really sorry.
And I'm gonna pay every penny to fix this house once I get a job.
But no one other than that fbi [Bleep] O'conner is gonna lift a finger to fix this mess.
And mom, you spent enough time with those letters.
I knew you'd obsess over them.
I'm not obsessing.
I just want to hunt down and shoot your deadbeat father.
There's a difference.
Seriously, mom.
Please don't let this make you crazy er.
Uh, hello? - Are you inspector mann? - Yeah.
Hi, I'm eleanor prince, your new office administrator, it is so nice to meet you.
I didn't know we were getting an office administrator.
Oh, well, to tell you the truth, it was a little bit of a surprise to me too.
Took the job on the spur of the moment.
Totally unlike me.
Would you excuse me?I have to have a word with, uh-- - nice meeting you.
- And you.
What's going on, stan? Her name is eleanor prince.
She administered fbi hq in phoenix for eight years.
Her husband was a field agent who got killed last year in an auto accident.
You realize mary's gonna have a problem with this.
It crossed my mind.
You have to get her to accept eleanor.
Shall I teach her to levitate while I'm at it? Come on.
You know mary doesn't like new people, or anything else new for that matter.
No, eleanor's just gonna have to make her bones like everyone else.
- Oh, no.
- What? One of mary's witnesses, lily adams, was found dead in her house.
So what happens with mary on A.
? You're putting marshall in charge of an investigation into the death of my witness? Well, uh, yeah.
But I was thinking maybe you could help him out, in a strictly unofficial advisory capacity, of course.
Then as soon as you're taken off administrative leave, it's all yours.
So I'll be marshall's helper.
Taking orders from him? Well, I don't know that I'd characterize it as his helper.
I-- Oh, hell yes.
How did she take it? Mad? Really mad? Fit to be tied furious? Actually, she sounded happy.
That can't be good.
Just so you know, this whole arrangement not my idea.
Don't worry about it.
I'm actually looking forward to watching you take charge.
- Run the show.
- Oh, I see.
Go ahead, boss me around a little.
You know you want to.
Maybe you'd like to share what you know about the witness.
I'd love to share.
She was shot by some biker.
Survived, obviously.
Ultimately testified against him.
Bitch of it was that night or early the next morning, her husband, out of the blue, dropped dead of a heart attack.
Young guy too.
- Jesus.
- I know.
Can you imagine? Kids.
Every day is a gift, marshall.
Hi, dershowitz.
What brings you? - My own accursed bad luck.
- Bobby d, my brother.
What the hell was that? We bonded over your near-death experience.
And you became black in the process? - Honorary.
- It's very exciting.
- I'll bet.
- Here, put these on.
I'll take you in.
Booties! The son came home from a camping trip and found her and this.
"My dearest children, "I know this comes as a shock to you, "and for that, I'm deeply sorry.
"But I have good reason.
"As you know, when you were all little, "I went in search of and ultimately found "my own biological family.
"What I never told you is that I discovered "my birth father had died of huntington's disease, "a terrible illness for which there is no cure.
"I immediately had you all tested, and by the grace of god, "none of you inherited the huntington's gene.
"A few months ago, however, symptoms began to appear.
"My doctor confirmed that which I feared.
"Please don't despair.
I've lived a blessed life, "delightful, really, "and wish to remain in your memories as I am.
"Be kind to yourselves and each other.
"And if it's not too much trouble, "try to look skyward every so often "so that I might see your beautiful faces.
"I adore you.
I adore you.
I adore you.
Always and forever, mom.
" The huntington's would explain the laser-printed note and the shaky signature.
Ci's haven't determined C.
She okay? I'm not sure.
Henry? I don't know if you remember me.
I'm mary shepard from the marshals' service.
Yeah, sure.
I'm really sorry about your mom.
- Thanks.
- Henry.
I'm so sorry you had to be the one to find her.
I'm mary shepard from the marshals' service.
Yeah, I remember.
I'm angela.
This is my sister amy.
Henry, what happened? It said she was sick, but she seemed okay to me.
When I left, she was so happy.
She was finally going through all those old boxes of stuff from arkansas.
Oh, my god.
Is that dad's radio? It is.
You told me he got rid of it.
I thought he did.
So did mom.
Um, if you want to see her, I think it'd probably be okay.
- Oh, man.
- Yeah.
So unless the ci's can tell me this is something other than what it seems, my plan is to get the basic 411 from the family members and then call it.
You're welcome to observe if you want.
I appreciate the courtesy, detective, but marshall's the man on this one, not me.
Just until she gets off administrative leave.
If you're on A.
Why are you even here? - I'm his helper.
- Who'd you piss off? Oh, that's funny.
He's a good guy.
You're in a different kind of mood this morning.
Actually I'm in a really good mood.
Which is kind of weird, considering where I was 48 hours ago.
Then I have a witness off herself.
Like that's not bad enough, I gotta play second fiddle to a knucklehead like you.
Thanks for lumping me in with kidnapping, attempted rape, and suicide.
Can't tell you how much that means.
I don't know.
Maybe it's the 30-hour sleep, but other than feeling a little raw, I'm experiencing the opposite of the usual ptsd symptoms you'd expect from somebody who went through what I went through.
What do you make of that? Well, could be a couple of things.
One, this manic mood is in fact a coping mechanism to mitigate a state of extreme cognitive dissonance.
Blah blah.
What else you got? Maybe you're just happy to be alive.
All right, let's go with number two.
See how it plays.
Good enough.
So I know stan put you in a tough spot.
Making you run my case.
Hold my hand so I don't wig out.
I'm sorry about the knucklehead remark.
You deserve better than that.
An apology? Really? For that weak-ass smack? My god, what happened to you in that basement? Hey, wait up.
The ci's made their call.
Wasn't suicide.
She was murdered.
So is the suicide notea fake? Don't know yet.
The ci's found impingement in the exhaust pipeof the wood-burning stove.
You see those smear marks? Like from a ragor something.
Only there's no rag.
Someone plugged the pipe, causing the whole houseto fill up with carbon monoxide.
Then after mrs.
Adams expired, unplugged the pipeand opened all the windows.
It could've beenassisted suicide.
Assisting a suicideis still in the books as murder.
Enemies? No.
Everyone loved my mom.
She did her ceramicsand she helped people.
Did she have a life insurancepolicy? I don't knowabout that stuff.
What about a will? I finally made her doa will last year.
Do you know what'sin the will? I have a pretty good idea.
I assume she left the houseto henry.
I told her she should.
Amy has no need for it.
I assumed the housewould be sold and split three waysbetween us.
What about henry? Doesn't he live there? The golden raisin.
What does that mean? Growing up, we ate oatmealjust about every day.
Eventually, we couldn't standthe sight of it.
So my mother would sprinklegolden raisins on it.
To make it more palatable.
It became our family's versionof the silver lining.
How does that apply? This'll finally force henryto grow up and get a place of his own.
Henry is a self-professedmama's boy.
He always has been.
When amy and I would getinto mischief growing up, we always had to hide itfrom henry.
'Cause he'd tell mom.
Oh, they were so close.
I honestly don't knowwhat he's gonna do.
Mom and I just really enjoyedeach other's company.
Are there any other assets? Uh, she sold her ceramicsto a few local vendors.
She was always scrapingto make ends meet.
Most months I had to supplement.
What about your othersiblings? Did they supplement too? Henry doesn't havetwo nickels to rub together.
And amy's very sweet.
But she can be funnyabout money.
Money wasn't really an issue.
At least we never talkedabout it.
She was pretty much contentwith what she had.
And so was I.
Are we gonna be heremuch longer? 'Cause I have to I have to get hometo my kids.
I'm sorry.
Can I get an aspirin and some water, please? Did she give you anyindication that she was thinkingabout taking her life? She knewI would've stopped her.
Jesus, that's sad.
Yeah, it is.
You okay? Yeah, I think so.
So any thoughts? Yeah, you're doinga hell of a job.
I'm really enjoyingwatching you work.
What the hell is with you? We think it's her own brandof ptsd.
Pretty nutty, huh? Unsettling, I'd say.
So do you like any of themfor this? It's hard to find a motivefor murder.
I suppose any of themcould've assisted.
When I kill my mother,there'll be no doubt as to who did it.
Mind if I sit in your chair? Knock yourself out.
I don't know.
They've been in the program17 years.
You ever hear of a witnessgetting hit 17 years after the fact? On the other hand,a woman that young, in good health, andby all accounts good spirits, hardly your typical kevorkian customer.
Why is my desk over there? I thought you were gonna saysomething.
Uh, I forgot to tell you.
We have a new officeadministrator.
- You're gonna love her.
- Good job.
What did she do? I'm sorry, mary.
My plan was to call you.
Oh, and this must beinspector shannon.
I'm--I'm eleanor prince.
Nice to meet you.
I hear great things.
And I apologize for justbarging in, rearranging everything.
I know it was presumptuous.
And I'm sure youand inspector mann were perfectly happywith the old setup.
But the truth is I didn't waitand ask first because, well you would've said noand then I would have to waste a lot of time and energytrying to convince you, and it would've becomethis whole big thing.
And really, who needs that,right? Is this a joke? Anyway,if you don't object, here is what I propose.
If you could just givethis setup a week.
Try it on for size.
You know, just see how it feels.
And then if you don'thonestly think that this is the betterarrangement, well then, we can talk about it.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Let's do it this way.
You handle the threatassessment.
Start with the bikerthat shot her, and I'll jumpinto leg work.
Interview neighbors,friends, liaise with dershowitz.
Sounds like a plan.
Oh, we putthe three siblings in the middledaughter's house.
It was safe and big enoughfor all of them.
The kids are there.
Just made sense.
Whoa, whoa,hold on a minute.
What are you doing? You're on administrative leave.
You can't be runningan investigation.
And what are you doing? You're supposedto be handling all this.
Come on, stan.
How long did you thinkthat was gonna last? Stan, I've got one deadwitness and three others who are eithersuspects or in jeopardy.
I hardly think this is the time to get fussy overbureaucratic bs.
Come on.
Well, excuse me,inspector, but what you thinkor don't think is entirely irrelevant.
And I won't toleratethat tone.
You're on officialadministrative leave.
Which means you haveno standing, no authority as U.
Consequently no businessin this office.
- What? - Stan, chill.
Now log off and go home.
I'll call you whenthe I.
Investigator gets here.
That'll be all.
You know what, I don't need a week.
I've thought about it.
And this isn't better.
- Consider me logged off.
- Have you lost your mind? Get back here, inspector.
You have work to do.
Hey, don't let thatget to you.
That was juststan saving face in front of the new girlin class.
- You know he didn't mean it.
- It's not stan.
It started with stanbut it's not.
It's-- it's something else.
Something's-- something's happening.
Well, what do you need? Just tell me what you need.
Can you do that? All right,well, let's just walk.
As far as you need.
We'll walk it off.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
What is it? Try to tell me.
Happy feeling's all gone.
Something's wrong.
Something's definitely wrong.
Like, broken.
No, it isn'T.
After the kind of ordealyou went through, happy is wrong.
This is howyou're supposed to feel.
Your brain's all jumbled uptrying to sort things out.
Try to roll with it.
Let it do what it needsto do.
Just let it flow,like a river.
Can I get you anything,chief? No.
No, thank you.
Sir, you didn't doanything wrong.
They--they were bothout of line.
Prince, when I cameto this office ten years ago, I had twiceas many inspectors handling half as many witnesses,and it was still too much.
Which is why I'm so gratefulyou're here.
And I hope you won't take thisthe wrong way, but when I wantan opinion on matters concerning my inspectors,I'll ask.
- Okay? - Okay.
You sure I can'tget you anything? Uh, yeah.
Cup of coffee would be great.
If my mother ever sawhow we're living, oh, she'd have a stroke.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Why is it so dark in here? Well, we're less tragicin the dark.
Second bottle, mom? For those keeping score.
Second bottle's witty,ironic jinx.
You want to be goneby number three.
Say no more.
And you go to bed.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
I know, and you needto remember that.
Whatever's happening insideyour head needs to happen.
Just let it flow.
Be the river.
Don't be a retard.
I can't be the river.
You can be the river.
Okay, but not today.
Tomorrow I'll be the river.
- Atta girl.
Call if you need me.
- Aye aye.
Mom, what's happening here? You went in my roomand got the letters? I couldn't help it.
How would you feelif you found out he was writing me all these years? Honestly I don't even knowhow I feel about him writing meall these years.
Hey, mare.
I know that thisis a ridiculous favor to ask, especially in lightof everything, but, um, is there any waythat you could help me get into the morgueto see chuck tonight? - No.
- Please.
I need to see him before he getsshipped back to new jersey.
By cannon, I hope.
This is mary.
Okay, okay, okay.
Look, don't wait for me.
Have the security detailbring you to the hospital.
I'll meet you there.
bp 90 over 50.
Pulse 110 and sketchy.
Blood-ox 88 and falling.
Paraesthesia of the skinand mouth.
Shortness of breath.
What happened? A couple hours agoshe had a headache.
And then she said her lipsand her fingers were tingling.
And I tried to get herto eat something, but she was havinga hard time swallowing.
Okay, okay.
Get a cpc, chest x-ray, start a liter of salineand intubate.
You two needto wait outside.
- Okay, come on.
- We're right here, ange.
Come on.
We need to get a linein her to intubate, excuse me.
We have angelaheavily sedated and are moving herinto quarantine.
At this point, we can't tellif what she has is bacterial, viral,or environmental.
Is she going to die? I don't know.
She's in extreme cardiacdistress.
Her blood work showselevated alkaloids.
That could be a causeor a symptom.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Thank you.
You sure about this? Okay, thanks.
That was the M.
Lily adams died froma lethal combination of carbon monoxideand a toxin called aconitine.
- What's that? - I don't really know.
The M.
Says it's an alkaloid.
Causes numbness, cardiacand respiratory failure.
And it's not something that people are exposed toaccidentally.
She was poisoned.
I was just aboutto call you.
Lily adams was poisoned.
Something called aconitine.
They're testing angela for itas we speak.
I'll see your poisonand raise you one suspect.
The biker who shot lilyserved ten years, got out, and immediately movedto albuquerque.
The hits justkeep on coming.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
What's that smell? Sage.
We just finished up a littlefamily smudging ceremony.
And we're U.
Mind if we ask youa few questions? - Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Coming, moonbeam? - Yeah.
Sorry about the sea songs.
My little boy can't fallasleep without migrating whales.
You know lily adams? Of course.
*** She was found deadthis morning.
You know anything about that? Oh, no.
How? For the time being,it's probably best if you let us askthe questions.
Ah, man.
She'll be missed.
Seems likean odd sentiment for the woman who sent youto prison.
Lily didn't send meto prison.
My own stupid actions did.
Lily changed my life.
How did she change your life? Well, I was two yearsinto a ten-year bit.
Raging at the world,angry as hell.
One day they told meI had a visitor.
Lily came to see youin prison? She told me she wanted meto know that She forgave me.
Anyway, she turned my lifecompletely around.
I mean, we startedwriting letters.
She, uh, she spokeat my parole hearing.
She actually helped me getset up here in albuquerque.
Can you accountfor your whereabouts the last couple of days? Yes, I was at an intimacyworkshop at corona del sol.
You can check my travelreceipts if you want.
We'll let you know.
When was the last timeyou saw her? I don't know.
Couple weeks ago, I guess.
She, uh she makes the ceramic bellsfor the wind chimes that I sell.
They're beautiful.
Is there anyonefrom your former life who could be holding a grudgeagainst the family? So somebody killed her? We believe so.
I'll be damned.
She got the gold.
Excuse me? On the night I shot lily, we had a bagof a couple'a hundred uncirculated st.
Gauden'sgold coins that we jacked from this guyoutside of seattle.
Depending on the yearand the mint state, they could be worth anywhere from 4,000 to 50,000.
Guy was a chemist.
He was a geniuswith psychoactives.
Anyway, one nightwe were all ripped, and he trots out these sealedplastic cases full of gold coins.
Said he bought 'em froma european collection.
Said they were cursed.
You have to wonderwhat kind of genius flashes his gold to a bunchof wasted bikers.
I take ityou were not deterred by the legendof the curse.
Not hardly.
But two days later,my brother, the one who actually nabbedthe coins, he went to bedwith a headache and woke up dead.
So what makes you thinklily got the gold? We stashed itat her motel.
Couple days afterthe shooting, one of my guys went backto get it, and it was gone.
So either he took it,or lily's family took it.
I can't believeyou're accusing us of stealing millionsof dollars in gold.
Or worse,killing our mother for it.
With our sister lying therein a coma.
All right,keep your voices down.
No one's accusing youof anything.
Just following upon a lead.
Well, maybe you shouldfollow one that has something to dowith finding who's trying to killour family.
Hey, what's going on? Hey, chief.
Excuse us for a minute.
I have to get hometo my kids.
We'll have a marshaltake you in a minute.
Before you say anything,I know I shouldn't be here, but they called and I hadto come down.
No, no, that's not whyI'm here.
In fact, after youleft, I called dc and got an exigentcircumstance dispensation so you cold work the case.
They just came throughwith the approval.
If you think you're up to it.
Working the case might bethe only thing I'm up to.
Does that mean I'm notthe boss of her anymore? - Afraid so.
- Thank god.
Also, mary, I thinkI could've handled things a little better.
Don't worry about it.
I was out of line.
- So we're good? - Yeah.
Oh, man.
Must've dozed off.
Yeah, about six hours ago.
Really? Sorry.
Some crazy dreams.
Like lewis carroll crazy.
It's all part of the reboot.
All right, enough withthe "let your brain be a peach.
" - River.
- Whatever.
I just want me back.
This is marshall.
I got that out of my P.
Boxthis morning.
"Dear robert, I hopethis letter finds you well.
"Please don't be alarmed by receiving a letterin the mail from me.
" That's just stufffrom her to me.
Go downa couple paragraphs.
"Honestly, I neverquite believed the story "you told me about the goldyou hid at our motel "in arkansas.
"So you can imaginemy surprise "finding a bag fullof gold coins "hidden in the backof an old radio "that belongedto my husband.
"This key goes to a lockerat the easy storage on route 47.
Inside, I've left a shareof the coins for you.
" She just goes on to say that she sent similar lettersto her kids.
So why call us? Why not justgo get your share? I don't want any partof this.
That stuff has some seriousbad juju.
You gotta warn her kids.
If you don't,I will.
There it is.
Oh, man.
With that kind of money, I couldbuy jinx and brandi houses.
- Whoa, don't touch it.
- Why? You afraid of the curse? No, that.
100 to 1 it's aconitine.
Lily divvied up the coins.
That's how it gotin her system.
I need to openall of the lockers rented to lily adams.
Three kids,three empty lockers.
We need all yoursecurity cam footage for the past three days.
I'm almost done downloadingthe security cam footage.
- Take a look at this.
- What is it? It's the 4-1-1 on the guy your biker stolethe coins from.
Christian jennings, phd.
Born may 1944.
Died october '01.
Awarded 17 patentsfor biochemical compounds.
From '81 to '88,he worked for the army's chemicalweapons program.
Sounds like a guy who mightthink coating coins with poison to punish would-bethieves was a good idea.
All right, here we go.
That's angela.
And that's angelaexposing herself to aconitine.
That's angela taking amyand henry's share of the gold.
Well, that explains whyhenry and amy didn't get sick.
Where'd the gold go? Keep scanning.
And that's amy.
She must've slipped outthe back of her house, dodged the security detail,and come here.
How'd she get that key? They weren't poisoningeach other for the gold.
The gold was poisoning them.
Henry, it's mary.
Listen carefully, have youor amy handled any of the coins? How many times do you haveto hear it? We don't know anythingabout any gold.
They're coated with poison,henry.
That's how it got intoangela's system.
And if you or amy touched them,you've been poisoned too.
Amy's not answering.
Oh, god.
Amy's at home with her kids.
She has the coins.
Amy's at her housewith her kids.
Amy! U.
Marshals! Open up! Amy! U.
Marshals! - Ashley! Tyler! - Marshall! Amy! Amy! Find the kids.
That poison's This is detectiverobert dershowitz of albuquerque pd,I've got a medical emergency.
Where are you? - Ashley.
- Ambulance is on the way.
Ready or not,here I come.
Found you! Tyler! - No! Don't touch that! - No fair! Finders keepers.
- Finders keepers I know.
Did you touch those coins? - No.
- Did you? Did you touch them? - No.
Okay, okay.
I'm gonna get you guyssome chocolate coins instead.
Our mom doesn't let ushave chocolate.
How ironic.
Come on, let's get outof here.
Come on, kiddo.
Come on.
All right, thanks,eleanor.
It turns out the coinscame from a collection stolen by the nazis in 1939.
The state department saysit goes back to the heirsof the original owners.
How's she doing? Doctor saidshe's gonna be okay.
Kids are fine too.
Zero exposure.
Thank you, god.
I'm so sorry.
When mom's letter camein the mail, I raced over as soonas I read it.
I didn't want her to die.
But I was too late.
She left a notein the front entry warning whoever came inabout the gas.
So I pulled the ragout of the stove pipe, opened the windows and then I just sat with her.
For a long time.
And that's whenyou realized that if you took henryand amy's letters, that they'd never knowabout the gold.
You could take it all.
It wasn't that, was it? She meant so much to us.
After dad died, she just did everything.
And I just wanted usto appreciate that.
Before we alllost our minds over a bunchof stupid coins.
I told amy about themwhen I thought I was dying.
And you wrote the letterthat was found with your mother so henry andamy would know why she did it.
None of us knew aboutthe huntington'S.
How'd the coins wind upin the radio in the first place? Angela and I took 'emfrom the bikers.
We put 'em thereas a prank.
We thought it would be funnywhen dad saw it.
But then mom got shotbefore he saw them.
After mom's surgery,dad went back to the motel to finish packing.
That must've been whenhe found them and packed the radio withthe coins inside in the box.
I wish I could've seenher face when she found that note.
What note? He stuck a note to the radiothat said, "here's your golden raisin.
Love, O.
" He wrote that sweet notehaving no idea he'd been poisoned.
That he'd never getto share the surprise with her.
So are we out of troubleat this point? I honestly have no ideawhat to even charge you with.
Thank you.
My addled braintries to connect the dots, wondering how it iswe've come to this place.
Cold, stark,blue light lodging indifferent to hope,desire, love, lacking all butthe most basic amenities.
Poor chuck.
So many plans.
If I had known how all thisis gonna turn out I would'vekilled you myself.
Just thoughtthat you should know that.
Have a nice tripback to new jersey.
Perhaps this stainlesssteel and formaldehyde rest stop stands as a postmortem reminder.
What?***** You look really prettytonight, mom.
Thank you.
A kind offinger-wagging, refrigerated warning hungfor all to see.
All done.
Let's go.
Let's go.
For those inclined tofeed the bears, beat the light, traverse thin ice, run withscissors, get-rich quick, here, but for the grace of godgoes you.