In Plain Sight s02e04 Episode Script

Rubble with a Cause

Since 1970,the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- Some criminal,some not-- to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them From the rest of the general population, and that is somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Sight Season02 Episode04 ****** ******** ******** ********* Bien,bien.
******** Another satisfied customer.
I even up-sold him the full movie package.
You want to do it? Go ahead,harry.
You do the honors.
Suit yourself.
- Last chance.
- Just do it,please.
- You know what? You're getting old.
- Yeah,yeah.
What the hell was that? - That wasn't the mission.
- Oops.
What did you do? I guess i goofed on the charge.
You son of a bitch.
You don't screw up explosives.
No one knows explosives like you do.
Did you even stop and think who else might be in that building? These jag-off kidnappers have been terrorizing american companies for over a decade.
Now they know, from now on, there are consequences.
So shoot me,or drive Please.
****** ****** - What? - Nothing.
So i slept over.
Like a baby.
I know.
I was here.
Quit grinning like an idiot and show me what's on that tray.
Yes,your grumpiness.
Coffee,pancakes, strawberries.
Imagine what you could do with two good hands.
I couldn't find a flower.
So i got flour.
Not quite as romantic, but much more useful.
Little concerned you even have flour.
No,forget it.
Forget it.
If you think i'm choosing sex over a hot homemade breakfast, you're nuts.
I mean,you're pretty,but you're no stack of flapjacks.
- Even on the weekend.
- Turn on your tv.
What channel? Doesn't matter.
The exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation, But what we do know at this time is that a passerby, Who ran into the building to pull construction workers to safety, Is now trapped in the collapsed building.
Channel six news has learned that the trapped man's name is lewis ford, A local delivery-truck driver.
Very little else is known about him at this time.
Apparently he was not a part of the construction crew.
First responders are on the scene I'm on my way.
- Dios mio.
- Save my pancakes.
Your guy was having coffee across the street when the initial collapse happened.
While everyone else was running out,he ran in.
He carried three workers out with him.
He went back.
He was on a sweep of the eighth floor when a cfc tank broke loose, Took out an "i" beam, causing parts of the eighth and seventh floor to pancake down on the sixth And taking lewis with them.
Whole building's unstable,mary.
I mean,look at this.
It's a house of cards.
How bad is he hurt? Well,they're still trying to find a safe way in to him to find out Without triggering a secondary collapse.
What about access? Any way to control this three-ring circus? No,not the way i'd like.
We got half a dozen agencies here,all with jobs to do.
You got,you know, state and local cops firefighters, emergency crews,engineers.
I've been liaising all the brass, trying to keep as tight a lid on this as possible, but,you know Pretty much anyone with a helmet or a badge can walk in.
Pretty much,pretty much.
The only thing helping us right now in that respect is that the entire building is locked down.
No one's allowed in.
How long's it been since his face went out on the news? the nationals pick it up, and once that happens Jesus,what a mess.
He's exposed from 180 degrees.
We got to get a body on him.
I will.
You know,i got to talk to the engineer, get a green light Mary,mary,mary! Stop right there,inspector! That's an order! Please.
You put that on.
- Radio check every ten minutes.
- Copy that.
The good news is now you know who not to hire for your remodel.
Always a silver ling.
You drew that? That's kind of scary.
No scarier than the lines of fire from these buildings.
Our main concern right now has to be sniper fire.
No one in their right mind is gonna try getting up close and personal with the witness any time soon.
What about someone not in their right mind? Emergency stairway to the sixth floor is still intact.
It's about the only thing that's still intact.
- Another day, another dollar.
- You got a raise? Hi,this is peter.
I can't take your call right now, but leave a message at the beep, and i will get back to you.
Hi,peter,it's brandi, you know,fake jinx Um,again.
Uh,anyway,i'm sorry to keep bugging you like this all week,um But now it's the weekend, and i,uh Just wanted to say hi.
So please call me back,okay? Hello? Hello? God,brandi,get a grip.
Hi,this is peter.
I can't take your call right now, but leave a message at the beep, and i will get back to you.
Go for that stairwell.
Any unidentified movement here, you let me know.
Oh,come on now.
I told you no cameras.
We need to run faces in the crowd through the facial-recognition database.
Camera channel four is cleared for real-time crowd surveillance, But the database will only match faces if it's already entered into the system.
I'm aware of that.
Keep an eye out for military types.
- Anyone acting suspicious-- - they know the drill.
Marshall,marshall, come on.
We're all trying to accomplish the same thing,right? Chief inspector mcqueen? Al dennison, technical rescue team, shoring engineer.
Got the medic on our team standing by.
- Thanks for getting here so fast,al.
- You bet.
- This is marshall mann.
- How you doing? - Good to meet you.
- Special ops group is manning the incident command post.
marshals at a construction accident? Anything i should know that you're not telling me? How fast can we get the medic in there,al? I go in first solo, see what we're dealing with.
We need to get the doc in there now.
As soon as i clear a safe route in,then-- that trail's already been blazed.
By who? Mary.
Don't get up.
God forbid you show some manners.
You need to get out of here.
Again with the manners.
I'm not here 30 seconds, you're kicking me out? Were you raised by guinea pigs? Okay.
Might've just soiled myself.
Oh,don't make me laugh.
So this is your new place? It's very-- very industrial retro.
Where's my housewarming gift? Oh,i never did get why when someone buys a new house, you're supposed to buy them a present.
I mean,why not just put a tip jar at the door? Hey,thanks for coming.
Uh,you need to-- to get out of here.
This whole building's gonna come down.
Quit being such a drama queen,lewis.
We'll both be out of here in no time.
You should see the show out there.
So Okay,so So where does it hurt? I mean,you know, other than everywhere.
I think there's company.
Marshal,you need to get out of there now.
Who the hell are you? Al dennison, trt shoring engineer.
I need this entire building cleared until it's stabilized.
That means you,too.
I don't care who you are.
Well,you better start caring,al, 'cause i don't go till he goes.
Now get some medical help down here.
All right, the medic's with me.
We're coming in.
Be careful.
The whole thing's really unstable.
Yeah,thanks for the tip.
Okay,you're gonna follow me.
Step exactly where i step, all right? - We're gonna take it real slow.
- Hurry up! I think we just went national.
Why's that? That tv journalist is here.
What's her name? The one who got hung out to dry on the story about the vice president getting kickbacks on military contracts.
Janice austin? That's the one.
What the hell is she doing here in albuquerque? Even money she winters in taos.
You,back behind the barrier now.
Hi,janice austin, channel six news.
I'd like to speak to the person in charge here.
Sorry,absolutely no one's allowed beyond that point, and that includes media, no exceptions.
And you are The person telling you and your cameraman to get back behind the barrier, or you'll be arrested.
Marshal,how do you expect me to tell the world about the great work you're doing here in albuquerque from a block away? I recommend leading with a third-person narrative.
You know,"for the men and women working high steel, "traversing a six-inch beam "hundreds of feet above ground is like a stroll down the sidewalk," something like that.
Now turn around and go back.
All right,we're going.
And by the way, big fan, before the-- you know.
Come on.
Let's go.
I fended her off for now.
She didn't leave,did she? I - i kind of wanted to meet her.
Okay,this is as far as we go.
I don't know how you got out there, but i'm not letting anybody past this point.
I can't assess his injuries from here.
I can help you triage.
I've had first-aid traing.
Can you move some of the loose debris off him so that we can make a visual assessment? Yeah,i'll give it a shot.
God,mary, turn them around and go with them.
I kid you not.
Would you shut up? I gave up pancakes for you this morning.
I'm no doctor.
Right off the bat,i'd say he's gonna need some blood and Maybe a hacksaw.
Please,god,let there be a ham sandwich in that bag.
All right,doc, talk me through it.
Before you do anything, you need to put on a pair of surgical gloves.
No glove,no love.
You're not allergic to latex,are you? If i had a nickel for every time i've been asked that question.
If i wasn't dying, you'd be funny.
You're not dying.
This is all just a ruse to get me to play doctor.
Among those four buildings, About the only way to secure them is to burn them down.
Well,i did the next best thing and lit a fire under each building's head of security.
They're now deputized, or at least they think they are, to clear every office.
I told them it was a matter of national security and not to screw up.
Guys like that live for moments like this.
attorney's office.
Gee,one of their witnesses is buried under half a collapsed building.
I can't imagine what they want.
Chief inspector mcqueen here.
Yes,my apologies,dick.
It's just a three-ring circus here.
It's derek,not dick.
I'm sorry,de-- derek-- derek,of course.
Did i just call you dick? Sorry,sir.
It's just one of those days.
I do have an idea why you're calling,sir,yes.
- Can i help? - No,thank you.
Okay,look,i know i've been driving you crazy.
why would you say that? Just drop it, all right? I'm not interested.
Not interested in an apology And forgiveness? Consider yourself forgiven.
Okay,tight,right? Okay,now pull the skin tight, so the vein doesn't roll.
Okay,hang on.
Yeah,and place the cannula next to the vein.
- Okay.
- Yeah,okay.
You have a sewer pipe in your chest,and that hurts? Okay,i'm in.
All right,good.
Now remove the needle and leave the cannula in place.
Screw in the i.
Nice And easy.
Okay,now tape everything in place.
You're so lucky you got me.
My partner would've talked your ear off.
Mary,you there? Am i where? Where do you think i went? There's a concern in washington that if lewis,well They want to know if he could give a dying declaration.
I don't know,stan.
Why don't you ask lewis, since he and everyone around me can hear every word you're saying? Oh,crap,i thought you were on earpiece.
Why aren't you on earpiece? I don't know.
I guess in the rush to get up here, it didn't seem like a priority.
- Now i'm on earpiece.
- Great.
So tell the a.
that lewis is fine.
He's stable,and he can shove his dying declaration up his ass.
Ah, excuse me.
Uh,yes,my inspector said no problem, just as soon as the witness is stabilized.
We'll keep you posted.
You mind? Oh,okay.
Here we go,here we go.
Here less than ten minutes, and already you're redecorating.
Sir I've got the mayor, the chief of police, the fire captain, And a councilwoman on a conference call for you.
Chief inspector mcqueen on the line.
Gentlemen, councilwoman.
Right up top,i want to thank you all for your cooperation.
Today is-- well,if i may, mr.
Mayor Mr.
Mayor,one sec-- sir,go right ahead.
Got to love those rent-a-cops.
What? I've got movement on the roof of the parking structure, southwest corner.
Give me the visual.
Mary,stan-- unidentified movement in the supposedly secure parking structure to your southwest.
- Units responding.
- Copy that,out.
- What was that? - Nothing.
Marshall, what's happening? - Hang on.
- They're here, aren't they? I'm not letting anyone near you,lewis.
I've got optics.
No doubt about it.
It's some kind of scope.
I'm on the move.
Sog,what's your 20? Two minutes out.
Not good enough! Does tactical have a shot? Sniper's in position and locked on, but they can't take the shot without threat confirmation.
What kind of confirmation you looking for, a dead marshall and a federal witness? 'Cause i'm thinking that might be a bit late! You need to i.
and/or neutralize whatever's up there.
Stan,how we doing on that thing? Marshall,what's your 20? Over.
Inspector,do you copy? Over.
You ever hear of crack and thump? Yeah, the old sniper saying-- thumps when they fire.
Cracks the round breaking the sound barrier.
If you're the target, you never hear the thump.
And i'm not moving.
Inspector,do you copy? Over.
Mary,i'm gonna have to get back to you on that.
Soon would be good.
Pretty stupid getting yourself killed for a dead man.
Yeah,well,i have a long history of picking losers.
Now shut up.
Come on,lady.
Just give me a clean shot.
marshalls! Drop it! Stand down,stand down.
It's just a stupid reporter and her cameraman.
Copy that.
Let's go,out of here Now.
You said stay outside your perimeter.
Well,here i am half a mile away.
This building is under federal lockdown.
Huh,you guys sure are jumpy about a construction accident.
I take it the blond's one of yours,a u.
marshall, which makes the guy with her what? - Who is he? - Trust me,ms.
You don't want me to tell you to have to leave again.
Force recon, fallujah,june '05.
It's written on the man's arm.
For someone with my resources, that might as well be a listing in the phone book.
austin, i understand your career has taken an ignominious turn - since the badly vetted v.
inci-- - I stand by that story.
Don't care.
You just need to trust me.
This story is not your ticket out of the doghouse.
Why should i trust you? Because if you interfere with this operation again, i'll lock you both up until this is over.
Then i'll file a complaint with the u.
attorney's office.
You'll be persona non grata inside the beltway for the next three administrations.
It's your decision.
Come on.
She's gone.
Mayor, i'm still here.
Oh,why is she there?Well,mr.
Mayor,uh, she assessed the situation, took a quick,calculated risk, put her life on the line.
But quite frankly,sir, no one else had the balls.
Okay,we're up and transmitting.
As far as i can tell, the patient's still showing some signs of life.
All right,i'll monitor from your command center.
We'll send supplies up as needed.
- Dennison! - Yeah! How long we looking at here? I'd say 12 to 24 hours.
You better make that seven or eight, 'cause based on those injuries, that's all we've got left.
Inspector, his vitals are falling.
You've got to keep him awake and fighting.
Copy that,doc.
How you feeling - Other than that? - Other than that, terrific.
Hang in there,okay? I'm hanging.
I suppose a ham sandwich is out of the question.
You want red or green chili with that? How long's it been? Why? You have a hot date? 'Cause honestly,i think she'll find the piercing off-putting.
They'll be here soon.
You don't understand,lewis.
We're really good at what we do.
No one's gonna get to you.
You don't understand.
These men are the best in the world at what they do.
For them, the mission is everything.
They will have a contingency for every possibility, because failure is not an option.
Hey,hey, how does one-- how does one get into the private mercenary biz? Just curious, in case this marshall thing doesn't pan out.
Lewis,i'm serious.
Come on.
How do you go from decorated soldier to killer-for-hire? - You think there's a difference? - Yeah.
Soldiers follow an ideal.
Mercenaries follow the money.
Soldiers follow orders.
Governments follow the money.
That's why we put a couple hundred thousand troops in iraq and not darfur.
And for what it's worth, i joined endex because protecting american citizens Against foreign kidnappers seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
Hey,chief, i'm going offline for a few.
Save my batteries.
Copy that.
So Do you ever think about the people you've killed? I mean I mean,do they ever cross your mind? Do they ever leave your mind? Is there some trick you guys have for dealing with that? That's not the sort of thing i discuss with people who haven't been through it.
A few weeks ago i was,um I was in this situation.
It was one of those Him-or-me kind of deals.
And i mean It's not like i stopped to think about it or anything.
I was in pure survival mode, you know? And i,um You killed someone.
Shot him three times at close range.
And now you can't stop seeing his face.
Not his exactly.
After he'd been hit There was this look Just for a second.
I don't know exactly how to describe it,but It's just-- it was like all of a sudden, i was looking at a little boy Like six or seven.
And this little kid was looking back at me Sad,scared, like,"why did you do this to me?" That's the face i can't get out of my head.
That's the person i killed.
I think every soldier who's been through that is haunted by the realization that They've killed some mother's little boy.
What do you do about it? Nothing.
It just becomes a part of you.
Just be thankful that you didn't actually kill six or seven-year-old boys.
What's going on on the floor above us? We got the floors above and below shored up enough to start working on the collapse, Mary, get you guys out of there.
Force recon, fallujah,2005-- your lewis fowler is in fact second lieutenant lewis ford, Decorated marine turned private military contractor.
One of the men allegedly responsible for blowing up a mexican kidnapper named,um Raoul mejia and in the process killing 17 innocent civilians, All carried out on the behest of houston-based endex international.
I wasn't embedded for six months with the first marine expeditionary force for nothing, gentlemen.
Well,i assume since you're telling me and not broadcasting, You want something.
you're damn right i want something-- The whole story.
The allegations from mexico have been very public, But the state department and the d.
have refused to even refuse to comment, Which leads me to believe ford is a protected federal witness, Which makes the blond up there a-a-- how'd you get that off my computer? Ever hear of a bluetooth or encryption software? A witsec inspector, am i right? That's it,you and your cameraman are under arrest for witness tampering, Unauthorized use of federal information-- Can you please give us a minute,janice? - Take two, but make them count.
- Thank you.
- Chief.
- Give me a sec,al.
Look,ford's security is already blown,all right? So,in the unlikely event he survives, we relocate him the second he can travel.
So what are you saying-- we give her ford's story in exchange for keeping mary out of it? Unless you got a better idea.
It's the only move i can think of that doesn't blow mary's career all to hell.
Okay,here it is-- a one-time nonnegotiable offer.
You can take it or leave it.
But if you take it, i guarantee you'll have better access to this story than through any other means.
Keep talking.
Okay,uh,any last words from anyone before i wrap things up here? I - i have a few.
Okay,go ahead.
Hi,i'm brandi, and i'm not an alcoholic.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I'm a complete mess, but Just not in that way.
Um,anyway,i came to a meeting a while back, And i said that my name was jinx and that i was an alcoholic, Which you now know neither is true.
Well,actually, jinx is my mother, and she's a huge alcoholic-- I mean,like,total boozehound.
And i pretended to be her to get her a.
card signed for court So that she could go to the dentist and get her tooth fixed, Which she cracked getting arrested on a dwi, and i know that this is all really stupid and boring.
But the point is, you were all really nice to me.
And I just wanted to say that i'm sorry for coming here and lying to you.
I guess i didn't really understand what this was all about.
So i guess that's it.
I'm sorry.
And I think it's a really great thing that you guys have going on here.
Okay,see you.
We need to get some kind of heaters up here.
These plasma bags are turning into slushies.
Holy jesus, that's cold.
Where exactly you trying to get that blood to go? - Oh,my god.
- Everybody out now! This whole floor is about to go down! Let's go! Move it! Get out now! This floor's about to go down! We got a problem up here.
All the construction guys are bugging out, except for one.
Something's not right here.
I got a bad feeling about this guy.
- I'll see what's going on.
- Too late for that.
Just hang in there.
Help is on the way.
Mary,come in.
Mary,come in! Mary,do you copy? Mary,come in.
Do you copy? - Marshall,come in! - What happened? What's going on? Mary,do you copy? Over.
Marshall,come in.
- Mary,do you copy? - What's going on? Marshall! help here! It must've been some kind of precision charge.
Took out the stairway, brought down an entire slab, closing off the only way in.
Mary Do you copy? Over.
Damn it! Sog I want all sharpshooters repositioned.
All eyes on the collapse site right now! Now lower your weapon, or i end this right now.
You're getting old, harrison.
Expecting you hours ago.
I ran into traffic.
Hi,i'm harrison locke.
Nice to meet you.
Now lose the earpiece.
Mary Just go.
This is between-- this is between locke and me.
"h" Let her walk out.
She's got no part in this.
"h" Jesus,lewis,what the hell did you do,you dumbass? Yeah,i screwed the pooch big-time,huh? I'm not gonna say it again.
Stay right there.
If my mission was to kill him, he would've been dead hours ago, And more than likely so would you.
You think i give a rat's ass about your mission,numbnuts? Now sit your ass down before i shoot it off.
All right.
Is this okay with you? I'm allergic to sniper fire.
Knock yourself out.
Okay So now you can explain.
Mary Inspector shannon, do you read me? Over.
I'm going back in.
Trained killer just dropped by to What? There she is.
Yes! It doesn't matter now.
I don't expect you to understand.
Who the hell is that? She was right.
It must be the guy she had a bad feeling about.
Hit it.
Well,i don't expect you to expect me to understand, so It's about loyalty.
Are you in much pain? Not too much-- pretty numb.
Loyalty to what? Not to what,to whom.
"to whom"-- wow.
I bet you were the smartest kid in mercenary class.
Crack wise all you want, but at the end of the day, it's about having your partner's back, Knowing he has yours, no matter what.
Isn't that pretty much exactly what you used to say,lewis? Pretty much.
So what happened? What happened? What happened was you planted an area charge that took out four apartments and killed 17 people.
The mission was to take out one terrorist with a shaped charge.
You changed the mission.
That was disloyal.
That was the mission.
Less than 24 hours after that hit, Eight u.
and french hostages that were held captive in the jungles of colombia for six years Suddenly appeared unharmed at an airstrip in venezuela, 'Cause the ugly truth is that that is the only kind of diplomacy that terrorists understand.
Become a terrorist yourself? I didn't come here to explain myself to you.
I came here to tell you that what you're doing is wrong.
You shouldn't testify.
Save your breath.
You should've just killed me.
We're partners,lewis.
What's between us is between us, not congress, not the department of justice,us.
We settle things man-to-man.
You crossed the line with that bomb.
It was too much.
That's where my loyalty That's where my loyalty ends.
We're losing him.
We have to do something.
She needs to do something right now, or he'll be dead in minutes.
Then you never had any loyalty in the first place.
- You heard me.
- What? You're full of crap.
All this talk of loyalty and he betrayed you-- what a load of b.
I mean, you mean to tell me you didn't know what you were getting into? - Did you think you were joining the boy scouts? - No.
- Honestly.
- I just You said it yourself, at the end of the day,all that matters is you and your partner.
But you turned on your partner the second things got ugly,lewis.
And what really turns my stomach is that i have to protect spineless dickheads like you.
Finally got some good news-- That blast actually cleared away a bunch of debris that was keeping us from getting to the primary collapse.
I'm taking a team in now.
I'm going with him.
He may only have a few minutes.
Let's go! Yeah,i got to tell you,lewis, i'm not a big fan of your friend here,but you're worse.
You went from one dirty game to another and then decided to blame your partner When things didn't turn out exactly how you wanted? She's just playing for time.
Then it's working.
Check this out.
She's got him so worked up, his b.
is up, and his heart rate's actually getting stronger.
Are you trying to talk me out of testifying? What would you do if your partner committed a crime? What would you do? Answer the question,mary.
Then i'd stand by him, no matter what,because that's what partners do.
You said it yourself, at the end of the day, all that matters is you and your partner.
But you turned on your partner the second things got ugly,lewis.
The one constant that gets me through it all, The only reason that makes it okay for me to be up here with a worm like you Is i have a partner who has my back 24-7, no matter what.
Look,i'm not proud of everything i've done on the job, - but every mission comes with a price tag.
- Damn right.
That's what you forgot,lewis.
There's always costs, ugly costs.
We all know that.
- Right? - Absolutely.
Our mission was to send a message to anyone who wants to kidnap u.
citizens for political purposes.
We're coming.
When i blew that building, i knew that there would be a heavy cost.
- 17 lives.
- Yes.
that? But how many were saved? How many american families now don't have to watch their loved ones come back home in a box? Marshall,stan, did you get all of that? Got it all.
Copy that,inspector.
We got it all.
Oh,and,marshall, for the record, i'd sell you out for a twinkie.
I yearn for blind devotion.
A cause,a thing, a principle worthy of absolute loyalty.
You're welcome.
But if there's one hint of-- there won't be.
I - i keep my promises.
A truth self-medicating.
A love unabating.
Something,anything to which i relinquish all personal responsibility.
I was just thinking how ironic it is that your little speech actually convinced him not to testify.
I saw it in his eyes.
Semper fi.
Till death do us part.
In nomine patris.
Let's go,mets.
You meant that.
That the only thing that matters is your partner.
So did i.
To the true believers, the lucky few, of thee i sing.
Two former special forces marines lewis ford and harrison locke, Believed to have carried out the bombing assassination of kidnapper raoul mejia, Which also resulted in the death of 17 innocent civilians, Were rescued from a construction collapse in downtown albuquerque, new mexico tonight.
Is that were you been all this time? Pretty much.
Crowd control, cleanup.
Boring stuff.
The story began three months ago in a tenement building in the suburbs of mexico city When both men were hired by houston-based private military contractor endex international.
Ford,who had been cooperating with authorities, died from his injuries after today's rescue.
Locke is now in the custody of federal marshals, where he has made a startling confession.
****** Welcome to seattle,lewis.
This is our memorandum of understanding.
I know you've seen one of these before, but still, we have to go through ita page by page.
I don't mind at all.