In Plain Sight s02e05 Episode Script

Aguna Matatala

Since 1970,the federal witness protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- some criminal,some not-- To neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, Distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is: Somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Sight Season02 Episode05 ****** Right now? They'll be here any second.
Oh,let 'em wait outside.
They'll barely hear the screams.
- You are such a bad man,avi rosenzweig.
- I'm just following orders.
The doctor said we have to keep trying.
This afternoon'll just have to last you.
That candy dish was my mother's.
It makes me happy.
Shabbat shalom.
Maybe you'll have your own little one coming soon? - That would make me happy.
- Oh,not yet.
Believe me, it's not for lack of trying.
Baruch hashem.
It's a mitzvah.
Sold 11 flat screens, 50-inch.
Avi-la,it's shabbos.
No business.
Baruch atah adonai eloheinu melech ha'olam borei p'ri hagafen.
Federal agents! Nobody move! Oh,m-- oh,my god, what is this? Immigration customs enforcement.
Are you hiram weiss, owner of weiss electronics? I am.
What is this about? Hiram weiss, you're under arrest for piracy.
Interstate transportation of illegal contraband.
And criminal infringement of copyrights.
What? I don't even know what this is.
Piracy? Avi,do something,please.
It-- it wasn't him.
It-- it was me.
I work in the store.
I was doing it for these albanian gangsters.
They were paying me.
He knows nothing about it.
- Avi,you did this to me? - We'll talk this out downtown.
No,don't touch her.
Look,i will get this straightened out,okay? - You stole from him? - Not stealing,just copying.
- And now you're lying to me? - No,rachel,it was for you.
So we could raise money for the doctor so we could have a baby.
So this is my fault now.
You lie,you steal, and then you blame me? - Please, you gotta understand-- - don't!Don't.
Don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't come anywhere near me.
****** All contact with friends,family, or other persons from your past.
Albanian hit men are trying very hard to find you and kill you.
Might help if you pay attention.
Where's albania,anyway? On the adriatic sea,across from the heel of italy's boot.
Have you talked to my wife? - Your wife is safe.
- I thought italy was on the mediterranean.
- It is,but albania forms-- - no,forget it.
I need to look at a map.
I need her here.
With me.
A wife belongs with her husband.
Andy,rachel still refuses to enter the program.
No,no,this isn't right.
I have to talk to her.
I have to change her mind.
She's made it clear she doesn't wanna speak to you.
But if you write a letter we'll see that she gets it.
Now We need to talk about your appearance.
- Your faith.
- Why? What about them? Andy,witness protection is a little like "where's waldo?" Waldo is difficult to find because he blends in with the scenery.
Which is why waldo doesn't wear a yarmulke.
This waldo.
He's jewish? Hard to say.
The point is albuquerque has a relatively small jewish community, And wearing a yarmulke or going to an orthodox synagogue will make you much easier to find.
But there are reform temples you can join.
What difference does it make? ****** Thought you were asleep.
I was,just not here.
Wow,it's almost like you and raph are in a normal relationship.
Oh,my god.
Please tell me you're actually doing his laundry.
No,nitwit,he did mine.
Oh,well, so much for normal.
So you're dumping the booze for mom's weekend home from rehab? Yeah,i just thought maybe it would help,uh Her be better,you know? I suppose one can dream,right? Well,she did volunteer for this.
Yes,she did.
And you're not tossing a $50 bottle of anejo.
Mom doesn't need anything tempting her.
She also doesn't need us babying her,squish.
The world has alcohol in it.
This weekend is about her learning to live with it.
This weekend is about us being supportive and reconnecting with her.
This weekend's gonna blow.
What time does she get in? we'll pick her up together? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Sign these.
You did my 210s? I took the liberty of aiding a fellow inspector with her paperwork.
In order to ensure that said inspector would be free of work-related stress While dealing with family issues this weekend.
I'll just check "sorry,mom, i gotta work" off my list of possible excuses.
Hadn't thought of it that way.
Want me to burn those? No,but if you come by and burn my house down this weekend you'd be doing me a solid.
I'll try to make time.
Mary,we have a problem.
You're just noticing this now? - I'm not talking about your personality, i'm talking-- - help!Open up! They're after me! - Who's after you? - They.
They found me.
Okay,okay,calm down.
Tell me what happened.
I was stocking shelves when i heard somebody call out to me,avi rosenzweig.
- He used my real name.
- Did you see who it was? No,as soon as i heard my name,i took off running.
All right,eleanor, can you get andy situated while we look into this? - Sure.
- Come on,andy.
Would you like some tea? I'll call washington, tell them there's been a breach.
I'll call tj hardware, see if we can check out their security cams.
I'll call brandi and tell her i can't pick up jinx from rehab.
Pause it.
Can't make out a face.
You have any more tape of this guy? I'll see.
His hat's blocking his face.
Can you call up that transaction? He paid cash.
Keeps his face off camera.
No credit card id.
God only knows what he's packing under that overcoat.
This guy's definitely a pro.
Yeah,and look at what he bought.
Duct tape and a box cutter.
You sure this place is safe? We'll have a security detail posted outside 24/7.
You have no idea who this might be.
I can't tell.
I - i doubt the albanians would send somebody i know.
Have you done anything that could've compromised your security? Broken any witsec rules? Like tried to call rachel? I wouldn't even know where to call.
Have you told anyone about your past, used your real name accidentally, Attended orthodox services, appeared at any televised events? No.
I swear.
I've been very careful.
Okay,here are andy's phone records.
Nothing to or from suspicious sources.
I'm getting the same thing from rachel's end.
- What about facial recognition? - Bupkis.
In fact they sent a rather terse response something about their software not working Without an actual image of a face.
- Bupkis? - Been hanging with andy.
Got something.
The phone records from andy's synagogue here in town shows someone from his old area code called them three days ago.
Mazel tov.
Let's hit it.
Here we are.
Home sweet dump.
I'd forgotten how bad it was.
I tried to vacuum some.
And i got you these.
Oh,thank you.
They're lovely.
And since you can't drink, i bought tons of soda and that crappy lemonade that you used to make for us.
So if you want, i could go and make some up.
Um,you know, right now i just-- i'm gonna lie down for a while.
Okay? Um,sure.
I should probably-- okay.
I-- look,i'm really sorry for crashing that second meeting and-- - But right now is just not a really good time.
- No,no.
I liked what you said.
We are square.
Then what-- do-- do you wanna come in? Okay.
Uh,so,why're you here? I was just driving through the neighbor-- jesus.
Yeah,right? It's a long story.
Very boring.
So,i hope you don't mind.
I mean,is it okay that i just came over here like this? Sure.
I mean,i just di-- i didn't know that you knew where i live.
Uh,i didn't,but i knew that your mom had a dwi, and i have a buddy who's a cop,so That's not creepy,is it? No,i don't think so.
But then again my creepy detector has been on the fritz for,like,20 years,so.
I mean,i don't-- um,so, there's this thing on sunday, the governor's ball.
It's no big deal if you have other plans.
Sorry for the late-- so i show up at one of your meetings and lie, And then i tell you the truth and you hate me, and i try to apologize and you blow me off, And now you track me down and show up out of the blue to ask me out? Pretty much.
Is that okay? I'm gonna give you crap about it on our date,but Yeah,sure.
Okay,so,it's sunday.
I'll pick you up around 8:00? Cool.
I kind of expected you to say no.
Yeah,i almost never say no.
I mean,i do somet-- i do sometimes.
Okay,i'm just gonna Okay.
Andy roth.
He doesn't come to this synagogue anymore.
Did he switch to the orthodox temple? I doubt it.
He showed up regularly for a while, but after a few months, he just stopped coming.
I don't think he was all that interested.
Have you gotten any strange phone calls? Anyone looking for andy? Actually, i was going to tell you, a man came by yesterday looking for him.
Really? What did he want? Well,he said he was working on a family tree, and he tracked his distant cousin all the way to albuquerque.
He showed me a picture, and sure enough,it was andy.
Did you tell him how to find andy? Well,i didn't have an address, but i remember i saw him working over at tj hardware, So i told him to try there.
And did this man, by any chance, have an albanian accent, or maybe russian? Sweetie,if this dude wasn't a jew from new york, i'm britney spears.
Good god, you forgot to get mom? No,i got her.
What's left of her,anyway.
Where is she? Went straight to her room and hasn't come out.
That's weird.
Did you check on her? Well,no,i figured that she just wanted to rest.
I'm up.
You okay? I don't know.
I,uh-- i was okay in the car, and then i just-- i came in here and,uh, i just got all flooded.
You know,we're supposed to look for triggers.
Things that make us wanna drink.
Anyway,it's-- it's so nice to see both of you.
Sorry i'm late.
It's okay.
You were working.
It's not all about me.
This whole place is It's a trigger.
I mean, when i watch tv,i-- i always drink when i watch tv.
Mom,we got rid of everything.
There's-- there's nothing here to drink.
I just didn't know it was gonna be this hard.
I know,mom.
But we're here and we'll help.
Just let us know what you need,okay? Right now,you know what, i need to not wallow.
So how are you girls? Who-- who was that man at the-- at-- at the door,brandi? Oh,um,that was peter.
Peter? Okay,rember that aa meeting i went to for you? You did what for her? It was my fault.
I made her go.
And i'm sorry.
I'm sorry to both of you.
You met peter at the meeting? He was running it,and, uh,he was really nice to me.
Until i told him that i wasn't you,and,uh, anyway,i apologized A lot.
And,uh,he just came here today to ask me out.
Oh,that's great,honey.
Yeah,it's really great.
Just when you get sober, she starts dating an alcoholic.
Well,at least he's not a meth dealer.
That's progress,right? I suppose.
Where is he taking you? Um,i don't know.
I think it's a football game.
The governor's bowl? - The governor's ball? - Maybe.
Monkey,the governor'sball is the biggest social event of the season.
What? Get out.
Who is this peter character? I don't know,i think his last name's alpert? Peter alpert.
Of alpert's autoplex? Who owns half of albuquerque? Who donated a children's wing to county medical? That peter alpert? I guess.
Brandi,a multi-millionaire is taking you to a high society ball.
And it's all happening here in barbie's dream house! That's marshall.
Look,mom, i gotta go do one thing, but i'll be home later and we'll make dinner and-- and talk,okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Listen,we have to get her ready.
It's gonna be so much fun.
I think we're about good on clothes.
Wanna grab something to read? Yeah,sure.
Maybe one of the countless half-written letters begging rachel for forgiveness? Nah,he's probably read those.
Hmm,i'm guessing since his bible's buried under a stack of junk mail, He won't wanna read that either.
Technically, that's the tanach.
Sounds like andy's having a crisis of faith.
Yeah,i had a couple rough years when i was on the fence about santa.
What the hell is this? It's a tefillin kit for praying.
Doesn't look like avi's been saying his prayers.
Does he need to? - Everyone needs to.
- He's clean.
Who are you? What do you want with him? And how the hell did you get in here? I'd tell you, but then i'd have to kill you.
I'm kidding.
Just a little "you two have the guns" humor.
Gee The both of you-- so serious.
You wanna see serious? Keep cracking jokes.
Why're you looking for avi? I was hired to find him.
And after you find him, is that where the duct tape and box cutter come in? The what? No,that's for a package i gotta mail.
My sister collects decorative spoons.
She doesn't have albuquerque yet.
It's in the car.
I'll show.
Just tell us who hired you.
You seem upset.
We should maybe make some tea.
The name.
I'm sorry,i can't tell you that without my client's okay.
So call your client.
Sure,yeah, and give you the phone number so you can do with the computers.
What you think, i'm from minsk? Fine.
Let me know if you change your mind about that phone call.
You're allowed one.
Here you are.
God,you gave me a heart attack.
You-- you-- you need help picking a dress? Mmm,nah.
I'll figure something out.
How 'bout we make some hot coa and watch a movie? - Okay.
I'd like that.
- Okay.
- I'll-- i'll boil some water,okay? - Okay.
They're all on the beach, and they're swimming, and the baby says to the bear, "you're wearing my diaper.
" It's kosher.
Are you sure? Is it thrice blessed by the american rabbinical council? I'm kidding.
It's a joke.
Lighten up.
He's like a golem,this one.
- So.
Tell me,where are your people from? - Mine.
I'll bet you have a little bit of the jew in you,don't you? Don't you? Yes,you do.
What do ya got? New york driver's license says he's samuel garfinkle.
Address says brooklyn, but his financials show he spent some time in andy's old neighborhood the past couple months.
He could be with the albanians.
Prints? Not in the system.
No obvious ties to organized crime.
No,and he cut through our security like a schmear of cream cheese.
So it seems.
Wherever he is, whatever he's up to, he's damn good.
Almost supernatural.
Like an orthodox leprechaun.
- Yeah,but is he a hit man? - Nope.
- You got something? - He's a rabbi.
- How do you know? - His rabbi told me.
He's not the only one who can cold-call synagogues.
We know who you are, and we know what you do.
This is about a get.
A get? Get what? Don't play goy with me,pal.
Rabbi weiss told us everything.
A "get," capital g, a jewish divorce document.
Under halachic law, a wife has to obtain a get-- Signed by her husband and witnessed by a rabbi-- In order to be released from the marriage.
If she can't obtain a get, she becomes an agunah, bound to the marriage against her will.
Very progressive.
Maybe someday you'll let us wear pants.
You know,sometimes when you trade tradition for progress you wind up with neither.
This isn't one of those occasions, but still it's a catchy saying.
So,what? Rachel hired you to go biblical on andy's ass? Torture him 'til he signs? Please.
Nothing so violent.
Mostly,i find people and i talk to them, and in the case of a get, If they're not so inclined to sign, i keep talking until they are.
Sounds like torture to me.
Just got the official word from d.
Now that we know he's not a threat, gotta cut him loose.
Oh,come on,stan, we could hold him for another day or so in paperwork alone.
Don't you wanna know how he found andy? Please,make me so happy.
How 'bout a lawsuit? That make you happy,mary? Cut him loose, then start prepping to relocate andy.
All right,sam, you're free to go.
Well Thank you for your hospitality.
But this room-- dreary.
You should get some plants.
A rug.
Tell avi i'm here.
And when he's ready to do right by his wife, well,you have my number.
So long,princess.
- If you're ever in flatbush - Shalom,rabbi.
- Shalom.
- No one's calling anyone.
Andy's been moved where you can't find him, so pack your bags and get the hell outta dodge.
So we're moving again? Did-- did the albanians find me? No,not the albanians.
Just a guy who wants you to sign something.
What guy? What does he want me to sign? Rachel wants a divorce.
It's a trick.
The albanians are trying to draw me out,so-- it's not a trick,andy, we verified everything.
Gotta go.
I'm not signing a get.
I won't.
Andy,it's five months now and she still won't speak to you.
I don't care.
Look,over one mistake i've lost my family, my community,my temple.
Rachel is my wife.
I will not lose her.
I think you already have.
****** The hell's that? So? Is he signing or what? Screw with my professional life all you want.
But set one foot into my personal life, i'm gonna screw back.
Inspector,i appreciate that you take this situation seriously, but you have to understand that i take it seriously too.
And no matter what you do, avi will sign the get.
You're too late.
Andy's already gone.
New name,new city, the whole megillah.
You'll never find him again.
Well,maybe he is, maybe he isn't.
Doesn't really matter.
I'll find him.
No offense,but hiding people from criminals is easy.
They're lazy; that's what makes them criminals.
- Me,i'm not lazy.
- I don't believe you.
You know someone, you did something, and i'm gonna figure out how you found him.
I like you,mamala, you're passionate.
That's good.
But there's no trick.
Finding a needle in a haystack is easy if you're willing to look through the haystack one straw at a time.
So wherever avi is, wherever you put him, i won't stop looking until i find him.
It's what i do.
You know i sleep with a loaded gun next to my bed,right? Oh,oh,please, go ahead and shoot me.
What the hell am i gonna wear? - To breakfast? - To the ball.
I don't have a gown to wear to the ball.
You seriously just said that, and no one here's a talking mouse.
We could go through my clothes.
Mom,i'm supposed to look elegant.
Oh,my god.
I need $1,000,at least.
Check that thong.
I might've left some tips in there.
Mary,i'm serious.
If i show up to this thing looking like me, he's gonna know that i'm You? Not anywhere close to even being in the same league as him.
Of course you are, sweetie.
And if he can't see that Then He doesn't deserve me? Yeah.
Something like that.
You know she's actually not in his league,right? I know.
You have to sign.
Uh,you can't make me.
That's not your job.
No,my job is to keep you safe, And when someone locates you in witness protection, you become very unsafe.
We can relocate you, but this garfinkle character's relentless.
He's gonna keep coming, and coming,and-- i have no idea how he does it, but he's found you twice.
He'll do it again.
He won't give up.
Neither will i.
Not 'til i get my wife back.
And what about rachel? Does what she wants even matter to you? Of course it matters.
It's all that matters.
She deserves so much better than what i gave her.
- Yeah.
- I need to make things right.
If i could just see her Talk to her-- i know i could make things right.
And if you saw her and she still said no.
Then you would sign? You calling peter to cancel? It's not like i want to.
I just want him to like me.
He asked you.
Didn't he? Yeah,but he's gonna wish that he didn't if i show up in this.
Could you just let me show you something? How did he know to have her in albuquerque? He's got magical powers.
That's the only explanation.
Okay,don't expect miracles here.
Rachel only agreed to this because she wants you to sign that get.
- I know.
- Andy.
Avi,i'm telling you as your friend.
You have to give her what she's asking for.
- Just say your good-byes and let her go.
- Why? Because it's the right thing to do.
And because it's the only chance you have of ever getting her back.
- This is why you wanted a get? - Andy.
- Who did this to you? - We're not gonna do this here.
Okay? Inside.
Tell me who did this to you.
I want his name.
It's you.
Avi rosenzweig, you did this.
And if you think that i could sin like that, then-- then you don't know me at all.
That's Ours? - We're having a baby? - I am.
Um,why don't we have a seat here? There's a nice table.
- Mid-century modern.
Very tasteful.
- I'm not signing.
- Who said anything about-- - just let 'em talk.
God,you're here to draw papers.
Nothing else.
- Why not? - I'm here on behalf of my client.
So you're a lawyer now.
I could be a lawyer, you don't know.
How can you keep me if i don't wanna stay? How can you ask me to give up my child? Were you even gonna tell me that i was the father? You gave up your place as a father the moment you became a criminal.
You have to forgive me.
How? How? There's no sorry big enough for what you did.
My life was so good.
And you ruined it.
You ruined everything.
I know! Five months! Every night! You won't let me fix it! There's nothing to fix,avi.
You didn't break a cup.
You poured our marriage down the drain.
And now it's gone.
It's washed away.
My beautiful rachel.
We have to try to get it back.
I don't want to try,avi.
I don't want to.
Not anymore.
Not with you.
So i'm supposed to abandon my child.
And you.
Well,i won't.
I can't.
I made a promise, rachel,before god-- god?What do you care about god? You broke his laws.
You lied,and you stole-- i made a mistake! So did i! So did i.
And now you wanna hold me hostage like i'm not even a person.
Like i'm just this-- this thing that belongs to you.
How can you do this to me,avi? How can you be this cruel? Okay,okay.
That's enough.
That's enough.
It's time to sit.
For once i actually agree with him.
Come on.
Oh,god, there's something wrong.
This is u.
marshall marshall mann.
I have a neonatal emergency.
- Oh,god.
Oh,god, there's something wrong.
- Rachel,what is it? Here's the couch.
Just give her some-- all of a sudden he's gary cooper,this one.
- Are you the doctor? - Yes.
Rosenzweig? Yeah,is she okay? Rachel's hemorrhaging and she needs surgery to stop the bleeding.
So operate,already.
Well,we need you to sign this form in order to give us permission to terminate the pregnancy.
I d-- i don't understand.
Why would i have to do that? In order to repair the damaged vessels, We're almost certainly gonna have to cut off the baby's blood supply.
You said almost,though, so there's still a chance,right? - No,not really.
- No,no,i heard what you said.
You're gonna save them both.
That's all there is to it.
End of discussion.
I'm afraid that's just not possible.
Well,you're gonna have to make it possible 'cause i'm not gonna sign my own child's death warrant.
Can he have some time to think? We're prepping the o.
- We have maybe a half-hour, mr.
- Thanks.
What kind of choice is this? I can't sign that.
Even if it's the only way to save rachel's life? No,because It shouldn't be.
Why? I mean,how could god do this to me? Excuse me? God? Your wife and your unborn child lie on the operating table maybe dying, and you ask god how he can do this to you? You schmuck.
God gave you life.
God gave you a brain in your head.
That's it.
The beginning,the middle, the end of what god did to you.
All the rest-- aviram,the lying, the cheating,the stealing-- that's all on you.
You're a self-involved child.
What're you going to do? Spend the rest of your life trying to find somebody else to blame? Or do you think that maybe it's time that you use that brain in your head that god gave you? I need to think.
Aviram, if you're going outside, maybe you should wear this.
It's cold.
Oh,and-- and-- just in case you get bored.
Some reading.
And you thought i was just a pretty face.
I don't suppose you got a nonfat,triple macchiato in there.
They need an answer.
So how are things with jinx? Weird.
She drinking? No,not as far as i can tell.
She actually seems to be trying pretty hard not to.
And that's a problem because Because eventually she will.
Eventually we're all gonna get sick and die.
It doesn't mean you can't-- make hay while the sun shines? Yeah.
Less trite.
Why don't you talk to the rabbi about it? You're my rabbi.
- L'chaim.
- Gesundheidt.
Silly wabbi.
Come on.
Say it.
Kicks are for trids.
You're done.
Is she all right? She's doing fine.
They both are.
We managed to save the pregnancy.
- That's one tough,little-- - no,no,no, don't tell me.
I wanna be surprised.
It's a miracle! Oh,uh-- baruch hashem.
It's a miracle! Or maybe i'm just a really good doctor.
Can we-- can we go? How ya feeling? Uh,a little woozy.
Well,that's okay.
As long as you don't hurt.
I don't want you to hurt anymore.
The,uh,gift shop was closed,so I got you this.
- Avi? - You don't belong to anybody.
And this belongs to you.
So what you do with it is your choice.
I'm stuck here on bed rest until the baby's born.
I know,uh I've asked them not to relocate me until then.
I won't bother you, i just wanna be close in case you need anything.
A visitor might be nice.
I'd like that.
what? Is something wrong? No,no,it's nothing.
Just the-- the baby, she's kicking like crazy.
It's a girl? I'm sorry,i forgot you didn't know.
It's okay.
I'm having a baby girl.
What? I'm human.
Have a nice trip home,sam.
You,you're gonna miss me.
You know,normally,we jews, we don't proselytize, but with you,i can make an exception.
You i can work with.
- I'll have to get back to you on that.
- Eh,take your time.
- You off to the airport? -No,no,i drove.
I - i like the middle part of the trip.
- What? - I just wanted to say,well Families are like puzzles.
They fit together in a certain way, and when one of the pieces is missing it throws everything off.
Okay,is there a point in there somewhere? Yeah,the point.
The point is that i find people,mary.
All kinds of people.
No matter how long they've been gone, i find them.
Just in case.
Mom,brandi,i'm home.
- Go,go,go.
- Finally.
Oh,my god, squish,you look No.
Don't you dare make me cry.
Where did you get that dress? Your father bought it for me after one of his business trips.
So,i guess technically it's evidence.
My god.
She did my hair and makeup too.
It'll help if you breathe.
I,uh-- you look amazing.
Uh,peter, this is my sister mary.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- You too.
And my mom jinx.
Brandi's told me a lot about you.
How are you doing? Oh,i'm lovely.
No,i'm a friend of bill's.
How are you doing? Not so good.
But i'll keep trying.
Well,some days it's one second at a time.
- Let's talk when you get out.
- Okay.
Wanna meet the governor? Hell yes.
Have fun.
Well,mom, you did a really good-- It's all right.
Look,i know it's hard right now.
No,it's not that.
As part of my recovery, i'm supposed to make amends.
We don't have to get into this now.
Yes,we do.
It's just that There's just one thing that if i tell you about it, i'm just-- that it'll-- It'll just ruin everything.
Well,there's only one way to find out.
The-- the letters Your father wrote I was going through them the day after you showed them to us,and What? I kinda lost one.
Which one? The first one.
The one he wrote you the day he left.
You didn't lose it.
Sometimes,um Sometimes i just like to keep it with me.
I owe you a bottle of tequila.
I had to dump it out.
Okay,now, that pisses me off.
It's okay,mom.
It's okay.
It's okay.