In Plain Sight s02e09 Episode Script

Who's Bugging Mary?

Previouslyon in plain sight Have we met before? Uh, not that I'm aware of.
You didn't misplacethe suitcase, did you? Because that's our whole world.
You decidewho has to pay the price.
Your boyfriendor your sister.
But I have the drugs,I'll just get them to you.
Oh, my god! What did you do? - What the hell is this? - I have a warrantto search the house for drugs.
I was just wonderingwhen I can expect a crew at my house to fix your mess? When hell freezes over,does that work for you? James wiley shannon.
Husband of jinx,father of mary and brandi.
James was in an accident.
He's my father.
Oh, mary, this is lauren.
If mary knows about lauren,she's obligated to tell the fbi.
Oh, and we're not? - Well, who was that manat the door? - That was peter.
Peter albert?Who owns half of albuquerque? At leasthe's not a meth dealer.
That's progress, right? ******* I'm not leaving heretill I get what I came for.
What did you dowith the stuff in the suitcase? I don't know muchabout chemistry, but I'm pretty sure it didn'tjust magically turn into towels.
Can you hand me a towel,please? I mayhave underestimated you.
since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses some criminal,some not to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Sight Season02 Episode09 Mary picking you up? Yes, for the tenth time.
Just a minute! I'm sorry, all right? I'm just a little, you know Nervous? Yeah, I know.
Me too.
I'm not nervous.
I don't want anythingto go wrong.
What could go wrong? I'm stashing20 pounds of meth at my sister,the federal marshal's house.
It's perfect, right? It's just that if anythingever happened to you get over here.
Get over here.
Just a minute! Damn kids.
Damn, brandi.
This is a mess.
Explain to me again.
How'd she get in the program? Do you want the real answer? Or the one that makes me giggle? Real, please.
I gave you up.
Why can't you open up? What are you doing? Judge ordered it sealed.
To lock freshness in.
All right,let's just get on with this.
Knock, knock.
Wow, what's all this? You know,your basic nightmare.
- Do you have any evidence? - Here you go.
Biscuit's back! He's had some work done.
Hey, someone's at the door.
It's the fbi bunny.
- It's not goingto stop until you open up.
- I don't know what to do.
Hey mary,I think someone's at the door.
This is special agento'connor of the fbi.
Open up! Fine, I'll open up.
There I go.
Happy now? Happy now? Fbi! Come on, open up! What? Okay.
Mary, someone's at the door,I think it's the fbi.
- Fbi! - What? - Put it down! - Okay, okay, okay.
It's down, it's down.
Take it easy.
We're not moving.
Brandi katherine shannon,you're under arrest for possession with intentto distribute illegal drugs, interstate drug traffickingand conspiring Do not say anythinguntil I can get a lawyer there.
Just when thingswere starting to go right.
Please don't tell peterabout this.
- Promise me? - We promise.
- Everything's going to be okay.
- Wait, wait! She needs shoes.
- Go ahead.
-Get her shoes.
I'm just getting clothes.
I'm just getting her clothes.
Okay? I'm just gettingher clothes.
Here, take that.
Here, here.
Be quiet and stay calm,okay? No, not those.
They'll take the laces outwhen they process her.
Come on, come on.
Put your foot in.
Please get me out.
Keep quiet, okay? Okay, listen to me.
Look at me! Do not say a word to anyone.
Do not answer any questions.
Anything you tell themwill be used to bury you.
Do you understand? Do you understand? Yes, okay.
Don't make things worse.
What just happened? Well, in my lay opinion, brandi was arrested.
******** Why now? I thought we were done with all that.
Apparently not.
I'm going to the federal building.
- I want to go with you.
- There's nothing to do that requires two people.
Stay here.
Stay by the phone.
I'll keep you posted.
I'll take you.
No, raph.
I can operate much more freely in a federal courthouse when I'm not plus one.
I'll call you as soon as I know something.
You have a plan? I mean, one that doesn't involve maiming o'connor? I'm gonna go see my sister and then try to figure out what the hell my plan is.
Sounds like a plan.
Just don't do anything that might be misconstrued as seeking special treatment.
That's a pretty tall order, considering I was the fourth runner up in the 2001 misconstrued pageant.
Really? Puns now? You realize what a vulnerable position you're in? Yes, marshall.
I do.
But at the moment my position's somewhat less vulnerable than brandi'S.
So for the time being, I'm just going to focus on her, okay? - Inspector shannon.
- Deputy marshall lipinski.
- Has custody been turned over to the marshals? - Yes.
I'd like a few minutes with her.
- Oh, mary.
- Oh, I know.
What is happening? - Am I really being charged with murder? - I don't know yet.
Sometimes they wave a more serious charge in the air just to scare a suspect into confessing to a lesser one.
Listen to me, do you have any idea what they might have on you they didn't have three months ago? No, no.
There's nothing that they could have.
Not then, not now, not three years from now.
Have you talked to anyone about this? With peter? Oh, god, no.
He's the last person that I would want to find out about this.
Okay, okay.
Stay calm.
I'm gonna try to figure this mess out.
You're leaving me? - Squish - But you just got here.
Every minute I'm here is a minute I'm not working on getting you released.
Jus--plea-- just a few minutes.
O'connor's been sitting on this case for three months.
What could he have now that he didn't have before? I doubt it.
Assuming there ever was any meth, brandi would've dumped it a long time ago.
So what else could he have? - A witness? - Can I say something here? I rather you didn'T.
You walk around like you're responsible for how she turned out.
And I'm scared to death that some part of you thinks you deserve some part of this.
That allowing yourself to go down with her will somehow make things right.
And it won'T.
You'll still feel guilty and she won't even appreciate the gesture.
Maybe her cell's tapped.
I got to grab those phone records.
The house could be bugged.
No, stan ordered a sweep after the raid; it was clean.
It could've been planted since then.
Who are you calling? Hey, stanif someone planted a listening device in my house and overheard me talking business with you or marshall, that would constitute a breach of witsec security, right? What's going on? What is that? Checking for bugs.
Electronic listening devices.
What do you mean? - Come on.
- What? What? - Was that a bug? - Yes.
- Did o'connor put it there? - I don't know.
Why can't we just rip it out? Because we're better off if they don't knowthat we know about it.
Now, just think for a minute.
Have you or brandi talkedabout anything inside the house? The suitcase, the drugs,anything? No, absolutely not.
Has anyone suspiciousbeen inside the house, or just someoneyou don't know that well? No, nobody.
Exc--except lauren.
- Oh, god.
- What? What about her? You're not goingto like this.
Mom, this isno time to screw around.
Lauren is not my cousin chris' friend'sdaughter.
Who is she, mom? You realize brandi's about tostand trial for murder, right? Lauren is your half-sister.
What? I'm sorryI didn't tell you before.
But I was worried that you'dhave to report her to the fbi because of her connectionto your father.
- You're kidding me, right? - No.
He was in an accident.
And she found a notefrom him addressed to me.
And then he disappeared.
And she wanted to come hereto find out who we were.
And you believedthat cock and bull story? Mary! The letterwas in his handwriting.
Jesus, mom! Use your head for once.
This chick shows up witha letter and a ridiculous story, gets you and branditalking about god knows what, and the morning aftershe leaves, brandi gets busted by the feds.
I understand you're upset.
But what does one thinghave to do with the other? My god, mom.
Are you really that dense? She is not my half-sister.
She's fbi.
I'm not sayingit was a premonition, doofus.
I'm sayingwhile I was still asleep, the sounds ofthe fbi banging on my door, yelling, "fbi, open up," triggeredthis very bizarre dream about brandi getting busted.
In which I waswrestling a giant pink bunny.
Wrestling or dancing,I couldn't really tell.
This is mary.
You sure? Okay.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
The phones are clean.
Just one bug.
Exactly how giantwas this bunny? 50 feet, 100 feet? Like, six.
Giant, by bunny standards.
Hey, how can I find out if there's a surveillancewarrant for that bug.
I already calledthe U.
Attorney's office.
Told them I needed to know about any surveillance relatedwarrants issued for your sister.
That bugging a witsecinspector's home can compromise the security of their ownprotective witnesses, etc.
They said they'd look into it but are disinclined at this timeto discuss any active warrants.
You don't thinkI could take a six-foot bunny? Pink, no less.
It was a dream.
I heard about your sister.
Is she okay? Is there anything I can do? Thanks.
Yeah, as a matter of fact,I need a favor.
Any way you can checkinto fbi personnel files for an agent named lauren? I don't have a last name,but she's about my height blonde, fair skin, 30-ish.
Possibly based outof a new jersey office.
I wish I could, but thosefiles are highly restricted.
I just--I don'thave that kind of access.
Oh, I see.
Mary, misappropriatinggovernment personnel records is a federal crime that limits-- I'm not askingfor a printout of her complete service record.
I just want to know ifsuch a person exists at the fbi.
I mean, come on.
How hard would it be for youto call up one of your buddies and ask if they've heardof a tall,blonde agent who may go bythe name of lauren-- oh, and she canpalm a basketball-- or is that a federal crime, too? No, it's not.
I will make some calls.
Thank you.
And maybe get a photographif you can.
They'reprocessing brandi now.
All right, let's go.
You know,she is not the enemy.
She's stickingher neck out for you.
If you say so.
Have you consideredthe possibility that lauren is not fbi? Think about it.
She showed up out of nowhere, left no way for usto contact her, no last name.
Two days later, my house isbugged, and brandi's arrested.
No, I haven't considered it.
How can someonebe so lucky at cards? There'san old saying about that.
This is ridiculous.
I have to do something.
I have no idea what to do.
My daughter's in jail, and there's absolutelynothing I can do to help her.
I am a miserable excusefor a mother.
This is where you're supposedto disagree with me.
I think you're trying reallyhard to be a better mother.
And that means a lotto your daughters.
No, it doesn'T.
Not to mary, anyway.
If you want to provesomething to mary, you usuallyjust have to do it.
I'm calling peter.
Brandi told you not to.
Sometimes a mother has todo what's best for her children, even if they don't like it.
You sure you want to do this? I'm positive I don'T.
But you seemto have become the train wreck I can't stop watching.
Choo choo.
Inspectors please, come in.
What can I do for you? Well you could explain to mewhat this is all about.
I mean, what this isreally all about, because I've beentrying to make sense of it from your point of view,and I just can'T.
So if you don't mind,could you please tell me what is it that I'm missing? Well, your sister'sa criminal, inspector.
She broke several federal laws.
That's pretty muchthe long and short of it.
You seem to be the only onein denial of that fact.
No, my sister was the victimof an abusive boyfriend.
She didn't have a cluewhat she was getting into.
You know that as well as I do.
That may have been the casewhen she left new jersey with a suitcase full of drugs.
But 1,500 milesand four months later oh, I think she knewexactly what she was doing.
Even ifeverything you say is true, you've put how many monthsand man hours into prosecuting someone who, by all accounts, backed out ofa drug deal and dropped a dime on one of the biggestmeth dealers in the southwest? You seem to bethe only one in denial of that.
Oh, that's sweet.
You're sticking up for her.
Have I answeredyour question? Yeah, I think you have.
As I understand it,you're pursuing this case beyond all reason, because there's something fundamentally hinkyabout you.
I don't know what it is, but pretty sureI will before we're done.
Thanks for your time.
Come on.
Let's get some lunch.
I thought you'd never ask.
We'd ask you to join,but At what point did you learnyour sister was a meth dealer? Are you awarethat even the intent to dispose of evidenceis a crime? What happened to the drugs,inspector? Someone helped herget rid of them.
I'm going to find out who.
What are you doing here? I wanted to be here.
I told you to stay home.
I told you to stay with her.
- We both wanted to be here.
- Oh, come on.
I so appreciatewhat you're doing for brandi.
But I'm her mother.
I need to be here for her.
- And for you.
- All rise.
The honorable judgejohn metcalf presiding.
Please be seated.
Criminalcause for arraignment, united states versusbrandi katherine shannon.
Docket number 88361.
Rennerfor the government.
Does the defendanthave her own representation? Roberta proctor,your honor.
May I have a momentto confer with my client? - Who is that? - I called peter.
- Mom! - He's in japandoing business still.
But this is his lawyer.
Mom, I have a call into an attorney.
And brandi asked usnot to call peter.
I don't care! I'm not going to sendmy daughter to trial for murder without getting the best lawyerher boyfriend's money can buy.
Okay, I'm sorryI couldn't meet with you before the arraignment; - peterjust called me an hour ago.
- Peter? It says two federal agentswere killed in contention with the conspiracy.
I know,but I wasn't even there.
I was in albuquerque.
Doesn't necessarily matterwhere you were.
If they can provethose murders happened as a result of, or in connection with a crime you conspired to commit,then by law, you are as culpable as the peoplewho pulled the triggers.
Okay, we'll talk more later.
For now, just stay quietand follow my lead.
We're ready, your honor.
The defendantms.
Brandi katherine shannon is charged with possession with intentto distribute illegal drugs, interstate drug trafficking, and conspiracy to commit murderof federal agents.
Your honor, we'd liketo amend the conspiracy charges against ms.
Shannon,based on new evidence.
To include what? The kidnappingof federal marshal mary shannon.
- What? - Does the defendant understand the charges thathave been filed against her? No, your honor,and frankly, neither do I.
I see nothing in her filelinking her to these crimes.
As I said,based on new evidence.
Unless the assistant U.
Attorney would care to elaborate on the evidenceagainst my client, then neither one of us can agreeto understand these charges.
Your honor,we have a sworn statement from a nicholas bennettiof northvale, new jersey.
Stating thatms.
Shannon was actually on the phone with the kidnapper,neil "spanky" carter, while marshal shannonwas being held against her will.
Your honor, a momentto confer with my client? - Do you know a nick bennetti? - Yes, but I-- Were you on the phonewith this "spanky" character while he was holding a federalmarshal against her will? Yes, but he called me.
And marshal shannonis my sister.
And he didn't even meanto kidnap my sister.
He meant to kidnap me.
He even testified to that.
Your honor,mr.
Carter himself testified that his intent wasto kidnap ms.
Brandi shannon.
Her sister, who happensto be a federal marshal, was kidnapped by mistake.
Your honor, irrespectiveof mr.
Carter's original intent, the fact is,a U.
Marshal was kidnapped and held against her will.
And ms.
Brandi shannonwas aware of the situation and on the phonewith the kidnapper during the commissionof the crime.
Request to amendthe charges is granted.
I'll need a copyof nick bennetti's statement and all other evidencerelated to this charge.
I'll have my materials sent over to your officeas soon as possible.
Now does the defendantunderstand the charges that have been filedagainst her? Yes, your honor, she does.
Request for preliminary hearingon the evidence and expedited discovery.
Let's schedule a hearing a week from today.
The defendantis remanded to custody until then without bail.
Call the next case.
I have to spend the weekin jail.
Look at me, look at me.
You stay strong, okay? Can you do that? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
We're goingto get you out, baby.
Right? - Right? - Right.
Mom, I gotta go back to work.
Will you take her home? I'm not going.
I'm going to stay herein case anything happens.
Mary is there anythingI can do to help? Just stay with her and makesure she doesn't fall apart.
That'll be a huge help.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I got to go.
Do we have a copyof the surveillance warrant? We're waiting for a callback.
So I hearyou paid a visit to o'connor.
- From whom? - From his boss.
He wanted to knowwhy a U.
Marshal was interferingin an ongoing case.
What a weasel that guy is.
You knew about thisand you let her go? - He didn't let me do anything.
- I was her escort.
And I wasn'tinterfering in anything.
I just went to ask himto explain why he's pursuing my sisterlike she's john dillinger.
- Doesn't matter why.
- Yeah, it does.
She's in jail becausehe's got an axe to grind.
So all goingover there accomplishes is making youand this office look bad.
- Like we are interfering.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- But it's my sister's lifewe're talking about.
- I'm sorry too.
But from now on, you areto stay away from o'connor, unless it's for officialbusiness.
That's an order.
You understand? Yes, sir.
Why is it so hard to get a copyof a surveillance warrant? Oh, I don't know, maybe because they're sealedunder federal authority? She's been on the phonecalling in favors all morning.
Information on o'connor.
A "thank you"might be appropriate.
According to the duty roster from the bureau's new jerseyoffice, o'connorwas originally scheduled to be on the raid that morning.
He switched shiftswith agent max harrison.
Who later took twoin the chest.
A guilty conscience couldexplain o'connor's obsession.
I suppose.
You know, I could seechanging shifts with someone on a day where not much ishappening, but on a day where I'm supposed to bring downa fairly big drug dealer? - Would you do that? - Not withouta damn good reason.
And ifI switched shifts with you and you wound upgetting killed, I'd damn well wantto explain where I was.
There's nothing in here aboutwhy o'connor skipped the raid.
Wonder what his excuse was.
Hey, stan mind if I gosee o'connor one more time? - I got a better idea.
- Yeah? Can you get marshallon the next flight to newark? Right on it.
How about the other thing? Okay.
Appreciate it.
That was my friendwho takes care of warrants for the tenth circuit.
She may have let slip that o'connor hasn't put in forany warrants in three months.
There's no surveillance orderon your house.
The bug isn't fbi.
Wow, maybe o'connorplanted it without a warrant.
How sweet would that be,to bust him on an illegal wire? What about lauren? Using the name and the physical descriptionyou gave me, she's not inthe bureau's employee records.
Nothing you've given me to go onpoints to an fbi agent.
Really? Not a single laurenin the entire fbi? I didn't say that.
I said, "based onthe information you gave me, there were no matches.
" Huh, seems hard to believe,almost impossible.
- Maybe I should call your friend.
- Are you insane? Do--do you have any ideawhat I risked just makingthat inquiry for you? - You meanif you even made the inquiry.
- All right.
Mary, that's enough.
Where are the printouts? Where are the pictures? You really do think I'msome kind of undercover agent.
You worked for the fbi right up until they startedinvestigating my sister.
- Tell me that's a coincidence.
- Come on, let's go cool off.
Mary, I workedfor the fbi right up until my husband was killed in anautomobile accident.
If you even had a husband.
God, I can't imagine.
All right, stop it, mary.
Mary, I am so sorryyou're having such a hard time.
I really am.
I can't imagine whatit must be like to walk around so unhappyso much of the time.
But everythingI have told you is true.
The fbi did not bug your house.
And whoever that woman waswho came to your home, she is almost certainlynot an fbi agent.
Come on.
Mary you need to step backand listen to yourself.
I'm not crazy! Eleanor showed up two daysafter o'connor raided my house.
She's trying to help you.
Trust me.
I think you needto consider the possibility - that the girl who showed upmight actually be your sister.
- Please.
Do you thinkbecause your father might've had another daughter, that he loved you any less? Is that what this is about? No.
You don't know--my father and I--he he just wouldn't do that,not without telling me about it.
How would he do that? Are you in touchwith your father? No, no.
I just meant that if he was able to havethis other daughter-- this other life--hewould find some way to tell me.
To include me.
Have you ever triedto find him? No.
Why not? You have at your disposal the best technology in the worldto track down anyone.
And I have to believe thatsubconsciously or consciously, that's at least part of thereason you became a marshal.
Are you afraidof what you might find? If he wanted me to knowwhere he was, he would tell me.
And what about what you want? At some point,that has to matter to you.
If your father's still alive, if he's still out theresomewhere What? I just can't believehe would want his daughter to sufferthe way you're suffering.
Right, right.
Thanks a lot.
The fbi arrested a nick bennettiin new jersey three days ago for selling methto an undercover agent.
They've been questioning himabout brandi shannon.
I need you to find everythingyou can about him.
As fast as you can.
Will do.
- Hi, detective.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
How's everything going? Eh, you know.
Never a dull moment.
I can imagine.
Where is everybody? Well, hopefully marshall'sabout to touch down in newark.
Mary ran home to get brandi'scell phone records.
She'll be back soon.
What do you got? Spanky carter's scrapbook.
Criminal record, arrest report,testimony, interrogation transcripts-- everything that we compiledwhen mary was kidnapped.
So what about spanky? Is he talking to anyone? Proctor is with him now.
He owes us one.
We found a good home for his kidafter rachel was busted.
Is the phone call thathe made to brandi the problem? Potentially, if it appearsshe was negotiating or conspiring with them.
But mary was therewhen he made the call.
It's inher debrief statement.
Carter threatened brandi, then shot chuckto prove he was serious.
I got a copy of our logs.
It'll tell us the exact timethat she was reported missing, - and then we can compare itto brandi's phone records.
- Great.
Here is brandi's rap sheet.
And this faxjust came in for you.
All right.
That's the fbi'switness against mary's sister.
This is from my friend atthe marshals' service in newark.
According to him,the fbi knew spanky made a call during the timeof the murder and kidnapping, but they couldnever trace the number.
Bennetti identified it as a disposable cellbrandi was using.
****** Hi, I'm U.
Marshalmarshall mann.
Are you patricia harrison? Yes.
Was your husbandthe late agent max harrison? Yes, what can I do for you? I'm very sorryfor your loss, ma'am.
If you have a few minutes,I'd like to speak to you about the dayyour husband was killed.
I'm sorry, I-- Please, mrs.
This is so important.
I just wantto ask a few questions about your husband'srelationship with the man who traded shifts with himthat day, agent robert o'connor.
All right.
Come in.
Thank you.
What're you guys doing here? We've been heresince the arraignment.
I want to be here for you.
Is mary coming? She's working on getting youout of here.
- What if she can't? - She will! We will.
no matter what happens,I'm here for you.
What is this about? My understanding is they wantto talk about some kind of deal.
My life's over.
I'm never going toget married or have kids.
Of course you are.
Don't talk like that, no.
Mary should be here for this.
I'm here.
Yeah, you are.
It's not my first timein jail, you know.
I never thoughtI'd be bragging about that.
They're here.
Do you want meto stay with you? Is that okay? It should be.
Just don't say anything.
I'm sorry, but youshould probably wait outside.
I understand.
Okay, you have the transcriptand time stamp from brandi's 911 callright in there.
And that's just abouteverything I've got.
- Thanks, this helps a lot.
- Yeah, no problem.
Just let me know ifthere's anything else I can do.
Mm, on second thought, don'T.
I've done enough.
I can't make any promises.
- Night, chief.
- Night, detective.
Night, inspector.
I, um listen, I, um Not today.
Maybe tomorrow.
Not today.
Fair enough.
****** Crap! Hey stan, I gottaget to the federal building.
- Why, what's happening? - They'reoffering brandi a deal.
It doesn't make sense.
It's gotto be some kind of hail mary.
Trying to get herto bite on a lesser charge to avoid prosecuting a casethey know they can't make.
That's the only thing I canthink of.
I gotta fly.
Go, go.
So what's this dealyou want to talk about? In exchangefor a signed confession to all drug related charges, we'll take the murder and kidnapping conspiracycharges off the table, which drops the sentencedown to 25 years.
That's considerablybetter than a life sentence, or if the murder chargeshold up, death by lethal injection.
And why the sudden fitof generosity? After careful consideration,we've come to the conclusion that although we still believethat ms.
Shannon is guilty of all the charges,there are frankly a number of mitigating factors that maketrying her for a capital crime-- well, let's just say it fallsoutside my comfort zone.
Mm, I see.
Well, I wouldn't wantto cause you any discomfort.
Please, may I have a momentto confer with my client? Of course.
Just one more thing.
It's a one time offer,good for the next ten minutes.
If it's not signed in that time, not only will we proceedwith all charges against you, but my first stopafter I leave this room will be to file identicalcharges against your sister mary shannonas a co-conspirator.
- What? - My sister had nothingto do with this.
Brandi, please.
Thank you, counselor.
We'll letyou know what we decide.
Clock's running.
Here's a pen.
- Are you sitting down? - Yeah.
I can hear your shoes.
You'll hear a dial tonein about two seconds if you don't tell mewhat's on your mind.
Brandi, come on now.
What are you doing? Brandi, wait, please.
Let's--let's talk about this.
There's nothingto talk about.
I've putmy sister through enough.
I'm not goingto let her go to prison for something that I did.
Nobody wants to see that,but listen to me.
This is a bad deal.
They want you to sign something because they knowthey have a weak case.
They're trying to leverage your loyalty and your lovefor your sister to put you away.
But it's still a case.
I've watched all those shows.
Lots of people get convicted for things that they didn't doall the time.
I'm not goingto take that chance with mary.
Sweetie, listento ms.
Proctor for a minute.
Call them back in,I'm signing this.
- No, no! - Give it back.
No! I'm not going to let yougo to prison needlessly.
There must be another way.
Fine, keep it.
Give me another one.
I'll sign it.
- Don't sign anything.
- Who let you back in here? Inspector, you'reinterrupting a private meeting.
Mary,they offered her 25 years, they were going to indict you.
It's B.
The whole caseis a big, steaming pile.
That's whythey want to make a deal.
That's whatI tried to tell her.
Fine, roll the dice.
Your sister will be sittingright by your side.
Really? Nick bennettias your star witness? A meth addictwho's made a career out of testifyingagainst other meth addicts? Inspector, you haveno place in this room.
Come on.
Not a shredof physical evidence.
And you got to know whata liability this numb nut is.
According to albuquerque P.
Reports, special agent robert o'connortook control of the kidnapping investigationat approximately 3:45 pm.
According to fbi documents, ms.
Shannon receivedan incriminating phone call from spanky carterat exactly 9:58 pm.
So while ms.
Shannonwas on the phone allegedly masterminding a complicatedmurder/kidnapping plot, she was inagent o'connor's custody.
Which means you're eitherdirectly involved in the conspiracy,or incredibly inept at your job.
Which will you claimwhen you take the stand? Now do you see whythey wanted to make a deal? They don'thave any hard evidence.
They havea meth cooker trying to avoid a third strikefor a witness and inspector clouseaurunning the case.
Really? Yes, squish.
How long youbeen chasing this dog? Somebody's goingto be pissed at you.
So what do you think? Take you about two hoursto process ms.
Shannon out? I'll get the papers started.
See me in my office.
- Thank you.
- It's okay, squish.
It's okay.
I'm glad you were here.
I'll see you in a sec, okay? Hang on a sec.
I have nothing to say to you.
My partner ran intoa friend of yours tonight.
Patricia harrison.
He was just in the neighborhood.
She says "hi.
" When I found outyou were supposed to be on the drug bust that morning, but you switched shiftswith agent harrison, I actually felt sorryfor you, carrying aroundall that guilt.
And then I learned while he wasbeing gunned down, you were at his house,in bed with his wife.
You made a human mistake-- one that you'regoing to have to live with.
And I do feel sorry for you, walking aroundwith all that pain.
But you have to find someother way to make it go away.
I look forwardto working with you in the future,agent o'connor.
****** I can't believe it took you this long to come and see me.
Me too.
I need to find my father.
Or at least find outif he's still out there.
I'm sorry,I can't help you.
I'll take anything you know.
What wasyour contingency plan? You had to have prearrangedsome way to get in touch if one of you got caughtand one escaped.
Sweetie,your father didn't escape.
We were both taken out of thetrenton midland bank in chains.
All the reportssay he got away.
I don't carewhat the reports say.
Your father and I were arrestedand brought to fort dix.
He wasin a cell across from me.
In the middleof the second night, a couple of suits came in.
Went into his cell,talked to him for a while.
I couldn't hearwhat they were saying.
Next thing I know,they opened the door, your fatherwalked right out with them.
Did you ever askwhat happened to him? Sure.
And I gotthe same answer as you.
The cops even testifiedat my trial he escaped.
If you ask me,he made some kind of a deal and walked out free and clear.
He said you were expecting meto come here.
Why? I just assumedonce you got a little older, you'd want answers,you'd come to me.
I just--I'm sorry,I don't have any for you.
But I can tell you this.
Your father loved youmore than anything.
You were practicallyall he ever talked about.
I appreciate that.
So has he evercontacted you? Letters? Anything? Has he contacted you? No.
Me neither.
Daddy if this is youand you're listening I don't need you anymore.