In Plain Sight s02e10 Episode Script

Miles To Go

since 1970, the federalwitness protection program has relocatedthousands of witnesses-- some criminal, some not-- to neighborhoodsall across the country.
Every one ofthose individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing themfrom the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season02 Episode10 ****** Friday night? You guys still working? Oh, eddie! Yeah, we gota refrigerator car full of sockeye salmonand a busted compressor.
Honey time.
Yeah, wellyou know how it is.
Somebody's got to pay forthe wife's tanning salon, right? - How's the kid? - Great.
I got a visitation this weekend.
And the quadrantidmeteor shower is at its peak tomorrow.
I'm sure thatmeans something to you.
It's amazing.
It's likethe fourth of july fireworks, only it's stars.
Hey, check it out.
Just got miles a new telescope.
Ed, four grand! Aw, that's nothing.
You can spend ten times that.
Home astronomer nowadayscan do things palomar couldn't do15 years ago.
That's one lucky kidyou've got.
Yeah, my old man wouldn'tpay for a bucket of water if I was on fire.
Well, I better make my rounds.
See you guys.
All right.
We got 40 minutes.
Yeah, I miss you too, kiddo.
Guess what I got.
That's right! The meade,with the plossl eyepiece.
How did you know? The millimeter? Uh, I don't know.
Let me look.
Oh, damn, the catalogue--I left it on the dock.
I'm gonna have to give youa call back.
What the hell is this? Damn it, ed.
What the hellare you doing back here? Frank.
Sorry, ed.
You shoot me and I'll dropa half ton of frozen fish on that pretty caryou have there.
spi-- I'm not much of a car guy, but it sounds like you have a very expensive bulletin that gun.
Come on, frank.
You know me.
I just want to go hometo my son in one piece.
I won't tell anyone.
I swear.
All right.
- Go on, get out of here.
- Now, put that gun away.
And both of you,get in the car.
- You're out of your mindif you think that-- - I'll drop this.
- So help me god, I will.
- All right.
- All right.
- Come on! Get in the car! But you betterkeep your mouth shut.
- Or I swear to almighty god,I will-- - I will definitely think about it.
****** So, let's seethe men involvedin the car theft ring you're supposedto testify against are all in jail awaiting trial,which is good.
That said, they workedfor an international operation that had contacts in europe,asia, and south america.
Not so good.
So how long am I goingto be in witness protection? We're kind of like the mafia.
Once you're in, you're in.
Except, we don't kill youif you decide to leave.
The people you testifyagainst however, might.
What about my visitation? Has that all been worked out? - Visitation? - Yeah.
For my son, miles.
My ex and I havea custody arrangement.
The A.
Said he'dtalk to you about it.
Miles? I don'T yeah, she has himduring the week.
I get him every othersaturday and sunday.
- Maybe we're missingsome pages.
- Missing pages? He was supposedto visit this weekend.
Ed, I don't knowwhat the D.
Promised, but if your son's notin the program, he can't come visit you.
And if he is in the program,he can't visit his mother.
- That's just witsec policy.
- Wait, no, no, no.
Hold on a second.
Forget it.
There's no way in hell I'm gonna testify-- Hang on,let's not get excited before we knowwhat we're dealing with.
We can talk to our boss.
It's possible we couldget a special dispensation.
Hey, look, I workin the security business, I know what wordslike "dispensation" mean.
I told the fbi already.
I told the assistantU.
Now I'm telling you.
If I don't see my sonthis weekend, you can kiss my assand my testimony goodbye.
Are we clear? Why weren't we informedthe guy has a son? Well,then where's the paperwork? Yeah, right,and the dog ate my homework.
Listen, numb nuts, I don't think you'reseeing the big picture here.
Your convictionrelies on the testimony of a witness who lost his home,his friends, his job, and now, thanks toyour ineptitude, his son.
But here's the part you should really be focusing on-- come trial time, this case brings me ball-punching distance to you.
Yeah, good idea.
You look into it.
What's this? While you were verbally spanking the future ex-governor of illinois, I obtained a copy of the paperwork he sent to his wife.
So there was paperwork filed? Would you like me to get him on the phone so you can apologize? Or just send a card? No, let's go with the card this time.
Hey, look, no.
There's no signature.
It never went through.
Well, that happens sometimes.
Just have to track her down, get her to sign it.
- So cancel the card? - Yeah, I think so.
And you know what, while you're at it, track her down, and get a signature on this.
Have to admit, she played that beautifully.
Come on in.
So let me guess no dispensation? But you're working on it.
Some guy at the home office is checking with legal, who's getting into it with human resources, but she's out sick? - Something like that? - so cynical.
Actually we did get dispensation, smart ass.
I get to see miles this weekend? Not exactly.
- Here we go.
- Well, there's good news and bad news.
The good news is we talked to our boss, and he said visitation will not be a problem.
We take you to a neutral location, your son is brought to the same location by marshals from illinois for a fun-filled father-son weekend.
No muss, no fuss.
Done deal.
And the bad news? Is this contact info for your ex-wife correct? Uh, yeah.
Why? We're sorry.
The number you have reached is not in service.
Please check the number or try your call again.
Uh, okay so she changed her number and forgot to tell me.
Or couldn'T.
I'm not exactly the easiest to reach these days.
- The address on lakeshore drive is vacant.
- What? - Are--are you sure? - Was there any bad blood between you two? I mean, the usual amount, but we always put miles first.
And we both agreed early on that he needs a mother and a father.
Well, one of you may have broken that agreement.
Your wife may have used your entrance into witness protection to-- I don't believe that she would do this.
Ed, we're gonna need to know everything about her.
she's a nurse in oncology.
She works at cook county hospital, caroline fogerty.
She kept your name? Well, that's how she's known professionally.
Ed you can't have this.
Okay? You were told when you came into the program no diplomas, no photos.
Nothing from your past.
I have to take it.
Eh, having a photo of your son will make it easier to find him, okay? Yeah, go ahead.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's probablyjust a mix-up, butif it's not-- I don't know what I'd doif I never saw my son again.
Listen to me the U.
Marshal serviceis the best in the world at finding people.
We're gonna find miles.
Office managerin a chicago hospital just checked the nationalnurses registry for me.
Caroline fogerty isn't listed.
Oh, look at you--scrapbooking.
Ed's residential history, tax status, liens, credit.
And what a fascinatingtale of tales, a native chicagoan.
Allergic to celery.
Not relevant, but okay.
- Fico score of 675.
- Impressive.
Really? Eye of the beholder.
Well, there we have it.
Four hours later,we've learned ed's normal, and I have crappy credit.
However, I've yet to find anydivorce paperwork of any kind.
No custody filing.
No dissomasters, no nada.
So I grew skeptical,as is my wont.
Had eleanorpull vital records.
Why don't you tell marywhat you found, hon? You called her "hon.
" - No, I didn'T.
- Yeah, you did.
So what's the big deal? It's justa friendly salutation.
You know, like "hey, hon, can you bring methe forms to be filed?" Oh, I see! Like whenyou call me "snuggles," or stan refers to youas his "butterscotch stallion.
" Okay, okay.
That's enough.
Eleanor, please.
Tell mary what you found.
Or in this case,what you didn't find.
I did not finda marriage license, nor did I find a birthcertificate for the little boy.
- No birth certificate? - Not for the little boy.
- Miles doesn'thave a birth certificate? - Am I not speaking clearly? So if miles doesn'thave a birth certificate-- it can only mean one thing.
Miles is amish.
Or miles doesn't exist.
Oh, yeah.
No, I see howyou could get that too.
Why are there novital records of your ex-wifeor your kid anywhere? What? Thatdoesn't make any sense.
And I don't like itwhen my witnesses tell me thingsthat don't make sense.
No phone, no address.
Their social security numbersdon't exist.
Makes me thinkmaybe they don't exist.
Well, somebody'sbeen cashing my alimony checks.
- You're serious? - Yes, I'm serious.
So unless someone is intentionally hidingmiles and caroline-- - maybe milesis in the program.
- No.
No, no.
Maybe he's in the program and he's trying to find me.
No, ed,it doesn't work like that.
You just said that youcan't find my ex-wife and child? You said you werereally good at finding people.
Oh, god.
You have to find him.
You have to find my son.
Oh, god.
Sir, are you okay? Sir, do you need help? What's your name? Is there anybodythat I can call for you? A relative maybe? How'd it go? Even if his kid's not real, his reaction sure was.
He believes he has a son.
Which begs the question-- can one reality bemore valid than another? - Beyond that which we perceive,of course.
- Oh, no.
But that whichwe know to be true.
Or are theretranscendent realities? Universal states of truth.
There has to be somethingyou can take for that.
- There isn'T.
- Oh, come on.
If miles isa figment of ed's imagination, this kid belongs to someone, and I want to know who.
I agree.
But I think this isnow a mental-health issue, and you'renot a qualified expert.
You've met my family.
Mary, I'm serious.
From here on in,we proceed delicately.
Stan, who did you call? Come on in.
- Mary.
- Shelly.
Frankenstein! Jinx.
She's just jealous'cause she didn't think of it.
So what are we lookingat here? Ed fogerty, head of securityfor great lakes and ocean cargo, 38 years old,and perfectly healthy.
Except for the hamsterin a wheel he calls a brain.
What's different about you? Absolutely nothing.
Duly noted.
Gross, dude.
You said an ambulancewas gonna be here a while ago.
Where is it? Jesus.
Come on, let's get up.
Really? You're okay? You want me to go now? What does that mean? Oh, thank you so much.
Um, I'm just gonna go grabmy friend, okay? Thanks.
What do you got? I see nothingout of the ordinary in ed's medical history--going back to childhood.
No behavioral abnormalities,outbursts, schizophrenia, psychosis, nothing.
So he's healthy? - High functioning.
- Yeah, otherthan the imaginary child.
I'm not a doctor, but giventhis pervasive delusion in the absenceof any other symptoms, - I strongly recommendwe consult a neurologist.
- For what? To find his tumor.
What makesyou so sure it's a tumor? False beliefsof this magnitude do not occurin otherwise ordinary men.
You've never actually dateda man, have you? This is differentfrom thinking you sing like robert plantin the shower.
Or thinkingthis is eight inches.
There is something differentabout you.
If you really want to know, I just endeda six-year relationship with a depressed man.
It took you six yearsto figure out it wasn't working? - One of the pitfallsof my profession.
- What is? Conflating the beliefthat you're needed with the sensationof actual love.
Believe it or not,I used to be fun.
Thank youfor setting this up so quickly.
He does not have a tumor.
Oh, don't lookso disappointed.
Now what? Now we tryan experimental procedure.
- We talk to him.
- Great.
Before we talk to him, I can't stress enoughhow delicate ed's situation is.
Since we've ruled out a tumor, we're most likely dealingwith severe trauma here.
This imaginary childcould be someone he's lost-- a younger sibling, maybe even a younger, severelyabused version of himself.
Whatever the cause, his whole life revolvesaround a child named miles.
And this is the only reasonhe's still functioning.
If someone wereto take that away I promisedI'd help find his son.
That's what I'm gonna do.
And if milesonly exists in ed's mind, still have to look, right? So lead the way.
- Really? - Yeah.
Just don't know how to explain that you're hereto shrink his head.
Ed, this is shelly finkel,from the marshal service.
She's gonna helpyou find your wife and son.
- Okay, great.
Nice to meet you.
- And you.
I have a few questions.
I hope that's okay.
Anything to expedite this mess.
What is yourex-wife's maiden name? Uh, dent.
What are her parents' names? Ann-marie and paul dent.
Their address? Uh, something or otherwest cicero, chicago.
I'm not sureof the number anymore.
How old is miles? Six.
He was born march 4, 2003.
How'd you come upwith that name, miles? - You a jazz fan? - No.
He had this lookwhen he was born this sweet, perpetual smile.
Smile would bea weird name for a kid.
So you move the "s" to the back,and you get miles.
Either of you guys have kids? No.
Well it makes you a better man.
- What a waste.
- That he's sick? No, that he'sthe best dad in the world, and he doesn't have a kid.
I'm gonna head back in there, see what I can dig uparound less stimulus.
- I'm stimulus? - Thanks.
No hits on the kid.
Not evenwith missing persons? Nothing.
Maybe the photocame with the frame.
No, the original's worn, wrinkled, like somebody lovedit, carried it in their pocket.
- Could've been edwho carried it in his pocket.
- Maybe.
I've spent hourslooking at that kid.
It looks nothing like ed.
Well, ed's notcompletely deluded.
There isan ann-marie and paul dent on west cicero in chicago.
All that proves is ed's peppering his delusionwith truth.
Well, I asked themif they have a daughter.
They do.
Her name's caroline.
She's a nurse, not in oncology,but critical care.
Lives in seattle.
Probably satnext to her in geometry class.
pulls it out of his ass.
- More pepper.
- I knew you'd say that,so I prodded.
Her parents said carolineused to be married to a guy named ed fogerty.
I'm sorry, what? I don't understand you.
I really want to help you,but I don't speak indian.
Can you show mewhere it hurts? Mr.
Okay, this is ridiculous.
Uh, excuse me, nurse.
I've told youthree times, ma'am.
- We'll get to him when we can.
- I know, but he's suffering.
He's going to have to waithis turn like everyone else.
Even ifhe's having chest pains? He's having chest pains? I know you keep saying that, but I have no ideawhat that means.
You have to wait there, miss.
So, uh, what's his story? I mean, are you two In love? No.
- Are you? - No.
I'm just well, if you're so curious, ask him to a chess tournamentor something.
Just spoke to caroline dent.
She and ed met on a freighter.
It seems crews will sometimes take on nursing studentsfor free.
Not a lot of medicalprofessionals on the high seas.
After school,she caught the travel bug.
I went to italyafter college.
Ah, I spent six monthsin the azores myself.
Jersey shore.
One day this big brickof a longshoreman comes in for an aspirin.
That soundslike the ed we know.
They get marriedgoing through the panama canal.
The ship's captainconducts the ceremony.
The marriage lasts six months.
Caroline gets off in hong kongand never looks back.
- There were some calls, but - what about miles? She never heard the name.
No miscarriages,no adoptions.
Dead end, though we did geton the topic of eye color.
What about it? Ed's are blue,caroline's too.
The kid in your photo, brown.
Please don't drag this out.
It's biologically impossible for him to be the sonof ed fogerty and caroline dent, because blue eyesare caused by the presence of two recessive alleles.
You'll have to excuse me.
I've decided two nerds ruttingis a little much for me to bear.
Gonna head back to the motel, find out who the kidin that photo is.
I found your ex-wife.
- You did? - Yes.
Does she have miles? Come on, ed.
You're gonna have to dobetter than that.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about the kidin this photo.
- We're worried about him.
- Yeah, so am I.
What the hellis this all about? Ed, it seems you haven't beentotally honest with us.
You want to talkabout honesty? You're not a marshal.
I know what you are.
I was the head of security for an internationalshipping company, and you didn't thinkI knew how to google? You lied to me.
What's worse,you've wasted precious time, time that we could have spentfinding my boy.
Ed, I'm sorry, but-- you people have been treatingme like I'm crazy.
- Ed, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down! Ever sinceI came in this program, everything hasbeen turned upside down-- my job, my home,my freedom, my name.
And I'm not gonna lose my sonbecause of your inaction! Where you going? Out.
Can't let you do that,big guy.
Am I under arrest? Am I being chargedwith anything? I need to think.
Or are you gonna takethat away from me too? He's telling youhe needs to think.
This may not looklike progress, but it is.
He's progressing out of theparking lot at a dead sprint.
- Does he really run like that? - Afraid so.
I can't believe you lost him.
I had a blowout,screwed up my gallop.
It happens.
Maybe something'sgot you distracted.
So this is my fault.
"Let him go.
He needs to think.
This is progress.
"Ring a bell? Albuquerque 911 dispatchjust got a call from a guy sayinghis name was ed fogerty.
Apparently tried to file a missing persons reportwith them.
Things gota little wonky from there.
"He's gone.
Please help.
"You don't understand.
I can't find him.
He's not anywhere.
" That's the saddest thingI've ever heard.
He's trying to find the littleboy that lives in his head.
Yeah? Yeah, yeah, I know exactlywhich road you're talking about.
We'll be there in 20.
You're never gonna guess where ed's spendinghis friday afternoon.
Can you get my neck? Oh, uh, sure.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm out of practicespraying other people.
It's okay.
Caught himhopping the fence there.
Told him to getoff the property.
He looked upset.
So took him in for 20 minutes, offered him hot cocoa.
Took it with himwhen he went over that ridge.
I want that mug back.
How big is your ranch? - You mind if I borrow that? - Sure.
Mary, mary,hang on a minute, now.
- She better get backbefore night.
- Why? What happens at night? It gets dark.
You drove awayrather quickly back there.
Yeah, so what's your point? Okay, I get it.
Shelly screwed up.
I lost the guy.
Where are you? How the hell should I know? Near a bush of some kind.
Toyon berry or mesquite? You're joking, right? He can't be very far.
Stay where you are - hello? - Hello? Damn it.
Well, we're at a forkin the proverbial road.
Which way? That one's a game trail--rough terrain, ascending.
The altitude hereis over 5,000 feet.
A guy from chicago has got toexperience a degree of hypoxia.
He'll take the pathwell-traveled.
So, uh, I don't knowwhat your situation is.
My situation? Well, would you be interestedin maybe some time getting togetherf-for some coffee some time? Well, I'M flattered.
But I'm kind ofin the middle of A manhunt.
Yeah? I may have found something, but I need to knowwhat I'm looking at.
It looks likedisturbed rocks or something, and I see gouges.
It could be from an animal.
Direction of travel would bein line with those gouges.
It's gonna be dark soon.
I'm gonna leave the atvat the top of this ridge with the headlights on.
If you don't hear from mein ten, get a helicopter.
- The lights should be easyto spot from the sky.
- Copy that.
Mary? Mary? Ed! Ed! Ed! Ed.
Okay, ed.
Are you hurt? - Yeah, my ankle.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
T this on.
There you go.
I'm all out of cocoa.
Yeah, okay.
The rancher wantsthat mug back, by the way.
- Marshall.
- Yeah.
Marshall, where are you? I'm in a stand of juniper.
I thinkit's tasmanian blue juniper.
I found ed.
She found him.
He's hurt, though.
He hurt his ankle.
There's no wayI can move him by myself.
What's your 20? In a ravine, about 100 yards or sosouth of the atv.
Just look for the headlights.
I got nothing.
Mary? He's out there somewhere.
You have to find him.
Yeah, we will.
But first we got to get youout of this ravine.
I looked for him everywhere.
I ran, and I ran, and I thought I saw himat one point, but then I fell,and I hurt my ankle.
Really? You saw him.
What was he wearing? I'll arrange a search party.
Uh, he was wearinga blue jacket and a--uh, a tie.
Just like in the photo.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- What's going on? - The temp is droppingwith the sun.
We need a chopper out here now.
Miles loved the stars.
Loves the stars.
I can see a lot more herethan in chicago.
Does mileshave a favorite constellation? Yeah, hercules.
Which one's that? I've never been able to seethose things.
Hercules is right there.
See it? All I seeis a random arrangement of dots light-years apart.
I tend to see thingsas they really are, no magic, no shine.
Do you like being that way? I don't know.
Sometimes it's good,sometimes it's not so good.
My dad used to tell me,"we don't need magic, just as long as we've got" anyway sometimes I wish there was justa little magic.
Miles is luckyto have such a great dad.
I don't know about that.
It's all my fault.
What is? You thinkwe're gonna find him? Yeah, I do.
I think we're gettingreally close to him.
What's all your fault? What happened to that childin the picture.
What happened, ed? I think if you tell me, we might be ableto finally find him.
- Ed, what colorare caroline's eyes? - They're blue.
- Yours are blue too.
- Yeah.
Miles' eyes are brown.
M-m-my mother's eyesare brown.
H-he takes after her.
That's not possible, ed.
You see, my partner's full of all sortsof useless information, and he told methat two brown-eyed people can have a blue-eyed child, but two blue-eyed people, ed-- two blue-eyed people can neverhave a brown-eyed child.
The boy in the picturewas fathered by someone, ed, just not by you.
And I'm worriedthat his real dad wants to know where he is.
What happened to him? Who's the childin the photo, ed? Ed? I don't know who he is.
But I can show youwhere he's buried.
****** Two hoursand not even a sniff.
Maybe he made this up too.
No, you weren'tin that ditch.
This wasn't a delusion.
It was real pain, real guilt.
Even if it's real,we might not be within 100 miles of where he's buried.
Come on, ed.
Help us out.
You said you'd show mewhere miles is buried.
I think we're closerthan 100 miles.
Un****** What about the kid? Still digging.
I hope he has some explanationfor those two bodies, 'cause right now I don't see anyone elsewho looks good for this crime.
You hear that, ed? Either you tell us how you knewwhere to find these bodies, or they're goingto blame you for killing them.
Ed! I don't get it.
I don't get it.
I must've pushed himover the edge.
The guy's hada complete psychotic break.
No, I think you took himto the edge-- closer to realitythan he's been in a long time, and it's scaring the hellout of him.
So what do we do? We've got to convince himthat it's okay to take that final leap.
Get him the restof the way there.
Okay, ed.
It's pretty obviousyou don't want to tell me anymore about miles.
And honestly, I don't knowif that's because you're afraid of what--what'll happen when I found out the truth or because you're afraidof what'll happen when you admitthe truth to yourself.
Either way,both of us know this fantasy you've been livingfor the last few years is unravelingin a big-ass hurry.
You can't go back, ed.
There's nothing there.
Miles isn't there.
Okay, I'll tell you what tell me how it started.
Take me back to where it began, and we'll walk out together.
Can you do that? I was workingin the truck yard.
After a shipment came in, I started hearing these noises coming from this container.
I'm not supposed to openthe containers.
And the noise stopped.
I got worried.
So I went against protocol.
When I looked inside, I found him.
And two others.
One of them must've beenhis mother, 'cause she had that picturethat I gave you in her coat.
The next night I I followed some yardmento this field.
These guys weren'tjust smuggling cars out.
They're smuggling people in.
- If I'd done something sooner - ed.
- He'd still be alive.
- No.
We're all wired differently.
You did what you could.
I couldn't unsee their faces.
In my sleep, when I woke up, they were with meeverywhere I went.
Couldn't leave my apartmentfor two weeks.
I stopped eating.
I would've died if miles hadn't come along.
He helped you cope.
Now you're gonna help him.
They found a blood clot.
He's resting now.
like "rest in peace" resting? No, he's going to beall right.
- You saved his life.
- Really? I don't even know who he is.
We had a translator come in.
He's navajo.
Their tribal councilis sending someone.
Oh, okay.
Well, good, then.
Are you okay? Me? Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
By the way Means healing spirit.
That's me.
Interpol made several arreststhis morning.
The men who worked the bucharestside are in custody.
Apparently,the boy and his mother paid to come to america,looking for a better life.
Instead they were lostin transit and all but forgotten.
What about don and frankand those guys? The A.
Is filinghuman trafficking charges and murder.
I really appreciateyou pulling strings to get me in this place.
Yeah, but you didn't needto get me a two bedroom.
It was the only placeI could find with a decent view of the sky.
My doofus partner'sgot nine of these things.
I thoughtyou'd appreciate the loaner till your stuffgot shipped out.
It's amazing what you can seewhen you open your eyes.
- You're still here? - Yep.
I thought you'd be knee-deepin your third session with dr.
Finkel by now.
Come on, man.
Don't make me fish.
We were knee-deepin a double latte.
She, regaling me with stories from her last year of growth and liberation.
And then? And thenwhat's his name called.
- The ex.
- Don.
From what I could ascertain,he was crying.
Well you still got me, ringo.