In Plain Sight s02e11 Episode Script


since 1970,the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- Some criminal, some not-- To neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is: somebody wants them dead.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Sight 211 Season01 Episode11 ****** seriously,felix, who better than jesus to work the harbor development contract? come on, let's not spoil a delicious meal with talk about-- after all you've done for him,jesus, no one deserves that project more than you.
I don't know why we even pretend to be in charge.
Cesar, where are your manners? Help olivia with her coat.
no,I don't need any help.
Jesus,don't worry about the harbor project.
It's all gonna work out,okay? no,no,I got it, I got it,I got it.
This is for his and mine, all right? Okay.
- bueno.
Keep the change.
- thank you.
Don't you ever embarrass me like that again.
Asking my boss for a job, what are you thinking? I was thinking that someone in this family needs to get somecojones and demand what they deserve.
you confuse cojones with stupidity.
The only thing that felix calderon responds to is loyalty,not demands.
do you do want to do his dirty work for the rest of your life, jesus,huh? Do you pay for his house? His car? - please,dad,por favor.
- why not,huh? You pay for his valets.
- shut up,carmen.
- mom.
you know what? You're not loyal,jesus.
You're nothing but felix calderon's little bitch.
shut up,carmen.
- Carmen,come on.
- daddy! - get in the car.
Get in the car.
- what's happening? - what the hell are you doing? - get in the car.
Get on the floor, get on the floor.
- Drive! - nina! - Tell me what's happening.
- carmen - what's happening? - officer! oh,my god.
Oh,my god! mi madre.
- dad!dad! - kiddo,get back.
Get back! get inside.
Get in the restaurant.
go! mom! ****** This is where we're supposed to live? I know it's not what you're used to.
But it's only temporary till you get a job and can afford something else.
a job? There a market for hired muscle in this town? she's got a lot of anger right now.
and she's got a lot to be angry about.
How quickly she gets over that anger is gonna depend largely on you.
yes,this is just great.
I can share a bathroom with my father, and my bedroom is smaller than my closet back home.
just don't expect miracles overnight.
help wanteds start on page 14.
Until you get a car,we can help you get to interviews.
as soon as you get settled in,unpacked, this place is gonna look a lot better.
Maybe not great but not so bad.
- Olivia.
- yeah? That's mine.
olivia,you were told nothing from your past.
I can't keep a single picture of my mother? no,I'm sorry.
I know it's hard but it's just too dangerous having that here.
baby,we just have to keep our memories here, in our hearts.
no,this is so unfair.
I lose my mother,my home, my whole life all because of what you did.
actually,you're here because felix calderon and his people killed your mother.
And they'll do the same to you or worse if they get the chance.
no,actually i'm here because the men felix hired to kill my father were lousy shots.
all right, that's enough.
Olivia,what happened to your family isn't fair, but it happened.
Nothing can change that.
But what you and your dad are doing will at least make the people who killed your mom pay.
and a year from now you and your dad will live in a nicer place and calderon will live in a 5x8 cell.
angel,I promise i'm gonna get you back everything you had before.
Let me know when you get my mother back.
****** - now what are you making? - quesitos.
don't you have batting practice? practice was cancelled.
Our pitching machine broke.
- I got a hankering.
- on top of bacon and eggs? I think so.
If "hankering" means what I think it does.
- when was the last time you got on a scale? - what? I weigh exactly the same as I did when I was in college.
were you fat in college? I'll get it.
Gotta get to work.
Have a nice day,porky.
oh,you say that now.
Wait till you taste my quesitos.
can't wait.
it's an angry-looking hispanic man.
what are you doing here? oh,I was too excited, so I took an earlier flight.
Oh,you must be mary.
mary,this is my mom josefina.
no,no,no, call me "mama.
" hi,mama.
Raphael didn't tell me you were coming.
oh,she was supposed to arrive later and I wanted to surprise you.
you know how much I love surprises.
Anyway,love to stay and visit but I'm late for work.
oh,of course.
We'll have plenty of time to conversate.
oh,yeah,now I see the family resemblance.
So nice to meet you, ma.
o'hare's too busy.
Reroute to gary/chicago regional.
what in the history of our relationship led you to think surprising me with a visit from your mother was a good idea? No,I don't hate your mother.
I don't even know her.
I hate surprises.
yeah,that's right.
Top floor suite and two adjoing rooms.
yeah,well,there better not be any more surprises.
I gotta go.
With an ocean view and a full breakfast buffet, none of that continental crap.
no,we won't be needing any spa services.
here,give me that.
Tell me about your buffet.
Full breakfast or just continental? Yep,okay, thanks for your time.
Book the royal suites instead.
hold on,the bobbin bayfront has secure underground parking.
perfect place for an ambush.
- and it's closer to the federal building.
- makes us much easier to find.
- free high-speed internet.
- porn,porn,porn.
- it's half the price.
- my witness,my call.
which hotel has secure underground parking? that would be marshall's selection, the bobbin bayfront.
why do you always side with him? because his decisions aren't predicated upon flapjack availability.
I see that as a weakness.
- Hello,this is mary.
- you gotta help.
olivia,olivia,calm down.
Tell me what's going on.
line went dead.
Freeze! U.
Marshals! - um,liv? - stop! Stop! That's my friend eric.
He's just trying to help.
- what happened? - this is so stupid.
Dad walked in on us, thought we were doing it.
- jeez,I wonder why he'd think that.
- he's got a pulse.
I was getting eric's opinion on some lingerie when he came in and went totally ape.
so you hit him with the frying pan? mistake him for a cartoon character? - piece of-- - dad! Jesus,jesus.
or alternatively, jesus,jesus.
this kid, he was with my-- He was with my-- what? What,sleeping with your daughter,really? for the zillionth time, dad,we were not doing it.
okay,time to hit the road,eric.
no way he leaves here without a beating.
jesus,jesus,jesus, calm down.
- Say good-bye.
- good-bye.
- You should go with the periwinkle one.
- yeah,okay.
you got a death wish,kid.
you've gotta keep that temper in check.
And you, what were you thinking? that he was gonna kill eric.
He pulled the phone out of the wall,and I'm in trouble? Jeez! - where the hell are you going? - to have a life! no,no,no,no.
Not until we discuss this.
he's an idiot and a bully, and I don't have to take it anymore.
- End of discussion.
- you don't talk like that.
I am 18 years old.
I can talk any way I want.
Just like I'll have sex with whoever I want.
like hell you will.
This is my house.
You live by my rules.
news flash,dad.
This isn't a house.
It's a rat hole apartment that smells like boiled cabbage.
And we wouldn't even be here if you had any balls, like my mom said.
I can't handle her.
That was her mother's job.
stay here.
Look,olivia, as long as what you do and who you do it with doesn't violate witsec rules, it's not my concern.
But here's a little free advice.
If you want your father to treat you like an adult, you need to act like one, and part of that is knowing what drives him up the wall.
I try.
But he's so-- He just-- he act-- He's so-- intrusive,overbearing.
same as your dad,huh? want a beer? can't,I'm working.
for a little girl, she swings a mean skillet.
Like her mother, that one.
Can't tell her anything.
maybe you should stop trying to tell her things and let her figure some of it out for herself.
spoken like a man with no kids.
it has nothing to do with having kids or not having kids.
It's human nature.
Look,eve walks around the garden of eden happy as can be, not even thinking about apples.
Then one day god says, "oh,by the way, everything here is for you.
But whatever you do, stay away from the apples.
" Next thing you know, all eve can think about is those juicy red apples, which leads me to believe even god didn't understand women.
I hear what you're saying.
But when you're a parent and you're about to see your child step into the street, you reach out and you pull them back.
That's human nature too.
except that olivia isn't a child anymore.
She's a young woman.
she's a young woman when I say she's a young woman.
okay then, glad we're on the same page.
she'll be okay.
You just need to give her a little space.
that's what he was saying.
- adam and eve speech? - si.
moronic parables aside, you don't loosen the ropes, might lose her forever.
What in the world are you cooking? me? What,are you kidding? mom,did you take a cooking class during rehab? Holy mother, there's a dog in that pot.
God help me, it smells delicious.
it's a goat, and don't touch it.
It has to marinade.
can't imagine any good answer to this question, but why is there a-- it's for the party,mary.
yeah,see-- but not just any party.
For your engagement party! hey,it's me.
Listen,slight mix-up.
Your mom seems to be planning an engagement party when in fact she should be planning a funeral.
I wanted to tell her,but she knew I was gonna propose.
And I was afraid if she found out you said no, she would never like you.
I see.
And why didn't you tell me about this little charade? because I was just,uh,afraid.
And how do you think she's gonna feel about me when I blow off our engagement party? I know.
Don't worry, there won't be any party.
I'll tell her I broke off the engagement.
And that goat better not be in my kitchen when I get home.
you don't have to call her names.
engagement party? yeah,raph's mother dropped by for a surprise visit.
She thinks we're engaged.
oh,poor woman.
Must be racked with grief.
can you imagine seeing your mother killed like that right in front of you? yeah.
jesus moreno is here.
- thanks.
Send him in.
- will do.
Can I get you something to drink,coffee,tea? - coffee with cream would be great,thanks.
- coming right up.
Mary? what? would you like some coffee? you're feeling guilty about that "racked with grief" crack,aren't you? - a little bit.
- don't go soft on me.
You can go in now.
once you've been sworn in, i'll start by asking you about the calderon organization.
extortion,drugs, contract hits.
You name it, felix was into it.
Then I'll lead you through the specifics after that.
Let's start with 1999, joey grillo's disappearance.
That rat shoulda stayed in brooklyn where he belonged.
- don't editorialize.
Stick to the facts.
- okay.
Felix offed grillo personally.
Two bullets to the back of the head.
Then he loaded him on his yacht, cut him up into bait, and went shark fishing with his good-for-nothing son cesar.
And what about the rawling development firebombings? felix's version of urban renewal.
He didn't get his hands dirty or anything, but he personally watched that apartment building burn down to the ground to make way for his new luxury hotel.
I sat with him in the back of that town car across the street, drinking seven and seven while it burned.
at this point I'll ask you to identify felix calderon.
it can be a tough moment for any witness.
felix calderon killed my wife and tried to kill me.
I'll identify him.
Don't you worry about that.
good job,jesus.
when I was olivia's age, I dreamed of getting out of the life I was born into.
Now I'm making that dream possible for her.
how are you all doing anyway after the incident with eric? good.
Real good.
After you left we had a long conversation.
And I told her from now on i'm gonna treat her like an adult, let her make her own decisions.
Just like you said.
She seemed to really, really respond.
I know it isn't easy for you.
well,whatever's best for olivia.
That's the only thing that's important right now.
good,I'm proud of you.
I'll see you in-- And you mocked the adam and eve,hmm? unreal.
Raph,pick up.
I know you're there.
Your mother's goat is still on my stove, and that's not a sentence I ever want to say again.
smells good,huh? better than boiled goat has any right to smell.
I cannot believe this is happening.
mary She came all the way from the dominican republic.
oh,I see.
I didn't realize she took a six-hour flight.
Guess I have to marry her son.
No one's saying you actually have to get married.
Just go along with it.
Let her throw her party.
She'll go home happy.
Then later raphael can tell her you broke up.
yeah,you know what? I actually considered that.
And then it occurred to me-- Raph planned this.
It's his sneaky way of getting me to say yes because he knows i'm too nice to break that poor old goat-poaching hag's heart.
Okay,now that I hear it out loud, that might not be it.
Holy crap,I'm actually falling in love with the goat.
albuquerque to youngstown.
Chicago to tampa, and a road move to miami.
Court schedule's self-explanatory.
Players and possible threats.
Felix calderon.
His wife saira.
Son cesar-- Perhaps the heir apparent.
Jose garcia.
Miguel turcos.
And james nunez, hired muscle.
Should I get an earring? - this is mary.
- I don't know where she is! Jesus,jesus,slow down.
- she's not here! I have no idea.
- what? - she's not home! - all right, all right,calm down.
We're on our way.
Olivia's vanished.
when did you last see olivia? not since she left for school yesterday.
I swear to god,if felix got to her or hurt her-- why do you say that?Have you or olivia had any contact with your old life? - no way.
- did you two get into it again? no,everything's been good.
Better than good.
I've been up all freaking night, talking to the neighbors, driving the streets, calling her friends, leaving her messages.
jesus,use your brain.
You can't be running around like that.
You're a high-risk witness hours from trial.
I don't testify until you get olivia back here safe and sound.
Do you think I give a damn about the trial? Screw it.
Screw all of you.
most of her emails are school-related.
Nothing from the past day or so.
what is the point of all this crap? It just winds up in a pile on the floor.
it's an invitation to a fantasy.
It says,"i know what you've been dreaming about "and here it is, "my special gift to you wrapped in gossamer and silk.
" No periwinkle.
Looks like she took eric's advice.
"special gift"? Jesus,look at all these clothes.
Half this stuff still has tags.
These bags are new too, and they go for a couple thousand each.
- no.
why? - oh,I couldn't tell you.
I'm more concerned about where she's getting the money for this stuff.
- maybe from whomever she's hooking up with.
- yeah.
"hooking" being the operative word.
did you know periwinkle is also the name of an intertidal mollusk? no,but if you hum a few bars i'll try to fake it.
thank you.
Eric and her other friends haven't heard from her.
Teachers haven't seen her.
Nobody has a clue where she is or whom she's meeting.
esu says olivia's cell is shut off, so no gps tracking available on her for now.
They're faxing over a copy of all calls made in the past two months.
yeah,the local e.
s and the morgue were a bust.
No activity on her credit card since last weekend.
- so what about those bags? - what bags? she has a couple of brand-new privo bags.
Mary says they're worth a couple grand each.
in your dreams.
Each one of those privos is one-of-a-kind,handmade.
You can't even touch one of their clutches for less than $5,000.
Full-size bags start around 10,000.
I take perverse pleasure in making salespeople show me things I can't afford.
So what's a high school senior whose dad works in a car rental office doing with 20 grand worth of purses? if some guy bought you two $10,000 bags, wouldn't you tell your best girlfriend all about it? come on,eleanor, man up.
mary doesn't have a best girlfriend.
now doesn't that feel better? come on,let's go see olivia's best girlfriend.
I already told you, I don't know where she went.
I wish I could be more help.
listen,eric,I really respect your loyalty.
The fact that you're willing to lie to united states marshals, risk going to jail to protect your friend's secret shows unusual character, but here's the situation.
We believe olivia's in real danger.
And if we don't find her, and I mean soon, this time tomorrow we'll be searching for her with cadaver dogs.
Do you understand what that means? you think olivia was abducted? son,what we think isn't important.
The only thing that matters right now is what you know and whether or not you're gonna use that knowledge to save olivia's life.
Olivia was having some kind of thing online with a guy.
there wasn't anything on her computer about that.
well,her dad was monitoring hers, so she used mine.
I told her it was a bad idea, but the guy, he kept emailing her these really expensive gift certificates, and he was always trying to get her to meet him somewhere.
that's where she went.
She ran off with some stranger from the internet.
pull up her page.
this is a couple days ago.
She's juliet and he's romeo.
how original.
"love is a smoke raised with fumes of sighs.
" that's really beautiful.
as much as I'd love to savor this awkward moment, who's romeo? I don't know.
I swear,she wouldn't tell me anything about him.
she left the state.
Says here her flight was due to land a half hour ago and that she's meeting him at the hotel.
eric,I need to know where she's meeting him, and I need to know now.
****** what are you doing here? - Cesar,no.
- what? Cesar calderon? - wait,you can't just-- - don't move.
you stay where you are.
this how you get back at your father,olivia? no.
I love cesar.
- he's a calderon.
- he's not like his dad.
He's different.
technically,you haven't committed a crime yet.
Let's keep it that way.
you got this all wrong.
- you have committed a crime? - no.
then do yourself a favor, zip it.
you don't understand.
We really are in love.
sit down.
you got a problem with that? little bit, yeah,I do.
Stan,we found olivia.
She's okay.
oh,that's great, that's great.
They found the girl.
Get jesus on the line.
but there's a situation.
We found her in a hotel room with cesar calderon.
that's not good.
Is she being held against her will? no,they're in love.
oy vey.
no answer.
okay,sit tight.
I'll call you back.
no,I haven't said anything about anything to do with my dad to anyone.
And cesar hasn't asked.
- really? - I swear to god,mary, cesar's legit.
He's a producer.
oh,a producer? why didn't you say so? - Tv? Movies? - music.
look,cesar's only been in the business two years, and he already has a gold record.
yeah,why am I picturing a severed horse head between the sheets? hey,my father's name may have opened a few doors for me, but if that's what it takes to get me out of the family business, so be it.
this is a violation of my human rights.
civil rights.
yes,stan? Wait,jesus is m.
I got a pretty good idea where he might be.
- you,bedroom,now.
- she's safe.
That's all that counts,right? She's safe.
Now drop that before this ends badly.
where is he? Eric says you're here with someone.
who? shut up and get out of the hall.
come out here, whoever the hell you are.
- Face me like a man! - it's over.
Don't make me cuff you.
come on,jesus.
Do what you gotta do.
But you're gonna have to kill me to keep olivia and me apart.
that shouldn't be a problem.
no,it's not what you think,daddy.
We love each other.
We have for a long time.
Ma knew about us.
She gave us her blessing.
I don't believe that.
it's true,daddy.
Cesar makes me happy.
- You always said that all you care about is my happiness.
- I do.
But this little greaseball will never be anything more than a cheap imitation of his father.
sit down,jesus.
I think you're just upset 'cause olivia would rather be with a cheap imitation greaseball than you.
- cesar,be quiet.
- you're not doing this.
You won't take her away from me! you don't have any say in the matter,daddy.
I'm 18.
And I've made my choice.
and you really wanted to be with him all this time? yes,daddy.
cesar calderon, if so much as a single hair on my daughter's head is harmed, so help me god there's no power on this earth that will stop me from killing you.
I understand.
I have always loved you, mi angelita.
No matter where you go or what you do, I will always love you.
- Okay,let's go.
- wait.
Olivia,if he walks out that door without you, he'll be relocated with a new identity.
You'll never see him again.
Is that really what you want? it's okay,mary.
She's a grown-up woman now.
She made her decision.
Let's go testify.
Be happy,my baby.
****** ready? - Olivia.
- come on,let's go.
Let's go.
Go on.
Moreno, please tell the court your association with the defendant,felix calderon.
I was a lieutenant in his organization for 12 years.
what business did this organization conduct? I don't recall.
excuse me? I said I don't recall.
did the calderon organization engage in extortion? I don't recall.
firebombings? Contract killings? I don't recall.
what can you tell me about the disappearance of a Mr.
Grillo from brooklyn? who? Mr.
Moreno, joey grillo.
In march of last year you told the fbi in fine detail about his disappearance, didn't you? I don't recall telling anyone anything.
your honor,the witness has been in fear for his life and in hiding courtesy of witness protection for the past 18 months.
This is the first he's come face-to-face with the defendant.
If we could have a brief recess.
I don't need a break.
I don't recall anything.
court will take a 15 minute recess.
thank you.
what the hell are you doing,jesus? mary,if I get on that stand and testify, felix will kill olivia.
That's why he brought her here, to send a message.
jesus,you get on the stand and testify.
Felix will be so deep in max security prison, he won't be able to touch her.
oh,come on,inspector.
You know better than that.
In jail or not, I open my mouth, olivia doesn't live out the month.
- no,no,jesus-- - no,I won't sign her death warrant.
Tell the prosecutor it's over.
you realize I pull the plug, you spend the rest of your life in prison.
I didn't go into witness protection to avoid prison.
I did it to give my daughter a new life.
- And I won't let her end up like-- - like what? Her mother? Like carmen? You've been holding out on me,jesus.
Two rounds to the chest an inch apart.
She was the target, not some cross fire accident.
The hit was on carmen, not you.
why? Why did felix want her dead? And why haven't you told olivia? - it doesn't matter.
- answer the question,jesus.
Forget it.
Testify,don't testify.
You lost your wife, you lost your daughter.
Guess it doesn't matter.
carmen was having an affair with felix.
She threatened to tell his wife.
They didn't know I knew.
He had her killed.
I didn't tell olivia because I didn't want her to think bad things about her mother.
what about you? What she thinks about her father is just as important.
Trust me,I know.
olivia's safety and happiness is the only thing that's important.
So throw me in jail, put a needle in my arm.
I don't care! I won't testify! I'm only doing what any father would do for his daughter.
Moreno, are you ready to answer the prosecutor's questions? I'm sorry,your honor, I don't recall anything about those things.
your honor, perhaps if we recessed for the remainder of the day, gave Mr.
Moreno additional time to collect himself? that won't be necessary, your honor.
I won't remember today or tomorrow or any other day.
the defense moves for the dismissal of all charges.
your honor,if we could get a continuance.
he's had 18 months.
His key witness is backing out.
They have no case.
he's right.
Without this witness, I have no choice but to dismiss.
I can't do this.
I don't know what I was thinking.
do what? What are you talking about? take control of your woman.
is there a problem over there? no,your honor.
Everything's fine.
don't talk about olivia that way.
You killed my mother.
I'm not gonna let my father go to jail for you too.
miss,take your seat now.
I'm sorry,your honor.
I couldn't see very well from where I was sitting.
what you asked me before, about Mr.
Grillo's disappearance, I remember now.
The extortion, the firebombings, all of it.
Joey grillo was an alderman out of brooklyn who had a lot of influence in the hispanic community, especially with those tied to the maintenance workers union.
Felix offed grillo personally.
Two bullets to the back of the head.
The trouble between him and felix arose when he tried to leverage his influence up north.
ah,the guest of honor.
Come,sit down,sit down.
Raphas,raphas, make mary a plate.
sorry, tried to resist but that damn goat's got a hold on me bad.
everything looks so beautiful,josefina.
Doesn't it,mary? yeah,no,everything looks great,josefina.
Just I wish you hadn't gone to so much trouble.
oh,no, it's not trouble,mary.
The four days it takes to prepare this feast is Is symbolic of the love and commitment and hard work it takes for man and woman to become husband and wife, to make a marriage that blossoms into a family, which over time flourishes like a well-tended garden and continues for generation upon generation.
Mary andmiraphael taking part in this sacred ritual is our purpose in this life.
It is the most important thing we will ever do, and it's our one true joy.
Thank you,josefina, for sharing that.
Till now I wasn't really aware of the significance of all this.
But now that I am aware, I can't imagine taking part under false pretenses.
I don't understand.
raphael and I are not engaged.
We never were, and I don't know that we ever will be.
mama,I can explain.
no,be quiet,raphael.
Let her speak.
several months ago, raphael proposed to me, and I said no.
And he didn't want to tell you because he thought if you knew, you wouldn't like me.
Should never have let it go this far.
could you excuse us for a minute,please? excuse us.
Excuse us.
I'm so sorry.
how could you do that, after hearing how important this is for her? how could I not? How could you let her put so much of herself into something that's a complete lie? because she's been looking forward to it for a long time.
And if it makes her happy to believe it for a little while, then what's the harm? Just because it's not important to you-- not important?Is that what you think? Have you been listening at all? - yes.
- I believe everything she said.
Why do you think I threw that stupid ring in your face? I take all of this,these traditions,very seriously.
So the notion of making a mockery out of them makes me angry.
- Check that, it makes me sad.
- okay.
You wanna be honest? Let's be honest.
You threw the ring at my face because you're afraid of commitment.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out.
Your father abandoned you, so then you won't let anybody else ever hurt you like that again.
you know what? You're right.
I never got over the hurt of my father leaving me, and I don't ever want to go through that again.
But I am not afraid of commitment.
It's just that with the possible exception of marshall, I seem to be the only person on the planet who believes you honor your commitments no matter what.
And that you don't break a promise because keeping it has become inconvenient.
And you don't commit yourself to something as important as marriage because you got called up to the majors.
well,you won't have to worry about that anymore.
why? What are you talking about? - I retired.
- what? yesterday.
what,you just woke up and decided to quit? no,no,no, not like that.
I-- I decided last year after I hurt my knee to give it six months and see how I come back.
Then I hurt my hand, so I push it another three months.
This decision has been almost a year in the making.
Now it's time for me to get on to the next part of my life.
And for the record, I bought the ring six months before I asked you to marry me.
You are the most difficult woman in the world.
But I've known for a long time that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
it seems we have a communication problem.
yeah,so it seems.
okay then.
- Stand up.
- what? - What are you doing? - you think I don't know you carry the stupid thing around with you? yes.