In Plain Sight s02e12 Episode Script

Training Video

Since 1970,the federalwitness protection program has relocatedthousands of witnesses-- some criminal,some not-- to neighborhoodsall across the country.
Every one of those individualsshares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from therest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
Presents YTET- °îµÂÖí xiaoyueyiyi sight Season 2 Episode 12 What's wrong,jen? Oh,it's just this stress.
I don't know how much more I can handle.
Don't worry,jen.
You'll get used to witness protection in no time.
You're the only good thing in all of this,ed.
Reggie,why're you home so soon? My god.
What's goin' on here,jen? *** U.
Marshals face dangerous situations every day, but for you marshals about to become witness protection inspectors, these situations don't always involve facing down armed killers.
I'm ed,and this lovely lady to my right is jen.
And we're the witsec players.
And this character is reggie.
And for the next 113 minutes,we're going to talk about the unique challenges U.
Marshals can look forward to as witness security inspectors.
Ed,jen,and reggie.
Why,I haven't seen them in years,mary.
Well,now that you mention it,neither have I,marshall.
It's great to know they're still dispensing valuable advice to new trainees,isn't it,marshall? It sure is,mary.
It sure is.
All right,all right,that's enough.
- Sorry,chief.
- Right on,chief.
I know we're all gonna miss ed,jen,and reggie,but after years of begging, I've finally been given the budget to update the marshal service video training library.
They even gave me money to hire a real director.
But they hired me instead.
I'm the director equivalent of a handful of beans.
This is barry ness,and he's just being modest.
Barry's done dozens of government films.
Fbi,cia,irs Are you with the marshal service? Nope,just a hired gun.
So how does a civilian get clearance to shoot a video for a top-secret government agency? Same as any other independent contractor.
Through a long and tedious vetting process.
You'd be amazed at some of the things I've been privy to.
But as secretive as the cia and the rest of them are,nobody's as tight-lipped as you people.
That's 'cause we actually keep our secrets secret.
Cia clowns have more leaks than the men's room at oktoberfest.
Anyway,the deputy director said you'd be ideal candidates to serve as our technical advisors.
Something about you being the best of the best.
- Well,how 'bout that?Pretty good,huh? - That's fabulous.
Not interested.
'Scuse me? She's kidding.
Would you excuse us for a moment?Inspectors.
You saddle me with this task,I swear I'll quit.
Sounds like a win-win to me,chief.
Everyone says I'm the mean one.
I'm not.
It's her.
You think I'm mean? Well No,I was just-- I was kidding.
And here I thought that was our thing.
So disappointing.
See,just when I thought you were ready to step up your game.
You really are the devil's minion.
Don't worry,mary,you're off the hook.
Marshall,you're it.
All right,I think I can impart some of my hard-won wisdom.
Oh,please,god,don't screw with me.
Oh,one of my witness's kids just died.
- Oh,no.
- Oh,that's just perfect.
No,I mean,of course it's sad.
It's--it's terrible.
I could tell.
You're all broken up.
Which witness was it? Joseph thomas,A.
Joey "tanks" tancredi.
His son was 49.
He hadn't seen him for 38 years.
See?It wasn't even an actual kid that died.
My john was 49.
I can't win.
So you gonna go break the news? Yeah,I guess.
Oh,looks like you're it on the video.
'Course I am.
Gentlemen,come meet your new tech advisor.
Welcome to the team.
Great,uh,so here's the script.
Um,you got any thoughts,suggestions,just jot 'em down and we'll get into it tomorrow.
Can't wait to get started.
I'll show you out.
You think that guy dying was part of some cosmic "let's screw with mary" conspiracy,don't ya? Crossed my mind.
So you really are the loner you seem.
I like to read.
I like a well-made manhattan.
And occasionally a pretty girl, intrigued by such incongruent repose,will venture forth to investigate.
I shoulda known.
I assume you're not hereto start a book club.
- No,but if you ever wanna-- Nah,I don'T.
Hey,jim,my friend hereneeds a drink.
I'm on duty.
Usually I have to wait 'tilI'm off duty to hit the bars.
I need to talk to joe thomas,an old guy who works here.
- Philly joe? - If that's the old joewho works here,then yes.
- You know him? - Yeah,well enoughto know I hate him.
He's an eagles fan.
- The band? - No,the team.
You're nota sports guy,are you? I like to think I'm sporty.
What do you need him for? - 'Scuse me.
- Wait,wait.
Joe's one of yours?Marshall.
Excuse me.
Joe? Marshal marshall.
That's right.
Joe,I'm afraidI have some bad news.
Your son michaelpassed away yesterday.
Oh mikey what happened? Cancer.
He'd been sickfor a long time.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Would you like to send a card,maybe flowers? Or I could arrangefor you to call someone.
Why would I do that? Who would I call? I don't know.
Your son's wife.
Sometimes in these situationspeople like yourself just want to reach out, let someone know they're stillout there,they still care.
Anyway,it's up to you.
All right,all right.
Thanks for coming by.
See you.
Uh,marshall? Yeah? I think I changed my mind.
You wanna make a call? Or I can help get a letterto your family.
I want to go backto my son's funeral.
You can makethat happen,right? What's in that? Coffee.
She's got you spooked,doesn't she? - Little bit.
- It's fun to watch.
I'm sure it is.
Please don't make me do this.
My witness's son died.
I have a responsibility.
That is so you.
What's all this? The restof joey tank's file.
I was doing a threat assessment to see if a trip tohis son's funeral is feasible.
So far everyone he testifiedagainst is dead,living in another state,or suffering from dementia.
At this point,philly's no moredangerous than albuquerque.
Now you just have tofind somebody to pay to send the wiseguy38 years in the program to a relative's funeral.
Come on,stan.
Joey tancredi was one ofthe original 20 witnesses.
The first guy in the philly mobto break omerta.
He's a big reason witsec wasa success in the early days.
And we gave him a new life.
Seems to melike we're all square.
So if they've gotinformation we need,they can request a boob joband we make it happen, but once they've given upeverything they know we won't even help themgrieve for their children? - It's not right,stan.
- You're right.
And 15 or 20 years agoit might've been a possibility.
But now we live in a worldrun by bean counters.
There's no way they'regoing to authorize it.
All right,everybody,last looks.
Let's lock it down.
Hey,so this all-you-can-eatfood all day long is pretty great,huh? Be careful.
Craft serviceis the devil's triangle.
Hey,so what'd youthink of the script?You got any thoughts,suggestions? Nope.
No,I loved every word of it.
Thought you guysdid a great job.
Well,we'realmost ready to roll.
On my way.
It's so unfair,reggie.
I can't tell jason anything,and it's causing a lotof problems in our relationship.
I honestly don't knowif this job is worth it.
You know,jen,I used to feellike that when I first started.
But then I realizedhow many people I'm helping.
Once I started focusingon the positive,well,then,somehow my personal problemsseemed much less significant.
That makes a lot of sense.
Thank you,reggie.
From now on I am,I'm gonna focuson all the positive aspects of being a witsec inspector.
And what about jason,jen? Jason's a great guy,reggie.
If I'm happy,then he'll be happy too.
All right,and cut.
If I'm happy,then he'll be happy,and isn't being happywhat happiness is all about?Tom.
Is there somethingyou wanna add? - Yeah,how 'bouta murder-suicide?- Okay Didn't you think it was good? I don't know,it's hard to say.
I was so focusedon the crappy dialogue.
What happened to "great job,I loved every word of it"?Did you even read the script? Yeah,it's possibleI may have skipped a few parts.
Okay,look,the whole "I can't tell jason anything"thing is sappy but fine, but the stuff about focusing on how many peoplewe're helping is ridiculous.
Especially since most of thosepeople oughta be in prison.
Why can't he just tell her it's one of the things witsecinspectors have to deal with and she should suck it upand do her job? Inspector,we really appreciateyour input, but this is the scriptthat was approved by our bosses in washington,ours and yours.
So let's just get 'em--let's get 'em on the phone.
Let's get 'em on the phone and tell 'em we wannawrite something better.
And what do I tell themwhen they ask why I didn't write something better beforeI turned it in two weeks ago? Let's see,maybe now thatyou've sobered up,you realize it's a piece of crap that will lead new inspectors to believe their bosses area bunch of out-of-touch morons, and you'd hateto ruin the surprise.
How'd the video shoot go? Great.
Just a really long day.
Tom called.
Stan knows you gotkicked off the set.
But it's the one time I actuallydidn't cross the line.
Everything I saidneeded saying.
Know what your problem is? You've got integrity.
World hates integrity.
You're screwin'with me,right? Not this time.
Do you want a cookie? Snickerdoodle.
So I hear things went well.
I'm sorry,I got sucked in.
I knew it was gonna blow,and I couldn't care less.
And then when itactually did blow,the thought of them thinking that I thoughtwhat they were doing was okay was more than I could bearand I told 'em what I thought.
- My bad.
- No,my mistake.
I know the little sensor insideyour head died a long time ago.
That's why I put marshall onin the first place.
We need to talk,chief.
This is very disappointing.
Frankly,we are notgetting the support we had hoped for from your team.
Frankly,I'm disappointed too,tom.
You have one of the finestwitsec inspectors in the entire marshal serviceat your disposal, and you've chosen to ignore the adviceshe so generously offered.
So rather than take upany more of inspector shannon'svaluable time, I'm gonna call inspector mann,and I'm gonna see if I canget him back on your production.
Thank you.
Hey,uh,I'm sorryabout what happened on the set.
With the script,the whole thing I'm curious.
How come you wentfrom not giving a damn to gandhi-like passion about the stupid videoin nothing flat? I don't give a damnabout the video,okay? But if you're gonna do a job,you might as well do it well.
The thing that pissed me offabout this is how easy it would beto make it better.
And the chicken-ass,bureaucratic reasons you guys gavefor keeping it the way it was? You know you'remaking a lousy video.
I just think it's sadyou're okay with that,and if I ever open my mouthon the subject again you have my permissionto shoot me.
Don't toy with me.
So as soon as marshallcalls back,I'll tell himhe's back on the video.
No,you know what,that's okay.
I want mary to stay onas technical advisor.
- What? - No,mary's right.
This thing should be better.
I'm gonna make some changesfor tomorrow's shoot.
But the scripthas been approved.
It'll be better.
You'll see.
I'm an idiot.
You know mary'sgonna kill you,right? She's gonna thank me.
Only if "thank me"means "kill me" in mexican.
It's dominican.
Yeah,I'm surethere's a big difference.
What're you doing homeso early in the day? Oh,I just thoughtI'd take the afternoon.
What're you doing? I'm fixing the wall.
No,you're not.
Jesus,how many timesdo I have to say it?The fbi is payingfor the damage.
That's why I'm keepingall the receipts.
So you can bill them later.
But if I'm gonna live here,it has to be fixed.
Live here?When did we make that leap? When we got engaged.
I mean,that makes more sensethan you moving into my place.
We should go.
And once I'm not paying rent,I can help you outwith the mortgage.
Here,I made a budget.
Did you name our kids too? This is great.
You don't even have a job.
You're making budgets? Well,I'll get one.
Don't you worry.
Peter can give you a job.
What? Come on,you're always talking about how lousyyour salespeople are.
So many bad ideascoming at me all at once it's hard to knowwhich to reject first.
You know,actually,I coulduse a bilingual salesperson.
You want to come in tomorrow?We could talk about it.
Yeah,I guess.
What's the harm,right? Well,for starters,you'd bewasting time at a dead-end job when you should belooking for a new career.
And also I'd like to thinkthe man I'm engaged to isn't pushy,sleazy,or obnoxious enough to be a car salesman.
I could learn.
That's the spirit.
I really appreciate the sweepingcharacter assassination.
And as for itbeing a dead-end job,raphael,when I first got sober, the only employment I could find was as a junior salesmanat a ford dealership.
I knew nothing about sales,even less about cars.
Within a yearI was running the place,and now I ownfive dealerships.
Mary,there's nothing wrongwith making some money while I figure out what to dowith the rest of my life.
Fine,do what you want.
Just leave the damn wall alone.
So tomorrow around 9:00? I'll be there.
Well,at leastsomeone's getting something out of his car business.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
I love public transportation.
You never know whenthe bus is going to arrive,where it's gonna end up So you want meto give you a car.
Even though you're alreadygetting all this.
And what am I gettingin return?That? Not tonight,you're not.
How 'bout a blue convertible? - Thanks,but I don'treally want a car.
-Why? Well Apparently I've lost my mind,but all of a sudden the idea of you getting mea car seems really wrong.
How 'bout you fix the walland I get brandi a car? My people don't spackle.
I'm sorry,joe,I tried.
It's just the security detailwould require six philly inspectors,three suvs,air ops flight assistance.
So maybe I--I'll fly up there myself.
Well,you can'T.
Returning to the danger areawithout witsec authorization is a major violation,and if you do-- Okay,I get it.
Thanks for trying.
I can stillarrange a phone call.
I don't know.
Let me think about it.
You look like you justgot asked to the prom.
Yesterday,after you left,I started thinking.
Slow joe's from philly.
He's in his 70s,meaning that he was in his primeduring the 1970s, and witness protectionwas almost entirely about the mob back then.
So I did a little research,made a few calls.
Presto change-O.
I found outwho one of your people is.
*** I don't knowwhat you're talking about.
- I just wish marywas here to see this.
- Keep your voice down.
Look,usually I have to waittill one of your people kills someone to get the 411.
Okay,this timeI figured it out by myself.
I'm such a clever boy.
I think I'm gonnaquit the program.
Yeah,I quit.
How ya doin'? I'm joe tancredi.
Nice to meet you,joe.
So how'd theyfinally get you?I mean,was ita single indictment?Was it an ongoinginvestigation?What? A little of both.
See,my brother got popped drivin' a semi full ofillegal cigarettes up to newark.
He was just married,he had a six-month-old kid.
It wasn't hardto squeeze him,you know.
Joe,are you sureyou wanna opt out? Yeah,yeah.
Anyway,my brother calls mein the middle of the night and says his truck broke downon the jersey turnpike,what should he do? I said,"walk away from it.
" You know,"I'll pick you upat the next rest stop.
" I knew the secondI saw his face.
I knew before they grabbed me.
He was so damn scared.
You know,once you're out you're out.
The marshal servicewill sever all ties.
It's not likethere's been a heavy presence for the last 30 years or so.
Going to your son's funeralis that important to you.
You know,marshall,after they got me on the interstate trucking,they came downwith a rico indictment.
That meant they weregoing to put my wife and kid out on the streetsand take everything away.
That is what got me to roll.
And now,I I just want to go backand see what--what-- What you got for your time? Yeah,yeah.
Something like that.
You know,it could still be dangerous.
Just because no present threatscame up on the computer doesn't mean there aren't any.
I'll go with you.
Taking a legendary mobsterback home to pay last respects to his son.
Come on.
How do you not sign upfor that duty? He opted out?Why?What'd you say to him?What'd you say to him? I told him we couldn'ttake him to his son's funeral.
He wants to risk his life,not our problem anymore.
Yeah,that's what I thought.
He's outta the program,we're off the hook,right? Right.
Joe,on a completelyunrelated note,I have some vacation daysI need to take, and since thingsare slow right now Marshall I'm just takinga friendly visit to the city of brotherly love.
On my dime,of course.
Will you be takingyour badge and gun on this friendly,little visit? Thought I might.
It's such a hassletaking it out of the holster and putting it in a drawer.
God help you if this comesback on the marshal service.
God,I mean,how did you think I'd respond? If you knew me at all,you wouldn't have jumped into living togetherand combining our finances.
Making budgetsand fixing the wall? Jesus,raph,the guy I buy my coffee from coulda told youI'd react badly to that.
Okay,I'm sorry.
I just didn't wannasit around and wait.
Maybe it's becauseI'm not working.
I'm anxious to move onto the next part of my life.
Right,and selling carsfor peter is moving on? It's a temporary job so I canlive while I figure things out.
Or maybe you wantone more person freelanding at your house.
And no,I don'T.
You understandwhen people get married,they usuallylive together,right? Of course.
And I'm notlike brandi or jinx.
You don't get to treat melike a five year old, make all the rules,and expect me to follow them just because you say so.
I know that.
Marriage is about compromise.
That means sometimesI get to be right,even when you think I'm wrong.
And sometimes it'sabout important things.
Like where we live,or how we raise our children,or what kind of job I have.
It has to bean equal partnership,otherwise it doesn't work.
Do you agree? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I? This was a big mistake.
Let's get outta here.
Where you goin'? Look,I must've beenoutta my mind to think I couldset foot in there.
Best case scenario,they don't know me.
More likely,they do and they probably despise mefor the rat I became,so I-- Hold on.
You've come too farto back down now.
Look,most of the peoplewho come into the program live with the lies,and the distance, and the unanswerable questionsfor the rest of their lives.
And you can telljust by looking at them there's something missing,a void.
You know whatI'm talking about,joe.
This may be your last chanceto fill in the blanks,to be a complete person again.
You got a lotta nerve comin'back here,you rat bastard.
Joe,it's me.
-Louie? -Tanks.
I can't believe it's really you.
I thought you were dead.
Last I heard,you went awayfor--for eight years,right? Flipped on phil and dio.
I walked out,they did 15 each.
After you left it turnedinto a roman circus.
I--I moved to boca.
Started my own appliance store.
I got a wholedifferent life now.
So what're you doin' here? What're ya,stunad? How far our familiesgo back,huh? I'm here for your boy's wake.
-Oh,thank you.
-Come on,let's go see michelle.
She's gonna lose her mindwhen you walk in.
Yeah,I bet.
Joe? I can't believe you came.
It's all right,you don't know me.
I'm michelle tancredi.
Your daughter-in-law.
This is joseph.
Our son.
Your grandson.
J-joseph?After you.
It's an honorto meet you,sir.
He's your grandfather.
You don't have tocall him "sir.
" How'd you know it was me? Are you kidding? Mike used to talkabout you all the time.
You were his hero.
The guy who broke the backof the philly mob.
You're the reasonhe went to law school, became the toughest prosecutorin the whole city.
You hear that? All this time I thoughtfor sure he hated me.
My goodness,no.
In fact,about five weeks ago,after he'd gone throughall the treatment and we knew he wasn'tgonna make it, out of the blue he said to me,"michelle,you know, if my dad's still alive "and he hears about it,he'll come.
He won't miss my funeral.
" And here you are.
Just like he said.
It's okay come on,come on.
It's okay.
Let's go to the sofa.
-Here ya go,grandpa.
You know,I feel like rip van winkle.
Like I just woke upfrom a 38-year nap.
God,I missed so much.
Perhaps more like odysseusreturning from troy.
Much has changed,but yourbreast rises and falls anew with the air you call home.
You know what the hellhe's talking about? Nobody does.
-Have a seat,mrs.
-Thanks so much.
You know,it's funny.
All these years I've beencarrying this picture in my head of mikey as my 11-year-old son, you know,and then-- and then I come hereand see pictures of him as a--a grown man.
I--I--I never thought of himthat way,you know.
Joe,you would have beenso proud of him.
He was such a good father,and a good husband, and he never stoppedbeing your son.
You know,every night at dinnerhe'd say the blessing.
And in all the yearswe were together, not once did he forgetto ask god to watch over you.
Isn't that somethin'? My boy.
My little boy.
And he never believed thosestories about you being dead.
What stories? Well,according to mike,shortly after you disappeared, this wiseguy named frank bianchi started bragging around townthat he killed you.
Bianchi's no wiseguy.
That finnochio said he killed me? Who's this guy? A little,low-lifewannabe gangster.
Used to follow us aroundtryin' to make his bones.
The story was he made you get down on yourknees,and you went out crying.
That's enough,joseph.
And people believed this? Some people,I guess.
I heard it a couple times.
Mike swore he was gonnafind something on bianchi to put him behind barsbefore he died.
Guess it's about the onlypromise he didn't keep.
Are you okay? I've seen a lotof excitement for one day.
Where's a bathroom? -Oh,it's over there.
All right,the actorshave their new pages and,uh,we're ready to go.
Just a couple small changes.
It'll be fine.
Trust me.
All right,everybody,let's get ready to roll.
I wanna thank youfor what you said yesterday.
I don't knowwhich of the many things I said yesterday you're gratefulfor,but you're welcome.
You said that it was sadthat I was okay making crap.
And you were right.
I'm not gonna do that anymore.
I'm not just gonna turn outgarbage to please my masters.
Good for you.
When they startcalling you difficult,I'll buy you a beer.
It's a deal.
All right,everybody,let's roll.
And action.
-What's goin' on,jen? -Nothing.
Everything's fine.
Come on.
I can see there'ssomething on your mind.
I don't wannatalk about it right now.
Oh,I see.
Personal problems.
It's just the strainof lying to jason about what I do hereat witsec.
Leaving outthe details of my life.
I know it's hardnot to share at least some of what you're going throughwith your loved ones.
But there are waysto relieve stress.
Exercise,for one.
I think going to the gym and spending more timeaway from him would onlymake things worse.
I strugglewith time management too,but there are lots of exercises you can do right at your desk that'll have youfeeling better in no time.
There are? Sure.
Squats,lunges,calf raises.
There's evena stretching routine designed for people whose jobsare particularly stressful.
How ya feelin',jen? Much better,reggie.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
And cut.
Moving on.
Is that your versionof no more garbage, or you're just havinga little laugh at my expense? I thought you were justa corporate sellout hack.
Turns out you'rean asshole to boot.
Hey,joe,you in there? Come on,open up.
Joe in there with you? What's wrong with you? He went to the bathroomlike 20 minutes ago.
Okay,well,he wasn'tin there with me.
How long were you in there? I don't know,a while.
I ate something called scun--scungilli.
Why?What's wrong? Hey,eleanor,I need youto run an ncic check on a frank bianchi.
Let's see the petty criminalfrom philadelphia now will you put the gun down? I'm sorry,joe,I have to arrest you.
I don't have a choice,here.
You could arrest him.
The government's justicesystem doesn't work quite the same way as your ownpersonal code of justice.
Bragging about killingsomeone you didn't kill isn't actually a crime.
But killing two kids is.
He killed two people? Yeah.
Finally got a chanceto make his bones.
He got so scaredhe went out and got drunk, went into the wrong house,and knocked offtwo college kids.
You're justvolunteering this now,38 years after the fact.
Well,one of the thingswe figured out back when the witness protectionthing started was if you give up everything you know right away,you got nothingto bargain with later on.
I'll callthe U.
Attorney's office.
Come on.
Time to watch the video.
I'll pass,thanks.
It wasn'ta request,inspector.
Let's go.
All right,so this is a little rough.
Some final editingneeds to be done.
But I just wanted to show youbefore we leave town what the final productwill look like.
Appreciate it,thank you.
Appreciate youleaving town,anyway.
All law enforcement jobsare demanding and stressful.
This video will addresssome of the unique challenges faced by witsec inspectorsas they navigate the professional and personalwaters of witness protection.
What's going on,jen? N-nothing Reggie.
Come on.
I can seesomething's on your mind.
Everything's fine,reggie.
At least here at work.
But when I go home,I don't know how to handlethings with jason.
You mean when heasks about your day? My husband can seethat I'm lying,and if I tell him I don't wanna talk about it,it only makes things worse.
You're not alone.
One way or another,all witsec inspectors face the same issues.
We all wrestle with how muchto tell the people in our lives.
So what do you do about it? Just like you.
I struggle.
"Frank bianchi,78,of manayunk,"was arrested and charged " in the 38-year-oldunsolved homicide of college studentsnancy rosen and ron stevens.
" Grandpa,check this out.
It's all your oldfamily pictures.
You mean mikeykept all this stuff? Holy cow.
Look at this.
It's hard to believe I was everthat good-lookin',right? I remember this day.
I actually remember this day.
Can't believethat's the same guy that was pushin'a mop around the bar.
It's not.
That's the guy who used topush people around philadelphia.
So who's this? That's my mother.
Oh,she's gorgeous.
Well,she wasn'tthat good-lookin',believe me.
Feelin' better? -Yes.
Much better.
I had a long talk with jason.
Told him there arecertain things about my job I just can't tell him about.
How'd he react to that? He was happy that I'm awareof what he's going through.
And hopefully he understands it's just as hard on youkeeping all these secrets as it is on him.
It is hard.
If you experience problems similar to those shownin this video, talk to your chiefor department counselor.
And know that you are not alone.
Very nice work,gentlemen.
Now I haveto call washington and explain why they're notgetting the video they approved.
You've become very difficult.
I don't get it.
What'd you do,reshoot everything? No,just a few things.
The rest was little word changesand very clever editing to turn it into the masterpieceyou'd approve of.
Well,you could've told mewhat you were doing.
Actually,I tried,but you wouldn't listen.
Doesn't sound like me.
I'm glad you like it.
I didn't say I liked it.
It was better.
I still have a lot of notes.
Well,you shoulde-mail them to tom.
That really was me.
Yeah,joe,it really was.
You ready? Whenever you are.
Hey,joe,we're gonna head out.
Yeah? I--you have to? Yeah,we have to get back.
Look,uh I mean,uh I'm--I'm notvery good at--at-- Yeah,we know.
Thank you.
No problem.
Take care of yourself,joe.
I'll send your stuffwhen we get back to albuquerque.
Oh,don't bother.
There's nothing there I want.
Good luck,joe.
Thanks for your hospitality.
Thank you.
I had his number,and there wasnothing he could do.
It was like standingin the batter's box and knowing what pitchwas coming next.
Mary,are you listening? Yeah,you sold a carand it felt like baseball.
I like the old uniform better.
I sold a car on my first day,and that's all you have to say? Congratulations.
You convinced someoneto throw away $40,000 on a car they probablydidn't need or even want.
Forget it,raph,she's madeup her mind to hate what you do.
Well,I don't even knowwhat you do and I hate it.
So finally now we can both nottalk about what we do at work.
Suits me fine.
I couldn't decide--four-door coupe or ragtop.
You pick.
No,I told younot to do this.
I know,but Ragtop! Ragtop,ragtop! Oh,my god.
It's the most beautiful thingI've ever seen.
Uh,technicallyit's a dealer demo,but you're free to drive itas long as you want.
I'll tell youwhat I learned today.
This car has a lot of features.
"Fitures"? So this ishow you make friends? Giving away jobs and cars? Yes.
How do you make friends? I don'T.
Don't supposeit occurred to you your little bribesmight be bad for them.
How could giving raph a job and brandi a way to getaround town be bad for them? It just is.
It's too easy.
The world doesn't work that way.
Why?Because you didn'tmake it happen? What? She's been living at yourhouse for free for how long now? If you're not calling the shots,then they'remaking bad decisions? You wanna knowwhat I decided just now? I'm sorry,really.
I don't wanna fight with you.
I actually like you quite a lot.
So where's my car? Hey,if I thought you wereserious,I'd be glad No.
Don't you getwhy that's inappropriate? No,I don'T.
Mary,you have doneso much for them for so long.
Bailed them out of so many jams.
Brandi's told me.
It's kinda heroic.
But when's the last time you didsomething for either of them just because you knewit would make them happy,or,god forbid,you happy? I don't know,I guessI've been too busy lately keeping my sister out of prison.
Well,brandi and jinxworship you.
But most of the time you actas if you don't like them.
I know.
Do you know that you act the same way towards raphsometimes too? I'm sorry,I'm so usedto talking to people about their problemsat meetings,I forget sometimes.
It's okay.
Can I just sayone more thing? Then--then I promiseI'll shut up? Only if you promise.
Maybe if you open upto brandi,jinx,raph.
Just a little.
Let them know what you'regoing through,how you feel.
Maybe some of thatanger and resentment will find a way to get out.
Come on,let's go for a ride.
He's a really nice guy,don't you think? I'm an inspector for the federalwitness protection program.
That's why I nevertalk about my work.