In Plain Sight s02e14 Episode Script

Once A Ponzi Time

Since 1970,the federalwitness protection program has relocatedthousands of witnesses, some criminal,some not,to neighborhoodsall across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing themfrom the rest of the general population.
And that issomebody wants them dead.
Presents YTET- °îµÂÖí sight Season 2 Episode 14 ** There's nothingspeculative about this,jeffrey.
Fact: Over $1 trillionof institutional money currently sits quakingon the sidelines.
Liquid cash,doing nothing.
Why do you suppose that is? Very well then,I'll tell you.
It is because 99.
9%of fund managers are abject cowards.
They run when the bulls run.
They hibernatewhen the bears pack it in.
And right now,they are hibernating-- they're waiting forsome mythical market solstice,a clarion callto the faint of heart.
Emerge from your warrens--all is safe.
Feast on fallen fruitmonths past its prime.
God,I wish I could do that.
I do implore youwith unwavering conviction.
Hundreds,if not thousands of profitable,well-managed companies are now deeply undervalued.
Now is the time.
Jump back inwith all you can muster.
You magnificent bastard.
I'm actually attractedto you right now.
Oh,and jeffreyone last thing.
Whatever you do,do not invest so much as a nickelwith this firm.
Arnie ford is a thief,and you willsurely lose every cent placed in his trust.
Good luck.
If this is a joke.
I'm not laughing.
No,arnie,this isn't a joke.
Did you thinkI wouldn't figure it out?You've been stealingfrom our clients-- clients whom I brought in.
You've bankrupted the fund,and you have seriously injuredthe ashmore family name-- my family name.
Now I intend to doeverything in my power to make sure that you pay and salvage what is leftof my reputation.
God help you,what did you do? I'm sorry,I would love to chat,but it looks like yournext appointment's arrived.
Arnie ford.
You're under arrestfor securities fraud.
You just made the biggestmistake of your life.
Shouldn't you betwirling your mustache when makingthose sorts of threats? Come on,let's go.
*** Hand cramping yet? It's a lot to sign.
A lot goes intocreating a new identity.
It's beyond comprehension signing away the ashmore name.
Unfortunately,even though youblew the whistle on arnie ford, there are thousandsof people who'd like to see phillip ashmore burned,simply because he's there.
Can you blame them?I was there.
I convinced themto invest their money,often their life savings.
- Camille's parents-- no.
How couldI not have known? He hasn't hada moment of peace since he found outwhat arnie was doing.
Neither,I imagine,have any of the people whose lives I helped destroy.
It's perhapsa bit dichotomous,but you should takesome measure of comfort in the fact thatyou feel such distress.
You're suggestingI feel good about feeling bad? I think I phrased ita little better,but yes.
Let's give the mana medal for feeling remorse.
Erect a monumentfor this sliver of empathy shown forthe lives crushed under the staggering weightof his blunders.
- Huzzah for humanity - phillip.
We've come so far.
Excuse me.
I got him.
It'll be okay.
Marshall will go off on somemind-numbing gestalt-of-kant litany until phillipis begging to come back in.
I don't thinkphillip is capable of becoming a whole new person.
He doesn't have to.
In time,he'll realizehis name has changed,but he's still the same person.
You don't know phillip.
The ashmore name is everything.
It's his birthright andhe takes it very seriously,especially becausehe's the last living heir.
Oh,yeah,I sawthat his parents were killed.
A ferry boat accidenton a family trip through asia.
It was hiscollege graduation present.
- I see you take insulin.
- Yes.
I'll be sure thatthe prescription is transferred.
Are you okay for now? Yes.
The marshalsin new york made sure I got a two-week supplybefore we left.
So how does all that work? The prescriptions,and insurance,medical records-- that sort of thing.
Witsec hasa sort of clearinghouse through which records,documents, financial holdings,et ceteraare cleaned, stripped of all linksto your past,and officially reassignedto your new identities.
Normally,we give familiesa stipend for six months or so.
But in your case,as soon as your holdings clear our processing,you'll be on your own.
Well I think that philliphas some ideas about that.
What kind of ideas? I wish to assignmy personal holdings to the victimsof arnie's fraud-- as a restitution,of sorts.
How much of your holdings? All of it.
The entire ashmore estate.
Of course,real estate,art work,automobiles-- things of that nature--will have to be liquidated.
Butthis isthe only meaningful gesture I can make at this point.
Soroughly,how much are we talking? I haven't seen howthe market's behaving today,but roughly $137 million.
Dollars? Okay,here's the good news.
I'm pretty sure this kindof blinding stupidity is grounds for annulment.
Phillip and I havediscussed this at length.
Frankly,I would'vepreferred a less grand gesture,but he feelsquite strongly about it.
Giving up allmy worldly possessions is the only wayto demonstrate my sincere desire to right someof arnie ford's wrongs-- of which I wasan unwitting accomplice.
I have to say that is perhaps the most selfless act ofcontrition I've ever heard of.
You,sir,are to be admired.
*** And they say romance is dead.
"90 year old billionaireweds flight attendant,23.
" Gee,wonder how they met.
In an airplane.
Did you read this already? You thinkyou'll ever get married? If the right flight attendantcomes along,who knows.
Well,if you ever didtake the plunge-- not that I'd wishthat hell on anyone-- think you'd tellthe missus about the job? No.
That's it?No diffuse and flowery,philosophical treatise with footnotes? It runs contraryto witsec regs.
Heaven forbidwe run contrary.
You're not thinking about hot sauce,got tobe looking right at it.
You already told him.
Found it.
Without consulting me? You know,I was going to,and then I remembered it's none ofyour god damn business.
Are you kidding? Don't think so.
By telling raph what you do,you've told him what I do.
And I wasn't quiteready to share that informationwith your future husband.
You're serious.
Yeah,camille,what's going on? I hate to impose,but we have a flat tire,and philliptried to change it,but you didn't happento film that by any chance? Even if I had a camera,it was too sad-- like a bergman film.
Anyway,I really don'twant to be late for work.
Is there any chance? On our way.
Come on,camilleneeds a ride to work.
Tire needs to beon the ground.
A little thing we call traction.
Just loosen the restand jack the car back up.
Then change the bad tire,when it's in the airput on the spare.
You change a man's tire,he drives for a day.
Teach a man to fish--never mind.
Come on,let's get you to work.
Call when you run out of gas.
I'll show youhow to fill the tank.
I guess it's justtougher than we expected.
But we do see each other more and I don't have to attendthose awful society functions.
But it would be niceif phillip found a job.
I don't know.
I guess it's real life,somewhere betweenokay and awful.
Welcome to the muddy middle.
But do you thinkmaybe he's aiming too high?What about a job job? That's what I said,butyou know.
He's got his pride.
That'll pass.
I got to go.
Big day.
We're having a saleon nursing bras.
Thanks for the ride.
I'll put outsome feelers for him.
In the meantime,you let me know if things get you know,unmanageable.
I will.
Not so easy,this real life.
It's crazy.
Some places makeyou work five days a week.
It must be tough,going from a world where peopledo everything for you.
You know?Limos whisking youfrom place to place,personal assistants assisting you personally,underpants made from human hair.
You heard me.
Pour me one? Is this manny,moe,or jack? - What? - Pep boys.
They fix cars.
All right,never mind.
What's up? Uh,I think I made a mistake.
- Changing the tire? - No,the money.
By giving it all away.
Oh,well I hate to sayI told you so,but actually,no,I don'T.
I need some of it back.
You realize it'sa lot harder to get money back than it isto give it away,right? Pleaseit's not for me.
Camille'sworking ridiculous hours paying for my mistake.
You were right.
I don't need that much.
How much? $5 million should do it.
You sure?I hate to see youjust scraping by.
Mary,that's a fractionof what I'm giving away.
All right,look,I'll get the paperwork started,see what I can do.
Thank you.
And mary,I need thisto happen quickly.
Yeah,I'm sure you do.
Someone wants to stuff thecaviar back into the sturgeon? He talks! Hallelujah,it's a christmas miracle.
Or not.
Anybody home? *** Every light in the house.
***** Oh,thank god you're home.
We were going for ice cream,and he made us comeall the way back to get-- I'm torn betweenmy ice cream jones and finding outwhat you did to piss her off.
You should go.
Understatement of the year.
Have fun.
More ice cream for me.
What's going on? This.
I was reading articles to learnmore about what you do.
Did brandi seewhat you were doing? No,I kept a blanket over meand the computer the whole time.
It's not a joke.
You can't seriously expect meto just accept the fact that you workin witness protection without wantingto learn more about it.
Why?Why can't you acceptthe fact that I work in a very secretive job,and just leave it at that? Because before,I thought you mostly hung around the courthouse making sureno nuts got in or out.
Now that I know that you hidecriminals from other criminals who want to kill them, I You should havenever told me what you do.
So I've been told.
Where are you going? To bed.
Good night.
Hey,I brought the documentsfor you to sign.
Wow,that was fast.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Come on,open up.
What's with the stealth? Oh,camille's sleeping.
Got a touch of the flu.
Oh,does she needto see a doctor? No,no,I'm sureshe'll be fine.
Okay,well,if she's up to signing,we can wait andbring the papers with us now.
She doesn't have to sign.
Everything's in the nameof the family trust.
When you entered the program,you agreedto conjoin your assets.
It's a witsec requisite.
I understand.
Well,I'll have her sign themwhen she gets up.
Can you come backand collect them? No,phillip,we'renot a messenger service.
You can bring them to us.
No,I can'T.
Umleft the car in the shop.
Now what's wrongwith your car? I don't know,the man saidsomething about a carburetor.
Then he's ripping you off.
That car is fuel-injected.
Where'd you take it? Someplace between hereand camille's work.
You don't know the name of theplace where you left your car? Is there some reasonfor this inquisition? - I want to see camille.
- You want me to wake her? Yes,please.
You can speak to herlater when she's up.
Open the door.
That's it,I'm talkingto my D.
Good idea,we'll wait here.
Where is she,phillip? You still wantto call your D.
Rep,or would you rather I do it? Camille left me.
There,I said it.
Happy now? Do I look happy? Phillip,you're high-profileprotective witnesses, you're wife's in the wind,and you want to hide it from me? Her clothes,toiletries--everything,still here.
Get your shoes.
Please,let's notmake a big deal out of this.
Don't have to,it already is.
Let's go.
Now! When did she leave? Last night.
After she got home from work,we got into an argument.
About what? What else?Money.
Phillip,look at me.
If you have any ideawhere camille is,now would bethe time to speak up.
If I did,I would be there.
How are you comingon her traceables? No cell phone,credit card,or atm activity since 1:34 pm yesterday.
She bought lunch.
I have an in-house boloout on the car.
Deputy director's officewants us to work solo for the time being.
Stan picked a hell of a timeto go to a convention.
It's notjust a convention,mary.
Our chief isthe keynote speaker at the law enforcementefficacy conference.
Leec? Admittedly,not the best acronym.
We've got an alert.
A security guard foundcamille's car abandoned.
Keep an eye on phillip? Hey,dershowitz.
It's mary.
I need a favor.
That's funny.
An abandoned car on4th and gold was just reported to your guys.
I need you to keep it small.
Yeah,why would anabandoned car be otherwise? And what's in it for me? My undying gratitude.
Rent-a-cop saysthe car was here all night.
Door unlocked,purseand keys in the front seat.
Leaving your husband'sone thing,but your purse? A whole other story.
Damn it.
We protecting in a junkie? Based on the evidence it seemsI'm not protecting anyone-- at least not very well.
Is that the undying gratitudeyou were talking about? Sorry,this one'slocked down tight.
Aren't they all? But if you need more info,talk to her fiance.
He's got the inside track.
What's that supposed to mean? What,you thinkthat was out of line? You're an asshole.
But I got to impound the car,have my guys give itthe once-over.
Fine,but I needto take her effects.
First youwant your money back,then you lieabout your marriage.
I'm not lying,I swear.
We found your car inthe parking lot where she works.
And this her insulin.
Oh,god,she needs this.
What happened?She finally figure outthe master of the universe she thought she married wasactually a do-nothing failure living off the family trust? You couldn't stand that,could you-- her seeing you forwhat you really are? Oh,no,no.
It's - it's not like that.
The security guardsaid the car was there all afternoon and all night, which means you lied about her coming homeafter work.
I'm starting to think we got ascott peterson situation here.
- Did you kill your wife,phillip? - How could you say that? After you brought herthe keys,did you stick around? Did you lay in waitin the parking lot for her to get off work? I love her.
Tell us the truth.
Tell uswhat happened last night.
I waited for camilleto come home after work,she's usually very prompt.
Last night,she wasn'T.
So I called her cellabout four or five times.
And then at about 8:00,a man called.
He said that he had camille,and that if I didn't give him $5 millionthat he would kill her.
That's why I needed the money.
That is whyI still need the money.
your wife was kidnapped,and you're just telling us now? He told me if I told anybody--especially the cops-- he would kill her.
Kidnappers always tell younot to call the cops.
You know what you dowhen they say that?You call the cops.
Please,just give me my moneyso I can get my wife back.
He called you at the motel.
Who could it have been? A new acquaintance who made you?An old investor? Did you contact anyone? No.
No,I didn'T.
No,I swear.
He called my cell,not the motel phone.
Please,we're wasting time.
She needs her insulinor she'll die.
Hey put an alerton camille's insulin,with the nationalpharmacies network.
I want to know the second anyonetries to fill that prescription.
- Copy that.
- Pull phillip's cell records,see who called him last night.
Already on it.
There is a callfrom camille at E.
'S workingwith the cell provider trying to backtrack a number.
But it's from a voip--they're not optimistic.
All right,thanks.
We got to get himback to the motel in case he's being watched.
I'll put him in a cab.
Follow from a safe distance,make sure he gets there okay.
I'll notify E.
- I already did it.
- Fine.
I'll go homeand get some things,I'll meet youback here in an hour.
Wish stan were here,he'd know how to handle this.
We've got to cover him.
I'm talking about you two.
This is hard to watch.
So don't watch.
Cloned your cell,and we're patchedinto the landline.
When the kidnapper calls,we'll hear everything.
Until then,sit tight.
We'll be right next door.
So I guess now we just wait.
I guess.
Slutdog millionaire,rachel getting larried,milf barely had to change that one.
Rachel getting larried had a nice twist in the end.
You want to get a pizza? I guess.
Somebody justrefilled camille's insulin.
Wilson drugs,684 cimmaron.
Yeah,this is marshal shannon.
I need a teamsent to 684 cimmaron.
Wilson drugs.
I want the security cam footagefrom the last hour.
See if they can upload itto our ip address.
Camille?Oh,thank god! Where are you?Are you all right? Hi,phillip.
How areyou coming with my money? Putting together$5 million in cash takes a bit of time.
Can you put camilleback on,please? I got her insulin,which was a lotmore than I had to do.
That's the last shotshe's getting.
So however long she can go withoutany more of her medicine,that's how long you've got.
I'll call back ina few hours for an update.
Please,put her back on.
Wai-- any luck with the trace? The call wasstill internet-based.
Even if we could trace it he's long gone by now.
And look at this,the drugstore security cam is coming up.
The unabomber.
That's what the clerk said.
No clean face shot.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess hedidn't pay with credit.
- Speaking of which - what? Watch.
Brand new bills.
If they're as newas they look,the treasury can tell uswhat bank they came from based on serial numbers.
And if they camefrom an atm transaction,the bank can give us the name.
God,don't you love big brother? This could take a while.
Have the deputy director'soffice make the request.
That should grease the wheels.
Albuquerque police,open up.
Open up.
What,are you stalking me? Oh,I get it.
They have great ice here.
I don't need ice.
- I need to talk to-- phillip andrews,the ownerof the impounded car.
Nice work.
Very fast.
Guess he's one of yours.
If he were,you wouldn'tneed to talk to him because we'dhave it under control.
I got a missing woman,mary.
Okay,I needto know what's going on.
Treasury tracked the billsto new mexico savings and loan.
They're pullingthe atm transaction now.
You could've told mewho owned the car.
No,I couldn'T.
Against the rules.
What is wrong with you two? We've beentrying to get pregnant and the strain's getting to him.
This is whyI don't have a partner.
Atm draw traces to an accountin blacksburg,west virginia.
Account holder is randy murray.
This is a kidnapping? Put out an apb on randy murrayof blacksburg,west virginia.
Nothing quiet about that.
I'll keep you up to date,you do the same? Ncic has him.
A few petty crimes as a kid,into his 20s.
Nothing criminalfor a long time.
He fixed thatin a big-ass way.
This is interesting.
Mother and father deceased,natural causes.
One brother,roy murray,deceased.
Cause of death,ferry boataccident in mumbai.
That was phillip'scollege friend who died in a boating accident.
*** Let's run randy murraythrough the ford fund.
Roy's brother? - Are you sure? -Cut the crap,phillip.
Randy murray never hadan account with arnie ford.
But for some reason,the fund was sending him ten grand a monthfor the past three years.
Why? What the hell happenedon that boat? Did you kill his brother? Kill him? Roy was my best friend.
On the first day at oxford,whenno one else would talk to me,because I was an ashmore unapproachable.
Roy sauntered up and saidin his thick,southern accent,asked if he couldjust "visit a while.
" Because no onewould talk to him either.
It was quite endearing,really.
But despite ourvery different backgrounds,we quickly becameas thick as thieves.
We were more like brothers than best mates.
We even looked alike.
My family loved him.
When the boat capsized,it was madness.
It was 519 terrified souls clawing,scratching, just doinganything they could to escape.
My parents were trapped below the deck.
There was no hope.
But roy and I were above decks.
And I--I tried to calm him.
I told him,"when the boat hits the water,"swim below,as faras possible,underwater.
Get belowthe tangle of bodies,just" He panicked andhe wouldn't let go of me.
There were people just climbingon each other,climbing on us.
What should I have done? Should've drowned with him.
When randy showed upin new york and told me who he was-- you started paying him off.
Out of pure guilt.
Because it wasthe right thing to do.
And when you entered witsec,the payments stopped.
Yes,I even called him.
To let him know--I knowit's against witsec rules.
And I am sorry.
ButI didn'twant him to think I just skipped outon my promise.
I take ithe wasn't as understanding.
No,he wanted more,andI didn't have it.
Now he has camille.
And I still don't have it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for this.
Thank us afterwe get camille back.
All right,put your shirt on.
Phillip,you've got the money? Yes,now what? Put the money in your car.
Take I-25 south,get off at rio bravo,and head downto bobby foster road.
And phillip,if I seeanybody following you,you're never goingto see your wife alive again.
Has a fixon phillip's car.
Copy that.
I'll take university tobobby foster road the back way.
Time's running outon camille.
Is she okay? It depends onhow you define okay,phil.
She's definitely alive.
I am coming as fast as I can.
Just tell me where to go.
Take the road upto the top of the ravine.
Stop at the railroad crossing.
I'm here.
I've got the money.
Where are you?Where's camille? I want my wife now! That's you,phillip.
Always in a hurry.
Now walk across the tracks.
Oh,andbring the money.
All right,that's far enough.
Stop where you are.
Okay,here we go.
We have visual of the suspect,the victim appears okay.
I've got the money,you can let her go.
Now,you move an inchand everybody dies.
How long do you wantto let this go? As long as we have visual,I think we play it out.
Unless it lookslike it's heading south.
I'd rather he get awaywith the money,than spook himand get him killed.
We had a deal.
Get down on your knees.
Throw me the money! - Put your hands over your head.
- I don't like this.
You're aboutto like it even less.
God damn it,we're going to lose visual.
Let's move.
Come on,move it.
Marshall,come on,let's go.
- Faster,faster! - Come on,we'renot going to make it.
Come on! We're not going to make it.
I can't do it.
She all right? She's fine.
She's fine.
Damn it.
We're on the atv right now.
We've got a chopper in the air.
Copy that.
All right.
Phillip a word,please? That was eleanor.
She managed to dig up the lateroy murray's complete biography.
And I assumeby the cheshire cat grin,secrets were revealed.
Yes? Marshall,did you knowthat roy murray-- phillip's best friend, whomhe desperately tried to save but who panicked and drownedin that ferry accident-- was in fact,quite a swimmer.
First in west virginia.
In the 400,and 1500 meter freestyle.
No,actually,I didn'T.
Hard to believe suchan accomplished swimmer would panic in the water.
Is that what randy had on you? Your real identity? I was 20 years old.
My best friend,and the familythat had taken me in like I was their own son-- like I was phillip's brother-- had just drowned.
I was one ofa handful of survivors.
Andthey took meto a makeshift morgue,where all the bodieswere laid out.
And I was standingover phillip's body.
I'd lost my passport.
I didn't know what to do next.
And then anindian official came over, he had a passport,he looked at the photo,and he said to me,"mr.
Ashmore,we've found your passport.
" And then he gave me phillip'S.
Why not? Steal his identity,no fun being roy murray.
That wasn't my intention.
But without mesaying or doing anything,the british consulcame up and said, "mr.
Ashmore,sir,everything's been arranged.
"Your first-class flightback to london-- your family and your friend'sremains will follow.
" I didn't have to do anything.
I didn't have to thinkor worry about anything.
Just say yes,nod.
And nobody realizedyou weren't phillip ashmore? I told you,we looked like brothers.
Phillip had been at boardingschool from the age of ten.
Even relatives,close family friends,saw him infrequently.
They just accepted I was him.
And you just never toldanyone otherwise.
They were such good people.
They're important.
They were respected.
I was nobody,nothing.
It just seemed to me that phillip ashmoredeserved to go on-- so much more than roy murray.
And everything was fine until randy saw my picturein the paper and tracked me down.
He threatened to expose me.
And he was fine with the money--$10,000 a month-- and then when it stopped,he wanted one big payment.
He didn't believe I was broke.
I assume camille doesn't know.
- If she finds out-- she was kidnappedby your brother.
She is going to haveto testify against him.
I'm pretty sureit'll come out at trial.
- You don't understand,she thinks she married-- an ashmore.
I know.
Look,phillip,I'vebeen doing this for a while.
And I've seen peoplecome into this program and fight like crazyto hang onto their old lives.
And I've seen peoplewho couldn't wait to be someone else--to throw away their past.
But at the end of the day,you are who you are.
A wise man once said,"and the truthshall set you free.
" Well,that iswhat I'm afraid of.
Phillip she's your wife.
You have to tell her.
So that's a new one.
We gave a fake identityto a man who already had one.
What are the legalramifications of identity theft? There was no actual theft,only impersonation.
All the assets werekept in the ashmore trust and managed quite responsibly.
He actually grewthe estate considerably.
Looks like he went throughthe whole charade for nothing.
You think he'll drop the accent? Not a chance.
If I go here,you go here.
But if I go here That's where I'm going.
Deal with it.
Mm,drunken chess.
I'm playing an11 year old pakistani girl.
She's extremely wily.
She's crushing you.
That's whatI want her to think.
But I'm smart.
I know things.
Yeah,where I keepmy whiskey,for one.
I know why you toldraphael your big secret.
To paint yourself into a corner.
Afraid you mightback out from marrying him.
You told him,so nowyou have to make it work.
You've keenly observed that I'm somewhatrelationship-phobic.
And yet,the conclusionyou've drawn couldn't be more off the mark.
Marshall I've spent my entire workinglife with career criminals-- liars,thieves,and sociopaths-- each of whom knowswhat I do for a living.
And I refuseto accept the notion that these miscreantsare somehow more trustworthy than the man I'm going to marry.
And I'll repeat thisin the morning,'cause I'm sureyou won't remember.
My rook,my castle my kingdom for a castle.
I didn't thinkyou were coming home.
See if you knew what I was doing.
This wouldn't be a surprise.
Pretty impressive.
Just in caseyou're interested.
I am.
But,not right now.