In Plain Sight s02e15 Episode Script

Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque

Since 1970,the federalwitness protection program has relocatedthousands of witnesses, some criminal,some not,to neighborhoodsall across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing themfrom the rest of the general population.
And that issomebody wants them dead.
Proudly Presents sight Season 2 Episode 15 Tow weeks ago What I'm asking of youis very simple.
Stop working for three days.
Think of it.
The largest work stoppageon our nation's history.
It's time to showthis government the real power lieswith the people.
Yeah! Without us,they have nothing.
Without us,they are nothing.
Lucha! Lucha ahora!Lucha ahora!(Fight!Fight now!) Lucha ahora! Lucha ahora!(Fight now!) only two of you? I'm--I'm insulted.
Handcuffs? Oh,come on,is this really necessary? What are you doing?Huh? I'm sorry,senorita.
Drop your weapons.
On the ground.
This is your last chanceto walk away alive.
Good afternoon,miss garcia.
My name is mr.
Day Thank you,mr.
Now if you'll excuse me,I havea labor strike to organize.
That's probablynot your best move right now.
- Thanks,but I don't needadvice from american spooks.
- Actually,you do.
Those men were sent to youby el presidente himself.
He now sees your labor movementas a legitimate threat.
Those men were gonna kill youon his direct orders.
Why? I don't understand.
His cabinet just agreedto a meeting on labor reform.
This government hasno interest in reform.
The only way you're gonna getanything you want is by total regime change.
And that'swhere our interests intersect.
We need you safe,francesca.
There's a plane waiting.
Choice is yours.
He's already gone? Why didn't you call me? Yeah,well,a lot of goodthat does me now.
All right,well,I'll get backto you.
Aren't you rich?Why isn't everyone staying at your place? Remodel going on.
I like it with everyone here.
It's cozy.
Feel like I'm living in a pickle barrel.
Who were you yelling at? My G.
The actor we use for our spanish commercials took a job with telemundo in miami.
- El guapo suave? - Yeah.
And I've got a camera crew booked for today,ad time purchased for tomorrow, and ten acres of inventory going nowhere.
I love that you're like a real grown-up.
Why don't you use raphael? He speaks spanish.
Have you started drinking again? What? It's a good idea.
No,it's not.
It's the beginning of an I love lucy episode.
You know,I don't know.
It might be worth a try.
What do you say? I don't think so.
Pays 2,000 bucks.
- He already said no.
- Thanks,but I can speak for myself.
I know that.
Thanks for the offer,but my answer is no.
You damn right it is.
We're not all your dancing meat puppets,you know.
I am.
And you have no idea what this is about? Not a clue.
It's a little disconcerting.
Am I a weight around your neck? I mean,do I drag you down?Is your life worse for having me around? Ooh,can we all play this game? I might have a few extra worry lines.
When I buy a house,the real estate market tanks.
I take in my mom and sister,they both get arrested,and my house gets destroyed.
Global warming.
Was that me? Why do I think this isn't about climate change? You know,mary,you are what you project.
A year ago,after john died,I was in the worst place imaginable, but then I decided just to project a positive attitude,and now look where I am.
I'm here,I'm working with you okay.
Forget I said anything.
See,not so rosy after all.
Maybe it's not me.
Maybe all you so-called happy people walking around just need to take a closer look at your lives.
Sort of like,"wake up and smell the cesspool"? Yeah,exactly.
You've given me a whole new outlook.
Don't mention it.
Oh,come on.
Cheer up.
Life sucks.
We're all gonna die.
Embrace it.
What's with the confab? The bald one is stan.
Otherwise,not a clue.
Whoever she is,she's not happy.
I don't suppose you read lips.
Hmm,let me see.
Hmm,I didn't even realize that was possible.
You're sadly mistaken if you think I'm gonna sit on the sidelines watching my country's revolution on cnn while you people install your own self-serving puppet regime.
- We still do that? - Yeah.
Sad this is we don't even use real puppets anymore,just socks with buttons sewn on.
We are doing no such thing.
Right now our operatives are quietly spreading the word amongst your people that el presidente is holding you prisoner.
He could be torturing you.
We believe your disappearance may be the trigger that finally gets them to rise up.
Well,I guess every cause needs its martyr.
It's a tried and true motivator.
So cynical.
Gives me chills.
I kind of like it.
When do I go back? Uh,when the old regime realizes that democratic elections are preferable to lynch mobs at the palace gates.
Hopefully,no morethan three months.
Does your inspector knowabout her new assignment? Not yet.
I want to know moreabout it first.
Is that her? Mm-hmm,and consider yourself lucky.
- She's the best there is.
- Oh,please.
Well,stating the obvious.
So unnecessary,really.
You can telljust by looking.
She holds all the powerin that room.
I may be ill.
May I go introduce myself? Yes,absolutely.
We'll finish up in here.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Turn it off,turn it off,turn it off,turn it off.
- And that is whythey call them pumpkins.
- Fascinating.
Hi,I'm francesca garcia.
I'm so pleased to meet you.
And I you.
And I will cherish this momentforever and ever and ever.
That's cute.
And the other two bedroomsboth en suite with a fitness centercomplete with sauna are down the other wing.
The library,office,and chef's kitchen are all down here.
Pool and spaare through the french doors.
Whew,seemsthe economic downturn hasn't adversely affectedthe revolutionary biz.
Yeah,but all the goodendorsement deals have dried up.
Over hereis the video command center with 500 satellite tv channelsand a hard drive server that can streamup to 3,000 movies to any roomin the house.
Day,you could builda hospital in my country with the money your governmenthas spent on this house.
Yes,and we wouldif we thought the people of your country would receivethe benefits from it.
Your point is taken.
- So if there's anything elseyou need that we haven't provided - looks like we're goodon the essentials.
We have a no smokinginsurance policy here.
I'll just call the carrierand work that one out.
She's used to gettingwhat she wants.
Yes,and we expectthat trend to continue.
Francesca's a key componentof our south american strategy and your top priorityright now.
In fact,she's your only priority.
Learn thisbackwards and forwards.
Allies,enemies,medical records,every detail.
Here's my card.
From this point forward,you're her constant companion.
Got it? - Got it.
- Good.
I'll be on call 24 hours.
I'm francesca.
What is it? Francesca? Coming,missus.
Oh,that sounds great.
Thank you.
What was all that about? She saw me in the yardand asked me if I work here full-time or could I clean for hertuesdays? What did you say? I said,I'll be thereat Good.
That's good.
Day,I don't have a death wish.
And I won't sit aroundand watch while the people who stoodby my side are executed.
Either find a way to stop it,or I am on the next flight home.
Thank you,thank you.
Good night.
Did that sound bitchy? You know,probablynot the best person to ask.
Arrested 37 times.
- That's impressive.
- Not really.
Half of those,they put me at the holiday inn.
After a while,it get to be a game.
I was makingthe same old speeches.
They throw me in jailfor a few days.
You should know we havesomething called a three strikes law here, so you might want to pull backon the civil disobedience for a while.
I'll think about it.
Now put that downand drink this.
- No.
- And don't give me any of that "I can't,I'm working" crap.
All right.
Just one.
We'll see.
My line of work,you learneverything is negotiable.
Yeah,well,in mine,nothing's negotiable.
They sent me a nun.
That's me.
Our lady of the holy mackerel.
Okay,you're not gonna drink,how about this? Cigars.
Hand-rolled from havana.
They were a welcome to americagift from mr.
Not surprised in the least.
What the hell.
So how does one becomethe leader of a cause? Did you answer an adin the paper? "Wanted,socialist troublemaker.
No experience necessary"? Nothing so exciting.
After college,I hada summer job in a bakery.
One day there,a worker cut offthe tip of his finger in the bread slicer.
Teach him to loafon the job.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm an idiot.
Go on.
The man asked the ownerto pay for his medical bills.
The poor guy got fired.
So I told the ownerthat it was unfair.
Then I got fired.
The next thing I know,I'm organizing a boycottof the bakery.
The rest is history.
Someday,the childrenin your country will be taught the storyof the fingertip that sparked a revolution.
And on your country'sindependence day, everyone can walk aroundgiving each other the finger in honor ofwhat's the guy's name? I have no idea.
I remember he smelled badall the time.
And once he tried to grab mein the freezer.
We'll have to rethinkthat holiday.
Ah,jesus,these things are strong.
Might as well be drinking.
- I'll make you one.
- No,no,no.
No,I didn't mean--never mind.
I still can't drink.
In fact,I got to get going.
Oh,no,but we didn't even getin the jacuzzi yet.
Man,you're like the snakein the apple tree.
Come on.
Get inside,so I canset the alarm and go home.
But I'm going to see you drunkbefore I go.
It's never gonna happen.
We'll see.
Is he great or what? Alpert! Hey,we discussed this,and I thought we agreedyou weren't gonna do it.
What,the commercial? Yeah,the commercial.
I can't believe you whoredyourself out like that and with real whores no less.
The girls weren't my idea.
Look,I don't carewho gets creative credit.
It's still your face upon the screen.
Peter upped his offerto $3,000.
I can help you paythe mortgage.
Honey,I don't needyour goddamn help.
But I want to help you.
Why is this such a big dealfor you? It's a big deal because that'snot the guy I got engaged to.
I mean,what's next? A cowboy hat and a monkey? Christ,raph.
I mean,you're embarrassingyourself on tv,and you don't even know it.
No,I'm not.
But,obviously,I'm embarrassing you.
Yeah,as a matter of fact,you are.
Well,too bad.
What makes you thinkyou get to decide what job I takeor I don't take? I hate your job,but that's what you love,so I keep my mouth shut.
Who gave you the rightto tell me what I can or cannot dofor a living? Huh? When you think of a good answer,call me.
- What? - Planning on coming in today? Give me a break.
Francesca kept me up till 5:00in the morning.
What'd I miss? Nothing much.
Francesca just moved herselfinto a new house.
What?When? How? Don't forgetwho,why,and where.
This is not good.
What was she thinking? And how the hell'd they move herso quickly? They don't call 'em spooksfor nothing.
So how do you like it? I don't like it one bit,francesca.
You can't stay here.
Sure,I can.
The landlordgave us a month-to-month.
Is she always so negative? Pretty much,but in this case,it's justified.
This isa dangerous neighborhood.
I'm sorryyou don't like it here.
But these are my people.
Those boys over there,I grew upwith boys just like them.
Yeah,butmary,you know I don't belongin that other place.
Francesca,the statedepartment's never gonna approve this.
Day already did.
The other place was so nice.
- I like this better.
- No,I really likethe other place.
Those work a lot betterif they're attached,champ.
No,pero no son necesarias.
They're very necesarias.
And they're staying on.
Okay,if it makesyou feel safer that I live in a prison, - I'll do it for you.
- Thanks,you're a saint.
- Hola,chicas.
- Hola.
So you want to get high? Excellent.
The welcome wagon.
Hey,here's an idea.
Get lost.
It's okay.
He's just being friendly.
I'm just being friendly.
So how about it?Want to come over? Oh,not today,hijito.
But once I've moved in,you and your friends should comeover here.
We will.
We will.
Like a mixer.
- My name's mario.
- Francesca.
- What are you doing,man? - Your daddy's calling.
That's lala.
You'll get to meet him.
Well,he seems nice.
Look at how the two of you actthe second you see brown skin.
- Are you serious?- Mm-hmm.
Don't give methat brown skin crap.
I'm engaged to someonewith brown skin,but that kid and his friendsover there are criminals, and anyone who's been a cop for five seconds will tell youthe same thing.
They're only criminals because of drug laws that target poor people and because this is theonly thing they've ever known.
If you don't like it here,you can leave.
- You calling it in? - Yup.
Hi,this is margaret sterling.
I'm at 7384 mesa ridge,and there's some boys acrossthe street smashing bottles,and I think they might be highon drugs.
So if you could please,please hurry.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Maybe a patrolwill cool things down.
Think you're gonna be okay here?I've got a,sort of a date thing.
Sure,I'll be fine.
Who's the lucky guy? Shut up.
Oh,no,no,no,put that inside.
Hey,here's an idea.
What do you say,as soonas the movers are finished,we go get some dinner? There's a place nearby.
I think it's rightup your alley.
Oh,yeah? There's music in this place? There might be.
Dancing? Possibly.
- Okay,I'm in.
- Okay.
So tell meabout your brown skin fiance.
There's not much to tell.
He's dominican,he's handsome,very sweet.
Used to be a baseball player.
All dominicansare baseball players.
Wow,talk about stereotyping.
You're worse than I am.
How about you? Boyfriend?Husband?Ex-husband? No.
I almost got married once.
How close? Church door.
Ah,and,let me guess,you had to choose between himand your work? No,it wasn't like that.
Then what? He didn't get the jokes.
That's a tough one.
Does yours? Mm,sometimes.
Enough of the time.
If you met him,you'd know what I mean.
- Can I meet him? - No.
Oh,are you ashamed of him? Does he have a humpback? A small one.
I love this music.
Come on,let's dance.
Francesca,give me a break.
My job is to protect you.
I can't do itif I'm drinking or dancing.
Okay,I understand,but I've been undera lot of stress lately, and drinking and dancingis the best way I know to release it.
What? It's my fiance.
- That's? - Yeah.
Chica,good for you.
- Really? - Yeah.
You don't thinkthis is humiliating? Oh,no,but if you do,I know how I'm spendingthe next three months.
Goddamn,I wish I could drink.
Dershowitz,it's mary.
Is there someone you can talk tofor me over there? I called in a civilian complaint about drug deals and vandalisma few hours ago.
Judging by the noise leveland continuing drug activity,I'm guessing no one's shown up.
Is there a reasonwhy it takes so long to get a cruiser to roll by? Gee,I don't know.
Maybe there'smore than one drug deal going down in albuquerque.
- Where are you? - 7384 mesa ridge.
Is it possible to lighta fire under someone's ass? All I want is a black and whiteto roll by,flash its lights,just to scaresome of the unfriendlies away.
I'll see what I can do.
But it is a busy night.
All right,thanks.
Why are you callingthe police? What are you afraid of? You dying,me getting fired.
I hope you knowyou're making this incredibly difficultfor me.
I think you are making itdifficult for yourself.
I liked you so much morein the nice house.
I can't get this thingto work.
Just what we need.
Mary'sit fine.
Stay back.
Come on,fresa.
I know you in there.
Invite me in.
I'm thirsty.
Private party.
You've had enough already.
Don't you know nothingabout hospitality? Sure I do.
Thanks so much for coming.
Have a wonderful evening.
Open the door,blanca.
Let's talk about it.
Come on.
He's harmless.
Yeah,you didn't smell him.
I'm telling you,you just ignore them,they'll go away.
All right,fine.
I'll take your advice.
We'll ignore himtill he gets bored.
- Okay.
- Albuquerque police.
- Get in the bathroom now.
- Off the porch now.
Get in the bathroom.
Don't move till I tell you.
Keep your handswhere I can see 'em.
Could you say thata little bit louder,homes? I don't thinkmy friends heard you.
You heard the man,mario.
Get off the damn porch.
You called the cops,bitch? You think I need copsto handle a cabron like you?Go.
Pushed by a girl.
Crossing the street.
Come on,chica.
Try it again.
I'll give you first shot.
Come on.
Okay,okay,come on.
Let's not get crazy.
I don't want to fight you.
Everybody stop.
Keep your handswhere I can see 'em.
Seven to two.
Sounds like bad odds to me.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Join your friends.
All right,back to the fence.
Back up towards the fence.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Put your handsbehind your neck.
Gun! Yo,man,let's go!Let's go! Mary!Mary! This is detective dershowitz.
Albuquerque police.
I got a code 108.
Officer down.
Repeat,officer down!Officer down.
Marshal mary shannon,gunshot wound to the abdomenapproximately eight minutes ago.
Lost consciousness immediately.
We lost her pulseroughly two minutes ago and began breathingand compressions.
Mary,listen to me,you need to hang around for a while.
- It's not time to go yet,Okay?we're gonna fix you upbut it might take some time - page bronstein.
Clear trauma three.
Sorry,sir,you have to wait outside.
Marshall! Marshall.
She wasn't breathing,stan.
It's all right.
It was a bad neighborhood.
A bad situationfrom the get-go.
The witness should never havebeen allowed to move there.
Mary should never have been putin that position,managing a witnessover whom she had no authority.
I know.
I know.
I shouldn't have allowed it.
I should have stayed.
I saw what was going on there.
It just didn't occur to me.
Why would it?It's mary.
She's likeI don't know.
I know.
Fierce,you know.
She's always going to bethe toughest dog in the fight.
Boxers call itthe air of invincibility.
That's exactly it.
- All great fighters have it.
- Yeah.
Right up to the minutethey're beaten.
She's alive.
She's in surgery.
What happened? We're still tryingto sort it out.
All we know right now is she was shot in the abdomen.
Did they get the guywho did this? Not yet.
But we will.
I promise.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Come here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I'm headed overto the crime scene.
See what I can find out.
I'll call as soonas I know anything.
You do the same.
Look for a punk called mario from the crack houseacross the street.
He was sniffingaround francesca and mary.
I ran him off.
All right,I'll make sure he's on the suspect list.
We're gonna needa private waiting area.
Oh,sure,I'll get right on that.
We need to get youout of here as soon as possible.
I leavewhen I know she's okay.
We need to talk.
Do we knowhow she's doing? Your inspector screwedthe pooch.
I gave her one job.
That was it.
One job.
- I'm telling you,when I get done with her - yeah,what are you gonna do?Huh? What are you gonna do?Huh? Go ahead,say it.
Go ahead,say one more word.
Say it.
Open your mouth again,you moron! My inspector almost got killed-- she may not make it--because of your stupidity.
Because against her advice,you allowed that woman to move into the worst neighborhoodin albuquerque.
I've already filed a complaint,ass[Bleep].
Go ahead,go ahead.
Please open your mouth again.
I swear I'll bounce your head off every wallin this friggin' hospital.
Say it.
Go ahead! This is a little more private.
You are Mary's Raphael? I was with herbefore this happened.
She told me all about you.
About the two of you.
Really? Si.
You work with her? Not really.
We are more just friends.
She was protecting you? Si.
Excuse me.
Do you know my daughter? Yes,my name is francesca.
Francesca's a friend of mary'sfrom the courthouse.
Si,we work together.
She's a wonderful,wonderful person.
Excuse me,are you the familyof mary shannon? Yes.
I'm her mother.
I'm dr.
Please,sit down.
Shannon,your daughtersuffered significant loss of blood as the result of agunshot wound to the abdomen.
She was in full cardiac arrestwhen they brought her in.
We did manage to shock her heart back intoa somewhat regular sinus rhythm.
And I've clamped offall the bleeding that I can.
But before we can attemptany further surgery, we got to get her blood volumeup to an acceptable level and get that heart stabilized.
But you can do that,right? We hope so.
Is there any way to knowif there's permanent damage? - I mean,her brain,is - it's really too earlyto tell.
She's on the ventilatorfor now.
We'll check her conditionin a few hours and see if we can continue.
What if you can't? That's not really an option.
You should all tryand get some rest.
We've got a long wayto go here.
Doctor,I'm marshall mann.
Can you have the slug baggedand sent out as soon as it's removed? - Thefaster we can run ballistics - there is no slug.
The bulletwent through and through.
- Hello? - Stan,it's me.
The slug went throughand through.
I'll make sure csis lookfor the slug.
And abqpd confirmedmary's gun fired one round.
Maybe she gota piece of the shooter.
Yeah,if she did,the mope's probably looking for a surgeonthat won't call the cops.
So what are you gonna do now? Wait here until mary'sout of the woods,then go find the son of a bitchwho did this.
Marshall,listen to me.
I got two dozen deputiescovering the scene and god knowshow many regular police.
This is not the timeto play rambo.
When she wakes up,she's gonna want you there.
You understand? Marshall? Mamarshall? What's a six-letter wordfor rapid dieter? In quotes? Faster.
Honey,you shouldn't do thatin ink.
How you all doing? You need anything? No,no thanks.
Could use an ink eraser.
How about you? Are you doing okay? I'm not sure.
It's a littlelike time has stopped.
I know exactly what you mean.
How did this happento her? She got shot.
It's pretty much all I knowright now.
Mm,I see.
Mary told mewhat she really does at work.
I know.
She told me she told you.
So I think it's okayif you tell me what happened.
Raphael,I'm not keepinganything from you because I'm tryingto keep things from you.
I honestly don't knowthe details of what happened.
I'm not a violent person,but I can't stop thinkingabout finding the guy who did this and I want him to suffer.
I know.
Our animal instinct is to savage any threatto our loved ones.
It's how we're wired.
Can you I.
The shooter,detective? I didn't see himtake the shot.
Based on the directionsof the two reports,one shot sounded like it camefrom marshal shannon and the other from the oneshe called mario.
Can you I.
Him? Yes.
All right,let's get somephotos in front of him now.
Captain bell.
We are debriefingthe detective here.
Anything you want to ask? I'll read the report.
I don't wantto slow this taskforce down.
Just one question,bobby.
Who shot first? Him.
He definitely fired first.
All right.
I'll be your contactwith the marshals service.
I'm fine with basingour fugitive task force here.
Do you have a copy offrancesca leandra's statement? Hey,stan,what's going on? No,she stepped outfor coffee.
I don't know.
I'll call you back.
There are two marshals waitingto take you to abqpd so you can give your statement.
Which begs the question,why haven't you givenyour statement yet? Weren't you there? My statement is not goingto help anyone.
Why is that? Because I didn't seewho shot mary.
How is that possible? You were standingon the porch.
I stood in that exact spot.
You had to be lookingright at mario.
I was.
But he didn't shoot her.
He didn't even have a gunin his hand.
I don't believe you.
You're protectingthat gangbanger because he reminds youof the boys you grew up with when you should be standing upfor the woman who got shot protecting you.
You're right.
He does remind me of the boysI grew up with.
But he is not the oneI'm protecting.
She is.
What are you talking about? If mary didn't callthe police,those boys would have gone home.
Mary didn't get shotbecause she was protecting me.
She got shotbecause she overreacted.
It was her faultthis happened.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Francesca leandra is claimingmario isn't the shooter and that she didn't seewho it was.
What? That is not possible.
Tell me about it.
All right.
Let's not worry about what we don't have.
Whoever it is,we'll know himwhen we see him.
Why is that? Abqpd found a trailof fresh blood leading awayfrom the crime scene.
That son of a bitchis carrying around one of mary's slugsin him.
Okay,that's something.
That's a start.
I already broughtthat lala guy in.
I'm thinkinghe must know something.
Guy's got no reasonto give us anything,and he's not gonna beintimidated.
He's been in that interrogationroom more than you.
Can I talk to him? Fine by me.
Marshall,marshall,be smart.
Do not let your emotions keepyou from doing your job right.
I need you to be you right now.
You understand? I didn't do nothing.
I didn't shoot your girl.
Nobody here thinks you did.
Then how come I'm still here? What do you want? I want to knowwhat you dream about.
Huh? I saw you on your porchyesterday running your crew,doing what I imagine you dopretty much every day, and I was just curious,when you go to sleep at night,do you dream of other places? Doing something else? Or do you dream about sitting onyour porch running your crew? Uh,you need to getto the point.
The point is,everybody here knows you're too smartto shoot a cop for no good reason and that nothing happenson that street without you knowing about it.
What's that got to dowith dreams? Well,this kind of thingis gonna be really bad for your business.
And if there weresome other place you dreamed of or somethingyou always wanted to be what?You're gonna waveyour magic wand and tomorrow I'm on a beachin hawaii? No,but I have friendswho make that sort of thing happenall the time.
All we need from youis the right information.
Would you liketo be in hawaii tomorrow? With a new name? Whole new life.
I can have a U.
Attorney herein five minutes making that happen.
Just tell mewho the shooter is and how to find him.
We're bornwhere we're born.
We is what we is.
And that's that.
I ain't going nowhere.
And I ain't tell you nothing.
Any word? Nothing.
It's been almost 12 hours.
Why can't someone just comeand tell us what's going on? I hate this.
I'm sure he'll tell us as soon as she's stable enough to return to surgery.
What's going on? We're leaving.
I'm taking francesca to a newlocation,someplace safe.
Tell mary I'm sorry.
But mr.
Day's worriedabout my picture winding up in the newspaper.
That could ruin everything.
By everything,you mean the carefully constructedpr campaign depicting you as the self-sacrificing martyr? That's why you movedto that neighborhood,isn't it? God forbid your biographer writethat while your loyal followers were dying fighting for your cause, you were hiding outin an american mansion.
Go on.
I'll tell maryyou said good-bye.
They picked up mario.
It wasn't him.
He wasn't the shooter.
How do they know? Forensics found a shell casingand gunshot residue on the tree in the front yard.
From where you were,you couldn't have seen him.
Come on.
We got to leave.
Mary's luckyto have you in her life.
You are all very lucky.