In Plain Sight s03e06 Episode Script

No Clemency For Old Men

Hey, you all right? Yeah.
God damn hotdog's burning a hole in me.
Well, come on, sit down.
Come on.
You, on the floor now.
Get down.
On the ground.
All the way.
Watch him.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God! - Let me-- let me think of something.
What the hell is taking so long? We got two minutes before lockup.
My guys got the back for you.
We got no time here.
He's having a heart attack.
I'm getting him to a hospital.
Are you out of your mind? We gotta go now! You gonna shoot a cop? Yeah, you're that stupid.
Good boy.
Get the money.
I'll clean up here.
Get an ambulance.
Go on, get an ambulance! And don't call the cops.
Call the FBI.
Hey I'm gonna get you help.
All right? Hold on.
We moved on Christmas Eve, the year that I turned six.
Jake's got us some used .
45s, A yard sale big wheel and a patch of grass out back.
She told me if I paddled good and slow I can go anywhere I want.
Anywhere extended only as far as our back yard, but still, It was free.
A six year old version of the open road.
That was probably the last vehicle I got really attached to.
Until now.
It needs a new transmission and an alternator.
And the squirrels that run the engine Should probably retire.
So, what, just shoot it and put it out of its misery? No.
But I figure you need time to mourn Before jumping into something new, So I have a loaner for you.
- Wow.
Really? - Really.
SoHeard from your sister lately? - Mm-mm.
You? - Been a while.
I've called every day this week, But it goes straight to voice mail.
And I kinda promised not to tell you, But she borrowed $20,000.
What? From you? From me.
And did she tell you why? No.
Oh, well, you know Brandi.
So the money's probably in mutual funds Earning 6% until she has enough To open the refugee center.
PeterI'm sorry.
Um, I'll-- I'll try to reach her, okay? Yeah.
How about this one? Come on, you can actually sell this one.
Just give me something like the probe.
I don't have anything like the probe.
I like the cars I sell.
Try it out for a bit.
If you want it, I'll give you a deal.
You sure? Uh, all right.
You drinking again? My God.
Hi, it's Brandi.
Please leave a message at the beep.
Hey, Brandi, this is the last message I'm leaving.
If you don't call me back in 24 hours, I'm telling the police you died, having a funeral, Selling everything you own.
And if you ever show up again, I'll have you arrested for identity theft.
"happy birthdayMom.
" that's nice.
My birthday was three weeks ago.
Yes, I know.
But you know how the mail in the program is, right? The really slow system? We've gone over this.
It has to go from your mom to the central office To our office.
I just got it yesterday.
Those look good.
- You gonna - I can't.
You mind? I missed lunch.
MmmThat is so good.
- My mom ran a bakery.
- I know.
I used to love the way the ovens smelled Smelled in the morning.
I know.
You said.
Lois, look, I know it's hard, okay? I know sometimes it's hard being alone, but you really-- - You don't like coming to see me much, do you? That's not true.
I told you I like coming to see you fine.
I don't blame you.
I don't love seeing you either.
It reminds me how cut off I am.
I've got a job to do.
Part of my job is helping you move on with your life.
So go ahead.
Go ahead.
What is it? The apartment again? Okay, yes, the apartment again.
My job, again.
My life, again.
I'm so sorry, again! Hey, Lois, calm down.
Yeah, Stan what is it? Lois.
Keep the cookies.
This is an odd one we inherited From the Phoenix office.
Frank Jerome, ex-bank robber.
Testified against a bunch of dirty cops He was pulling scores with.
Got himself one crap deal-- in Witness Protection In prison.
Can I pass? Sorry? The guy spent four decades inside.
I don't know anything about him-- I know everything about him.
Ex-cons are all the same.
He's gonna show me what I want to see, Tell me what I want to hear, swear he's changed, And the second I blink, shank me in the back.
It's all just a waste of my time.
Come on, give me something else.
Orphan with a crutch, widow with a puppy? Orphan puppy? Shut up and go? That.
Hey Call me tomorrow.
I got trouble.
- Jesus, Ray, I told you not to-- Hey.
- Hey, Frank.
We gotta go.
We've got that thing, remember? Uh, just a sec, honey.
No, it can't wait.
Come on.
- Who's this? - Uh, this is, uh Prison groupie.
Oldies but goodies get me all kinds of horny.
Let's go.
Ray Petevich.
- Hi, Ray.
- Pleased to meet you.
Ray and I need a moment.
Huh? Yo, Ray, come on.
You gave your boy his big welcome back.
Now we gotta roll.
Mike, what's doing? Not much, Frank.
Ray? This is for you, Frank.
Hey, man.
Let's go.
Come on.
What's with the prison homecoming dance? You weren't supposed to tell anyone you were being released.
Oh, I must have misunderstood the rules.
My apologies.
You know, the old memory ain't what it used to be.
That and everything else in your life.
From this point forward, I am your personal We-never-sleep clanging iron door.
You do what I say when and how I say it, The door stays open.
You don't, I'll slam it on your nuts till you're begging for prison.
Never had a groupie before.
You're a dream come true.
Shut up and buckle.
Since 1970, the federal Witness Protection program Has relocated thousands of witnesses, Some criminal, some not, To neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, Distinguishing them from the rest Of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
You sent the DVDs.
I ordered the blu-ray, the chief difference being The ability to toggle between The charmingly inept original effects And the glittering new, but strangely antiseptic Hi-def ones.
Star trek demands the toggle.
Thank you.
Mann out.
Inspector I believe you know Lois Turner.
Lois, good to see you.
How are you? Is Mary here? She's out for most of the day.
Is everything all right? Two things.
First thing, not that big a deal I have a strange growth Downstairs.
It looks like some kind of fungus.
I'm not sure I'm qualified I've had a guy take a look at it, But he thinks it'll cost thousands to get rid of.
And my landlord refuses to do anything.
And I-- I just want out of that place.
Ah, you have mold in your apartment, And you want to move.
Have you told Mary? This is awkward, But the other problem is Mary.
I know she's your friend, But you know, she can be a little-- - Brash.
But she's the best marshal I've ever met.
Am I allowed to fire her? Hey, did people out here get bigger? Fatter.
Quadruple-x sweat suits are a real growth industry.
Well, I'll keep that in mind as I mull career options.
Hey, nobody looks at anybody else now.
It's not like a single second goes by When people aren't fed, distracted, entertained, Or spouting off about being fed, distracted, and entertained.
Welcome to 2010.
I was hoping for jet packs.
You could tweet about it.
- What? - You don't want to know.
Look, all this stuff, you'll hate it for about an hour, And then you won't be able to live without it.
Trust me.
Hey, here we go.
Well, these haven't changed much.
You play? I just started before I, uh, got called up.
Worked on my short game inside with a broom and a Dixie cup.
I'll take 'em.
Yeah, not on your budget, tiger.
Your deal got made back in '73 With no adjustments for inflation.
EhSo be it.
Aren't you gonna work me with some sob story? Try and hustle up a shiny new deal? I don't do sob stories.
If you can come up with more dough, great.
If not, I'll get by.
In the meantime, Here's a cost-effective way Of becoming completely self-involved, Oblivious to everyone and everything, A tal pro at useless games And a genius at accessing the pointless.
Well, I'm so grateful.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me.
Squish? Wow.
Nice to hear the unrecorded version of your voice.
What's this number you're calling from? I lost my cell, but this is just a temp, And I can still get my voice mail.
So I heard that you called.
SoWhere are you? Still in Jersey.
What you been doing? Oh, stuff.
You know.
Sure, stuff.
- Mary - No, I get it.
Stuff's huge.
Stuff matters.
All right, look, I know I've been a bit of a flake.
Yeah, you think? Brandi, I'm fine with it, okay? I'm whatever.
But I saw peter--he said you haven't called all week.
You're right.
You're right, I'll call him.
I--I gotta go.
No, Brandi, come on.
Brandi! What's this? It's my newbie, rip van winkle.
Got the guy a cell phone.
It's excellent.
He has no idea it's also a GPS 'cause he's never heard of a GPS.
How's his first night been? Standard.
Home, laundromat, home again.
But something's up.
He's got this friend on the inside--ray Petevich.
Wheel man, mostly.
Nothing violent.
But he's in play with these two guys.
A couple of real winners.
They go by the names big Mike and little Mike.
"home invasion, kidnapping, attempted murder.
" Can't say they're not dedicated.
These two are why civilization created the man-sized cage.
I don't care about any of these idiots.
I just want to know Frank's worth my time.
Am I sensing reluctant affection? No, you're sensing that if Frank's a loser, I'd like to know up front.
And yet your protective manner, Your warmish, for you, vocal tone Wrong.
Slight flush of the skin When we discuss him Ew, nausea.
All indicate a kind of warmth.
And Frank Jerome, Nee Jergens, is a handsome, Charming bank robber of fatherly age.
- I see.
- Need I say more? Or should we consult jungianarchetypes.
Com? Should I lie down, Dr.
Phil? Give me a break, Marshall.
One break coming up.
The donut hut? What'd you do? - Eat first.
- You can't sugar-manage me.
Then you should have no problem staying surly As you masticate.
Lois Turner stopped by after your house call.
She wants a divorce.
She's not married.
And don't say "masticate.
" I know it's hard to accept.
People change, grow, move on.
Wait, you're saying she wants to divorce me? She wants you over me? Oh, three words-- Good luck, sucker.
She's sensitive.
You dot do well with sensitive.
Look, I get it.
First Lois seems a little sad, Slightly needy, right Like a big hug will cure everything.
But trust me, Marshall, I've been dealing with her for six years.
She is a full tank of unleaded crazy.
You know how many jobs I helped her get just this year? Two.
You know how many apartments? Four.
She's an artist, a poet.
Yeah, all right, If emotional terrorism is an art form.
Look, Lois is never happy no matter what, And she makes you suffer for it.
She will tie your hand to the table And then smash it with a hammer Made of tears and guilt.
Don't let her suck you in, Marshall, she needs tough love.
Let us bear in mind That is the only love you know how to give.
Come on.
Your witness is on the move.
Looks like he's thirsty.
You know the only thing that ever scared me in school? Girls who hit back? The old pop quiz.
- Another? - Why not? Hmm, that's nice.
- 12 years.
No, the perfume.
I hope I'm not out of line.
It's just, uh-- it's been a while.
Let me know when you need a refill.
- Hey.
- Jesus! It's like being haunted.
How in the hell did you find me? Esp.
All the ladies have it these days.
A lot's changed since you went in, Frank.
Now women have the power to read men's thoughts.
Always did.
Everybody was just too polite to talk about it.
Listen, Frank, here's the deal.
I know what you do, I know where you go, everything.
So from now on, toeing the line's not a choice.
It's a matter of survival.
Speaking of which, what's your buddy Ray Petevich doing Hooked up with a couple of psychos Like big Mike Catone and little Mike Vesey? Whoa.
You're gonna take a little getting used to.
Can I get you-- - I'll have a coke.
Uh, Janine Can you believe she told me She loved me, man? I nearly fell off out of my chair like that.
Boom! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Okay, boys, dial it down, Or settle up and go-- your call.
Settle up? Bitch thinks we're gonna pay For this piss right here? Look.
- Hey! - Leave it, Frank.
- Apologize.
- Hey, Frank - Excuse me? - To the lady.
I don't see any ladies in here.
All I see is a burnt-out piece of jet trash behind the bar.
All right.
And then there's you and your pet tranny.
Sorry about this.
I can pay for the damages.
Might take me about ten years.
Worth it to finally shut those assholes up.
Hopefully move 'em on down the road To a place with pita wraps and karaoke.
How's your hand doing? - Oh, it's fine.
- Let me see.
Excuse me.
Can I talk to you a sec? Yeah, sure.
We're good with the cops.
No charges.
Charges? It was three against one.
Three against two.
I saved your ass.
Frank, you got a free pass tonight, all right? But that was your one and only badass bridge From prison life to the real world.
No more.
No fights, no parking tickets, no jaywalking.
And, Frank, absolutely no contact with any criminals.
You read me? Like the bible.
But could you explain something to me? When did people get so rude and stupid? Huh? Somebody drop a bomb? I mean, this isn't the way the world was.
"please" is gone.
"thank you" is headed out the door.
People are savages.
And I say that after four decades in prison.
I couldn't agree more.
You know, which brings me to the following.
Thank you, Mary.
Hey, buddy.
You got my message, huh? Ray? Hey, what happened? A little disagreement.
- Yeah, wild guess-- the Mikes? - Luckily it was a-- It was a fair fight, mostly.
Yeah, you're a real terror.
Probably shot yourself.
Listen, I told you when you were inside Not to get mixed up with them.
I owe them.
They want to collect.
They're animals, Ray! Obviously they're guys I can't do business with.
I wanted to get out.
They didn't like that much.
Man, we've gotta get you to a hospital.
No, no hospitals, Frank.
They'll look there.
Plus the cops.
Well, what are you gonna do, bleed out? Huh? Th's brilliant! I know a doc.
He's off the books.
He does this kind of thing.
He's good, but he ain't cheap.
I'll get the money.
Help you? Yeah, I'm looking for Lois Turner.
A business call? Personal.
I see.
Um, clock out if you're taking your break, okay? No, no, this won't take long.
Good news, you're about to be footloose and fungus-free.
I led your landlord to believe I work for the county health inspector.
Thank you, Marshall.
That's great.
I just thought you'd want to live without Respiratory distress while deciding Where you want to move.
Lois, what's wrong? Nothing.
I, uh I just found out That I'm up for a promotion.
- That's great.
- Waylon's leaving.
So it's my big chance to become Waylon.
All because two drug dealers shot each other In my front yard.
Something I never wanted to see, never should have seen.
My life is not real to me.
None of this is mine.
I'm a writer.
I know.
And I will never publish again.
Which is fine.
I mean, I haven't written a word since I got here.
Writing comes from you.
What happens when there's no more you? Lois Either take your break or finish the circus posters.
We're nine minutes behind.
Look, maybe you should take your break So we can talk? About what? Seriously, what do I have to talk about? You know, the last real job I had Was working in a garage.
I figured I'd pick it up again.
But you see? Need my own tools.
You know better than anybody that my deal stinks.
I'm starting to run short here.
I need a job.
This is my best shot.
Well, unfortunately I'm not in charge of the money these days.
But let me see what I can do.
$600 for a set of used car tools? Yep.
In addition to the stipend we're paying him? Or you could just make it an advance.
- Okay.
- Really? Takes money to make money.
When Mr.
Jerome is holding down a steady job.
You should also look at updating his m.
I see a little wiggle room for cost of living increases.
Whoa, you're exceeding my expectations.
Making me dizzy.
Here you go.
Hey, Frank.
I'm supposed to meet a guy here.
I don't know his name or what he looks like.
He said he'd be wearing a gray ball cap.
- Yeah, he's in the bathroom.
- All right.
Hope you don't need him for much.
He got here about an hour ago.
Already put away four or five shots.
Hey, you're the doc? You gotta be kidding me.
I'm fine.
What's your problem? Let's go.
My friend's dying.
You put that glass down or I'll break it And cut your throat with it.
Let's get out of here.
Hey What the hell? Aw, perfect.
What the hell's this? Christ! He had no place to go.
He needs a doctor.
Him? Forget it.
You, stumble on outta here.
Find some other patient to kill.
Jesus, you, your breath! Go.
Come on, out! I need an ambulance at 420 copa De oro.
Gunshot victim.
Real genius you are, Frank.
Stan, Frank's location has been compromised.
I need a security team to meet me at the hospital.
Copy that? Don't look so happy.
The iron door just slammed on your nuts.
- I hate these friggin' places.
- Tell me about it.
You ever been shot? Yeah.
You? Twice.
Once in the joint.
Prison hospitals make this look like pebble beach.
It was Ray that got me through.
Got me the good meds, the real doctor.
But it cost him.
He ended up owing some big favors.
- Marshal Shannon? - Yeah.
The bullet went through.
No fragments, which is good.
But there's been some pretty serious damage To the lower intestine, And that's triggered an infection.
- Okay.
- Can I see him? He'll be out for a while.
Maybe in the morning.
Thanks, doctor.
Hello, Lois.
You got a minute? Yeah.
It's nice to see you.
I took the liberty of contacting a college Where I take a few night classes, And there's an opening for a teacher.
Part-time, untenured, obviously.
But it's 20th-century American literature, And I thought, well, you're a part of that, so I'm not a teacher.
I've never taught.
I didn't even like school.
I know it's not perfect, but you've got a lot to give.
"and if in this house, in this fine house, If in bed we lie.
" Paris review, 2003.
I love the chiasmus of how the "I-f" in if Flips to become the "f-I" in fine, Then it flips back again to if.
Then the double meaning of lie in bed.
Really beautiful.
You looked that up? It was the last piece I did before So I'm supposed to teach my writing As someone else's work? Yeah That won't make me want to kill myself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, I mean you're right.
I should just shut up and be happy.
No one's saying that, Lois.
It's fine.
Marshall, it's fine.
I'm fine.
Hey, look at you, man.
Probably the nicest joint you ever stayed in.
I thought the nurses would be prettier.
Yeah, well, they're a little disappointed in you too.
How you doing? Well, I'm alive.
I guess I went to the right guy for help.
Well, listen, man, if it'd been up to me, You'd have been operated on in the tub By a drunk with a butter knife.
If you want to thank somebody, thank her.
Oh, the groupie.
Every con should have one.
Listen, Ray, she wants to ask you something, all right? Be straight with her.
Okay, Frank.
Ray, I need to know if the Mikes have any idea You went to Frank.
Ray, this is important.
I never told them anything about Frank.
And they didn't follow me.
I'm a wheel man.
I shook 'em.
Hey, get some rest, man.
And I'll go try to find you some nurses Up to your high standards.
Thanks, Frank.
Appreciate it.
All right, so that was the touching part.
Now's the you tell me everything right this second part.
Frank, you're not in the yard anymore.
Okay, this is the real world.
As long as the Mikes are in it, You're not even close to safe.
Well, just before he got out, Ray heard from this buddy of his Who works security at this grocery store bank How it'd be an easy hit, Especially if he had the access codes To get behind the glass Which Ray got off his buddy, Which he then stupidly gave to the Mikes To pay off an old debt.
What kind of debt? When I got shot in the joint, The doctors, the meds The Mikes made that happen.
Ray owes 'em because of me.
He thought, you know, giving 'em the codes would be enough, But no, uh-uh.
They wanted him in on it.
Why? Best getaway driver there is.
And, you know, when they find the second best, They're gonna do this thing.
Heads up.
They're exiting a black dodge.
Black suit, blue suit.
And they're now both with cases.
Marshals! On the ground! Face down! On the ground! Good afternoon, and thank you for shopping with us.
We're having a special on 8x12 cells.
You gentlemen have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you In a court of law.
Hello? Lois? Just calm down.
I'm on my way.
- Ha ha.
- Lois? Hello? What happened? - She got promoted.
- And I don't know, but it sounds bad.
She's fun, right? Funds allocation to backtrace a cell number And access credit card activity for Brandi Shannon? I guess I should have run that by you.
It's my sister, and a needed-- - Inspector, you've taken advantage of your position To infringe on your sister's privacy, And illegally used this office's resources.
You can put this in her jacket Along with the official reprimand You should be writing up.
Stan - I don't want to hear it.
- Stan If you're right and she's wrong, I've got your back, but you're wrong here, Mary.
Stan, come on.
I'm sorry, I just-- I really need this.
Please? And don't let it happen again.
- I won't.
- Good.
Unh! We're at 1440 Santa Anita boulevard.
- Is that the police? - Yes.
Tell 'em it's under control.
- Oh-- - It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Hello? - Hey, where are you? - Uh, still in Jersey.
Really? Then how'd you manage to use your debit card at Pele's coffee shop On Biscayne boulevard in Miami? You're spying on me? Unbelievable.
No, what's unbelievable is the amount of time and effort You put into lying-- it's gotta be exhausting.
So here's the deal, you want to lie to mom and Peter, Go right ahead, but just don't bother with me anymore.
'cause I know if it's a sound, and it comes out of your mouth, It's a lie.
That's not true.
Because you say so sitting there, Nowhere near new Jersey? You see the problem? Mary, look, it's complicated.
Yeah, that I'm sure of.
I gotta go.
Hello? What happened? He went into septic shock about an hour ago, Then circulatory collapse.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to have some kind of service? I'd be the only one there.
Well, how about I buy you a drink? Am I allowed to go home now? Yeah, you can.
I'll pull off the security detail.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, you know It is what it is.
What? He died over what, huh? A couple of numbers you punch in a keypad? I mean, what's it even mean? Leo's.
Janine? It's Mary, Frank's friend.
Is he there? No, he left a while ago.
Hey, did he forget his cell? He left it on purpose.
Said he was done with it.
Did he say anything else? Yeah, the he was going back where he came from.
I wasn't really sure what that meant.
He didn't want to talk, but it felt kind of final.
Hey, Frank.
Whatcha doing? Well, you're the expert on everything I do.
You tell me.
All right.
I think you know they changed the access code.
Two new security guards over thereRight? I think you're here to pull that gun That's in your pocket.
And I think you want to get popped Just so you can go back to where you think you belong.
And you're wrong about that, by the way.
Well, I survived that place for almost 40 years.
I get out and lose the only friend I've got in the world.
The world has lost its friggin' mind! You want to live in it? Good.
Take your Twitter and your iPod And your fat-ass video-game-addicted zombies With no decency, no discipline You know, you can have it.
The future's all yours.
I'm done.
You're not done Ray's done.
You want to end it, that's your call.
Great, you survived, you made it--good for you.
You're tough enough to do that and too scared to live.
So come on End it, Frank.
Right now.
End it.
Lois has asked to leave Witness Protection.
What? She wants to go back to her old life.
Her mom, family, friends.
Stan, she can't.
She was the key witness in a Cali cartel drug hit.
Her mom lives in San Diego.
It's done.
I got her a new job, a new place.
I understand, but it's not that.
It never was.
Lois, please, stop and think this through.
Marshall, thank you.
But I want to be what I was born to be.
Who I was born to be.
I had these two witnesses back when I was an inspector.
One hated the program, one loved it.
The one that hated it left, went back to his hometown.
There's no way this guy makes it a week, right? The one the loved it stays here, starts a family, gets rich.
And then he dies in his brand new Porsche.
The one that hated it and left, He's alive and well in his old life.
Between you and Mary, she had the best We've got to offer.
She just doesn't want it.
We love what we love.
For some people is a first grade crush.
For others it's a big wheel.
A wrong guy or the New York Mets.
For some of us it's something unreachable.
Something we may have never had before.
And we know that even if we reach it, Even if we pull it close to make it ours, it won't last.
It can't.
But we keep on Because it doesn't matter if it's a big wheel, the wrong guy or New York Mets, It doesn't matter what we reach for.
What matters is the reaching.