In Plain Sight s03e07 Episode Script

Love's Faber Lost

Previously on in plain sight Denver fbi's got a priority case.
Wheels up in one hour.
Mike faber.
So you know who my father is, right? I really, really hate that guy.
He's a prick, he's a bully, And somehow I turned into him.
I'm gonna be out your way in a few weeks And I was just wondering if maybe you and I Could get together.
Listen, faber, it's really sweet.
Your timing just stinks.
Boy can dream.
See you, kitten.
It's making national headlines.
Foreclosures are still climbing And stockton has the worst rates in the nation for the-- Stockton had a lot of people Overextending themselves and buying houses They couldn't afford with risky loans.
All of california is really suffering And you see problems across the board-- This is opportunity for some people.
Is now the time to jump in? If you've been sitting on cash, There's probably never been a better time to buy.
You okay? Mm-hmm.
What? Nothing.
Just I love you is all.
You are everything to me.
Never forget that.
Let's get to work.
From phony bankruptcies and foreclosure schemes To bogus applications and builder kickbacks And no corner of the nation was untouched As scammers coast to coast sought to cash in On an overheated real estate market.
These are good.
I'll need a county recorder stamp though, And a state seal.
Can you get those? Congratulations.
It's all yours.
Thank you, natalie, for everything.
You're gonna be very happy here.
Call if you need anything.
There is some hope that this financial fraud Will level off, but the fbi says It sees no sign of that yet.
What's going on, officer? Wait.
So we don't own the house? But what about our money? Here you go, val.
I don't know what we would do without her.
No, val, it's all him.
I just do the grunt work.
I'm sure that's what he tells you.
You're short.
It's my fault.
There were expenses.
The bankers we're using want a bigger cut.
Your expenses are not my problem.
Val, we've got another eight buyers on the hook.
A new development just went under on the county line.
It's just sitting there, waiting.
Which finger do you want to lose? Hmm? Thumb? - No.
Not the thumb.
Too important.
How about pinky? Who would miss a pinky? Hmm? You pick.
Go on.
Which finger does your boyfriend lose? Val, please, okay? We'll get the money.
You'll have it.
All of it.
I swear.
She swears.
Pinky swear.
You swear that they get my money? I swear they will.
You think you need ten fingers to do that? Ah! - You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Just we have to do this faster.
- We will.
We will, okay? Everything's gonna be okay.
No, I know.
I know.
Just please.
It's got to be now, okay? Come on.
We have to speed up the next house.
What's this? Just a standard disclosure agreement.
That's it.
You're now homeowners.
You're under arrest.
I was married once a long time ago, Which is not something a lot of people know.
I was 17.
He was 22.
His name was mark, and it lasted 36 hours.
And here's the part I can't believe, That I was once someone who dove headfirst Into one of the biggest decisions you can make In your life, because now if a guy says, "do you want to get a drink?" It sets off a four-day debate in my head.
Yes, no, maybe? Does it have to be a drink? By which point, the guy has moved on To someone both sane and thirsty.
Fbi just snagged a big fish.
Natalie vickers, key player and co-conspirator, Interstate mortgage scam.
Oh, interstate mortgages? That gets me seriously hot.
Say it again, slower.
Money going in and out is russian mob.
Slight jolt of interest.
So where's the whiny little fbi drone Who's come crawling to us for help? Hello, kitten.
Coffee? Since 1970, the federal witness protection program Has relocated thousands of witnesses, Some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods All across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute Distinguishing them from the rest Of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
We need to know exactly how you got natalie here.
Really? Not even a "how you doing, faber"? The route you took, the modes of transport I've been fine.
The names of all the local, state, federal contacts Who are involved.
Took up tennis again.
Yeah, my forehand shot.
Left you a few messages.
And anyone who assisted you.
You didn't call me back.
See, the last one was actually business.
- The others were non-business.
Let's stick to business.
- You mad at me? - Mad at you? what is this, homeroom? I don't know.
You seem-- Like me.
I seem like me.
Beginning, middle, and end of story.
So let's get back to it, okay? I'll need a complete file.
All the charges pending, the deal she cut With the bureau, all known associates' friends, Family, all cities lived in and visited.
Thank you.
I recall your deep need for full disclosure.
And that you come with a one-man entourage.
Agent faber, welcome to albuquerque.
So you want to meet your new witness? No living relatives? No.
No cousins, no aunts, no uncles? Never met my dad, mom died when I was 6, Foster homes until I was 12, and then Then what? I figured out how to live on my own.
Yeah, you sure did.
Check fraud, grand theft, forgery.
Just couldn't squeeze in murder or prostitution? Maybe she's going alphabetically.
Let's not dwell on what was or what might have been Unless it's crucial to her protection.
Ever been married? Never.
You? - Fiance? - No.
- Boyfriend? - Is this important? Very.
We need a full picture of people From your old life you need to avoid.
Well, that would mainly be the russian mob boss Who'd like to cut my head off And feed it to his mastiff, right? Right, and anyone who could lead him to you.
So current boyfriend? - Nope.
We booked you a room at hessie's motel.
Walking distance to two all-night diners And several museums.
Any questions so far? No, sounds good.
Where do I sign? Thoughts, questions, comments? Hello? Long, detailed editorials? I'll have to share them from the road.
What road? Urgent and rather strongly-worded request From our district u.
Marshal miss alison pierson.
Federal prisoner transport.
Leavenworth to a hearing in chicago And back again, eight to ten days.
You gonna be okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's fine.
You sure? Yes, marshall.
Look, whatever stupid little nora ephron comedy You have playing in your head about me and faber's Snappy workplace love connection, you can-- It was less nora ephron and more leni riefenstahl.
Okay, whatever.
Just hit the off switch.
Well, this is where normal people say, "good-bye.
I'll call you.
Be careful.
" You owe me $9 for lunch last week, So don't get shot and die.
I'll do my best.
We're running behind.
Let's get her set up.
Don't drop the ball.
She sign her m.
? Yep.
That was fast.
- Too fast.
- Not a lot of questions? Not a one.
Who's the douchebag with the stupid haircut? Oh, that's faber's boss ike dennis.
His case.
Likes to repeat the phrase, "don't drop the ball.
" A lot.
- Oh, boy.
Okay, ready to set her up at the motel? Yeah.
Let's go.
You meet ike? Got a whiff.
You might want to steer clear.
He was a pretty good guy about four promotions ago.
So local calls are free.
Heat and air is over on the wall by the counter.
Anything you need, I'm hessie.
Thanks, hessie.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks, hessie.
She seems sweet.
Yeah, well, when she leaves, count the towels.
I like him.
Nice hands.
Okay, thanks.
Good night, hessie.
Okay, so the drugstore and the supermarket Are a few blocks up.
You'll get your temporary I.
Remember, your name is " natalie brewer.
" Say it.
- Natalie brewer.
Spending money.
Sign here.
Bus schedule.
And your cell phone.
My number's already programmed in.
Keep it on you at all times.
If I call, you answer.
If I leave a message, you call back.
Got it? - Got it.
Anything else you need? I'm good.
Thank you Both.
Can't tell you how much I appreciate The chance to start over.
Get some rest, natalie.
You start 8:00 a.
The moon, albuquerque, and you.
How can we not have dinner? By not having dinner.
- You got plans? - A lot of work.
Well, me too.
Strong sense this is a waste of time.
- Dinner? - No.
Your witness.
- How so? She has no curiosity about her new life, really? No problems? No questions? Let me tell you something.
No questions is worse than too many.
- Meaning? - She's hiding something.
Well, like most witnesses who flip.
The thing is to get 'em to tell the truth About what we need.
What you need.
I don't give a crap if she lies all day, Every day, till the day she drops, Just not to me, and not about anything that matters.
Okay, look.
Got to prep for tomorrow.
We're gonna be in the same office.
You got to eat.
I'm ordering from a place I saw on chowhound Called "big beef.
" No, no, no, no.
That place is the worst.
- Big beef! - No.
No! No! If you want ribs, you call rudy's.
All right.
So they start with a neighborhood Wiped out by the subprime mess.
Break into an abandoned house.
They sell it to somebody at a too-good-to-be-true price.
Too-good-to-be-true meaning new owner Doesn't actually own anything.
Down payment? Pfft.
Long gone.
This is the top guy.
Valentine nincic.
Puts up the money for manpower, Cleanup, takes 60% in exchange.
You cheat him and he kills you, Which is the part he'd do for free.
He was arrested last week based on info We got from natalie.
He's currently being held in stockton county With about a dozen of his closest associates.
And here's where it gets good.
Forget the mob guys.
People love when we get the bankers, boy.
Hang on.
Natalie, it's me checking in.
Call me back.
So natalie's-- She's the number one worker bee.
She's the direct link between the mob guys And the banker guys.
And she'll be the star witness at trial.
So she's pretty much our whole case? Pretty much.
And she is now 49 minutes off the grid.
Well, maybe she's soaking in the tub.
Why don't you give her a minute? This is where you know your little slideshow And I know my actual job.
Any new witness, I explain early and often, When I call, they answer.
You heard me say it.
Oh, well, you're not exactly The greatest at returning calls yourself.
- In life.
- Ahh.
In life, I hit "ignore.
" Work's always "accept" and "call back.
" Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.
Well, here's something that I've been Wanting to show you.
That's my boy.
My son kevin.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
You have a son? That'sNice.
Now you see, one of the things about not calling back, Is that you miss a lot of the getting-to-know-you part.
Part of what? Oh, you sentimental old poop, you.
- How old is he? - He's 11.
" Looks almost nothing like you.
Wife's got to be a knockout.
Why are you showing me this? When we talked about my dad, right, that day, I mean, that was the first time in a while That I looked at all that.
Anyway, so after you left, I was hanging out With my kid and I realized I started hating my dad When I really started seeing him, Which is, well, when I was about-- - 11.
- Yeah, exactly.
And that was one of the reasons I was trying to call you.
Wanted to say thanks, you know? What you said and what we did really helped.
Because I'll tell you, having a kid is-- I mean, you forget sometimes.
It's like having, um, a light shined on you.
And like it or not, your kid just sees everything.
Everything they want to be And everything they don't want to be.
And you brought a federal witness to albuquerque Just to tell me that? Yeah, that's right.
And if you'd been returning your calls, Then it wouldn't be costing tax payers.
No, no, no, no.
Of course not.
God, no.
This is just a bonus For me.
Now I know you're indifferent at best, But, you know, I came here because you're good At what you do, and this witness has got to settle in safely So she can deliver.
Give me your phone.
- Why? - I don't know.
Maybe she'll pick up for your nice hands.
oh, wait.
One second.
Ah, sorry.
Got to go.
Minor emergency.
Everything all right? Yeah, everything's fine.
Stay, finish.
See you in the morning.
Oh, hey.
See you.
Natalie! Hey, mary, did they call you? What? Did who call me? The cops.
Natalie got arrested.
Didn't have I.
On her, just the room key, So they called me.
- Jesus.
- But I didn't have your number.
What did she do? How do you know miss brewer again? She's a friend of a friend's friend.
It's late, come on.
It's the best I can do.
Picked her up on brookhill.
That development that went belly-up? Kids have been in there tagging.
Patrolman caught her in one of the empty houses.
Broken lock.
- All right.
Let me see her.
I don't know if she's still here.
What? Why? What do you mean? She was arrested.
Don't you guys ever talk to each other? Who? You and the fbi.
Agent came down, leaned hard, we cleared the whole thing.
Officially never happened.
Talk to him.
Hey! I said it was a small emergency.
It's a small emergency.
- Were you gonna tell me? - Tomorrow.
After you made it all go away.
Which is part of my job.
She's been in town one day, she's setting up a new scam? Sorry, she's off the program.
No, she's not and-- and-- No, no, no "and.
" Being we both report to d.
And d.
Needs this case to make, in which we send A lot of very bad people away, Including murderers and drug dealers And human traffickers, even loan officers, But it all hinges on her walking into federal court With a spotless witness protection record.
Which you can just make happen regardless Of what actually happened.
So she'll get a reprimand and if she does it again-- You know what? We're not getting anywhere.
You have your boss.
I have mine.
Where you going? Wait, no, where you going? Let's go.
Stand up.
Come on.
SoWhat's her story? Well, she said she was looking for an a.
She went into the wrong house.
How did, uh, what's her name, the marshal-- Mary.
How did mary find out? Ike, I know you operate on the theory That every other federal agency is staffed By people who are too stupid to work at the dmv, But in this case you asked for the best inspector I knew.
I got her, and guess what, she did her job.
No, she stepped into our job thanks to you.
You know that last promotion you got? I think it sucked some of the oxygen out of your brain.
You should have that checked.
Keep it up.
Just gives me more to write up on you.
Really? Okay, great.
We know each other since quantico.
That's how we are now? You're gonna pencil-screw me? You know what? Forget the whole thing about the promotion.
It's obviously the pressure.
Some guys can't take it.
Hey, mike, I'm sorry I moved up the ladder A little faster than you, but you work for me now.
So witsec is shut out of any and all Non-security information on natalie.
Do you read me on that? Yeah.
Am I missing something here? You commit a crime with witsec, you're out.
Unless the u.
Attorney calls and says, "make it go away.
" - Stan, don't even-- - just hung up on him.
Not a fun conversation.
Bottom line: Dennis and faber are running the show.
That's it.
So to be clear, you are her babysitter.
Warm up the bottles, break out the lullabies, Stop asking questions you don't understand, And leave the big stuff to the grown-ups.
Just do your damn job.
Ike, I think you just crossed into dickhead territory.
You know what? That's the best advice I've had all day.
Thank you.
- Mary-- - you know, whatever it is, Honestly, I don't care.
I just have one question for you.
How did you get to the house? Sorry? Excellent delay tactic while the mind whirs, Searching for the right lie, but it insults my intelligence, Natalie, so let's try again.
How did you get to the house, the one you broke into? I mean, you don't have a car.
The bus screws your timeline.
So what? - Took a cab.
- Really? - Yeah.
And you just went up to that house, why? I mean, how dumb or desperate do you have to be? I don't think I actually have to tell you, Because officially it never happened And it'll never happen again.
I see.
Okay, well here's the thing.
Natalie, sooner or later, this case falls apart Because of you, and when it does, All those russians you turned on will be back on the street With nothing between you and them But a motel door and their urge to kick it in.
And when they kill you, it will have Zero impact on my day.
Sleep tight.
Oh, hey.
Hessie, listen.
I need a favor.
What? how'd you know where I live? Fbi agent.
You're still not supposed to know.
Well, okay, you can call my boss, And he'll just add it to the growing list Of things he hates.
'96 colgin.
Best decanted with a brief explanation Of the day's events from my point of view, Followed by your point of view, And then one hopes a shared point of view.
Oh, my god.
Did you practice that? I wrote it down first.
Well, it's not, like, practice or-- Thank you.
That is so not hot.
- Man, that's- - that's really good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I was a little surprised to find it In your local liquor store sandwiched between The 12-pack and the neon mudflap girl.
But just to clear the air I never lied to you.
Not back in denver and not here.
I may have said and done things You didn't agree with, but no lying.
Okay? - Okay.
- All right.
And also, this is not about my career.
- Okay.
But while giving natalie a pass was less than ideal, There's a greater good here.
Yeah, for you and your boss and the bureau, The attorney general, the president, god.
We're never ever gonna be on the same page here.
As long as I warm up the bottles, what do you care? Yes, which leads me to my final point.
I do care.
And, um I like you.
I like you and, uh Putting all this other stuff aside, I've just--I'm wondering why it kind of feels Like a one-way thing, but kind of doesn't.
'cause I told you.
I just broke up with somebody.
We were together three years.
Look, I-- I'm--I'm not even breathing right yet.
Okay, so, I mean, Is it mostly something about you, Or is it something about me or-- Oh, man.
God, you-- When we're off the clock, you jump so fast Between arrogant and needy, It gets a little blurry.
Well, welcome back to the world of dating.
Um It's me mostly.
I guess.
Well, fair enough.
This was fun in a let's-dissect-my-heart Kind of way, so I will let you Go back to your night and I'll see you at the office.
See you.
Could this get any more awkward? You could keep talking.
You know this guy? That's yuri pasterov.
He was one of val's lieutenants.
Delivery guy who got us cash if we needed it.
How about this one? Bill melidandri.
He worked at westward national.
Got me some of my loan docs, deeds, all that.
Took a 10% cut.
This one? Don't know him.
Does the name "anton ivanov" mean anything to you? No.
See, I tried to get it last night on my laptop, But I don't have the ram to-- Hang on.
Hang on.
All right, no, but you have to-- - I know.
I know.
- Yeah, okay, but hit the-- I got it.
I got it.
Can you just back up a little bit, please? personal space issues? Your hair is just a little distracting.
I imagine for you, any hair would be.
Just tuck and take two steps back, okay? - Fine.
- Thank you.
Where'd you get this? Oh, gee, you know him? Well, we haven't actually met.
You facebook? okay, okay, shucky.
Look, this conversation is almost fun, Which leads me to believe that you've got something in mind That would either trap or humiliate me, So I'll just jump right to it.
This is anton ivanov.
We think he's got something to do with this, But there's no evidence linking him.
Was natalie able to I.
Him? No, just the opposite.
No clue.
Wow, shocker, because here they are Carpooling to the house she broke into.
Oh, jesus.
Anton? He's here? No.
I photoshopped that so I could watch you puke.
Yes, he's here.
Oh, god.
Faber, this is happening.
This is one of those moments your kid's gonna want to know What you did and why.
Have an agent get natalie Out of the conference room.
All right.
- Have a seat.
- What are these again? They're a few long-term options On where you might be living here.
Look at them and let us know what you like.
Okay, I'm not gonna try and spin this.
Which is an incredibly un-clever way of spinning this.
It's not good.
I think we all agree.
That you're a pompous, condescending jackwad And this case got all blown to pieces In part because of that? So you want us to drop the whole case, Her as a witness, everything because-- Because she's a bad witness who's gonna get shredded By the defense.
She lied repeatedly on the record, Apparently to protect anton.
Should I be using smaller words, ike? 'cause I'm not sure I know any.
Jesus, we got to call washington.
Now it's "we" all of a sudden.
- All right, just- -just put the phone down, all right? Take a breath.
Got one more move left, that is if stan and mary And the u.
Attorney agree.
We do a threat assessment on anton.
He has no prior history of violence And the only danger he's gonna pose to natalie Is that he makes her radioactively reckless.
You want to keep her in the dark, Let her think everything's okay, Give her and anton a little room, surveil, And set up a sting.
See that, ike? They know their job and our job.
What's that gonna do? What? She's still a compromised witness.
But he's not.
Anton's 100% fresh.
He'll know as much as she does, right? We get them.
Flip him.
You think it'll work? Oh, now you want the babysitter's opinion? How the hell should I know? This is your mess.
Cleanup's on you.
We don't put natalie at risk, copy? Right.
What do you care what happens to her? Hey, numbnuts, as long as she's my witness, She stays safe.
If she bails on the program, you're right.
I don't care about her.
She can get hit by a dump truck and die.
That should be on a plaque over the door.
I got to put a local surveillance team together.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I'll coordinate the team.
No, it's all right, ike.
You got other things to coordinate.
Milk, two sugars.
Just a little milk for me.
I'm fine.
Yeah, it's faber.
I need five to six players.
Surveillance and undercover.
Who do you got ready to suit up? That's the house we set up for the sting.
Got a clear picture.
When's your buyer go in? He's waiting on my signal.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? I don't know if I can do this anymore.
What? What? What is it? This is crazy.
I mean, what are we doing? I've been arrested twice.
I'm in witness protection.
I can't keep doing this.
No, I know.
I can'tSleep.
I'm so scared.
I try to hold it in, but they-- They look at me all day long, And I know that they know and then what? Oh, my god.
Now she's growing a conscience? I wouldn't go that far.
She's showing a tiny amount of common sense.
Maybe a smidge of self-preservation.
She's gonna walk away, He's gonna freak, and we're gonna have nothing.
We got a problem.
- Hang on.
- What? She's gonna do it.
Well, how do you know? Watch.
I mean, look, you could come in with me To witness protection.
You could just turn yourself in, make a deal.
We could get out Together.
Val's in jail.
Val would find me.
Val is not one man.
He's thousands all over the world.
I'm telling you I think we'd be okay.
We owe val.
We keep paying or I die.
Doesn't matter where we go or who we pretend to be.
That's the way it is.
Here it comes.
Look, you're everything to me.
Am I everything to you? Yes.
Then we keep doing this Until we're even with val And then I swear to you, it'll be over And we'll be together, Get married, and have children.
This guy's good.
And now the closer.
I love you.
Carefully aimed "I love you.
" The ultimate weapon of choice.
You're a human scalpel.
Gift and a curse.
That's everything.
Now for the bad part.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Go! Fbi.
You're under arrest.
On your knees.
Hands behind your back.
Get 'em up.
Let's go.
You're willing to outline what you know about the operation? All of it.
You're gonna give us val nincic? What I know, you'll know, But I need protection.
Well, tell me how it worked.
You'd find a house where the owner would walk away, And you'd do a title search? - Correct.
- Yeah.
How'd you get the deed? - Sorry? Well, I mean, you either have to have a real deed And a fake I.
To match or a fake deed.
Which was it? WellUh, it was complicated.
It's complicated.
We've got nothing but time here, anton.
Okay, um, first, I had the idea that this Was going to be big.
Very big.
We were going to move a lot of houses fast.
And val, he loved that.
Right, but how did you clear title? How did you release the existing loans? This guy's a disaster.
I can't take him to the u.
Attorney, 'cause he'd make a terrible witness at trial.
I don't want to get too technical here, But he might actually be what prosecutors call an idiot.
Okay, but if you go back in-- Oh, I can give him smart water? No, no, forget it.
It's over.
It's over.
Case has collapsed.
It's no big deal.
Do you need an assistant? Hang on.
Hang on.
Talk to ike.
Get on the same page with him.
- About? - Natalie.
You guys need to him talking about natalie.
- Natalie? - Yeah.
We just need to know more about the relationship, Especially her part in the scam.
See, more than likely, depending on your testimony, She'll end up facing charges.
And her deal with witness protection? Done.
She's out.
All right, so let's bottom line this.
Are you willing to testify against natalie for immunity? Absolutely.
I'll give you everything on her.
I tell you, she was the one who really got carried away.
Very greedy.
All about the money.
All right, I'm gonna go out for a few seconds.
Keep going.
So that's it? I'm out, he's in? It's not my call to make, But he's only been here an hour And his track record on full disclosure's Already more impressive than yours.
I've been with him since I was 19.
I never loved anybody else.
Never trusted anyone.
Not really.
Not like him.
Natalie You got one thing going for you here.
The cold, hard fact that anton is so stupid, He'll get a standing ovation from the defense.
Clearly, you were the brains.
He was the 17 1/2 inch neck.
So thanks to that, you got one last shot.
Come clean for real.
But you hold anything back on this, Anything ever-- I'll tell you everything.
Check what I say with what you know.
I guarantee you I know it all, And I can back it up.
Unlike him.
She'll need to be relocated again.
All right.
Well, I'll talk to ike.
You talk to stan.
Mary? I know this sounds funny, but Thank you.
You're welcome.
And, natalie, say this all works out, And you get handed a fresh start.
And down the line you meet some guy You really think you like, Do me a favor.
If every time he wants you to do something, He starts talking about having kids Or how much he loves you Run.
Good luck, natalie.
New orleans office confirmed they'll take her.
They're sending up two inspectors For the move tonight.
Want to come? Oh, love to, but some of us Have real jobs.
Not government-funded, bourbon street fun junkets.
Let's go, shorty.
What are these handcuffs for? Go with your eyes.
So where are we going now? Now? Jail.
- Jail? - Yeah.
And then what? Well, a hearing, trial, and probably more jail.
But I will be protected in jail, right, Until I'm relocated? I don't think you're getting this.
Welcome back, inspector.
Hey, how was the road? The road is long.
How was the week? Mmm.
I think about my short, impulsive, Unhappy teen marriage more than I even admit to myself.
When I was with raph, it ran on a loop A few times a week, mocking me Just behind the eyes, reminding me That when it comes to love, I should probably Be locked in a cage during non-work hours For my own well-being and the safety Of all unsuspecting suitors.
Because now I know too well The wrong "I love you" at the wrong time Feels like it could kill you from the inside out.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine.
I was just on my way to the airport And I thought I'd stop by and give you something.
Turns out there were two in your local liquor store And, you know, seemed like you didn't hate it, so.
No, it was good.
You're welcome.
All right, well, I'll see you around.
Yeah, that'd be Unlikely? Revolting? Destined to end in court? What? Why is this so hard? Well, it's not hard really.
It's easy, you know? I say, "I'll see you around," And you were gonna say? That'd be good.
I'd like that.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
All right, good.
All right, bye.