In Plain Sight s03e08 Episode Script

Son Of Mann

Mexico was awesome, thanks for asking.
You're late.
Yeah, speaking of late, you're a couple payments behind.
I got to send my brother more money.
Hurry up.
Seriously, he needs the dough.
Why? Huh? Best thing about jail is everything's taken care of three squares, man.
Mexican jail.
They have to buy their own toilet paper.
Come on, man, he's there because of you and your - Jesus.
- Oh! Come on, already.
Ah! Ah! Ahh.
Send him my best the next time you write.
Hey, I'm just the middleman.
You got a problem with the product, you talk to Manny.
I already did.
Manny said it was good when it left his hands.
I got to be honest, I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust you.
Hey, man.
I swear, I had no idea Look, all I care about is my brother.
I I can send him money, right? A percentage of the stipend is yours to spend however you want.
You'll have to send it through our office, so it isn't traceable to you.
And your brother Sam gets out of prison in only seven years.
That didn't serve as a cautionary tale to you? Kirk always looked after us.
What else was I gonna do? That is one of the great questions of our age, isn't it? What to do when faced with circumstances beyond our control, which are most circumstances.
Look, Billy, this is a chance for you.
From this moment on, your life can be anything you want.
Why? 'Cause I'm living in Albuquerque with a different name? Because you're alive.
You're safe.
You're going to school.
Yeah, some up-nose, d-bag private school where nobody will talk to me.
One of the best boarding schools in the southwest, where 99% of the students go on to college.
What do you care? Seriously? I'm here.
I'm gonna testify.
You did your job.
No, trust me, my job with you has barely begun.
So who's gonna pay for all this? I convinced D.
that since you're taking down a major drug cartel, the least they could do is foot the bill for a decent education.
And what if I don't like it? - Can I leave? - Sure.
- Seriously? - Absolutely.
In which case, you'll end up back on street needing money with no discernable skill set, as you gravitate to the easy money of crime recidivism defined.
Or you could try something new.
Scary maybe, but a different life you can make for yourself.
I don't know.
Billy, I'm not just dumping you here.
Anytime, day or night, you can call me.
We can talk.
I can come down here, and we can figure things out.
So this is really what you do for a living? It is.
It's weird.
It's many things, weird among them.
You think where I go to school actually matters? Let me give you one last piece of advice that I heard growing up a lot.
Everything matters.
Everything you think, feel, but most of all, everything you do it all counts.
Well, welcome back.
I got a busy day and a crazy week, so I will see you when I see you.
You know, uh, the stony silence the entire way home from the airport is a subtle sign that you're pissed at me.
And look, it's okay.
I get it.
I get that whatever I say about whatever I've been doing and where I've been is just gonna sound like, "blah, blah, blah, blah, more lies," whatever.
But I feel like I've turned a corner, a real corner in my life, and I'm gonna prove that to you Soon, okay? Okay, well, that's suitably vague and unsettling, and on that note, which basically defines your life, I'm off to work.
- Look these over.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- So that's him? - That's him.
Is it true he guarded Hinkley? Rumor has it.
Sat and read magazines with Jodi Foster on the cover just to bait him? - That's the story.
- Wow.
So, Charlie, have you ever been on an operation falcon? No, sir Stan.
No, I haven't.
I've heard about it.
Yeah, but you got the basic drill, right? Us, other feds, state, local chasing down every open warrant, right? Anything else? Well, it always stirs things up a little.
Some inspectors here love it.
Some, well I find your almost girlish delight disturbing on many levels.
Come on, it's five days without your standard, whiny, mopey witnessrap.
It's back to basics hunt, bust, cuff, haul.
Then there's the icing on the cake Him.
You've now crossed over to sadistic glee.
- You nervous? - No.
Well, you should be.
I'm about to find out so many embarrassing, hilarious you-secrets, I'm gonna have to alphabetize them.
I honestly fear for the state of your soul.
Since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
- So.
- So.
Here we are.
Yeah, we're here.
You must be Mary.
How do you do? - Seth Mann.
- Wow.
What a pleasure to meet you.
Really looking forward to working with you, talking to you about everything.
- Good.
- Yeah.
Stan, just want to say thanks for giving me a desk out there and letting me squat.
They're short of real estate at the falcon command center.
My pleasure, Seth.
So you want to get us started? Kid, did you put these together? - Uh, yes, sir.
- All right.
Mug shots ought to be clipped on the inside and the outside.
Oh, okay.
I mean, that matters? - Here it comes.
- What? What's your name? Charlie.
Well, Charlie, if you were one of my boys, you'd know two words by heart "everything matters.
" Okay, great, so guess Mary and I should get out there.
Well, actually, I'd like to work with you, if you don't mind.
Oh, really? Yeah.
I thought I don't know.
I thought maybe it'd be good for both of us.
Well, it's Stan's call whether he wants to split up Mary and me.
I don't know.
How about the three of us? Double our caseloads.
We could clear this operation in no time, right? That's a great idea.
Well, be safe.
Bring back some bad guys.
Thanks, Stan.
Thanks, Mary.
Oh, you bet.
Okay, what do we got? So you seeing anyone? There are a few prospects.
Mary doesn't know about them, because I try not to subject people I care about to what I euphemistically refer to as her "winning abrasiveness.
" Look, Seth, Marshall's social life is a contradiction in terms, unless you count putting a bookstore clerk in a headlock and telling her about Nietzschean themes in Wagnerian opera.
- She was interested.
- Shh.
There's so much I want to know.
Who was Marshall's first celebrity crush? How old was he when he went to his first star trek convention? And when did he start using a curling iron? Fortunately, you're dealing with a man of few words.
Well, give my best to your wishful thinking.
Okay, here we go.
- Hands in the air, boys! - Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Turn around slowly.
God, that felt good.
What is that? Triumphing over others makes you feel better about yourself.
And now you have a brother-in-arms who likes the sound of shackles clamping on flesh even more than you, if possible.
Okay, seriously, what is it with you two? I mean, other than feeling completely exposed in my presence, which I'm really enjoying I mean, you guys are close, right? You see each other every Christmas, talk every Sunday? Christmas, we discuss the best way to brine poultry.
Sunday, it's mom's latest yarn-based hobby.
We assiduously avoid any topic of substance, and I get the feeling - Nah.
- What? He's here to study me.
Study you? He's retiring this year.
This is his last Operation Falcon, maybe his last major manhunt.
So? Making it his last opportunity to assess my worth for final judgment.
Final judgment? You got to lighten up.
You make him sound like Darth Vader.
Look, don't you think you're being just a little paranoid? When I was a kid, he carried two things in his briefcase my best report card and my worst.
He would remove them at key moments to illustrate whatever point was on his mind.
Trust me, judgment day is coming.
Who's here? His name is Scott.
You drinking again? Wasn't aware A.
gave time off for nerd behavior.
While it's true, at times this house severely strains my resolve, this is for you.
Something tells me you're gonna need it.
Mary, awesome you're home.
This is Scott Griffin.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
Our brother.
You look so much like Lauren.
Even her shoulders it's weird.
I know, right? I told you.
Okay, I'm sorry.
What the hell's going on here? Well, Scott and I got in touch a few months back and And? The $20,000? I loaned it to Scott.
Okay, I've had a long day, and I'm tired, and I'm trying to catch up here and actually care.
But honestly, Brandi, for somebody who's such a good liar, you are unbelievably gullible.
I mean, is there anything ever you don't take at face value? So what about lending this guy $20,000 puts you in Florida for six weeks? And what about borrowing 20 grand puts you in my living room? Because Scott needed money help with his business.
I hit a bad patch, and I was gonna lose basically everything.
- Oh.
- I work in Miami.
Anyway, Brandi flew out.
She loaned me the money.
She got interested in the business.
Oh, my God.
What business? - Day trading.
- Perfect.
I just sort of helped out in the office drove some clients around, but it was really fun.
That sounds really fun.
Come here.
Honestly Are you retarded? - - You lend a total stranger - Our brother! - So he says! - Oh, my God! $20,000 and then go off the grid for a month and a half, dodge my calls, leave mom hanging, and Peter.
I mean, my God.
Why? Because I knew that this is exactly how you would react.
You'd treat me like some kind of idiot, like some failure-in-waiting, stupid little squish.
That's not true.
Don't put words in I'm a good person, Mary! I'm smart, and you know what? I didn't just pay Peter back.
I made $10,000 me, working for Scott, my own money, me.
That sounds real legit.
And you wonder why I avoid you.
'Cause you know what? You don't trust anybody.
You don't even like anyone.
Okay, so I get it.
So your being a liar, that's on me now? - Because you're so honest? - Yeah.
All those letters from dad that you didn't tell us about? That is completely different No! No, it's not! You wanted dad all to yourself.
And you know what? Our brother, I wanted him to be my brother for a second, just once, to have something in this family that was mine before you and mom can tell me how to feel about it.
You know what? I'm happy for you.
Kudos on the fantastic relationship you've got blossoming here.
You want something just for you? Take the Scott side of the family.
They're all yours.
Send me a God damn Christmas card.
So then? I went to bed, got up before Brandi, and came to work.
And Scott? - Don't know, don't care.
- Really? Look, if we do have the same dad, he's at least half-crazy, fully troubled, and I've got plenty of both, inside and out.
I don't want to think about it.
Liam Sykes wanted for multiple home invasions across three states.
Rolls into town, pulls together a local crew, does enough jobs to lay low for a while, then resurfaces in a new town when the money runs out.
Last week he assaulted a cop who pulled him over.
has a tip from a confidential informant.
Let's get him.
That's Liam.
And he came here for? Consignment sales.
Really? Do we have to do this old Chestnut, where you pretend you have no idea what we're talking about, and we pretend we're not gonna haul your ass in if you don't cooperate? You know what? That sounds good.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say Guys, dial it down.
As you can see, June, my partners are a bit adrenalized too much Red Bull and Sanka.
Thing is, I can yank on their leashes for only so long, and then I've got to let go.
So Liam? Couldn't tell you where he is.
It would be breaking a confidence.
Amy, tell these nice people where Liam is.
Um We should call Sog and wait for backup.
I'm not gonna risk losing him.
Tactical protocol dictates That the team leader make the call on approach.
- That's an interpretation.
- Which is the point of command.
To quote from the manual Okay, when you have to quote from the manual, it means debate done winner, dad.
So, what? You don't want to work for me anymore? Billy says I should "Billy says"? What do you say? I want out, okay? I just No.
Not happening.
Come on, Liam.
You can't just keep me here forever.
Don't move! Turn around! Hands on your head! I got Liam! - Put your hands on your head! - Don't move! Don't move! - Marshall! - Stop! Don't move, asshole.
Hey! Billy? Billy! - Dad, don't! - What do you mean, "don't"? He was he's gone! What's wrong with you? He's all yours.
So You guys lost Liam and the girl? Wow.
You guys team up full-time, this'll be fugitive Disneyland.
Billy Nevins was here.
Billy? "Boarding school" Billy? In a car.
My dad was gonna fire.
I stopped him.
I'm sure he was aiming for the tires.
I'm sure if I'd let him, we'd have Billy now, which I'm equally sure I'll be hearing a lot about in a second.
The kid in the car how Long's he been in witness protection? Son, you and I talk around a lot of things.
That doesn't make me dumb.
You're a WITSEC inspector.
He was yours.
- Now he's mine.
- Ours.
And we don't know what he's done And we don't care long as we get him.
How old were you when you first wondered if you were adopted? Four.
Did the saliva strip test at eight.
Sadly Anything you want to tell me about this kid? There's a lot I can't till we really know what's going on.
What I can say is he was adjusting making friends, good grades.
He was a model witness.
Whatever that means.
Here we go.
No last name.
I'll forward this to the office, have them try to find an I.
Oh! Smart.
He left his cell phone, 'cause he knows you'd use it to track him.
Looks like you trained him well for whatever it is he's up to.
Three more fun-filled days of Operation Falcon.
Tomorrow I'll bring popcorn.
Hello? Slow down.
Slow down.
It's Billy.
Tell him to come in.
Give me a second.
Where the hell are you? Did you arrest Amber? Tell me where you are.
Is she okay? I'll tell you when I see you.
Oh, yeah, this is gonna go well.
I started all this.
I got to do this myself.
Started what? - Do what? - I think she's in trouble.
I think it's my fault.
I was just trying to help.
Help Amber? - That your witness? - I got this.
- Give me the phone.
- No.
Look, look, Marshall can talk him in.
The phone, now.
- Man, who is that? - Nobody.
You tell your boy he can come in or get dragged in, dead or alive.
Hello? Dad, that was the antithesis of helpful.
We'd have him if you hadn't stopped me.
We'd have all of them if you followed protocol.
And we can all see where this is going, so why don't we hit pause, pick it up on father's day, and go find the kid? Come on.
Liam So good to see you.
You hear anything about Amber and that Billy kid? They ran off this morning, along with my entire take for the last four months.
Ah, young love nothing makes you quite as stupid.
If I hear anything, I'll give you a call.
Who else you gonna call? The cops all of a sudden know where I live right after I start doing business with you.
Coincidence? Did am say anything that might illuminate his motive? He knew she was talking to the cops, but that's not why he was here.
He was asking about Amber and Billy.
So you've met Billy? He's been here? I just heard Amber talk about him.
He's her boyfriend, I guess.
She's she was she works for Liam? Doing what? Uh, she helps him set up scores.
I don't know how exactly.
Something to do with where s works.
Do you know Amber's last name? No.
Just to be clear, Liam said they stole a bunch of money from him? - Both of them? - Both of them.
That's that's what he said.
Okay, so the girl is Amber Whitman.
She's a student at four hills.
Hasn't been home or to her job at the u-move in two days.
Let me guess Ms.
Whitman's got a record? Possession, shoplifting.
Thanks, Stan.
Uh, hey,listen.
Feel free not to mention this to my dad.
Oh, yeah.
No problem.
So we talk to classmates, coworkers, try to get a line on where she is, hope she can lead us to Billy.
Listen, I like your dad.
Call it a soft spot for guys who don't bail on their families, Rob banks, and start new families, but I will admit, to find Amber, he's got the wrong style.
If by "style, " you mean all the subtlety of an armor-piercing shell, then, yes, agreed.
You got to look for her without him.
If we peel off, then he'll know we're ditching him, which means he'll be hunting us.
And trust me, even as a kid, hide-and-seek with that man gave me stomach cramps.
Hey, P.
's tagged a van belonging to Liam.
I could stake it out with your dad, tell him you had a WITSEC emergency.
Good enough? I wish I'd had you in high school.
High school me would have eaten high school you alive.
So why'd you name him "Marshall"? It was his mom's idea.
She took one look at him in the hospital Those eyes and that face.
She knew right away he was gonna grow up to be maybe a writer, a philosopher Anything but a marshal.
So she named him "Marshall" in order to try to seal the deal.
Yeah, 'cause who'd ever want a job where they're marshal Marshall? Little did you know he'd consider it a perk.
Well, that's him.
Came into this world with a mind of his own.
Marshall has this crazy idea you're here to assess him, judge, or even grade him on what he does.
He's right.
That's very parental? Well, look, I don't claim to get WITSEC.
I mean, I spent a few months working it back in '89.
I never saw anybody get transformed or get in touch with their true selves or any of that crap.
And I always worry that this just isn't right for Marshall, that what we do he just isn't built for it.
He's a sensitive kid.
He always was.
Which is why he's really good at what he does.
- It's just not the same as - Here we go.
Support team, we're approaching the vehicle.
Stop right there! You, down on your knees! Down on the ground! On your knees! Clear! - Where'd you get the van? - I bought it last week.
What's wrong? This the guy you bought it from? Aren't you a little old for the kids' park? Hey.
I knew you'd come.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
Are you stupid? The the police are chasing us.
Liam is after us.
Nothing is fine.
Hey, look, whatever you did, I know a guy.
He can help.
He's kind of a cop.
This is not just about the cops.
Well, I know Liam's mad that you're gonna maybe quit, but this guy can help.
During the raid, I just I kind of grabbed the money.
Liam's money? He just he got so mad right before, and he just started saying things about you, and I thought if we had the money, we could just get out of here, you know, go someplace.
Oh, Amb.
- I know.
- Amb.
I know it was stupid.
I just look, it's done, okay? Can we just can we just go, okay? I have the car.
Let's just get the money and get out of here, please.
All right, where is it? The money, Amber, where is it? She was here yesterday.
Said she needed to hide for a while.
I've never seen anyone so scared in my life.
Did she give any indication to where she was going? No.
But I did let her borrow my car.
Charlie, hunter green Toyota Camry I just emailed you the license and Vin.
The car has safety connect, so call ABQ P.
to get the real-time tracking on its location.
What are we looking for, a green Toyota Camry? Yeah.
Where's my dad now? He's getting the report on the van Liam sold.
He thinks I clocked out, and you're still with a witness.
I owe you forever.
He is here to judge you, by the way.
And to his credit, he was completely up front about it, but he is a full-body, soul, and brain scan with a gun.
Well put.
That's the one.
Amber? Don't be afraid.
I'm a friend of Billy's.
I need to talk to you.
Can you come out for a second? I just want to talk.
Hey, you guys were at the house.
Do you know where Billy is? Amber Whitman, you're under arrest.
Seth, Seth, we got it.
Put your hands behind your back.
Seth! Son, did you really think you could put out a search for a car, and I wouldn't know about it? I just need to ask her a few questions.
Me too.
Playtime's over.
I'm taking her downtown.
Come on.
I know Billy was there at Liam's.
I know about the money you took.
Where is Billy and where is that money? He could at least try to relate to her.
Trust me, that's him trying.
Okay, let's talk about the fence, June Rorchek.
She's dead.
Your buddy Liam looks good for it.
You know where he is? Young lady, this is now a murder investigation, and you are an accomplice.
Just how much jail time do you want to do? Because every minute of silence piles on the time! I want you to think about that.
She'll talk.
No, dad, she won't.
Yeah, a few hours more, and she'll break.
"Break"? She's not a terrorist.
She's a teenager.
She's not scared of you.
She hates you, because you're not talking to her.
You're threatening her.
So unless you're willing to pull out pliers and a blowtorch, she's not telling you anything.
Oh, so get her a frappuccino and a copy of one of those twilight books.
You two can brush each other's hair.
Sir with all due respect, you're just wrong.
Let Marshall do this.
Amber, Billy is out there because of you.
He told me that.
He wants to fix something with you and Liam.
Trust me if he does that, it will get him killed.
All I want to do is find Billy and get him safe.
But to do that, I need to know more about Liam and you.
Liam, uh, came into U-move one day.
He said he could tell I was smart, said I could make some money and get out of my dad's house.
So what'd you do for Liam? He just wanted me to, uh, tell him which moving vans had the highest insurance rates, which people had the best stuff, you know, just who was new to town that sort of thing.
Then what? Then I met Billy.
Billy's not like anyone else.
He told me I had to quit.
And he kept on me about it, but he was gentle, not, like, all judgmental and just telling me that it was gonna be bad for me.
And I fought him on it.
I said, "who cares, you know, if I work for Liam? And none of it matters.
It's all pointless anyway.
" Then Billy goes "Everything matters.
" You know, like, everything adds up.
Little, big it all counts.
He really believes that.
Made me believe it.
So I I called Billy, told him I was out.
And he came to pick me up.
And that's when you guys showed up.
Do you know where Billy is now? I gave him the keys to the u-move office to get the money out of my locker.
Not bad.
So now what? We know Billy's headed for the money.
Let's make sure Liam's not.
Yeah? Hi, Liam.
It's Amber.
Look, uh, I'm sorry I took the money.
It was stupid.
I guess I ju I just got scared.
All right, take it easy.
Tell me where it is.
Well, I've still got it.
I can meet you at the bowling alley on central in 15 minutes.
I'll take the Sog team to the bowling alley.
You cover the moving place.
Wait for the boy.
Yeah? Liam, it's Billy.
I get the money.
Really? Okay, so where are you? U-move.
Amber with you? No.
And I'll only give you the money if you swear you'll leave us alone.
Take your money.
Stay out of our lives.
Cross my heart and everything.
See you soon.
You check the office.
I'll go out back.
Look, you got your money.
She's done, okay? I'm not telling you where she is.
Oh, I think you're gonna tell me, Billy.
Drop your weapon now! Aah! I need an ambulance.
Liam went that way! I'm on second and Woodward.
You're gonna be all right.
Who's got the trace on Liam's cell? Still near central, still not moving.
Stay here.
Face down.
One way or the other.
How you feeling? Uh, not too bad.
They say it'll leave a pretty gnarly scar.
What the hell were you thinking? She needed help.
Well, next time you decide to help a criminal, don't.
This is far from okay and far from over.
But in the meantime, you have a visitor.
- Oh, my God.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
- Yeah, you okay? - Yes.
- Yeah? - Yes.
No, it's okay.
With all the hullabaloo, I forgot to acknowledge the fact that you probably saved my dad's life.
Come on We both know he could have caught that bullet in his teeth.
How does a guy like that have a son who says "hullabaloo," anyway? I feel like as much as my father annoys, judges, and generally fails to get me he's here.
So Go.
Hey, dad.
What you doing? Ah, just going over a few things in my briefcase lucky tokens I carry on the road.
Is this the failure report card or the? When did you start carrying this around? The day you gave it to me.
That and a few snapshots of you and your mom, your brothers.
But that is the only piece of art I own.
I, um worried about you growing up.
It's a rough world.
You're not a rough guy.
But I think maybe that's a good thing A real good thing.
- Thanks for coming over.
- No sweat.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So I looked you up.
- You're a licensed broker - That I am.
With a record.
Three arrests, one suspended sentence illegal gambling, bookmaking.
Did you know that? We've pretty much told each other everything, so If it makes any difference it's my two-year chip gambler's anonymous.
Shannon blood.
Or Griffin same thing.
Anyway, now I just bet on the market.
Do you know where our father is? No.
He just walked out one day.
I'll say this, the man's consistent.
So you haven't been in touch? Are you kidding me? Like, I wouldn't I'm asking him.
Our father's a wanted fugitive.
If you're in touch with him, either of you, and I find out Mary, that's not what this is about.
Then what is it, okay? 'Cause money can be wired.
So again, I got to ask Why are you in my living room? I feel like he's just he's my father, you know, and all of a sudden he's not the man I thought he was.
Brandi told me he wrote you letters.
Those are private.
Well, then anything, his life before can you tell me anything about him? 'Cause I'm happy to tell you anything you want.
For most kids, the scariest thing you can hear is "wait till your father gets home.
" For some there's no fear on that or hope for it.
I'm still waiting.
Not like a puppie *** .
I go about my days every so off and aware of his absence.
And telling myself that the heart, *** does not grow fonder.
Except it does.
It really, really does.