In Plain Sight s03e09 Episode Script

Death Becomes Her

Richie, pass the pasta.
- You talk to the guy? - Oh, yeah.
Did you use the Roma tomatoes? This tastes different.
Not Romas I don't know what they were.
So what did he say? He said what he said before.
Were they the larger ones? They don't have as much flavor.
They were the same size, maybe a little smaller.
You set him straight, right? He saw what happened to the last guy.
I remember.
Everybody knows what happened to that guy.
Mike Pastrano.
What? Mike Pastrano that's who you're talking about.
We all know who you mean.
I don't know why you have to use this ridiculous code.
You better mind your own damn business, Mia.
There's a table full of people here, Richie.
You think we don't got ears? I got to sit here and pretend I'm an idiot? I was just asking about the sauce.
They were camparis, the tomatoes.
Any more fascinating questions about the food? Let's talk about something else.
So, Robin, is that a new dress? 'Cause I don't remember it.
You sure make it look nice.
Thanks, Marco.
I'm sorry if I ruined dinner.
I know you don't really like Marco.
I shouldn't have brought him over.
I just think you can do better.
And I think, you know, you're 20.
He's a good guy, auntie Mia, if you'd give him a chance.
What is that? Gorgeous, right? He asked me today.
I was gonna tell everyone over dessert.
Mia, is there any more red? That's the last of it.
I'm gonna run down to wine mart and grab some.
Come on.
I got to finish the dishes.
Trish and Robin can do that.
Let's get out of here.
Get some air.
All right.
Look We're all sympathetic to your little ordeal, the mood swings.
But you don't think you're taking it a little far? I got my own opinions.
Marco's a guest in our house.
He's gonna be family.
Yeah, well, he's gonna fit right in.
Hey, Richie likes him.
That's all that counts.
Yeah, that's for sure.
Oh, I don't know, Mia.
Now you're gonna go and bite the hand that feeds you? I mean, I know you had your troubles, but you are way out of line.
You're right.
I'm I'm sorry.
You've been doing a lot of talking, not just at dinner.
You shoot your mouth off all over town How you're sick of this family, how you'd love it if we'd all just Blah, blah, blah.
You think I don't hear things? You think I don't know where this is going? No, I'm just tired.
I'm No.
Benny, please! Friendship, it's been said Is God's way of apologizing for your family.
I don't really subscribe to the God part, but if I did Apologizing for family is the least he could do Don't flip out, okay? This is just temporary housing.
Once we meet with the A.
and you tell them what you have, a deal gets worked out, and his life becomes about making yours happy.
You said something about a phone.
I'm number one on the speed dial.
When you need something, I'm your first and only call.
- Got it? - Got it.
Would have put you in a hotel, but you said a kitchen was important, so Yeah, no, this'll do.
Uh, I'm not gonna be here that long anyway.
Uh, look, Mia, once you come into WITSEC, you stay where we put you.
No, I know.
I meant, um do we have any kind of, um, confidentiality here, like a lawyer or a priest? Uh, sure, if it doesn't jeopardize the case.
I'm terminal.
You're you're sure? It's a grade-four brain tumor.
Surgeons got what they could, but my time is limited Weeks, months maybe.
Wow, um Okay, um, well, this is this is awkward.
But first, I'm gonna have to verify the diagnosis.
Knock yourself out.
What's second of all? I don't know.
I mean, is there anything I can do? Do you need anything hospital trips or checkups? I'm way beyond the hospital now.
No, just keep it to yourself, okay? My family they don't even know.
I mean, they know about the surgery, but Why the secret? I've spent my whole life being that mobster's daughter, handled, treated with kid gloves.
Now I got to be that dying chick? I'll pass.
It makes me cringe to think people would be walking on eggshells, treating me all nice.
Well, yeah.
I think you've come to the right place.
Since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is somebody wants them dead.
So Albuquerque you like it? I do.
I like the air a lot and the sky.
The sky is amazing, except for the dumb-ass hot-air balloons.
I know.
Who does that, right? But "more importantly," said the Italian girl, "what about the food?" How do you feel about red and green chili in every other thing you're gonna eat? You'll end up loving them or hating them, but trust me, you won't be indifferent for long.
I just mean you'll know in a couple seconds if you like them or not.
Yeah, no, I'm a lot more decisive these days.
That was - Sorry.
- Oh, shut up.
Can I ask you a personal question? - You don't have to answer.
- Oh.
My favorite kind of personal questions.
I got no more secrets, not from you, anyway.
Well, if I were if I were dying, I think I'd be on a beach in Maui with margaritas on an I.
Your last days are gonna be depositions and courtrooms and psycho family drama.
I mean, why? Why do it? Because I want to make a stand.
I want to I want to leave my mark.
If I have only one breath left, I will use it to testify, for Robin.
It's the only thing I want now.
It's the only thing I need.
Who's Robin? My niece.
You know, when I see her, God it's like looking at myself in an old scrapbook.
I just want to keep her away from the decisions I made, the mistakes.
And if this goes to trial, my testimony will show her what this family is really like.
Maybe it'll I I don't know Nudge her onto a different path.
- What? - Nothing.
It's just Just remarkably non-hateful.
It's funny.
I find I don't have a lot of hate left.
One good side effect.
You are no longer dependent on the department of justice.
- Thanks, Marshall.
- Not at all.
I'm proud when my fledgling witnesses take that next step moving off the mother's milk A weekly stipend into the brave new world of self-reliance.
And I wanted to let you know that while the money stops, our connection goes on unabated.
Call me anytime.
I will.
Place looks nice.
You settling in okay? I am.
I didn't think going to law school and not becoming a lawyer would make me so happy.
Is that a Todd Calvert? Uh, I guess so.
I just like the colors.
Listen, I hate to rush, but, uh, I have an appointment at 10:00, so Oh, okay.
So we'll touch base whenever.
You know how to reach me if you need anything.
Thanks so much, Marshall, for everything.
It's so good to see you, sweet pea.
Aw, you too, mom.
So Listen, um - I'm sorry that I haven't called or anything.
- Oh.
It's forgotten.
So how's the new job, the new place? Questions I never thought I'd be asking you at all, never mind in the same sentence.
Everything's God, good.
Next week I'm taking some of my students to a tap dancing competition in Phoenix.
And I am gonna shuffle-ball-change the crap out of those other little brats.
Not that winning is important.
So, mom, there's something that I have to tell you about my trip.
Sounds ominous.
Just say it.
You remember Lauren? - Dad's other - Oh, I remember Lauren.
Uh, well, she has a brother.
And that's who I went to visit.
And he's here now in town.
James' son is in town? Mm, Scott's been a really huge help to me.
That's his name, Scott.
Really supportive, so nice.
Uh, and he knows a ton about dad.
And I know this must be really freaky for you, so that's why I asked Mary not to say - until I could - I want to meet him.
Seriously? Murder, prostitution, racketeering, fencing stolen goods, DVD piracy.
Name a crime, someone in the Cusato family is guilty of it.
And you'd be comfortable testifying against the people who raised you? Comfortable's not the word I'd pick, but one of them tried to kill me, and I'm a hell of a lot less comfortable with that.
Which brings us to the gun and the car.
According to forensics, Benny didn't actually get a hold of it He was going to kill me if I didn't kill him.
ruled self-defense.
Or didn't you get that memo? Look, I wrote down everything I know.
I'm not exactly sure how all of these names are involved, but I do know they've all received some kind of payoff from my brother Richie.
County clerks, city officials, a few state politicians Customs guys, for sure.
And, uh, what about you? What should I know about my star witness? Can't think of a thing.
Nothing else that might be relevant? Just something you maybe forgot to mention to the FBI.
I realize you were rushed, confused a lot going on that day.
Seems like there's a lot going on right now.
Spit it out, counselor.
You underwent cranial surgery four months ago.
You don't think a brain tumor might warrant a mention? - You promised.
- I never said a word.
She didn't have to.
We do our own homework.
But why would you make a promise like that, inspector? Intentionally withholding pertinent information from the D.
? She's here.
She's telling you what she knows.
She asked for confidentiality in a private matter.
I gave my word.
What's the problem? The problem is, she might not live long enough to make it to trial.
Say it again, Tippy, but slap her this time, 'cause I think it's all a little too much with the niceties.
Mia, I apologize really, but we can't pretend this away.
The fact is, it's possible.
It's also possible I could live long enough.
Even the doctors don't know for sure.
Look, we're all sitting here because there's a case.
That hasn't changed.
I'm guessing taped testimony's still admissible? Inspector, when it comes to legal strategy, I prefer not to guess.
I need to look into this further, assess the ramifications.
We'll meet again tomorrow.
But if there's anything else you're holding back Nope.
Dead on arrival's my big, dark secret.
What you want to do with that is up to you, Mr.
- What's that? - That would be a painting.
Oh, God, no.
You're not gonna try to drag me to another art show, are you? Last time I got cornered by some freak wearing a kilt with a tattoo inside his bottom lip that said, "yeah.
" He showed it to me twice while I was eating.
This is about my witness, Patrick Hill.
It might be nothing.
We'll see.
How's Mia? Levelheaded, funny, smart, no trouble whatsoever.
She's I'm sorry I couldn't tell you.
Your talent for keeping a confidence is one of your most admirable qualities, along with the ability to shoot accurately while downing a big gulp.
Can I help you find something? Yeah, there was this there was this witness a while back, a case where a guy was shot and dying and they videoed his testimony.
Carlton Marchak first-degree felony kidnapping, sending you the link.
Oh, praise Jesus, you have no life.
You're the best.
I'd say that's about right.
So I went over to Patrick Hill's house to hand-deliver his last stipend check.
I know and admire the ritual.
And I noticed something odd a watercolor by Todd Calvert.
Help me out.
I'm more into pottery.
Calvert is expensive.
I don't see how Patrick can afford it, not with his income rent, student loans.
But he's a law-abiding citizen, witnessed a crime, came forward to testify.
Sounds far from shady.
Yes, but this is where it gets disturbing.
I went into his financials.
No record of a credit card purchase or personal check clearing for any kind of artwork.
- Gift? - Possibly.
But in my research, I also accessed his phone records.
He called home.
- He did.
- We got a breach? We may.
The question is why? - Hey, Marshall.
- We need to talk.
Well, can it wait? I'm I'm kind of in the middle of something.
It has to be now.
How you doing? Bob, Marshall.
Marshall, Bob.
Uh, we were just about to order pizza and watch the game.
You want to join us? Thanks, but I can't stay.
I just need a moment with Patrick.
Oh, sure thing.
What's the problem? You called someone in Houston from your landline.
I did.
You called a florist.
Did the flowers you sent include a note with your name? Um What about payment? Is there a credit card out there that someone could trace? Uh, let me think.
You have to tell me the truth, Patrick.
I can't do a full threat assessment without all the details.
I know, I know.
Patrick, you're hiding something.
And I think it has to do with your friend in there, the one with the strong Texas accent.
Do you know him from your previous life? Yes.
That's extremely bad.
How long has he been in Albuquerque? Since I got here.
That's wow.
Even worse.
Bob, can I speak to you a moment? I say this without bias or accusation, but am I correct in surmising that you two are a couple, and for some reason, you want that to be a secret? I don't.
I never did.
Did I? I've been saying from day one.
I just want to keep my private life private.
Look, I wanted to send my mother flowers for her birthday.
I forgot the rule about the phone.
That's because the rules were never explained to you, because you're not actually supposed to be here.
All right.
Look, this is not about sexual orientation.
The program recognizes domestic partnerships.
What it doesn't recognize is the right to bring someone along in secret.
And by the way, Bob, you've been here since day one? I've checked this place a thousand times.
Are you two sharing clothing and toiletries? I live across the courtyard in my own place.
God forbid, we live together openly.
Can we not start, for once? Oh, please, we're way past start here, Patrick.
Look, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have misled you.
I should have told you about us.
But I I just couldn't.
My family they'd never understand.
Patrick, I don't mean to be glib, but if ever there was an opportunity to let go of what your family thinks, it's in witness protection, where you will never see them again.
You see? This this is what I'm dealing with a lunatic.
Bob, I need the name of every person from Texas with whom you've been in contact since your arrival in Albuquerque and the name of every person those people might have told about your presence here.
Are you trying to scare me? No, I'm trying to scare both of you.
I need that list now.
Please! Good afternoon.
Hi, Tippy.
Cusato Mia, because of the severity of your condition and the strong chance that you might not make it trial, about which I sincerely hope I'm wrong Okay.
Well, we saw this coming.
So here you go.
United States vs.
Carlton Marchak do you know it? Felony kidnapping.
Mail Carrier intervenes, gets shot in the process, dies in the hospital.
And on his death bed, he gives taped testimony, which helps secure the conviction.
Yeah, so you people live for precedent.
Here it is signed, sealed, and delivered.
There's there's some very key differences.
The witness was a mailman, not a member of a crime family.
She was inside, Tippy.
She knows the family up, down, and sideways.
Y you're telling me she's not as good a witness as a dead letter carrier.
First, Mia, the defense would try to use your tumor as a way to undermine the credibility of your testimony.
They would say that you were confused, that you're imagining things.
And we'd have no opportunity for redirect.
God, you can't be serious.
Then there's the matter of the shooting.
I don't doubt it was in self-defense, but your cousin never got to his weapon.
That's undisput No, you're right.
She should have waited.
She'd be gone now.
I'd be out for a jog.
You could be doing the crossword.
Christ! - Mary.
- What? You know, sometimes I have to say yes to cases I don't care for, and no to ones I do.
Mia, believe me, I know what it's like to have your body betray you.
I am deeply, deeply sorry.
If there was anything more I could do Are you kidding me? There are a million things you could do.
You could color outside the lines for once, God damn it.
She's here to do something right, something we all want done.
- Sack up, Tippy.
- Mary.
It's fine.
Boswell, thank you.
Just so you know, I'm not accepting this outcome.
It goes without saying.
You can't just put her out on the street.
I mean, forget the protection we promised.
She's literally got nothing no income, nowhere to go.
There's got to be something we can do.
Could be.
I'll get into it.
I knew it.
I knew you'd think of something.
What is it? Just let me do a little recon, okay? It's tricky, Mary.
Stan, right now a "maybe" would feel like winning the lotto.
Okay, maybe.
You leaving early? Ah, I thought I'd go check on Mia, see if she feels like hanging out tonight.
What? What's that mean? It implies understanding.
No, it implies you think you know something, something even I don't know.
"Ah" is Marshall-speak for arrogant.
You like her.
I don't hate her.
Which for you is tantamount to eternal fealty.
Would you go so far as to say that under different circumstances, you might be, dare I say, friends? What's your point? No matter what you do or feel for her, she's not gonna be here long.
And that you can't change.
Yeah, well, what I can do is make it better.
Thanks, sunshine.
I know that you can make it better.
Just don't make it worse for yourself.
I love when you talk to me in greeting card.
I'm serious, Mary.
That's why you're so lucky to have me.
Where you're blind, I see.
Where I'm smart, you're an idiot.
Symbiosis personified.
I was so happy that you called, well, that you even wanted to meet me.
Don't be silly.
Of course.
We're practically well, at least mutually intrigued.
So James never told you about us? No, but I get the feeling he felt bad about leaving you.
What makes you say that? Well, he was always telling me that, uh, one of the worst things you can do is intentionally hurt the people you love.
That's ironic.
Too bad he didn't take his own advice.
What? That thing you're doing with your eyebrow he used to do that, your father.
No, no, no, no.
It's okay.
I just I just hadn't thought about it in ages.
It's like watching home movies or something.
Listen, this can't be easy for you either.
My dad had a steady job.
I mean, he traveled a lot for work, but he loved us.
Scam artist, a bank robber I mean, this guy that Brandi and Mary talk about It's just I don't know.
That's not him.
Oh, it is, though, believe me.
That's the man I married.
That's your father.
Well, it's not all of him, though.
Well you'd know better than me.
Um, listen, Scott, there's something I I want to say That I need to.
It's more likely that you'll see your father again before I do.
And I'd like you to tell him something.
I'm doing great.
My life is truly great without him.
Could you? Could you do that for me? Mmm.
Oh, my God, this lasagna You are now officially the Italian grandmother I never had.
Oh, shut up.
Whatever you say, Nonna.
So your niece she's back there, I take it, with them? Unfortunately.
She's like a daughter to me, so this being apart, it's brutal.
You never had kids? Couldn't which is maybe a good thing.
My husband was a sack of, let's say, rocks.
Don't know why I ever married him.
I never really loved anyone except Robin.
I was scared to death of my father.
My mother she was just a shell.
I get that.
Trust me.
Ah, you're just saying that so I feel less alone.
It's a kind lie, but it's a lie.
It's not, I swear.
And my father was, well Let's just say, if he'd known your family, he would have fit right in.
Your dad was a crook? I shouldn't really be talking about this.
Why? I'm not a witness.
I'm not in WITSEC.
Besides, anything you say goes straight to the grave.
Okay, so no husband, boyfriend? I can't really talk about it.
Come on.
It has nothing to do with security.
It's just embarrassing and pathetic.
Okay, then here's to talking about nothing, bitching about everything, and The daughters of bad men.
We have to relocate you.
Arrangements are being made.
God, Marshall.
I I don't know if I can do it again.
If you want to be with Bob, he has to enter the program with you.
Or we move you alone, and you never see him again.
I don't know.
I honestly don't know what to do.
Don't take this the wrong way, but it's 2010.
We have a liberal administration, legalized marriage in a number of States.
Do you really feel that coming out would be that difficult? Well, don't take this the wrong way, but that's a pretty easy thing to say when you're not a gay man from a conservative family in Texas.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I've done this my whole life Compartmentalized, avoided.
My dad's a good person with strong opinions on who goes to hell and why.
I leave you with two words Dick Cheney.
See you tomorrow.
We all want to have an effect, leave a mark to show we were even here.
I get that.
It's why kids scrawl in wet cement and cavemen drew on walls.
Why you do what you do, no? - Hey, Stan.
- I just made your night.
We figured out a way for us to help Mia.
What? Seriously? We got her money for lodging, incidentals.
It's not a new identity, but Oh, Stan, you made my night.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Thank Allison Pearson.
And I mean that literally.
She's expecting your call.
Ah, victory.
Why such a bitter aftertaste? Pop a Tic Tac.
And then call her.
What's going on? Well there's not gonna be a trial.
But you do get to stay in Albuquerque.
You'll be taken care of.
- I'll be taken care of? - Yeah.
What is that? You pulling strings for the poor dying girl That's eggshells, Mary.
That's exactly what I didn't want.
Do you even listen? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on.
You feel sorry for me? Great, get in line.
You and your boss get a bunch of other people to feel sorry for me, so I can die in this climate-controlled rat hole? What? And I'm supposed to feel grateful? Mia, maybe I'm not being clear, okay? You're gonna have a place to live, a stipend.
- I can look in on you.
- Yeah, no.
The look of growing pity in your eyes as I become more and more useless, every hour? Really looking forward to that.
Ok, we don't need to.
We're down the road, Mary.
And I promise you, I mean this, leave now, get out.
Get out.
Mom? What are you doing? Thinking.
Ah, so I see.
I met Scott today.
Scott, right.
Thank you, Brandi.
- Oh, it's not her fault.
- Uh-huh.
I wanted to see him.
I wanted to hear about your father find a way to tell him how much better my life is now.
- It is.
- Oh, is it? - Yes.
- Well, I tell myself that.
I just don't know anymore.
And it hurts.
And I want it to stop! Since when does hurting equal better? You know, mom I don't want to say your problems are less significant than other people's.
But your problems are less significant than other people's.
And I mean that in the nicest, most un-me way.
Some people are all alone.
They have no family at all.
Your your life is good.
How about not terrible? Okay.
Okay, not terrible.
Definitely not worth blowing apart for a shot.
Come on, call your sponsor.
Go to a meeting.
- Let let me drive you.
- No, no, no, no.
I'll be fine.
I'll be not terrible soon.
Good night.
Hey, Mia.
I wanted to apologize for being such a bitch before and to say good-bye.
I'm going to Kansas City to see Robin.
No, you're not.
Yes, Mary, I am.
I have to.
No, Mia, look, as soon as you set foot in Kansas City, you're dead.
You get why that's funny, right? No, I'm having a hard time finding the funny right now.
Look, I get why this feels like a good idea I didn't call to get talked out of it, Mary, and I didn't call for another round of pity.
Jesus, Mia, enough with the pity B.
, okay? This isn't pity.
This is my twisted version of friendship.
Do you want it or not? I'll take your silence to mean "hell, yes.
" I'll see you in ten.
- Mary, you don't have to - Oh, shut up.
Come on, please.
Don't do this.
What's the emergency? I asked him to come with me, and he said no.
I'm going back to Houston.
Talk some sense into him, Marshall.
He'll listen to you.
I don't know what to say except this doesn't actually constitute an emergency.
This is over.
Look, they're moving me to Just I can tell you everything, as soon as you say you'll come with me.
But I can't go without you.
I want to be with you.
I want us to be together Really together.
I'm sorry.
I just I just don't believe you.
I hope you'll be happy and safe in your new secret life.
Prove it.
What? What you're saying prove it.
Excuse me.
Um, hi.
Um, I'm Patrick Hill.
I I live across the courtyard.
I know.
Yes, but do you know that I'm gay? See I love this man.
His name is Bob.
All right, you and Bob have a good day.
I hate to step on a moment, but your new WITSEC inspector's gonna be here in two hours.
Think you can both be packed and ready to go? We will be.
Seriously you should probably probably start packing.
The trick to grilling, Marco, is you got to wait for the grate to get red-hot.
When you throw the meat on, you're making a commitment, you know what I'm saying? Not so much, sir.
I'm saying you don't even check it.
You want to take a peek, see how it's going.
That's a sucker's move four minutes then flip.
I like mine medium, little pink in the middle.
Who the hell are you supposed to be? A guest with a badge, asshole, so back up.
Auntie Mia? Hey, baby.
The stones you got coming back here.
Stupid is what it is.
I'm not here to cause trouble, Richie Just to talk to Robin.
I need a minute alone.
Robin, you sit down.
Hey! I think you can give her a minute, probably even five.
Dad I'd like to hear what Mia has to say.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
No pockets.
Put your hands where I can see them Now.
Did you kill cousin Benny, like they say? Yes, I did right before he tried to kill me.
Robin I had to do all this, and the reasons why make my heart ache for you.
I just want to tell you to run.
Run fast and far.
Make a new life for yourself.
But this is our family.
It is.
And some of it you get to inherit, and some of it you get to pick, like Marco.
Don't marry him because you're supposed to, because you're already in this far.
Marry him because you want his face beside yours in a scrapbook your grandkids are looking through, because you can't stand the thought of not waking up next to him when you're 80.
You're making him your life.
Why are you saying this? You're scaring me, like we're not gonna see each other again.
We won't, baby.
It's just not possible.
But I need to say I love you.
I needed to say good-bye.
Maybe I could maybe just come with you.
No, you can't, baby.
I wish I could take you with me, but now I'm not afraid.
It's weird, but I'm not as long as I know you'll take care of yourself.
I will.
I promise.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
I can count the witnesses I've admired on a hand and a half.
The ones I liked, fewer still.
But when it comes to those I was truly friends with, I can't put a number on it.
I don't need to.
It's just Mia Someone who wouldn't be around for very long.
I know somewhere a therapist's couch beckons.
Hello? Mia lived 42 years.
All she wanted in the end was to have made a difference in one life.
She did.
She absolutely did.
I know what she'd say if she heard all this.
"Oh, shut up" her version of " rest in peace.
" You want me to go with you? I should do it alone.
Why? I'm here.
Come on.
Oh, hey.
You think you think maybe we could talk tomorrow? My day was just well, it's difficult to describe.
I just wanted to thank you.
Everything you said really put things in perspective.
And I I I just want to tell you I finally found my place In the world.
And that makes me Proud.
I just I just need to feel it more.
You do, mom.
You do.
You should feel proud.
You should feel proud of everything you've accomplished.
Not being proud I learned that from my mother.
And I'm I'm so worried I passed it on to Brandi.
I sure as hell didn't pass it on to you.
But you passed on a lot of good things to both of us.
I'm sorry about your day, honey.
You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.
A friend died.
Oh, Mary.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I really am.
Her name was Mia.
Tell me about her.
She was this