In Plain Sight s03e10 Episode Script

Her Days Are Numbered

Unemployment may be high, but our business is booming.
Good take today.
People need hope, I guess.
Thanks, Judy.
How much we make last week? $353,640, and the number that hit was 3-4-2.
You're a gem.
That's what you are, a gem.
What we'd do without you, I have no idea.
You'd need a computer.
Computer, right.
Might as well put up a big sign, flashing my name and occupation in neon.
Why would you want a neon sign flashing your name? We wouldn't.
That's the point.
That's why we're glad we have you here.
We don't need computers.
Dale, how you doin'? Ask her.
How am I doing, rain man? You made $370,000 this week on 8-0-6, and my name's Judy.
I still say we're paying out too much.
Our odds are better than lotto, better than online.
Yeah, but our profit margin is way What is it, Judy? Yeah, let's not get greedy here, Dale, okay? People take a risk, they come to us.
'Cause they're more likely to win.
Right, Judy? Right, and because pay-out's Hey! I work here, too, you know.
You can skip the math gymnastics.
Who's that handsome guy? That's you, Larry, and that's me.
It's a joke, Judy.
FBI! All right, hands up high, moving slow! Everybody! Stand up! Let me see your hands! Up against the wall.
Let's go! Move it! Move! Everyone! Quick! Now! You, back there! Let's go! But I I have a lot of work to do.
I don't think you understand.
I'm an FBI agent, and you're under arrest.
Por aqui.
What's going on, Reina? I hate to bother you again.
Bother me? Until last week, I'd barely ever heard from you.
You were quiet as a sniper.
How's everyone holding up since the break-in? Good.
Getting back to normal.
We were a little scared, but the new security has been very helpful.
A phone call to ABQ P.
, an email to a friend in private security.
It took me less than a lunch break.
You have to watch out.
Pharmaceuticals are currency, and, unlike banks, free clinics don't have much in the way of armed guards.
So what's the latest? My "S" visa is about to expire in one week, and if I don't get my green card, I'm going to lose my job.
I called the A.
last month, and he assured me everything was in order.
But I testified six months ago.
What is taking so long? Doubtless, the oppressive sluggishness of bureaucracy.
You know, Franz Kafka characters trying to enter castles and turning into bugs.
Red tape.
Is it possible that immigration maybe changed their mind? You were promised a green card as a condition of your testimony.
I'm sure there was just a snafu along the way to approving the paperwork.
Don't worry.
I'll fix it.
Ciao, Marshall.
The language of betting is rampant with bluster.
Its cup runneth over with metaphor.
Bluff, raise, tell, call, fold, hit, stand, bust.
Some say, stay in the box and do what you know.
They fret about crapshoots, to hell with jackpots.
They crave what's familiar and cling to routine.
So what's better, pulling up short of doubling down? You think I know? Don't bet on it.
So, Scott, how long you in town? What, are you sick of me already? I don't know.
I'm kind of playing it by ear.
I'm crashing at this little motel, it's got a pool, a decent rate.
And your life at home, your job? Have laptop, will travel.
Day-trading's all chasing numbers on the Internet.
Let's take a look here.
Yeah, I just lost 17k on gold.
Scott! My God.
Ah, don't sweat it.
I made 30 last week on a new malaria vaccine, so I'm actually up a little bit for now.
Gotta love the bio-techs.
It's good to see you're not gambling anymore.
You can get your fix right here, you know, in my kitchen.
Pretty much.
Oh, speaking of that, uh, Scott invited me to come to his gamblers anonymous meeting.
You want to come with? Yeah.
No, I'm running late, and shoot me first.
Well, any open meeting, Mary, we'd love to have you.
Think you'd find it pretty compelling.
Oh, well, I've already been, and it wasn't.
You have? Yeah.
I I went a while ago.
I had to drive a friend just whatever.
I didn't get much out of it, but, you know, burnt coffee and stale cookies.
Knock yourselves out.
Don't forget your tissues, though, and Xanax.
We'll share later.
I'd apologize for her, but I swear, if I start, I will never stop.
It's your turn.
Ha ha.
So what's the 411 on Alfaro? The A.
says he doesn't understand what happened, and Reina's paperwork was submitted.
So what's the hold-up? She made their case, put away some serious dirt-bag smugglers, right? Give the woman a green card.
Who's the ice guy in charge here? Uh, the file says Jack Suarez.
Jack Suarez? You know him? Oh, yeah, from the paleozoic era.
We knocked heads on a joint task-force.
He was, uh less than malleable.
Is he a stand-up guy? Oh, a little too stand-up.
Talk about an agent who would collar his own mom, Suarez actually did, on a coke charge.
Got famous quick.
Lemme take a crack at this.
Forward me the info.
Good morning, Mary.
You have a new witness.
It never ends.
What's her story? Challenging.
In what sense? Key witness in an interstate numbers-running ring.
She was the accountant.
Feds kicked in the doors, only to find no computers, no files, not a hard drive in sight.
Just some phones, the odd betting slip, and our Ms.
Wagrowski in the conference room.
Kept every bet and payout for the entire operation in her head.
Meaning she's not the key witness in the case.
She is the case.
Something exactly like that, yeah.
So the challenge is, what, finally dealing with my intellectual equal? The challenge is she has Asperger's, and you're, you know.
You're you.
Asperger's has a number of symptoms of which you should be aware.
Oh, yippee, Marshall -pedia.
Off-the-chart recall, total inability to relate emotionally on any level.
So, my dream witness.
Also, it's difficult for some people with Asperger's to lie, or even grasp the concept of lying.
Which is why this is her third relocation in six months.
She testifies in a few days.
If she blows her new identity again, she's out of WITSEC.
Since 1970, the federal witness protection program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
So, Judy, this is your third relocation.
I'm sensing maybe the rules of WITSEC haven't been made entirely clear.
They're clear.
I know the rules.
Okay, then why all the breaches? They sent me to St.
Louis and got me a job in a clothing store.
I told them I'm not good with people, but no one listened, and I ended up getting fired because I told a lady she looked fat and she told my boss.
I said, "this is a stupid job anyway and my job with Larry in Pittsburgh was better for me.
" - Which got you relocated.
- Yes.
- Was she fat? - Of course she was fat.
Why would I say she was if she wasn't? Love it.
Then they sent you to San Francisco.
What happened there? At the museum where they placed me, a co-worker wanted to know what high school I went to, so I told her the cover story.
And when she Googled me and couldn't find my name, I said it's because she wasn't looking under the right name because my real name isn't Judy Stevens, and she was looking under Judy Stevens.
I don't understand why I have to lie all the time.
It's for your safety.
I don't like lying.
I don't understand it.
Lying's very stressful.
You want stressful? Keep telling people your real name.
The men you're testifying against will find you, and they will hurt you.
Larry would never hurt me.
Larry is The former employer you're testifying against.
A man who is very, very motivated to hurt you.
Larry's my best friend.
No, he was your best friend.
Was, Judy.
Not anymore.
You need to understand, you're testifying against him.
The FBI asked me to explain Larry's business and what my job was.
And you know that what you will say will send him to jail.
I can't perjure myself.
No, that's right, you can't.
I'm supposed to lie sometimes and not others? How am I supposed to know when? Judy, look.
Okay, let's let's just talk about getting you settled here in Albuquerque before the trial.
What can you do? I can cook.
I can drive.
I can juggle.
I think Mary means, what can you do for a living? That's not what she said.
Oh, my God.
You should mean what you say.
- You know what? - Focus.
Judy, let's see, you were a bookkeeper for this Larry guy.
Maybe you'd like to try that again, but, you know minus the criminal part.
Man, you think you've seen every kind of witness there is.
A few things you're gonna want to keep in mind: Everything is literal with Judy.
Also, she can't really decipher visual cues Shoulder shrugs, raised eyebrows.
Look, I know I'm not the smartest girl in the room anymore, but I think I have a pretty good handle on the definition of " visual cues.
" She's obsessed with fairness and honesty, so never lie to her.
And if you ask her to lie, expect a lack of comprehension at best.
I can't comprehend how I'm still awake.
Oh, and one more thing.
She absolutely cannot grasp the life-blood of your repartee bitter sarcasm so every second you're with her, try being someone other than who you actually are.
Ooh, role-playing.
My favorite.
I knew my dad for 23 years.
He was a good salesman, a bad golfer, and a world-class storyteller.
Better than I knew, because it turns out what he told me well, a lot of it it was a lie.
I never knew him.
Just a side of him, the side that he wanted me to see, which was kind of like not knowing him at all.
But here's a shocker something that I never knew, but I should have.
He was addicted to gambling.
Explains a lot, clearly.
But, um, I've got a lot to be grateful for, including two awesome sisters that I'm just getting to know.
And we are gonna crack the code of our old man together, one way or another.
For what? A couple of months ago, if you hadn't called me with a "hey, I'm your brother," I'd be, um Well, 10 grand poorer, anyway.
Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you what you're gonna do with the money.
I'm, uh, thinkin' about of betting it on the ponies.
I'm kidding.
But I did have an idea, but it's stupid.
Um, I think about it, and all I can hear in my head is Mary calling me an idiot.
- I don't know.
- Okay, so tell me.
And if I think that you're being an idiot, you'll know it's not just knee-jerk.
It's that you are, in fact, an idiot.
You know you friend there in Miami, Jacy? Mm -hmm.
She said I have what it takes, whatever "it" is, and, um, I haven't stopped thinking about it since.
What's doin'? Reina Alfaro.
What about her? Well, her temp visa's about to run out, and she needs that green card now.
Yeah? It's not gonna happen.
Come on, her green card deal's with D.
- Doesn't exempt her.
- From what? Let's just say certain information leads me to believe she wouldn't exactly make a model U.
She commit a crime? Let's see the charges.
Stan, you're tellin' me she's in WITSEC? Come on, Jack, I'm not saying anything about WITSEC.
See, here's the thing.
You know what you know, but you don't wanna share.
You think you have the market cornered on secrets? All I'm saying is this is someone who matters, all right? Don't make me put a call in to the A.
So this is an official request to back off? Yeah.
I swear.
Hey! So Scott has the craziest dating story ever.
Some girl pushed her plate across the table with her nose, like that spaghetti scene in the dog movie.
- Lady and the - And the tramp.
Yes, and if you think that is crazy, on our second date, she came back from the bathroom with a gun.
- What? - Kept calling me Sollozzo.
Oh! Uh, I know! Godfather! - Right.
- Godfather! Ooh, besties! Now I know what all those junior high pajama parties were like.
Let me just go grab my ouija board.
Hey, uh, we're gonna meet Peter for drinks a little bit later.
You want to come with? Thanks.
I've got a date with a bathtub and a crappy Merlot.
Tell her.
She's in a bad mood.
No, she's not.
What? Brandi has got a great idea for a new business.
And bad mood in three, two, one Oh, come on.
Okay, so it's not great, but I think that I could do it and be good.
I'm going to be a masseuse.
Oh, boy.
Sorry, are you serious? Yeah.
Just, given your stellar past, my mind goes right to the late-night call from vice.
No, no, no, this is totally legit.
I have a friend in Florida, Jacy, who does it as a living, and she told Brandi she'd be amazing at it.
Really? Oh, well, I mean, if Jacy thinks she could do it.
Brandi, I mean, do you have any idea how many hours it takes to train for that to even, I don't know, get a license or whatever? and 30 hours in professional ethics.
Which is more time than you've ever spent doing anything, and way more than you've ever even spent thinking about professional ethics.
Okay, so there's a lot to do, but from a business point of view, it's actually What is it? Low overhead, decent hourly wage, minimal advertising Right, as long as you advertise in a tank top and a pair of Daisy Dukes.
Seriously, Brandi, I mean, the fact that you might be parlaying your assets here, that isn't a factor in choosing this over, say, micro-processing? I mean, does Peter know about this? - I'm gonna surprise him.
- Excellent.
All right, well, when you tell him, I want third row on the aisle.
He's gonna love this.
Can I just ask you a question in a totally un-hysterical way? Why can't you see what "is" with me? Brandi.
Not what I was, what I did, or what I'm trying to be.
Okay, and you sure as hell aren't taking the time to try to get to know our brother.
This your version of un-hysterical? Yeah.
Another quiet night at home with the Shannons.
Your side of the family this much fun? - We have our moments.
- Mmm.
You know, she really could do this.
Oh, you got pineapple? And ham.
There is no way we're from the same gene pool.
Okay, hang tight.
Stan, I thought you said everything with Reina and ice was set.
What? I told Suarez I wanted him to back off.
He said he understood.
I guess when ice said "understood," they mean, "let's go to Reina's house and interrogate the neighbors as to her whereabouts.
" Damn it.
Luckily, she just left for work and they pretended not to know.
Uh, go scoop her up.
What are we gonna do then, hide her from the U.
government? Pretty much.
I'll call you.
We'll figure this out on the fly.
So thanks for that stock tip last week.
Made sure to avoid it like the plague.
Good move.
It dipped.
How's Judy working out? A godsend.
That woman has a head for numbers like no one I ever met.
Never writes anything down, doesn't need a computer.
That's Judy.
Brings me a coffee, two sugars, every morning at 9:00, every evening at 5:00.
Man, I wish someone would do that for me.
I don't drink coffee.
Have you told her? Every day.
Doesn't seem to take.
Well, I guess you knew the deal when you hired her.
Yeah, no, listen, she's exactly what I needed around here.
I don't know what I'd do without her.
Well, you're about to find out, Howard.
I've come to pick her up for our camp reunion, remember? Oh.
Reunion? Judy said you were gonna see her old friend, Larry, to testify.
Testify? No.
No, no, no.
No, Larry was our counselor.
We're going to give a testimonial.
In Pittsburgh.
Michigan, Judy.
- Remember? - Yeah, it's Michigan.
Larry's from Pittsburgh, but the camp was in Michigan.
But Judy said that you were Well, like you said, dynamite with numbers.
Judy, have fun.
I'll be counting the days till you get back.
What are you talking about? I haven't even left yet.
All righty then.
Ready? Have her back before you know it.
Excuse me, we're looking for Reina Alfaro.
Reina Alfaro.
Think she called in sick today.
Her landlord saw her leave for work.
I don't know what to tell you.
She never signed in.
Reina, it's Marshall.
Where are you? In the basement.
Okay, sit tight.
Is there any other way in? There's an entrance through the back, in the alley.
Hurry! Reina.
Stan, a threat-assessment ruse is only gonna buy us a few days, tops.
Well, we claim we don't know who was tracking Reina at the clinic.
We didn't get a good look at the guys.
The witness is in danger, we're simply following WITSEC protocol.
I would say we're on a fine line between honesty and a profound breach, but we crossed that line a mile back.
I don't know what Suarez wants or why.
Until we figure it out, we do our job, we keep her safe.
Hey, Reina, come on.
We got you a room, okay? Can I help you with that? What's the matter? You okay? No, I'm not okay.
None of this is okay.
Reina, easy.
We're here to help you.
I did what I was asked, didn't I? I was asked to testify.
I did.
I was asked to be patient.
I was.
I love this country, I love my home.
I just want to be safe in it, that's all.
Is that so much? No, of course not.
I'm asked and asked and asked, and the more I say yes, the more I get in trouble! Things are a little crazy right now.
No, you think I'm a victim.
Ice thinks I'm a criminal.
You know what I am? I am a nurse.
That's all I ever wanted to do is help people, and that's what gets me in trouble.
Reina, what are you talking about? Nothing.
I'm just This is a bureaucratic mix-up, that's all.
We'll sort it out.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm just tired.
It's fine.
It'll all be fine.
We'll get you checked in, you'll be trying to wrestle the tv remote from me inside of ten minutes.
Okay, Judy.
You wait in here.
Call you when I'm ready for her.
Will Larry be there? Yes.
Yes, he'll be sitting at the defense table when you're on the witness stand, but he can't come near you, and we'll be with you the whole time.
I haven't seen Larry in six months, three weeks, and five days.
And you know that once you testify, that'll be it.
You'll go back to Albuquerque and you'll never lay eyes on Larry again.
He's not dying.
He's just going to jail.
People in jail get visitors all the time.
I've seen it, in movies.
No, I know.
I'm not saying Look, Judy, the thing is, you won't be able to visit him.
That's one of the rules.
Maybe I can see him when he gets out.
No, you'll have a new life.
That means no more Larry, ever.
But he's my friend.
No, he's not your look, I don't think after today, there's a good chance that Larry won't want to be your friend.
Let's just take it one step at a time, okay? All you have to do today is answer the A.
's questions honestly.
That's it.
How else would I answer them? No other way, Judy.
This part you've got down pat.
You look funny in that shirt.
It looks weird on you.
Like I said, down pat.
Miss Wagrowksi, the number would come in how? It was the last three digits of that day's purse at the track.
So if the jackpot at the racetrack was 3,943.
56 Then that day's number was 3-5-6.
Anyone who picked 3-5-6 as their number would win.
My job was to keep track of how much money had come in, how much we were paying to the winners, and how much was left.
And where did you keep track of all that? In my head.
Thank you, Miss Wagrowski.
No more questions.
Let's recess for the day.
Court is adjourned.
Hi, Larry.
Judy, let's go.
It's me, Judy.
Larry! Judy.
Why didn't he wave ck to me? What? I waved at him, and he didn't wave back.
Judy, I know this has gotta be confusing.
I answered all the lawyer's questions.
What else was I supposed to do? Not a thing.
You did your job, and you did it really, really well.
I told the truth, and he won't wave at me, won't say hello, like he doesn't even know me.
- Judy.
- And you want me to lie.
You want me to say my name isn't my name and my job isn't my job and my friend isn't my friend.
Jesus, Judy, just take a take a breath.
All I wanted when I was little was a friend, just one.
They'd come over to my house, and they'd want to leave as soon as they got there.
And then I met Larry, and I finally had a friend, and he never thought I was weird.
And now he's gone.
- I just lost my only friend.
- No, look.
- Now I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life.
- Okay, Judy.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me! I don't like it, I don't like being touched.
Okay, okay.
Judy, it's okay.
Look, just give us a little space? You're too close to me.
Okay, I'm backing up, okay? Look, I know it's hard, the thought of losing your only friend, but Larry was not your friend.
Yes, he was.
Larry was my best friend.
Okay, maybe he was, but he took advantage of your abilities to make money illegally.
He used you.
I'm not doing this.
I don't want to testify anymore.
Judy, you can't do that, okay? You'll be kicked out of WITSEC.
You could be charged with a crime.
I don't care.
I'm not lying anymore, and I'm not hurting Larry.
- Look - Leave me alone.
- Judy.
- Go! I don't want to talk to you anymore.
I don't want to talk to you anymore! Okay.
You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
Let's just take a breath together, okay? You and me.
"A breath together" doesn't even make sense.
Be right back, Judy.
Why don't you and the team take her back to the hotel, okay? Get her secure.
Gotta find the A.
and make sure he's got a heads-up.
No problem.
Judy! Inspector Lancaster's gonna take you back to the hotel, okay? We can talk about tomorrow's testimony later.
No more testimony.
She was fine a half an hour ago.
I mean, totally comped, a dream on the stand.
Well, apparently alienating the only person that ever mattered to her was more than she could take.
How do you think she'll take it when I charge her with accessory? She doesn't respond well to threats.
She responds to fairness and honesty.
She needs to be convinced that taking the stand equals doing what's right.
I thought she understood that.
She does.
She will.
It's just, for her the world is Hang on.
What? - She's gone.
- What? Lancaster, tell me you're not talking about my witness.
We were stopped at a street light, she started saying, "coffee, two sugars, coffee, two sugar s," over and over.
I saw a coffee shop, and we pulled over.
Thought maybe it would calm her down.
She bolted.
You get paid for this, right? I could get a guy off the street if all I needed was someone to not keep track of witnesses.
Keep looking.
Larry's home address, I need it.
Wait a minute, what's happening? They lost Judy.
Oh, no! No! No! Hey, how 'bout you be the only one around me not having a tizzy? Could you do that? Get me the goddamn address.
Come on.
I just got off the phone with the deputy director.
He's either having a very bad day, or he's trying out some very creative new curse words.
So he's not buying the threat assessment? I may have to cut Reina loose.
What do you got? Maybe nothing.
Kinda hope not, actually.
Those break-ins at the clinics.
Yeah? I'm a little worried Reina's mixed up in this.
Well, doesn't sound like her.
I didn't think so, either.
But there was that thing she said, something about how helping people got her into trouble? And? All three clinics reported missing drugs and other items, but not your typical recreational oxycontin and pain-killers.
We're talking penicillin, infant flu vaccine, blankets, diapers.
And the day before Reina calls me Son of a bitch.
All right, you take Reina.
I got Suarez.
Reina, I have a theory I'd like to run past you.
Someone comes to you and says that there are babies in need of basic medical care, but their parents are illegals and too scared to bring them in, even to a clinic.
So you and some other Florence Nightingales, along with doctors and orderlies, are asked to make a few supplies Disappear.
Am I close? So ice starts connecting the dots, tracing vaccines and you to one of the breached clinics, figuring an inside job.
Next thing you know, Suarez shows up at your door with his bravado and his badge.
Then what? He saw that my visa was about to expire, and he said that he could help me if I became his informant, reporting illegals.
But there was no way.
I didn't say no or yes, and I couldn't tell you, because I knew I had committed a crime, and I would have been kicked out.
I was only trying to help.
Judy, what are you doing here? I want to talk to you.
I brought you coffee, two sugars.
Two sugars.
Sorry it's after 5:00.
Where are your marshals? I came to see you, to explain.
I trusted you.
I gave you a job when nobody would.
I'm your friend, Judy.
I know.
Then why are you hurting me? That's not what friends do.
I'm sorry! I'm really sorry, Larry.
What do I do? Stop.
Just stop talking, stop hurting me.
Be my friend.
Look, you gotta go.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm out on bail.
Just go.
Go! Was that the friggin' retard? Don't call her that.
That girl is smarter than you, me, and 90% of the city.
Larry, think.
If that was her and she's on her own, we got a window.
What are you saying? I'm saying we got an open window here.
You know everything about her, she knows everything about you.
Where's she going, Larry? That's all you need to tell me.
You don't need to know anything else.
Tell me, Larry, and it just happens.
Nature takin' its course.
You don't do a thing.
And then, like that, we're out from under all of this.
Where the hell is Judy? She's not with you? I swear to God, I've got a rainy day fund for when I get suspended without pay, and I am this close to dipping into it.
Where's Judy? Coffee, two sugars.
She's a little late today.
What the hell did you do to her? Nothin'.
I swear, nothing.
Larry, Judy cares about you.
Look, she risked her life to come here to talk to you, to try to explain something she doesn't even understand.
To make things right.
So if you know where she is, do the right thing.
Be a friend.
Every day after work, she'd go to Highland Park and get a hot dog with Sauerkraut and sit on a bench.
We're moving.
Okay, three that way, two that way.
Weapon! Drop the knife! Drop it! Get an A.
out on the goddamn car! Here's the thing, Jack.
All right? No flexing, no threats, no going to your boss or mine, just you and me, talking off the rec, all right? - Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Reina made a mistake.
- She committed a crime.
- All right, all right.
I offered her a chance to clean that up.
To be fair, you tried to leverage her into being an informant because she was scared, all right? Now, you didn't step outside the lines, but from where you're sitting, Reina's just another name on a pile of illegals, all right? Let me tell you something, Jack.
Reina's a hero, all right? She is here because she's a patriot.
Yeah? How's that? Uh, I can't tell you.
Okay? But if I could, I would tell you that when she had the choice to hide or tell the truth, this woman stood up.
She risked her life for a country that wasn't even hers yet.
Don't tell me she blew it funneling surplus flu vaccine to a kid with a cold.
Don't tell me that.
Jack this is in your hands.
Do this thing for me.
Whatever it is down the line, I owe you.
Witness is secure.
Not yet, she's not.
- Is that your chief? - Yeah.
Tell him he's got a long report headed his way, your name all over it.
Let's go, Judy.
Who was that man? God.
How'd you know where I was? Come on.
Where are we going? Back to the hotel.
I don't care if you watch tv, order room service, or stand on your head.
Tomorrow, though, you're going to court.
But, Mary, I If you don't want to testify, don't, fine.
But there are consequences.
What kind of consequences? You'll be arrested, Judy! You'll be arrested.
Jesus! I get that you're not good with people, and I get that you only have one friend and that lying makes you stressed.
I get you don't like to be touched, forget being hugged.
I'm not wild about handshakes.
In a lot of ways, I'm like you, Judy.
You minus the math skills.
And I've been trying, best I can, to keep myself in check, to not be so Me.
And you know what? You ran off anyway.
Because you don't need soft-spoken condescension and and taking breaths.
I sure as hell don't.
What we need is the truth, both of us, unvarnished and sugar-free, and, frankly, that's all I've got left.
That's called monologuing, what you just did.
I do it all the time.
Judy, you promised to testify.
Look, you said lying is hard for you, "stressful," right? Breaking a promise, that's The same thing as lying.
Did you ever promise you wouldn't testify against Larry? No.
We only talked about numbers, baseball, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
And you understand that what he was doing, what you were helping him do, was illegal.
That you were breaking the law, and the law is A promise.
I know that.
I need you to trust me.
I know it's not easy.
It's a gamble.
Everything is.
I think you should gamble on me.
Okay, I might not be the best person, but I'm a good bet.
My job is to keep you safe.
If you don't go to court tomorrow and tell what you know, you will not be safe, and that's a promise, too.
You smell bad.
Can you identify Lawrence Silvers? Please note for the record the witness has identified the defendant, Lawrence Silvers.
And what was the nature of your relationship? He said he was my friend.
I don't know if that was true or not.
But he was my employer.
That's true.
That I can prove.
Hey, Howard, how you doin'? Ohh, tough week.
How was your trip? Good.
It was good.
It was a good week.
What can I do to help? It's just a mess.
I can't find Mrs.
Anderson's I.
Now she wants to make a deposit.
Remember you asked me to transfer Mrs.
Anderson's assets to the short-term cd? I've been keeping track from the road.
She's up at 31/2%.
Tell her.
Judy, you're a godsend.
Would you like some coffee? Two sugars, right? I'd love some.
Uh, a lot of milk, though.
Uh, mostly milk.
Anderson, yeah, I have it right here.
It looks like you're up 31/2.
Would you like some coffee, Mary? Empanadas.
My mother's recipe.
I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help me.
We were just doing our job, Reina.
And you're sure that my temporary green card is not going to expire? Agent Suarez and I have reached an interagency understanding.
Muchas gracias to both of you.
Okay, enjoy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Holy mother, what is that smell? Homemade empanadas.
What kind? Mine, that's what kind.
How come you get the witnesses who cook you food, and I get the ones who can multiply very large numbers in their head? It is commonly referred to as karma.
Tu empanadas es mi empanadas.
Actually, it would be, " tus empanadas son mis empanadas.
" So, in high school, who didn't hate you? Actually, I was both well-liked and widely admired.
How's Judy? Adjusting to change.
Who isn't? One, two, three.
Okay, that meeting was intense.
That one guy I mean, how do you lose ten dry-cleaning businesses in one poker game? - How? - Listen, Brandi, I, uh I might need that 10 grand back.
Are you serious? Yeah.
You know, my business it's cash out, cash in.
I've just had a brutal run the last couple days.
But I will get it back, I swear.
But I need that money to start my business.
I know that, and you're gonna get it back with a big profit, just like last time.
But the thing is, I You know, I kinda need it soon.
Like, how soon? Hey.
Mary, what are you doing here? Well look, this isn't my thing, you know.
It's probably never gonna be.
I mean, if you want to sit in a circle and talk to me, it's gotta be at a table with rib-eyes and a bottle of scotch.
I'm buying.
Well, now, that sounds good.
I'm up for that.
Squish, rib-eyes, this way.
Chop chop.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's go.
What I told Judy that day on the hill was true.
Trusting anything your family, your instincts, the dim-witted anchor on the 10:00 news It's all a gamble, with plenty of promises and no guarantees.
But I'm finding the longer I live, no matter how often I fall on my face, that folding's for losers, that winners take hits.
Call it going all-in, call it rolling the dice.
Screw hedging your bets.
Bluff, raise, call, stand, again and again.