In Plain Sight s04e02 Episode Script

Crazy Like a Witness

- Sweetheart.
- Adam, hi.
You'll never believe this.
- Guess who got a big evelope? - Talk to me.
I'm in, dad.
The U! I'm officially a golden gopher.
Whoo! Yeah, way to go, bud! I knew you'd get in.
What did I tell you? Adam, you should have seen his smile.
Hey, you know what I'm thinking, guys? If you're thinking Antonio's, I do.
I'm thinking Antonio's big time.
I'll meet you there in 20 minutes.
We'll order your favorite.
Guys? Mom? Mom! Mom! Help! Somebody! Mom, wake up! Wake up! Mo-o-om! Mom! Guys, I lost Grace? For all five years of high school, Brandi could never get off the phone.
Didn't matter which guy.
Was always the same "You hang up.
" "No, you hang up.
" Took all I had not to rip the phone out of the wall.
I never got that.
The unquenchable thirst for hanging on.
My mom She was I can't believe she's gone.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
Just everything is Joey, we need to go.
So, what, we'll never see each other again? Seriously now? Look, I'm sorry.
It's just not your call.
You're a minor.
So you go where your dad goes.
I'm really sorry.
It's time to go.
I love you.
In my experience, holding out for closure does nothing but prolong the pain.
The stoics got it right.
Lance the boil, rip off the band-aid.
Man up and get on with it.
I gotta go.
We doing enchiladas? Don't say it before the meeting.
Now that's all I'm gonna think about.
- Con queso? - Con bite me.
I don't think we discussed his revising the document.
Oh, Fred.
I think your case can withstand the assault on the government-issued prose.
I'm not a big fan of uncertainty.
Which is why everyone in your office calls you Chicken Little.
Please tell me you knew that.
I do now.
Real people-person, this one.
You did mention he has the right to comment before signing, right? Comment, yes.
Change, no.
I'm just filling in what Mr.
Zeitlin left out, the part where the U.
Attorney agrees to investigate my wife's murder.
Local police investigated fully.
They concluded accidental mishap.
Okay, look, I was a logistics officer in the army.
Rand Bachmann wanted me to help him turn Genesis into the next Blackwater, so I know I designed how they deal with threats.
Okay? I taught them.
How to bribe congressmen to vote contracts their way? No, ma'am, I did not.
Once they realized that I contacted the Inspector General, that I was going to blow the whistle on their corruption, they targeted me.
Only my wife's car needed an oil change.
She was driving my car.
Do you understand that? Dad, dad, come on.
It was an accident.
Rand Bachmann makes one call to the right guy on K street, and this location is compromised, period.
Dad, stop! Listen, Adam, I understand your concerns I heard about Bachmann.
He's frighteningly well-connected.
I read an exposé on him in wired.
com's "Danger Room.
" "Danger room.
" I'm just saying it's not that crazy.
- Okay.
- Adam, we've never lost a witness who followed the rules.
You don't know much about the way Genesis operates, do you, sir? I cannot sign this document as it is.
Marshall, I'm not convinced.
Roston fully appreciates the strength of his bargaining position.
- Are you? - I am not.
Look, until you testify, Adam, you got Chicken Little here by the what? Short hairs? I would have said balls, but short hairs works.
He has no case without you.
Until you testify, you own him.
This is helpful.
So here's what's gonna happen.
Zeitlin's gonna cave on the changes you need, Stan's gonna okay them, Marshall and I are gonna go get enchiladas, and you and your son can start acclimating to life in lovely Albuquerque.
Don't be shy about the lip balm.
It's dry here.
We good? Okay, yeah, I guess we can rejigger it a little.
Let the jiggering begin.
Just make sure my witness shows up safe and sound at trial.
Wait, safe and sound? Is that new? It's not an either/or thing? Fred, we got this.
Nothing to worry about.
Worry is my middle name.
Must have been awkward at Commencement.
Go back to Minnesota, Zeitlin.
Tell Prince we said hi.
Marshall, enchiladas.
Hey, I forgot my wallet.
Stupid! God damn it.
- Mar? - What? I hate you.
Step aside.
Your water control valve is stuck.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
How are you at drafty windows? This? Bobby down at the dealership taught me everything I need to know.
You miss me living in the guest room and making the coffee.
I miss the coffee.
Mary, umm, there's no good way to ask this.
I'll just go get my checkbook.
No, umm, I'd like you to be my M.
Maid of Honor at my wedding.
Okay, well, don't say M.
Look, I know it's not exactly your thing, but what do you think? Umm, well, I'm honored that you asked me really.
Just I think I know someone who would be more honored if that's possible.
Mom's dying to do this.
"Hey, I'd buy it right now, "but I don't write the checks, you know.
You'll have to talk to my wife.
" Yeah, the apron string, it's a technique that buyers use to put off making a decision.
Some day I'm gonna be looking through my wedding album, Peter, me, and you standing beside me.
I want that picture, Mary.
I need it.
Holy God, I bet you sell a crap load of cars.
Think about it? Okay.
- God, I hate you.
- What? No.
Not you.
Joey called.
He says there's a situation at the house.
I am not going anywhere until I get I got two coffees.
I swear to God, you're a keeper.
Joey, unless that thing's pointed at your neighbor's jacuzzi, it's not a situation.
If it was, I wouldn't be complaining.
Your dad's scared.
He just wants you safe.
And these fears normally resolve themselves faster than you think.
Normal? Okay, home security system, fine, that's normal.
But this? Huh.
There's a bold choice for a window dressing.
Call your friends at wired.
I think we found the danger room.
Since 1970, the federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
I know how this looks.
Like you're trying to save money on sun block? My testimony poses a very real threat to some very powerful, manipulative people.
I helped them run their business.
I know how I would handle a crisis like this.
It wouldn't be to ignore the facts on the ground.
What facts might those be? A car.
He keeps seeing a car.
Same one for a week.
Yukon with tinted windows slow-pulls past the house.
- I got a license number.
- A week? So I guess you were, what, just too busy picking out plywood to let us know? I didn't want to cry wolf.
I had to be sure.
And last night the same car parked across the street.
Just sat there, like, keeping watch, and that's when I knew that Genesis had pierced your alleged cloak of anonymity.
Meanwhile, I've never seen this car, and my eyes work fine.
Okay, I'm just throwing this out there.
Maybe a neighbor bought a new car? I tried to tell him that.
Genesis doesn't know you're here.
And if we thought you were in any danger, we'd move you immediately.
Moving is not a solution.
No matter where we go, Genesis will find us.
I'm making a stand either way.
Might as well be here.
I trust this stand you're contemplating doesn't involve the use of lethal force.
Nothing like that in the house.
I check.
Your son's going on a daily scavenger hunt for guns.
I got to say, I'm not sure plywood's your first priority.
Oh, hey, Shelly.
Thanks for coming.
So Mr.
Roston's having a problem adjusting to the relocation? I'd say he's currently a standard deviation or two outside the norm.
- Translation - I'll just grab Adam's WC file.
Thanks, Marshall.
Thanks, Marshall.
So how severe are we talking here? Is there concern that Adam poses a danger to himself or anyone else? No, I mean, his head's not in the oven yet, but Well, let's get him in for an informal eval anyway.
I'd rather be out in front of this thing.
- Yeah, me too.
- I'm wide open this week.
Thank you.
Call me.
Got a make on the Yukon Adam saw outside the house.
It's registered to a plating business near Phoenix.
Our guys there say the owner's clean, no priors, no nothing.
Still you have to wonder why a vehicle from Phoenix keeps idling on a Random block in Albuquerque.
Ooh, Phoenix.
Hey, mom.
No, I haven't decided yet.
'Cause I haven't had time.
Which, if you think about it, might suggest I'm not the best candidate.
Don't you have to teach six-year-olds Swan Lake or something? Got it.
Mission accomplished.
Running for office? Away from it actually.
Brandi's in the market for a maid of honor.
Apparently Jinx has accepted the post of chief of marketing.
Pestering the sister of the bride to plan a party and pick out shoes? The nerve of those women.
I'd have to pick out shoes? I was on the phone last night with my second cousin Marci.
She's a special agent with Minneapolis FBI.
Now the way she hears it, on the down low funny expression, down low the driver who killed Adam's wife was a no show for a scheduled Q & A.
So they hit his last-known address.
The only thing left was the curtains.
There could be a thousand reasons the driver disappeared.
By which she means, "Thank you, Delia.
" The conspiracy thickens.
It thins.
The conspiracy thins.
The cops in Minneapolis ruled it accidental.
The guy who caused it took off.
He probably had a laundry list of hit-and-runs.
I mean, that's hardly unprecedented.
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.
" Joseph Heller, Catch-22.
"Joseph Heller, Catch-22.
" - I'm just saying.
- You're just saying, "Hey, look at me, I got a gold star in lit.
" And not just in Shakespeare.
In the obscure, offbeat stuff too like On the Road and whatever that other thing was.
Impressive how you can carry both sides of the conversation like that.
Do you do puppet shows? I hate puppet shows.
So lame.
Also oddly scary.
Come on - Get'im Get it up Good shot, Joey.
I'll be right back, all right? Nice shot.
I played some back in the day.
We should shoot the rock sometime.
Shoot the rock? Sorry.
Someone's been watching reruns of The Wire.
Take him up, bet big.
He shoots like a girl.
And she fouls like an inmate playing ball in the yard for smokes.
I see you made some new friends.
Yeah, they're all right.
Nothing like my guys in Minnesota, though, and Albuquerque definitely doesn't have girls like Jessica.
But whatever.
Listen, we wanted to catch you when your dad wasn't around, talk to you about about his meltdown? That's f'd up, right? The boarded-up windows were definitely unconventional.
He used to be, like, the best dad.
You know, street hockey on the weekends, and barbecues, and all that stuff.
And now all he talks about is what happened to my mom and how Mr.
Bachmann's behind it.
Most days, he never even leaves the house.
He doesn't even shower.
So you're taking care of him? Pretty much.
Sounds fun.
I saw this thing about Larry Bird's mental game and how he'd always like to get in the other guy's head.
Bachmann is totally in my dad's head right now.
Seems that way.
The thing is, what if he never leaves? If what you say is true, that your wife was intentionally targeted, you must be considering your share of responsibility.
I know exactly who's responsible Rand Bachmann.
If I could just get Joey to see that.
He thinks I'm out of my mind.
Well, some of your recent behavior could be seen as a little irregular.
The windows, for instance.
Look, your son was forced to move away from his friends, from everything he knows.
That can't be easy on either of you.
He's all I have.
Listen If he doesn't believe me I've been having a-a very hard time here.
Look, Adam, you're under a tremendous amount of stress.
This is not atypical.
The good news is that there are ways to manage it.
I have a colleague, Dr.
Sadoff No, no, no, no, no.
No drugs.
They'll cloud my mind.
I have testimony to give.
I have a murder to prove.
I need to be thinking clearly.
I appreciate it, but I'm fine.
Uh, I need to be home now.
Adam? You okay? All right, listen up, wait for me right there.
Lock the doors, no one comes in.
I'm on my way.
They took Joey.
Three guys in black hoods.
- They jumped out of the car.
- Was it the same car? - The same license plate? - Yes! Yes! The same car! Adam, did they say anything? I'm gonna put Stan on it.
No, they didn't say anything.
They just grabbed Joey.
Joey! Joey! - Hey.
- Joey, you okay? Did they hurt you? Are they still out there? - What's going on? - Adam, no.
Adam! Adam! Adam! Stay away from my son, you son of a bitch! Hands up! Hands up! U.
Put your hands up! Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands! You think I don't know who you are?? - You think I don't know! - Dad! Dad, I was playing basketball! Joey!! Joey, get back in the house!! Get back in the house! Stand down.
Stand down.
You tell Bachmann Yes, I have a medical emergency.
Dad, calm down, all right? So just like that, he's in the psychiatric unit? How long? It's hard to say.
But he's been sedated, so he's comfortable now, calm.
How about you? How are you doing? Look, Joey, I don't know exactly what you're going through here, but what I do know is it isn't your job to take care of your father.
He doesn't want it to be.
You don't.
Neither do I.
Trust me, the best way for you to take care of him is just to take care of yourself.
Do you know that he's been teaching me how to spot drone surveillance planes? Drones.
Spot any? I hate it here.
My friends back home are getting ready to go to prom.
I'm about to visit my dad in a fricking psych ward.
- I know.
- And Jessica has some new boyfriend, I guess.
- Awesome.
- Joey, listen to me, what I'm about to ask you is very important.
Did you speak with Jessica? Someone else? How do you know that? I trolled through Facebook on a friend's account.
Okay? She's in a relationship with this guy Matthew Schmidt, my best friend since first grade.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
God, just why did he have to go after Mr.
Bachmann? I met the guy.
He was I don't know, he was cool.
He got me a Nano for Christmas.
Why couldn't he have just done his job? For some people with a sense of duty, for your dad, he was doing his job.
Adam woke up a bit agitated.
So I increased the sedative IV push.
Seems to have done the trick.
He's settled in.
Settled in is fine.
How's the paranoia? It's subsided for the moment.
If these episodes don't resolve quickly, we can always put him on a wide-spectrum antipsychotic, but then we'll have to be concerned about side effects.
Now, look, I'm on rounds.
Call with anything.
I don't sleep.
Thanks, Wayne.
Side effects? Drowsiness, muscle rigidity, tremors difficult to predict.
I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure zombies tend to make less effective trial witnesses.
Well, to this point, nothing that's happened would have to be revealed to the defense.
Adam's impact as a witness shouldn't be diminished.
Zeitlin will do handstands.
My concern is getting Adam straight with his son.
That'll go a long way toward putting him back on track, so whatever you can do.
Protecting people I can do.
Healing 'em's your gig.
In this case, you might not be able to do one without the other.
Call you later.
- Hey.
- Mm.
You're in the hospital.
Don't worry, okay? You're fine.
I'm fine.
You just you just got to breathe.
The doctors here are top-notch, Adam.
You're in good hands.
What is he doing here? Get him out! Get him - Get him out of here! - Dad, what the hell? They took you away in the Yukon last night.
He's a Genesis man.
You covered your face with that hood, but I know those eyes.
You son of a bitch! Adam, you know me.
I'm Marshall.
Mary and I are here to protect you.
He's with them.
He's one of Bachmann's men.
No, Adam.
No, he's not.
Marshall's with me, - but he's going to find a nurse.
- Yes, he is.
Mary, what the hell? This is getting worse.
It's getting worse.
Look at me.
Look, your dad's getting help.
This is where he needs to be, but we need you to keep it together.
- Can you do that? - Yeah.
Adam, Adam.
You're okay.
- Okay? - Gracie.
- No.
- Gracie.
- Adam, I'm not your wife.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
- Joey.
Always been a stubborn boy.
You talk to him.
Yeah, let me see what I can do, sweetheart, okay? - You just rest.
- Where are you going, Joey? Joey! Come back! Joey.
Joey, wait.
Damn it.
God damn it.
Leave me alone.
I'm going to the cafeteria.
Is that not allowed? Look, I know what you saw in there just now - My dad is completely whacked! - I know.
I know what this looks like right now, okay? Believe me, I do, but it doesn't mean your dad he's not gonna be like this forever.
How do you know? You can't promise he'll get better, so don't.
Stan, he's a kid.
He's in danger.
We can't at least reach out to WITSEC Minneapolis? It's out of our hands, Marshall.
Believe me.
I wish there was something we could do.
Who died? Joey Roston just officially opted out, and we assume he's on his way home.
Well, so one of us watches the dad.
The other flies to Minnesota, drags him home by his ear.
It's a non-starter.
Joey turned 18 last month.
He's entirely within his rights.
All we can do is protect the witness we do have.
So one witness goes section eight, and the other goes awol.
Somehow I'm not seeing a departmental commendation on this one.
- Chief McQueen.
- Yeah, what do you got? DVD from WITSEC Washington.
Special courier.
Marked urgent.
My name is Rand Bachmann, and I'm speaking to you from my office at the Genesis Corporation.
As I'm sure you're aware, it's been a tumultuous time for all of us here at Genesis.
And when I say all of us, I include our friend and former colleague Adam Wilson.
Talk about connected.
Yeah, enough to get a DVD to us through DOJ Channels.
Take that, Netflix.
So please know that what I'm about to share with you is meant in the spirit of true concern and understanding.
For some time now, Adam's been struggling emotionally, making claims about his coworkers that bore no basis in fact.
Even saying I made payments to a Senator A total fabrication.
And while we don't pretend to understand what motivated him, please assure Adam that he is under no threat from anyone at Genesis.
And that no one was involved in Grace's death.
We we join in his grief.
Am I the only one a little creeped out that he was able to get this to us? I assume he strong-armed a friend over at DOJ But one thing we never do is turn on our own people.
We're appealing to you because we know that reaching Adam personally is out of the question, as it should be.
But wherever Adam is and whatever he might be thinking of us, please assure him that he and Joey are close to our hearts and always in our thoughts.
Thank you.
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.
" Joseph Heller.
What? I read.
Yeah, I don't know, Stan.
I guess I'll call you after I talk to him, okay? Okay.
I cannot believe you brought backup.
What is this technique? The "Mommie Dearest"? Your sister tells me you've been avoiding the maid of honor question.
Mary, it's all my fault.
Please tell me you didn't break my new coffee maker.
And I think I know what's really going on, why you won't say yes.
For so many years, you both of you were so focused on me and my problems, you haven't had time to focus - on each other.
- Mom.
To become real sisters.
What are you talking about? Of course, we're real sisters.
Which is why I find you ambushing me in my own home irritating as opposed to, say, criminal.
Mary, please.
I'm just trying to say that I think that my problem - Alcoholism? - Yes.
Stopped you from growing up.
- No, it didn't.
- That graduation party you always wanted, that Sweet 16.
I never wanted a Sweet 16.
I wanted a bottle of vodka, which you bought for me.
I feel really bad about not being able to be there for you then, but I can be here for you now.
And you can be here for Brandi.
I know, right? We've talked, Brandi and I, and if you don't want to be maid of honor, fine.
But at least, as a sister, help her pick out her wedding gown.
Let's start by calling it a dress, okay? Look, Brandi, I'm sorry you didn't get that sister.
You know, the Kodak moment sister who loves spending the day with wedding magazines.
I do my best.
I'm just never gonna do magazines.
I don't do dresses.
And I definitely don't do gowns.
But, hey, eat, drink.
Not you.
And by all means, enjoy my couch.
Doctor said you're feeling better.
How's Joey? Adam, we need to talk.
What? What? Spit it out, inspector.
Umm Look, Joey's left the program.
He's opted out of Witness Protection.
I don't understand.
How? He's 18 now.
It's his call.
I guess, between everything that's happened and missing his old life, just too much.
Where did he go? What are you doing about it? Well, right now what we're doing is upping your protection here at the hospital.
And as soon as you're released, - you'll be relocated.
- Relocated? Joey would never compromise my location.
Not willingly, of course.
But he knows where you are.
That makes him vulnerable.
And not just him.
- I need to talk to him.
- Adam, that's not possible.
He's my son, God damn it.
- Okay.
- He's just a boy, Mary.
He doesn't know how to protect himself.
- Do you know where he is? - No, we don't.
Look, if I had to guess, the good money's on Minneapolis.
- Right? - He went to see Jessica.
What if Genesis has gotten to her? No, Genesis hasn't look, Jessica's not part of some scheme, Adam.
She's a high school kid.
She's ditching class, buying a prom dress.
No, she is a girl whose father has debts.
It's so simple.
It's straight out - of Bachmann's playbook.
- Adam.
Adam, Adam! Just lie down, okay? Look.
I've alerted the police in Minneapolis.
They'll keep an eye out for Joey if he shows.
All right? The best thing you can do now is rest up Okay? I'll check in with the Minneapolis PD, and I'll let you know what they know.
I promise.
I promise.
Okay? Okay.
WNBA is calling.
New security detail's outside Adam's door - waiting for us.
- What's Finkel thinking? That the key for Adam is getting straight with Joey.
So basically this guy's cure just went off the grid.
Awesome, right? Listen, I'll handle the introductions, make sure Adam knows these guys are with us and not, you know, evil.
Good idea.
He and I aren't exactly - Frick and Frack.
- Yeah.
Plus, you say things like Frick and Frack, really, who needs that? You guys noon to 8:00? It's not that bad.
It starts off with judge Judy, but not that one, the black one.
Before you know it, you're into 11 hours of Law & Order reruns.
I'll see if Adam's up for handshakes.
Oh, crap.
Hey, Stan, Adam pulled a Cuckoo's Nest.
Looks like skipping town runs in the family.
Guy can't tell me from his dead wife, but he Jackie Chans himself into the ventilation system - and ditches security? - It's adrenaline.
He's worried about his son.
Yeah, me too.
The day I left, I told you I loved you.
And you said the same thing.
You said the same thing, Jessica.
I know.
I Look, things, they just I never thought that I would see you again.
Okay? Matthew? Hey, we're still gonna see each other at school, right? You're still going? I guess.
Come on, Joey.
Please don't.
I'm not.
I'm not.
I'm just my head is, like, allergies.
Give me a minute? Yeah.
Everyone says New York's dangerous or Philly or Detroit.
But regardless of where you go, danger finds you.
The trick is, keep your head down, blend in, and go about your business.
You know what I mean? Give our regards to your father.
I'm telling you, Jessica didn't say a thing.
They must have been, I don't know, like, watching her I guess.
Did either of them mention Genesis or Rand Bachmann? - They didn't have to.
- Look, Joey, we can't tell you what to do.
We can't force you back into the program, but those guys in the van were right about one thing.
It isn't safe for you here.
Or your father.
- What are you talking about? - We think your father's coming to look for you.
I thought he was in the hospital.
He was.
He took off.
He heard you were coming back here, and however crazy you think he is, he's your father, and he wants you safe.
- What are we gonna do? - Nothing.
You do nothing.
You grab a crappy cup of coffee.
Sit tight and do nothing.
Joey is telling extraordinary stories.
Masked men, gagged in the back of a van, dumped outside a police station? That's not public information.
Oh, relax.
I don't have the precinct bugged.
I spoke to the chief earlier.
Huh, small world.
Well, we were coordinating our weekly squash game.
Clever, by the way, dropping Joey off outside the station.
Just makes the kid's story sound ridiculous on its face.
Do I sense a hidden accusation? Oh, was that hidden? My mistake.
Look, the last thing Genesis needs are additional headlines.
Bring me a physical description, a license number, a single piece of evidence linking even one Genesis employee, and I'll conduct an internal investigation.
Internal as in fabricated? Well, I hate to say this, but fabrication is Adam's department.
Our file documenting Adam's many claims against Genesis as well as his psychological difficulties.
Maybe all the secrecy required of his position got to him.
Maybe I kept him on out of a sense of responsibility.
Bottom line Adam's a friend who lost his wife.
I'm concerned.
We all are.
And I believe that you will see what I mean.
This file's a joke.
It's a hell of a way to pre-impeach testimony.
Bachmann sees someone about to blow the whistle, he retroactively assembles his own defense.
And Adam goes from whistleblower to psycho ex-employee with an axe to grind.
Kind of genius, actually.
It's unbelievable.
Adam was dead-on about these guys from the get-go.
Ah, the dulcet sound of a Mary Shannon admission so rarely heard in nature.
Do you think everyone wants to punch you in the mouth? Joey? You okay? Okay, yeah.
Okay, yeah, just stay put.
We'll be there in ten.
Adam called Joey.
Says he's gonna make things right.
Ooh, what do you think that means? I don't know.
The last place I'd want to be is inside Adam's head, but I'm guessing it doesn't involve a happy ending for Bachmann.
Your father mentioned him by name? No, but I could tell he was talking about Mr.
And then he said something about me being proud of him and hung up.
Adam's a trained soldier, so he'd want to exploit any weaknesses in Bachmann's personal security.
Rules out Genesis headquarters.
A special forces attack couldn't breach those walls.
Then again, that Houdini act in the hospital? I wouldn't put anything past him.
Anybody want another cup - of crappy coffee? - No.
The home compound's no picnic either.
So if you're thinking like him, thinking logistically, how does Adam get to Bachmann? He waits, picks a spot with little or no security.
But these guys don't spend a lot of time out in the open.
You know, no running to the store for eggs.
And when they do go out, they're shielded by bouncers and bulletproof glass.
They golf, lunch at private clubs.
They play squash.
My dad and him used to play squash twice a week.
Dad used to always bitch - about always letting him win.
- You know where? Minnesota Athletic Club, St.
Yeah, hello, I'm with the Mobile Auto Detail? Yeah, Mr.
Bachmann's car's all done up, and we just wanted to know if now's a good time to drop it off.
- Awff.
- Awff.
No, no, no, don't interrupt his game.
Yeah, we'll just try back later.
You betcha.
Bye now.
That's my best Fargo.
- That was no one's best Fargo.
- Come on.
If your dad's there, he's gonna need to see you.
- But you'll stay in the car.
- Got it.
We are gonna stay here all night, Rand, and you are gonna tell the story of what happened at Genesis, what really happened.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Into the camera.
Into it.
Right now.
I swear to God.
I swear to God, Rand.
You're asking me to admit to things that never actually happened.
No, no.
No, no, no.
I came to you with concerns.
When I persisted, you had them buried, eliminated, along with me.
And then you tried to kill me.
You killed Grace instead.
You killed my wife, you son of a bitch.
You're pointing a gun at me, Adam.
Anything I say here is not admissible at trial.
Who said anything about a trial? - Adam.
- Get back! - Adam! - Get back! Okay, okay.
What is this? Think! There's no endgame here.
Huh? I want Joey to know what really happened to his mother.
I want him to know that I had know that this is real! - This happened! - Okay.
- I believe you, dad.
- Joey.
- Not helping, Joey.
- Don't move.
I believe you, dad.
I believe you.
Dad, please.
Just I believe you.
I think you and Joey lost enough.
Huh? Doing this, this won't bring Grace back.
Your your son is here, and he believes you.
You got what you wanted.
He believes you.
Adam Adam.
Your son needs you.
Huh? Okay.
One of my earliest memories was of a beachfront and a flagpole.
And of lightning flashes headed for the shore.
As grow-ups ran around frantic, gathering beach towels, flip-flops an five-year olds, one kid in particular went racing to the storm.
So you're telling me there's no need for me to testify at all? That part of things, that's over now.
The A.
felt the squash court imbroglio might impugn your credibility.
So that's it? The case against Genesis is just what? Zeitlin can't move forward without you.
Bachmann's agreement not to prosecute for assault with a deadly weapon was the best we could do.
Let's go home, Joey.
Wait a second, Adam.
Are you sure about this? You want to opt out? Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm positive.
Your agreement with DOJ remains in full effect.
We protect you as long as you want, Adam.
My information about corruption at Genesis doesn't matter anymore.
It's irrelevant.
I'm a nuisance to them.
Harming us is no longer in their interest.
Good luck.
Both of you.
Thank you, Mary.
Appreciate it, Marshall.
Hey, Joey.
Take care of yourself.
Let's go, Bud.
I watched that five-year old at the beachfront, clinging, wide-eyed to the flagpole.
as pretty bolts of lightning lit the sky.
Then his mom ran out.
Or a lifeguard, or an aunt.
And pulled him down to groundedness to live another day.
Right, Delia.
Minneapolis cops found the remains of the guy who hit Grace Wilson's car.
Let me guess.
Bottom of a quarry.
Abandoned warehouse just outside downtown.
They're calling it a suicide.
Search for truth just ran out of road.
Bachmann's prints won't be within miles.
So Adam looked good.
Didn't think you were his dead wife.
Yeah, just the right meds and two weeks in a psych ward, he's as good as new.
As good as something anyway.
No chance he's gonna pick up a gun and go after Bachmann again? Logistically, he wouldn't risk losing Joey.
His son's the only thing left in his life that matters.
Plus, I told him if Bachmann turns up with as much as a skinned knee, I'd hunt him down like a filthy dog.
But, you know, my usual light touch.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Okay, here's the thing.
I'm thinking you just keep it simple.
Nothing too Lady Gaga.
How about this? Mary.
It's beautiful.
Wow, Mary.
As with most things, hanging on to flagpoles is, in the end, a matter of balance.
They're good to keep you steady while you stay alert for lightning as the storms cross the sea.
They have it at the bridal place - in Santa fe.
- Good.
So we'll make a road trip.
It's an M.