In Plain Sight s04e03 Episode Script

Love in the Time of Colorado

- Jimmy! - Hey, boss, what's up? Ivan Varoshi.
Ivan flew in to see what Kirsch Au Pair International means by "money well spent.
" Mr.
Varoshi, it's a pleasure to put a face with the invoice, sir.
Winnie and I are taking them out to dinner.
You got anything I can toss off as mine before the appetizers come? Well, our, uh, European division has expanded from placing maids and nannies to butlers and personal assistants.
And we've also noticed a surprisingly robust market for private chefs.
Sorry, Valentina.
My husband the **** has a nasty habit of leaving people in the wind.
He was a sprinter in college.
Jimmy Hart, as I live and breathe.
Winnie, you still gonna go to the Casablanca Q&A at the Landmark? Winnie, hon? Reservations.
Hey, Jimmy, get out tonight.
Try not to work so much.
As you wish.
No! No! Help me! Help me! The little guy.
The underdog.
David as opposed to Goliath.
These are who we're raised to root for, to climb every mountain, take on all comers, to shock the world with a win in Lake Placid.
And once in a blue moon, they do.
But the unerring faith that every little guy will find love, bring home the gold, or slay the dragon, is, in reality, the stuff dreams are made of.
Or rather fairy tales.
Just sayin'.
I'm just saying she's peppy.
I'm just saying I know.
- You know? - I do.
This doesn't concern you? Nope.
I like Delia.
I like pep.
You like pep? - Yeap Nobody likes pep.
I like it.
Who's the schnook? Jimmy Hart, head of accounts for Kirsch Au Pair International.
Babysitter shakedown? Little more to it than that.
Always is.
Our guy witnesses a murder, tips the first domino in a global prostitution ring.
Staffing agency was being used as a front.
Man, Marshall gets all the juicy cases.
Prostitution, au pairs.
It's not fair.
We're talking forced sex trade, Mary.
Eastern European girls who thought they were coming here to be nannies, only to be sold into yeah, I know, that's not the point.
I'm up to my ears in tax evasion and securities fraud.
The highlight of my year was schlepping to North and South Dakota last month.
The Dakotas, Stan.
The Dakotas! I'm goin' in.
I still don't see why I can't just go back once the smoke clears.
I mean, Teddy and those guys'll be in jail, right? "Those guys" are Albanian mob, Jimmy.
The smoke doesn't clear.
You just You get new smoke.
My colleague, Mary Shannon.
- Hey, Jimmy.
- Hi.
We done with the tea party? Oh, sure as hell sounds like it.
This is Oleg Varoshi, Ivan's brother, de facto head of the syndicate.
Guy's got every reason personal, financial, and otherwise to want you dead.
Hey, don't get me wrong.
The feeling's mutual.
Ivan, Oleg, even Teddy throw away the key.
Good, good.
Damn right, "good.
" This was a bitch of a deal to make.
I stuck my neck out to get you immunity.
Immunity from what? I told you, I didn't do anything.
I'm helping here.
Play the "not me" card all you want, but know this implicating the money guy is the easiest thing I do all day.
Hey, Perillo.
Um, the guy couldn't be more agreeable.
Maybe zero-to-hot in ten seconds flat isn't what we're looking for.
Maybe you do your job, Inspector, and I'll handle the little water bug, okay? Unreal, huh? Eighteen.
Only thing an 18-year-old should be doing is shotgunning Red Bull and texting her friends.
God - They're - Children.
I know.
Jesus, Teddy.
This one is as heinous as it gets.
And you're the linchpin.
Each one of 'em's gonna stack some serious jail time Varoshi, his crew, Kirsch and we are this close to taking down the SOB's wife.
Whose wi What are you talking about? You talking about Winnie? Winnie could never I mean, just the idea of that is totally insane! Jimmy, calm down, okay? We get it.
We do.
You think you know someone, and No, I do know someone.
Okay, with Teddy, yeah, I had to wrap my head around it, but Winnie, she's different.
It's literally not possible.
There goes the moral outrage.
Jimmy, we see the deep, dark ugly of people every day in this job.
It's impossible to even fathom No, you want me to walk away from a life, people I love, testify against a guy I played little league with.
I say okay.
But you're looking to indict a woman I know in my heart to be absolutely innocent.
Where's my moral outrage? - Where's yours? - All right, fess up.
Is something going on between you two? You having a fling or something? I'm not having a fling.
Then, what? Don't tell me you've been in love with her since high school or something.
Since I was nine, actually.
You guys want to go after Winnie? Find another linchpin.
Feisty little water bug, huh? Have fun.
Since 1970, the federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
Let me get this straight.
Your whole life you've loved one woman? It's not like I didn't date.
I had girlfriends.
I even almost got engaged once.
But ever since that first kiss in Winnie's bedroom window, no one's ever measured up.
Of course no one's measured up.
You never got together.
It's all just fantasy.
Moonlit nights and ice cream cones.
What actual girlfriend stands a chance? It's not fantasy.
It wasn't.
I know this girl.
We grew up together.
We did homework together, we went to movies opening day, we shared a limo to the prom.
I was even in her wedding.
Jimmy, I read the file.
Interpol footage from Tirana International, bank havens in the Caribbean, trips there by Teddy and Winnie.
So? They're vacations.
Oh, come on.
I watched a teenager die.
I am a motivated witness.
But if it means sending an innocent woman to prison, - sending Winnie to - That's your girl, Jimmy, making happy-face with Ivan Varoshi, handing him a business card, Grand Cayman.
She recruited the son of a bitch.
Grand Cayman.
What do you got, Jimmy? I didn't put it together.
I just set a meeting.
"Set a meeting"? Who are we, the Steno pool? I want to see Winnie.
I want to ask her one thing.
Let me do that, and I will sign this M.
And hang Grand Cayman around Kirsch like a noose.
I don't take orders from witnesses.
We're not in a goddamn Grisham novel.
Okay, okay.
Here's the thing, Jimmy, DOJ tends to frown on putting their star witness in a room with potential defendants.
They're sticklers that way.
It's easy to be a stickler.
All right, how about this Perillo and Marshall hop a plane, go see Winnie.
- Mary - It'll be fun.
You relay whatever message Jimmy's tender heart desires, get her to flip.
No way in hell my guys go for that.
Why don't you talk to your guys? 'Cause I am my guy, and it's a yes on this end.
It's a yes on this end.
Look Just give Winnie this note.
You don't have to like it, counselor.
Just see what she says.
I gotta go check on my end.
Hey, what'd you mean before, you were in her wedding? I was the man of honor.
Come on, Jim.
Man of honor? That's not an oxymoron? Technically, no.
It's a something-moron, though, I'm pretty sure.
Guy spends his whole life devoted to one woman, who, P.
, married someone else.
You know what we call that? Classically romantic? Totally pathetic! I'm with Marshall.
Sounds like the best romantic comedy ever.
Don't get her started on Don't get me started on Rom-Coms.
Talk about a waste of time.
"Hey, Harry.
" "Hey, Sally.
" Opposites attract "We hate each other, but not really!" Yeah, I get it, okay? Just save me the two hours of "I'll have what she's having" and fess up now, so I can get on with my life and back to the grown-ups' table.
Sounds like someone could use a visit from Mr.
cupid! Don't get her started on cupid.
I hate that fat little Valentine's baby.
You and Perillo are cleared for the meeting in Colorado.
As soon as we're done with recertification training, you'll fly to Denver, you'll sit with Winnie, deliver Jimmy's message, see what you can do to bring her into WITSEC.
Hey, what was that middle thing? Oh, recertification.
Special ops has put down stakes for a month-long session on hostage combat and tactical response.
We're up at the end of the week.
Call it a refresher course.
Call it glorified paintball.
Maybe so, but I'll tell you what we're not calling it optional.
Are you sure? Because I was supposed to help Brandi pick out her wedding dress, and I was really looking forward to that.
Is that ass-hat Scalavino gonna be there? Front and center.
Make nice.
That'll be fun.
Can't wait.
Are we seriously supposed to buy that the boss' wife was in the dark? I mean, did she honestly believe there was that much money in babysitting? Say I was accused of something like this doing unspeakable things.
You do unspeakable things all the time.
Math bees, online chess Would you believe it? Okay, no.
Because you have that level of faith in me.
You just know.
Because I'm a U.
marshal, and not some lovesick sap.
What's your point? Love, friendship, what have you, it often blinds people to things right in front of their faces.
Shakespeare built a career on it.
Shakespeare before noon.
I said break the hold, you little bitch! We're not goin' anywhere.
This asshole's MO Hasn't changed since back at the Academy.
He always picked one girl and really pushed it, but this is over the line.
It's part of the simulation.
Like he said, it's gotta be real as bone cancer.
Mary can take care of herself.
Back off! I will gut this whore! Hey, Scalavino, any chance you can gut this whore minus the surplus groping? Back off! Backing off.
What are you gonna do in this situation, Mary? No one's comin' to help you.
No one in the world.
Hey! Take it easy! Marshall, you take it easy.
I'll do whatever I feel like, Inspector.
She's all mine.
Your friend doesn't like this very much.
Kind of hard to talk like this, isn't it? Come on, Mary.
Break the hold! Get your hand off my aah! Hey! Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing? Marshall, what are you doing? Marshall! Marshall! Come on! Hey! What's the matter with you? I can take care of myself.
Hey, hey! This puke gets suspended, McQueen! On his official record, permanent! - Stan! - Not a word! Not one! You are benched until further notice.
- Come on, Stan! - Benched! Come on, get it.
We are hours from flying to Denver, I got a case headed straight for the crapper, a lovesick witness, and a neutered WITSEC Inspector halfway to schizo! Aw, that's sweet.
You should write greeting cards.
Marshall's out of the field until cleared by Psych Eval, Perillo.
Those are the regs.
This situation is sensitive, okay? I'm looking for kid gloves here, a little delicacy.
And here ya go.
What, her? Snarky little smirk in a leather jacket? I'm thinking we start you out in "condolences," or maybe "birthdays for her.
" Well, I should go pack.
Really psyched about our getaway, Perillo.
Book a window and an aisle.
We'll toast s'mores in between.
Oh, crap.
The dress.
Yeah, the dress.
It's my one day off, Mary.
Look, I'm sorry my work didn't sync up with your one day off.
What do you want me to say? I don't know, "I'm sorry"? We just did "I'm sorry.
" What else can I say? I'm not kidding.
I'm about to miss a flight.
So, the dresses, they're all Stiff and white and stuff? Swear to God, I will put you in taffeta.
I appreciate you meeting with us, Winnie.
How does getting duped by Albanian gangsters make my husband a sex trafficker and a flight risk? I mean, they took my passport.
I mean, please.
Listen, Jimmy Hart's handlers asked us to give you something.
Oh, my God.
Is he okay? I'm told he is.
I mean, I can't believe this.
I mean, the two men in my life are just gone.
Just like that.
From Jimmy.
I will always come for you.
" Some kind of code, right? Like some security thing? Growing up, we used to have these silly passwords.
We'd go through ten in a week.
And, eventually, in college, we settled on one.
It's from The Princess Bride.
It's one of our favorites.
Tell Jimmy I'm reeling, but I'm safe.
And I miss him.
His testimony is gonna put these monsters away, right? It looks like it, yeah.
Look, Winnie, I don't know how to put this, but these monsters - The Albanians.
- Yeah.
How sure are you that Teddy wasn't working with them? What? Are you kidding? No, I am sure.
Of course I am! In exchange for your testimony what testimony? We can offer you entry into the witness protection program.
Teddy is a businessman! He may be naive or tunnel-visioned or too ambitious by half, but he is hardly a criminal, or whatever you think he is.
Jimmy seems to believe he may have been.
- Why would Jimmy say that? - That's just the thing.
- No! - Why would he? I haven't the first clue why my friend - would say that.
- Okay, look and, apparently, I don't know who Jimmy is.
Let's just take a breath, okay? No! I do know what I know in my heart is that I never want to speak to Jimmy again, ever! You tell him that.
In fact, no.
You tell him You tell him this.
Hey! Doogie Howser.
Mary, what are you doing here? Uh, well, I couldn't think of a more depressing combo than taking the bus home from the DMV.
So figured I'd give you a lift.
Uh, sure.
Looks like the GPS works, huh? Listen, Jimmy, I spoke to Winnie.
Jimmy, she's not gonna flip.
She was she was really upset.
She asked me to give you this.
"I would not say such things if I were you.
" That's it? That's all? She didn't say "buttercup"? Uh No.
Well, then, someone needs to go back and convince her the man she's standing by - is a piece of sh - There's no going back.
She doesn't want to see you, that's what the note means.
Don't tell me what the note means! Don't you tell me what the note means! Every Saturday, we'd watch movies together.
Talk about them, re-watch them, quote them like our own private language.
Casablanca, Princess Bride, Broadcast News Five minutes.
- No.
- Please! I know I can convince her if I can she doesn't want to speak to you.
I have no reason to lie about this.
Teddy has every reason to lie about it.
He's her husband.
And and and And love often blinds people to things right in front of their face, you know? Shakespeare built a career on that crap.
I know.
Really? Huh.
Okay, so so.
Then you'll get with the program, keep your nose clean, testify? I get it.
I know what I need to do.
Okay, that's good.
Cooperative Jimmy is good.
You knew it was a simulation.
I'm gonna stand.
But you felt like your partner was in distress.
Something I've experienced plenty of times in the past in far more real, more dire situations.
I've seen Mary shot, abducted I can't tell you how many times a seemingly innocuous incident, far less traumatic than those previously experienced, leads to what one might call a "disproportionate response.
" Scalavino is a jackass.
Shelly, he uses his position to get his kicks picking on women, and couches it all in some reflexive distrust of imagined political correctness.
Marshall, if you want me to sign off on putting you back in the field, you're gonna have to stop behaving as though an unacceptable reaction on your part is mitigated by an ugly history of acting out on his.
You are professional and discerning.
There's no excuse for what you did.
Let's not waste time looking for one.
How would your reaction have differed if Stan had been the one under duress or, say, Detective Chaffee? How do you know about Abigail? Marshall.
Have you spent five minutes with your new colleague? You mean Delia? Gordon? He used to go out with Sally, then Dana, then Dr.
Finkel and now not Dr.
And you know this because My dad was in forensics.
No such thing as an insignificant detail.
I am dialed in to the water cooler.
You have to be.
How's the head-shrinking, Iron Mike? How's the dress-hunting, Maid of Honor? Okay, that's fair.
Look, I've been down the Finkel road before.
You just have to think of it as window in time.
A pain-in-the-ass window in time.
Hey, Jimmy.
Yeah, ju Jimmy, hold on.
What? Okay, say again where? - I'm on my way.
- What's up? Jimmy got run off the road.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, right.
Oh, God help me.
Hey, water cooler! Gun and badge, we're taking a ride.
Copy that! See what you've done? Whoa! I never partnered with anyone who drives so violently.
Don't say "partnered.
" It's like you're in a Nascar race but no one else is.
You could always hitch.
Go check in.
I got Jimmy.
Hey, Jimmy.
Jeez, you okay? What the hell happened here? I don't know.
I got distracted.
All of a sudden, there's a cop in my rearview mirror.
It spooked me and I lost control.
So, wait, you ran you off the road? Oh, my God.
For a strain, you're gonna need a green tea compress.
And remember: R.
"Rest, ice, compression, elevate.
" I crushed First Aid at the academy.
My tourniquet proficiency? Untouchable.
Abigail? Mary.
Hey, Delia.
- Hey! - One-car accidents seem a little below your pay-grade, detective, or were you just rubbernecking? Friend of mine called, said a friend of his might've hit a rough patch.
Thought maybe I could help smooth it out.
Sort of a "heard it through the grapevine" thing.
- Sounds like quite a grapevine.
- It really is.
Your friend passed all his field sobriety tests.
My guys are gonna cite him for reckless endangerment.
Texting and driving.
You gotta be kidding me.
Get up.
Do what you gotta do.
Call it a warning this time.
We all have people to protect.
Are we done talking in code? I think I got it from here.
Thanks for the You know.
You know I do.
I said get up! Ow, Mary, what are you doing? You heading north toward Colorado, texting? Who you texting? Me? American Idol? Ha.
Yeah, Stan, we've got a breach.
We've met the enemy, and he's an ass.
You pop up wherever I go.
I'm not an idiot.
I just bought another cell phone, minus the GPS.
It's a moot point anyway, it's a bunch of unreturned messages.
Outfoxing the federal government isn't as easy as Jason Bourne makes it look, Jimmy.
And no one here is an idiot.
Not you, not me, not Ivan Varoshi.
You can bet your ass his men have tapped Winnie's phones.
That's assuming she hasn't already handed them whatever she has on you, like an Albuquerque area code.
Jimmy, we're gonna need some additional information for the after-action report.
Delia? On it! Right this way, Jimmy.
Your paperwork awaits! I swear to God, the woman was born on crack at a Renaissance fair.
Meanwhile, why the hell's DOJ Not putting this guy on the first twin-engine out of town? Didn't he just violate himself out of the program? Well, given the trial's proximity and the importance of his testimony, we've agreed to move him to a secure location with a full detail.
Well, it's probably wise.
If the Albanians don't kill him, I've got dibs.
The course of love never did run smooth.
Yeah, I know, but, God, move on.
I mean, I've kissed more girls than this guy.
Six? Six sessions? I got abducted, and I was back in four, and one of them was lunch.
Shelly thinks it's related to how protective I am of the women in my life.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
She said that? - Oh, boy.
- Whoa, what's that? Come on, Marshall, all those dates you and Finkel went on? We had a date, it was coffee, and her ex called in the middle, weeping.
So, technically She just got out of a messy breakup Gordon.
Delia is seriously dialed in.
And now she has you on the couch for wall-to-wall sessions and some not-so-subtle romantic recon.
Wake up, pal.
You're not her patient.
You're her hostage.
She does seem to focus on you and Abigail a lot.
Yeah, speaking of, how the hell'd you go from slumber party pillow-talk to breaching the veil of WITSEC? Nobody breached the veil of WITSEC.
Abigail is a detective, a good one.
She detected.
And, as I recall, you told Raph.
Yeah, and, as I recall, we were engaged.
He was my fiance, not some JV cops-and-robbers play date.
I didn't tell her.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Can't believe I'm not even allowed to fire a weapon at the Range.
Yeah, talk about emasculating.
You should be the man of honor.
Hold on, hold on.
I'm not asking you to be here, okay? Just help me make up my mind.
- So? - Opening And there! Okay, I like the white ones.
They're both white.
Left or right? - They're not the same? - No, they're One's a sling-back in ecru, and the other's bone with a stiletto heel.
I swear to God, I only recognized about three of those words.
Look, I know this may seem really tiny to you, but this is a really big chapter in my life, and details count.
Sometimes they count more than the big stuff.
Mary! Crap, Brandi.
Duty calls.
I am really feeling the eggshell.
It's not eggshell.
It's Huh? Bad news.
Look familiar? Yeah, it's Chris Ferreira, Teddy's east coast V.
Generally a happy guy? Yeah, nice wife, couple of kids, you know, yard.
So you'd be surprised if I told you he took a swan dive off the Mystic River bridge three hours ago? Uh, yeah.
I'd be stunned.
Consider yourself stunned.
Boston P.
Considers it suspicious.
I consider it one last warning shot from the Albanians.
Ferreira was set to take the stand next week.
Well, why wasn't he protected? He chose not to enter the program.
Jimmy, look, you're a good guy, okay? You're Bob Cratchit, the little engine that could.
The faith that you've put in Winnie, it's Admirable.
But what happened to Ferreira that's life without WITSEC.
So it's time to get real, Okay? Tomorrow What's her status? - Jimmy - What's her status? Jimmy, grand jury proceedings are confidential.
- How the hell should I know? - I don't know.
But until you do or until I talk face-to-face with Winnie, I'm not gonna testify.
Then you need to understand the consequences of not testifying.
You will be breaking a legally binding agreement with the United States Department of Justice.
You will be immediately taken into custody, your name added to the indictment.
You will go to prison for pandering, kidnapping, enslavement, alongside Varoshi and Kirsch and anyone else they can get their hands on, Winnie included.
Go ahead.
You're bluffing.
Guys with nothing left to lose tend not to bluff.
James Hart, also known as James Woodhead, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you - in a court of law.
- Ow.
You're a WITSEC Inspector.
You can't arrest me.
I'm a member of the U.
Marshals Service, the oldest branch of law enforcement this country's ever seen.
I can arrest the president if it's warranted.
Come on, big guy, let's see if those yellow prison jumpsuits come in a 40-long.
Say there was a doctor who developed feelings for a patient Yeah.
We'd call that counter-transference.
And say the doctor had just gotten out of a relationship, and those feelings started to get out of hand, to the point of holding the patient Uh hostage.
"Hostage"? It's a hypothetical? Marshall, sit.
I need you to sit.
"Hostage" is an interesting word.
You've mentioned Mary's abduction.
That was, what, two years ago? Two years and change.
So you've seen Mary abducted.
You've seen her get shot.
And at training, in the simulation, you saw her taken hostage.
How did that make you feel? Scared? Angry? Powerless? You felt as though your partner, your best friend, was vulnerable? Mary as vulnerable is a stretch, but I don't know, maybe between her sister getting married, me spending more time with Abigail, lately, it seems like Mary's being kind of Left behind.
So, Marshall, I'll ask you again, at training, how did you feel? Powerless.
Like Like when Mary was abducted.
So Where do we go from here? I hit the bricks.
You get off the bench.
That's it? I'm good? You were always good, Marshall.
You just had a bad day.
I'll send the paperwork over right away.
Guy's been Mirandized by a U.
marshal, spent the night in a prison cell, got flown to Denver shackled, belt and shoelaces taken away, and locked in a federal courthouse holding room.
All that pressure, what'd it buy us? In his exact words, "I'll put Varoshi in jail.
"I'll put Kirsch in jail.
"Hell, I'll put me in jail if that's what it comes to.
Just leave Winnie out of it.
" Gotta say, for a hopeless romantic with the moon in his eyes Son of a bitch is tough as a two-dollar whore.
I was gonna say tough as recursive algorithm, but okay.
If he won't testify or starts in with the fifth, I will drive that little pissant to Sing-Sing myself.
But the fact is, without him, Varoshi's on a beach next week, knee-deep in sweet 16s.
Right, so give Jimmy what he wants.
I'm not closing the door on the wife.
Do or don't, I couldn't care less.
Five minutes, that's what he wants.
One last moment with Winnie, so She's here to testify for her husband.
Let's see what Jimmy has to say to her.
Jimmy, chop-chop.
Five minutes is fast becoming four.
You look small, Jimmy.
Winnie, three years ago, I came across some irregularities.
Off-shore accounts I didn't recognize, trips, charges that weren't on the books.
Teddy assured me everything was okay, but What? Well what? Oh, my God, please, just get to it.
Explain that.
You and Varoshi.
Not to me, to him.
I'm an executive's wife.
I charmed a businessman and gave him my card, just as I've done dozens of times.
I didn't realize that made me guilty of anything but good manners.
We went over everything, every detail.
The files on my flash drive.
Winnie, those trips to Grand Cayman, they weren't vacations.
That's just a taste.
Meanwhile, this guy's refusing to testify.
The schnook loves you so much, he's going to prison on the off-chance you won't have to, which, by the way, you probably will.
You love me? Oh, dear God.
Don't tell me You love me? - See what you've done? - What? My whole life, I've imagined the hundreds of ways this scenario would play out.
This wasn't one of them.
Winnie, please, it's okay.
You're telling me this now? - Oh, my God.
- This? Now? Okay, that's it.
- Easy - No.
No, no, no, no.
I have suffered through too many dopey movies, surrounded by popcorn-scarfing, slack-jawed romantics, praying that the two movie stars on the poster will, by some miracle, get together in the end.
So, yeah, he loves you.
Sue him, he buried the lead.
He didn't want to risk going from passwords and shorthand to awkward and distant and drifting away, right? Yeah, right.
Right? Right.
Well, what good would it have done? What would have I would have known! I would've maybe I don't know, said something back? What? How do how did she not know? Five minutes in, I knew.
What did you want him to do, write you a musical? And by the way, "why didn't he say something?" Why the hell didn't you? I'm s I'm saying it now.
What does that mean? What are you saying? I'm saying Wait for it Oh, Jesus.
Only to some.
Tell Perillo I say hi.
And you said you didn't like Rom-Coms.
You okay? For someone who just put one of his oldest friends in jail for the rest of their life? Yeah, I'm swell.
Look, murderers are going away because of you, for good.
Swell's the least you should feel.
Still sucking down whiskey sours? McQueen.
You come to wish me a bon voyage? Something like that.
A little more "voyage" than "bon.
" What's that supposed to mean? Well, Inspector Mann is back on duty with a clean slate.
Yours could be that way, too, if you stay at your desk.
My desk? You're done with training, you sick, twisted Yeah.
That sexual harassment suit you had quashed? I got a water cooler, and I'm not afraid to use it.
Now, you keep your mitts off my people, or so help me, I'll devote the rest of my career to ruining the rest of yours.
Now you get the hell out of my town.
I'm just trying to see this as a chance to start over.
You know disappear.
Might be good for you to disappear for a while.
I hope so.
Jimmy, there's something you should know before you leave.
Winnie? She Flipped.
She spent the last week with the A.
It's been a tough go, and she's still in a fog, but her testimony was the final nail in the coffin.
Teddy, Ivan, all of 'em.
I can't believe it.
He can't believe it.
Perillo almost smiled.
So, you testified? Tell me you don't have a strange feeling of absolute harmony.
Hmm, it's interesting.
I have a strange feeling of absolute something.
What about Teddy? I don't know.
I don't.
It's all so big.
The lie.
You feel like it's not your life.
And then the mist lifts, you look around and What can you believe in? So you're going Wherever you're going.
Think there's barf bags on the plane? Shh, I'm trying to watch.
All right, same city, separate places.
Deal? Is that a yes? That's more than a yes.
That's a "you bet.
" What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams? Keep it to yourself.
That's from Broadcast News.
I know what it's from, Ebert.
Can I just say one thing? You people are idiots.
Honestly, all you had to do, just one of you, was open your mouth when you were nine, and we could've avoided all of this Albanians, self-inflicted car crashes, me being this annoyed.
So can we please just cut to the chase? You love her, she loves you, get on the goddamn plane.
As you wish.
Okay, really not a hugger at all.
Oh, sorry.
So, come on, what do you think? I think this is the beginning of the end of a beautiful friendship.
Mary, I need you to know something.
What? What do you need me to know? You run around, passing notes back and forth, you got 'em in a room together, you got 'em into WITSEC together.
You don't hate cupid.
You are cupid.
Don't you have a date to get to with the cop or the shrink or the candlestick maker? Yeah, Abby's waiting.
I should go.
You really, really should.
Get out tonight.
I hate the image of you staring out the window, like some prodigy watching other children play.
I can take care of myself, Marshall.
Oh! See that? Good night.
Hey, Brandi.
Yeah, I got your text.
So what's the story? From childhood, we're fed a steady diet of "Once Upon a Time," the ultimate lead-in to "Love Conquers All.
" No wonder we wind up at bookstores and in movies with stars in our eyes and our head in the clouds.
Heathcliff, Scarlett, the farm boy, a princess.
Affairs to remember on the 85th floor.
But the star-crossed who kiss right before Auld Lang Syne or play from a boom box held over their heads, they're a pain in the ass.
Because love, no matter what the storybooks say, hardly ever conquers all.
So when it does, when the grown-ups, the skeptics, the stable of mind, watch others fly blissfully into the Sun, it churns up and riles something deep down inside.
We feel something foreign and fleeting.
Something hard to admit.
We hope.