In Plain Sight s05e01 Episode Script

The Anti-Social Network

Pledges, tonight you take your first steps towards a proud and centuries-old legacy.
You have passed the rigorous tests of worthiness to a Calling-- a Brotherhood.
But now these tests and games give way to declaration.
Two Presidents, seven current and former Senators, one Secretary of State, and one Supreme Court justice have all stood where you stand.
To the next generation of Winston Regents.
Prepare to be tapped, gentlemen.
Hack room.
What are we doing here? I want my pin.
I'm not gonna code right now.
I ran your numbers.
You're webmaster, that's your job.
And your job was to help me run our site, not skim the profits.
Henry, come on, man.
I have proof.
You faked your data.
And you found a pattern? Dude, you train-wrecked Big.
Gunter, Mr.
Cook, follow me, gentlemen.
Welcome to the Regents, Mr.
Now, if you would, Mr.
Cook and I need a moment alone.
Henry, Regents are men of loyalty.
Look, whatever Ivan told you is-- Mr.
Gunter didn't tell me a thing.
Loyalty means something to Mr.
Gunter, but you, Mr.
Cook? You skimming.
You honestly thought we wouldn't find out? Help! It's Henry! Help! Help! Somebody help me, Henry fell off the roof! Call 911! Somebody call 911! I'm worried about Ivan, of course I am, he's my son.
But leaving now is impossible.
My work--it's not-- it has the potential to save millions of lives.
Professor Gunter, you need to realize staying at Winston could cost you yours.
I understand the risk, but I am days away from getting approval on my NIH grant.
If we could just delay-- We strongly advise against any delay.
Professor, we appreciate how vital your research is, we do, but your son has agreed to testify, not only to the homicide charges, but also to the online gambling site being run by the Regents.
What Chief McQueen is trying to impress upon you is that, unfair and inconvenient as it may be, you're a target.
Mom, come on.
These people, they're dangerous and connected.
Ivan, I love you more than anything, you know that.
I can't leave yet.
You know I can't.
There's a phenomenon some people experience, those who've lost an arm or a leg, called "phantom limb.
" They feel pain, heat, cold, even movement, despite the fact that, strictly and scientifically speaking, there is no "there" there.
It's as if the body can't accept that something so essential so natural a part has moved on The memory of what had always been there so strong that even in its clear and sudden absence, the connection cannot be denied.
Mom? Mark? Who took this safety latch off? All the cabinets in the kitchen have a safety latch on them.
How was I supposed to get to the baby food? Honey, Norah can't even walk yet.
Not on those chubby widdle weggies, no you can't.
No, she can't, not yet, but when she can, we'll be ready, and we've talked about this.
Ix-nay on the baby-talk, okay? Let's aim high.
Teah, pig-Latin high.
Here's the schedule, okay? Listen up.
spinach and peaches.
Well, maybe not the peaches-- I may have eaten the peaches-- - but definitely the spinach.
- Mm-hmm.
Left side, no pillows.
You have the monitor.
If you hear even the slightest peep, just go in.
Honey, I know you're nervous, but we're gonna be fine.
Mark's apartment is just down the street.
And I'm working close by, so I'm just ten minutes away.
Norah's fine.
See how happy she is? Oh, aren't you happy with gwamma? - Ugh, please.
- Are you? Please just pronounce the "r.
" All right, I'm gonna check in.
A lot.
A lot a lot, and I don't care if Miami falls off the map, no two-hour Skype sessions with Brandi, okay? - Just focus.
- Don't worry.
Day-trading with Scott has Brandi so busy she can't even return a phone call.
Runaway bride steals my car and lands on her feet with nothing but blonde hair, - big boobs - Mary.
And a half-brother who I'm pretty sure still owes her that 10 grand he "borrowed.
" She's doing great.
You should be proud of her, of both of them.
I'd be bursting with pride if I weren't bracing myself with skepticism.
Love you, bug.
Say bye-bye to mommy! Can you say, "Bye-bye, mommy?" No, 'cause she can't speak! Bye-bye, mommy.
- Ah.
Whoo! - Mary! I know, I know, it's a mini-van, but it's got like, a thousand airbags and twice as many cup holders.
Anyway, I'm just test driving it for a few days.
Well, it's not the car.
It's, uh you're early.
Yeah, I'm a day early.
So what? I thought I'd come in, get organized, see what cases are up, you know.
God, it's good to be back.
I'm finally starting to feel like myself again.
What? Uh, you got a little something.
Oh, my God.
Mary! You weren't supposed to be back till tomorrow.
I was gonna clear these out and make some "welcome back" scones! Why's your crap on my desk? Why's her crap on my desk? Mary, there was a leak, some water damage in the back, - so she set up shop temporarily.
- Temporarily.
Oh, I see.
Sowe're good? Temporarily.
Yes, it was totally temporary.
No, I mean we're temporarily good.
Okay, good.
Never again.
Hey, listen, after you meet with your witness, I was thinking we'd run a "duck and hide" on lancer.
Aw, you two desk-mates develop your own secret little code-language? So sweet.
Excuse me while I puke on this puke.
We're talking about Stan.
What about him? Whoa, whoa, back up.
Is there Stan gossip? I'm on the sidelines six months and you withhold? You know I live for Stan gossip.
All right, hit me.
Stanley McQueen has taken a lover.
No! Oh, my God, this is huge! And ew! Is she cute? Is she fat? Tell me she's fat.
Hold on, is it someone we know? Brief me, down to the last dirty-- Mary? Oh, hey, Stan.
We were just-- Catching Mary up on some office business.
Yeah, you were.
Yeah, well, it's gonna have to wait.
Tippy's on his way in with Ivan.
Mary, got a minute? Something I want to show you.
Well? So? Come on, what do you think? Of the janitor's closet? No, Mary, this is for you.
It's your station.
For, you know, induced lactation.
Oh, man.
Um, wow.
Okay, well, first of all, I'm not breast-feeding any more, but, more to the point, do you have any idea how gross that phrase is, "induced lactation"? Especially coming out of that mouth.
There he is.
Oh, hey, Tippy.
Long time no see.
New girl in town, huh? Well, I better get in there.
Oh, and hey, about that whole "I shot a guy on my last day at work" "so I need counseling" thing? We both know I'm good to go, so let's just skip the formalities with the "Fink the shrink," huh? Mary? Not so fast.
My extensive post-graduate work and years of field experience tell me that you're less than happy to be here.
Also the look on your face.
So now what? Is now when I open up about Rachel from summer camp and the night they let us lock up the crafts cabin all by ourselves? I'm open to discussing latent sexual questions if you're confused.
I'll bet you are, you little vixen.
Or we can get on with why you're really here.
I shot a suspect, then went into labor.
Next? Oh! Oh, my God! It's not okay! I found a suitcase with the baby stuff.
- Thanks, Marshall.
- Oh, God, this sucks! Angel, it'll be better if we just-- Oh, my God, you did this twice? No wonder you drank.
So we've got quite a menu board here.
The shooting of a suspect, your decision to change your mind about the adoption and raise your child as a single mother.
Look, I'm fine, Shelly.
So there's nothing we need to discuss.
Motherhood can be quite a transition, especially for someone used to being so you.
It's okay.
Please, please, please.
This is all about expressing my feelings, right? Okay.
I feel strongly-- very strongly--about getting my weapon back now.
And yet Stan tells me you're the one who brought up counseling.
Yeah, when I made it clear I didn't need it.
Shelly, come on.
Look, I got to get back to work, now, and seriously, that's not just my chapped nipples talkin'.
See you tomorrow, Mary.
As for today, nice work ish.
If it was your mother, you wouldn't be calling it hysterical.
You'd be doing what I'm doing.
Marshall! Marshall, I'm telling you, you have to go get my mom, now! Hold on, Ivan.
Have a seat.
What makes you think your mother's in trouble? Her NIH grant money didn't come through.
That's not the whole-- Her funding was through the NIH.
Do you know which senator controls the NIH? Uh, Health and Human Services Subcommittee-- that's Raleigh.
Senator Raleigh was a Regent.
Class of '75.
Same class as Brockton's father.
I'm--I'm telling you, they made this happen.
Ivan, I just think you're mythologizing the reach of these people a bit.
No, I know exactly what those monsters are capable of.
I watched one of them push my friend off a roof like it was nothing-- like he was nothing.
Brockton is a wealthy, entitled psycho who can't find me, so he's going after my mom.
We already talked to her, Ivan.
We can't just keep going back until we convince her to come into WITSEC.
Then I will.
Ivan! One little college lab sees its funding go poof, and suddenly I'm some Heart of Darkness puppet-master? Please.
Well, you did something to keep your son in school instead of a cell block in Sing Sing and jumpsuit-orange.
Wait, so you're saying my father paid off a judge to grant me makeable bail? Do you want to go on record with that? Of course not, that'd be slander.
Indeed it would be.
Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure, but I'm afraid our little chitchat'll have to come to an end here, unless one of you has a warrant tucked in your $10 suit? Hmm? Thought so.
- It's a nice suit.
- Cocky SOB.
Kid doesn't just think he's above the law, he's sure of it.
Can't imagine where he got that idea.
Brockton Sr.
Founded Brockton Systems.
They're like Google, but, you know, if Google's motto was "Be evil.
" See, 'cause Google's motto is "Don't be evil.
" Hey, I read the business section enough to know a bribe wouldn't be a drop in the bucket to his old man.
A bribe might not even be necessary.
He could've just called in a favor.
- The Regents have pull in spades.
- Bottom line, Professor Gunter's safer with us than at Winston, especially with the Brockton kid and his dad's money lurking around.
Professor Gunter? Oh, my God.
Thank God you're here.
I need to see my son.
Stan's taking Professor Gunter back to the office.
I'm gonna go grab Ivan at his place.
Delia's meeting me.
We'll break the news, the family reunion'll be complete.
You want one more? I think Delia and I can handle it.
Wait till you're cleared and I'll-- I was talking to Norah, dummy.
Thanks for bringing me down with the Finkel reminder.
It's therapy, it's harmless.
You lie down, talk-- "Lie down"? Easy, Penthouse Forum.
It's okay.
You did go "Johnny Cash" on a man the same day you went into labor.
Are you seriously siding with her? - She dumped you.
- She didn't dump-- We never-- we had coffee.
Yeah, that's what makes it so sad.
Hey, listen, I gotta go.
So I get to take Norah with me - to the studio today? - Yeah, but just make sure she's fully strapped into her car seat, and that her head's not falling forward.
Call me.
Hey? Keep me, you know-- In the loop.
That idea, not those words.
You texted me That's not a loop.
It's a noose.
Now that mommy's gone, we're gonna have so much fun.
Can I just say how amazing it is having Mary back on the job? And you're hoping I'll repeat that to her.
I really miss having her around.
It's cool, I'll tell her.
You can stop now.
Of course, sure thing.
Not a problem.
You don't need to acquiesce in triplicate.
You're right.
Got it.
- Thank God you're here.
- What happened? They found me.
I think we got a bead on this.
The programming I've been doing, for my new job.
You got him a job - as a programmer? - Supermarket chain.
Nice work, Zuckerberg.
The head of the I.
Department said I could work from home.
Now coding's a small part of the job, but all programming has a signature.
An identifiable pattern the coder leaves behind.
You think they tracked you via this coding signature? It's possible.
The Regents could sift data, find Ivan's programming, and track it to his IP address.
That would require a mastodonic degree of data-sifting capability.
Yeah, mastodonic.
Huge sifters.
Or several smaller sifters.
- No.
- Okay.
There are only a handful of servers in the country with that capability.
One of them is at Brockton Systems.
The company owned by the killer's father.
Not the worst theory I've ever heard.
Maybe not the best, either.
Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's plausible.
Look, it's just my first day back, but I get the feeling you two are hiding something.
Inspector, are you accusing my witnesses of obstructing justice? If they wanted Ivan out of the way as a witness, they would've just killed him-- and his mom, but they didn't.
They were searching for something, not someone, because they found the someone, and you're still upright.
She's right, we are hiding something.
Yes! I knew it! See, who the hell needs a gun? Gun, schmun.
It started last year.
Gambling online, on the Regent's site.
As a release.
It was fun, that's all.
Until it wasn't.
After a few months, it became a real problem.
Yeah, if you call being in debt to them 180 grand "a problem.
" I ran through my retirement and all of my savings, yes.
I went to the Regents, and I asked to work it off, webmastering, beefing up the firewall, stuff like that.
They said yes, and I started coding.
You programmed an illegal site to pay off your mom's gambling debts? You couldn't just be, I don't know, a tour guide? When I started coding for them, I couldn't believe any of it.
All the former Regents-- W-w-wait.
Time out.
Former Regents involved in illegal gambling? Dozens of them, and at high stakes.
Uh, businessmen, politicians, names you'd read on--on the cover of Forbes or The Economist-- on the covers.
When I saw Brockton push Henry off the roof, I knew we needed protection.
So I downloaded a list.
Regents, uh, their bets, wins, losses, money-transfers, everything.
He, uh, he told Brockton Jr.
that he had evidence-- that he would give the list to the FBI if anything happened to me.
That's why you felt safe staying behind at Winston.
No, I-- I stayed behind because my research is the most important thing in my life.
It's more important than anything else, and I can't believe that I would say that out loud.
I can't believe that anyone could say that out loud, but I've ruined my research.
And I've ruined my life.
And not just mine.
I'm so sorry.
Well, you should be.
This, uh, this alleged evidence, where is it now? Uh, it's on a thumb drive.
I hid it near my apartment.
You're right, that's what they were looking for.
Hmm? Delia's moving Lynn into the Albuquerque Hotel as we speak.
She and Ivan will stay there - till they're relocated.
- Great.
Then I'll check out if little man Tate was right.
No, I got the data-sifting angle.
If Brockton Systems is using its server to track Ivan down, we'll know by the end of the day.
Meantime, Marshall, take Ivan back to his apartment, secure the thumb drive with the list of names, - get it back here ASAP.
- Already on it.
I've arranged for ABQ PD to assist.
You've "arranged," like it's official.
You called up Nancy Drew on her new Hello Kitty cell phone.
Note that I have not yet said, "Great to have you back.
" Note that you let Delia steal my desk.
It was temporary! Hey, whoa, whoa, Stan, not so fast.
What's my assignment? So Needle, thread.
Cushiony thing you stick pins in.
We're not doing word-association.
I asked you about Norah's father.
Okay, here we go.
- Okay.
- All righty.
Uh, wipes, please.
What am I, your scrub-nurse? They're right there, Hawkeye.
- Good girl.
- Like that? - That's right.
- All righty.
No, no, no! No one uses talcum powder any more.
You'll give her diaper lung.
No such thing as "diaper lung.
" That's great, you broke the baby.
The pregnancy was unplanned? Uh, yes, not that it's any of your business.
Sorry, what does my family planning have to do with the shooting? I don't know, but 39-year-olds don't tend to have accidents with birth control.
Yeah they do, all the time.
You want my theory? Guess.
Your sister was getting her act together-- "Was" being the operative word.
- Your mother was sober.
- Still is.
You needed someone new to protect, so you got yourself knocked up.
Be careful, she's slipping.
Seriously, she'll sink.
Mary that's impossible, there's only an inch of water.
Okay, but I think, you know-- Good.
Seriously, she's good.
No more baths.
I'll just use wipes.
It's okay.
For the rest of her life? Yeah, for the rest of her life.
Come on, love.
It's okay.
It's okay.
So? My theory, what do you think? Ah.
I think the hour's up.
I knew if they found me, they'd turn my place upside-down, so-- Hiding a flash-drive under a rock.
There's a harmonious incongruity to your use of tools, if not the keenest sense of security.
It's still here, isn't it? Ivan, we're gonna get you resituated at a secure hotel.
Want to go pack a bag? - How'd we do? - Broad daylight.
No one saw or heard a thing.
Whoever broke in was a pro.
Best money can buy.
Hey, what do you say we pick up Oscar from the vet - afterwards? - Yeah, he's done five hours, hard time.
- You follow me okay? - Okay.
It's so not the same.
Who's saying it is? I'm just saying we were up all night with Oscar, the stomach thing.
I swear to God, there should be a special prison-- a wing at Gitmo-- for people who compare owning an animal to having a baby.
Would you call it your pet peeve? Ooh, fun, word-play! Look, dogs are lazy, Marshall, they're laconic.
Babies are terrorists.
They're relentless.
They never let you rest.
They're like little, fat alarm clocks.
Right, so if you'd let me and Ab - babysit once in awhile-- - Yeah.
Leave Norah with you two.
She couldn't be in better hands.
Ab's a Detective who effectively raised three younger siblings, and I'm a marshal from a family-- Marshall? Marshall! This is Detective Chaffee, intersection of lead and coal.
I need an ambulance.
Albuquerque PD! Marshall! Marshall! - Are you all right? - Thumb drive! Check for the thumb drive! It's gone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So he's okay, huh? - Yes.
Docs gave him an MRI.
We got lucky, no concussion.
Just a nasty flesh wound, Wow.
He's fine, enough to send me out for Oscar.
- God, and you're all right? - Yeah.
Two guys shoot up your car, an hour later you're running out for the dog.
Marshall wanted to see him, so I used my badge to get him in.
- Oh.
- Aren't they the best? Oh, yeah.
They're-- they're the best, for sure.
Okay, that's all right.
Oscar, sit! - Okay.
- Sit.
Sorry, Mary.
- That's quite all right.
- Sit.
- That's--they're really great.
- Hey! Oh, look at you.
What are you thinking? Oscar, you freak.
You feeling better? Stan and Tippy are waiting for us at the office.
- Give me a ride? - Yeah, let me just - bring the car around.
- Oh, I-- Oh, no, yeah.
It's-- makes sense.
See you back there.
Actually, I'm gonna head home.
I've got to relieve Jinx.
Mary, get some rest.
I know how exhausted you must be.
We were up all night with Oscar-- Yeah, well, we should really-- Yeah, you really should.
Well, I gotta get one of you back to the office, the other one a mix of dry food and white rice.
I'll call you later and fill you in, see if the APB turns up anything.
Oh, and hey, if I see your friends with the flag, the fife, and the old-fashioned drum, I'll send 'em your way.
- Good one.
- It's 'cause of the-- - Got it.
- Okay.
We crapped out on the Brockton Systems warrant.
No evidence they used their servers to sift for Ivan's IP address.
Doesn't mean they're innocent.
Just means we can't prove it.
Well, what we do know for certain is that someone was willing to kill a U.
marshal and an ABQ cop to get their hands on Ivan's list.
How you doing? You all right? Slight ringing in my ear that I'll be happy to overlook just as soon as we catch these guys.
Now, you saw Ivan's list, correct? His evidence against the Regents? You think the kid's making it up? I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying without the physical drive itself and without any computer forensics, all this talk of prominent former Regents involved in a gambling site is inadmissible.
Meaning-- Meaning whoever T-boned my inspector off the road to steal that drive knew exactly what they were doing.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Let me give you-- Hi.
- Hi.
- There you go.
That's a good girl.
Oh, Mom, tell me I did not just see that.
What? It's French fries.
She loves French fries.
She can't eat people food.
Why not? She's a people.
And besides, you eat her food all the time.
Fine, maybe the peaches.
- The occasional apricot-- - And the pears - and the plums.
- The point is-- Is that her monitor? What's it doing out here? The batteries died.
You leave it on too much.
Mom, then how did you watch her during her nap? With this new thing they've come up with-- my eyes.
- Oh, my God.
- You don't need all this high-tech equipment, Mary.
Low-tech works just fine.
Come here.
Oh, right, if low-tech worked just fine, why'd they invent high-tech? Low-tech is how I raised you and your sister.
And case closed.
I know I wasn't a perfect mother.
But I have been helping you with Norah - since the day she was born.
- Yes.
- Do you want to know why? - 'Cause you're her grandmother.
Because it's a living amends, Mary, a do-over, a chance to do things right, to make it up to you, to make it up to the Universe-- Well, let's not personify the Universe.
Honey, I know--I know you want to protect Norah as much as you possibly can.
So do I, that's why I'm here.
But you can't protect her from everything, kiddo.
I'm just saying.
Low tech.
Hey, I got here as fast as I could.
What's up? You got a Lilith Fair-based emergency? I know how the Regents found Ivan.
You think they bugged your house? I thought I was the conspiracy nut.
Is that Tippy and Brockton, Sr.
? Tippy was a Regent at Harvard.
Brockton's father pinned him.
He was a senior when Tippy was a freshman.
The Regents didn't use computers to find Ivan.
They went low tech.
They used Tippy.
Jesus, we've worked eight cases with the guy.
We had drinks.
Tippy's our breach? And he almost got you killed.
Hope he sprung for the drinks.
You sure you weren't followed? You took a secure route from the office? Of course-- or I would've, but I didn't come from the office, I came from a personal event.
"Personal event"? What personal event? It's personal-- a personal event.
Hence my phraseology.
Ohh, you mean like-- So Mary's upstairs briefing Ivan and his mom.
Figure you keep Tippy busy and in the dark for an hour? Happy to.
I had a little talk with the U.
attorney last night, and gave her enough to run his phone records.
Don't tell me he's been making calls to his old Regent buddy, Brockton Sr.
? Talking ever since Tippy started on Ivan's case.
We trusted him.
That was the whole point.
We suspect the Regents pulled strings to get him assigned to your case.
You believe me now, how connected they are? We do.
And while it's unorthodox, we need your help to bait him out.
What? Tippy Boswell's not a hardened criminal.
He's an AUSA gone bad, so the threat level is manageable, and the Department of Justice is comfortable with it.
Hell, they're eager.
The question is, are you? - Totally.
I'm in.
- Good.
Wait a second.
"Threat level"? He's 18 years old.
Is this dangerous? It's a controlled location.
It's secure.
Of course, we'll take every precaution.
But I'm not gonna lie to you.
There's always a risk.
- Then I will do it.
- Wha--? Ivan! It's time that I cleaned up my own mess.
What do I need to do? We've got nothing on the attack on Marshall.
No ID on the assailant, phony plates, no decent leads So linking it back to Brockton and the-- and the Regents, that's-- that's pretty much a dead end? Looks that way.
Could be it wasn't them at all.
Could be it was a random attack, entirely unrelated.
There was other evidence in that box.
I hadn't considered that.
It's worth pursuing.
What do you think? Absolutely.
Oh, I gotta take this.
Um, I'm with someone right now.
Take your call.
Go ahead, it's okay.
I'm gonna get on that.
I'm here.
You were saying? The list that was on the thumb drive that was stolen? I have another copy.
Does Ivan know about it? No.
Uh, I made a backup, just in case, but I think it's best if I turn it over to you.
Uh, so have you told anyone else? Your WITSEC inspectors? Who, Mary? With her big mouth? Verisimilitude.
Or Marshall, he would just bore me to death trying to talk shop on data-mining.
That thing you said.
Well, you've--you've-- you've done the right thing by calling me, Lynn.
I will be at your hotel in 45 minutes.
Meet me in the lobby by the gift shop, all right? Okay.
I'll see you then.
You sure no one followed you? No inspectors? No.
Uh, I told them I had to run down to the gift shop for some toothpaste.
Given the reach of these people, we don't know who we can trust.
- You have the backup drive? - Mm-hmm.
Once a Regent, always a Regent, right Tippy? Hands on your head.
Keep 'em there.
Hands where we can see 'em.
All clear.
We built this fortress, right? WITSEC.
Impenetrable, safe.
You think you can Trojan horse your way inside these walls, you snaky son of a bitch? I'm not saying a word until I have an attorney present.
You think you're what, masters of the Universe? Pulling every last string and the levers of the law? Hmm? Maybe.
But if you think you can come after my people, my friends, pal, you have no idea.
You have royally screwed yourself inside-out, upside-down, backwards, sideways, ways you can't even comprehend.
No attorney in the world's gettin' you outta this jam, Tippy.
Regent or not.
Get him out of my face.
Peaches, apricots, plums, and pears.
Who says I steal food from babies? Norah's asleep, and I got new batteries for the monitor so I could hear her.
Mom, don't be-- Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you, and I know I'm lucky to have you here.
- Mary, uh-- - And you were right and I was wrong, so please just accept this apology, 'cause it's the only one you're gonna get.
Mom? Mom, what? Brandi.
You know how she wasn't returning my phone calls, and I thought she was busy with Scott? He called me.
- She's been drinking a lot.
- Oh.
I-- maybe the wedding, or-- Well, we all needed a few shots after that one.
No, this is serious.
He's really worried.
Apparently she went on a bender last week-- all week.
- I'm-- - Oh, mom.
I'm leaving in the morning.
What? Mom, are you serious? I mean, Brandi does what Brandi does and you just-- you just go running? I'm sorry, sweetie, but my baby needs me.
My baby needs you! She has her mother, Mary.
She has you.
Yeah, okay, I mean-- look, what--what-- what am I supposed to do about work? Mary.
When I hit bottom, after my last vodka tonic, you said something to me I will never forget.
"Lesser people than you have done more difficult things than this.
" I didn't mean that.
I know you can do this.
- God.
- Mary, I'm so sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm sorry.
- Ugh.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Never seen a guy fold this fast, like a goddamn lawn chair.
Ratted out Brockton Sr.
and all the other Regents that helped his kid out.
So much for brotherhood.
Hey, look at this.
I'll admit, after Tippy, your conspiracy theories have gained some traction around here.
- That one was all Mary.
- Don't make nice.
We're not finished with the desk thing.
It was temporary.
Inspector McQueen.
Oh, hey.
Okay, one sec.
I'm gonna grab this.
Carry on.
Did you see that? That was the--you know, that's the "personal event.
" Yeah, and he was humming.
Sure, Stan's a positive guy, chipper.
I mean, hell, he's a jolly white George Jefferson, but he is not a hummer.
That came out wrong.
- What's going on? - Stan's on the phone with his "personal event.
" Ooh, I'll go eavesdrop! Inspector Shannon? Yeah? They-- they said something about me and Ivan being relocated separately to different cities? Uh That's right.
But why? Isn't there anything you can do? He needs me.
I don't think so.
Forgive me, but I think-- I think this is about you needing him.
Lynn, he's a grown-up.
He's told us this is what he wants.
Some space.
He said that? Yes.
Maybe it's not forever.
It's possible we can revisit with DOJ down the line.
Look, I'm sorry, I get that he's your child and that you love him, but I mean, that's kind of the point, right? Of being a parent? Things are hard, but Things you'd never do otherwise You do 'em anyway.
Mom? I'm ready to talk about the shooting.
It was horrible.
He deserved it, and I'd do it again.
But it hurt you to hurt him.
I didn't hurt him.
I killed him.
I had to To protect Stan, to protect Marshall.
'Cause that's what I do.
I protect people.
Which is why you didn't make an adoption plan for Norah.
She was so tiny, so fragile.
But most of all, she was mine.
I just felt like-- feel like I just realized, no one could protect her like I would, like I can.
Okay, I think we're good.
Go get your weapon.
Really? It's that easy? Just vomit up some dime-store schmaltz and I get my gun back? Nothing is easy with you, Mary.
Welcome back.
Congratulations, by the way, on Norah.
Yeah, she's pretty cool.
I can pre-board planes now, so-- Hey you.
Let's see what you got.
That's okay.
I know, I know.
I was a little girl alone in my little world Children are our phantom limbs.
Even when they leave, they're never really gone.
They come back from time to time for laundry or a shoulder or a fist full of cash To dance with you at the wedding of a friend.
And those sleep-deprived whirling dervish early days that you swear will never end Somehow they do.
I had a dream Then you blink, look up, and you find a boyfriend with a beard and a U-Haul on the lawn.