In Plain Sight s05e02 Episode Script

Four Marshalls and a Baby

Previously on In Plain Sight So we've got a lot going on here-- Your decision to change your mind about the adoption and raise your child as a single mother.
I'm Carlos.
Alpacas are kind of cute.
Your loved ones hurt you when you were a child.
It made you fear getting close to anyone because they may hurt you too.
- Albuquerque P.
- U.
And you are? - Kristi.
- Nice ink.
This tattoo, 1-8, it's a well-known code in her circles for Adolf Hitler.
I'm leaving in the morning.
Brandi does what Brandi does, and you just go running? My baby needs me.
My baby needs you.
She has her mother, Mary.
What am I supposed to do about work? Customer is beatin' me harder than a rented mule, Bonnie.
I'm still gonna see you tomorrow at Mom's.
Yeah, we're gonna plan Jimmy Jr.
's party.
Of course.
Now, I know I missed your chili, but I'm tellin' you, sis, every order has got to be there five minutes ago.
Bye, sis.
Love you.
Hey, count it up.
Yo, we ain't got all night.
Told you it's there.
You want me to bring this cut-up crap to Jensen? You're not going back to Jensen.
The hell I'm not.
I'll get you, bitch! Psychologists say children believe in magic because their brains can't grasp the limits of natural law.
As a kid, I tried to bend spoons with my mind like a magician I saw once on Saturday morning TV.
It broke my heart when it didn't work.
If I couldn't think a spoon into a knot, how could I will my mother to put down the vodka long enough to cook dinner, or wish my father into coming home to eat it? My home, my family, my sister I've given up everything.
I just don't see why I can't hang on to my business.
If I got a new name, who would know? Beth, one conspicuous Beanie Baby on eBay, and the Ruval cartel will do to you what I did to my sister's Hot Stuff Skipper Barbie Spring of '86.
Wasn't pretty.
Okay, so I'm supposed to just junk $300,000 worth of vintage merchandise? That dog won't hunt.
That dog won't hunt.
Doll collecting is a $500-million-a-year business.
$500 million? Jesus.
It's not just the money.
When my husband left me, I had to sell everything and anything, including the one thing I swore I wouldn't-- a mint-condition Shirley Temple doll my grandmother gave me.
Please don't know that.
$500 million? A year.
Let's begin.
Beginning again.
Some witnesses embrace it-- the chance to start fresh, to leave whatever baggage behind.
For others, though, change means a dizzying loss of control.
They cling to their baggage like a flotation device.
One evening, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight.
There wasn't any moon, and Harold needed a moon for a walk in the moonlight.
But he set off, taking his big Purple crayon All right, I'm sorry, bug, but Anyway, he made his bed.
He got the purple crayon, dropped it on the floor.
Good? Good.
Stanley feel the music.
The tango is dark, from the streets.
It's a form of seduction that was banned for a time in Argentina.
Show me why.
Now attack like a jaguar.
Oh! You were like a house on fire.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
It's all you, Lia.
You're a fantastic teacher.
You really are.
Maybe, uh, down the road, I'll score a perfect 10 like you and your husband here.
Oh, Delindo? No, he's married To a wonderful fireman from Cebu.
Oh, well.
I was just aware of your ring, so Oh.
This? It's sort of like a red light.
The tango's such a deeply passionate dance.
Some men confuse it with, uh Something more.
Well Fantastic work.
You completed 30 lessons.
- Oh, great.
- Let me get your certificate.
Oh, of course.
Uh Listen, Lia.
This might sound strange, and, uh Um, well, I was-- Oh, thank you.
Uh, I was thinking maybe we could-- we could, uh-- we could do five more lessons.
You ready to see Daddy today? Yeah, Mommy's ready for you to see Daddy today.
Yes, I am.
Good girl.
Good girl.
I know.
What--w-what's up? Whoa, whoa.
You're going to Vegas? Mark, you're killing me.
I'm halfway out the door.
Yeah, I know all about closing a deal.
You said you had Norah covered today.
That's a deal I thought I closed.
You're right, and I'm not mad at you.
I'm mad at jinx.
But it's just easier to take it out on you.
Yeah, it's fine.
I'll see you in a few days.
That, uh, spring in your step-- you get that installed professionally, or was it a do-it-yourself thing? It's, uh, Papua New Guinea Supremo.
- Delicious.
- Oh.
Have a cup.
- Let me help.
- Got it.
I got it.
It's good.
Oh, "wook" at the "wittle" sweetie! My God, I just got in.
I'm already up to here with the coochie-coos.
Look, I got a stack of field reports, a witness on her way up, and I'm so tired, I just sat down in the elevator.
All I'm asking for is one quiet day.
- Mary-- - Stan, I know.
I know, I know.
Look, I promise this is a one-time thing, okay? Mark had to work.
I couldn't find a sitter.
And honestly, how much trouble can she be? - She's a baby.
- No.
No babies allowed.
But I don't see any babies.
All I see is a little cutie-pie with my haircut.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
Whoa, what's going on? Did Stan just make his own bald joke? Self-deprecating humor, dancing Ah, the "thwing" of Cupid's arrow.
Yeah, tipped in the aroma of Paco Rabanne.
It's an aggressive cologne.
It's making my eyes water.
- It's a big smell.
- Mm.
Think Assistant Associate Director Campbell just stepped on your one quiet day.
Oh, God, you'd think on a day like this, the big guy could spare me Almanza's number two, aka the seventh sign of the Apocalypse.
She is indeed a harbinger of dark days.
Assistant A.
Campbell, what a pleasant surprise.
I thought I was seeing you later today.
Don't tell me you're bailing on the Marshals' luncheon.
Oh, the luncheon will be so busy.
I just wanted some Stan time.
Plus, just between us, this administration's all about boots-on-the-ground leadership, and that is straight out of the Oval Office.
And the first POTUS name-drop.
Shall we chat in your office? Oh, well, we could go to yours, but D.
's a bit of a hike.
Come on in.
Hey, I didn't order this.
Where the hell's that UPS Guy? - Inspector Shannon.
- Boss.
It's hard, isn't it, working full-time, being a mother? Yeah.
- Juggle a lot? - You think? Juggle better.
I hate her.
Mommy hates her.
Yes, I do.
And you hate her too.
- Really? - Hey, listen I got a witness on her way.
Do me a favor.
Give me that sweet pea.
Back off, Mary Poppins.
Witness plus Norah is a no-no, Mary.
Between my six nieces and nephews and helping out at the church day care, I can handle her.
Fine five minutes.
- Hey.
- Mary? - Oh, Beth.
- Mary! - Sit down.
What's up? - I didn't know what to do.
I just needed to see you.
My landlord's evicting me.
Evicting-- why, Beth? Are you paying your rent? Of course! He said I could have pets, so I got a rabbit.
Now he's trying to kick me out.
Well, a rabbit, Beth-- look, forgive me, but this doesn't sound like a WITSEC issue.
Mary, he's filming me, threatening to put it on YouTube.
Now it sounds like a WITSEC issue.
What do you mean he's filming you? Why is he filming you? Hang on, hang on.
Yeah, this is Mary.
Yeah, hang on.
Beth, I'll be with you in a sec.
Would you put her in a conference room? What? Yeah, sure.
No problem.
I love doing other people's job.
Washington office chooses today to move up Mayfield's testimony.
Now I got to play travel agent and set up a security detail to get him there asap.
Please, I will pay you to deal with Beth.
Wish I could.
I have to go sit with a potential witness.
Remember Kristi Owens, the Neo-Nazi? Oh, wish I could forget.
What? Mary, can you hear me? It's Carlos.
Carlos, how the hell are you? How are the llamas? They're alpacas, Mary.
Mary, you said to call if I ever needed-- Listen, Carlos, it's hard to hear you.
- I'll call you right back.
- Carlos.
This is Mary.
Christ, does everyone in D.
spend this much time on the phone? It's like tenth grade at an all-girls school.
Word around the Beltway is Associate Director Almanza is getting pushed out.
And you want me to endorse you.
I'm next in line.
I try to steer clear of politics.
Hate to break it to you, Stan, but politics can't steer clear of you--not any more.
You see, you're about to be blindsided at the luncheon today, and I have come to you as a friend.
Once I'm tapped as head of WITSEC, I can be an even better friend.
My friends know I don't make deals.
All right, I'm gonna give you the first trade free.
Almanza's shutting down ABQ WITSEC.
- What? - You heard me.
This office is shutting its doors.
So, want to be friends? Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- some criminal, some not-- to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population, and that is Somebody wants them dead.
If Almanza thinks half the marshals can handle twice the witnesses, he's a bigger putz than I thought.
Consolidation is D.
's silver bullet.
Almanza thinks he's gonna be able to save his job by folding Albuquerque into Denver.
Yeah, and what's your pitch? I'd keep the offices open, trim the fat, make it efficient.
Believe it or not, Stan, I'm on your side.
You're on your own side, Susan.
I've seen The Godfather, like, 200 times.
I help out the Don, then get whacked in a rowboat.
Come on, Fredo, have a little faith.
I'll hold up my end.
You're the top field office chief.
It would mean a lot to me if I knew I had your endorsement.
Am I crazy, or do you smell expensive? Hey, Beth.
First of all, you did the right thing, coming to me.
I've got a systems admin scouring the web for video now.
But walk me through this.
How'd you get to this point? A vengeful little bastard is how.
That hound dog eyeballs me every time his wife blinks.
Told him to take a hike, voila.
I see.
All right.
Well, let me have a chat with him.
I'm fluent in hound dog.
I've got a whole cell block of "sistas" who want to put a shank in me.
I don't like those odds.
So give solitary a shot.
They want to take me out, they'll find a way.
I need help.
I need a deal.
And I got something to trade.
You're charged as an accessory in the murder of a grand juror, Kristi.
That's not my call.
It's federal.
I can bring in the FBI, but whatever you've got up your sleeve better be legit, and it better be big.
The brotherhood's gonna take out Councilman Williams.
Keyshawn Williams? Really? Why should I believe you? 'Cause if you don't, the councilman's blood is on your hands.
I'll be right back.
Could be a real hit.
Brotherhood's had a hard-on for councilman Williams since he took office.
We'll see about moving her to the nearest federal prison with a WITSEC unit.
I doubt she'll win any popularity contests, but she'll be safe till she testifies and, one hopes, after.
Yeah, I hope so.
- So what do you think? - Hard to say.
But thanks for the heads-up, Chaffee.
Anytime, Marshal Mann.
Hey, one more thing-- keep your coat in the closet.
- Oscar's a shedder.
- Talk later, Detective? I'd put money on it, inspector.
I'll take a hacksaw to the budget.
Let's just keep the "office closing" talk between us, hmm? The last thing I need is my people in a full-blown panic.
Of course not.
And on your end Lose the funeral face.
Always a delight, Susan.
Hope we get to see each other again soon.
Dessert soon enough? The body language, the smiling-- I'm telling you, Stan's love connection - just walked out that door.
- I'm not sold.
She's too Something for Stan.
It's not tall.
I know you were thinking tall.
We're all thinking tall.
But it's not tall.
- Anyway, what do you got? - I.
for Ms.
So far, they found nothing.
No Webb on the web.
They'll keep monitoring, sound the alarm if anything dings.
Oh, good.
Hi, I've missed you.
Yes, yes, I am coordinating a team to get Mayfield to Reagan.
I'm just checking on times.
Shh, suck my finger, baby.
Yeah, you.
I want you to suck my finger.
Just hold on.
Mayfield trial prep? Jealous? Oh, my God, where is it, you guys? - Oh, thank Christ.
- Hand her over.
- Stan.
I got it.
- Come on.
That's an order.
Give me the baby.
- All right.
- Come here, come here.
It's okay.
Guess whose lucky day it is.
And don't say mine, 'cause you'd be way off.
I've got an air ops transport that puts Mayfield wheels down by 3:00 with plenty of time for prep and ready for the stand-- you happy? Oh, my God.
- You're the baby whisperer.
- Oh, yeah.
Four years as Santa at the American legion, you learn you got to show kids who's boss.
- Makes 'em feel secure.
- Really? Beard, black boots, bowl full of jelly--who knew? There's a lot you don't know about me.
Hey, Norah, Uncle Stan would kill for an aspirin.
You want to ride shotgun? You understand you'll still have to serve your time in a WITSEC prison unit.
But, Kristi, you need to keep a low profile to stay safe.
Even in a WITSEC wing, we can't protect you from who you're projecting yourself to be.
Look, my dad used to smack me around, sometimes worse.
And when he ran off, the brotherhood took me in.
They taught me to be strong.
Did you ever stop to question what the brotherhood was feeding you? Sometimes.
I wondered, you know, about the cause.
You ever heard of the Eve hypothesis? It says we're all descended from one African female.
That's right, Kristi.
We're both black.
If you were my witness out in the world, I could protect you, work with you, help you reinvent yourself.
But you're going in on your own.
The only way you stay alive is to make some changes internally.
- Go for Mary.
- Mary.
Ah, Carlos, good.
What's going on? It could be nothing, but my vision's been unclear lately.
Carlos, what are you talking about? W-what vision? What's that music? Where are you? Oh, I'm in town-- Del Mar Plaza.
I'm not really sure what I saw, but you always said better safe than sorry.
Yeah, safe is definitely better than sorry.
Carlos, just sit tight, okay? I'm coming to you.
You can annoy me for old times' sake.
Delia, grab me the transfer form.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
She your house slave? Kristi, sign the form.
No, no, I got this.
You don't have to sign a thing.
You can rant, spew your hate, take a swing at me, for all I care.
I'd like that, actually.
I'd like to see this entire office pin your cheek to the cold, hard floor, and before you can get up from under my shoe, your deal's blown, and you're locked up where no one can protect your sorry ass.
So, please, miss Owens, I'm begging you.
Don't sign.
Hey, Stan, Carlos Ramirez just crawled out of his sweat lodge, said something about a vision.
I don't know if he meant his vision or a vision.
You know, he's a little bit-- I think I'd feel better if I just went down and checked it out.
- That's fine.
- Sure? Yeah, we're having fun, right? Fair warning--half hour, and this one turns Cujo.
- I can get your llama guy.
- It's an alpaca guy.
And I can't believe that's wasting brain space.
Are you kidding me? Mary Shannon.
Beth? No, he cannot chase you with a camera.
That's the opposite of legal.
Just--just stay inside.
Someone's coming to you.
Hey, you want a case? Go deal with the doll lady and her wannabe Scorsese landlord.
- Done.
- You sure you're good? Yeah, I'm good with Cujo.
I got my rabies shots.
I'll check in later.
I don't know.
I'm still looking.
I swear to God, it's like "Donde esta Waldo" down here.
Hey--hey, listen.
If she drops her pacifier, there's two backups in the diaper bag, okay? Yeah.
Stan, I got to go.
- Mary.
- Carlos.
It's been far too many days, you know? I've thought about you.
Listen, what's going on? What--what-- what are you doing here? These street kids came out to the ranch last month, you know, part of a community program.
Mary, you should've seen the energy between the kids and my animals.
The connections that they made, in here.
Their spirits Just opened up.
It was beautiful.
- This is why I'm here? - No.
Well, yes.
I knew I had to bring my animals to the children.
But that's not what I called you about.
- Okay.
- I think I saw a Diablo king.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
And you start with the kids and the petting zoo? Hey, these guys have long memories and hollow-point bullets.
You lead with Diablo kings.
- Come on, we got to move.
- No, not without-- I'm not going without my alpacas.
Hey, I will grill up those bastards and slap 'em on a bun if you don't-- Oh, gross.
Working lunch? Take a break.
I thought you were the baby whisperer.
I'm pulling rank.
"Rank" being the operative word.
Okay, Norah, you're in good hands-- more importantly, not mine.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Popped home to walk Oscar.
Guess who's got a taste for cross-trainers.
Oh, I need those to, you know, chase after ill-behaving canines.
Any breaking news on Kristi Owens? I can neither confirm nor deny.
Hey, is that crying? Yep, I'm on diaper duty.
Oh, what I would do for a picture of that.
Wish I could help out.
I got this.
I'm on it.
Babysitting paid for space camp.
Anyway, I really got to go.
Keep the shoes hidden.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, look.
Child's play.
Hey, Lia, Stan.
How you doing? Listen, I'm so sorry for the late notice, but I'm gonna have to miss my lesson.
My day's been so busy.
It's leaking into night here.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, find your partners.
Take your positions.
Stanley, we were gonna focus on the arms.
Oh, well, I love your ar-- the arms Arms, in general.
I-I-- the reason I'm calling, I just, uh-- Henry, hold her like a flower, not a football.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
I'm going out on a limb here.
I-I thought maybe-- I wanted to talk to you tonight too, - but since you're not coming in-- - Oh? A friend of mine has a studio in Santa Fe, and I'm gonna go check it out tomorrow.
Really? Tomorrow? It's a great opportunity for me--a bigger studio, and there's not much keeping me here in Albuquerque, so Right, right.
- I understand.
Um-- - Oh, I'm sorry, I have to go.
We're starting now.
Uh, o-of course, yeah.
Uh, we'll talk later, all right? Hello? - You the reporter I called? - Reporter? I'm Beth's sister-in-law.
Who are you? I'm her landlord.
I'm gonna shame that crazy bitch on YouTube.
Keys, woman.
Your mama didn't teach you any manners? My mama's dead.
Happy? Beth? Beth? Oh, my.
I don't want to see any reporters when I come out.
Got it? Crap.
Don't let the bunnies out.
I shouldn't even be letting you take it.
Come on, hurry up! Your aggression is upsetting Ahotay.
At least we got a bang-up getaway car.
Get in there, you four-legged sweater.
Get in.
Get in.
Oh, my God.
Calmate, pequenita.
- Calmate.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Get down.
Get down.
What about my alpacas, Mary? They'll be fine.
Who steals an alpaca? Now move.
You spot these guys, and you just stand out in the open with a bull's eye on your back? What, are you too cheap to spring for klieg lights and a fluorescent vest? Nothing happened, Mary.
The spirits wrapped me in their protection.
No, I did that.
I wrapped you, okay? And something could've happened, Carlos.
- You got to be careful.
- Your energy--it's different.
The little one's opened your eyes to every precious life, - to mine.
- Yeah, that's probably what happened.
My water broke, and I saw the light.
You got 24 hours to get your crap off that ranch.
I'm relocating you.
Hey, did Simon say stop? No.
I will not live in the company of fear.
- I'm done hiding.
- What? My vision is clear to me now.
I would rather risk my life than give up the path.
My WITSEC journey is over.
Look, I'm not sure which spiritual tinkerbell you summoned for that crap-tastic epiphany, but that might be the single worst idea of your life, and that's coming from someone who's seen you in a loincloth.
Listen to me.
Your path is gonna get you killed.
You care about me.
What? No.
No, no, no.
I don't hug.
I don't really-- hugging's not my-- Okay.
Please stop.
Beth? Beth, are you in here? Who are you? How'd you get in here? Beth, hey.
It's okay.
I'm Delia, Mary's friend.
Your landlord let me in.
He's a monster Lurking out there with his skeevy little camera.
I'll have a talk with him.
But as far as our office can tell, no videos have been posted online, and we'll see that it stays that way.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
I don't want to move again.
I can't.
I didn't have time to tidy up.
Sorry it's so kind of, you know.
Beth, I'm wondering-- maybe all this, your things, has something to do with your landlord's complaints.
It looks bad, I know, but I just need to save these to track doll prices.
Yeah, but it doesn't matter how long ago your trial was.
There are people out there actively looking for you right now, to kill you.
And all this stuff just draws attention.
Fine! God! It's like you're on his side.
No, I'm not.
Mary's not.
We're on the side of keeping you safe.
It's just-- I'm so alone.
I left every single person in my life.
My sister--we saw each other every day.
She was my best friend.
And my business-- it's just gone.
It's all gone.
Beth, I can't know how hard this is, but it's putting you in danger.
Let me make some calls, help you get things sorted out.
"Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks.
"Rage, blow, "you cataracts and hurricanoes.
Spout until you"-- hey, Stan.
King Lear.
Yeah, I've been to the theater Movie theater mostly, but-- Shakespeare? She like that? Oh, never too early for the classics.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
Marshals' luncheon-- politicking and cost-cutting, the usual.
Unbelievable-- kid makes bad news and bureaucrats bearable.
Excuse me, miss.
May I have this dance? Oh, no.
Uncle Stan leads.
Oh, we start out as a blank slate.
We'll love her, protect her.
But life just knocks you down.
Some get up.
Some stay face-first on the canvas.
Everyone can get up, given a chance.
Back in a bit.
Kristi Owens' transfer to WITSEC prison.
How does a Kristi lose her way? Ah, we're still musing? Okay.
Anyone ever take the time to read Shakespeare to her or dance with her? Now she's got a second chance-- not a pretty one, but it's still a chance.
You think people can change, really? Anyone can change, Stan.
Uh, if the kid gets cranky, she goes nuts for Titus Andronicus.
Her feet get going.
It's a whole thing.
"Suffer not dishonor.
" I don't know-- dolls, busted appliances, faded magazines, faded clothes-- just stuff, lots of stuff.
Oh, poor woman.
It's gonna take a couple trucks to haul it all out.
Aah! And a couple trips.
Oh, and send animal control.
Inspector Inspector, would you please hang up your phone? Now, please give me your gun.
I said give it up! I was trying to help, Beth.
This is not trash.
These are my things, my life.
I might have to sell these dolls someday.
All right, Beth, that's fair.
That's fair.
We can work something out.
I'm sure we can.
Just let's get back to my office so we can figure out a plan.
Right, 'cause I'm stupid.
You're just looking for a way out.
Don't talk to me like I'm crazy.
I'm not crazy! We have a protocol, Beth.
We check in right after we arrive, and when we don't, they come look-- Shut up! Shut up, shut up! Ten years in jail? I'll be, like, 30.
I can't just start loving them.
I just can't.
My suggestion is start with respect.
If you don't, you're gonna be in that shiny jewelry a long time-- or worse.
Listen Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm gonna continue to believe that you can change.
But if you can't, at the very least, lie low.
Get in the car.
All right, well, here's your opt-out form.
I got to tell you, Carlos, I think you're making a big mistake.
The spirits, they'll watch over me.
Look, I don't know what kind of shaman you make, Carlos, and please don't tell me.
But until this last bit, you've been a fairly decent witness.
So just lay low, okay? I will.
And I have one final request.
Yeah, I'm not housing the alpacas.
Embrace the spirits around you, Mary.
Well, you know I love an embrace.
You're not alone.
The people around you, let them in.
Oh, and the little one She's craving yams.
- Is she? - Yeah.
Well, give my best to the Universe or whatever *** Take care, Carlos.
Thank you, Mary.
Hey, Stan.
How's the kid? Oh, she's great.
Just ate.
Made short order of a jar of-- - Don't say yams.
- How'd you know? Anyway, she's fine.
She's sleeping.
Let me call you back, all right? Yeah.
You know, I'm not one for schadenfreude, but when you voiced your support for me, it looked like Almanza was gonna choke on his tongue.
Yeah, well, don't pat yourself on the back too hard.
These cuts stink.
But if Almanza thinks he's gonna ax this office Our numbers-- ABQ's to the bone.
You put this together? - Since lunch? - Yep.
Just not sure it's gonna be enough for Almanza.
Susan, the work we do here is important and sometimes expensive.
- Stan - Look at this.
Mexican police officer, on the job 20 years-- Murdered.
Judge in Cartagena-- shot in cold blood.
Salvadorian drug runner-- car bomb.
Look, Stan, I know that you think of me as just some political operative, but I-- Susan, I know you've never been in the field.
But I don't have to tell you what goes on in these countries.
You talk, you're dead.
That's us, minus WITSEC.
Witnesses only testify if they feel safe.
But there are financial realities.
I'll cut where I can.
But you want to be friends? If your connection with POTUS isn't a bunch of locker-room talk, use it.
Excuse me.
Have you seen Marshal Parmalee? She's an hour late for an MOU.
Be right back.
She's not picking up or returning messages.
Delia Parmalee.
Please leave a-- Delia's never late.
She starts Monday Night Football Sunday night.
- Is Norah okay? - Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
Delia check in with you? Not since I asked her to cover for me with Beth.
- She missed an MOU.
- I'll call Marshall.
How fast can you get over to Beth's? We're about to find out.
They're looking for me, Beth.
My colleagues will come looking for me.
Throw me your phone now.
Get back in here! Beth, slow down.
This isn't you.
Mary's told me about you.
You're a sweet woman, smart, levelheaded.
Five years.
Five years, and I still have nightmares-- the gunshot, that man coming right at me.
Beth, no.
Just-- I can't live like this.
I can't.
This isn't my life.
It's too late for me.
Hey, it's not too late.
You're a strong woman.
You've done it before.
You will do it again.
I lost my sister, my family.
I've hung on to these things because they're all that I have.
You're not your things, Beth.
Your husband left, and you built a life, a business.
You were happy, weren't you? - You can be again.
- How? Just start.
Start by trusting me.
We'll protect you.
I will.
- Tell them to go away! - They won't go, Beth.
They're coming through this door, and if they see you with that gun - Delia? - U.
Marshals! - You have a choice.
You do.
- You're lying.
- No, I'm not.
- Delia? You just need help.
I'll make sure you get it.
Marshals, open up! Go.
I'm all right.
It's clear.
What? Wow.
What the-- Wow.
- A lot of stuff.
- Yeah.
Delia, you all right? You didn't call in.
Sorry, I-- we got caught up.
Beth just needed a little extra TLC.
I'm good.
I'm good.
It's all right.
Delia, what the hell? We're all right.
You see what I see? Yep.
Key chains-- dozens and dozens of key chains.
You all right? I'm fine.
Oh, rabbit fur-- thanks.
Abigail's a little OCD With the lint brush.
You were top of your class at the Academy, right? Someone draws a gun-- I don't care if it's a witness or or your mother-- you put 'em on the ground, period.
For the record, I don't know what you're talking about.
Right, for the record.
Look, I promised I'd get her help.
- I keep my promises.
- Well, we'll get her to Finkel.
Anyway, good job.
You're complimenting me? Oh, don't get excited.
I'm hormonal.
Plus, my kid's in the hands of rank amateurs.
Hey, who's gonna get her crap out of that apartment? Jeez, I don't know what Beth's whining about.
- He seems sweet.
- I'm goddamn serious.
Aw, adorable.
- Hey.
- Everybody okay? Stan, what are you doing here? Who has Norah? Oh, man.
Oh, hey.
Sorry, I was Um, I can take her off your hands now.
I've got two free ones for, you know, juggling.
- She just fell asleep.
- Okay, thanks.
I raised three sons while working.
I know what you're up against.
Right, well, just so you know, this is a one-time thing-- fluke.
Not looking for a village to raise my child.
- I've got it under control.
- Mm-hmm.
Word of advice-- respectfully from someone who's made mistakes Sure, I guess.
I'm guessing you're a lot like me.
You've done more by lunch than most people do all week.
And you feel that you do it faster and better than everyone else.
And I'm sure you do.
But you can't do it all by yourself.
You'll fail.
I did.
A good mother is strong enough to ask for help.
I'm a good mother.
No doubt.
Just Don't be afraid to let the people around you pitch in.
No way.
You don't have to like me to know that I'm right.
Yeah, well, that's a relief.
So, Norah, tough first day.
You know she doesn't understand, and even if she did, she couldn't answer.
You know why? - She's a baby? - She's a baby.
They're like sponges at this age.
She must have picked up something.
Yeah, how 'bout anyone who gets off a plane from DC, bend over and pucker up? See? That's something.
It wasn't that long ago this would have been just another day at the office, then dollar beers and you crackin' lame-ass jokes.
What the hell? You didn't push the button? Come on, man.
You gotta push the button.
I'm so tired.
You know what I need? A stay-at-home wife.
Gay marriage-- that's not legal yet? There's always a statewide referendum.
- Want a hand? - Nah, I got it.
Huh? All right, maybe just take the diaper bag.
And my other bag.
Honestly, just pick me up.
So how about this-- a neonazi, a mystic, and a hoarder are stranded on a deserted island - No.
- Yeah, yeah, it's good.
Oh, good.
You're still here.
Stanley, I thought you had work.
I Wanted one last dance before you left.
One last dance That can be arranged.
- Is that a new cologne? - Oh.
Uh, it's not a big deal, really.
- It's nice.
- Thank you.
Oh, God, I can't do this.
Oh, you're leading beautifully.
No, no, that's not it.
Your footwork is excellent.
Have dinner with me tonight before you go to Santa Fe.
Please? I've wanted to ask you out since the middle of our sixth lesson and-- - Yes.
- After the 17th, I was sure - Stanley! - I waited too long.
And after the 25th, I was really embarrassed-- - I'd love to.
- Really? 'Cause I didn't want to be one of those creeps that hits on his teacher and-- If you had hit on me after the first lesson, you'd be a creep.
But on your 31st, you're a perfect gentleman.
Does a gentleman tango Like this? What is unleashed in the soul when we love outside ourselves is sharp, unexpected, and beyond words.
Love turns smart people stupid and conjures courage from thin air.
That we can love so wildly, so recklessly, yet feel it even in the tame ways of every day, is something of a miracle.
Give me that.
For some, a miracle, ordinary or otherwise, would take a miracle.
Still, there's room for repentance.
There's hope, if only in glimmers.
Miss O'Leary, I wanted to welcome you personally to Piedmont Federal Penitentiary.
For others, hope is all there is.
This is Beth.
Hi, Beth.
I'm Dr.
- Hi.
- Thanks, Delia.
Love, miracle, hope-- not my kind of words, but I find as life pushes relentlessly on, that they nudge their way in and set up shop, undeniable as Moon tides.
The pie in the sky magical thinking of childhood is quietly replaced by a grounded, grown-up sense of wonder, and the reality that something as simple as a sunrise can still surprise you.