In Plain Sight s05e03 Episode Script

Reservations, I've Got a Few

Previously, on In Plain Sight I asked you about Norah's father? Wipes, please.
What am I, your scrub nurse? They're right there, hawkeye.
Mark's a, you know, good father.
Assistant A.
Campbell, what a pleasant surprise.
Once I'm tapped as head of WITSEC, I can be an even better friend.
Almanza's shutting down ABQ WITSEC.
- What? - You heard me.
This office is shutting its doors.
So, want to be friends? I know, I know.
I promise this is a one-time thing, okay? Mark had to work, I couldn't find a sitter, and honestly, how much trouble can she be? She's a baby.
Motherhood can be quite a transition.
Especially for someone used to being so You.
You take this one.
The wives always hate me.
You sure? - I think I smell beef rendang.
- I'll take some to go.
And if there's sticky rice-- There's always sticky rice.
Dujana, I'm not worried about your husband.
He's made his decision.
I am worried about you.
I have told you all I know.
He left one night.
He did not even take his cell phone.
You realize I'm trained to spot liars? It's not hard, honestly.
You say he left his phone.
I believe you.
But when I ask, "have you seen him?" You look up and to the left.
Now, in most folks, that indicates they're accessing a memory.
The thing is, you're left-handed, so it's reversed.
When you look up and to the left, I know that you are fabricating a lie.
Will you send me back to Indonesia? Not if you tell me where your husband went.
- Fredericks, get down! - FBI! - On your knees.
- Hold it right there.
What is going on? Ma'am, need you to remain calm.
This man's not with us.
He's not FBI.
All right.
Watch your head.
Somewhere between the primordial soup and the dirty cell phone pic, our minds invented a sneaky way to course-correct for our mistakes and disappointments.
Leon Festinger called it cognitive dissonance.
Worst part is it works, if only for a while.
Listen, we got to swap.
I need you to take Norah today.
What? Mark, no, we have a joint calendar for a reason.
Yeah, I know, but I've been trying to land a meeting with this guy for two months.
Dan McIlvane is a whale.
He runs third-party logistics in the southwest.
All right, now you're just gluing random words together.
Warehouses the size of football fields.
The dude needs a monster amount of solar paneling, and I've got a legit shot.
It's my job.
- I have a job.
- Gosh, what's that like? Come on, Mark, please? You're so much better at this crap than I am.
- Please? Please? - All right, fine.
- I'll handle it today.
- Thank you.
But eventually, we're gonna have to figure something out.
And barring some miraculous recovery by Brandi, your mother's not walking through that door.
It's been a month.
We need help.
Right, fine, okay.
Let's just take baby steps.
Let's just make it to the weekend.
- Deal? - Fine.
Whew! Have fun with that.
- Yeah.
- That's almost hostile.
You got her? - Come here.
- You cutie.
Oh, and, hey.
Yes, bottle at noon, nap at 1:30.
No--I mean, yes, but-- I really appreciate this.
Hold on.
I just want proof that that actually happened.
That's cute.
There it is.
Cognitive dissonance is simple.
You convince yourself that whatever it is in front of you is exactly what you want-- that it's good and right.
Especially when it's not.
Here's one for those memoirs I'm not allowed to write.
Eddie Fredericks.
Former Navy SEAL turned enemy of the state.
In custody 36 hours.
FBI caught him posing as one of their own.
Tracking foreign nationals here at home for a guy Homeland Security's been after for the better part of the last decade.
Now he's our problem.
Such is the nature of our curious enterprise.
I need assurances.
So does the Department of Justice.
That's why we need you to sign the MOU.
I'm giving you everyone I know.
This here is garbage.
I need to see your ops plan for my security, okay? My partner's still out there.
She is trained just like me.
She will find me.
- She's insane.
- Eddie, relax.
We're gonna keep you safe.
It's what we do.
I can't believe this.
All I did was track down the bad guys here at home.
Your loyalty to God and country notwithstanding, Eddie, you were tracking people for Abu Patek.
This guy funds jihad against a country - you swore an oath to protect.
- I wasn't in league with him.
I only met the man once.
I was a contractor.
If people ran from Patek, we located them, simple as that.
Marshals will escort you to a safe WITSEC unit where you'll serve your time under our protection.
Your partner's tracking prowess and mental health will become instantly irrelevant.
- You don't understand.
- Well, help us understand, because your resume's kind of thin.
What can I say? Military paid me to do things no one wants to read about.
- And they stopped paying.
- You got wounded and-- Civilian got shot and I got railroaded.
My C.
, um, wanted me to say this guy had a gun.
I wouldn't do it.
Officially, I outlived my-- my operational usefulness.
So you went freelance as a way of, what, - pushing back? - No.
I went freelance because they didn't give me a choice.
Eddie, we could help you, okay? We could protect you from your partner, all enemies, foreign or domestic.
The first move is yours.
Whew! Christ.
Uh, it's hot in here, right? You got rope burn from those cuffs? No, I'm fine.
Was held for ransom in Waziristan.
Five weeks in a cave.
Was cuffed up the whole time.
Served us a spoonful of rice and tea, twice a day.
They put a little goat milk in it at least? It was opium, actually.
Oh, so more of a sleepy-time tea.
This whole thing was stupid, working for Patek.
Knew we'd get caught.
You're doing the right thing, Eddie.
And who knows? Maybe a step toward a country you once loved enough to die for is-- Whoa! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Our witness just went off the roof! Suicide? Jumped onto the goddamn parking deck! Hey, what'd I miss? Parking deck.
All clear.
What the-- Oh, my God.
So this guy just goes up and over? - Yeah.
- That's so weird.
Yeah, everything about this is.
It's like the guy has no history.
His file's all thick black lines.
What was he doing on the balcony in the first place? - Delia, your car's gone.
- What? I just made my last payment.
I just had it washed.
My softball gear's in there.
What? Turn my back for one second.
How were you supposed to know the guy's got super spidey powers? He manipulated me.
He never should have been on the terrace in the first place.
Damn it.
Yes, Dan? GPS puts Delia's vehicle five miles ahead of you.
Looks like he exited I-25 and headed east.
Hold up.
He stopped.
Three miles in on Roderick Road.
Can't believe he went Costner on us.
To be clear, I'm talking Dances with Wolves Costner, not Tin Cup Costner or, you know, one of the ten baseball movies.
No? No good? Come on, Marshall, it's gonna be fine.
Guy picks a reservation-- the one place in the U.
we don't have open jurisdiction-- and heads straight for it.
- I'm so screwed.
- No, you're not.
We are.
We're screwed.
Thanks to you.
Come on, I'm joking.
We're not screwed, we're pursuing your witness.
Look, call Stan for a check-with-me if you want, but I say we go now.
Yeah, no, not yet.
Only sign of him is Delia's unit, torched on the side of the road.
We're fine.
We're following what we assume is his trail.
No, on foot.
I don't know, Stan.
I don't see any tribal rep around to ask permission.
Hey, you're probably gonna want to hang up now.
Stan, got to go.
You're U.
Marshals trespassing on sovereign Owindo nation land.
No, we're U.
Marshals pursing the guy who just torched that car.
Which you can explain to the chief.
- Really? - Come on.
Or am I grabbing my cuffs? Okay.
Now we're screwed.
Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- some criminal, some not-- to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the population.
And that is Somebody wants them dead.
What the hell are we doing in here? Fredericks is out there, right this second, - disappearing into the pueblo.
- "Pueblo.
" Even in a crisis you're like-- what's the word? Specific? Accurate? Correct? - It's 40 square miles.
- The pueblo is? The reservation's terrain is rough, uneven.
National park on two sides.
He's this close to vanishing, Stan.
We can't force the issue a little? There's no powering through this.
It's delicate.
You know we need a warrant.
I'm not just talking about the witness' WITSEC status, - I'm talking about ours.
- What about air support? They can't at least get a jump start while - we sit around sucking our-- - Hey, easy.
Not an option.
Wildfires in Colorado.
Air ops are out-of-pocket.
Then what? What now? Now we make nice with the chief chief-of-police, while, you know-- - Okay.
- Where are you going? I've got to check on Norah.
Have fun making nice with the sovereign Owindo nation.
You don't need me for that, right? "Making nice"? Stan McQueen? Joseph Duncan, Bureau of Indian Affairs.
This is Chief Pierce of the Owindo pueblo P.
He's got some questions for you.
And he's gonna ask them himself, if you don't mind.
Thanks, Joe.
So Who you boys chasing? Well, here's what we got.
Eddie Fredericks.
FBI's been after him going on two years.
They got him.
He got loose.
We got to go after him.
Well, U.
Marshals don't get on my land without my say-so.
And that story you just told, it's a very vague story.
- Insultingly vague.
- Not our intention.
But we need to get going asap-- as soon as possible.
Even if BIA--that's Bureau of Indian Affairs--FYI.
Even if they sign off on the manhunt, I'm not just turning you guys loose.
You want access to my pueblo, you have to take my people.
They know this land.
Any problem with that? - Uh-- - No, not a problem.
Thank you.
Well Looks like your warrant is in order.
If you need to look it over, look it over, but, chief, you got a fugitive on your land, and we got a ticking clock.
Heather will ride out with you.
She's the best we got.
Aw, man, should have known.
- I should have known.
- Is there gonna be a problem? Not at all.
City folk are my favorite.
I don't live in the city.
Live in the suburbs, so-- - Uh-huh.
- Okay, let's move on.
His tracks went east from Roderick Road.
That's a day and a half on foot till he hits the pueblo boundary and slips into a national park.
Lucky for us, we got something he doesn't.
Jetpacks? Pie? Please say, "pie.
" You can't trust 'em.
The ratio's off.
Too much animal for that little brain.
You know, it's like a lemon.
You'll be fine.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Will he be fine? One false move, I turn you into a duffel bag, got it? Here I was thinking the U.
Marshals were the best we got.
What's that supposed to mean? You hear this guy slipped out a window? Off the roof, actually.
What kind of tool loses a guy off a roof? Talk about screwed.
- Any good hunting around here? - Yeah.
What do you go after? Deer? Antelope? Both.
My dad used to take me.
These days it's less deer, more meth runners, illegals.
It's a shame.
My people consider the spirit of this land-- every tree, animal-- sacred.
- Oh, boy.
- It's beautiful.
If you ever want a tour of these hills and valleys, I know 'em like the back of my hand.
Gee, that's nice.
She said if you ever want to tour her hills and valleys-- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Tracks stop here.
Either the wind or your guy knows what he's doing.
Well, it's his guy, technically.
Hey, I know.
What's your spirit animal telling you? I said, "my people," believe that.
As for me, I'm still in the market for a spirit animal.
I had a hamster once, but then she ate her kids.
Didn't work out.
What the hell kind of Indian are you? The underpaid kind.
He was here, in nylon blend.
He swiped Delia's softball jacket.
- Impressive.
- Oh, yeah.
He's got all that CSI bullshit down.
Me, I had a more of an indoor childhood, Jersey style.
Lot of monopoly.
Undefeated, so-- Hello? Wait, wait, slow down.
She's pretty.
Pretty young.
- Hadn't noticed.
- Really, you hadn't noticed? You hadn't noticed her shameless flirting? I'm kind of focused on the manhunt.
Here's what I don't get.
When did you become George Clooney to the Veronica Mars set? You got a little venom on your chin.
Yep, on it.
Shots fired back at the burned-out vehicle.
Chief Pierce was on his way down to investigate.
Maybe somebody came back for Fredericks, but who? I don't care about the who, I just care about the what.
And the what sounds bad.
Come on.
Definitely gave me the slow horse.
Whoa! Whoa-ho! Call 911! It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise, daddy, I promise.
- Stubborn son of a bitch.
- Yeah.
Couldn't even wait for backup to ride out.
Some people are like that.
You okay? I'm fine.
We need to move.
You're not going to the hospital? I said I'm fine.
Point is, Pierce's car is the only one here.
Preternatural detail being there's only one set of tire tracks.
Well, guy shows up, shoots the police chief, car disappears.
No tire tracks, footprints.
Neat trick.
Fredericks did say his partner is highly trained.
- Could be that.
- What? FBI shook the trees on Abu Patek.
Last known location's Vegas, Great.
So if Fredericks' partner didn't find him, there's a chance that his jihadist former-employer did.
A fact I'm tap-dancing around for Indian affairs.
Faster you bring Fredericks in, the less I got to say.
Fredericks seems to be headed for the national park.
- Stan, I got to-- - Go, go, go.
Hey, there, big guy.
Raining where you are? Coming down in buckets.
We can talk freely on this line? Okay, good.
No, no, I'm fine, but a colleague's in hot water, and Homeland Security seemed like a good place for me to try and cool things off.
Okay, we've got a fugitive situation.
And I'm staring at his file but it's heavily redacted.
We both know what that means.
Look, my friends are out there chasing him down.
But there's too much we don't know about this guy.
And it would help if we had some idea of what they're up against.
I don't care.
Yes, I'll host Thanksgiving.
Go ahead.
You know, my dad was a marshal.
You don't have to do this.
His dad was a marshal.
When my granddad retired, he revealed he'd been shot in the line of duty.
He never told anyone in the family before.
He didn't want us to worry.
What's tougher than a father with a badge? I know, he'll be fine.
Thanks, Marshall.
By the way, for a city guy, you look pretty good in the saddle.
Really? "Dear diary.
" Knock it off.
- What's up, Heather? - Don't call her "Heather.
" It's her name.
This is the point of no return.
That sounds ominous.
They have a bathroom here? Snacks? It's where we lose cell reception.
So if you got someone to call, do it now.
I know this call.
I've made this call.
You're not coming home, are you? Daddy said not to date lawmen.
There was an escape.
All hands on deck kind of thing.
So I'm playing hostess on my own tonight.
Now last time I had people over-- You ordered pizza, put it in the oven, the boxes caught fire, and they had to evacuate the building.
Hence, tonight's ceviche concept.
I need you here, Marshall, to tell Rob we liked that book he gave us.
Looks like you're lying for two tonight.
- I'm sorry.
Don't wait up.
- Yeah.
Good luck with "All hands on deck.
" Don't forget to duck.
Good night.
Must be serious.
Most guys would be all over me.
You think pretty highly of yourself.
Not at all.
Just lowly of men.
Fair enough.
Did you call your dad? He's not a fan of the phone, but I got a text.
- Good.
- What's that music? God help you if you took my baby to a strip joint.
It's a steak house and we are celebrating.
I sold 60,000 feet to McIlvane.
I walk in with Norah in one of those little carrier thingies, big Dan melts.
All of a sudden, he's in grandpa mode.
No joke.
The kid is a closer.
Where are you anyway? Good question.
Believe it or not, on a horse.
Say that again? Never mind.
This could go late, and I know it's last minute, but I might need you to take the baby tonight.
And when I say, "take her," I mean to my house, not, you know, out clubbing.
No problem.
We're golden.
And I should probably go.
I think Norah needs her bottle.
Oh, my gosh, how cute is your baby? Care to join us? Uh-huh.
Got it.
Thanks, Chuck.
Thank you, Charles.
Stan, hey.
Got an update, and it's bad for us.
We need to protect Marshall here.
We need to control this.
We do.
- And quietly.
- Stan, I am on it.
I'm working this.
Got some intel through my source at DHS.
Your "source"? Can we just say your brother? Can we say that? Fredericks only gave up half his story.
He wasn't just a SEAL.
He was Task Force Blue.
Which is why his file's thinner than a takeout menu.
Also explains his stunt on the roof.
Guy's training is off the charts.
He's Jason Bourne minus the memory loss.
And Mary and Marshall are out of communications range.
Not much we can do about that.
But you want to protect Marshall politically? We need a heavy hitter and the bucket of whitewash only D.
can provide.
I think Associate Director Campbell is heavy-hitter enough.
- You need her number? - Got it on speed-dial.
All right.
These are fresh.
No degradation, sharp edges.
She's close.
Wait? Who's she? Who's close? Okay, I'm happy playing dumb up to a point, but I don't play stupid.
What the hell's going on here? When the FBI apprehended Fredericks, two days ago, his partner evaded capture.
Based on the size of the print and everything else we know, these are probably her tracks.
You know what I think? The sketchy background info, no sign of your marshals special operations group-- I don't think you're out here to arrest this guy.
I think you're out here to protect him.
We're just here to bring him in.
Be dark soon.
We should probably set up camp.
And you and I will take a quick ride ahead, see where the tracks lead.
You can hang back here.
Whoa, whoa.
Did you just give me permission to "hang back here"? - No, I just-- - What? Whoever this she is, she found your guy, she already shot one cop.
We don't know what we're riding into.
You too? Oh, my God.
- All right, say it.
Say it! - What? Well, I'll say it.
And you've got a kid.
Heather, maybe let me handle this.
You know what, do me a favor.
Don't "handle this.
" Okay? I had a baby.
I wasn't stricken with some degenerative maternal syndrome.
I don't know what world you live in, but I live in a world where almost every cop has a family.
We're all going.
Got it? Good.
- Christ.
- Where are you going? Gonna saddle up "dog food.
" That's right, I call him "dog food" now.
Yeah, I'm gonna follow some non-degraded tracks.
You know, mom stuff.
I would have stepped in there, but she didn't leave much room.
Probably best.
Think our guy's down there? That's where I'd be.
Hey, we're gonna find him.
Yeah, yeah.
We just have to do it before his partner does.
Hup! Hup! - Two sets of tracks now.
- No sign of struggle.
- She must have just missed him.
- Let's hope so.
Let's spend the night.
We'll start out in the morning.
Ugh! Gross.
What's with all the nature out here? We're in nature.
Oh, no.
You're doing the knowing look thing? Come on, why are you doing the knowing look thing? We have to bring in the horses.
In here? In the barn? Come on, it's kind of nice in here.
Let's not ruin the barn with animals.
Guys? Guys? Come on.
Really? What if they, like-- I don't know-- stampede or something? I think we'll be better off with live horses in the morning.
I need to speak to Campbell now.
If she's in a meeting, pull her out.
If she's with the Director-- Oh, great.
Yeah, thanks, yeah.
Susan, Stan McQueen.
Yeah, listen, I got a bit of a situation here, and I was wondering-- well, I don't know if I'd call it "cashing in my chips.
" But we were processing a high-security witness yesterday.
Guy bolted before we could transfer him to the correctional center in El Reno.
I could use your help at the State Department before this blows back on me or lands on the inspector who lost him.
I'll get you his file-- the little I've been able to dig up.
And, Susan Thank you.
Come on, come on.
Stupid cell signal.
It's tough being away from the baby? Yeah, let's not do a tampon ad, okay? It's fine being away.
It's one night.
She's with her father.
Just like to get 'em on the phone.
Got it.
I, um-- I was there when he jumped off the roof.
All this It's my fault.
That was you? You're the tool? I'm the tool.
Barely took my eye off him.
I still don't have the guy back.
Lives are in danger, not to mention careers, and I'm lying on the floor of a barn with a woman whose dad I got shot.
If we're doing confession, I've got at least one.
Yeah? Until six months ago, I was working patrol in San Diego.
I lived a block from the beach.
I moved back when my mom died to keep an eye on the old man.
Doing a great job, huh? I'm sorry.
What, uh-- what's the other one? The "other one" what? Uh, confession.
You said you had at least one.
Um I volunteered to take you out today.
Thought you were cute.
- Mary? - Heard it.
What the-- Hey, Marshall, wake up.
Your girlfriend's awol.
Hey, sun's up.
Let's go.
What the hell? Next time leave a note! Come on.
Let's go.
Think my horse is broken.
Yeah, well, mine's not.
Try and keep up.
I got to say, it's not so easy on the lady parts.
You know, you can go.
You don't have to wait for me.
- I'm fine.
- I'm pacing myself.
Really? Don't patronize me.
You first.
What's that supposed to mean? You being nice earlier.
When? When was I nice? "Don't worry.
We'll find him.
" That's when I know I'm up a creek, when you go from semi-hostile teasing - to openly supportive.
- Fine.
We probably won't find him.
You lost a witness.
- Happy? - No, I'm not.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Where the hell's she going? What is that? And old movie set.
They shot some westerns here in the '60s.
- Cool.
- Hey.
I'm sorry I put you in this spot.
Don't be.
Easy, easy, Bo, all right? You already shot a cop.
We're not taking out another one and two U.
It hurts us if we kill them.
We're airborne in ten minutes.
Go, go, go.
You and me, right? Yeah, you and me.
All right.
Mary! I'm fine! Go! Fredericks? You think? She's down.
You all right? Mm-hmm.
Christ, they came out of nowhere.
Who? Who's they? Your fugitive, plus some chick with short hair.
That's his partner.
So she's not here to kill him.
Brunch plans? They're in this together for sure.
And they're airborne in ten minutes.
- Airborne? - They said, "Airborne.
" Seriously? Plane? Just finished with the horse.
Bonnie and Clyde are armed to the teeth and awaiting air support.
Listen, puss out if you want, but these people shot my dad.
I'm going after them, with or without you.
Really? With what? We've got two six-shooters, zero horses between the three of us, and nothing even approaching an ace in the hole.
Can't believe I said that out loud.
Who am I? No way.
No way.
All right, now she's just showing off.
If your prom date's wrong about the time frame, then we're stuck here in this Scooby-doo movie set, and they're already up in the air.
You politely overlook my career-ending rooftop gaffe.
Overlooking or savoring? What? Holy crap.
Patek? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What the hell, Bo? Sorry, baby.
Next time, don't get caught.
You know how this plays out.
You know what happens next.
She knows, Eddie.
She also knows that if I don't punish you, others will feel free to make the same mistakes.
I didn't tell them anything.
Appearances, though, are so important, hmm? This just keeps getting better.
Good news is they won't kill him here.
They'll do it in front of their pals.
Buys us time.
Pretty dim shade of silver lining.
Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Stay down! Get out, get out.
Abu Patek.
That's fun to say.
You know what else is fun to say? You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
I'm still getting the run around.
I want to know who the hell you were chasing out there.
'Cause whoever it was shot a chief of police-- a tribal elder-- on tribal land.
Which we entered on your nod.
Based on a story that has as much staying power as smoke signals.
Skip Richardson, office of the coordinator of counter-terrorism.
Here's what I need.
I need the BIA to play ball on this.
You BIA? Super.
Gonna get the marshals off your land, pronto.
Eddie Fredericks is going to regular old prison.
The co-conspirators will be extradited to Indonesia to stand trial there.
Meanwhile, my office is drafting a release.
I assume we'll have your complete cooperation.
I'll get my end in motion.
See how that works? Huh? Susan sends her best.
Well, that's great.
You know, uh, it's funny.
One could argue that the end result of this Fredericks snafu has got the Marshal Service looking pretty good, huh? Yeah, one could argue Fredericks getting loose in the first place tells a different story.
Well, sure.
But seeing as how we just wrapped up Abu Patek, not to mention Fredericks' partner-- McQueen, get to it.
I got a plane waiting.
Listen, when this gets written up, official, it'd be great if we could lose that stuff about my guy and the roof.
Oh, yeah? Guy went off the roof? Did I say, "roof"? Well, well, it looks like our little problem is no more.
Cold comfort.
Stan, if I had known-- Marshall-- - I'd feel better-- - Not necessary.
It's over.
All right? We're good.
Right off the freaking roof? Pshew! Okay, hold on, hold on.
Daddy's coming.
Look, daddy's coming.
Look, yeah.
Here, daddy's here.
Daddy's here.
Hi! Yes, here I am.
Daddy's right here.
That's it? Okay, well, then daddy's gonna take a shower, because somebody threw up on daddy's neck.
Remember that? Went right down daddy's shirt.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Your girlfriend a detective too? How'd you know? Number on your phone-- Albuquerque P.
Lucky girl.
Listen, I'm, uh-- I'm sorry I got your dad shot.
I'm sorry you think you need to apologize.
You're gonna do great, being here, being back.
Maybe it's the right thing.
Local girl makes good.
You know, if things don't work out with your detective, I bet you can track me down.
I mean, you found your fugitive.
- Mary.
- Hi.
I, um-- I wanted to give you something.
You made this? What? God, no.
Casino gift shop.
Right, of course.
My mom always loved the white wolf.
She used to say it's loyal and fiercely independent.
It's a bottle opener.
Right on.
As you can tell from the even and sympathetic tone of my voice, I have modulated out all frequencies connoting condescension, and yet, I need to know-- Sweet Jesus, there's got to be a quicker way to say this.
Do you have a plan? I mean, in the event of-- in case-- In case the next domestic jihadist we chase down is a better shot? No.
I'm gonna make a plan, but as of yet, there's no plan.
'Cause if I'm gonna be standing next to you, - dodging bullets-- - Hey, hey.
This is where I'm supposed to be.
When I'm here, I'm here.
If I thought I were unfocused or distracted or putting you at risk in any way, I'd hang 'em up.
Copy that.
So it seemed like she really had a thing for tall, dork, and handsome, huh? - Heather? - Yeah, Heather.
For the record, any flirting you may or may not have witnessed was strictly a one-way street.
I'm nothing if not faithful.
Abigail-- I love going home to her.
Yeah, why wouldn't you? She cleans up after you, walks the dog.
She's a southern belle with a gun and a badge.
Also, she hair-flip laughs at your moronic little factoids.
Hell, I'd be faithful to that.
Semi-hostile teasing.
Welcome back.
She's returned! Ooh, and she looks tired.
Really sorry.
I got back as fast as I could.
Hey, bug.
There we go.
Hey, what is up? Look at you, you're huge! Stop growing.
Stop it.
What have you guys been up to, huh? You're looking at it.
That's actually not true.
I spent a decent amount of time not showering.
Got about ten minutes of sleep.
Sort of get sleep deprivation as a torture tactic.
Aw, that'd make a nice scrapbook header.
Yeah, you know, I'm not complaining, and I love spending time with her.
I know, Mark.
She's a little young for boarding school.
They like to see a teeny bit more neck strength.
Hey, is this wine up for grabs? We need help.
I'm not talking full-time, and I'll split the cost.
But we're not quitting our jobs and we can't keep doing this.
So who? Who are we trusting more than us to take care of her? Some UNM philosophy major, in it for the pizza money, and texting all day? Some baby-shaker off of Craigslist? Mm-mm.
No one.
There's no one we can trust as much.
But, since the beginning of time, people have trusted other people to care for their children.
Look, you have a gun.
I'm from New Jersey.
We will grill these people.
But we gotta have people to grill.
You know what I mean? Baby steps.
I do have a gun.
That's the spirit.
You did good today.
For the team.
- For the team.
- Cheers.
Of course the Marshal Service will replace your car, - obviously.
- Obviously.
Still, something's off.
I mean, I get we had to protect Marshall.
But Assistant Director Campbell's recent visit? Some are operating under the theory that you two have been fraternizing.
- But I don't buy it.
- Mm-hmm.
Budget cuts, today's cover-up-- because that's exactly what this was.
I think our office is on the chopping block.
You know, I hated it when my boss used to say this to me, but that's really above your pay grade.
I'm not really comfortable with that answer.
And I wouldn't want an inspector in this office who would be.
Now look, in the future, whether we're all together or scattered far and wide, promise me none of you will ever take a witness out on the balcony again, ever.
Now tell me the whole story, from the top.
'Cause the news, everything I've seen online, it's all suspiciously spotty.
Okay, so this is not gonna impress you in any way.
Um, you know the terrace at work? Mm-hmm.
The mind's ability to fool itself knows almost no boundaries.
But eventually, the lucky among us come to our senses, the smoke fades, and we see things for how they really are.
No law enforcement for you.
I'm thinking accountant or stockbroker.
Everyone hates a stockbroker.
A safe little accountant who works by hand and candlelight.
Whether by words of wisdom or the flicker of a flashlight, we muddle through the fog, landing on the long and winding road we're meant to travel.
However baffling, we learn to trust the path, or at least stay on it.
And having no earthly clue where the hell its heading means we'll never be lost.
Least not for long.