In Plain Sight s05e04 Episode Script

The Merry Wives of WITSEC

Come on, Bonnie! That a girl, Bonnie! You got it.
- Go, Bonnie! - Come on! - Come on, go! - Come on! Come on! Yes! - Whoo! - Whoo-hoo-hoo! She keeps that up, we got a full ride to OU in the bag.
Whoo! Way to go, Bonn.
What? What kind of emergency? I'm on my way.
Whitman needs meds delivered to his office asap.
Oh, can't it wait? It's the championship.
Come on.
I'll see your championship, and I'll raise you the 5 Gs I'm due - if I get there in an hour.
- 5 grand? And it doesn't even put me on the road for a week.
Meet up after, celebratory pizza? Oh, yeah, I'll save you a piece.
Gonna need more than one piece.
Ooh! Thanks for getting here so fast.
No sweat.
118 ccs midazolam, What happened? Gastric bypass.
Some complications, but the patient's stabilized.
Here's your fee and bonus.
And again, thanks for being so prompt.
If you or anesthesia need anything else-- No, thanks.
I'm good.
Find another ****.
I'm on it.
- Oh, my-- - It's okay.
- My God.
- All right.
- Please.
- Deep breath, please.
He's dying.
What-- Jesus, what the hell did you do to him? He's--we've got it under-- We've got it-- hey, no, no! We got this under-- Don't call anyone.
According to my memory of sixth-grade social studies, 200-something years ago, our founding fathers fought for certain inalienable rights-- Free speech, the pursuit of happiness, the simple chance to have a choice.
But there's such a thing as too many choices.
I long for the days of three TV channels.
- Not her.
Delete her.
- Delete? - She's got ten years' experience.
- At what? Pretending away that unibrow? No, thanks.
Yeah, 'cause that disqualifies her as a nanny.
First of all, don't say "nanny.
" You can take all your pervy little babysitter fantasies and stick 'em in a drawer.
I mean, anyone who can't manage their own facial hair isn't getting within a mile of this kid.
Experts call this the paradox of choice, where having too many options can lead to the wrong one, or to the worst one-- making no choice at all.
Here are her green beans.
And don't forget to give her the sweet potatoes at lunch.
Oh, and don't let me forget to call the Andaluz about that Stegosaurus.
I don't even understand that sentence.
The Andaluz.
I know the chef.
Anyway, she's got a kid, and somehow old sticky fingers here came home from the park with his Stegosaurus.
Just remind me to call.
- No problem.
- Good.
- We're not done here.
- Mark.
I'm serious, I can't take any more time off, and I'm not walking into another meeting in the Bjorn.
Come on, will you just-- I'll narrow the field down to five.
We'll grill 'em over lunch.
Deal? Fine.
Just send me their names.
Background checks.
Just to be clear, Dr.
Whitman's not some down-on-his-luck quack trying to score a little extra tennis-whites money.
He harvested organs, selling them on the international black market.
Massive profits don't even begin to tell the story.
His specialty is kidneys.
Removes one during what his patients assumed was a simple gastric bypass.
And his victims being under anesthesia - are none the wiser.
- Bingo.
Whitman poached organs from 40 unwilling patients in two years.
And you supplied the anesthesia.
Yeah, as a sales rep for Keating Pharmaceuticals.
The patients weren't the only unwitting ones.
I had no idea, I swear.
He wasn't ordering any unusual amounts.
John didn't do anything.
I mean, he's not that kind of man.
It's gonna be fine, honey.
I guess.
Well, the upside is we're all gonna be together again.
That job that y'all got him, it's gonna keep him close to home, right? Travel will be minimal and local.
He's all yours.
I'm so tired of being on the road, half the year away from Stace and the kids.
I mean, phew, this WITSEC thing really could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.
I have a question.
I can't play lacrosse any more? Like, at all? I'm afraid not, Bonnie.
You were all-state, which is impressive, but it makes you very easy to find.
Okay, well, that blows.
Honey, I know, but as long as we're together as a family and safe, we're gonna get through this.
Hey, look at me.
We will.
I don't wanna take half your sandwich.
And the feeling's mutual, but you always do.
Don't worry, I've learned to over-order.
- You're welcome, by the way.
- Oh, I can't.
We're interrogating sitters for Norah today.
I wanna do this on an empty stomach.
I'm, like, 12% more judgmental that way.
- Just 12? - Hey, hey, not so fast.
Pastrami keeps.
Hey, what's the deal? Who knocked over J.
Crew? The Wilsons, lovely people.
Cooperative, polite, ready to start again.
They're creepy.
Stepford creepy.
They're like the fake family in the frame.
- Here we go.
- What? People can love each other without drama, Mary.
Dysfunction does not a family make.
Okay, look, all I'm saying is you can't judge a book.
Ted Bundy played tennis.
You take my point.
They're the Wilsons.
Oh, crap.
Did I just sleep-eat? Hey, did you hook me up with that reservation at Andaluz? Oh, man, Marshall-- I know you think my anniversary is-- Hold on, anniversary? You're dating.
It's not your anniversary.
It's just I told Abigail to brace herself for a big surprise, which only pays off if I can, you know, surprise her with something.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
I really mean that last part.
Whoa! What? Mine didn't come with a pickle.
That's so interesting.
- Oh.
- Hey.
How do you do? Put my stuff down.
Hey, so could I talk to you for a quick sec, Mark? - Yes.
- Awesome.
- Won't take long.
- One second here.
Is this a joke? She's got phenomenal references.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure she does.
Look, Mark, we're not hiring some slutty hall monitor to watch my kid.
And Erin Koester, if that's her real name, has a record.
It's a crime, Mark.
She did it twice.
She's a repeat offender.
Keep looking.
- I'll do my best.
- No, no, no.
No, don't do your best.
You gotta do better than that.
Do my best.
Come on, it's been a week.
Give me just one clue.
You're a detective.
I'm not giving you a clue.
Marshall, don't make me bring in my forensics unit.
Hold on.
Saved by the cell.
I gotta call you back.
Hey, Stacy.
I don't know what to do, Marshall.
- I got a call.
- Slow down.
John is in danger.
What do you mean, he's in danger? I need you to get over here right now, please.
So Stacy says he's been getting hang-ups on his cell? Dozens.
She's worried Whitman's people might've tracked them down.
We need to check John's phone, every call, incoming and otherwise.
Would've been nice if he'd picked up.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, check it out.
Where's he going? Huh.
- That's not the car we got him.
- Mm-mm.
Run the plate.
Still wondering who those hang-ups were from? Talk about a fast operator.
The guy's been here a week.
Marshall, Delia, this isn't what it looks like.
No? It isn't that you've been in town for six days, and you already have a mistress? This isn't cool, John.
This isn't goddamn France.
It's not-- she's not my mistress.
Look, I know what you're thinking.
Daddy! You came home early! Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses, some criminal, some not, to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
- Seven years.
- Seven years.
You led a double life for seven years? - Don't.
- I won't.
Won't say a thing.
It's awfully big of me, wouldn't you say? Get it, big-a-me? 'Cause, you know-- Got it.
As this case has gotten unexpectedly larger in scope, I'm assigning an additional inspector.
- This is inspector Shannon.
- How do you do? So two wives, two houses, two sets of kids, it's impressive.
Well done, I can barely get down to the gym.
I kept one family in Tulsa and the other one in Norman, a few hours away.
Made sure my lives never crossed.
Two names, two cell phones, two everything.
My job allowed me to spend a week with each family on and off.
Holidays, I just made sure I alternated, kept things, you know Fair for everyone.
Oh, well, that's nice you're fair.
And technically he hasn't broken any bigamy laws since he's only legally married to Stacy.
Okay, I'm just trying to keep up.
Stacy's the brunette? The blonde.
But the brunette-- - Eve.
- Eve thinks-- Eve thinks John's her husband.
How'd you pull that off? I staged a wedding and printed a phony marriage license.
Holy crap.
When'd you find the time to shoot J.
? - Mary.
- I used a pseudonym.
John Wilson.
Eve thinks that I'm John Wilson.
- Which is your WITSEC name.
- Unreal.
So now you're John Wilson to both families.
It seemed easier.
Look, I never meant for this to happen.
I was a happily married man, and then I met Eve at one of my client's offices.
She was a nurse.
It was love at first sight.
Mm, last of the hopeless romantics.
I know how this all sounds.
Sociopaths always say that.
They don't really mean it.
I've taken care of my families.
Paid the bills, put food on the table.
Other than this situation, I've always been completely honest with my families.
Okay, I love 'em.
All of them.
John, how on earth did you think you were gonna get away with this? I don't know.
If I hadn't gotten so many calls from my wife-- You mean from your fake wife intercepted by your real wife? You've ruined these women's lives.
Not to mention your children's.
How you gonna look your kids in the eye? Inspector.
Why don't you step outside, get some air? Okay, please, I know that I violated my MOU I completely screwed up, and I am so sorry.
But my families are in danger.
Are Stacy and the kids just gonna get kicked out of the program? And what am I gonna do about Eve and Lulu, huh? I'll get AUSA Perillo on the phone, let him make that call.
In the meantime, you sit tight.
All right? Don't marry anyone.
I don't care what you say, Stan gave you the hothead heave-ho and not me.
That's it, every year on this date, we're having cake.
You don't find that guy repugnant? No.
I find him common, typical.
It's a classic male fantasy.
It's Betty and Veronica.
He gets one that's blonde and perky.
The other's a busty brunette with spunk.
Doesn't make me angry.
It makes me yawn.
And this cynical attitude of yours has nothing to do with your dad and his proclivity for multiple families? Maybe save the psychobabble.
Perillo wants Eve and her daughter in a hotel until he can do a threat assessment.
Two questions.
How much do I tell her? And can I be cuffed to John when I do? That's cute.
You can tell Eve all about WITSEC, but any word of John's other family is off limits.
We can't predict how she's gonna react.
Yeah, she could go full Bobbit on him.
Little chop-chop, snip-snip.
Yeah, well, just get Eve and her kid set up and safe.
And no sharp objects.
Eve? We're U.
I'm inspector Shannon.
This is inspector Mann.
Yeah, John said you were coming.
- Great.
You ready? - Almost.
He said to pack a bag for a couple days.
Hey, Lulu, will you go run out to the sandbox for a little bit? - Cute kid.
- Thank you.
She's been a real trooper with the move.
She's used to John being away on business.
Is that how you two met? On business? Yeah, business.
And then we fell in love.
He has such a big heart.
We've heard.
Look, inspectors, I'm trying my best to stay calm.
But what is this? Eve, we can't-- John says you can't hardly tell me anything, even where he is.
But please.
Your husband, he's a witness in a major federal investigation.
He's entered Witness Protection, and you may need to as well.
Witness Protection? Yes.
Um, why didn't he just tell me? He said we had to move to New Mexico because he got a new job.
John has never lied to me before about anything.
Eve, listen to me.
Right now we just wanna make sure you and your daughter are secure.
You don't want to scare Lulu, right? And you need to stay calm.
Can you do that for me? Yeah.
Hey, baby.
This guy's a hall-of-fame weasel, no one's arguing.
But his value's hard to overstate.
Even if the marriage to wife number two is illegal, the kid's still his kid.
That means an additional residence, additional stipend.
Oh, Perillo, you're killing me here.
is up my ass about the budget as it is.
Your ass has my sincere apologies.
The decision's been made.
So both families stay in WITSEC.
- No.
- No.
Yes, but on one condition.
Bobbit, Bobbit.
You have to keep going back to that? "Have to" is strong.
Both women need to be told the truth.
- Good.
- Sweet! Can I get a backstage pass? Actually, yes, in a manner of speaking.
Guess who gets to break the news.
Careful what you wish for.
I'm not following.
What do you mean, "who do I think he is"? Let's go simpler.
The name you know him by, John Wilson, is not his real name.
What? His real name's John Arnett.
He's the oldest son of Ron and Alice Arnett who live just outside of Tulsa.
He has two younger sisters.
No, John's parents died before we met, and he's an only child.
Okay, this isn't gonna be easy, but-- I'm sorry.
That's last Christmas.
Those are John's parents.
And who is that woman? And those kids, who are those kids? Oh, my God.
So much less fun than I thought it would be.
Funny story, your husband's got another family.
Finkel couldn't do the heavy lifting on that one? She thought it would be best if each wife heard the news from an authority figure.
Pssh, authority figure.
She knows you hem your own pants, right? How'd original recipe wife take it? Hey, hey! Stacy, no.
You screw another woman behind my back! You flashed that phony smile at me on how many Christmases? - And anniversaries? - It's okay.
How could you do that? To our kids? You asshole! Hey, hey! It's okay, I'm fine.
Get off of me! - All right.
- Stacy, listen.
We need to try to keep this out of the realm of the physical, okay? Now, I understand your anger.
It is completely justified.
But just try to focus on using your words.
My words.
Okay, I'll use my words.
Are you insane? You cheating sack of-- You lied to me, to my face, to our children for seven years.
What I thought five seconds ago was seven wonderful years.
- If I had known-- - Don't! Don't you ever say my name.
John Is there anything you'd like to say? I won't deny that what I've done is wrong, but I did it-- I did it because I love you.
Both of you.
I love your children.
And I know I lied about a lot of things, and for that I am so sorry, but the way that I feel about you and my commitment to all of you was not a lie.
Just keep your mouth shut.
You should've kept your goddamn dick in your pants.
Hey, you think this is just about sex? I fell in love.
My God, don't you get that that's worse? I love both my families.
Now I know this sounds ludicrous, but you two are the most beautiful, amazing, kind women in the world.
Yeah, that crap's gonna fly.
That's why I busted ass all those years, so you could stay at home and raise our kids.
It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.
I mean, look at Bonnie and Ryder and how happy they are.
And Lulu, she's incredible.
I'm sorry.
Please, give me a chance.
We could start over, keep our family - Don't say it.
- Together, you know? I swear to God he sells this, he deserves the Glengarry leads.
- Take it outside.
- Let's go.
Are you kidding? This is just getting good.
- Mary.
- Guys, out.
Jesus, that was a poop storm.
Yeah, no kidding.
That was like Kramer versus Kramer versus Kramer in there.
Never in my life have I been kicked out of a room.
Now twice in one week.
You're a bad influence.
Oh, man, it's Mark.
I gotta go.
We're narrowing down candidates.
Good luck depriving well-meaning people of gainful employment.
Yeah, 'cause I need luck.
We'll talk more, John.
Inspector Mann, you ready to try again? So we're just supposed to stay together in Witness Protection? - All of us? - Ridiculous.
What, we're all just supposed to live here under one roof like one big happy family? That is insane.
It's insane, and I'm not doing it.
You have the option of remaining in WITSEC separate from John in different cities.
However, we are advising you to undergo two weeks of family therapy first.
What? Together? As in all of my family, my kids, and then with her, with John's little-- - Hey! - Listen, like it or not, Lulu is Bonnie and Ryder's half-sister.
Oh, my God.
We need to help the kids process this, get everything out in the open.
No more secrets.
We've arranged for both families to be placed in the same hotel while the therapy takes place.
And what if I say no? I'm not moving anywhere until I talk to my kids.
Whatever their reaction, the option to leave the program is of course open to all parties.
Good? No.
Not good.
But fine.
Daddy loves you very much.
And just like everybody else, daddy makes mistakes sometimes.
There we go.
Just take your time.
Thank you.
It's cool, we've got a lot of time, so don't rush.
Yeah, thanks so much for coming.
We'll let you know.
All righty then.
Uh, no.
Mary, she raised seven children.
Yeah, when, 1912? Forget it.
Norah's gonna be crawling in five minutes.
Cross her off the list.
Good God, this is endless.
Principal Stuber? - What are you doing here? - Mary.
I stopped being Principal Stuber two years ago, so "Joanna" will do.
Hey, Mom.
How was your flight? It was wonderful.
Let me get my hands on the little angel.
- There you go.
- Hello.
Mom knew we were looking for somebody, and she figured she'd help until we figured things out.
So you retired? Hard to believe.
Just give up the iron fist cold turkey? Oh, I had enough of that.
With Mark's father gone and you two apparently allergic to anything east of the Mississippi, - I had to come to you.
- Okay, but-- Mary, turn me down if you want, but sooner or later you're gonna need me.
And my money's on sooner.
Look at this dinosaur, sweetie.
From the Cretaceous period.
Can you say "Cretaceous"? You know what, I think she's hungry.
These people starving you? Let's get something--- I hooked us up, right? You happy? No, not happy.
Unhappy, Mark.
That's Principal Stuber.
You should have told me.
This was supposed to be a "we" thing, Mark.
Instead you go and Pearl Harbor me with the stube? Mary, we need help.
Fine, for now.
But we're not done with this.
I gotta go.
Bye, Principal Stuber.
Call me Joanna.
Is it a hot air balloon ride? - Yes, it is.
- No, I know you.
That's too easy.
That's a red herring.
It's not a red herring.
It's a lie.
There's a difference.
You are incorrigible.
I gotta take this.
The woman sure knows when to call.
I'll start the pancakes.
- Hey, Oscar.
- Yes, dear? I'm walking into the Andaluz as we speak.
The great Stegosaurus hand-off is minutes away from scoring you a primo table.
What do you want, window, fireplace, kitchen-side? I can definitely score you kitchen-side.
Uh, window.
Fireplace is not so good.
I'm a tad xerodermic.
I don't know what xerodermic means.
All I know is when you say it, it makes me want to punch you in the throat.
- Holy crap.
- What? Stan is here.
He's eating with some glamazon.
Seriously, she's buttering his biscuit.
Oh, I shouldn't.
No, no, no.
I gotta watch my girlish figure.
Ah, from what I saw last night, your figure's doing just fine.
Ooh, thank you.
Go, Stan.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
I take it back.
Stop, Stan.
Sweet Jesus, I'm gonna puke in the planter.
- What? - They're kissing! Ugh, no, no, make it stop.
Ugh, lots of tongue, sloppy open-mouth sandwich kinda deal.
Ugh, don't tell me that.
Why'd you tell me that? Sorry, pal, I didn't want to know it alone.
Mmm, I should go.
If I'm late to class again, I'm gonna have to start giving refunds.
Oh, my God, they're coming this way.
This is too good and bad.
I'm confused.
I'll see you when I get off work, okay? You work such long days, Stanley.
- I wish you would tell me why.
- You know why.
I'm a U.
Some things I just-- Yeah, there were some things my ex wouldn't tell me either, like credit card fraud, gas station hold-ups.
Okay, sit down.
Make up your minds, people.
I'm gonna tell you my big secret.
I used to Have a fro out to here, a full head of hair.
Mutton chops to match.
That's a true story.
And I'm not a crook.
- Ugh.
- Get away.
Ugh, hold on.
Perillo's calling.
I'll talk to you later.
- The reservation.
- What's up, Perillo? Damn it.
I got here as fast as I could.
I thought Abigail was gonna kill me for not eating her pancakes.
I'm gonna take that literally or die trying.
Which one of the wives are we dealing with here? Hard to say.
Could be either.
Last night one of them called Dr.
Whitman's office from a pay phone, left a message offering to give up John's location.
Hell hath no fury like two women scorned.
We're moving both families to a secondary location.
This time everybody's got around-the-clock security details.
Lock it down.
No phone calls without permission.
For someone who just sipped from the chalice of Eros, - he's in a foul humor.
- Could just be sore.
Her legs go up to his bald spot.
Doctor Whitman's out on bail, pending trial, but FBI's got eyes on him and his guys ever since.
So every call into that office gets recorded.
We have a warrant to monitor all incoming and outgoing.
Thankfully we caught this before the doctor had a chance to hear it.
I know you want to hurt him.
He deserves to be hurt.
He's horrible.
You want to know where to find him? Be at this number at 5:00 tomorrow.
Definitely female.
Yeah, and some sort of Lady Vader thingy.
Voice morph app.
Which one do you want? Pick a wife, any wife.
No, I wouldn't do that.
I swear.
But it'd be understandable if you did.
And it's better we know now.
I mean, I get how pissed off you gotta be at John.
I'm upset, yeah, but-- That doesn't mean I'd want him dead.
He's the father of my children.
Look, I know that I lost it when I found out about everything yesterday, but I would never wanna-- I would never hurt him.
I mean, I don't know, don't they say that it's always the more quiet mousy types you gotta watch out for? Don't they say that? We ran your criminal record, Eve.
You wanna tell me about your ex's motorcycle? That was an accident.
I was a kid.
I was a hothead, was years ago before I met John.
Before we had Lulu.
I'm not saying you made the call.
I'm just saying if you did, given what the guy put you through, I'd find it really hard to blame you.
I'm telling you-- It wasn't me.
**** finished with the kids? Yep.
Now she's in there with the wives actually earning her paycheck this week.
- FYI, my money's on Eve.
- Based on what? Ten years ago she went demo-derby on her ex's Harley.
Said she's got things under control now, but-- I don't know, Stacy's been married to him longer.
More time invested, more to lose.
Whatever, the only thing keeping any man monogamous is reactions like this or, you know, worse.
Again with that, seriously? 'Cause no man deserves that.
Wait a minute, what? The guy who couldn't stand to be in the same room with John is suddenly simpatico? Oh, I see.
You've got it too, the Betty-Veronica complex.
The blonde work wife, the underaged brunette girlfriend.
Did you just call yourself my work wife? I think I did.
You and your daughter think that I'm a home-wrecker! Oh, what, and you're not? I didn't even know about you! You wrecked my home! That is ridiculous! And now you want to bring my kids into it? What is wrong with you? I'm not bringing Bonnie into anything.
She called me.
I told you-- I talked to you about that.
Enough, enough, enough! Knock it off, both of you.
She's crazy.
Her and her daughter.
Eve, let's not make things any more acrimonious.
Hey, you know what, don't talk to me about it.
I'm not the one calling people up and lighting into them like some kinda psycho! Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's that mean? I punished Bonnie for that.
I took away her phone.
Uh, may I see that, please? If I speak with the tongues of angels and have not love, I am become a clanging cymbal.
Always with the quotes.
If I speak with the tongues of angels and have not love, I am become a clanging cymbal.
- Great.
- Same voice modification.
Bonnie! Bonnie, you in there? - Where is she? - In her room.
What's up? - She's gone.
Damn it! - Oh, man.
Figure that drop's what, Makeable for a kid ofer age and agility.
- Son of a-- - Go, go, go.
Dude, when did you last check on her? - Ten minutes.
- Stan, reach out to APD.
We've got a missing kid.
Damn it.
I'm saying we gotta two-track this.
It's not just Bonnie.
We gotta find the people she called.
We catch them, we save the kid.
Mary's coordinating with the FBI, and we got an APB out to the locals.
You know for sure she made the call? The voice modification on her phone matched the one on the tape.
We're just lucky she never reached anyone in a position to do anything about it.
God bless the boys in I.
I don't know how lucky we should feel just yet.
Bonnie is still out there, alone, vulnerable.
And still pissed off at her dad.
If she makes another call to Whitman-- He and his guys will hop a flight before the phone stops ringing.
- McQueen.
- It's Delia.
I got John.
Picked him up from work unharmed.
- We're coming to you.
- He knows what's what? I filled him in.
All right.
Get an ETA? Not a good one.
We're going, like, Pile-up at the Lomas exit.
Traffic collision.
Average speed, Delia, I need you and John here now.
Gonna get off and take Central.
- Figure I'm there in 20.
- Oh, great.
Did you find her? Please, just-- just tell me something good.
Our people are on it.
We have every resource devoted to finding your daughter, getting her safe.
I just, I can't believe that she did this.
Well, given what he's done to her, to all of you, I'm not surprised.
I can't imagine what you must think of me.
Living in oblivion for so many years.
Love makes us do things we can't understand.
See things that maybe aren't really there.
We're all capable of that.
Just please tell me you'll find her.
Hey, big love.
It is just the two, right? Tell me you don't have a redhead stashed behind door number three.
I'm just worried about my daughter.
You have no idea where she might have gone? If she might have maybe called someone, - like a friend from before? - I don't think so.
After Bonnie found out about everything, she wouldn't even speak to me.
I mean, she was already upset about not being allowed to play for Edison.
Top lacrosse team in the state.
I'm kind of a fan.
Lacrosse has fans? I tried to tell her how sorry I was, that all this was for her own safety.
She wouldn't hear it.
We'll find her, John.
We will.
Mary? If I were 14 and pissed off at my dad, and he told me where not to go-- Hey, Marshall, you feel like taking a ride? - Over there.
- John.
John! John! - Bonnie.
- Get away from me! - Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie.
- Leave me alone.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
How could you do this? I mean, you need another family? We're not enough? - Is that it? - No, of course not, honey.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Mom was crying.
You made her cry for hours.
She couldn't stop.
Please, Bonnie.
Please, I'm begging you.
Please forgive me.
Forgive you? Jesus, I don't even believe you.
Bonnie! Bonnie! Oh, baby.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, baby, it's okay.
Thank God.
Thank God you're okay.
Oh, hi.
I missed you guys.
I missed you so much.
So they get to stay in the program? - You know, all of them? - Yeah, talked to Perillo.
DOJ is gonna let this die.
They see it for what it is.
Poor kid.
- Confusing time.
- Yeah, no kidding.
You wake up in the middle of bizarre Brady Bunch, not exactly easy to stick the landing.
No, it's not.
But she'll get some help.
And she doesn't have to see her father until she's ready.
We've arranged to locate John in the same city as both families.
He'll have visitation, but it'll be structured and limited.
Going from two families to none, that's rough.
Dumb hump's lucky he's in the same city.
Guy who treats his family like that doesn't deserve a second chance.
- Something touch a nerve? - You know what, Marshall? Let's not try to connect the dots, okay? At least my dad took a little time off between families.
It wasn't, you know, concurrent.
Anyway, he didn't ask for a second chance, let alone deserve one.
Hey, so the reservation? Oh, yeah, listen, about that-- - Really? - I left, like, 39 messages.
What do you want me to say? I haven't heard back.
I've been planning this for weeks, down to the last detail.
Right, so go somewhere else.
Oh, my God.
You got us in for Friday night? No one gets in Friday night.
I do.
You're welcome, by the way.
I'll have to rethink my approach, but this is great.
She'll love this.
I don't know how to thank you.
Well, you can start by not sounding so surprised.
I mean, just because I have less than nothing in common with your Southern fried Avon Lady doesn't mean I'm unwilling to cosponsor your lame-ass dating anniversary.
You're sweet.
Yeah, well Good night.
Friday night at my favorite range.
Your work wife came through.
So everyone just-- that's what they call her, my work wife? Huh.
Nice shooting, Hopalong.
Oh, my God.
Take off your ears! Would you-- Yes! All right.
Yeah, way to go! Everyone thinks they want freedom, or at least they say they do.
The chance to choose whatever they want.
But choices come with consequences.
Every time you make a choice, you also take a risk.
Risks that, for better or worse, alter your options for the rest of time.
What's up, Delia? All right, hang on.
I'm going to go to another room.
Coke or Pepsi.
Betty or Veronica.
The wife you leave at work or the one you come home to at the end of the day.
Some people think they can have it all.
I don't get that.
When did having enough stop being enough? And even if you did have it all, where the hell would you put it?