In Plain Sight s05e07 Episode Script

Sacrificial Lam

Previously, on "In Plan Sight" Missed me? Ronnie Dowenberg Clown.
The affinity scammer.
I hate this guy.
We're moving you to a secure location.
Your testimony will be rescheduled.
Oh, yeah.
Daddy? Uhh! Uh! You're under arrest.
James is willing to hand them Sully on a silver platter.
Thing is, Mary, he'll only talk to you.
If I ever left the fold, he'd kill my family.
Dad - What the hell? - Listen to me, son.
People come back.
You got any idea what Sully does to loose ends? All they wanna do is bring Sully in.
The sooner you help them do that, the sooner Jinx and Brandi are out of the crosshairs.
We hook Sully with a little sample.
He'll set a meet.
Sully's making contact.
- Dad? - Scott? Now say good-bye to your son.
No, no, Sully.
No! Agh! Damn it! Shannon's gone awol! He knocked out one of my guys and the EMT.
- He escaped on foot.
- I know where he's going.
He's going after Sully.
He's gonna kill the son of a bitch.
What makes you so sure? 'Cause that's what I'd do.
My father probably should have taken his own advice.
"Never trust your partner.
" - 30 miles and closing, Stan.
- Copy that.
Can't believe he's going north.
How does he not head straight for Juarez? What? This isn't a Butch and Sundance deal, taking off for Mexico.
Bolivia--I've told you a thousand times, Butch and Sundance went to Bolivia.
The point is, his only son just got killed on his watch.
Mother Teresa would want revenge.
You really think he'll kill him? You're asking me? I don't know.
I don't know him.
What we do know is his story about Sully checks out.
Your family's clearly in danger.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He's turning off.
- Stan, he's turning off.
- Copy.
- Buenos dias.
- Buenos dias.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Have you seen this man? Show her the photo, please.
This man-- have you seen him? Yes, I gave him a ride into town.
Dropped him off about half an hour ago.
- He traded me this necklace.
- All right, Marshall.
Do your polite thing real quick, would you? I'm sorry, ma'am, we're gonna have to take that.
It's evidence.
But he wanted me to have it.
And now the FBI wants you not to have it.
Okay, enough chit-chat.
Marshall, grab the necklace.
Let's go.
Thank you.
So here's a simple way to prop up the airline industry.
First-class corkage fee.
Champagne, the real deal from Champagne.
So I bring my own, peel off 20 bucks a pop in corkage.
Easy money, heh.
Am I right? Or am I right? Ask an artist how he knows he's finished with a painting, and odds are he'll say you never really know.
Hey, Shannon.
How the hell you been? Fantastic.
You seen Sully? Not since Carolina Savings.
Heard that didn't go too good.
Yeah, well, heh.
You're really not gonna like the way this goes.
Put that down or I'll shoot you dead! Put it down! All right.
I'm gonna ask you just one more time.
Seen Sully? Think really hard about it.
I read somewhere Picasso used to touch up paintings on living room walls-- smudges on canvas he'd sold years before.
Like his relationships, like all of ours, his paintings lingered unfinished, somewhere between not quite dead and pulsing with life.
Hey, what the hell? FBI can't run a manhunt out of their shop? The feebs love a good off-site.
Plus, Delia's not messing around with these muffins.
God help me, they're good.
All right, folks, listen up.
Listen up.
Now, it goes without saying we got a fugitive right now with ties to this office.
Now, there's no hard intel that he's coming after us, but James Shannon's associates That's another story.
All bets are off.
Till we locate him-- and mark my words, we will-- nobody gets sloppy.
I wouldn't dream of it, partner.
How the hell you track me down, Jimmy? Everybody's got a blind spot.
You think people are loyal to you.
That's not loyalty.
It's fear.
You should never have gone freelance.
You should never have gone after my family.
Mary, can I have a word, please? What's up? Mary, I don't really know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it.
Blood work came in an hour ago.
It was positive for acute myeloid leukemia.
Your father's terminal.
Am I supposed to believe you have cancer or-- Yeah, the cancer's legit.
I wish it wasn't.
I see.
You want to talk about this? No, I don't want to talk about it.
I don't need to get it out.
I'm not sad, Stan.
I'm pissed.
Okay, I get it.
Now, listen, until this all blows over, you're gonna need security.
- No, I don't.
- Not up for discussion.
You wanna recuse yourself from the manhunt, jump into the Dalembert testimony, - nobody's gonna bat an eye.
- Yeah, right.
Jump into the deep end with that ass-hat one more time-- no thanks.
I'm on this.
No one brings in my father but me.
Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses-- some criminal, some not-- to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
Your cooking is finer than a Skeeter's eyelash.
- You're doing it again.
- What? People say that.
No, they don't, you're fabricating colloquialisms.
Don't make me call Aunt Maybeline.
Oh, the ring.
Gotta get this re-sized.
One ring to rule them all.
Be safe out there, Frodo.
- You get me.
- Don't you forget it.
Oh, boy.
I'll pick up the Shiraz for the party.
See you later.
This is the most time we've ever spent together.
I'm sorry it had to come on the security detail.
You think you're sorry? Hey, Delia, I gotta tell you something.
You make weird coffee.
I put a little cardamom in it for an extra kick.
Yeah, like I said.
No way Sully's guys found us, right? No way.
There's always a way.
- Mary? - Guess who was just followed.
On my way in, late model sedan, dark.
Hung two cars back the whole time.
I lost him and came home.
- You there now? - Yeah, Delia's with me.
And Norah's here and safe, but, Stan, Sully and his guys, they found me.
All right.
Don't move.
I'll loop in the feebs, up your security, all right? You see anything, you call me.
- I'm there in ten.
- All right.
Oh, hey, Stan-- I'll have Marshall check on Jinx and Brandi.
Don't move.
You sit tight.
We got a problem.
Sully's guys tailed Mary out of her house this morning.
That's all you got? "Huh"? 'Cause I got one of my best inspectors compromised.
Maybe you could fake a little concern For fun.
Those weren't Sully's men.
They were mine.
Inspector Shannon's under investigation for aiding and abetting the escape of James Shannon.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a second.
You investigate one of my people without a heads-up? With the written consent of opr, hell, yes, I did, pal.
The fact that I enjoy it, that's just gravy.
Yeah, well, no one from the office of professional responsibility has worked with Mary Shannon for a decade like I have.
Not only that-- first time she sees her father since she's this high, she cuffs him and dumps him in your lap.
She's got no reason to stick her neck out for the guy.
Just ask her yourself, then duck! GoodSo I got your permission to talk to her, huh? That's what that sounded like.
Until James Shannon is in an orange jumpsuit, no stone goes unturned.
Hey, Ginger.
What are you doing here? Just, uh-- I just wanted to say good-bye.
It's been too long, James.
You should have left us alone.
No, no.
I got about-- I got 30 seconds.
That's all.
There's marshals everywhere.
I needed to say thank you for the Great job you did with our girls.
I mean, Mary, a U.
Imagine that.
Listen to me.
That deal you tried to cut with the feds, no way it was ever gonna pan out.
I couldn't stay.
If I'd stayed, my crew would have marked me as a rat.
You never would have been safe with me around.
Without you around, all I had to do was raise our girls.
And drink myself into a hole.
Oh, baby, I had no choice.
"Baby"? You knowYou might not have ruined everything.
My girls are wonderful.
You ruined me for a long time.
You came through the other side.
Look, I'm, uh-- I'm leaving for good.
I-I'm taking my troubles with me.
You're safe now.
And, uh Maybe you can give me five minutes head start.
Just go.
You're following the wrong person, dickhead.
You know, you're gonna want to get some help for that anger problem.
I don't have an anger problem.
I have a stupid problem.
Call off the goddamn rat squad.
I call off the tail when you prove me wrong.
Hey, idiot, I'm the one who lojacked her own father, okay? I got nothing but skin in this game.
Your dad shows up out of the blue, after 30 odd years.
No contact at all.
What are these? Letters I've received from Daddy over the last 20 years or so.
I know.
Weird, right? Suspicious more than weird, hence my investigation, during which you don't interfere, not a peep.
That's an order your boss signed off on.
- Are we clear? - My God.
You're dumb as a box of hair.
Don't you get it? I'm an asset! Mary, we should get over to the court.
You're due up in less than 20.
Now, what's the deal, O'Connor? You screw the pooch on the Sully takedown, so now you're running around trying to scare up a scapegoat? The deal is, I'm gonna find your dad and hang this on you like a 50-pound sandbag.
Christ, snidely, shouldn't you be out there tying some girl to the rail road tracks? Hey, Mom, what's up? Mary he was here.
He was--he was--he was-- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.
Who was? Where are you? Miami.
Your father.
He was just here At the grocery store.
All right, listen to me carefully.
Are there marshals with you? Yes.
I'm with them now.
You do exaly what the marshals tell you, okay? They're gonna want a statement.
A statement? C-c-can you handle it? I can't, it's-- it's just they told me I'm not allowed to help with this investigation.
But you're okay? Yeah.
Except for the shaking, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry, I-- Mom, I gotta go.
But you do exactly what they tell you, okay? - I'll call you later.
- Okay, sweetheart.
Let's go, Mrs.
- Florida? - Mm-hmm.
I'm all over it.
- Hey, Mary.
- Ronnie.
I'd say, "nice to see you," but the nuns drilled me good on lying, so I'm here representing the U.
Marshal Service to ensure that Assistant U.
Attorney Cistulli can adequately prep you for your testimony.
I'm also here to make sure everybody's protected, my office included.
There is one tiny-- it's not even tiny.
It's like miniscule thing before I hit the stand.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - I'm in love.
- And? I wanna bring her into the program.
The thing is, she's kind of got no idea that I'm a protected witness.
I just don't want to lie to her any more.
Have you considered suicide? I'd like to get this cleared up today.
Um, she's back at the hotel.
WaitHere? You brought her to Albuquerque? - Ronnie! - She begged me.
I couldn't resist.
You brought a civilian into your danger area without clearance.
That's a breach, genius, and a major one.
You're out of leverage, Ronnie.
You do realize that, right? Oh that is upsetting.
And, jeez, if I get upset, I might not perform very well on the stand and Well, that'd be bad for, gosh, everybody drawing a paycheck from Uncle Sam.
You do realize that, right? You listen to me, you lowlife SOB.
Whatever you've got up your sleeve is not gonna work, not today.
It will, though.
See, what this is is my exit strategy.
There are no short grifts, Mary.
Not for any crook worth his salt, anyway.
He's got us in a box.
I think we gotta bring her in, the girlfriend.
Hey, mare bear.
You are gonna love Charlotte.
She's British.
Hey, Danny boy.
Wow, James.
I didn't see you there.
You seen Finn lately? When you do see him, you tell him I'm looking for him.
We still got some unfinished business.
Will you tell him that for me? Oh Your milk's gone sour.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was talking to Ronnie.
On purpose? He got me thinking.
What if my dad planned this whole thing? This is a big one, Finn.
From the start.
I wouldn't put it past him.
I think the FBI's sitting on some shady merchandise.
You up for a field trip? - Mary-- - Marshall He's dying.
You know? I know, but you're under strict orders.
How's that usually go? Street value's at least 10 mil.
Intel on this is rock solid.
HeySo if I were someone who could tell things like this, how could I tell if these were fake? Ever gotten faux jewelry from a guy? Never gotten jewelry from a guy.
And don't say "faux.
" Whoops.
So These would be Fake.
They'd be fake.
Meaning my father has the real ones.
His exit strategy.
Ronnie Dalembert, I swear to God.
So he swaps out the real stones and fences them to fund his getaway.
I'll get O'Connor and the fugitive task force up to speed.
Inspector Mary Shannon? Who's asking? You're in an FBI evidence room.
Smart money's on the FBI is asking.
So her father went after Sully, just like she said he would.
Right or wrong, this doesn't look good for her.
As of 30 minutes ago, Shannon hit the big time.
This isn't just unlawful flight any more.
Now he's on the hook for murder.
Hey, O'Connor.
What's with the Laverne and Shirley? I didn't need a babysitter when I was seven, and I don't need one now.
Mary, listen, maybe we should just-- we found Cormac Sullivan.
Your father's our primary suspect.
So when I tie you to his escape, you're staring at felony murder.
Oh, come on, O'Connor.
That's a pretty big "if," hmm? I'm sorry, Mary.
My hands are tied.
Either these guys shadow you for a while, or you're on the rubber gun squad counting paper clips.
In other words, for the time being, the justice department and I think you could use a babysitter.
"You're safe now.
" That's what he said to Jinx.
I tried to pretend that could have meant anything else, but it's pretty much a confession.
Do I need a lawyer? No.
You didn't do anything.
Maybe if you want to take a few days-- I don't need a few days.
This is for you, sweetheart.
You keep everyone safe.
Thanks, daddy.
It's rude, right, if we don't ask 'em in? Mary, I'm so sorry about your father.
All of that.
If there's anything I can do-- Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
Thank you.
I'll go grab the coffee.
Thanks, Ab.
Single mom, U.
marshal, wanted for aiding and abetting an FBI fugitive, and he's her dad.
Lifetime movie practically writes itself.
Uh, nobody likes feeling out of control.
I don't, you certainly don't.
Right now, everything is out of your control.
But instead of fighting it, I don't know, maybe just let things be out of control.
Yeah, 'cause I'm great at that.
What if we did just the tiniest bit of poking around Finn Murphy? What'd I say? Don't worry-- by "we," I meant you.
Come on, Kitty cat.
Just look into him.
Thank you.
Got something.
We know Shannon needs to fence whatever stones he's got.
He knows we're on his tail, so he has to unload 'em fast.
Fastest way to work is with someone you know.
Finn Murphy.
Fugitive task force lost track of him.
Yeah, except I just got off the phone with special agent Romano back east.
His office puts Murphy on a plane to Denver.
FAA said they'd contact us when he's on final.
Call the district.
Have 'em intercept the plane - on the tarmac.
- Screw that.
We coordinate with the marshals, but we run this on the ground, okay? First good news I've had in days.
- You.
- Yes? - And Ronnie.
- That's right.
Wow, it's incredible how much I don't see it.
You'd be surprised.
He can be quite winning.
But I'm the one who's a bit turned around.
Ronnie is a felon? Yeah, okay, look.
I may not be miss BBC America, but I can spot a phony British accent.
Not what I seem.
In my old life, I hung around real dodgy types.
I have privileged information pertaining to the illegal dealings of Lorcan Kelley.
You're acquainted with Castle Trading? My office is.
I could bring down Kelley and every one of his crooked traders, if I could just sidestep this pesky immigration issue.
I'll get into it.
The way it worked, Ronnie and me, was we were conning each other.
Only I didn't see it.
What can I say? I've got a blind spot for Ronnie.
And that's no way to operate.
That's how you get burned.
Look, you want stuff done right, never trust your partner.
Your blind spot? Everybody's got one.
Betcha even you, love.
Hate that these pricks can listen in on my phone.
God bless the Patriot Act.
Quiet! Hold the chatter! We're on! James Shannon is calling his daughter.
We're connected.
Hello? Hey, sweetheart.
Look, I'll make this quick.
We don't have a lot of time.
Yeah, we've got nothing but time.
Heard you dropped in on Mom.
Did she cry? She always was a softie.
That's what I loved about her.
What I hated about her too.
Every emotion on her sleeve.
Not easy when you're partial to tube tops, but that's Jinx.
All right, listen.
There's no You know, easy way to ask this.
So I'm just gonna ask it.
Did you do it? Did you kill Sully? Everything I did I did to protect you.
To protect the family.
I'll take that as a yes.
As for protecting the family-- It's the truth.
Yeah, right.
The truth.
'Cause that's your strong suit.
Look Listen, Daddy Scott's dead.
So is the guy who killed him.
You saw Jinx.
You met your granddaughter.
Just-- just turn yourself in.
Okay, this doesn't have to go this way.
We can get you treatment.
We can-- No, no.
No, I don't want that.
I'm not going out sucking my lunch through a tube in some federal piss hole--no way.
What do you want? Look Sweetheart I lost everything, everybody.
You've already given me a lot more than I deserve.
You know, being with Norah this handful of times, it was, um-- it was like I was looking at you.
It was a gift.
Daddy, just tell me where you are.
Heh There's still time to do the right thing.
Yeah Right thing.
Hey! Any coppers, marshals, FBI listening in, hear me and hear me good.
My daughter had nothing to do with anything I did.
You hear me? Mary's not with me.
She's yours.
Always was.
- Get it? - Hold on, give me a second.
He's in Albuquerque.
He's at his goddamn safe house.
I want her gone, McQueen! Now! Let me just give you back my visitor's badge.
Oh, wait, that's right.
You're in my office, asshole.
- Mary-- - What? I kept him on the phone.
I am the epitome of playing ball! Why don't we just grab a coffee? No, I don't want a coffee.
I want to get out of here.
No big deal--Laverne and Shirley can keep an eye on me.
Let's go, ladies.
How the hell does this guy get past our people? Thought we had a detail out front.
This is what he does.
Guy's been getting in and out of spots far more secure than his own backyard for decades.
Got somethin'! Got somethin'! So now you know what that feels like.
What's your problem, inspector? If I had to narrow it down to just one, I'd say accusing my partner of conspiring with a most-wanted is currently top of the list.
- Empty.
- So we're saying Shannon came back for the real emeralds Distracts us with a phone call, then takes off.
- Like that? - Right, at which point, your guys miss him.
Must have come during naptime.
Yeah? How do you lose a guy at the airport? Yeah.
Lost him in Denver.
Finn Murphy's MIA Again.
Impressive-- how do you guys find each other at a concert? Blind spot.
Everybody's got one.
Betcha even you, love.
That's how you get burned.
So our guys in Denver got a bite on Finn Murphy.
He's in the air right now.
Wheels down in Las Cruces in less than 60.
If Shannon's meeting him there, it's to fence the stones and hop the border.
Pretty clever, actually.
Agent O'Connor, call for you.
Inspector Shannon.
What? Aww, I missed you too.
Just listen, okay? I've got this witness, and she said something to me.
She said, "everyone's got a blind spot.
" I can't believe I didn't remember this, but sometimes my father used a cover.
I mean, if I'm right, he'll be in a plumbing van.
It's how he used to slip in and out of places.
- It's how he-- - Inspector This isn't your investigation.
We're not even in the neighborhood of your investigation.
Don't make calls.
Don't poke around.
Whatever you're doing, stop.
We're going to the border to apprehend your father.
We'll do our best to keep him alive.
Don't go to any trouble on my account.
You're welcome.
Mary! I didn't expect to see you home.
Oh, hey.
It's been kind of a funny day.
Hey, bug.
Hey, mommy.
- I have an idea.
- What? How about you and Norah go on a little adventure? Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Here we go.
Shannon's on the move.
What the-- Of course I wasn't followed.
'Cause I wanna do this fast, Finn.
My ride is here.
Now37-B, as in "Baja.
" Don't tell me where you're headed.
Don't you come looking for me.
This your idea of a joke? You're looking at the sample.
When you check out the other locker, you'll be staring at the rest.
I give that locker up just as soon as you complete your part of the transaction.
This is the kind of crap that got your boy killed.
I'll be home before you know it, kid.
You know what got Sully killed? Spite, temper, and ego.
So let's try and steer clear of all three, huh? I'll call you back Just as soon as it transfers.
we don't see each other.
- Now we're thick as thieves.
- Sweetheart.
- This isn't part of the plan.
- Really? Getting arrested wasn't part of your plan? You really are a pro.
Put your hands where I can see 'em.
You're under arrest Again.
- God, you're good.
- Hmm.
FBI never got me.
I had a little help from a crap weasel con man I know.
Snaky son of a bitch.
You'd love him.
Don't do this, huh? You can walk away from this right now, partner, we both can.
Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? We're not partners.
You think this is, what, romantic? Like you're some badass antihero in everyone else's story? 'Cause you should know the rest of us are not your supporting cast.
I built a life without you.
I'll be damned if you showing up is gonna be my downfall.
I mean, I have a job when this is over.
But at least it'll be because of what I've done.
What I've done.
- Let's go.
- Look, it's probably best we don't go out there.
We're going.
Come on.
I don't trust this guy.
Asshole's still in bed with the feds! Mary, run! Get him! Get him! - Mary! Run! - What? Just go! Get the hell out of here! - I can't now.
- I'm the one they're after! I'm the one with the gun! - Look around! - Go! Go! He'll show.
He has to.
- Shots fired.
- Shots fired.
- He's at the bus station.
- Bus station? He's never here at the border! Where'd he go? Find him! Where is he? I don't know! I don't see him! Let me get in front and draw their fire.
Shut up and stay behind me.
Aah! Come on, we're moving.
Let's move.
No! Aah! FBI! Don't move! Federal agents! Let's see your hands! Right there! Congratulations.
Get down! Get down! Do not move! Oh, my God.
We need an ambulance.
What the hell are you doing here, Shannon? Get a goddamn ambulance! When I left You had a Suitcase with - flowers.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
We never did get to take that trip.
It's okay.
It's okay, Daddy.
I'm here with you now, okay? - It's okay.
- We never-- It's okay.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's okay.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere.
Your father's a fighter.
When he came in, he was in hemorrhagic shock.
- Thank you.
- He's stable now, enough to operate, but he lost a lot of blood and there a potential for solid organ damage.
And the truth is we don't really know what we're gonna find till we get in there.
- Oh, okay.
- As soon as we have an assess, I'll have one of the nurses call you.
- Thanks.
- Could be five or six hours.
Sorry, I wish I could tell you more.
- Thank you.
- Got it? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Oh, my God.
Where do you think you're going? We're not finished.
What do you want, a formal after-action interview? Christ, her father's in surgery.
You know, we are finished.
My father went fugitive.
You couldn't find him, I did.
- Case closed.
- Be that as it may, I catch one whiff of impropriety out of you or your office, believe me, I will be all over you in a flat second.
You know what I would do if I were you? I'd use this time to check out the leak in my shop.
Meantime, we'll see what we can do on our end to keep your guys from getting any more of my family killed.
You know, one detail from your story did strike me as kind of hinky.
How'd you let a guy you're trying to bring in get in front of you when you were running from a shooter? He just stepped out.
There was no time.
Went all secret service.
He protected you? In that moment, yeah.
So your dad might not have been around.
He screwed your family-- no arguments.
But he passed on that one quality, even if that was it.
It's not nothing.
I don't know.
I thought if I got him back, if I brought him in There'd be some sort of I don't know.
Now it's just gonna drag out.
Ten-to-one the asshole makes a historic recovery.
Why don't you come over to our place? Everyone's gonna be there.
Abigail promised not to cook.
Oh, I've been to your parties.
It's a catered book club and people shrieking about triple word scores.
Okay, last-ditch sales effort.
Stan's bringing his lady love.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's tempting.
No, I think I'm just gonna wait to hear.
All right.
Let's see if we can do this on fast-forward, okay? Long day.
Just triple-checking the language in our C.
Your what? Their what? You were busy with your family matter.
DOJ sweetened Ronnie and Charlotte's arrangement.
How badass is that? Our area of speciality being international money laundering.
Bad ass.
Just supposed to help them a little bit.
- But you said-- - I know what I said.
Whoo, yikes.
Uh, how's that relocation disbursement coming along? Ah.
Euros? We do that? No, not you, but we're not WITSEC any more.
We're Department of Justice C.
And good riddance.
But Euros, Cistulli? - Really? - Uh, I mean, yeah.
What kind of idiot keeps their cash in the U.
? Honestly.
Everyone always says, "life isn't fair.
" Bad guys get away with the goods and the good die young.
But we carry on anyway, 'cause what other choice do we have? Not off my feet so much as out of one of my shoes.
- But he's learning.
- Baby steps, baby steps.
- You take any other kind? - Come on.
I wanna see one little thing.
- Like a glove.
- How'd you do that? Might have picked your pocket.
You had a lot on your plate, so I took care of it for you.
It's great.
Hello? Yeah.
I'm on my way.
Uh, I gotta take this.
It's Mary.
Take it.
Okay, yeah.
I'm on my way.
Let me guess.
- I'm so sorry.
- No no.
Don't apologize She needs you.
I get it.
In the face of "unfair", we carry on, holding our breath and bracing ourselves.
And only sometimes forgetting that there's always another storm right around the corner.
Where is he? Where is he? Where's my father? Oh yeah.
They'll hit you, the storms.
Knock you off your moorings and send you overboard.
Desperate for anything to hold on to, to reel you up towards some semblance of peace.
But life, I find, is often more about the storms than the peace they seek to overwhelm.
They lurk, ready.
Any minute now.
To shake things up and take your breath away.