In Plain Sight s05e06 Episode Script

The Medal of Mary

Previously on In Plain Sight - What are these? - Letters I've received from Daddy over the last James Wiley Shannon.
Husband of Jinx, father of Mary and Brandi.
Spend 30 years on the FBI's most-wanted list for multiple armed bank robberies.
What the hell is this? I have a warrant to search the house.
I was just wondering when I can expect a crew at my house to fix your mess.
When hell freezes over.
- Uh, this is Scott Griffin.
- Hi.
He's our brother.
You don't know where our father is? No, he just walked out one day.
You never attempted to, you know, look for him? The day I find him, I'd cuff him at hello.
Guys like Dad don't change.
The picture you're gonna find is of a guy who held up banks, ditched me and Mom and a baby in a crib, and then got a new family and bailed on them too.
It's me.
Uhh! Oh! James Wiley Shannon You're under arrest.
So that's him.
The man, the myth.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
You kidding? Guy's on two most-wanted lists: FBI and the Marshal's.
Hey, look, Clemmy, I gotta make a call.
You mind? Hey.
What are you doing here? I told you stay home.
I can handle this.
by the way, is not your best look.
SoYou okay? What the hell happened? What do you mean? I told you what the hell happened.
- In the Cliff notes.
- Marshall.
Okay, opening up is not your bailiwick, but the guy comes in from the cold after three decades.
Forgive me for wanting the unabridged version.
I only called 'cause I didn't want you hearing about this mess from anyone else.
I'm fine.
Maryit's me.
Okay? All right, look.
I talked to the special agent in charge.
There's nothing else for you to do here.
Let's go.
I'm gonna follow you home.
I don't need a goddamn escort.
I'm gonna follow you home.
- Mary.
- Marshall.
- Mary.
- Doing a Marshall-Mary thing? - Did you get my messages? - All five of them.
This close to pushing "restraining order" to the top of my Amazon wish list.
We're just you okay? - Fine.
- Mary, it's the day after the night you arrested your own father.
This is the part when you talk.
What's the big deal? He showed up on my doorstep.
I slapped on the cuffs, read him Miranda, and dropped him off at the FBI.
Honestly, the image of you and Pia doing the lambada is way more upsetting.
It's Lia.
We don't do the lambada.
In any case.
I have to take this.
Oh, shame.
SoThe return of the mythical father.
That provokes a myriad of unanswered questions.
Look, he made his choices, I'm making mine.
And mine is to skip any strolls down memory lane.
Maybe his new family feels differently.
He was with them a hell of a lot longer.
Speaking of mythical fathers, why aren't you at the airport, picking up yours? Abigail's getting him.
We figured the enormity of your father showing up trumped any airport drive-by.
Your fiancee and your father are meeting for the first time, Marshall.
You need to go deal with your own daddy issues.
Chop-chop! If there's one thing we know about Abigail, it's she's got a thing for older guys.
HeyYou don't have to talk to anyone.
But if you do, you have to talk to me.
Deal? Beat it.
Tell your dad I say hi.
Aw, Daddy, what are we doing here? Making a list.
Checking it twice, you know? Like Santa.
Right, 'cause I believe in Santa.
Look, you want stuff done right, never trust your partner.
You do it yourself.
And always Keep a list.
I don't get it.
What's the point of a partner when you're just gonna do it all yourself? When did you stop believing in Santa? When did I start? Oh, man.
So in runs Marshall.
Couldn't have been more than four at the time.
Decked out in nothin' but a holster and a cowboy hat.
Talk about makin' your grand entrance.
Oh, the return of the prodigal son.
- Hey, Dad, how's it - Marshall! Oh, hey.
Hey, uh Hey.
Thought you had a situation.
- I do.
I did.
- How's Mary? She's fine.
Claims to be.
I'm all yours.
Ah, it's great to see you.
You're looking good, son.
Thanks, Dad.
You too.
Uh, sorry, let me just Hey.
Seriously? Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.
Sorry, something's about to blow up.
Not literally, but You two just got here.
Go, we're getting to know each other.
It's fine.
The less you're around, the more dirt I get on you.
Uh-oh, what does that mean? Two words: Band camp.
Oh, man.
You'll never live that down.
What the hell happened, O'Connor? Last time I checked, you went after my sister and I single-handedly bounced your balls back to the academy.
Yeah, well, it turns out F.
Scott Fitzgerald was wrong.
There are second acts in American life.
FBI in a nutshell.
Crooked cop in pinstripes who, once upon a time, cracked a book.
Inspector Shannon, if I were you, I'd steer clear of any talk about being bounced back to the academy.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Sorry, traffic.
How far along did you get? What the hell's that supposed to mean? We're getting to it.
The bureau's fully aware of the unreported contact you've had with both Lauren and Scott Griffin.
Are you kidding me? They sought me out, genius, and only 'cause they didn't know where he was either.
- I mean, what the hell? - Bottom line, Inspector, I'm here, I'm running this, and you could use a friend.
So could I.
Stan, what's going on? Agent O'Connor needs your help.
You do? You need my help.
To be honest, I don't know what else I have for you, Ahab.
I hooked your great white whale.
Practically threw him in the boat.
What now? You want me to mount him on the wall? Your father's not the great white whale.
What he has to offer That's the great white whale.
In exchange for a reduced sentence and a coveted cell in the WITSEC unit at Woodbridge, James Shannon will roll on h former colleague, Cormac "Sully" Sullivan.
No way.
Two most-wanteds.
Wow, well done.
James is willing to hand them Sully on a silver platter.
The thing is, Mary, he'll only talk to you.
Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses some criminal, some not to neighborhoods all across the country.
Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute distinguishing them from the rest of the general population.
And that is, somebody wants them dead.
This is bullshit, Stan.
I'm a WITSEC Inspector.
If I wanted to be a douche bag special agent, I would have gone to douche bag special agent school.
I'm not saying you have to do it Look, I don't expect much out of DOJ, but is this office seriously going to bite down this hard on a big fish story peddled by one of its most-wanted? - Mary - Come on, guys.
He's working an angle.
Sully knows about Jinx and Brandi.
What? We're not sure how.
It's unfolding minute by minute, but according to James, Sully knows about Jinx and Brandi.
He knows they're in Florida, and he knows where.
Are they okay? We're working on it.
Are they safe? - We're working on it.
- Oh, my God.
We're working on it, Mary.
I don't know if he's B.
'ing me or what, but I'll say this: The old guy's a charmer.
He's a charmer by trade, Potenza.
It's not a personality, it's an M.
Why are Jinx and Brandi in trouble? U.
Marshals are scrambling as we speak to track down my mother and my sister why? It's a long story.
Then you better get started.
I met Cormac Sullivan in the back room of Monaghan's.
I call.
Six days later, I pulled my first bank job.
I don't bluff, Jimbo.
We should talk.
Week later, I was part of Sully's crew.
I rose pretty quick as a top earner.
I had a knack for getting into places, and out.
YeahJersey, Florida, our driveway.
I never claimed to be an innocent.
I robbed banks with my eyes wide open.
I liked it.
I liked the life.
After a couple of years, Sully trusted me completely.
WellAs much as he trusted anybody.
Two things about Sully.
He was ruthless and he was reckless.
And the feds were closing in.
Jinx, why would you talk to the FBI? - They'll protect us! - You can't trust these people! Sully told me if I ever left the fold He'd kill my family.
I believed him then.
Still do.
Must have been hard for you robbing banks with one hand tied behind your back.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying that the guy's got reach, okay? Even in prison.
The murder charge.
He knifed a guy at the track.
Slit his throat.
Ah, even when he was inside, I didn't feel safe going back to Jersey.
Didn't think it was right.
I loved your mother.
She and you Your sister You were loose ends.
You got any idea what Sully does to loose ends? ButI never stopped thinking about you.
Shut up! You shut up.
I swear to God, you shut up.
Am I gonna have to go in there? Yeah, that'll work.
She doesn't even want you in here.
She's fine.
She's got this.
Why are Jinx and Brandi in danger? Three years back, Sully sprung himself from max security.
Week later, he made contact.
Said he wanted to ramp things back up.
He made it clear he'd been keeping tabs on me, the family.
Plural, right? The Shannons and the Griffins.
I told him I was done, finished.
And then he sends me glossies of Scotty and Lauren.
At their work, the track, at a goddamn barbecue, so I left again.
At least this time, the kids were grown.
DadWhat the hell? Mom's really upset.
I mean You've only been back two days.
- Scotty - The worst thing That a man can do is intentionally hurt the people that he loves.
Now, you've said that.
Look, listen to me, son.
Listen to me.
Look at my eyes.
Look at me.
Being left, leaving It's bad on both ends.
People come back.
All right.
I'll be home before you know it, kid.
I'll be home in no time.
So why now? What changed? Sully had a lot of rules when it came to robbing banks.
Me, I just had one.
No killing, no violence of any kind.
We finesse our way in.
But this last job, Sully went off the rails.
All right, so the kid's intel was bad.
Cut him a break, huh? Screw you, Jimbo, and your goddamn code.
We got a new code now mine.
Don't do this, Sully.
Don't Right, you signed a deal with the devil.
A guy who kills for a living, for fun, but it never happened on your jobs, so You call it the way you see it, Mary.
I'm here to help Stop this guy.
Hey Now you talk, partner.
Hey, partner.
You, uh you got an update for me? Yep, I gave Jinx two aspirins and one glass of water.
But she's still sleeping it off.
Call her mommy.
You want me to pack her bags? Hmm? You know For the trip.
Uh, no, no.
No, Mommy'll get it.
How's the little squish doing? I don't know.
This one seems like she's gonna be trouble.
Well, I'll be right back.
Come on, sweetheart.
It's you and me.
It was always you and me.
I'm not your partner.
What the hell's she doing? - She turns off the mic? - Relax, O'Connor.
She'll get it done.
And don't you talk to me like that.
Certainly not with the FBI taking down every syllable on the other side of the one-way.
You got it? Okay.
No one gives a crap about your code or your childhood.
All they wanna do is bring Sully in.
The sooner you help them do that, the sooner Jinx and Brandi are out of the crosshairs.
So So let's draw 'em out.
Let's close the book on this story once and for all.
Happy? We haven't been able to track down Jinx and Brandi.
But Delia just got on a plane, all right? She's gonna coordinate with the Miami office to locate and bring 'em in, along with James' other family - Scott, Lauren, everybody.
- Yeah, what about Norah and Mark are fine.
And Marshall's running point.
He's with them now.
- Okay? - Yeah, all right.
I knew you were a Marshall, but Witness Protection? That's somethin'.
Strikes me that you and I are both two sides of the same coin.
I mean, we both spent our lives protecting people.
LookGonna put your suitcase right next to mine.
You, uh you watch over Mommy and the baby till I get back, hey, partner? This is for you, sweetheart.
It's for your First Communion.
It's the medal of Mary.
The Blessed mother.
You wear it You keep everyone safe.
Yeah, okay.
Protecting people? You're protecting you.
You always were.
From the FBI, the undertow of a bad marriage, from basic responsibilities.
Inspector, maybe now is not the best time We're not two sides of a coin.
You're just one more mope to drag through the paperwork.
Read it and sign on the line.
Shannon, let's just look this over.
No need to.
I trust my daughter.
Show me where.
Sully, close as organized crime gets to a one-man band.
He keeps everybody in the dark.
He hires by the job, surrounds himself with just a few key people.
Define "A few key people.
" Me.
Two other, backers.
And Finn.
Yeah, like I said, he's smart.
It's what keeps him insulated and on your most-wanted list.
Or it did, huh? Yeah, hang on a sec.
Hey, what do you got? We checked Jinx's apartment.
No sign of her, but no sign of trouble either.
We got deputies headed over to Brandi's rehab.
They've already picked up James' ex-wife and their two daughters.
Okay, what about Scott? I'm with him now.
He'd like a word.
Put him on.
Mary, hey.
Hey, you okay? This is crazy.
My head is swimming.
We can't just pack up and go.
I got a house, an office that I just opened.
- I know.
- I chair a G.
meeting now.
Scott, listen to me.
It's not safe.
More to the point, I don't believe a word that Dad says.
I hear you, trust me.
Do me a favor, okay? Just think about it.
All right, I've got I've got colleagues in Witness Protection who arrange this type of thing all the time.
No, Mary.
I'm not gonna put my life in "park," not any more.
I'm not.
It's a gamble I'm willing to take.
He's the greediest bastard I ever met.
Good news is, he's desperate.
All Sully wants now is a cabana on some anonymous island and a bank balance that'll keep him there till the sun goes down.
SoI figure, make contact Float the idea of one last, big score.
And watch his eyes go wide.
Simple as that, huh? Well, nothing's as simple as that.
Nah, Sully trusts nobody completely.
Not even me.
What he does trust is merchandise.
He'll send a go-between.
Then, I'm guessing, he'll authenticate.
We hook Sully with a little sample.
Tell him about the mother lode stashed in a Santa Fe vault.
He'll think about it.
Get comfortable.
He'll set a meet.
The merchandise.
Where's that? It's close.
Mary and I will get it.
You and Mary? No.
Write down an address.
- I'll send agents - No, no, sorry - Goddamn it, Shannon! - It's non-negotiable! All right, all right, all right.
I'll tell you what.
Now, James, you gotta be reasonable here.
All right? He rides with Mary.
But we are on your tail, watching you.
That's a best-case.
Marshall, what are you doing here? Tell me you've got Norah and Mark stashed in a pocket somewhere.
I have a detail on them.
We're meeting up at Mark's job site as soon as I'm done here.
Listen, my dad is in town for the weekend.
- No, I know.
- And his arrival, totally planned, it's thrown me.
Just him showing up.
What's your point? Your dad showed up unannounced, out of thin air, and you're having to be professional at a time when personal issues, personal issues well, let's just say "thrown" doesn't even touch it.
MaryTalk to me.
I've been talking all day.
I'll get back to the baby.
HeyWe made the call.
You ready to saddle up and bait the hook? Where we going? The mixed metaphor store? Nope.
My safe house.
In old town.
I was sorry things went South with the latin kid.
The ballplayer.
Take a left at the next light.
And Brandi and the car dealer, Peter.
You know what? Enough, okay? We needed a father, not a stalker.
If you honestly think I'm moved by you keeping watch over me, over us you lost the right to move me when you left.
When you left a seven-year-old in charge My coming back would have put you in danger.
Or put you in jail.
Take the next right.
Trying to keep you safe.
Walking away from you, it was Oh, the best thing and the worst thing I ever did in my life.
Sounds kind of hollow saying it out loud.
Sounds kind of hollow hearing it out loud.
All this "partners" B.
You don't even know what the word means.
Mark? - Mary.
- Mary.
- George.
- Mark.
Who the hell's George? Solar panels.
You bought solar panels as a way to, what, weasel in? You out of your goddamn mind? It's enough you spy on us like some creepy peeping Tom.
You gotta try this B.
end around to get quality time with your granddaughter? Wait, George is your father? Yes.
No! That's his name's not George is Norah's grandfather? His name's not George, okay? You're not George C.
Parker? George C.
He sold the Brooklyn bridge - Six times.
- Hilarious.
I only met her a handful of times, but I'll tell you something, this kid has got a grip like an iron vise.
Hey, hey! Just don't, all right? Folks, I'm gonna have to ask you to clear out.
All right, Marshall, get 'em out of here.
Let's go.
Mary, I swear, I had no idea.
So long, Laura.
I'll see ya! Inspector Shannon, a known fugitive is a five-minute drive from making funny face and baby talk with your daughter.
You miss that? What kind of inspector are you? Hell, what kind of mother are you? - Hey, hey, hey, flathead.
- You think what, O'Connor? I'm aiding and abetting? The only thing I want to aid and abet is the safety of my family, the capture of Cormac Sullivan, and the resulting and rapid departure of George C.
Parker over here.
You dumb-ass.
Let's go.
I cased a little shop in Santa Fe a few months back.
Anything on the side, you had to cut Sully in.
One of his rules.
One I broke.
Uh, this way.
First time I ever did this with an audience.
That ought to flush him out.
Come on, Shannon.
You like it? Home sweet home.
Come on, come on.
Get it done, get it done.
Take off the dress, O'Connor.
All he has to do is lie for five minutes.
Got a hunch he'll manage.
We gonna get on with this or what? Christ, Finn.
You don't go in for much foreplay, do you? The jeweler I met in Santa Fe has got over 100 of these in a vault.
Street value's at least Intel on this is rock solid.
He's got security, but, um Not so much.
Sully was, let's say, disappointed to hear you've been freelancing.
I'm guessing he'll be less disappointed now.
Good guess.
Took the cheese and Smiling.
Smiling's good.
This is a big one, Finn.
So tell the old bastard I'm only somewhat sorry for freelancing.
Got that right.
We'll be in touch.
Just gotta wait on Sully's call.
It's Christmas.
- Happy holidays.
- We'll clean up and debrief.
Hey, Inspector Good work.
Suck it, douche bag.
She was in the bjorn the whole time, and I never had her near the actual construction.
It's not like I had her up on the roof with a chop saw.
No, you had her on a series of play dates with a known fugitive.
- It wasn't - I mean Mary, can you just be rational for one minute? As far as I knew, it was just an old guy looking to buy solar.
Forgive me if I can't be on the lookout every second of every day.
I can't be suspect of everyone, like you are.
Would you mind watching Norah? I need her.
Know what? Don't even start.
Okay? Don't defend him.
Because if being on the lookout isn't in his skill set, maybe he shouldn't take care of Norah.
- Yeah.
- Call me crazy.
But when it comes to being a father, I kind of figured having half a goddamn instinct is in the job description! Resist the urge to draw your weapon.
Oh, my God.
I-I'm sorry, Mary, but IAgree with him.
- God.
- I do.
- Uh-huh.
- And I gotta tell you someone's got to, finally you can't keep pushing people away.
Your issues with your dad, your mistrust of the world.
It will it will mess up that kid.
Don't let Norah lose her father just because, once upon a time, you lost yours.
Also, your cell's about to ring.
What do you mean, my cell's about to ring? O'Connor just called.
Sully made contact.
The meet is tomorrow night.
We posted a detail for you front and back.
It's precautionary.
ButAnyway What I said.
Good night.
Mom, it's me again.
And again and again.
Just call me back.
Very nice, Mrs.
soon-to-be Mann.
Do yours, do yours.
Do you have it in your pocket? Mm-hmm, yeah.
Here goes nothin'.
Oh, no.
I did my best, but I had to guess.
Price you pay for not showing up.
It's fine.
I can wear it on my pinky.
Or, you know, yours.
I'll get it resized.
I'll get it resized.
I love it.
Thank you.
My turn to say duty calls.
Seth, I'm still taking you to the airport.
Wild horses wouldn't keep me from it.
They'll only slow me some.
- Don't give it a thought.
- See ya later.
Know what your mother would say if she were here? Abigail's the girl we always hoped you'd bring home.
Thanks, Dad.
You know, I I can't help noticing, ever since you retired, that the old gruff you is MIA.
I'm not finished.
There he is.
Thing is, marriage There's no room for guesswork.
Gotta be sure.
And who you're there for at 4:00 in the morning That's the one.
So you gotta ask yourself this Abigail Is she the girl you always hoped you'd bring home? MaryDelia just called.
Your mom and sister are safe.
My God, thank God.
What where were they? The rehab was doing some sort of family retreat.
No cells, no emails, like that.
Of course.
Miami field office has them locked down.
- Good, thanks.
- Okay? - Yeah, thank you.
- All right.
Hey, j.
We can't scrape up a little kevlar - as a just-in-case? - No.
No, no.
No body armor, no wires.
Just like with Finn.
Sully will spot kevlar a mile off.
I'll be fine.
He doesn't leave your sight.
So that bottle of meds that you left out in the kitchen.
- Heh.
- What? Found my meds, huh? I never know where the hell I put 'em.
Am I supposed to believe you have cancer or yeah, the cancer's legit.
I wish it wasn't.
Stage three, but, uh Don't worry about it.
Anything else you wanna know? Yeah.
Were we ever actually threatened By Sully or Did you just decide to run? From what I hear, jail's no fun, and Jinx couldn't have been easy.
Jinx wasn't easy.
I hear the same thing about jail, but, oh, yeah.
Sully threatened you.
I keep thinking about that playground on Fairview that you used to take me to.
With the red monkey bars.
I went back, some break from college, and the slide In my memory, it was halfway to the sky.
And when I went back, it was So small.
It was barely off the ground.
All these years.
I built you up.
Good, bad, or ugly, you were alwaysGiant.
You were always Jesse James.
Turns out I was just a guy.
Slide at the playground on Fairview.
Well, I guess I won't see you so much After this, for a while.
Probably not.
I don't know what to believe, even now.
But I appreciate what you're doing.
And, um I wanted you to have something.
It's to keep you safe.
When you get to where I am And I'm not talking about my age There's an ocean of regret.
These last couple of days with you all pissed off and full of resentment and suspicion you got every right to that.
These have been about the best days of my life.
Isn't that a remarkable thing? Days that are to be proud of and You can imagine I don't have a whole lot of those.
Anyway Just want to tell you that Everything that you've become with the nothin' that I gave you Well, that makes me really Come on, Shannon.
Let's go.
We'll talk more.
Thank you.
Hey, Sully.
It's good to hear your voice.
Wish I could say the same, Shannon.
You think I'm walking around this long without an "in" at the Bureau? Say hello to your son.
We've got contact with subject.
Stand by.
Sully just called.
- Dad? - Scott? - Dad? Hey.
- No.
- I'm okay.
- No, no.
Scott? Now say good-bye to your son.
No, no, Sully, no Scott! Ah, sh Jesus.
I don't bluff, jimbo.
You agh! Tell that pretty daughter of yours I say hi.
Oh, my God.
All Sierra units, we got an emergency.
Target down.
Target down! Hey.
How you doin'? You okay? You're gonna be fine, Daddy.
You're gonna be fine.
Just take it easy, all right? - What stage is he? - He's, um, he says He says stage three.
He's been in custody and off his meds going on 80 hours.
I'm gonna make this right, sweetheart.
I'm gonna make this right.
- Okay, Daddy.
- Okay, we gotta go.
Okay, Daddy.
You just rest.
I'm gonna see you over there, okay? I'll see you over there.
Got here as fast as I could.
Miami office is spreading the word.
They're locking down the state, sir.
- Ma'am - Probably don't call her ma'am.
We'll find him.
A matter of time.
Thanks, Ahab.
Bang-up job on the great white whale, by the way.
So much for that corner office.
I'm gonna give you some powerful pain medication.
It's gonna make you feel a lot better, okay? Yeah listen, listen.
Damn it! Shannon's gone awol! He knocked out one of my guys and the EMT! He escaped on foot.
Where the hell was the follow car? This is McQueen.
I need an APB statewide - on a James Wiley Shannon.
- Oh, my God.
Aka James Griffin.
We need to spin up - Shannon! - Hey, easy.
I don't know what the hell it is with you people.
Must be something in the blood.
Don't even think of passing me the buck, O'Connor.
It's your goddamn leak that got Scott killed.
You're gonna stand there, feigning "overwhelmed," claim that you had nothing to do with this? That you're not in cahoots with dear ol' Dad? Are you brain-dead? Seriously, if I hooked you - up to an EKG or whatever - Not an EKG.
Would there be squiggly lines and crap? 'Cause I don't do cahoots with anyone, let alone a known fugitive on the FBI's most-wanted! James Shannon asking for help is a non-starter.
Know why? 'Cause he's not stupid.
He knows I'd cuff him at the door, and he knows it 'cause I did it, asshole! All right.
You want to assault a federal agent? I'm begging you! Unbelievable.
I actually feel sorry for the guy.
Anyone that shares blood with you has got my sympathies.
Enough, O'Connor! Back off.
- Hey.
- Just leave me alone.
Everything's mythical when you're seven years old.
Fathers, mothers, Santa, God.
The alleged protective powers of a gold medallion.
It's not that certain things seem larger than life.
It's just life seems larger.
But the world keeps spinning.
And in a thousand tiny surrenders, or sometimes in one fell swoop, what you'd seen as truly mythical, you learn is merely myth.
The good news, if you can call it that, is that ultimately you find other myths to believe in, and other men as well.
You see the myth for what it is close-up and in its bones Smaller and greater and more like you than you'd care to admit.
It nevertheless leaves you always, every single time sitting foolish, on the doorstep, awaiting its return.
Hey, you all right? I know where he's going.
My father.
He's going after Sully.
He's gonna kill the son of a bitch.
Doesn't sound like him.
He's never killed a soul.
I mean, that's his thing, no? He's going after him, trust me.
What makes you so sure, Mary? 'Cause that's what I'd do.
Hey, Chief McQueen.
Sir? I remember when I was seven.
Almost seven.
I remember asking someone "What's the point of having a partner if you're just gonna do it yourself?" My whole life I think I haven't understood that word, not really.
I don't know.
I just know a partner doesn't leave you on the doorstep.
He follows you there.
Even at 4:00 in the morning.
I wonder what your dad would say about that? Same as he always said.
"Never trust your partner.
" What's with the Cheshire cat? I don't know, just My father probably should have taken his own advice.
I wanted you to have something.
It's to keep you safe.