In The Dark (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Jessica Rabbit

- What up, losers? - Previously on In The Dark Guiding Hope is bankrupt.
I'm gonna buy Guiding Hope.
- I said give me your stash.
- It's number three.
- I'm positive.
- You got him.
That's how happy I am.
I'm actually enjoying feeling sober.
Can I get my check, please? Murphy, did you know that you gave me a tip? Bail was 500 grand.
How did that kid make bail? I can watch Chloe.
We'll be fine.
We're literally not leaving the living room.
There's our Uber.
Come on, Murphy.
Don't you recognize my voice? She's not at home.
She's not answering her calls.
Do you still track Murphy's cell? Where's Murphy? I don't know what you're Human man in my trunk.
- Why do you keep saying that? Hey! - Hey! This guy may have shot Tyson Parker, but But someone else strangled him.
I think it would be best Chloe doesn't see you anymore.
Do me a favor and stay away from us? Yoga is good for you, babe.
Can't I just, like, run on the treadmill? Oh, come on.
You're gonna love it.
Be right back.
- Morning, babe.
- Morning.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, I just need to pee.
- Sorry.
Me, too.
- It'll only take two seconds.
No, no, no.
Come on, come on.
Me, too.
Me, too.
What is that? Doggy anxiety meds for emergencies.
Are you still stressed out about the whole car accident thing? The car accident thing? You mean the human man I saw get killed? Yeah, I'd say so.
I bet Murphy has human pills.
I don't want to bother Murphy with my anxiety.
The Tyson thing is finally over.
She's trying to move on.
I will be fine.
Come on, D.
I got to take a shower and go to work.
Okay, fine.
What do you think you're doing? I'm gonna take a shower with you.
Okay, we got ten minutes.
Coast is clear.
Chloe's getting ready for school.
Will I see you tonight? Of course.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Dad, I'm out of toothpaste.
Hey, there's some under the, uh, sink.
Let me get that for you.
Dad, you know you're allowed to have a girlfriend sleep over, don't you? What are you talking about? Oh, my God, how are you guys still in the bathroom?! Are you serious? Ew.
Much better.
So much better.
Hello? What are you two doing out here? Hey, hold up.
We're just hanging out.
You're loitering.
Loitering? Man, come on.
Wes, chill.
Turn around.
For what? We're not doing anything.
Hands on the wall.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Hands on the wall.
You, too.
Let's go.
You, too.
Hands behind your back.
Let's go! Hands behind your back.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Just keep your mouth shut, all right? Worst case, we'll be out in a couple months.
A couple months? Oh, man.
Wesley, you're up.
Where you been hiding? Oh, Narcotics owns me now.
It's a lot of work telling these men what to do.
Well, can we sit down like real people, put some food in our mouths, polish off a bottle of wine? Sure.
I'll call you.
It's a plan.
Got you a coffee.
Ha! Got you one.
Aren't we adorable.
- We are.
- So where are we at? Same as yesterday and the day before.
Trying to figure out who strangled Tyson before Wesley shot him.
I'm surprised Murphy isn't up in here trying to tell us - who Wesley's accomplice might be.
- Yeah, well, she doesn't know that he was working with anyone.
Like to keep it that way.
Fallen out of love? Just like to be able to do my job without dealing with her all the time.
Got it.
Here's what I'm thinking.
Wesley had to be running from someone, right? I mean, wh-why else would he dart out into the road? - Were there any witnesses? - Just the driver.
Oh, my God.
You don't seem happy it's done, babe.
Yeah, I'm happy.
I just I feel weird.
I don't really know what to do with myself.
We could start being a normal couple.
Us? How? Well, for starters, you've never even been to my apartment.
Why don't we stay there tonight? Why-why would we do that? I just peed in your sink.
Do you have any idea how disorienting it is for me to wake up in a new place? - You'll be with me.
- Mm.
- Okay, it'll be okay.
- I don't know.
Just pack a bag, okay, and I'll pick you up at the Linsmore after work.
It's gonna be great.
What's with the bag? Well, Max is, uh, forcing me to stay at his place tonight.
Oh, your first sleepover at a boy's house.
Shut up.
Oh, can you can you pop the trunk real quick? Oh, just put it in the back seat.
Just pop the trunk.
You think Wesley's still in there? No, of course not.
Just open it.
Oh, my God! What?! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What? Oh, my God.
The-the watch.
What? The dead guy's watch.
The dead guy's watch is in my trunk.
Oh, boy.
Well Okay, we need We need we need to get rid of it and-and bury it or burn it.
Or we need to throw it in the river.
- We need to get to a river! - Okay, calm down, psycho.
I'll get rid of it.
Just hand it to me.
I don't want my prints on it.
You're so paranoid.
Then put my hand on it.
Where is it? It's right here, right there.
- This? - Yes.
Well, um My lawyers went over everything, and while they say it is probably the worst investment anyone in my family has ever made, uh they drafted these, so Just sign there, and I will take Guiding Hope off your hands.
You sure that you want to do this? Guiding Hope is my life.
Actually, it's my life.
And you two stoners made this decision without even consulting me? Well, the other option would be to shut down the business.
Hank said you guys are bankrupt.
Yeah, I'm aware of our finances, Felix.
Are you? I'm sorry.
I just I've been going over everything, and there's been a lot of frivolous spending.
- Frivolous spending? - For instance, the trash.
You guys spend $400 a month on trash service, but there's a dump 1.
7 miles away.
So it's just stuff like that.
- I'm gonna punch him in the face - Okay.
Right now, so Okay, all right.
We're gonna go over all of this in a little bit.
- Uh, thank you so much.
- But Joy didn't sign.
- Me - HANK: Just give a minute.
Thank you.
I can't believe you sold the company to that little twerp.
Hey, we're lucky that he's still keeping us on.
Oh, yeah, lucky me.
You know, maybe he'll put me on trash dump duty.
I'm not signing those.
You're late.
Just let it go.
You're not my boss.
I am, actually, and I really need you to start showing up on time, and no more naps or cigarette breaks, okay? Or what? Or I'll fire you.
Hey, Murphy.
Oh, hey.
Just here to see Chels.
Yeah, I sort of put that together.
She's, uh she's just in the back.
But how's work? Did you get assigned a new case or whatever? Yeah.
How's Chloe? - Good.
She's good.
- Good.
- Well, tell her I said hi.
- Yeah, will do.
Hi, baby.
- Hi.
- That your bag? Yeah.
Ready? I thought we were gonna grab a drink.
It's okay.
Let's just go.
Oh, um, hey.
Come on, Pretzel.
Bye, Dean.
Okay, here we are.
I already put a bowl of food and water out for Pretzel.
Come here.
- Okay, don't laugh at me.
- What? But I Googled how to show a blind person a new space.
Oh, my God.
You're such a loser.
Shut up.
All right.
Okay, to your left is a wall.
And on the floor there's a shoe rack, so be careful.
Dart board.
- Okay.
- Yep.
- Be a coat rack.
- Wall.
And then you're gonna come to a doorway.
And through the doorway is my bedroom - and the bathroom, - Okay.
Which is a glorious bathroom that only the two of us use.
Got it.
And if you, uh, follow my voice, over here is the couch, which I moved to be more like your apartment.
- Where are you? Ow! - Oh! Ow.
Oh, that is not where the coffee table is in my apartment.
I'm-I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? Okay? Yeah.
Shin's broken, but yeah, I'm fine.
Stupid table.
I'm so sorry.
Um, luckily, I also Googled what to do if a blind person crashes into something in a new space.
Oh, yeah? - Get on my back.
- What? I must take you to the bedroom immediately and remove all your clothes.
Let's go.
Careful of my shin.
Da-doo, da-doo.
We never have the whole apartment to ourselves.
Aren't you loving this? Mm.
I'm I'm sorry, baby.
I'm just I'm still in my head.
You just need to take a deep breath.
It'll help you relax.
A deep breath? I saw someone die.
And what if someone saw me? Worries are just prayers for things that you don't want.
You can't put negative thoughts out there.
Hmm? Okay, I don't know why you can't understand what a big deal this is.
I just don't think dwelling is gonna help.
And before I knew it, h-he was right in front of me.
I tried to brake, and There was nothing you could have done.
All right, we know that.
We're just trying to gather witnesses from the scene.
Did you see anyone at all? Just some girl.
I think she was coming to help him, but when she saw what happened, she ran away.
Do you remember what she looked like? That's Murphy's roommate.
All right, thank you guys for coming.
Now, before we get started, I want everyone to give a round of applause to Hank and Joy.
They created a wonderful company.
Thank you.
And, as we all probably have heard, there's a new sheriff in town.
Um 'Cause I bought I bought the company.
Not yet.
You guys already cashed the checks.
Uh, we're still finalizing the paperwork, but it's-it's It'll be done shortly.
Just continue, Felix.
Um Now, I know I'm the boss now, but I just want you guys to treat me like the same old Felix.
- All right? - Yes.
Annoying then, annoying now.
Okay, that kind of behavior actually needs to stop.
Now Let's talk toilet paper.
Now, I'm not pointing fingers Hello? Oh.
Hi, Dea uh, Officer.
Okay, we'll see you then.
The other night, Jess told Chelsea she forgot to charge her for a pop.
Not exactly talking about a diabolical mastermind.
She was ten feet away when Wesley got flattened by a truck.
That can't be a coincidence.
She might know something about Tyson's other killer.
Hey, I didn't s-see you there.
Oh, is it okay? The front desk guy told me I could just come back.
Uh let's go eat.
Wait a second.
I can't believe you guys actually use these.
It looks like SVU.
- Okay, you guys can head on out now.
- Yeah.
Wait a second.
Why is Jess's picture on the board? It's nothing.
Do you guys think she's involved in Tyson's murder? No.
We just think she might have some information.
What kind of information? Can you just forget everything you saw, please? I want one of those pictures of me.
Can you get me one? Thanks for the heads-up, Tom.
What exactly did he say? He said that someone saw me at the scene and that they had some questions for me and that I need to come in.
Did they say who saw you? No.
I mean, there was no one around.
The driver.
Oh, my God, the driver must have seen me after you guys went to the car.
I told you to let me call the police.
Why didn't you just get in the car and drive away? Well, I-I'm sorry, because I saw someone get flattened.
Okay, stop.
You guys.
You need to fix this for her.
Jess is not gonna go to jail because of me.
Jail? No.
You're not.
You're not gonna go to jail.
Just these bimbos are gonna fix it.
Look, there's no actual evidence, right? Well, there's the watch.
- What watch? - His I've I got rid of it already.
It was in her car.
- Okay.
We're good.
- My car.
Oh, my God.
My car.
They're gonna, like, find his DNA or whatever in my car.
I'll fix the car, okay? I got a guy.
I love "a guy.
" I'm gonna use "a guy" now.
I'm not I'm not cut out for this.
What am I gonna tell the police? We'll come up with a story.
Oh, God.
- What? - She can't lie.
She twitches her nose.
It's, like, a whole thing.
Is that true? No.
Oh, man.
And I got in my car, and I drove away.
You did it again.
- I did? - Yeah.
I'm never gonna get away with this.
- Hey, don't manifest that.
- What? I mean, I just I told you to think positively, and you didn't, and look where you are.
You think me getting called into the police station is 'cause I manifested it? How else do you explain it? I don't know.
A a million other ways.
Vanessa, I don't I don't have time for your hippy garbage right now.
- My hippy garbage? - Yes.
Forgive me for trying to help you.
If you wanted to help me, you would listen to me, and you would hug me.
You're, like, the worst lesbian in the entire universe.
Well, maybe because I'm not, like, an actual lesbian.
- Okay.
- Jess, I didn't No, it's-it's fine.
I will just manifest that I'm not a phase for you and we will be so happy together.
What I meant is I love you.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I I'm No.
The whole, uh, normal couple thing lasted all of one night.
Oh, come on, we're getting the car repaired.
That's totally normal.
Uh, we're getting a dead guy's DNA out of my best friend's trunk.
We're having a group hang.
That's something.
How's Jess look? - Go again.
- Okay.
I follow Murphy using an app.
Come on, Jess, that's not even a lie.
I know! It's 'cause my brain knows that it's leading to a lie.
All right.
Just go again.
All right? You got this.
I suck at this.
Yeah, you do.
All right.
You may not be telling the whole truth, but you're telling a version of it.
- Right.
- Yeah.
So? So, y-you feel terrible about what happened that day, right? There.
Right there.
Make them see that.
When you tell the story, think about what actually happened.
Darnell, I do not want to think about what actually happened.
I'm trying to move on.
Maybe move on after tomorrow.
Jess, the man who hit Wesley I.
'd you at the scene.
Can you tell us why you were there? Yes.
Um, I track Murphy using an app.
And, on that day, I saw that she was kind of far out of town, so I-I got nervous and I called her.
And I was nervous because she wasn't picking up, so I decided to leave work and track her.
And, of course, at that time, I didn't know that Wesley had her phone.
So, when I got to the spot that the app said she was at, I got out of my car, and I didn't see her anywhere.
But you saw Wesley.
That's when I saw Wesley.
But then he took off, like he was running from someone or something.
And he wasn't He He wasn't looking where he was going, and he That's when he got hit by the car.
And I was so I was so scared, because I thought he had I thought he had done something to Murphy.
So I got in my car, and I went to go find my friend.
I'm so And I know I should have called the police, and I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry I didn't do that, but it was just It was the last thing on my mind at that point.
I just I just really needed to find my friend.
It's okay, Jess.
You should have called us, but failing to report an accident is not a crime in itself.
So I can go? Yes.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
What do you think? There's no way that girl killed anyone.
There she is.
Yeah, baby.
Dude, I cried.
You cried? No.
What? - Jess.
- Yeah.
Like, actual tears.
I told you you could pull it off.
This feels weird.
Like, I know how to lie, and I don't I don't know what to do with this new power.
All right, y'all.
I'm headed home.
Hey, I just Thank you so much.
- Yeah, anytime.
- Well, I'm hoping that this is, like, a onetime thing, but - Right.
- Thank you.
We're gonna we're gonna head out, too.
What? Really? Why? Yeah, because you said Vanessa's on her way here, and after what she said to you, I might punch her in the face.
No, dude, it's fine.
It's not fine, Jess.
She knows you're insecure about how you're the first girl she's dated, and she's, like, throwing it in your face.
That's not true.
It is true.
- We'll see you later, okay? - Okay.
- Bye, Jess.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Good job today.
- You want another one? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, are you okay? No.
I hate today.
- Listen.
- What? You can't tell anybody I told you this, but I happen to have some inside info.
Dean doesn't think you're Tyson's other killer.
What are you talking about? - What are you talking about? - Vanessa.
Go back.
Tyson's other killer? Apparently there's, like, two people involved.
- Why did you just tell me that? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Because I thought that you were upset because you thought you were a suspect, and I was trying to help.
What am I gonna tell Murphy? She's just now starting to move on.
You can't tell Murphy anything, okay? Dean is gonna kill me.
Oh, right, like I just can't tell Murphy this.
This is the most important thing to her in the world, finding out who killed Tyson.
Just let Dean figure it out, okay? Murphy never should have been doing this in the first place.
H-Hang on.
I hate dudes.
Is anyone sitting here? - No.
- Okay.
So, how's your night? Oh.
Uh, yeah, just great.
Yours? Mm, terrible.
I just went on the worst date ever.
This girl brought me to her improv show.
So I need a million drinks.
Can I get you one? Oh, my God.
You want to grab breakfast or something? S-Sure.
Um, yeah.
That's fun.
Uh, just just give me one teeny, tiny second, okay? Mmm.
What the hell is your problem? - What? - Okay.
Okay, I don't know what to do.
- About what? - I have a girl in there.
- What? - A girl.
I have a girl in my bedroom who's not Vanessa.
Jessica Damon.
- You slut.
- Oh, shut up.
You cheating slut.
Murphy, I just And she won't leave.
I mean, she wants to go to breakfast.
Who wants to get breakfast after a one-night stand? Lesbians.
- Oh, she's a real lesbian? - Murphy, shut up.
- Oh, sorry.
- Okay.
I just Please, please help me.
- Okay.
- I need your help.
Okay, I'll handle it.
- Okay, thank you.
- Hang on.
Why are you leaving? I'm not leaving.
Hang on.
Surprise, baby.
I'm home early.
Um Who is that? Oh, God.
I leave town for two days, and you sleep with some whore?! It's because I'm blind, isn't it? - No.
- You cheated on your poor, innocent, disabled girlfriend? That is cold.
There you go.
- You're ridiculous.
- Well, you're a cheater.
And my boyfriend's sleeping in my room.
What is happening? I know.
I'm a horrible person.
It's fine.
What am I gonna say to Vanessa? Wait, you still want to be with her? - Yes, of course.
I don't really - No.
No, I don't have time for you to be all anti-Vanessa right now.
I need to fix this.
You know what, just You don't have to tell her anything.
- You can lie now.
- I can do that? Well, you don't have to tell everyone everything, especially if it's not gonna do them any good.
That's what you would want? Totally.
But, like how was it? I mean, from what I remember, it was amazing.
Welcome to the dark side.
Felix, what the hell are you doing here? Taking the trash to the dump.
It's Saturday.
Well, I can't be seen in front of my employees knee-deep in garbage.
I have optics to think about.
What are you doing here? I, uh, forgot to water the plants yesterday, so Oh, I watered them.
You did.
Noticed they were dry.
Done with that? You really love this place, - don't you? - Yeah.
I don't know.
I guess I just really like being here.
Never really had that anywhere else.
I guess this sort of feels like home.
I suppose if I'm gonna give Guiding Hope over to anyone, I should give it to someone who cares about it as much as I do.
Are you being for real right now? Yes.
I'll sign the stupid papers.
Joy, you will not regret it.
I know I can save this place.
I know you will, too.
That's kind of why I'm so angry.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Can I ask you something, boss to uh, former boss? - Yeah.
- What do you do about Murphy? I-I told her yesterday if she didn't show up she'd be fired And then she didn't show up.
Yeah, been there.
I mean, I don't want to fire her, but how can I get her to treat me with the respect that I so deeply deserve? Felix, I have been dealing with this for 27 years.
She never will.
Let it go.
No, I don't accept that.
Good luck with that.
This place really tries to sell the American dream.
Get a barbecue, a couple kids some weird lamps And then you'll be happy.
It's so manipulative.
I know, right? All right, we're in business.
Oh, excuse me.
Pardon me.
Sorry about that.
Excuse me.
I think this could be the one.
Let's test this one out.
Come on.
- Found one? - Yep.
Hang on one sec.
Oh, my God.
- Okay.
- Good? All right, this way.
Coffee table.
Hey, I think I could run my shins into this bad boy all day.
I think we found the one.
All right.
Let's go.
Is that it? Actually, I wanted to grab a blender while we're here, if that's okay.
It'll take five minutes.
Don't think I really have a choice, so Okay.
Over here.
You seem better.
It's a wonder what a good night's sleep will do.
What do you want for dinner? Kind of feeling like sush'.
Sush' sounds great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, these feel nice.
I think they're limestone.
You look good in this kitchen.
I look good in a kitchen? Are you from, like, the 1950s? You know what I meant.
Just get your blender.
Let's go home.
I love you.
Uh What was that? I love you.
I'm on the couch! Hello, hello.
Geez, you're happy.
I just had a good day.
Yeah, well, I lied to Vanessa.
And? She bought it.
I'm, like, horrified at how easy it was.
My little sociopath.
I just can't believe it's all over, you know? Yeah.
It's weird.
Damn it.
What? I can lie to the cops and I can lie to Vanessa, but I can't lie to you.
What? What are you lying to me about? What happened? Tyson's case isn't closed.
Wesley didn't do it alone.
Two people killed him.
I can't believe this.
I know.
Chelsea told me.
Who would work with Wesley? I don't know, Murph.
Wait, what about his watch? His w Wesley's watch? Yeah.
You told me you got rid of it.
No, I did.
I-I I threw it away at work.
Uh, that was your big plan? I-I thought I thought you would, like, dissolve it in acid or something.
- Who do you think I am? - I don't know! That watch might have information about Tyson on it.
Okay? Those things get, like, calls and texts, right? Yeah.
But I don't Can you drive me to Guiding Hope, please? Sometimes people can cheat when they do that.
Like, they pretend they're about to go.
- So this is unfair.
- I know, but you can, - like, see that coming.
- No, I can't see it.
- That's why it's unfair.
- You actually have an advantage, like - How do I have an advantage? - 'Cause you're better at, like, feeling it out than I am.
- No, I'm not.
- Okay.
- Ow! That hurts.
- I didn't think I was gonna get you.
- Don't do it like - That hurts.
I overestimated your-your skill level.
- Okay, go again, go again.
- Okay.
- I got your pinkie.
Yes, I did.
- N-No, you didn't.
- Got your pinkie.
- No, you missed.
You're a cheater.
- Cheater.
- You know I got - No, you missed.
- Yo, Ty.
I'll be right back.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's, um it's work-related.
Just stay here for a sec.
Welcome back.
You think it's gonna be that easy? What do you mean? Look, man, I'm just trying to figure out how we both got popped on the same thing and you got out in, what, an hour.
Meanwhile, I did two months.
I'm a minor.
Or did you roll on someone? I didn't roll, man.
They're all empty.
- Seriously? - This doesn't make any sense.
The trash guy comes on Tuesdays.
Why don't you ask our new boss.
He's the one that's m-messing with everything.
Why did two people want to kill Tyson? How does even one person want to kill Tyson? I don't understand.
Oh, God.
What? Felix is our new trash man, and he took everything to the dump an hour ago.
Well, do you see it? No, Murphy, I don't see it.
I've washed my hair four times, and I still feel disgusting.
I just need to lie down for a minute.
We're by the back door, aren't we? Yeah.
Where the hell is my bench? Until you start coming to work on time, no bench privileges.
Where am I supposed to nap? Yeah, that's kind of the point.
Could you be any more annoying? How about three words weekly performance review.
I don't have a performance to review.
Can you just put my bench back, please? It's not your bench.
It's my bench, because I own the bench.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with our new courier.
Felix, where did you get that watch? What-what watch? This watch? Isn't it awesome? Found it in the trash.
Dude's super popular, too.
Keeps getting all these sexy texts from all these ladies.
I'm flirting with one.
I-I haven't told her it's not him yet, but You're right.
I should.
I should do that.
Hey, uh, see you, guys.
- at the top of the key - Mmm.
What you got? Veggie.
Thank you.
- You're blocking the game.
- You weren't watching the game anyway.
- Come on, I'm hungry! - Mmm.
So? - Come here, girl.
- Mmm, mmm.
"I'm hungry.
" Hi.
Come here.
I love you.
14 unread texts.
Outgoing text to Tyson Parker at 12:04 p.
Dinner's served.
Hang on.
What? I had a spare key made.
That way, you can come and go whenever.
You know, now that you're feeling comfortable here and all.
Thank you.
Let's eat.
Hang on.
Jess told me that Wesley texted Tyson two days before the murder, telling him to meet him at Pearl Court.
Do you know what that is? Have you been there? Yeah, I mean, I've been there once or twice.
It's a Chinese restaurant.
Now, let's eat.
Come on.
Okay, I need to go see Dean.
He won't call me back, so I need to force him to talk to me.
Right now? Well, I need to find out if he knows who else killed Tyson.
And that can't wait until tomorrow? I thought we were gonna be like a normal couple, you know? That's not me, Max.
I tried.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on.
Murphy? Thanks for returning all of my phone calls.
Why didn't you tell me Tyson had another killer? Forward, Pretzel.
- Won't you come in? - You should have told me.
Despite what you think, Murphy, I don't have to tell you everything.
- Or anything, at all.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have gone to the mall.
It's fine.
We told you you were safe, so that's it's on me, too.
Okay, I was thinking either Bring It On or Mamma Mia 2.
Both of those movies suck.
Murphy? Hi, Chlo.
Can she stay for movie night? No, no, no.
I wouldn't want to intrude - on such an exclusive event.
- Please, please? No, I-if you want to, you can.
Yeah? Yes.
Oh, but I'm not gonna watch any of that garbage.
Well, that's good.
Actually, I was thinking, what about True Lies? - What even is that? - Ew.
It's Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold, the two Arnolds.
They were never together again.
- Sounds boring.
- Maybe.
- Not gonna watch that.
- Jaws.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna flip a coin.