In The Dark (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

Power Trip

1 Silent night ♪ MURPHY: I'm telling you guys, someone is after Jess because they think she's this Jennifer Walker person.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
I-I don't know.
MURPHY: Maybe? No, think-think about it Why did we get fake identities? We got fake identities because we were running for our lives.
This girl was doing the exact same thing.
Can someone please look up Jennifer Walker? FELIX: I already did.
It says here she went missing ten years ago.
Well, we're gonna need a lot more than that.
Um, Trey, you can go home if you want.
I mean, you can go.
Uh, I'll just text you later.
TREY: Actually, I could stay and help.
This is sort of all my fault, and I have nothing better to do.
- Sure.
- Cool.
Let's, uh, let's just start digging.
Just find Find out everything you can.
Everything and anything about her.
There's no detail too frivolous.
Got it? - Got it.
- Let's go.
Get your computers.
Let's go.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, crap.
What? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
- All right, guys.
I'm gonna grab some flashlights.
I'll be right back.
: Hey, man.
Give me the gun back.
- I don't have it.
Ha, ha.
Seriously, hurry.
While she's gone.
Seriously, those guys took it.
I'm sorry, Felix.
It was insane.
We barely made it out of there alive.
We don't have it.
- Oh, my God.
- MURPHY: Sorry.
- What am I supposed to tell my sister? - TREY: Dude, nothing.
We'll replace it.
Replace it? You can't replace it.
It was a custom gift for her sweet 16 - from our demented mother.
This was all I could find.
Did you get service, Felix? - No.
- Hey.
- The entire area's out.
- MURPHY: Great.
Okay, let's just go somewhere like a café or-or somewhere with Internet.
- What? - LESLEY: Nothing.
It's just nowhere around here is gonna have Internet.
Then let's go somewhere not around here.
With all due respect, I'd advise you guys not to drive right now.
The roads get really bad.
With all due respect, I'd advise you not to advise me.
Let's go.
Murph, maybe we should just wait a little bit.
You know? Just for the storm to pass? Wait, what? TREY: I mean, that's not the worst idea.
It's really bad out there.
I'm not gonna sit here while Jess No.
You don't really have a choice.
If no one's gonna go with me, I'll just walk.
Y-You're gonna walk? - Out there? Have fun.
- Yeah.
I need Internet.
God, it is impossible for you to listen to an ounce of reason.
Okay, Max.
Am I right? Huh? Or am I not? Guys, come on.
That's funny, I don't hear anyone saying anything.
Because everyone knows arguing with you is pointless.
Oh, yeah? Then why do you constantly do it? I'm done with you.
Come here, Pretzel.
You've said that, like, a million times, yet here you are.
Because you keep bringing me back into all this.
Oh, I keep bringing you back in? Okay.
Are you being serious right now? Are youbeing serious right now? Of all the girls on this planet you could have sex with, you choose my friend's sister? It is so obvious what you're trying to do right now.
- Oh, yeah? What's that? - Yeah, I hurt you, and now you're trying to hurt me back by rubbing this chick in my face.
Can you stop talking about me like I'm not in the room, please? I'm sorry, Lesley.
And believe it or not, Murphy, this has nothing to do with you.
And get it through your head: I could not be more over you.
Yeah, keep yelling that like a psycho.
I don't know, maybe it'll come true.
You are honestly the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and that's saying a lot.
You're the worst thing that's ever happened to me, so Oh, yeah, with all the love and support, it must have been hell.
It was hell, Max.
It was.
You smother.
You're a smotherer.
I couldn't even breathe while I was with you.
- MAX: You can breathe all you want now.
- I can, I can, and it's lovely, it's amazing.
This is so stupid.
I'm not staying here.
I don't want to be around you.
Find outside, Pretzel.
I'll-I'll come with you, Murphy.
There's a motel about a half hour from here.
I'll just grab her shoes.
Yeah - Uh, see you, Les.
- LESLEY: Okay.
It'd probably be weird if I stayed here, so I'm just gonna leave as well.
Thanks for coming.
This was a blast.
I know you're being sarcastic, but I really appreciate the hospitality.
Hang on, y'all.
FELIX: I think you might need a coat MURPHY: I don't care.
I shouldn't have let her get to me like that.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
My ex still gets to me and we broke up two years ago.
Your ex, huh? And who is he? Some, uh rich venture capitalist dude or something? Her name is Meg.
And no, she's a painter.
And not a very good one.
Got it.
I mean, that's cool.
I hate when that turns guys on.
It makes me feel gross.
That's-that's not why I was doing Right.
The truth is, uh I don't want to think about anyone else touching you.
Is this that whole smothering thing Murphy was just talking about a minute ago? Yeah.
It's horrible, isn't it? - It's just the worst.
- Terrible.
Can you just, like, get out of my house, please, already? All right, sorry.
Murphy, - I'll be right there.
- No, no! I was just running around ♪ A beautiful mind between those eyes ♪ I wasn't looking, but, oh, I found ♪ Take these off.
Yes, ma'am.
We'll stay up all night ♪ Make you feel alive, oh, life ♪ Get it off.
Oh ♪ Oh, God! No! Please! Oh, what are you doing? Put your shirt on, please.
- LESLEY: Get out.
- Aah! Let me know when it's safe to look.
- Uh, how about you just go? - There's three feet of snow and our car is stuck.
We can't go anywhere.
Now just have to sit here and wait for the stupid power - to come back on? - Uh, it's almost midnight.
Here's an idea.
We can go to bed.
Would you go to bed if your best friend was kidnapped and you were her only shot at survival? Uh, I can't think of any scenario in which my best friend was kidnapped and I was her only shot at survival, so Well, hope it never happens to you.
- It won't.
- MAX: Look, Murphy, you can't do anything until the power's on anyway, and Lesley's nice enough to let you crash here, so let's just all go to bed.
Felix, you know where all the blankets and stuff are.
All right, sweet dreams, guys.
Good night.
Just so you know, um, I don't think you have to worry, 'cause my sister She's, like, pansexual, so So? Well, you know, like, she's not fully into dudes, so she's probably not fully into Max.
TREY: That doesn't make any sense.
Pansexual people are attracted to each individual, regardless of gender.
Oh, okay, Mr.
Woke over here.
I'm just You guys, I-I don't care.
I-I It doesn't matter.
So let's just go to bed, please.
Yeah, so, there's only two guest rooms, but, um, I'll take the couch, so No, I'm good.
Thanks, though.
No, really, I insist.
- I'm fine.
For real.
- All right.
Murphy, I'll, uh, walk you to your room.
Uh, I'm actually just gonna talk to Trey for-for a sec, real quick.
Uh, no, okay.
Yeah, w I'll see you in the morning, then.
Um good.
You all right? I just want to say, uh I'm sorry you had to witness that stupid fight.
You have nothing to be sorry about.
Me and Max, uh Yeah, it's just a disaster.
I'm-I'm just not in a super good headspace to be with someone, you know? - Right now.
- Why not? You got so many great things going on in your life.
Shut up.
Look, I'm cool.
I'll sleep on the couch.
You don't have to worry about me.
You're pretty much the last person I worry about.
Well, you're pretty much the last person I worry about, so Good.
Good night.
So, Felix's sister's sort of gay? Why didn't he ever tell me that? Probably because he didn't want you having sex with her.
But now Max is, so super fun for me.
But, um, I just wanted to say that that I'm really proud of you.
Why? For not having sex with Trey.
That's, like, major progress, especially for you.
Be more patronizing.
I'm serious.
I mean, having sex is how you'd usually distract yourself from all this.
I'm not.
I don't-I don't have time for guys right now.
I just need to find you.
Where the hell are you? Cool.
Thanks for the help.
Oh, come on.
This is so exciting for you.
: You The whole, like, where's Jess? Where am I? I don't know.
I could be anywhere.
And it's up to you to figure it out.
- It's like a dream for you.
- No, it isn't.
Can you just please call me again? Please.
Even if I could, how would you answer? What? [WHISPERS.]
: You lost your phone.
♪ Uh-oh.
It's not there.
Murphy searches again in the back pocket, the right one and then the left.
Searching the clothes.
Underneath the sweatshirt Is it there? It's not.
Oh, no, she better call for help.
Someone help me, please! Can someone help me?! Help! Someone help! I'm here! I'm here! What's up? I lost my phone.
I don't know where my phone is.
That's what you're yelling about? Have you seen it? You good? - She just lost her phone.
- 'Cause, you guys, can-can-can someone please help me find it? I'm freaking out.
That's the phone Jess called me on.
It's the only way she has to contact me.
Can we look in the morning? I mean, it's pitch black in here.
What is going on? MURPHY: I don't know where my phone is.
Oh, my God, who cares? There's no service right now anyway.
Okay, but there is gonna be service at some point.
And when there is, I need my phone.
Because if Jess tries to call me again, I can't I can't miss just I need someone to please help me find my phone.
It's fine, guys.
Go back to bed.
I got it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, it's not like we're gonna be able to sleep with you guys stomping around, so let's just hurry up and find this stupid thing.
Guess I'm taking something to counteract this sleeping pill.
Murph, I don't think it's here.
Are you sure? I swear I had it on the couch.
Murph, I'm not seeing it, but we can keep looking if you want.
Or if you guys wait till the power comes back on, like rational human beings, it'll be a million times easier.
It'll be a million times easier if you stopped saying that every two seconds.
Yeah, why don't we just split up.
It'll make this go faster.
It could be in any one of these rooms.
Good thinking.
Okay, so Uh, Max and Lesley, why don't you guys take Les' room? Trey, why don't you take those two bedrooms? And Murphy and I will take the kitchen? Ready and break Guys.
What That's Group-group chant.
Let me know if there's any sharp knives lying around.
As though Lesley would keep her knives anywhere other than the designated Shintaku knife block.
Geez, of course.
How is that, by the way? How's what? Just being in a house with her.
I know being around your family isn't, like, your favorite thing.
Oh, it's weird, very weird.
I don I honestly don't even get siblings.
It's just like this person that has to be in your life forever, regardless of whether or not you even like them? - Ew.
Yeah, sort of.
I mean, we're not exactly in each other's lives, obviously.
After my dad died I don't know.
She just got, like, really weird.
And then my feelings were always an inconvenience to her.
So we just started fighting and fighting and eventually stopped talking.
But what-what about you? What about me? How's it going, like, being in the same house with Trey and Max? Classic love triangle, right? - No.
- No? No, there's nothing going on between me and Max.
Um, and there's nothing going on between me and Trey, so there's no love triangle.
At all.
Cool, cool, cool.
Okay, why am I looking in a mixer? What'd you do, like, drop your phone while making a pavlova? [LAUGHS.]
MAX: Did you check your dresser? Yes, Max, Murphy's phone ended up in my underwear drawer.
I'm just trying here.
Yeah, I get what you're doing.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
It's just, come on.
You're not really over her.
Lesley, I Ooh, gripping argument.
Okay, I'm not even gonna justify any of this with a response.
Okay, don't.
Last time I checked you were all, "I'm done helping her.
I want a not-insane person.
" And now here we are, looking for her phone, in the middle of the night.
I'm only doing all this so that we can go to bed.
It has nothing to do with that dude she's all over.
What? I don't - What? What are you talking about? - Oh, my God.
Okay, okay, look.
The truth is I'm not totally over her.
But I want to be.
I swear to God.
I don't want to be with her.
So, what, I'm just your way to get over her? - Because - No.
I'm not in any position to be dating anyone.
I mean, look at my life.
I just I don't know.
Can't help it.
I don't know what you want me to say.
Oh, my God! Ew! No! Aah! - Aah! - Yes, Felix, you're the one that's traumatized by this.
Okay, I know you don't "get siblings," but you do not want to hear your sister having sex, okay? [VOCALIZING LOUDLY.]
- Trey? - Hey.
Oh, sorry, still can't find it anywhere.
What are you doing? [CLUCKS TONGUE.]
Mm I don't know, I'm just kind of tired.
Got to lie down for a second.
Okay, well, um I'm gonna let you do your thing.
I'll keep looking.
Wait, you can lie down with me if you want.
Now? I wonder why.
- What do you mean? - Come on.
We all heard Lesley and Max going at it.
- That's not - You know, I'm gonna check somewhere else.
Did you find it? Does it look like I found it? Wow.
What? Nothing.
Well, I mean, I just didn't realize the whole "Trey not sleeping with you" thing - got to you this much.
- I honestly don't care.
So what happened to "you don't have time for guys right now" or whatever? It's just like Max just gets to do whatever he wants.
He has no idea how much it sucks to be me.
I think he has some idea.
Okay, Jess, yes, I hurt him so bad.
No, you don't get to do that.
You don't get to be mad that you hurt Max.
That's not how this kind of thing works.
Actually I get to be whatever I want.
Okay, we're in that kind of mood today.
Looking hard in here, I see.
Shut up.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just tired and starving and on the verge of killing myself.
I-I saw a piece of pizza in the fridge.
Would that give you reason to live? [SHORT CHUCKLE.]
Yeah, maybe.
What? What about Felix? What about Felix? You could have sex with Felix.
- What? - Let's be honest.
I thought you were making progress, but we both know that you're having sex with someone tonight.
- Why no? - Because - Because why? - Because it's Felix.
I know.
You need to distract yourself from this whole, like oh, "you can't find me" situation, so And clearly, looking for your phone isn't working, and everyone else gave up.
I don't see what the big deal is.
I don't know.
I'll just, uh leave it right here.
Take off your clothes.
Takeoff your clothes.
- Shut up.
- What? What? I thought you said, "Shut up.
" Oh, no.
- Oh.
- Nothing.
Um All right.
You want to come sit with me? Yeah.
Just make sure the door's closed.
You're being weird.
No, I'm not.
Little bit.
- Whoa.
I'm just Hey.
♪ Whoa.
I should bring you pizza more often.
What? What? - Nothing.
Nothing ♪ Ah Ah.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
I need-I need you to know that this is not something that has, like, ever happened to me.
In my life.
Okay? - Okay.
- You can literally call every woman I've ever slept with.
- Okay? - That's okay, I-I - I believe you.
- No, I'm serious.
Call 'em.
They'll-they'll be like, "Yeah, no.
That never, never happens.
" Okay? I go.
Okay? [EXHALES.]
I'm so sorry.
Usually I relieve myself once a day Right but I haven't been able to, just with everything going on, and It's honestly fine.
You know what? If-if you just gave me a few minutes No, this was stupid anyway.
I-It's fine.
I'm just gonna - I'm just gonna take a shower.
- Yes.
You do that.
It was wonderful to seeing you.
And I will be seeing you again.
I hope.
Enjoy that pizza.
Well, that was - terrifying.
- God, I hate you.
I really, honestly thought he could handle it.
And Oh Poor Felix.
I feel bad.
Just go away.
How does it feel ♪ To be on your own? ♪ No one to understand ♪ I know I'm here ♪ And I don't belong [SIGHS.]
♪ I'm on my knees today ♪ When it gets dark ♪ I will know no fear ♪ Life can be so unkind ♪ Hanging around ♪ On the edge of the world ♪ [KNOCKING AT DOOR.]
I'm in the shower! Finally no one around ♪ TREY: Want some company? Oh ♪ Would you help me? ♪ I don't understand ♪ Am I ♪ What changed your mind? I heard you showering.
That's what changed my mind.
Solid ground ♪ Solid ground ♪ Solid ground ♪ Solid ground ♪ Solid ground ♪ Solid ground ♪ [MURPHY EXHALES.]
Oh Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
That was so [INHALES.]
Thank you.
Thank you? Is that a weird thing to say? - Yes.
FELIX: Hey, um Murphy? I'm in the shower.
FELIX: Oh, no, no, no, that's okay.
That's okay.
It's actually better if I, uh, if I can't see you.
Um I just want to say this now, because if I don't, I'm gonna lose courage, and then it's gonna be awkward between us for the rest of our lives.
So Um I'm sorry for what happened, and, uh, I think it was just the result of, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
Uh, not-not sexual tension, just like, stress.
Um, it's been building up and building up and finally got me, so, um Yeah.
I just want to say that since we hooked up, you know, in-in the motel, - I've just been - [EXHALES.]
I mean, I've been you know, um Oh.
Ah I'm sorry.
- I thought you were alone.
- Felix Felix.
- Oh, my God.
Hang on.
Fe - TREY: It's okay.
Go talk to him.
Felix ♪ [SIGHS.]
MURPHY: Felix.
TREY: Hey.
- TREY: I'll check over here.
Oh, my God.
Where is Felix? I don't see him back there, either.
Where did he go? Oh! - I can't.
- Oh, my God.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I tried.
I really, really tried.
What the hell? Oh, my God, guys.
We're cleaning it.
Just leave it.
Everyone is going to bed.
You can look for your dumb phone in the morning when there's sunlight and power.
Okay, so, if Jess tries to contact me, just let it go to voice mail? Cool plan, Lesley.
You have kept an entire house of people awake all night to find your phone in a blackout.
It's the most insane thing I've ever witnessed.
Oh, is it insane to look for something when you can't see? Because I manage to do it all the time.
You're just trying to gain control of a chaotic situation, and everyone here is enabling you.
I can psychoanalyze you, too.
I think you're a bitch.
- Whoa, whoa, hang on a second - No, I'm a big girl.
I don't need you to come to my defense.
FELIX: Lesley! Lesley! What? You stole my inheritance.
So, you stole them all? Because there's about 40 more boxes down there.
Why were you in the basement? Why did you take my inheritance? Can we please talk about this in the morning? I'm running on fumes.
No, we're talking about it now.
Oh, my God, fine.
But only if you relax.
Relax? You want me to just be relaxed about the fact that you have my inheritance?! TREY: Sorry, can I just Are you guys talking about that box of garbage? I never wanted his money, all I wanted was this.
- That's it.
- MURPHY: Uh - a box of garbage? - It's not garbage.
- Oh.
- Our dad kept every newspaper ever 'cause he was this insanely neurotic, like, hoarder.
He was an archivist.
And Mom told me he left these all to me, but that t-they were damaged in a garage flood.
She didn't want to upset you that he actually left them to me.
Yes, because finding them all four years later next to an old rat trap and an elliptical really spared me of my feelings.
Felix, I'm sorry.
You knew how much they meant to me.
And they meant nothing to me? Oh, come on, Lesley.
You and Dad had your Cubs games and your chess matches.
And you got all that stuff! He gave you the season tickets, his chess set.
All I had with him, literally, all I ever had with him, was these newspapers, and he still gave them to you! Okay, fine, whatever, take them.
I-I don't want you to give them to me, Lesley.
I wanted Dad to give them to me.
And you know what the really sad part is? I actually thought that he did.
Like, I actually believed that, for once in my life, someone chose me.
But of course he didn't.
'Cause no one chooses me.
Haven't heard one of your dramatic breakdowns since high school.
Really miss it.
MURPHY: You know, I really appreciate you, uh, sticking around.
No problem.
I know there's still no service, and Jess probably didn't call me.
This whole thing was stupid, but you never made me feel like it was.
- Oh, is this funny to you? - Yes, actually.
Your, um your phone? What? It was in my pocket.
You're joking.
I-I thought it was mine.
Where's yours? I mean, it's probably in the car, 'cause I'm an idiot.
Are you kidding me? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Oh, my God.
Oh, uh [MOANS.]
Did I have any missed calls? Still no service.
No? No.
Oh, my God.
- Give me my phone.
Give me - Come here.
Are you serious? I got to go check on Felix.
He's, uh, fragile.
Yeah, what's going on with you guys? Nothing.
We did it once.
It-it was stupid.
Um, I'll be back in a bit.
How long has it been? How long has it been? [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
I'm sleeping.
No, you're not.
Found my phone, by the way.
Oh, yeah? Where was it? Uh, it was just buried in a bunch of pillows and cushions and stuff.
- What are you doing? - Just, uh figured I'd make use of these old newspapers while the Internet's out.
Maybe see if there's anything about Jennifer Walker.
I know around when she disappeared, so Did you find anything? Not yet.
I r-I really don't know that this is gonna lead us to Jess.
I do.
I just have a feeling.
I'm really sorry about what happened in the bathroom.
I'm sort of tapped out on, uh, humiliation for one night, so if could just talk about anything else? Yeah.
Thank you.
Tell me about your newspapers.
My dad's office was just newspapers.
It was just stacks of newspapers.
Like, you couldn't even move around, it was just thousands of newspapers.
- Wow.
- Anyway, so, when I was a kid, he would let me sit in there as long as I stayed quiet.
So I would read and read and read.
And, uh, yeah, I probably read every newspaper cover to cover from the time I was five years old, which is why I know so much, But there's a dark side to knowing that much.
Because, uh, you know, reading, like, about the Tajikistani Civil War - as a second grader? - [LAUGHS.]
Very scarring.
But the point is it was our thing.
You know? I mean, I thought it was our thing.
I-I guess it didn't really mean anything to him.
He just gave it to his perfect Lesley.
That sucks, Felix.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Just so you know, your dad might have thought Lesley is perfect, but I think she sucks.
You're just saying that because she's boning Max.
No, she's a horrible person.
She's, like arrogant and smug.
She's like all the bad parts of you without any of the good.
Thank you.
I'm serious.
What was that out there? She's like she's like, "Do you control everybody?" Get G-Go away.
You don't even You just met me.
What do you know? [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, she's always been like that.
She thinks she knows everything about everyone.
I mean, when we were kids, she would tell me about these issues I had.
And I'm like, "Actually, no.
I have issues because of you, bitch.
" Because of you.
Like, and then, can she complain any more From the morning.
Murphy, wake up.
What? "Chicago man arrested in teen's kidnapping.
" Oh, power's on.
Wait, what were you saying? - What were you saying? - Huh.
Look at that.
What-what is it? Uh, "Jennifer Walker's uncle.
Suspected of kidnapping, but wasn't charged," because apparently, he was just the last person to see her.
Well, t-that's something.
What is his name? Redford Long.
TREY: Hey.
The power came back on, which means there's probably service now.
Can I use one of your phones to call mine? - Yeah.
- I still can't find it.
Um, well, what else does it say? - [LINE RINGING.]
- FELIX: "While maintaining" [FELIX MUTTERING.]

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