In The Dark (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Excess Baggage

Hi, Miss Lauren. Oh, no Love how my first case as chief is a triple homicide tied up with the Mexican drug cartel. Guess Murphy was right about this Josiah guy taking over Nia's business. Maybe. Uh, you know, we could ask Josh what else Murphy told him if he'd return my texts. You texted him? Go to his house. Be a human. Apologize in person. Guys are so dumb. All right, you don't have to yell at me. Hey, Chief? Oh, hey. What you got? We found a trail of blood outside. Looks like someone got out of here alive. We'll see if the DNA's in our system. Also there was a bullet lodged in the wall. The round is from a revolver, but all the guns we recovered are semiautomatics. So whoever got out took that revolver with them. Well? What did you find? You're awfully quiet over there. Yeah, I don't know, Murphy. This Jennifer's uncle guy seems pretty innocent to me. What? You said he, he was arrested for Jennifer's kidnapping, though. Yeah, but he was never charged, and there was, like, no case against him. Well, maybe they got it wrong. Just see what else you can find, please. What are you doing? Hmm? What but what is What are you doing? Oh, sorry. Nothing. No, you had, like, crumbs or-or lint or something. - Oh. - So I was just Oh, my God, shut up. - No. - Hey, hold on, man. Just give me two seconds. What are you doing here? - You didn't answer my texts. - I know. Look, just give me a second, all right? I drove all the way here through the worst traffic of my life. - Fine. - All right. Oof. Man. You reek. Yeah, well, my entire life fell apart thanks to you. But at least you got your big arrest, so Wahoo. I'm guessing you saw the news. Uh, yeah. Congratulations on your promotion, too. I'm allocating all the resources I can to finding Murphy. Look what I did to you, I'm really sorry, man. Let me get you Murphy. This time, no deals. Let's put her away forever. Why are you doing this? Because you're my friend. Don't ever lie to me again. I promise. Okay. All right, come here. Give me a hug. Come on. Come hold my body. Oh. Okay, here's another article, from, like, - five years after the trial. - What does it say? It says, "Redford Long, "after he was let go, then dedicated his life to finding out what actually happened to Jennifer." So, we should go talk to this uncle. What? Why? Because he knows a lot. I want to know what he knows. Or maybe he did have something to do with it. I-I don't know. - Nothing. - Okay, we need a Let's talk to this Redford. - We need to find out where he lives. - Oh, God. They're plowing the roads. Isn't that a good thing? No. Because now my sister will kick us out now that we can actually leave. Where are we gonna go? Like I know, Murphy. - Hey. - Yeah, I know, they're plowing the roads. We'll be out of your hair momentarily. Felix, can I talk to you? Nope. Hey, Murphy, I just put out a bunch of bagels and stuff. - If you wanted to go get some. - I'm not hungry. Oh, my God, can you give us, like, two seconds alone, please? Did you feed my dog? No, I didn't feed your dog. Look, I feel really bad about Dad's newspapers. Good. You should. - Felix. - What? I am busy, okay? I do not want to talk to you right now. Too bad. You're in my house, so we're talking about it! Oh, okay. Hey. Hi. Hi, did you find your phone? No, it's so weird. I have no idea where it went. Probably around here somewhere. Yeah, you'd think. Hmm? Hey, man. I'm gonna make some coffee. You guys want some? Sure. Cool. No, this is what you do. Okay? You-you constantly treat me as if I'm not good enough to be part of this stupid family! Fine, I'm trash. - I'm the worst person in the world. - Oh, don't come on. What do you want from me? Nothing. I want nothing from you. I never should have come here. Look, you're my brother. You're, um you're my brother. Yes. I'm aware we share some genetic material. Can you just And all I've wanted since Dad died is to have a relationship with you. Why? Because I love you. Don't believe it. Oh, come on. I'd take a bullet for you. Really? You would take a bullet Okay, maybe not a bullet, because, like, I have a crippling fear of dying. I wouldn't take a bullet for anyone, like, not even a baby. Wow. Such a cool person you are. The point is, I love you, and if there was a way for me to prove it to you, I would, but Oh, there is. Okay. Um, let us stay here. I have been letting you stay here. Yeah, for, like, two days, but I'm talking about until we figure out where Jess is. Because we have nowhere to go, and it would be very helpful. You want me to house a bunch of criminals? Yeah, well, it's the kind of thing you'd do for somebody you really loved. Fine. What? Okay. Seriously? Yeah. Cool Th-Thank you. But clean up after yourselves. I refuse to be your housekeeper as well. Got it. Here. No, I'm good. I don't really like coffee. Oh, I-I know. I, uh, put pop in yours. Thanks. Yeah. Where's Trey? This is, this is his. He's looking for his phone again in the car in the garage. Okay. Okay, this is everything I have on Murphy, Guiding Hope, all of it. What's all this? Keith was so lazy, these are all the cases I inherited that he hadn't even assigned. Two days ago to two years ago. Wow. Eh, this is why people hate the police. I mean, I could think of a couple other reasons, but Oh. Exactly what I wanted. More files. I'm not too sure if it'll even help. It's mostly just bank records. Oh, hey, uh, before I forget. Here you go, man. You are officially a forensic accounting specialist for Chicago PD, district 23. I don't get a badge? Yeah, that's a badge. This is a laminated ID card. Sarah! Hey, or I guess I should call you, uh, Detective Barnes now, right? - Uh, what you got? - Uh, not much. That phone that we found at Josiah's is registered to Trey Williams, but we can't find him. His neighbors haven't seen him in a couple of days. Hey, why don't you put a couple guys over there - to stake his apartment out? - I already did. But what about his call log? Texts? Nothing that suggests his whereabouts. The last number that called him was from a burner. Oh. Where did it ping? It's, uh, off the grid. Only 12 residences in the area. Patricia Rosen, Gary Norton, Lesley Bell, - Nancy Hoffer - Wait, Lesley Bell? Yeah. Why? I wonder if she's related to Felix Bell. You still don't have an address? Murphy, I'm trying. - Hey. - You were out there forever. - Did you find your phone? - No. I might have left it at Beau's. That's the last place I remember using it. I'm gonna go check there. Okay. Hang on. I'll, um, walk you out. Hi. Thanks again for helping. I didn't really do much besides steal your phone, keep everybody up all night looking for it. Yeah. Hey. Come here. I'll call you. You know, when I've found my phone. You better. Maybe when this whole thing is over, I could try to live a regular, boring life. Take you out for brunch. Or something? Whatever. Like normal people? I don't really think either of us can do "normal." Yeah, but we could try, right? Sure. Sure. - I'll see you later, shorty. Okay. - Bye. Felix. Wait, wait, wait. I-I think I got it. - Seriously? - Yeah. Redford Long. This is the same Redford Long. Allwood Avenue. Let's go. - Okay. - Come on, Pretzel. Gonna get dressed. "Good job, Felix. Thanks for doing that." I can't believe you're gonna let them all stay here, like like, indefinitely? What choice did I have? God You'll be fine living with Murphy for a little bit. I don't want to! You want to go grab some food? Yes! Yes, I do. I kind of want a cheeseburger. Oh, I don't know. Feeling kind of like tacos. Chicago PD! Open up! - How did they find us? - We're dead, it's over. Hang on. Just go in the other room, all of you. - I'll handle it. - Hey, hey Les Go, just go, go. Pretzel, come. Chief Gene Clemens, Chicago PD. Hi. Lesley Bell. - How can I help you? - Yeah. We know who you are. Felix's sister. Uh, we're looking for your brother and his friends and we have reason to believe that they were here. Oh, yeah, of course this is about Felix. Yeah, he was here. Uh, he showed up and said he was in some trouble and that he needed a place to crash. But I said no, I didn't want any part of it. - Uh, when was that? - Yesterday. Was he with anyone? He was with some friends and then they all split to Canada. He wanted to tell me more, but I stopped him. I'm not about to be disbarred because of my brother's stupid decisions. Right, right. Uh, did he, uh, did he mention where in Canada? Like I said, I told him to keep me out of it. But if you have a card, I'll call you - if he shows back up. - Yeah. Absolutely. Thank you. Have a good one. - Yeah, you, too. - All right. You believe her? Yeah. You? Yeah. - You okay, yeah? - Mm-hmm. Are you okay? Thank you. That was Thank you. It was nothing. It wasn't. But Thanks, Lesley. Yeah, well, I wouldn't have wanted to get caught with all of you guys here, so All right, we should go. Um I sort of think maybe we should stay here, you know, until it's safe? Just lay low for a while? No, I have to find Jess. You shouldn't go back to the city. The cops are obviously still looking for you. For us. Yeah, and your girlfriend saved the day. Which is why maybe we should just stay here until it's safe. I'm not gonna stay here, Felix, I'm happy to call a cab and go talk to this dude by myself. Okay, obviously, I'll come with you. Murphy, you may want to wait for the cops to, you know, back out of the driveway first. Is that okay? Yo, you hear about Josiah's wife? Yeah. It's brutal. I could've sworn it was here. I-I don't know, man. I'll just - get a new phone, I guess. - Anyway, I got to head to work. Work? Yeah, my cousin runs this sandwich shop. It's not ideal, but whatever. You think they're looking to hire anyone else? You want a regular job? What? Maybe I've changed. Well, he's looking for another dishwasher if you're interested. All right, let's go. Hi, could I help you? Uh, we just have a a few questions, um We're looking for Jennifer Walker? Oh. Oh, um Why don't you come in? Sure. - Forward, Pretzel. - There's a ledge. Here you go. So how did you guys know Jennifer? I didn't know her, but, um we were just reading about her case in some old newspapers, and I don't know. You know, we just felt compelled to-to find her. Well, at least somebody does. Yeah, uh, I do want to ask uh just when we were, when we were reading about the case, um You want to know why I was arrested in the first place? Yes. If Yes. Please. Hmm. It's okay. I can talk about it. Um, I had just married my ex-wife, Jenny's aunt. Uh, this one Saturday I was on my way to a camping trip, and I saw Jenny walking home from swim practice. - Mm-hmm. - I offered her a ride. Her brother was supposed to pick her up, but he never showed, so I just drove her home and went on my trip. When I got home my house was swamped with police. And before I know it, I'm being arrested for kidnapping my niece. I'm so sorry. You said her brother was supposed to pick her up? Yeah. He was probably just getting high or something. Anyway uh, I was released right away. After that, I dedicated all my time to finding who was really responsible for Jenny's disappearance. And anything? Did you find anything? Yeah, she suffered from pretty severe depression. And I came to the conclusion that she killed herself. But her body was never found. And she got a new identity. So she was running from someone. Yeah. Well, I think that, um I think that she was running from herself. I don't think so. I mean, that's just your theory, but it's pretty possible that she never returned home because she was too scared of someone. I don't think so. Do you know where her brother lives? I haven't heard anything about him in years. Where's her what about her parents, where are they? Her dad was never really there. And, yeah, her mom's still here. - We wouldn't want to bother her. - Okay, what's her address? Where is she? I send her a holiday card every year. Would you like me to grab it? Please. Thanks for your help in there. What was the noise you were making? The noise that was coming from-from your general area? - "Noise"? - Yes! Right in the middle of when he was talking. It was like - Oh, I was uh - It's rude. I was solving a Rubik's cube. A Rubik's cube? Yes! I was solving a Rubik's cube. Because I was uncomfortable You made that poor guy relive what was probably, like, the worst experience of his life. Oh, I'm sorry you were uncomfortable, Felix, while we were trying to find our kidnapped friend. Well don't think this girl had anything to do with that. It sounds like she killed herself. We should go back to Canada. I'm not going anywhere until I figure this out. I-I want to talk to the mom. Murphy, I don't think we should go barging in on some grieving mother. - We're trying to find her daughter. - No, we're not! - Yeah, we are! - No, we are not! According to you, we're trying to find the person who was after her daughter, who maybe mistook our friend for her daughter and now has her hostage? Yes, which could be Jennifer's brother. I just want to know if the mom knows where he is. - Murphy - I need to ask her. That doesn't even line up with your own theory. Why? Because you said you think whoever took Jess thought she was Jennifer Walker. Don't you think the brother would know he didn't take his actual sister? No, it's been ten years. He probably doesn't even recognize her. No. Murphy, that's not how that works, I'm sorry. But you would know it wasn't your sister. Well I mean apparently he does drugs and stuff, so, I mean, he could I don't know, Felix! I know it sounds crazy to you, but I know it's right. I do, I just know it! I-I know it. Can you just drive us to Jennifer's mom's, please? - No. - Please, please, Felix? - Please? - No. Okay? No. I'm drawing the line right here, right now. Absolutely not, no. Are you guys reporters? - No. No, no. - No. We just, we're just trying to figure out what happened to your daughter. Nobody's come around asking about her in a long time. Feels like everybody's forgotten about her but me. But I know that she's, um, she's out there still somewhere. I actually keep that light on in the window every night just in case she comes home. Can I ask um, was your daughter depressed - at all? - I mean what teenager is happy? But, I mean, did she have - any friends or? - Yes. Of course she had friends. Uh, there was Susannah Jenkins. - Mm-hmm. - And, um I know that there were others, but she-she was always with Suzie. And where is your son these days? Oh, who knows? You don't know where your son is? No, I don't. Well do you think it's a possibility that Jennifer was running from him? Or from someone? Because she bought a new identity. So that's the only thing that makes sense. You see? I knew that she didn't kill herself. Just-just hang on. Uh, my-my phone is charging upstairs. I'm gonna call the detective on this case. I want you guys to tell him everything that you know. Okay? Yeah! Sounds good. We're leaving. - What? No. Felix. - That's it. Come on. Murphy, she's calling the cops. Okay? We're leaving. I want to know what she knows about the brother. They're not gonna be here for, like, five minutes. We have some time. A few mi Are you insane? - I didn't get to ask her - Murphy, I don't care. Go. For-forward, Pretzel. Felix. What are Ah, Mrs. Walker, hi. This is Detective Miller. What can I do for you? There were some people here with information about Jenny. They said that she bought a fake identity. That right? And who were these people? I didn't get their names, but, um, they were a couple of kids, they were in their 20s, probably. Uh, the girl, she was blind. Wait, what? They're looking for a girl named Jennifer Walker. Now, she was reported missing ten years ago. Jennifer Walker? That doesn't make any sense. Why do I recognize that name? Oh, my God. Uh Wait, I just saw her case file. Uh-huh. Here it is. Jennifer Walker, reported kidnapped from Northern Presbyterian Hospital yesterday. Let me see that. Why wasn't I notified? 'Cause Keith sucked at his job. Wait, wait, wait. Was hospitalized for smoke inhalation the night of the fire at Downtown Empire Arcade. That wasn't Jennifer Walker. That had to have been Jess. I'll find out what I can from the hospital. So she must have bought that girl's identity, and Murphy thinks that Jess's disappearance has something to do with the real Jennifer Walker, and that's why she's trying to find out what happened to her. I guess that we should find out what happened to her, too. Might lead us right to Murphy and them. Good luck. The mother's a real piece of work. I've found nothing in ten years. Get this. The only visitor she had at the hospital was Darnell James. Hmm? Come on. Oh. Hey. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice. Ooh. Little early for whiskey. Yeah, well, wasn't hungry. In the mood for a drink. Fair enough. So what's this about? I know we only met once, at, uh, Jules's funeral, but I had some questions that I wanted to ask you, and bringing you into the station felt weird, so I don't know. Long-winded way of explaining the random call. Anyhow, how are you? I'm fine. Just Life? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. I saw your chief, uh, got arrested. Yeah. By me. Hmm. Wish Jules would've been there to see that. Yeah. Can I get you a beer before the questioning begins? Sure, yeah. Hey, how'd it go? Oh, yeah, just great, actually. - Jess, come on in! - We were actually getting somewhere until he dragged me out of there. Really, Murphy? She was calling the cops. Wait, who was calling the cops? Jennifer Walker's mother. We also went and visited her and it wasn't at all invasive or extremely sad. Okay, I'm gonna lie down, and then we'll figure out next steps. Sure. Don't. You're the last person I want to talk to right now. I thought you desperately wanted to find me. The real you, the real one. Not this in my head, not this stupid Just leave me alone. God - You don't really want that. - Yes, I do. You don't. This might be the only version you see of me again. You know that. Don't say that. No. No. Jess. She stole the keys from my purse and-and parked my car down the street and then put the keys back in my purse and watched me report my own car being stolen. You know, she did the same thing to me in high school? And I cannot tell you how many times I'd be peacefully taking a shower and she'd sneak in and dump, like, a bucket of ice water on me. She thought she was hilarious. I know, right? I should, I should get back to work. Yeah, I got to go home and feed Miles anyway. Oh, wait, you still have Jules's cat? Yeah, I, uh, thought it would be a nice reminder of her. But now I'm just a single guy with a cat. No, no, you're good. I got it. - You sure? - Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Uh, sorry I couldn't be more help with the Jess thing. It's all good. I had a nice time anyway. Yeah. So did I. The train's this way. You, uh, you want me to walk you there? Uh, no, that's all right. Okay. Well, uh Bye. - Yeah. - Yeah. Oh, wow, that was, um I know. It's a little bit out of order, but you want to grab dinner? - What? No - Never got that lunch. No, my God, I'm still on the clock. Are you kidding? I'm literally still working. So? Oh. Hang on. I have to, I have to get this. Hello? Hey, how'd it go with Darnell? Uh, sort of a waste of time. A waste of time? I'm on my way back now, though. Actually, can you go check on the guys at Trey's place? Make sure they're not sleeping? They've been there for hours and, uh, I haven't heard anything. Yeah, okay. Bye. Wait, Trey? - Huh? Yeah. - Trey Williams? - How do you - Why are the cops at Trey's place? Sarah, what did he do? He murdered three people. What? No, he didn't. Trust me, I would know if he murdered three people. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. W-What are you doing? What do you think I'm doing? Trey's my boy, I'm not gonna let him go down for something he didn't do. - No, hey Hey! - Sarah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Whoa Trey. Thank God I caught you. What the hell are you doing here, man? Turn left. You can't get any closer to your place. - Why? - It's surrounded by cops. Just go. Go, go, go. Go, go. Oh, my God. I I got it. - I could've gotten it. - Sure. What? Can we talk? You want to talk? Yes, Felix. I talk. What do you want to talk about? Jess. Okay, well, what-what about, uh What about Jess? I mean, what do you think? Do you think Murphy's right? No. I don't think this Jennifer Walker girl has anything to do with Jess. It sounds a lot like she killed herself. I don't think there's some big mystery, I think Jess is Hey, look, man, Felix, I'm-I'm really sorry, okay? This whole thing, I just, I-I don't know. Now we're all gonna go to prison, so Oh, uh, hang on a second. Maybe not. Our DNA isn't at the gravesite, and your sister said everything else they have on us is circumstantial. But Murphy? Is screwed, I know. She won't go back to Canada. All she cares about is Jennifer Walker. Yeah, well, you and I both know that's just a stall tactic, okay? Eventually, Murphy's gonna come to terms with the fact that Jess is That Jess is gone. Yeah, well, why don't you go tell her that, Max? I'm sure it'll go over great. Look, this is moot because she's never gonna agree to go. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Maybe she doesn't need to. Jess, you can come back now, please. Come back. I don't know. I mean, it could work. It's brutal, though. I can't think of any other way. Well? I guess. Listen, you got this, man. Okay? Okay. Murph? I think I found something. I stole Jennifer's yearbook - from the mom's house. - Yeah? And apparently, she had a boyfriend. - Seriously? - Yeah. And he left this whole heartfelt message and his number, so I called it. He sounded super shady, so I think we should go talk to him. He lives in Detroit. Oh, my God, Felix. I love you. Thank you. Let's go. Let's go, let's go, let's go. - Hey. - Hi. Where's, uh, Felix? Oh, he's just, uh, he's just waiting in the car. - Okay. Well, I'll see you later. - Yeah. Yeah. Relax, we'll-we'll be back soon. Yeah. Just, um Take care of yourself. Yeah. Always do. Find the car, Pretzel. Go. Find the car. Good boy. You have the address? Yeah. Where'd you get it? The Internet. "The Internet." - Hello? - What? Nothing. Usually just when I mock you, you usually get all pissy. Oh, yeah, no. Sorry. I'm, uh Was putting the address in my phone. But I'm Was putting the address in my phone. - Okay. Let's go. - Ready? Okay. How you doing? I'm okay. You need some alone time? The opposite. That, um What? Nothing. Just, uh Feels nice. Oh. - Oh? - Okay. Wh-What are you doing? - Why are Why are we stopped? - So, I'm staring at, like, a million cops right now. Okay. So? So? You're wanted for murder, Murphy. Don't you think there's a couple cops looking for you? I Well Miles from Chicago, Felix. Yeah, well, I don't know. You know, I think you should get in the trunk just till we pass them. - Okay? Here, I'll help you. - What? - You want me to get in the trunk? - Yes. Are you crazy? No, I'm not crazy. Okay? I know you didn't see, but there's, like, a blockade of police. Wait, why c Why can't I just pull my seat down in the car? Because it's not as safe, okay? I'm gonna put you in the trunk, and I'm gonna cover you with coats. Yeah, man. I was really hoping to talk to him. Ex Hey, excuse me? - Excuse me. Wh Sorry. - Hang on a sec. What's with the all the cops everywhere? Uh, up where? I don't see anything. - Yeah, no, they're not - Where are we? In a parking lot. Got it. And are we close to the Canadian border, by any chance? - Wait. - Oh, yeah. The bridge is, like, a block that way. - Okay. Thank you so much. - Yeah, for sure. I don't know. Some guy. Anyway Look, Murphy - Are you kidding me, Felix? - Murphy, we have to get to Canada. Otherwise, you're gonna go to jail for, like, the rest of your life. No! We have to find Jess, Felix! What? Nothing. Oh, my God. - What are you doing? - Come on, Pretzel. Have fun in Canada, you dick! Hey. Hey. Where are you? I'm at Trey's. I didn't mean that you had to wait there. - That's way below your pay grade. - No, I know. I just thought I figured an-an extra set of eyes wouldn't hurt. Thank you, but you should go home. Get some rest. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Night. - Murphy! - Just go to Canada, Felix. I'm not letting you go to prison. I don't need some dude's help, thank you very much. I'll find Jennifer's boyfriend by myself. Oh, my God. Of course, there is no boyfriend. God, I'm such an idiot! Listen, I only did what I did because you don't listen to anyone. All right? And where was Max in all this? It was his stupid idea, huh? So what? So he could bone your sister in peace while you abduct me? It's not like that. Then what's it like, Felix? What is it like? God, you're so stubborn sometimes. I We had nothing but good intentions, - okay? - Whatever. You know what really sucks? You know what really sucks? Ever since I've known you, even when I, like, hated your guts, I never felt I-I never felt disabled around you. What? You were a dick to me just like you were to everyone else. Oh. Thanks. I'm saying you weren't nice to me just because I can't see. Okay. Well So, what's your point? That you just used it against me. You knew I wasn't gonna be able to see where we were going. Do you have any idea how worthless that makes me feel? Just please go. - I can't do that. - Why? Because! - Because why, Felix? - Because I'll make sure you don't go to prison for the rest of your life! What about Jess? You're just gonna let her get killed? Jess is already dead, Murphy! She's already You take that back. - Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - Take it back. I-I didn't mean for that to come out like that, okay? But, Murphy, whoever took Jess from the hospital killed her. I didn't want to accept it, either. She called me. You don't know that that was her. I do. I do know. I heard her. Breathing. You heard her breathing, Murphy. Come on. Listen, I can't just keep following your gut because she was your best friend, okay? She was my best friend, too. And you know what my gut says? That she was wanted dead by a very dangerous drug dealer, and now she's nowhere to be found, so We tried. Just go, Felix. I'm serious. I can't leave you. What did you think? You just thought I was gonna go to Canada and, like, fall in love with you? You're so pathetic! I'm so sorry I slept with you once because Max wasn't around. Felix? Felix! Hey. Come here! Felix? Hey! Felix! What are you doing? Hey. Felix! Fel Felix! Felix, you can't leave me here! Felix! Felix!
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