In The Dark (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

Hard Pill to Swallow

This is not a pharmaceutical drug,
which means it's probably made
illegally in some kind of lab.
It contains a highly potent mix
of methamphetamine and opiate.
And they're calling it Bolt.
Wherever they may be stashing the drugs,
we think that they're using this
Task Champ company to distribute it.
So when the customer
orders some sort of job
a leaky faucet,
broken fireplace, whatever
what they're actually buying are pills.
They are a delivery and
laundering operation all in one.
What we're looking for is any evidence
of Bolt at this place, anything.
All right?
All right, let's move.
So the raid amounted to nothing?
Do I need to remind you
that you've had ten ODs
since the sorority house,
a patrol officer who was killed,
and people are out there dying
at a pace I've never seen?
I know that this Task Champ
company is involved.
- It is involved
- Well, find another angle,
because they're squeaky clean.
I do have another potential lead.
Okay, uh
there's this girl named Murphy Mason
who I think was selling Bolt in prison,
and her friend Felix was seen
flushing a large amount down the toilet.
I just got to get
a call in to Judge Nelson
to see if I can get
a search warrant for the place.
My patience is running thin, Clemens.
There better be something in that house.
I just
It's stupid how much I like your face.
You're so corny.
Oh, I'm corny?
Weren't you the one who told me,
and I quote, "Your smile is a sword
that destroys me completely"?
Nope, never said that.
- You never said that?
- Nope.
- You never said that?
- Nope, never said that.
- Oh, you sure did, buddy.
- No.
Thank you for that.
No, thank you.
Oh, I have to get ready for work.
Meeting Paula in, like, an hour.
Les, are you are you sure that
you can reverse a murder charge?
Dude, I could've gotten Ted Bundy off.
Something to be proud of.
You just have no idea how good
I am at what I do.
I got this.
I would ask how your morning is going,
but from what I could hear,
it seems pretty great.
Good for you, man.
You're like a machine.
How'd you sleep?
I didn't.
Want some coffee? I can make you some.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God. Thank you.
Yeah. No problem.
I never forget this thing,
but guess I must've been
a little distracted this morning.
- Uh
- You can relax, you know.
You're not a criminal anymore.
I know. I just
It might take a bit.
I should, um,
- get going.
- Hang with me for a minute?
I want to avoid that mess.
What's happening?
Oh, Gene groveling, Josh punishing him.
It's so stupid. They're-they're
like an old married couple.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Look, I don't know how many
more ways I can say it, man.
I was wrong. You were right.
Looks like Murphy is wrapped
up in this whole Bolt thing.
And I need you back with us on it.
Well, it's too bad you fired me.
Technically, you weren't fired.
I just told you to take some time off.
Uh, even worse. Now
the entire department
thinks I'm some obsessive psychopath.
Okay, look, I don't have time.
I need you back.
Please come back.
Okay, so where are we at?
We're about to search
Lesley Bell's place,
- bring in Murphy and them, but
- Wait.
So if we can prove
that they're involved,
that violates the terms
of Murphy's bail,
which sends her back to prison.
Right. But more importantly,
we make headway on the Bolt operation.
You know, the
the thing killing everyone?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, you see?
This is why people think you're
an obsessive psychopath, man.
Um, I should be out
of work early tonight.
Oh, you want to go to Antonio's?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, we could,
uh, we could do that.
Well, it's on me, obviously.
What? Obviously?
Hey, that's not
that's not what I meant.
I just, you know
I know money's tight.
All right, I'm off.
Good luck with Paula.
Apparently, she doesn't need it.
If she had it her way,
Ted Bundy would have walked.
That is not what I said.
I said I could have gotten him off.
Which I could have.
- So I have a shot?
- Yeah.
Their case is looking
pretty flimsy against you.
I mean, they never even found
the murder weapon.
Okay, bye. Love you.
Love you, too.
shall we talk about
the elephant in the room?
There's an elephant in the room?
Hilarious. Nice deflection.
- What's going on?
- "What's going on?"
What's going on?
- You tell me.
- I
I-I Sorry, I don't know
- What are you talking about?
- Sex!
I'm talking about sex.
Did you guys have it yesterday?
- Are you being serious?
- Yes.
You honestly think
we had sex yesterday?
So Paula sends people here to kill me
and we're like, "Cool, time to bone."
Are you seriously asking me that
right now?
And not for nothing, Felix,
I wouldn't do that to Lesley.
All right.
God, Felix.
I'm gonna shower.
Yeah, have fun.
I didn't do that to save
your lovely relationship.
Did it to save my trial.
Lesley's my lawyer and
I just want my life back, so
Chicago PD! Open up!
Hey, hey. Nobody move.
- Hands up.
- All right.
Search the place.
You all are coming with us.
- Why?
- You know exactly why.
Oh, my God.
You're so obsessed with me.
- Okay
- Pathetic.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Is this fun for you?
What is it? You just come up
- with ways and use taxpayer dollars
- Let's go.
to get me alone?
What is your problem?
I'm sorry, are we under arrest?
We just need you to come down to
the station for a little chat.
Okay. Well, unless we're under arrest,
- we don't have to go anywhere with you.
- Okay.
Why don't you go ahead and
take 'em down to the basement
- while we tear this place apart?
- Yeah, you got it.
Let's go. Okay, let's go.
- Okay, I'm not even dressed.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can I get some clothes on?
Here. Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God,
- oh, my God, oh, my God
- Dude, it's fine.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Relax.
There's-there's nothing here.
That's not entirely accurate.
- What?
- What?
I have one of those pills
in my jacket.
Are you out of your mind?
- I'm sorry.
- Why do you have that?
Because I've been so stressed
out lately and I thought
- I would take one, I don't know.
- Idiot!
So I think I can get
your conviction thrown out.
Hmm. Really?
Your prosecutor was recently fired
for making corrupt deals with witnesses.
If I can prove he did
this in your trial,
we're good.
You think you can really do that?
Well, that's good news for you.
Considering the alternative.
I'll check in with you later.
Oh, um, okay. I'll, uh
Let's check in. Later.
How is it possible that my client's case
is the only one of Tony's
that wasn't corrupted?
Because he didn't prosecute
it, the assistant D.A. did.
Yeah, I see that,
but the case was on his docket,
the witnesses still could have
been corrupted.
No such luck. The assistant
D.A. was meticulous.
She researched
and documented everything.
Why are we working on this
and not, you know, our actual jobs?
We're not defense attorneys.
You haven't been one in years.
I cannot stress enough
how important it is
we get her released.
There has to be a string we can pull.
Keep looking.
Uh, anything yet?
Not yet.
All right, keep looking.
There is something here.
You guys see how weird
Felix is acting, right?
Well, questioning them would've
been pointless anyway.
Uh, I love how you guys
don't know that yet.
Actually, let's interrogate them here.
One by one.
Why? Sarah's right
no way will they admit
to being involved.
It's a diversion.
See, they're gonna be in that basement
trying to get their story straight.
And we're gonna hear
every word they say.
- I'll grab a recording device.
- Yeah.
Whoa, whoa. Guys, guys, guys.
You cannot record them
without their consent.
We're never gonna use it in court.
It's just Okay, say
they really are dealing.
They might mention where
they're hiding the pills.
I'm, uh here to apply for a job?
Excuse me. I said
I'm here to apply for a job.
We're not hiring right now.
Can I talk to the person in charge?
A friend of mine
told me what you guys do here.
I'd be very valuable.
He's all tied up right now.
Then I'll wait.
If that's cool.
You're the biggest moron.
I said I'll figure something out.
He's gonna figure something out.
We're totally good, Murph.
Oh, God.
Come with us.
We're gonna have a little chat.
Go. We've got nothing to hide.
Felix, stop doing that.
He's not gonna rat us out.
Why was your shirt on inside out?
The shirt. The one I got you.
It was inside out when I got home.
Oh, my God. You're still on this?
Just answer the question.
That's why you think we had sex?
Ding, ding, ding.
Felix, the shirt you got me is cashmere.
It was a thousand degrees, okay?
So I got hot and I took it off,
and when I put it back on,
I didn't realize it was inside out
because I'm blind, you absolute dumbass.
Because it would be really atrocious
if you guys did that to my sister,
- considering everything she
- Well, we didn't.
- So
- Okay.
We got to start accepting
some jobs, Reg.
Police didn't find anything.
Dogs couldn't even find anything.
I mean, between this
and that delivery kid
that you guys took care of,
the one who sold at the sorority.
Where's his stash, by the way?
Yeah, it's probably still at his house.
We had to bail. A couple cops showed up.
So, go back and get it.
We tried,
but we can't get in.
It's still swarming with police.
Well, we have to send someone.
It's a suicide mission.
And how do you suggest
that I explain that to the boss?
Hey, you must be the person in charge.
I've been waiting out there for a while.
- Who the hell are you?
- Darnell.
Darnell James.
And I'd really like
- to work here.
- Get him out of here.
- Yeah.
- Just hear me out.
Ha-Hang on!
I know what you do here.
All right?
I grew up in this business.
I know it better than anyone.
All right? I can help you
with whatever you need.
please, man.
So you want back in the game?
Yeah, yeah.
miss it that much?
I just really need the money, man.
We were just discussing a job,
and if you can pull that off
you can work for me.
Whatever it takes.
All right, Felix.
We know you have some involvement
with the Bolt organization.
I caught you with pills,
and your sister called in
a report that you were in
a car registered to Task Champ
I'm sorry, I can't focus.
I'm too cold.
Can I please have my jacket?
It's right there.
Aw, you're cold?
I'm freezing.
I have hypothyroidism.
It's very debilitating.
Whatever, Felix.
Can I please just have my
jacket? It's-it's right there.
We'll give you the jacket.
Just tell us where the drugs are.
You think they're gonna find it?
I hope not.
Do you really love her?
Because it's been, like,
a whole five minutes.
She's good for me.
That's not what I asked.
She's It's just
- easy, you know.
- That's still not what I asked.
Yes, Murphy, I-I love her.
- Okay?
- Then why did you
- have sex with me?
- What do you want me to say?
Leave her.
I'm serious.
Be with me, Max.
Come on, it's us.
Be with me.
- She's not
- Murphy, I'm sorry.
But what we did was a huge mistake.
I love Lesley, and I shouldn't
have done that to her.
- God, talk more like a robot.
- All right, fine.
- You want to know the truth?
- Yes.
I love having sex with you.
It's the best I've ever had.
And it clouds everything.
But that's all this was.
Meant absolutely nothing.
What are we doing? Burritos?
Yeah, sounds good.
The place down the street?
Yeah, we'll meet you there.
Yeah, I just got to grab my phone.
Possible 10-62, Taylor residence.
Chicago PD!
Hands in the air.
Place them on your head, turn around.
All right, Murphy.
Come with me.
I'm right here.
I take it you didn't get it back.
Hmm. You're perceptive.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna make it freezing in here,
so they have to give us our jackets.
You want some help?
I'm good.
Hey, I'm sorry about the way
about earlier.
No, it's it's cool.
No, it isn't, actually, you know?
I accused you of something abhorrent,
all because I don't know,
Murphy had her shirt inside out.
I just went to the worst place.
Didn't realize she spilled
something on it, you know?
Yeah. It was a mess.
She said she took her shirt off
because she got hot!
it was a lapse in judgment.
Oh, a lapse in judgment?
- You think?
- It just happened.
Well, I'll be sure
to tell my sister that.
No. No, no, no.
Please, please. She can't find out.
Okay? I-I really care about her, Felix.
Cool way to treat her, then.
It happened one time.
She's my sister.
I cannot keep a secret
like this from her.
Is something funny?
This-this isn't about Lesley.
Pardon me?
Come on.
We both know who this is really about.
It is about my sister.
Did you find anything?
Yeah. Paula
is in a cell block with this woman,
Deb Spalding.
They have her on shoplifting
while they build a homicide
case against her.
That's perfect. Nice work.
Oh, uh, who's the prosecutor?
Graham Stanley.
Thank you.
Hey, Graham, you got a minute?
Not really.
What if I said I could help you
get that murder conviction
you need for Deb Spalding?
With the way your last
three cases ended up,
I'm sure you could use the win.
Paula Romano.
Deb told her everything,
and she'll testify
against her in return for parole.
"Parole"? Are you crazy?
Paula Romano is in for life.
- So?
- So.
So I'll happily take her on
as a witness,
but the best I could do
is maybe shave a few years off
of her sentence, maybe.
A couple years?
Graham, come on.
Let me know if you want the deal.
She should take it.
Where are we at with that prosecutor?
Yeah, it didn't pan out
the way that I hoped it would.
Uh, he actually didn't try your case.
But I'm working on some other avenues,
so just hang tight.
Well, like I said, I'm working on it.
I'll, uh
keep you posted.
Look, we know you have drugs.
Okay, it is like
seriously two degrees in here.
Can I, can I get my jacket?
It actually has gotten
pretty cold in here.
Hey, my man, could you grab the jackets?
Just grab all of them,
around the corner.
I'll be there in a sec.
- There.
- Thanks.
You got arrested?
For what?
Okay, I just
Yeah, I-I'll be right there.
- Lesley, hi.
- Hi.
Your messages are on your desk.
I ordered you guys food, sushi.
I hope that's okay?
You guys?
Your uncle.
He's waiting for you.
Lock the door.
Have a seat.
I don't think you get how this works.
You made a deal
to get Paula out.
- Right.
- Yeah.
No, I get that.
It's just
sometimes these legal
processes take time
Do you think that she really cares
if it's done legally?
Just get her out.
- Mm-hmm.
- 'Cause I promise
you do not want to see me again.
Graham Stanley.
Graham? Lesley Bell.
I talked to Paula.
Yeah, we'll take that deal.
Okay, great, I'll send you the details.
Yeah, okay. Talk to you soon.
You can't work with me
and get arrested, Darnell.
It's reckless.
That Reggie dude gave me, like, an hour.
I had no choice.
I have to tell Gene.
Are you kidding me?
I told you, no one can know about this.
And I told you that you needed
to start trusting us.
I trust you.
I, I can't, I can't trust Gene
or anybody else up in here.
Well, you're gonna have to.
I checked it's-it's there.
How'd you get it so cold in here?
Felix broke the heater.
Oh, my God.
What's your problem?
He, uh, he-he knows.
Cool job lying to me, though.
Feels great.
I told you a million times,
it's not gonna happen again.
- Sure.
- It won't, I swear to God.
Oh, you swear to God?
Max doesn't love me.
He loves your sister.
He loves her, and that's the truth.
I'm sorry, we-we
we shouldn't have lied to you about it.
It was just a
It was just a stupid mistake,
and I'm really sorry.
- Sorry, we got stuck at O'Hare.
- Finally. Oh, that's fine, just,
we can't find anything.
See what the dogs get.
All right, seek.
She's getting something here.
Drugs are in the damn coat, man.
Oh, my God.
The coats! It's in the coats!
- Flush it.
- There's no bathroom down here.
Hands in the air.
Put your hands up.
Felix, open 'em.
Check his pockets. Here, check his.
Turn around.
So soft.
She's still only
picking up something on this guy.
We already searched him.
He has nothing. I'm telling you,
they're hiding it somewhere in here.
If it's not on him,
I don't know what to tell you.
It's not here.
- Okay, I'll walk you out.
- All right.
- Let's go!
- You three stay here.
You really took one
for the team there, bud.
I wish you guys could feel this.
I'm made of
I feel bad.
You know
I've been coming down
on you guys really hard
for lying, but
the truth
is that I haven't been no saint myself.
I've been telling a little lie, too.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I do know
why they never found the gun.
I didn't bury it in the woods.
I hid it with Mary's.
You what?
I hid it with Mary's.
What does, what does that even mean?
Dude. Felix, dude.
I must dance a little.
What is he doing?
Is he actually dancing?
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
Knew I was grasping at straws.
But I really needed something.
We weren't grasping at straws.
I know she's hiding something.
Maybe she's not, Josh.
And now we're right back
to where we started.
I got to head to the station.
Sarah has to talk to me.
Let's let 'em go.
I realized
just now that we are living
in a simulation.
Oh, yeah?
All right, we're done.
You guys are, uh, free to go.
Born free ♪
As free as the wind blows ♪
As free as the grass grows ♪
Born free to follow your heart. ♪
He went in there to steal the pills
because he was working for you?
Look, o-obviously we still have
some kinks to work out.
I was just trying to come
at Bolt from another angle.
I promise you can trust him.
She told you about me?
She did.
You're good to go.
I took the pills out of evidence
for you and put 'em in there.
Figured you might need 'em
if you're gonna get in
with the Task Champ guys.
Look, Sarah told me
why you're doing this.
To go after the big guys.
The ones in charge, not the runners.
I promise you
I'm in it for the same reason.
I have no interest to take down
a bunch of kids
who had no choice.
And to be honest with you, dude
you're all I got.
Look, I get you don't
want to work with me.
But I promise you'll warm up.
I'm kind of impossible not to like.
At least everyone says that.
I feel bad.
I've been coming down
on you guys really hard for lying
There's nothing on here but
their stupid love triangle.
They don't incriminate
themselves in any way.
We know Felix had a pill on him.
- And-and he took it.
- Yeah, but that's all he had.
The dogs searched
every square inch of that place.
I do know
why they never found the gun.
I didn't bury it in the woods.
I hid it with Mary's.
What did he just say?
I didn't bury it in the woods
Paula, it's Lesley Bell.
I got you a sentence reduction
in exchange for your testimony.
Two years.
I know, I know.
Just listen.
I have a plan.
They'll bring you to the D.A.'s office,
for an interview.
There's a rest stop at exit 52.
Tell the guard you need
to use the bathroom.
Legally he has to let you go.
I need to use the restroom, please.
There's a window above the corner stall.
I made sure it was open.
And I checked the schedule.
I made sure you have a male guard,
so he can't go in with you.
Can I have some privacy?
There are doors.
Let's go.
We got to go.
Uh where am I taking you?
This is your plan, bitch.
You tell me.
Uh, this was not my plan.
I know I'm past my deadline, but
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